white-clad thigh, a man's bare-backed figure crouching among the cushions. Angered by having to watch the spectacle below in this preposterousp 804 SGW 1970
every kicked-in electricity meter represented a stand against decerebration. What angered Wilder most of all about life in the apartment buildingp 52 HR 1975
I'd already accepted that you were dead.‘ ‘I'm not dead!‘ Angered, I pushed her away. ‘I ought to leave!‘ ‘No ... Youp 64 UDC 1979
elegant speedboat surfing the sky. Fort Worth ... a flurry of angered flame through a cloud of jacaranda petals. As the glowingp 211 HA 1981
worked for NASA.‘ ‘So did my father.‘ She spoke sharply, angered by the mention of the space agency. ‘He was thep 1047 MSA 1982
some imaginary programme inside his head; rather, I had been angered by his taking of my water. Much as I wasp 63 DC 1987
The River Mallory -- it is my river.‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Although angered, Kagwa placed his large hand on my shoulder with surprisingp 94 DC 1987
years they endured the abuse and hostility of local farmers angered by the bears‘ sheep-killing and their sentimentalized image in thep 47 RP 1994
the seat behind me. ‘Bobby ...!‘ I pushed his hand away, angered by his brutal humour. ‘That's a --‘ ‘Mean trick top 253 CN 1996
most implacable way, slowly shaking her head at my weakness. Angered by her open contempt, I pushed again at the solidp 9 DYF 1996
Cap d'Antibes, the ziggurat apartment buildings of Marina Baie des Anges loomed larger than the Alpes-Maritimes, their immense curved facades glowingp 24 SC 2000
work. Long before the sun reached across the Baie des Anges the senior executives had finished their croissants and muesli, theirp 36 SC 2000
the remains of his Lightning, somewhere near the Baie des Anges. I could take the hint. But why had Delage botheredp 108 SC 2000
are perks galore, a gorgeous flat at Marina Baie des Anges. And all the games I want to play.‘ ‘Are therep 113 SC 2000
on the addressee label. ‘Mme Frances Delmas, Marina Baie des Anges, Villeneuve-Loubet.‘ I remembered the cryptic initials on Greenwood's target listp 216 SC 2000
No. We moved into an apartment at Marina Baie des Anges. But he worked till nine every night. He was alwaysp 219 SC 2000
The engine's still warm. Come back to Marina Baie des Anges. There are one or two things you ought to seep 223 SC 2000
myself soar between the apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges. The curving facades with their step-pyramid profiles seemed detached fromp 224 SC 2000
apartment buildings. Logic and reality curved at Marina Baie des Anges, warped by a relativity that applied to more than timep 228 SC 2000
Beyond the terrace the apartment buildings of Marina Baie des Anges made their curved passage through the night. I had disappointedp 231 SC 2000
Darkness curved around the apartment towers of Marina Baie des Anges, one night enclosing another as the realms of physics andp 233 SC 2000
a week, hiding behind the answerphone at Marina Baie des Anges, she had called my mobile, a wilfully cryptic edge top 275 SC 2000
insecurities. Lying in bed beside me at Marina Baie des Anges, surrounded by the vast, curved night, she would watch mep 284 SC 2000
into her scheme. ‘We'll go back to Marina Baie des Anges. David's old dinner jacket is there. I think you're allowedp 287 SC 2000
fit ...‘ A Dead Man's Tuxedo Behind us, Marina Baie des Anges wrapped itself into the night, its curved towers enclosing ap 288 SC 2000
a fortnight's leave, but her telephone at Marina Baie des Anges had been disconnected. I could still hear her cry ofp 317 SC 2000
Napoleonic battlements to the apartment city of Marina Baie des Anges. An airliner made its descent towards Nice Airport, its wingedp 330 SC 2000
told him to follow me back to Marina Baie des Anges.‘ ‘And that's why he trailed us? He must have seenp 343 SC 2000
her?‘ ‘Tonight. I'm picking her up at Marina Baie des Anges. She'll be impressed.‘ ‘Invite her out to dinner. Explain thatp 366 SC 2000
I let myself into her apartment at Manna Baie des Anges. The standard lamp in the hall shone onto a clutchp 371 SC 2000
would still lie on her bed at Marina Baie des Anges, the zebra dress around her waist and Greenwood's dinner jacketp 388 SC 2000
a paediatrician are nearby, in case your wife has an angina attack or your child chokes on a rusk.‘ ‘And youp 20 SC 2000
assumed that Bachelet had fallen ill, perhaps with a sudden angina attack, and called an emergency number. Dominique Serrou had drivenp 48 SC 2000
acts of intercourse, by both driver and passenger, (4) severe anginal spasm. In an overwhelming majority of cases a crash complexp 98 CRA 1969
sides were unusually symmetrical; they sloped at exactly the same angle, about 35 degrees, and formed a single cliff unbroken byp 83 WG 1959
Steering the Chrysler obliquely across the slope to minimize the angle of ascent, I roared slowly up the side, tracks skatingp 83 WG 1959
the way up the sides of buildings, covering every conceivable angle of approach. Most of them were too high off thep 157 CH 1960
a home-made ladder, jutting up into the air at an angle of 45 degrees. The top section, a limb about twelvep 202 LW 1960
firing position the breach and barrel pointed downwards at an angle of 45 degrees, both the sights in line with thep 282 GA 1961
in the butt and adjusting it to the most comfortable angle. Fitting on the magazine, he snapped back the bolt, thenp 282 GA 1961
taxi window was slightly open at the top. In the angle between the pillar and the ledge Maitland noticed that ap 9 WFN 1961
crisscrossed down the rear wall of the building, at each angle giving access to the kitchen door of one of thep 10 WFN 1961
a shallow sewer traversing the road. Tilting at a ten-degree angle, the carrier's tracks raced and skated. Gradually it slid helplesslyp 80 WFN 1961
face, shelving away toward the southeast at a gradually tilting angle. Once a small stream had splashed down it, and thep 96 WFN 1961
snapped and hanging loose, conning tower tilted at a 450 angle. They reached the stairway to the cargo pier, climbed upp 110 WFN 1961
their guns through the thin plywood. Marshall turned the final angle around the shaft and to his surprise found it emptyp 132 WFN 1961
part of his pillow. It moved diagonally downward at an angle of about 30 degrees, and he found he could hearp 140 WFN 1961
the same time the vehicle tilted backward sharply, at an angle of over 10 degrees, as they climbed the exit rampp 149 WFN 1961
he rotated the set in its bearings until, at an angle of 45 degrees to the lateral axis of the tractorp 154 WFN 1961
in the centre. The two sections inclined upward at an angle of two or three degrees. With Kroll leading, occasionally stoppingp 169 WFN 1961
bars, the heavy bolts ripping at their fingers. Freeing the angle irons, they forced the sharp ends into the narrow aperturep 174 WFN 1961
swung eerily, and the floor remained tilted at a slight angle. ‘Lanyon!‘ Maitland shouted. ‘Get his gun!‘ Behind him, Lanyon divedp 178 WFN 1961
back for the last time at Hardoon. By now the angle of the floor was almost ten degrees, and the millionairep 181 WFN 1961
I walked slowly around the empty lounge, feeling the walls angle and edge away, doorways widen when I approached, curious echoesp 310 TDS 1962
appeared to be a large apartment block standing in the angle between the channel and the southern bank of a smallp 57 DW 1962
along the wall, almost cut his hands on a ragged angle of plate glass in a store window. A few yardsp 141 DW 1962
policeman's face, with its almost square frame from one jaw angle to the other, betraying no sign of thought. His approachp 509 EG 1963
this moribund colossus. He was stretched out at a slight angle to the shore, his legs carried nearer the beach, andp 642 DG 1964
the corpse had been preserved. Here and there, at the angle of knee or wrist, a bony point glinted through thep 602 TB 1964
the postures we assume, of our traumas mimetized in the angle of a wall or balcony.‘ Zoom Lens. Dr Nathan stoppedp 12 AE 1966
of our own time-stream, as if intersecting it at an angle -- often I think that in our microscopes, examining thep 84 CW 1966
round. As it turned and the cabin windows altered their angle, they could both see a tall blond-haired man behind thep 154 CW 1966
who pointed to the corner. ‘She was standing in the angle between the walls.‘ YOU AND ME AND THE CONTINUUM Thep 42 YCM 1966
meeting the events of time and space at an invisible angle. Aware of Catherine Austin fidgeting beside him, Dr Nathan litp 51 GAN 1967
first of a series advertising (1) Claire Churchill; (2) The angle between two walls; (3) A neural interval; (4) The leftp AA1 1967
Margaret; (5) The transliterated pudenda of Ralph Nader. Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending? Fiction is ap AA2 1967
left orbit and zygomatic arch of Marina Oswald. (2) The angle between two walls. (3) A ‘neural interval‘ -- a balconyp 46 DM 1967
insane, as if crossing our own universe at a slight angle. While we made our way out, I talked to thep 771 CA 1968
more stimulating than with this ashtray, say, or with the angle between two walls? Sex is now a conceptual act, it'sp 61 SCN 1969
manifestations? His personality seemed to touch everything at an oblique angle. Their own affair had been marked by the same ambiguitiesp 45 JAC 1970
wrenched off its seating below the windshield, and the narrow angle between the bonnet and fenders seemed to my exhausted mindp 22 C 1973
immigration department. Her strong jaw was held at a jaunty angle, her face turned away from me as if she werep 77 C 1973
fretline, which rose diagonally from the window-sill at the same angle as the concrete ledge of the irrigation ditch ten feetp 79 C 1973
vinyl seat as my penis entered her vulva, the oblique angle of the instrument panel forming a series of blurred ellipsesp 102 C 1973
and then tilting the album to emphasize an unusual camera angle for me. I watched Vaughan close the album, wondering whyp 102 C 1973
formed an awkward geometry with the windshield pillars and the angle of the steering column, almost as if she were consciouslyp 121 C 1973
laterally, translating its passenger cabin and body panels through an angle of some fifteen degrees. The sports car lay on itsp 152 C 1973
trousers, the scars around his mouth and below his jaw angle, filled me with a hard, erotic excitement. ‘Vaughan ...‘ I triedp 194 C 1973
steps led up to the bright sunlight. From the steep angle of the sun Maitland guessed that it was about elevenp 67 CI 1974
around his neck. Maitland's black tie jutted at a rakish angle under one ear as he wiped the wine from hisp 94 CI 1974
nose would emerge after operation with a standard height, tip angle, and bridge line. Other surgeons modeled the patient, trying outp 18 QER 1976
Sears. Among others, the two-inch cleft at his right jaw angle. This 30-year old cicatrice, seen every morning in his shavingp 78 IY2 1977
the two boys, she seemed to cross reality at an angle. I lifted her and held her against my chest, partlyp 30 UDC 1979
me, you're crossing space and time at some kind of angle to the rest of us. Something's happened here, you oughtp 92 UDC 1979
in his hands, by the geometry of the apartment. The angle between two walls became an Homeric myth. He and Ursulap 1034 NFS 1981
prisoner was responsible for the absurd expedition. Watching the sun's angle, as he had done for hours in the detention centrep 127 ES 1984
only with a modest discussion of theology. He followed the angle of the old woman's gaze. ‘Do you mean God isp 248 ES 1984
on his forehead. He surveyed the room from this unfamiliar angle, a privilege he had never been allowed during the warp 301 ES 1984
mind, so that it perceived the world at an odd angle, like a misaligned camera. Noon had kept away from thep 137 DC 1987
on his head at what he hoped was a rakish angle. ‘She's not a wreck -- I beached her here forp 1165 DCG 1990
advertisements in Ambit and other magazines. One of these, "The Angle Between Two Walls," actually appeared as the second of thep 46 DMa 1990
the level of the tragus. From there, at an obtuse angle, it was carried backward and downward within the hairy marginp 111 PMF 1990
treat it with the bogus respect of a poignant camera angle. Nonetheless, two great lines survive the unending gunfire: from Apocalypsep 12 UGM 1991
changing a set of props. Everything tilted at an unfamiliar angle. Even Dorothy's resemblances to her sister, the echo of Miriam'sp 167 KW 1991
thighs and the ribbed leather of the upholstery, the precise angle between David's crutch and the jut and rake of thep 219 KW 1991
would move across the audience at some particularly striking camera angle or expository close-up, as the Soho patrons might have applaudedp 241 KW 1991
as if she were crossing the world at a slight angle to the rest of us. Now and then she reachedp 288 KW 1991
Paula Hamilton had always moved through life at an oblique angle, detached from her emotions and sexuality. ‘Thanks for the helpp 86 CN 1996
mechanism, followed by a faint creak as it adjusted its angle and trajectory. While driving from the Club Nautico I hadp 326 CN 1996
largely taken from The Atrocity Exhibition, such as ‘Does the Angle Between Two Walls Have a Happy Ending?‘ -- a curiousp 232 ML 2008