Ogden repeated the phrase to himself, realizing as he watched Angela's sharper chin and more prominent jaw muscles, the angular shouldersp 974 OAU 1978
were setting off for their last walk together, Foster holding Angela's elbow in one hand, the shotgun in the other. Stillp 979 OAU 1978
past two days they had done everything but get into Angela's bed together -- Ogden pressed his hands against the windowp 979 OAU 1978
Saunier was hurrying along the beach towards them. Foster held Angela's arm. ‘Now. Are you all right?‘ ‘Of course.‘ With ap 981 OAU 1978
around, trying to get out of the cages.‘ ‘They're drugged.‘ Angela's brows knotted. ‘Mr Markham, no living creature should be cagedp 36 MP 2003
cage locks with a pair of cutters. The sergeant hurled Angela's colleague aside, struck the cutters from her hands and seizedp 41 MP 2003
and Jane would tease the waiters and sing honeybirds and angelcakes to the children who came in across the sand top 9 PB 1956
and dreamlike violence played in the underground cinemas of Los Angeles, London and Moscow). Passing the next cabin, I saw ap 765 DA 1968
the science fiction magazines produced in the suburbs of Los Angeles contained far more imagination and meaning than anything he couldp 206 UGM 1971
beginning to rebel against. They look with horror at Los Angeles -- nicknamed Autopia, Smogville and Motopia -- a city ruthlesslyp 262 UGM 1971
government agencies and the big multinationals) or hunting the Los Angeles area for nuclear fuel rods and electronics equipment. Recently they'vep 141 HA 1981
any trivial problems here. November 23. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles Manson finally appeared yesterday! He materialised out of the humidp 145 HA 1981
on an inspection tour of the reclamation projects in Los Angeles. I promptly rode the elevator to the roof, crouched throughp 146 HA 1981
estates, heading for the great new delta of the Los Angeles River at Long Beach, a pan of silt and water-loggedp 146 HA 1981
cheery thumbs up. We tracked the course of the Los Angeles River. It curves down through Burbank and Glendale, then followsp 147 HA 1981
overgrown gardens of the abandoned mansions. From the air Los Angeles is a bizarre sight. The great freeways are linear gardensp 147 HA 1981
his harsh, eerie way. November 24. Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles We spent the night in this old luxury hotel, wherep 148 HA 1981
he told me that he sees Manson's Vegas and Los Angeles operations as the base for a new Mexican kingdom thatp 148 HA 1981
I approached, obviously expecting me to chauffeur them around Los Angeles, then took off in blue clouds as I sounded thep 156 HA 1981
rhapsodising for weeks about the engineering workshops in the Los Angeles aircraft plants, the limitless computerised tooling facilities -- one manp 161 HA 1981
Then I'll organise an escape party. We'll head for Los Angeles.‘ ‘Wayne, the missiles -- you do understand?‘ Anne sat upp 193 HA 1981
the huge missile, for some inexplicable reason, not at Los Angeles or Phoenix, but at Des Moines, an unpopulated wilderness cityp 195 HA 1981
which they dabbled as toddlers, while the images of Los Angeles offer a romanticized vision of that latter-day Samarkand among thep 62 UGM 1988
boys. Anyone who has spent even five minutes in Los Angeles can see that this city of dreadful night is nothingp 62 UGM 1988
by Hockney in his paintings of the 1960s. Hockney's Los Angeles resembles the real terrain of dingbats and painted glue, stretchingp 62 UGM 1988
after writing this, in December 1987, I arrived in Los Angeles for the first time, on my way to a moviep 35 AWa 1990
with Frieda Lawrence in Taos, and then moving to Los Angeles, drawn by Aldous Huxley and the Vedanta movement. But thep 72 UGM 1991
run back to those anonymous offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles where an exclamation mark is an understatement. Guardian A Stillp 78 UGM 1991
the latest traveller's tales from Cape Kennedy, Tokyo or Los Angeles. ‘You'll bounce back,‘ he told me confidently. Television had keptp 191 KW 1991
peered over her shoulder at the north-east suburbs of Los Angeles. Vast highways busy with cars stretched across the sun-filled landscapep 337 KW 1991
had last seen in 1946. I had never visited Los Angeles, but it seemed right that my childhood should meet itsp 338 KW 1991
in the studio car, looking at the landscape of Los Angeles that neither of us had seen before, but which wasp 338 KW 1991
its sleeper. Identical signs reared over the rooftops of Los Angeles, and even over Sunset Boulevard, where another writer, Joe Gillisp 338 KW 1991
I'll rent a car tomorrow. We'll find the real Los Angeles.‘ ‘Dear, wake up. This is the real Los Angeles.‘ Thep 339 KW 1991
Los Angeles.‘ ‘Dear, wake up. This is the real Los Angeles.‘ The next morning we set out on a circuit ofp 339 KW 1991
streets of one's childhood. Far from being the youngest, Los Angeles was the oldest city of the 20th century, the Troyp 339 KW 1991
to our earliest selves. On our final day in Los Angeles, a week after the film premiere, Cleo and I decidedp 344 KW 1991
stoicism of professional flight crews. My copy of the Los Angeles Yellow Pages I stole from the Beverly Hilton Hotel threep 182 UGM 1992
Lunch, William Burroughs; The Black Box, ed. Malcolm MacPherson; Los Angeles Yellow Pages; America, Jean Baudrillard; The Secret Life of Salvadorp 182 UGM 1992
replicas, but beyond the studio, in the streets of Los Angeles, absolutely nothing else is real. His apartment building in thep 121 UGM 1993
and paper. Yet crowds of sightseers are drawn to Los Angeles from all over America, and for them the spectacle providesp 122 UGM 1993
at work on a visionary painting, ‘The Burning of Los Angeles‘, which will portray the destruction of the city by thisp 122 UGM 1993
seems to have stepped straight from his painting of Los Angeles in flames. The fury of the crowd, unable to findp 122 UGM 1993
transform the Thames Valley into a pleasing replica of Los Angeles, with all the ambiguous but heady charms of alienation andp 183 UGM 1994
Hotel‘. ‘Is that Hollinger?‘ I asked Cabrera. ‘Speaking in Los Angeles to some film industry audience?‘ ‘Many years ago,‘ Cabrera confirmedp 107 CN 1996
sake. She was an actress. They loved Cannes and Los Angeles and all those widescreen hustlers. If they kept aloof itp 130 CN 1996
history of the car park.‘ ‘I should. It's like Los Angeles, the car parks tend to find you, wherever you arep 111 SC 2000
The Cannes Film Festival, like the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, momentarily confused them with the suggestion that film was aboutp 291 SC 2000
death that belonged in Manila or Bogota or East Los Angeles, rather than in a bosky English suburb. Sadly, my fatherp 5 KC 2006
that the s-f magazines published in the suburbs of Los Angeles contained more genuine imagination than anything hung on the wallsp 217 ML 2008
vanished and I was back in wartime Shanghai. The Los Angeles premiere of the film in December 1987 was a Hollywoodp 258 ML 2008
to be summed up by the face of this tall angelic figure. Turned almost in profile over the left shoulder, thep 580 LL 1964
this had been altered completely. The whole character of this angelic figure had been replaced by a new conception. The superficialp 580 LL 1964
the car from the vehicles approaching us. An armada of angelic creatures, each surrounded by an immense corona of light, wasp 199 C 1973
Riding him, I became an androgyne of multiple sex, an angelic figure raised upon the body of this young man. Ip 173 UDC 1979
of seats arranged in rows, as if an audience of angelic medical specialists was about to enter and observe him. Andp 167 HA 1981
and shoulders, the transformation of himself once again into that angelic being who strode through the shabby streets of Cocoa Beachp 1081 MNF 1982
supervisor, Geigy Pharmaceuticals; Florence Burgess, fifty-five, deaconess, Bible Society Bookshop; Angelina Gomez, twenty-three, air hostess, Iberian Airways; Phoebe Adams, forty-three, cruisep 1102 ATQ 1985
shot Edwin W. Goodpaster. And Edwin W. Goodpaster shot Bonnie Angelo. And Bonnie Angelo shot Walter Bennett. And Walter Bennett shotp 103 GOA 1990
Goodpaster. And Edwin W. Goodpaster shot Bonnie Angelo. And Bonnie Angelo shot Walter Bennett. And Walter Bennett shot Martha Reingold. Andp 103 GOA 1990
hundred people swore they'd seen everything from a choir of angels taking the vocal in the music of the spheres top 6 PB 1956
was taken by an enormous mahogany wardrobe, fitted with carved angels and castellated mirrors, which they were forced to dismantle andp 275 B 1961
physique and serpentine grace usually reserved for his depiction of angels. Looking at the photograph in my left hand, the originalp 580 LL 1964
crows, the gravediggers leaned on their spades between the marble angels, their shadows arching across the smooth white flank of onep 559 TP 1964
proponents above all of the status quo, guardians and presiding angels of the dead time, perhaps they regarded him as ap 123 D 1965
battle of the heavens, the corpses like those of fallen angels. He moored the launch by the beach, pushing aside thep 702 SBD 1966
the immense gulls and fulmars lying across each other like angels. In the past Crispin had always moved with pride amongp 705 SBD 1966
astronauts, the serene face of the President's widow. The Serial Angels. Undisturbed now, the vaporizing figures of the dead astronauts diffusedp 49 DM 1967
time he noticed the clock's insanely irritating tick ... THE COMSAT ANGELS When I first heard about the assignment, in the summerp 769 CA 1968
mind to use it. Samson, she turns her lovers into angels.‘ ‘Wait -- didn't she recognize you?‘ He shook his headp 805 SGW 1970
had been no match for this posse of middle-aged avenging angels. Uneasily, he thought: careful, Laing, or some stockbroker's wife willp 33 HR 1975
wings shivered in the silent air like those of tired angels, their attention wandering in the effort of maintaining this exaggeratedp 8 IY1 1976
completely free. Writers, of course, can make any number of angels dance on the head of a pin and create ap 137 UGM 1978
the sinister clatter of the two robot gunships, these blank angels which Manson moved around the sky. They came down fromp 202 HA 1981
into the sunlight from their cabins and motel rooms, drowsy angels each awaking to his own youth. The flow of lightp 1075 MNF 1982
all about to rise into the air, a flight of angels. Suddenly a humdrum world had returned, his past and futurep 1075 MNF 1982
everything to pursue the birds. Graceful, feather-tipped wraiths like gaudy angels, their crimson plumage leaked its ravishing hues onto the airp 1171 DCG 1990
to hunt the zig-zag contours of Sally's mind. The Hell's Angels guarding the entrance to the concert site were wearing herp 183 KW 1991
admired Spencer's visionary paintings. ‘You always liked Cookham.‘ ‘Too many angels dancing in the trees. Be honest, do you really wantp 324 KW 1991
women strolling across the runway like a party of expecting angels who had descended from the sky. ‘Barbara ...‘ Mrs Saito swallowedp 207 RP 1994
of Gregorian chant, overlaid by the timeless tolling of the Angelus. Mounted into the altar they emanated an atmosphere resonant withp 113 SS 1960
seen in the titles of Dali's paintings: ‘Gala and the Angelus of Millet immediately preceding the arrival of the conic anamorphosisp 95 UGM 1969
world. Who am I to say no, to invite the anger and resentment of all who had lived and died resistingp 9 VN 1951
Rankin grew remorselessly. I would leave the office seething with anger at his viciousness, sit in the train home with myp 97 NZ 1959
rage. My evenings and weekends would be ruined, wastelands of anger and futile bitterness. Inevitably, thoughts of revenge grew, particularly asp 97 NZ 1959
lake. I was about to spit on it, more in anger than in hope, when some of the tumblers in myp 83 WG 1959
by his rage. With his big burly shoulders hunched in anger, staring up blindly at the five great megaliths, face contortedp 89 WG 1959
sides. He felt numbed and baffled, unable to resolve his anger and frustration. Tom Juranda began to laugh, and shouted somethingp 243 DE 1961
his eyes fixed on Elizabeth, hoping she would see the anger in his face. But she wheeled the pram swiftly intop 265 MF 1961
A curious drowsiness was coming over him, draining away his anger and fear, and the centre of his awareness was shiftingp 265 MF 1961
his private, life Harvey had recorded for his own amusement. Anger boiling, Faulkner strode across to the lattice, prised one ofp 252 OM 1961
she clung to him, jerking about in an outpouring of anger. Her rhythms were sharp and ungainly. To begin with hep 253 OM 1961
after him and seized his shoulder, his face contorted with anger and fatigue. ‘Not go!‘ he bellowed. He pointed to thep 36 WFN 1961
Matheson pounded on the edge of the well, frustration and anger overriding his hysteria. ‘We're trapped, Steve, for God's sake! We'llp 114 WFN 1961
does that operator think he is?‘ His face clouded with anger, then slowly relaxed. He pulled out the aerial, then foldedp 128 WFN 1961
then straightened his shoulders and peered hard at Kroll, dull anger pounding in his temples. ‘Get away from that door!‘ hep 129 WFN 1961
Halliday pulled Maitland to his feet, his face thick with anger. Lanyon had joined them, and helped the radio operator top 154 WFN 1961
their voices carried across to him, interspersed with cries of anger and the cracking of whips. The wooden carts lurched fromp 301 GT 1962
holding the Jaguar at 100, working off his tension and anger in a savage burst of speed. Free for only tenp 293 IO 1962
a window and sat stewing in a pit of black anger. It must have been then that I recognized the presencep 314 TDS 1962
in I had recovered my normal perspectives. The mood of anger and resentment in the lounge was remarkably persistent, far longerp 314 TDS 1962
I was sitting up and examining the room clear-headedly. The anger, deep and frustrated, was obviously masculine. I assumed, correctly, thatp 314 TDS 1962
but like Vanden Starr's mood set off by my own anger, it persisted long after the original cue. I followed itp 315 TDS 1962
the garage. In the cloakroom I tried to check my anger; the senso-cells had picked up the cue and began top 315 TDS 1962
walls began to mottle and cloud again. Why did Fay anger me so easily? Was it, as I assumed at thep 316 TDS 1962
the lounge would stiffen and darken in a vortex of anger that converged upon a small zone of lightness hiding inp 316 TDS 1962
snake Out through his hands, and with an impulse of anger seized a loop and anchored it around the handle ofp 107 DW 1962
from her hair and flung them at Strangman. Snarling with anger, Strangman kicked them into the gutter, and Big Caesar steppedp 132 DW 1962
All that day he had felt sick with frustration and anger. At the end of the avenue he turned on top 498 VH 1963
altar and pressed it into my arms, with a sudden anger born of absolute certainty dragged me roughly to the porchp 625 IM 1964
knew he was here!‘ Halliday seized her hands, in his anger jerked her forward, knocking off her glasses. As she fellp 681 DF 1966
statuette in the air, shaking it in a paroxysm of anger, the crystals seemed to deliquesce, the light pouring from themp 34 CW 1966
mulatto roared with laughter, then let out a bellow of anger. The crystal surface had given way beneath his huge feetp 102 CW 1966
his drink on to the carpet. His first feelings of anger at this crime of nature against someone who had alreadyp 126 CW 1966
Nothing else can help you!‘ Ventress's illuminated face flickered with anger, almost as if he were impatient of Sanders's refusal top 150 CW 1966
altar and wrenched it from its stand. With a sudden anger born of absolute conviction he pressed the cross into Sanders'sp 163 CW 1966
claw of a cadaver. I shook the box with blunted anger. The bones rattled inside. ‘For God's sake, it's this! Don'tp 768 DA 1968
was an expression I had never seen before, the dumb anger of betrayal. As she looked at me, and at thep 768 DA 1968
prone to stampede. Moments of domestic crisis, a cry of anger or even a door's slam, can set off a paroxysmp 801 SGW 1970
darkness his small face was twisted in a rictus of anger. He wrenched his arm from me, looking away across thep 804 SGW 1970
me, she walked stiffly along the communication corridor, parading her anger and her wound. During my last days in the hospitalp 44 C 1973
unable to rouse myself into at least a parade of anger, remonstrate with him for this intrusion into my life. Butp 102 C 1973
her vagina. His face was clamped in an expression of anger and distress. Sweat poured from his neck and chest, soakingp 164 C 1973
steering her with his strong thighs. All his violence and anger had returned. After his orgasm the woman slumped against thep 191 C 1973
the car for several days. In an evident burst of anger he had slashed at the instrument panel, bludgeoning several ofp 219 C 1973
traffic sounds, a bitter, primal scream. ‘Catherine ...! Catherine ...!‘ With cold anger he shouted her name at the cars, screaming it likep 17 CI 1974
through the island's past but through his own. His infantile anger as he shouted aloud for Catherine reminded him of howp 51 CI 1974
let him climb from the empty bath himself, hoarse with anger and surprise. Too exhausted to press on, Maitland sat onp 51 CI 1974
himself after her, hopping on his left leg. Choking with anger, he leaned against the shuttered pay-box. As he calmed himselfp 75 CI 1974
varied from tenderness and good humour to a sudden vengeful anger, almost as if he represented two different people for herp 81 CI 1974
childish insistence that a rush-hour driver stop for him, the anger that had poured out ... he had sat in that emptyp 83 CI 1974
Help Mr Maitland ... how? Maitland's sick.‘ Doggedly, Maitland controlled his anger. ‘Proctor, you're strong enough to carry me. Help me andp 87 CI 1974
Bridling, she stood up. With an effort, she checked her anger. ‘Are you trying to play on my sense of guiltp 97 CI 1974
tissue running down Proctor's neck. He deliberately kept up his anger and testiness, encouraging himself to relish these punishments. Once hep 104 CI 1974
roared past three feet above him. With a scream of anger, Maitland clambered to his feet. Waving the crutch in thep 114 CI 1974
down at Maitland through the reddening light, recognizing him before anger clouded her mind again. ‘You'll get yourself run over, babyp 119 CI 1974
together in a mesh of chromium wire. Voices rose in anger above the singing of the cash registers. Meanwhile, as thesep 62 HR 1975
only a few weeks earlier had been united in their anger over the breakdown of the building's services, were now justp 102 HR 1975
editing together the noise of her tearing clothes and panting anger. Later, bored with the woman and these games with thep 130 HR 1975
flower-arrangement course. Despite everything, the degrading but exciting months of anger and suspicion, I feel the first hint of an erectionp 856 60Z 1976
domestic interiors in the Delft Hilton. Already I feel my anger begin to fade. Annoyingly, my erection also slackens. The transitp 861 60Z 1976
achieved a gradual abstraction of emotion, an assuagement of all anger and regret. In a way, I feel a kind ofp 861 60Z 1976
abstracted from themselves, areas of undifferentiated light that assuage all anger. 3.05 P.M. Within a few seconds the camerap 862 60Z 1976
by the taper of the young man's flattery, made my anger all the greater. Unable to speak, I would pace aroundp 870 S 1976
as if some huge and ugly creature was venting its anger at random on the buildings around it. ‘Halloway, time top 885 UC 1976
of technology. All the while he could barely contain his anger at finding the city he had longed for through sop 901 UC 1976
to take her revenge on Halloway. Unaware of his daughter's anger, Buckmaster took Halloway's arm and pointed to a building acrossp 908 UC 1976
the back of my truck. Then, unable to contain his anger any more, he seized the bottle of said from thep 935 DT 1977
heavy cargo the Japanese watched me without comment. Fortunately, my anger at Hodson soon revived me. I clenched the wheel tightlyp 935 DT 1977
sought to assault). I remember turning from Look Back in Anger and Lucky Jim to Graham Greene's The Heart of thep 138 UGM 1978
and flesh into ever-closer focus, Pangborn felt himself rising beyond anger into an almost sexual lust for the intruder's death, thep 998 MA 1978
been in the army or heard a shot fired in anger, David's remarkably well-informed about military matters.‘ ‘Isn't he -- forp 973 OAU 1978
a psychopathic personality, and he seems to have felt no anger or hostility towards the men he murdered, regarding them withp 42 UGM 1979
about to kill her, but without the slightest hate or anger. Later, as I sat in the cockpit of the Cessnap 14 UDC 1979
stared at me with the same expression of concern and anger, as if I were some deviant usurper he was boundp 36 UDC 1979
air above Walton Bridge and the film studios. Despite my anger, I knew that I was bound to this town, bothp 162 UDC 1979
remembered the warning vision of the holocaust. For all my anger, I still wanted to save these people who had firstp 165 UDC 1979
shaft of the aerial mast. He was still trembling with anger at Orlowski, and a confused guilt that his plan forp 84 HA 1981
laboratory maze. For his part, Wayne no longer felt any anger towards the Captain, even though he knew that he hadp 100 HA 1981
enough to outrun the heavy-footed Presidential guard. For all his anger at being imprisoned in the Convention Center, he liked thisp 181 HA 1981
Mr Manson.‘ Dr Fleming gazed at Wayne with a moment's anger. His hands were raw from the days of cutting glassp 182 HA 1981
the scene in front of him, he was trembling with anger. He raised his pistol, about to fire at these intrudersp 214 HA 1981
fugues by a sheer effort of will, by a sustained anger against the very dimensions of time and space. ‘This timep 1028 NFS 1981
through the palms, and with a hoot of pain and anger disappeared into the forest. Sheppard let him go. He knewp 1081 MNF 1982
blockhouses across the river at Pootung. It was not the anger of the Japanese that most disturbed Jim, but their patiencep 15 ES 1984
for what would soon befall him. Still shocked by the anger he had seen in the amah's face, Jim set offp 68 ES 1984
Sergeant Uchida was working himself up to the pitch of anger that he needed to attain in order to issue thep 121 ES 1984
brightened the dust around the soldiers‘ ragged boots. Venting the anger of years on their former guards, the women spat throughp 236 ES 1984
was clear. ‘ ... aah ... aah ...‘ The sound, a deep sigh of anger and resignation, came from the edge of the landing fieldp 279 ES 1984
the air, bloody pennants that signalled some special kind of anger to himself. The four men began to roll up thep 285 ES 1984
camp, the empty paddy fields, even the sun, seemed to anger him. He shook his head at Jim, and then caughtp 293 ES 1984
rifle, threatening an entire world of silent canals. Fortunately, Price's anger soon abated. After returning to the Shanghai road the lieutenantp 312 ES 1984
rain. The flies raged at the morning light, a vast anger about nothing. Leaving them, Jim set out across the grassp 334 ES 1984
believe all reasons. I believe all hallucinations. I believe all anger. I believe all mythologies, memories, lies, fantasies, evasions. I believep 39 WIB 1984
a little first?‘ ‘Professor --!‘ The Indian assistant shouted in anger. Bookish and trembling, he stepped protectively between us, his eyesp 33 DC 1987
working herself into a fury at the girl. All this anger unsettled me, and I tried to climb from the cotp 80 DC 1987
I took the oar from Poupee's hands, but in her anger she tried to wrestle it away from me. Something aboutp 81 DC 1987
his fierce machine, a metal fist clenched around its own anger, belonged to another sky. We had entered a maiden worldp 115 DC 1987
rush of water against the hull plates, and my own anger at the river below my blood-stained feet. I looked downp 129 DC 1987
the galley door, stared at me with an expression of anger, eyebrows knitted together in warning. ‘We'll go, doctor.‘ Mrs Warrenderp 211 DC 1987
mourners who had arrived early at a funeral. All the anger of these women irradiated this ancient vessel, infecting the bonesp 212 DC 1987
we're hoping to get them banned.‘ With a grimace of anger, Dr Edwards put on his battered UN helmet. Ryan wasp 1146 WF 1989
the weapon and its steel-tipped bullets brought back Ryan's old anger, that vague hatred that had kept them all going forp 1155 WF 1989
behaviour triggered by psychologists testing the effects of pain, isolation, anger, etc., will play the same role that the bare breastsp 68 THFa 1990
rooms of my life, waiting until I had faced my anger at myself. Then they came forward and did everything top 161 KW 1991
wife and her children, and I felt a deep, confused anger not merely at myself, for bringing Miriam to Rosas, butp 163 KW 1991
dragged her on to the shingle. Images of pain and anger floated free, like the billboards advertising the endless deaths ofp 196 KW 1991
regret that I had lost Sally to this winged man, anger at myself for being so prudishly afraid of her needlep 231 KW 1991
onto the raft beside her. Vocal chords numbed by her anger, the former air hostess stared at the vomit-stained life-jacket whosep 67 RP 1994
could almost feel the stinging blow when he remembered the anger she had turned upon him. For a moment a ventp 124 RP 1994
brought about a curious change of heart. For all the anger, no settling of accounts with Dr Barbara took place thatp 162 RP 1994
regretted that he had gone, missing his quirky idealism, his anger at a world that had given him everything at hisp 213 RP 1994
much for Mrs Saito. Giving way to an attack of anger and panic, she hid her tears behind her hands, pushedp 213 RP 1994
the side-door of the kitchen. She was almost cross-eyed with anger, a streak of white flour like an arrow through herp 222 RP 1994
the ailing albatross on the cliff above him. The women's anger had startled him, and he felt too disturbed to eatp 223 RP 1994
smouldering fire, as if the sanctuary was still venting its anger on the world. Neil climbed the steps of the clinicp 231 RP 1994
onto the runway, almost ready to assault Neil in their anger and relief. As he stood, drenched in blood, among thep 237 RP 1994
then dusted the black ash from her hands. Pain and anger seemed to compete within her face, as if she hadp 109 CN 1996
to the next, fearing that if he showed the slightest anger the skin would split and reveal the shrieking bones. Ip 138 CN 1996
him to turn on me and show some of the anger he had vented at the funeral, but he took outp 139 CN 1996
Her husband's discovery of the affair might have released an anger strong enough to consume the entire mansion. The notion ofp 149 CN 1996
all those emotions I couldn't control, so much hate and anger. My aunt showed me the way out. She was sop 192 CN 1996
the man who had almost strangled me, and yet my anger had already given way to more confused emotions: a needp 206 CN 1996
sharpens the moral sensibility. The next burglary fills you with anger, even a self-righteous rage. The police are useless, fobbing youp 244 CN 1996
and plays around with your wife's underwear. Now rage and anger are not enough. You're forced to rethink yourself on everyp 244 CN 1996
blurred the dusty glass as he panted quietly, partly in anger and partly in admiration and sensual pleasure. ‘Laurie ...‘ he murmuredp 269 CN 1996
own. His usually pallid cheeks and forehead were flushed with anger, and he gazed in a disoriented way at the booksp 301 CN 1996
saw her face falling towards me, and an expression of anger that unmistakably changed, as she noticed me far below herp 9 DYF 1996
as if they were a momentary aberration, a paroxysm of anger in the executive washroom. To understand Greenwood I needed top 126 SC 2000
he had trapped himself within the loop of his own anger. ‘Last one ...‘ Halder turned off the avenue, so sharply thatp 194 SC 2000
himself, preparing the emotional ground for his confession, but his anger had been addressed to Eden-Olympia. I could well imagine thep 205 SC 2000
But her grief had been genuine, a touching mix of anger and regret that was impossible to fake. She reversed fromp 211 SC 2000
my shoulders in the Rue Valentin. In a reflex of anger I raised my right fist, ready to hit back. ‘Paulp 225 SC 2000
even for friends. There are no energies to spare for anger, jealousy, racial prejudice and the more mature reflections that followp 255 SC 2000
filled with suppressed yearnings for violence, and ugly narratives of anger and revenge, like the starvation dreams of death-camp prisoners. Despairp 258 SC 2000
use me ever since we met. Why?‘ ‘Who knows? Revenge, anger, envy -- invent a new deadly sin. We need onep 283 SC 2000
turn up the ratchet, until the nerve strings sing with anger ...‘ He turned to the window as a firework rocket whistledp 297 SC 2000
and died, the air around me seemed to lighten. My anger had passed, and I felt responsible for myself for thep 382 SC 2000
and sprang from the rear seat with a shout of anger. He tried to strike me, but I caught his armp 384 SC 2000
trembled under the droning engines, as if releasing their last anger. Curiously, the residents who destroyed Chelsea Marina had shown nop 6 MP 2003
Curiously, the residents who destroyed Chelsea Marina had shown no anger at all. They had quietly discarded their world as ifp 6 MP 2003
himself, but his voice burst into a torrent of confused anger, and he admitted that he had asked Laura to takep 20 MP 2003
doctor. Sally happily pressed the response buttons, revealing all her anger over the injustice of her accident. But a few daysp 24 MP 2003
by any chance an English firm? I could grasp the anger that linked the two women, but Kahlo had been grievouslyp 24 MP 2003
towards me on her sticks, wrists white with pain and anger at herself, I had known that we would become loversp 73 MP 2003
knitted fiercely. Though she made me uneasy with her quiet anger, I found myself almost liking her. ‘And where is thisp 80 MP 2003
I could see his unsettled face, and the grimace of anger that exposed his missing tooth. He watched the Polo untilp 98 MP 2003
let the night air rush through me, sweeping away all anger and panic. I had never trusted Vera, but Kay hadp 100 MP 2003
Kay?‘ ‘Is she expecting me?‘ ‘I imagine so. A little anger stimulates the glands. They say she's an interesting lover.‘ ‘Thenp 102 MP 2003
made a fierce effort to bring me to my senses. Anger, wasted on her doltish husband, gave way to cajollery. Shep 108 MP 2003
I'm too polite.‘ ‘Too docile? Too well brought up?‘ ‘Absolutely. Anger was bred out of me long ago. I'm married top 170 MP 2003
meaningless event that had taken place in a Lisbon street. Anger and resentment were fading, pushed into the umbrella stand withp 196 MP 2003
trial, as if being famous was itself an incitement to anger and revenge, playing on the uneasy dreams of a submergedp 215 MP 2003
learned about Laura's death. With an effort, I controlled my anger. I needed Gould to speak freely, even at the costp 252 MP 2003
thought. But Vera gets carried away -- it's all that anger.‘ ‘Then you left it on the carousel? Why that onep 253 MP 2003
is worth nothing. Or next to nothing.‘ Undismayed by my anger, Gould took my arm. ‘The gods have died, and wep 261 MP 2003
member of the staff who had fired a bullet in anger. Many of my colleagues had damaged their patients, but Ip 290 MP 2003
the model for all human behaviour, drained of emotion and anger. The decision by the estate-dwellers to reject the imam wasp 12 KC 2006
and I assumed that her role was to defuse my anger and send me back to London. But she had usedp 25 KC 2006
stared at the young black woman, standing alone with her anger and fierce intelligence. ‘She's got guts of a kind.‘ ‘Don'tp 26 KC 2006
suburban solicitor should give in to such a display of anger. I realized now why the curtains had been drawn whenp 31 KC 2006
my face, relieved to find me on the edge of anger, an emotion with which her training had taught her top 49 KC 2006
athletes‘ bodies, the scent of chewing gum, bottled beer and anger. Deep in the crowd, I stood on the running boardp 118 KC 2006
hostility between the groups, but I could almost smell the anger, the coarse breath of a disturbed beast searching for anp 119 KC 2006
hoping that Cruise would calm the crowd and defuse its anger after the attack on the Metro-Centre. The cable announcer duckedp 122 KC 2006
as if trying to chase down their fears. Panic and anger raced in a hundred directions. Within a minute the squarep 125 KC 2006
Indignation at thought of taking money. Open violence and racist anger, but community pride. Feel they are defending Brooklands, though nop 194 KC 2006
above the South Gate entrance let out a cry of anger and pain, the visceral bellow of an animal goaded atp 205 KC 2006
was the family patriarch worked himself into a fury of anger, shouting abuse at Carradine and by chance spitting on hisp 232 KC 2006
the guilt I had sensed since our first meeting, an anger at herself that had always come between us. ‘Julia? Whop 240 KC 2006
crouch. A tremor ran through the platoon, a spasm of anger, fear and pride. Together they turned their backs to thep 275 KC 2006
the car ahead of me and sounded my horn in anger. After celibacy came a kind of desperate promiscuity, a formp 204 ML 2008