suddenly irritable. ‘Whose care am I in, doctor? Yours or Anderson's? Is that the sort of question you should be askingp 171 VT 1960
it matter?‘ Powers asked curtly. ‘I thought you were in Anderson's care?‘ Kaldren shrugged. ‘Please yourself. Come round at about twelvep 186 VT 1960
meet him when they landed. Radek had heard nothing of Anderson's whereabouts. ‘However,‘ he explained to Louise before they embarked, ‘wep 67 CW 1966
appendix. This marked her kidney operation ten years earlier, the Anderson-Hinds resection of the renal pelvis. When I collected her fromp 272 KW 1991
Dr Barbara's way of mourning for them.‘ Waving to the Andersons, Neil crossed the runway towards the beach. He liked thep 85 RP 1994
the French navy would return, and were concerned, like the Andersons, for Neil's safety. The sloop's engine rumbled faintly, the propellerp 87 RP 1994
slept beside her aged father. The riding lights of the Andersons‘ sloop seemed to drown in the blackness of the lagoonp 111 RP 1994
Saito would be in charge of the kitchen. To the Andersons she assigned the lighter work of extending the vegetable gardenp 120 RP 1994
father had died there, in circumstances that not only the Andersons found distressing. The ordeal of Didier's first month on thep 137 RP 1994
and kicked aside one of the ornamental tiles that the Andersons had laid on the pathway. Hands on hips, she surveyedp 140 RP 1994
from a deep sleep. Sliding over the side of the Andersons‘ dinghy, Neil let the cool water embrace him. He releasedp 151 RP 1994
Carline planned the assault with Kimo and Mrs Saito. The Andersons were too old to join the raiding party, but protestedp 155 RP 1994
Saito set off through the forest, but Carline commandeered the Andersons‘ dinghy, intending to mount what he clearly saw as ap 155 RP 1994
watched Dr Barbara with a kind of fearful admiration. The Andersons, however, had decided to take action. Disgusted by Gubby's deathp 159 RP 1994
as honestly as I can.‘ Carline's candid smile met the Andersons‘ stony faces. ‘Think about it, Major. If you call inp 161 RP 1994
Mrs Anderson ...‘ This brutal appeal at last persuaded the reluctant Andersons to remain for the next few weeks, giving them timep 161 RP 1994
locked door of her office. The next morning, when the Andersons demanded to speak to her, they found that she hadp 162 RP 1994
roused herself, taking a closer interest in Neil. ‘Didn't the Andersons leave for Papeete? Their yacht's still here, but I thoughtp 164 RP 1994
and Neil deliberately posed beside Dr Barbara, aware that the Andersons would never alert the French authorities while Neil remained withp 173 RP 1994
a bamboo chalet that he and Neil had helped the Andersons to build. Empty since their departure from Saint-Esprit, it nowp 194 RP 1994
to remember the happy evenings he had spent with the Andersons in their cheerful den as they brewed tea and setp 194 RP 1994
a secret radio hidden aboard their little craft. As the Andersons slept in their hut, determined to stay close to Neilp 194 RP 1994
night lagoon, rousing everyone from their sleep. Neil rowed the Andersons to the burning sloop and helped them to extinguish thep 194 RP 1994
of kelp, trying to remember the yellow life-jackets that the Andersons had worn. Scores of ocean yachtsmen had died, their jacketsp 195 RP 1994
Barbara's principal accomplice. Neil could feel the bruises that the Andersons had left on his arms when they stepped from thep 237 RP 1994
trapped beside the reef. Close to death from exposure, the Andersons had survived their intended death-voyage to alert the French authoritiesp 237 RP 1994
their dinghy until seen by a Japanese whaler. Whatever the Andersons assumed, Neil had killed none of the birds. He rememberedp 237 RP 1994
camera-towers, at last fulfilling Neil's dream for him. Had the Andersons died at sea, she would soon have been alone onp 238 RP 1994
Neil found himself unable to betray her. He told the Andersons and the captain of the Sagittaire that she had becomep 238 RP 1994
her, and did he want to be? Aware that the Andersons were uneasy with him, like the entire crew of thep 239 RP 1994
were few signs of gloom among the mourners. Only Gunnar Andersson, a young Swede who tuned speedboat engines at the marinap 62 CN 1996
the hungry vault that would soon embrace it. Only Gunnar Andersson watched as it sank jerkily from sight, fed into thep 67 CN 1996
grave, shoulders bent in the sunlight. Unable to control himself; Andersson seized the spade from the older of the men andp 68 CN 1996
almost strangled shout, which Mrs Shand involuntarily echoed. ‘Dr Sanger ...!‘ Andersson stood astride the grave, spade held across his chest likep 69 CN 1996
he turned from the grave for the last time, but Andersson refused to let him pass. ‘Sanger! Doctor Professor ... don't gop 69 CN 1996
to let him pass. ‘Sanger! Doctor Professor ... don't go away ...‘ Andersson pointed mockingly to the grave. ‘Dear Doctor, Bibi's here. Havep 69 CN 1996
rear seat of her white Mercedes, where she sat grim-mouthed. Andersson stared at the grave for a last time. He smiledp 70 CN 1996
he had no hope of returning. I guessed that he, Andersson and Dr Sanger were the only ones to mourn thep 73 CN 1996
the father?‘ ‘I've no idea. She wouldn't tell me.‘ ‘Gunnar Andersson? Dr Sanger?‘ ‘Sanger?‘ Paula's fist clenched against my chest. ‘Forp 110 CN 1996
people with a strong motive for starting the fire. Suppose Andersson discovered that his nineteen-year-old girlfriend was having an affair withp 118 CN 1996
getting over it in his own special way. Again, suppose Andersson wasn't the child's father?‘ ‘It certainly wasn't Hollinger. It mightp 118 CN 1996
giant aquatic machine. His engine-tuning over for the day, Gunnar Andersson stood beside the craft and washed his arms in ap 138 CN 1996
and shook his hand, forcing him to face me. ‘Mr Andersson? I saw you at the service in the Protestant cemeteryp 138 CN 1996
wait.‘ ‘That could be a long time. He's pleaded guilty.‘ Andersson drew on the loose-packed cigarette. Shreds of burning tobacco flewp 139 CN 1996
or thirty years. You don't believe he started the fire?‘ Andersson raised his cigarette and scrawled a cryptic symbol on thep 139 CN 1996
have to fly in a couple of detectives.‘ ‘From London?‘ Andersson seemed more interested in me. ‘I wouldn't do that.‘ ‘Whyp 139 CN 1996
dusk, a fleet waiting to sail on a phantom wind. Andersson stopped at the end of the quay, where a smallp 140 CN 1996
you. Frank asked Mr Hennessy to sell it for him.‘ Andersson stared at the craft, raking his beard with his fingersp 140 CN 1996
could only glimpse around the bony corners of his face. ‘Andersson, I need to ask -- were you at the partyp 140 CN 1996
the kind who might have given her acid and cocaine?‘ Andersson stared at me wearily. ‘Bibi was on drugs, Mr Prenticep 141 CN 1996
amphetamines the chemists are cooking up with their molecular roulette.‘ Andersson put a hand on my shoulder, sympathizing with my lackp 141 CN 1996
when she asked me.‘ ‘So who was the father? Sanger?‘ Andersson wiped his mouth, trying to rid himself of the tastep 141 CN 1996
road, where the evening crowds were already blocking the traffic. ‘Andersson, something nightmarish happened up there, something no one counted onp 141 CN 1996
name from my cast of suspects. As I listened to Andersson there had been a hint of complicity, perhaps the samep 142 CN 1996
the boatyard, and stared at the huge powerboat on which Andersson had been working. I could imagine it outrunning the Spanishp 142 CN 1996
hashish brought in by the powerful speedboat whose engines Gunnar Andersson tuned so expertly. Leaving their iced tea, they stood upp 163 CN 1996
few people ready to burn themselves out. By the way, Andersson thinks you were the father of her child.‘ Sanger smoothedp 177 CN 1996
white-hulled sloop with furled sails, moving under its engine. Gunnar Andersson stood at the helm, his slim-shouldered figure as tall asp 221 CN 1996
neglected, its hull smeared with oil, and I assumed that Andersson had sailed it through the tanker lanes from Tangier. Thenp 221 CN 1996
doing here?‘ ‘That's right.‘ Crawford stood up and waved to Andersson, who doffed his cap in return. ‘I talked to Danvilap 221 CN 1996
one of the uniformed officers shouted to the boatyard where Andersson worked each morning on Crawford's speedboats. Often I walked downp 228 CN 1996
the yacht was the Halcyon, and that Crawford had persuaded Andersson to sail the craft from its berth at Estrella dep 249 CN 1996
their wives aired the cabins and buffed the brass. Only Andersson sat quietly in the boatyard, face as bleak as everp 249 CN 1996
as hulls weakened by osmosis were drained and varnished by Andersson and his Spanish repair team. Meanwhile, in the centre ofp 253 CN 1996
and unrooted world. For the first time I understood why Andersson and Crawford had so treasured Bibi Jansen. ‘Interested, Charles?‘ Crawfordp 268 CN 1996
for Frank. Everyone seems to be leaving Estrella de Mar. Andersson is working at the Residencia boatyard. Hennessy and Betty Shandp 278 CN 1996
Newly refurbished yachts and power-cruisers crowded the marina, and Gunnar Andersson had recruited a full-time staff of mechanics to maintain thep 290 CN 1996
light, her eyes avoiding me. From the passenger seat Gunnar Andersson extended his bony knees, hands clasping the roof while hep 314 CN 1996
one of the nearby maintenance doors. When I stared at Andersson, waiting for him to speak out and contradict her, hep 315 CN 1996
can't believe it ...‘ I pushed past Paula, ready to confront Andersson, but he stepped away and stared at me across thep 315 CN 1996
and stared at me across the roof of Frank's car. ‘Andersson -- is this true?‘ ‘Completely.‘ The Swede's eyes, which hadp 315 CN 1996
those deaths? Five people were murdered.‘ ‘Charles ...‘ Paula turned to Andersson, hoping that he would help her, but the Swede wasp 317 CN 1996
the others, Hennessy, Mahoud and Sonny Gardner. Even Gunnar here.‘ ‘Andersson? But Bibi Jansen died in the fire.‘ I turned accusinglyp 318 CN 1996
fire.‘ I turned accusingly towards the Swede. ‘You loved her.‘ Andersson stared stony-faced at the garage ramp, feet shifting, ready top 318 CN 1996
right.‘ ‘But who rigged the air-conditioning system? Frank?‘ ‘I did.‘ Andersson stared at his hands, trying to pick the oily flakesp 320 CN 1996
showed Mahoud where to put the smoke flares.‘ ‘And then?‘ Andersson raised his long hands, exposing his wrists as if offeringp 320 CN 1996
that where the hang-glider came in?‘ ‘I flew the glider.‘ Andersson raised his arms and gripped an imaginary control bar. ‘Ip 322 CN 1996
he'll cancel the party.‘ ‘He won't!‘ Exhausted, Paula turned to Andersson for support, but the Swede had moved away from usp 324 CN 1996
driver's seat of Frank's car, holding the steering wheel as Andersson raised a hand in a brief farewell salute and walkedp 324 CN 1996
hair. Whoever had shot Crawford -- Paula Hamilton, Sanger or Andersson -- had known that the tennis machine would disguise thep 329 CN 1996
panting and heaving until Bobby Crawford wrenched the spade from Andersson's hands and sent him sprawling to the ground. He helpedp 69 CN 1996
them to go home. Hollinger's in his jacuzzi, "relaxing" with Andersson's Swedish girlfriend. She is pregnant with someone's child. Hollinger's? Whop 117 CN 1996
his eyes, returning himself to the present. ‘Not one of Andersson's better days. A sweet boy, the last of the hippiesp 177 CN 1996
She sings in a jazz bar by the boatyard. Even Andersson's climbed out of his gloomy shell and started to forgetp 295 CN 1996