but it was unremarkable then. How do you think the ancients, from Plato to Shakespeare, Aristotle to Aquinas, were able top 181 VT 1960
and a miscellany of replacement and vehicle stores, workshops and ancillary equipment. The observatory was self-sufficient as regards electric power andp 73 WG 1959
and entertaining this enormous number of people, guarding them with ancillary services, police, fire squads, medical units -- it all hingedp 159 CH 1960
as The Seashell and the Clergyman, and Dali's Un Chien Andalou and L'Age d'Or. This had advantages and drawbacks. There wasp 139 ML 2008
possibility of a Spaniard being accused. Tourism is vital for Andalucia -- this is one of Spain's poorest regions. Inward investorsp 32 CN 1996
multiply like the symptoms of a hypertrophied grassland cancer. White-walled Andalucian pueblos presided over the greens and fairways, fortified villages guardingp 15 CN 1996
so Hennessy told me, to suit the tastes of the Andalucian tycoon who had bought the mansion. Marble pilasters supported thep 47 CN 1996
Hollingers‘ chauffeur, endlessly buffing the old Bentley. Had this melancholy Andalucian become Anne's confidant and even, perhaps, her lover? His threateningp 136 CN 1996
going to the Venus Fashion Festival, and Bobo and Peter Anders have just booked into the fire beaches at Saturn. They'llp 339 PE 1962
I was seven or eight, came The Arabian Nights, Hans Andersen and the Grimm brothers, anthologies of Victorian ghost stories andp 180 UGM 1992
rationed like the last drops of water in a canteen. Anderson, fortunately, had unwittingly made him realize the pointlessness of thisp 169 VT 1960
formality. On what turned out to be the last occasion Anderson had perfunctorily taken his blood-count, noting Powers‘ slacker facial musclesp 169 VT 1960
I may leave my place and move in there permanently.‘ Anderson frowned. ‘Is there much point? As far as I couldp 170 VT 1960
been doing. As he stood up and said goodbye to Anderson he suddenly decided to throw away his alarm clock, escapep 170 VT 1960
very much of you recently, as a matter of fact. Anderson said you'd resigned, and we noticed your laboratory was closedp 171 VT 1960
Get in touch with me, though, if you can't reach Anderson.‘ He waved and walked off behind the line of carsp 171 VT 1960
given him, he wrote: Woke 6-33 am. Last session with Anderson. He made it plain he's seen enough of me, andp 173 VT 1960
9-05. To sleep 6-36. June 19: Eight and three-quarter hours. Anderson rang up this morning. I nearly put the phone downp 185 VT 1960
here with another man from the bureau, an American called Anderson. When we left the boat he went off to Montp 31 CW 1966
accounts Mont Royal is even more dead than Port Matarre.‘ ‘Anderson had a tip that there was some kind of troublep 31 CW 1966
onlookers and made his way to Louise Peret. ‘Is that Anderson? The American? You recognized him.‘ Louise shook her head. ‘Thep 51 CW 1966
faced him, her chin raised. ‘There's no hope of finding Anderson -- he must be dead by now -- and Ip 136 CW 1966
tolerance of one another. ‘Have the police any news about Anderson?‘ Sanders asked. During their first month in Port Matarre Louisep 171 CW 1966
on a balcony five floors above. An American journalist named Anderson, he is looking down at the entrance drive, where ap 857 60Z 1976
feet from Neil, wearing their identical straw hats, were Major Anderson and his wife, a gentle Australian couple in their latep 79 RP 1994
couple were building. Despite their work on the aqueduct, Major Anderson and his wife drank only the bottled mineral water storedp 83 RP 1994
yearnings for the mythical bird. ‘Are you hungry, Neil?‘ Mrs Anderson put down her trowel and rooted in her wicker bagp 83 RP 1994
bag. ‘We brought some canned fish for you.‘ ‘Thanks, Mrs Anderson. I'll eat it later.‘ ‘Eat it now -- no-one willp 83 RP 1994
high-minded of her, and I dare say she's right.‘ Major Anderson pressed the can-opener into Neil's hand. ‘I imagine you canp 83 RP 1994
evening. ‘The way Mr Carline brought down the mast ...‘ Mrs Anderson waved away the flies. ‘That was a sight. I thoughtp 84 RP 1994
will land again?‘ ‘We have to assume so, Neil.‘ Major Anderson pushed back his straw hat and surveyed the endlessly circlingp 84 RP 1994
expect they'll be here within a month.‘ ‘Who knows?‘ Major Anderson ran a military eye over Neil's broad shoulders. ‘Whenever theyp 84 RP 1994
with Mrs Saito, cleaning the birds.‘ ‘That's good, Neil.‘ Mrs Anderson took the plastic fork from his restless hand. ‘You gop 84 RP 1994
are all dead. It's a waste of time.‘ ‘Neil ...‘ Mrs Anderson stilled his hands. ‘It's Dr Barbara's way of mourning forp 84 RP 1994
kitchen tent and wandered towards the beach, and only Major Anderson and his wife continued to work at their aqueduct. Thep 90 RP 1994
last walk with Dr Barbara among the moonlit waves. Major Anderson and his wife were now ex officio members of thep 99 RP 1994
them with food and drink vanish into the sea. Major Anderson and his wife sat in the cockpit of their sloopp 113 RP 1994
I want you to block the runway.‘ ‘Doctor --?‘ Major Anderson, sitting with his anxious wife beside the Saitos, tried top 118 RP 1994
seaplane's cargo hold. Aware that Neil was losing weight, Mrs Anderson brought a can of pressed beef from the sloop. Asp 122 RP 1994
taro roots, then heating them to release the starch, Mrs Anderson slipped the can discreetly into his hand. ‘Mrs Anderson ...‘ Neilp 122 RP 1994
Mrs Anderson slipped the can discreetly into his hand. ‘Mrs Anderson ...‘ Neil followed her to the kitchen garden. ‘I can't takep 122 RP 1994
-- perhaps she wants them to get worse.‘ ‘Why, Mrs Anderson?‘ Neil asked. ‘What would be the point?‘ ‘To see whatp 122 RP 1994
on the mattress in the cool sick-room. Monique and Mrs Anderson bathed him, but Didier was barely conscious and clutched atp 122 RP 1994
by the bulldozer and the radio mast. ‘Dr Rafferty!‘ Mrs Anderson called from the clinic. ‘Would you come, doctor?‘ Dr Barbarap 123 RP 1994
We're feeling better today, aren't we?‘ ‘Dr Rafferty --‘ Mrs Anderson was listening to the changing note of the Dakota's enginesp 123 RP 1994
hand to slap his face, but caught herself as Mrs Anderson stepped between them. ‘Go back to your work! If anyonep 123 RP 1994
good cheer would never reach the ground, Kimo and Major Anderson scarcely raised their heads while they doggedly hacked at thep 124 RP 1994
before his wife could tap his elbow. Monique and Mrs Anderson stood on the steps of the clinic, waiting for Neilp 124 RP 1994
exhaust float across the runway to the radio-cabin. Already Mrs Anderson had turned away, shaking her head in dismay, and tookp 124 RP 1994
think ...‘ And so it seemed to the outside world. Major Anderson and his wife had been distressed by Didier's death, standingp 138 RP 1994
draining the fuel from the bulldozer's donkey engine. ‘David ...‘ Major Anderson tried to stop him filling a wine bottle with thep 155 RP 1994
assume it was deliberate.‘ ‘Why not talk to them?‘ Mrs Anderson suggested, squinting at the bomb as if trying to readp 155 RP 1994
to read its vintage. ‘We can compromise ...‘ ‘Too late, Mrs Anderson. We came here to save life, and I won't allowp 155 RP 1994
clinic. Inger was sobbing on the steps, comforted by Mrs Anderson, while Kimo paced around the door, calming himself like ap 156 RP 1994
to read Kimo's solemn face in the swerving torch-beams. Major Anderson stood beside Dr Barbara's bed, his hand raising the mosquitop 157 RP 1994
in the burning Parsifal. ‘Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil pushed past Major Anderson and knelt beside the bed. ‘It's Neil, Dr Barbara. Don'tp 157 RP 1994
Her fever is down. Sadly, there is a death ...‘ Mrs Anderson stood beside the baby's cot, and lifted the large pillowp 157 RP 1994
behind his back, pupils unmoving in the veering lights. Mrs Anderson placed her hand under Gubby's stony head, lifting it sop 157 RP 1994
the plant laboratory, blinking at the sun, and join Mrs Anderson for an hour's work, weeding and watering the overgrown plantp 159 RP 1994
work, weeding and watering the overgrown plant terraces while Major Anderson sat stern-faced in the cockpit of the sloop, reluctant top 159 RP 1994
shovelled the black sand over the box. ‘That's enough.‘ Major Anderson waved Neil away. ‘We won't fuss over it. The ladp 160 RP 1994
won't fuss over it. The lad isn't going anywhere.‘ Mrs Anderson held Neil's hand when they walked from the cemetery, leavingp 160 RP 1994
the unhappy consequences of an over-intense collegiate game. But Mrs Anderson was well aware that Dr Barbara was playing to stricterp 160 RP 1994
you should come with us.‘ ‘I'll be all right, Mrs Anderson. Dr Barbara won't hurt me.‘ ‘Don't be certain of thatp 160 RP 1994
the first and he may not be the last.‘ ‘Mrs Anderson ... no-one saw Dr Barbara kill Gubby.‘ Trying to stem thep 160 RP 1994
work.‘ ‘We didn't know that people would be killed.‘ Mrs Anderson listened to Trudi's crying carried on the wind. ‘First Monique'sp 160 RP 1994
He died of a stroke.‘ ‘I'm sure he did.‘ Major Anderson seemed puzzled that Neil should defend Dr Barbara, as ifp 160 RP 1994
closing the mosquito net.‘ ‘And again at two o'clock,‘ Mrs Anderson added. ‘What was she doing, Neil? We'd like to knowp 160 RP 1994
done, every hour of hard work, will be wasted.‘ Major Anderson pointed to Dr Barbara, who stood hands on hips inp 161 RP 1994
was given freely.‘ ‘Then think of the albatross.‘ As Major Anderson raised his oar, ready to strike Carline in the chestp 161 RP 1994
knows what she has planned? You've heard the rumours, Mrs Anderson ...‘ This brutal appeal at last persuaded the reluctant Andersons top 161 RP 1994
her lightheaded husband back to the plant laboratory, and Mrs Anderson steered the Major to the cooler altitudes of the cultivatedp 162 RP 1994
read, not properly. We all trust you, even old Major Anderson.‘ ‘The old Major ...?‘ Dr Barbara massaged the needle puncture onp 165 RP 1994
myself, Mrs Saito, Inger and Trudi, even poor old Mrs Anderson, playing batman to the Major ... I'm surprised he hasn't taughtp 170 RP 1994
of his food he foraged for himself. Now only Mrs Anderson bothered to tend the animals, the plant terraces were overgrownp 172 RP 1994
reporting her to the yacht-crews who visited the island? Major Anderson sat in the cockpit of his sloop, every detail ofp 172 RP 1994
and tossed aside the grass crown he was weaving. Major Anderson was rowing ashore in the dinghy, while his wife hadp 174 RP 1994
the open hatchway, saluting Monique and Mrs Saito. Already Mrs Anderson had returned to the kitchen. Her disappointed husband stood onp 176 RP 1994
the hull, staining the sky over the lagoon. Fortunately Major Anderson had completed his makeshift repairs before falling ill with anp 195 RP 1994
the ‘island fever‘ that seemed to appear at will. Mrs Anderson openly accused Dr Barbara of poisoning her husband, but Carlinep 195 RP 1994
sails, floating the scarcely seaworthy sloop into the waves. Major Anderson sat fever-mouthed in the stern, one hand clinging to thep 195 RP 1994
them of his role in saving the women's lives. Major Anderson and his wife stood by the starboard rail with theirp 236 RP 1994
he stood, drenched in blood, among the slaughtered albatross Mrs Anderson cupped her small hands over his eyes, trying to shutp 237 RP 1994
ecological movements throughout the world. ‘No sign of her ...‘ Major Anderson lowered his binoculars, clearly wishing that he could direct thep 239 RP 1994
search the whole atoll.‘ ‘She walked into the sea,‘ Mrs Anderson reminded him. ‘Neil saw her -- there was nothing elsep 239 RP 1994
woman has a knack of clinging to life ...‘ ‘Neil ...‘ Mrs Anderson swallowed her scruples and took Neil's arm in a showp 239 RP 1994
babies. Poor things, she'll hear about them soon enough.‘ Mrs Anderson checked herself, and her small face brightened like a hopefulp 239 RP 1994