and he managed to reach the hood of the Bethlehem. Anchoring himself between the tire and hood, he stretched out painfullyp 66 WFN 1961
stack of teletype memos, spread them out on his desk, anchoring them from the draught with a stack of pennies. ‘Thisp 119 WFN 1961
fascinated by the way in which television theatricalised everything while anchoring it firmly to the domestic and mundane. Since leaving Cambridgep 191 KW 1991
French had gone. Three yachts had arrived during the night, anchoring within the reef, and their crews stood on deck, searchingp 81 RP 1994
designed to hold an atomic weapon, or a device for anchoring nuclear mines, lay on the lagoon floor. If not thep 152 RP 1994
for parole, ready to play his part -- as TV anchorman, or special assignment writer for Guns and Ammo? -- inp 41 UGM 1979
She waved me aside, turning up the volume as an anchorman began yet another bulletin. ‘ ... here's an update on our reportp 1120 WW3 1988
close-up of David Cruise, no longer the primped and rouged anchorman of afternoon television, but the fugitive and haunted hero ofp 154 KC 2006
a party of men under Sergeant Macready had hoisted the anchors of the testing station and were towing it slowly towardsp 48 DW 1962
time-winds. In the cerise light Glanville recognized the two bow anchors jutting like tusks, the tryworks amidships, and the whaling ironsp 711 TMY 1966
pavilion. The hulls of the ships rode silently at their anchors behind him as he reached the edge of the lakep 717 TMY 1966
this weary gun-platform about to sink on to its own anchors? Although Jim had a deep respect for the Japanese, theirp 40 ES 1984
in a delicate veil. The cruiser had drawn its stern anchors and was swinging on the tide, bows pointing downstream. Havingp 87 ES 1984
By contrast, the Queen successfully plays the resident matriarch who anchors the script to the domestic verities of hearth and homep 117 QERa 1990
An armada of yachts and motor cruisers strained at their anchors two hundred yards from the beach, so heavily freighted withp 276 SC 2000
Sheppard's carton. ‘I'm Anne Godwin, hello. Avocado puree, rice pudding, anchovies, you're all set for a midnight feast. But what aboutp 1070 MNF 1982
and courgettes, the rope of garlic. Along with the tinned anchovies and several sachets of smoked salmon in the freezer, therep 1132 TES 1989
beside the empty refrigerator, I eat the last of the anchovies and take stock of myself. I have embarked on ap 1134 TES 1989
plastic fork. His spirits rose as he remembered the savoury anchovies from Carline's hamper that he had devoured on the beachp 83 RP 1994
after we returned to England, slipping corkscrews and cans of anchovies into his pockets as we trailed after our aunt throughp 17 CN 1996
architect's model surrounded by a sea of canapes. Munching an anchovy, he smiled with pride at the landscaped office blocks, likep 356 SC 2000
men and a couple of burnt-out baronets. They were the ancien regime, they remembered Estrella de Mar before the cordon bleup 130 CN 1996
terrace stood with their backs to the Villa Grimaldi, an ancien regime faced with the revolution it most feared, a rebellionp 305 SC 2000
Corporation's benevolent tyranny. Like a revolutionary rabble breaking into an ancien regime drawing room and confronting the effigies of a corruptp 156 MP 2003
That mystical left-handed approach, of course,‘ I told him. ‘All ancient seas and dark wells.‘ ‘What's she like?‘ Tony asked eagerlyp 9 PB 1956
-- idol's eyepiece or monkey's paw -- unearthed in an ancient chest or bequeathed by a dying mariner? Or, again, didp 96 NZ 1959
silted over the metal road. We crossed a system of ancient lava lakes, flat grey disks half a mile wide, theirp 74 WG 1959
and changed into neutral, even then having to race the ancient engine to provide enough current for the cooler. I satp 80 WG 1959
a child, like all children, he had noticed the occasional ancient clock tower, bearing the same white circle with its twelvep 151 CH 1960
gesturing at the ruins below the tower, ‘that collection of ancient buildings was one of the world's greatest legislative assemblies.‘ Hep 159 CH 1960
home. As he made his way out, pulling on his ancient overcoat and deerstalker, the clear evening air was still stirredp 196 LW 1960
jacket, Mr Goddard went over to the safe. Massive and ancient, it was approximately three feet wide and deep. Once itp 197 LW 1960
he ran the long snout of the sonovac over the ancient scenic flats (relics of her previous roles at the Metropolitanp 106 SS 1960
long previously have disintegrated. To turn on him and threaten ancient scandal (LeGrande was shortly to enter politics) was not onlyp 111 SS 1960
I went down to the rehearsal studios. They'd found an ancient sonic grand somewhere and one of the old-timers was accompanyingp 129 SS 1960
the wide disc of the salt lake, breaking over the ancient limestone cliffs like shallow rollers dashing against a towering headlandp 192 VT 1960
He saw the dim red disc of Sirius, heard its ancient voice, untold millions of years old, dwarfed by the hugep 193 VT 1960
come from Orion and spoken in poetry to them of ancient beautiful worlds beneath golden suns in the island galaxies, vanishedp 195 VT 1960
these archaic mannerisms, the ‘arise, earthly seers, and to thy ancient courses pen now thy truest vows‘? Mixed up in somep 214 S5 1961
on the chaise longue by the fountain pool, feeding the ancient white fish that clustered around her. As I stepped acrossp 220 S5 1961
the lights in the apartments above him, wrestling with the ancient spring bolt. Nine floors below, the mews in the cobbledp 11 WFN 1961
jaw pointed into it like the iron-clad prow of an ancient dreadnought. Surrounded by the long lines of machines, he stoodp 24 WFN 1961
empty. They crossed it, walked down a short flight of ancient steps into the basement of the monastery itself. ‘Looks asp 98 WFN 1961
tomblike vaults, abandoned wine cellars somewhere off the main square. Ancient stairways, deep dips worn down their centres, spiralled away top 106 WFN 1961
water vapour in the atmosphere had condensed, a residue of ancient organic matter formed the top-soil, a fine sandy loess containingp 365 CS 1962
and the floors had fallen through. In the music-room an ancient harpsichord had been chopped into firewood, but a few keysp 303 GT 1962
Guild of which he was a novitiate member was an ancient and honoured one, and it wouldn't do if Margot beganp 341 PE 1962
were the dominant form of life. Looking up at the ancient impassive faces, Kerans could understand the curious fear they rousedp 18 DW 1962
now being plunged back into the archaeopsychic past, uncovering the ancient taboos and drives that have been dormant for epochs. Thep 43 DW 1962
Without hesitating, Hardman plunged into a narrow interval between two ancient cobbled walls, and disappeared down the alley-way, Macready and Caldwellp 65 DW 1962
shirtless chest. ‘That wasn't a true dream, Robert, but an ancient organic memory millions of years old.‘ He pointed to thep 72 DW 1962
left the deck a squad of men were lowering an ancient ornamental gangway to the water's edge, its banisters of peelingp 92 DW 1962
had seemed from the surface, like the stern of an ancient sunken liner. The once polished aluminium roof had become dullp 103 DW 1962
above him, as his consciousness faded, he could see the ancient nebulae and galaxies shining through the uterine night, but eventuallyp 108 DW 1962
buildings and turned them into the expiring corner of an ancient spectral city. Crawling from below the throne, he rose uncertainlyp 140 DW 1962
his quest. Even now I can vividly remember the enormous ancient alligator housed in a concrete pit half-filled with cigarette packetsp 199 UGM 1963
bed, the smooth trumpet-shaped conch, with its endless associations of ancient seas and drowned strands, had provided him with unlimited pleasurep 473 NWS 1963
endless stretch of placid suburban homes. ‘Apparently there was an ancient sea here once. A million years ago.‘ He picked ap 479 NWS 1963
liked to saunter through the straggle of half-submerged pavilions, the ancient sand playing over his bare feet like wavelets on anp 459 TT 1963
then played lightly over them. Like dry sticks breaking, an ancient voice crackled Orion, Betelgeuse, Altair, What twice-born star shall bep 463 TT 1963
of beer. He knew that his beard and the high, ancient bicycle with its capacious wicker basket made him a grotesquep 498 VH 1963
reclining posture very like his own, made them seem immeasurably ancient, like the white sphinxes in the funeral corridors o thep 634 DS 1964
at a distance behind him, as a huge backdrop, the ancient Toltec ruin seemed to brood in the dust like ap 634 DS 1964
of old lace-work hung from the doors and windows like ancient nets. A staircase ran through the grotto, its familiar turningsp 654 GTN 1964
abandoned cars embedded within them like armoured saurians on an ancient ocean floor. Everywhere the process of transformation was accelerating. Myp 622 IM 1964
Do you live up there?‘ Her white skin was like ancient pearl. ‘I live by the sea,‘ she said. Her voicep 570 PCD 1964
rather bad-tempered and unpredictable -- as you'd expect from an ancient sea. Once it was part of a great ocean calledp 571 PCD 1964
shell to my ear. Again I heard the sounds of ancient water, this time of an immense storm in progress, ap 571 PCD 1964
I closed my eyes, and as the sounds of the ancient wind and water echoed in my ears I saw ap 572 PCD 1964
H-h-e-e-lp!‘ Closing my eyes, I let the image of the ancient shore fill my mind, for a fleeting instant saw ap 573 PCD 1964
serpentine way among the hollows like the footfalls of an ancient saurian. Too weak to walk any further, Traven sat downp 589 TB 1964
functional, megalithic architecture as grey and minatory (and apparently as ancient, in its projection into, and from, time future) as anyp 591 TB 1964
hurried head down between the lines of cars. Once an ancient truck crammed with an entire family's furniture and possessions, parentsp 47 D 1965
extreme exhaustion the yellow-locked, leprous-skinned lamia who had pursued the Ancient Mariner. Perhaps this phantom embodied archaic memories of a timep 49 D 1965
briefly by the stream as it disappeared beyond, was an ancient sailing barge, sitting squarely on the caked mud. All thep 80 D 1965
eyes of the moonlit squares and classical facades of an ancient Mediterranean town, and of a woman who walked through colonnadesp 670 DF 1966
the drifts of pebbles, lay like the spine of an ancient saurian. A few miles from the coast he found Columbinep 670 DF 1966
on the warm concrete roof. Between his dreams and the ancient city below there seemed no boundary, and the moonlit phantomsp 680 DF 1966
abandoned cars embedded within them like armoured saurians on an ancient ocean floor. Everywhere the process of transformation was accelerating. Sanders'sp 116 CW 1966
armour. The crocodile sidled slowly on its stomach in its ancient reptilian motion. Fully fifteen feet long, it seemed to propelp 157 CW 1966
blonde hair so pale she immediately reminded me of the Ancient Mariner's Nightmare Life-in-Death. Her eyes gazed at me like darkp 723 CHC 1967
-- are you a poet? You were talking about the Ancient Mariner when we found you.‘ I gestured vaguely. ‘It wasp 724 CHC 1967
Robert?‘ she asked one morning. ‘I see you as the Ancient Mariner, with a white ray around your neck.‘ I coveredp 725 CHC 1967
My own expression, of bitter pathos, completed the identification. ‘The Ancient Mariner again,‘ Hope said, weighing my copy of Maldoror inp 727 CHC 1967
sceptically at the portraits of Hope and myself. ‘First the Ancient Mariner, now the Flying Dutchman -- for a bad sailorp 730 CHC 1967
parcel. Fumbling with the dry string, he finally unpicked the ancient knot, then unwrapped the paper and took out a fadedp 791 PTD 1969
exhilaration and freedom of being able to wind up these ancient engines and exceed the speed limits. If they are reallyp 267 UGM 1971
the air-raid shelters rose around them like the backs of ancient animals buried asleep in the soil. Proctor lay face upwardsp 124 CI 1974
collapsed in the corner like a decaying witch and an ancient set of stuffed elephants‘ feet. These dozen or so dustyp 865 S 1976
an office-block. Instead of which‘ -- here he raised his ancient hands eloquently to the empty streets -- ‘they all justp 897 UC 1976
and old Buckmaster, both in black capes, appeared in an ancient open tourer filled with strange wreaths she had prepared fromp 918 UC 1976
a member of one's own family, presumably part of some ancient system of incest taboos). My own upbringing, my education andp 947 ICU 1977
of curtain-walling. Chimeric tenants of the night-level reminisce tenderly of ancient roof-gardens, time-dreams coded into elevator-heads more ancient than the Incasp 23 IY4 1978
reminisce tenderly of ancient roof-gardens, time-dreams coded into elevator-heads more ancient than the Incas. Possibilities multiply: the placenta of curtain-walling givesp 23 IY4 1978
of the cocktail hour, dreams of information flows across the ancient roof-gardens, the borderzone of elevator-heads. The invisible city dreams ofp 28 IY4 1978
and our shared dreams, I soon became obsessed by the ancient skin of my little husband. Against the rear wall ofp 88 IY5 1978
knobs of worn bone, all that was left of some ancient fossil beach. ‘Before I leave I'll have the roof repairedp 77 UDC 1979
over the lens, in which the bone swam like an ancient planet. ‘I found this on the beach within seconds ofp 78 UDC 1979
true flying fish, a precursor even of archaeopteryx, the most ancient known bird.‘ He stared at his treasure, a hand reassuringlyp 78 UDC 1979
a steel lighter he had moored against the pier. This ancient craft, which he had floated free from some forgotten creekp 118 UDC 1979
worked bard that day, assembling the primitive flying creature whose ancient bones he had found on the beach. With its out-stretchedp 119 UDC 1979
to the church steeple, I entered the vestry, where the ancient bones of the winged man seemed to stir in thep 125 UDC 1979
the winged creature trembled in the flames, as if this ancient bird-man dislodged from the river-bed was trying to tear himselfp 185 UDC 1979
them alone here. The condors gazed at me with their ancient eyes, great wings raised to still the air. ‘Mrs Stp 210 UDC 1979
against the walls, illuminating the spines and knuckles of the ancient bones of the winged man. I tore the last ragsp 216 UDC 1979
take. I would lie down here, in this seam of ancient shingle, a couch prepared for me millions of years earlierp 220 UDC 1979
from which psilocybin was extracted. Under its influence even an ancient laundry van would seem like a golden coach. And asp 1007 HFF 1980
Verrazano Narrows suspension bridge, long familiar to Wayne from the ancient slides in the Geographical Society library in Dublin. He hadp 8 HA 1981
the safe, Wayne had glimpsed a neatly tied bundle of ancient Time and Look magazines on the shelf below the bullionp 10 HA 1981
Wayne's age would have had the faintest idea what these ancient scenic views represented. Sadly, Europe, Asia and the rest ofp 12 HA 1981
racing like a twelve-metre sloop through the choppy water, the ancient steam engines ready to burst the decks. The horses staggeredp 16 HA 1981
And travellers‘ tales, useful at Ministry cocktail parties. This brooding, ancient landscape with its dead cities -- for a moment Orlowskip 29 HA 1981
something macabre about this empty metropolis overrun by sand. The ancient desert cities of Egypt and Babylonia were safely distanced fromp 37 HA 1981
GM, a restless youth with a scarred face, lifted his ancient M16 to the dark sky. ‘Higher than the OPEC Towerp 64 HA 1981
liked these guileless desert folk with their camels and their ancient rifles and their visions in the sky. Yet these sun-wizenedp 65 HA 1981
on the spot and climbed into the back of the ancient Buick. Once in Washington they joined the anxious concourse ofp 107 HA 1981
panting engines condensed in a wet mist that soaked the ancient road. ‘Anne, what are they? McNair, can you see themp 114 HA 1981
instrument panel, then let out a triumphant cry as the ancient windshield wipers, as yet never called upon, magnificently cleaved twop 117 HA 1981
later "detainees" of a different kind. When they levelled the ancient fortress a century ago no Germans wanted to build onp 183 HA 1981
day. Led by the canny Heinz, they had bunkered the ancient Galaxy, raised steam and set off for California. With luckp 194 HA 1981
moved forward two thousand years from this good-humoured fantasy of ancient Rome into an ugly corner of the late twentieth centuryp 204 HA 1981
of a disturbed mind. From his balcony Mallory watched the ancient biplane circle the rusty gantries of Cape Kennedy. The sunlightp 1037 MSA 1982
of the space grounds. A threatening aura emanated from these ancient towers, as old in their way as the great templep 1042 MSA 1982
see a crowd of Edwardian aviators thronging this display of ancient craft, pilots in gaiters and overcoats, women passengers in hatsp 1051 MSA 1982
was even more sinister than he had expected, like some ancient death camp. ‘I don't think I --‘ ‘Of course youp 1051 MSA 1982
Jim watched her grimacing into the spyhole, parts of her ancient face semaphoring a mysterious message. She then stood thinking forp 75 ES 1984
the halyards of invisible sails still hoping to propel this ancient hulk to the safety of some warm sea a worldp 91 ES 1984
the wire. In his hand he carried Kimura's turtle. The ancient creature contained at least a pound of meat, and Basiep 167 ES 1984
Basie and the American seamen in E Block, with their ancient pre-war copies of the Reader's Digest and Popular Mechanics thatp 170 ES 1984
the only security. With his finger Jim stroked the turtle's ancient head. It seemed a pity to cook it -- Jimp 175 ES 1984
see the barrels of the anti-aircraft guns mounted on its ancient stone decks, and the powerful landing lights and radio antennaep 186 ES 1984
in their good-natured way they kept him dangling, rationing the ancient copies of Life and Collier's that Jim needed as muchp 225 ES 1984
the country road to Nantao. Across the burial mounds and ancient trench works came the sound of American planes bombing thep 244 ES 1984
the guardhouse, waiting impatiently for the American relief planes, an ancient Opel truck arrived at the gates of the camp. Twop 308 ES 1984
kilns and chimneys glowed in the sunset as if the ancient ovens had been lit again, to be fuelled by thep 328 ES 1984
rumble of subsidence -- with luck, the removal of this ancient root would undermine the runway and the Dakota would crashp 39 DC 1987
video-recorder, which they handled with the respect due to an ancient tabernacle, and bore swiftly into the barracks. When they hadp 45 DC 1987
and then strode alongside, beating the rifle butt against the ancient plates of the hull. Crouching behind the fuel drums, Ip 103 DC 1987
and saucepan. On the floor under the mattress were two ancient canvas deckchairs, and an almost empty hessian sack stamped withp 111 DC 1987
weed and scale, it resembled the armoured back of an ancient saurian, feet planted on the river-bed, jaws gripping the ferry'sp 119 DC 1987
south-east from the Chad border. The Mallory had overrun this ancient water-course, crossing it at right angles, and the shoulder ofp 142 DC 1987
of refilling all the wadis in Africa, of seeing the ancient fossil channels of the desert run with rivers in myp 146 DC 1987
remains of a wooden bridge that had once spanned the ancient wadi that now lay in the bed of the Malloryp 186 DC 1987
the sunlight soon shortened the focus of my eyes. The ancient timbers of the Diana had been scrubbed to a lime-likep 197 DC 1987
French and American carbines, several Kalashnikov automatic rifles, and Noon's ancient Lee-Enfield. All had been carefully cleaned, their bolts and firingp 201 DC 1987
a funeral. All the anger of these women irradiated this ancient vessel, infecting the bones of its decks and timbers, whichp 212 DC 1987
feet. A deep judder ran through the ship, and its ancient keel let out a reedy cry, the bones of ap 212 DC 1987
interior of this sweaty boudoir into a scene from an ancient silent film glimpsed in a pierside booth. I stepped intop 249 DC 1987
above my head. On the third blow I struck an ancient knot from the soft pine, forced the barrel into thep 254 DC 1987
centre of the pool, like the fossil remains of an ancient saurian, rested the wreck of the Diana, only its ribsp 257 DC 1987
had created the river. By dislodging the stump of the ancient oak I had allowed a current to flow which inp 279 DC 1987
freely all over the world. The virus does survive in ancient graves and cemeteries, but if by some freak chance thep 1157 WF 1989
the odours of the captain's cabin, a rancid bouquet of ancient sweat, cheap rum and diesel oil. He had thought seriouslyp 1162 DCG 1990
for reprocessing and found it more profitable to let the ancient freighter, now refused entry to Vera Cruz, sail up andp 1163 DCG 1990
in their own right. The past, whether Renaissance Italy or ancient Egypt, is reassimilated and homogenized into its most digestible formp 51 GANa 1990
biographers who funded teams of PhD students eager to scan ancient hotel receipts and discover exactly how many whiskey sours Zeldap 71 UGM 1991
exhilarating, Shanghai in my mind had become a cross between ancient Babylon and Las Vegas. But what if my memories werep 173 UGM 1991
had been dismantled, and the municipal authorities had turned the ancient building into a refugee camp. Hundreds of frantic Chinese werep 20 KW 1991
soared high above the radio aerials and mast-tops of the ancient cruiser. A second squadron of Chinese bombers swept in formationp 22 KW 1991
she found a one-legged teddy bear and a child's potty, ancient contents fossilised in place, and handed them to me withp 132 KW 1991
that she enjoyed and then handed Henry his comforter, an ancient baby blanket that was a universe of friendly smells. Byp 133 KW 1991
entrained in the pharaoh-like smoothness of its cheeks and its ancient eyelids and nostrils. Its lips were composed, as if itp 135 KW 1991
his old silk smoking jacket as a dressing-gown, inhaling the ancient odours of sweat and tobacco like healing balm. Naively, Ip 182 KW 1991
Photographs of the aircraft stood on the mantelpiece -- an ancient Heinkel and a wingless Messerschmitt encrusted with peat being liftedp 287 KW 1991
intact, lifted without any effort, revealing a solid mass of ancient silt moulded to the glass and windshield. I waited asp 295 KW 1991
The carousel was turning, and the children shrieked as the ancient calliope chuntered out its brassy tune. Horses and unicorns rosep 317 KW 1991
memorial. The crack that divided the limestone was freshly cemented. Ancient graffiti had left their blurred traces in the face, overlaidp 325 KW 1991
were walking on the bed of a fossil sea, with ancient cigarette ends, ball-point pens and beer cans embedded in itsp 345 KW 1991
West; Collected Short Stories, Ernest Hemingway; The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge; The Annotated Alice, ed. Martin Gardnerp 182 UGM 1992
claimed that the devil had taken up residence in the ancient structure. The tract housing drew ever closer, and eventually surroundedp 1182 MFM 1992
a forgotten totem of the nuclear age that seemed more ancient than any Easter Island statue. Rainwater leaked down the hillsidep 18 RP 1994
Hawaiian's bruised hands, working confidently with the instruments in her ancient leather valise, Neil gazed around her dingy room, at thep 37 RP 1994
arrival at Saint-Esprit four days earlier Neil had scanned the ancient camera-towers and blockhouses of the atoll, half-hoping to see ap 58 RP 1994
lingered over the rotting albatross on the beach below the ancient blockhouses and towers of the nuclear test-site. Bracewell's coffin hadp 72 RP 1994
the high island had been swallowed by the advancing forest, ancient megaliths left behind by a race of warrior scientists obsessedp 86 RP 1994
within us is already mapping out the sanctuary. There's an ancient garden inside our heads, waiting to greet us.‘ ‘I'm gladp 96 RP 1994
on his own, his tall and long-boned figure following the ancient trails of the original natives as if hunting for newp 136 RP 1994
down at the basin below, a submerged vent of the ancient crater that had collapsed in upon itself. A delirious conventionp 205 RP 1994
clothes that Father had consigned to a Riyadh charity. The ancient fabric, inherited from his grandmother, was as grey and delicatep 55 CN 1996
dwellings in the cobbled street had been tastefully bijouized, the ancient walls pierced by air-conditioning vents and security alarms. Sansom's housep 148 CN 1996
all the alcoholics in the sun, groping each other like ancient lobsters?‘ Laughing, she lay against my shoulder. ‘Never get ap 192 CN 1996
Paula's waist and shoulders. ‘What's this?‘ She peered at the ancient lace. ‘It's a Victorian baby shawl ...?‘ ‘Frank and I werep 195 CN 1996
and the arts both flourished and there wasn't extensive crime.‘ ‘Ancient Athens? Mathematics, architecture and the state as political philosophy. Wasp 261 CN 1996
heels, hands raised to grip the sky, aware that the ancient campanile has moved under their feet. Elaine, alone, has alreadyp 6 DYF 1996
a bear in a kennel. He patted and squeezed the ancient leather upholstery, as if comforting an old friend. Jane lickedp 15 SC 2000
were bare, exposing the red porphyry to the sunlight, the ancient rocks so porous that they resembled immense rust-spills, the wastep 140 SC 2000
in Hampstead ... dark and very strange. All those figurines and ancient idols.‘ ‘The antechamber to a pharaoh's tomb. The great manp 258 SC 2000
crossed the road behind a stationary tram. The fleet of ancient vehicles with their wooden panelling and cast-iron frames had beenp 23 MP 2003
circuit of the upper gallery. Angela noted the exits, the ancient elevators and stairs, the fire escapes and surveillance cameras. Thep 36 MP 2003
of the doubt. ‘Still, we can't be too careful. Our ancient democracy has its eyes and ears everywhere -- cameras inp 49 MP 2003
I lay on the shabby mattress with its stains of ancient urine and disinfectant, glad that this amiable gallery had watchedp 126 MP 2003
to Gould's footsteps making their way to the roof. The ancient but imposing architecture, moral judgements enshrined in every forbidding corbelp 127 MP 2003
Thames shouldered its way past Blackfriars Bridge, impatient with the ancient piers, no longer the passive stream that slid past Chelseap 180 MP 2003
Very few doctors forget their cars.‘ I stood beside the ancient Jaguar, parked by the perimeter fence in the line ofp 242 MP 2003
entered what the AA map represented as an area of ancient Thames Valley towns -- Chertsey, Weybridge, Walton -- but nop 6 KC 2006
still amorous woman. Another memory of married years was an ancient bottle of Chanel, contents long evaporated. Pressing the cap, Ip 18 KC 2006
I climbed the steps to the shuttered box office. The ancient Odeon was no longer even a ghost of itself, andp 75 KC 2006
I took out my ignition keys and stared at the ancient fob, all that was left of the stylish tourer fromp 116 KC 2006
an attempt to turn back the clock and reclaim their ancient county from a plague of retailers. Geoffrey Fairfax, Dr Maxtedp 127 KC 2006
this narrow corridor, and then stopped at the beach of ancient concrete. I thought of my father visiting the track inp 137 KC 2006
him from the rear seat of our Buick, a thin, ancient man dressed in rags, undernourished all his life and nowp 16 ML 2008
muscles in her face were like the pages of an ancient book, or a pack of cards waiting to be reshuffledp 144 ML 2008
assume that it must have been for social reasons, some ancient need to enlarge the tribe and defend the homestead, justp 199 ML 2008
later, when I dismantled the bunker, I started reading these ancient handouts as I rested between axe blows. They were asp 214 ML 2008