of, 22 1-5 Alimony, HRH pays, 172, 247, 367, 453 Anaxagoras, 35, 67, 69-78, 481 Apollinaire, 98 Arden, Elizabeth, 189, 194p 940 I 1977
between screenwriter and film. Reading the script of Psycho, the ancestor of so much present-day cinema, one is struck by thep 4 UGM 1990
behaviour that unconsciously cultivated second-rateness and low expectations. With its ancestor worship and standing to attention for ‘God Save the Kingp 126 ML 2008
reawakens the long-forgotten but deep-laid anxieties felt by our arboreal ancestors, the ever-present fear of falling off the branch into thep 230 UGM 1979
Wayne's mind. Was his obsession with America, which his unknown ancestors had abandoned a century earlier, was his determination to returnp 14 HA 1981
rising towards him across the vivid water. Like his unknown ancestors centuries before him, he had come to America to forgetp 14 HA 1981
the great technologies of America's past -- one of his ancestors had worked on the NASA team that put Neil Armstrongp 25 HA 1981
of those ghost towns in the Wild West. Did my ancestors really live in these vast canyons? They came on ap 29 HA 1981
in the desert gorges of central Africa, where man's primitive ancestors had broken their pact with the tree, the giant riverp 60 DC 1987
cruelty and the dream of pain belong to our primate ancestors. When they surface in a damaged adolescent with a tastep 259 SC 2000
in the Desert of Kish. These mercury lakes are their ancestral memory banks. Surgery is necessary but be careful. Too muchp 348 PE 1962
perhaps an archaic memory we are born with of some ancestral paradise where the unity of time and space is thep 83 CW 1966
the Executives, the tribe to which they belonged. The Executives‘ ancestral foraging grounds were New Jersey, Long Island, and the one-timep 66 HA 1981
of them sheltering in the Mall, drawn there by some ancestral memory of the power of the Presidency and Congress, allp 88 HA 1981
perhaps the treasure house and terminal repository of the planet's ancestral knowledge. So impressive are the defences of the system thatp 1185 ROP 1992
had filled the refuge, the smells of dust and the ancestral dirt of dormitories, the jarring clash of unwashed underwear discardedp 232 SC 2000
local hunt, before the foxes of west Surrey abandoned their ancestral farmland and took off for a better world of filling-stationp 30 KC 2006
sleepwalkers. Like himself, every member of the expedition had American ancestry, but unlike himself none of them had made any realp 27 HA 1981
the junior doctors‘ common room. Of mixed Australian and German ancestry, Sanger had perfected the rootless international style of an airlinep 31 DC 1987
this autobiography, unrolling the purple carpet of Sir John's distinguished ancestry, are a parade of establishment figures who served in thep 80 UGM 1991
references to Dresden and his obvious qualms over his German ancestry, a sense of unease that I suspect is the mainp 116 UGM 1991
his sense of his own lost childhood. Eliot traces Disney's ancestry to Jean-Christophe d'Isigny, named after the village in Normandy, whop 216 UGM 1994
one of the thermal storms would catch the craft and anchor it forever fifty feet down in one of the submergedp 48 DW 1962
a wide circle at the lagoon, indicating that they would anchor there. As his negro lieutenants re-started their engines and driftedp 85 DW 1962
uncertainly. His head swam with the exertion, but the huge anchor of his left foot held him to the ground. Takingp 638 DS 1964
or brigantine, with its sails reefed, as if waiting at anchor in some pirate lagoon. Ignoring it, Glanville crept into ap 717 TMY 1966
of an enormous sea-bird, hung around my shoulders like the anchor fallen from the sky. My own expression, of bitter pathosp 727 CHC 1967
with a broken yard two years earlier, he had dropped anchor at Lizard Key. Coming ashore for cocktails, his stay hadp 729 CHC 1967
reached Lizard Key, I saw a white schooner slip its anchor somewhere among the sand-reefs and head away into the openp 730 CHC 1967
sail rose into the night air as he raised his anchor. Halfway down the staircase I could see into the libraryp 731 CHC 1967
D. While I grappled with the whirling handle, trying to anchor my crutches in the sand, two figures approached across thep 744 CSC 1967
child's over-lit eyes and a deformed jaw twisted like an anchor barb to one side. He scuttled over to the winchp 744 CSC 1967
after the voyage from Plymouth. Winches wheezed and grunted, the anchor chains dragged at the rusty bow plates. Wayne climbed fromp 7 HA 1981
Wayne raised the Winchester, fixing its sights on the bright anchor above the tattered braid. At this moment, as he preparedp 101 HA 1981
Bund, provocatively in front of the British Consulate, had slipped anchor during the night. Her place had been taken by ap 39 ES 1984
patterns on the funnel and superstructure. Rust leaked from the anchor vents on either side of her bows. The steel shuttersp 40 ES 1984
shuddered from the cruiser's funnels as it prepared to raise anchor. Were his parents on board? Aware that he might nowp 91 ES 1984
in her trouser pockets, she planted her legs astride the anchor, now and then turning to bark at me: ‘ ... ‘ploitation!...‘ploitationp 118 DC 1987
few struts to the helicopter's mooring line. He freed the anchor and tried to reach the nearer pontoon, but the aircraftp 128 DC 1987
canvas chairs. Bathed in the cool air funnelled through the anchor housing, I listened to the clicking of the cutwater, andp 139 DC 1987
a new world. Noon dived and plunged beside the forward anchor of the ferry, trailing the precious rice grains through thep 141 DC 1987
current might have escaped. I heard the ring of the anchor chain, and Noon's triumphant cry as she speared a fishp 142 DC 1987
of a motor launch, a gleam of brass around its anchor. An engine was beating slowly, a tired rhythm that rockedp 148 DC 1987
sat abandoned in the centre of the lagoon. A slack anchor chain hung from its bows, and the forlorn craft seemedp 195 DC 1987
surface, and to the dead weeds that cloaked the stern anchor. ‘Has the Mallory stopped flowing?‘ ‘The Mallory?‘ Mrs Warrender repeatedp 205 DC 1987
was stirring through the surface. ‘Fanny ... Louise ...! We've slipped the anchor!‘ Confused, Mrs Warrender gripped the bar counter in both handsp 212 DC 1987
waving to Noon when I paused for breath by the anchor chain. ‘Noon! The Mallory -- it's still there!‘ She leanedp 221 DC 1987
were sent away by a patrol boat and forced to anchor by the southern exit from the pool two hundred yardsp 235 DC 1987
of earth and scrap metal. Then the Diana had upped anchor and moved slowly across the pool, its white timbers morep 243 DC 1987
to the telephone pole tightened the cords as if to anchor him firmly to this desolate terrain. The Chinese choked, hisp 56 KW 1991
Ponderous men move around him like lead-booted divers trying to anchor the central nervous system to the seabed of time andp 276 UGM 1992
Bravo Neil Dempsey!‘ Neil listened to the rattle of the anchor chain. Aware that he was the only person on thep 82 RP 1994
island from Dr Barbara. One of the yachts was raising anchor, its jib-sail tapping at the wind. Earlier that morning everyonep 87 RP 1994
faint wake across the water as Rice wound up the anchor. Seeing Neil on the beach, Mrs Rice cheerily saluted himp 88 RP 1994
a high stern bridge and helicopter deck -- lay at anchor beyond the reef, sitting on the sea like a hugep 89 RP 1994
yachts had set sail for Tahiti an unexpected arrival lowered anchor within the reef. This storm-battered sloop was the Parsifal, andp 100 RP 1994
to burn down the radio-cabin. Their ocean-battered yacht rode at anchor and one day, on the merest whim, they would decampp 128 RP 1994
tired to bail out the Parsifal, now sinking slowly at anchor. They tried to beg from the visiting yacht-crews, but theirp 133 RP 1994
of the deep. Another yacht had arrived and was dropping anchor half a mile from the shore. Neil rested over thep 206 RP 1994
on another sanctuary for the threatened creatures. They thankfully raised anchor and sailed away to the fierce rhythm of beaten fuelp 227 RP 1994
the latest high-speed run from Morocco. As they rode at anchor I thought of my brother Frank and the family crisisp 10 CN 1996
end of the quay, where a small sloop rode at anchor. Beneath the Club Nautico pennant at the stern was itsp 140 CN 1996
of the educated professional class who were society's keel and anchor. In these quiet roads, the scene of uncountable dinner partiesp 5 MP 2003
The middle classes are meant to be the great social anchor, all that duty and responsibility. But the cables are draggingp 80 MP 2003
the police. I assumed that she was about to raise anchor and set sail for the Thames estuary, away from Chelseap 235 MP 2003
electrified ghost, Glanville stepped through the translucent image of an anchor-cable that curved down into the surface of the lake inp 717 TMY 1966
revealed. Then he heard -- ‘ ... Bermuda Hilton. Private Island, with anchorage, have the beach cleaned up, last time the water wasp 126 SS 1960
trying to get in a little closer? There's a deep anchorage at Monte Carlo.‘ Lanyon shook his head. ‘It's full ofp 29 WFN 1961
carried us so untiringly from Port-la-Nouvelle, sat in its last anchorage, surrounded by a refuse tip of freezers and enamel stovesp 233 DC 1987
Champlain slipped through the reef and set course for its anchorage in the lagoon, leaving the corvette to deal with thep 65 RP 1994
nearer, the fishing rafts and waterborne shacks had abandoned their anchorages in the centre of the pool. The soldiers guarding thep 243 DC 1987
after the war and which seemed little more than gunboat anchorages, refuelling bases for the navy rather than vibrant commercial centresp 4 ML 2008
vacuo, the white armchairs and sofas like blunted rectangular clouds. Anchored to reality only by the alarm mechanism clamped to hisp 249 OM 1961
held the Terrapin and watched as the collapsing roof section anchored itself in the jaws of the entrance, hanging vertically fromp 114 WFN 1961
and shoulders. Some sections of the track were now permanently anchored with heavy steel stakes, and he knew that sooner orp 356 CS 1962
and with an impulse of anger seized a loop and anchored it around the handle of the door. He waited untilp 107 DW 1962
Kerans will be much more grateful for the truth. He anchored that cable himself, quite deliberately. Why?‘ Here Strangman tapped thep 110 DW 1962
visit the former testing ground, and the naval patrol boat anchored in the lagoon had been withdrawn three years before Traven'sp 590 TB 1964
an invisible leg, as dead and heavy as a mastodon's, anchored him to the bed. ‘Mr Foster ... my uncle. Did thep 685 TIM 1966
spasms coincided with the thudding passage of the lamp standards anchored in the overpass at hundred-yard intervals. As each one approachedp 143 C 1973
the posse of middle-aged women beating up the young masseuse anchored everything around him to a different plane of reality. Hisp 35 HR 1975
in their own minds, the multiplying layers of concrete that anchored them to the floor. A cheer went up, followed byp 58 HR 1975
night watch at eight that morning -- the Apollo had anchored half a mile from the Brooklyn shore, presumably to givep 7 HA 1981
Wake and HMS Petrel. The American and British gunboats were anchored in midstream opposite the banking houses and hotels of thep 39 ES 1984
Trying to calm myself, I gazed at the placid stream. Anchored to the steel gantry of the conveyor, the Salammbo rockedp 122 DC 1987
to the deck was Captain Kagwa's helicopter, its yellow floats anchored between four fuel drums of aviation spirit. The young Frenchp 155 DC 1987
soon be taken by one of the new arrivals who anchored in the lagoon every day, but Neil was sorry top 87 RP 1994
hard clatter of an approaching helicopter. The crews of the anchored yachts emerged from their cabins, pointing to a white-hulled shipp 88 RP 1994
test of Dr Barbara's temper occurred when a large hydrofoil anchored within the reef a few hours after the Lear's wheelsp 106 RP 1994
catamaran crewed by three off-duty officers in the Peruvian Navy anchored in the lagoon. Dr Barbara invited them to inspect thep 125 RP 1994
A passing multi-hull crewed by midshipmen in the Colombian navy anchored in the lagoon for no longer than it took themp 227 RP 1994
new Versailles. But work and the realities of corporate life anchored Eden-Olympia to the ground. The buildings wore their ventilation shaftsp 8 SC 2000
and a blaze of candlepower bathed the two cruise liners anchored in the Napoule Channel. Shore parties of passengers strolled underp 154 SC 2000
hand on my shoulder, and I sensed a fleshless body anchored to me like an incubus, the drained physique of ap 59 MP 2003