often wondered why Jane had taken me to the great analyst's house, and whether she suspected that my leg injuries, whichp 242 SC 2000
was deeply repressed and ready to be laid on the analyst's couch, but I was well aware of my own flawsp 138 ML 2008
up a secret clinic in Paris with six other emigre analysts. For five years they worked undetected, until one of Gregory'sp 291 IO 1962
have their own studios and send along a team of analysts and writers to interview us and afterwards book a sanatoriump 339 PE 1962
apartment on the 20th floor owned by two women stock-market analysts. After trying to brain him with a champagne bottle asp 114 HR 1975
need people with the highest skills -- computer specialists, systems analysts, architects, agronomists. For the first time in history we'll bep 161 HA 1981
the happiest vein of anti-clerical humour. This preoccupation with the analytic function of the sciences as a means of codifying thep 85 UGM 1966
must understand that for Traven science is the ultimate pornography, analytic activity whose main aim is to isolate objects or eventsp 36 AW 1966
sitter produced a series of multiple projections, perhaps with the analytic forms of cubism, or, less severely, a pleasant impressionistic blurringp 726 CHC 1967
the unseen powers of the universe. 5 The phase of Analytic Geometry. The masterworks of this period, among the greatest inp 96 UGM 1969
of every kind. To survive, he must become far more analytic, approaching his subject matter like a scientist or engineer. Ifp 206 UGM 1971
+ B; a clear-sighted, sickly literature. No more poetry but analytic fantasy. Something monomaniacal. Things playing a more important part thanp 75 THFa 1990
the impression that you were a man of cool and analytical intelligence, but in your search for Hinton you are obviouslyp 524 MO 1963
asked one of the soil chemists at the Ministry to analyze a sample. Apparently this is loess, the fine crystalline topsoilp 22 WFN 1961
first hallucinatory agents he had ever encountered, his mind automatically analyzing them. Moving his head, he noticed that a wide circularp 139 WFN 1961
Angelus of Millet immediately preceding the arrival of the conic anamorphosis‘ ‘Suburbs of the Paranoic-Critical town: Afternoon on the outskirts ofp 95 UGM 1969
technology of power Cables and ventilation shafts, had all the anarchic strength of a proto-industrial society, closer to the massive cantileverp 881 UC 1976
the editors come down firmly on the side of the anarchic, mysterious and ultimately inexplicable nature of dreams. Drawing almost entirelyp 236 UGM 1986
1974) Dark Star is the Catch-22 of outer space. The anarchic spirit of Joseph Heller's novel, with its inverted logic andp 20 UGM 1987
work ethic they were institutionalizing the sanctuary and suppressing the anarchic spirit that had brought them to Saint-Esprit. Monique's dourness hadp 136 RP 1994
on the mirror above the fireplace, the lecture invitations from anarchist groups, and the cairn of white pebbles on the mantelpiecep 9 MP 2003
the area. Each day there was a further slide towards anarchy, the failure of another generator, an increase in traffic delaysp 918 UC 1976
and most charismatic of the men and women. The casual anarchy of the earliest days had given way to a sensiblep 1142 LTP 1989
camp, which had become my entire world, might degenerate into anarchy. Peggy and I would be the first casualties. If thep 37 KW 1991
me, they filled the nearby streets with their noise and anarchy, a teenage rabble that would soon take over the worldp 81 KC 2006
was clearly worried that the uncoordinated attacks would slip into anarchy. He listed attacks on Asian property, the assault on ap 194 KC 2006
man and book. This conflation of author and text is anathema at present, given our desperate need to demystify the writerp 112 UGM 1991
tales close in spirit to the surrealists. All this was anathema to the American editors, who continued to reject my fictionp 181 ML 2008
articulated albino flesh sprawled on the beach resembled the diseased anatomical fantasy of a surrealist painter. Why had all these peoplep 429 RE 1963
their own bodies? The raised arms suggest a piece of anatomical bridge-building. This search for a junction between two skin areasp BAT 1968
Although many patients continued to express a strong sense of anatomical loss (an extreme 2 percent of cases maintained against allp 99 CRA 1969
attraction lay not so much in a complex of familiar anatomical triggers -- a curve of exposed breast, the soft cushionp 117 C 1973
sections of Vaughan's thighs and her abdomen forming a bizarre anatomical junction. Vaughan lifted the young woman astride him, his penisp 143 C 1973
divan, surveying with amiable composure the surrealist's flaccid embryos and anatomical monstrosities. With his silver-flecked jacket and long hair in ap 830 LFA 1975
silently working like those of sleeping fish, a planet of anatomical abstractions on which I will soon land. When they comep 861 60Z 1976
focus, as if he would find among these images an anatomical door, one of the keys in a combination whose otherp 1078 MNF 1982
and the strings of his muscles reminded him of the anatomical plates in his father's textbooks, the skin flayed back top 198 RP 1994
come to my aid, and with a vast fund of anatomical metaphors that would thread through all my fiction. The hoursp 145 ML 2008
near the airport. Using their bodies, he recapitulated the deformed anatomies of vehicle crash victims, gently bending the arms of thesep 145 C 1973
air-traffic controller from the base. Their splayed features and distorted anatomies resembled the nightmarish jumble seen by all patients if theyp 1019 NFS 1981
transformed into a series of rectilinear blocks, and Dali's biomorphic anatomies. These last had led him to his obsession with pornographyp 1066 MNF 1982
wife. Every moment of her grief was endlessly replayed and anatomised on television. Her husband's death, like the murder of hisp 175 KW 1991
could still remember individual frames of the Zapruder film, endlessly anatomised on television and in a thousand magazine exposes. Had thep 233 KW 1991
of emotion and value-judgement, the lens of the scientific camera anatomised the world around it like a patient and pensive voyeurp 240 KW 1991
a right nostril, a portion of female perineum. Only an anatomist would have identified these fragments, each represented as a formalp 15 AE 1966
because he can always change me." Something of the same anatomizing fascination can be seen in the present pieces, which alsop 111 PMFa 1990
ourselves. Neurobiology -- Science's Sistine Chapel. Criminal science -- The anatomizing of illicit desire, more exciting than desire itself. Camouflage --p 279 UGM 1992
of eighty and then working through the night over his anatomy table with a candle strapped to his forehead. Now he'sp 180 VT 1960
for a party of scientific experts -- authorities on gross anatomy and marine biology -- from the university. The gang ofp 643 DG 1964
the talismans of his life. One the bookshelf were the anatomy texts he had used in the dissecting room as ap 13 D 1965
shoulders and concrete face, and then through surrealist fantasies of anatomy into the multiple outlines of futurism and cubism. Ultimately anp 727 CHC 1967
naked body was held forward like a bizarre exhibit, its anatomy a junction of sterile cleft and flaccid mons. He placedp 19 UD 1968
proved to be the rectal. After a preliminary course in anatomy it was found that caecum and transverse colon also providedp 758 WIW 1968
the ‘Mona Lisa‘, just as the greatest novel is Gray's Anatomy. 4 Are there reasons to believe that our apprehension ofp 162 UGM 1969
of her body would form a more significant geometry, an anatomy of triggers? In his eye, without thinking, he married herp 60 SCN 1969
canted floors appeared to be a model of her own anatomy), leading on the mysterious film crew who followed them everywherep 71 THF 1969
her shrewd eyes itemizing whatever vital parts of her husband's anatomy were left to her, I was certain that she readp 27 C 1973
I resembled an alarmed contortionist, startled by his own deviant anatomy. ‘I'm sorry.‘ I took her hand. ‘I must look ratherp 29 C 1973
theatres. He let himself into the dissecting rooms of the anatomy department and walked down the lines of glass-topped tables, staringp 35 HR 1975
approximation was to be found in the dissecting-room at the anatomy school. A few days earlier Laing had caught himself hangingp 107 HR 1975
much skill and art on those never-to-be-seen portions of her anatomy as on the visible ones. The zip had stuck atp 867 S 1976
to see a patient in the flesh. My skills in anatomy and physiology were learned at the computer display terminal. Advancedp 947 ICU 1977
relationship between the geometry of the shower stall and the anatomy of the murdered woman's body seemed to hold the cluep 989 MA 1978
by some computer permutating all the possibilities of an alternative anatomy. This likeable but strange young woman, with her anonymous apartmentp 984 Z2 1978
sheet, thinking of Renata's bloodied body, with its strangely resistant anatomy that he had tried to arrange into a happier andp 987 Z2 1978
the medical school -- while dissecting a thorax in the anatomy laboratory one afternoon I suddenly became convinced that the cadaverp 12 UDC 1979
motionless in the shower stall. Curious after-images, sections of her anatomy seemed to be splayed across the walls and ceiling, evenp 1024 NFS 1981
the motel had pencilled across the copulating women, a secondary anatomy. ‘So this is your laboratory? We've been watching you forp 1075 MNF 1982
to compare the naked figure of his wife with the anatomy of the young woman sitting on his bed, the contoursp 1077 MNF 1982
a woman doctor he had known in Vancouver; his Gray's Anatomy from his student days, a unique work of fiction, pagesp 1040 MSA 1982
I, in turn, at eight o'clock would put aside my anatomy textbooks and set out through the weary streets to anp 1125 LCC 1989
dainty, Alice-like little girls with their reversed orifices and paradoxical anatomy. But his vision is far too close for comfort top 53 GANa 1990
never embraced her. I remember the October morning, in the Anatomy Department when I first met Dr Grant. With the hundredp 74 KW 1991
for the welcoming address by Professor Harris, the head of anatomy. I sat alone in the topmost row, marking my distancep 74 KW 1991
start, Harris had rapidly propelled himself to the professorship of anatomy at Cambridge. His idealism and lack of privilege struck mep 78 KW 1991
when the treatment succeeded. Lastly, Harris stressed the importance of anatomy as the foundation stone of medicine, and warned that ap 78 KW 1991
a Nigerian dentist in his thirties, who was taking an anatomy degree. ‘There's a lot more work there,‘ she said reprovinglyp 80 KW 1991
to pee in a milk bottle.‘ ‘Well Professor Harris says anatomy is the basis of everything.‘ ‘He's right. So why arep 88 KW 1991
king Road. When I looked from the windows of the Anatomy Library at the flat Cambridgeshire countryside, with its American air-basesp 93 KW 1991
you want to read English.‘ ‘After medicine? Why bother? Gray's Anatomy is a far greater novel than Ulysses.‘ ‘It's making youp 95 KW 1991
a healthy interest in the more wayward possibilities of human anatomy and physiology; she had always seen the mischief and humourp 131 KW 1991
me naked every day of their lives, but a different anatomy, however small the distinctions, held a universe of intriguing possibilitiesp 148 KW 1991
to parade their sexual possibilities with all the fervour of anatomy demonstrators in a dissecting-room taking their students through the urino-genitalp 175 KW 1991
before the laboratory sessions and find detached parts of her anatomy between the covers, the moist escarpment of her pubis likep 266 KW 1991
they were in bed together, assigning him portions of her anatomy and taking him through their sex act as if demonstratingp 183 RP 1994
life-saving drill that involved the concealed parts of the male anatomy. Determined to warn Dr Barbara that Carline had scuttled thep 207 RP 1994
against her heart, as if calculating the effect on her anatomy, and with a grimace dropped them into the ashtray. ‘Nastyp 68 SC 2000
the mirror. ‘Anyway, you're right. Who cares? Sex isn't about anatomy any more. It's where it always belonged -- inside thep 122 SC 2000
shrubbery sounded the low-pitched murmur of radio traffic, a soft anatomy of the night. ‘Give me five minutes.‘ Frances switched offp 236 SC 2000
at work, dividing the forecourt into narrow allotments, a laborious anatomy that might yield a few pieces of bomb mechanism. Ip 183 MP 2003
comes to making their wills. Doctors bequeath their bodies to anatomy schools, even though they know they'll be cut into tripesp 29 KC 2006
student, I would sleep in my college room with my anatomy skeleton in a coffin-like pine box under my bed. Ip 33 ML 2008
not mean it was that of a child -- most anatomy skeletons were those of south-east Asian peasants. Despite my heroicp 33 ML 2008
down Trumpington Street to King's, and began my study of anatomy, physiology and pathology. As I left The Leys for thep 136 ML 2008
stiff by the latter. I spent my two years studying anatomy, physiology and pathology. The tuition I received was superb, thep 140 ML 2008
received was superb, the lectures lucid and intelligent, and the anatomy demonstrators who regularly tested us were all qualified physicians specialisingp 140 ML 2008
regularly tested us were all qualified physicians specialising in surgery. Anatomy involved the extended dissection of the five parts into whichp 140 ML 2008
pathology largely consisted of examining slides through the microscope, but anatomy was a process entirely initiated by the student, and demandedp 140 ML 2008
we were welcomed by Professor Harris, the head of the anatomy school. He was an inspirational lecturer, the child of ap 141 ML 2008
clear his belief in the noble calling of medicine, with anatomy at its heart, and I never for a moment doubtedp 141 ML 2008
years later, I still think that my two years of anatomy were among the most important of my life, and helpedp 142 ML 2008
means. At all events, by the time I completed the anatomy course I had really completed my time at Cambridge. Itp 145 ML 2008
hours in the dissecting room were backed up by the anatomy lectures and the time I spent reading in the anatomyp 145 ML 2008
anatomy lectures and the time I spent reading in the anatomy library, where I became friends with an emigre Pole whop 145 ML 2008
my spine and ribs. Curiously, the only part of my anatomy that did not seem to be affected was my prostatep 277 ML 2008