implicated himself in the original crime, doomed since he first analysed the cyclotron freaks to return and help to kill hisp 288 GA 1961
while night closed over the dark blue pool, I carefully analysed her personality, deliberately varying my moods to evoke as widep 312 TDS 1962
police may impound the car while they have the blood analysed.‘ Vaughan knelt beside me and inspected the bloodstains, nodding sagelyp 158 C 1973
but, in fact, were Pangbourne's rendering of the recorded birth-cries analysed by his computer. These eerie and unsettling noises Royal hadp 140 HR 1975
had been made when the structure of these microwaves was analysed by computer. This almost intangible electromagnetic system unmistakably exhibited ap 842 LDG 1976
on the tiled floor, and the familiar postures he had analysed in a thousand blow-ups. Appalled by the calm expression inp 998 MA 1978
to eat some of the fruit. Don't worry, I've already analysed it, and I'll have some myself.‘ She was cutting slicesp 1170 DCG 1990
The bizarre Bulletin of Suicidology in an early 1970s issue analysed U.S. physicians' favorite methods that year, from the mostp 76 THFa 1990
painkillers?‘ ‘Jane. Her own special cocktail. Isabel Duval had them analysed for me. Mostly a strong tranquilizer.‘ ‘She's keeping you sedatedp 333 SC 2000
at the Ministry of Defence -- senior scientific officer. I analysed depleted uranium residues scraped from Kosovan hillsides.‘ ‘Interesting work. Andp 80 MP 2003
experience expended as he carried out a dozen split-second character analyses of the people below. ‘There were two of them!‘ hep 286 GA 1961
tropical diseases at the Wellcome Museum; (2) chemical and topographical analyses of a young woman's excrement; (3) diagrams of female orificesp 75 THF 1969
from the harmony, purity and formal symmetry that the mathematical analyses revealed -- qualities more pronounced in response to cohesive andp 844 LDG 1976
could never have been seriously challenged. The Hughes Papers exhaustively analyses the possible involvement of the Hughes empire in political andp 48 UGM 1977
the laevo-rotatory spiral of the DNA helix. The most exhaustive analyses conducted by MIT's ULTRAC 666, the world's most powerful computerp 983 Z2 1978
He switched on the gramophone and played through a Brandenburg, analysing its theme-trains. Then he ran a word-association test on himselfp 58 M69 1957
home of writing out a short indictment of Rankin's iniquities, analysing his motives, and even anticipating the slights and abuses ofp 97 NZ 1959
volcano jungle, where they intended to work for a year, analysing the planet's core materials. The cost of bringing a vehiclep 76 WG 1959
his mind had attacked everything around him voraciously, probing and analysing, examining every facet of life in the Station. An enormousp 330 13C 1962
and wistful. ‘I'm sorry,‘ Kerans apologised. ‘Perhaps I was really analysing myself. Riggs‘ ultimatum came as a bit of a surprisep 27 DW 1962
him, adding to it as necessary, quietly and without protest analysing these new sales techniques, wondering whether total capitulation might bep 423 SM 1963
vocation was to be a psychiatrist. I spend so long analysing my motives I've no time left to act.‘ ‘Kandinski's Super-Egop 485 VH 1963
into the significance of the Venusian tablet he had been analysing for the last three years. When Kandinski stepped onto thep 491 VH 1963
metabiologist Lysenko (all, incidentally, chasing a complete red herring) was analysing every facet of the inexplicable phenomenon. Before any political capitalp 606 IM 1964
areola. Together they toured the streets in her white car, analysing these breasts: of store dummies, pubertal girls, menopausal matrons, ap 47 JAC 1970
ever-watching computers of Central Traffic Control will hold his call, analysing it in terms of anticipated traffic flow en route, vehiclep 266 UGM 1971
But once again, as he lay back in his chair, analysing the ever larger blow-ups of the actress's face pressed againstp 993 MA 1978
aside an entire career. ‘You'd have spent all your time analysing yourself.‘ ‘Why? I didn't know there was anything to analysep 103 KW 1991
vehicles across the fossil Martian seas, collecting rock samples and analysing the local atmosphere. At the halfway stage of their missionp 1177 MFM 1992
noticed the bright yellow tints of the cacti, run an analysis and found that the plants were assimilating gold in extractablep 174 VT 1960
the attack). He tried to settle down with Kretschmer's An Analysis of Psychotic Time, a heavy tome, full of graphs andp 137 ZT 1960
for the next bomb to go off?‘ He began his analysis of the past twenty-four hours, a task he enjoyed, lardingp 138 ZT 1960
but all too soon it was found that the microbiological analysis of the sand had been inadequate. At the Martian polarp 365 CS 1962
in the dispensary, even squeezing in a little illicit depth analysis for the corporal of police who couldn't satisfy his wifep 291 IO 1962
to be Muriel Bortman, daughter of the UW President-General. The analysis had failed tragically when the clinic was raided; after herp 291 IO 1962
motel outside Casablanca, Gregory finally burned the last of the analysis notes. Christian, clean-shaven and wearing a neat white tropical suitp 295 IO 1962
car Gregory said: ‘One thing before we go. A complete analysis can't be effected in two months, let alone two yearsp 295 IO 1962
his meeting with the Venusian, and then turned to his analysis of the tablet. This was the familiar ultimatum warning mankindp 491 VH 1963
the nature of his material, held the talk together. His analysis of the Venusian cryptograms, a succession of intricate philological theoremsp 491 VH 1963
you like to come in and look at the tablet analysis?‘ Ward made no reply to the invitation. He drove aroundp 495 VH 1963
sequences of commercial pornographic films, listening without response to Talbert's analysis of each posture and junction. Catherine Austin stared at thep 51 GAN 1967
12) a glossary of idioms and catch phrases, (13) an analysis of odour traces (from various vents), mostly purines, etc., (14p 54 GAN 1967
Mrs Kennedy, and of her stained clothing, requires no further analysis. ‘But I won't cry till it all over.‘ PRIMA BELLADONNAp 91 PAJ 1967
sophisticated entertainment. One day he would carry out a Marxist analysis of this lumpen intelligentsia. More properly, the programme should bep 20 UD 1968
in the angles between the walls of the apartment. Stochastic Analysis. Karen Novotny paused over the wet stockings in the handbasinp 24 UD 1968
spread between the sofas in the lounge, calculating a stochastic analysis of the Pentagon car park. Crash Magazine. Catherine Austin movedp 24 UD 1968
Terminal voice-print, self-recorded, of an unidentified suicide; (8) The market analysis of a new hemispherical building-system module. Space Platform Dr Manstonp 44 JAC 1970
let alone delivered a child. His speciality was the computerized analysis of recorded birth-cries, from which he could diagnose an infinityp 83 HR 1975
magazine), 349 Freud, Sigmund, receives HRH in London, 198; conducts analysis of HRH, 205; begins Civilization and its Discontents 230; admitsp 942 I 1977
the screens. For the next hour, as he continued his analysis of the shower sequence, he was still thinking of thep 990 MA 1978
he switched off the public channels and returned to his analysis of Psycho. The geometry of the naked actress slumped acrossp 992 MA 1978
and falling curves of his temperature. These images, and the analysis of certain key events from his library of feature filmsp 993 MA 1978
breathing somewhere behind him as he carried out his endless analysis of the murder sequence from Psycho. The immaculate and soundlessp 995 MA 1978
I don't think anybody ever tried consciously to do any analysis of dream content. Most of the guys aren't the kindp 229 UGM 1979
remarkable, Anne. Even from here it looks like gold. An analysis might be worth making -- I'd like to reserve thep 34 HA 1981
police investigation rules out this possibility. (5) International Terrorism. Ballistics analysis of the spent bullets and the curious collection of weaponsp 20 RW 1988
been made to wash the stains from the fabric, but analysis soon showed them to be blood. The girl herself borep 37 RW 1988
War Powers Act. After the break we'll have more expert analysis of Mr Reagan's retrograde amnesia. Remember, this condition can pointp 1121 WW3 1988
it or not, some researcher did carry out a stochastic analysis of the Pentagon car park, translating the guesstimated flow-patterns ofp 24 UDa 1990
to board the spaceship and evacuate its atmosphere for laboratory analysis. But the crew had overridden the computerized sequences and madep 1178 MFM 1992
established within a few hours of their landing. A computerized analysis of their foot-treads identified each of the astronauts and revealedp 1181 MFM 1992
in the seventeen years since their return? However, the tread-pattern analysis confirmed that only four astronauts were now aboard the craftp 1181 MFM 1992
repairman catalogued the accumulated acoustic tapes and ran a computer analysis of tread-patterns and overall weight. The news of this deathp 1182 MFM 1992
of coliform bacteria had overwhelmed the filters, and his further analysis of the liquid in the aqueduct confirmed that the camp'sp 154 RP 1994
heroin?‘ ‘Who can say? The fire was too fierce for analysis.‘ Below the window, perhaps cooled by the inrush of coldp 111 CN 1996
leather chair facing me, as if ready to begin my analysis. ‘Paula Hamilton told me about the attack in your brother'sp 173 CN 1996
the ground-looped Harvard. Tapping her teeth, Jane read the pathologist's analysis of the rogue infection that had kept me in myp 25 SC 2000
table. She returned to the laptop, perhaps outlining a cost-benefit analysis of her next affair, the contingency funds to be assignedp 90 SC 2000
me about Zander's ‘state of mind‘, a euphemism for drunkenness. Analysis of the dead man's blood had indicated a high levelp 318 SC 2000
kneecap. I needed to think, and I needed pain. The Analysis The supermarket on the main concourse of Antibes-les-Pins was filledp 324 SC 2000
last people who knew him well. Now, you have the analysis with you?‘ ‘As I promised.‘ She took off her glassesp 326 SC 2000
on opening doors in our minds.‘ ‘Isabel, please -- the analysis?‘ ‘Forgive me.‘ She took an envelope from her handbag andp 326 SC 2000
what complications might follow.‘ ‘Any pharmacy would have arranged the analysis. There must be fifty in Cannes.‘ ‘True. But I hadp 326 SC 2000
as a long-term sedative in mental hospitals.‘ I took the analysis from her and studied the French orthography with its vagrantp 327 SC 2000
all day.‘ ‘There might be other reasons ...‘ I took the analysis sheet and tucked it into my pocket. ‘I'm grateful, Madamep 327 SC 2000
traumatic experience.‘ So that's it, Morley thought. The great father analyst has been caught napping on his own couch. He triedp 58 M69 1957
basic personality.‘ ‘What is the basic personality, though? A skilful analyst can manipulate the psyche to suit the suggestion, magnify ap 408 M99 1962
suicide in a Venetian gondola, the first eloped with his analyst), and then herself died in circumstances of some mystery atp 543 SG 1963
of the pool into darkness. The last swimmer, a market analyst from the 38th floor, was leaving the swimming-pool. His wifep 86 HR 1975
Perhaps, insanely, nothing was going to happen? Then a foreign-affairs analyst arrived with the news that there had been a fiercep 106 HR 1975
the testimony collected by the Special Branch: Margaret Downs, systems analyst, Wang Computers: ‘He was always praying, forever on his confoundedp 1097 OOA 1984
Leicester Square. 8) If I can avoid it. 9) Systems Analyst, Sperry-Univac, 1979-83. 10) Manchester Crown Court, 1984. 11) Credit cardp 1101 ATQ 1985
the evening, I watched as the photographer -- a financial analyst with a Japanese bank -- recorded the ratissages on hisp 279 SC 2000
long over, and she had become a quiet and serious-minded analyst at the Tavistock Clinic. I hoped that her maternal instinctp 71 MP 2003
figure outside Ashford Hospital had been replaced by a confident analyst and corporate thruster with both eyes fixed on Professor Arnold'sp 111 MP 2003
the armchair next to the sofa, the position of an analyst listening to a disturbed patient. These chat-show performances were changingp 178 KC 2006