of the experiences of being a human being in the 1970s, a focal point for an immense range of social, economicp 262 UGM 1971
supplement celebrating every aspect of American life in the long-ago 1970s -- the crowded streets of Washington on Carter's Inauguration Dayp 11 HA 1981
especially of the developing nations, continued apace. However, by the 1970s energy sources at last began to run out as predictedp 44 HA 1981
SAC; the huge H-bomber force perpetually patrolling America in the 1970s. He rambled on about ‘Fortress USA‘ and the dangers ofp 162 HA 1981
turns into television. The motor car, so reviled in the 1970s as an ecological disaster, a chrome-hungry destroyer of cities, hasp 232 UGM 1984
one of the Apollo missions from Cape Kennedy in the 1970s, and his long-jawed face and stoical pilot's eyes seemed vaguelyp 1107 MWM 1985
of the swimming-pools had passed with the end of the 1970s, at about the time when the first British visitors arrivedp 63 UGM 1988
moral and just psychopathology. After a dinner party in the 1970s I almost came to blows with a prominent New Yorkp 21 UDa 1990
the lowest. The bizarre Bulletin of Suicidology in an early 1970s issue analysed U.S. physicians' favorite methods that year, fromp 76 THFa 1990
by the war, that it was only in the late 1970s that the first large-scale Hollywood films began to appear. Manyp 12 UGM 1991
is now the vogue, a fashion set off in the 1970s by American academic biographers who funded teams of PhD studentsp 71 UGM 1991
is a milder version of his life. In the late 1970s Burroughs rented a windowless apartment, soon nicknamed the Bunker, inp 131 UGM 1991
universities. Like many parents who brought up teenagers in the 1970s, it worried me that my children were more interested inp 178 UGM 1992
floors remind the visitor of a terminal concourse. In the 1970s the take-over was complete with the arrival of the M3p 183 UGM 1994
were returning to Saint-Esprit, which they had abandoned in the 1970s as a possible testing-ground after moving to Mururoa, an atollp 12 RP 1994
first villas stood behind their lacquered gates. Purpose-built in the 1970s by a consortium of Anglo-Dutch developers, Estrella de Mar wasp 35 CN 1996
his property company. When the building boom ended in the 1970s it was starting out here. I had a look atp 132 CN 1996
a different world. Estrella de Mar was built in the 1970s -- open access, street festivals, tourists welcome. The Residencia Costasolp 212 CN 1996
of Nostalgic Aviation. The nose and cockpit section of a 1970s jet bomber was mounted on blocks beside the entrance, thep 149 SC 2000
hippies and, for some unfathomable reason, Brigid Brophy. In the 1970s we once looked down during lunch from a window ofp 196 ML 2008
team was doing on visual and language perception. In the 1970s he was exploring the possibilities of computerised medical diagnosis, afterp 214 ML 2008
image. I was sitting in his office in the early 1970s when something in the waste basket beside his desk caughtp 214 ML 2008
I attended, at my publishers Jonathan Cape in the early 1970s, at least brought me a little closer to the threateningp 222 ML 2008
of drinks will fill the void. We had enjoyed the 1970s together, the dull Heath years and the twilight world ofp 247 ML 2008
or for that matter of Rheims Cathedral. Who designed the 1971 Cadillac El Dorado, a complex of visual, organic and psychologicalp 207 UGM 1971
full name, but they will be able to drive a 1971 Ford Capri or Rolls-Royce. At various points around the Britishp 266 UGM 1971
real enthusiasts will even buy their own vintage cars, venerable 1971 Ford Zodiacs and 1984 Jaguars. Now and then, as partp 267 UGM 1971
as she cavorts naked in a fur-lined spaceship. Silent Running (1971) Douglas Trumbull, who supervised the special effects in 2001, directedp 20 UGM 1987
of the science-fiction medium was already evident in Duel, his 1971 classic of highway paranoia. From autogeddon he moved on top 21 UGM 1987
grounds (a) that the Vietnam war was over (this was 1971), and (b) that it would give an apparently anti-American slantp 93 LNEa 1990
Warrior's Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa Stephen Prince In 1971 Japan's greatest filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa, director of Rashomon and Thep 25 UGM 1991
the hospital library with copious footnotes. Several pages of the 1972 edition of The British Pharmacopoeia Codex, particularly those referring top 851 NTM 1976
unique gloss. As all these books are out-of-date, like the 1972 BP Codex, little harm is done. Most of his complexp 855 NTM 1976
his role in the war was not completely forgotten. In 1972 one of his former soldiers, Corporal Yokoi, returned to Japanp 51 UGM 1989
edition of The Atrocity Exhibition which Grove Press published in 1972. I remember sitting in a London hotel with Fred Jordanp 93 LNEa 1990
on the causeway leading to Cocoa Beach, Florida. In February 1972, two weeks after completing Crash, I was involved in myp 26 UDa 1990
Soon after three o'clock on the afternoon of April 22nd 1973, a 35-year-old architect named Robert Maitland was driving down thep 7 CI 1974
to see even after the latter's engagement and marriage in 1974. A successful barrister, self-willed and ambitious, she found herself increasinglyp 853 NTM 1976
first flight in 1961 to the last Skylab mission in 1974 -- and the first splashdown, significantly, not to be shownp 225 UGM 1977
orbital flight in 1961 to the last Skylab mission in 1974. Yet in spite of the unprecedented publicity that surrounded thep 273 UGM 1979
Vietnam, 1964-9. Enrolled NASA 1970; deputy ground controller, Skylab III. 1974, rumoured commander of secret Apollo 20 mission to the Moonp 1095 OOA 1984
deep space with only the trees for company. Dark Star (1974) Dark Star is the Catch-22 of outer space. The anarchicp 20 UGM 1987
accidents. (5) The time, 11:47 a.m., June 23rd, 1975. (6) A gesture -- a supine forearm extended across ap 46 DM 1967
since his committal at Kingston Crown Court on 18 May 1975. Only one visitor has called, a former colleague at thep 849 NTM 1976
Suffolk, visiting one abandoned airfield after another. In his February 1975 Diaries (a few weeks before his wife's death) Loughlin describesp 851 NTM 1976
Loughlin's distance from his own crisis, which he now (January 1975) regarded as a complex of events and possibilities existing outsidep 851 NTM 1976
How far the events of this period (January to March 1975) were mentalised by Loughlin is hard to decide. To somep 852 NTM 1976
his diary, the day before his wife's death, 27 March 1975, Loughlin wrote with deceptive calm: ‘Ernst said it all inp 852 NTM 1976
events surrounding the murder of Judith Loughlin on 28 March 1975, indicates that she had arrived at Gatwick with Dr Douglasp 853 NTM 1976
mal epilepsy, but attended Strathclyde University for two terms in 1975, computer sciences course. Joined Worker's Revolutionary Party 1976, arrested outsidep 1093 OOA 1984
landed remote-controlled nuclear missile station in the Mare Imbrium. Retired 1975, appointed vice-president, Pepsi-Cola Corporation. 1976, script consultant to 20th Century-Foxp 1095 OOA 1984
the first Apollo splashdown not shown live on TV in 1975, a consequence of the public's loss of interest -- thep 43 DMa 1990
significance of 11:47 am on a June day in 1975, then some eight years ahead. As it happens I wasp 46 DMa 1990
Wayne smiled at the thought. Going back in time, to 1976, say, a happy notion, the fulfilment of all his dreamsp 126 HA 1981
terms in 1975, computer sciences course. Joined Worker's Revolutionary Party 1976, arrested outside US Embassy, London, during anti-nuclear demonstration. Worked asp 1093 OOA 1984
in the Mare Imbrium. Retired 1975, appointed vice-president, Pepsi-Cola Corporation. 1976, script consultant to 20th Century-Fox for projected biopic Men withp 1095 OOA 1984
other spaceship called Earth. The Man who Fell to Earth (1976) A brave failure, Nicolas Roeg's excursion into science fiction revealsp 21 UGM 1987
people, who said hello to me ... This entry in November 1976 virtually sums up the entire contents of the diaries whichp 59 UGM 1989
province Deng was restored to office upon Mao's death in 1976. As China's leader during the 1980s he launched the immensep 55 UGM 1993
Norman Mailer's account of the crimes, trial and execution in 1977 of Gary Gilmore, the first convicted murderer to be putp 41 UGM 1979
cynic who commented, on hearing of Elvis Presley's death in 1977, ‘Good career move,‘ might well have second thoughts after readingp 39 UGM 1981
that killed him during the long night of 17 August 1977 as he sat alone in his bathroom at Graceland, hisp 39 UGM 1981
anti-nuclear demonstration. Worked as scaffolder and painter, Jodrell Bank Radio-Observatory, 1977; prosecuted for malicious damage to reflector dish. Jesuit novice, Stp 1093 OOA 1984
consultant to 20th Century-Fox for projected biopic Men with Fins. 1977, associated with the Precious Light Movement, a California-based consciousness-raising groupp 1095 OOA 1984
becomes merely modishly psychotic. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Spielberg's mastery of the science-fiction medium was already evident inp 21 UGM 1987
writer's visions of the future. When Star Wars appeared in 1977, the technology of film was so advanced that it couldp 193 UGM 1993
patchwork of cross-hatching, Connolly found the latest entry: March 17, 1978. The time and sighting were. 1-22 a.m. Elevation 43p 454 QR 1963
filling station had already climbed from 75c a gallon in 1978 to $5 in 1985, and to $25 in 1990. Afterp 46 HA 1981
to reflector dish. Jesuit novice, St Francis Xavier seminary, Dundalk, 1978; expelled after three weeks for sexual misconduct with mother ofp 1093 OOA 1984
a California-based consciousness-raising group calling for legalisation of LSD. Resigned 1978, hospitalised Veterans Administration Hospital, Fresno. On discharge begins nine monthsp 1095 OOA 1984
Now? -- The Extraordinary Worlds of Edward James, published in 1978, and now revised and enlarged as Poeted: The Final Questp 70 UGM 1991
but the off-duty dress at my Cyprus RAF base, circa 1978, and the guarantee, I was deluded enough to think, ofp 90 SC 2000
retreat at Truth Mountain, Idaho, interdenominational order of lay monks. 1979, founds Spaceways, drug rehabilitation centre, Santa Monica. 1980-1, associated withp 1096 OOA 1984
landing that resonates for years in the spectator's mind. Alien (1979) Alien is a tour de force of pure horror, ap 22 UGM 1987
which the dying prepared themselves for their deaths. But in 1979 the idea of an explicit filmed record of the lastp 299 KW 1991
noticed the digital desk clock recording the date, September 23, 1979. The green rice-grain letters blinked through the minutes and hoursp 308 KW 1991
when I first read them. Chris's death from cancer in 1979 was a tragic loss to his family and friends, allp 215 ML 2008
8) If I can avoid it. 9) Systems Analyst, Sperry-Univac, 1979-83. 10) Manchester Crown Court, 1984. 11) Credit card and computerp 1101 ATQ 1985
HRH, 401 Fleming, Sir Alexander, credits HRH, 211 Ford, Henry, 198 Fortune (magazine), 349 Freud, Sigmund, receives HRH in London, 198p 942 I 1977
198 Fortune (magazine), 349 Freud, Sigmund, receives HRH in London, 198; conducts analysis of HRH, 205; begins Civilization and its Discontentsp 942 I 1977
moratorium on manufacture, 388 I Impostors, HRH troubled by, 157, 198, 345, 439 Inchon, Korea, HRH observes landings with Gen. MacArthurp 943 I 1977
expect. COITUS 80: A DESCRIPTION OF THE SEXUAL ACT IN 1980 During their evenings together in the apartment The female breastp 16 C80 1970
AND DEATH OF GOD During the spring and summer of 1980 an extraordinary rumour began to sweep the world. At firstp 841 LDG 1976
by the car in its first century. Between 1950 and 1980 the number of cars in the world rose from sop 233 UGM 1984
Age‘ exhibition at Serpentine Gallery, London. Video-games programmer, Virgin Records, 1980. Operated pirate radio station attempting to jam transmissions from Spacep 1093 OOA 1984
but a frontal assault on the former actor. At the 1980 Republican Convention in San Francisco a copy of my Reaganp 105 WIWa 1990
vaudeville performer, she never left it until her death in 1980 at the probable age of eighty-seven. Sex, the Broadway playp 10 UGM 1991
it. ‘He was killed by a stray mortar shell in 1980, working for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Beirut. One of thosep 242 SC 2000
was nowhere nearer an answer. Lunches and Films 1987 By 1980 my three children were adults and away at their universitiesp 247 ML 2008