all the time. ‘Don't look so alarmed,‘ she said with amusement. ‘I've never heard anything like that before.‘ I wasn't alarmedp 5 PB 1956
into his private, life Harvey had recorded for his own amusement. Anger boiling, Faulkner strode across to the lattice, prised onep 252 OM 1961
and partly out of sympathy for her, and partly for amusement, he had decided to play out his role. All thep 232 S5 1961
uniform up and down and shaking his head in dry amusement. Lanyon waited for him to finish. ‘Now tell me what'sp 38 WFN 1961
can say?‘ Gort pursed his lips, eying Dickinson with dry amusement. ‘Well, let's sincerely hope not, Doctor. We simply haven't gotp 55 WFN 1961
think the money here is being poured away for the amusement of a few sadistic psychologists.‘ ‘You know that isn't truep 328 13C 1962
glad to see them left undisturbed. The whole trash of amusement arcades and cheap bars on the outskirts of the beachp 358 CS 1962
point?‘ Travis looked up at him, a flicker of dry amusement on his bleached face. Wisps of smoke wreathed his headp 364 CS 1962
across his bare chest and arms. Margot watched with malicious amusement his efforts to entertain her. This was Trantino, Margot's play-boyp 341 PE 1962
drained, and the whole place was degenerating like an abandoned amusement park, but there was enough bizarre extravagance in the airp 305 TDS 1962
and consequently part of an even greater spatio-temporal system. Kerans‘ amusement at this conceit was distracted by his discovery among thep 62 DW 1962
seemed unable to take the explanation seriously, swinging abruptly from amusement at their naivety to sharp suspicion. Kerans watched him carefullyp 90 DW 1962
university quarter -- often the old man, much to his amusement, would be trailed around the narrow canals by one ofp 96 DW 1962
He began to laugh to himself, slapping his thighs with amusement as Kerans hobbled weakly to his chair. ‘And the jokep 110 DW 1962
On the bridge above him, the Admiral watched with dry amusement, the fading light glinting across his bare chest like ap 120 DW 1962
moved slowly down the line of cinemas, past cafes and amusement arcades, patronised now only by the bivalves and molluscs. Atp 123 DW 1962
than an abandoned zoo.‘ Mrs Osmond regarded him with rueful amusement. ‘Charles, you do pick some extraordinary metaphors. I often doubtp 379 WT 1962
to roof it over and turn it into a permanent amusement park. The Council won't interfere. They're playing it quiet nowp 390 WT 1962
practice -- most of his opponents, Constantin realized with sardonic amusement, would have been players of a high class. ‘You knowp 506 EG 1963
it painless?‘ For once Malek smiled, a thin sneer of amusement hung fleetingly around his mouth. ‘Have you ever killed anythingp 510 EG 1963
do, Doctor?‘ Franklin gripped the wheel tightly. Hathaway's thinly veiled amusement irritated him. ‘Nothing, of course. Damn it, it may bep 419 SM 1963
to the sand with a bloody face. Traxel roared with amusement as Shepley lay there stunned, then knelt down, sympathetically examiningp 469 TT 1963
the unconscious.‘ Kandinski glanced sharply at Ward, a trace of amusement in his eyes. ‘That sounds rather dubious and, if Ip 487 VH 1963
haunted by their visions of subway dawns, cheap hotels, empty amusement parks and friends who have committed suicide. ‘The fact ofp 128 UGM 1964
the dolls and masks in a novelty shop near the amusement park, and I have no doubt that elsewhere in thep 648 DG 1964
was a spontaneous round of laughter, more in relief than amusement. Then several arms pointed to the water-line, where we sawp 610 IM 1964
parents, within a few hours of seeing her in an amusement park, and then carried her away to a grotesque follyp 621 IM 1964
from Orly Airport to the Madeleine, it was no idle amusement that made me watch the Tuileries Gardens for any sightp 584 LL 1964
It was this instinct for failure, Ransom decided with wry amusement as Quilter watched him from his vantage point above thep 11 D 1965
hells are more public, their entrances are subway stations and amusement arcades, but built none the less from private phobias, likep 140 UGM 1966
a round of laughter at this, more in relief than amusement. Then several arms pointed to the water-line, and they couldp 69 CW 1966
nature you can be very calculating.‘ Louise watched him with amusement as he sat down on the settee beside her. Pretendingp 134 CW 1966
on the west shore of the lake, Glanville watched with amusement as Thornwald's silver-painted figure stepped out of the pavilion intop 716 TMY 1966
the ferris wheel rotating above the rooftops. The roundabouts and amusement arcades, the shooting galleries and the tunnel of love werep 739 R 1967
man in the laminated suit watching him from the abandoned amusement park, Trabert knew that the time had come for hisp 44 DM 1967
and colour reproduction processes, for his own innocent and child-like amusement. Dali is a good example of the sophisticated naive, withp 97 UGM 1969
a lace cuff to the inert-wear shops in the town's amusement park. This, of course, was a particularly bitter jibe. Nop 797 SGW 1970
super-real, as exciting as the accelerating pintables of a sinister amusement arcade released on to these highways. Aware that I wasp 49 C 1973
play-sculptures had been specifically intended by Anthony Royal for the amusement of the residents‘ children. The gates of the garden hadp 37 HR 1975
In rapid succession he started up three pintables in an amusement arcade, a line of washing machines in a launderette, ap 893 UC 1976
other areas ...‘ In no time Stillman had staked out two amusement arcades, several bars and a small nightclub in the basementp 906 UC 1976
than his usual surly languor had ever previously allowed. The amusement arcades were soon a blaze of garish lights. Pinball machinesp 906 UC 1976
pulsed through the overloaded air, the roof-sills of bars and amusement arcades were trimmed with tubes of racing fluorescence. Watching uneasilyp 907 UC 1976
them from their apartments and close the discotheques, bars and amusement arcades where they spent their evenings, Halloway had astutely lengthenedp 913 UC 1976
boys tumbled with a chorus of obscenities from a nearby amusement arcade. They clustered around a large motorcycle with extended forksp 916 UC 1976
in their leisure time than hang around the bars and amusement arcades, driving aimlessly around the streets in their various carsp 918 UC 1976
air, brighter than the neon facades of the bars and amusement arcades. Instead of switching off the lights and going top 920 UC 1976
Coloured light-bulbs burst and ripped across the ceilings of the amusement arcades. Pintables exploded in a chatter of free games, inp 920 UC 1976
memorial, he watched the supermarkets and stores, the bars and amusement arcades close themselves down. Almost everyone had left now, asp 924 UC 1976
air. A deep, premonitory glow lay over the mansion, the amusement pier and the hotels by the marina, as if inp 18 UDC 1979
the road and approached the untended ticket kiosk of the amusement pier. The freshly painted gondolas of the Ferris wheel, thep 42 UDC 1979
and chandlers by Walton Bridge, the Tudor mansion and the amusement pier with its Ferris wheel. I was, following the southerlyp 56 UDC 1979
Losing my grip on the sky, I fell towards the amusement pier, fighting my way free from this tornado of screamingp 58 UDC 1979
pillars. Dislodged by the night's storm, a section of Stark's amusement pier had collapsed into the river, carrying part of thep 67 UDC 1979
for him. Stark stood protectively at the end of his amusement pier, nervous that I might shatter its rusting pillars. Urgingp 85 UDC 1979
A hurricane lamp flared across the metal railings of the amusement pier, illuminating the thousands of fish in the river. Lampp 118 UDC 1979
stripped to his swimming trunks, was working on his ramshackle amusement pier. He had loosened the mooring lines of his dredgerp 133 UDC 1979
I ran past the swimming-pool towards the entrance to Stark's amusement pier. The kiosk had been freshly painted, the desk fittedp 137 UDC 1979
the white water Stark stood at the balustrade of his amusement pier. He had taken off his flying suit and hadp 212 UDC 1979
lower tip of Manhattan, Wayne was to remember with some amusement how excited McNair had been as he burst into thep 7 HA 1981
the galley. ‘It's all right, Wayne ...‘ Steiner smiled with some amusement at this seaborne Tom Sawyer, with his thatch of blondp 11 HA 1981
cabin in the approved hoodlum manner. Steiner had watched with amusement, hands raised in mock alarm, nodding to Wayne as ifp 56 HA 1981
the gunship controls as if they were flippers on an amusement hall pin-table. He seemed unaware of Paco and Wayne andp 222 HA 1981
and neon rockets rose from their stands like figures on amusement park carousels. Laughing to himself, Mallory vaulted the gates andp 1044 MSA 1982
Japanese burst into laughter, chortling to each other with great amusement. Jim laughed with them, well aware that only he, amongp 135 ES 1984
address on the thousands of promotional videos. In several Piccadilly amusement arcades the Space Invaders games have been reprogrammed to presentp 1097 OOA 1984
Surrey; Brunel University Computer Sciences Department. 7) Floor cleaner, Mecca Amusement Arcades, Leicester Square. 8) If I can avoid it. 9p 1101 ATQ 1985
of film footage.‘ ‘I'm sure.‘ I tried to keep the amusement out of my voice. ‘The studios must have been gratefulp 1110 MWM 1985
the dance floor, setting up a television screen for the amusement of the customers. Watching his blind, scurrying figure, barely toleratedp 235 DC 1987
that dank world of subway dawns, cheap hotels and empty amusement parks, and it is this unity of life and visionp 131 UGM 1991
and waiters and Number 3 girls at the Great World Amusement Park, and my mother said that she hoped so toop 18 KW 1991
But of all the places of wonder, the Great World Amusement Park on the Avenue Edward VII most amazed me, andp 19 KW 1991
from school, Yang would usually stop the car outside the Amusement Park and carry out one or other of the mysteriousp 19 KW 1991
his day. A vast warehouse of light and noise, the Amusement Park was filled with magicians and fireworks, slot machines andp 19 KW 1991
rickshaw coolies and refugees clambering into the entrance of the Amusement Park. David Hunter knelt on the rear seat beside hisp 21 KW 1991
other into the Avenue Edward VII beside the Great World Amusement Park. The buildings in the Szechuan Road rocked around usp 24 KW 1991
longer hear itself. Two hundred yards from the Great World Amusement Park I could see that most of the building hadp 25 KW 1991
Everywhere hands and feet lay among the debris of the Amusement Park -- fragments of Joss sticks and playing cards, gramophonep 25 KW 1991
by the high-explosive bomb that fell beside the Great World Amusement Park. As everyone constantly repeated, proud that Shanghai had againp 26 KW 1991
General, I was thinking not of the bomb beside the Amusement Park, but of my army of toy soldiers on thep 26 KW 1991
us against his dining-room wall. The bomb that destroyed the Amusement Park and killed more than a thousand people had becomep 27 KW 1991
the severed hands and feet I had seen outside the Amusement Park, I put the soldiers away in their box. Butp 28 KW 1991
cycle rides around the International Settlement, and the Great World Amusement Park with its jugglers and acrobats and sing-song girls. Allp 39 KW 1991
themselves seemed mere illusions by comparison with the electronically generated amusement park where they preferred to play. Here they could assumep 1186 ROP 1992
I had always been the source of a certain fond amusement. He was dressed in a grey suit and white shirtp 23 CN 1996
ride out and trample down the peasantry for their own amusement.‘ ‘You're wrong, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘I can't believe Greenwood killed himselfp 203 SC 2000
by accident from a Chinese aircraft, struck the Great World Amusement Park near the racecourse in the heart of the Internationalp 25 ML 2008
cloisters of Shanghai Cathedral, not far from the Great World Amusement Park, and took over part of the Cathedral Girls‘ Schoolp 28 ML 2008
and was a spur to more efforts for my own amusement. It may have set my fiction in its subversive modep 42 ML 2008