some air,‘ he said brusquely, shouldering past one of the amplifier rigs. ‘My ears feel like gongs.‘ ‘By all means,‘ Sheringhamp 68 T12 1958
sonovac, he pulled off the canister to reveal the valves, amplifier and generator. He slipped his fingers carefully through the leadsp 135 SS 1960
pretence of dismantling the control panel, and played with the amplifier so that the statue let out a series of staccatop 399 TSS 1962
inside my large statue, Zero Orbit, plugging in the stereo amplifiers, when Georg suddenly gasped into the skin mike and ap 395 TSS 1962
hostility. Class assumptions and exclusivities survived strongly amid the rock amplifiers and Warholiana. Between the sudden bursts of rock music, asp 183 KW 1991
yet to free myself. The band had turned up its amplifiers, filling the air with immense blocks of reverberating sound. Thep 304 SC 2000
place was empty. As Kovarski hesitated the silence seemed to amplify all the uncertainties she had noticed since their arrival atp 664 BM 1966
was pleasantly soothing, the electronic overtones disguising my voice and amplifying the tremors of emotion as I screwed up my couragep 398 TSS 1962
gripped the volume control and swung it round to full amplitude. Above the orderly room door an alarm bell shrilled outp 64 M69 1957
source. But where the personalities are of similar frequency and amplitude they mutually reinforce themselves, each adapting itself for comfort top 314 TDS 1962
wall, and in large letters, using the spit which flowed amply from his mouth, wrote: ELIZABETH HELP ME! I AM NOTp 263 MF 1961
He had won his attempt to dominate the high-rise, and amply proved his right to rule this huge building, even thoughp 134 HR 1975
water had flowed from the storage tank. The pantry was amply stocked with siphons of soda water, but by now hep 65 ES 1984
the interpretation, the magic endures, which Ann Thwaite's fascinating history amply proves. As she reflects, echoing Mine, somewhere a boy andp 120 UGM 1992
its ratings too.‘ A GUIDE TO VIRTUAL DEATH For reasons amply documented elsewhere, intelligent life on earth became extinct in thep 1173 GVD 1992
fulfilled of all. ‘Film directors,‘ she promptly replied, a verdict amply confirmed here. Yet most filmmakers are unemployed at any momentp 23 UGM 1993
the mirror cabinet he took out a syringe and an ampoule, after the shot leaned against the door waiting for thep 186 VT 1960
we would all become pregnant ... I put away the pethidine ampoule and closed the valise. Jane's pocket radio lay at thep 126 SC 2000
persuade them to speak freely to me. I remembered the ampoule of pethidine in my jacket pocket, which I had takenp 140 SC 2000
dismissing me to the darkness. ‘Later ...‘ ‘Wait!‘ I took the ampoule of pethidine from my pocket and handed it to himp 160 SC 2000
who had grappled with me on the lawn. Holding the ampoule in his open palm, he walked towards me with almostp 161 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘I know. You have my shoe.‘ He raised the ampoule to the streetlight. ‘Dr Greenwood? You take over?‘ ‘That's itp 161 SC 2000
my hands cut by shards of glass from the broken ampoule. The posse moved past, and a flurry of truncheons shatteredp 162 SC 2000
of broken teeth lay among the fragments of the pethidine ampoule. The leader of the posse led his squad back top 163 SC 2000
fact, Laing's position was secure thanks only to the morphine ampoules he had concealed. Although Steele frightened him with his unpredictablep 149 HR 1975
women admired him for this. A substantial number of morphine ampoules were left, and he planned to introduce the two womenp 172 HR 1975
A UN medical orderly moved down the line, issuing morphine ampoules. For all the lives they saved, Ryan sometimes resented thep 1149 WF 1989
any medical equipment. Instead of the hypodermic syringes and vitamin ampoules that would have cleared the ulcers on their lips, orp 11 RP 1994
and waiting until his breath fell silent. Somewhere among the ampoules on the desk, among the sedatives and abortifacts, was thep 231 RP 1994
dressed in their working clothes. He remembered the syringes and ampoules on Dr Barbara's desk, and all too easily could seep 234 RP 1994
carton containing a collection of diamorphine syrettes and a dozen ampoules of pethidine. A hypodermic syringe lay inside a leather walletp 125 SC 2000
back to the villa for safekeeping. Holding one of the ampoules to the light, I remembered my early career as ap 125 SC 2000
pulled back the dressing-table drawers, and exposed the clutch of ampoules in her valise. ‘Jane ... all this pethidine. How much canp 271 SC 2000
and sixty pages of operating instructions. Nothing but volts and amps. When I say they have everything to learn, I meanp 221 S5 1961
low mountains marked the northern wall of the plain of Ampurdan, a rich farming area where even now there were smallp 838 LFA 1975
watched the light aircraft taking off from the runway at Ampuriabrava, half a mile down the beach. A converted crop-sprayer withp 828 LFA 1975
footbridge over the canal dividing the marina and airstrip at Ampuriabrava from the beach hotels in Rosas, at the corners ofp 830 LFA 1975
presiding like an aircraft-carrier over the bars and nightclubs of Ampuriabrava, packed with people enjoying themselves with a frantic fin dep 832 LFA 1975
the car and set off along the beach road towards Ampuriabrava. The immaculate sand ran down to the water, free atp 832 LFA 1975
back on to the illuminated pathways. When they landed at Ampuriabrava he waited on the runway as Gould shut down thep 838 LFA 1975
Margarita beach. Already I could see the undeveloped shoreline of Ampuriabrava, an area of grass-covered dunes, creeks and mosquito inlets. Givingp 140 KW 1991
ashore on a long sandbar, separated from the dunes of Ampuriabrava by an arm of shallow water. Some fifty yards widep 141 KW 1991
parachute canopy as Lykiard explained that he came down to Ampuriabrava every summer -- though this, sadly, would be the lastp 148 KW 1991
beyond the mole, a pale smudge along the shore of Ampuriabrava. The blazing driftwood fire we had left behind was ap 150 KW 1991
on their saris and prowled the creeks and dunes of Ampuriabrava, sketch-pads and camera at the ready. Sally swam with Henryp 151 KW 1991
I could see the 2CV trundling across the sand-dunes of Ampuriabrava. Sally was standing in the open roof behind Lykiard, thep 154 KW 1991
surprise I saw that the giant's left hand had been amputated. I stared with bewilderment at the blackening stump, while thep 646 DG 1964
original magnificence than the bloated appendages that had been subsequently amputated. As I looked across the road at the premises ofp 648 DG 1964
would do if he knew that Ransom too had once amputated the dead neither past nor future could change, only thep 160 D 1965
moved about the ward. Later, when the pain from his amputated leg roused him from this placid second sleep, Nurse Sadiep 684 TIM 1966
blood transfusion after the accident, and later when Dr Nathan amputated the crushed knee and shinbone. Nothing surprising about that, isp 688 TIM 1966
curved balcony of the disused terrace enclosed them like an amputated limb. The eyes of the insane watched them in intercoursep 48 JAC 1970
down by a cycling child. Her right leg had been amputated, and she now spent all her time folding a silkp 42 C 1973
a slim young man of my own age with an amputated left hand, a pregnant woman in her early twenties whop 935 DT 1977
the base of the cavity. As if leaking from the amputated roots, the dark liquid slowly covered the sandy floor, thep 40 DC 1987
root of the old oak lying in our path, the amputated head of the beast from whose loins the waters ofp 105 DC 1987
light, moles and operation scars, warts and faded tattooes, an amputated big toe and a pair of supernumerary nipples on thep 79 KW 1991
fester, as if this act of self-mutilation might symbolize the amputation of the limb. However, it seemed only to thrive onp 696 TIM 1966
in the breast itself. Pedicle operations are best avoided, and amputation with transposition of the nipples as free grafts is adoptedp 16 C80 1970
section and the cups should be of adequate size. Subtotal amputation with transplantation of the nipple is reserved for very largep 16 C80 1970
car-bodies in front-end collisions, abrasive injuries formed in roll-overs, the amputation of limbs by roof assemblies and door sills during roll-overp 133 C 1973
glass-topped tables, staring at the partially dissected cadavers. The steady amputation of limbs and thorax, head and abdomen by teams ofp 35 HR 1975
decided that a pedical operation should be avoided and subtotal amputation with transposition of the nipples as free grafts was adoptedp 114 MWR 1990
metatarsal bones and causing what his doctors termed a partial amputation of the big toe. Six weeks later, Neil moved inp 25 RP 1994
the faces of the nuns and the children, the young amputee and the elderly woman. At this point, when I hadp 936 DT 1977
invalid controls, the complex self-amplifying injuries of single and double amputees, injuries caused by specialist automobile accessories such as record playersp 133 C 1973
Louvre, San Stefano in Venice, the Prado and the Ryksmuseum, Amsterdam -- and all were familiar, well-authenticated masterworks, centrepieces, apart fromp 579 LL 1964
In the Rubens by Baron Henrik Nielson, Danish Ambassador to Amsterdam, and in the Goya by a certain Enrico Da Nellap 585 LL 1964
these day-parked vehicles, whose owners were in Paris, Stuttgart or Amsterdam, driving them back to their parking places in the eveningp 173 C 1973
the telegrams and phone calls from their anxious employers in Amsterdam, Paris and Dusseldorf they made polite excuses, applied sun oilp 1140 LTP 1989
to slip away at night. The van Noorts, an amiable Amsterdam architect and his handsome wife, set sail before dawn, muchp 202 RP 1994
displays?‘ ‘Probably the last,‘ Ransom said. ‘It wasn't meant to amuse.‘ Miranda gestured him into a chair. In a cubicle beyondp 171 D 1965
watched from behind the dining-table. This moment never failed to amuse him. In fact, the higher he climbed the building, thep 157 HR 1975
and flowers, sparrows and robins, roses and honeysuckle. Happy to amuse them, I spread my arms across the table, touching thep 142 UDC 1979
torrent of wings and feathers. Delighted as I was to amuse the children and their mothers, I remembered how I hadp 155 UDC 1979
the beach sing to me. Was I supposed merely to amuse myself? I watched the unhappy mothers wander away through thep 164 UDC 1979
children's parties. Were the pilots of the B-29s trying to amuse him, to keep up his spirits until they could landp 283 ES 1984
wheelhouse, but I wired the ignition so that Noon could amuse herself with the radio. Soon bored by the news andp 117 DC 1987
brought his laundry home. Something about this admission seemed to amuse her. Without much prompting she added that they made lovep 177 KW 1991
there were enough episodes of Dallas in the video-library to amuse the astronauts for all eternity. The Zeus, in fact, nop 1180 MFM 1992
a challenge. Long-distance swimming is ... what I do.‘ Trying to amuse her, he added: ‘Think of it as my albatross.‘ ‘Reallyp 34 RP 1994
faint moonlight revealed that she had recruited other company to amuse her. The carpet was marked by almost lunar ridges, leftp 267 SC 2000
they got the chance. He noticed Lang giving him an amused smile and shrugged, trying to disguise his uneasiness. ‘Go aheadp 55 M69 1957
the sill. ‘And I was worried about you.‘ Everybody was amused, Gorrell particularly. ‘Doctor,‘ he drawled, ‘if you're interested I canp 56 M69 1957
-- and the first oblique, and for some puzzling reason, amused references to it were made openly by members of thep 104 NZ 1959
the hours of daylight and darkness, sleep and waking. He amused himself endlessly by baffling his friends with demonstrations of thisp 155 CH 1960
dumps he wondered how he was going to keep her amused. Fortunately the stockade intrigued her. When she suggested a strollp 124 SS 1960
blond hair, and his absolute sense of personal responsibility, always amused him. ‘You relax,‘ Granger said, adjusting the shoulder pad underp 237 DE 1961
with patent affection, listening to her light chatter with occasional amused interjections. Dr Jamieson was also looking at the girl. Atp 283 GA 1961
wives from any marauding suitors but also to keep them amused and contented. By definition, of course, their relationship was platonicp 341 PE 1962
saturnine face regarding them with a mixture of suspicion and amused contempt, Strangman lounged back under the cool awning that shadedp 89 DW 1962
A touch of time-sickness, perhaps? The chronoclasmic bends?‘ He chuckled, amused by this sally, and Beatrice said quietly: ‘We're usually ratherp 91 DW 1962
will you lend the garden?‘ Renthall repeated. There was an amused but thoughtful smile on Boardman's lips as he regarded thep 382 WT 1962
that he could explain it again. I think you'd be amused to hear it, Mildred. He's working on IRM's at presentp 429 RE 1963
real curry, and Elliott's own occasional attempts had merely elicited amused smiles. Today, however, with ample time on his hands andp 531 SA 1963
into Aphrodite 80, some of us were inclined to be amused by Charles's naive attempts to produce a masterpiece, but laterp 543 SG 1963
his strange messianic cries had already become the subject of amused comment. Franklin began to say: ‘I appreciate that --‘ butp 412 SM 1963
and go back to the past?‘ I laughed at myself, amused at being caught out by her. ‘I'm sorry. One ofp 571 PCD 1964
The abstract patterns were meaningless, but during his recovery he amused himself by devising suitable titles for them. (Later, passing thep 596 TB 1964
Mother?‘ Quilter peered at Ransom. Then he tittered to himself, amused by this appeal to old sentiments. ‘Doctor, not now ...‘ Hep 72 D 1965
game with which Quimby, the absconding State Department cipher chief amused himself in his hideaway on the Costa Blanca. The principalp 663 BM 1966
hand near the weapon in his holster, for some reason amused him. ‘Captain, you made a superb landing, beautiful marksmanship --p 714 TMY 1966
the grass. Maitland realized that Proctor had been only briefly amused by writing the obscene words on the wall, and wasp 110 CI 1974
here, anyway?‘ The two men squared up to each other. Amused by the announcer's aggressive manner, Wilder lifted the camera asp 51 HR 1975
idea what it's like for most people.‘ Laing laughed aloud, amused by Alice's notion that somehow he had been unaffected byp 98 HR 1975
hard within her small face, almost as if she was amused by her husband's dependence on the fictions of this elaboratep 119 HR 1975
grunts and belches, playing them back to himself. Wilder was amused by the deft way in which he edited the tapep 129 HR 1975
Pangbourne called for quiet again. ‘Now -- keep our guests amused. They're looking bored. What are we playing tonight?‘ A medleyp 141 HR 1975
my guests had taken their seats, they would watch with amused and tolerant affection as I carried Serena to her placep 864 S 1976
ornate four-poster, stroking the deep pile of the bedspread. What amused him, above all, was the feel of this vanished worldp 882 UC 1976
sidewalks were free from garbage, the plate-glass shopfronts gleamed anew. Amused but impressed by the transformation, Stillman at last decided top 906 UC 1976
spent his life with these quiet, civilized and anaemic people? Amused by them, but already bored by the whole absurd businessp 909 UC 1976
teeth and showing their rumps to us. Manson was tremendously amused, even let me help him from the aircraft, laughing inp 148 HA 1981
the same patter and parlour tricks with which he had amused the young children of his passengers. He made the samep 101 ES 1984
Hundreds ...‘ Scranton seemed impressed. He shook his head, as if amused by the ways of the world. I expected him top 1111 MWM 1985
a kind of enemy ... my feelings towards him varied from amused affection to a black loathing. There were moments when Ip 71 UGM 1991
diaphragm. ‘Heavens, you're tense deep breaths, now.‘ She laughed cheerfully, amused by herself. ‘Still, at least we've met before. These daysp 178 KW 1991
always been reluctant to appear on television, a shyness that amused him and which he put down to an old-fashioned strainp 252 KW 1991
had first looked after me. She smiled to herself, perhaps amused by the memory of some childish exploit in the gardenp 343 KW 1991
their eyes moved the continuous play of a keen and amused intelligence. MILLENNIUM PEOPLE The Rebellion at Chelsea Marina A smallp 1183 MFM 1992
at them through the megaphone they put out their cigarettes, amused by this over-excited Englishwoman tripping over the dead bird atp 23 RP 1994
Honolulu. ‘Come on, don't look so shy.‘ The woman seemed amused by Neil. ‘Help me hold the banner -- you don'tp 31 RP 1994
magnet to the unwary. But Frank was too fastidious, too amused by his own weaknesses, to commit himself to any seriousp 17 CN 1996
that.‘ ‘And the acid humour? Be honest, Paula, you're rather amused by most people.‘ ‘Well ... most people are rather odd, whenp 192 CN 1996
his motives. He tapped the girl's diary on his knee, amused to see that I had reined in the powerful carp 206 CN 1996
carrying her briefcase to the car. The underwriter seemed equally amused, frisking up the ends of his moustache, eager for themp 232 CN 1996
lips, and she turned her head to gaze in an amused and even mischievous way at the sedate bungalows and theirp 268 CN 1996
Giving scope to her natural talents?‘ ‘That sort of thing.‘ Amused by the sarcasm in my voice, Gould waved a whitep 131 MP 2003
parents, he lived with another family in G Block, and amused everyone with his fey and extravagant manner. Theatre was hisp 85 ML 2008