neurosis, and cook up a quick lunch (coffee and three amphetamines, from a private cache Bayliss as yet only dimly suspectedp 137 ZT 1960
the barbiturates they had been intended to counteract, the three amphetamines had begun to make him feel restless and overstimulated. Hep 141 ZT 1960
wife's room. Befuddled by a heavy overdose of alcohol and amphetamines, he decided to revive himself in a bath of coldp 854 NTM 1976
I loved to watch her, whether she was fuelled by amphetamines or plain American sass. She and Peter Lykiard had arrangedp 180 KW 1991
a miniature wardrobe for her trolls. Now she reeled about, amphetamines in her left hand, between the Marat/Sade posters andp 194 KW 1991
agreed that Cleo Churchill should look after the children. The amphetamines and drinamyls I had sometimes taken seemed less mind-altering thanp 200 KW 1991
feel?‘ ‘Fine. I'll recover. As if I've taken too many amphetamines.‘ ‘You have. Don't worry, you'll land in about three daysp 337 KW 1991
had begun to put on weight. Cut off from their amphetamines, acid and pot, they were transforming themselves into a pairp 146 RP 1994
than acid, though, for someone who's overdosed. Or the new amphetamines the chemists are cooking up with their molecular roulette.‘ Anderssonp 141 CN 1996
heads. For him heroin and cocaine and all these new amphetamines represent freedom, the right to be a crashed-out bar-kook likep 200 CN 1996
Mind‘, each a compact pharmaceuticals kit packed with cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, amyl nitrite and barbiturates. His gambling syndicate ran in parallelp 258 CN 1996
valise. ‘She's probably had nothing for weeks except tequila and amphetamines. Can't you get Crawford to help her?‘ ‘He has. I'mp 295 CN 1996
house and apartment.‘ ‘Dr Sanger ... to Crawford's generation cocaine and amphetamines are no more than mood-enhancers, like brandy or Scotch. Thep 303 CN 1996
more.‘ ‘You know ...‘ Straight-faced, Jane explained: ‘Wife-swapping, the latest designer amphetamines, kiddy porn. What else do we like, Paul?‘ Penrose slumpedp 18 SC 2000
The autopsy showed nothing. No LSD, none of the wilder amphetamines. The poor fellow's bloodstream was practically placental.‘ ‘Was he marriedp 27 SC 2000
returning from Goa or Kathmandu, head clouded by pot and amphetamines. The forensic teams had combed through every fragment of glassp 37 MP 2003
own right. Many of the drugs, led by cannabis and amphetamines, were recreational, but others, heroin chief among them, were intendedp 209 ML 2008
competition was conducted seriously, and the drugs involved ranged from amphetamines to baby aspirin. It was won by the novelist Annp 210 ML 2008
steady decline in mammalian fertility, and the growing ascendancy of amphibian and reptile forms best adapted to an aquatic life inp 23 DW 1962
the narrow sill of the boom, kicked savagely at the amphibian, which snapped and lunged at the spears and boathooks. Overp 98 DW 1962
fauna of the Triassic age were the crocodiles and alligators, amphibian creatures at home in both the aquatic and terrestrial worldsp 199 UGM 1963
some dozen in number, set off in one of the amphibian craft. Father Balthus was not among them, and Sanders assumedp 66 CW 1966
his seat near the driver in the bow of the amphibian, Dr. Sanders waved to Louise Peret, who was watching fromp 67 CW 1966
I had emerged on to the land reborn, like my amphibian forbears millions of years before me who left the seap 98 UDC 1979
you see, Granger, the fishes stayed behind when the first amphibians emerged from the seas two hundred million years ago, justp 241 DE 1961
on the slope look distinctly anomalous -- a handful of amphibians, the birds, and Man. It's a curious thing that althoughp 41 DW 1962
zone of transit between the gill-breathing fish and the air-breathing amphibians with their respiratory rib-cages, the very junction where we standp 43 DW 1962
lagoons that were here 50 million years ago. The giant amphibians had died out, and the small reptiles were the dominantp 630 DS 1964
dark engine oil ran between the floats of the parked amphibians. The wings shivered in the silent air like those ofp 8 IY1 1976
ponds, from the hydra and spirogyra. I was spawned by amphibians in the creek beside the meadow, and in the riverp 199 UDC 1979
We had returned to the more primitive world of the amphibians and raptors hunting among the walls of reeds that stoodp 171 DC 1987
on a dream. ‘ ... these lagoons support an extensive marine life, amphibians and gravel feeders ... the nutrient-filled waters also provide a homep 173 DC 1987
Reaching the bank of the river, where half a dozen amphibious vehicles were moored by a floating quay, we debarked fromp 608 IM 1964
ran through the wire mesh hanging from the pontoons. More amphibious craft were moored against the wharf on the upstream sidep 62 CW 1966
years he had spent there. Rows of camouflaged trucks and amphibious vehicles waited along the shore, but there was still nop 789 PTD 1969
landing-craft were crossing the water, each towing two or three amphibious tanks behind it. One large wooden landing-craft was headed straightp 793 PTD 1969
a huge white ammunition box. Behind its fierce ramp an amphibious armoured car or even a light tank might be readyp 90 RP 1994
uniformed officers raced through the sabotaged pedestrian gates, and an amphibious snatch squad took advantage of the high tide to makep 264 MP 2003
Observatory. At 3.30 p.m. in the Hoyle Library amphitheatre, Professor Renthall was to deliver the inaugural address welcoming thep 496 VH 1963
of the dunes. He found her standing in a small amphitheatre formed by the sloping mirrors of a solar energy devicep 599 TB 1964
through the empty town, and reached the rim of the amphitheatre. As he watched, Gabrielle Szabo came walking through the antiquep 680 DF 1966
some futuristic myth?‘ As the applause echoed around the half-empty amphitheatre Karen Novotny saw his hands stiffen against the mirror onp 82 YMC 1966
joining the medical school, I took my seat in the amphitheatre for the welcoming address by Professor Harris, the head ofp 74 KW 1991
of the Club Nautico was an open-air cinema with an amphitheatre carved from the hillside. A placard by the ticket kioskp 37 CN 1996
the harbour, the curving hillside above the town resembled an amphitheatre warmed by the morning sun. Residents sat on their balconiesp 146 CN 1996
hand says 37 minutes past -- he has 23 minutes, ample time, to reach the library. He starts down the streetp 160 CH 1960
need of medical attention; far from it. We have an ample number of doctors and nurses here. In fact, you willp 162 WFN 1961
when the area was evacuated and wired off. There were ample reservoirs and cisterns filled with water, apart from a thousandp 358 CS 1962
and hand-printed dressing gowns, the cocktail bar stocked with an ample supply of what were now vintage whiskeys and brandies. Ap 10 DW 1962
occasional attempts had merely elicited amused smiles. Today, however, with ample time on his hands and no interference, he would succeedp 531 SA 1963
suit watched me, a shot-gun under his arm. Now that ample evidence of the Hubble Effect is available to scientific observersp 616 IM 1964
the crest, tottering on their weak legs, and I had ample time to make a first scrutiny of this strange caravanp 735 R 1967
may want more, now that we're here.‘ ‘Five thousand dollars? Ample, Judith. These relic hunters are a dying breed -- fewp 760 DA 1968
three o'clock, intending to avoid the rush-hour traffic, and had ample time to cruise along in safety. He remembered swerving intop 8 CI 1974
early afternoon light was beginning to fade. Fortunately I had ample fuel in the car, but on this narrow road itp 823 AD 1975
he had known since his childhood. The situation allowed him ample freedom to explore himself, and the strong element of unpredictabilityp 172 HR 1975
accountant wearing nothing more than a string swim-slip over his ample crutch. But where is his wife? Is she in thep 860 60Z 1976
In the two years that have passed I have had ample time to reflect on the dangers of an over-hasty catharsisp 871 S 1976
parked Concordes and 747s. All around them, as well, was ample evidence of the desperate attempts by the last Americans top 42 HA 1981
cars -- each carried a ton of anthracite in its ample boot -- and McNair pedalled the man-powered plane into thep 110 HA 1981
their sex together had taken away all Franklin's fears. Ursula's ample figure at last proved itself in the fugues. Nature hadp 1034 NFS 1981
a few hundred yards from the hotel he would have ample time the next morning for revision. Jim was keen onp 36 ES 1984
of imprisonment in the camp at Soochow, and Jim had ample time to tour Shanghai. After calling at the White Russianp 346 ES 1984
a leisurely pace that would give Harare and his men ample time to disperse. At the entrance to the town, byp 26 DC 1987
river is some eight metres in depth, moving through an ample basin of washed granitic marl, well-stocked with aquatic life. Thep 151 DC 1987
what about the river?‘ ‘Still enlarging, sir, flowing comfortably between ample banks. Rails and heron are present on the shore, andp 161 DC 1987
his seat, sitting diagonally behind the pilot and giving himself ample room to aim his carbine at the young woman. Drivenp 240 DC 1987
drive of the estate. The handsome mansions sit above their ample front lawns, separated from each other by screens of ornamentalp 9 RW 1988
from the wounds to my wrist and palm, I had ample time to replay in my mind that terrifying scene atp 60 RW 1988
casualty department of a north London hospital. This gave them ample time to survey the security and layout of the buildingp 61 RW 1988
night. As he eases the toggle his sweaty hands leave ample fingerprints (E 110) on the plastic handle. Jasper is nowp 69 RW 1988
a group of elderly Russian ladies, medals heavy on their ample bosoms, posing at a reunion before a mural painted ofp 75 UGM 1991
were puzzled that I had managed to consume the Harvard's ample reserves of fuel. They had already decided that I shouldp 119 KW 1991
concluding visit, insisting to the sceptical Australian that they had ample stocks of food and equipment and would survive comfortably onp 124 RP 1994
affably under his reassuring moustache. A Hawaiian shirt covered his ample paunch, and he seemed the epitome of the shady businessmanp 228 CN 1996
plaza. The party would begin at nine o'clock, giving me ample time to change after an hour's tennis with Crawford, ourp 305 CN 1996
For an hour they would work downstairs, leaving me with ample time to shave, shower and muse over the possibilities ofp 76 SC 2000
handsome fire chief to her cause that his men had ample time to shatter her windows with their water jets. Ap 7 MP 2003
humour, or at least the prison-camp version of drollery, in ample supply -- earth and cinder road-tracks named Oxford Street andp 66 ML 2008
almost ten years younger. ‘These are 30-second repeats, 400 microsens, amplification one thousand. I admit I've edited the track a littlep 71 T12 1958
as the Hubble Effect, the Rostov-Lysenko Syndrome and the LePage Amplification Synchronoclasmique first gained worldwide attention, there have been so manyp 605 IM 1964
Remember the cell division series I played first of all? Amplified 100,000 times animal cell division sounds like a lotp 69 T12 1958
Through the window he could hear giant fragments of the amplified dialogue booming among the rooftops. The stadium was never emptyp 267 B 1961
across the roof. ‘KER-ANS!! DOC-TOR KER-ANS!!‘ Giant fragments of the amplified phrases boomed among the rooftops, echoing off the aluminium in-fallsp 51 DW 1962
Hardman's gramophone record was a play-back of his own pulse, amplified in the hope of precipitating the crisis then and therep 71 DW 1962
Ye ... yeah, yeah, yeah!‘ he began, voice rising above the amplified guitars. U.H.F. ‘Considerable interference has been noted withp 86 YMC 1966
was never to see Xero's face, but fragments of his amplified voice reverberated among the deserted stands of the stadium, echoingp 45 DM 1967
bed. A loudspeaker reverberated among the dunes, fragments of the amplified commands drumming at the panes. When they moved away, Judithp 767 DA 1968
the announcer began to work up the audience's interest. The amplified fragments of his commentary reverberated around the empty stands asp 85 C 1973
window was turned up to full volume. Huge fragments of amplified music boomed into the night. Laing climbed around his barricadep 107 HR 1975
source, it seemed in some way to be refracted and amplified by the odours of my own body, almost as ifp 935 DT 1977
for the imminent attack. The sounds in the solarium seemed amplified, and he could hear the intruder's pumping lungs and feelp 998 MA 1978
His voice was inaudible within the War Room, but giant amplified fragments boomed out over the city and drummed at thep 221 HA 1981
lighting on the hotel and nightclub facades. Fragments of their amplified sound-tracks boomed like guns over the roar of the trafficp 346 ES 1984
switched on the cassette player. ‘ ... neo-colonialist folk-lore ...‘ The fragments of amplified dialogue boomed along the shore, then stopped abruptly. Noon returnedp 123 DC 1987
the crowd, bellowing into the erratic microphones. Giant fragments of amplified prose had toppled away through the air like sections ofp 185 KW 1991
outside the beach hotels bothered to watch them. Waves of amplified music rose above the clamour of police sirens and thep 236 KW 1991
unconvincing way. I was grateful for the light-show and the amplified music that raised all conversation to an unintelligible shout. Rescuingp 238 KW 1991
hunting among the rollers. As if bored with themselves, the amplified slogans had faded long before they could reach the shorep 9 RP 1994
rally, but through the open window Neil could hear the amplified voice reflected across the rooftops. Megaphones hectored him in hisp 24 RP 1994
technician turned on the sound system, and a burst of amplified music drummed into the night, huge fragments of sound thatp 221 SC 2000
the hulls of the graders and bulldozers. The metal scoops amplified the mushy drone, a muffled anthem played by an involuntaryp 358 SC 2000
entrance ramp the book exploded in her hands, its force amplified by the sloping floor. Glass and masonry lay across thep 181 MP 2003
mayor made an effort to call for quiet, but his amplified voice was drowned by the boos. Beer bottles flew overp 122 KC 2006
pipe bands and marching feet I heard a succession of amplified clicks and stutters as someone adjusted the controls. Then ap 173 KC 2006
Imelda simpering beside him, he boomed at the crowd, his amplified voice drumming through the night sky. As ‘Heinrich‘ made itsp 190 KC 2006
gates. But a complete silence lay over the town. The amplified commentaries and communal singing had died away, and for thep 201 KC 2006
police, began to address the watching crowd, fragments of his amplified message barely audible above the blare of the helicopters. ‘ ... fromp 215 KC 2006