gay and pretty she had been, fair skinned and happy amongst the jaded sun-blistered womenfolk of the planters. And Allison. Poorp 9 VN 1951
Alternatively, these bored sailors might be playing a game, betting amongst each other on how far he could push the trapsp 219 ES 1984
passion, a hint of sexual mischief, a saving flash of amorality Go mad, I wanted to say, go bad. Sadly, shep 153 KC 2006
lunched with, drawing one detail after another about some small amorous encounter, a brief act of intercourse. I visualized Vaughan waitingp 214 C 1973
of spring surround her with the landscapes of Constable, an amorous daydream transform the walls of her bathroom into a seragliop 226 UGM 1977
I left the apartment to return to Los Monteros an amorous couple were testing the locked doors in the corridor. Almostp 57 CN 1996
like a doctor only half-aware of the attentions of an amorous patient. ‘Paula, you're tired. Shall I drive? I'll leave youp 115 CN 1996
would greet him each morning of this gaunt but still amorous woman. Another memory of married years was an ancient bottlep 18 KC 2006
of the Schneider Trophy seaplane race and record-breaking flights, when amorous women pilots in white overalls lit their Craven A cigarettesp 19 KC 2006
They lived in a ramshackle house in one of the amorphous suburbs, a zone of endless afternoons. Sometimes he went top 151 CH 1960
brown plastic box, with its fake wooden veining, to an amorphous blur. One by one he cleared the bookcase and deskp 249 OM 1961
piles of masonry, leaving a dead land as shapeless and amorphous as a slag heap. To the southwest, half a milep 107 WFN 1961
searched for any large vehicles or machines, but all was amorphous and uncoordinated as ever. There were no banners or flagsp 300 GT 1962
of this diabolical device was worn by Malek, his lumpy amorphous features and neutral but ambiguous attitude making him seem lessp 507 EG 1963
be lying upside down. Without straightening it, he studied the amorphous features. The nose was straight, the forehead and cheeks symmetricalp 525 MO 1963
-- those same lustreless eyes and slack mouth, the same amorphous features.‘ Unclasping his hands, Dr Mellinger leaned intently across hisp 526 MO 1963
geometry of touch and feeling, as exposed now as the amorphous faces of the test subjects, codes of insoluble nightmares. Thep 43 DM 1967
across the depressed bridge of his nose, a blob of amorphous cartilage that needed endless attention. He wiped it with hisp 62 CI 1974
steel mesh. In the dim light Maitland could see an amorphous mass of gleaming mucilage which lay in a three-feet-high heapp 91 CI 1974
at Betelgeuse Springs under the rules of the Federation of Amorphs. First to the light horizon. There's always quite a line-upp 348 PE 1962
passive and ever-watchful wife. I assumed that he had already amortised the threat to himself. In an effort to distract mep 103 SC 2000
warned me when I initialled the contract. ‘There's a certain amount of routine maintenance, checking the power feeds to the reflectorp 73 WG 1959
rising waters. Its total life period is determined by the amount of radiation emitted by the sun, and once this reachesp 181 VT 1960
sure what was happening. Certainly he had lost a remarkable amount of weight -- up to eight or nine pounds eachp 259 MF 1961
a matter of inspiration. I used to write a fair amount myself years ago, but the impulse faded as soon asp 213 S5 1961
retirement hadn't been expected for another year, there's a tremendous amount of reorganization to be done.‘ He drummed his fingers irritablyp 408 M99 1962
a surer indication of a house's true condition than any amount of sales talk about horsepower and moduli of elasticity. Thisp 306 TDS 1962
than a tenth of this would be needed -- the amount of work and materials required was substantial. In effect Ip 548 SG 1963
what would be their object? Apart from wasting the enormous amount of capital invested in all the other millions of signsp 420 SM 1963
traverses and impacts of a gymnastic feat involving a large amount of complex equipment. With his right hand he opened thep 140 C 1973
fantasies of all the subjects I've tested. There's a limited amount of time, though you're too obsessed with yourself to realizep 148 C 1973
the imagination, setting off all kinds of forebodings that no amount of advertising could dispel. A thousand passengers ... I mentally countedp 820 AD 1975
realize it at the time, there had been a remarkable amount of physical violence during the parties. He touched the tenderp 34 HR 1975
latent easy-goingness about them, an inclination to tolerate an undue amount of interference before simply packing up and moving on. Inp 54 HR 1975
faithful to their origins and continued to generate a vast amount of refuse. As usual, the main course consisted of ap 134 HR 1975
same, as a technological pantomime Star Wars makes a certain amount of sense. There's the good fairy, Alec Guinness, with hisp 16 UGM 1977
of birds rushing through the air. There's been a fair amount of damage. But I imagine, Blake, that all the strangep 60 UDC 1979
is rain, a hundred-year downpour, say. Surprisingly, there's a fair amount of water around in rusty cisterns and roof tanks, brackishp 89 HA 1981
question of surrender, which took courage and even a certain amount of guile. How did entire armies manage it? He wasp 110 ES 1984
Ransome), and French, which he loathed. There seemed a remarkable amount of schoolwork, Jim reflected, bearing in mind that the warp 190 ES 1984
who has missed promotion once too often, and that I amount to nothing, a person of no past and less futurep 1105 MWM 1985
from above, curving very close to the nipple. The final amount of tissue was not removed in the first stage, andp 115 MWR 1990
approval. Spiritual well-being seemed to be inversely proportional to the amount of food one received, which perhaps explained why Mrs Dwightp 33 KW 1991
erratic pupil, and his Greek master announced that he would amount to nothing, but he excelled in physics and after leavingp 150 UGM 1993
of my patients. I can put up with a certain amount of harassment from Crawford, but the time has come top 303 CN 1996
decides how big a mortgage you can handle, the right amount of health insurance to buy. There are no more moralp 95 SC 2000
someone to back me up, a person with a certain amount of clout. Otherwise I'll get nowhere.‘ Penrose examined his deeplyp 244 SC 2000
open hinterland beyond the coast. ‘The taxes paid by Eden-Olympia amount to billions of francs. They pay for new schools andp 344 SC 2000
self-inflicted. Drunks, car crashes, brawling, fist fights. There's a huge amount of street violence. People don't know it, but they're boredp 67 KC 2006
the age of 11 or 12 I knew that no amount of patriotic newsreels would put the Union Jack jigsaw togetherp 21 ML 2008
generally involved the transfer from my opponent of a goodly amount of internment camp wisdom, I might be lent an oldp 70 ML 2008
which are residential clubs that provide poor food, a small amount of often poor teaching and the bulk of the mythsp 140 ML 2008
given my passion for the new, I spent a huge amount of time in the National Gallery, and would often gop 154 ML 2008
be melted down Our only case now rested on what amounted to a plea of self-defence.. Raymond and myself testified thatp 47 VS 1957
80, the film we helped to make at Lagoon West, amounted to at least twice the gross national product of ap 543 SG 1963
of all those standing empty in Rosas? Here in what amounted to the red-light quarter of the town, it was onep 834 LFA 1975
scandals suggests that Hughes's activities in the fifties and sixties amounted to little more than discreet tinkering, and would barely bep 48 UGM 1977
in all the other millions of signs and billboards, the amounts of discretionary spending power still available must be infinitesimal. Somep 420 SM 1963
the dam at Aswan. Despite world-wide attempts at cloud-seeding, the amounts of rainfall continued to diminish. The seeding operations finally endedp 31 D 1965
have done their intelligent best by him, forking out large amounts of cash when he most needed it, the general responsep 92 UGM 1969
and more arid, it's getting harder to find even small amounts of water in heating pipes and cisterns. There's plenty ofp 91 HA 1981
that arises from feeling sorry for oneself while making large amounts of money. His plight is summed up in Sunset Boulevardp 3 UGM 1990
Maybe she's completely sane -- for people like Sally that amounts to the same thing.‘ ‘Jim, she wanted to fuck thosep 154 KW 1991
it only just worked. David Greenwood nearly destroyed Eden-Olympia. Huge amounts of corporate funding were pulled out. We had to renegotiatep 115 SC 2000
hard at making myself useful. We began to spend increasing amounts of time in the pubs along the Portobello Road, gettingp 175 ML 2008
The novel was published all over the world, but the amounts of money forthcoming were modest. Victor Gollancz, the patriarch ofp 191 ML 2008
car-dealers, the women locked arms and strode down the Rue Amouretti to the Place Dubois. They paused to scream abuse atp 156 SC 2000
mistress of the Mafia chieftain Sam Giancana. But Kennedy's thoughtless amours lacked the pomposities and seedy pathos of the Profumo scandalp 243 UGM 1992
almost filled by a powerful X-ray projector, a giant 250 amp G.E. Maxitron, angled on to a revolving table, concretep 175 VT 1960
We can have a look at it again on the Ampex. They're showing it in slow-motion.‘ The crowd was moving towardsp 125 C 1973
back, hard shoulders swinging under his black jacket. Beside the Ampex machine the visitors were watching the motorcycle as it crashedp 126 C 1973
at his drink, enjoying the brief feeling of alertness the amphetamine provided. Within two hours it would fade, leave his brainp 187 VT 1960
in a motorway cafeteria he fed his scarred mouth with amphetamine tablets, but these stimulants only touched him later in thep 190 C 1973
tuned to the trees and the river with an almost amphetamine sharpness. Stealing the ferry had been a stupid and dangerousp 112 DC 1987
In many ways Warhol is the Walt Disney of the amphetamine age. In his silk-screen images there is the same childlikep 59 UGM 1989
making clear whether she altogether disapproved. Only when her last amphetamine tablet began to wear off would she become scratchy andp 181 KW 1991
psychological life-support system into which she could plug between her amphetamine highs. Trying to sort all this out had brought herp 182 KW 1991
rectitude. Once she had offered me her flat tin of amphetamine tablets, but then quickly withdrew them as if tempting mep 182 KW 1991
the helmet and assumed the hard-eyed stare of her favourite amphetamine shades, gazing in a ravaged way at the parked planesp 214 KW 1991
then began to giggle together, minds slewing across some crazed amphetamine space. One of them touched my cheek, as if calmingp 58 CN 1996
best. Bibi needed to soar over our heads, dreaming her amphetamine dreams, coming off the beach in the evening and leadingp 208 CN 1996
But he made no attempt to curb her cocaine and amphetamine hunger, as if this bruised and deteriorating young woman wasp 298 CN 1996
maids arrived, during which my mind took on an almost amphetamine clarity. I lay on the jam-smeared sheet, my head inp 124 SC 2000
cup but barely needed the stimulant, moving in an easy, amphetamine stride. As always, I was amazed by how quickly shep 319 SC 2000
uniform, but almost too lucid for comfort, speaking with an amphetamine fluency, eyes bright and unblinking as he surveyed the exhaustedp 231 KC 2006