This is a purely functional disorder, like double vision or amnesia; nothing more serious. If it was, I'd have pulled youp 143 ZT 1960
if no one else will, is about a man with amnesia lying on a beach and looking at a rusty bicyclep 198 UGM 1962
in fact this man was a returning astronaut suffering from amnesia, the figment of an ill-organized advertising campaign, or as somep 81 YMC 1966
no identification tags and was apparently suffering from severe retrograde amnesia. He subsequently disappeared while being X-rayed at the base hospitalp 83 YMC 1966
to begging from the American tourists. I suffered from acute amnesia, and certain domestic problems with my wife and my motherp 1105 MWM 1985
then destroyed all traces of the children before suffering retroactive amnesia that erased any memory of the crime. Unaware of thep 22 RW 1988
break we'll have more expert analysis of Mr Reagan's retrograde amnesia. Remember, this condition can point to suspected Korsakoff syndrome ...‘ ‘ ... psychomotorp 1121 WW3 1988
alone saw everything clearly on Saint-Esprit. A kind of collective amnesia of the future had settled over the sanctuary, a willedp 211 RP 1994
first recruits were signing on for duty. An End to Amnesia THE RESIDENCIA COSTASOL had come to life. A sun-bleached cadaverp 251 CN 1996
Life in the Residencia. What else? There's a kind of amnesia at work here -- an amnesia of self. People literallyp 262 CN 1996
There's a kind of amnesia at work here -- an amnesia of self. People literally forget who they are. The camerap 262 CN 1996
blood-smeared face were all cropped and consigned to that vast amnesia that the consumer world reserved for the past. At thep 46 KC 2006
bird. But practical results, of the kind achieved by Greenpeace, Amnesty International and the Live Aid concerts of the 1980s, hadp 27 RP 1994
between his own private blood-stream and that of the giant amnion seemed no longer to exist. The deep cradle of siltp 108 DW 1962
powers of the universe as it lay waiting within its amnion? Yet why had something gone wrong? All too obviously therep 84 YMC 1966
I turned towards Vaughan, floating with him on the warm amnion of illuminated air, encouraged by the stylized morphology of thep 201 C 1973
we move back through geophysical time so we re-enter the amnionic corridor and move back through spinal and archaeopsychic time, recollectingp 43 DW 1962
the lost but forever beckoning and unattainable shores of the amnionic paradise. Descent into Deep Time Later that night, as Keransp 68 DW 1962
gazed down into the green translucent depths, at the warm amnionic jelly through which he swam in his dreams. He rememberedp 97 DW 1962
the blastosphere, and the acceptance of the "Mythology of the Amniotic Return". In his mind World War III represents the finalp 14 AE 1966
be reborn, in this fragmented womb with its dozens of amniotic levels? An Existential Yes. They were moving away from himp 37 AW 1966
waiting for the practicante to bring the results of the amniotic scan from Figueras. After the next summer storm had donep 829 LFA 1975
had dropped Judith off at the ante-natal clinic, where the amniotic scanning would, they hoped, confirm the absence of any abnormalitiesp 830 LFA 1975
to inundate everything around me, immersing my mind within its amniotic dream. I stared at the broad mouth of the riverp 99 DC 1987
had set him: the entire passive tenses of the verb amo. He enjoyed Latin; in many ways its strict formality andp 189 ES 1984
he decided not to recite the whole passive tense of Amo. ‘And some new English words. "Pragmatist",‘ he suggested, which Basiep 218 ES 1984
deranged young man. Born 1958, Abu Dhabi, father manager of Amoco desalination plant. Childhood in the Gulf area, Alaska and Aberdeenp 1093 OOA 1984
of multinational companies, research laboratories and financial consultancies. Hyundai, BP Amoco, Motorola and Unilever had secured their plots, investing in long-termp 356 SC 2000
born again from the lowest of the creatures, from the amoeba dividing in the meadow ponds, from the hydra and spirogyrap 199 UDC 1979
and then on into the evening. Even so, I caught amoebic dysentery and spent long weeks in Shanghai General Hospital. Onp 10 ML 2008
straight from the tap. Both my sister and I caught amoebic dysentery and were severely ill. Shanghai was a large andp 51 ML 2008
around the dinghy, swarming with thousands of particles, hydra and amoeboid forms, the debris of insects and small plants, minute algaep 53 UDC 1979
Paris the Mona Lisa was slashed by a maniac running amok in the Louvre, while in Cologne the high altar ofp 846 LDG 1976
that it was time to leave before the Japanese ran amok as they had done in Nanking in 1937? The Japanesep 237 ES 1984
and elsewhere. These motiveless killings, in which solitary psychopaths run amok, shooting at unknown passersby, offer an explanation for the Pangbournep 18 RW 1988
to the funeral of hope and love ..." (The Manson File, Amok Press). These three figures, who are shadows projected from Traven'sp 31 AWa 1990
challenge. But it was these sombre Turks who would run amok one day. As we sat together in the meteorology theatrep 111 KW 1991
had met a tragic and still unexplained death after running amok with a rifle. By chance, Jane had known Greenwood whenp 3 SC 2000
That makes sense. They don't want another English doctor running amok.‘ ‘We'll take turns flying in and out. Say, every threep 122 SC 2000
day when a young English doctor, thirty-two-years-old David Greenwood, ran amok with an automatic rifle, killing ten victims before turning thep 131 SC 2000
Santiago sent me a repeat query. I found Jane down among the cafes, holding off a siege of admirers. ‘Have youp 8 PB 1956
chase wild dreams into the future.‘ He nodded and disappeared among the dusty shelves. Gregson was waiting on the steps. ‘Wellp 26 CC 1957
pipes. Bottles were lobbed up at them and bounced down among the police. A wide crack split the house from topp 31 CC 1957
Franz patted Gregson on the shoulder reassuringly, waved and disappeared among the commuters. He took the local Suburban Green to thep 33 CC 1957
a twisted chinless face and vast domed cranium. Sitting alone among the desks in the empty lecture room he looked likep 51 M69 1957
which he noticed for the first time had been slung among the trellis-work around the patio. Shaking his head sadly atp 70 T12 1958
God's sake concentrate,‘ he shouted irritably, his voice almost lost among the thunder rolling from the sea. ‘Come on, man, whatp 71 T12 1958
Murak Reef, the planet's only settlement, the observatory was sited among the first hills marking the northern edge of the inertp 73 WG 1959
miles in a low clean sweep across the horizon, disappearing among the cones in the south-west. Its outlines were sharp andp 83 WG 1959
alphabets I had never seen before, strings of meaningless ciphers among which I could pick odd cross-hatched symbols that seemed top 84 WG 1959
legible. AMEN*TEK LC*V *LPHA LE*ORIS AD 13** There were blanks among the letters, where time had flaked away minute grains ofp 85 WG 1959
inscription panels, fingertips tracing the convolutions of the hieroglyphs, seeking among the thousands of signatures some clue to the identity andp 86 WG 1959
following the slope, searching for what shade would still be among them. Twenty yards farther on I saw that the sunp 90 WG 1959
galaxies and nebulae, the stars encircled by their planetary bodies. Among these, from the elemental seas, based on the carbon atomp 92 WG 1959
carefully. ‘It was my mother's,‘ he lied. ‘I found it among her things.‘ Stacey held out his hand and Conrad nervouslyp 155 CH 1960
falling glass and the sound of the explosion boomed away among the empty canyons. For a few seconds he panicked. Hep 163 CH 1960
stopping the car afterwards to call out, his words lost among the echoes rolling from one street to the next. Oftenp 163 CH 1960
I can do with the electrical ones.‘ Conrad wandered off among the desks, gingerly feeling the dismembered timepieces that lay aroundp 165 CH 1960
felt less uneasy, but throughout the afternoon, while he roved among the busy counters, patting the children on the head, hep 196 LW 1960
offices over the shops came to life, typists moving in among the desks and filing cabinets. Signs were put up orp 199 LW 1960
every one of them touching a score of others somewhere among the pavements and arcades, adding another stitch to the tapestryp 203 LW 1960
herself up and made room for him by her feet among the debris of beads, loose diary pages, horoscopes and jewelledp 108 SS 1960
served as the sonic dump. Mangon had made no friends among the sound-sweeps, and Madame Gioconda was the first person inp 109 SS 1960
his first call -- the weird Neo-Corbusier Episcopalian Oratory sandwiched among the office blocks in the down-town financial sector -- andp 113 SS 1960
dirt track that led towards the stockades. Here and there among the dunes they could see the low ruined outbuildings ofp 122 SS 1960
in a football stadium, and as he led her out among the baffles he picked their way carefully through the quieterp 124 SS 1960
the distasteful echoes of LeGrande's voice. Mangon steered their way among these, searching for LeGrande's master suite, where anything of ap 126 SS 1960
Leaning forward, with his hands he pushed a small aperture among the flowers. Directly in front of him he could seep 133 SS 1960
Anyway, wouldn't it be better to stay where you are, among your own things, read through Toynbee and Spengler again?‘ Powersp 170 VT 1960
and animals had died. The chimp lay on its back among the remains of the hutch, the helmet forward over itsp 194 VT 1960
between the garages, and the echo of the shot bounded among the chalets. The double was still beside him, pointing inp 149 ZT 1960
he could hear giant fragments of the amplified dialogue booming among the rooftops. The stadium was never empty. During the dayp 267 B 1961
a Victorian man of letters, leading a spacious, leisurely life among overstuffed furnishings. ‘I'm all for it,‘ he agreed, indicating thep 275 B 1961
long rolling crump reverberated through the night air, echoing away among the coral towers. Flashes of light flared up briefly. Therep 238 DE 1961
below the Ritz. Abandoned haversacks and sleeping bags lay about among the litter under the trees, and twice Dr Jamieson stumbledp 279 GA 1961
the hotel, he went in through the temporary entrance, pushed among the throng of people in the small rear foyer, thep 281 GA 1961
the clouds. Then I saw her, appearing for a moment among the dunes, strolling across the midnight sand. She wore ap 211 S5 1961
than the attendant Pan. I had almost detected another likeness among the figures in the friezes when Aurora noticed me searchingp 222 S5 1961
the Cadillac. With a roar of exhaust it swung away among the sets, sending up clouds of dust that obscured thep 231 S5 1961
vehicle. The traffic had stopped, and a small crowd gathered among the stalled cars, watching at a safe distance as thep 18 WFN 1961
the north side of the square. There were several women among them, all wearing black shawls over their heads, backing intop 35 WFN 1961
sitting back on the mattress, while Charlesby and Wilson crouched among the suitcases. ‘We're making for Genoa,‘ Lanyon told Charlesby. ‘Wherep 41 WFN 1961
knees. Charlesby and the Wilsons were getting to their feet among the melee of suitcases and medical cartons. One of thep 44 WFN 1961
the shattered cylindrical segments still lying where they had fallen among the four bronze lions. The square was deserted. Along thep 61 WFN 1961
plate and provide the minimum wind resistance. Maitland settled himself among the kitbags and suitcases and peered out through the narrowp 78 WFN 1961
onto the House of Parliament, Marshall saw heavy waves breaking among the ruins of the Lords. Driven into the estuary byp 122 WFN 1961
of Big Ben, stripping the clock faces as they lay among the rubble in Palace Yard. Suddenly the corporal jumped forwardp 123 WFN 1961
He slid carefully down the steps, searching for Kroll's form among the shadows and angles of the corridor, then heard thep 132 WFN 1961
the rise and fall of their tones as they moved among the patients; at other times, when they discussed his ownp 137 WFN 1961
brave smile, made a space for him on the bed among the feeding bottles and milk cans. She raised the baby'sp 145 WFN 1961
men in shirt sleeves slumped on trestle beds, crammed together among their gear in the minute cubicles. They moved down ap 169 WFN 1961
frowning in annoyance as the shadow moved away and faded among the stars. He pressed another tab, and the screen dividedp 326 13C 1962
though, it may be the only way out.‘ Moving quietly among the trucks parked in the darkened hangar, Francis paused forp 334 13C 1962
lines of rivets, dragged the sections away and buried them among the dunes he would be exhausted, and spend most ofp 356 CS 1962
the roadway. Travis hesitated, and with a noncommittal shrug disappeared among the dunes, the heavy tool-bag swinging easily from one powerfulp 356 CS 1962
off along the line of hotels, almost indistinguishable in profile among the shifting dunes and hillocks. A hundred yards away, atp 361 CS 1962
moved along the balcony ledge. When the satellites finally disappeared among the stars along the horizon, she leaned forwards, her facep 362 CS 1962
deep, and Bridgman could scent again the tang of brine among the flickering white-caps of dust, phosphorescing like shoals of animalculap 363 CS 1962
They moved back through the dunes, then worked their way among the narrow alleyways between the hotels to the northern gatewayp 363 CS 1962
then picked up one of the trails that led away among the sand-reefs. There, in the deep grottoes of compacted sandp 364 CS 1962
Bridgman walked away without answering. Behind them, Louise Woodward wandered among the deep galleries of the grotto, crooning to herself inp 365 CS 1962
side-streets, finally saw them disappear into the coarser, flint-like dunes among the submerged motels to the south of the town. Givingp 367 CS 1962
into the hot air, listening to the echoes boom away among the dunes. Later that afternoon he walked out towards thep 367 CS 1962
sky like the spire of a ruined church, climbed up among its jutting cornices and looked out across the intervening twop 368 CS 1962
in a flurry of dust, without looking back made off among the dunes and reefs. Later, as the last baroque whorlsp 368 CS 1962
watching the pathetic tableau on the distant roof. Again, somewhere among the dunes, an engine moaned. Before Bridgman could turn aroundp 370 CS 1962
from the rest of the capsules, which were now disappearing among the stars along the eastern horizon, it was little morep 370 CS 1962
distance the last echoes of the impact were still reverberating among the hotels of the beach colonies farther down the coastp 371 CS 1962
of the approaching beach-car illuminated her, and she ran away among the dunes. Bridgman caught a glimpse of the inconsolable anguishp 371 CS 1962
of a web of lassos. Louise Woodward had run away among the dunes towards the sea, following the vanished gas cloudp 372 CS 1962
left his library and walked down the wide marble steps among the time flowers. A tall, imperious figure in a blackp 298 GT 1962
horizon, and Axel turned from the terrace and walked down among the time flowers. The flowers grew to a height ofp 299 GT 1962
he had failed to notice a single evidence of growth among the flowers. The larger blooms had always been mature, andp 301 GT 1962
yards away. A stone flew over the wall and landed among the time flowers, snapping several of the brittle stems. Thep 302 GT 1962
its bottom, an old bridge rusting into it. Weeds flourished among the long grass in the lawn, overrunning the ornamental pathwaysp 303 GT 1962
or two of the more curious climbed up and searched among the shell. The doors had rotted from their hinges andp 303 GT 1962
been chopped into firewood, but a few keys still lay among the dust. All the books had been toppled from thep 303 GT 1962
people passing stepped around it carefully, noticing the belladonna entwined among the branches. Most of them were too busy finding theirp 303 GT 1962
branches. Most of them were too busy finding their footing among the upturned flagstones to look up into the centre ofp 303 GT 1962
She swung a yellow briefcase behind the seat, settling herself among the magazines and newspapers as they roared off The headlampsp 289 IO 1962
into the dazzling Martian night, but high on Sunset Ridge, among the mansions of the rich, Margot and Clifford Gorrell facedp 339 PE 1962
them good. He resolved -- next year. Margot lay back among the cushions on the terrace divan, listening to the flamingop 341 PE 1962
Trantino aside and stalked off the terrace. Clifford was browsing among the spools in the library, quietly listening to an oldp 342 PE 1962
we walked back to the car, the giant spheres resting among the weeds, he said: ‘Well, Mr Talbot, it's a finep 307 TDS 1962
abruptly, the storm vanished and the great columnar trunks subsided among one another in the water like sluggish alligators. Rationalising, Keransp 8 DW 1962
day after their arrival, eager to exchange his cramped cabin among the laboratory benches at the testing station for the hugep 9 DW 1962
overlooking the lagoon, hissing at the snakes which glided softly among the damp, fungus-covered settees. They stepped into the cutter andp 16 DW 1962
in the lizard's jaws. Then the reptile shrank back invisibly among the foliage. All the way down the creek, perched inp 18 DW 1962
crew's quarters and galley. Two or three men lay about among their tropical gear in the cabins, but the recreation roomp 32 DW 1962
present -- roughly speaking, the Triassic.‘ ‘Correct.‘ Bodkin strolled off among the benches. ‘During the last three years, Robert, you andp 41 DW 1962
KER-ANS!! DOC-TOR KER-ANS!!‘ Giant fragments of the amplified phrases boomed among the rooftops, echoing off the aluminium in-falls set into thep 51 DW 1962
animal life filled the creeks and canals: water-snakes coiled themselves among the crushed palisades of the water-logged bamboo groves, colonies ofp 52 DW 1962
the helicopter, a human form seemed to dart and hide among the water-line windows, then revealed itself to be a crocodilep 52 DW 1962
in the south. As Kerans had prophesied, they found Hardman among the silt flats. Descending to three hundred feet above thep 57 DW 1962
Kerans‘ amusement at this conceit was distracted by his discovery among the clutter of debris on the opposite bank of ap 62 DW 1962
the courthouse. Signalling to Kerans and Caldwell, Macready backed away among the statues in the square and took up his positionp 65 DW 1962
and placed one foot insecurely on the first step. Somewhere among the shadows he could hear Hardman's exhausted breathing, pumping thep 66 DW 1962
laboratory, water was already spilling ankle-deep through the scuppers, sluicing among the sinks and benches. He quickly released the marmoset fromp 76 DW 1962
shipped, they glided off across the black water, soon disappearing among the dark blue shadows along the edge of the lagoonp 77 DW 1962
the colonies of water spiders and disturbing the bats nesting among the rotting logs, he caught a glimpse of a tallp 81 DW 1962
studded the sky. A few seconds later, several miles away among the silt banks to the south, there was a seriesp 83 DW 1962
wash. Twenty-five yards along the shore he berthed the catamaran among the horse-tails growing on the shelving roof of a departmentp 84 DW 1962
themselves and cruised off in pairs around the lagoon, ferreting among the submerged windows and driving off the iguanas who hadp 86 DW 1962
the iguanas who had come out to watch. Others glided among the buildings and took up their positions on the barelyp 86 DW 1962
A large caiman bringing up the rear spotted Kerans waist-deep among the horse-tails and veered towards him, its eyes steadying. Itsp 86 DW 1962
the beast. They've existed for a hundred million years, they're among the oldest creatures on the planet.‘ After the animal hadp 99 DW 1962
helmet lamp and walked through the entrance. He peered carefully among the pillars and alcoves, following the steps which led upp 104 DW 1962
suddenly saw another familiar profile -- the face of Strangman among the hard cruel smiles of the Council of Ten --p 116 DW 1962
cleared her throat distastefully, wincing as the first bats flickered among the rooftops, darting from one dripping eave to another. ‘Butp 121 DW 1962
apartment house rose up into the darkness, the penthouse lost among the stars. ‘You'll have to walk the first ten storeysp 124 DW 1962
her neck, regarding the effect with pleasure. The entwined weeds among the sparkling stones against the white skin of her breastp 126 DW 1962
the depot ship. Most of the crew would be asleep among the crates or arguing over their spoils, waiting with surlyp 127 DW 1962
became cool, she would always come down from her penthouse among the stars and join Strangman at his parties. She satp 129 DW 1962
gazed wildly at the dishevelled woman down on her knees among the jewels, and was about to wave Big Caesar onp 132 DW 1962
square was dark and empty, a few gutted fires sputtering among the cushions and drums, intermittently reflected in the gilt limbsp 136 DW 1962
vanish again, ignoring the motionless figure hunched on the throne among the shadows. By now Kerans was asleep, unaware of hisp 136 DW 1962
above. Once a large salamander three feet long had darted among the bones towards him, its insane teeth like flints ofp 137 DW 1962
had posted around the lagoon were still in their nests among the buildings, or had dispersed into the neighbouring creeks inp 143 DW 1962
between two of the floating drums, where it floated unobtrusively among the shifting debris, Kerans pulled himself up on to thep 143 DW 1962
until the last of the group made their way off among the streets, then stood up and secured the Colt inp 145 DW 1962
for any sign of movement, for a levelled gun barrel among the curtains. Strangman's suite was directly below the bridge, enteredp 147 DW 1962
and sapphires which had spilled from her left hand gleaming among the folds like electric eyes. Kerans hesitated, watching the doorp 147 DW 1962
the mess had been cleaned up, and his body, lying among the bloodstained programme charts in the laboratory below, flown outp 154 DW 1962
of the original members had been replaced -- all those, among them Wilson and Caldwell, who had begun to experience thep 155 DW 1962
along the wooden planks. ‘It's going to blow!‘ Backing away among the fronds, his voice lost in the roar of thep 159 DW 1962
to the other, although she was unable to distinguish him among the islands. Far to her right, rising up above thep 162 DW 1962
of him he could hear the bats screech and dive among the dark trunks in the endless twilight world of thep 165 DW 1962
shouted Hardman's name, listening to its muted echoes fall away among the sombre trunks, and then returned to the hut. Hep 170 DW 1962
forest hand over hand, head raised to the sunlight breaking among the branches. Kerans waited a further two days at thep 170 DW 1962
where the sonic sculptures grow, I wandered through the darkness among the metal gardens, searching for Lunora's voice. No one tendsp 395 TSS 1962
Charcot was asleep. Swinging on to the terrace, I moved among the dark statues, drawing low murmurs from them as Ip 401 TSS 1962
I fled down the stairway and across the sand, hiding among the cold pools of shadow whenever a car moved alongp 402 TSS 1962
she said. ‘With herself‘ For a moment I stood there among the murmuring sculptures, dropped the spool on the floor andp 403 TSS 1962
statues standing motionless in the darkness. My footsteps echoed away among the balconies and terraces, and the house reared up intop 403 TSS 1962
off the observation windows. There was no sign of movement among them, and the sky had a rigid, uniform appearance thatp 378 WT 1962
a little mother love. You're so isolated at that hotel, among all those old people. Why don't you rent one ofp 379 WT 1962
experiences of childhood and attempting to explore such dangerous ground. Among the characteristic fauna of the Triassic age were the crocodilesp 199 UGM 1963
the graphic arts. The painters Chirico, Dali and Max Ernst, among others, are in a sense the iconographers of inner spacep 200 UGM 1963
novels in the bottom shelf of the bookcase -- somewhere among the grey well-thumbed pages he had hoped to find ap 504 EG 1963
the solitary fir tree which had maintained a precarious purchase among the stones under the wall. A few miles to thep 506 EG 1963
bare face of the walls. A few stunted weeds flowered among the rubble, their pale colours blanched by the sunlight andp 514 EG 1963
into the moonlight, where the white-framed houses stood like sepulchres among the washed concrete courts. Two hundred yards away the wavesp 472 NWS 1963
lawns. For half an hour Mason watched the waves vault among the rooftops. The luminous surf cast a pale nimbus onp 472 NWS 1963
there were no formal banks, and the shallows ran off among the undergrowth for a hundred yards, irrigating huge areas ofp 435 QR 1963
poles above the bank. A threadbare rope bridge trailed off among the mangroves, and through an embrasure in the forest theyp 437 QR 1963
collapsing, the great trees crowded the banks, the dying expiring among the living, jostling each other aside as if for ap 438 QR 1963
Evidently tired by the encounter with Ryker, Pereira slumped down among Connolly's equipment and unbuttoned his tunic. ‘Sorry about Ryker, butp 446 QR 1963
climbed onto the pier. A few dying fires smoked plaintively among the huts, and abandoned utensils and smashed pottery lay aboutp 449 QR 1963
jungle a quarter of a mile away. On his right, among the huts, someone moved. An old man sat alone amongp 449 QR 1963
among the huts, someone moved. An old man sat alone among the refuse of pottery shards and raffia baskets, cross-legged underp 449 QR 1963
the hill. Squatting on their heels against the tree-trunks and among the tall grass was what seemed to be the entirep 450 QR 1963
him, their expressions immobile and watchful, eyes like white beads among the sheaves. Presumably they had been sitting in the clearingp 450 QR 1963
a delicate mosaic of earth colours. Noticing the spears held among the grass, Connolly started to walk on across the clearingp 450 QR 1963
shot-gun held like a crow-bar in his hands, stormed in among the Indians, driving them back. Dragging the monitor from hisp 451 QR 1963
way back to the campong, the uproar behind them fading among the undergrowth, ‘we were nearly in time to say gracep 451 QR 1963
beats had subsided, then climbed onto the pier and disappeared among the shadows. Far away Connolly could hear the faint criesp 453 QR 1963
of the Nambikwaras‘ cargo cult. It was about to disappear among the stars in the south-east when a faint shuffling soundp 455 QR 1963
achieved, and after a delighted yodel turned and darted off among the trees. Bending down, careful not to touch the instrumentp 456 QR 1963
watch was unregretted by Connolly. Down below, safely stowed away among his baggage, was the altimeter, carefully sterilized and sealed. Onp 457 QR 1963
and the figure of Ryker faded for the last time among the creepers and sunlight, Connolly turned to Pereira. ‘Captain --p 458 QR 1963
by the endless commentaries broadcast over the transistor radios propped among the bottles, and by the distant sounds of the fairgroundp 426 RE 1963
the sea. Directly below the concrete edge of the terrace, among the mass of reclining figures, a large family group hadp 428 RE 1963
yards from the multitude on the beach, its roundabouts revolving among the empty sideshows. Quickly he helped Mildred over the edgep 433 RE 1963
ignored the food Judith had left for him and hunted among the spices and pickle jars in the pantry, where hep 531 SA 1963
the rain had almost ended, and a light mist hung among the trees. The bedraggled figure on the bench still maintainedp 537 SA 1963
the dark unremembered past. ‘Dr Krishnamurti Singh,‘ the inspector stated. Among the suitcases in the doorway Judith Elliott watched the policep 539 SA 1963
the remains of an old gravel track that ran away among the sand reefs. Only a year earlier this had beenp 541 SG 1963
the only sounds were the echoes of the engine growling among the hills and the piercing cries of the sand-rays wheelingp 541 SG 1963
shouted to her, but almost without moving she had vanished among the hibiscus and bougainvillaea. As her name echoed away amongp 542 SG 1963
among the hibiscus and bougainvillaea. As her name echoed away among the dunes I knew that we had made our lastp 542 SG 1963
the shore of the sand-lake, music was playing faintly, echoing among the exposed quartz veins. A few isolated chords at firstp 542 SG 1963
to Lagoon West, we could hear the sonic sculptures high among the reefs echoing and hooting to the cavalcade of carsp 544 SG 1963
air like clouds of exploding soot, their frantic cries lost among the spires and reefs. Preoccupied by the prospect of ourp 544 SG 1963
feet high, which a team of construction workers was erecting among the reefs a quarter of a mile from the housep 545 SG 1963
We reached one of the huge hoardings that stretched away among the reefs. Jutting upwards from the spires and grottoes, itp 546 SG 1963
a polished node of sapphire or quartz, the light flashed among the dust, then seemed to dart sideways below the balustradep 547 SG 1963
Each morning I went out to Lagoon West and worked among the reefs, adapting the designs to the contours and coloursp 548 SG 1963
from Charles Van Stratten, roving tirelessly in his white suit among the reefs and sand spires. Now and then I wouldp 548 SG 1963
that now surrounded the summer-house. All day he would wander among them, pacing out the perimeters and diagonals as if tryingp 548 SG 1963
lancing from their heads. Above them, hidden in the shadows among the bougainvillaea on her balcony, a tall white-faced figure inp 548 SG 1963
man of about fifty, with a closed, expressionless face, stood among the columns, his black suit neatly buttoned. He looked downp 549 SG 1963
of Aphrodite 80 would appear searching for his lost Eurydice among the shifting time stations. So the screen game, which wep 549 SG 1963
train of a white gown disappeared with a startled flourish among the shadows within. Guessing the probable identity of this palep 550 SG 1963
of patent leather heels, and Charles and I were alone among the screens. On the floor at our feet was ap 552 SG 1963
me come near her.‘ We parted and he walked away among the deserted dunes. In the background the great hoardings Ip 552 SG 1963
like a beautiful but nervous wraith. First she would slip among the screens as they gathered below her balcony, and thenp 553 SG 1963
summer-house, she gathered her train in one hand and disappeared among the columns of the loggia. Walking back to Charles, Ip 553 SG 1963
dozen more screens. Early that morning I had hidden them among the others on the terrace. Three nights later, tired ofp 554 SG 1963
the reflection of a star field. I found Emerelda Garland among the screens, her white face an oval halo in thep 554 SG 1963
place.‘ I pointed to my car, parked by the beach among the dunes. ‘We'll go to Vermilion Sands or Red Beachp 555 SG 1963
the moonlight and she tore away from me. I stumbled among the flickering insects. From my knees I saw her disappearp 555 SG 1963
back to my car, and a quiet, white-suited figure appeared among the dunes and waited for me in the cool amberp 555 SG 1963
pockets of his white suit as if his sudden appearance among the dunes the previous night and his present arrival werep 555 SG 1963
haze which partly obscured the distant shore, the beach-houses jutted among the dunes, and the fused surface of the lake, inp 556 SG 1963
and diving on to his head. Just before he disappeared among the dunes by the beach, we saw him for ap 557 SG 1963
on the stinging flight of the insects. We found him among the sculptures, face downwards in the hot sand, the fabricp 557 SG 1963
watching us, and saw a gleam of her blue gown among the shadows. However, although we played each afternoon throughout thep 558 SG 1963
a shanty town of shacks and filling stations sprawled away among the forest of electric signs and route indicators. All aroundp 415 SM 1963
in his rear-view mirror. Although there were no graphic symbols among the wire coils covering the grilles, Hathaway's warnings still soundedp 416 SM 1963
with the flat of his hand. Winded, he stumbled back among the cars, and leaned helplessly against a fender as thep 424 SM 1963
into the sand-sea, Shepley and the Old Man would wander among the gutted time-tombs, listening to them splutter faintly in thep 459 TT 1963
his bare feet like wavelets on an endless beach. Alone among the flickering tombs, with the empty husks of the pastp 459 TT 1963
Shepley, I meant what I said!‘ Shepley watched them disappear among the dunes. Flatly, he repeated ‘He means what he saysp 460 TT 1963
sand that submerged the track, but slowly they wound off among the dunes and lakes. Here and there the onion-shaped cupolap 461 TT 1963
memory tapes, three-dimensional molecular transcriptions of their living originals, stored among the dunes as a stupendous act of faith, in thep 462 TT 1963
lake, at the dark ribbon of the gyro-rail winding away among the hills. The thought of the fortune that lay atp 463 TT 1963
left him unmoved. For so long now he had lived among the tombs that he had begun to assume something ofp 463 TT 1963
quickly. He glanced around the lake below, searching the shadows among the tombs in case anyone was watching them, waiting top 464 TT 1963
fine spray of sand on to the half-buried cupolas, sighing among the wrecked tombs. The Old Man made his way downp 465 TT 1963
and ravines that led into the lake, then slid down among the pavilions. Brushing away the sand to reveal a squarep 466 TT 1963
out of the shadow of the palace and moved away among the dunes; Bridges and Traxel were watching them from thep 467 TT 1963
the huge vehicle tipped forward and plunged down the incline among the buried tombs, its surging tracks dislodging tons of thep 466 TT 1963
peeling off in rusty strips, reared up from a pedestal among the tables. Across it was painted the cafe‘s namep 481 VH 1963
with illustrations of the Mount Vernon domes on their wrappers. Among them Ward noticed a dusty, dog-eared paperback, The Landings fromp 484 VH 1963
and the police. Despite this the majority of people, myself among them, remained sceptical, but the return of more and morep 641 DG 1964
the recumbent body a sudden hubbub of conversation broke out among the spectators. The two men were completely dwarfed by thep 641 DG 1964
immense plinths of the feet, waving to us like tourists among the columns of some water-lapped temple on the Nile. Forp 642 DG 1964
arrivals and the children clambering over the legs and arms. Among the morning's visitors were a number of men in leatherp 645 DG 1964
shipyards (its twin for several years lay on the mud among the piles below the harbour's principal commercial wharf). In thep 648 DG 1964
Doctor.‘ Gifford watched Lowry's neatly groomed figure walk away stiffly among the tents. ‘He's awfully correct, isn't he? But he doesn'tp 632 DS 1964
the shade under the awning, his thin body almost invisible among the folds of the blankets and the monstrous tent overp 635 DS 1964
slowly as the white form he had fleetingly glimpsed vanished among the opalescent slopes. ‘Too early, though. Where's that whisky?‘ ‘Comingp 636 DS 1964
eyes, loomed the long ridges of the Toltec city. Somewhere among its spiral galleries and corridors were Louise and Richard Lowryp 636 DS 1964
backward glance at Gifford darted away like a startled animal among the tents, racing head down towards the terrace city. Annoyedp 638 DS 1964
doorway two or three feet from her as he wandered among the old attics and dusty lofts. His rapt expression, asp 651 GTN 1964
subtly altering the auditory profile of the house. Wasps buzzed among the ivy below the kitchen windows, hovering over the oilp 652 GTN 1964
the rocks. The plumes of foam searched like white serpents among the pools and crevices for the caves that ran deepp 652 GTN 1964
in the landscape in the background. Here, through an archway among the rocks, could be seen the crystal blue cliffs thatp 654 GTN 1964
on the banks of the crystalline rivers. By night raced among the trees, his arms like golden cartwheels, his head likep 605 IM 1964
vehicles, and a substantial military camp had been set up among the great oaks, the lines of tents hidden by thep 607 IM 1964
away. The vegetation was sparser, the sawgrass growing in clumps among the sandy soil on the verges, and a mobile laboratoryp 612 IM 1964
and threes, we crossed the verge and began to wander among the glace ferns which rose from the brittle ground. Thep 612 IM 1964
zone of safety as it twisted like a benign tornado among the trees. Several times I crossed the road, where thep 615 IM 1964
back to Maynard?‘ I shouted after him, my voice echoing among the vaults. ‘We're going deeper into the forest.‘ ‘The townp 618 IM 1964
jewels on to the shelves, where they lay like cherries among the half-dozen cans. A light frost covered the enamel exteriorp 620 IM 1964
carried her away to a grotesque folly he had built among the sharks and alligators in the swamp. According to Shelleyp 621 IM 1964
diamonds that glittered coldly in the starlight. As I stood among the stones I noticed that the crystal out-growths from myp 622 IM 1964
small clearing where the deep sounds of an organ reverberated among the trees. In the centre was a small church, itsp 624 IM 1964
wry smile when, its sight returned, it slid away noiselessly among the pews. On another day I woke to the earlyp 625 IM 1964
chimera, a man with incandescent arms and chest, race past among the trees, a cascade of particles diffusing in the airp 626 IM 1964
vanished as suddenly as he had appeared, whirling himself away among the crystal vaults. As his luminous wake faded I heardp 626 IM 1964
banks of the crystalline rivers, and where by night races among the trees, his arms like golden cartwheels and his headp 627 IM 1964
black robes and crossed sandal-straps, the figure of Ahasuerus stood among the throng on the crowded canvas. The unusual feature wasp 582 LL 1964
of statuesque grace, the sort of man who moves easily among the rich and nobility. Leonardo and Holbein caught him exactlyp 584 LL 1964
sea-blue gown that reached to her feet. She stood motionlessly among the rock-pools, like a Pre-Raphaelite vision of the dark-eyed Madonnap 569 PCD 1964
other shelter -- and that a hidden pathway ran down among the fissures in the limestone. I climbed up to thep 570 PCD 1964
Tell me about your shell.‘ The water lifted towards us among the rocks. To my left a giant's causeway of toppledp 571 PCD 1964
darker murmur of deep water. Around me the breakers fell among the rocks with a rhythmic roar and sigh, but fromp 571 PCD 1964
cold night air he could see the abandoned Superfortresses lying among the palms beyond the perimeter of the emergency landing fieldp 589 TB 1964
imprints, uncovered by the evening air, wound its serpentine way among the hollows like the footfalls of an ancient saurian. Toop 589 TB 1964
afternoon he left his cell in the abandoned camera bunker among the dunes and walked down into the blocks. For thep 589 TB 1964
doors with the rusty key in his pocket -- found among the litter of smashed bottles and cans in the isthmusp 590 TB 1964
by the sharp coral. Exhausted, Traven walked through the darkness among the dunes, where the dim outlines of bunkers and concretep 591 TB 1964
the two figures as they moved away hand in hand among the lakes and disappeared across the distant causeways. Shivering withp 594 TB 1964
and visualizing them waiting for him at some warm hearth among the dunes, Traven set off towards the light. Within ap 594 TB 1964
he woke he would eat without appetite and then wander among the blocks. Sometimes he took a canteen of water withp 596 TB 1964
one evening, he again saw his wife and son, standing among the dunes below a solitary camera tower, their faces watchingp 596 TB 1964
had followed him across the island from their former haunt among the dried-up lakes. At about this time he once againp 596 TB 1964
warningly. ‘You'll die here, Traven. What are you looking for among those blocks?‘ To himself, Traven murmured: the tomb of thep 599 TB 1964
she pasted them on to the selection panel. They wandered among the supine wrecks of the Superfortresses. Traven lost sight ofp 599 TB 1964
first to the megaphones shouting his name, the echoes receding among the dunes like the forlorn calls of dying birds, thenp 600 TB 1964
He had hidden in one of the target basins, lying among the broken bodies of the plastic models. In the hotp 600 TB 1964
the blocks, joining an oblique series a hundred yards away. Among these, where a narrow interval revealed the open space beyondp 601 TB 1964
a screen, was a ridge of limestone that ran away among the hillocks of the wasteland beyond this point of thep 602 TB 1964
YASUDA: They are precisely what I refer to, Traven. Here among the blocks you at last find an image of yourselfp 603 TB 1964
capsule across the jewelled sand. TIME OF PASSAGE Sunlight spilled among the flowers and tombstones, turning the cemetery into a brightp 559 TP 1964
them come on time.‘ A clock tolled from the chapel among the cypresses. Working swiftly, they scooped out the soft earthp 559 TP 1964
the cart back to the chapel the sunlight shone brightly among the thinning graves. Forty-eight hours later the coffin arrived atp 559 TP 1964
blinds were drawn over the windows, and huge wreaths rested among the furniture in the hall where Falkman lay motionless inp 560 TP 1964
on his young son, a cherubic three-year-old who was playing among the headstones. Then he rode back to Mortmere Park inp 563 TP 1964
youthful, her red hair a brilliant diadem that stood out among the crowds in the street when she came to seep 565 TP 1964
walk home arm in arm, in the summer evening pause among the willows by the river to embrace each other likep 565 TP 1964
other like lovers. Indeed, their happiness became such a byword among their friends that over two hundred guests attended the churchp 565 TP 1964
square under the dim lights when the market closed, wandering among the tinsel and litter as the stall holders packed upp 566 TP 1964
reflection of his swollen head swam like a deformed nimbus among the limp plumage. The caking mud-bank was speckled with piecesp 7 D 1965
he had been out on the lake, sailing the houseboat among the draining creeks and mud-flats as he waited for thep 7 D 1965
banks of draining mud. A few last fishing craft sailed among them, their crews standing shoulder to shoulder in the bowsp 8 D 1965
he approached the entrance to the river, steering the houseboat among the stranded yachts and fishing boats, the lakeside town ofp 8 D 1965
followed him around, no doubt assuming that Ransom's solitary weekends among the marshes along the southern shore of the lake markedp 11 D 1965
formalin that leaked from the corpses on the tables, somewhere among them the unknown face of his surgeon father. On thep 13 D 1965
for some weeks, Ransom, conversely, knew that she would be among the last people to remain in the abandoned town. Sincep 15 D 1965
boat and its crew came from one of the settlements among the marshes, and that with the drought and the endp 16 D 1965
Quilter watched them from his coracle, leaning on his pole among the dead fish like a waterborne shepherd's boy resting withp 18 D 1965
the well of his craft moored to a derelict quay among the marshes, he heard a splash of water and sawp 20 D 1965
owl, the tutelary deity of his water-world and then vanished among the reeds. He appeared again after a lapse of onep 20 D 1965
of Philip Jordan's water-world, the channels of damper mud wound among the white beaches. The tall columns and gantries of anp 22 D 1965
one a boy of eight, peered through the side window among the bundles and suitcases. Johnstone pulled the men apart, thep 26 D 1965
car and drove away. Gunn and his fellow vigilantes dispersed among the dead trees, sauntering down the lines of cars. Asp 27 D 1965
his last parishioners, all Ransom's neighbours had gone. He strolled among the deserted streets, watching the dust columns rising into thep 35 D 1965
of low dunes, their crests yellowing in the heat. Wandering among them, out of sight of the town, Ransom found thep 35 D 1965
would move off into the haze over the lake, disappearing among the narrow creeks. It was during this time that Ransomp 36 D 1965
hold what's left of my practice together.‘ As she poked among the half-eaten fruit Ransom looked down at the dirty cuffsp 45 D 1965
grilles, and a few lean dogs with arched backs picked among the burst cartons. The abrupt transition from Hamilton, which stillp 47 D 1965
of Miranda squatting in her filthy robe by some hearth among the smoking rubble, her perverted cherub's face like an oldp 49 D 1965
lions to hunt in packs.‘ She waved and walked away among the cages. Clasping the valise, Ransom set off across thep 52 D 1965
After a pause he shut the door, then moved forward among his men, He nodded to each of them in turnp 59 D 1965
of his sermon. His hands clutched at the flames racing among the vaulting. The two men turned and ran out, duckingp 66 D 1965
the cool air of the churchyard. He laid him down among the gravestones and wiped the fish's blood off his bruisedp 67 D 1965
said. ‘You'll be back.‘ With this, she turned and disappeared among the dusty hedges. The Yantras To the south, the scarredp 74 D 1965
overland route and the hazards of fighting for a foothold among the sand-dunes. With luck, enough water would remain in thep 74 D 1965
reminded him of his own first hopes of isolating himself among the wastes of the new desert, putting an end top 77 D 1965
in width, at others dividing into thin streams that disappeared among the dunes and mud-banks. Stranded yachts lay on the slopesp 79 D 1965
the sky. Everywhere the bodies of voles and waterfowl lay among the weeds. At length the stream flowed through a seriesp 80 D 1965
and rested behind the rusting hull of a dredger moored among the mud-flats at the entrance to the lake. In thep 83 D 1965
of this hurricane, was immune. Searching for his own home among the collapsing roofs, Ransom heard more shouts carried above thep 84 D 1965
the deserted tents, and a truck lay on its side among the bales of wire and old tyres. Mrs. Quilter snortedp 88 D 1965
the drifting smoke of garbage fires. Thousands of people squatted among the cars or sat on their doorsteps. Small groups ofp 91 D 1965
breaking across the dry grass. The hundreds of vehicles parked among the dunes and hillocks had sunk up to their axlesp 94 D 1965
lungs. A maze of pathways turned between the vehicles and among the dry, grass-topped dunes. Seeing the jerrican partly hidden insidep 95 D 1965
own. Near by, a man in a straw hat lay among the dried grass, peering through the wire at the drainedp 96 D 1965
dozen posts along both fences. Crouching down, his arms motionless among the grass, Ransom, waited for them to go out. Hep 98 D 1965
opening of the inner fence. Behind them, more bodies lay among the dunes, tumbled awkwardly in the coarse grass. Following anp 99 D 1965
his belt. Grady darted forward, his eyes searching the darkness among the clumps of grass, his small figure illuminated in thep 100 D 1965
seeping through them, and sheets of open water spread outwards among the channels, carrying with them a few fish and nautiloidsp 104 D 1965
nautiloids. Reaching towards the firmer shore, the cold water infiltrated among the saddles and culverts Like the advance front of anp 104 D 1965
Already a large pool some fifty yards wide had formed among the dunes. As the main body of the lake movedp 107 D 1965
to shout over their shoulders, but the pirates had disappeared among the dunes. As the grey morning light gleamed on thep 107 D 1965
the rubber pad on his shoulder, Ransom made his way among the watery dunes, steering the small pool through the hollowsp 108 D 1965
channels. The other four members of the band had disappeared among the salt flats. Ransom pushed himself ahead, the salty airp 108 D 1965
her own accord. After living precariously in the old shacks among the salt-tips, she one day knocked on the door ofp 113 D 1965
margins of the beach. The hundreds of shacks and dwellings among the dunes had been destroyed by the waist-high water, thep 114 D 1965
the beach, and then shelled from the destroyer now reclining among the dunes a hundred yards away. Through one of thesep 119 D 1965
Jordan went out to the hills above the beach, disappearing among the sand-dunes that spilled through the ravines. Ransom guessed thatp 122 D 1965
arrival at the beach, and Philip had buried him somewhere among the dunes. As he stepped past the look-out, the manp 122 D 1965
the tower of the lightship, Ransom watched Philip Jordan walking among the salt-tips on the shore. Silhouetted against the white slopesp 125 D 1965
open again when she recognized Ransom. In the ten years among the dunes she had barely aged. If anything her beakedp 127 D 1965
had spent with the old woman, eking out their existence among the wrecks of the motor-cars. The success of their presentp 128 D 1965
the bank, Ransom noticed that a small valley led off among the rocks and ravines. Like the river, the valley wasp 129 D 1965
thickly, his eyes following the distant plume of dust vanishing among the dunes. ‘A lion,‘ Ransom said. ‘A small lion. Itp 131 D 1965
ten years on the salt flats, the winter nights crouched among the draining brine pools, and the running battles with thep 138 D 1965
a railway bridge crossed the river. A stationary train stood among the cantilevers, the doors of the carriages open on top 138 D 1965
climbed into the cabin and searched for a water tap among the rusted controls. Leaning his elbows on the sill ofp 140 D 1965
the night, an animal howled wearily. Its lost cries echoed among the steel pillars of the bridge, reverberating across the whitep 140 D 1965
stroll away across the surface, of the river. He picked among the windblown debris that had spilled down the bank, windmillp 142 D 1965
during the night.‘ They watched the fire burn itself out among the coaches on the approach lines to the bridge. Philipp 143 D 1965
as the world around them. Abruptly, Ransom caught his breath. Among the blank faces partly obscured by the reflections of thep 144 D 1965
beach an uneven appearance, the wrecks of cars were parked among the dunes by the river and along the roads approachingp 145 D 1965
his back touched by the sunlight as he moved off among the empty basins. The Smoke Fires This image remained withp 145 D 1965
of the city, the lakeside town had vanished. Dunes sloped among the ruined walls, pieces of charred timber sticking from theirp 147 D 1965
headless mannequin. Rounding the corner of the building, they disappeared among the ruined streets, the sharp cracks of the whip drivingp 148 D 1965
diagonally away from him up the bank, searching for something among the splinters of driftwood. Only Mrs. Quilter still sat onp 151 D 1965
His eye was distracted by a gleam of light. Cradled among the dunes near the site of Lomax's mansion was whatp 151 D 1965
streets was only a distant memory of Hamilton. Nothing moved among the ruins. In the hollows they passed the remains ofp 155 D 1965
up the drive. The shell of Lomax's mansion was hidden among the dunes, its upper floors burned out. They passed thep 155 D 1965
the wheel-less bodies of two cars sat side by side among the dunes. A wooden stairway led down on to thep 156 D 1965
was smooth and clean, the coloured tridents and sea-horses visible among the worn tiles. Walking down the slope from the shallowp 156 D 1965
had served some real purpose. Miranda watched the children scurry among the curtains ‘My infants, doctor, or the few that livedp 159 D 1965
the solitary figure of Jonas a hundred yards away, moving among the ruins by the edge of the drained lake. Hisp 161 D 1965
undo the thong. ‘Jonas --‘ The call came softly from among the dunes out on the lake. Jonas stopped and lookedp 161 D 1965
of the estate, a small pavilion appeared in a hollow among the dunes, its glass and metal cornices shining in thep 162 D 1965
a bejewelled temple. In the sunlight the gilded edifice gleamed among the dust and sand like a Faberge gem. Quilter stoppedp 162 D 1965
night he could hear the sounds of the lions baying among the dunes. The tall figure of Jonas would move alongp 166 D 1965
with Whitman and Quilter to forage for food. At intervals among the dunes deep shafts had been sunk into the basementsp 166 D 1965
the sometime supermarkets. They would slide down them and crawl among the old freezer plant, mining out a few cans fromp 166 D 1965
the rancid contents were flung to the dogs or left among the rubble, where the few birds picked at them. Ransomp 166 D 1965
aware of the coming crisis in their lives, he sat among the Junes by the pool, playing with his children, andp 167 D 1965
Come here, my Caliban, show yourself to your master!‘ Sitting among the metal litter by the pool, Ransom ignored the shoutsp 168 D 1965
pavilion, the sunlight shimmering off his silk suit. He postured among the low dunes, his small powdered face puckered like ap 169 D 1965
had gone off somewhere, and he could see Ransom sitting among the fallen columns of the loggia, like a mendicant attachedp 169 D 1965
one to the child. Holding it tightly, it toddled away among the ruins. Ransom leaned back against the column. He wasp 169 D 1965
sake --‘ Ransom stood up. There was a soft clatter among the stones, and the child reappeared. In its hands itp 169 D 1965
a deeper channel. Three feet wide, the water slid away among the ruined walls, sucked down by the porous earth. Quilterp 172 D 1965
I do what I choose with it!‘ They cornered him among the ruins thirty yards from the reservoir. Behind him Mirandap 174 D 1965
white dunes covered the bed like motionless waves. He stepped among them, following the hollows that carried trim out of sightp 176 D 1965
begin to conduct a series of experiments on the survivors, among them the hero, now a man of about thirty. Facedp 28 UGM 1966
the whole of science fiction. Arriving in Paris, he wanders among the strange crowds, unable to make contact with anyone untilp 29 UGM 1966
young woman to museums of palaeontology, and they spend days among the fossil plants and animals. They visit Orly Airport, wherep 29 UGM 1966
space, to the formal inquisition of the sciences, psychoanalysis pre-eminent among them, produces a heightened or alternate reality beyond that familiarp 84 UGM 1966
of inner space. Magritte: ‘The Annunciation‘ A rocky path leads among dusty olive trees. Suddenly a strange structure blocks our wayp 86 UGM 1966
demons who form the casual bureaucracy of the camp. Principal among these is the Bailiff, to whom Pullman, with his sharpp 143 UGM 1966
now and then exercises, is continually challenged by his opponents among the emigres. As Pullman soon realizes, behind his pose asp 143 UGM 1966
Why had he come to the hospital, seeking out Travis among the thirty physicians? Travis had tried to speak to himp 10 AE 1966
leaves and paper. Twenty yards from the fence Travis stumbled among the coils of barbed wire. The helicopter was banking sharplyp 10 AE 1966
he walked back to Shanghai, the peasants were planting rice among the swaying legs. Memories of others than himself, together thesep 12 AE 1966
he and Catherine Austin drove around the darkening countryside, lost among the labyrinth of billboards. The faces of Sigmund Freud andp 13 AE 1966
lion house, Travis took refuge in a small suburban house among the reservoirs of Staines and Shepperton. He sat in thep 13 AE 1966
young woman. After her death he followed the funeral cars among the reservoirs in the white Pontiac. The Lost Symmetry ofp 13 AE 1966
III pilot and a girl with facial burns making love among a refuse of bubblegum war cards and oral contraceptive walletsp 15 AE 1966
and space to him through her body. As he searched among the tyres and coils of barbed wire he saw thep 17 AE 1966
suburban streets for weeks afterwards. Bonfires of Jackie's face burn among the reservoirs of Staines and Shepperton. With luck he findsp 32 AW 1966
a few oil derricks in the distance marking the horizon. Among the spilled sand and burst cement bags lay old tyresp 33 AW 1966
sand twenty yards from the hut. Xero, meanwhile, is moving among the oil derricks half a mile away, assembling immense Cinemascopep 33 AW 1966
had stopped revolving, and the echoes of the gunshots reverberated among the lattice-work. Clearing her throat with an effort, she spatp 35 AW 1966
her brassiere. Smith & Wesson Kovarski blundered through the darkness among the dunes. Below him the surf broke like a lacep 667 BM 1966
Four tourist hotels, their curtain walls like dead mirrors, stood among the dunes that drifted through the streets and overran thep 671 DF 1966
Delvaux's ‘The Echo‘, which depicted a naked Junoesque woman walking among immaculate ruins under a midnight sky, reminded him of hisp 671 DF 1966
light. As he neared the house the woman was walking among the sand-covered statuary in the garden, the crystals lying onp 676 DF 1966
that concealed a potent inner life. The fading light lingered among the angular planes of her temples as she searched thep 676 DF 1966
onto his back as the machine leapt away and somersaulted among the rocks. Halliday trudged across the floor of the wadip 678 DF 1966
the dark figure of Gabrielle Szabo moved to and fro among the shadows of the statues. Watching her, and thinking ofp 680 DF 1966
thinking of Delvaux's ‘Echo‘, with its triplicated nymph walking naked among the classical pavilions of a midnight city, Halliday wondered whetherp 680 DF 1966
Africa. Miss Szabo, I used to see you walking here among these ruins.‘ She nodded, taking his arm. Together they movedp 681 DF 1966
ruins.‘ She nodded, taking his arm. Together they moved off among the columns. Between the shadowy pillars of the balustrade wasp 681 DF 1966
her from the bridge of the picket ship she moved among them, now and then stooping to pluck a feather fromp 697 SBD 1966
until several hours had passed, when she began to walk among the corpses. To begin with, therefore, he had been gladp 698 SBD 1966
farm, and watched the idiot dwarf punt his way down-river among the swollen corpses. Then, crossed bandoliers of machine-gun cartridges aroundp 698 SBD 1966
woman, standing alone in the bows like an aloof wraith, among the bodies of the birds floating in the water. Nowp 699 SBD 1966
corpses over with his pole, as if searching for something among them -- there were apocryphal stories, which many townsfolk believedp 699 SBD 1966
a long time. For several hours Crispin watched her walking among the corpses. The tide cast a fresh freight on top 699 SBD 1966
riverine creeks and marshes, where a dwarf punted his coracle among the dead birds and a mad woman bedecked herself onp 701 SBD 1966
the opposite bank the silver forms of the birds lay among the trees and on the open patches of grass. Asp 702 SBD 1966
For some reason a flock of pigeons, a few doves among them, had fallen at the water's edge. Their plump-breasted bodiesp 702 SBD 1966
angels. In the past Crispin had always moved with pride among this white harvest he had reaped from the sky, butp 705 SBD 1966
ship. A stray, no doubt it was hoping to nest among the masts and rigging. Shortly before dawn, after a ceaselessp 706 SBD 1966
the gusting wind around the mast, its wings weaving themselves among the steel cables. It was still hovering there, trying top 707 SBD 1966
the chest, down into the soft grass of the meadow among the dead birds. Half an hour later, when she sawp 710 SBD 1966
were sitting in the chairs by the bar, Father Balthus among them, as a prolonged harangue took place between the firstp 20 CW 1966
turned between two columns, then crossed the road and disappeared among the shadows in the arcade facing the hotel. At intervalsp 22 CW 1966
reached the outskirts of the native market and was moving among the first of the stalls, turning from left to rightp 32 CW 1966
covered up her display, sliding the tray out of sight among the stacks of palm leaves and baskets of cocoa mealp 34 CW 1966
across the next boat to the pier, then ran off among the bales of cocoa meal. On the catwalk above, Ventressp 44 CW 1966
roof covered by a blanket. His two assistants had vanished among the boats between the next two piers, but Ventress seemedp 44 CW 1966
ran straight past Sanders along the pier and dived down among the boats on the far side. ‘Ventress ...?‘ Sanders knelt besidep 46 CW 1966
time myself there.‘ Before Sanders could reply, Ventress darted off among the stacks of gasoline drums in the entrance to onep 46 CW 1966
half-drowned lizards, one or two of the fishermen poking around among them. The market was quiet, either as a result ofp 48 CW 1966
in one of the amphibian craft. Father Balthus was not among them, and Sanders assumed that he had left for hisp 66 CW 1966
a backward glance, he stepped between two warehouses and disappeared among the sacks of cocoa meal. Sanders stared after him, unsurep 70 CW 1966
and threes, they crossed the verge and began to walk among the glace ferns which rose from the brittle ground. Thep 74 CW 1966
a bell. He listened to the last echoes reverberate away among the crystal walls, like a fading requiem. ‘However, I feelp 88 CW 1966
his steps. Sanders walked across the empty hall. He paused among the jewelled pillars, uneager, whatever Ventress's instructions, to expose himselfp 92 CW 1966
and trees beyond were silent, and he turned and waited among the pillars by the alcove on his left, dozens ofp 92 CW 1966
the reflection facing his own, Sanders noticed with surprise that among these prismatic images of himself refracted from the sun hep 93 CW 1966
in the air past Sanders's face, its white light diving among the reflections that swerved like drunken suns around the twop 93 CW 1966
stopped, looking back at the house which loomed behind them among the trees like a giant wedding cake. Ventress was staringp 95 CW 1966
back to Mont Royal?‘ Dr. Sanders shouted, his voice echoing among the vaults. ‘We're going deeper into the forest.‘ ‘The townp 96 CW 1966
crop-headed figure of the mulatto rose from his hiding place among the sprays of swamp grass growing like silver fans fromp 101 CW 1966
twenty yards he had reached the shore and darted away among the trees. As a final shot rang out after himp 103 CW 1966
pockets on to the shelves, where they lay like cherries among the half-dozen cans of corned beef and beans. A lightp 109 CW 1966
a grotesque folly he had built on a water-logged island among the crocodiles in the swamps ten miles to the northp 110 CW 1966
the trees. Five yards from the path, in a hollow among the roots of an oak, he found the dying figurep 114 CW 1966
shadow, illuminated by the sweeping searchlight, flickered ahead of him among the vitrified trees, the dark image speckled by the jewelledp 115 CW 1966
the affected zone. The vents of the buried channels lay among the icefalls, and a clear stream of moonlit water ranp 116 CW 1966
at the top of the wide steps that led down among the tumbled columns, he saw Suzanne Clair walking in thep 139 CW 1966
Their drab leaves gave off a faint luminescence. Suzanne walked among them, her long robe sweeping across the brittle ground. Sandersp 139 CW 1966
of her there, as if she dwelled like a ghost among the empty chambers of the white hotel. ‘I like thep 141 CW 1966
to the Bourbon Hotel and squatted down with their cheroots among the fallen columns -- Dr. Sanders set off alone alongp 146 CW 1966
moved along the verges of the road, picking his way among the glass spurs that rose more and more thickly aroundp 147 CW 1966
abandoned harvest glittered coldly in the moonlight. As he stood among the stones Sanders noticed that the crystal outgrowths from hisp 147 CW 1966
summer house. Kneeling down, he tried to conceal his arm among the crystalline fronds. The two natives on board the cruiserp 151 CW 1966
the centre. On the ground below, a steel bayonet lay among a few shards laboriously chipped from the edges of thep 152 CW 1966
pointed to the bank fifty feet away. Lying face upwards among the grass, the spurs of frost from his crystallizing bodyp 153 CW 1966
the sun sank behind the trees into the west. Then, among the white sprays of grass, he saw a long silver-bodiedp 157 CW 1966
a shrill cry, and the half-bandaged figure of Kagwa fell among the sprays of grass ten yards from the summer housep 158 CW 1966
small clearing where the deep sounds of an organ reverberated among the trees. In the centre was a small church, itsp 159 CW 1966
himself, he sat for hours at the organ or wandered among the empty pews. One morning, however, Balthus found a blindp 161 CW 1966
a wry smile when, its sight returned, it slid away among the pews. On the third day Sanders woke to thep 161 CW 1966
woman and the remainder of the troupe had scattered again among the trees. Hobbling along, Sanders found the last remnants ofp 165 CW 1966
to the ground. Sanders listened to the voices fading away among the trees, the child's parents somewhere among them. Then hep 166 CW 1966
voices fading away among the trees, the child's parents somewhere among them. Then he lowered the cross over the child andp 166 CW 1966
chimera, a man with incandescent arms and chest, race past among the trees, a cascade of particles diffusing in the airp 167 CW 1966
the cross, but the man had vanished, whirling himself away among the crystal vaults. As his luminous wake faded Sanders heardp 167 CW 1966
crystalline rivers, and where by night the illuminated man races among the trees, his arms like golden cartwheels and his headp 169 CW 1966
forest after seeing Sanders, and that his own pointless search among the hill settlements had been a deliberate means of makingp 173 CW 1966
slack water. The turtles laboured on, their dark humps hidden among the orange crates and the drifts of kelp washed upp 683 TIM 1966
of some dozen men stepped down from their vantage point among the dunes and moved along the sand, driving the lastp 683 TIM 1966
their heavy carapaces, and the old men waiting for them among the dunes. Outside, the fountains played among the gardens ofp 685 TIM 1966
waiting for them among the dunes. Outside, the fountains played among the gardens of the empty hospital, and the elderly nursesp 685 TIM 1966
metal-tipped gaffs were moving from the road to their hiding-place among the dunes. The truck thudded past him, the grey dustp 696 TIM 1966
the lake, as if searching for an invisible marksman hidden among the reefs. ‘All right?‘ Glanville asked. Changing the pitch andp 715 TMY 1966
At the beginning, when they met in the deserted planetarium among the dunes, he seized on Karen Novotny's presence. All dayp 39 YCM 1966
on Karen Novotny's presence. All day he had been wandering among the sand hills, trying to escape the apartment houses whichp 39 YCM 1966
Karen Novotny's, and would come out each day to practise among the dunes. Tallis sat down on the roof of ap 41 YCM 1966
of the young woman asleep in her apartment. He walked among the displaced contours of her pectoral girdle. What time couldp 41 YCM 1966
serene face of the President's widow hung like a lantern among the corridors of sleep. Warning him, she seemed to summonp 83 YMC 1966
from Vermilion Sands, I saw the faint shiver of rigging among the reefs, a topmast moving like a silver lantern throughp 722 CHC 1967
second yacht set off in pursuit from its hiding place among the reefs, at its helm a pale-haired steerswoman with thep 722 CHC 1967
south I found the mast of a waiting ship half-concealed among the sand-bars. Each morning the figure emerged more clearly, itsp 728 CHC 1967
Key, I saw a white schooner slip its anchor somewhere among the sand-reefs and head away into the open sea. Onlyp 730 CHC 1967
had kept out of my way, playing his private games among the rock spires below the terrace. Now and then, whenp 730 CHC 1967
shreds of luminous spit. Below me, two figures ran down among the rock spires towards the beach. Almost exhausted by thep 732 CHC 1967
short cut to the terrace. His compact figure moved swiftly among the rock spires, slipping between the sonic statues growing fromp 732 CHC 1967
breaking a pane in the french windows. The sound boomed among the rock spires, startling the rays into the air. Pushingp 733 CHC 1967
her fantasies Rademaeker had destroyed her. When he left me among the dunes within sight of the beach-houses he gave ap 734 CHC 1967
salute and spun the helm, his erect figure soon lost among the rolling crests. Three weeks later I chartered a yachtp 734 CHC 1967
own. At the end of the terrace her half-brother lounged among the beach chairs, Rademaeker's yachting cap propped over his eyesp 734 CHC 1967
crutches across the sliding sand, I found a shallow basin among the dunes where sonic statues had run to seed besidep 744 CSC 1967
build you gliders like condors.‘ The tall man was wandering among the gliders, touching their wings with a sculptor's hand. Hisp 745 CSC 1967
the desert. Her white-haired figure in its cobra-skin coat wandered among the dunes. Sand-rays lifted around her, disturbed by the randomp 749 CSC 1967
Behind him came Petit Manuel, his twisted head ducking nervously among the tuxedos. Leonora's mouth shut in a rictus of distastep 752 CSC 1967
Tannhauser, and the searchlights lit up the elegant head. Standing among her guests, Leonora raised her glass to Nolan's glider. Puzzledp 752 CSC 1967
before dawn Beatrice Lafferty and I walked along the beach among the shells of burnt-out rockets and catherine wheels. On thep 753 CSC 1967
ahead up the slope. Stung by Leonora's taunt, he skipped among the rocks, disappearing from sight in the darkening air. Onp 754 CSC 1967
of cars. Leonora watched them go, standing with Van Eyck among the deserted tables. Beatrice said nothing as we drove outp 755 CSC 1967
air, and wrapped itself around my leg. Leonora's body lay among the broken tables near the bandstand, half-wrapped in a bleedingp 756 CSC 1967
from the tornado. In the evenings Beatrice and I sit among the sonic statues, listening to their voices as the fair-weatherp 756 CSC 1967
to the sculpture garden. Programmes in hand, the students wandered among the exhibits, staring at the truncated segments of coloured plasticp 51 GAN 1967
pubis lie? The young woman in the white dress walked among the fractured profiles of Mia Farrow and Elizabeth Taylor. Thep 51 GAN 1967
in the literal sense of that term.‘ Action Sequence. Hiding among the traffic in the near-side lane, Koester followed the whitep 54 GAN 1967
they turned into the studio entrance he left his car among the pines and climbed through the perimeter fence. In thep 54 GAN 1967
of automobiles. Studies reveal an increasing incidence of sexual climaxes among persons cleaning automobiles. In many cases the subject remained unawarep 89 PAJ 1967
the bank. A group of sailors, two or three girls among them, came swaying along the towpath. They greeted the sightp 741 R 1967
feelings of restraint, and the sailors were chasing the dwarf among the wagons. At this first hint of violence the womanp 742 R 1967
push it towards the river. Two of them had got among the horses and were lifting the women onto their backsp 742 R 1967
fire straight at the young Pakistani. Torn apart, he falls among the cabbages. Massive firing breaks out. The other young menp 96 TW 1967
waited on the horizons of his mind, wrecked helicopters burning among broken gantries. With deliberate caution, he waited in the emptyp 44 DM 1967
see Xero's face, but fragments of his amplified voice reverberated among the deserted stands of the stadium, echoing through the departurep 45 DM 1967
photographs of wrecked capsules and automobiles, searching for one face among the mutilated victims. Almost without thinking she had picked himp 45 DM 1967
The Departure Platform. Closer to this presiding trinity, Trabert waited among the departure bays in the deserted terminal. From the observationp 47 DM 1967
an immense glacial silence. On the roof terrace, Kline walked among the mannequins. The plaster models of Marina Oswald, Ralph Naderp 47 DM 1967
the morning air. A Mere Modulus. As Margaret Trabert hesitated among the passengers in the crowded departure building, Dr Nathan camep 48 DM 1967
to block her way and ran out into the forecourt. Among the thousands of cars in the parking lot she couldp 48 DM 1967
rim of the settling tank, I watched them race away among the dunes, leaping like hares over the tyres and wirep 764 DA 1968
with them, the last fires of the explosion were dying among the gantries. The capsule had landed near the old Atlasp 766 DA 1968
wraith over the sea. At dawn, as the engines growled among the dunes, we collected the last remains of Robert Hamiltonp 766 DA 1968
searched the surrounding dunes. Day and night, the half-tracks lumbered among the wrecked cars and cabins. Once, as I watched withp 766 DA 1968
I lay with her on the bed. A loudspeaker reverberated among the dunes, fragments of the amplified commands drumming at thep 767 DA 1968
re-established a positive psychosexual relationship with the external world. hung among the corridors of sleep. Tests were carried out to assessp 94 LNE 1968
of the quasars. Reading the maze, Talbot made his way among the corridors. Details of his hands and mouth signposted itsp 21 UD 1968
After the police had left they walked far an hour among the cars, staring through the steam at the bodies proppedp 21 UD 1968
profile of an archangel. She returned after a fruitless search among the cafes to find the furniture removed from the apartmentp 25 UD 1968
storm of leaves and cigarette cartons. Talbot steered the car among the broken tyres and oil drums. Beside him the youngp 26 UD 1968
with one hand, Dr Nathan stared at the wig lying among the beer bottles. The Helicopters are Burning. Talbot followed thep 29 UD 1968
The phase of Analytic Geometry. The masterworks of this period, among the greatest in Dali's art, are the famous ‘Young Virginp 96 UGM 1969
sales -- through mail order and under-the-counter outlets -- are among the largest of all time, part of a huge invisiblep 255 UGM 1969
firing their rockets into the ragged forests that had grown among the empty surburban streets. In this immense plain of violencep 783 KG 1969
a murderous fire had greeted them from the Americans concealed among the trees along the opposite shore. Pearson saw Tulloch shotp 787 KG 1969
the young woman, he climbed the concrete aisle and walked among the empty seats, staring at the curved screen. She turnedp 60 SCN 1969
pages of her magazine, watching him over her shoulder. Love among the Mannequins. Unable to move, he lay on his backp 60 SCN 1969
steering wheel. The road had come to a dead end among the ashy dunes. On the rear window ledge the novelp 63 SCN 1969
visited the Institute, and the unusual documentary they had filmed among the cypress-screened lawns. He had first noticed the unit asp 67 THF 1969
the movies.‘ The Death of Affect. He parked the car among the over-luminous pines. They stepped out and walked through thep 70 THF 1969
entered a landscape of pines and small lakes. Vaughan stopped among the trees in a side road. Striding swiftly in hisp 72 THF 1969
mudflats. At eight o'clock that night a fight broke out among the Americans. A Japanese sergeant was standing on the bridgep 73 THF 1969
At midnight I heard music playing from the abandoned nightclub among the dunes at Lagoon West. Each evening the frayed melodyp 795 SGW 1970
turned from him, her face devoid of expression, and walked among the tables into the darkness. Who was my beautiful neighbourp 795 SGW 1970
reflected the distant lights of Vermilion Sands as he moved among the dunes towards the nightclub. After this rendezvous I assumedp 800 SGW 1970
deserted nightclub, we would walk across the dunes and dance among the sand-strewn tables. Who brought this record-player to the nightclubp 803 SGW 1970
young man was walking along the tideline, searching for something among the broken hypodermic vials. ‘I can tell him to gop 803 SGW 1970
his off-hand manner as he moved around Raine, I stood among the dunes at the top of the beach. Feet movedp 804 SGW 1970
caressing my chest. In the drive Raine Channing's limousine waited among the rhododendrons. At the wheel the slim-faced chauffeur looked upp 804 SGW 1970
a movement of white-clad thigh, a man's bare-backed figure crouching among the cushions. Angered by having to watch the spectacle belowp 804 SGW 1970
Say goodbye to Miss Channing.‘ I watched the car disappear among the hills. By the abandoned nightclub the dark air drewp 805 SGW 1970
Vorster stood up as the audience cheered, and walked out among the players. The man in the shabby suit was rapidlyp 43 JAC 1970
them in intercourse. Launch Area He parked the heavy convertible among the dunes. The blue water of the deserted estuary movedp 48 JAC 1970
the Pop painters and sculptors, Paolozzi, Hamilton, Warhol, Wesselmann, Ruscha, among others. The great advantage of science fiction is that itp 207 UGM 1971
have had cold feet. I was interested to learn that among the things that most bothered them were ‘sixteen references top 261 UGM 1971
revisited the battlefield, leaving their capsules to wander in disguise among the exhausted soldiery. The prospect of the lowest audience ratingsp 808 GTS 1972
vicious multiple collisions contrived in stolen cars on evening freeways among tired office-workers. I think of the absurd crashes of neurasthenicp 15 C 1973
in choosing various kinds of underwear. I waited for them among the racks of nightdresses outside their cubicle. Now and thenp 33 C 1973
languages of invisible eroticisms, of undiscovered sexual acts, lay waiting among this complex equipment. The same unseen sexuality hovered over thep 40 C 1973
her dead husband in her womb. By entering her vagina among the metal cabinets and white cables of the X-ray departmentp 44 C 1973
of him. He was sauntering in a loose, erratic walk among the tyre-marks on the road surface, as if miming somep 57 C 1973
the south of the airport, feeling out the unfamiliar controls among the water reservoirs of Stanwell. From here I moved aroundp 59 C 1973
oblique and ambiguous building and parked in an empty bay among the cars on the sloping roof. After tucking the banknotesp 61 C 1973
through the empty windshield, sitting behind the deformed steering wheel among the dried bloodstains of her husband. Her strong eyes barelyp 70 C 1973
as if searching for some trace of her husband's presence among the blood-spattered paintwork. I had never spoken to this tiredp 70 C 1973
I raised my head and saw Dr Helen Remington moving among the cars a hundred yards to my right. At thep 77 C 1973
as I stopped the car on a deserted service road among the reservoirs to the west of the airport. When Ip 78 C 1973
otherwise.‘ Pinned to the walls and lying on the benches among the enamel pails were hundreds of photographs. The floor aroundp 96 C 1973
the gaze of this muscled young man. His eyes roved among the damp moor of her pubis as she moved thep 99 C 1973
that if she herself were left in this office, working among the contour photographs and layouts of fender assemblies, she toop 111 C 1973
with my own car. Excited by all this, Catherine sat among the scarlet fuel pumps, her eyes flashing at Vaughan. Thep 113 C 1973
the Road Research Laboratory I had suggested that we park among the reservoirs to the west of the Airport. During thep 119 C 1973
back, waiting for Vaughan to join us. He was standing among the empty seats, eyes still fixed on the wrecked carp 125 C 1973
slow-motion film than myself. Helen Remington watched us, sitting alone among the chairs. Vaughan stared down at the shattered car, almostp 129 C 1973
wounds his hypothetical victims suffered were severe genital injuries. Alone among Vaughan's subjects, Seagrave had selected a small target gallery ofp 135 C 1973
chest, his heavy nipples together invited the countless injuries waiting among the protruding toggles and instrument heads of the car interiorp 138 C 1973
Catherine watched him jump the last six steps and dart among the tired police. Her clear interest in Vaughan, her eyesp 156 C 1973
a sympathetic response to Gabrielle's crippled legs. Gabrielle swung herself among the hundreds of cars displayed on their stands, their chromiump 174 C 1973
the stands and revolving cars, Gabrielle heeling and toeing herself among the motor industry executives and show-girls. My eyes were fixedp 174 C 1973
invalid controls. As I explored her body, feeling my way among the braces and straps of her underwear, the unfamiliar planesp 175 C 1973
these acts and emotions were ciphers searching for their meaning among the hard, chromium furniture of our minds. A car-crash inp 180 C 1973
and firm body, thinking of Vaughan's car hurtling towards me among the concrete pillars of the overpass. Like Seagrave, I wouldp 211 C 1973
the overpass, where Vaughan and I had embraced each other among the concrete pillars, listening to the traffic drumming overhead. Catherinep 212 C 1973
the motorway, I felt my penis stiffening. Somewhere below me, among those thousands of vehicles, Vaughan was waiting at an intersectionp 214 C 1973
her vulva. Afterwards, the semen in my hand, we walked among the cars. The beams of small headlamps cut across ourp 223 C 1973
Gabrielle's shoulder as she reversed away, Catherine and I moved among the cars. I found that I was still carrying thep 224 C 1973
the seats. The imprint of his buttocks seemed to hover among the creases of these deformed seats. I spread my semenp 224 C 1973
I held Catherine's arm around my waist as we wandered among the derelict cars, pressing her fingers against the muscles ofp 224 C 1973
of the awkward posture of his legs. His feet lay among the pedals as if they had been hurriedly propped therep 8 CI 1974
through the grass. The silver fuselage of his car appeared among the shabby wrecks. Half-veiled by the grass, their rusting hullsp 21 CI 1974
sunlight. None of them would notice the haggard figure standing among the abandoned cars. The cold air drummed at Maitland's chestp 24 CI 1974
unfed stomach would throw him into a drunken stupor. Somewhere among these cars there would be water. The radiator. Slamming downp 26 CI 1974
He edged under the fender, with his bruised hands searched among the brake lines and suspension units for the lower edgep 26 CI 1974
lid exactly summed up his position on the island, marooned among these concrete causeways with almost no practical skills or resourcesp 28 CI 1974
a pile of bald tyres, a single bonnet hood, lay among the nettles. Maitland moved among them, now and then lookingp 33 CI 1974
a single bonnet hood, lay among the nettles. Maitland moved among them, now and then looking up at the embankment asp 33 CI 1974
In the centre of the island were the air-raid shelters among which he was sitting. Attached to these was a laterp 50 CI 1974
in the vivid light like a demented sun. She clattered among the cans and saucepans, barely able to focus her eyesp 84 CI 1974
the breaker's yard. Grunting to himself, Proctor picked his way among the tyres lying about in the grass. Maitland realized thatp 104 CI 1974
yard, taking the rat-traps from his belt and setting them among the wrecked cars. In the dusty roof of the overturnedp 111 CI 1974
a car stopped for her, and she was carried away among the trucks and airline coaches. After an hour, when thep 125 CI 1974
burial. Exhausted by the effort of dragging the tramp's body among the shelters, Maitland lay on the bed in his pavilionp 125 CI 1974
during these first three months at the abandoned resort built among the sand hills, his obsession with Wake Island had restedp 811 DFW 1974
least of a large engineered structure, for some time. Wandering among the dunes above the beach-house during the warm afternoons, hep 812 DFW 1974
was in, covering the sand-flats, Melville was forced to walk among the dunes above his beach-house. Driven and shaped by thep 813 DFW 1974
sand and sat down on the horizontal ledge that ran among the clumps of wild grass. The aircraft, a privately ownedp 814 DFW 1974
tricked into playing. As he worked on the Fortress high among the dunes, brushing the sand away from the cylinder vanesp 817 DFW 1974
of clothes and a spare set of rescue flares, lay among the empty oil-drums. Returning to the dunes, he continued top 819 DFW 1974
few elderly cars, wrecks on wheels, sat on the roadside among pieces of rusting agricultural equipment. The worn hill-slopes stretched upp 822 AD 1975
of aviation technology, should have come to its end here among these primitive mountain-dwellers. Looking at their unintelligent and passive facesp 824 AD 1975
foam and broken glass. Laing stood in his bare feet among the sharp fragments, watching the agitated wine seethe across thep 7 HR 1975
balcony rail. A few seconds later he heard it shatter among the cars parked below. Pulling himself together, Laing peered cautiouslyp 12 HR 1975
previous six months had been a period of continuous bickering among his neighbours, of trivial disputes over the faulty elevators andp 17 HR 1975
have designed out of these over-priced apartments. The underlying tensions among the residents were remarkably strong, damped down partly by thep 18 HR 1975
the elevator lobby. When the lights returned he walked out among the startled residents, and did his best to calm everyonep 20 HR 1975
from the top three floors arrived in a belligerent mood. Among them was the actress whose Afghan hound had drowned inp 30 HR 1975
but there was a chorus of sceptical shouts. The women among the guests pushed aside their husbands and began to punchp 33 HR 1975
more exposed to the pressures generated within the building, was among the first to realize the full extent of the changesp 42 HR 1975
staircase was blocked by a group of local residents -- among them the offensive young orthodontic surgeon who was Robert Laing'sp 51 HR 1975
watched the first of the residents return from their offices. Among them, stepping from her car, was Jane Sheridan. Six monthsp 61 HR 1975
Hundreds of residents jostled against each other, pulling and shoving among the wine-bins and shelves of detergent packs, wire trollies lockedp 62 HR 1975
stretch of steps to the 14th floor, picking his way among the discarded cans and cigarette packs, something moved above hisp 63 HR 1975
Gripping the chromium cane, he left the studio and moved among the tables and armchairs in the thawing-room, each shrouded inp 68 HR 1975
the river during the previous months and begun to congregate among the ventilation shafts and water storage tanks, infesting the tunnelsp 79 HR 1975
gutter below the balustrade. The gulls, heavy wings folded, strutted among the cheese sticks scattered around a cardboard carton. The pottedp 79 HR 1975
the elevator heads. The sense of a renascent barbarism hung among the overturned chairs and straggling palms, the discarded pair ofp 79 HR 1975
reserved for the Alsatian. Royal began to scatter the grains among the concrete tunnels and geometric forms of the play-sculptures. Designingp 80 HR 1975
plumage was a vibrant white. Like birds at dusk waiting among the cornices of a mausoleum, they flicked their wings againstp 85 HR 1975
betrayed landowner descending from his keep to parade his wounds among his rebellious tenants. By the time he reached the 10thp 87 HR 1975
like a beach in a garbage lagoon. A mattress floated among the bottles, surrounded by a swill of cardboard cartons andp 88 HR 1975
a radiologist from the 7th floor had been beaten up among the driers in the hairdressing salon -- but in generalp 91 HR 1975
for Wilder and himself. The real duel would be resolved among the deserted corridors and abandoned apartments of the building insidep 92 HR 1975
for his clan members at that moment fixing their drinks among the plastic rubbish-sacks in his living-room. By the time Croslandp 96 HR 1975
studied casualness. Steele and his hard-faced wife had been standing among the garbage-sacks for some time, keeping an eye on everythingp 97 HR 1975
moved away through the shadows, his small feet stepping deftly among the garbage sacks, the centre parting of hair gleaming inp 98 HR 1975
restrain himself from pencilling the number of his own floor among the numerals, some three feet high, emblazoned across the wallsp 101 HR 1975
across the parking-lot. Hundreds of broken bottles and cans lay among the cars. A health engineer from the central office ofp 102 HR 1975
realities of everyday life, were transmissions from another planet. Squatting among the plastic garbage-sacks, his furniture piled up behind him, Laingp 106 HR 1975
semaphore. Laing slipped in a pool of grease and fell among the swerving shadows. Behind him, an excited woman stepped onp 108 HR 1975
a run for Alice's apartment, Laing saw Richard Wilder standing among the scattered steel chairs. In one hand he still heldp 108 HR 1975
Adrian Talbot's apartment. Here they sat on the living-room floor among the broken tables and the easy chairs with their slashedp 108 HR 1975
hand. The three passengers who stepped out with Wilder vanished among the barricades that lined the dimly lit corridors. When Wilderp 123 HR 1975
at the point of death. There was an unspoken agreement among the residents of the high-rise that their confrontation would bep 126 HR 1975
and corridors, where enclaves of five or six residents squatted among the plastic garbage sacks, inciting each other like wedding guestsp 127 HR 1975
the knowledge that they too will soon be copulating freely among the sweetmeats. At two o'clock Wilder left the Hillmans‘ apartmentp 127 HR 1975
burly man with the exposed loins lying like a savage among her wine bottles, his chest painted with red stripes. Shep 129 HR 1975
from the 38th -- usually lounged about in the corridor among the garbage-sacks, leaning on their spears and keeping an eyep 137 HR 1975
leave him, so much the better. Here in the darkness among the birds, listening to them swoop and cry, the dogsp 139 HR 1975
meteorologist squinted shortsightedly into the torchlight, hoping to recognize someone among those taking part in this revel. Royal knew everyone presentp 141 HR 1975
the gate of the sculpture-garden and moved through the darkness among the statues, releasing, the dogs. One by one they scrambledp 144 HR 1975
faint interior luminosity, hung over the apartment. As he stood among the garbage-sacks in the kitchen, trying to coax a fewp 145 HR 1975
had been doing half an hour earlier, Laing sat down among the empty bottles and refuse on the kitchen floor. Hep 146 HR 1975
voice. Laing went in to see her, picking his way among the piles of kindling he had made from chopped-up furniturep 147 HR 1975
the top-floor apartments. Broken furniture and unravelled recording tape lay among the garbage-sacks piled against the walls. Laing's feet crackled amongp 150 HR 1975
among the garbage-sacks piled against the walls. Laing's feet crackled among the polaroid negatives scattered about the corridor floor, each recordingp 150 HR 1975
watched him read the news on their battery-powered sets, crouching among the garbage-sacks behind their barricades, perhaps still hoping that evenp 151 HR 1975
the pistol, Wilder watched the two women. The mother sat among the cardboard cartons, matter-of-factly bandaging her arm with a stripp 158 HR 1975
and tied in a knot behind her neck. Wilder stopped among the statues, embarrassed that no one had noticed him. Twop 167 HR 1975
way, had appeared by the gate. Others were stepping forward among the sculptures, surrounding Wilder in a loose circle. They seemedp 167 HR 1975
this vertical drama -- a tier of fifteen balconies distributed among five floors, Helen at the centre. Two floors below herp 859 60Z 1976
spread through Africa, South America and the Far East, and among people in all walks of life, from Australian sheep-farmers top 841 LDG 1976
extreme state of alcoholic distress. He began a futile search among the parked airliners for the Trident jet then being preparedp 854 NTM 1976
crowd. Looking down at the spectators with their picnic hampers among the dunes, the officials gazing at the sky from theirp 875 UC 1976
thermals, the first people in the crowd were standing up among their picnic hampers, the officials waving their chequered flags atp 876 UC 1976
the deep water. Already Halloway could see the canyons opening among the office-blocks of the city, an abandoned dream waiting top 876 UC 1976
gardens gave way to uncultivated scrubland. The canals petered out among the sand-hills. Ten miles from the city, by some unwrittenp 877 UC 1976
had dwindled during the previous decades. Halloway's parents had been among the last to leave, abandoning their apartment -- the onlyp 877 UC 1976
he had entered a vast bird-sanctuary. Thousands of starlings clustered among the seats of a deserted sports stadium. Generations of thrushp 879 UC 1976
with his own image, Halloway fell with the broken machine among the cars a hundred feet below. An hour later, Hallowayp 880 UC 1976
the buckling wings, the cockpit of the glider had fallen among the vehicles parked outside the entrance to the office blockp 880 UC 1976
of Garden City with its kindly farmers and engineers. Somewhere among those tall buildings -- on the topmost floor, he wasp 881 UC 1976
sounded faintly through the dark air. Heart racing, Halloway crouched among the cars. Nothing moved across the street. He filled hisp 882 UC 1976
head, waiting to carry him away to some sunlit eyrie among the clouds. The next morning, after an early start, Hallowayp 883 UC 1976
extraordinary vegetation had taken root. Dahlias, marigolds and cosmos flourished among the cracked paving stones and in the ornamental urns outsidep 884 UC 1976
of store window as large as his sailplane's wings, lay among the crushed flowers. Most of the clothing stores that linedp 885 UC 1976
crashed, regretting that he would have to leave the sailplane among these anonymous streets patrolled by this violent machine. Angry withp 885 UC 1976
to the north of the city and made his home among the thousands of cars parked on the runways of thisp 891 UC 1976
the door and tried to calm him. Bizarre messages glimmered among the headlamps as he sank into unconsciousness, the engines ofp 891 UC 1976
and taking him back to his lair, Halloway had moved among the cars, switching off the engines one by one. Whenp 891 UC 1976
office block into which he had crashed. The sailplane lay among the cars, its broken wings stirring in the light airp 894 UC 1976
of brown pin-stripe, her hair in a frizz, moved silently among the flowers in the centre of the memorial, tending thep 899 UC 1976
beads around her wrists, she was placing petunias and nasturtiums among the radiator grilles thirty feet above the ground. During thep 904 UC 1976
each evening, this neon pleasure-drome that had come to life among the silent tower-blocks. An hour after dawn Halloway drove northp 908 UC 1976
the industrial areas to the north-west of the city. Here, among the power stations and railyards, foundries and coal depots, Buckmasterp 914 UC 1976
had helped to stack into their display pyramids, were scattered among the broken glass. Stillman's chauffeur, a black-jacketed youth of sixteenp 917 UC 1976
sunlight, patiently waiting for him to make a mistake. Once, among the lines of hotels, a solitary desk-clerk sat in thep 6 IY1 1976
the coastal hills. In the cooler air, he wandered amicably among these sensitive bowls, as delicate and overstrung as the frayingp 9 IY1 1976
of the dead coast. A dozen replicas drowned beside him among the star-fish in the shallow pools, aeons sifting through gill-slitsp 11 IY1 1976
copulation, when the participants took off their clothes and crawled among each other on the floor, exploring and caressing each other'sp 268 UGM 1977
attention of others -- might be more fairly shared out among the mentally sane caught on in a large way duringp 269 UGM 1977
the stockade was closed and the prisoners scattered at random among the cluster of large camps for families with children inp 926 DT 1977
Japanese and clambered down the bank of the canal. Waist-deep among the corpses, he began to sort them out with hisp 933 DT 1977
climbed on to the back of the truck, and clambered among the bodies piled together. Gazing down at the yellowing facesp 935 DT 1977
only twenty feet away, I lay down in the darkness among the circle of corpses, taking my position between the youngp 937 DT 1977
river. At some time a battle had been fought here among the wharfs and quays of a small Japanese naval airp 937 DT 1977
indicated by the patient by means of diagram slides. Even among married couples the partial exposure of their bodies was ap 948 ICU 1977
mirrors, in the melancholy of eternal car parks. (1) Sears. Among others, the two-inch cleft at his right jaw angle. Thisp 78 IY2 1977
and over-stuffed furnishings. With few exceptions -- Graham Greene pre-eminent among them -- the English novel seems to me to bep 137 UGM 1978
The Body in Question, like Manwatching, will fit in perfectly among the stainless-steel knick-knacks, the inlaid executive bar and the 26-inchp 167 UGM 1978
rectangles of blank skin that formed a fragmented sky. Somewhere among them the elements of the human form still remained, ap 999 MA 1978
expected a wounded Wehrmacht soldier to appear on the roof among the wheeling gulls, a pink blanket around his shoulders. Atp 977 OAU 1978
while the still impoverished and inflation-weary UK will be down among the debris and rocket exhaust with Uganda and the Yemenp 229 UGM 1979
of turning into a witch. I decided to lose myself among the afternoon housewives and catch the first bus back top 35 UDC 1979
the shop-fronts flashed gaudy signs at me. I was moving among these young women with my loins at more than halfp 36 UDC 1979
loins at more than half cock, ready to mount them among the pyramids of detergent packs and free cosmetic offers. Overp 36 UDC 1979
the post office. Father Wingate's voice faded behind me, lost among the car horns and overhead aircraft. Here everything was calmerp 36 UDC 1979
my legs, hopefully leaving their pollen on me. They flowered among the debris of worn tyres and abandoned mattresses. To myp 37 UDC 1979
overstuffed sofa and lay back in the hot sunlight, resting among the reproduction fakes and discount escritoires until I was movedp 39 UDC 1979
conducted between the baseline returns, mate with each of them among the cross-court volleys, mount them as they crouched at thep 48 UDC 1979
file towards a flower-bed freshly dug in a secret arbour among the trees. The good-humoured mongol was in the lead, followedp 49 UDC 1979
broken earth with her quick hands and laid the tulips among the display of daisies and buttercups. I saw then thatp 50 UDC 1979
to my rescue? This group of intelligent people, a doctor among them, had been frozen in their positions on the river-bankp 51 UDC 1979
my own shadow cast through the water! Exhausted, I sat among the oars on the floor of the dinghy. In thep 53 UDC 1979
I swerved across the lawn and chased my moonlit shadow among the flower-beds, touched the water with my talons and sentp 57 UDC 1979
disturbed the night. Pools of water lay in the sunlight among the gravel paths. Along the Shepperton shoreline the leaves ofp 66 UDC 1979
sea was fifty miles away. They dipped their heavy bills among the gladioli, uncertain what they were doing in the groundsp 66 UDC 1979
they were doing in the grounds of this Tudor mansion, among these ornamental trees and flowerbeds. On the beach below mep 66 UDC 1979
gondola of the Ferris wheel lay in the shallow water among the Edwardian pillars. Dislodged by the night's storm, a sectionp 67 UDC 1979
of the merry-go-round with it. A small winged horse lay among the debris on the wet beach. I remembered my dreamp 67 UDC 1979
The heavy gulls stumbled across the decorative tiles, wings flurried among the polished shoes. An embarrassed woman laughed nervously at ap 70 UDC 1979
raven eager to perch on his shoulder. Children ran laughing among the orioles that leapt from their hands, plumage flaming amongp 70 UDC 1979
among the orioles that leapt from their hands, plumage flaming among the television sets and washing machines in the appliance-store windowsp 70 UDC 1979
closed, its doors chained and padlocked. Puzzled, the parishioners stood among the gravestones, prayer-books in hand. The old man raised hisp 71 UDC 1979
itself. As the gulls shrieked and dived the parishioners scattered among the parked cars. When the last of them had gonep 73 UDC 1979
vicarage and strode across to the church. Throwing his cigarette among the gravestones, he nodded to me in a matter-of-fact wayp 73 UDC 1979
Wingate would have liked to wrestle me to the ground among the lurid flowers springing from my heels. He kicked thep 74 UDC 1979
I'll have the roof repaired for you.‘ Father Wingate knelt among the tiles and picked up a bloodied feather. ‘A hugep 77 UDC 1979
etched by the moonlight as I lay on the floor among these specimen cases, listening to the screaming of the birdsp 79 UDC 1979
fish and part bird. The Strangled Starling Vivid blossoms swarmed among the graves, their semen-gorged petals feasting on the sun. Drunkp 81 UDC 1979
timeless dream through the overlit grass. David's broad head drifted among the poppies, square balloon bearing the image of his amiablep 82 UDC 1979
itself, swollen by every sap-filled leaf. Grandly, I lay back among the flowers. As the sun warmed my bruised chest Ip 83 UDC 1979
and appliance stores. Searching for the communion wine, I rooted among the flowers. My hand came up with a feathery pursep 83 UDC 1979
few steps away the three handicapped children watched me from among the poppies. I was drenched in the swat that soakedp 88 UDC 1979
subdued by whatever they had seen. The strangled starling lay among the dead daisies. Jamie turned on his shackles, avoiding myp 88 UDC 1979
leaf and child. My dreams of flying as a bird among birds, of swimming as a fish among fish, were notp 93 UDC 1979
as a bird among birds, of swimming as a fish among fish, were not dreams but the reality of which thisp 93 UDC 1979
All around me the bright flutes poked their blood-tipped spears among the wheels of the parked cars, from my footsteps inp 98 UDC 1979
the vases which I collected for her from a cupboard. Among the patients in the waiting-room, the expectant mothers and infertilep 99 UDC 1979
crowded water, part of my aquatic congregation. Now they sat among my flowers, concerned only with their varicose veins and menopausalp 99 UDC 1979
from the neon sills above the shop-fronts, trailed lazy blooms among the discount offers and bargain slogans. Extraordinary birds crowded thep 105 UDC 1979
waving to the high branches, where some thirty children sat among the macaws and parakeets. The tree had blocked all trafficp 106 UDC 1979
the sun outside the appliance stores, children and birds playing among the cabinets. The manager of the furniture emporium and hisp 106 UDC 1979
at the plundered racks of wedding gowns. As I tottered among the women, a bull played by these female matadors eachp 110 UDC 1979
me and ran off through the crowd, chasing her friends among the washing machines and television sets. Almost swooning, I raisedp 111 UDC 1979
of nothing. I took off my clothes and threw them among the flowers. Behind me, hooves tapped. A fallow deer watchedp 114 UDC 1979
Behind me, hooves tapped. A fallow deer watched me from among the silver birch. As I moved towards it, happy top 114 UDC 1979
crossed the road and entered the empty streets, hooves tapping among the abandoned cars. I paused at their head, excited byp 114 UDC 1979
to take another. Our reflections bucked in the plate-glass windows among the pyramids of cans and appliances, the tableaux of dishwashersp 115 UDC 1979
reached the grave I lay down and hid my antlers among the dead flowers. I Am the Fire When I wokep 116 UDC 1979
brain to catch up with them. Rachel's small features flickered among the dark poppies, a forgotten flame. Now and then Jamiep 117 UDC 1979
by another pilot, that spectral figure I had seen lost among the dead elms. Had I taken his identity, stepping outp 120 UDC 1979
Miriam sat calmly on the scuffed floor, one hand moving among the pieces of broken glass. Under the nursing sister's capep 120 UDC 1979
image. Soon after dawn I stood naked on the lawn among the drowsy pelicans. I had roused myself from a deepp 124 UDC 1979
my breath. I remembered Miriam St Cloud on her knees among the stained-glass fragments, playing too calmly with her puzzle. Leavingp 125 UDC 1979
blossoms sprang through the stones at my feet. I stepped among them and set off towards the town, my swollen penisp 126 UDC 1979
across the flower-beds. Immediately a luxurious tropical vegetation uncoiled itself among the staid tulips, breaking the damp soil. The pale leavesp 126 UDC 1979
in this small riverside town where her pagan god cavorted among the washing-machines and used cars. ‘She's at the clinic. Blakep 132 UDC 1979
carp and trout, Father Wingate sat on a canvas chair among his fossil-hunting gear. Hard at work, he sieved away atp 133 UDC 1979
parties of people were moving through the trees, children raced among the flower-beds, trying to catch the vivid birds. Drawn top 134 UDC 1979
voices of the people outside the clinic, arguing like children among the cars. I wanted them to discover their real powersp 136 UDC 1979
the wallets and cheque-books, then stepped aside with a flourish. Among the scattered coins a peacock appeared and majestically spread hisp 142 UDC 1979
street below, fearful that we would dash ourselves to death among the parked cars. But at the last moment she turnedp 149 UDC 1979
with each other while I stood in the shopping mall among the television sets and bedroom suites. A flock of sparrowsp 154 UDC 1979
swerved in a panic across the pavement and lost herself among the dish-washers and television sets. Before I could help, Davidp 158 UDC 1979
the air behind me, watched by the curious deer feeding among the trees. There were gasps of astonishment when Shepperton fellp 158 UDC 1979
members of my family. Father Wingate stood on the beach among his archaeological specimens, waving his straw hat to encourage mep 158 UDC 1979
sky-bride still wearing her wedding dress, stood on the lawn among the eager pelicans, waiting for me to come down fromp 159 UDC 1979
the inhabitants of a complete town in the waist-high corn among the startled farm-workers. But as I sped northwards through thep 161 UDC 1979
them if they had seen her son and daughter playing among the clouds. But I could hear their faint voices inp 164 UDC 1979
a naked Juno of the dusk, stood outside her bank among the coins reflected in the coloured lights, handing flowers top 169 UDC 1979
and a gleaming pyramid of dish-washers and deep freezers rose among the cages of the aviary. I admired Stark, with hisp 171 UDC 1979
women, I went down to the floor below and waited among the parked cars. ‘Blake ... you'll teach me to fly?‘ Onlyp 172 UDC 1979
mated together, in the leafy bowers that had sprung up among the washing-machines and television sets in the shopping mall, onp 174 UDC 1979
any moment I would leave the car-park, and go down among them, seize them as they cowered in their bedrooms andp 176 UDC 1979
of birds, packs of dogs and small children, deer leaping among the naked throng following the parade of cars. The lightp 180 UDC 1979
air. At the foot of the altar I lay dying among the feathers of my winged head-dress. Above me swayed thep 183 UDC 1979
the death-angel in a film of aerial Armageddon. He stood among the fragments of glass and pointed his rifle at mep 186 UDC 1979
high street, and the wet plumage of slaughtered birds lay among the blood-stained petals. The arms of the banyan tree stillp 187 UDC 1979
Blake! I'll cut your eyes out!‘ A chorus struck up among the appliance islands and bedroom suites. ‘Cut off his handsp 188 UDC 1979
picking at the plumage of the dead macaws that lay among the damp flowers. One by one they drifted off, untilp 190 UDC 1979
day I lay in the tatters of the winged head-dress among the yellowing wreaths at the foot of the war memorialp 191 UDC 1979
damp light, small moons quietly circling each other. They squatted among the dead flowers and macaws, and played with the pennantsp 192 UDC 1979
longer streamed from every leaf. The birds remained silent, hidden among the fading orchids and magnolias, whose petals were now asp 193 UDC 1979
was covered with dying deer. A single stag stood weakly among his exhausted herd. I waited for the police to comep 194 UDC 1979
I had brought to this town. A spaniel bitch appeared among the poppies, then crouched whimpering by the Cessna's propeller. Thep 196 UDC 1979
Away The forest was bright again. Vivid blossoms shone out among the once sombre trees. A familiar light moved through thep 200 UDC 1979
the three children knelt in the grass, their small smiles among the waving poppies. They seemed exhausted but content, tired byp 200 UDC 1979
I went back to them. Kneeling in front of them among the parked cars, I took Jamie's hands. I waited untilp 201 UDC 1979
her lover and her father. Jamie darted between us, swerving among the cars, and then danced around David, who stoically stoodp 202 UDC 1979
the steps to the terrace. One by one I moved among the elderly patients, taking their worn hands. To the oldp 203 UDC 1979
transformed her into her own grand-daughter. David calmly steered me among them as I handed out the gifts of sight andp 204 UDC 1979
from my aerial flesh. I reached the filling-station and rested among the fuel pumps. A scent of tropical blossom bathed myp 205 UDC 1979
the crutch, others followed me silently, through the derelict shrines among the appliance islands, past the used-car lot to the openp 205 UDC 1979
stains of my semen covered the silent glass, pearls cast among the discount offers. As if inflamed by my last flightp 210 UDC 1979
almost white. I walked towards the river, an archangel moving among the mortuary birds, the light from my body flaring againstp 212 UDC 1979
his hands in a gesture of surrender. We grappled briefly among the painted gondolas, Stark's strong arms trying to hold mep 213 UDC 1979
spears as high as my shoulders, running to seed here among the dead. I stood in the doorway and looked downp 215 UDC 1979
can't we stay? It's so beautiful here!‘ We stood arm-in-arm among the brilliant flowers in the churchyard. Laughing to herself, Miriamp 217 UDC 1979
world. Delighted to see me, she stood naked beside me among the headstones. I was glad that she no longer rememberedp 217 UDC 1979
her ear. I wished that I could spend forever here among the flowers with this young woman, dress her hair withp 217 UDC 1979
over a now silent fountain terrace. ‘She seems happier here, among the memories of her father and mother.‘ We were letp 1002 HFF 1980
like a film actress of old, a screen goddess dreaming among her reaction columns and radiation counters. She had snapped outp 15 HA 1981
three long blasts that shattered Wayne's ears. The sounds echoed among the silent skyscrapers, reverberated to and fro across Central Parkp 24 HA 1981
of the two physicists, Ricci and Anne Summers, heads lost among their Geiger counters. But if only they could harness thatp 26 HA 1981
disappeared over the crest of the dune, muffled voice echoing among the office blocks. Within minutes the crew had laid ap 34 HA 1981
approach and then uncoiled itself in the shadows, waiting patiently among the desks like a merciless editor. Rattlesnakes rested in thep 36 HA 1981
floor of a huge department store. Sand lay in drifts among the suites of furniture and barbecue equipment. A tableau familyp 37 HA 1981
Apollo, Wayne set off down the Avenue, picking his way among the cooler hollows and saddles. Already he felt slightly disappointedp 37 HA 1981
stations, government water depots built like blockhouses, gun-slits still visible among the crumbling sandbags. And everywhere, to Wayne's relief, there werep 43 HA 1981
geo-engineering steadily transformed the landscape of the American continent. Chief among them was the damming of the shallow waters of thep 49 HA 1981
hour of leaving New York they had defected, slipping away among the cars and trucks that littered the wadi of thep 53 HA 1981
her mirror in the laboratory, she paraded up and down among the retorts and Geiger counters, inviting the bored Wayne top 55 HA 1981
he looked back at the others, who were now working among the horses and piles of equipment. He realised that hep 59 HA 1981
between the rusting cars parked in its drive, and disappeared among the dusty date palms that leaned against a neon signp 61 HA 1981
States emigrated to Europe. Heinz, Pepsodent, GM and Xerox were among the last remnants of one of the dozen tribes thatp 65 HA 1981
vanished into the night, taking their camels with them: Somewhere among the long desert shadows Wayne caught a glimpse of ap 68 HA 1981
followed by Ricci and Anne Summers. Dozens of nomads squatted among the cactus trees, drawn in some way to the aerialsp 86 HA 1981
drained salt pans. The odd kit fox and kangaroo rat among the desert buttercups, but not a sign of any Indiansp 88 HA 1981
I'm leading the others towards. Anyway, the radio stays here, among the dusty aircraft, even though it means we're now totallyp 92 HA 1981
continent. A terrain of opalised trees and sandy palm-gardens set among endless suburbs and factories, shopping malls and theme parks, allp 94 HA 1981
he had lost his bearings in the theme park. Somewhere among the stage-coaches and collapsed hamburger stands he saw Steiner watchingp 100 HA 1981
sky. When Wayne last saw the Captain he was moving among the tombstones, hands raised to shield his eyes as hep 103 HA 1981
bruised face and a fanatic's staring eyes, a strange psychopath among the Mickey Mouse paraphernalia. There had also been a gloomyp 109 HA 1981
Chrysler, listening to the beat of pistons and valve-gear echo among the dark trees. He was gazing across the forest canopyp 121 HA 1981
moved across the tiers of diners, the headless waiters lying among their trays and glasses. ‘Wayne ... maybe it's time to stopp 128 HA 1981
silent auditorium at the Sahara Hotel, the robot audience collapsed among the tables. Manson sadly shook his head. ‘What a shamblesp 136 HA 1981
less strange than it used to. Crash-landing The giraffe paused among the pools of water in Fremont Street, raised its delicatep 158 HA 1981
gave a last toot on her horn and sped away among the glittering streets. Legs cycling happily, Wayne mounted the airp 165 HA 1981
into a small, shaded car park set out for him among the tree-trunks, but a sombre, magisterial oak strode across thep 166 HA 1981
appeared at the foot of the bed. He stepped nimbly among the Presidents, glancing at each in turn. He muttered top 169 HA 1981
sylphs, wings ringing the sound of bells. The Presidents stood among them, patient would-be pilots sprung from Wayne's dreams of flightp 181 HA 1981
bounced excitedly off its guy-ropes and fell on its back among the staggering Presidents, exploded in a flicker of colliding glassp 184 HA 1981
lost their footing and fell to the floor, legs kicking among the collapsing aircraft. Only Gerald Ford had kept his balancep 185 HA 1981
or admired, had reached rock-bottom. Groups of nervous teenagers hid among the fruit machines in the hotel foyers, crouched under thep 190 HA 1981
legs at Paco's head. The pistol fell to the floor among the tangle of television cables. Wayne threw aside the chairp 219 HA 1981
by their physical resemblance. Raising the pistol, Manson backed away among the television screens, trying to draw their light on top 226 HA 1981
away into the casino. Soldiers in full combat gear moved among the blackjack tables, weapons pointed at Wayne's head. Wayne, stumbledp 227 HA 1981
Golden Nugget. In the now silent streets small flames wandered among the burnt-out jeeps and half-tracks. Las Vegas was deserted, apartp 229 HA 1981
they swept down, the young pilots jockeyed their delicate craft among the burnt-out jeeps and half-tracks, careful not to dash thep 233 HA 1981
half-tracks, careful not to dash the glass aeroplanes to pieces among the silver dollars and cartridge cases. Dr Fleming rode atp 233 HA 1981
arms and lifted him into a passenger seat. He hung among the silver wires, plaster leg dangling, and set off intop 234 HA 1981
the old man broke away from her and tottered off among the mirrors, his clenched fists pummelling the air. Seeing himp 1013 NFS 1981
Franklin nodded, watching the plane disappear towards Las Vegas, lost among the hotel towers. ‘He was a trainee astronaut once. Myp 1014 NFS 1981
the vast hotels, and wander for hours through the shadows among the drained swimming pools. This city of spent dreams, whichp 1020 NFS 1981
neon sign. Not far away, a strong-hipped young woman stood among the dusty pool-furniture, her statuesque figure transformed by the fuguep 1021 NFS 1981
streets. Silver coils spun away over his head and disappeared among the hotels, a glistening flight path that he could almostp 1022 NFS 1981
As he reached the parking lot, searching for his car among the maze of diagonal lines, the desert landscape around thep 1029 NFS 1981
sky. The sky was filled with winged men. Franklin stood among the mirrors, as the aircraft multiplied in the air andp 1036 NFS 1981
pediment carried the chromium roof -- it had suddenly materialized among the palms and tropical oaks, more unreal than any filmp 1061 MNF 1982
in the high-chrome luxury of their Airstream trailer, as incongruous among the pine cones and silver birch as this latter-day fragmentp 1061 MNF 1982
the motel, hiding behind the largest sunglasses he could find among the hundreds that littered the floor of the swimming poolp 1062 MNF 1982
to the safety of the jungle canopy, banking the Cessna among the huge flocks of flamingos and orioles that scattered outp 1062 MNF 1982
Sheppard turned away for another circuit, and lost his bearings among the maze of inlets and concrete causeways that lay beneathp 1063 MNF 1982
He would go out into the noon glare and wander among the deserted office blocks, striking stylized poses in the silentp 1068 MNF 1982
cars, and the occasional tramp wandered like a schizophrenic Crusoe among the wild palms and tamarinds. Long-retired engineers from the Spacep 1070 MNF 1982
feet. Already he was sure that he would find Martinsen among the derelict speedboats, ravelling in whatever ambiguous message he hadp 1072 MNF 1982
of which sheared from his shoulder when he trapped himself among the palms. He vanished into the forest, still leaping upp 1073 MNF 1982
He was sitting on the floor of the drained pool among the broken sunglasses, his back to the high wall ofp 1078 MNF 1982
hours through his stop-frame focus, as if he would find among these images an anatomical door, one of the keys inp 1078 MNF 1982
a cloud of leaves, sending a glimmer of light reverberating among the trees. Almost at once there was a flurry ofp 1080 MNF 1982
of the forest had fused together. A long-tailed parakeet paused among the branches over his head, an electric emblem of itselfp 1081 MNF 1982
beach-houses and motels of Cocoa Beach. A derelict hotel sat among the trees, its gates collapsed across the drive, Spanish mossp 1044 MSA 1982
co-pilot, a research physicist who was then the token civilian among the astronauts. Mallory remembered how he had instinctively disliked Hintonp 1048 MSA 1982
stinging the open wounds under his shirt. As he peered among the struts Hinton seized his arm and lifted him ontop 1050 MSA 1982
of a rotor blade across the sun. As they crouched among the television sets it passed above their heads. An antiquep 1058 MSA 1982
into life, propelled the tiny aircraft in a scurrying arc among the burning wrecks, setting off the Spad and Bleriot beforep 1059 MSA 1982
jewellery on the cathedral steps and the Chinese beggars resting among the gravestones. The commentator's voice still boomed inside his headp 13 ES 1984
force him out of the car's way, and then vanished among the wheels of the pedicabs and rickshaws, confident in hisp 22 ES 1984
day, feel the enormous Webley revolver press against his thigh. Among the shirts in his father's wardrobe Jim had found ap 22 ES 1984
through the checkpoint? There were Kuomintang and communist spies everywhere among the Chinese. Jim felt sorry for the peasant woman, whosep 23 ES 1984
them were groups of other soldiers, their heads barely visible among the nettles and wild sugar-cane. An entire company of Japanesep 33 ES 1984
the balsa aircraft from the barbed wire and threw it among the nettles. ‘Jamie, it's time for the fireworks ...‘ His fatherp 34 ES 1984
centre of the river and cut their engines. They wallowed among the paper flowers and old packing cases. A motorized junkp 41 ES 1984
the ground by a coolie striding past. He lay stunned among the pounding feet, expecting the bare-chested Chinese to come backp 45 ES 1984
of military police stepped from the landing stage and walked among them. Captain Polkinhorn, wounded in the head, and his firstp 51 ES 1984
in full uniform, scabbard held in his gloved hand, moved among the injured and exhausted men, peering at each in turnp 51 ES 1984
The Japanese corporal stared at Jim, crouching in his pyjamas among the cigarette ends. He slammed the door, and Jim heardp 55 ES 1984
through the checkpoint. As he guessed, his pursuer had vanished among the beggars and loitering rickshaw coolies on the French sidep 60 ES 1984
A Japanese half-track had entered Amherst Avenue, its crew standing among their radio aerials. They moved along the centre of thep 61 ES 1984
door into the drawing-room. Standing on the pedals, he zigzagged among the armchairs and tables, lost his balance and fell onp 67 ES 1984
head of the queue, but now they took their turn among the rickshaw coolies and peasants pushing handcarts. Gripping his cyclep 69 ES 1984
pond. The smell of bean curd and spiced noodles drifted among the disrobing nymphs. During the first week Jim was freep 74 ES 1984
yards away the corpse of a young Chinese woman floated among the sampans, heels rotating around her head as if unsurep 90 ES 1984
and shook his head at the hungry prisoners. They shuffled among the teak benches of the cinema, sat down and staredp 116 ES 1984
important it was to be obsessed by food. Shared equally among the prisoners, their daily rations were not enough to keepp 119 ES 1984
riddled the clinkers from the fire-box. The new arrivals wandered among the benches and took their seats facing the empty cinemap 123 ES 1984
amusement. Jim laughed with them, well aware that only he, among the British prisoners, appreciated the joke. Basie ventured a waryp 135 ES 1984
thinking, Jim waved to him, but the pilot was lost among the propellers. Two miles ahead, beyond an empty village andp 140 ES 1984
of the massive forts built out of thousands of sandbags among the burial mounds. It disappointed Jim that none of hisp 150 ES 1984
his mother. The camp was filled with families, and somewhere among the strolling couples might be his parents. He peered atp 153 ES 1984
of the ceramics works. Were his mother and father hiding among the kilns? Perhaps, like the British camp leaders, they wantedp 155 ES 1984
sun's spotlights shining through its open hatches. The trenches hunted among the burial mounds, a maze lost within itself. Beyond thep 156 ES 1984
had been no match for the Japanese. Was it here, among the burial mounds, that the American aircraft waited before takingp 156 ES 1984
the edge of a pit that had been freshly dug among the nettles. Their boots and the ground at their feetp 159 ES 1984
war. After crossing the parade ground, the Japanese soldiers disappeared among the lines of ragged washing between the barrack huts. Jimp 166 ES 1984
Without thinking, he had removed his shoes and hidden them among the graves in the hospital cemetery. Jim and Mr Maxtedp 179 ES 1984
Force. Scores of rusting aircraft sat on their flattened undercarriages among the trees, or lay in the banks of nettles wherep 187 ES 1984
the clouds. Already gangs of Chinese scrap-dealers were at work among the derelict planes. With the tireless ability of the Chinesep 187 ES 1984
The men carried baskets of stones from the trucks parked among the bomb craters. A steamroller moved to and fro, mannedp 188 ES 1984
anti-aircraft fire had ceased. A second parachutist was coming down among the canals to the west of the airfield. A stenchp 193 ES 1984
almost swooning before the image of this archangelic figure fallen among the paddies. Jim stood to attention, pretending to be weakp 201 ES 1984
Okinawa. One day Jim would become a wounded pilot, fallen among the burial mounds and armoured pagodas. Pieces of his flyingp 201 ES 1984
over his eyes and followed the plane until it vanished among the clouds. None of the Japanese at Lunghua Airfield hadp 204 ES 1984
behind the driving cabin of the truck, their thighs lost among the sacks of potatoes and cracked wheat. However, as hep 222 ES 1984
of the war, all right ...‘ Basie hid the sweet potato among the saucepans under his bunk. He rummaged among the shoesp 225 ES 1984
sweet potato among the saucepans under his bunk. He rummaged among the shoes and tennis racquets and then produced a copyp 225 ES 1984
siren blast signalled an altogether different display. Four Japanese soldiers, among them Private Kimura, emerged from the guardhouse. They surrounded ap 227 ES 1984
the entire worldly possessions of this illiterate coolie. He sat among the grains of rice scattered on the ground, and beganp 228 ES 1984
fixed bayonet, and a canvas pannier holding his personal kit. Among the straw mats and kendo armour there were two baseballp 230 ES 1984
to the prisoners resting outside the barrack huts, excitedly jumped among the graves in the hospital cemetery when the American aircraftp 232 ES 1984
feed filled with weevils and rat droppings. Fights broke out among the prisoners queuing for their small ration. Irritated by thep 234 ES 1984
Maxted, who had volunteered to collect the daily ration, were among the few not to have planned ahead. Jim sat onp 234 ES 1984
wheat might materialize under the legs of the water-tower, or among the graves in the cemetery. Once Mr Maxted caught Jimp 234 ES 1984
standing in the last of the three trucks, swaying unsteadily among the patients on their stretchers. Jim thought of his Latinp 246 ES 1984
crossed the bridge, and he could see Dr Ransome moving among his patients with a small child in his arms. Itsp 248 ES 1984
soldiers moved along the bank, rifles slung while they stepped among the resting prisoners. Would they later help Mrs Philips andp 250 ES 1984
last truck, his back to the driver's cabin, feet hidden among the packed bodies. Seeing Jim, he gripped the side barp 253 ES 1984
bombed staff cars, gypsies about to make a new life among these partly dismantled vehicles. But Jim looked down at thep 253 ES 1984
at this huge stricken plane, and sat beside Mr Maxted among the press of bodies in the dusk. Hunger numbed himp 254 ES 1984
mole, and stirred the corpses of the Japanese sailors lying among the reeds fifty yards from where Jim was crouching. Undeterredp 255 ES 1984
the old days, Jim.‘ Jim watched Mr Maxted sink back among the exhausted prisoners. He had made his last effort top 256 ES 1984
of Shanghai. The noiseless glimmer of the night raids, somewhere among the Japanese naval bases at the mouth of the Yangtzep 259 ES 1984
on the grass like battlefield casualties. The Japanese soldiers strolled among them, as if searching for a lost ball, uninterested inp 264 ES 1984
seemed to reach beyond the sky. Jim paused to rest among the terraces of looted furniture. He sat on a straight-backedp 272 ES 1984
The women sat on the grass, quietly straightening their hair among the bodies of their former friends while a few ofp 272 ES 1984
light-filled tunnel. Groups of British men and women were wandering among the tanks and burnt-out trucks in the parking lot. Theyp 276 ES 1984
a planet discarded by war. Jim followed the verge, stepping among the broken clogs and rags of clothing left by thep 277 ES 1984
world of mud. On the slopes of a water-filled tank-trap, among the tyres and ammunition boxes, lay the body of ap 277 ES 1984
the bombed hangars and workshops. A few Japanese mechanics wandered among the wreckage, but the Chinese scrap-dealers had yet to arrivep 278 ES 1984
unknown Japanese woman on the Mitsubishi assembly line. Jim wandered among the stricken planes, which seemed to float on their greenp 279 ES 1984
decomposing body of a Chinese coolie lying in the sugar-cane among the fuel tanks and engine blocks. The flies hovered aroundp 280 ES 1984
before he had to lie down for the last time among the derelict aircraft, Jim stepped through the sugar-cane into thep 283 ES 1984
cone and scattered its contents over the ground. Jim crawled among the cans, wiping his eyes so that he could readp 284 ES 1984
the spray kicked up by his frantic heels, he disappeared among the grave mounds and clumps of sugar-cane. Jim crouched byp 285 ES 1984
the clump of wild rice and returned to his hiding-place among the derelict aircraft. Quickly, without bothering to wash his handsp 286 ES 1984
China through its mouth. Feasting on the magazines, Jim drowsed among the flies and vomit. Trying not to be outdone byp 287 ES 1984
regarded Europeans and Americans. They walked swiftly and soon vanished among the trees. Jim stepped over the perimeter wire, searching forp 290 ES 1984
covered with dirt and refuse. Japanese calendars and documents lay among the empty Lucky Strike cartons, spent ammunition clips and thep 295 ES 1984
of meat and coffee, chocolates and cigarettes. Lieutenant Price hovered among them, the bones in his shoulders shaking like castanets. Hep 297 ES 1984
ward. He set out for the kitchen garden. He walked among the fading plants, wondering whether to water them, and pluckedp 303 ES 1984
runway. Four hundred yards away, the young Japanese pilot walked among the derelict aircraft. Bamboo stick in hand, he searched thep 304 ES 1984
was out of the way, a spectre hunting other spectres among the burial mounds, Tulloch was prepared to admit Jim top 306 ES 1984
this dead Japanese airman, floating face down in the canal among the Mustang drop-tanks, unsettled Jim as much as the bodiesp 307 ES 1984
from his lungs through an open hatch. Jim hung back among the lines of trucks, thinking of Mr Maxted. Was hep 313 ES 1984
Jim reached the culvert he found the truck standing alone among the anti-tank embankments. On the ground beside the passenger doorp 315 ES 1984
of his head, and hurled him to the floor. Sitting among the cartons of cigarettes, Jim felt the blood run fromp 316 ES 1984
hour of his capture by the bandits, Jim was crawling among the burial mounds that overlooked a village near Hungjao, sentp 320 ES 1984
on to the Reader's Digest in his hand, he waited among the rotting coffins until the shooting subsided and the banditsp 320 ES 1984
and set out towards the river Jim imagined his photograph among the pictures of Tiger tanks and US Marines. He hadp 324 ES 1984
issue of Life, when they would recognize their son's face among the admirals and generals ... They were passing the eastern perimeterp 324 ES 1984
Basie pushed Jim aside and pointed to the derelict aircraft among the trees. ‘There's a Jap pilot over there -- nop 324 ES 1984
he saw the pallid face of the young pilot, lost among the upended wings and fuselages. ‘He's a hashi-crashi,‘ Jim saidp 324 ES 1984
him. He reached the foot of the embankment and crouched among the clumps of wild rice. He wiped the blood fromp 326 ES 1984
of the two gunboats fired a second shell, which exploded among the grey-tiled rooftops, sending up a shower of debris. Immediatelyp 327 ES 1984
On the road approaching the hamlet dozens of villagers lay among their bundles and bed-rolls, as if the inhabitants of thisp 328 ES 1984
time Basie seemed lost for an answer. He lay back among the wooden sleepers, and then pointed to the north andp 329 ES 1984
the last of the communist units which still hung on among the ruins of the Pootung warehouses. On the mole, thep 330 ES 1984
least three Nationalist armies were closing around the city, jockeying among themselves for control of the airfields, dockyards and railway linesp 331 ES 1984
the Bund ... When Basie and the men had gone, vanishing among the ruined warehouses on the quay, Jim studied the magazinesp 332 ES 1984
perimeter fence, and moved through the derelict aircraft that lay among the trees. Their fuselages had wept rivers of rust inp 334 ES 1984
with one hand, but on the second throw lost it among the reeds. Hunting about in the thick grass, he atp 335 ES 1984
from his infected gums. It fell like a depth charge among the fish, driving them into a frenzy of panic. Withinp 335 ES 1984
dissolving pus. Losing interest in the fish, Jim stretched out among the reeds and studied the advertisements in his magazine. Hep 335 ES 1984
west of the camp three Chinese stood with their hoes among the eroded coffins, the first of those aggrieved by thep 341 ES 1984
the gaudy night. Thousands of Chinese filled the concourse, jostling among the trams and limousines, the jeeps and trucks of thep 345 ES 1984
Yangtze, only to be swept back by the incoming tide among the quays and mud-flats, driven once again to the shoresp 351 ES 1984
an assault, but then caught sight of the Sotheby's catalogue among my spilled papers, and the reproduction of mother's Samuel Palmerp 1091 OOA 1984
mediocrity.. . Giving up, I left Copacabana Avenue and took refuge among the tables of a small cafe in a side-street: Itp 1106 MWM 1985
stores. Alone now after his brief fame, the American sat among the empty glasses, counting the money he had collected. Thep 1107 MWM 1985
I'm staying a few minutes‘ walk from here.‘ He waited among the tables, staring across the street. Seeing the passers-by throughp 1111 MWM 1985
opened the lid and lifted out a bundle of magazines. Among them were loose pages torn from Life and Newsweek, andp 1111 MWM 1985
the Dream Salvador Dali: The Surrealist Jester Meryle Secrest Alone among the great surrealists, Salvador Dali has remained faithful to theirp 99 UGM 1986
of nuclear Armageddon prompted a cluster of remarkable science-fiction movies, among them Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Them!, The Day thep 17 UGM 1987
cartridge case and the lens cover of a cine-camera lay among the clouding film strips gathered from the beach. Together thesep 8 DC 1987
looted radios and cassette players strung around the gunmen's necks among their grenades and ammunition pouches. There was a bellow fromp 10 DC 1987
girl in an over-large camouflage jacket forced me to kneel among the debris of beer bottles, cigarette packs and French pornographicp 11 DC 1987
dying leaves blanched by the sun, the huge trees slumped among the stony sand-bars, tilting memorials in a valley of bonesp 12 DC 1987
assumption that I had contrived this exercise in summary justice, among the beer cans and pornographic magazines on this deserted beachp 14 DC 1987
of the looted Toyota showrooms, Harare stood with his bodyguard among the slashed petrol pumps, his feet shifting suspiciously through thep 15 DC 1987
damage after childhood meningitis. Only the twelve-year-old squatting behind me among the beer bottles and aerosol cans seemed to remain alertp 21 DC 1987
a pacifier given to a difficult child. Watching her stumble among the beer bottles on the beach, face emptied of allp 23 DC 1987
into the rear seat of the jeep, where I sat among the field radios and ammunition boxes. ‘I'm talking about somethingp 28 DC 1987
I could see the sections of a small satellite dish among the grain sacks. Electronic equipment, lights and reels of wirep 32 DC 1987
back, a mirror was forming. All morning, as I worked among the packing cases in the looted clinic, I was awarep 41 DC 1987
mirage along the shore, the same illusory forest that hung among the clouds of mother-of-pearl. Then, as I touched the lake-bedp 46 DC 1987
canopy, I had strayed from the forest road. I blundered among the ferns and palmettos and fell to my knees inp 48 DC 1987
his shoulder, throwing pebbles into the shallow brook that ran among the tree stumps and hillocks of the waste ground. Hep 49 DC 1987
water, beer cans and aerosol cylinders. A steady current moved among the mounds of earth, flowing from a secondary source inp 49 DC 1987
the heavier undergrowth. Narrower here, the stream had concealed itself among the overhanging branches that thrust themselves against my chest. Ip 52 DC 1987
Too startled to run, I saw a small figure crouching among the tamarinds, head hidden by the fronds that thrashed itsp 52 DC 1987
rush towards the waiting lake. The pools of standing water among the hillocks had been drawn into the main channel. Thep 53 DC 1987
dust. Sanger stood by his makeshift television station, almost alone among his cameras and antennae. Ignoring him, I set off alongp 53 DC 1987
workers had been obliterated by the strong channel that flowed among the trees, and which each day seemed to place itsp 58 DC 1987
a miniature wilderness where I had played as a boy among tomato and cucumber frames overgrown with wild sugarcane. Rats andp 59 DC 1987
from her vantage point beside the oak piles. She danced among the heavy logs, ready to skip out of their wayp 73 DC 1987
and I caught a last glimpse of Miss Matsuoka stumbling among them, face stunned and hair dishevelled, the flying suit tornp 75 DC 1987
their way by the voices of these invisible women playing among their beds. For three weeks I had rested on thep 76 DC 1987
behind the house. The large pools of water that lay among the vegetable beds had coalesced into a stream ten feetp 91 DC 1987
cathedral drowning itself before me. I sat in the stern among the flares and ammunition boxes, enjoying the cool rainbows thatp 92 DC 1987
river had been born. Washed by the current, it lay among the drifting logs and tree trunks, not far from thep 95 DC 1987
I looked down into the internal courtyard of the barracks. Among the military stores, bales of barbed wire, and chickens inp 96 DC 1987
squad of soldiers from the orderly room, where they lounged among their weapons, picking their teeth and playing with each othersp 98 DC 1987
ferry's lace-like wake, his eyes lit by the flames playing among the broken glass and the pieces of dried carp. Hisp 103 DC 1987
The flight from Lake Kotto had been a dangerous scramble among the sand-banks and islands of waterlogged trees at the mouthp 106 DC 1987
and military passes, together with a display of sun-bleached pin-ups. Among the rubbish on the floor lay a Renault road-map datingp 110 DC 1987
a professional dedication to good works, that is more common among physicians than their patients realize. My sense of failure andp 112 DC 1987
I saw a rocky burn bubbling from a remote cavern among the peaks. I would use the last of the fuelp 112 DC 1987
passenger seat of the limousine, Noon sat on the deck among the scattered cassettes. I switched off the engine and steppedp 119 DC 1987
glade towards the beach. Hearing my breath, she saw me among the spears of bamboo, standing naked with my paint-reddened armsp 121 DC 1987
the sunlight as his buffed leather boots picked their way among the upturned ore-buckets, clearly concerned with more important matters thanp 125 DC 1987
tried to pull him towards the passenger door. Head ducking among the waves, he was carried along below the cloud ofp 128 DC 1987
glass from the wheelhouse, I fell asleep on the mattress among the oil drums, while Noon sat in the front seatp 136 DC 1987
blossom over the shrubs and saplings, perching the colourful birds among the fragrant nectaries. Even Noon was impressed by the transformationp 140 DC 1987
the sloping ground, following the stream. I stumbled, and slid among the dry stones and remnants of bone. Far from formingp 144 DC 1987
the wadi, the water raced down the slope, tumbling cheerfully among the dust and bones. At dusk I was forced top 145 DC 1987
the overhanging fan-palms. At dawn Noon watched us go, standing among the sections of film equipment like the adolescent curator ofp 151 DC 1987
suspect, assuming a remarkably developed taste for the home movie among Kagwa's illiterate rural policemen ... ‘Mallory --?‘ As we slid fromp 156 DC 1987
we tied up alongside the ferry I could see her among the cabinets and control panels stacked beside the Mercedes, playingp 159 DC 1987
the more primitive world of the amphibians and raptors hunting among the walls of reeds that stood like bronze spears inp 171 DC 1987
lagoon, in some way reading the scents of fresh water among the screaming birds. At the mouth of the channel, wherep 171 DC 1987
filled with spent cartridge cases, ragged rubber boots. I searched among the debris, hoping to find a single round for thep 172 DC 1987
eastern shore was barely visible through the haze, lost somewhere among the reed-islands and sand-bars. Pulled by the propeller, the ferryp 181 DC 1987
film equipment. His face masked by the sunglasses, he poked among the lights and monitors, nostrils flicking at the passing airp 184 DC 1987
inlet. There, on the cool banks beside a drowning pool, among the lilies and the tamarinds, we would come together, deepp 185 DC 1987
clung to the helm. And so the fever-boat sailed on among the dreaming fish and the giddy birds ... ‘Mal!‘ The ferryp 185 DC 1987
deckchair, and sat with a canvas bag across his legs. Among the tape-recorders and aerosols of mosquito repellent he had foundp 188 DC 1987
sounds of the helicopter, Sanger moved forward, hand over hand among the empty fuel drums. Noon sat circumspectly in the Mercedesp 188 DC 1987
botany to himself. Sanger had reached the television screens, marooned among the silent pieces of an electronic chessboard. His free handp 189 DC 1987
drums and backed into the circle of television monitors. Kneeling among the silent screens, I waited for Sanger to lose hisp 189 DC 1987
feet to the cluster of fuel drums, and waited there among the barred shadows. I backed against the metal cabinets, myp 189 DC 1987
a few cartridges that would fit the Lee-Enfield rifle. But among the mosquito creams and vitamin capsules were a half-empty flaskp 190 DC 1987
me, her feet limping across the deck as she retreated among the cases of film equipment. Faint with hunger, I swayedp 193 DC 1987
fountain of a celestial swimming-pool. Their breasts played like porpoises among the waves, and the foam leapt between their welcoming thighsp 194 DC 1987
head, dislodging a plaster nipple that burst on the floor among the empty lipsticks and faded film magazines. The pair ofp 196 DC 1987
western bank of the lagoon, I sat with Mrs Warrender among the salvaged lanterns. ‘I'll want to leave soon,‘ I toldp 204 DC 1987
by the dense papyrus grass. Mrs Warrender's pale face swayed among her lanterns. She picked at her lips, watching the creekp 206 DC 1987
lagoon beyond, at the silent walls of grass. Death hid among the tall palisades, gateways into a labyrinth that ended atp 211 DC 1987
light of their own. A lantern fell to the deck among the restaurant tables. Startled by the breaking glass, the womenp 212 DC 1987
to the lagoon. An hour later, after threading our way among the creeks and waterways, we at last reached the mainp 217 DC 1987
wary inspection, they turned back and moved upstream, soon lost among the sand-bars and rock spits. I left the car andp 218 DC 1987
ran up the hillside to the silent lift towers, standing among the trees like signal pylons. Still struck by the beautyp 220 DC 1987
had taken place, that an illicit prize was being hoarded among the rows of banana plants, was reinforced by the listlessp 223 DC 1987
rubble bank. A dead snake lay in the shallows, hidden among the rotting timbers and the oil leaking from the bilgesp 231 DC 1987
increase in the cultivated land, but to a fierce competition among the ditch and reservoir builders. Networks of irrigation channels ranp 233 DC 1987
or banana plant was to benefit. Elaborate rituals sprang up among these debilitated people to celebrate the transfer and barter ofp 234 DC 1987
raft, was a dead coucal, its blackened plumage barely visible among the oil-covered reeds and rotting vegetation. I hated to seep 237 DC 1987
ridge-line, capturing the conveyor system of the mining company. Somewhere among the rock slopes Harare would be trying to rally hisp 240 DC 1987
The widows‘ ship was now berthed only fifty yards away, among the village of small craft which had taken refuge againstp 243 DC 1987
reflected in the empty bottles that lay on the deck among the broken glasses and cigarette packets. Floating on the poolsp 244 DC 1987
screen above the bar. I stood in the harsh light among the empty bottles. Sensing the patterns of my feet, Sangerp 246 DC 1987
at their table, I saw that another figure had appeared among the ghostly lanterns. One of Mrs Warrender's youngest girls, somep 248 DC 1987
my cabin, feeling the imprint of a young woman's body among the stains of fever that soaked the mattress. I couldp 253 DC 1987
to the deck. Smoke swirled across the dance floor, uncoiling among the restaurant tables. Swaying there, I braced myself with thep 255 DC 1987
the metal salts in the mural pigments, the flames darted among the tables, gaudy geysers of zinc and copper light, asp 255 DC 1987
The Diana sank in the shallows, its fuel oil burning among hundreds of floating beer bottles. Above it the right breastp 256 DC 1987
forward, as if offering its riches to the men fighting among themselves in the pit below. Then the barrage exploded. Itp 256 DC 1987
light. Already a few crows picked at the bodies, moving among them like members of a burial party. The small farmsp 258 DC 1987
its exhaust plume winding towards us like a hairless boa among the sand-bars and gravel cliffs of the drained river. Thep 265 DC 1987
the helicopter's engine, the report of the rifle shot rolled among the hills, hunting the valleys among the abandoned mine shaftsp 267 DC 1987
the rifle shot rolled among the hills, hunting the valleys among the abandoned mine shafts. Kagwa lay dying among the deadp 267 DC 1987
the valleys among the abandoned mine shafts. Kagwa lay dying among the dead rats and truck tyres on the oily beachp 267 DC 1987
soft putter of the outboard as I steered the raft among the rocks. When we swung outwards into the faster waterp 271 DC 1987
the raft, he had come down from the ferry, tottering among the debris of the crumbling barrage, shouting and arguing withp 273 DC 1987
to pull him on to the beach and leave him among the truck tyres and dead rats. Then I saw Mrsp 274 DC 1987
We had spent the dawn in a frozen sleep, adrift among the islands of mud. As the air cleared we wokep 279 DC 1987
islands of water lay in the sand-pits. The Mallory moved among the dunes, a faint thread only a few inches deepp 282 DC 1987
silence of the valley floor I heard Noon's footsteps fade among the caking hills. Losing my bearings, I climbed to thep 282 DC 1987
footprints vanished into the sand. For an hour I blundered among the hills, calling out her name as the lake-bed driedp 282 DC 1987
Los Angeles offer a romanticized vision of that latter-day Samarkand among the freeways. In many respects, Hockney performs the role todayp 62 UGM 1988
of the local wine merchants which the police have parked among the ornamental trees on the grass verge. The driver, ap 8 RW 1988
leading to the estate, and there were people actually perched among the branches of the poplars, some with sheets around themp 24 RW 1988
hero) had heard what seemed to be a cat hissing among the mailbags in the skip. Trying to rescue the strayp 36 RW 1988
benefit of visitors. However, the final version that secretly circulated among the children was very different. This carried the identical jovialp 55 RW 1988
crashes, electric chairs and concentration-camp mass graves. Scattered at random among the scenes of their parents, this atrocity footage transformed thep 56 RW 1988
shotgun, which he carries back to the house and hides among the golf clubs in his bedroom closet. He then returnsp 70 RW 1988
steps into the flower bed, but Alexander shoots him down among the flame-tipped cannas. Still ignoring everything except the numbness inp 76 RW 1988
by the balustrade with the pump-action shotgun he had hidden among his golf clubs. 8:29 a.m. Also puzzled byp 77 RW 1988
idea that the war had ever begun, a common failure among the public at large, as I realised over the nextp 1122 WW3 1988
responded to the stirring sight of these marching men. Then, among the Medal of Honor holders, I noticed a dishevelled youngp 1122 WW3 1988
spent his time sketching them in the boulevards and cafes. Among these drawings a figure appeared who would dominate the paintingsp 67 UGM 1989
kept their distance. My own parents in the 1980s were among the last generation to marry without any fear of whatp 1125 LCC 1989
more than a million expatriates had settled in permanent exile among the hotels and apartment complexes of the Mediterranean. By summerp 1140 LTP 1989
damaging the imminent summer tourist trade. The lawyers and accountants among the exiles, all far more educated and intelligent than theirp 1141 LTP 1989
the stairs, concerned that he too might lose his way among those vast rooms. Sadly, my attempt to warn him camep 1137 TES 1989
with rubble, but a few tamarinds and exotic ferns survived among the furniture thrown down from the upper balconies. For ap 1145 WF 1989
people had lived in Beirut. His own grandparents had been among them, some of the many Americans who had resigned theirp 1147 WF 1989
of the city was endlessly redrawn by opportunist deals struck among the local commanders -- a jeep bartered for a truckloadp 1148 WF 1989
Office. Children had emerged from their basement hideaways and played among the burnt-out cars. Many of the women guerrillas had exchangedp 1153 WF 1989
a devious scheme in which Ryan had exploited his contacts among the young ...? They passed through the second of the perimeterp 1155 WF 1989
boxes of grenades and mortar bombs. A UN sergeant moved among this mountain of weaponry, marking items on a list likep 1156 WF 1989
up in their Hollywood pools, with not a tragic shudder among them, and the huge fees they receive, often for scriptsp 3 UGM 1990
had been no more than a few stunted palms growing among the collapsed army huts and water-tanks buried in the dunesp 1162 DCG 1990
rolled into Captain Galloway's bunk, made a space for himself among the empty bottles and slept his first dreamless sleep. ‘Heyp 1165 DCG 1990
lady biologist bearing his child. He spotted a plastic cooler among the scientific equipment. ‘Christine -- you've brought me ice-cream ...‘ ‘Ofp 1168 DCG 1990
Mercedes look, simultaneously aggressive and defensive, like German medieval armour, among the most dark and paranoid I have ever seen. Onp 97 CRAa 1990
reportedly flown from Guam. Pacific islands with their silent airstrips among the palm trees, Wake Island above all, have a potentp 33 AWa 1990
first anomaly, a huge billboard that carried my own name, among others. Identical billboards reared over the city, even looking downp 35 AWa 1990
were the scenes shot near Shepperton, using extras recruited from among my neighbors, many of whom have part-time jobs at thep 11 AEa 1990
figures in this book -- Marilyn Monroe, Reagan, Jackie Kennedy among others. A unique collision of private and public fantasy tookp 16 AEa 1990
and the many ambiguities surrounding the former film actor were among the book's formative influences. This second piece is less ap 119 WW3a 1990
of a much more pragmatic stamp, bureaucrats rather than mythologisers (among the latter I would include Thatcher, Kennedy, Churchill and Rooseveltp 119 WW3a 1990
Velvet on New York's Channel 23. The last must be among the most reductive of all films, featuring a bed, ap 74 THFa 1990
was charged with selling obscene material -- Burroughs and Bataille among others, if I remember, and my Reagan piece, which wasp 105 WIWa 1990
Dead," one comes across an extraordinary parade of ultra-modern bungalows among the graves and tombs, with white walls and wrought ironp 41 YCMa 1990
films with contemporary settings -- Drunken Angel and Stray Dog, among others -- bleak visions of post-war criminality that draw onp 26 UGM 1991
she enjoyed affairs with a succession of Hollywood's leading men, among them Robert Walker and Peter Lawford, who particularly prized herp 34 UGM 1991
hillside in Mexico, where he was building a jungle Xanadu among the snakes and parrots. Unhappily for his long-time admirers, Jamesp 70 UGM 1991
oriental farrago of inscrutable mandarins, dragon ladies and sinister pagodas, among the department stores and art deco cinemas of the realp 77 UGM 1991
of god-like figures who existed on the astral plane alone. Among these were the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spiderman and, strangestp 77 UGM 1991
ills could be cured. By placing his great religious tableaux among its calm lanes and thatched houses he was in nop 102 UGM 1991
charm, amiability and irrepressible good nature, qualities (none too prevalent among writers) which most people who met him instantly recognized. Ip 111 UGM 1991
and airports and international hotels, waiting for the determined traveller among the archipelagos of the South China and Java Seas, stillp 114 UGM 1991
-- is set on the other side of the world, among the islands of the East Indies through which he hadp 114 UGM 1991
Hypochondriack‘, where he suggested that it was the done thing among the beau monde to develop depression, because its sufferings werep 238 UGM 1991
the doorway of a funeral parlour. The elderly undertaker sat among the coffins at the rear of the shop, white fingersp 20 KW 1991
flicking at the beads of his abacus. The clicks echoed among the empty coffins, and reminded me of the superstition thatp 20 KW 1991
die in Shanghai, trying to reach my own number, somewhere among the cracking coffins and clicking beads? Behind me a carp 21 KW 1991
of feet knocked me to the ground. Winded, I lay among the old lottery tickets, torn newspapers and straw sandals asp 21 KW 1991
firecracker. Hundreds of dead Chinese were lying in the street among the crushed rickshaws and burnt-out cars. Their bodies were coveredp 25 KW 1991
as if they were trying to camouflage themselves. I walked among them, tripping over an old amah who lay on herp 25 KW 1991
wheel of a gutted bus. Everywhere hands and feet lay among the debris of the Amusement Park -- fragments of Jossp 25 KW 1991
trivial injury, caused by the police sergeant's revolver, numbered me among the thousand and seven who were wounded. Although not thep 26 KW 1991
of Shanghai had been swept aside. Broken soldiers lay scattered among my train set and model cars. Someone, perhaps Coolie orp 28 KW 1991
in my mind. But Kimura would almost certainly die here, among these empty rice fields, when the Japanese made their lastp 32 KW 1991
conundrum. Why he should have marked out one 13-year-old boy among the two hundred children I never discovered. Did he thinkp 35 KW 1991
and I would sleep there, out of the cold, safe among the great drowsing sacks ... A signal flare exploded in thep 44 KW 1991
over, that his Emperor had called on him to surrender? Among the canvas packs and ammunition boxes piled against the waitingp 58 KW 1991
and instruments. Already I noticed a few curious stares. Alone among the cadavers, mine was that of a woman. For purposesp 79 KW 1991
cadavers would pause behind us, drawn to this solitary woman among the dead men. She alone was treated to none ofp 84 KW 1991
head at the bottom of a storage cabinet. It lay among a dozen detached heads, the name-tags of their students stitchedp 97 KW 1991
of which we trainee pilots had dreamed as we waited among the dog-eared magazines in the flight room. For four daysp 99 KW 1991
stain left by one of the children, taking its place among the countless stains and smells of our little house, ap 122 KW 1991
a screen of fir trees. Mattresses and rusting bicycles lay among the pine cones, and we followed the dark path top 125 KW 1991
dinghy on to the beach, and had to lie down among the lines of parasols and the watching sunbathers until shep 158 KW 1991
their gambas in the beach restaurants avoided my eyes, talking among themselves as they licked their red-stained fingers. When I cashedp 161 KW 1991
of light waited to be born from those concrete aprons among the fens. Miriam's sister, Dorothy, and her husband were wavingp 164 KW 1991
past them in a daze of sexual desire. Once, standing among the coats in David Hunter's bedroom, I found myself alonep 169 KW 1991
everyone to refer to Miriam's death. A gentle conspiracy existed among my friends and publishing acquaintances, as they feigned not top 174 KW 1991
she strode past the shops, and I saw her disappear among the cars and pedestrians. Waking from the dream, I listenedp 178 KW 1991
in a Magritte painting, people wandered in a dislocated way among the trees, whose trunks steamed with urine. Burroughs hovered brieflyp 183 KW 1991
ditch. Most of them had spent the night there, sleeping among the tree roots in makeshift tents of tarpaulin. Smoking theirp 184 KW 1991
but she stepped straight into the water, bare feet feeling among the stones. The waves smothered her legs, the sodden fabricp 187 KW 1991
when the children were asleep, Sally sat on the sofa among the stuffed toys, her good humour returned. During our silentp 188 KW 1991
a tumbler of hot whisky. When I sat beside her among the stuffed toys she laid her head on my shoulderp 188 KW 1991
the vagina of a child-bearing woman. She buried her face among the teddy bears and brought her wrists behind her backp 189 KW 1991
Shepperton, to be the wife and mother we had left among the Spanish cypresses. Part big sister and part friendly witchp 189 KW 1991
pushed my way through the noise and smoke. Couples embraced among the unwashed dishes in the kitchen, and a party withinp 195 KW 1991
like a deformed robot. Summer light filled the garden, playing among the broken toys and the clothes-line with its waving pyjamasp 197 KW 1991
animate with the inanimate. I waited for Miriam to appear among the trees. She would walk in this garden again, whilep 203 KW 1991
young woman walked through the forest. Her blonde hair floated among the leaves, shedding haloes on to the ground at herp 204 KW 1991
her in the palace of light. Its doors stood ajar among the homely elms. In that paradise vision all her shynessp 207 KW 1991
the G-string down to her knees, and kicked it away among the pedals. She steered my hand to her vulva, settlingp 224 KW 1991
the field near the pop festival, her white hair lifting among the horses‘ tails, her eyes flushed with thoughts of herp 225 KW 1991
infinitely weary, and I thought that he might have died among these garish film people. When I shook his hand, andp 238 KW 1991
woman from the favelas and her crippled child were hiding among the limousines outside the Copacabana Palace Hotel, ready to startlep 256 KW 1991
were 12-year-olds who had made a small marriage of need among the rags and malarial straw. When we had dressed shep 273 KW 1991
away the reflection of the house. I lay back comfortably among the cushions while Sally pulled on the oars, scarcely glancingp 288 KW 1991
into career housewife, he happily played hide-and-seek with little Jackie among the dunes. He ignored the excavation site, clearly disapproving ofp 292 KW 1991
on a June morning 38 years earlier. His grave lay among the worn memorial stones of the local villagers, and ofp 296 KW 1991
its web. On my walks by the river I stood among the elms and waited for time to calm itself, listeningp 317 KW 1991
to me that at least one doctor would have been among the party. Fifty feet away, a tall man in hikingp 328 KW 1991
had materialised, like all dreams, in the least expected place, among the imposing houses built around the golf course at Sunningdalep 331 KW 1991
course, wondering what other segments of my childhood were hidden among the bridge tables and billiard rooms. I parked my carp 333 KW 1991
ground-courses of our deepest dreams were layered into its past among the filling stations and freeways. On the day before thep 339 KW 1991
least this vessel would not sink, and a trial cruise among the weekend yachts of Marina Del Rey might uncover morep 347 KW 1991
Wild Swans Jung Chang The women of China must be among the most oppressed and, paradoxically, the most strong-willed in thep 36 UGM 1992
and the Pooh books have been translated into twenty-five languages, among them Chinese, Serbo-Croat, Esperanto and Latin. Soft-toy versions of Poohp 119 UGM 1992
an impossibly exotic realm for which I searched in vain among Shanghai's Manhattan-style department stores and nightclubs. I can no longerp 179 UGM 1992
and failed marriages with a frankness we would find embarrassing among our closest friends, let alone complete strangers. But how revealingp 271 UGM 1992
frankly about his loot? R.D. Laing, the only psychiatrist among the guests, takes the sensible precaution of being drunk. Overallp 272 UGM 1992
science has conquered all disease certain mental afflictions, schizophrenia chief among them, will be mimicked for social reasons. By the samep 278 UGM 1992
became extinct in the closing hours of the 20th Century. Among the clues left to us, the following schedule of ap 1173 GVD 1992
for the night, and a hundred theories began to circulate among the NASA chiefs and the teams of doctors and psychiatristsp 1179 MFM 1992
important point, and acknowledged that they still saw their place among the human race. So a patient vigil began. Concealed camerasp 1180 MFM 1992
Hollywood demi-monde and its cast of weird and shiftless characters. Among them are a drugstore cowboy who makes a modest livingp 122 UGM 1993
prostitutes and peasant girls during his sexual games was commonplace among the aristocracy of his day. What condemned him was hisp 125 UGM 1993
Joan Crawford, the president's widow and a fearsome figurehead. Alone among Americans, Coke executives consider that they lost the Gulf Warp 214 UGM 1993
at least in France, on beds of deodorized horse manure. Among other gathered foods, pride of place goes to the garlicp 247 UGM 1993
than an agribusiness by-product. We live in the TV suburbs, among the video shops, take-aways and police speed-check cameras, and mightp 184 UGM 1994
foam, and listened to the echoes of her voice hunting among the rollers. As if bored with themselves, the amplified slogansp 9 RP 1994
to spare the propeller. Neil watched him jockey the craft among the running seas, feinting through the gusts of spray. Forp 10 RP 1994
steer the inflatable through the reef and find an inlet among the deceptive calms that floated a few feet above ap 10 RP 1994
down the hillside, seeping between the moss–covered trees. After hiding among the ferns, a small stream fanned into a delta ofp 18 RP 1994
modest farm plots. Breadfruit trees, jack and eucalyptus crowded together among the taro plants, wild yams and sweet potatoes. Imposed onp 19 RP 1994
tyres and coils of telephone wire. A second camera-tower stood among the deep ferns, its window-slits staring at nothing. They crossedp 19 RP 1994
eerie geometry forming the outlines of an immense white altar among the trees. A camouflaged radio-cabin stood in the undergrowth fiftyp 19 RP 1994
the sky any more ...‘ A colony of albatross had nested among the hillocks, taking advantage of the wind that rose fromp 20 RP 1994
blossoms thrown into a refuse pit. ‘Thirty-eight ... nine ...‘ Kimo wandered among them, a stiff smile masking his face. The machete hungp 21 RP 1994
console the Hawaiian, Neil returned to Dr Barbara. She stood among the dead birds, hair floating from her forehead like threateningp 21 RP 1994
the air-run between Mururoa and Tahiti. After filming Dr Barbara among the dead birds he wiped the chick entrails from hisp 22 RP 1994
camera in hand. When he reached the prayer-shack he paused among the graves, waiting for Dr Barbara to follow before plungingp 23 RP 1994
airstrip through the trail of bloody feathers. Kimo was running among the trees, retracing the railway line towards the beach withp 23 RP 1994
Without complaint she turned and walked past Neil, losing herself among the lunchtime pedestrians. Despite this set-back, she kept up herp 32 RP 1994
footage. The Hawaiian had hidden for a few last moments among the waist-deep ferns, and had filmed Neil being shot downp 38 RP 1994
Neil discovered on the day before he left the hospital. Among the last of his mail was an anonymous get-well cardp 39 RP 1994
into the waste basket when he recognized an unexpected face. Among the images of dead birds and camera towers beside thep 39 RP 1994
he parked the jeep near the harbour and hid himself among the strolling tourists. The Dugong was moored beyond the inter-islandp 45 RP 1994
of a film producer discovering a face of Christ-like pathos among a crowd of extras. ‘There's a starring role for youp 48 RP 1994
up residence on the quay. Shaking their tambourines, they danced among the stall-holders selling balloons and environmentalist geegaws to the touristsp 50 RP 1994
ether, palm oil and gasoline. Mrs Saito was already squatting among the glass cylinders, her hands fondling the tapers of cottonp 59 RP 1994
on the deck. Neil, Monique and Dr Barbara sat stunned among the lumpy shards, deafened by the roar of the dieselsp 67 RP 1994
drift towards the reef. Everyone stood on the rolling deck among the sections of twisted railing, staring into the torn waterp 68 RP 1994
and the ruptured fuel tank still leaking a sooty smoke among the trees. A platoon of French soldiers waited at thep 69 RP 1994
and was glad that Bracewell was being laid to rest among the wild yams and sweet potatoes, on this quiet headlandp 69 RP 1994
in the galley with their precious taxonomic library, journals crammed among the skillets and saucepans. Kimo dozed in the cockpit ofp 71 RP 1994
chest, hands shielding his testicles, he seemed to be back among his native congregations in Africa or South America, his voicep 74 RP 1994
Barbara and her beleaguered group clinging to the oil-soaked beaches among the bodies of the poisoned albatross, threatened by the impatientp 79 RP 1994
passed the prayer-shack where Bracewell lay in the small cemetery among the wild yams. He added a single lily to thep 85 RP 1994
sandy slope and walked towards another of the camera-towers hidden among the trees, its cracked cement streaked with rust from thep 86 RP 1994
struck his chest and rolled past to the shore, breaking among the dead fish and birds. The sloop's engine was stillp 88 RP 1994
led the journalists on a tour of the albatross nesting among the dunes, provoking only two of the pairs to abandonp 92 RP 1994
a beach fire and a last walk with Dr Barbara among the moonlit waves. Major Anderson and his wife were nowp 99 RP 1994
more than the cups of sweetened tea, Dr Barbara lived among the clouds with the great albatross. More than a hundredp 101 RP 1994
the hillside. Taking a stout spade with her, she climbed among the cycads and ferns, stabbing at the dusty undergrowth asp 102 RP 1994
their support in the early days.‘ Monique picked her way among the knick-knacks with the disdain of a French housewife inspectingp 104 RP 1994
his camp bed from their tent and set it up among the sinks and specimen trays. They were barely rested thep 105 RP 1994
where Neil brought him his meals. The unsettled albatross strutted among the dunes, beaks testing the wind for the scent ofp 106 RP 1994
so they climbed the dusty hillside to the forest clearing among the taro and breadfruit trees, where they tried to negotiatep 106 RP 1994
After the long walk down the runway, he stood smiling among the dunes, counting the great white birds still flying inp 109 RP 1994
ascent she made whenever she weighed an important decision. Pacing among the birds, she would have seen Neil and the hippiesp 111 RP 1994
flames reflected in the greasy control levers. Everyone was standing among the trees, watching as the waves swept in from thep 112 RP 1994
of duckboarding floated on the waves, and the surf swilled among the mosquito nets that drifted out to sea like discardedp 112 RP 1994
path to the peak, where she stood in the darkness among the albatross. The next morning Neil was not surprised top 125 RP 1994
his driftwood shack or tending a plot of marijuana plants among the nearby palms. Meanwhile Wolfgang wandered along the shore-line, searchingp 134 RP 1994
modest pharmacopoeia of hallucinogens. As Neil approached the tower, hiding among the cycads, he saw that Werner was kneeling beside ap 139 RP 1994
Well ...‘ Neil replied cautiously, aware that Dr Barbara was standing among the trees above the beach, a latter-day Margaret Mead watchingp 149 RP 1994
of an embalmed garden. Giant sponges sat like ornamental shrubs among the anemones and sea-cucumbers, and groves of kelp waved theirp 151 RP 1994
climbed into the dinghy and rested for half an hour among the heavy stones, then shipped the sea-anchor and rowed thep 152 RP 1994
next to be affected. Mrs Saito found her husband lying among the seedling orchids in the plant laboratory. After a feverishp 153 RP 1994
Neil by Dr Barbara's absence, found companionship of a kind among the endangered inmates of the animal enclosures, though he hadp 159 RP 1994
unsettling way, as if she had spent too much time among the albatross and was waiting for his wings to unfurlp 163 RP 1994
she slipped through the wire and vanished into the darkness among the cages. Neil tried to calm the swaying fence andp 167 RP 1994
atoll, trap the fish and birds and hide out forever among the hundreds of sand-bars. ‘Neil --‘ Dr Barbara stopped atp 176 RP 1994
through the window at the plant laboratory. Mrs Saito moved among the rare plants with her insect spray, firing punitive burstsp 189 RP 1994
them some valuable creature to be given pride of place among the endangered animals. But her gaze had settled on thep 196 RP 1994
its resting dead beside the prayer-shack. Standing on the cliff among the albatross, Neil followed the course of a single cumulusp 201 RP 1994
two hippies. His scarecrow figure seemed about to root itself among the stunted yams. He chewed his thumb and sniffed hungrilyp 203 RP 1994
garden of the lagoon floor. The parrot-fish followed him, nosing among the mushroom corals and sea-cucumbers. Fifty feet from him, wherep 205 RP 1994
slanted through the milky light, and a Dutch ensign waved among the hundreds of jostling fish that fought frantically to divep 205 RP 1994
he and Mrs Saito had lain together. She was kneeling among the dying fungi, her face like the mask of ap 214 RP 1994
the injections. He closed his eyes as Dr Barbara searched among the old entry points. ‘Exactly what is the medicine, doctorp 216 RP 1994
Almost all the creatures had gone, but two lemurs cowered among the debris in their den. Once Neil's pride, the spectralp 218 RP 1994
into Carline's face, covering his last grimace. As he swayed among the dead men he was aware of the camera-towers watchingp 220 RP 1994
and searched the beaches for crabs and sea-snails. One dusk, among the rock-pools, he trapped a small turtle, severed its headp 225 RP 1994
day he explored the derelict hippie camp on the beach. Among the collapsed hovels and half-buried netting he found a raggedp 225 RP 1994
he made his way down to the runway and waited among the trees beside the aqueduct. Usually the women sat byp 227 RP 1994
assigned to him. Meanwhile, Dr Barbara worked in her garden among the graves, re-interring the feet and hands which the mischievousp 227 RP 1994
mist rose through the forest, an oily wraith that lingered among the dusty tamarinds and eucalyptus, as if conjured by thep 228 RP 1994
vapour from their wings. A virulent plague had broken out among them, transmitted by some infected bird released from the sanctuaryp 228 RP 1994
to aim a burning taper at him as he lay among the sun-baked skulls and drumsticks of the endangered birds. Butp 229 RP 1994
and her attempt to burn him alive, Neil had lived among the secret rock-pools below the cliff. Watched by the dyingp 230 RP 1994
in her burial garden. As they rested, pregnant and crop-headed among the graves, he guessed that they had known all alongp 231 RP 1994
and nose, and waiting until his breath fell silent. Somewhere among the ampoules on the desk, among the sedatives and abortifactsp 231 RP 1994
breath fell silent. Somewhere among the ampoules on the desk, among the sedatives and abortifacts, was the poison she had concoctedp 231 RP 1994
a cloying Japanese perfume that evaporated from an open jar among the novels on the bamboo table. Mrs Saito and Moniquep 232 RP 1994
drained the flesh to the waiting bones, and flies fought among the open needle-marks on their arms. Already they resembled thep 232 RP 1994
their anger and relief. As he stood, drenched in blood, among the slaughtered albatross Mrs Anderson cupped her small hands overp 237 RP 1994
perhaps, they would come across an elderly British doctor living among the sand-bars in a nuclear shelter, eager to start ap 239 RP 1994
small wayside station, where a platoon of Japanese soldiers squatted among their rifles and ammunition boxes, waiting for a train thatp 285 UGM 1995
bullets snaked through the grass, and live ammunition was scattered among the discarded webbing. A boy at the Cathedral School whop 287 UGM 1995
melancholy that I admired, a quality not much in evidence among the party-going Europeans and Americans whom my parents knew. Byp 288 UGM 1995
The older boys at the English school in Riyadh talked among themselves about an intriguing netherworld of bootleg videos, drugs andp 12 CN 1996
cardboard cartons filled with plastic dolls. His heavy hands fumbled among the pinkly naked bodies, watched by hundreds of rocking bluep 12 CN 1996
and was about to follow her, but the soldier fumbling among the plastic dolls turned to bellow at me. ‘Acceso prohibidop 13 CN 1996
Spain's poorest regions. Inward investors are less concerned by crimes among tourists.‘ I pushed away my coffee glass. ‘Frank is stillp 32 CN 1996
to Malaga, past the white-walled retirement complexes marooned like icebergs among the golf courses, and reminded myself that I knew almostp 32 CN 1996
but I had only the haziest notions of day-to-day life among the British who had settled the coast. Five people hadp 33 CN 1996
The future had come ashore here, lying down to rest among the pines. The white-walled pueblos remained me of my visitp 33 CN 1996
Their burly instructor, a ponytailed Vulcan at his forge, moved among them, tweaking a navel with a stubby forefinger or smoothingp 36 CN 1996
balls in its hopper. I crossed the court and stood among the skidmarks, the choreography of a violent duel, of whichp 41 CN 1996
day's first margaritas. An open-cast gold mine of jewellery lay among the burnished breasts. The hubbub of gossip seemed to dentp 42 CN 1996
of the night. To David Hennessy, who hovered behind me among the clutter of Frank's possessions, I commented: ‘What handsome womenp 42 CN 1996
pleasantly high, Frank was holding court in his white tuxedo among a group of his favourite members, the spirited blondes withp 45 CN 1996
and charred sections of wooden gabling. Potted plants still bloomed among the overturned chairs and trestle tables. A large rectangular swimmingp 47 CN 1996
that I was a murderer's brother. Behind him Miguel stood among the overturned tables. Together they seemed like figures in ap 49 CN 1996
telephone numbers. The car park was unlit, and I blundered among the lines of vehicles, feeling for the door latch ofp 57 CN 1996
was a gloomy place, there were few signs of gloom among the mourners. Only Gunnar Andersson, a young Swede who tunedp 62 CN 1996
wrapping the town in its sombre shroud. As I stood among the graves beside Elizabeth Shand, and waited for the casketp 66 CN 1996
primitive world. One of the couples, I suspected, was present among the mourning party, a retired Bournemouth accountant and his sharp-eyedp 67 CN 1996
night. The answering siren of the volunteer security patrol wailed among the palms, a banshee floating above the darkened villas. Thep 81 CN 1996
made his bed their own, and I was now intruding among the pillows and their ghosts. ‘You can't hate the peoplep 90 CN 1996
love. I thought of her in the intensive care unit, among the comatose stockbrokers and cardiac widows, and the special intimacyp 92 CN 1996
of the morning, and found myself lying on the balcony among the overturned plants, my wrists tied to the table framep 96 CN 1996
avoided the house. She strolled towards the pool and wandered among the chairs on the terrace. I guessed that she wasp 114 CN 1996
raking his beard with his fingers, a gloomy Norseman exiled among the plastic hulls and radar scanners. As his eyes searchedp 140 CN 1996
road. ‘Frogmen ...?‘ Hennessy pointed to the goggled black heads moving among the waves. ‘The police are taking it all very seriouslyp 146 CN 1996
m.‘, an open door led to a backyard. I stood among the beer crates and rusting refrigerators, trying to read thep 151 CN 1996
at least one boutique-owner found her plate-glass windows lying shattered among the couture gowns. Drug-dealers haunted the bars and discos, prostitutesp 159 CN 1996
at the Zarzuella jail, hunting for clues to the truth among the nuances and studied vagueness of Frank's elliptical replies. Thep 159 CN 1996
Iglesias. The Porsche waited at the traffic lights, exhaust thrumming among the motor-scooters and diesel taxis. With the sun vizor loweredp 162 CN 1996
orchard, its left wing nearly striking my face. I crouched among the burnt-out trees as the glider circled above me, readyp 169 CN 1996
de Mar. Below me appeared a line of villas built among the eucalyptus trees that lay beyond the lower boundary ofp 170 CN 1996
to sit in the chair, I stood up and paced among the cartons of books, while Sanger listened to me, constructingp 179 CN 1996
by our grandmother. The yellowing fabric lay like a shroud among the mohair sweaters, and I remembered placing the shawl aroundp 186 CN 1996
the Costa del Sol. Is that why you stay here?‘ ‘Among all the alcoholics in the sun, groping each other likep 192 CN 1996
copy of the Wall Street Journal over my chest, unnoticed among the dozing taxi-drivers who used the shadow side of thep 201 CN 1996
the car, inhaling the bright spray as the waves broke among the blocks. Still dazed by our close escape, I lookedp 207 CN 1996
were churning in the foam beneath us, pink petals dashed among the concrete blocks. ‘Wouldn't Sanger have liked the diary? Hep 207 CN 1996
as well do this in style ...‘ He slipped away, disappearing among the trees that flanked the drive. My hands fretted atp 237 CN 1996
the peninsula. A bonfire of private subpoenas had taken place among its charred timbers, a tinder-blaze of those warrants we issuep 276 CN 1996
into a sordid exploitation of a few distressed women, Paula among them. I missed her now, but she was still pickingp 282 CN 1996
from Fuengirola, expertly pinioning and handcuffing the startled youths. Yet among all this good humour one long face remained, its severep 290 CN 1996
ready to rise from the dance floor and float away among the helium balloons. Not all the dancers, however, would joinp 294 CN 1996
heads. As we watched, she fell to the floor, vomited among the petals and began to hunt for the nose-ring thatp 295 CN 1996
Fox had given up and now sat on the floor among the vomit and dancing feet. Walking abreast of her throughp 295 CN 1996
from his arms. Together we laid her on the verge among the sodden petals and confetti. I took a towel fromp 300 CN 1996
of the court was strewn with balls, each newcomer cannoning among them like the white on a crowded snooker table. ‘Bobbyp 327 CN 1996
died in a moment of unfeigned surprise, Bobby Crawford lay among the bloodied balls. His left hand was open, its fingersp 328 CN 1996
their grasp on the air and collapsed to the ground. Among them was my wife Elaine, who had climbed to thep 6 DYF 1996
about his six months in Bangladesh, comparing the caste rivalries among the village prostitutes with the status battles of the womenp 10 SC 2000
as much as the Jaguar, but then his patients were among the best-educated people in the world, and too distracted forp 14 SC 2000
Books ...‘ ‘No teleshopping?‘ ‘There is. But people like to browse among the basil. Shopping is the last folkloric ritual that canp 18 SC 2000
tables, gaudy robes blanched by the sun. Their dark faces, among the blackest of black Africa, had a silvered polish, asp 19 SC 2000
action. My other neighbours were a Belgian couple, the Delages, among the earliest colonists of the business park. Alain Delage wasp 38 SC 2000
cervix. Now, following David Greenwood, we had arrived in Eden-Olympia, among the most civilized places on the planet and one thatp 45 SC 2000
family butler. My exposed big toes unsettled her, flexing priapically among the unswept leaves. She relaxed a little as she slidp 53 SC 2000
many would be members of the Front National, especially active among the pieds-noirs in the South of France. Yet Halder wasp 59 SC 2000
the Senegalese had gone, and the scattered beads lay blinking among the pools of blood. The Alice Library As stoical asp 74 SC 2000
attention of two security men in a Range Rover parked among the pines. One watched me through his binoculars, no doubtp 88 SC 2000
had moved to the Mediterranean and spotted an anglophone niche among the marinas and yacht brokers. He beckoned me into hisp 127 SC 2000
They found nothing.‘ ‘They were looking for a crime passionel among the roulette wheels. Drugs and decadent film stars. Handsome chauffeursp 129 SC 2000
to the contact list at the foot of the page. Among the worthies named were Professor Kalman, director of the clinicp 132 SC 2000
time. I imagined this rather proud and strained woman moving among the holiday-makers in the streets of Juan-les-Pins, staring into thep 139 SC 2000
friend. Poor Dr Greenwood ...‘ When she had gone I stood among the cubicles, inhaling the still potent scent of young women'sp 151 SC 2000
blond hair and pale English face lit like a flag among the suntanned Cannoises. He seemed slightly drunk, not from alcoholp 152 SC 2000
on his breast pocket, watched the Arab factory workers bargain-hunting among the bored whores. I followed the minders and their schoolgirlp 158 SC 2000
and matronly whores, the pimps and Volvo dealers were frozen among the veering shadows. Then the headlamps dimmed and everyone wasp 162 SC 2000
sneakers and sweater, as if he had spent the day among the yachting fraternity at Port-la-Galere. He was unarmed, and duckedp 162 SC 2000
expensive brogues, but the white nodes of broken teeth lay among the fragments of the pethidine ampoule. The leader of thep 163 SC 2000
The zinc surface of the down-pipe gleamed in the sunlight among the debris of leaves and book matches. I felt thep 198 SC 2000
onto the floor below, and stopped in the cool shadows among the parked cars. I steadied Halder against the seat, andp 199 SC 2000
to Antibes-les-Pins and Port-la-Galere. I'm surprised I didn't see you.‘ ‘Among all those chic suntans? Not so chic as mine.‘ Halderp 200 SC 2000
backed away from me, startled to see an intruder kneeling among the parked cars. With one hand she clasped her pursep 207 SC 2000
the steep hills of the Esterel and then reconfigured itself among the pine trees. A series of interlocking domes were piercedp 216 SC 2000
assistants cowered against the balustrade, watching as vicious fist-fights erupted among the camera crew and the guards near the pantechnicon. Ap 220 SC 2000
threatened the cowed technicians, who crouched on the tiled floor among the light meters and make-up cases. On the steps intop 220 SC 2000
attack. Technicians sat on the floor, clutching at each other among the overturned lights and cameras. Many of the women assistantsp 221 SC 2000
it very well. Unfinished business, she told me, very common among brides ...‘ ‘Let's not talk about Jane.‘ Frances traced the scarsp 228 SC 2000
ceiling mirror, as if about to join her second self among the clouds. She wore a zebra-striped cocktail dress that exposedp 231 SC 2000
of her tights, searching for the pools of smooth skin among the nail-catching threads. I pressed my lips to the gussetp 232 SC 2000
Isolated figures patrolled the lawns, like shadows free to play among themselves for a few hours each night. Behind the shrubberyp 236 SC 2000
lavish midnight breakfast. Spent champagne bottles lay on their sides among a clutter of silver cutlery and lobster claws. The guestsp 236 SC 2000
hands, I moved to the children's room, and slept soundly among Tenniel's amiable menagerie. I woke at seven and telephoned Wilderp 268 SC 2000
knew how deeply exhausted she was. I cleared a space among the suitcases and laid her on the bed, straightening thep 272 SC 2000
along the pavement like a tide swilling to and fro among the piers of a tropical harbour. I could see clearlyp 286 SC 2000
Doing my best to lie fluently, I said: ‘It was among David's old things. It might give a clue to hisp 326 SC 2000
drowned within sight of the church that memorialized their deaths. Among the antique clutter of dusty silk flags and models ofp 329 SC 2000
the girls with their English. Lewis Carroll was surprisingly popular among the CEOs. The girls could see the joke, but theyp 347 SC 2000
Groups of guests walked to their cars, while others sat among the overturned chairs. Olivier Destivelle stood by the plaque, pointingp 358 SC 2000
eyes and a lipsticked mouth like a wound. I sat among the debris of discarded underwear, admiring Jane's stamina and panachep 368 SC 2000
of suntan cream, the debris of a dream washed ashore among the driftwood. I drove on, thinking of Jane and Francesp 392 SC 2000
watched the airliner cross the Fulham skyline, then lost it among the exposed roof-beams of a burnt-out house at the endp 6 MP 2003
worsted suit, the daytime uniform of a middle-ranking executive, lying among the debris like the discarded fatigues of a soldier whop 8 MP 2003
dozed together was a sodden hulk. But my laptop lay among the film scripts and magazines. The hard drive contained morep 9 MP 2003
set of golf clubs and a child's pushchair tumbled together among the heaped luggage. Ten feet away, two injured passengers satp 18 MP 2003
had been caught by the bomb blast in Terminal 2. Among the first to be evacuated, she had collapsed in Emergencyp 20 MP 2003
Laura's death been meaningless, but the killer was almost certainly among the fleeing crowd we had watched on television. Protest movementsp 37 MP 2003
in a gaudy sprawl. A violent struggle was taking place among the cages on the main floor. Angela and the ponytailedp 40 MP 2003
air like a child and threw her at his feet among the sawdust and scattered rosettes. As he lifted her againp 41 MP 2003
pile of scripts from a leather armchair and eased me among the cushions, waiting with an encouraging smile until I startedp 48 MP 2003
by the police, she found a small bottle of whisky among the scripts and produced a tumbler from her desk drawerp 48 MP 2003
similar tirade. I remembered the amateur video of Laura lying among the glass and suitcases, and listened to Kay addressing herp 55 MP 2003
that I was a prisoner in this modest house, trapped among the dreams of melodramas I had seen years earlier withp 57 MP 2003
How do you feel about the prevalence of toilet taboos among the professional middle class?‘ ‘Toilet taboos? Are you working forp 88 MP 2003
pool in the rear garden. Light from its surface danced among the leaves of the tall oak that sheltered the drivep 89 MP 2003
in the street, steaming in the arc lights, tapes uncoiling among the broken glass. We set off for Richmond Bridge beforep 99 MP 2003
late-night showing of Out of the Past. As we sat among the Mitchum fans it was hard to believe that thep 119 MP 2003
across the green to their cars I would lose myself among them. I stepped into the gondola and leaned on thep 123 MP 2003
pick out a mattress for me. I fell deeply asleep among the drawings of deranged children. Gould was on the roofp 129 MP 2003
trying to guard the lifts. A group of guests cowered among the armchairs, pundits at last confronted by reality. The smokep 155 MP 2003
in me. Her eyes picked up a change of mood among the police units. Handlers were urging their dogs into thep 158 MP 2003
into my tweed suit, which hung in the bedroom wardrobe among Kay's camouflage jackets and spangly party dresses. Kay was thep 165 MP 2003
had identified the injured victims, but Stephen Dexter was not among them. The clergyman had vanished from Chelsea Marina, leaving hisp 181 MP 2003
England task force was meeting there, looking into social unrest among the middle classes. The phone was stolen from the Bishopp 195 MP 2003
standing near the police vans. I had last seen him among the mourners at Laura's cremation. Major Tulloch, once of thep 203 MP 2003
face was lit by the sun, a pale lantern swaying among the tree trunks. He stared over my head, his attentionp 208 MP 2003
defection. The rest of us watched them go, children crammed among the suitcases in the rear seats. Responsibly, we dismantled thep 231 MP 2003
Chelsea Marina's richest resident. ‘Vera! Hold on!‘ I followed her among the parked cars, and saw her turn into a pedestrianp 235 MP 2003
behind her. When I reached the gate she had disappeared among the tourists strolling past the antique shops and small boutiquesp 235 MP 2003
Car Park Memories of revolution fell swiftly behind me, lost among the marker lines receding in the rear-view mirror. I reachedp 239 MP 2003
Egyptian temples, Hindu deities and CT scans of frontal lobes. Among the contributors‘ photos was a portrait of myself, taken inp 242 MP 2003
waiting for the noise of a landing airliner to fade among the terminal buildings. Once again I was struck by howp 244 MP 2003
you shot her.‘ I stared at Gould, thinking of Laura among the debris of Terminal 2. ‘The street was empty, andp 259 MP 2003
the estate. The parents and their three children sat crammed among the suitcases, a cowed labrador at the tailgate window. Inp 265 MP 2003
Two men in plainclothes stood by the manager's office, conferring among the debris of plastic teacups. One was the sandy-haired Majorp 266 MP 2003
annotated targets. He seemed calm but light-headed, his mind moving among the high trees in Bishop's Park. Aware of my presencep 272 MP 2003
had concealed his thoughts but displayed his wounds. He sat among the Saab's invalid controls, small hips twisted as he triedp 285 MP 2003
gave him the pistol and pointed to Richard Gould, sprawled among the controls like a crashed aviator. ‘He was going top 287 MP 2003
beside her, nodding to a silent police sergeant, almost light-headed among the armed constables. He took Sally's arm, trying to calmp 288 MP 2003
had survived into the twenty-first century, as out of place among the four-wheel drives and school runs of prosperous suburbia asp 27 KC 2006
on the rail had begun to flake. The stream splashing among the artificial rocks had lost its direction. Eddies of scump 39 KC 2006
that my father and his fellow victims had been shot, among the sock and cosmetic counters, the vintage wine stores andp 41 KC 2006
banners of local ice-hockey and athletics teams. They formed up among their four-wheel drives, and marched away in step to thep 71 KC 2006
blocked the road. Three hundred yards from the football stadium, among the slip roads that led to the motorway, was anp 73 KC 2006
a plague of retailers. Geoffrey Fairfax, Dr Maxted, William Sangster among others, probably with the connivance of Superintendent Leighton and seniorp 127 KC 2006
badly tailored shroud. Emotions crowded her face, competing for space among its frowns and grimaces. Like a child, her guilty feelingsp 132 KC 2006
six feet tall, with the kind of muscled physique found among gym users. He was bantering and easy-listening, but never ironicp 138 KC 2006
but a small boy in a sailor suit found it among the swirl of feet and handed it back to himp 174 KC 2006
image of my father in a raccoon coat, sitting high among the brass and leather of an antique Renault or Hispano-Suizap 193 KC 2006
shoes and even a pair of carpet slippers lay scattered among the abandoned shopping bags. I found my brogue beside ap 213 KC 2006
care unit. At the last moment I would slip in among them, after Julia added my name to the list. Ip 222 KC 2006
central atrium, like passengers abandoned by their airlines. I strolled among them as they checked their watches, reassuring each other thatp 226 KC 2006
leave for the South Gate entrance hall and hide myself among the hostages due to be released within the next half-hourp 228 KC 2006
A last wave rolled across the beach, its foam hissing among the beer cans. With a faint sigh, the undertow retrievedp 236 KC 2006
dark floor of the lake. Normality David Cruise was dying, among stuffed elephants and kangaroos, surrounded by cheerful wallpaper and plasticp 237 KC 2006
hope that the mutineers would lose heart or fall out among themselves, seemed to fluctuate with public interest in the siegep 245 KC 2006
their original target they found themselves stumbling through the darkness among overflowing latrine buckets. This gave Carradine and his armed defencep 246 KC 2006
Sparks from a welding arc showered through the gloom, dancing among the glass and metal debris on the floor. ‘Mr Pearsonp 248 KC 2006
almost nothing.‘ Maxted waited until she tossed the crumpled drawing among the bloody bandages in an overflowing bin. ‘Julia had treatedp 260 KC 2006
police uniform, dishevelled blonde hair torn from her scalp, struggled among the scattered saucepans. She thrashed on the floor, kicking atp 269 KC 2006
You know what to do! Run ...!‘ Sergeant Falconer stood unsteadily among the clutter of saucepans, one hand on an injured kneep 270 KC 2006
pulled my arm and pointed helplessly to two hostages hiding among the mannequins in the window of a dress shop andp 273 KC 2006
of his own. This large number of servants, entirely typical among the better-off Western families, was made possible by the extremelyp 13 ML 2008
that amazed me, and addressed them by their names. Uniquely among Shanghai residents, she employed only women servants, some six orp 22 ML 2008
Chinese who had been bayoneted and lay on the ground among their bloodstained rice sacks. Violence was so pervasive that myp 27 ML 2008
front wheel jammed in a tramline and I pitched headlong among the Chinese shoppers outside Sincere's; and regular trips to seep 35 ML 2008
perhaps as a response to the greater tension I sensed among the adults around me. The outbreak of war in Europep 40 ML 2008
nationals to be interned. By luck my father was not among them, and we remained in our house until March 1943p 55 ML 2008
the floor ornate chandeliers cut down from the ceiling tilted among the debris of bottles and old newspapers. Everywhere gold glimmeredp 58 ML 2008
and we were on our way across the open countryside, among the last group of Allied nationals to be interned. Forp 63 ML 2008
in cotton shorts and shirtsleeves. Many of the younger women, among them the rather formal mothers of boys at school, werep 66 ML 2008
of friendly practical jokes, which I took in good part. Among their other virtues, the Americans had a substantial stock ofp 72 ML 2008
struck up close relationships with members of the camp committee. Among the documents Mrs Braidwood sent me was a letter whichp 78 ML 2008
the food was worse. In fact, by the standards prevalent among English public schools, The Leys was liberal and progressive. Itp 127 ML 2008
in the school dining hall; Wolfgang Staudte's The Murderers are Among Us, the first revisionist German film, powerful but hollow. Ip 129 ML 2008
I still think that my two years of anatomy were among the most important of my life, and helped to framep 142 ML 2008
One day I found her dissected head in the locker among the other heads. The exposed layers of muscles in herp 144 ML 2008
the Midland towns with my samples, living in shabby hotels among garment workers. A modest street of Victorian terraced houses wouldp 159 ML 2008
children while the mother slumped in the kitchen watching TV among the clutter; religious fanatics with barely a stick of furniturep 159 ML 2008
Notting Hill, for its general raffishness and unexpected delights, chief among them Mary Matthews. When I first met Mary, shortly beforep 173 ML 2008
said that I was writing a novel, a rare phenomenon among the point-to-points and hunt balls. ‘Have you nearly finished?‘ shep 175 ML 2008
there, one of the lost tribes of Britain's post-war world, among them a retired RAF squadron leader and his very poshp 176 ML 2008
the opening of Tate Modern, and he did not disagree. Among its many achievements, This is Tomorrow is generally thought ofp 187 ML 2008
British fans were worse. In Paris science fiction was popular among leading writers and film-makers like Robbe-Grillet and Resnais, and Ip 194 ML 2008
by cannabis and amphetamines, were recreational, but others, heroin chief among them, were intended for use in the intensive care unitp 209 ML 2008
put on by a small group of architects and artists, among them Hamilton and Paolozzi, who formed a kind of ideasp 216 ML 2008
cans stored in a basement at the National Physical Laboratory, among them a Waffen SS instructional film on how to buildp 221 ML 2008
recent years, and a new generation of writers has emerged, among them Will Self, Martin Amis and lain Sinclair, with powerfulp 222 ML 2008
at a half-open bathroom door as Marilyn Monroe lay drugged among the fading bubbles. All this I tried to grapple withp 236 ML 2008
A woman journalist from New Society began to interview me among the mayhem, but became so overwrought with indignation, of whichp 240 ML 2008
I would write a novel about Shanghai, and that extras among my neighbours would one day appear in a film basedp 258 ML 2008
though no fault of the Queen's) at its worst. Cher, among the Hollywood stars in the line-up, suggested to the Queenp 260 ML 2008
it to the other side. The next ten years were among the most contented of my life. My daughters Fay andp 273 ML 2008