from inbreeding, when recessive characteristics emerge unchecked, as the Pennsylvania Amish show with their tendency to produce six-fingered children. But thep 155 UGM 1993
and went into the front room, noting that nothing was amiss. He steered the cat into the kitchen, poured it ap 197 LW 1960
metals takes rather more than strong sunlight ...‘ Yet something was amiss. For no clear reason Wayne backed away from the railp 16 HA 1981
parents were intelligent enough to realize that something serious was amiss, and rapidly draw the right conclusions." "Like lock the nearestp 44 RW 1988
eighty-five per cent was made up of a powerful tranquilizer, amitryptiline. It's used as a long-term sedative in mental hospitals.‘ Ip 327 SC 2000
the main channel of the river. For all the apparent amity of their new order, their greatest pleasure clearly came fromp 207 DC 1987
involvement with Halloway. Although surrounded by his tools and cables, ammeters and transformers, his mind was clearly miles away, in thep 903 UC 1976
it as long as Charley's got a weapon and some ammo and using it he's not going to give up. Ip 964 TW 1967
as TV anchorman, or special assignment writer for Guns and Ammo? -- in the election of yet another Kennedy. With luckp 41 UGM 1979
dozen copies of various gun and rifle publications, Guns and Ammo, Commando Small Arms, The Rifleman, and Combat Weapons of thep 31 RW 1988
expected from her cold hands. A quick scent, sweet and ammoniacal, rose from her pubis. ‘Frances, give up ...‘ ‘No, we don'tp 231 SC 2000
from his early adolescence when he had first collected fossil ammonites from a nearby limestone outcropping, was an explicit attempt top 632 DS 1964
work site at the end of the sand-bar, where fossil ammonites lay on a trestle table like expired jewels. This youngp 11 IY1 1976
in this primordial soup, at one with the trilobites and ammonites washed on to the deck. On the fifth afternoon thep 279 DC 1987
Once a year he made an official return on the ammunition discharged -- in his case none -- and exchanged thep 32 DW 1962
pistol. On his way out he scanned the dark green ammunition boxes stacked around the wall below the cabinets, all ofp 32 DW 1962
a light machinegun, a third man two boxes of belt ammunition. They quickly set it up on its tripod ten feetp 152 DW 1962
like a madman across the rusty metal decks, dragging the ammunition cans in his torn arms from the armoury and loadingp 697 SBD 1966
when the sky was still full of birds and his ammunition had nearly gone, he noticed Quimby dancing on the corpsesp 698 SBD 1966
had won. When the firing slackened Quimby dragged up more ammunition, eager for killing, his face and deformed chest smeared withp 698 SBD 1966
a thorough inspection of the ship each morning, counting the ammunition cases and checking the gunnery mountings. The metal caissons werep 700 SBD 1966
Around the emplacement Pearson's thirty men sat over their weapons, ammunition boxes and telephone wire piled around their feet. Exhausted byp 781 KG 1969
him counting the men and weapons, the two machine-guns and ammunition boxes. As these sharp blue eyes turned to examine Pearsonp 783 KG 1969
through the debris of old R/T gear, lifejackets and ammunition boxes. After all his efforts, the interior of the fuselagep 817 DFW 1974
with some intruding patrol of Kuomintang troops. Webbing and empty ammunition boxes lay in the tank ditch dug across the roadp 935 DT 1977
shabby military display, were an empty mess tin, a spent ammunition belt, the half-rotted remains of a field pack and webbingp 975 OAU 1978
back, taking in every detail of the German's equipment, every ammunition round and piece of webbing, every pore in the coldp 976 OAU 1978
wrest the machine-gun from the wounded German and empty its ammunition belt through the flaking weather-board. But the young soldier's aimp 979 OAU 1978
Look at this gear -- World War II webbing, machine-gun ammunition, primus stove, German phrase-book and all these cans of soupp 981 OAU 1978
atop the Sands and Paradise Hotel had run out of ammunition, Manson had turned to these huge illusory figures for thep 196 HA 1981
took off their helmets and walkie-talkies, draped belts of machine-gun ammunition across the hoods of their jeeps. They strolled around thep 212 HA 1981
at him. He assumed that the pilot was shooting blank ammunition left over from some air display. Then the first bulletsp 1043 MSA 1982
Fokker, detonated the fuel tank and set off the machine-gun ammunition. The exploding cartridges kicked through the wings as they foldedp 1058 MSA 1982
into the air. But the Japanese were careful with their ammunition. Two soldiers cleared a space around a peasant woman whosep 23 ES 1984
the battlefield seemed more like a dangerous rubbish tip -- ammunition boxes and stick grenades were scattered at the roadside, therep 32 ES 1984
pieces still hitched to the carcasses of horses. The belt ammunition of machine-guns lying in the grass resembled the skins ofp 32 ES 1984
back had burst through his faded tunic, and only his ammunition webbing held the tattered garment together. Before the war finallyp 163 ES 1984
Lunghua Camp held an armoury of rusting weapons and unstable ammunition abandoned during the 1937 hostilities. Jim peered through the grassp 166 ES 1984
hundreds of smoke columns that rose from burning trucks and ammunition wagons. Fearful of the Mustangs, the Japanese convoys moved onlyp 232 ES 1984
mile from the bridge, by a burnt-out shell of an ammunition truck, the Nantao road turned at right angles from thep 251 ES 1984
the procession moved forward again. He looked back at the ammunition truck. He was startled to see that hundreds of suitcasesp 251 ES 1984
the procession and sat on the running board of an ammunition wagon. Still carrying his case, Jim went back for himp 252 ES 1984
the slopes of a water-filled tank-trap, among the tyres and ammunition boxes, lay the body of a Chinese soldier, orange uniformp 277 ES 1984
appeared. He was unarmed, but still wore his webbing and ammunition pouches. He sprinted along the canal embankment, and stopped top 285 ES 1984
his last shit ...‘ Tulloch took Sergeant Nagata's key-ring from the ammunition pouch of his holster. He was still unsure whether top 292 ES 1984
and documents lay among the empty Lucky Strike cartons, spent ammunition clips and the tatters of old infantry boots. Against thep 295 ES 1984
of the guardhouse Lieutenant Price was feeding cartridges into the ammunition clip of his rifle, the ritual of a man countingp 310 ES 1984
ditches crossed the fields, their slopes strewn with webbing and ammunition boxes. Jim lay back on the bale of parachute silkp 312 ES 1984
cabin and slipped on to the ground. Screened by the ammunition wagons and field guns, he ran towards the perimeter wallp 315 ES 1984
were Europeans or Americans, wearing an assortment of clothes and ammunition belts, holsters and Shanghai Police pouches hung over Chinese tunicsp 316 ES 1984
all-important, as Jim knew. He propped his feet against the ammunition boxes on the floor of the car, then pinched hisp 318 ES 1984
with the staves and weapons, the car was crammed with ammunition boxes, cartons of American cigarettes, earthenware jars of rice winep 319 ES 1984
the drained paddy that followed the embankment. Some opened their ammunition pouches and cleaned the breeches of their rifles. Others smokedp 325 ES 1984
boiling cloud of its own debris. The cache of detonating ammunition continued to erupt, throwing towers of smoke into the skyp 328 ES 1984
had been stunned by the concussion wave of the exploding ammunition store, and stared at the landscape below him as ifp 329 ES 1984
not with Spam, Klim and the Reader's Digest, but with ammunition and explosives for the Kuomintang troops. The battalion, with itsp 330 ES 1984
the Buick. From the heap of cans, cigarette cartons and ammunition clips on the floor of the car he selected ap 333 ES 1984
Japanese defenders of a Pacific island, RAF fighters strafed an ammunition train in a German railyard. Promptly at ten-minute intervals, Chinesep 346 ES 1984
players strung around the gunmen's necks among their grenades and ammunition pouches. There was a bellow from General Harare's sergeant, ap 10 DC 1987
the jeep, where I sat among the field radios and ammunition boxes. ‘I'm talking about something real, doctor, something you canp 28 DC 1987
me. I sat in the stern among the flares and ammunition boxes, enjoying the cool rainbows that lifted from this continentp 92 DC 1987
the rifle over my head -- despite its lack of ammunition, the weapon would chase away any roaming deserters -- Ip 141 DC 1987
earth stove, beer cans lying in the ashes, a rusty ammunition box filled with spent cartridge cases, ragged rubber boots. Ip 172 DC 1987
the humid air. Beside the rifles lay an assortment of ammunition clips and lose cartridges, and pieces of canvas webbing ofp 201 DC 1987
by Captain Kagwa's soldiers and by Harare's guerillas. Shoulder harnesses, ammunition belts, grenade pouches hung from the brass rails like sop 201 DC 1987
I'd noticed that -- so many rifles, and so much ammunition.‘ ‘And so many dead soldiers to bury. Perhaps you couldp 210 DC 1987
airbase at Bonneville -- old tyres, pieces of beach furniture, ammunition boxes and radio spare parts. A few minutes earlier, asp 215 DC 1987
suspicious of her long absence, had refused to supply any ammunition for the elderly rifle. With an effort I lowered myp 237 DC 1987
the weapons that littered the banks, the rifles, mortars and ammunition boxes, not a single corpse remained. So Mrs Warrender andp 257 DC 1987
a blind eye to the clandestine shipments of arms and ammunition, for fear of favouring one or another side in thep 1147 WF 1989
Vivid new shoots pushed past the metal debris of old ammunition boxes, filing cabinets and truck tyres. Strange grasping vines clamberedp 1163 DCG 1990
wardrobe. Scattered around us were remnants of torn webbing, empty ammunition boxes, boots and helmets, rusting bayonets and signal flares. Beyondp 29 KW 1991
line. Bandits had looted his body, stripping his pockets and ammunition pouches, and he was surrounded by scraps of paper, pagesp 54 KW 1991
fully armed, rifles beside them, and wore canvas webbing and ammunition pouches over their shabby uniforms. A unit of field infantryp 55 KW 1991
called on him to surrender? Among the canvas packs and ammunition boxes piled against the waiting room was a field radiop 58 KW 1991
then placed the pin against the brass clip of his ammunition pouch. Keen to display his new insignia, he shouted overp 60 KW 1991
the reef, sitting on the sea like a huge white ammunition box. Behind its fierce ramp an amphibious armoured car orp 89 RP 1994
a platoon of Japanese soldiers squatted among their rifles and ammunition boxes, waiting for a train that would never come. Whenp 285 UGM 1995
Belts of machine-gun bullets snaked through the grass, and live ammunition was scattered among the discarded webbing. A boy at thep 287 UGM 1995
military range at Castellane. I still have his weapons and ammunition. How do you explain that?‘ ‘I can't.‘ We had reachedp 146 SC 2000
route. I want to stage a reconstruction.‘ ‘Not with live ammunition?‘ Laughing at his own joke, Penrose slapped my back. Ip 172 SC 2000
sleep at all. He's been cleaning his weapon, checking his ammunition packs. For the first time he realizes what the nextp 177 SC 2000
to happen when David said he'd stored his rifle and ammunition with Philippe Bourget. I told him not to hurt anyonep 334 SC 2000
gaze. Lying in my palm was a live round of ammunition. Weighing the round in my hand, I moved through thep 175 KC 2006
No. Just a passing thought.‘ I took the round of ammunition from my pocket and held it up to her. ‘Recognizep 186 KC 2006
was the bright gold of spent cartridges, lengths of machine-gun ammunition, webbing and backpacks. Dead horses lay by the roadside, enormousp 30 ML 2008
the platform. They were fully armed, and sat on their ammunition boxes, picking their teeth while one of them tormented ap 106 ML 2008