of bourbon. As they left the city she gazed out amiably at the fields stretching away from the highway, and trifledp 121 SS 1960
to his shoulder. ‘What's Marshall trying to do?‘ Maitland asked amiably. ‘Start a war?‘ The guard watched Maitland thoughtfully. ‘Don't knowp 71 WFN 1961
flat but relaxed. Ten feet from Forbis, he watched him amiably. His face was plump and sallow, a callous mouth half-hiddenp 410 M99 1962
so early in the day?‘ Kerans shrugged, smiling at her amiably. ‘I missed you.‘ ‘Good boy. I thought perhaps that thep 25 DW 1962
freshly scrubbed and breakfasted. He waved his baton at them amiably, eyeing the litter of unwashed cups and his two recliningp 73 DW 1962
long as Connolly had wanted to, he had conversed away amiably, pointing out this and that feature of the landscape, identifyingp 436 QR 1963
abruptly from one level to the next. He watched Franklin amiably. ‘What's the matter -- lost your car?‘ ‘All your damnedp 413 SM 1963
his long slim hands fall across his chest. He smiled amiably at his sister. ‘Careful, Betty, or you'll turn me intop 561 TP 1964
we have a radio, you know, Doctor.‘ The sergeant smiled amiably. His relaxed good humour, uncharacteristic of the military in itsp 61 CW 1966
frame, the patterns of frosting on its shattered windshield. Pushing amiably between Catherine and myself on the embankment was a thirteen-year-oldp 155 C 1973
as she walked with me to my car, fingers playing amiably across my left shoulder -- all these acts and emotionsp 180 C 1973
unsteady feet with the metal crutch. Proctor staggered back, grinning amiably over his bottle. His puckered face, every crease lit byp 94 CI 1974
curtain that supported a column of trapped kitchen refuse, Steele amiably regaled Laing with a description of those tenants above andp 39 HR 1975
clan members together. ‘A low crime-rate, doctor,‘ she told him amiably, ‘is a sure sign of social deprivation.‘ Drinking steadily andp 96 HR 1975
the red wine across his broad chest, he gazed up amiably at the startled woman who stumbled into the kitchen andp 129 HR 1975
in their jobs and sauntered through the factory gates, gazing amiably at the open sky. Fortunately, the rumour's effects were generallyp 841 LDG 1976
of children surrounded me as I left the car-park. I amiably fended them off, and gazed round with some pride atp 154 UDC 1979
back! Can't you control your crew? Captain!‘ But Steiner leaned amiably against the helm, like a tolerant gondolier watching a partyp 33 HA 1981
thigh-length boots, crossed cartridge bandoliers under their leather jackets, fraternised amiably with the Malibu men. Women mercenaries, members of the Divorceesp 213 HA 1981
world -- the next world, as it happens ...‘ Manson smiled amiably from his chair, inviting Paco to enjoy his little jokep 217 HA 1981
so much ground they've run out of maps,‘ he remarked amiably. ‘Jim, does that mean they're lost?‘ Jim thought about thisp 129 ES 1984
gust of air closed the door. She follows me around amiably, waiting to be fed, but for once I am inp 1136 TES 1989
been struck by the charm of these countless couples talking amiably on the wide pavements, a tribute to the marital blissp 245 KW 1991
congratulate the French President on his good sense.‘ He was amiably tipsy on the wine brought ashore from the Croix dup 92 RP 1994
would exclaim. ‘Estrella de Mar? I can't even imagine it ...‘ Amiably, Frank always replied: ‘Exactly, Charles. It doesn't really exist. That'sp 17 CN 1996
a last time. He smiled gamely at Crawford, who waited amiably beside him, saluted the settling earth and walked stiffly top 70 CN 1996
limped to the door as she sauntered past. She waited amiably for me to speak, but I could think of nothingp 43 SC 2000
Joan Chang was sitting on the chair beside me, smiling amiably under her bangs. The news broadcast was still playing inp 60 MP 2003
a broken window. Without a trace of rancour, the constables amiably saluted the residents on their way to shoplift in thep 233 MP 2003
grimace of hostility. He strolled over to her with an amicable smile. Her body emanated an intense and perverse sexuality. Vectorsp 46 JAC 1970
Money, always harder-wearing than asphalt, helped to repave the streets. Amicable negotiations with the management company ended with the promise ofp 289 MP 2003
-- in the mirrors at Thorensen's house.‘ The youth smiled amicably. ‘It was Monsieur Ventress we were looking for, Doctor. There'sp 111 CW 1966
above the coastal hills. In the cooler air, he wandered amicably among these sensitive bowls, as delicate and overstrung as thep 9 IY1 1976
years in clothes-rationed Europe. Orlowski waited at the Cunard pier, amicably fanning his face with a newly acquired Stetson. Ricci wasp 39 HA 1981
with holsters on their belts were walking towards him, caps amicably raised. ‘Dr Barbara --‘ Neil squinted through the soaring birdsp 174 RP 1994
cousin Charles had flown down to visit us, and we amicably agreed that I would give up the pretence of helpingp 279 SC 2000
to it booming and rolling in the distance, almost lost amid the noise and traffic of the department store. Twice, onp 196 LW 1960
see one of his principal lieutenants gored and killed. Finally, amid a confusion of shouts and curses, a shotgun was passedp 98 DW 1962
across the square and knocking down two of the statues. Amid a chorus of excited orders from Strangman and the Admiralp 138 DW 1962
floors above the barrage, Kerans listened to the music playing amid the lights on the top deck of the depot shipp 157 DW 1962
against the bench. The soldiers on the railway platform sat amid the clutter of signals equipment, cramming their mouths with ricep 133 ES 1984
by a stony hostility. Class assumptions and exclusivities survived strongly amid the rock amplifiers and Warholiana. Between the sudden bursts ofp 183 KW 1991
the rocks below, where the sea stirred ceaselessly, rearranging itself amid the volcanic rubble. Neil crouched behind the tamarinds that crowdedp 163 RP 1994
machinery, so that there was only six inches of freeboard amidships. Kerans guessed that this was the group's depot ship, andp 88 DW 1962
that there were only a few precarious inches of freeboard amidships. Solemn-faced children sat with suitcases on their knees above thep 608 IM 1964
at Ransom and Catherine Austen. The craft's empty nets lay amidships, but the sides of the boat had been ornamented inp 16 D 1965
Behind it a large motor-launch sat on a trailer. Fastened amidships was the battered frame of the Reverend Johnstone's pulpit, itsp 69 D 1965
working a punt-pole, while Catherine and the old man sat amidships under a makeshift awning. Around them the baked white surfacep 82 D 1965
so that there were only a few inches of freeboard amidships. The solemn-faced French and Belgian children sat with suitcases onp 67 CW 1966
recognized the two bow anchors jutting like tusks, the tryworks amidships, and the whaling irons and harpoons. Judith held his armp 711 TMY 1966
the bows and was clambering over the television equipment stored amidships. He pushed past Noon, who sat in her electronic denp 162 DC 1987
would catch us within a few minutes. The sergeant stood amidships, legs braced against the wooden frame-boards, loudhailer raised to hisp 164 DC 1987
rust and mud. Noon's head emerged from the miniature studio amidships where she spent her day under the makeshift but stylishp 169 DC 1987
cargo of film equipment, and with only the mud-spattered Mercedes amidships, the Salammbo made strong progress against the modest current. Ourp 217 DC 1987
sirens. My mother and sister were at the rail, somewhere amidships, but I moved to the stern to be on myp 116 ML 2008
trip into one of two pitfalls -- either, like Kingsley Amis in New Maps of Hell, they try to ignore altogetherp 207 UGM 1971
of the so-called Angry Young Men -- John Osborne, Kingsley Amis, John Braine, and a fraternal American colleague, J.P. Donleavyp 138 UGM 1978
Worse The Golden Age of Science Fiction edited by Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis's stormy affair with science fiction becomes more andp 189 UGM 1981
been published, and to a large extent still remains so. Amis threw open the gates of the ghetto, and ushered inp 189 UGM 1981
fifteen years, in a stream of reviews, articles and interviews, Amis has vented an increasingly bilious contempt for almost everything sciencep 189 UGM 1981
take it anywhere, and it is not worth taking.‘ Yet Amis still returns again and again to spit into the poisonedp 189 UGM 1981
Almost the only writer to turn to sociological satire was Amis himself, in The Alteration, and Russian Hide-and-Seek. Bearing in mindp 189 UGM 1981
Bearing in mind the rather modest talent for s-f that Amis displayed in those works, and his restless genre-hopping, perhaps hisp 190 UGM 1981
Hell is an unsettling experience. Apart from his sour tone, Amis is so ill-informed about the present state of science fictionp 190 UGM 1981
clear, hard and positive voice like that of the Kingsley Amis of 1960. The accurate judgments he made then are evidentp 190 UGM 1981
the heyday of C.P. Snow, Anthony Powell and Kingsley Amis, when it had begun to flag. Since then I've continuedp 182 UGM 1992
attracted to science fiction -- Anthony Burgess, Doris Lessing, Kingsley Amis, Angela Carter, P.D. James -- drawn by its immensep 194 UGM 1993
novelist I met and got to know closely was Kingsley Amis. He had reviewed The Drowned World in extremely generous termsp 195 ML 2008
way as jazz at its best. After Victor Gollancz's death Amis joined Jonathan Cape, then the most fashionable publishing house inp 195 ML 2008
twenty years, in some ways a mixed blessing. I knew Amis closely from 1962 to 1966, and often had lunch withp 195 ML 2008
and ‘tanks, guns, planes‘ emerging from a blare of static. Amis had just freed himself from his teaching post at Cambridgep 196 ML 2008
Cafe Royal at a protest march going along Regent Street. Amis began to tremble and shake. ‘Jim, what are they? Whatp 196 ML 2008
young people with their anti-nuclear banners. To be fair to Amis, he had been through the war, and served in thep 196 ML 2008
peace than the soft-cheeked protesters in the street below us. Amis disliked literary pretension (as he saw it) of any kindp 196 ML 2008
the meanness or grudging praise now credited to him. Undoubtedly, Amis did have his mean streak, and was one of thosep 197 ML 2008
to emerge from its burrow and test the air. Kingsley Amis made a point of inviting me out to lunch, andp 204 ML 2008
all his close friends, a trait he shared with Kingsley Amis. One of his disconcerting habits was to give his friendsp 219 ML 2008
generation of writers has emerged, among them Will Self, Martin Amis and lain Sinclair, with powerful imaginations and a wide, rovingp 222 ML 2008
the ‘mainstream‘ of social criticism, anti-utopian fantasies and the like (Amis's main prophecy for science fiction in 1957 and proved whollyp 207 UGM 1971
Golden Age of Science Fiction edited by Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis's stormy affair with science fiction becomes more and more perplexingp 189 UGM 1981
and pulp westerns. What marked New Maps of Hell, like Amis's reviews of the time and the considerable influence he broughtp 189 UGM 1981
have we done to deserve his hostility? To some extent Amis's distaste for science fiction can be put down to simplep 189 UGM 1981
secretly, dare I say it, with ...? Whatever the root cause, Amis's contempt for post-1960 science fiction seems bound up with hisp 190 UGM 1981