humour playing about his soft mouth. Something about this bizarre amiability made Thornwald shudder. He secured the pistol in his holsterp 718 TMY 1966
lively and entertaining biography, I was struck by Miller's charm, amiability and irrepressible good nature, qualities (none too prevalent among writersp 111 UGM 1991
origins. The one great exception is Kurt Vonnegut, whose sheer amiability could light up all the cathedrals in America -- wherep 116 UGM 1991
about medicine, and had yet to learn that inspiration and amiability played next to no part in it. Professor Harris enteredp 74 KW 1991
seemed to migrate around his face, colonizing new areas of amiability. With his silk suit and heavy shoulders he resembled ap 171 SC 2000
discovered that very moment some unique quality in these two amiable dilettantes of the Fine Arts Committee. She had lived inp 40 VS 1957
limb and handed it to Dr Blackett, an eccentric but amiable neighbour who sometimes dabbled in sculpture himself. We walked backp 45 VS 1957
any urgency?‘ ‘Urgency?‘ Tallis smiled at me thinly, his eyes amiable but assessing me shrewdly. ‘Wait until you've been here ap 72 WG 1959
and re-cross Strangman's face, making him look in turn irritable, amiable, bored and abstracted. He listened to an air-line pumping fromp 90 DW 1962
present for you.‘ He examined Kerans‘ dulled eyes with an amiable frown. ‘Well, how are things in deep time?‘ Kerans satp 112 DW 1962
side of him. All carried machetes and pangas, their faces amiable and unhurried. ‘Finis, Kerans ... finis.‘ Strangman stopped twenty feet fromp 151 DW 1962
the cheetah's collar. He watched Ransom with a kind of amiable patience, stroking the fleece-lined jacket he wore over his shirtp 72 D 1965
was softer, giving her the expression of a quaint and amiable owl. Her small body was swathed in layers of colouredp 127 D 1965
of a fire around her, she watched Ransom like an amiable crone. As they took their final leave of the riverp 152 D 1965
buttons. To Ransom he resembled a grotesque pantomime dame, part amiable scoundrel and part transvestite, stranded in the middle of thep 163 D 1965
archangels the size of skyscrapers move across the sky. An amiable Padishah rules this chaotic outpost of heaven like a sultanatep 140 UGM 1966
Africa to seek, not this white-haired young woman with her amiable eyes, but the night-walking lamia within his own mind. Asp 674 DF 1966
handsome face. He eyed Dr. Sanders with a kind of amiable curiosity, as if balancing the advantages and drawbacks of becomingp 52 CW 1966
a youth of seventeen, treating him to a mindless and amiable banter as they moved about the ward. Later, when thep 684 TIM 1966
the air. The cars rocked slightly, worrying each other like amiable whales, and then continued on their disintegrating courses. In thep 84 YMC 1966
they would hang above me in the afternoon air like amiable ciphers. One evening, as I wound the gliders down onp 744 CSC 1967
shortly afterwards. The 24 hours ended with them tired but amiable, looking after the small traffic jam of each other's bodiesp BAT 1968
lifetimes, lit conveniently into our idea of the naive -- amiable simpletons with egg on their ties. We can reassure ourselvesp 97 UGM 1969
likely crepe suzette, given Playboy prices), nor are we particularly amiable, but like Dali we may well be simpletons. I regardp 97 UGM 1969
government at Runnymede to commemorate the assassinated President. In an amiable, if sentimental, gesture an acre of English ground had beenp 786 KG 1969
through the ward, tidying the beds and radio headphones. These amiable young women ministered within a cathedral of invisible wounds, theirp 27 C 1973
sharpest pointers, its keys to the borderzones of identity. The amiable saunter of Frances Waring, bored wife of my partner, throughp 49 C 1973
large face appeared through the undergrowth like a worried but amiable beast's. Maitland lay in the grass. He raised the crutchp 114 CI 1974
a rare group of subnormals, a village of mental defectives amiable enough to be left on their own, high in thisp 824 AD 1975
Royal had taken on the task of looking after this amiable young woman since the death of her Afghan. ‘The elevatorsp 78 HR 1975
Wilder looked down at her unmarked face, as open and amiable as a domestic animal's. She seemed to have been totallyp 159 HR 1975
noticed Gould lounging back on the central divan, surveying with amiable composure the surrealist's flaccid embryos and anatomical monstrosities. With hisp 830 LFA 1975
months. She looked composed and relaxed again, but with the amiable and fixed expression of a display-window mannequin. ‘Did you payp 840 LFA 1975
those in India and the Far East, where legions of amiable beggars wandered the streets without a thought for the morrowp 845 LDG 1976
fighter ace, diving out of the sun and raking these amiable neighbours with bursts of machine-gun fire. The whole bucolic landscapep 875 UC 1976
never regretted the decision -- there was something far too amiable, far too bovine and uncritical, about the hand-holding tenants ofp 899 UC 1976
excuse to prolong her stay. Pangborn was certain that this amiable scatter-brain was not an accomplice of the intruder, but ifp 997 MA 1978
and the Ferris wheel rotated against the clouds like an amiable mandala. I felt strong but strangely old, as if Ip 20 UDC 1979
among the poppies, square balloon bearing the image of his amiable face. Behind him came Rachel, smiling serenely as she racedp 82 UDC 1979
gear. Married couples exchanged partners in the most sensible and amiable way, husbands taking the arms of their neighbours‘ wives andp 108 UDC 1979
resting water, and a tiled floor decorated with tritons and amiable fish, where there were no drowned aeroplanes. The air playedp 126 UDC 1979
some appreciation of these material objects. Agreeing with me, an amiable crowd followed Stark, urging him on as he loaded thep 143 UDC 1979
to each other like people attacked by a plague of amiable insects. Only the children watched me with serious eyes. Ap 156 UDC 1979
the shopping precinct. A group of teenage girls lolled like amiable courtesans on the divan beds outside the furniture store, beckoningp 170 UDC 1979
face. The amber drops streamed down his nose across his amiable, leering smile. Meanwhile Judy Garland was moving into an epilepticp 127 HA 1981
tiger, the gay fountain and cheerful rockets. This was the amiable world of the Douanier Rousseau's Merry Jesters. He accepted thep 1046 MSA 1982
his best friend, emerged from the verandah. A solitary but amiable figure in a sharkskin suit, who faced reality across thep 26 ES 1984
At last ...‘ ‘ ... that boy ...‘ ‘ ... running wild.‘ These mutters drew an amiable smile from Mr Maxted. ‘Jim, you're going to be blackballedp 178 ES 1984
philosopher: Dainty, the telegraphist and premier cocksman of Lunghua -- amiable men whose roles they played for Jim's benefit and constantlyp 215 ES 1984
courtship of Mrs Warrender, I had grown to know this amiable but unpredictable police chief more closely than anyone else atp 28 DC 1987
in an unexpected way, I found myself drawn to this amiable imposter. I thrust at the oozing mud between my feetp 62 DC 1987
and much of the western world, had deeply missed this amiable old actor who retired to California in 1989 after thep 1117 WW3 1988
prompted by a still soignee Nancy, he would utter some amiable generality that brought tears to his listeners‘ eyes, and liftedp 1117 WW3 1988
lawn. His aged, ivory face was set in its familiar amiable grin, his eyes unfocused as he stood supported by twop 1122 WW3 1988
took him far more easily in their stride. But the amiable old duffer who occupied the White House was a veryp 105 WIWa 1990
mystery to Europeans, though Americans were happy to see this amiable if goofy former sportscaster on their TV screens rather thanp 35 UGM 1991
pavements his spirits rise, and he makes an entertaining and amiable guide, retracing the path of his first visit to Andrep 90 UGM 1991
scents of the Yangtse countryside. The Chinese immigration officials were amiable, asking me to declare that I suffered from neither Aidsp 173 UGM 1991
time, when I needed their help, it would be these amiable but uninspired men who held my life in their handsp 74 KW 1991
intriguing possibilities. Sharing our hamper and wine cooler with this amiable crew, we sat drinking under the parachute canopy as Lykiardp 148 KW 1991
a U.S. officers‘ club in London. Neil liked the amiable Californian, who was forever urging him to enlist in thep 28 RP 1994
stress.‘ Dr Barbara pushed aside her leaflets, intrigued by this amiable but obstinate youth who had come to her aid. ‘Perhapsp 34 RP 1994
tambourines, eco-banners floating on the cool harbour air and an amiable wraith of pot-smoke lifting through the Chinese lanterns. Delighted byp 50 RP 1994
Saint-Esprit like an island in a fairy tale, occupied by amiable tigers and dignified crocodiles. As he dragged away the sackp 99 RP 1994
from the Parsifal took turns to breast-feed their baby, an amiable infant with rolling eyes under a swollen Down's forehead. Wonderingp 110 RP 1994
chosen to slip away at night. The van Noorts, an amiable Amsterdam architect and his handsome wife, set sail before dawnp 202 RP 1994
British and American gunboats, HMS Petrel and USS Wake. The amiable British tommies maiming their sand-bagged emplacements often invited me top 288 UGM 1995
ready to burst through his cheeks. Usually so relaxed and amiable, he was about to drive his forehead through the glassp 270 CN 1996
park. For most of us, Dr Wilder Penrose was our amiable Prospero, the psychopomp who steered our darkest dreams towards thep 3 SC 2000
pose of a Hindu holy man, surveying us in his amiable way. ‘Tetou in Golfe-Juan does the best seafood. You canp 25 SC 2000
the director of the clinic, Professor Kalman, a distracted but amiable man in his sixties who was a specialist in preventivep 39 SC 2000
customers buckled on the safety harnesses. Tourists crowded the Croisette, amiable Americans on short-stay package deals, Germans of technical mind studyingp 107 SC 2000
them when she died.‘ Frances covered her exposed breast. ‘They're amiable girls from small-town lycees. I hope they got the officep 227 SC 2000
and lipstick on her chin turned her face into an amiable kabuki clown's. She brushed the hair from her eyes andp 233 SC 2000
moved to the children's room, and slept soundly among Tenniel's amiable menagerie. I woke at seven and telephoned Wilder Penrose fromp 268 SC 2000
murders had stalled. Between myself and the truth stood an amiable bully with badly bitten fingernails. Although Wilder Penrose enjoyed myp 279 SC 2000
where he had set out his manifesto. He would be amiable, devious and concerned for me to the end, trying top 391 SC 2000
through a door held open with mock gallantry by an amiable beer drinker with the shoulders of a prop forward. ‘Ap 96 MP 2003
its stains of ancient urine and disinfectant, glad that this amiable gallery had watched over me as I slept. A thickp 126 MP 2003
for feeling uneasy -- only a few weeks earlier, these amiable suburbs had sat up and snarled, then sprung forward top 4 KC 2006
cheers. ‘Football supporters?‘ I said to Julia Goodwin. ‘They seem amiable enough.‘ ‘Are you sure? I dare say I'll be seeingp 68 KC 2006
wrappers, cigarette papers and cola cans, the debris of an amiable plague. I entered the main hall, still echoing with thep 81 KC 2006
on their podium, paws beating time to the music, an amiable trio whose button eyes saw nothing and everything. In theirp 175 KC 2006
it out. The problem was David Cruise. He was too amiable, too second-rate. Then a minor miracle happened, someone we hadn'tp 262 KC 2006
influence that has lasted all my life. My mother was amiable but distant with any friends I brought home. Relations betweenp 22 ML 2008
Miraculously, they seemed unchanged by the war, as charming and amiable as ever. But I had changed, and I knew thatp 112 ML 2008
way of proof, he whistled up the stairs and his amiable 13-year-old daughter came down and sat at the upright withp 160 ML 2008
motor torpedo boat. He lived in one room with his amiable wife and baby daughter, and spent his time building modelp 177 ML 2008