immediate neighbourhood. However, the entire northern half of the South Americas had been covered by successive aerial sweeps, and it seemedp 439 QR 1963
the signing of Magna Carta and Columbus's discovery of the Americas, the government-financed Einstein Memorial Time Centre at Princeton was forcedp 806 GTS 1972
count. Along the Thames valley, all over Europe and the Americas, spreading outwards across Asia and Africa, ten thousand similar suburbsp 9 UDC 1979
Lew L. Callaway shot Gibson McCabe. And Gibson McCabe shot Americo Calvo. And Americo Calvo shot Francois Sully. And Francois Sullyp 102 GOA 1990
shot Gibson McCabe. And Gibson McCabe shot Americo Calvo. And Americo Calvo shot Francois Sully. And Francois Sully shot Edward Kleinp 102 GOA 1990
Her Majesty, Princess Diana, Mrs Thatcher ...? The Escape Engine: the Ames Room 14 October 1987. The Boy has escaped! An urgentp 1094 OOA 1984
and altar table to construct what in effect was an Ames Room -- Adelbert Ames Jr, the American psychologist, devised ap 1095 OOA 1984
construct what in effect was an Ames Room -- Adelbert Ames Jr, the American psychologist, devised a series of trick roomsp 1095 OOA 1984
unrelated fragments of furniture and ornaments. Young's version of the Ames Room was far more elaborate. The cross and brass candelabrap 1095 OOA 1984
own mind as if they were the constituents of an Ames Room? The pilot of the Home Office helicopter spoke graphicallyp 1098 OOA 1984
illusionist back-projection and trick lighting the rally becomes a huge Ames Room, a potent mix of evangelical Christianity, astronautics and cyberneticp 1098 OOA 1984
As I guessed, this diorama formed part of yet another Ames Room. The astronaut's figure created its illusion only when seenp 1099 OOA 1984
an illusionist space and celebrate the enduring mysteries of the Ames Room. PLAN FOR THE ASSASSINATION OF JACQUELINE KENNEDY In hisp 1100 OOA 1984
brooch on the lapel of my jacket, its crown of amethyst melting in the fading sunlight. ‘She's coming out, Paul,‘ Charlesp 553 SG 1963
I paused by the boat, feeling the huge topaz and amethyst stones encrusted along its sides, a grotesque four-legged creature half-embeddedp 616 IM 1964
Ninotchka, it's still seven thousand francs. No Mastercard, no platinum Amex.‘ I took all the banknotes from my wallet. Once thep 160 SC 2000
a charmer. A kind of club-class hippy -- motorbike, platinum Amex, clergyman boyfriend.‘ ‘I wish I'd met her. The bomb wasn'tp 190 MP 2003
and pointed through the windscreen. ‘What's this?‘ They turned into Amherst Avenue and stopped by the church at the corner. Ap 25 D 1965
interregnum, Ransom visited the Presbyterian church on the corner of Amherst Avenue to hear what he assumed to be the Reverendp 36 D 1965
seemed to flicker against the wall of his bedroom in Amherst Avenue, and transformed his sleeping mind into a deserted newsreelp 11 ES 1984
their patience. As soon as they reached the house in Amherst Avenue he ran upstairs to change. Jim liked the Persianp 15 ES 1984
him that she could hear the voice of God in Amherst Avenue, warning them from their ways. Soon afterwards Jim hadp 17 ES 1984
seat in the Packard. He was glad to see that Amherst Avenue was filled with the cars of Europeans leaving forp 20 ES 1984
car through the gates, barely pausing before he accelerated along Amherst Avenue, Jim saw that the front wheel had crushed thep 21 ES 1984
the snow. There were so many beggars in Shanghai. Along Amherst Avenue they sat outside the gates of the houses, shakingp 21 ES 1984
were pouring into the city. Wooden carts and rickshaws crowded Amherst Avenue, each loaded with a peasant family's entire possessions. Adultsp 22 ES 1984
disguise. The gathering reminded Jim of the all-night parties at Amherst Avenue which lasted to the next afternoon, when distracted mothersp 26 ES 1984
way of persuading his father to take it back to Amherst Avenue. At night it could lie beside his bed, litp 31 ES 1984
mother told him that they would leave the house in Amherst Avenue for a few days and instead would stay inp 35 ES 1984
to leave the hospital and return to his mother at Amherst Avenue. The French doctor who mercurichromed his knees and thep 52 ES 1984
the circumstances in which he found himself. ‘You live in Amherst Avenue? You must go home.‘ The sister beckoned to ap 55 ES 1984
for having lost his school cap, Jim at last reached Amherst Avenue. He pulled his shirt-sleeve over the dark weals thatp 60 ES 1984
knew nothing of his long cycle rides around the city. Amherst Avenue was deserted. The throngs of beggars and refugees hadp 60 ES 1984
box of a heavy engine. A Japanese half-track had entered Amherst Avenue, its crew standing among their radio aerials. They movedp 61 ES 1984
small exploding boy. The Drained Swimming-Pool Time had stopped in Amherst Avenue, as motionless as the wall of dust that hungp 64 ES 1984
his father had taught him. But the Japanese patrols in Amherst Avenue would see the kite flying from the garden. Puttingp 65 ES 1984
The same tornado that had whirled his mother's bedroom in Amherst Avenue had swept in and out of every room inp 69 ES 1984
Perhaps he would come back to live with him in Amherst Avenue? Jim checked this thought as Mr Guerevitch waved himp 71 ES 1984
for the old caretaker, but during his return journey to Amherst Avenue he was more concerned about the two battleships. Thep 72 ES 1984
However, when he reached the entrance to his house in Amherst Avenue he saw that a Chrysler limousine had parked outsidep 73 ES 1984
the radiogram before lunch on Sunday, and his bedroom in Amherst Avenue now occupied by the Japanese officers. He played billiardsp 82 ES 1984
Japanese civilians were moving into the former Allied premises in Amherst Avenue. Jim scarcely recognized his long hair and grey cheeksp 83 ES 1984
in the air, reminding him of his mother's bedroom in Amherst Avenue, the odours of face-powder, cologne and Craven A cigarettesp 93 ES 1984
Jim, all by yourself. Down there in the French Concession?‘ ‘Amherst Avenue.‘ ‘Frank ... Before we leave Shanghai we ought to takep 99 ES 1984
He thought of his mother smoking in the drawing-room at Amherst Avenue. Now that he had met these two American sailorsp 99 ES 1984
the cabin steward with tales of the grand houses in Amherst Avenue. Jim invented lives of wholly imaginary glamour which hep 102 ES 1984
dentist. Maybe there are gold teeth, Basie.‘ They turned into Amherst Avenue and drove past the deserted mansions. The electricity supplyp 105 ES 1984
that the dying beggar had used outside the gates of Amherst Avenue. Even the emaciated soldier had found the lid ofp 113 ES 1984
cobblestone in the streets of Chapei, the overgrown gardens in Amherst Avenue, his mother and father, together in the silver lightp 133 ES 1984
Jim had flown dozens of kites from the garden at Amherst Avenue. He was fascinated by the dragon kites that floatedp 140 ES 1984
than he would ever be again to his house in Amherst Avenue. The truck stopped by the gates. The Japanese sergeantp 153 ES 1984
Power Company who had often swum in the pool at Amherst Avenue. Beside him was the Reverend Pearce, a Methodist missionaryp 169 ES 1984
the sinking of the Petrel, and even the garden at Amherst Avenue. ‘Jim, kitchen time ...!‘ he heard someone call from thep 174 ES 1984
his parents. The world before the war, his childhood in Amherst Avenue, his class at the Cathedral School, belonged to thatp 175 ES 1984
Jim, reminding him of the beggars outside the houses in Amherst Avenue. Without thinking, he had removed his shoes and hiddenp 179 ES 1984
the Maginot Line he had constructed behind the rockery at Amherst Avenue for his army of lead soldiers. He dug awayp 206 ES 1984
had played the white piano in the empty house in Amherst Avenue. ‘Yes ...‘ Dr Ransome reached out and gently pressed Jim'sp 210 ES 1984
seeing his mother and father, returning to the house in Amherst Avenue, to that forgotten realm of servants and Packards andp 232 ES 1984
monsoon season. As a child, safe in his bedroom at Amherst Avenue, Jim had watched the sudden glares that exposed thep 259 ES 1984
that the Chinese conjurors sent soaring over the gardens of Amherst Avenue at the climax of the children's parties. Were thep 283 ES 1984
Perhaps his parents had already returned to the house in Amherst Avenue? They might be hungry after the journey from Soochowp 289 ES 1984
was too dangerous, perhaps his mother and father would leave Amherst Avenue and live with him in Lunghua. In a practicalp 291 ES 1984
gaze he had often seen on the cook's face at Amherst Avenue before he killed a chicken. Behind him, impatient top 316 ES 1984
Lunghua. Perhaps they would be sitting by the swimming-pool at Amherst Avenue, leafing through the latest issue of Life, when theyp 324 ES 1984
the war. During the two months since his return to Amherst Avenue, Jim often visited the reopened cinemas in Shanghai. Hisp 346 ES 1984
bedroom on the top floor of the unreal house in Amherst Avenue, which had once been his home but now seemedp 347 ES 1984
sets of the Shanghai film studios. During his days at Amherst Avenue he often thought of his cubicle in the Vincent'sp 347 ES 1984
nettles and stunted willows. While Yang drove uneasily back to Amherst Avenue, annoyed in some way by the visit to Lunghuap 349 ES 1984
and death. Jim remembered his return to the house in Amherst Avenue, and his mother and father smiling weakly from theirp 350 ES 1984
set off for our first location, my childhood home in Amherst Avenue, now the library of the Shanghai Electronic Industry Informationp 174 UGM 1991
flirted with my father, I would watch the sky over Amherst Avenue. At any moment a squadron of Japanese bombers mightp 9 KW 1991
Hunter, a friend who lived at the western end of Amherst Avenue. A young woman of moods and strange stares, Olgap 10 KW 1991
declare itself that afternoon. Disappointed, I wearily pedalled back to Amherst Avenue, my school blazer scuffed and stained, in time forp 11 KW 1991
visitor who had strayed from another of the houses in Amherst Avenue. I had told my mother that Olga played withp 11 KW 1991
whirling like the blades of an eggbeater, I swerved into Amherst Avenue and overtook a column of peasants trudging through thep 17 KW 1991
It was three months before I could go back to Amherst Avenue. Artillery shells from the rival Chinese and Japanese howitzersp 27 KW 1991
and machine-gun posts. We were then safe to return to Amherst Avenue. While my parents talked to the servants I ranp 28 KW 1991
on the western outskirts of the city. As I neared Amherst Avenue I recognised the cathedral at Siccawei and the campusp 62 KW 1991
house would play the part of my childhood home in Amherst Avenue. Much of the film had already been shot inp 331 KW 1991
seizure of the city in 1949. But the houses in Amherst Avenue were semi-derelict, turned into tenement apartments crammed with Chinesep 332 KW 1991
apartments crammed with Chinese families and makeshift offices. No. 31 Amherst Avenue now contained the New China Electronic Import and Exportp 332 KW 1991
to provide a damp-proof warehouse. Fortunately, a reasonable replica of Amherst Avenue lay to hand on the other side of thep 332 KW 1991
and the nearby mansions that had inspired the houses in Amherst Avenue. Deep assignments ran through our lives; there were nop 334 KW 1991
party guests in a virtual replica of the house at Amherst Avenue. On the table beside me were copies of Timep 335 KW 1991
of Beverly Hills as if seeing the vanished facades of Amherst Avenue. I remembered how, forty years earlier, I had feltp 343 KW 1991
the memory of some childish exploit in the garden at Amherst Avenue. ‘And your friend, James?‘ Her fingers loosened my tiep 343 KW 1991
keen to see Shanghai again and visit our house in Amherst Avenue. Most of the two thousand internees remained in thep 284 UGM 1995
reached the western suburbs of Shanghai. At the end of Amherst Avenue I stopped at the house of my closest friendsp 285 UGM 1995
few hundred yards away was the Ballard house at 31 Amherst Avenue. The roof and windows were still intact, and whenp 286 UGM 1995
the Avenue Edward VII killed more than a thousand people. Amherst Avenue lay outside the International Settlement, and when artillery shellsp 287 UGM 1995
into the vast interior of China, and we returned to Amherst Avenue. Life in the International Settlement resumed its glittery whirlp 287 UGM 1995
that morning's scripture exam, when I heard tanks clanking down Amherst Avenue as the Japanese began their seizure of the Internationalp 289 UGM 1995
now knew, as my parents revealed when we returned to Amherst Avenue, of the extreme danger we had faced. They hadp 292 UGM 1995
mother reflect on its wider significance. We lived at 31 Amherst Avenue, in the western suburbs of Shanghai, about eight hundredp 3 ML 2008
that the chauffeur would stop on the way back to Amherst Avenue to buy the latest American comics. Looking back, andp 5 ML 2008
behind her. Who were the hunters, and who the trophies? Amherst Avenue was a road of large Western-style houses that ranp 11 ML 2008
I visited Beverly Hills. But all the houses, like 31 Amherst Avenue, tended to have American interiors --overly spacious kitchensp 11 ML 2008
at the point where our car paused before turning into Amherst Avenue. I looked at him from the rear seat ofp 15 ML 2008
called the Kendall-Wards, who lived at the far end of Amherst Avenue, and were a happy exception to every rule ofp 21 ML 2008
survive. The Kendall-Ward home was the complete opposite of 31 Amherst Avenue, and an influence that has lasted all my lifep 22 ML 2008
suburbs. The most visible features of the flat landscape beyond Amherst Avenue were the family burial mounds built onto the retainingp 32 ML 2008
mode. Bridge parties seemed to take place continuously at 31 Amherst Avenue, involving two foursomes of my mother's women friends. Ip 42 ML 2008
heard what sounded like tanks and military vehicles moving down Amherst Avenue, and my father burst into my bedroom. He staredp 54 ML 2008
by a single nationality. There was a German estate on Amherst Avenue, an intimidating collection of white boxes that I neverp 59 ML 2008
was the American Club in Columbia Road, a mile from Amherst Avenue. When we arrived we found a huge press ofp 63 ML 2008
small as the rooms in the servants‘ quarters at 31 Amherst Avenue, which had also contained entire families. Keen to greetp 65 ML 2008
of the French Concession, and I was eager to see Amherst Avenue again. Without telling my parents, I set off forp 105 ML 2008
to ring. After resting on the doorstep, I walked down Amherst Avenue to the Ballard house at 31, expecting to findp 109 ML 2008
the beginning of September, and returned to their house in Amherst Avenue. A staff of servants signed on, though I'm notp 112 ML 2008
felt more at home there than I did at 31 Amherst Avenue. Prison, which so confines the adults, offers unlimited scopep 115 ML 2008
as remote from me as the Chinese servants at 31 Amherst Avenue. Any kind of discussion was impossible. They were obsessedp 131 ML 2008
were shot in and near London. The Ballard house in Amherst Avenue was divided between three houses in Sunningdale, to thep 256 ML 2008
of the surrounding countryside. In the 1930s our house in Amherst Avenue had stood on the edge of the western suburbsp 265 ML 2008
then set off for the Ballard home in the former Amherst Avenue. The house was still standing, though in a statep 270 ML 2008
about another old man under his eiderdown of snow in Amherst Avenue. But this old man seemed confident, and was eatingp 275 ML 2008