forehead. As he approached she slipped her hand under the American's arm, and he recognized the couple who had passed himp 148 WFN 1961
I hate to have to agree with you, Major.‘ The American's manner had become noticeably more ingratiating, but Pearson was toop 785 KG 1969
and was about to move on. Then something about the American's posture, and their shared community of fatigue and hopelessness, madep 786 KG 1969
has been totally transformed. Rademaekers has gone straight to the American's room, where he wanders about gesticulating with the flippers. Drinkp 857 60Z 1976
hulls of the three colliers. Jim scurried along, imitating the American's aggressive gait. At last he had met someone who couldp 93 ES 1984
Carline's homily to end. Flurries of emotion plucked at the American's voice, and he wondered if Carline had joined the missionaryp 74 RP 1994
If the sanctuary fails she'll be destroyed.‘ Neil pondered the American's frank but unmalicious smile. ‘Do you want it to failp 121 RP 1994
that had once made Carline a figure of ridicule. The American's eyes were closed in a frown, nervous of the soilp 220 RP 1994
of whiskey and vermouth. Native Europeans were always chiding their American-descended cousins for their forbears‘ vulgar tastes, but Anne loved thep 30 HA 1981
greyhound stadium, a coolie army in pale orange uniforms and American-style sneakers. Outside the tram station in the Avenue Haig thep 57 ES 1984
They sat silently around the mess tables in their green, American-style uniforms, gold bars gleaming on their shoulders, as the blizzardsp 109 KW 1991
furniture and bookshelves, the cooker and large refrigerator in the American-style kitchen. The house had been occupied by a general inp 286 UGM 1995
show. For an hour the whole iconic past of pop Americana moved by in parade, Superman and Donald Duck, Clark Gablep 144 HA 1981
Dozens of familiar figures stood around, a pantheon of popular Americana gathered dust. Huckleberry Finn and Humphrey Bogart, Lindbergh and Waltp 175 HA 1981
into a film, something violent and glamorous. You want to Americanise death.‘ ‘Peggy ...‘ She had spoken with surprising force. Patiently, Ip 270 KW 1991
life. He thoroughly approved of my wish to see England Americanise itself, and hung California licence plates over his desk asp 213 ML 2008
is now, 90 per cent Chinese and 100 per cent Americanised. Bizarre advertising displays -- the honour guard of fifty Chinesep 4 ML 2008
stickers clearly visible. ‘Hold it,‘ Lanyon snapped at Goldman. ‘They're Americans. Must have been stranded here.‘ They stopped the carrier andp 40 WFN 1961
hope your information is right, though, Marshall. One of the Americans told me this morning that Venice was a complete write-offp 57 WFN 1961
their drinks over to the table, and stirred himself pleasantly. Americans were expert at providing the civilized amenities of life withp 141 WFN 1961
There's little you'll be able to do to help. The Americans are still sending out a few vehicles, but in generalp 141 WFN 1961
leave. ‘I'm working at Casualty Intake from now on. The Americans are shipping most of their top brass over to theirp 142 WFN 1961
Maitland had the impression, as Avery had suggested, that the Americans were withdrawing in considerable numbers, taking with them even severep 144 WFN 1961
behind Maitland. ‘Where are the others?‘ Maitland asked. ‘The two Americans and the girl?‘ Hardoon gestured with his cigar. ‘In thep 162 WFN 1961
secretary at the Cairo Embassy, something of an autocrat. You Americans are very stern with your children, doctor. A firm handp 292 IO 1962
curious thing, but one seldom sees on the faces of Americans the expression of wan resignation all too familiar to thep 608 IM 1964
months ago.‘ ‘You asked me that before. I remember two Americans with a scientific truck. Then a Dutchman with white hairp 660 VD 1964
with the puppet regime. He hates the NLF, but the Americans more. His hero is Rommel, but his style is Jamesp 956 TW 1967
life. Commentator You don't feel, General, that you and the Americans are forcing a form of government on the people ofp 957 TW 1967
that map will be white again. Then I know the Americans will be glad to leave for home. COMMENTATOR BACK INp 957 TW 1967
shifty and dispirited. All too clearly he is at the Americans‘ mercy, and has no ideas for bringing the war top 99 TW 1967
work in the garages and shops, and wait for the Americans to leave. Strangest of all here, there is no onep 960 TW 1967
confident that they have won the war and that the Americans must soon leave. They are Scottish, Welsh, people from thep 962 TW 1967
soldiers and the District Administrator will stay on after the Americans have left, recruiting local militia, setting up a fortified hamletp 962 TW 1967
soldier, he has already decided to stay here until the Americans leave. SERGEANT PALEY CHECKING TANK TREADS Commentator His second-in-command isp 962 TW 1967
troops who will go with them -- like all the Americans here, Sergeant Paley holds them in little more than contemptp 963 TW 1967
own food and bedding. During the next six hours the Americans will ride to the battlefield on their tank. The thirtyp 963 TW 1967
US Army revolver. Commentator The only Britisher to whom the Americans pay any attention is Major Cleaver, the District Administrator whop 963 TW 1967
their women and children behind until night comes again? THE AMERICANS AND BRITISH ARE WATCHING QUIETLY A farmer appears and walksp 965 TW 1967
Ten British soldiers have been killed or wounded. Without the Americans and their tank he could never hold the village. Captainp 967 TW 1967
rebel troops. Supported from the air by helicopter drops, the Americans fought on from their deep bunkers, firing thousands of roundsp 782 KG 1969
and under-armed, what kept them going? Not hatred of the Americans, few of whom, apart from the dead, they had everp 782 KG 1969
day of Armageddon. If anything, it was fortunate that the Americans were spread so thinly on the ground, or the entirep 782 KG 1969
wiped out. Even with twenty million men under arms, the Americans could spare fewer than 200,000 soldiers for the Britishp 782 KG 1969
the line of trees on the opposite bank. Perhaps the Americans were sitting there with their rapid-fire Gatlings, waiting for themp 783 KG 1969
young for whatever peace would one day come. The three Americans were behind the memorial, guarded by a soldier with ap 783 KG 1969
go on fighting for so long. Even the term the Americans used to describe the rebel soldiers, ‘Charlie‘, inherited from thep 784 KG 1969
twentieth century, might in time produce something greater. Fortunately, the Americans were protected from any hope of success by their ownp 785 KG 1969
the bank a murderous fire had greeted them from the Americans concealed among the trees along the opposite shore. Pearson sawp 787 KG 1969
of the memorial had been a signal, which the watching Americans had rightly interpreted, and if the captain had deliberately takenp 787 KG 1969
the mudflats at Yangtzepoo were the huge stockades where the Americans held the last of the Japanese troops being repatriated. Asp 73 THF 1969
eight o'clock that night a fight broke out among the Americans. A Japanese sergeant was standing on the bridge deck, hisp 73 THF 1969
deck, his face and chest covered with blood, while the Americans shouted and pushed at each other. Shortly after, three trucksp 73 THF 1969
no mean achievement -- for the first time, he made Americans feel guilty about their greatest dream image and totem objectp 260 UGM 1971
image and totem object: the motor car. At the time, Americans were so busy worrying about their cars that few ofp 260 UGM 1971
that its kilns were some sort of military installation, the Americans had bombed the factory again and again. A few ofp 926 DT 1977
green shell of a reconnaissance aircraft shot down by the Americans. Ten feet in front of me, Hodson's truck bumped alongp 931 DT 1977
a ruse, relieving them of some local embarrassment before the Americans landed at the airfield. Hodson was asleep beside his truckp 932 DT 1977
long catalogue of those sins that seem particularly heinous to Americans. Mama's boy and bed-wetter, prude and glutton, voyeur and obsessivep 39 UGM 1981
at Coney Island to ferry tens of thousands of fleeing Americans as the cities emptied and the deserts crept eastwards acrossp 17 HA 1981
them. ‘A local marine deity,‘ he suavely informed them. ‘The Americans of the eastern seaboard worshipped a pantheon of underwater creaturesp 20 HA 1981
was ample evidence of the desperate attempts by the last Americans to beat the energy crisis. Within this once heroic landscapep 42 HA 1981
already overburdened by refugees from the cities. Already the first Americans had reluctantly packed their bags and set sail across thep 47 HA 1981
duplicating the original westward passage two hundred years earlier. White Americans emigrated back to Italy and Germany, eastern Europe, Britain andp 48 HA 1981
to Italy and Germany, eastern Europe, Britain and Ireland, black Americans to Africa and the West Indies, Chicanos waded south acrossp 48 HA 1981
stern-rails of the convoy ships bound for Europe, the departing Americans could already see the desert moving in to take overp 49 HA 1981
the coastal mountains produced torrential rainstorms and flash-floods. The departing Americans from the sometime sunshine state who set off across thep 50 HA 1981
visions in the sky. Yet these sun-wizened people were real Americans, direct descendants of the few thousands who, had stayed behindp 65 HA 1981
Steiner stared back wistfully through the darkness. ‘Cannibals? Those were Americans, Wayne, real Americans.‘ ‘They're aborigines,‘ Wayne said. ‘I wish wep 69 HA 1981
wistfully through the darkness. ‘Cannibals? Those were Americans, Wayne, real Americans.‘ ‘They're aborigines,‘ Wayne said. ‘I wish we could help themp 69 HA 1981
not going south because that isn't an American direction. When Americans started to move south everything went wrong.‘ Steiner turned top 87 HA 1981
that's left of a million times that number of original Americans. A curious lot, though not unfriendly, despite their talk ofp 88 HA 1981
and enthusiasm, but as Wayne reminded himself, they were true Americans. After the prospect of total disaster, the expedition had comep 106 HA 1981
Mr Wayne, the kind of cybernetic expertise you Old World Americans haven't seen in a long time. So, where are yourp 129 HA 1981
course you do. Howard Hughes, the last of the great Americans. I've taken over his empire, what those pigmies left ofp 137 HA 1981
of empty seats around the arena. ‘ ... tanks, guns, planes ...‘ ‘ ... hyphenated Americans ...‘ ‘ ... safe for democracy ...‘ ‘ ... too proud to fight ...‘ ‘ ... Ich bin einp 168 HA 1981
on the ground, so they gave it to the refugee Americans, as an ironic gesture, I suppose. Spandau was the namep 183 HA 1981
both Washington and New York -- the tribes of aboriginal Americans would still be safely huddled on the Mall outside thep 212 HA 1981
might be too much to ask. Churchill must bring the Americans into the war.‘ ‘Daddy, who is General Mud?‘ His fatherp 18 ES 1984
queue of cars moved through the checkpoint, carrying groups of Americans and Europeans already late for their Christmas parties. Yang edgedp 24 ES 1984
the perimeter of the International Settlement. They tolerated the few Americans and Europeans who lived in the rural districts, and inp 25 ES 1984
a few days after the battle. Parties of Europeans and Americans drove from Shanghai, and parked their limousines on country roadsp 32 ES 1984
bodyguards. Six thousand miles away, across the International Dateline, the Americans in Honolulu were sleeping through the early hours of Sundayp 36 ES 1984
the Japanese trying to sell something to the British and Americans? Jim knew that they were wasting their time. Standing againstp 42 ES 1984
the takeover of the International Settlement, its seizure from the Americans and Europeans by another Asian power. Yet when Jim reachedp 56 ES 1984
streaks ran down the oak panels, as if all the Americans and Europeans had been murdered against their front doors. Thep 80 ES 1984
to resist, he sat in the truck between the two Americans, like one of the chickens which the Chinese women carriedp 102 ES 1984
Basie and Frank seemed unafraid of the armed soldiers -- Americans, Jim had noticed, were not easily impressed by anyone. Frankp 103 ES 1984
with his single eye. ‘There are Brewster Buffaloes -- the Americans must have won the war.‘ Jim let the warm airp 157 ES 1984
septic tanks. To their credit, in Jim's eyes, neither the Americans nor the Dutch and Belgians in the camp wasted theirp 168 ES 1984
19th hole?‘ ‘You shouldn't work for Basie. The things those Americans ask you to do ... I've told you that we comep 173 ES 1984
British were especially good at complaining, something the Dutch and Americans never did. Soon, Jim reflected with a certain grim pleasurep 174 ES 1984
as the Mustang fighters which strafed Lunghua Airfield. Did the Americans bring out a new-model Mustang every year or every monthp 174 ES 1984
been discovered by the army of informers. Several groups of Americans had set out in the summer of 1944 for Chungkingp 175 ES 1984
the Mustangs and Superfortresses, but sometimes he wished that the Americans would return to Hawaii and content themselves with raising theirp 181 ES 1984
the Zeros and Hayates into the air war against the Americans. Jim was well aware that his commitment to the Japanesep 188 ES 1984
alarm. The air raids came earlier each day, as the Americans moved their bases forward across the Pacific and the Chinesep 191 ES 1984
unsettled and dangerous. ‘Dr Ransome, what will happen if the Americans land at Woosung?‘ This port at the mouth of thep 196 ES 1984
to Shanghai. Everyone in the camp talked about Woosung. ‘The Americans probably will land at Woosung, Jim. I've always thought youp 196 ES 1984
so many other things swimming about in your head. The Americans may not land there.‘ ‘If they do, the Japanese willp 197 ES 1984
to a dead American pilot. Soon enough, one of the Americans would be shot down into Lunghua Camp. Jim tried top 201 ES 1984
hospital, the block leaders and their deputies, a party of Americans from E Block, the senior Dutch and Belgians. But Jimp 204 ES 1984
area this new tactic might turn the war against the Americans and so save Lunghua Camp. He drummed his fingers onp 210 ES 1984
soon as he reached the American dormitory. He liked the Americans and approved of them in every way. Whenever he enteredp 214 ES 1984
mats and woven bamboo. Now and then a party of Americans would emerge from E Block and play a relaxed gamep 215 ES 1984
Why's Basie mad at Jim?‘ Jim exchanged greetings with the Americans -- Cohen, the softball wizard and chess fanatic; Tiptree, thep 215 ES 1984
fuss about being ill. All in all, Jim felt, the Americans were the best company, not as strange and challenging asp 216 ES 1984
formality. ‘Is there any more news, Basie? When are the Americans going to land at Woosung?‘ But Basie was preoccupied. Hep 218 ES 1984
nothing to do with catching pheasants. Perhaps one of the Americans was planning to visit Shanghai, and Jim was being usedp 219 ES 1984
tin was packed with hundreds of the prophylactics, as the Americans called them. Once the original stock of cigarettes was exhaustedp 220 ES 1984
light the Mustangs had brought with them. Around him the Americans were leaving their cubicles and pressing against the windows. Demarestp 222 ES 1984
friends. The Emperor just announced the surrender.‘ ‘Where are the Americans?‘ ‘They're coming, kid, they have to get here with theirp 275 ES 1984
fighter. He watched the sky over Shanghai, waiting for the Americans to arrive at Lunghua Airfield. Although he had eaten nothingp 279 ES 1984
be strong enough to walk to Shanghai. By then the Americans would have arrived, and Jim could present the kamikaze pilotp 282 ES 1984
them as his friend. Being generous people at heart, the Americans would overlook the small matter of the suicide attacks onp 282 ES 1984
men were Chinese communists. By all accounts, they hated the Americans. Seeing the cigarettes, they might shoot him before he couldp 290 ES 1984
contempt with which the Chinese had always regarded Europeans and Americans. They walked swiftly and soon vanished among the trees. Jimp 290 ES 1984
the river three miles to the north. No doubt the Americans were wary of sailing up the Yangtze, fearing that thep 305 ES 1984
of Mount Suribachi after their battle for Iwo Jima. The Americans in these magazines had fought an heroic war, closer top 314 ES 1984
with their rifles and webbing. The others were Europeans or Americans, wearing an assortment of clothes and ammunition belts, holsters andp 316 ES 1984
no longer existed, even though the British had helped the Americans to defeat the Japanese. The trucks stopped at a crossroadsp 320 ES 1984
Jim ...?‘ ‘We ought to get ready, Basie. When are the Americans coming?‘ For the first time Basie seemed lost for anp 329 ES 1984
interpreting the stream of medical data. Like a hundred million Americans, Susan spent the next week sitting by the TV setp 1120 WW3 1988
of a vanished American past that an earlier generation of Americans had felt for the Impressionist painters and their evocation ofp 66 UGM 1989
own grandparents had been among them, some of the many Americans who had resigned their teaching posts at the schools andp 1147 WF 1989
of the inherent dangers of these violent and unstable machines. Americans are now scarcely aware of automobile styling, but the subjectp 97 CRAa 1990
a complete mystery to most Europeans, though I noticed that Americans took him far more easily in their stride. But thep 105 WIWa 1990
Streep's -- and it is sobering to reflect that, to Americans, most of us sound like this. Then, at last, hep 9 UGM 1991
made a successful war film. The realities of war, which Americans have totally mastered while they are awake, run counter top 13 UGM 1991
or four.‘ Reagan's presidency was a mystery to Europeans, though Americans were happy to see this amiable if goofy former sportscasterp 35 UGM 1991
Little Man: Mayer Lansky and the Gangster Life Robert Lacey Americans cherish their gangsters, Robert Lacey remarks in this entertaining biographyp 44 UGM 1991
way difficult to grasp on this side of the Atlantic. Americans may not read but, like the French, they take booksp 117 UGM 1991
live round still in the chamber. One feels that for Americans fame is always unexpected, whereas British writers have thought ofp 117 UGM 1991
government to the negotiating table. In 1863 the British and Americans founded the International Settlement, a collection of godowns and tradingp 218 UGM 1991
a kingdom called money, the cosmopolitan meeting-ground of Europeans and Americans, of exiled White Russians and Jewish refugees, of terrorists, beggar-kingsp 219 UGM 1991
the war.‘ In my mind I could see these laconic Americans, in their dashing goggles and aviator's suits, crashing through thep 15 KW 1991
fields, when the Japanese made their last stand against the Americans at the mouth of the Yangtse. I lined my fingersp 32 KW 1991
a sympathetic adult had been rebuffed. Only Basie and the Americans were friendly, but their friendliness depended on my running errandsp 38 KW 1991
British had nothing to which they looked forward, unlike the Americans, whose world was always filled with possibilities. Every American wasp 41 KW 1991
noticed. For days we had listened to rumours that the Americans had dropped a new super-bomb on Japan, destroying the citiesp 49 KW 1991
out of the dust, though everyone knew that the nearest Americans were hundreds of miles away on the island of Okinawap 50 KW 1991
would make their last stand against Chiang Kai-shek and the Americans at the mouth of the Yangtse, well within sight ofp 51 KW 1991
strained, smiling way at the Eurasian women waiting for the Americans. Once he lured a suspicious 14-year-old Chinese prostitute into hisp 67 KW 1991
He can make a good investment right now, while the Americans are here. There's a small restaurant in the Avenue Joffrep 70 KW 1991
God, it made me think of Shanghai and all those Americans.‘ ‘Why? Stop thinking about Shanghai and Lunghua. It's all overp 82 KW 1991
a punt. Cambridge seemed a good place to be.‘ ‘The Americans have their nuclear bases there. Advanced jets sit on thep 104 KW 1991
whole planet would be on vacation. At Cape Canaveral, the Americans were readying themselves to fly into space. On television wep 127 KW 1991
the war, and the spectacular collisions staged by the casual Americans. Across the years their spirit seemed to hover over thisp 233 KW 1991
flying.‘ ‘You told me you'd seen it ten times!‘ ‘The Americans brought it with them, and gave us all free ticketsp 269 KW 1991
than the Russian pilots or the British pilots. What the Americans had was more style and more glamour.‘ ‘Like everything Americanp 270 KW 1991
But you got out of Shanghai?‘ ‘Of course! Once the Americans left. Believe me, James, I'm not designed for communism. I'mp 340 KW 1991
Crawford, the president's widow and a fearsome figurehead. Alone among Americans, Coke executives consider that they lost the Gulf War --p 214 UGM 1993
guilt that ailed Dr Barbara and, by extension, the war-time Americans. Neil, in turn, showed rather too much curiosity about thep 62 RP 1994
population of five million, and a hundred thousand Europeans and Americans, it was a place of bizarre contrasts, of foetid backp 286 UGM 1995
quality not much in evidence among the party-going Europeans and Americans whom my parents knew. By 1941 everyone was aware ofp 288 UGM 1995
capital city, Manila. A month of ferocious fighting left 6000 Americans dead, 20,000 Japanese and over 100,000 Filipinos, manyp 293 UGM 1995
at Hiroshima. How many more would have died if the Americans and British had been forced to fight for Singapore, Saigonp 293 UGM 1995
There's nothing racist, by the way. We're truly multinational -- Americans, French, Japanese. Even Russians and east Europeans.‘ ‘Black Africa?‘ ‘Atp 19 SC 2000
buckled on the safety harnesses. Tourists crowded the Croisette, amiable Americans on short-stay package deals, Germans of technical mind studying thep 107 SC 2000
hands with Mickey Mouse that drives me up the wall. Americans love these Disney hotels.‘ ‘Don't be mean. They remind themp 15 MP 2003
think there were some fifty thousand non-Chinese -- British, French, Americans, Germans, Italians, Swiss and Japanese, and a large number ofp 4 ML 2008
me through the checkpoints, as they did the Europeans and Americans. Sometimes they would check our family Buick, but only whenp 28 ML 2008
turn against the Japanese. Their navy, which had caught the Americans by surprise at Pearl Harbor, suffered catastrophic defeats at thep 62 ML 2008
I took in good part. Among their other virtues, the Americans had a substantial stock of magazines -- Life, Time, Popularp 73 ML 2008
large city in the Pacific War fought for by the Americans, where some 100,000 Philippine civilians died. By the summerp 90 ML 2008
and a general resignation to further years of war. The Americans had advanced island by island across the Pacific, but theyp 95 ML 2008
mother up to date with the latest fashion news. The Americans were part of the military administration of Shanghai, and wouldp 113 ML 2008
In,‘ and joined in heartily, following the bouncing ball. The Americans had unlimited supplies of magazines and comics, but I wasp 113 ML 2008
tricycles, pedalled by former rickshaw coolies, usually filled by two Americans and their Russian and Chinese girlfriends. Led by my fatherp 115 ML 2008
desperately. Bizarrely, armed Japanese sentries, on the orders of the Americans, still guarded key locations in Shanghai, just as the Frenchp 115 ML 2008
a little help, often more of a hindrance, from the Americans and Russians. In fact we had suffered enormous losses, exhaustedp 126 ML 2008
if they had known that they faced not only the Americans but the French, British and Dutch armies, navies and airp 126 ML 2008
world s-f convention held in London in 1957, but the Americans were hard to take, and most of the British fansp 194 ML 2008
of his life his hates were in full flow -- Americans, Jews, the French and their entire culture, hippies and, forp 196 ML 2008
Advanced technology might spur the imagination of a European, but Americans took it for granted, and were no more inspired byp 221 ML 2008
the programmes included. Publicity and promotion are the air that Americans breathe, and they take it for granted that in everyp 259 ML 2008
others were completely empty, for reasons no one could explain. Americans were unfailingly friendly and helpful, though I noticed an almostp 259 ML 2008