-- Monstre Gai and Malign Fiesta. When he died in 1961, blind and ignored, he was working on the notes forp 141 UGM 1966
fifteen years: from Sputnik I and Gagarin's first flight in 1961 to the last Skylab mission in 1974 -- and thep 225 UGM 1977
barely fifteen years, from Yuri Gagarin's first orbital flight in 1961 to the last Skylab mission in 1974. Yet in spitep 273 UGM 1979
Searle suddenly packed his bags and left for Paris in 1961, leaving behind his wife and children. It seems a pityp 106 UGM 1990
Age lasted barely 25 years, from Gagarin's first flight in 1961 to the first Apollo splashdown not shown live on TVp 43 DMa 1990
publication in France in 1934, though it was not until 1961, nearly thirty years after it was written, that it wasp 113 UGM 1991
written straight onto the typewriter during a fortnight's holiday in 1961, and was published by an American paperback firm, Berkley Booksp 190 ML 2008
1958 Wolfgang Herter (Cologne, Germany) 1960 Martin Sherrington (Canterbury, England) 1962 Josef Oblensky (Leningrad, USSR) 1964 Yen Hsi Shan (Wuhan, Chinap 773 CA 1968
18-year-old self she had last seen at Idlewild airport in 1962, catching a plane to Europe. Another Sally Mumford had gonep 286 KW 1991
his ‘year‘ to 500 days, from the arrest in September 1962 of William Vassall, the Admiralty clerk turned Russian spy, top 242 UGM 1992
Bacon's paintings at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, followed in 1962 by a far larger retrospective at the Tate Gallery, whichp 156 ML 2008
some ways a mixed blessing. I knew Amis closely from 1962 to 1966, and often had lunch with him in Sohop 195 ML 2008
note. -- The assassination of President Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963, raised many questions, not all of which were answered byp 720 AE 1966
to end abruptly in mid-paragraph. Daily Telegraph The Overlit Carousel 1963: Five Hundred Days -- History as Melodrama John Lawton Itp 242 UGM 1992
History as Melodrama John Lawton It seems scarcely credible that 1963 is almost three decades away. This was the year ofp 242 UGM 1992
own presidency. Although the sixties first began to swing in 1963, lurching on their gaudy way to the sound of thep 242 UGM 1992
way the Profumo affair always was. But on the whole, 1963 still has a vivid period charm, an irresponsible but excitingp 242 UGM 1992
were not even a gleam in the monetarists‘ eye. In 1963 all the lunches were free. For John Lawton, producer ofp 242 UGM 1992
For John Lawton, producer of Channel 4‘s Opinions programme, 1963 was the year in which Britain at last emerged fromp 242 UGM 1992
decade. The Kennedy assassination alone, it seems to me, makes 1963 the most important year since the war. Kennedy's murder, thep 243 UGM 1992
the beach at Rio, is probably the last survivor of 1963, a living fossil of an often tawdry but always extraordinaryp 243 UGM 1992
Reality head-set takes you to Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. First you fire the assassin's rifle from the Book Depositoryp 1174 GVD 1992
thin was the line between poverty and bare survival. In 1963 The Drowned World was successfully published, and with Mary's encouragementp 191 ML 2008
makes the whole of existence seem warm and meaningful. In 1963 Mary was in good health, but needed her appendix removedp 200 ML 2008
The gilt lettering was still fresh and untarnished. JAMES FALKMAN 1963-1901 ‘The End is but the Beginning‘ Leisurely they began top 559 TP 1964
1960 Martin Sherrington (Canterbury, England) 1962 Josef Oblensky (Leningrad, USSR) 1964 Yen Hsi Shan (Wuhan, China) 1965 Robert Silverberg (Tampa, USAp 773 CA 1968
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Nearly twenty-five years after its release, Stanley Kubrick's black satirep 18 UGM 1987
on the beach road, and where my wife died in 1964. The curious atmosphere of the Mediterranean beach resorts still awaitsp 59 SCNa 1990
closer to the brutal crime boss he played in the 1964 movie, The Killers, his last Hollywood role. In his commercialsp 105 WIWa 1990
William Vassall, the Admiralty clerk turned Russian spy, to February 1964 when the Beatles arrived in the United States and sweptp 242 UGM 1992
bedroom curtains and signalled that she could return. Wise Women 1964 Family life has always been very important to me, farp 199 ML 2008
friends, all of whom have vivid memories of him. In 1964 Michael Moorcock took over the editorship of the leading Britishp 215 ML 2008
Caltech, 1953. Graduated US Air Force Academy, 1957. Served Vietnam, 1964-9. Enrolled NASA 1970; deputy ground controller, Skylab III. 1974, rumouredp 1095 OOA 1984
by the National Astronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C., 1965. Part XV. Longitude 40-80 West, Latitude 10 North-35 South (Southp 454 QR 1963
Louvre in Paris, discovered on the morning of April 19, 1965, caused a scandal of unprecedented proportions. A decade of majorp 574 LL 1964
Josef Oblensky (Leningrad, USSR) 1964 Yen Hsi Shan (Wuhan, China) 1965 Robert Silverberg (Tampa, USA) 1968 Georges Duval (Montereau, France) Charlesp 773 CA 1968
the sinister glamour and unconscious logic of technological death. Alphaville (1965) This moody and powerful allegory is Jean-Luc Godard's most accessiblep 19 UGM 1987
visiting museums, going on holiday, doing homework, watching television. In 1965 we drove to Greece for nearly two months, a wonderfulp 203 ML 2008
that everything beneath the gaudy surface remained the same. In 1965 I met Dr Martin Bax, a north London paediatrician whop 209 ML 2008
was more explicit. ECHO III CONSOLIDATED TABLES OF CELESTIAL TRAVERSES 1965-1980 Published by the National Astronautics and Space Administration, Washington, Dp 454 QR 1963
effort to communicate with them, I found my opportunity in 1966 when England played host to the World Cup. I boughtp 27 SEO 1972
One has the same impression flying over Beverly Hills. In 1966, when I wrote this chapter, the surrealists had not yetp 83 YMCa 1990
war the film companies had restarted in Vietnam." Written in 1966, this was a prophetic leap in the dark. To datep 11 AEa 1990
in 1953. Evans, too late, received a posthumous pardon in 1966. I can still remember the woman in the red coatp 172 ML 2008
a mixed blessing. I knew Amis closely from 1962 to 1966, and often had lunch with him in Soho. He wasp 195 ML 2008
which obsessed me for decades to come. The Atrocity Exhibition 1966 But perhaps there was an answer, using a kind ofp 207 ML 2008
Plan for the Assassination of Jacqueline Kennedy" was written in 1967 and published in Ambit, the literary magazine edited by Drp 89 PAJa 1990
My first piece about the future president was written in 1967, and the many ambiguities surrounding the former film actor werep 119 WW3a 1990
different person from the often sinister figure I described in 1967, when the present piece was first published. The then-novelty ofp 105 WIWa 1990
and started the tape-recorder. ‘It's 15:05 on June 17, 1967 ...‘ Meeting Cleo's warning eyes, I placed the sugar cube onp 198 KW 1991
the subject of Bertolucci's Oscar-winning film, died as recently as 1967, working as a seedsman in the gardens of the Imperialp 248 UGM 1993
the cliff's edge. My Parents James Ballard, b. 1902, d. 1967 My father, James Ballard, was born in 1902 and broughtp 45 ML 2008
mother to the New Forest, and died of cancer in 1967. Edna Ballard, b. 1905, d. 1999 My mother was bornp 48 ML 2008
surprised I didn't find myself in the Tower. Healing Times 1967 I still think that my children brought me up, perhapsp 225 ML 2008
been drawn through all the entries up to the year 1968. At this point the markings became individual, each minuscule entryp 454 QR 1963
I first heard about the assignment, in the summer of 1968, I did my best to turn it down. Charles Whiteheadp 769 CA 1968
Yen Hsi Shan (Wuhan, China) 1965 Robert Silverberg (Tampa, USA) 1968 Georges Duval (Montereau, France) Charles studied the list, now andp 773 CA 1968
chromium-plated 1984. Sadly, after Alphaville Godard abandoned the genre. Barbarella (1968) Sex, which many enthusiasts thought they had invented in thep 19 UGM 1987
which he seems literally to have cast himself. In June 1968 he had been shot and critically wounded by Valerie Solanasp 59 UGM 1989
political and cultural federation. In 1995, the headiest year since 1968, the necessary legislation was swiftly passed by a dozen parliamentsp 1139 LTP 1989
of this surgeon, skin is never in short supply. This 1968 piece was written a year before my exhibition of crashedp 97 CRAa 1990
presidency seems to have run to the same formula. In 1968 the American poet Bill Butler, who ran the Unicorn Bookshopp 105 WIWa 1990
of the first manned Moon flight had been advanced to 1969, and on the following day would take place the latestp 498 VH 1963
far more conservative. Although its first publication is given as 1969, it is difficult to tell when it was written. Sop 255 UGM 1969
a complex and exhilarating narrative. I commend Susan Sontag's brave 1969 essay ("The Pornographic Imagination"), though I would go much furtherp 36 AWa 1990
car accident. By chance a telescoped Pontiac starred in my 1969 exhibition of crashed cars at the New Arts Laboratory inp 9 AEa 1990
three-dimensional volume graph. This was written two years before my 1969 exhibition of crashed cars. Scouring the wreckers' yards around Londonp 24 UDa 1990
staging an exhibition of crashed cars came to me in 1969 after the road accident near Fair Oaks airfield in whichp 213 KW 1991
The triumph of the Apollo landing on the moon in 1969 had shown that the road to the spiritual heart ofp 1175 MFM 1992
Aldrin and Armstrong (this was before the lunar flights in 1969). I was fascinated by the work his team was doingp 214 ML 2008
that NASA would land an American on the moon in 1969 and fulfil President Kennedy's vow on coming to office. Communicationsp 215 ML 2008
she introduced me to the magic of cats. New Sculpture 1969 If The Atrocity Exhibition was a firework display in ap 235 ML 2008
into the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Good Friday, 197 --, first assumed to be the act of some criminalp 81 YMC 1966
the Strategic Air Command base at Omaha, Nebraska, December 25th, 197 --, when a landing H-bomber was found to have anp 83 YMC 1966
of Durer etching, 146; law-suits against HRH, 173-85 Bergman, Ingrid, 197, 234, 267 Biarritz, 123 Blixen, Karen von (Isak Dinesen), lettersp 941 I 1977
Karen von (Isak Dinesen), letters to HRH, declines marriage proposal, 197 Byron, Lord, 28, 76, 98, 543 C Cambodia, HRH plansp 941 I 1977
p.h. reached at Bonneville Salt Flats on March 5th, 197--, by a twenty-seven-foot-long car powered by three J-79 aircraft enginesp 86 YMC 1966
thyroidal, with large lustreless eyes, and then the Vermilion Sands: 1970 shots of him, fitting into the movie colony like ap 314 TDS 1962
US Air Force Academy, 1957. Served Vietnam, 1964-9. Enrolled NASA 1970; deputy ground controller, Skylab III. 1974, rumoured commander of secretp 1095 OOA 1984
Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Regan" prompted Doubleday in 1970 to pulp its first American edition of The Atrocity Exhibitionp 105 WIWa 1990
the most vulnerable target. The Atrocity Exhibition was published in 1970, and was my attempt to make sense of the sixtiesp 235 ML 2008
By the time that The Atrocity Exhibition was published in 1970 I was already looking ahead to what would be myp 238 ML 2008
still not completely convinced by my deviant thesis. Then in 1970 someone at the New Arts Laboratory in London contacted mep 238 ML 2008
the illusions to which we cling about the first. In 1970, encouraged by my crashed cars exhibition, I began to writep 241 ML 2008
if mispelled) in the credits of a film came in 1970, with the British release of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earthp 252 ML 2008