a family whose roots lay in the great technologies of America's past -- one of his ancestors had worked on thep 25 HA 1981
the manipulation of a whole continent's climate, that artificially maintains America's present desert/jungle divide. A piece of exploitation, by thep 155 HA 1981
for evading any serious consideration of what they see as America's misguided and racist involvement in Vietnam and for failing top 12 UGM 1991
their defence of the nation at war. By the 1960s, America's immense self-confidence and the overheating imagination of the Marvel Comicsp 77 UGM 1991
The four terrorists, armed with two old Japanese rifles, an American B.A.R. and a hand grenade, stepped out ofp 9 VN 1951
a fan of yours. I gave her your papers from American Journal of Psychiatry, and she's read through the whole filep 171 VT 1960
the open window at the graceful beehive curtain-wall of the American Embassy, answering his question. The driver noticed his interest, flickedp 280 GA 1961
NBC. We were supposed to be covering the evacuation of American nationals to Paris, but everything's gone to hell. Our carp 41 WFN 1961
without any markings and the only other big tractors are American, so no one will try to stop us. What's thatp 127 WFN 1961
to the transport bay. Apparently there's one of those big American --‘ He broke off, noticing the huge figure of Krollp 130 WFN 1961
their way out of the lounge, they passed a tall American submarine commander who had come in with a slim blonde-hairedp 143 WFN 1961
typical wind-exposure scars, but she seemed so relaxed, following the American closely with unforced intimacy, that he realized these two, whop 143 WFN 1961
man with a brush moustache, the other two a tall American in a navy trench coat and the girl wearing ap 148 WFN 1961
reached the bulkhead they slammed in the crossbars, leaving the American pounding helplessly on the massive grey plates. Maitland straddled thep 175 WFN 1961
baton at the ambulance. ‘A profound tragedy, such a beautiful American girl.‘ Gregory rooted his feet in the grey sand, withp 292 IO 1962
you agree? She was frightened of him, escaped from the American Hospital. My task is to provide an explanation for thep 292 IO 1962
picked up a newspaper. ‘I see Bortman is attacking the American Bar Association as a subversive body, probably planning to havep 296 IO 1962
a total waste -- as I've always maintained, incidentally. The American and Russian units are being recalled as well. Temperatures atp 13 DW 1962
lunar spacecraft, the Goliath 7, had plummeted into the South American land mass, and to prolong the search indefinitely was simplyp 436 QR 1963
under-shot his trajectory and come down somewhere on the South American land-mass along a line linking Lake Maracaibo with Brasilia. Footstepsp 439 QR 1963
Part XV. Longitude 40-80 West, Latitude 10 North-35 South (South American Sub-Continent) Price 35c. His interest quickening, Connolly turned the pagesp 454 QR 1963
at least twice the gross national product of a Central American republic. What was amateurish was the indifference to normal commercialp 543 SG 1963
random basis? Now obviously he had seen the Russian and American satellite capsules and assumed that our race, like his nowp 495 VH 1963
a greater span of years than the longest-lived European or American with his obsessive time-consciousness, cramming so-called significant experiences into hisp 629 DS 1964
the elegant assembly below. In such an international gathering, of American connoisseurs, English press lords, French and Italian aristocracy, coloured byp 586 LL 1964
leave Vandervell sent the house-boy out to him with an American dollar. From then on the stick-dancer came every day. ‘Isp 658 VD 1964
eyes faded she caught a last glimpse of a white American car setting off across the tarmac apron beyond the controlp 35 AW 1966
a CIA agent, two of his Russian counterparts and an American limbo dancer -- may care to approach it in thep 663 BM 1966
He looked up at the tough, square-jawed face of the American girl. Would she hit him again? She glared at himp 665 BM 1966
nightclub in Benidorm was hushed, everyone watching as this demented American girl with the incredible thighs had edged under the barp 665 BM 1966
the bluff above the cove. The swarthy Russian and his American beatnik had moved in yesterday. No doubt Stat was atp 666 BM 1966
I came here with another man from the bureau, an American called Anderson. When we left the boat he went offp 31 CW 1966
do. What I can't understand is why you and this American came here in the first place. By all accounts Montp 31 CW 1966
made his way to Louise Peret. ‘Is that Anderson? The American? You recognized him.‘ Louise shook her head. ‘The cameraman, Matthieup 51 CW 1966
friends are in the affected zone, as well as Louise's American colleague. Naturally we're worried about them. The automatic temptation ofp 59 CW 1966
What is Tatlin's theory?‘ ‘In general he agrees with the American experts. I spoke to him at the site this morningp 65 CW 1966
he ran forward into the roaring police guns. THE GREAT AMERICAN NUDE The Skin Area. Each morning, during this last phasep 51 GAN 1967
hurried towards the entrance of the car park. The white American car had followed her around the perimeter of the sculpturep 52 GAN 1967
to heavy machine-gun fire and intercom chatter. Twenty soldiers, five American and the rest British, move from door to door, firingp 953 TW 1967
goes on. After four years no solution is in sight. American casualties total 30,000 dead, a hundred thousand missing andp 954 TW 1967
both parties. But how accurate is the picture which the American public at large has of the civil war? NEWSREEL Medleyp 955 TW 1967
the last remaining strongholds of government support, defended by massive American forces. The countryside belongs to the NLF. The continuous infiltrationp 955 TW 1967
reigned, the black market flourishes. Millions of dollars‘ worth of American goods pour into the capital, propping up a juke-box economyp 956 TW 1967
a hail of rebel machine-gun fire. COMMENTATOR IN GROSVENOR SQUARE American Embassy in background, surrounded by tanks. GIs and British troopsp 956 TW 1967
of World War II, once again the headquarters of the American and British government forces. This time they are fighting, notp 956 TW 1967
army. None the less, can the government forces and their American allies win? Will the war ever end? INTERVIEW WITH BRITISHp 956 TW 1967
people back, and look down at the body of an American officer in the front seat, blood pouring from wound. Popp 957 TW 1967
AND SWITCHES OFF RADIO Commentator Five minutes ago a senior American officer was assassinated as he sat in his jeep outsidep 958 TW 1967
was assassinated as he sat in his jeep outside the American officers‘ club here in Grosvenor Square. An NLF killer inp 958 TW 1967
surplus for the first time in thirty years, thanks to American war-spending and the GI dollar. Baby, nobody on this sidep 958 TW 1967
settlement. Commentator Do you envisage that the departure of the American troops will create problems? If one travels around London onep 99 TW 1967
problem shared by all those countries that have had large American forces on their soil -- Germany, Japan, Vietnam. I thinkp 99 TW 1967
children in London has been a strange life with the American dollar, hasn't it? The American dollar has been the wayp 99 TW 1967
a strange life with the American dollar, hasn't it? The American dollar has been the way they passed their childhood. Whenp 99 TW 1967
war now. GENERAL VIEWS OF PEOPLE HANGING AROUND ENTRANCES TO AMERICAN BASES Commentator Can the British people find themselves? Can theyp 960 TW 1967
of the so-called pacified villages. By day the British and American forces occupy the bunkers and pillboxes. In the evening theyp 960 TW 1967
with the local administrators to a fortified enclave near the American base at Windsor. At night the Liberation Front moves inp 960 TW 1967
of four and forty. TANK APPEARS, FOLLOWED BY BRITISH AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS Commentator A special task force arrives, part of ap 960 TW 1967
the dying -- wait quietly in the background as the American tank crew and radio specialists prepare their equipment. The Americanp 961 TW 1967
American tank crew and radio specialists prepare their equipment. The American weapons and communications are now so sophisticated that the Britishp 961 TW 1967
Slit trenches, men with rifles move through fields around burnt-out American tank. Callisthenics in drill-hall, communal singing around flag. Indoctrination sessionsp 961 TW 1967
over from Vietnam, or ‘the gooks‘. TANK ENGINE STARTS UP American soldiers climb aboard, the British form up into a columnp 963 TW 1967
climbs on to the tank beside Captain Robinson. He wears American boots, fawn trousers, brown leather jacket and carries US Armyp 963 TW 1967
tank stuck in a small stream. Cameo shots of individual American and British soldiers. Fade to early afternoon. A long shotp 965 TW 1967
right. Nothing moves. The camera turns and we see the American and British troops dug in along the edge of thep 965 TW 1967
Jack is run up on the village flag-pole. Meanwhile, the American and British government forces watch quietly over their gun-sights. Throughp 96 TW 1967
then bends down and picks it up. It is an American cigarette pack. Puzzled, he looks up. Ten feet away hep 96 TW 1967
commentator was killed. As he followed the first wave of American soldiers he was shot by an unknown enemy sniper andp 967 TW 1967
might have been taken of Georges Duval. Apart from the American setting, every ingredient was the same: the press conference, TVp 772 CA 1968
on to the master radio beacon. As well as the American vehicles, Russian and French satellites in the joint Euro-American spacep 762 DA 1968
body. ‘And together they make up a portrait of this American safety fellow -- Nader?‘ ‘In Death, Yes.‘ Nathan nodded sagelyp 27 UD 1968
original film to date to be made by the young American director Steve Dwoskin, winner of the Solvay Prize at thep BAT 1968
volunteers -- Roger, a young British actor, and Louise, an American medical student -- through the 24 hour period they spentp BAT 1968
intact line through Wells, Aldous Huxley, the writers of modern American science fiction, and such present-day innovators as William Burroughs andp 92 UGM 1969
in the New England home of one of his first American patrons. Here Dali reveals his mastery as a writer, andp 95 UGM 1969
the H-bomb or Vietnam -- perhaps one reason why the American and Russian space programmes have failed to catch our imaginationsp 221 UGM 1969
been revised and reprinted dozens of times. This one is American in origin, the bulk of it probably written in thep 255 UGM 1969
both sides were as open as billiard tables. Already the American helicopters had climbed from their bases around the city, clatteringp 781 KG 1969
the Scotsman. A regular in the Gordon Highlanders before the American landings six years earlier, the sergeant had joined the firstp 782 KG 1969
with the puppet regime in London propped up by the American occupation forces. As he climbed out of the slit trenchp 782 KG 1969
listened to the roar of heavy howitzers firing from the American enclave five miles to the west. Here nine hundred Marinep 782 KG 1969
the field stove. Dressed in ragged uniforms held together with American webbing, living for months in holes in the ground, under-fedp 782 KG 1969
bases, and protected by an immense technology of warfare, the American expeditionary forces were as remote as some archangelic legion onp 782 KG 1969
had occupied the world with their huge expeditionary armies. The American was looking at him with that same surprise Pearson hadp 784 KG 1969
tribesman, Catalan farmer or Japanese industrial worker. However, as the American knew all too well, if the order came through top 784 KG 1969
There was little to be gained from any formal interrogation. American weapons technology had advanced to the point where it madep 784 KG 1969
raids were now computer-directed, patrols and sorties programmed ahead. The American equipment was so sophisticated that even the wristwatches stripped offp 784 KG 1969
in his own character. He wiped the oil off the American eagle. What an army, whose privates were no longer encouragedp 784 KG 1969
the memorial on his way to the forward post, the American captain had managed to lift himself on to his kneesp 785 KG 1969
hopelessness, made him stop. ‘We're going forward.‘ Eyes half-closing, the American stared down at his wrists, as if aware of thep 786 KG 1969
an acre of English ground had been given to the American people overlooking Magna Carta island. The President's widow had beenp 786 KG 1969
The President's widow had been present at the unveiling. The American was feeling the broken lettering. He pulled off his capp 786 KG 1969
to the forward post. When Pearson returned shortly afterwards the American was still working away at the memorial with his wiredp 786 KG 1969
saluted him smartly, for the first time that day. The American was still scraping at the stone, and had managed top 786 KG 1969
none of them paying any attention to the prisoners. The American stood up, his eyes almost closed. He joined the twop 786 KG 1969
stepped behind him and shot him through the head. The American fell on to the sleeping private. Tulloch straddled his bodyp 787 KG 1969
bamboo hut, for some reason an effort of immense labour. American combat engineers were staring like intelligent tourists at an earthp 71 THF 1969
after, the house opposite was taken over by two senior American officers, who gave us canned food and medicines. I struckp 72 THF 1969
any thought to the question. The skies were full of American aircraft flying to and from Japan. We left the nextp 73 THF 1969
take only a few days. The wharves were crammed with American landing craft and supply vessels as we drove through Hongkewp 73 THF 1969
L.C.T. was already loaded. With a group of American servicemen we climbed the stern gangway and went to thep 73 THF 1969
after, three trucks drove up and a party of armed American military police came on board. When they saw me theyp 73 THF 1969
individual personalities, hopelessly rivalling the far better financed efforts of American and British publishers to sell their fading wares by dressingp 207 UGM 1971
on the globe, and the programmes transmitted by the huge American, European and Afro-Asian networks each claimed audiences of a billionp 806 GTS 1972
viewers the assassination of President Kennedy (‘live‘, as the North American company tactlessly put it), the D-Day landings and the Battlep 807 GTS 1972
I struck head-on. The man, a chemical engineer with an American foodstuffs company, was killed instantly, propelled through his windshield likep 19 C 1973
own burgeoning career in the overseas tours section of Pan American had separated us more and more during the past yearsp 30 C 1973
our liquor, the small art-cinema where Catherine and I saw American avant-garde films and German sex-instruction movies, together realigned themselves aroundp 48 C 1973
a fossil tree. A hundred yards behind us a dusty American car was parked on the verge. The driver watched mep 57 C 1973
choosing every available variant of the automobile, from a heavy American convertible to a high-performance sports saloon and an Italian micro-carp 58 C 1973
feet from the precise impact point. When I collected the American convertible, the rental company salesman remarked, ‘We had a jobp 59 C 1973
Seeing my car, and presumably thinking that I was an American or German tourist, the eldest of the three women camep 60 C 1973
tunnel. The woman's hard body beside me in the rented American car, unknown star of so many second-rate television serials, madep 61 C 1973
knees and thighs. Despite its servo-brakes and power steering, the American car was exhausting to drive. ‘Where are we going?‘ shep 61 C 1973
her brassiere and the elaborately decorated instrument panel of this American car, between her thick buttock in my left hand andp 62 C 1973
glamour -- heavy black hair over a scarred face, an American combat jacket -- with an aggressive lecture-theatre manner and completep 63 C 1973
of the driving seat like some insane cultist in the American South baptized in a font of lamb's blood. A hatlessp 98 C 1973
pleasant images of young couples in group intercourse around an American convertible parked in a placid meadow; a middle-aged businessman nakedp 104 C 1973
which had been built on this outdoor set. The young American assistant producer was remonstrating with a dark-haired man in ap 109 C 1973
windshield assembly in a parked car. The body contours of American saloons and European sports cars, with their subordination of functionp 170 C 1973
with a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl; the off-side fender of a black American limousine, marked by the pressure of Catherine's arm against thep 182 C 1973
his film actress. The police are after him -- an American serviceman was killed on the Northolt overpass.‘ I put myp 213 C 1973
Royal Society and a past chairman of the Federation of American Scientists, is the architect of a project known as ‘Thep 164 UGM 1974
part of the problem faced by the protagonists of modern American science fiction is the unfortunate fact that America herself hasp 204 UGM 1974
under severe scrutiny. All this leaves the older generation of American science fiction writers high and dry. Most of them arep 204 UGM 1974
slowed down along the westbound carriageway. The driver, a uniformed American serviceman, looked down good-humouredly at Maitland, whom he clearly assumedp 27 CI 1974
tottered back on to the level ground as a large American saloon slowed down, almost stopping directly above him. The driverp 40 CI 1974
children here. Why are you such a shit? That fucking American girl. She's a whore. So conceptual. She's so brilliant. Ip 119 CI 1974
fuel tank. Now and then he saw her driving her American sedan through the deserted streets of the resort towards thep 814 DFW 1974
road that led to the airfield, and parked beside her American sedan. The Cessna, its engine cowlings removed, stood at thep 815 DFW 1974
the traffic continued to press southwards. Behind me, an impatient American newsreel team decide to overtake the line of crawling vehiclesp 821 AD 1975
a towel around her head, reading her shower-damp copy of American Vogue as I set off ostensibly for Barcelona. The guestsp 857 60Z 1976
bath-robe is standing on a balcony five floors above. An American journalist named Anderson, he is looking down at the entrancep 857 60Z 1976
so many recent books and news-magazine exposes, particularly those of American origin. Clearly Hughes's sometimes bizarre though often merely eccentric behaviourp 47 UGM 1977
at hand. Micro-computers are now being installed in thousands of American homes, where they provide video-games and do simple household accountsp 226 UGM 1977
to beckon me to safety. The faint drone of an American aircraft crossed the empty bank of the river half ap 925 DT 1977
into the camp, and had followed the progress of the American forces across the Pacific. We had heard detailed accounts ofp 926 DT 1977
mouth of the Yangtse, little had changed. Large numbers of American aircraft crossed the sky unopposed, no longer taking part inp 926 DT 1977
reserved for male allied nationals. Eighteen months later, when the American bombing began, the stockade was closed and the prisoners scatteredp 926 DT 1977
Shanghai had been concentrated in an attempt to dissuade the American bombers from strafing the hangars and runways. To my reliefp 928 DT 1977
us and gazing up in a melancholy way at the American aircraft which endlessly crossed the sky. Already supplies were beingp 928 DT 1977
might have been husband and wife, all were European and American, and from the worn state of their shoes and clothingp 929 DT 1977
holding my shoulder. I listened to the sound of an American aircraft overhead, the noise of its engine magnified by thep 929 DT 1977
things,‘ he said, patting his white shirt. ‘Some illnesses, the American planes ...‘ An hour later we had loaded the fifty corpsesp 930 DT 1977
special internment centre, and had unluckily fallen foul of the American air-attacks. At the same time the absence, with few exceptionsp 931 DT 1977
passed the next hour watching the vapour trails of the American aircraft and thinking with increasing optimism about the future, andp 932 DT 1977
the distant telegraph wires, even in the drone of an American aircraft crossing far overhead. Only I and the passengers aboardp 935 DT 1977
saved by the arrival of a party of bandits. Armed American merchant seamen, renegade Kuomintang and quisling auxiliaries of the Japanesep 936 DT 1977
countryside remained empty, disturbed only by the sounds of the American aircraft overhead. For much of the time I followed thep 937 DT 1977
companions. One afternoon, after a brief thunderstorm had driven the American aircraft from the sky, I reached the bank of thep 937 DT 1977
to distract her by pointing out the different marks of American aircraft that crossed the sky. After we reached the Soochowp 938 DT 1977
captain, 44 Chiang Kai-shek, interviewed by HRH, 153; HRH and American arms embargo, 162; HRH pilots to Chungking, 176; implements land-reformp 941 I 1977
-- John Osborne, Kingsley Amis, John Braine, and a fraternal American colleague, J.P. Donleavy -- morose recipients of a welfarep 138 UGM 1978
and then The Power and the Glory and The Quiet American. These remarkable novels, whether serious or ‘entertainments‘ as Greene likesp 138 UGM 1978
their planes on to the Caribbean to pick up the American holiday traffic. So the poor British are stuck here indefinitelyp 969 HWT 1978
war memorial,‘ Ogden explained. ‘There's a Sherman there -- an American tank -- some field guns and a commemorative plaque. Thisp 972 OAU 1978
ultimate theatre-in-the-round. Commenting on O'Neill‘s projected six-mile-long satellites, the American inventor and soft-technology pioneer Steve Baer remarks shrewdly: Once onp 229 UGM 1979
Yet in spite of the unprecedented publicity that surrounded the American astronauts remarkably little is known about them. Compared with thep 273 UGM 1979
The Right Stuff is Wolfe's sympathetic study of the first American astronauts, the seven military pilots who were recruited by NASAp 273 UGM 1979
transform them. Stunned by Gagarin's orbital flight, NASA and the American press presented the astronauts as models of the United States'sp 274 UGM 1979
the Bay of Pigs disaster, JFK pledged to put an American on the moon by the end of the 1960s. Wherep 274 UGM 1979
fantasized that my real father was one of the early American astronauts, and that I had been conceived by semen ripenedp 12 UDC 1979
dermatologist I had taken up a part-time consultancy at the American Clinic in Nice. While looking through the out-patients‘ roster ofp 1001 HFF 1980
a satirical and sociological medium proved totally wrong. In fact, American s-f veered away into interplanetary fantasy (Le Guin, Zelazny, Delanyp 189 UGM 1981
Steiner for more steam. Orlowski's voice had temporarily lost the American accent that had snaked in over his Kiev vowels duringp 10 HA 1981
There was a special bicentennial supplement celebrating every aspect of American life in the long-ago 1970s -- the crowded streets ofp 11 HA 1981
and the rest as a barely competent secretary at the American University in Dublin. All she left me were years ofp 13 HA 1981
been Dr William Fleming, Professor of Computer Sciences at the American University, who had vanished during an ill-fated expedition to thep 14 HA 1981
reverie soon enough, swearing at Wayne in a surprisingly guttural American which recalled McNair's quiet comment that she had changed herp 16 HA 1981
from her plinth and prepared for shipment to the new American colonies in Europe. In a sudden storm, however, the woodenp 22 HA 1981
clockwork was ticking soundly. During the past century the small American colony in Scotland had almost been assimilated into the localp 25 HA 1981
increase in atmospheric radioactivity which had been detected over the American continent in recent years. Perhaps the core of one ofp 26 HA 1981
want to spend six months wandering around the barren north American continent, a forgotten wilderness as distant as Patagonia. There wasp 26 HA 1981
annoyingly some faceless rival at the Ministry had discovered his American antecedents. His great-grandparents had returned from Philadelphia to the originalp 27 HA 1981
of sleepwalkers. Like himself, every member of the expedition had American ancestry, but unlike himself none of them had made anyp 27 HA 1981
bows of the Apollo across the submerged statue. The scattered American communities in Western Europe still offered a small reward forp 28 HA 1981
erected these skyscrapers. She had been brought up in the American ghetto in Berlin (Anna Sommer was her Germanised name, whichp 30 HA 1981
from Stockholm suggested that the fall-out vectors in the North American airstream emanated from somewhere south of the Great Lakes --p 31 HA 1981
for the open land. For the silent desert of the American continent, so unlike the highrise-infested landscape of Israel, Jordan andp 32 HA 1981
members alike, a long-pent need to throw themselves on to American soil. One moment they were all staring at the greyp 33 HA 1981
this slipping granny knot that would let loose her concealed American self. Secure on his horse, Steiner moved behind them allp 39 HA 1981
across the inland sea of the empty continent. The Great American Desert At seven o'clock that evening, when the air atp 40 HA 1981
apartment houses that had become freezing tenements in the North American winter. Everywhere the desert had moved in, cacti thrived inp 42 HA 1981
the last barrel of crude oil was pumped from an American well. The once huge reservoirs of petroleum which had fuelledp 45 HA 1981
States, Japan and Europe. The price of gasoline at the American filling station had already climbed from 75c a gallon inp 46 HA 1981
powerful industrial nation. The shortage of gasoline had prepared the American public for the rationing of electric power that soon followedp 47 HA 1981
agricultural level. The freezing winters and airless summers of the American Midwest sapped the confidence of the struggling farm communities, theirp 47 HA 1981
south across the Rio Grande. By the year 2030 the American continent had been totally abandoned, its once teeming cities emptyp 48 HA 1981
impressive feats of geo-engineering steadily transformed the landscape of the American continent. Chief among them was the damming of the shallowp 49 HA 1981
their towns and suburbs. Meanwhile, the Pacific coast of the American continent was ravaged by an equally extreme climatic change. Thep 49 HA 1981
this frozen tide, the Equatorial waters were driven towards the American coast. A hot Polynesian Current replaced the cold Humboldt andp 50 HA 1981
days in New York they were now entering the Great American Desert. Although they had come across no trace of thep 51 HA 1981
up the machine, recompensed by a breath-taking view of the American desert stretching to the Appalachians. As usual, Ricci seemed tiredp 52 HA 1981
the dust from his elegant leather jacket -- clearly the American wilderness was not glamorous enough for him. However Anne Summersp 52 HA 1981
New York. After the first excitements of their arrival on American soil a marked sense of unease had set in; worsep 55 HA 1981
the expedition made camp for its first night in the American wilderness. As the weary animals and their riders plodded alongp 58 HA 1981
the Trenton office blocks. These desert cities of the eastern American coast, Wayne reflected, were more beautiful than Benares or Samarkandp 60 HA 1981
saw an extraordinary apparition, the first mirage of the Great American Desert. Emerging from a grove of yuccas three hundred yardsp 61 HA 1981
continent in its deep seams. ‘So you're not the first American, Wayne. Never mind, where they go, others can follow. Ip 62 HA 1981
they did not regard this young visitor as a true American in any sense at all. Wayne stared back at themp 65 HA 1981
on its spit, Heinz and GM told Steiner of the American ‘nations‘, these tribes of new aboriginal Indians who had replacedp 66 HA 1981
despite this ambiguous welcome, and the likelihood that the Great American Desert stretched far beyond the Appalachians to the Rockies andp 71 HA 1981
companions, waiting for them to discuss their last days on American soil, the specimens and documents to be collected, the detailedp 75 HA 1981
native. For all you know, a substantial part of the American population may now be in Washington. Perhaps they're looking forp 81 HA 1981
play a vital part, Wayne, in the rebirth of the American nation. Now, assume I am President. What's my first stepp 81 HA 1981
The first heavy rain will turn this desert green again, American will run with rivers, Kansas and Iowa will be likep 82 HA 1981
in Miami. We're not going south because that isn't an American direction. When Americans started to move south everything went wrongp 87 HA 1981
a hand on his shoulder. ‘Right, Wayne? You know the American direction ...‘ ‘Of course.‘ Pointedly, Wayne pushed the Captain's hand awayp 87 HA 1981
the centre of a vast Sahara that stretches across the American continent. A terrain of opalised trees and sandy palm-gardens setp 94 HA 1981
him go, in his own way he was a real American. Ricci has disappeared somewhere -- Wayne broke off, and letp 97 HA 1981
the captain, Wayne saw his second mirage of the Great American Desert. High above him, almost filling the cloudless, cobalt skyp 101 HA 1981
salt and spray men, had relished the prospect of the American desert. In Washington they would set up a base, administerp 109 HA 1981
great divide between the eastern and western halves of the American continent. The deep-hearted engines pulled at the gradient with thep 114 HA 1981
Mexican students Wayne had watched in the refectory of the American University in Dublin, brooding by themselves, as Wayne wrongly guessedp 129 HA 1981
freeport in Baja California. You're the gringo, friend, you're the American. Remember, Mexican backs built these hotels. Oh, relax ... I don'tp 133 HA 1981
NASA and Von Braun could have used McNair, if the American public hadn't gone soft on the Space Age -- andp 136 HA 1981
the door on the world. The most far-sighted decision any American ever took ...‘ Manson's eyes misted over in what was clearlyp 137 HA 1981
to jump ship. He talked about his youth in the American ghetto in Berlin, mentioned the Spandau district. ‘But Europe doesn'tp 153 HA 1981
up and give the young Mexicans a taste of real American life. The USA was not just about computers and high-techp 159 HA 1981
William Fleming, RIP, Emeritus Professor of Computer Sciences at the American University, Dublin and sometime head of research at the Hughesp 170 HA 1981
Released? He emigrated,‘ Wayne pointed out matter-of-factly. ‘Spandau is the American district of Berlin. There was a prison there once,‘ hep 183 HA 1981
ironic gesture, I suppose. Spandau was the name of the American mental hospital in Berlin, and the alma mater of yourp 183 HA 1981
had emerged from the mental hospital at Spandau, in Berlin's American ghetto, and changed his name as the first step inp 201 HA 1981
the place of each numeral was the name of an American city, one of thirty-six which circled the wheel, from Atlantap 206 HA 1981
cleansing operation. You can be proud, Wayne, you're a true American --‘ ‘I'm not!‘ Wayne gripped the back of his metalp 218 HA 1981
of his metal chair. Hoarsely, he shouted: ‘I'm not an American! Not a real one, anyway, and I never have beenp 218 HA 1981
Mickey Mouse watch in the world. I'm not a real American, not like GM and Heinz and Pepsodent ...‘ Wayne shuddered atp 218 HA 1981
shooting at each other as they set off for the American border, quarrelsome twins lost in the green horizons of thep 231 HA 1981
could be converted into beds and, designed for a wealthy American, a built-in flush toilet. From all this emerged a mammothp 233 UGM 1984
over-embellished Edsel -- which perhaps reflected some faltering of the American dream in the run-up to Vietnam. If the resurgence ofp 233 UGM 1984
riding crop at the thoughtless pedestrians, the sauntering bar-girls with American handbags, the old amahs bent double under bamboo yokes strungp 13 ES 1984
-- many of them, Jim's father noted wryly, owned by American oil companies. Almost all the American women and children hadp 15 ES 1984
noted wryly, owned by American oil companies. Almost all the American women and children had been evacuated from Shanghai. In hisp 15 ES 1984
square profiles of the USS Wake and HMS Petrel. The American and British gunboats were anchored in midstream opposite the bankingp 39 ES 1984
Jim drummed his palms against the window. None of the American officers were on board, as everyone in Shanghai well knewp 41 ES 1984
they ran the length of the ship, searching for any American members of the crew. Followed by the second picket-boat, thep 42 ES 1984
out to leave the hotel. A crowd of European and American guests surrounded the lifts. Refusing to take the stairs, theyp 44 ES 1984
it were the fleeing staff, Chinese bellboys in their braided American uniforms, waiters in white tunics, and the European guests clutchingp 45 ES 1984
agency showed apocalyptic scenes of smoke rising from the slumped American battleships. Now that the Japanese had won the war, Jimp 53 ES 1984
a continuous blare of horns. Young Chinese gangsters in shiny American suits stood on the street corners, shouting the jai alaip 56 ES 1984
blazer and leather shoes, in his aviator's watch and the American fountain pen clipped to his breast pocket. The youth steppedp 58 ES 1984
and walked up to Jim, his yellow hands like ferrets. ‘American boy?‘ ‘English. I'm waiting for my chauffeur.‘ ‘English ... boy. Youp 58 ES 1984
was obvious now that they could sink anything. Half the American Pacific Fleet was sitting on the bottom at Pearl Harborp 72 ES 1984
Most of the homes had been owned by British and American nationals, or by Dutch, Belgian and Free French residents, allp 74 ES 1984
each other's shoulders. The thousands of young gangsters in their American suits had gone, but at the Bubbling Well Road checkpointp 76 ES 1984
boots, the diagram of their victory over the British and American gunboats. Resting his chin on the handlebars, Jim looked atp 78 ES 1984
another temporary home in a nearby mansion owned by an American widow whom his parents had known before her departure forp 82 ES 1984
reading Life and Esquire, and in the house of an American doctor read the whole of Through the Looking Glass, ap 82 ES 1984
afternoon Jim scaled the wall of a house behind the American Country Club. He jumped into a wide, overgrown garden andp 83 ES 1984
waited patiently in the garden of the house behind the American Country Club. Trying to calm his hunger, he broke twigsp 85 ES 1984
of Shanghai, Jim had not seen a single British or American face. Had they all been sent to prison camps inp 88 ES 1984
piers. A man wearing the coat and cap of an American seaman stood in the wheelhouse of one of three partlyp 91 ES 1984
Nobody.‘ For all the hope of safety that this young American offered, Jim was not eager to leave the ship. ‘I'mp 92 ES 1984
lapels and badge. His loose blond hair framed an open American face, but he scanned the river in a furtive wayp 92 ES 1984
Jim tried to think of something that would impress the American; already he realized that he should stay with this youngp 92 ES 1984
Basie sees this.‘ As they drifted from the freighter the American drew on his oars. With a few powerful strokes hep 93 ES 1984
black and oil-stained channel that wound past the shipyards. The American stared morosely at an empty coffin that had jettisoned itsp 93 ES 1984
yacht's stern, they tied up at a wooden stage. The American looped the porthole mounts on to his arm, gathered hisp 93 ES 1984
someone who could help him find his parents. Perhaps the American and his companion in the wheelhouse had also been tryingp 93 ES 1984
They stepped through a missing plate into the hull. The American lifted Jim on to a bamboo platform laid along itsp 93 ES 1984
canvas, and a camp-bed covered with a Chinese quilt. The American flung his tools into the heap of metal parts. Hisp 94 ES 1984
burnt fat. Suddenly it occurred to him that these two American sailors might want to eat him. But Basie had removedp 96 ES 1984
at Amherst Avenue. Now that he had met these two American sailors he would be seeing her again. He would stayp 99 ES 1984
pull them out before the funeral. Jim visualized the two American seamen searching the mud-flats at night with their spanners, Frankp 100 ES 1984
the three days that Jim was to spend with the American sailors. At night, as Basie and Frank slept together underp 101 ES 1984
of his fevers he had even, seen a flight of American bombers in the sky above the detention centre. A whistlep 111 ES 1984
of the prison camps. ‘Basie!‘ he cried. ‘Everything's all right!‘ American Aircraft ‘The war's going to be over soon, Basie. I'vep 115 ES 1984
The war's going to be over soon, Basie. I've seen American planes, Curtiss bombers and Boeings ...‘ ‘Boeings ...? Jim you're --‘ ‘Don'tp 115 ES 1984
for you now, just like Frank.‘ Jim squatted by the American sailor, trying to remember the amahs of his early childhoodp 115 ES 1984
any planes today?‘ ‘A Nakajima Shoki and a Zero-Sen.‘ ‘And American planes?‘ ‘I haven't seen those again. Not since you camep 118 ES 1984
only good news in all this were the flights of American planes that Jim had seen over Shanghai, but for somep 119 ES 1984
by this, Jim tried to tell Mrs Blackburn about the American aircraft, but she merely sent him back to the briquettesp 119 ES 1984
front of the empty cinema screen he thought of the American aircraft he had seen in the clouds above Shanghai. Hep 120 ES 1984
not give Jim his fair ration. He would see the American aircraft again, and he would die. ‘Basie ...?‘ Jim threw downp 123 ES 1984
Jim seen the world as vividly as this. Were the American planes about to come again? With an exaggerated squint, intendedp 133 ES 1984
mother and father, together in the silver light of the American aircraft. Without thinking, Jun stood up and shouted. But thep 133 ES 1984
to the Japanese, who had seized Shanghai and sunk the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. He listened to the sound ofp 136 ES 1984
wear the Rising Sun stitched to his shoulders, like the American pilots who had flown with the Flying Tigers and wornp 141 ES 1984
him. The Japanese were kind to children, and the two American sailors had befriended him in a fashion, but Jim knewp 146 ES 1984
new disease, tut then remembered the detention centre and the American planes he had seen over Shanghai. The previous night, whenp 148 ES 1984
dead. The open coffins lay empty, ready to catch the American pilots who would soon fall from the air. There werep 152 ES 1984
and radial engines. They were Brewster Buffaloes, a type of American fighter that had been no match for the Japanese. Wasp 156 ES 1984
Japanese. Was it here, among the burial mounds, that the American aircraft waited before taking off into his mind? However, thep 156 ES 1984
high-performance fighters of advanced design. The three Brewster Buffaloes, their American markings painted out, sat by the edge of the fieldp 157 ES 1984
conducted their hourly patrol of the camp. Now that the American air attacks had become a daily event, the Japanese soldiersp 163 ES 1984
guards were almost as badly fed as their British and American prisoners -- had drawn the last of the adolescent fatp 165 ES 1984
the stars. According to Basie, who was always right, the American fighters with the ventral radiators that strafed Lunghua Airfield werep 168 ES 1984
Dr Ransome had warned him not to run, but the American air attacks and the imminent prospect of the war's endp 168 ES 1984
and made other friends -- Dr Ransome, Basie and the American seamen in E Block, with their ancient pre-war copies ofp 170 ES 1984
ending the Japanese guards were convinced that the British and American prisoners were constantly trying to escape -- the last notionp 175 ES 1984
the camp, beyond the world of guards and hunger and American air attacks to which he himself was passionately committed. Hep 176 ES 1984
the winter of 1944 all this had ended. After the American fighter attacks on Lunghua Airfield, and the first bombing raidsp 181 ES 1984
food ration was cut to a single meal each day. American submarines blockaded the Yangtze estuary, and the huge Japanese armiesp 181 ES 1984
rallied himself with the thought that there might be an American air raid that afternoon -- who did he want top 182 ES 1984
pilots taking off from Lunghua to hurl themselves at the American picket ships around Iwo Jima and Okinawa. If the Japanesep 188 ES 1984
they used as their base for suicide missions against the American carriers in the East China Sea. Neither Private Kimura norp 189 ES 1984
least attention to the suicide pilots, and Basie and the American seamen in E Block referred to them as ‘hashi-crashies‘ orp 189 ES 1984
between Lunghua Camp and the river, a second wing of American fighters swept in from the sea, so close to theirp 192 ES 1984
shellbursts. Did the Mustang pilots realize that Basie and the American merchant seamen were imprisoned at Lunghua Camp? Whenever they attackedp 192 ES 1984
through which Jim could see the burning figure of the American pilot still strapped to his seat. Riding the incandescent debrisp 193 ES 1984
scorch the death from its fields. Jim grieved for these American pilots, who died in a tangle of their harnesses, withinp 194 ES 1984
Uncannily, the halo cast by the burning body of the American pilot still lay over the empty fields, but he decidedp 195 ES 1984
-- they may think you're trying to signal to the American pilots.‘ ‘I was, but they didn't see me. The Mustangsp 196 ES 1984
with fixed bayonets, as if they expected a platoon of American marines to burst from the building. The hundreds of raggedp 196 ES 1984
the British wavering in between. But Jim thought of the American aircraft that had swept the sky. However brave, there wasp 197 ES 1984
stopped in front of the prisoners. The scale of the American air raid had clearly shaken him. His jaws clenched asp 200 ES 1984
sudden exhilarating notion that Dr Ransome was hiding a wounded American pilot. He wanted to touch the pilot before the Japanesep 200 ES 1984
end, reflecting on the likely booty attached to a dead American pilot. Soon enough, one of the Americans would be shotp 201 ES 1984
who cheered the Emperor before hurling their Zeros into the American carriers at Okinawa. One day Jim would become a woundedp 201 ES 1984
flames, the halo born from the burning body of the American pilot. The light touched the rusting wire of the perimeterp 202 ES 1984
though many of the vegetables found their way to the American seamen in E Block. Jim enjoyed his work with thep 203 ES 1984
that the Japanese could muster as a reprisal for the American air raid. The young pilot, barely older than Jim, worep 204 ES 1984
like them to look bright.‘ ‘They're very bright. Even the American pilots must have seen them. They probably think we havep 208 ES 1984
close to his heart -- aerial warfare. ‘Dr Ransome, the American bombers that flew with the Mustangs were going at 320p 209 ES 1984
-- or can we? That would be unfair to the American pilots. As it is, the Japanese are shooting too manyp 210 ES 1984
come through. The Japanese can no longer feed themselves. The American submarines ...‘ Jim stared at the polished toecaps of his shoesp 211 ES 1984
Jim, but he recovered as soon as he reached the American dormitory. He liked the Americans and approved of them inp 214 ES 1984
rose. Two of the former classrooms were occupied by the American merchant seamen. The partition doors had been removed, and thep 215 ES 1984
E Block lived in open dormitories, but each of the American seamen had constructed a small cubicle from whatever materials hep 215 ES 1984
This treasure had been brought into the camp by the American sailors and now circulated like a second currency -- comicp 215 ES 1984
were quite capable of gambling with his life. That was American humour of a most special kind. He swayed with fatiguep 219 ES 1984
exchange to be used for idle purposes. Playing poker, the American sailors used stacks of the condoms as chips. It wasp 220 ES 1984
Lunghua. Jim searched the smoke clouds for any signs of American aircraft. None of the dozen serviceable Zeros at Lunghua Airfieldp 222 ES 1984
the Japanese had lost the war. He had seen captured American aircrews who were held for a few hours in thep 223 ES 1984
merchant seamen could see that he was obsessed by everything American, and in their good-natured way they kept him dangling, rationingp 225 ES 1984
wail of a broken bird trying to hide from the American bombing. Arms on each other's shoulders, the prisoners watched thep 230 ES 1984
peering uneasily at the eastern horizon, from which the fearsome American planes emerged like pieces of the sun. Even in thep 231 ES 1984
jumped among the graves in the hospital cemetery when the American aircraft flew overhead, all part of his attempt to coverp 232 ES 1984
air raid siren and play it back at the incoming American planes. But too many of them were like Mr Maxtedp 232 ES 1984
and confusion had exhausted everyone in Lunghua. During July the American air attacks had become almost continuous. Waves of Mustangs andp 232 ES 1984
the end of July almost all Japanese resistance to the American bombers had ceased. A single anti-aircraft gun mounted on thep 233 ES 1984
rallying himself, he went in search of Basie. But the American sailors no longer received their lady callers, and had barricadedp 235 ES 1984
their cigarettes in the hot sunlight, gazed at the few American reconnaissance planes and made no attempt to abuse the prisonersp 242 ES 1984
burial mounds and ancient trench works came the sound of American planes bombing the dockyards and marshalling yards to the northp 244 ES 1984
the Japanese could kill them without being seen by the American pilots. He listened to the Shell man's wife crying inp 249 ES 1984
formed by the exploding Mustang. The burning body of the American pilot had quickened the dead land. It would be forp 249 ES 1984
approaches to the Nantao district, the devastation caused by the American bombing lay on all sides. Craters like circular swimming-pools coveredp 252 ES 1984
of a steel collier, which had been struck by the American bombers and beached on a sandbank in the centre ofp 254 ES 1984
that the good luck and the skill of some unknown American bomb-aimer, which had saved them from being shipped aboard thep 256 ES 1984
later, when the rain had stopped, the flashes of an American air raid lit up the stadium, like the sheet lightningp 259 ES 1984
a gigantic runway? In his mind the sound of the American planes set off powerful premonitions of death. Conjugating his Latinp 260 ES 1984
the athletics track, and in the chromium radiators of the American cars parked behind the goal posts at the northern endp 261 ES 1984
stadium. Looking at their rusting chrome, Jim realized that these American cars had been parked here for years. Their windshields werep 262 ES 1984
The senior NCOs waited by the tunnel and watched the American reconnaissance planes that flew overhead, making no attempt to mobilizep 264 ES 1984
south-west corner of the football field, as if an immense American bomb had exploded somewhere to the north-east of Shanghai. Thep 267 ES 1984
flurry of frozen vapour dislodged from the wings of an American aircraft three miles above the Yangtze valley. Lit by thep 271 ES 1984
man's eyes. He spoke with a strong but recently acquired American accent, which Jim assumed he had learned while interrogating capturedp 274 ES 1984
accent, which Jim assumed he had learned while interrogating captured American aircrews. He wore a chromium wristwatch, and the Colt pistolp 274 ES 1984
shook his head, as if regretting a small oversight. ‘The American bombing, some diseases. Maybe your friend will make it ...‘ Jimp 275 ES 1984
the air was empty, as if the fury of the American bombardment had driven all sound from the region for yearsp 278 ES 1984
teenage pilot should have died in an attack on the American carriers at Okinawa? For whatever reason, the Japanese made nop 281 ES 1984
some eight hundred feet above the empty paddies, was an American bomber. A four-engined Superfortress, it flew more slowly than anyp 282 ES 1984
bomber. A four-engined Superfortress, it flew more slowly than any American plane that Jim had seen throughout the war. Was itp 282 ES 1984
were frozen, as if they had just emerged from an American refrigerator. He began to fill the broken box with cannedp 284 ES 1984
patted his bloated stomach, wondering if there was a new American disease that came from eating too much food. At thatp 289 ES 1984
their death. Jim walked along the silent road, watching an American I fighter cruise in from the west. Sitting in hisp 291 ES 1984
the aircraft, setting course for Shanghai. The presence of this American aviator cheered Jim. He confidently strode the last hundred yardsp 291 ES 1984
prepared to believe it. He lit a cigarette as an American aircraft flew over the camp, a Mustang returning to itsp 299 ES 1984
objected when Tulloch gave their young recruit a bar of American chocolate. Images of hunger and violence fused in Price's mindp 300 ES 1984
Jim was woken by the first reconnaissance flights of the American fighters. He had spent the night sleeping in Mrs Vincent'sp 305 ES 1984
of vacant limousines. Now that the war was over, the American bombardiers seemed either unwilling, or too bored, to concentrate onp 305 ES 1984
way for home, the day's work done. When were the American Army and Navy coming to Shanghai? From the roof ofp 305 ES 1984
a chocolate bar and sorting out the copies of the American magazines. Later, when Tulloch went off to abuse the growingp 306 ES 1984
their former Nationalist comrades but drawn towards Shanghai by the American air-drops. As Jim stood in the observation box of thep 306 ES 1984
in Mrs Vincent's bed, and spent the days sampling the American canned food and chocolate, and sorting out his collection ofp 307 ES 1984
to stockpile. Already it was clear to Jim that the American air-drops were becoming less frequent, and sooner or later theyp 308 ES 1984
on the roof of the guardhouse, waiting impatiently for the American relief planes, an ancient Opel truck arrived at the gatesp 308 ES 1984
and father would join him there. Even with the reduced American air-drops there would be a constant supply of food. Jimp 309 ES 1984
the landing ground, cheered by the prospect of even more American merchandise to be sold in the black markets of Shanghaip 311 ES 1984
running board of a truck. He studied a photograph of American marines raising the flag on the summit of Mount Suribachip 314 ES 1984
bombed. A bearded European in the leather jacket of an American pilot raced across the parking lot, followed by two morep 314 ES 1984
Cadillacs?‘ A small man with silvery hair and an effeminate American voice walked towards the truck, rifle slung over his shoulderp 317 ES 1984
weapons, the car was crammed with ammunition boxes, cartons of American cigarettes, earthenware jars of rice wine, and beer bottles intop 319 ES 1984
the entire experience of the war had barely touched the American. All the deaths and starvation were part of a confusedp 322 ES 1984
like the public stranglings in Shanghai which the British and American sailors watched during their shore-leaves. He had learned nothing fromp 322 ES 1984
the canal below the railway embankment. Chinese officers in smart American uniforms and steel helmets stood on the bridge, scanning thep 327 ES 1984
the uniforms of the senior Chinese officers, and their elegant American combat boots. Even the platoons of private soldiers on thep 327 ES 1984
of the river, the sunlit masts and superstructure of an American cruiser had taken their place beside the office blocks andp 329 ES 1984
watched the flashes of gunfire in the dusty windshield. The American artillery pieces brought up by the Nationalists emitted a harshp 330 ES 1984
vapour that streamed from its wings. A flight of three American bombers approached from the south-west. The gunfire ceased, and ap 330 ES 1984
at the Cathay Hotel, serving with a flourish all the American officers who stepped ashore from the cruiser moored by thep 332 ES 1984
trucks had stopped by the hangars and armed men in American helmets were climbing the staircase of the control tower. Flightsp 341 ES 1984
the perimeter fence of the camp. He knew that the American planes were coming in to land, ready to take awayp 341 ES 1984
green surgical mask, was a red-haired man in a new American uniform. In his hand he carried an insecticide bomb. ‘Drp 341 ES 1984
of rickshaws and pedicabs. Together they watched the British and American servicemen moving in and out of the hotels along thep 345 ES 1984
jetties beside the Arrawa, hidden below its stern and bows, American sailors came ashore from the cruiser moored in mid-river. Asp 345 ES 1984
all its black silk, fox fur and flash. The young American sailors pushed past the sampan men and shouting military policep 345 ES 1984
the entrances to the city. The Nationalist soldiers in their American tanks were turning back hundreds of destitute peasants, without ricep 347 ES 1984
still rose from the stands, a beacon used by the American pilots flying across the China Sea from their bases inp 348 ES 1984
which they had built suites of rooms within walls of American ration cartons, parachute canisters and bales of unread Reader's Digestsp 348 ES 1984
the course of the canal through the narrow valley, an American bomber swept across the camp. For a moment, reflected fromp 349 ES 1984
As Dr Ransome stood formally on the terrace in his American uniform, Jim had wanted to explain to his parents everythingp 350 ES 1984
below the steps of the Shanghai Club. A group of American and British sailors had emerged through the revolving doors andp 350 ES 1984
by the wash of a landing-craft carrying sailors from the American cruiser. The flowers formed a wavering garland around the coffinp 351 ES 1984
effect was an Ames Room -- Adelbert Ames Jr, the American psychologist, devised a series of trick rooms, which seemed entirelyp 1095 OOA 1984
the altar Young had pinned a dozen illustrations of the American and Russian space programmes, taken from newspapers and popular magazinesp 1095 OOA 1984
value of the pound sterling rose to $8.75. 67) American TV networks, Time Magazine, Newsweek. 68) The Second Coming. 69p 1103 ATQ 1985
me exiled to another continent, reduced to begging from the American tourists. I suffered from acute amnesia, and certain domestic problemsp 1105 MWM 1985
in a side-street: It was there that I met the American astronaut, and began my own career in space. The cafep 1106 MWM 1985
beyond Copacabana Beach. Slowed by their mid-day meals, groups of American and European tourists strolled down from the hotels, waving awayp 1106 MWM 1985
the sea and its narrow dream of escape. An elderly American, camera slung from his heavy neck, leaned across the tablep 1106 MWM 1985
late forties, he had thinning blond hair and a strong-jawed American face from which all confidence had long been drained. Hep 1107 MWM 1985
wife, then of the husband grinning broadly beside the gaunt American. The source of all this good humour eluded me, asp 1107 MWM 1985
being taken. The couples stood on either side of the American, grinning away as if he were a camel driver posingp 1107 MWM 1985
and jewellery stores. Alone now after his brief fame, the American sat among the empty glasses, counting the money he hadp 1107 MWM 1985
expose I had read two years earlier of this impoverished American who claimed to have been an astronaut, and told hisp 1107 MWM 1985
man named Scranton had ever flown in space, and the American authorities confirmed that his photograph was not that of anyp 1108 MWM 1985
claimed to their deaths that they were veterans of the American Civil War. So Scranton stayed on, willing to talk forp 1108 MWM 1985
an amusing oddity of the tourist trail. But perhaps the American was more devious than he appeared, with his shabby suitp 1108 MWM 1985
he glimpsed some shared strain in our characters? This care-worn American had all the refinement of an unemployed car mechanic, andp 1110 MWM 1985
science-fiction spectacular, seemed as inflamed as the mind of the American. Despite all that I had suspected, I felt an intensep 1112 MWM 1985
involved with Scranton. I had not intended to see the American again, but the germ of his loneliness had entered myp 1112 MWM 1985
that he had banished the poor man. But, no, the American would be back the next day, he had been illp 1112 MWM 1985
sitting in his chair soon tired him. When the first American tourists stopped at his table he barely rose from hisp 1113 MWM 1985
to leave, and sat down at Scranton's table. Ill the American might be, but I needed him. After ordering a brandyp 1113 MWM 1985
in the apartment under my wife's suspicious gaze. Often the American had little idea who I was, but this no longerp 1113 MWM 1985
never called a doctor to see Scranton. Frequently, though, the American would recover his strength, and after I had shaved himp 1113 MWM 1985
days could be met by a single session with the American tourists. I did my best to care for Scranton, butp 1114 MWM 1985
below me ... My reverie was interrupted by a pair of American tourists. A middle-aged man and his daughter, who held thep 1115 MWM 1985
collide and fuse. Like most of my fellow s-f writers, American and British, I nurse ambivalent feelings towards the science-fiction moviesp 17 UGM 1987
vast scenic effects, Mad Max 2 is punk's Sistine Chapel. American Film Courting the Cobra Projections 2 edited by John Boormanp 22 UGM 1987
four-engined Hercules or Antonov landing here loaded with the latest American or Russian drilling equipment, hydrographic sounders, and enough diesel oilp 18 DC 1987
of animals. These rare mammals bred for European and North American zoos had soon been trapped, speared or clubbed by thep 22 DC 1987
been allocated to the most powerful television interests, the huge American networks and the British record companies. At the same timep 35 DC 1987
of weapons lay side by side -- three French and American carbines, several Kalashnikov automatic rifles, and Noon's ancient Lee-Enfield. Allp 201 DC 1987
device used by the Viet Cong to trap and kill American soldiers, so Sergeant Payne informed me). Seeing the lawns, drivesp 24 RW 1988
As with the Hungerford killer, Michael Ryan, or the numerous American examples of crazed gunmen opening fire on passersby, the identityp 63 RW 1988
Jeremy Maxted at his window across The Avenue, reading an American comic that he has smuggled into the estate. Composed nowp 71 RW 1988
the garage doors. To her surprise it is a lurid American horror comic. She points it out to her husband, andp 75 RW 1988
war, to the launch of five sea-based nuclear missiles (three American and two Russian), to the first peace-feelers and the armisticep 1116 WW3 1988
brain-dead, or even alive at all. To reassure the nervous American public, unsettled by a falling stock market and by thep 1118 WW3 1988
the regularity of the Presidential bowels. From then on the American public was treated to a continuous stream of information onp 1118 WW3 1988
of personality and IQ tests, all designed to reassure the American public that the man at the helm of the freep 1119 WW3 1988
of tests. However, the White House staff knew that the American public was almost mesmerised by the spectacle of the President'sp 1119 WW3 1988
I watched him on television as he presided over an American Legion ceremony on the White House lawn. His aged, ivoryp 1122 WW3 1988
TV screens. As he saluted the assembled veterans of the American Legion, I sensed the audience's collective pulse beating faster whenp 1122 WW3 1988
Japan's future dominance over East Asia. All too soon the American counter-attacks in the Pacific and a series of devastating navalp 51 UGM 1989
yet another uniquely special world, that silent country of marooned American cities under a toneless, depression-era sky, of entropic hotel roomsp 66 UGM 1989
show the same appreciation for these pictures of a vanished American past that an earlier generation of Americans had felt forp 66 UGM 1989
Degas and Monet, and recognized that in a sense this American painter was the last of the French impressionists. Surprisingly, forp 66 UGM 1989
curator of the Hopper collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art, points out that Hopper's passion for all things Frenchp 67 UGM 1989
theatre and cinema. During their long marriage he and his American wife, Josephine Nevison Hopper, frequently wrote to each other inp 67 UGM 1989
importance of the French art of the nineteenth century for American painting‘. In 1906, when he arrived on his first visitp 67 UGM 1989
evening streets. Out of sympathy with the art of his American contemporaries, he protested publicly in 1960 against what he feltp 68 UGM 1989
the abstract expressionists. In a sense he had bypassed the American art of the twentieth century, and his own roots wentp 68 UGM 1989
display of a new folk tradition, attracting unmanageable crowds of American and Japanese tourists from their Cannes hotels. At Port-Vendres, Sitgesp 1143 LTP 1989
voice of heroic modernism that rang through the European and American writers I had devoured at school while trying to recoverp 145 UGM 1990
between the pools of leaking chemicals in search of the American biologist. It pleased Johnson that she was so openly impressedp 1161 DCG 1990
more than a forgotten garbage dump left behind by the American army after World War II. No one, in Johnson's shortp 1161 DCG 1990
rest in the car, which once perhaps had driven an American general around the training camps of Puerto Rico, he torep 1163 DCG 1990
rim of the wheel. Wiping his face, he saw the American biologist peering at him through the leaves, as if hep 1165 DCG 1990
will emerge from their timeless wastes. Some of the best American thrillers have been set in the desert -- The Getawayp 82 YMCa 1990
I take it for granted, by the way, that only American cars are truly styled. European cars are merely streamlined, thoughp 97 CRAa 1990
more dangerous than the most mindless entertainment. At its worst, American TV merely trivialises the already trivial, while British TV consistentlyp 93 LNEa 1990
for funds to pay for ads in Time and the American Vogue) was turned down. I can't remember the significance ofp 46 DMa 1990
had intended to make a last stand against the expected American landings. Kennedy's assassination presides over The Atrocity Exhibition, and inp 33 AWa 1990
car had a powerful iconic presence, emerging from all those American movies into the tranquil TV suburbs. Soon after, Valentine diedp 9 AEa 1990
and Time, my only available source of large numbers of American surnames. The choice had nothing to do with the magazinesp 101 GOAa 1990
the plinth. In recent years things have changed. "The Great American Nude" is the running title of a series of paintingsp 51 GANa 1990
unqualified observer viewing an operation for brain surgery. Ballet, gymnastics, American football and judo are furnished with elaborate kinaesthetic languages, butp 63 SCNa 1990
S. consumer, challenging the authority of that greatest of all American icons, the automobile. Every car crash seemed a prayer top 23 UDa 1990
most treasured of my Shanghai childhood were my memories of American cars, a passion I've retained to this day. Looking backp 77 THFa 1990
Ronald Regan" prompted Doubleday in 1970 to pulp its first American edition of The Atrocity Exhibition. Ronald Reagan's presidency remained ap 105 WIWa 1990
to have run to the same formula. In 1968 the American poet Bill Butler, who ran the Unicorn Bookshop in Brightonp 105 WIWa 1990
booklet. Soon after, his bookshop, which specialised in European and American poetry and fiction, was raided by the police, and hep 105 WIWa 1990
Push-button Death From Hanoi to Hollywood: The Vietnam War in American Film edited by Linda Dittmar and Gene Michaud Was therep 11 UGM 1991
first sight, the Gulf War and the invincibility of the American killing machine might seem the purest expression of the Rambop 11 UGM 1991
War lasted at least ten years, and continued in the American mind long after its routed troops were airlifted from thep 12 UGM 1991
the editors‘ words, and so deep the crisis in the American imagination provoked by the war, that it was only inp 12 UGM 1991
on the Fourth of July, openly confront the tragedy of American failure in the war (the vastly greater tragedy that befellp 12 UGM 1991
of the returning veterans who, for the first time in American history, found that being a veteran was not something ofp 12 UGM 1991
Part II, in many ways the most interesting of the American war films, though universally detested by the essayists in thisp 12 UGM 1991
is prepared to die for it. The essayists, almost all American academics, condemn virtually the entire output of Hollywood Vietnam filmsp 12 UGM 1991
lie in the past, along with the great days of American and European film, a vanishing world that survives in cinemathequesp 27 UGM 1991
climbing, one is still surprised by the confidence with which American politicians set about exploiting the fruits of office. Dissatisfied withp 34 UGM 1991
entire world of crime, itself an inverted image of the American Dream, with its violence, energy and pursuit of the fastp 44 UGM 1991
city crime-bosses who emerged from the Prohibition years. As the American economy boomed during the Second World War, the public imaginationp 44 UGM 1991
deny to this day, the endemic corruptions and venalities of American life were explained away at a stroke. Capone had diedp 44 UGM 1991
criminal fame is in many ways surprising. But if the American public demanded that crime be put on a corporate basisp 44 UGM 1991
and Lansky seemed to play the part to perfection. The American press called him the Chairman of the Board, and thep 45 UGM 1991
As Robert Lacey reveals, the image of Lansky created by American newspapers and television was a complete myth, partly sustained byp 45 UGM 1991
of Prohibition Lansky turned his skills towards that other great American pastime, illicit gambling. Robert Lacey makes the point that, farp 45 UGM 1991
to have wearied of his reputation as the mastermind of American crime. As the nurses struggled to resuscitate him he thrashedp 46 UGM 1991
sold to legitimate international corporations, and one wonders where the American imagination will turn to next in its search for ap 46 UGM 1991
the vogue, a fashion set off in the 1970s by American academic biographers who funded teams of PhD students eager top 71 UGM 1991
a wealthy Edwardian family which had made its fortune in American mining and railways. His mother was a society beauty andp 71 UGM 1991
the ordinary tommy and civilian enduring the blitz, while the American artists have a graphic sweep and scale that reflect thep 74 UGM 1991
Guardian The Culture of the Comic Strip The Encyclapaedia of American Comics edited by Ron Goulart The International Book of Comicsp 76 UGM 1991
strip only appeared in 1895. The circulation wars between the American press barons, and advances in the technology of colour printingp 77 UGM 1991
comic-book superhero. It is even more depressing to reflect that American comics are read by virtually the entire US population wellp 78 UGM 1991
and have probably been the dominant force in shaping the American imagination, a sobering thought for any British novelist hoping top 78 UGM 1991
British novelist hoping to sell his introverted crochet-work to an American audience. For good or bad, one can see the comicp 78 UGM 1991
book's influence not only on film but on the present-day American novel, with its constant foregrounding of action, avoidance of thep 78 UGM 1991
and this was the source of his appeal to the American servicemen whose elbows jostled mine in the Paris bookshops ofp 111 UGM 1991
collection were originally delivered. Vonnegut's heart, by now a prized American totem, is at least as big as Mount Rushmore, andp 116 UGM 1991
began his career on a cheerier note. He comments that American humorists tend to become unfunny pessimists if they live pastp 117 UGM 1991
breaking through. Vonnegut's alter ego, Kilgore Trout, addresses his fellow American s-f writers with the resonant words, ‘I love you sonsp 117 UGM 1991
novel and, his greatest test, international celebrity. Success often destroys American writers, or at least derails them -- Hemingway, Kerouac andp 117 UGM 1991
call. Anyone who has done the classic book-promotional tour of American cities, and stood in those vast shopping malls in thep 117 UGM 1991
vocation, his self-disgust coinciding with his sense of alienation from American society. Driven by his addiction, he landed in Tangier, wherep 133 UGM 1991
Statesman Unlocking the Past One can never go home, the American novelist Thomas Wolfe has written, meaning that everything changes, thep 173 UGM 1991
the giant French trams. Shanghai, which had once been an American and European city filled with Buicks and Packards, was nowp 174 UGM 1991
the Home Counties, though the interior was that of an American house with five bathrooms, air conditioning and a squash court-sizedp 174 UGM 1991
with shelves of electronics manuals, where my father had entertained American officers and Chinese tycoons, and the veranda where my motherp 175 UGM 1991
bookshelves where I had methodically arranged my Chums annuals and American comics. Now they were stacked with scientific journals and Chinesep 175 UGM 1991
watching their Hollywood videos. But this time no British or American gunboat will force the Chinese to grant them concessions, whichp 176 UGM 1991
miles away at the mouth of the Yangtse, where the American and European powers might intervene to save him. As Ip 10 KW 1991
to cheer themselves up, I guessed. They called to the American and British officers going into the hotel, but what theyp 12 KW 1991
we go to the Hell-drivers?‘ This was a troupe of American dare-devil drivers, who crashed their battered Fords and Chevrolets throughp 15 KW 1991
were part of an overlit realm more exhilarating than the American comics and radio serials I so adored. Shanghai would absorbp 18 KW 1991
Road were busier than before. The radio stations broadcast their American adventure serials, the bars and dance halls were filled withp 28 KW 1991
a lost tennis ball or setting useless bird-traps for the American sailors. Symbolic or not, the gesture served a practical purposep 31 KW 1991
the Japanese Air Force, just as my other heroes, the American Flying Tigers, had flown for Chiang Kai-shek. ‘Why isn't hep 36 KW 1991
you going with them?‘ ‘Basie and Demarest told me.‘ The American merchant seamen were a fund of inaccurate information, much ofp 36 KW 1991
defeats at the battles of Midway and the Coral Sea. American reconnaissance planes had appeared over Shanghai, and the first bombingp 37 KW 1991
pre-war copy of Reader's Digest or Popular Mechanics, which the American sailors monopolised. These magazines had kept me going through thep 41 KW 1991
the Americans, whose world was always filled with possibilities. Every American was an advertisement for confidence and success, like the vividp 41 KW 1991
of my attempted escape. On the following day the first American daylight raid took place over Shanghai. Flying from airfields nearp 47 KW 1991
the evening's coals at my feet, I waited for the American bombs to set fire to the sky, and thought ofp 48 KW 1991
light, stitching the sky together. Vapour trails left by the American reconnaissance planes dissolved over my head, the debris perhaps ofp 49 KW 1991
day we watched the Shanghai road, expecting a convoy of American vehicles to speed towards us out of the dust, thoughp 50 KW 1991
daily ration was down to a bowl of congee. The American bombing raids had imposed a kind of order, which bothp 51 KW 1991
the Yangtse, well within sight of Lunghua. But the first American reconnaissance planes appeared in the sky, cruising a ‘few hundredp 51 KW 1991
into firewood by the returning Chinese villagers. Strafed by the American Mustangs before the crew could take cover, the craft wasp 54 KW 1991
the bombed engineering sheds. Caught by the last of the American air-raids, a Chinese puppet soldier lay by the embankment ofp 54 KW 1991
line, meant nothing to them. Within a few weeks the American forces would reach Shanghai, and the Chinese armies they hadp 58 KW 1991
the fire. I searched the railway line, hoping that an American patrol might be approaching. From the moment I left Lunghuap 60 KW 1991
had suspended itself, and only the faraway drone of an American aircraft reminded me of a world on the other sidep 60 KW 1991
belt, which I had nagged out of one of the American sailors, was my proudest possession. In pre-war Shanghai it wouldp 60 KW 1991
old French friends, rich Chinese businessmen and officers of the American occupation army. I listened to the talk of the latestp 64 KW 1991
Road. Thousands of bars and nightclubs lit the afternoon sky. American servicemen swarmed ashore, an army of war embraced by anp 64 KW 1991
railway platform. Other Japanese sentries, at the request of the American and Kuomintang authorities, guarded key government buildings around the cityp 65 KW 1991
soldiers guarding the city were preparing the bar-keepers, prostitutes and American servicemen for a longer journey that would soon set outp 65 KW 1991
of clothes that I had bought at Sincere's, the latest American lipsticks, nylon stockings and a box of Swiss chocolates. Ip 66 KW 1991
lunch with my mother, I shared a taxi with two American navy pilots who were trying to find the Del Montep 67 KW 1991
Monte. Deciding to give David the slip, I left the American pilots with their taxi and stepped into the entrance ofp 68 KW 1991
eyes. I guessed that she spent her days fighting off American sailors in the backs of the Nanking road pedicabs. Herp 69 KW 1991
Bars, hotels, sing song parlours, everywhere. Believe me, James, these American boys have more money than Madame Chiang ... ‘I hope theyp 69 KW 1991
middle of the channel, working our way through scores of American destroyers and landing craft, I left my mother and walkedp 71 KW 1991
eastern bank of the Whangpoo, we drifted past a large American landing craft beached on the shore. A tank-landing vessel scarcelyp 72 KW 1991
the craft, but a signal lamp flashed from its bridge. American military police patrolled its decks, their weapons levelled as theyp 72 KW 1991
barked from the bridge of the landing craft, and the American guards shouted at the British officers in the wheel-house. Clearlyp 73 KW 1991
of mittel-European joke.‘ I stared through the window at the American tourists outside the chapel. ‘Yesterday I saw a Chevrolet inp 82 KW 1991
where nuclear bombers were parked in their fortified dispersal bays. American military vehicles patrolled the runways, and the stars and stripesp 84 KW 1991
shirt and jeans, clothes only seen in Cambridge on off-duty American servicemen. On the wall behind him were the wooden propellerp 85 KW 1991
I'm looking for the thumbscrew, Dr Richard.‘ Sutherland lifted an American ski-jacket from the door-peg. ‘Miriam's in the sixth form atp 86 KW 1991
I never think about it.‘ ‘Perhaps you should.‘ Using an American ball-point pen shaped like a silver rocket ship, she checkedp 87 KW 1991
of Commons. Meanwhile, on the airfields that ringed the university, American bombers were massing for a final nuclear countdown. On Sundayp 89 KW 1991
Tiger Moth. Later I took Miriam out to the great American bases at Lakenheath and Mildenhall, and we walked together throughp 89 KW 1991
East, and a Cambridge prostitute who thought I was an American serviceman posing as an undergraduate, a shrewd guess in thep 92 KW 1991
Sutherland. She was unsettled by my obsessive visits to the American bases, and aware that I was still ensnared in ap 93 KW 1991
the Anatomy Library at the flat Cambridgeshire countryside, with its American air-bases and their glowing vision of a third world warp 93 KW 1991
watched me with his friendly actor's smile. Thinking of Miriam's American underwear, I wondered if this spunky young woman had beenp 96 KW 1991
for his energy and openmindedness, for Miriam and for his American car. He and his sister had been evacuated to Australiap 96 KW 1991
road. ‘By the way, you've been to Lakenheath? The big American base?‘ ‘A few times.‘ ‘He goes every weekend.‘ Miriam tookp 96 KW 1991
to woo her from Richard Sutherland I would buy an American car, take up flying, cast myself as her Lindbergh, readyp 98 KW 1991
of the runway. But the Harvard had trained generations of American fliers. I pushed the stick forward to raise the tailp 101 KW 1991
university was excluded from the more urgent world of the American nuclear bombers flying from their Cambridgeshire airfields, readying themselves forp 102 KW 1991
much of the place. It's a glorified academic gift-shop for American universities, where they can buy some quaint little professor forp 104 KW 1991
a new weapon. ‘You know, we ought to join the American air force. You'd look great in a USAF uniform, Jimp 104 KW 1991
station, and which seemed to hover so promisingly over the American air-bases near Cambridge. During the next weeks we met againp 105 KW 1991
war and find my real compass bearing. Flying in the American bomber force, now readying itself for a nuclear attack onp 105 KW 1991
Beyond the 49th parallel were the great cities of the American mid-west. The re-arming United States of the Eisenhower years enjoyedp 107 KW 1991
possessions, his spare uniforms, his newly purchased electric razor and American radio. Everyone assumed that Artvin had defected to the Russiansp 110 KW 1991
and arranged some concession that briefly calmed them down. North American cooking, the waffles and turkey drumsticks and jugs of milkp 111 KW 1991
to be with her again and be amazed by her American underwear. I was sorry to leave David, endlessly driving thep 119 KW 1991
she smiled the sunlight shone against a set of immaculate American teeth, from which the left canine was missing, bridged byp 147 KW 1991
from Nanterre. And this is Sally Mumford, one of my American students. She's probably going to steal your children.‘ ‘I'm definitelyp 148 KW 1991
untidy sand ...‘ Miriam winced, but I warmed to this excitable American girl. She waded out into the water, the smoke fromp 150 KW 1991
from the ring, through the delirium of the European and American tourists, I saw Sally clambering between the seats, her dressp 153 KW 1991
swallowed the aftertaste of some toxic emotion. ‘I like her American spunk,‘ Miriam decided when we returned to the apartment. ‘Shep 154 KW 1991
about you?‘ She grimaced through the smoke, a gleam of American teeth. ‘I keep waiting ... there aren't too many stars inp 156 KW 1991
Kennedy had outstared Khrushchev during the Cuban missile crisis, but American bombers were still parked under the flat skies of Cambridgeshirep 164 KW 1991
watch her, whether she was fuelled by amphetamines or plain American sass. She and Peter Lykiard had arranged to call forp 180 KW 1991
We sat sipping wine in Dick's darkened office, surrounded by American licence plates and photographs of him at the controls ofp 194 KW 1991
had to go back to the Moon.‘ Sally squeezed Henry's American football helmet, a gift from Dick Sutherland, over her whitep 213 KW 1991
a Soho restaurant, where I was having lunch with an American journalist, and stood silently by our table, ignoring my invitationp 217 KW 1991
in which President Kennedy had met his death. This huge American car had been involved in a massive front-end collision thatp 227 KW 1991
still played their games. At a party given by the American Embassy we found ourselves in a reception line shaking handsp 237 KW 1991
our apartment.‘ Carmen pointed to a nearby side-street. ‘You have American dollars? One hour, two hours ...‘ ‘Dick? Money for time? Shallp 244 KW 1991
casino. The Dutchman and I had fallen in with an American casting director and her husband, who were imagining the impossiblep 253 KW 1991
her to our family doctor, who referred her to an American physician at the London Clinic. She then moved to ap 264 KW 1991
-- ESP, astrology and telekinesis -- was sold to an American network and brought him to the attention of a progressivep 264 KW 1991
For years you've been encouraging him to buy all those American cars, telling him -- what was it, some nonsense? --p 268 KW 1991
the Third World War, your head full of all those American bombers and Lunghua ...‘ ‘I never talked about them.‘ ‘You didn'tp 268 KW 1991
you took me to a film in Shanghai, about an American aircraft carrier ...‘ ‘The Fighting Lady -- a collection of newsreelsp 269 KW 1991
in the dark and watch those suicide pilots crashing into American ships?‘ Peggy turned from the mirror, ready to face mep 269 KW 1991
flown in Canada. Besides, it's a remarkable film -- those American pilots were brave men. And the Japanese.‘ ‘Of course theyp 270 KW 1991
Americans had was more style and more glamour.‘ ‘Like everything American. So?‘ ‘And that's exactly what you've always needed -- glamorisedp 270 KW 1991
reminded me of her mother's as she stepped from the American landing craft after the journey from Tsingtao. I placed myp 271 KW 1991
Keynes, Ryle and Crick, had long since departed to the American universities that had superseded it, leaving behind a TV academiap 283 KW 1991
cameras and the posing dons presided the enduring realities of American power. Beyond the hedges and the chain-mail fences the nuclearp 284 KW 1991
which the university so preened itself. Hearing the sound of American engines, I turned off the road near Mildenhall as ap 284 KW 1991
over the trees. A car passed me, carrying an off-duty American airman and his family. They wore civilian clothes when theyp 284 KW 1991
Rio premiere of 2001 and photographs of himself with the American astronauts at the Houston Space Center. I guessed that hep 309 KW 1991
to forget me, along with the beer mats and the American licence plates? Yet his apparently impromptu question had made ap 310 KW 1991
Prime Minister had bequeathed an acre of soil to the American nation, and the limestone monolith of the memorial to Johnp 324 KW 1991
Shanghai -- houses whose Tudor exteriors were themselves facades, hiding American bathrooms, kitchens and air-conditioning. There was something odd in thep 332 KW 1991
were no coincidences. ‘Jim, you made it!‘ One of the American producers waved to me through the electricians and lighting menp 334 KW 1991
Moments later, I opened the door to find a handsome American woman in her middle sixties, strikingly dressed in a Persianp 339 KW 1991
tank-trap full of vodka, lying in wait for the young American servicemen. ‘So this film, James. Is it good?‘ ‘I'm surep 341 KW 1991
I patted its head, admiring the easy expertise of the American crew. A man in swimming trunks and straw hat filmedp 347 KW 1991
deliberate brutalization of an entire people. At last, in 1944, American B-29s appeared in the sky, followed by a Russian occupationp 37 UGM 1992
metropolis governed by the British and French but otherwise an American zone of influence. I remember reading children's editions of Alicep 179 UGM 1992
Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels at the same time as American comics and magazines. Alice, the Red Queen and Man Fridayp 179 UGM 1992
occupied by Superman, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. My favourite American comic strip was Terry and the Pirates, a wonderful Orientalp 179 UGM 1992
periods, I read everything I could find -- not only American comics, but Time, Life, Saturday Evening Post and the Newp 180 UGM 1992
and was my first exposure to adult fiction -- popular American bestsellers, Reader's Digest condensed books, Somerset Maugham and Sinclair Lewisp 181 UGM 1992
was assassinated and his successor, Lyndon Johnson, began to pour American troops into Vietnam, an escalation that now seems as misguidedp 242 UGM 1992
a national hero after swimming the Channel in 1875 (an American had done so first, but with a rubber suit andp 245 UGM 1992
the Shuttle project, NASA's entire future was in jeopardy. The American public's lack of interest in the space programme, coupled withp 1175 MFM 1992
landed on the moon sent an uneasy tremor through the American nation. True, the Stars and Stripes had been planted onp 1175 MFM 1992
crash programme that would leap-frog the moon and land an American on Mars before the end of the decade. NASA, asp 1176 MFM 1992
Every bit their equal in eccentricity was Richard Feynman, the American Nobel Prizewinner whom many consider the century's greatest physicist afterp 159 UGM 1993
at Los Alamos, Feynman spent his entire career within the American university system. But away from the laboratory he led ap 159 UGM 1993
bankers and platinum-card tourists has taken the place of the American servicemen. The people are stoical and underpaid, with a lowerp 185 UGM 1993
were well rewarded, and its global reach matched that of American power. Few American servicemen were ever much more than anp 214 UGM 1993
and its global reach matched that of American power. Few American servicemen were ever much more than an arm's length fromp 214 UGM 1993
was a part of everyday consciousness and an emblem of American confidence. Predictably, the first to protest against what they sawp 214 UGM 1993
Jean-Luc Godard implicitly accepted the potency of Coca-Cola and the American dream when he referred to the young of the 1960sp 214 UGM 1993
for ever with our notions of a certain kind of American cheerfulness, not to everyone's taste but hard to resist. Surveysp 215 UGM 1993
Mall, bestowed knighthoods (endorsed with a year's free membership of American Express), and strolled glassy-eyed through garden parties. There may evenp 248 UGM 1993
to the truth, the battleground where the relentless advance of American popular culture was at last stopped and turned. I suspectp 216 UGM 1994
an independent Hawaiian kingdom, rid forever of the French and American colonists with their tourist culture, shopping malls, marinas and pollutionp 12 RP 1994
step-father. He's a colonel in the U.S. Army.‘ ‘The American Army? One of the world's greatest environmental threats.‘ She brushedp 30 RP 1994
about your mother?‘ ‘She's fine, most days. She married an American colonel. He's kind to her. They've just gone back top 35 RP 1994
limped forward, pushing between the tourists. He hoped that the American government, under pressure from the French, had decided to impoundp 46 RP 1994
-- Janet Bracewell, the Australian director, and the camera-man, her American husband Mark, together with the Indian sound-recordist, Vikram Pratap --p 50 RP 1994
of the inter-island terminal Neil had noticed a tall, white-haired American in his early forties standing beside his rented car onp 51 RP 1994
Dr Barbara. On his fourth visit to the quay, the American saw her arrive after her last day's work at thep 51 RP 1994
and Carline had frequently taken leaves of absence to join American missionary groups in Brazil and the Congo, teaching in missionp 51 RP 1994
in the hold, Neil kept a careful watch on the American, a nightmare come-true of integrity and good humour. He remindedp 53 RP 1994
next two hours on the quay, talking to an earnest American woman, a computer sciences major at the University, who preparedp 55 RP 1994
delighted to find that he could easily beat the pale-eyed American. Generous in victory, he ignored the lectures on the truep 62 RP 1994
prepared by the Filipino chef, who had worked for the American navy at the Subik Bay base -- Carline smiled withoutp 63 RP 1994
through the clouds of spray. Neil waited for the exhausted American to lose his balance, but the years of competitive power-boatingp 67 RP 1994
marked their own departure. A few feet from Neil, the American camera-man lay in his open grave, coffin draped in thep 69 RP 1994
under the trees beside the Piper, chartered by French and American journalists. They waited with their cameras, drinking the beer whichp 70 RP 1994
allow the expedition members to remain on Saint-Esprit until the American had been buried on the island, as his widow insistedp 70 RP 1994
two of his officers waited while the camera-men from the American news agencies recorded the sombre scene. The lenses panned acrossp 72 RP 1994
jostled at an election rally in Paris, and that the American State Department had recalled its ambassador to discuss Bracewell's deathp 80 RP 1994
to drive the bulldozer, but Neil was wary of the American. Since leaving Honolulu, Carline had shed every trace of plumpnessp 82 RP 1994
Saint-Esprit had said their goodbyes to the crew, a retired American naval commander from Honolulu named Rice, his elderly wife andp 87 RP 1994
LCT?‘ ‘The Palangrin -- an old car ferry which the American networks chartered in Papeete.‘ The Frenchman cast a hopeful eyep 92 RP 1994
but not for some time -- the death of the American was a big turning point. Saint-Esprit is yours for manyp 92 RP 1994
of its cargo was a desalination plant donated by an American chemical company in Ohio. The gleaming complex of reaction vesselsp 105 RP 1994
Carline turned away a tourist turbo-prop with a party of American sightseers, but allowed in an executive jet carrying two fieldp 106 RP 1994
her forest -- Mother Teresa has more fun. You're an American, the story of Saint-Esprit could lead to a co-production dealp 107 RP 1994
to remain on Saint-Esprit. At times he suspected that the American had taken the place of the two ill-starred anthropologists whomp 121 RP 1994
the Second World War, waiting above the beaches for the American marines to wade ashore. The Saitos were eager to defendp 132 RP 1994
alerted by the closure of the runway, passing Australian and American yacht-crews with gifts of endangered animals, and a party ofp 138 RP 1994
Bavarian Hausfrauen. Years of experience in the bars outside the American air-bases made them more than a match for a sixteen-year-oldp 146 RP 1994
for her own child, a baby girl with a black American father, Inger abandoned it to the care of a Catholicp 146 RP 1994
the straw hat in his left hand, Werner side-stepped the American and sprinted towards the beach. There was a shout fromp 151 RP 1994
listened to Gubby's wearying cries from the clinic, as the American rowed strongly through the dark surf, eager to seize thep 156 RP 1994
his oar, ready to strike Carline in the chest, the American seized the blade. ‘And think of Neil.‘ ‘The boy willp 161 RP 1994
the Canadians, hoping to leave the island with them? The American was wandering around the open ground by the prayer-shack, huntingp 202 RP 1994
Mrs Saito and Dr Barbara had long written off the American, sitting like a deranged air-traffic controller in his derelict radio-cabinp 213 RP 1994
had poisoned them? Neil assumed that the insecure and unhappy American had been drawn into her scheme to recruit more womenp 226 RP 1994
deck to the port rail. A white-masted yacht flying the American flag had emerged from the smoke that drifted over thep 239 RP 1994
tuning their short-wave radios to the latest news of the American bombing raids on Japan and the reported peace negotiations. Butp 283 UGM 1995
Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese armies were far inland, and the nearest American forces were on the island of Okinawa. Meanwhile the countrysidep 284 UGM 1995
flak tower, rose into the humid August air. During the American raids the pagoda had lit up like a Christmas treep 285 UGM 1995
empty shelves where I had kept my Chums annuals and American comics, and at the rusty hooks in the ceiling fromp 286 UGM 1995
and watched the Japanese cruiser Idzumo and the British and American gunboats, HMS Petrel and USS Wake. The amiable British tommiesp 288 UGM 1995
for granted that they would be protected by British and American power. Even though Britain was then losing the war againstp 288 UGM 1995
control their children. Our rations continued to fall, and the American bombing raids on the Japanese airfield next to the campp 292 UGM 1995
for days. The war-clocks had stopped. At last the first American warships moored opposite the Band, and their forces took controlp 292 UGM 1995
roamed the streets in the backs of pedicabs, chasing the American servicemen in their jeeps. The Ballard family left Lunghua ap 292 UGM 1995
I often returned to the camp, hitching rides from passing American trucks. I still felt that Lunghua was my real homep 292 UGM 1995
would have killed us before preparing to face the expected American landings at the mouth of the Yangtse. American power hadp 292 UGM 1995
the expected American landings at the mouth of the Yangtse. American power had saved our lives, above all the atomic bombsp 292 UGM 1995
Nazi genocide. During their long advance across the Pacific, the American armies liberated only one large capital city, Manila. A monthp 293 UGM 1995
miles away. The claims that Hiroshima and Nagasaki constitute an American war crime have had an unfortunate effect on the Japanesep 293 UGM 1995
like the remains of a funeral pyre on a Central American mesa. The smoke and intense heat had blackened the wallsp 35 CN 1996
my childhood, when I had visited my mother in the American clinic at Riyadh. The air in the drawing room carriedp 49 CN 1996
Paula's kiss on my lips, the scent of lip-gloss and American perfume. But passion, I knew, was not the message conveyedp 123 CN 1996
You broke your knees. That's tough.‘ He spoke with an American accent, but one learned in Europe, perhaps working as ap 24 SC 2000
elevators. The microfiche copies of the Herald Tribune in the American Library were no more use. A helpful assistant suggested ap 108 SC 2000
May, a congress of orthopaedic surgery was taking place. The American and German tourists I had so looked down on werep 109 SC 2000
the perfect alibi.‘ She lowered her voice as two elderly American surgeons in tracksuits sat at the next table. ‘But itp 115 SC 2000
of this distracted but glamorous woman. As we passed the American Express office she slipped on the crowded pavement and steadiedp 117 SC 2000
hiding one cheek, whom I had last seen outside the American Express offices in Cannes. Frances Baring leaned against Greenwood's shoulderp 152 SC 2000
Professor Walter, head of cardiology at the clinic; and an American architect named Richard Maxted, a bridge partner of Wilder Penrosep 163 SC 2000
and resigned his commission. I was friends with all the American kids and went to the base school until some ofp 201 SC 2000
similar model to the car I had stolen near the American Express office in Cannes. Then I recognized the broken brakep 211 SC 2000
company. The fourth man was Robert Fontaine's successor, an affable American named George Agassi, to whom I had briefly spoken inp 236 SC 2000
down with the gaze of gangster generals in a Central American republic surveying a popular uprising. An armada of yachts andp 276 SC 2000
small riot had started outside the Canton. According to an American couple at the next table, a leading Hollywood star hadp 278 SC 2000
pilots at the Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, an engaging crew of French, American and South African flyers who towed the advertising pennants abovep 281 SC 2000
-- the knee-jarring geometry of taxis and bathrooms, and the American psychologists who saw a glamorous woman swaying on her sticksp 15 MP 2003
us -- why do we have to be reminded of American childhoods?‘ ‘That's the modern world in a nutshell.‘ Sally sniffedp 15 MP 2003
of videos packed into the shelves behind the desk. ‘No American films?‘ ‘I don't like comic strips.‘ ‘Film noir?‘ ‘Black isp 53 MP 2003
they really are -- salary slaves, with heads full of American rubbish. Travel is the last fantasy the 20th Century leftp 55 MP 2003
the gate. In their black helmets, sitting on this fat American machine, they seemed worldly in the extreme, the fashionably agnosticp 64 MP 2003
free clinic -- moody escapees from provincial French universities, neurotic American graduates unwilling to grasp the concept of childhood, Japanese deep-therapyp 71 MP 2003
store. Retching into his leather gloves, Dexter started the soft American engine. We watched the fire engines arrive and play theirp 99 MP 2003
the entrance of the Globe, joining a small party of American tourists sheltering from the rain. Vera made no attempt top 186 MP 2003
drug-dealing and car theft. The location vans of Japanese and American television channels cruised around Chelsea Marina, waiting for blood. Butp 198 MP 2003
strays that Christie's aimless garrulity drew to him. A large American car had stopped by the kerb fifty feet away, ap 92 KC 2006
missed the classic Jensen, with its elegant body and huge American engine. I found it hard to believe that Geoffrey Fairfaxp 118 KC 2006
I waited for him to reach me, and noticed an American car parked on the road below. A chauffeur in ap 137 KC 2006
Be more mysterious. Get rid of the Lincoln. It's too American, too show business.‘ ‘Hey! I love that car.‘ ‘Swap itp 180 KC 2006
the way back to Amherst Avenue to buy the latest American comics. Looking back, and thinking of my own children's upbringingp 5 ML 2008
goose tethered to a telephone pole; young Chinese gangsters in American suits beating up a shopkeeper; beggars fighting over their pitchesp 6 ML 2008
her sister, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, close friend of America and American big business. My mother was then a pretty young womanp 8 ML 2008
gazed with all a small boy's awe at a large American car with armed men standing on the running-boards, Chicago-style. Beforep 9 ML 2008
all the houses, like 31 Amherst Avenue, tended to have American interiors --overly spacious kitchens, room-sized pantries with giant refrigeratorsp 11 ML 2008
hear the sound of waves on his beach. I devoured American comics, which were on sale everywhere in Shanghai and readp 20 ML 2008
Superman. Terry and the Pirates was my favourite, about an American mercenary pilot in the Far East, part of it setp 20 ML 2008
set in the Shanghai where I lived. Later I read American bestsellers, such as All This and Heaven Too, Babbitt, Anthonyp 20 ML 2008
I spent hours turning their pages and revelling in their American optimism. Then there were the Chums and Boy's Own Paperp 20 ML 2008
reality than Life and Time were from the realities of American life. However, it seemed to be confirmed by the Britishp 20 ML 2008
and clergymen I met in Shanghai. They might have driven American cars and had American refrigerators, but in speech and mannerp 20 ML 2008
in Shanghai. They might have driven American cars and had American refrigerators, but in speech and manner they weren't too farp 20 ML 2008
around Shanghai in the family Packard, and stopped to buy American comics for her sons, she always included a comic forp 23 ML 2008
no attempt to confront the contingents of British, French and American soldiers, or to interfere with their warships in the riverp 27 ML 2008
and their friends. We ate roast beef and roast lamb, American waffles and syrup, ice cream sundaes. My first Chinese mealp 33 ML 2008
happy bedlam of small boys, amahs and exhausted nannies; the American Hell-Drivers at the racecourse, crashing their cars through burning wallsp 35 ML 2008
too many gins, and subscribed to Punch, but they drove American cars and cooled their vermouth in American refrigerators. They talkedp 38 ML 2008
but they drove American cars and cooled their vermouth in American refrigerators. They talked about retiring, not to the Cotswolds, butp 38 ML 2008
England in 1946, some of us were assumed to be American, and not because of our accents). This probably explains whyp 39 ML 2008
the scientific world view and an enthusiast of all things American. But he remained a Lancashireman to the end, loving tripep 45 ML 2008
Harbor 1941 The Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, the American naval base near Honolulu, took place on the morning ofp 53 ML 2008
bowed to them in the best traditions of bushido. The American gunboat, the USS Wake, was captured without a shot beingp 54 ML 2008
their Kempeitai (the Japanese Gestapo) arrested several hundred British and American civilians, who were the first Allied nationals to be internedp 55 ML 2008
more disciplined and far better led than the British and American soldiers in Shanghai, who seemed bored and only interested inp 57 ML 2008
Our assembly point for the journey to Lunghua was the American Club in Columbia Road, a mile from Amherst Avenue. Whenp 63 ML 2008
around the swimming pool, sitting at the tables where the American members of the club had once sipped their bourbons andp 63 ML 2008
Dutch and Belgian, but there was a group of thirty American merchant seamen, captured on board an American freighter. As civiliansp 72 ML 2008
group of thirty American merchant seamen, captured on board an American freighter. As civilians, they were not sent to a POWp 72 ML 2008
who responded more warmly to the good cheer of the American sailors than to the rather torpid Brits, many of whomp 82 ML 2008
England in 1947, when we toured Europe in his large American car. I was 17, about to go to Cambridge, unsurep 84 ML 2008
started to speak to him but he cut me dead. American Air Raids 1944 My parents‘ memories of Lunghua were alwaysp 89 ML 2008
stand near the mouth of the Yangtze against the expected American landings. This must have deeply alarmed my parents and otherp 89 ML 2008
wheedling tattered copies of Life and Popular Mechanics from the American sailors in E Block, setting pheasant traps (we never caughtp 90 ML 2008
else who lived through Lunghua, I have long supported the American dropping of the bombs. Prompted by Emperor Hirohito's surrender broadcastp 90 ML 2008
in the Pacific were falling back under fierce attacks by American air and naval power, and US submarines were taking ap 90 ML 2008
islands. Japanese cities were one by one being devastated by American bombers. The Tokyo high command could barely feed its ownp 90 ML 2008
of magazines several times over, but I still visited the American seamen. Cheerful as ever, they were obsessed with their pheasantp 97 ML 2008
emergency like the sudden closure of the camp. The first American air raids over Shanghai had begun in the summer ofp 97 ML 2008
the camp to capture him. The sight of these advanced American aircraft gave me a new focus of adolescent veneration. Asp 98 ML 2008
the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the British Embassy newsreels. The American aircraft had sprung from the advertisement pages of Life andp 99 ML 2008
and Lightnings were themselves advertisements, 400-mile-an-hour commercials that advertised the American dream and American power. I noticed that the American seamenp 99 ML 2008
themselves advertisements, 400-mile-an-hour commercials that advertised the American dream and American power. I noticed that the American seamen in E Blockp 99 ML 2008
the American dream and American power. I noticed that the American seamen in E Block took for granted the superiority ofp 99 ML 2008
certain dogged pride of their country's military equipment. But the American seamen I visited said nothing and never made a boastfulp 99 ML 2008
offensive and the sinking of most of their shipping by American submarines near the Yangtze estuary, and by the loss ofp 101 ML 2008
and industrial areas had been reduced to ash by the American bombing campaign. The Japanese soldiers stepped down from their trucksp 102 ML 2008
Shanghai and the surrounding countryside. It was several weeks before American forces arrived in strength to take control of Shanghai. Augustp 103 ML 2008
fell from the bomb bays, parachutes flared and the first American relief supplies floated towards us. A stampede followed, as everyonep 104 ML 2008
guarded their new supplies, listening out for the sound of American engines, quick to point out the smallest unfairness. Tired ofp 105 ML 2008
It had been given to me by one of the American sailors, and was a prized novelty that no Japanese wasp 106 ML 2008
doors and turned on all its lights, greeting its new American visitors in its time-honoured way, with thousands of bars, prostitutesp 111 ML 2008
way, with thousands of bars, prostitutes and gambling dens. An American cruiser moored off the Bund, and American aircraft landed atp 111 ML 2008
gambling dens. An American cruiser moored off the Bund, and American aircraft landed at Lunghua airfield, but the transfer of powerp 111 ML 2008
something very close to our previous life resumed. Dozens of American warships were moored in the Whangpoo, and armed shore partiesp 113 ML 2008
were moored in the Whangpoo, and armed shore parties of American sailors and marines were moving around Shanghai. The German familyp 113 ML 2008
house across the drive were ejected, and two very likeable American intelligence officers took their place. They soon moved in theirp 113 ML 2008
out to Lunghua airfield, and was invited aboard the huge American transport planes lined up beside the runway. The sense ofp 114 ML 2008
transport planes lined up beside the runway. The sense of American power was overwhelming. I also made regular visits to Lunghuap 114 ML 2008
there two months after the war's end, sustained by the American airdrops. These were Britons with no homes to return top 114 ML 2008
had been a close camp friend. He wore a large American pistol in a holster, and affected the manner of ap 114 ML 2008
of all ages. I missed the chess games, and the American sailors, and the teenage girls teaching each other how top 115 ML 2008
At least Shanghai was coming alive again, as thousands of American servicemen filled the bars and nightclubs and careered around thep 115 ML 2008
ship moved out into the Whangpoo, surrounded by scores of American landing craft sounding their sirens. My mother and sister werep 116 ML 2008
no different from the impressions that England made on countless American GIs and the Canadian and American students I met atp 122 ML 2008
England made on countless American GIs and the Canadian and American students I met at Cambridge. Even allowing for a longp 122 ML 2008
waiting in the rain for their hour or two of American glamour were docile and resigned. The impression given by thep 124 ML 2008
first revisionist German film, powerful but hollow. I also liked American films, especially the B-movies that formed the lower part ofp 129 ML 2008
myself from the suffocations of English life, I seized on American and European writers, the whole canon of classic modernism --p 132 ML 2008
a year ahead of me to study medicine, and an American exchange student. There was also a boy called Frank whop 135 ML 2008
remember. Shanghai was still very close to me, and the American airbases that surrounded Cambridge were a constant reminder, as werep 138 ML 2008
that surrounded Cambridge were a constant reminder, as were the American airmen who visited the pubs and cinemas with their Englishp 138 ML 2008
adults and the masters by overgrown boys. The French and American students I knew were mystified by it all. I foundp 146 ML 2008
else, went to a great many films. I relished hard-edged American thrillers with their expressive black and white photography and broodingp 148 ML 2008
pageant called ‘Cambridge‘ was made possible by the fleets of American bombers waiting in the quiet fields around the city. Atp 149 ML 2008
The intention was to ‘culturally relocate‘ us within the North American way of life, and wean us off the enticements ofp 162 ML 2008
to say, we were all eager to embrace the North American way of life from the second we stepped off thep 162 ML 2008
would later realise that most professional s-f writers, British and American, were keen fans from their early teens, and many beganp 165 ML 2008
bored me. The forerunners of Star Trek, they described an American imperium colonising the entire universe, which they turned into ap 165 ML 2008
which they turned into a cheerful, optimistic hell, a 1950s American suburb paved with good intentions and populated by Avon ladiesp 165 ML 2008
dangers to a docile public of television, advertising and the American media landscape were their terrain. They looked searchingly at thep 166 ML 2008
fans within the field. I submitted my stories to the American s-f magazines that I had read in Moose Jaw, butp 179 ML 2008
notes, which revealed the narrowness of mind that lurks behind American exuberance. A fierce orthodoxy ruled, and any attempt to enlargep 179 ML 2008
of the future. He urged me not to imitate the American writers, and to concentrate on what I termed ‘inner spacep 181 ML 2008
spirit to the surrealists. All this was anathema to the American editors, who continued to reject my fiction. But we listenedp 181 ML 2008
the elements: figureheads of sailing ships, giant chess-pieces, half an American car, stairways that led up to the sky and amazedp 186 ML 2008
the street. The show leaned a little on Hollywood and American science fiction; Hamilton had got hold of Robby the Robotp 188 ML 2008
a fortnight's holiday in 1961, and was published by an American paperback firm, Berkley Books. I received an advance of $1000p 190 ML 2008
heading. But I met tremendous opposition. The editors of the American s-f magazines were nervous of their readers, and would refusep 192 ML 2008
hold-up on a mountain road in the Peloponnese when an American woman looked into our car and said: ‘You mean you'rep 203 ML 2008
then tested for their responses (!), have since been staged in American research institutes. I must say that I admire Martin Baxp 210 ML 2008
life at the wheel of a Ford Galaxy, a huge American convertible that he soon swapped for a Mini-Cooper, a high-performancep 211 ML 2008
job description. Chris, by contrast, raced around his laboratory in American sneakers, jeans and a denim shirt open to reveal anp 212 ML 2008
I think this inner modesty was what appealed to the American astronauts and senior scientists he met during the making ofp 213 ML 2008
LA or San Francisco. He liked the easy formulas of American life. He thoroughly approved of my wish to see Englandp 213 ML 2008
closed rooms and volunteers guessing each other's card sequences. Chris's American wife, Nancy, a beautiful and rather remote woman, was Rhine'sp 213 ML 2008
mental life. I often visited Chris's lab, and admired the American licence plates and the photographs of him with Aldrin andp 214 ML 2008
arguments about the right direction for science fiction to take. American and Russian astronauts were carrying out regular orbital flights inp 215 ML 2008
their spacecraft, and everyone assumed that NASA would land an American on the moon in 1969 and fulfil President Kennedy's vowp 215 ML 2008
though, science fiction had failed to prosper. Most of the American magazines had closed, and the sales of New Worlds werep 215 ML 2008
more than the US. His early obsession with all things American rather faded after his teaching trip to Berkeley in thep 220 ML 2008
office. There Nelson Doubleday broke the cardinal rule of all American publishers: never read one of your own books. He leafedp 237 ML 2008
to Holly Hunter when we were joined by a leading American film critic. His first question was: ‘Holly, what are youp 244 ML 2008
out into the drive to find a line of 1930s American Packards and Buicks, each with a uniformed Chinese chauffeur. Thep 257 ML 2008
Chinese dancers bopping to jive numbers. In early 1988 my American publisher Farrar Straus arranged a six-city, two-week-long book tour top 259 ML 2008
the merits or otherwise of a film or book. Perhaps American journalists, who see themselves as the consciences of their nationp 259 ML 2008
and childlike strains that lie just below the surface of American life. There is certainly a missing dimension that European visitorsp 260 ML 2008
hotel bar. Claire got on especially well with a young American film-maker of whom none of us had heard; he wasp 261 ML 2008
sharing the same taste in films, whether European, Japanese or American. I was sure we would come to a speedy conclusionp 261 ML 2008
steer the best film award to Roeg. Bob Swaim, the American director of Half Moon Street and La Balance (‘I alwaysp 262 ML 2008
Hotel, overlooking the former racecourse and a vast brothel for American servicemen after the war, had been one of the tallestp 268 ML 2008
for a huge hoarding advertising Kent cigarettes. There were no American cars and buses, no Studebakers and Buicks, no film postersp 269 ML 2008