Frances fumbled with the headlight switch, trying to read the ambulance's numberplate. ‘Toulon ...‘ She seemed thrown by this. ‘I told youp 306 SC 2000
on her cigarette, she peered over the head of the ambulanceman, and lowered the lighter flame to my face, curious top 232 KW 1991
half-tracks, huge Telesenso studio location vans and several sleek white ambulances. The drivers and crew-men were standing about in little groupsp 350 PE 1962
Oxyacetylene flared over the roofs of the police cars and ambulances in a corral at the mouth of the underpass. Traversp 69 THF 1969
flyover and Western Avenue. Around them a police car, two ambulances and a breakdown truck formed a loose corral. Firemen andp 152 C 1973
the sexual possibilities of their futures. The last of the ambulances drove away, its siren wailing. The spectators returned to theirp 157 C 1973
the rising balustrade, staring down at the police cars and ambulances at the junction with Western Avenue. The crushed roof ofp 221 C 1973
of spectators squeezing themselves between the parked police cars and ambulances, were careful to leave a clear space around her. Onp 222 C 1973
far swifter and more powerful than the cautious, battery-driven Dublin ambulances. They sped along at over thirty miles an hour, andp 105 HA 1981
how their bosses had been executed, stumbled towards the waiting ambulances, while helicopters ferried the wounded to hospitals in Grasse andp 10 SC 2000
saw the police arrive and heard the shooting?‘ ‘Absolutely. Helicopters, ambulances, film crews the whole nightmare played itself out like anp 113 SC 2000
and duty-free staff were helping injured passengers to the waiting ambulances. Then the picture changed, and we were watching an amateurp 17 MP 2003
and steam rising from the river, and hear the wailing ambulances that ferried the injured to Charing Cross Hospital. Crowds ofp 264 MP 2003
roughly manhandled by the snatch squads were carried to the ambulances before the TV cameras could get too close. A smallp 265 MP 2003
so huge that I failed to notice the police vehicles, ambulances and fire engines drawn up around the entrance to thep 113 KC 2006
a failed revolution ... The Need to Understand A line of ambulances appeared through the smoke and haze, waiting outside the Accidentp 129 KC 2006
bands that drummed at the windows above the wail of ambulances and fire engines. Usually she would be on duty, dealingp 158 KC 2006
I listened to the passing sirens of police cars and ambulances, by now an integral part of the Brooklands festival. Ip 192 KC 2006
the town's area. In the three weeks he had been ambulant Conrad seemed to have visited every one. The artificial limbp 692 TIM 1966
notice the wrecked vehicle and its perimeter of corpses. The ambush, though successful, had not been planned. The carrier had blindlyp 781 KG 1969
and telephone wire piled around their feet. Exhausted by the ambush, they would have little energy left for a river crossingp 781 KG 1969
sprang his surprise with the man-powered glider, clearly intending to ambush Sheppard and force him to crash-land the Cessna into thep 1071 MNF 1982
puzzled that they should have led him into this modest ambush. He made no attempt to draw his revolver, and retreatedp 133 DC 1987
UN peace-keeping force in Lebanon, had died in a terrorist ambush in 1987, and Neil often suspected that he resembled thep 122 RP 1994
my knee, relieved that the pins still held. ‘Sorry to ambush you like that. There may be a threat to yourp 101 SC 2000
which he had stuffed his regimental ties. Despite the dawn ambush by the forces of law and order, and the cowardlyp 225 MP 2003
more than a set of slogans. They resented the police ambush, and the involvement of the army. The helicopters endlessly soaringp 214 KC 2006
124 in two separate battles in Northern Province. The leathernecks ambushed enemy elements, calling in support by artillery and air attackp 962 TW 1967
third prisoner was a captain, the only officer in the ambushed patrol, a slimly built man with grey crew-cut hair andp 783 KG 1969
lot more aggressive then, protecting their hunting grounds. We were ambushed by tribes of Professors and Bureaucrats, took several casualties beforep 173 HA 1981
searched for her clothes, annoyed with herself for having been ambushed by me. ‘Charles, listen to me -- I wasn't expectingp 196 CN 1996
A*PHA LEP**IS *D 1317 Below was another, damaged but legible. AMEN*TEK LC*V *LPHA LE*ORIS AD 13** There were blanks among thep 85 WG 1959
on I'm going to keep my eyes open for some amenable two-star general with a sprained ankle to whom I canp 143 WFN 1961
in office drew to its unhappy close, the necessary constitutional amendment was swiftly passed through both Houses of Congress, with thep 1117 WW3 1988
consolidating its position, issuing a stream of petty regulations and amendments. Renthall would have liked to challenge the Council's authority onp 378 WT 1962
how ridiculous! Well, come on, try again.‘ Eager to make amends, Mangon picked the next baffle, one of a group servingp 125 SS 1960
right into my dream and startled me. Could I make amends by offering you a cocktail? My chauffeur will collect youp 212 S5 1961
stirred himself pleasantly. Americans were expert at providing the civilized amenities of life with a minimum of apparent effort or pompp 141 WFN 1961
sun, the sports club and social centre, like the other amenities engineered into the complex by its Swiss consultants, resembled thep 216 CN 1996
pattern is incontrovertible. POWERS: Population figures for Europe and North America show no decline, though. WHITBY: Of course not, as Ip 180 VT 1960
News reports were conflicting, but apparently most of Europe and America were still little more than inconvenienced, while South America, Africap 40 WFN 1961
and America were still little more than inconvenienced, while South America, Africa and the East had suffered complete dislocation, and thep 40 WFN 1961
Marshall glanced through his notes. ‘Abroad, in Europe and North America, the picture is pretty much the same. They've all battenedp 56 WFN 1961
of plant diseases was noticed in the southern states of America and in the Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan republics of the Sovietp 367 CS 1962
of institutional care. Believe me, I'm frightened to go to America. In New York alone they're jumping from the roofs atp 293 IO 1962
sky, smothering the former wheatfields of temperate Europe and North America. Impenetrable Mato Grossos sometimes three hundred feet high, they werep 19 DW 1962
actually lived in several of them, both in Europe and America, and spent most of his spare time punting around thep 20 DW 1962
and forty degrees. Once-temperate areas became tropical, Europe and North America sweltering under continuous heat waves, temperatures rarely falling below ap 21 DW 1962
Arctic Circle, from Greenland and Northern Europe, Russia and North America, poured themselves into the sea, millions of acres of permafrostp 22 DW 1962
up and down the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, and along the sea-boards of Western Europe, but without anyp 31 D 1965
by mine. Columbus had to sail with madmen to discover America.‘ New Worlds The Touchstone City Paris and the Surrealists Georgep 88 UGM 1966
their long acquaintance. The proto-Atlantic ocean had covered all North America and Europe except for Scotland, leaving intact a percolation systemp 666 BM 1966
million British civilians have died. Despite mounting criticism at home America pours more and more troops into what is now thep 954 TW 1967
Theory of Relativity at twelve. The universities and conservatories of America and Europe opened their doors. For some reason, though, nothingp 769 CA 1968
and second, to the puritanical intelligentsia of Northern Europe and America, for whom Dali's subject matter, like the excrement he paintedp 92 UGM 1969
At the start of World War II he moved to America, and his autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dali wasp 94 UGM 1969
history, the great Time Vision corporations of Europe and North America collaborated on their most spectacular broadcast to date -- ap 807 GTS 1972
the Comsat relays, the Time Vision studios in Europe and America were besieged. Nothing came through. All contacts with the camerap 810 GTS 1972
erogenous zones, the freeways and autostradas of Europe and North America along which they moved in Vaughan's mind, their bodies fundedp 183 C 1973
1950s jargonizing, their blue-collar intellectual clap-trap, are absolutely of the America of the Reader's Digest, Betty Grable, and popular newspaper sensationsp 203 UGM 1974
of modern American science fiction is the unfortunate fact that America herself has slammed on the brakes. By this I meanp 204 UGM 1974
notion of the ‘future‘. The future would be better, and America had a monopoly of the stuff. All this has nowp 204 UGM 1974
of imaginative excitement, and most of the values of modern America are under severe scrutiny. All this leaves the older generationp 204 UGM 1974
Washington, London and Moscow, it soon spread through Africa, South America and the Far East, and among people in all walksp 841 LDG 1976
of the rumour was greatest in Western Europe and North America. Ironically, it was most rife in those two countries, thep 841 LDG 1976
ways. Great numbers of industrial workers in Europe and North America had lost all interest in their jobs, and sat aboutp 844 LDG 1976
it emerged in Africa and the Far East, in Central America and the Caribbean, just as one saw the hard realityp 138 UGM 1978
Right Stuff the first flights by Shepard and Glenn put America back into the space race, and already a new groupp 275 UGM 1979
Game show in which Third-World contestants beg for money. HELLO AMERICA The Golden Coast ‘There's gold, Wayne, gold dust everywhere! Wakep 7 HA 1981
gold, Wayne, gold dust everywhere! Wake up! The streets of America are paved with gold!‘ Later, when they beached the SSp 7 HA 1981
photographs, as he had at a thousand other images of America, but he was unprepared for the spectacular size and mysteriousp 8 HA 1981
brown pages were compressed like copper leaf, fossils of an America that had vanished a hundred years ago. Then, two weeksp 10 HA 1981
these sepia photographs. ‘Well, Wayne, you want to go to America. Let's see how much you know about it.‘ Steiner soundedp 11 HA 1981
of the populated world had long since lost interest in America. But clearly Steiner had guessed that Wayne would recognise themp 12 HA 1981
sown their seed in Wayne's mind. Was his obsession with America, which his unknown ancestors had abandoned a century earlier, wasp 14 HA 1981
his unknown ancestors centuries before him, he had come to America to forget the past, to turn his back for everp 14 HA 1981
his nerve at the prospect of actually setting foot on America? He searched the rigging and the surrounding sea, peering throughp 16 HA 1981
the water, relics of the panic a century earlier when America had finally abandoned itself. In the mosaics of flaking paintp 17 HA 1981
strips of those last frantic days of the evacuation of America, when the latecomers, millions of them by then from thep 17 HA 1981
away from them. At the climax of the evacuation of America, under the personal control of President Brown, the Statue ofp 21 HA 1981
once and future father whom he would find somewhere in America, waiting for him in the golden paradises of the westp 22 HA 1981
coal, gas and oil, might have run out here, but America always had something unexpected up its sleeve. McNair cared nothingp 25 HA 1981
ore from the rag-tag nations in southern Africa and South America. McNair gazed confidently at the empty city, reminding himself thatp 25 HA 1981
and that the real contraband was their collective fantasy of America. The discovery of the young stowaway, Wayne, had acted asp 27 HA 1981
way they were duplicating Armstrong's voyage. But the terrain of America would be as desolate as the Moon's. He would havep 28 HA 1981
on equal terms. ‘Gregor, come on! There's the whole of America here.‘ He sprinted ahead to the great dunes which spilledp 35 HA 1981
Seventh Avenue, he soon discovered that if any streets in America were paved with gold it was not here in Manhattanp 35 HA 1981
memory in all their minds of their first sighting of America. At the same time, the golden glare around him wasp 35 HA 1981
a weary wave. ‘Hello, Wayne, what do you think of America? Find any gold, by the way? We were going top 38 HA 1981
can still find gold, and silver. There's the whole of America over there.‘ ‘Good for you.‘ A cracked golden smile partedp 38 HA 1981
childhood in Dublin had been fed by dreams of an America filled with automobiles, immense chromium mastodons with grilles like templep 43 HA 1981
the first ominous signs of the decline and fall of America had become apparent as early as the middle years ofp 44 HA 1981
ever known, had at last run dry. From then on, America was forced to rely on an increasingly scarce supply ofp 45 HA 1981
to flow along the great turnpikes and interstate highways of America. Waist-high weeds flourished in the cracked concrete of the Californiap 46 HA 1981
ethnic departure points in Europe and Africa, Asia and South America, a vast reverse migration duplicating the original westward passage twop 48 HA 1981
a violent mirror reflecting all the failure and humiliation of America. Thirstland Ten days after the arrival of the Apollo inp 50 HA 1981
supply wagon cut through the soft sand. Movement was what America was about, expressed all its energy, its belief in itselfp 51 HA 1981
only Orlowski and Wayne seemed unaffected by their landfall in America; the one without any vision, the other sustained by ap 56 HA 1981
gopher. Under a sky of hot metal, the whole of America seemed embalmed by the dust, mothballed here under the whitep 57 HA 1981
Both he and Steiner were coming into their own in America. Ten minutes later, when they found five gallons of brackishp 59 HA 1981
Wayne, there's water here, and probably all the way across America, in thousands of abandoned motels. A few gallons, but enoughp 59 HA 1981
command of the expedition. ‘Steiner, why did you come to America? There's nothing here.‘ ‘But that's why I came. Anyway, youp 60 HA 1981
a huge reservation. I believe in a different kind of America. I hope there'll be room for them there.‘ ‘I hopep 69 HA 1981
discussed the journey back to Europe. The possibility of leaving America and making the return voyage had ceased to exist inp 71 HA 1981
highway between Kansas and Colorado. Under the guise of crossing America, as Wayne soon discovered, they were about to begin thatp 76 HA 1981
desk. This overweight ministry factotum knew and cared nothing for America, given half a chance he would turn the whole continentp 81 HA 1981
smears marking this ludicrous struggle, the last two men in America indian-wrestling across the chief executive's desk. ‘Wayne! For God's sakep 83 HA 1981
never be fully happy until he's the last man in America. Orlowski is quiet, still hasn't forgiven me, he makes mep 89 HA 1981
desert in all senses, while he prefers to think of America as just the ultimate backdrop to his fantasies of beingp 90 HA 1981
but he doesn't know why. The first settlers to cross America were driven by their fantasies too. Still, thanks to mep 93 HA 1981
of the expedition -- the attempt to find that special ‘America‘ inside each one of us, that golden coast McNair sawp 96 HA 1981
realised that the whole secret logic of their journey across America had been leading them to this absurd and childish confrontationp 99 HA 1981
himself was eager to explore the length and breadth of America, visit its silent factories and engineering plants, its coal minesp 110 HA 1981
of the Rockies, ever nearer the source of his lost America. Across the Rockies Higher ground now, and cooler dust-free airp 112 HA 1981
felt his confidence return. ‘No one else has ever crossed America. McNair, think of that!‘ ‘Wayne, I am ... You've told usp 122 HA 1981
Sinatra of the endless farewell appearances and testimonial concerts, when America had clung to its last great icons, its emblems ofp 124 HA 1981
his dreams that somewhere on this continent a piece of America was preserved intact. Even in this jungle-infested Las Vegas. Sinatrap 126 HA 1981
maturity, as if fully aware of Wayne's motives for crossing America. He had the strong but sensitive face of the youngp 129 HA 1981
hundred, maybe more. We need new recruits, but nobody likes America. I'm not surprised. That headache music is a century oldp 132 HA 1981
right, I had to stow away myself to get to America.‘ Wayne stared out at the hotels flashing past, each surroundedp 133 HA 1981
wanted me to take you on. Anyone who can cross America in three months must have blood that's as clean asp 137 HA 1981
only base of organised power that had existed in north America for a hundred years. The reclamation of this jungle cityp 138 HA 1981
but I'm more and more convinced that the future of America, and maybe the world itself, lies here with Manson atp 140 HA 1981
Phoenix and Salt Lake City, launch an eastward drive across America. Risky, of course -- according to Anne, a by-product ofp 142 HA 1981
like an infinite Java Sea. At last I had crossed America! I looked round and Manson gave me a cheery thumbsp 147 HA 1981
new Mexican kingdom that will occupy the whole of north America to the west of the Rockies. I tried to explainp 148 HA 1981
dream of all the empty highways and drained swimming-pools of America. ‘He takes it easy now, a little occupational therapy withp 153 HA 1981
here and trying to get its snout into this new America I've built. It was a gamble, Wayne, a gamble withp 153 HA 1981
of exploitation, by the way, a perversion of the ‘natural‘ America, as brutal and self-serving as any of the Hollywood andp 155 HA 1981
he has the old Yankee virtues. He wants to see America great again, and becoming President is little more than decorationp 155 HA 1981
as they do the military and papal regimes in South America. All I need is ten years to make this countryp 157 HA 1981
ambition in Wayne's eyes, his continental dream of a new America. They resented the fact that Manson had picked him outp 160 HA 1981
population from scratch, sir. We'll take only the best because America needs only the best ...‘ Paco had stared sourly at hisp 161 HA 1981
the Kennedy Moon Project. We need people who can switch America on again, turn on a hundred nuclear power stations, planp 161 HA 1981
Omaha and the SAC; the huge H-bomber force perpetually patrolling America in the 1970s. He rambled on about ‘Fortress USA‘ andp 162 HA 1981
But only from any bandit riff-raff coming up through central America, not from the rest of the world. Those missiles couldp 164 HA 1981
making a point of his loyalty. ‘He wants to make America great again.‘ ‘And so do you, Wayne. And so dop 171 HA 1981
for that matter, what exactly we signify by the term "America". It's an emotive symbol, Wayne, went out of fashion inp 171 HA 1981
I should have realised just how Charles planned to protect America. In exactly the way that the suicide protects himself fromp 182 HA 1981
his right to be the first pro-consul of the New America, he was going the wrong way about it by playingp 188 HA 1981
it so many of his own dreams of a reborn America. Manson's continuous jamming of the radio space above Las Vegasp 194 HA 1981
glass target wall, the names of all the cities of America rippled across Manson's skin, so that he resembled an agingp 205 HA 1981
lips, as if he were Cyclops devouring the children of America. ‘I know you're a betting man, and you'll enjoy thisp 206 HA 1981
Wayne tried to rally himself, and remembered the dream of America they had shared. How could he save Manson before hep 207 HA 1981
him on. ‘Wayne, what about you, boy? The fate of America in your hands? I can't offer you Duluth or Seattlep 209 HA 1981
He followed Paco's nervous eyes to the target map of America. The cruise was steady but slow, and its light, fuel-efficientp 209 HA 1981
his hands with the names of the target cities of America he had once dreamed of restoring to life. He knewp 211 HA 1981
flicker of fireflies and the harlequin dance of a crazed America. Execution Squad He was kneeling by the locked doors ofp 219 HA 1981
and machine-gun bullets had already fractured the electrographic map of America above Manson's head. There was a stampede of heavy feetp 226 HA 1981
had wound him up to the great adventure of crossing America he was once again becoming the young stowaway, cared forp 231 HA 1981
laid out below the sun to celebrate its passage across America. Ahead, still in the lead, was Dr Fleming. He satp 235 HA 1981
and Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe belonged to a past America, to that city of antique gamblers about to be vaporisedp 236 HA 1981
liked Jim, who in return, and out of respect for America, ran endless errands for them. Several of the cubicles werep 216 ES 1984
streamlined bombers summed up all the power and grace of America. Usually the B-29s flew above the Japanese anti-aircraft fire, butp 223 ES 1984
men such as Cohen and Tiptree and Dainty. That was America. Jim thought intently about the B-29s. He wanted to embracep 223 ES 1984
sky. Surrounded by this vision of all the abundance of America falling from the air, Jim laughed happily to himself. Hep 287 ES 1984
to avoid actually practising medicine in either Europe or North America, whose populations, it eventually became clear, had failed to bep 42 DC 1987
were revealed when the President, addressing the Catholic Mothers of America, startled the massed ranks of blue-rinsed ladies by suddenly repeatingp 1117 WW3 1988
eyes Hopper's melancholy bars and hotel rooms sum up the America of the 1930s and 1940s, the antithesis of the folksyp 66 UGM 1989
to Colorado, Utah and California. Hopper's paintings depict an archetypal America of small cities and provincial towns, late-night bars embalmed inp 68 UGM 1989
women are precursors of Hopper's, but in painting the depression America of the 1930s Hopper brings his eye to bear onp 68 UGM 1989
Gypsy Brigand for men and the Cheerleader and the Miss America swimsuit for women. Even so, the earliest participants would oftenp 1126 LCC 1989
fears of the H-bomb. Describing the Bonneville Salt Flats in America, Jean Baudrillard remarks that the extreme horizontality of the landscapep 86 YMCa 1990
S.A. in 1955 all the optimism of Eisenhower's post-war America was expressed in the baroque vehicles that soared along itsp 97 CRAa 1990
though the tragedy would cast its shadow for decades across America, the era of street protests and marches was over. Evenp 93 LNEa 1990
it had waited for so many centuries. THE GENERATIONS OF AMERICA These are the generations of America. Sirhan Sirhan shot Robertp 101 GOA 1990
centuries. THE GENERATIONS OF AMERICA These are the generations of America. Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert E Kennedy. And Ethel M. Kennedyp 101 GOA 1990
with the complexities of the war, and one moreover that America lost. Though the undisputed genius of popular entertainment, Hollywood hasp 13 UGM 1991
Luciano. Born in eastern Poland in 1902, Lansky arrived in America with his parents at the age of four. A cleverp 45 UGM 1991
more than a hypertrophied cash-till. On their honeymoon night, crossing America by train, he tried to enter her cabin and wasp 72 UGM 1991
intense restlessness. In 1939 he abandoned England and settled in America, staying first with Frieda Lawrence in Taos, and then movingp 72 UGM 1991
well established, led by Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, and in America the comic book was now openly aimed at an adultp 77 UGM 1991
playboy. The superheroes who followed them, Captain Marvel and Captain America, moved beyond the constraints of time and space in theirp 77 UGM 1991
think-tank, chose to live there. When Breton left Paris for America, at the outbreak of the Second World War, surrealism diedp 89 UGM 1991
whose sheer amiability could light up all the cathedrals in America -- where, in fact, many of the homilies and layp 116 UGM 1991
of Chicago or Seattle, has sensed the planetary loneliness of America and wondered how one would then cope with success, anp 117 UGM 1991
the war to last more than a few months before America sued for peace. Selecting the lowest course, I scraped atp 43 KW 1991
-- failed to cool our pleasure at being in north America. At last, after a four-day train journey from Toronto, wep 107 KW 1991
so looked down. Watching the national mourning of a stricken America after the assassination of President Kennedy, I almost envied hisp 175 KW 1991
It may be our only chance. Let's face it, middle-aged America has hijacked the Apollo programme. Men older than your bankp 184 KW 1991
from Sally Mumford surprised me. Four years after returning to America for good -- she had sent farewell postcards from Berkeleyp 281 KW 1991
1947 Christopher Mime's original toys made a triumphant tour of America, and now reside in the New York Public Library, wherep 120 UGM 1992
The Black Box, ed. Malcolm MacPherson; Los Angeles Yellow Pages; America, Jean Baudrillard; The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, by Dalip 182 UGM 1992
had shown that the road to the spiritual heart of America could be paved with dollar bills, but by the yearp 1175 MFM 1992
been appalled by Nazi behaviour. On his way back to America, he paused in a bar in the South of Francep 7 UGM 1993
of sightseers are drawn to Los Angeles from all over America, and for them the spectacle provides the only reality inp 122 UGM 1993
quietly in Lawrence, Kansas, at the very heart of the America he spent so many years escaping, William Burroughs has recoveredp 134 UGM 1993
His wanderings take him from the United States to South America and Europe, across a terrain of seedy hotels, sinister pharmaciesp 134 UGM 1993
acid, ever become one of the principal symbols of twentieth-century America and threaten, some would argue, the cultural identity of entirep 213 UGM 1993
to a new ingredient dispensed from the soda fountains of America -- carbonated water. By 1900 Coca-Cola was already a commercialp 214 UGM 1993
the heart that had sent him to Africa and South America on his missionary jaunts. During one of his inspection roundsp 63 RP 1994
be back among his native congregations in Africa or South America, his voice barely audible in the wind. ‘Before we gop 74 RP 1994
ambassador for Saint-Esprit. Green and animal rights groups in Europe, America and Japan had already responded to Dr Barbara's open-armed invitationp 96 RP 1994
far wider than most comparable towns in Europe or North America. Even I had been touched by this infection of optimismp 289 CN 1996
as if I had announced that the earth was flat. ‘America isn't my home. My mother comes from Stuttgart. I'm Germanp 201 SC 2000
a good time is a hamburger and a milk shake. America invented the movies so it would never need to growp 53 MP 2003
So class systems are the target. Aren't they universal -- America, Russia ...?‘ ‘Of course. But only here is the class systemp 85 MP 2003
Trade Center in 2001 was a brave attempt to free America from the 20th Century. The deaths were tragic, but otherwisep 139 MP 2003
probably preferred her sister, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, close friend of America and American big business. My mother was then a prettyp 8 ML 2008
morning of Sunday, 7 December 1941, and brought Japan and America into what was now a world war. In Shanghai, acrossp 53 ML 2008
hours listening to the short-wave radio broadcasts from Britain and America. The fall of Singapore, and the sinking of the Britishp 56 ML 2008
was happiest dealing with his professional colleagues in Switzerland and America. He telephoned to congratulate me on my first novel, Thep 84 ML 2008
the Japanese soldiers and pilots, they belonged to the past. America, I knew, was a future that had already arrived. Ip 99 ML 2008
hospitable, without any of the rough edges that can make America jar. The country was vast and sparsely populated, and virtuallyp 163 ML 2008
were some twenty commercial s-f magazines on monthly sale in America and Canada, and the best of these were in thep 165 ML 2008
Boeing 707, and the consumer society, already well established in America, began to appear in Britain. Change was in the airp 192 ML 2008
of his television programmes. He was a great lover of America, and especially the Midwest states, and liked nothing better thanp 213 ML 2008
can. Japan, I think, became for Eduardo the continuation of America by other means, and the excitement of an endlessly self-renewingp 221 ML 2008
her courage. Together we have travelled all over Europe and America, to film festivals and premieres, where she has looked afterp 231 ML 2008
open across Europe and the rest of the world. In America there were problems when Ted Turner, who controlled the distributionp 244 ML 2008
appearances. At its best, radio is a thoughtful medium in America, while television is regarded as nothing but a continuous streamp 259 ML 2008
I replied that he was the greatest film director in America, he promptly corrected me: ‘Not the greatest, the most successfulp 259 ML 2008
was the only time that I've heard success downplayed in America. Usually it marks the end of any argument about thep 259 ML 2008
few days of arrival, a trust in the idea of America that no Frenchman or Briton ever feels about his ownp 260 ML 2008