underlines the uncertainty of the suicide, rather than the eternal ambivalence of his victim.‘ He smiled down patronisingly at Kerans asp 110 DW 1962
beaches, are of almost magical potency, suffused by that curious ambivalence that one can see elsewhere only on the serpentine facesp 200 UGM 1963
inevitable facetious questions. Ward noted with interest the audience's curious ambivalence, simultaneously fascinated by and resentful of Kandinski's exposure of theirp 492 VH 1963
of their own private fantasies, an expression of the same ambivalence which had propelled so many of the mana-personalities of historyp 492 VH 1963
the unconscious, terrifying in their enigmatic calm, in their brooding ambivalence, who seem to preside in his paintings over all man'sp 580 LL 1964
their attitude indicated a certain wariness, if not a distinct ambivalence. Although they could hardly deny the rumour, priests and clergymenp 842 LDG 1976
to offer itself. Travis appeared to be aware of his ambivalent motives; Bridgman noticed that he and Louise Woodward had madep 367 CS 1962
cargo cult, a deep crooning melody that again underlined their ambivalent attitude towards Kerans. In an effort to re-establish the realp 139 DW 1962
second Triassic age, and their gradually mounting awareness of the ambivalent motives propelling them into the emerging past. They realize thatp 199 UGM 1963
gave the painting its terrifying, hallucinatory power. The enigmatic, almost ambivalent expression on the face of the dying Christ, the hoodedp 575 LL 1964
he felt that the past day at Port Matarre, the ambivalent atmosphere of the deserted town, in some way placed themp 38 CW 1966
guess. What little evidence we have has been assembled below. Ambivalent. She lay quietly on her side, listening to the lastp 81 YMC 1966
since I have been 15, and while my parents were ambivalent about this early meandering, they have always encouraged me top 26 SEO 1972
roof. The spectacular view always made Laing aware of his ambivalent feelings for this concrete landscape. Part of its appeal layp 25 HR 1975
of my fellow s-f writers, American and British, I nurse ambivalent feelings towards the science-fiction movies. Despite our heroic efforts, itp 17 UGM 1987
the muscles coming alive in her thighs, diagrams of an ambivalent will to walk. We had exchanged confidences during my visitsp 73 MP 2003
voice drifted across the square. He advanced at a relaxed amble, just within range of the Colt but well screened byp 151 DW 1962
a lachrymose back-chat. Then, oblivious of any danger, Ryker would amble out into the dusty campong, push his way blurrily throughp 448 QR 1963
spent pounding taro and hunting for yams. Later, Carline would amble over to the burnt-out radio-cabin and tinker with the dialsp 158 RP 1994
Block, though now and then they would rouse themselves and amble out to the assembly ground for a game of softballp 72 ML 2008
was on, but there was still no one inside. He ambled over to the gramophone and paced up and down nearp 61 M69 1957
The first customers arrived at the department store and supermarket, ambled past the fresh counter displays. At the town hall clerksp 199 LW 1960
caught them neatly, nonchalantly patting its helmet each time, then ambled off into a small ramshackle kennel and relaxed back withp 176 VT 1960
hand and peering at the poems in the other, I ambled on to the terrace and slumped down in one ofp 217 S5 1961
nodded. ‘In Canada?‘ she asked quietly. Sylvester stood up and ambled over to the door, picking the decanter off the barp 14 WFN 1961
to be shown to his quarters.‘ As the big guard ambled over to the desk, Hardoon looked up at Maitland. ‘Ip 167 WFN 1961
three.‘ Mrs Osmond nodded vaguely, unfastened the french windows and ambled forwards across the veranda into full view of the watch-towersp 375 WT 1962
those steps.‘ He stuck his cigar in his mouth and ambled to the door. ‘Well, so long, Mr Renthall. I'll sendp 391 WT 1962
Colonel Francis Spender.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Eyebrows raised in mock surprise, Ryker ambled to the window, stared out at a group of Indiansp 444 QR 1963
friend,‘ Pangborn reversed his chair away from her as she ambled around the chamber with her valise. Under the seat ofp 996 MA 1978
Wayne easily identified as Gangsters. Riding at a slouch, they ambled aggressively past the White House entrance, the man wearing chalk-stripep 80 HA 1981
the kite flying from the garden. Putting it aside, Jim ambled about the empty house, and watched the water level almostp 65 ES 1984
voices drowned in the noise of the aircraft. The Superfortress ambled through the sky, but the men scattered in panic fromp 314 ES 1984
up a willow branch washed on to the flagstones and ambled along in a jaunty way, as if to throw itp 80 DC 1987
of exotic pet?" "Only in a manner of speaking." Payne ambled to the door and held it open for me asp 32 RW 1988
on in a pleasant New England voice as the pipe-smoker ambled up to us. The children stared at him open-mouthed, evenp 148 KW 1991
Jim, now's your chance to get aboard.‘ A black labrador ambled through the waves, licking our hands and ready to shakep 346 KW 1991
and unaware that they were waiting behind the bulldozer. Kimo ambled back to his hammock through the clouds of coral dustp 176 RP 1994
their way to the head of the taxi queue. Pimps ambled around the tunnel entrance to the underpass, a cloaca thatp 157 SC 2000
his eyes avoiding the exposed thighs of the transvestites who ambled past like Olympic oarsmen in drag. He pulled a bluep 380 SC 2000
of them are harmless.‘ She paused as a teenage boy ambled past, berated by a sister somewhere in the kitchen. ‘Lookp 88 MP 2003
consequences that flow from it. Fortunately, an Air India 747 ambles across the sky, searching none too strenuously for London Airportp 1130 TES 1989
out after a busy intake day, annoyed to find Faulkner ambling about in a semistupor, the veranda littered with dirty glassesp 249 OM 1961
the narrow streets, occasionally meeting one of the roistering crew, ambling drunkenly along the centre of the roadway with the remainsp 124 DW 1962
look upward as he swerved in and out of the ambling pedestrians. Overhead, like the assault craft from which some apocalypticp 392 WT 1962
along the beach. Guardia Civil Quimby watched the olive-uniformed policemen ambling along the shore, their quaint Napoleonic hats shielding their eyesp 664 BM 1966
solitary resident of the deserted resort who spent his time ambling through the debris on the beach. He offered Melville ap 812 DFW 1974
mules responded to Wayne, though as he snapped at their ambling flanks with the dusty reins he wondered how to keepp 53 HA 1981
windows. Several new parties of nomads had arrived, their camels ambling past the giant cacti. ‘What's bringing them here? Talk top 81 HA 1981
within sight of those lovely banyan trees in Coral Gables, ambling pelicans and the witty Architectonica building. Special Agent William Rp 27 UDa 1990
for the Country Club. While they changed into tennis clothes, ambling in a relaxed way around their bedroom, it always amazedp 9 KW 1991
Rio newspaper, approached our table, accompanied by two of Copacabana's ambling beauties. He recognised Dick from the interview he had givenp 242 KW 1991
actors seemed to have absconded from reality for the evening, ambling down the aisles of the theatre with their sable coatsp 345 KW 1991
the entire police presence had gone, a vacuum filled by ambling tourists who began to photograph us. The protesters corralled onp 158 MP 2003
small crowd gathered outside the entrance, a police car and ambulance pulled up by the kerb. As I pushed forward upp 98 NZ 1959
the sheer physical violence that hung in the air. The ambulance drove off, the crowd dispersed, the directors returned, exchanging expressionsp 98 NZ 1959
in the court, orderlies carrying a stretcher out to an ambulance. A tall Libyan police colonel was leaning against the Jaguarp 292 IO 1962
Dr Gregory. Good morning.‘ He pointed his baton at the ambulance. ‘A profound tragedy, such a beautiful American girl.‘ Gregory rootedp 292 IO 1962
with an effort restrained himself from running over to the ambulance and pulling back the sheet. Fortunately the colonel's uniform andp 292 IO 1962
forests of Mont Royal. During his journey down-river in the ambulance craft with Louise and Max Clair, and his subsequent convalescencep 172 CW 1966
photographs of an automobile accident -- overturned cars, bodies on ambulance trolleys, a bedraggled girl. Five minutes later he climbed intop 65 SCN 1969
a random collection of dialogue samples, preserved on videotape, from ambulance attendants and police engineers. Death Games (b) Vietnam. Dr Nathanp 77 THF 1969
dying for so many months, stood alone under the revolving ambulance lights. As I knelt over Vaughan's body she placed ap 7 C 1973
the other spectators, and fought for his cameras with the ambulance attendants. Above all, Vaughan waited for head-on collisions with thep 11 C 1973
ear. Together we helped to lift her on to the ambulance trolley. On our way to Vaughan's apartment he recognized anp 11 C 1973
car, marking the yellow fabric with his smegma. The last ambulance had left. An hour earlier the film actress had beenp 18 C 1973
passenger compartment, jamming the doors on to their locks. An ambulance attendant reached across me and cut the sleeve from myp 23 C 1973
my hesitant erection reminds me of the stylized gestures of ambulance attendants and filling station personnel, each with their repertory ofp 24 C 1973
like a demented madonna between the doors of the second ambulance, his wife gazed vacantly at the evening traffic. The woundp 24 C 1973
I had last seen her as she sat in the ambulance beside the body of her husband, staring at me withp 43 C 1973
be preserved by these indelible markers, the police, spectators and ambulance attendants frozen in their postures as I sat in myp 52 C 1973
broken safety glass, brushed to one side by generations of ambulance attendants, lay in a small drift. I stared down atp 56 C 1973
moving car, showing the blurred outlines of angry police and ambulance attendants, remonstrating with the cameraman as he swerved past themp 96 C 1973
seat. Around the crushed car was a group of police, ambulance attendants and spectators. In the foreground of the first photographsp 97 C 1973
arrived -- later I learned that he listened to the ambulance broadcasts on the VHF band of his car radio. Thep 100 C 1973
met him he was completely calm. Siren whining, a third ambulance drove down the oncoming lane. A police motorcyclist cut inp 153 C 1973
to a halt, signalling me to wait and allow the ambulance to pass. I stopped the car and switched off thep 153 C 1973
camera to his eye, lowering it from sight when an ambulance attendant tried to knock it from his hands. The pedestrianp 154 C 1973
passengers from the taxi were carried on stretchers to an ambulance. The dead chauffeur of the limousine lay with a blanketp 155 C 1973
a blanket over his face, while a doctor and two ambulance men climbed into the rear compartment. I looked round atp 155 C 1973
other below her buttock, in the same handholds that the ambulance men had used to lift the young woman from thep 163 C 1973
motorways in search of Seagrave, listening to the police and ambulance broadcasts on Vaughan's VHF radio. Vaughan listened to the accidentp 167 C 1973
After the third of these crashes, when the police and ambulance attendants had left, and the last all-night truck driver hadp 169 C 1973
wet macadam. For hours Vaughan listened to the police and ambulance broadcasts, his long body fretting as he flicked at thep 184 C 1973
pressed around and over the two cars, almost toppling the ambulance men trying to lift the woman from her crushed drivingp 185 C 1973
making way for her when she was carried to the ambulance. Two women in headscarves and tweed coats were pushed asidep 185 C 1973
by an attendant, and swept along with it to the ambulance. The woman was lifted into the back of the vehiclep 186 C 1973
any instruction from Vaughan, I listened to the police and ambulance frequencies, propelling the heavy car up and down the accessp 190 C 1973
the death she had so narrowly avoided. The police and ambulance men, the crush of spectators squeezing themselves between the parkedp 222 C 1973
massaged his mouth with one hand. At any moment the ambulance attendants would arrive, he would be carried away to ap 0059 CI 1974
away to a hospital bed in Hammersmith. ‘You called the ambulance? They'll be coming soon. I'd like to thank you ...?‘ ‘Janep 0059 CI 1974
of you to look after me. You have called the ambulance?‘ ‘I've arranged for help, yes. A friend of mine hasp 60 CI 1974
pad. Manson's Sea-King had landed on the reinforced roof. An ambulance chopper, with the Presidential seal on the fuselage, piloted byp 145 HA 1981
was away at a conference, Slade arrived by air force ambulance, posing as a terminal patient. With his white hair andp 1015 NFS 1981
won't last much longer. No reply from the police or ambulance services. Marion is away again, hunting the empty hotels ofp 1026 NFS 1981
amateur engineer and hydrologist. Before his evacuation in the police ambulance the Belgian manager had despairingly shown me his survey reportsp 16 DC 1987
hurling the fellow from the apartment. From the moment the ambulance and police were called, our scheme was over. Lucille wasp 1129 LCC 1989
Far away, police sirens had begun to wail, and an ambulance of the Shanghai Volunteer Force drove past, the glass spittingp 24 KW 1991
workers of the Shanghai Volunteer Force carried me to their ambulance through the dusty streets I knew that I needed top 26 KW 1991
then told me to be calm while he summoned an ambulance. I went into the bedroom and held Miriam's shoulders. Shep 159 KW 1991
touching her numbed body with a small hand. When the ambulance arrived I was already dazed with panic. The driver andp 159 KW 1991
spent hours in the sea. We eased her into the ambulance, waving away the tourists returning from the beach, watched byp 159 KW 1991
moving across the lace curtains on the windows of the ambulance. She was forcing herself to breathe, but her rib-cage hadp 160 KW 1991
opened my door, ready to offer my help before the ambulance arrived. ‘Daddy ...!‘ Henry warned. ‘The policeman's shouting at you!‘ Ap 220 KW 1991
a man in a flying jacket even protested when an ambulance appeared on the scene and the attendants lifting Sally fromp 220 KW 1991
towards me, passing a few inches above my eyes. An ambulance man knelt beside me, frowning over his first-aid kit. Hep 232 KW 1991
Leaning on my arm, he walked with difficulty to the ambulance that would take him to what, in a moment ofp 303 KW 1991
any further treatment at the Marsden, Dick was returned by ambulance to Kingston Hospital and the chemotherapy ward of last resortp 304 KW 1991
When I arrived at the house a fortnight later an ambulance was parked outside. In the hall were Dick's local doctorp 313 KW 1991
I searched the Windsor road, hoping to see a passing ambulance. A coach loaded with Middle East tourists sped past, butp 328 KW 1991
and his testimony sealed my fate. By the time the ambulance and fire trucks arrived my flying career was over. Butp 41 SC 2000
Are you all right, Mr Sinclair? I can call an ambulance.‘ ‘I'm fine. And don't worry Dr Jane. The man wasn'tp 58 SC 2000
doorbells?‘ ‘More serious than that. They've rented cars and an ambulance. Because of the film festival they've had to bring themp 283 SC 2000
I booked the drivers‘ return air tickets. If there's an ambulance it means people will be hurt. I think they planp 283 SC 2000
In fact, you're much more likely.‘ ‘Hire cars and an ambulance? Return tickets to Dijon?‘ ‘Why not? They must be tiredp 283 SC 2000
delivered straight from a showroom. Behind them was a commercial ambulance with curtained windows, its red-cross light switched off, the driverp 306 SC 2000
you they'd leased a lot of cars. Why bring an ambulance from Toulon?‘ ‘Watch the Cadillac ...‘ I held the wheel, avoidingp 307 SC 2000
Cadillac ...‘ I held the wheel, avoiding the Saudi bumper. ‘The ambulance is here for the party. Those elderly bankers have top 307 SC 2000
I watched the occupants step from the vehicle. ‘It's the ambulance you ordered. We saw it outside the Villa Grimaldi ...‘ Wep 313 SC 2000
were printed the name and telephone number of an emergency ambulance service in Toulon. Looking down over their shoulders, I recognizedp 313 SC 2000
to revive the dead man, the paramedics returned to the ambulance, where they lit cigarettes and spoke into their radio. Ip 314 SC 2000
car off the kerb and pulled out to pass the ambulance. In the pale light reflected from the waves I couldp 314 SC 2000
to them.‘ ‘Not now, Paul.‘ Delage signalled to Halder. ‘The ambulance men will tell them everything. It's been a long dayp 315 SC 2000
a pulse. ‘Frances, please ... Halder, she's still breathing. Call an ambulance. There's a chance ...‘ Halder steadied me in his strong handsp 372 SC 2000
the King's Road, a reassuring medley of car stereos and ambulance sirens. Beyond the gatehouse were the streets of the desertedp 3 MP 2003
police sirens. He stepped back from the camera as an ambulance team pushed a trolley through the melee of passengers andp 16 MP 2003
number. Through the hubbub of background noise, the wailing of ambulance sirens and the shouts of emergency personnel, I heard Henryp 20 MP 2003
reached Ashford Hospital. Outside the Accident and Emergency entrance the ambulance lights rotated ceaselessly, hungry radars eager to suck any newsp 26 MP 2003
He was staring over the heads of the police and ambulance drivers, eyes fixed on the silent sky, as if expectingp 26 MP 2003
who spoke to him. His eyes were hidden by the ambulance lights, but I could see his mouth opening and closingp 26 MP 2003
someone would think that I was dying and call an ambulance. Hands on my knees, I rested against a parked carp 46 MP 2003
there now.‘ He spoke breathlessly, and I could hear an ambulance siren above the traffic, and the voices of women talkingp 207 MP 2003
asked me to help, and I ended up in an ambulance on the way to Ashford. I tried to ring Dexterp 254 MP 2003
listened to the stadium crowds cheering on the Metro-Centre teams. Ambulance sirens wailed through the streets, and fire engines clanged theirp 77 KC 2006
was too distracted to notice it. She listened to the ambulance sirens in the distance and drew a mobile phone fromp 111 KC 2006
a lane open for emergency vehicles. Above the din of ambulance sirens an officer in a yellow jacket directed us towardsp 114 KC 2006
haunted by malicious and incendiary children. I listened to the ambulance sirens swerving through the streets, the seesaw wail of policep 125 KC 2006
She wrenched her hands away from me, and noticed an ambulance driver stepping from his cab. She waved to him ratherp 129 KC 2006
against the car. I pointed to the hospital, as an ambulance driver switched off his engine. ‘Shouldn't you be in --p 130 KC 2006
avenue, and drove down the exhaust-filled lane, followed by an ambulance with its lights flashing in my rear-view mirror. Two policep 182 KC 2006
police officer. I parked by the refuse bins, letting the ambulance drive up to the entrance. Crime-scene tapes surrounded a smallp 182 KC 2006
tried to approach him. The paramedics slid Kumar into the ambulance and ran back for his wife. Numbed by the sightp 184 KC 2006
a parcel of barely human wreckage, I stared at the ambulance until it drove away, siren wailing as if bringing thep 184 KC 2006
Eventually I wound down the window and clambered out. An ambulance took me to a nearby hospital at Roehampton, where myp 241 ML 2008