pressure on the Arts Council to stop its grant to Ambit, which published the Jackie sex-fantasy), these figures are generally regardedp 261 UGM 1971
writing I was publishing my series of paid advertisements in Ambit and other magazines. One of these, "The Angle Between Twop 46 DMa 1990
of Jacqueline Kennedy" was written in 1967 and published in Ambit, the literary magazine edited by Dr Martin Bax. Somehow itp 89 PAJa 1990
its grant. Soon after we were in trouble again, when Ambit launched a competition for the best fiction or poetry writtenp 89 PAJa 1990
north London paediatrician who published a quarterly poetry magazine called Ambit. We became firm friends, and years later I learned thatp 209 ML 2008
there. I began to write my more experimental stories for Ambit, partly in an attempt to gain publicity for the magazinep 209 ML 2008
for a small send-up, I suggested to Martin Bax that Ambit should run a competition for the best poem or shortp 210 ML 2008
Goodman, legal fixer for the Prime Minister Harold Wilson, denounced Ambit for committing a public mischief (a criminal offence) and inp 210 ML 2008
my wish to bring more science into the pages of Ambit. Most poets were products of English Literature schools, and showedp 211 ML 2008
to a darkened tube station. I wanted more science in Ambit, since science was reshaping the world, and less poetry. Askedp 211 ML 2008
Asked what my policy was as so-called prose editor of Ambit, I would reply: to get rid of the poetry. Afterp 211 ML 2008
not far from Shepperton, I asked him to contribute to Ambit. We published a remarkable series of computer-generated poems, which Martinp 211 ML 2008
centrepiece of two of my ‘advertisements‘, which were published in Ambit, Ark and elsewhere in the late 1960s. I was advertisingp 232 ML 2008
fund activities that, unconsciously or not, were clearly jokes -- Ambit itself could fall into that category, along with the Londonp 233 ML 2008
made a song and dance in the newspapers, demanding that Ambit's modest Arts Council grant be withdrawn and describing my piecep 209 ML 2008
instruments of exact design and construction. To satisfy his secret ambition -- a portable timepiece, if possible an actual wristwatch --p 154 CH 1960
to delude herself. With luck though she might achieve her ambition of making a comeback. She had told him something ofp 108 SS 1960
little dignity and self-confidence, which made her single-minded sense of ambition seem less obsessive. Psychologically, she needed Mangon less now thanp 128 SS 1960
had served for so long as a symbol of unattained ambition. The wind stirred softly through the sand, cooling this replicap 372 CS 1962
their dead ships -- was the culmination of an age-old ambition with profound psychological implications for mankind, and that the failurep 436 QR 1963
face and pale blue eyes, and obviously his one remaining ambition, having emptied the town of its inhabitants, was to clearp 611 IM 1964
at an asylum. Now he had returned with the sole ambition of returning with Emerelda to his house in the swampsp 621 IM 1964
at an asylum. Now he had returned with the single-minded ambition of abducting Serena and taking her off once more top 110 CW 1966
Melville's dream of flying to Wake Island -- a hopeless ambition, given all his handicaps -- came alive again when hep 811 DFW 1974
some complex delusional system, an extreme metaphor of his real ambition. This conviction brought about a marked improvement in his healthp 819 DFW 1974
frail plea had a particular significance, as if some long-standing ambition had been tapped inside his head. Helen, of course, wasp 47 HR 1975
now, Laing had noticed. What had happened to that ruthless ambition? After the battles of the past weeks he was presumablyp 98 HR 1975
Why did he keep coming back to her? His one ambition now was to get away from Helen, and overcome thatp 117 HR 1975
the car, productions that have increased in both range and ambition as they led to this present most elaborate exercise ofp 862 60Z 1976
attempt to find the missing sections of his mind. His ambition, he explained to Halloway, was to have a running modelp 891 UC 1976
group of scientific fanatics -- the so-called ‘heliophiles‘ -- whose ambition was to return energy to the sun by firing offp 897 UC 1976
last of the corpses on to his truck, his one ambition was to turn right on the first road to Shanghaip 930 DT 1977
I knew that she was at last achieving the secret ambition she had set for herself, this adolescent dream of anp 147 UDC 1979
wiped his name from the desk. ‘Wayne, I'm impressed. What ambition! After my third term you can be President. But Moscowp 82 HA 1981
plants, its coal mines and shipyards, to test his own ambition of putting this huge clockwork dream together again. He wasp 110 HA 1981
Wayne's character in the long journey across the continent, the ambition that had carried the sometime stowaway and bastard son ofp 139 HA 1981
way he made them uneasy. Perhaps they saw the selfless ambition in Wayne's eyes, his continental dream of a new Americap 160 HA 1981
infinite size is merely a measure of the will and ambition of its passengers. Estimated diameter 1 million miles. Survey Reportp 1088 RUS 1982
day. 17) NSU, Herpes, gonorrhoea. 18) Husbands. 19) My greatest ambition is to turn into a TV programme. 20) I firstp 1101 ATQ 1985
said. ‘At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing ever since.‘ Meryle Secrest charts the risep 100 UGM 1986
as a rival, and measured its current against my own ambition. Like a child, I had wanted to destroy the riverp 260 DC 1987
existence I had never suspected, and to fulfill my life's ambition in a way I had not foreseen. Lucille McCabe, myp 1126 LCC 1989
account of the Reagans‘ rise to power, of their relentless ambition and ruthless social climbing, one is still surprised by thep 34 UGM 1991
Shanghai in its heyday, an empire of excess, possibility and ambition. I can't wait for it to return. Daily Telegraph Alphabetsp 220 UGM 1991
always wanted to swim across the Styx -- an absurd ambition, since this is one river with a punctual ferry servicep 244 UGM 1992
been all too ready to submit to Dr Barbara's ruthless ambition. Neil had known that she was poisoning him, but dyingp 226 RP 1994
superb job. You may not realize it, but your real ambition is to run a nightclub in Puerto Banus.‘ He pattedp 254 CN 1996
matter of momentum. I have to keep the wheels turning. Ambition feeds on itself. Kay, Vera Blackburn and the others atp 137 MP 2003
and betray her. Martyrdom waited in the wings of her ambition, ready to bestow stardom. She graphically described further planned assaultsp 151 MP 2003
generations of parents, who have sacrificed so much energy and ambition into getting their children between those sacred Gothic walls. Thisp 140 ML 2008
hurry to grow up; the adult world was unsynchronized and ambitionless. After his mother died he spent long days in thep 151 CH 1960
same social and domestic relationships, by and large the same ambitions and satisfactions -- was obviously fallacious, as the mounting flood-waterp 44 DW 1962
at least take no moral stand, and their illusions and ambitions are directed only at themselves. But for its continued comicp 128 UGM 1964
Steiner, like everyone else on board the Apollo, harboured secret ambitions of his own. After his discovery in the rowing-boat, thep 10 HA 1981
brought a small, precious baggage, a clutch of hopes and ambitions to be bartered against the possibilities of this new landp 24 HA 1981
many clips run at the wrong speed. The dreams and ambitions of everyday life, the small hopes and failures, were attemptsp 1076 MNF 1982
be the proconsul of a new Saharan province with secessionist ambitions. Any moment now a Pan-African commission will arrive and thep 85 DC 1987
Kagwa and Harare have vanished into the nothingness of their ambitions, just as Mrs Warrender and her women have disappeared intop 286 DC 1987
offers to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions, all too clearly defined ideas and every intention of producingp 119 WW3a 1990
conventional reality, a largely artificial construct which serves the limited ambitions of our central nervous systems. Huge arrays of dampers suppressp 40 YCMa 1990
and Fenimore Cooper, Hollywood's Vietnam films rarely match their lofty ambitions, and only succeed in presenting the war as a bloodyp 12 UGM 1991
offers to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions and all too clearly defined ideas, and every intention ofp 35 UGM 1991
was in a taxonomist's heaven, keeping track of Dr Barbara's ambitions and adding an eager commentary of his own, which hep 95 RP 1994
weddings -- so much purpose and energy, so many small ambitions that no one will ever remember.‘ ‘It would be betterp 249 MP 2003
our tribal values, of engaging with each other's hopes and ambitions. What you see here is a conflict of recreational culturesp 78 KC 2006
part of a curious little cabal, they may have political ambitions of their own. Then, on May 2, the last entryp 196 KC 2006
from infancy into fully formed human beings with minds and ambitions of their own. Few fathers observe this extraordinary process, thep 225 ML 2008
supremacy would be swift and irreversible. If this seems naively ambitious, remember that I had as yet failed to appreciate thep 102 NZ 1959
have in mind will outshine Milos's.‘ ‘The film sounds rather ambitious,‘ I commented, ‘but I'm sure Kanin is equal to itp 546 SG 1963
the following day would take place the latest and most ambitious of the instrumented lunar flights. The anticipated budget for thep 498 VH 1963
the entourage of the Lord Sammael. This time a more ambitious plot against heaven is abruptly forestalled, and the agents ofp 144 UGM 1966
my crutch and peered into the hangar. Here my most ambitious glider to date, no longer a kite but a sail-planep 745 CSC 1967
simply have some freak talent or they're being manipulated by ambitious parents. Do you honestly believe this boy is a geniusp 769 CA 1968
Faced with this position, Dali, assisted by his ruthless and ambitious wife Gala, set out to use that other developing popularp 94 UGM 1969
of violence. I guessed that he was one of those ambitious young physicians who more and more fill the profession, opportunistsp 43 C 1973
and over-sensitive brakes, reminded me that I was being too ambitious in thinking that I could fit my own wounds andp 60 C 1973
from laboratory to television centre on a high-powered motorcycle. Literate, ambitious and adept at self-publicity, he was saved from being nop 64 C 1973
elbow almost touching her shoulder blade, like a young and ambitious madame keeping a protective eye on her latest discovery. ‘Whyp 66 C 1973
confrontation with his immediate neighbours on the 25th floor, an ambitious young orthodontic surgeon named Steele and his pushy fashion-consultant wifep 11 HR 1975
judgment Laing had involved himself with this highly strung and ambitious young doctor, for whom Laing's refusal to give up teachingp 16 HR 1975
engagement and marriage in 1974. A successful barrister, self-willed and ambitious, she found herself increasingly unsympathetic towards Loughlin's erratic mental behaviourp 853 NTM 1976
age, and the designs for a series of progressively more ambitious sailplanes. The half-completed skeleton of a small glider still layp 874 UC 1976
equipped with his generators, cables and tool-kit. Sceptical of Halloway's ambitious scheme, Stillman wandered through the densely forested park with hisp 902 UC 1976
racoonskin cap away from Davy Crockett, but an army of ambitious PhDs, government planners and aerospace bureaucrats. How efficiently will thesep 229 UGM 1979
had constituted themselves as a protective family. Stark was my ambitious older brother, Miriam my bride. But if Mrs St Cloudp 63 UDC 1979
solar-power units rigged to the roofs of modest houses like ambitious conceptual sculptures, ramshackle water-wheels whose blades were locked for everp 42 HA 1981
Argentine were forced to cancel huge programmes of industrialisation. The ambitious Western Sahara irrigation project was abandoned, the Upper Amazon damp 45 HA 1981
me, I make him uneasy in some way. I'm too ambitious, I want to irrigate this desert in all senses, whilep 90 HA 1981
this long out-of-season resort. Las Vegas effortlessly outstared even his ambitious dreams. Perhaps the pit bosses, gangsters and casino operators whop 123 HA 1981
space-station without ever touching a screwdriver. McNair had a thousand ambitious ideas of his own, and Wayne encouraged him all thep 162 HA 1981
above the overlit city like a gloomy mortician in an ambitious but tasteless commercial. ‘That image is the saddest of allp 197 HA 1981
Shepley had been a dedicated but likable young man, as ambitious as the other astronauts and yet curiously naive. Mallory, likep 1048 MSA 1982
had been identified by Keating as one of his most ambitious frauds. A fake Keating to describe the death of ap 1099 OOA 1984
suspiciously through the shards of plate glass. For all his ambitious dreams of a secessionist northern province, Harare was chronically insecurep 15 DC 1987
Guardian‘. Suitably chastened, I none the less feel that Hockney's ambitious claims suffer severely when placed against the actual photo-collages. Thep 63 UGM 1988
demons of the evil empire, manipulated by others far more ambitious than himself. Many people have commented on his complete lackp 119 WW3a 1990
rate, pediatricians and surgeons (the latter the most worldly and ambitious of all) the lowest. The bizarre Bulletin of Suicidology inp 76 THFa 1990
welfare-spending, bureaucrat-infested state government, I saw a more crude and ambitious figure, far closer to the brutal crime boss he playedp 105 WIWa 1990
mind, never to be opened again. The daughter of an ambitious repertory actress and a failed car salesman -- whom Nancyp 33 UGM 1991
the real one, and that his off-screen self was an ambitious but modest actor who had successfully auditioned for a farp 252 KW 1991
was a menagerie of human vices, populated by sinister officials, ambitious concubines and hundreds of eunuchs, each of whom kept hisp 249 UGM 1993
be happy, and scant preparation for her marriage to an ambitious young historian and Arabist. Prophetically, the collection came to ap 56 CN 1996
world of satellite television. A social experiment of the most ambitious and idealistic kind would fade in the settling dust ofp 306 CN 1996
man, and was expected to keep her sensitivities to herself. Ambitious dentists did not complain about the poor oral hygiene ofp 30 SC 2000
I know you agree with me. For the talented and ambitious the future means work, not play.‘ ‘Depressing. No recreation atp 94 SC 2000
great twentieth-century delusion. Work is the new leisure. Talented and ambitious people work harder than they have ever done, and forp 254 SC 2000
role in the last act.‘ ‘That I heard. He's very ambitious -- he wants my job.‘ He waved to Halder, whop 293 SC 2000
paedophile ring -- Halder?‘ ‘Not Halder.‘ ‘I'm glad. He's too ambitious to be disloyal. We think very highly of Halder.‘ ‘Goodp 363 SC 2000
It's a safe haven, a glorified university department packed with ambitious neurotics. Think of it -- there are thirty senior psychologistsp 16 MP 2003
discussion programmes, profiled in the Sunday broadsheets and backed by ambitious young lawyers with time on their hands. Gould was Peterp 166 MP 2003
husbands. His face had the bored, hard-nosed stare of an ambitious rugby coach in charge of a third-rate team. He tookp 203 MP 2003
shielded her eyes from the glare. ‘Mostly Bangladeshis. They're very ambitious.‘ ‘Thank God. They need to be.‘ ‘They are. Their biggestp 72 KC 2006
a pathologist recognizing a cadaver. ‘You were younger, tougher, more ambitious. Your voice was higher, you ordered me around. God, Ip 140 KC 2006
on me, no strategy meetings forever urging caution, and no ambitious wife waiting for me to make a mistake. If Ip 142 KC 2006
its babyish face followed the young manager around like an ambitious fight promoter with a promising featherweight. Tony Maxted approved ofp 226 KC 2006
most adventurous of the sisters, the youngest but the most ambitious, and the only one who wanted to live and workp 174 ML 2008
lost‘ in her eyes, but she knew that I was ambitious. I lived on the floor below her in a wingp 175 ML 2008