the girl's mouth fretted slightly. Kerans realised that the quiet ambiguity in Riggs‘ voice when he asked how the biologist sleptp 26 DW 1962
periods of our lives they are often time-sculptures of terrifying ambiguity. This zone I think of as ‘inner space‘, the internalp 200 UGM 1963
His difficulty in talking to her stemmed partly from her ambiguity, the naively teasing sexual come-on, but more from his ownp 899 UC 1976
around him, he was certain that he was right. That ambiguity she showed, that moody combination of challenge and allure, wasp 899 UC 1976
de Mar who could have started that fire. He loved ambiguity, and sentences that end in question marks. The fire wasp 178 CN 1996
aloof and sardonic; everything he said had the same deliberately ambiguous overtones, that air of private mystery recluses and extreme introjectsp 72 WG 1959
about the house even in its distorted form, like the ambiguous smile of a beautiful but insane woman. Often I unlockp 320 TDS 1962
which now alone sustained them, delusions which, like all the ambiguous but necessary assumptions about their own personalities, they would onlyp 111 DW 1962
worn by Malek, his lumpy amorphous features and neutral but ambiguous attitude making him seem less a separate personality than thep 507 EG 1963
reverie. Cradling it reassuringly in his hands, as exquisite and ambiguous as a fragment of Greek sculpture found in a dryp 473 NWS 1963
crimson Ganges and its dark oarsman watching him with his ambiguous smile. Then he saw another picture, of himself as ap 536 SA 1963
than the architect of her fantasies. For a moment the ambiguous nature of my role, and the questionable morality of abductingp 554 SG 1963
the latter's reluctance to retaliate, rather than by the still ambiguous but crystallizing relationship between Lowry and Louise. Lowry's meticulous neutralityp 631 DS 1964
rich wife. She was charming, beautiful, and in a slightly ambiguous way respected my moody brilliance, but above all she wasp 633 DS 1964
her away from here?‘ Shelley stared at me with his ambiguous expression. He seemed always to be concealing something, his bluep 620 IM 1964
to the coast was over, but Quilter's presence, like his ambiguous smile, in some way was an obscure omen, one ofp 8 D 1965
this reaction was based on an instinctive revulsion from Lomax's ambiguous physical make-up, and the sense that his whole personality wasp 40 D 1965
speculated, or a distant cousin, the cast-off partner in an ambiguous menage a deux -- her face was a perfect replicap 44 D 1965
previous weeks. The unspoken link between Phillip Jordan and the ambiguous figure of Quilter, brooding over his lost dog as hep 64 D 1965
years. His huge eyes were mottled like marbled sandstone. The ambiguous watery smile had vanished, and his wide mouth was firmp 154 D 1965
he had at last arrived at his destination, despite the ambiguous nature of his reception. No one had mentioned Catherine orp 180 D 1965
for their passage through consciousness. Yet Margaret Travis's role was ambiguous. In some way Travis would attempt to relate his wife'sp 16 AE 1966
from the Museum of Modern Art, reminded her of the ambiguous role she might have to play. This was chess inp 35 AW 1966
but sometimes he suspected that Dr Mallory's motives were as ambiguous as his own. The tall aloof physician, eyes forever hiddenp 670 DF 1966
in Columbine, had adjusted himself all too completely to the ambiguous world of the dusk line. For Mallory, Columbine Sept Heuresp 673 DF 1966
the dawn rising to meet him. Its colours lightened, the ambiguous contours of the dusk giving way to the clear outlinesp 678 DF 1966
was well aware of the dangers of imputing his own ambiguous motives for coming to Port Matarre to those around himp 13 CW 1966
attempt to come to terms with himself and his own ambiguous motives. On second thought, Sanders recognized that a far morep 19 CW 1966
matters, beyond those which Ventress confided to me in his ambiguous and disjointed way. But even then, as I walked awayp 85 CW 1966
reflection of her former good humour seemed overlaid by the ambiguous atmosphere in the lounge. He wondered whether this was duep 124 CW 1966
do with me?‘ Dr Knight spread his hands in an ambiguous gesture. ‘In a sense, yes. But we'll talk about thisp 686 TIM 1966
tissue fell from the darkening air, the spray concealing whatever ambiguous creation Nolan was carving. To my surprise, the portrait thatp 752 CSC 1967
polymorphic landscapes of the present to create a strange and ambiguous future. The contours of a woman's back, the significance ofp 94 UGM 1969
weapons -- where the latent identity of the machine is ambiguous even to the skilled investigator. An understanding of this identityp 99 CRA 1969
He touched the dented fender, feeling the reversed contours, the ambiguous junction of rust and enamel, geometry of aggression and desirep 67 THF 1969
the parapets at angles to each other like sections of ambiguous scenery. Feeling the rain-soaked fabric of his suit, he climbedp 39 JAC 1970
drove around the canted concrete floors of this oblique and ambiguous building and parked in an empty bay among the carsp 61 C 1973
that her motives for coming to the pound were as ambiguous as my own. I sensed that in her refined andp 71 C 1973
a terrain whose contours led inside my skull towards an ambiguous realm. I stood behind Vaughan, staring at his muscular backp 126 C 1973
this man-made landscape, seized his mind in a powerful but ambiguous way. For all its arid, oceanic isolation, the Wake Islandp 813 DFW 1974
Laing as ironic, and in a way typical of Royal's ambiguous personality, that he should not only have become the project'sp 37 HR 1975
balconies. Overlaying this characteristic odour, however, was a far more ambiguous smell, putrid and sweet, that tended to hover around emptyp 147 HR 1975
almost certainly indicates the author's real intent in compiling his ambiguous history. 18 The author's evident conviction of his own innocencep 855 NTM 1976
realized the true nature of Serena's character, and the more ambiguous role she was to play in my life, from whichp 864 S 1976
any available patch of waste ground. Ignoring them, and their ambiguous flowers, Halloway pressed on. Already he could see the collapsedp 886 UC 1976
designs. Unhappily, Buckmaster -- who certainly did understand -- remained ambiguous in his response. Together they set off in Halloway's carp 914 UC 1976
the air and whimpered pathetically. Sex played a continuing if ambiguous role, at all levels from forced infantilism to the womenp 268 UGM 1977
who first suggested that he embark on his autobiography? This ambiguous and shadowy figure has taken the unusual step of indexingp 940 I 1977
Brunel, Marx and Darwin. His miniature lips, tied in the ambiguous bouquet presented to me by a canny universe, extended top 92 IY5 1978
I entered this shady bower and approached the grave, this ambiguous memorial to the flowers. I could see how hard thep 82 UDC 1979
looked at me with a certain wariness, thinking of the ambiguous nature of my special talents and not all that eagerp 97 UDC 1979
sight of the empty skyscrapers of Manhattan prompted far more ambiguous feelings. He had never wanted to come on the expeditionp 26 HA 1981
huge billboards advertising the desert to come. Yet despite this ambiguous welcome, and the likelihood that the Great American Desert stretchedp 71 HA 1981
of the radiant city. He had been freed by the ambiguous dream that had sustained him for so long, the visionp 1033 NFS 1981
would find Martinsen among the derelict speedboats, ravelling in whatever ambiguous message he had sent up into the fierce air. Almostp 1072 MNF 1982
of black sunburn, a geometry of light and shade as ambiguous as that of the drained swimming pool. ‘Roger, she diedp 1078 MNF 1982
eastern Asia, to be fought forever in that far more ambiguous language that Jim had begun to learn? Lieutenant Price Byp 288 ES 1984
all the years of the war, at once enticing and ambiguous. He realized that it was the odour of Mrs Vincent'sp 301 ES 1984
for the documentary they were filming inside their heads. My ambiguous relationship with Noon, my periodic nakedness and bouts of feverp 157 DC 1987
listened to Sanger describe landscapes of imaginary splendour. In its ambiguous way, the broken camera of this blind filmmaker had keptp 278 DC 1987
gene from which my novel Crash was to spring. The ambiguous role of the car crash needs no elaboration -- apartp 97 CRAa 1990
paved the landscape of the present day, and provide the ambiguous materials of this book, in which I have tried top 72 THFa 1990
buddy film, while First Blood Part II does contain an ambiguous and many-layered message -- that all governments and military bureaucraciesp 12 UGM 1991
he assess, one is curious to know, Titian's luscious and ambiguous Venus of Urbino, which hangs only a few hundred yardsp 81 UGM 1991
sinister political careers of our time have openly exploited our ambiguous responses to the psychologically deviant and abnormal. Sociopaths like Hitlerp 238 UGM 1991
of criticism, as if she were well aware of Dick's ambiguous experiments. ‘I hope it was worth it.‘ ‘Yes ... yes, itp 207 KW 1991
dominates the 1960s has given birth to an ever more ambiguous world. Across the communications landscape stride the spectres of sinisterp 226 KW 1991
friendship with Dick. Our different perspectives on this remarkable but ambiguous man had kept us apart, along with a certain warinessp 319 KW 1991
into a pleasing replica of Los Angeles, with all the ambiguous but heady charms of alienation and anonymity. A forest ofp 183 UGM 1994
the Disney pantheon, their creator was a darker and more ambiguous figure, as Marc Eliot reveals in his merciless biography. Farp 216 UGM 1994
most grateful that you came. Unfortunately, events are now more ... ambiguous. If I can explain --‘ ‘Where is Frank? I'd likep 19 CN 1996
for the young woman, and had mourned her in his ambiguous way, braving the hostile crowd at the funeral and thenp 175 CN 1996
and from Mrs Shand and Hennessy. My position here is ambiguous. Technically I've retired, but in fact I still practise, andp 303 CN 1996
he knew who had shot my father. His motives were ambiguous even for a suburban psychiatrist who appeared too often onp 108 KC 2006
to the music inside his head. His role was too ambiguous for comfort, and he had moved from hostage to principalp 231 KC 2006
actually about the present day, and often as elliptical and ambiguous as Kafka. It recognised a world dominated by consumer advertisingp 166 ML 2008
or at least the result of an unhappy concatenation of ambiguously worded multiple-choice questions (crosses in the wrong boxes, some heavierp 360 CS 1962
nightmares you're having?‘ Beatrice shrugged. ‘Jungle dreams, Robert,‘ she murmured ambiguously. ‘I'm learning my ABC's again. Last night was the deltap 49 DW 1962
made some token expression of gratitude. At this he smiled ambiguously. Why he had returned I did not try to guessp 624 IM 1964
of the character is different.‘ ‘An interesting question,‘ Georg said ambiguously. ‘Incidentally, the figure is that of Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jewp 581 LL 1964
made some token expression of gratitude. At this Balthus smiled ambiguously. Why he had returned to the church Sanders could onlyp 160 CW 1966
the concrete span of the motor bridge, its arch as ambiguously placed as a rainbow's. She looked up wearily from herp 63 SCN 1969
landscape beyond technology where everything was either derelict or, more ambiguously, recombined in unexpected but more meaningful ways. Laing pondered thisp 147 HR 1975