bloom, a dense and vivid forest as rich as the Amazon's. ‘You see the trees, Ursula, the same ones your fatherp 1032 NFS 1981
unbroken massif of the mato grosso which swept across the Amazonas from Campos Buros to the delta of the Orinoco. Despitep 435 QR 1963
civilization and its gimcrack gods, had suddenly disappeared into the Amazonas and taken up residence with one of the aboriginal tribesp 438 QR 1963
need for these insane projections, and the likelihood of the Amazonas playing any part in the success or failure of thep 453 QR 1963
dredging teams, were fauna of a man-made species. In the Amazonian jungle he had expected to see the full variety ofp 435 QR 1963
hostility, as if the crudity and violence of all the Amazonian jungles met here in a momentary balance which some untowardp 441 QR 1963
century and its psychopathic projections into the heart of the Amazonian deep, transforming the Indians into a community of superstitious andp 458 QR 1963
top air force and embassy VIP's. May even be the ambassador and his family. Where we'll put them I don't knowp 112 WFN 1961
in Venice. In the Rubens by Baron Henrik Nielson, Danish Ambassador to Amsterdam, and in the Goya by a certain Enricop 585 LL 1964
Brezhnev were there, Soviet President Podgorny talking to the Finnish Ambassador, and a crowd of twenty party functionaries. ‘Recognize anyone? Apartp 776 CA 1968
cashier, Vaughan held himself in the posture of the injured ambassador we had seen taken from his crashed limousine. At thep 173 C 1973
Mrs Reagan, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Princess Diana ... The US Ambassador, Dr Billy Graham, Apollo astronaut Colonel Tom Stamford, Mr Henryp 1092 OOA 1984
Mrs Warrender held her hand, as if I were the ambassador of some alien tribe capable of the most bizarre andp 22 DC 1987
Paris, and that the American State Department had recalled its ambassador to discuss Bracewell's death. Meanwhile Dr Barbara and her companionsp 80 RP 1994
bounced between the satellite dishes of the world, an electronic ambassador for Saint-Esprit. Green and animal rights groups in Europe, Americap 96 RP 1994
noir commercials. He remained the voice of the Metro-Centre, the ambassador from the kingdom of the washing machine and the microwavep 156 KC 2006
stood by the stolen Mercedes as the women loaded the ambassador's body into the trunk. Heller was watching from the elevatorp 986 Z2 1978
down the drive towards the gates, queueing behind the Saudi ambassador's Cadillac. Trying not to think of Zander, I realized thatp 306 SC 2000
we cruised together along the airport expressways. He dreamed of ambassadorial limousines crashing into jack-knifing butane tankers, of taxis filled withp 13 C 1973
the point where its functionaries abroad have often enjoyed virtually ambassadorial status, and its cheerful logo has seemed as insidious ap 213 UGM 1993
semen. Determined now to devour these great men, generals and ambassadors, steelfounders and impressarios, I began to strangle this sinister childp 94 IY5 1978
passports, deeds of property and nationality, then appoint and receive ambassadors. The Miami expedition won't be the last, sir.‘ The surveyp 162 HA 1981
Indian sound-recordist, Vikram Pratap -- were to be Irving Boyd's ambassadors to Saint-Esprit. Detached from the Wild-Water sanctuary, they would recordp 50 RP 1994
shot), lessons in officers‘ mess etiquette (we would be Britain's ambassadors around the world as well as becoming nuclear bomber pilotsp 162 ML 2008
dim air above her, taking with her the pool of amber light. I waited until she reached her villa and turnedp 212 S5 1961
bedroom, lying comfortably on his back, gently breathing a cool amber air. The noise had died away, but he could stillp 352 PE 1962
in the water, but his bleached crew-cut hair and deep amber tan made him appear at least ten years younger. Ap 11 DW 1962
contrast, infinitely deep and motionless, like an immense well of amber. The tree-covered buildings emerging from its rim seemed millions ofp 46 DW 1962
The Feast of Skulls!‘ Goblet raised in the flare-light, its amber contents spilling over his suit, Strangman let out an exultantp 134 DW 1962
among the dunes and waited for me in the cool amber air, hands deep in his jacket pockets. ‘You're a betterp 555 SG 1963
perhaps in the temple-filled jungles of Cambodia or the haunted amber forests of the Chilean highland. But it is only ap 606 IM 1964
The panoply of coloured light had vanished, and a dim amber gloom moved across the trees, shadowing the sequinned lawns. Simultaneouslyp 614 IM 1964
before her death. ‘Shelley.‘ Her voice cracked faintly in the amber gloom. ‘Shelley, it's getting cold again. Can't you light ap 620 IM 1964
motion of her heart sheathing her body in a faint amber glow, the palest residue of life. Something glittered in thep 626 IM 1964
the carvings were made from lumps of impure jade and amber, and the sculptors had abandoned all pretence to Christian imageryp 33 CW 1966
brilliant panoply of coloured light had gone, and a dim amber glow moved across the trees, shadowing the sequined floor. Atp 76 CW 1966
earth, in the temple-filled jungles of Cambodia or the haunted amber forests of the Chilean highland. But it is still onlyp 84 CW 1966
minutes before their death. ‘Thorensen.‘ Her voice cracked in the amber gloom. ‘It's getting cold again. Can't you light a firep 107 CW 1966
far more splendid,‘ Suzanne said. ‘Like a fly in the amber of its own tears or a fossil millions of yearsp 138 CW 1966
motion of her heart sheathing her body in a faint amber glow, the palest residue of life. Although Thorensen had diedp 167 CW 1966
geometry. Impressions of Africa. A low shoreline; air glazed like amber; derricks and jetties above brown water; the silver geometry ofp 41 YCM 1966
hauled up behind him, then surged away powerfully across the amber. On the Northolt overpass he moved along at well abovep 87 C 1973
parody of a finishing-school carriage. Her pallid skin reflected the amber street-lights. Helen held her left elbow, steering her gently throughp 104 C 1973
glimmered in opalescent drops, their colour changing from red to amber and green in the rhythm of the traffic lights, reflectingp 191 C 1973
face; Proctor raised his scarred hands. He stared at the amber liquid splashing on to his palms and pouring down thep 95 CI 1974
Boston dry-docks. The radioactivity levels in Manhattan are into the amber zone. Paul?‘ Ricci was stroking the lapels of his blackp 86 HA 1981
stars in the cool mountain air with its scent of amber and pyrites and death. The next morning they took thep 113 HA 1981
on his cigarette, splashing the whiskey into his face. The amber drops streamed down his nose across his amiable, leering smilep 127 HA 1981
pavilion, looking out at the silent world. An almost tangible amber sea lay over the sandbars of Cape Kennedy and Merritp 1083 MNF 1982
the sky. Standing naked on the balcony, Mallory let the amber air warm his skin. He counted the ribs below hisp 1037 MSA 1982
For six days we had moved upstream, against a slow amber current that slid smoothly between the forest walls. The immensep 106 DC 1987
the sun, and at midday this miasma turned into an amber haze, so that we seemed to be forever drifting withinp 168 DC 1987
deep haze that lay over the lagoons. Somewhere through this amber glare I could see a drifting image of the sunp 181 DC 1987
single wave or swell crossed the surface, as opaque as amber wax. The immense volume of water was now stationary, thep 208 DC 1987
had tried to light a fire in one of the amber lanterns. The bar was deserted, the untended television set recordingp 244 DC 1987
creepers that crowded the porch, pressing against his shoulders. The amber of her eyes was touched by the same overlit spectrump 1170 DCG 1990
sacks ... A signal flare exploded in the night sky. Its amber light trembled in a halo of white smoke. It fellp 44 KW 1991
a dead fly embedded in a pool of its own amber. When he spoke, his voice was flat and well rehearsedp 177 SC 2000
man. For all his self-control, a fine sweat covered his amber skin, as if he were watching the murders inside hisp 195 SC 2000
through the underpass, then paused at the junction. In the amber glare of the sodium lights I watched our pursuer stopp 308 SC 2000
impatient to set off in pursuit. I squeezed through the amber, saluted by a beaming constable who waved me on. Despitep 156 KC 2006
of the Economist, the carton of Turkish cigarettes and the amber-lensed aviator glasses on the glove shelf; I felt a sharpp 185 CN 1996
kind of dream, an embalmed yellow world of sand and amber-like air. We have entered the area of deepest desert, anp 94 HA 1981
secret passages and doors. The unexpected thrived in such an ambience. At any moment, as he shaved, the mirror might retractp 511 EG 1963
tombs that he had begun to assume something of their ambience of immortality and timelessness, and Shepley's impatience seemed to comep 463 TT 1963
be less European, but it works. It has a unique ambience -- nothing, in my brief experience, like Venice, California, orp 59 SCNa 1990
daughter? They flew back to Paris. In some ways the ambience wasn't suitable for the child.‘ Sanger drew a hand acrossp 301 CN 1996
the ventilator was never more than twenty degrees below the ambient temperature of the lagoon, and the air-conditioner normally kept thep 35 DW 1962
room and moving into the lounge, and by raising the ambient temperature to ninety degrees, he would with luck double itsp 47 DW 1962
than their own volume of space, so contain a greater ambient time, providing that unmistakable premonition of immortality sensed within Stp 622 IM 1964
like the decoration on a baroque pavilion, containing a greater ambient time than defined by its own space. Suitably pricked, hep 41 D 1965
own volume of space, so seemed to contain a greater ambient time, providing that unmistakable premonition of immortality sensed within Stp 148 CW 1966
air in the Metro-Centre was pleasantly cool and scented. The ambient sound system played a pleasant melody of marching songs, ap 175 KC 2006
in his uncle's voice reminded him of Dr Knight's studied ambiguities. Already he sensed that people were taking sides around himp 687 TIM 1966
Then a firework display on the beach blotted out these ambiguities in its pink and blue explosions. Shortly before dawn Beatricep 753 CSC 1967
the cages themselves, the essence of imprisonment with all its ambiguities? Was this a zoo in the abstract, some kind ofp 742 R 1967
arc-lights, the rushes of the test collisions defined the sexual ambiguities of the abandoned motorcade. Indicators of Sexual Arousal. During thep 44 DM 1967
angle. Their own affair had been marked by the same ambiguities, the sense of his not being wholly there. Carrying thep 45 JAC 1970
1 The use of the indefinite article encapsulates all the ambiguities that surround the undiscovered document, Notes Towards a Mental Breakdownp 849 NTM 1976
Caribbean, just as one saw the hard reality and moral ambiguities of post-war Europe in The Third Man. As a writerp 138 UGM 1978
were hard to define. The whole trip was surrounded by ambiguities, motives hidden inside each other like puzzle boxes. This curiousp 973 OAU 1978
the future president was written in 1967, and the many ambiguities surrounding the former film actor were among the book's formativep 119 WW3a 1990
this young woman seemed to be mimicked in the larger ambiguities to which the modern world was so eager to givep 72 THFa 1990
way of knowing who is telling the truth. These same ambiguities prevail in Kurosawa's films with contemporary settings -- Drunken Angelp 26 UGM 1991
twelve-year-old, for whom adult relationships, political beliefs and the bitter-sweet ambiguities of love and loyalty -- the magical stuff of Casablancap 6 UGM 1993