each other, watching Jane like concerned foster parents at an amateur-dramatic performance where their much-loved ward was making her debut. Simonep 382 SC 2000
role of Lorenzo de Medici. Not that there was anything amateurish about the equipment and technical resources of Orpheus Productions. Thep 543 SG 1963
gross national product of a Central American republic. What was amateurish was the indifference to normal commercial restraints, and the unswervingp 543 SG 1963
sea-bird. Dr Barbara and Monique seemed just as gawky and amateurish as they swung up and down the bridge like ap 64 RP 1994
sitting here.‘ ‘That's nonsense, Mr Prentice ...‘ Cabrera patiently dismissed this amateurish notion, and gestured at the balcony. ‘He may have beenp 94 CN 1996
what about the army psychiatrists in Hong Kong?‘ ‘Even more amateurish.‘ Crawford turned to watch me in his most level wayp 271 CN 1996
my office. Yet another tableau had reached the plaza, an amateurish effort by the Olde-Tyme Dancing Club, but the elderly couplesp 288 CN 1996
stuff by the hundredweight? This suitcase and the scales are amateurish. It's as if he was playing a game out ofp 187 SC 2000
the therapy programme. That's why some of it looks so amateurish. Berthoud with his old-fashioned scales and smuggler's suitcase: he wasp 338 SC 2000
is that the people at Chelsea Marina believe it. It's amateurish and childish, but the middle classes are amateurish, and they'vep 193 MP 2003
it. It's amateurish and childish, but the middle classes are amateurish, and they've never left their childhoods behind. But there's somethingp 193 MP 2003
me again, realizing that a small revolution, however misguided and amateurish, was at last touching her. She had invited me top 195 MP 2003
took in the vandalized parking meters and unswept streets, the amateurish banners hanging from bedroom windows, with the weary patience ofp 203 MP 2003
citizens who felt threatened by the Metro-Centre had mounted an amateurish putsch, an attempt to turn back the clock and reclaimp 127 KC 2006
to harm it.‘ ‘Tony Maxted? And Bill Sangster?‘ ‘They're too amateurish. For Maxted the whole thing is a case study. Onep 132 KC 2006
in the margins of the rule book. Cricket was too amateurish, its long-pondered intricacies trapped in a cat's cradle of incomprehensiblep 158 KC 2006
account of my father's death, and how a group of amateurish conspirators had blundered into murder. But their crime was nowp 266 KC 2006
can act -- that's the problem. His films need obvious amateurs. They employ a new kind of realism.‘ A glass verandahp 254 KW 1991
have a film industry any longer. They were rich, likeable amateurs -- no one would have wanted to hurt them.‘ ‘Someonep 72 CN 1996
de Mar. The crime here seems to be committed by amateurs.‘ ‘They're the worst of all -- they leave such ap 133 CN 1996
at the club.‘ ‘Forget the professionals. They're less flexible than amateurs. In point of fact, I have someone in mind.‘ Crawfordp 262 CN 1996
roller-blading?‘ ‘The wrong kind of sweat.‘ ‘Bridge? There are keen amateurs here you could make an income off.‘ ‘Sorry. Better thingsp 18 SC 2000
in the same league.‘ ‘Are you sure? These people are amateurs, they haven't a clue what they're doing. Anyway, the Heathrowp 114 MP 2003
you'd never have handed it over to a pair of amateurs. You're too professional.‘ ‘That Ministry of Defence training. I knewp 188 MP 2003
David, open up. Dear chap, you've locked yourself in again ...‘ Amateurs and Revolutions ‘Richard ...?‘ Using my shoulder, I forced back thep 244 MP 2003
Now I know why professionals always leave revolution to the amateurs. Customs were checking the suitcases of a pregnant Jamaican womanp 254 MP 2003
tones, the sharp wheedling of querulous wives, soft negatives of amatory blondes, punctuated by countless repetitions of ‘dahling‘. Mangon ignored thep 114 SS 1960
marriage with a seventh-floor balcony unit of the Hilton Hotel. Amatory elements: nil. The act of love became a vector inp 52 GAN 1967
Novotny, an intimate of Talbot's, in a series of unusual amatory positions. In fact, it is hard to tell whether thep 27 UD 1968
as a handbook of sex technique, though most of the amatory techniques and sexual positions described are known to any adolescentp 256 UGM 1969
play. As we lay together we would describe a complete amatory encounter, from the first chit-chat at an airline cocktail partyp 31 C 1973
hands. From then on they were carefully coached in the amatory arts by their clergymen-supervisors, who would screen erotic videos forp 1126 LCC 1989
young Jesuit in his Gypsy Brigand costume, mouthing his smooth amatory patter as he expertly steered Lucille towards her bedroom, provedp 1129 LCC 1989
of the mise en scene. The sanctuary island was Neil's amatory bower, or so Dr Barbara hoped. After a week ofp 145 RP 1994
Jim was keen to help Dr Ransome in any way. ‘Amatus sum, amatus es, amatus est ...‘ As he recited the perfectp 190 ES 1984
keen to help Dr Ransome in any way. ‘Amatus sum, amatus es, amatus est ...‘ As he recited the perfect tense, Jimp 190 ES 1984
help Dr Ransome in any way. ‘Amatus sum, amatus es, amatus est ...‘ As he recited the perfect tense, Jim noticed thatp 190 ES 1984
I shall be loved" ...?‘ ‘Amabor.‘ ‘"You will have been loved" ...?‘ ‘Amatus eris.‘ ‘Right -- I'll set you an unseen. Mrs Vincentp 209 ES 1984
at Conrad, who was counting away the closing seconds. Then, amazed, he realized that the timer had failed to sound! Panickingp 155 CH 1960
There's no doubt about it.‘ Rossiter lifted one eyebrow. ‘I'm amazed. It must be the ceiling then.‘ Manipulating the ceiling wasp 268 B 1961
the sand, arms twisted loosely. I stared at his body, amazed by the swiftness with which he had died, and lookedp 231 S5 1961
no longer yielding to the greater force of the wind. Amazed, they looked up at this incredible defiance, intervening like somep 185 WFN 1961
let me say that I was and still am completely amazed. You may think I take it all calmly, but everp 488 VH 1963
organized there's just about enough to eat -- you'd be amazed how many cans you can find under these ruins --p 180 D 1965
believe me, all about the stars and time, you'll be amazed when I tell you.‘ ‘I'm sure I will.‘ Happy top 133 CW 1966
car again may be more tiring than I imagine.‘ ‘I'm amazed that she'll let you drive her.‘ ‘You're not envious?‘ ‘Maybep 54 C 1973
closed, Wilder! Can't you get the point?‘ ‘What?‘ Wilder was amazed by this effrontery. ‘How do you mean?‘ ‘Closed! What arep 51 HR 1975
obvious sounds of the man's breathing. Once again Pangborn was amazed by his nimbleness, his ability to move from one endp 996 MA 1978
fantasies into their answering machines, to be typed out for amazed executives by the unsuspecting secretaries) -- yet for all thesep 13 UDC 1979
the corridor, swinging himself from the door-handles. The mother stood amazed. Staring at me, she said accusingly: ‘You cured him.‘ Likep 101 UDC 1979
of pork through the windows of passing cars and buses. Amazed by all this generosity, the last of the visitors top 143 UDC 1979
talons in my elbows, its powerful wings within my back. Amazed by these apparent sleights of hand, the children squealed withp 155 UDC 1979
the shackles from his legs. Jamie gasped at his knees, amazed by his sturdy legs. Laughing to himself, he swayed playfullyp 201 UDC 1979
I pretended to walk on the water, they were really amazed, stared at me as if I was some kind ofp 94 HA 1981
nose. Mickey Mouse, needless to say. Anne and McNair were amazed, but I'd seen something like it before, out in thep 144 HA 1981
named after himself a lake the size of Wales, which amazed Jim), the infantry weapons of the Great War, the managementp 180 ES 1984
1989, the year when I was born, would have been amazed to find me complaining about a state of affairs thatp 1124 LCC 1989
that rarely rose above ‘Chow-time. Where's Dallas?‘ ‘Topside.‘ ‘Uh-huh.‘ What amazed me was not that someone had decided to film thisp 4 UGM 1990
ambling in a relaxed way around their bedroom, it always amazed me that they were so unconcerned by the coming warp 9 KW 1991
Great World Amusement Park on the Avenue Edward VII most amazed me, and contained the magnetic heart of Shanghai within itsp 19 KW 1991
and I wanted to be with her again and be amazed by her American underwear. I was sorry to leave Davidp 119 KW 1991
circuit. As rootless as ever, he never ceased to be amazed by my quiet domesticity, suspecting that I had repressed ap 128 KW 1991
Dick's evangelical ardour. She told me that she had been amazed by the unedited films screened for the volunteers in thep 266 KW 1991
was up there, moulded against that screen. I was so amazed I couldn't stop watching you.‘ ‘It was the only filmp 269 KW 1991
beans and cauliflowers and bake our own bread. You'll be amazed!‘ My heart couldn't decide whether to sink or soar. Thep 281 KW 1991
occasion. I put down my presents and surveyed her fondly, amazed by the sight of this robust Anglo-American housewife. She wasp 284 KW 1991
Do you think I've changed?‘ ‘Completely. David's going to be amazed.‘ ‘It was time to change. For you, too, Jim. Thosep 290 KW 1991
chair. ‘But now you remember me?‘ ‘Olga, yes ... I'm still amazed to see you. Did the studio arrange this?‘ ‘The studiop 340 KW 1991
can see them outside the disco every night -- I'm amazed at Frank putting up with them.‘ Paula turned to frownp 119 CN 1996
really. Alarms started ringing, all the elevators stopped. I was amazed at the number of doors that automatically locked. David gotp 116 SC 2000
He had a game licence to hunt deer. We were amazed.‘ ‘When was this?‘ ‘In April, about a month before hep 146 SC 2000
Jane and I would sometimes detour through these shabby streets, amazed by the cool professionalism of the working children and thep 158 SC 2000
on the new Cote d'Azur. Garbo and Crawford would be amazed.‘ ‘Why stay?‘ I sat on the balcony rail, catching thep 218 SC 2000
We carried out careful tests of resistance levels and were amazed by how low they were. Yet everyone said they likedp 253 SC 2000
Is it anything I've done?‘ ‘Have you done anything? I'm amazed.‘ Jane rolled her eyes in mock alarm. She placed herp 269 SC 2000
moving in an easy, amphetamine stride. As always, I was amazed by how quickly she could recover her poise and energyp 319 SC 2000
corridor, almost running me down. Pausing to apologize, she was amazed to find that I existed. Over the next days herp 24 MP 2003
much she had once despised them. She would have been amazed by the presence of her former colleagues -- ‘grey menp 29 MP 2003
would have hated it. All those bogus last words. I'm amazed everyone turned up.‘ ‘They couldn't keep away. She'd frightened thep 31 MP 2003
Jesus!‘ She blew the hair out of her eyes, genuinely amazed by me. ‘Richard, I work with them all day. Therep 131 KC 2006
was far less sure, and stayed by the television set, amazed by the optimistic bulletins sent in by BBC reporters inp 191 KC 2006
dome into the North Sea. Like Tony Maxted, I was amazed that there was little looting. None of the restaurants andp 225 KC 2006
spoke fluent Chinese to the amahs, an unheard-of skill that amazed me, and addressed them by their names. Uniquely among Shanghaip 22 ML 2008
ear to decode. Travelling around the Birmingham area, I was amazed at how bleakly they lived, how poorly paid they werep 125 ML 2008
American car, stairways that led up to the sky and amazed my three infants. And their father: days of wonder thatp 186 ML 2008