polish his shoes under the table. ‘"They were being loved" ...?‘ ‘Amabantur.‘ ‘"I shall be loved" ...?‘ ‘Amabor.‘ ‘"You will have been lovedp 209 ES 1984
table. ‘"They were being loved" ...?‘ ‘Amabantur.‘ ‘"I shall be loved" ...?‘ ‘Amabor.‘ ‘"You will have been loved" ...?‘ ‘Amatus eris.‘ ‘Right -- I'llp 209 ES 1984
cringe with embarrassment. As he flung his cassock to the amah and changed into his party costume be found that allp 16 ES 1984
father looked up as Jim waited in the doorway, the amah carrying his airgun like a bearer, this member of ap 18 ES 1984
the BB gun, Jamie. Not today. Take your aeroplane instead.‘ ‘Amah, don't touch it! I'll kill you!‘ ‘Jamie!‘ His father turnedp 18 ES 1984
sister. ‘Jamie! Never say that ... You aren't going to kill Amah or anyone else.‘ His father unclenched his hands, and Jimp 19 ES 1984
the missing soundtrack inside his head. He would never threaten Amah again. They were going to a party, and he wouldp 19 ES 1984
Raymond's dressing-table down the steps. ‘Is Clifford here? Or Derek? Amah ...!‘ He knew both the amahs well, and waited for themp 68 ES 1984
The Vincents‘ room was now the quarters of a Chinese amah working for the British couple across the corridor. She refusedp 348 ES 1984
constantly watching for David, who might break away from his amah and lunge through the crowd to tap me on thep 17 KW 1991
camouflage themselves. I walked among them, tripping over an old amah who lay on her back, pouting face covered with powderp 25 KW 1991
dismissed them with a wave. ‘I have to be their amah, their nounou, calling them from the garden. When their nosesp 293 SC 2000
a baby (in the summer of 1931 or 1932) the amah pushing my pram missed her footing on the grassy slopep 43 ML 2008
Still shocked by the anger he had seen in the amah's face, Jim set off for the Maxteds‘ apartment house inp 68 ES 1984
thoughtless pedestrians, the sauntering bar-girls with American handbags, the old amahs bent double under bamboo yokes strung with headless chickens. Anp 13 ES 1984
oriole from the deep end. The younger children and their amahs sat on the terrace, watching a troupe of Cantonese acrobatsp 25 ES 1984
the guests were already leaving. Rounding up the children and amahs, they climbed hurriedly into their cars and drove in convoyp 35 ES 1984
the Bund between the stationary trams and parked cars, old amahs hobbling in black trousers, coolies pulling empty rickshaws, beggars andp 44 ES 1984
The house was silent. There was no sound of the amahs arguing over the laundry vat in the servants‘ quarters, orp 60 ES 1984
nailed to the oak panels. The door opened, and two amahs appeared, dragging Mrs Raymond's dressing-table down the steps. ‘Is Cliffordp 68 ES 1984
Is Clifford here? Or Derek? Amah ...!‘ He knew both the amahs well, and waited for them to reply in their pidginp 68 ES 1984
It's Jamie, Mrs Raymond ...‘ Jim tried to step past the amahs, when one reached out and slapped him in the facep 68 ES 1984
eyes were smarting, but he stopped himself from crying. The amahs were strong, their arms toughened by a lifetime of washingp 68 ES 1984
until they reached the bottom step. When one of the amahs walked up to him, clearly intending to slap him againp 68 ES 1984
Jim squatted by the American sailor, trying to remember the amahs of his early childhood. He had never looked after anythingp 115 ES 1984
proves on every extraordinary page. I can remember the bad-tempered amahs of my childhood, ruthless and hard-fisted little women darting aboutp 36 UGM 1992
heavy housework, his assistant No. 2 Coolie, a cook, two amahs (hard-fisted women with tiny bound feet, who never smiled orp 12 ML 2008
year (perhaps £1000 at today's values) and the coolies and amahs about £10 a year. They lived rent-free but had top 13 ML 2008
moored off the Bund. She spoke fluent Chinese to the amahs, an unheard-of skill that amazed me, and addressed them byp 22 ML 2008
residents, she employed only women servants, some six or seven amahs. According to my mother, this was an act of charityp 22 ML 2008
home was an untidy nest, full of barking dogs, arguing amahs and the sound of Mr Kendall-Ward's power saws slicing thoughp 23 ML 2008
at the Chocolate Shop, a happy bedlam of small boys, amahs and exhausted nannies; the American Hell-Drivers at the racecourse, crashingp 35 ML 2008
already hear her chatting in Chinese to her tribe of amahs, as the dogs bounded around her. The gates were ajarp 108 ML 2008
to the supernal equivalent of Elba or Mauritius. The strange amalgam of Ruritanian intrigue, political thriller and Old Testament demonology isp 144 UGM 1966
an ashtray. A dank odour rose from his body, an amalgam of rectal mucus and engine coolant. His pencil cut heavierp 148 C 1973
flying overalls. ‘No! Tell Harare I've ordered a new dental amalgam for his men. This time the fillings will stay inp 10 DC 1987
that I guessed he had run through many times, an amalgam of alarmist best-sellers, Economist think-pieces and his own obsessive intuitionsp 219 CN 1996
creating a series of branch economies that may one day amalgamate and mount a management buy-out. War -- The possibility atp 279 UGM 1992
and that within two or three years these would be amalgamated in a super-Pangbourne with its own schools, community clubs andp 65 RW 1988
women poised in the running air with outstretched arms. ‘Emily ... Amanda ... Bobby ...‘ Quickly I embraced the rest of the children whop 160 UDC 1979
professional ice-dance skater. Shot. 1 son: Graham, 15. 1 daughter: Amanda, 14. 3. The Hill. Ernest Sanger, 57, chairman, Sanger Financep 15 RW 1988
to all these was the curious home video, filmed by Amanda Lymington and Jasper Ogilvy, which at first sight appeared top 55 RW 1988
This carried the identical jovial sound track, but Jasper and Amanda had added some twenty-five seconds of footage, culled from TVp 55 RW 1988
signal appears on the screen. Next door, his fourteen-year-old sister, Amanda, has a shower, using her nightdress to block the drainagep 68 RW 1988
steel frame of their mother's Exercycle. Roger Sterling, Graham and Amanda Lymington are in visual contact with Jeremy Maxted across Thep 68 RW 1988
refuge in the Lymingtons‘ library, and is shot dead by Amanda as he corrects her homework project. Disappearance of the Childrenp 78 RW 1988
of the Nazi Party Movement. It was the publisher, Max Amann, who suggested the shorter and far less revealing Mein Kampfp 222 UGM 1969
and the steam-cars, and then moved on by himself towards Amarillo, travelling at night to avoid the robot cameras. Somewhere inp 230 HA 1981
filling the register office like the trumpet of a vast amaryllis. She smoked pot at the reception held at the Royalp 44 SC 2000
ten years. Once in the White House she began to amass a vast wardrobe of couture gowns and furs, all onp 34 UGM 1991
awed by the fortune that he and his companions had amassed. He pushed Jim from the door, concerned that the sightp 295 ES 1984
down at this substantial arsenal, wondering how the women had amassed these weapons. None had been exposed to the damp soilp 201 DC 1987
his forties before becoming a writer. Only then had he amassed enough material to make himself the hero of his ownp 112 UGM 1991
from the other members of the unit. Something of an amateur naturalist, he made his own descriptive notes of the changingp 34 DW 1962
that the closest of his new acquaintances would be an amateur star-gazer and spare-time prophet called Charles Kandinski, tolerantly regarded byp 480 VH 1963
Dr Ward is a professional while I am only an amateur,‘ he admitted. ‘I am afraid I cannot explain the anomalyp 492 VH 1963
and applause as if they were spectators at an impromptu amateur circus. A remarkable number of parties were being held thatp 29 HR 1975
rule book. His sense of physical superiority as a sometime amateur tennis champion -- a minor hard-courts title, though no lessp 72 HR 1975
dentist and first set in train this epic of the amateur camera. The ultimate home movie, perhaps, but so far everythingp 856 60Z 1976
may have come from the former Broadmoor laboratory technician and amateur dramatics coach, Leonora Carrington, whom Loughlin met at Elstree Flyingp 850 NTM 1976
his grandmother mentioned that Halloway's father had been a keen amateur pilot during the last days of powered aviation. On anp 874 UC 1976
the encounter groups now play the role formerly filled by amateur theatricals. In place of Journey's End or Private Lives atp 269 UGM 1977
sea floor. To fill in the time I'm joining an amateur theatrical group, we're thinking of putting on The Importance ofp 969 HWT 1978
his son flew a huge box kite. A troupe of amateur actors in Shakespearian costume rehearsed on the green, and thep 84 UDC 1979
his eyes worried under the massive forehead, concerned that this amateur effort would never merit its transformation into a bird. Didp 145 UDC 1979
twenty years. Keen chess-player who never gave away a move, amateur mathematician and expert navigator, he had intrigued Wayne from theirp 10 HA 1981
disturbed only by the young soldier's furtive smoking and his amateur plane-spotting. Alone in the ward, he thought about his motherp 50 ES 1984
the elderly Russian remained unimpressed by him. Something of an amateur artist, in the right mood he would draw elaborate sailingp 71 ES 1984
Vincent asked. No taller than Jim, the stockbroker and former amateur jockey sat on his bunk beside his ailing son. Withp 183 ES 1984
whose exaggerated and theatrical manner fascinated Jim. He enjoyed the amateur dramatics, when everyone involved was at the centre of publicp 213 ES 1984
few patients to care for, I turned myself into an amateur engineer and hydrologist. Before his evacuation in the police ambulancep 16 DC 1987
capable of surprising delicacy of mind. He was a modest amateur pianist, and had tried patiently to teach me the rudimentsp 28 DC 1987
of a new wild-life programme, perhaps on the subject of amateur dam-building. Even Miss Matsuoka had begun to point her camerap 61 DC 1987
a huge man, well over six feet tall, a former amateur boxer. The boy would never have been able to stabp 44 RW 1988
women-friends. Abraham Zapruder was a tourist in Dealey Plaza whose amateur cine-film captured the President's tragic death. The Warren Commission concludedp 27 UDa 1990
seem to be permanently topless, while call-girls star in 30-second amateur versions of Blue Velvet on New York's Channel 23. Thep 74 THFa 1990
and her husband William, a master-builder turned church organist and amateur astronomer. The family were inveterate talkers, a trait Spencer displayedp 101 UGM 1991
I would be easily dominated by the Vincents, the morose amateur jockey and his glacial wife, who would resent my presencep 39 KW 1991
at the callouses on her left fingers, those of an amateur cellist ...? As we opened the doors of her body, studentsp 84 KW 1991
of the wandering albatross -- no specimen of which, an amateur ornithologist in the kidney unit informed him, ever nested inp 24 RP 1994
lair. The past year had transformed the shy Bostonian and amateur missionary into the restless constable of Saint-Esprit. He was foreverp 192 RP 1994
on a podium as the sculptors -- every one an amateur, judging by their earnest manner -- massaged their clay intop 36 CN 1996
entrance. Three young women stood on the steps, dressed like amateur whores in micro-skirts, fishnet tights and scarlet bustiers. I guessedp 57 CN 1996
I would say to him. More than a week of amateur sleuthing had yielded nothing. Naively, I had assumed that thep 76 CN 1996
Curiously, none of them looked at the friend shooting this amateur video record. They began to undress each other, fingers teasingp 125 CN 1996
professional actress. They played their roles like members of an amateur theatrical group taking part in a bawdy Restoration farce. Restingp 125 CN 1996
Spaniards in their posing pouches, I asked: ‘Was Sansom an amateur sculptor?‘ ‘Not that I know of. Is that part ofp 150 CN 1996
I sat in the Citroen outside the bar where the amateur whores patrolled the night. One by one, the cars turnedp 162 CN 1996
tennis player. His wife used to be something of an amateur painter.‘ ‘Perhaps she'll take it up again?‘ ‘I think shep 238 CN 1996
deserve better.‘ ‘You'll bring them back to life -- with amateur porn-films, burglary and cocaine?‘ ‘They're just the means. People arep 245 CN 1996
be directed by Arnold Wynegarde, a Shaftesbury Avenue veteran, their amateur casts stiffened by several one-time stage professionals. Green shoots ofp 252 CN 1996
surface of the Residencia Costasol, a reversed image of the amateur theatricals, cordon bleu classes and neighbourhood watch schemes. As wep 257 CN 1996
back from the tower. At the last moment, as an amateur video-film reveals, the structure seemed to buckle, twisting itself inp 9 DYF 1996
might break the ice.‘ ‘It clearly did. Is he an amateur pilot?‘ ‘No. His father was in the US Air Forcep 31 SC 2000
I stared at my dishevelled reflection in the mirror, part amateur detective with scarred forehead and swollen ear -- the pricep 70 SC 2000
David Greenwood and his day of death, and how this amateur marksman had managed to seize his hostages and then killp 108 SC 2000
that suite to check out new videos. Stuff made by amateur film groups at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘So Greenwood knew he'd be therep 190 SC 2000
the widows. Making sure they don't talk too much to amateur detectives. But why trail me to the Rue Valentin? Zanderp 200 SC 2000
liked her for the way she was still pushing her amateur conspiracy along, the big sister with baby brother in thep 226 SC 2000
been trying to find out for years.‘ ‘These robberies, the amateur drug-dealing, all this playground violence -- the people running Eden-Olympiap 240 SC 2000
springing lightly on his bare feet. ‘He was a keen amateur, a heavyweight with really fast hands. He boxed for hisp 243 SC 2000
chums, keeping a routine watch over you. He's a real amateur -- we'll soon lose him.‘ ‘Him? It might be ap 308 SC 2000
ambulances. Then the picture changed, and we were watching an amateur video taken by a passenger who had entered the baggage-reclaimp 17 MP 2003
screen, nearly certain that I recognized the woman. But the amateur cameraman turned to survey the ceiling, where a fluorescent tubep 18 MP 2003
air vent had contained a similar tirade. I remembered the amateur video of Laura lying among the glass and suitcases, andp 55 MP 2003
around by the police, and they knew I was an amateur. Hard-core demonstrators never get knocked to the ground -- farp 68 MP 2003
Tragically, Laura had lived out her last moments on an amateur videotape, and it occurred to me that I might tryp 97 MP 2003
had stepped out of my own character and become an amateur terrorist. ‘So ...‘ Sipping the wine, I waited for my pulsep 102 MP 2003
Still, why take a chance with me? I'm a complete amateur. I might have been arrested.‘ ‘Kay wanted you arrested.‘ Dexterp 103 MP 2003
in his edgy way, younger but more intense than the amateur terrorist I had met in the gondola above the Nationalp 173 MP 2003
bar. We had a dozen societies and clubs -- music, amateur dramatics, archaeology. They shut down long ago. Charities, political partiesp 33 KC 2006
father. So far I had achieved almost nothing, playing the amateur detective who blundered into danger, perpetually dazed by the doorsp 142 KC 2006
real Britain of Homebase stores, car-boot sales and garden centres, amateur sports clubs and the shirt of St George. Carradine andp 225 KC 2006
first year a host of camp activities took place -- amateur dramatics, with full-scale performances in the dining hall of Noelp 71 ML 2008
teens, and many began their careers writing for the fanzines (amateur magazines produced by enthusiasts) and attending conventions. I was onep 165 ML 2008