senior aide of a president with the first signs of Alzheimer's and unsure what audience he was meant to be addressingp 122 KC 2006
in the vain hope of rebuilding her ruined world. Who am I to say no, to invite the anger and resentmentp 9 VN 1951
had lived and died resisting the onslaught of Communism, who am I to condemn yet more pitiful souls to an ironicp 9 VN 1951
an ironic death, to the brutal fury of Brodie? Who am I to condemn this woman to mourn unavenged? He turnedp 9 VN 1951
apartment. Jane won ten dollars from each of us. ‘I am lucky,‘ she said, very pleased with herself. ‘I never seemp 8 PB 1956
gestured with the scissors. ‘It's self-contradictory. Like the statement "I am lying". Just a verbal freak. Interesting theoretically, but it's pointlessp 29 CC 1957
he had just moved. ‘I must be going blind. What am I doing?‘ ‘No,‘ Lang said. He started to laugh againp 53 M69 1957
my victims, the date and exact manner of their quietus? Am I so mad as to be positively eager for justicep 96 NZ 1959
from broadcasting its secret to all who will listen. I am the power's servant, and in describing it now I stillp 96 NZ 1959
more names have been added to the tablets. However, I am certain that whatever we are waiting for will soon arrivep 94 WG 1959
pierced it with the glowing end of her cigarette. ‘I am having a new contract drawn up. Not for the merep 110 SS 1960
Tell me.‘ Mangon hesitated, then scribbled on his pad: I am sorry. I adore you very much. He said such foulp 120 SS 1960
now? How remarkable. Mangon, you have a wondrous talent.‘ I am sorry you have to suffer so much. Madame Gioconda smiledp 120 SS 1960
Kaldren's mouth snapped shut, he looked suddenly irritable. ‘Whose care am I in, doctor? Yours or Anderson's? Is that the sortp 171 VT 1960
heartening smile she had given him, he wrote: Woke 6-33 am. Last session with Anderson. He made it plain he's seenp 173 VT 1960
and took equal responsibility. You're trying to evade --‘ ‘I am not,‘ Bayliss cut infirmly. ‘I accept complete responsibility for youp 138 ZT 1960
me a justification for your own enforced stay. Perhaps I am extinct, but I'd rather cling to life here than vanishp 238 DE 1961
sighed, then gently closed the door. ‘I'm impressed. I really am. I wish you'd look after me this way. I'm gaspingp 242 DE 1961
reach Marble Arch for half an hour.‘ ‘Poor old chap, am I wearing you out?‘ They sat at the table nextp 284 GA 1961
flowed amply from his mouth, wrote: ELIZABETH HELP ME! I AM NOT A BABY Banging on the door with his fistsp 263 MF 1961
relying on your set to save me. What the hell am I going to do?‘ Tristram grinned. ‘Start writing it yourselfp 233 S5 1961
reflectively on his cigar. ‘I gather that once again I am persona non grata with the authorities,‘ he went on inp 161 WFN 1961
most of.‘ As Maitland frowned, Hardoon smiled deprecatingly. ‘No, I am not in need of medical attention; far from it. Wep 162 WFN 1961
hundred thousand, if you can imagine such a speed. I am not joking. With the exception of this apartment the pyramidp 167 WFN 1961
happily. ‘Clifford!‘ The alien bowed. ‘Of course, Mrs Gorrell. I am Dr Terence Sotal-2 Burlington, Professor -- Emeritus,‘ he added top 352 PE 1962
tolerably happy during our five years of marriage, and I am sure my nostalgic infatuation for Gloria Tremayne couldn't have sop 316 TDS 1962
short -- and dismiss it as metabiological fantasy. However, I am convinced that as we move back through geophysical time sop 43 DW 1962
would ever read the message: 27th day. Have rested and am moving south. All is well. Kerans. So he left thep 171 DW 1962
artist.‘ Mme Charcot nodded sagely. ‘This is the sculptor? I am relieved. For a moment I feared that he lived inp 398 TSS 1962
terms of my contract specifically exclude any such authority. I am not on the established grade, as my salary differential showsp 383 WT 1962
had to reopen some time. Aren't you pleased?‘ ‘Of course. Am I still on the staff?‘ ‘Naturally. The Council doesn't bearp 389 WT 1962
cigarettes (none were allowed him). ‘Forgive my curiosity, but I am an interested party, as it were --‘ He flashed Malekp 509 EG 1963
From the start, Constantin was completely frank with Malek. ‘I am convinced, Malek, that the Prosecutor-General was misdirected by the Justicep 516 EG 1963
moving a piece. ‘So you have explained, Mr Constantin. I am afraid I do not have a legalistic turn of mindp 516 EG 1963
to defend myself. If only I had done so I am convinced I should have been found innocent.‘ Malek murmured non-committallyp 516 EG 1963
was justified in the light of the new circumstances I am describing.‘ Malek shrugged, apparently more interested in the end-game beforep 517 EG 1963
the court's verdict, and yet I alone know that I am innocent. I feel very like someone who is about top 519 EG 1963
You do understand what I mean, when I say I am absolutely innocent. I know that.‘ ‘Of course, Mr Constantin.‘ Thep 520 EG 1963
-- but every trace of Hinton has vanished. Reluctantly, I am afraid there is no alternative but to inform the policep 522 MO 1963
can help me.‘ ‘Of course, Director,‘ Booth assured him. ‘I am greatly honoured.‘ Dr Mellinger seated himself behind his desk. ‘It'sp 526 MO 1963
term "Hinton".‘ ‘Complex, sir? You speak diagnostically?‘ ‘No, Booth. I am now concerned with the phenomenology of Hinton, with his absolutep 526 MO 1963
will not be forgotten. A senior administrative post would, I am sure, suit you excellently.‘ As Booth sat up, his interestp 526 MO 1963
hands, Dr Mellinger leaned intently across his desk. ‘What I am suggesting, Doctor, is that this automatic mechanism may have operatedp 527 MO 1963
the mystery of Hinton's disappearance.‘ Dr Normand nodded cautiously. ‘I am most relieved, sir. I was beginning to wonder whether wep 527 MO 1963
is now nearly forty-eight hours since ...‘ ‘My dear Normand, I am afraid you are rather out of touch. Our whole attitudep 527 MO 1963
arm and led him to the door. ‘Now, Doctor, I am most gratified by your perceptiveness. I want you to questionp 527 MO 1963
said quickly. ‘You have the wrong number.‘ ‘Oh, dear, I am sorry, I thought --‘ Cutting off this voice, which forp 537 SA 1963
are dangerous. Still, she's grateful to you, Paul, as I am. Now I know that only the artist can create anp 553 SG 1963
relax. Try to think of Dora and the child.‘ ‘I am thinking of them!‘ Hathaway's voice rose to a controlled screamp 413 SM 1963
the incredibility, let me say that I was and still am completely amazed. You may think I take it all calmlyp 488 VH 1963
are you working on now?‘ Ward asked. ‘A lecture I am giving on Friday evening,‘ Kandinski said. Two keys locked togetherp 490 VH 1963
to the audience. ‘Dr Ward is a professional while I am only an amateur,‘ he admitted. ‘I am afraid I cannotp 492 VH 1963
professional while I am only an amateur,‘ he admitted. ‘I am afraid I cannot explain the anomaly. Perhaps my memory isp 492 VH 1963
the anomaly. Perhaps my memory is at fault. But I am sure the Venusian drew only five orbits.‘ He stepped downp 492 VH 1963
the string perimeter. ‘What on earth are you doing?‘ ‘I am collecting soil specimens.‘ Kandinski bent down and corked one ofp 493 VH 1963
you think this Venusian will return?‘ Kandinski nodded. ‘Yes. I am sure he will.‘ Later they sat together at a broadp 495 VH 1963
he said carefully. ‘Believe me. You must. You know I am too big a man to waste myself on a senselessp 496 VH 1963
ready for the next landings and alert the world. I am only Charles Kandinski, a waiter at a third-rate cafe, butp 496 VH 1963
identity are highly relativistic. As one spy laments: ‘So I am a public agent and don't know who I work forp 128 UGM 1964
snakes coiled together on the beaches. ‘Mechippe!‘ ‘Doctor?‘ ‘Mechippe!‘ ‘I am here, sir.‘ ‘Tonight, Mechippe,‘ Gifford told him, ‘you sleep inp 637 DS 1964
forest seem a dozen worlds away. Yet in fact I am no more than 1,000 miles from Florida as thep 626 IM 1964
illuminating the midnight sky like a silver chandelier. And I am convinced that the sun itself has begun to effloresce. Atp 627 IM 1964
professional involvement with the fine arts -- I was, and am, a director of Northeby's, the world-famous Bond Street auctioneers --p 575 LL 1964
was at least six inches taller than myself, although I am by no means a short man. ‘You have a beautifulp 570 PCD 1964
you to think I'm smug, of all things. If I am well prepared it's just that ...‘ he searched for a phrasep 18 D 1965
please rest for a moment,‘ the old negro apologized. ‘I am sorry to be this burden to you.‘ ‘Not at allp 87 D 1965
Sophia, each bough a jewelled semi-dome. Indeed, Max says I am becoming excessively Byzantine -- I wear my hair to myp 18 CW 1966
idea of your real motives! For the last time, I am not interested in Thorensen's damned diamonds -- and nor isp 92 CW 1966
terms. Listen!‘ he insisted when Sanders tried to remonstrate. ‘I am not giving you any ju-ju magic, I am an educatedp 112 CW 1966
remonstrate. ‘I am not giving you any ju-ju magic, I am an educated African. But many strange things happen in thisp 112 CW 1966
of that phantasmagoric forest ever occurred. Yet in fact I am little more than forty miles as the crow (or shouldp 168 CW 1966
illuminating the midnight sky like a silver chandelier. And I am convinced, Paul, that the sun itself has begun to efflorescep 169 CW 1966
me, sergeant, why are you in England? Sergeant Paley Why am I in England? Well, curiosity, I guess. I just wantedp 964 TW 1967
government department, Mrs Sherrington?‘ She hesitated, but only briefly. ‘I am told the organization is intimately connected with various governments, butp 775 CA 1968
the receiver to Judy. As a matter of fact, I am quite certain that I am right. I have seen thep 780 CA 1968
a matter of fact, I am quite certain that I am right. I have seen the photographs of Joshua Herzl takenp 780 CA 1968
of ego satisfaction by being able to channel energy. I am involved in women's groups, counselllng and participating in consciousness-raising. Ip 26 SEO 1972
she'll let you drive her.‘ ‘You're not envious?‘ ‘Maybe I am a little.‘ Sidestepping any local alliance that might be formedp 54 C 1973
a slow and circular inspection of some fresh sexual quarry. ‘Am I under his thumb? No. But it's difficult to knowp 115 C 1973
for a moment laughing aloud at himself. ‘How the hell am I supposed to climb that ...? Might as well be Mountp 20 CI 1974
bumper all the way back to Westway. What the hell am I talking about? Why blame them, Maitland? The rain's goingp 35 CI 1974
priest officiating at the eucharist of his own body. ‘I am the island.‘ The air shed its light. The air-raid shelterp 52 CI 1974
office, and my wife -- they must wonder where I am.‘ ‘But they think you're away on a business trip,‘ Janep 70 CI 1974
phrase he had muttered to himself during his delirium: I am the island. Ten minutes later, as he reached the breaker'sp 93 CI 1974
What about the practicante? He's probably better qualified than I am.‘ ‘I wasn't thinking of the birth, so much, as thep 831 LFA 1975
2.15 P.M. Lloret de Mar, Apartamentos California I am looking into a silent world. Through the viewfinder of thisp 856 60Z 1976
hint of an erection. 2.19 P.M. Already I am closer to the Coral Playa, the equivalent of perhaps 200p 856 60Z 1976
about to flow like tar, and for a moment I am too distracted to notice the young man hefting flippers andp 857 60Z 1976
have watched them in a hundred hotels. But now I am glad that Helen has failed to make her entrance. Withp 858 60Z 1976
would have appreciated the special merits of this film. I am now looking at the facade of the Coral Playa fromp 858 60Z 1976
she has disappeared into the corridor. For the moment I am paralysed. Under my beach-robe she is naked. 2.36 Pp 859 60Z 1976
has left for the beach. Fumbling with the tripod, I am about to realign the camera when Helen reappears, standing inp 860 60Z 1976
through the open door? Confused by this unlikely tryst, I am ready to stop the camera when Lawrence and Helen embracep 860 60Z 1976
lover like a theatre-goer in a front stall. So close am I that I fully expect them to incorporate me inp 860 60Z 1976
balcony and entered the domain of our hotel suite. I am no more than a few steps from the Irishman, whop 861 60Z 1976
that this camera should film them in slow motion. I am now so close that I might be sitting in thep 861 60Z 1976
air spurts from the dented plastic. At this moment I am certain that she has known about this film all alongp 862 60Z 1976
sweat-prints of her shoulder blades on the sheet. Yet I am aware that there has been a sudden intrusion into thep 862 60Z 1976
do. That smirk of hers alone prevents me. Besides, I am completely bound to Serena. Fortunately, Serena is now ageing fasterp 872 S 1976
to Serena. Fortunately, Serena is now ageing faster than I am. Helplessly watching her smile, my overcoat around my shoulders, Ip 872 S 1976
over-extended metaphors of some kind of suicidal self-hate? Though I am even more suspicious of my own motives than of otherp 208 UGM 1977
empty landscape fifteen miles to the southeast of Shanghai, I am struck by the extent to which we had already forgottenp 930 DT 1977
few minutes the next attack will begin. Now that I am surrounded for the first time by all the members ofp 946 ICU 1977
everything in this once elegant sitting room is silent. I am lying on the floor by the settee, looking at thep 946 ICU 1977
this film to be ironic or even threatening, but I am merely struck once again by her remarkable beauty. Watching herp 946 ICU 1977
ready to kick his face. With my right arm I am probably strong enough to take on whoever survives the lastp 952 ICU 1977
them affectionately, rage thickening the blood in my throat, I am only aware of my feelings of unbounded love. THE ILLUMINATEDp 952 ICU 1977
at my hands, as if she has forgotten who I am and is curious to inspect this solitary pilot who hasp 7 UDC 1979
down the laboratory in an attempt to revive it. I am still half-certain that we would have succeeded. Disowned by myp 12 UDC 1979
down here.‘ ‘I thought you were a stunt pilot.‘ ‘I am, in a way. I am a stunt pilot.‘ To avoidp 23 UDC 1979
were a stunt pilot.‘ ‘I am, in a way. I am a stunt pilot.‘ To avoid her interested gaze, I askedp 23 UDC 1979
I would now for ever be alive. The River Barrier ‘Am I dead?‘ I spoke quietly into the grave, waiting forp 51 UDC 1979
the aircraft on its cross, and at the suffocating rhododendrons. ‘Am I dead and mad?‘ Why was I so affected byp 51 UDC 1979
I don't know whether I'm seeing or dreaming.‘ ‘Miriam -- am I dead?‘ ‘No!‘ She slapped my right cheek, then heldp 92 UDC 1979
down and hid my antlers among the dead flowers. I Am the Fire When I woke, a sombre light filled thep 117 UDC 1979
had first glimpsed as I climbed from the aircraft. ‘I am the fire ...‘ And the earth, air and water. Of thesep 118 UDC 1979
space on my birth certificate. Tell me, Captain, who I am ... A sharp spray rose from the cutwater of the Apollop 13 HA 1981
a gamma-ray detector mounted on the roof of the Pan Am Building in Manhattan. On the last day Wayne and ap 52 HA 1981
a sharp U-turn ... May I remind you, Captain, that I am in charge of this expedition -- you are here top 54 HA 1981
in the rebirth of the American nation. Now, assume I am President. What's my first step in this historic task?‘ ‘Destroyp 81 HA 1981
huge release of radio-activity. The Geiger counters on the Pan Am Building are recording a vast burst of neutrons. Don't youp 83 HA 1981
1.30 I was on the roof of the Pan Am Building -- Wayne will be impressed to hear that Ip 84 HA 1981
I decided to check the monitoring equipment atop the Pan Am Building in case there had been any release of radiationp 107 HA 1981
has ever crossed America. McNair, think of that!‘ ‘Wayne, I am ... You've told us a hundred times a day.‘ McNair laughedp 122 HA 1981
watching him with unfeigned curiosity. ‘Of course, my boy, who am I, that's what you want to know --?‘ He bowedp 170 HA 1981
of his diary. June 19 -- fugues: 8-30 to 9-11 am; 11-45 to 12-27 am; 5-15 to 6-08 pm; 11-30 top 1018 NFS 1981
19 -- fugues: 8-30 to 9-11 am; 11-45 to 12-27 am; 5-15 to 6-08 pm; 11-30 to 12-14 pm. Total: 3p 1018 NFS 1981
and these empty hotels. But be careful of Slade.‘ ‘I am.‘ Casually, Franklin added: ‘I want you to see more ofp 1023 NFS 1981
each lasting over an hour. The first started at 9 am as I was walking around the pool towards the carp 1024 NFS 1981
you'd flown with the space-crews you'd be like Trippett.‘ ‘I am like Trippett.‘ Calm again, Slade stepped to the window andp 1029 NFS 1981
right -- the birds. (Anne): Did you teach them? What am I talking about? How long have I been away? (EMp 1056 MSA 1982
from the vibrating windows and held him to the carpet. ‘Am I going to school?‘ Jim asked. ‘It's the scripture examp 44 ES 1984
keen to see your mother and father again?‘ ‘Yes, I am. I think about them every day.‘ ‘Good. Do you rememberp 210 ES 1984
distant glimpse of Copacabana Beach, you probably assume that I am a man of few achievements. The shabby briefcase between myp 1105 MWM 1985
whole air of failure ... no doubt you think that I am a minor clerk who has missed promotion once too oftenp 1105 MWM 1985
They now share my small apartment at Ipanema, while I am forced to live in a room above the projection boothp 1105 MWM 1985
from me any memory of the actual space-flights. But I am certain that I was once an astronaut. Years ago, beforep 1105 MWM 1985
dinner table, I silenced them with a raised finger. ‘I am about to embark on a new career ...‘ From then onp 1112 MWM 1985
Scranton. ‘Yes, this is Commander Scranton, the famous astronaut. I am his associate -- do let me hold your camera ...‘ Ip 1113 MWM 1985
moon. ‘Please sit down,‘ I told them casually. ‘Yes, I am the astronaut.‘ NEWS FROM THE SUN In the evenings, asp 1115 MWM 1985
I need to show the people in Europe that I am trying.‘ ‘I understand. Why not go to Chad or thep 34 DC 1987
safe with her?‘ ‘She's the only person with whom I am safe. But for Noon I'd never have come so farp 204 DC 1987
you?‘ ‘Because I created it. In a real sense, I am the Mallory.‘ Humouring me, she buffed her lantern. ‘You arep 205 DC 1987
trailer in the car park of the clinic. Ostensibly I am still exploring the possibilities of an irrigation project, but thisp 284 DC 1987
As I search the sandy bed of the river I am really thinking of Noon, and waiting for her to appearp 284 DC 1987
have camped on the river-bed beside the earth rampart. I am always careful to examine the prints, and on several occasionsp 284 DC 1987
remote airstrip, carrying the emissaries of another secessionist movement. I am waiting, but not for a plane. I am waiting forp 287 DC 1987
movement. I am waiting, but not for a plane. I am waiting for a strong-shouldered young woman, with a caustic eyep 287 DC 1987
jaunty stride. Sooner or later she will reappear, and I am certain that when she comes the Mallory will also returnp 287 DC 1987
was in fact a botched execution. Needless to say, I am confident that Marion is alive, and that the nightmare logicp 61 RW 1988
other extraordinary feature of World War 3 is that I am virtually the only person to know that it ever occurredp 1116 WW3 1988
have paid for my freedom may seem excessive, but I am happy to have made this savage, if curious, bargain. Soonp 1124 LCC 1989
may give the game away. Watching the car impatiently, I am tempted to step from the house and switch off thep 1130 TES 1989
turbo-fans. She is dreaming of Martinique or Mauritius, while I am dreaming of nothing. My decision to dream that dream mayp 1130 TES 1989
months before my action arouses any real suspicions, and I am confident that by then I will long since have movedp 1131 TES 1989
the car's engine falters and stops. In every way I am marooned, but a reductive Crusoe paring away exactly those elementsp 1132 TES 1989
mountain-top, with half the sky below me. Without doubt, I am very much better. I have put away the past, ap 1133 TES 1989
longer depending on anyone else, however well-intentioned. Above all, I am no longer dependent on myself. I feel no obligation top 1133 TES 1989
of these, I owe that person, myself, no debts. I am free at last to think only of the essential elementsp 1133 TES 1989
treat. He is certain that in some reprehensible way I am exploiting the suburban norms, like a wife-beater or child-molester. Ip 1133 TES 1989
wife, condemned to the despair of a womanless world. I am hungry all the time, kept going by not much morep 1134 TES 1989
unable to control the saliva that swamps my mouth. I am so overwhelmed by the taste of food that I failp 1134 TES 1989
around amiably, waiting to be fed, but for once I am in need of her charity. Two months have now passedp 1136 TES 1989
companies. But an unshakable logic is at work, and I am confident that my project will be complete before the powerp 1137 TES 1989
centres of our timid brains have concealed from us. I am on the verge of a unique revelation, the equal perhapsp 1137 TES 1989
and recedes from me at the same time, and I am concerned that she will lose herself in the almost planetaryp 1138 TES 1989
the kitchen door, so remote is it from me. I am sitting with my back to the freezer, which I havep 1138 TES 1989
was becoming a prism of itself. ‘Johnson, wake up!‘ ‘I am awake. Christine ... I didn't hear you come.‘ ‘I've been herep 1170 DCG 1990
turned down. I can't remember the significance of 11:47 am on a June day in 1975, then some eight yearsp 46 DMa 1990
time nf further out program all crash drills xero "I am 7000 years old". Xero Run Hot with a Million Programp COL 1990
old". Xero Run Hot with a Million Program Starts mad: am: beach hamlet pm: imago tapes :the existential yes! :neuronic lowp COL 1990
explains absolutely nothing about what I write and what I am.‘ But this is scarcely borne out by his endless referencesp 116 UGM 1991
can do anything. She's more frightened of him than I am.‘ ‘He doesn't hit everybody.‘ ‘He'll hit you one day.‘ ‘Ip 34 KW 1991
what Mrs Dwight would say. She'd have you banished.‘ ‘I am banished.‘ Not sure what this meant, I added: ‘There mightp 36 KW 1991
boys in USAF uniforms. Jim, think about it.‘ ‘David, I am thinking about it. It's quite an idea -- in factp 104 KW 1991
Spain might give you just the jolt you're waiting for.‘ ‘Am I waiting for a jolt?‘ ‘Yes -- like a rabbitp 143 KW 1991
that was a dig at me.‘ ‘In a friendly way.‘ ‘Am I square?‘ ‘My depraved and respectable wife?‘ I pressed herp 150 KW 1991
thought of turning back.‘ ‘You should have done. No, what am I saying?‘ Dorothy checked herself, surprised by her tongue. ‘Brianp 166 KW 1991
go down a treat. The audiences are very conventional.‘ ‘So am I. Sally ...‘ But nothing could stop her. As we drovep 180 KW 1991
see you as an archangel again.‘ ‘See me as I am.‘ She stopped by the car and rested the picnic basketp 211 KW 1991
I hope you and Dick are thoroughly misbehaving yourselves.‘ ‘I am, but Dick's been too busy giving TV interviews. Everyone agreesp 252 KW 1991
out a wartime Spitfire. Sally thought you'd be interested.‘ ‘I am -- my son should have come along.‘ Sally had mentionedp 287 KW 1991
about as revealing as charades. My faults? Of course, I am too trusting, too modest, and help far too many oldp 271 UGM 1992
unerotic dream of itself. Time and motion studies -- I am both myself and the shape that the universe makes aroundp 277 UGM 1992
intriguing insight into the origins of the disaster. 6.00 am Porno-Disco. Wake yourself up with his-and-her hardcore sex images playedp 1173 GVD 1992
and bestiality (choice: German Shepherd or Golden Retriever). 1.00 am Newsflash. Tonight's surprise air-crash. 2.00 The Religious Hour. Imaginep 1174 GVD 1992
claimed that a passage from the Bhagavad-Gita -- ‘Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds‘ -- crossed his mindp 159 UGM 1993
Kmasutra or the collected works of Krafft-Ebing, but perhaps I am showing my age. The author combines vast erudition with ap 246 UGM 1993
I get you a sandwich? You must be tired.‘ ‘I am tired.‘ She seemed to remember Neil and his artless mannerp 33 RP 1994
a doctor in the pace-boat. Are you qualified?‘ ‘I certainly am. I was a Hammersmith GP for six years. Still, Ip 35 RP 1994
whole island's on fire! Are you proud of us?‘ ‘I am proud of you, Dr Barbara.‘ ‘Good -- I want youp 66 RP 1994
I hope we're equal to the demands we'll face.‘ ‘I am, Dr Barbara.‘ ‘I know you are. But I want youp 215 RP 1994
in Malaga this evening. The police investigation is proceeding. I am afraid that in the circumstances bail is out of thep 19 CN 1996
on his lips again. ‘It's hard to believe, but I am guilty.‘ ‘Don't talk like that!‘ Impatient with him, I knockedp 27 CN 1996
successful club. Besides, he was tremendously tolerant about everything.‘ ‘So am I. Paula, I'm pointing out that there are any numberp 119 CN 1996
hang-gliders and half-strangled to death you look remarkably well.‘ ‘I am. I feel almost lightheaded. It's the thought of seeing Frankp 187 CN 1996
her thigh. ‘It looks like a bar code. How much am I worth?‘ ‘A lot, Paula. More than you think. Putp 192 CN 1996
the place is one of hers. By the way, who am I supposed to be entertaining, and how?‘ ‘Relax, Charles. Ip 211 CN 1996
knows what else. You look healthier for it, Charles.‘ ‘I am. I swim every day, knock a few balls around withp 226 CN 1996
You look as if you're glad to see me.‘ ‘I am. Nothing's happened -- that's the problem. I may be thep 234 CN 1996
way? I, of course, can answer the question, since I am the man in the panama hat, the husband at whomp 8 DYF 1996
wants to see if we're good enough for Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘I am.‘ Jane's chin rose, exposing a childhood scar. ‘Why not?‘ ‘Sop 33 SC 2000
and didn't realize it. But you understand how that feels.‘ ‘Am I lonely?‘ ‘Limping around all day?‘ She brushed her cigarettep 114 SC 2000
Zander and Delage are important people. Be careful, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Am I in danger?‘ ‘Not yet. I'll warn you when thep 175 SC 2000
Not yet. I'll warn you when the time comes.‘ ‘Thanks. Am I asking too many questions?‘ ‘About Greenwood's death? Who couldp 175 SC 2000
those genuinely violent people who never realize it.‘ ‘And you?‘ ‘Am I genuinely violent?‘ Grinning, Penrose lightly punched my left kidneyp 243 SC 2000
is bigger. To the French he's a negre, while I am an Arab ...‘ He stared bleakly at the party, and thenp 294 SC 2000
any?‘ ‘Paul, I'm joking ... or at least I hope I am.‘ He walked me to the door, an avuncular clubman withp 298 SC 2000
of the ratissages. They think you're part of Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘I am.‘ ‘That's why I'm here.‘ She managed a strained smile, reassuringp 331 SC 2000
ready to sacrifice himself for his principles.‘ ‘I hope I am. Aren't we all?‘ ‘Alas, no. Protest is one thing, actionp 62 MP 2003
steam float away. ‘Sally, you're obsessed by this.‘ ‘Yes, I am.‘ She held my shoulders and made me sit on thep 69 MP 2003
that old suitcase. You look like an illegal immigrant.‘ ‘I am, in a way. An odd thought.‘ I left the suitcasep 114 MP 2003
isn't why you're going back to Chelsea.‘ ‘No? Then why am I going back?‘ ‘You've picked up some kind of trailp 114 MP 2003
David. Genital molestation, they called it. You look shocked.‘ ‘I am. It doesn't seem ...‘ ‘Like me? It wasn't. But I sensedp 132 MP 2003
the parapet. ‘I ought to tell my wife where I am.‘ ‘Don't worry.‘ Gould slipped the phone into his pocket andp 133 MP 2003
ways she's as involved with the Heathrow bomb as I am. She needs to make sense of it.‘ ‘Sense? There isp 165 MP 2003
good impression of a man going to the office.‘ ‘I am. I need to cheer up my secretary, see one orp 166 MP 2003
yesterday's underwear.‘ ‘Get dressed! And try to look involved.‘ ‘I am.‘ I held her wrists as she pummelled the mirror. ‘Kayp 224 MP 2003
media speculation is today's crucible of accepted truth, and I am widely identified as the man who spared the Home Secretaryp 290 MP 2003
the Metro-Centre we're great believers in the future.‘ ‘As I am, Tom ...‘ He guided me towards a nearby travelator, and noddedp 39 KC 2006
Harry; what department is that?‘ ‘You're not asking me?‘ ‘I am asking you.‘ Still bickering, they wandered off towards a troupep 90 KC 2006
salesman, turning a wild smile onto his customers. ‘Well, what am I offered?‘ He caressed the microwave, and addressed a youngp 90 KC 2006
audience, Christie turned to me. ‘Sir, I've been watching you. Am I right? You have your eye on that refrigerator. Thep 91 KC 2006
thing. A big London agency, seven-figure salary, share options, duplexes ... Am I right?‘ ‘Wrong. As it happens, I've just been sackedp 98 KC 2006
a decanter and two tumblers. ‘Laphroaig -- private patients only.‘ ‘Am I a patient?‘ ‘I haven't decided yet.‘ Maxted steered mep 98 KC 2006
authentic thing, like your Jensen.‘ ‘You might be right.‘ ‘I am right!‘ Cruise held my shoulders in a pair of powerfulp 139 KC 2006
you could practically run the country.‘ ‘The country? Now I am worried ...‘ Cruise gripped the arms of his lounger, overcoming thep 145 KC 2006
undistracted by Julia's presence. ‘You're going to tell me.‘ ‘I am.‘ Sangster examined his swollen hands, and picked a splinter fromp 167 KC 2006
to feel subservient to a powerful man. ‘Mr Pearson!‘ ‘What am I doing here? This is where I live. I've movedp 183 KC 2006
tribal totem -- you should be safe for a while.‘ ‘Am I in danger? I didn't know‘ ‘Come on ...‘ Maxted examinedp 241 KC 2006
of all financial dependence on my parents, a sentiment I am sure they shared. They were strongly opposed to my hopesp 153 ML 2008
filled with Rembrandts, a powerful charge to the imagination. I am sure that a large part of the enduring mystery ofp 155 ML 2008
convinced that I would be a failure. Looking back, I am puzzled by their lack of support, but they may havep 179 ML 2008
and fast cars she had left behind in Stone. I am sure that we would have eventually moved to a detachedp 184 ML 2008
own minds. I was fascinated by my children and still am, and feel much the same way about my four grandchildrenp 200 ML 2008
she could barely breathe, she held my hand and asked: ‘Am I dying?‘ I'm not sure if she could hear mep 200 ML 2008
questions before they were out of the compere's mouth. I am grateful to Kingsley, and glad that I saw his generousp 204 ML 2008
and that at last I was beginning to recover. I am sure that I changed greatly during these years. On thep 205 ML 2008
the richest and happiest I have ever known, and I am sure that my parents‘ lives were arid by contrast. Forp 225 ML 2008
up the sausage and mash, and watching Blue Peter. I am certain that my fiction is all the better for thatp 226 ML 2008
about the most formative experiences of their lives, and I am still puzzled why I allowed so many decades to slipp 248 ML 2008
As Hammer films go, it was a success, but I am glad that they misspelled my name in the credits. Inp 255 ML 2008
head of Time Warner and a hugely influential man. I am a lifelong republican and would like to see the monarchyp 260 ML 2008
treatment from the point of view of the patient. I am very grateful that my last days will be spent underp 278 ML 2008