Deep in the Gene Pool The Ant and the Peacock: Altruism and Sexual Selection from Darwin to Today Helena Cronin Naturalp 156 UGM 1992
that is the engine of evolution, are the acts of altruism found throughout the animal kingdom. The sterile worker ant hasp 156 UGM 1992
cunning will survive, and the same logic underpins acts of altruism. The cause of the gene pool as a whole mayp 157 UGM 1992
more devious and calculating times, casting a neutral eye on altruism and self-interest. Is the new Darwinism about to bring usp 158 UGM 1992
but otherwise it feels like me. There's also a certain altruistic pleasure that one is keeping alive part of another humanp 690 TIM 1966
benefit. Given that natural selection rewards success, why have these altruistic strains not bred themselves out of existence? Dr Cronin plungesp 156 UGM 1992
fists and impossible schemes -- one for a hundred-foot-high vibrating aluminium pylon, and the other for a vast booming family groupp 40 VS 1957
over the debris, searched about and found a small circular aluminium chest, about two feet across by a foot deep. Mountedp 75 WG 1959
shearing up into the sky, the glass in-falls of the aluminium curtain walling speckling in the sunlight. The smaller houses andp 157 CH 1960
port, he came across a picture of Travis wearing an aluminium pressure suit and learned something more of his story. Apparentlyp 359 CS 1962
capsules to vaporize. It was this slow disintegration of the aluminium shells that made them visible -- it had often beenp 368 CS 1962
the actual capsule, but at a local field of vaporized aluminium and ionized hydrogen peroxide gas from the ruptured attitude jetsp 368 CS 1962
by a mass of dusty rhododendrons, it consisted of six aluminium shelled spheres suspended like the elements of a mobile fromp 305 TDS 1962
the amplified phrases boomed among the rooftops, echoing off the aluminium in-falls set into the sheets of windows. Kerans cupped hisp 51 DW 1962
the stern of an ancient sunken liner. The once polished aluminium roof had become dull and blunted, molluscs and bivalves clingingp 103 DW 1962
of the Echo III satellite, the latest of the huge aluminium spheres which had been orbiting the earth since Echo Ip 454 QR 1963
futuristic motifs. The chairs and tables were painted a drab aluminium grey, their limbs and panels cut in random geometric shapesp 481 VH 1963
a lame effort to revive our spirits. ‘The fragments of aluminium paint will be highly reflective and form a local cloudp 607 IM 1964
showed the back of the oak panel with its six aluminium ribs, contact points for the circuit and a mass ofp 577 LL 1964
plain for any signs of movement. Two miles away the aluminium towers of a grain silo shone against the hills. ‘Canp 138 D 1965
forearm to protect his face. A blinding jet of vaporized aluminium suddenly erupted from the nozzle of Glanville's hand, gushing outp 716 TMY 1966
across his face, his entire body was covered with the aluminium particles. His hair glittered in the sunlight like silver foilp 716 TMY 1966
lake as he wiped away the last traces of the aluminium paint with a solvent sponge. He looked down at thep 718 TMY 1966
down from the sky. Enthroned on a bier of burning aluminium three hundred yards wide, she soared past on her finalp 764 DA 1968
skin. The Yes or No of the Borderzone. Between the aluminium grilles of the balcony he could see the banks ofp 59 SCN 1969
geometric landscape of the airport buildings, the ribbons of dulled aluminium and areas of imitation wood laminates. Even my relationship withp 41 C 1973
sat in the crowded traffic lanes of the flyover, the aluminium walls of the airline coaches shutting off the sky. Asp 65 C 1973
they reached the hospital, their distraught son tearing at the aluminium sails in a frenzy, the Halloways were already in deepp 878 UC 1976
party disembark from their sailing vessel, a three-master whose white aluminium sails and white steel hull stood out against the darkp 908 UC 1976
but it actually contained a complete general store. There were aluminium pots and pans, an assortment of women's slacks and blousesp 218 ES 1984
dressing in her blue tracksuit she begins to unscrew the aluminium baffle of the ventilator shaft above the computer. Already shep 67 RW 1988
shed, from which a set of landing lights and an aluminium water tower had been unloaded. But there was no signp 22 RP 1994
The Saitos were enthralled by this palace of glass and aluminium, and even Dr Barbara was mollified, treating the sceptical Garfieldp 105 RP 1994
hands. A concrete apron sloped from the road to the aluminium shutters of a three-car garage. Parked on the ramp wasp 21 SC 2000
towards the Metro-Centre. Dominating the landscape around it, the immense aluminium dome housed the largest shopping mall in Greater London, ap 15 KC 2006
apparently built as an afterthought from sections of glass and aluminium panelling. Deep balconies looked out over the hospital buildings belowp 97 KC 2006
the Metro-Centre, the explosive pressure blowing out the glass and aluminium panels two hundred feet above the atrium. The shopping mallp 113 KC 2006
across the atrium, avoiding the spurs of glass and torn aluminium that had fallen from the roof. Somewhere above me, onp 265 KC 2006
stopped under the glass proscenium of the Merck building, an aluminium-sheathed basilica that housed the pharmaceutical company, an architect's offices andp 54 SC 2000
then realized that it was merely the reflection in the aluminized skin of a ripple in the pool behind him. Hep 240 DE 1961
panels of the roof and sides were now a brilliant aluminized silver, shining in the sunlight like a temple. Framed inp 716 TMY 1966
passenger seat through the nearside door; (2) the conjunction of aluminized gutter trim with the volumes of her thighs; (3) thep 63 SCN 1969
in the haemorrhages of their brain tissue flowering beneath the aluminized compression chambers and reaction vessels. Vaughan devised the massive rear-endp 13 C 1973
metallized excitements of our shared dreams of technology. The elegant aluminized air-vents in the walls of the X-ray department beckoned asp 41 C 1973
his palm against the medallion of the horn boss, an aluminized emblem which had always irritated me. I felt the indentationp 200 C 1973
the balloon might be breaking up, forming a cloud of aluminum like a gigantic mirror, Sanders watched the satellite setting inp 39 CW 1966
womenfolk of the planters. And Allison. Poor man. Allison had always trusted the Malayans and Chinese working on the rubber estatesp 9 VN 1951
thought about it. But my wristwatch said 9.05, and always ran perfectly. And the clock on the mantelpiece in thep 15 E 1956
of my apartment off Beach Drive, drinking beer -- we always kept a useful supply stacked in the refrigerator of myp 1 PB 1956
own eggs in the fleshy ovule, guided, or as Mandel always insisted, actually mesmerized to it by the vibrations which thep 3 PB 1956
to three, but apart from that I suppose we were always together. Sometimes in the late afternoons we'd drive out alongp 9 PB 1956
and I'm sorry to have to say it, but she'll always cheat. PRISONER OF THE CORAL DEEP I found the shellp 11 PB 1956
you'd, you'd ...‘ He frowned at Franz. ‘What's the word? You're always using it.‘ ‘Fly.‘ ‘Basically, Matheson, the machine is simple,‘ Sangerp 25 CC 1957
a frayed sweat-shirt spat over the rail. ‘That's what they always say. At a dollar a foot promises are all theyp 28 CC 1957
going? West?‘ The attendant shook his head. ‘East, sir. It's always been going east.‘ ‘You're crazy,‘ Franz snapped. ‘I want top 36 CC 1957
answer is: what was here before we built it?‘ ‘It's always been here,‘ the surgeon said. ‘Not these particular bricks andp 37 CC 1957
anyway. They'll make the most of it, just as we've always made the most, eventually, of any opportunity given us. It'sp 51 M69 1957
the shock of being yourself. Remember, you and I aren't always going to be around, feeding them with tests and filmsp 52 M69 1957
how silent and deserted the gymnasium seemed. The Clinic was always quiet, but even at night a residual ebb and flowp 59 M69 1957
end door. ‘What about that one?‘ ‘Locked,‘ Lang said. ‘69 always has been. I think it leads down to the basementp 60 M69 1957
seizure didn't close in out of nowhere -- but as always refused to admit anything without absolute proof. He led thep 65 M69 1957
sketches? What's the Fine Arts Committee for?‘ My secretaries have always talked to me like this, and just then I couldp 39 VS 1957
But it'll probably get back again somehow. A few pieces always will.‘ I put my arm round her waist and beganp 49 VS 1957
These, together with the hands, and sometimes the digits, had always been removed. His own attempts to build an escapement thatp 154 CH 1960
he could not resist the temptation to impress Stacey by always being the first one to make for the door. Onep 155 CH 1960
the uninhabited interior of the city, like the other children always headed in the opposite direction for the open country. Herep 157 CH 1960
one hour a day than not at all. Scarcities are always rationed, aren't they?‘ ‘But this was a way of lifep 161 CH 1960
been said to him about his retirement, and he had always assumed that he would stay on until, like many membersp 204 LW 1960
Gioconda's phantom audience was real. Of course the cylinder was always empty, containing only the usual daily detritus -- the soundsp 107 SS 1960
a group serving the staff married quarters of the University. Always a difficult job to keep clean, he struck paydirt almostp 125 SS 1960
Scala. That's the voice she hears, the voice she'll probably always hear.‘ Mangon pondered this. Once he tried to ask Madamep 132 SS 1960
was too difficult to reach -- neurosurgeon extraordinary, a man always out on the periphery, only at ease working with unfamiliarp 170 VT 1960
moment, riding the kick the first one of the day always gave him. ‘The so-called "silent pair" is one of modernp 177 VT 1960
of an entire biological kingdom is of fixed duration. It's always been assumed that the evolutionary slope reaches forever upwards, butp 181 VT 1960
like an expressway. However, the last week of a holiday always goes faster than the first. At the present rate therep 184 VT 1960
do. Why whenever anyone grapples with a ghost does it always vanish instantly? Because forcibly occupying the same physical co-ordinates asp 145 ZT 1960
reduced him to a state of exhaustion. The street was always full, an endless clamour of voices and shuffling feet. Byp 267 B 1961
dawn when only the sidewalks were crowded, every thoroughfare was always packed with a shuffling mob of pedestrians, perforce ignoring thep 268 B 1961
door to prevent it jumping off its latch. ‘So they're always saying,‘ he commented. ‘I can remember that rumour ten yearsp 269 B 1961
obviously worried that Judith might fall into bad company. ‘There's always a rent freeze after a revaluation but all the landlordsp 275 B 1961
with them in their escape from time. DEEP END They always slept during the day. By dawn the last of thep 235 DE 1961
of blond hair, and his absolute sense of personal responsibility, always amused him. ‘You relax,‘ Granger said, adjusting the shoulder padp 237 DE 1961
say it hasn't any applications in everyday life, but scientists always think that. It's really fantastic, to be able to gop 284 GA 1961
have reached here by now. Elizabeth! Damn, why does she always move so quietly? Climbing down from the window overlooking thep 255 MF 1961
high heels. Freeman, a stocky man of medium height, had always been slightly shorter than her, but this had never worriedp 258 MF 1961
himself more closely. On one of their shopping expeditions (Elizabeth always took Freeman with her, unselfishly asked his opinions, what hep 258 MF 1961
little chap?‘ To Elizabeth he commented: ‘Fine baby there. I always like the angry-looking ones. Your neighbour's?‘ Elizabeth shook her headp 264 MF 1961
within two or three minutes, but for some reason he always found the short wait each morning almost unbearable. As hep 244 OM 1961
through Shakespeare, Newton, Beethoven, Goethe, Darwin, Freud and Einstein there's always been a living genius. Now for the first time inp 248 OM 1961
streamers continued to blow across the dunes, for some reason always starting in the evening, when the lights of the trafficp 209 S5 1961
bombardment of ever more obscure and bizarre poems reached me, always in two installments, the first brought by the chauffeur promptlyp 216 S5 1961
and shook my head dogmatically. ‘Go away. You writers are always pouring scorn on editors, but when things get tough who'sp 218 S5 1961
came. They protested that of course they thought of her always -- a blatant lie -- but she refused to believep 221 S5 1961
the shy young fellow with the footballer's build. Something is always wrong with his set. Might as well try him.‘ Ap 225 S5 1961
but refused to have anything altered or rewritten. ‘But we always rewrite, Aurora,‘ I told her. ‘One can't expect an infalliblep 226 S5 1961
During the days that followed Tristram and Aurora Day were always together. In the morning they would usually drive out top 227 S5 1961
come up to the apartment to use the phone. As always she looked bright and happy, undeterred by the monotony ofp 12 WFN 1961
transit between then and her present phase. At least, he always complimented himself, he had lasted longer than any other ofp 12 WFN 1961
Saturn. To date the weather systems on this planet have always been dictated by the oceanic drifts, but it's obvious nowp 55 WFN 1961
miles away, a short detour won't hurt us. And there's always the chance that if this fellow Hardoon is planning somep 154 WFN 1961
well-run organization.‘ Hardoon smiled bleakly. ‘It's astonishing, how the weak always judge the strong by their own limited standards. It's preciselyp 164 WFN 1961
lays to herself, he would deliberately repress the knowledge, but always it came back, nagging at him insistently, forcing him top 321 13C 1962
and warm eyes there was something about Dr Francis that always put Abel on his guard. Perhaps Dr Francis knew toop 322 13C 1962
himself where Dr Francis had come from, but his mind always fogged at a question like that, as the conditioning blocksp 323 13C 1962
of miles away, in a distant orbiting system. Our grandfathers always lived on Earth, and we are the first people everp 325 13C 1962
Most of it will be left to you.‘ ‘Will you always be here?‘ Dr Francis stood up. ‘No, Abel, I won'tp 325 13C 1962
man merely said: ‘Captain Peters is in charge of Control. Always let him worry where the navigation of the ship isp 330 13C 1962
pass three SRO bulletins on your way from the laboratory. Always look at them at every opportunity, remember. Last-minute changes arep 337 13C 1962
of the pressure seals by the B-Deck Meteor Screen. He always went through the pretence of reading them, enjoying the sensep 337 13C 1962
anyone who can dig it out‘). Travis and Louise Woodward always came to the hotel on the conjunction nights -- itp 356 CS 1962
rack of spools. The rumble of the wardens‘ unsilenced engines always gave him at least five minutes‘ warning of their arrivalp 357 CS 1962
fragments of a vanished and unregretted past. By day he always drew the blinds, immolating himself in a world of perpetualp 358 CS 1962
the settlement. On the drawing board, as elsewhere, he would always remain earth-bound. His dreams of building a new Gothic architecturep 360 CS 1962
the Castor and Pollux of the orbiting zodiac, whose appearance always heralded a full conjunction the following night. Louise Woodward gazedp 362 CS 1962
Relax, Bridgman. If you do want to get out, you'll always be able to tunnel underneath it.‘ ‘I don't want top 365 CS 1962
miles apart, and the satellites moved as if they were always together, in the tight configuration Bridgman had known since childhoodp 368 CS 1962
they moved towards him, his irritation with Travis forgotten. As always, he felt himself moved by the eerie but strangely serenep 369 CS 1962
air seemed brighter, the sun warmer, while the plain was always dull and remote. As was his custom before beginning hisp 298 GT 1962
evidence of growth among the flowers. The larger blooms had always been mature, and none of the buds had shown thep 301 GT 1962
addiction, not cure it. In their pantheon the father-figure is always benevolent.‘ ‘That's invariably been Bortman's line. Psychiatry is ultimately self-indulgentp 294 IO 1962
which invariably ended in the same way, the final peak always unscaled? Perhaps it was some sort of abstract duel betweenp 405 M99 1962
with the effort of recollection. ‘I'm sorry, Doctor. Anyway, I've always heard that post-hypnotic suggestions couldn't compel you to do anythingp 408 M99 1962
him to the Masters of the Guild. ‘Why are you always arguing with Mr Gorrell?‘ Trantino asked her. One of thep 341 PE 1962
her. One of the Guild's axioms was ‘The husband is always right.‘ Any discord between him and his wife was thep 342 PE 1962
the Guild, was his only hope. ‘Remember, Margot, you will always have me.‘ He was about to permit himself a melancholyp 342 PE 1962
silky and reassuring. ‘I want to be with you, Clifford. Always.‘ Clifford pushed her away. ‘Don't be silly, Margot,‘ he saidp 342 PE 1962
feel,‘ the colonel added, reflectively stroking his steel-grey moustache. ‘Procyon always put up a great fight against us and an expeditionp 344 PE 1962
taste. A purely military operation is perfectly feasible. However, we always advise our clients to invoke some doctrine as a casusp 345 PE 1962
the Federation of Amorphs. First to the light horizon. There's always quite a line-up for this one and any form ofp 348 PE 1962
your mind as well, but the Nils of Rigel, who always enter a strong team, are capable of instantaneous transmission. (bp 349 PE 1962
the outright winner at the Mira Nuptial Contest, and will always have a proud place in the private repertoires. To youp 353 PE 1962
a low shudder through the rest of the spheres. It's always interesting to watch a psychotropic house try to adjust itselfp 306 TDS 1962
house were perfectly bonded, never revealing any flaws of character, always reposed and self-controlled. If I leapt out of my chairp 312 TDS 1962
too late to go to the station. The Colonel was always eager for an hour of conversation, particularly when sustained byp 7 DW 1962
the rail. ‘Haven't you got the elevator working yet? I always thought this place was over-rated.‘ However, he smiled appreciatively whenp 13 DW 1962
we've done has been a total waste -- as I've always maintained, incidentally. The American and Russian units are being recalledp 13 DW 1962
sense of duty.‘ ‘That's interesting, Colonel,‘ Beatrice commented sarcastically. ‘I've always understood that our duty was to stay on here asp 27 DW 1962
sabotage. However varied his faults, in the past he had always believed them to be redressed by one outstanding virtue --p 38 DW 1962
to Byrd, I think you should let them know. There's always a chance of --‘ But Bodkin had gone. Kerans listenedp 45 DW 1962
that otherwise he will forget it completely. Her hair was always dressed immaculately, the make-up on her mouth and eyes exquisitelyp 87 DW 1962
the promise of his well-stocked cuisine and cellar. Beatrice, however, always refused these invitations to luncheon and midnight breakfast -- Strangmanp 96 DW 1962
and his men were a thousand miles away there was always the chance that some specialist government unit might pay ap 105 DW 1962
you wouldn't mind. Blame it on my manic-depressive personality, I'm always seizing on wild schemes.‘ Kerans found two gold-plated porcelain coffeep 114 DW 1962
bedroom, but at midnight, when it became cool, she would always come down from her penthouse among the stars and joinp 129 DW 1962
reluctant to kill him, and the crew reflected this hesitation, always disguising their insults and tortures res in the form ofp 135 DW 1962
at first, less as a consequence of her modest, though always interesting, talents than of her simple failure to register photogenicallyp 396 TSS 1962
untoward activity in the watch-towers, and at such times Renthall always maintained an absolute silence. Just before he stood up ap 377 WT 1962
not have mentioned it by accident -- and it was always during the lulls that the Council was most active inp 378 WT 1962
time trying to teach them tricks. His acerbic, matter-of-fact manner always tired Renthall, but he respected the doctor for not slidingp 380 WT 1962
-- used to be one over those houses. We were always looking at it. Do you remember how we used top 393 WT 1962
one of the courts of star chamber whose proceedings were always held in camera and whose verdicts were never announced. Asp 507 EG 1963
to shrug them off with a quip. This insouciance had always been his strongest ally. His eyes searched the board, rovingp 508 EG 1963
or three days, nor even the next fortnight. Haste was always unseemly, quite apart from violating the whole purpose of thep 508 EG 1963
watched his opponent, would be that of the pragmatist, judging always by immediate capability rather than by any concealed intentions. Asp 509 EG 1963
laughing at me. ‘Of course,‘ he went on, ‘death is always painful. I merely wondered whether, in the legal sense ofp 510 EG 1963
sense of time or progression, the watching figure of Malek always before him. Every morning, when he woke after two orp 513 EG 1963
of breaking through the impasse had offered itself. He had always been certain that Hinton's miraculous disappearance represented more than ap 524 MO 1963
the cliff's edge, her face raised above the roaring spray. Always he failed to reach her before the tide turned, andp 477 NWS 1963
face away. ‘Ah, well, whenever we escape from anything we always carry a memento of it with us. Ryker collects clocksp 440 QR 1963
avoid defiling the tribe.‘ He paused. ‘At least, so I've always believed. It's strange, something seems to have ... Listen, Lieutenant,‘ hep 452 QR 1963
Pelham searched the beach, the moment of recognition lost. ‘You're always seeing Sherrington. That's the fourth time alone this afternoon. Dop 427 RE 1963
Sometimes her waspish comments, delivered at the overlong sherry parties, always in a loud voice during some conversational silence (for examplep 428 RE 1963
of the attack. Judith, however, would be sceptical; she had always accused him of being a hypochondriac. It was a pityp 530 SA 1963
keeps worrying about his leading actress,‘ he went on. ‘Kanin always marries his latest protege -- he claims it's the onlyp 546 SG 1963
trying to reach you at night, Doctor, but your wife always puts the phone down on me,‘ he explained without ap 412 SM 1963
the time. They don't contain any proteins or vitamins. You're always saying we ought to be like people in the oldp 417 SM 1963
carton with his foot. ‘What's this?‘ ‘No idea, darling, something's always coming these days, I can't keep up with it allp 421 SM 1963
If I remember he had something of a reputation for always leaving them intact. A typical piece of highbrow sentimentality --p 470 TT 1963
do is ban Project Apollo. An excellent idea, I have always maintained; only the professional astronomer has any business in spacep 489 VH 1963
The small room in the seedy area where he lived always depressed him on his free days from the Tycho, andp 498 VH 1963
camp, but for some reason the appearance of the snakes always coincided with Gifford's recovery from his evening fever. As thisp 628 DS 1964
signs of their damp skins. ‘The strange thing is they always come out at the same time,‘ Gifford said to thep 628 DS 1964
the time.‘ ‘Well, I'm beginning to understand them. I was always baffled by the way they'd appear at the same timep 630 DS 1964
primarily a symbol of the unconscious, and that its appearance always heralds a crisis in the psyche.‘ ‘I suppose I acceptp 631 DS 1964
to an end which their own strengths of character had always prevented. Looking up at Louise's sun-grazed but still handsome profilep 631 DS 1964
of his mother, a tail, handsome woman whose bland smile always seemed to conceal some potent private world. To begin withp 651 GTN 1964
the grotto at intervals, moving circumspectly through the outer chambers, always aware of the robed figure waiting for him in thep 655 GTN 1964
above all never to linger at any one spot but always to remain in rapid motion. Needless to say, the pantomimep 608 IM 1964
We're running out of time, B----, running out of time!‘ Always he was on the look-out for the police captain. Whichp 618 IM 1964
my shoes, despite our constant movement -- the air was always icy, the dark shadows perpetually closing and unfolding around usp 618 IM 1964
Shelley stared at me with his ambiguous expression. He seemed always to be concealing something, his blue eyes fractionally lowered fromp 620 IM 1964
the Wandering Jew.‘ He pointed to the man's feet. ‘He's always conventionally represented by the crossed sandal-straps of the Essene Sectp 581 LL 1964
lost. Whatever his efforts to return to the perimeter, he always found himself once more in the centre. Eventually he wouldp 590 TB 1964
during his journey across the Pacific, had already reduced his always thin body to that of a migrant beggar, held togetherp 592 TB 1964
island. In the mornings, if Traven was awake, he would always find the sun divided into its five emblematic beacons. Mostp 593 TB 1964
his glimpses of his wife and son. ‘Their faces are always calm,‘ he said. ‘My son's particularly, though really he wasp 599 TB 1964
calm,‘ he said. ‘My son's particularly, though really he was always laughing. The only time his face was grave was whenp 599 TB 1964
the graves. His nostrils scented the sweet broken earth. ‘They're always early,‘ he murmured reflectively. ‘It's a strange thing, you neverp 559 TP 1964
and her gestures becoming broader. A distinct social gap had always separated them, a division which Falkman had accepted charitably, butp 564 TP 1964
prepared it's just that ...‘ he searched for a phrase ‘ ... I've always thought of the whole of life as a kind ofp 18 D 1965
craft back to the entrance to the river. Here he always left Ransom, reluctant to leave the open water of thep 20 D 1965
once irrigated. This act of retribution by the sea had always impressed Ransom by its simple justice. Cetyl alcohol films hadp 32 D 1965
central ocean surfaces, would sail steadily towards the shorelines but always deposit their cargo into the dry unsaturated air above thep 32 D 1965
from the car and strolled down towards Hendry. Ransom had always liked the police captain, and during the past two yearsp 32 D 1965
subject, and for good reason. Woman's role in time was always tenuous and uncertain. Her pale face regarded his shadow onp 34 D 1965
this herself, and moved through life with this grim promise always before her. She opened the door on to the dustyp 34 D 1965
You know, your idea touches my imagination! Great fires have always been the prelude to even greater futures.‘ He gazed outp 43 D 1965
arrived, chauffeur-driven, at the hospital on some unspecified errand, Ransom always felt a sharp sense of unease, although superficially she wasp 44 D 1965
A thousand puzzles were solved -- this was why Philip always took his food away to eat, and why, despite Ransom'sp 81 D 1965
the old man said in his soft voice. ‘I have always known you to be a good friend to him.‘ Ransomp 81 D 1965
the dissolving slush, the sea remained as distant as ever, always present and yet lost beyond the horizon, haunting the coldp 103 D 1965
tonight. They brought in a huge lake of water.‘ ‘They always do.‘ Judith gestured with a febrile hand. She had notp 112 D 1965
it!‘ Judith brushed her hair down across her temple. ‘He's always been such a lone wolf. Did he tell you himselfp 115 D 1965
She embraced his shoulders with her cold hands. Her blood always seemed chilled, but it ran with the quicksilver of timep 124 D 1965
a waste-land of dust and ruined towns, but there was always more colour and variety here than in the drab worldp 125 D 1965
this time tomorrow we'll be well on the way.‘ As always each evening, it took them at least two hours top 140 D 1965
somewhere to the north-west, howling to itself at their approach. Always it was several miles away from them, its cries echoingp 145 D 1965
as Salvador Dali, the exhibitionistic antics which the press have always regarded as ‘news‘ have consistently obscured the far more importantp 84 UGM 1966
had gone, the detritus of this terrifying psychic totem. Questions, always questions. Karen Novotny watched him move around the apartment, dismantlingp 32 AW 1966
and character of Quimby himself lies forever hidden Auto-erotic As always after her bath, the reflection of her naked body filledp 663 BM 1966
THE DAY OF FOREVER At Columbine Sept Heures it was always dusk. Here Halliday's beautiful neighbour, Gabrielle Szabo, walked through thep 669 DF 1966
his own mind. As if aware of this, Leonora remained always detached, smiling at Halliday across the strange paintings on herp 674 DF 1966
After testing the turret on the bridge -- there was always the chance of a few stragglers appearing from the nestingp 700 SBD 1966
one hand firmly on the breech of his rifle. ‘I'm always ready,‘ he rejoined. ‘What about you?‘ He jerked a fingerp 704 SBD 1966
across each other like angels. In the past Crispin had always moved with pride among this white harvest he had reapedp 705 SBD 1966
to reassure the doctor: ‘The light at Port Matarre is always like this, very heavy and penumbral -- do you knowp 13 CW 1966
No, I heard this morning -- those market boats are always catching fire.‘ ‘Perhaps. There was an attack on a manp 57 CW 1966
me a small favour for some medicines. A difficult man, always up to some game of his own. But he's beenp 73 CW 1966
from that in our ordinary lack-lustre world. Here we have always associated movement with life and the passage of time, butp 83 CW 1966
jewels as it shifted in a fault of coloured glass. Always Ventress was on the lookout for Thorensen. Which of themp 96 CW 1966
whether to abandon him to the forest. The air was always icy, the dark shadows closing and unfolding around them. Thenp 97 CW 1966
Ventress. Several times he thought Ventress had abandoned him, but always the white-suited figure, his hair and shoulders covered with ap 100 CW 1966
Doctor!‘ Thorensen raised a hand to silence Sanders. He seemed always to be concealing something, his eyes fractionally lowered below Sanders'sp 109 CW 1966
-- that suit belonged to one of his engineers. He's always up to some private game of his own.‘ ‘What aboutp 129 CW 1966
about --?‘ ‘Suzanne?‘ Sanders shrugged. ‘She's asleep.‘ ‘What? Now?‘ ‘She always sleeps during the day -- at night she has top 133 CW 1966
hours of his admission to the hospital. A faint half-smile always hung about Dr Nathan's mouth, like the ghost of somep 685 TIM 1966
Conrad sat up. ‘Now you'll understand, Conrad, why there have always been so many elderly people in the world around youp 689 TIM 1966
I was laughing at your uncle, not at you. He always had a great sense of humour. Or none at allp 694 TIM 1966
That's the luck of the thing. Instead of having him always at our heels we'll finally be free of him forp 712 TMY 1966
A difficult moment, Captain. But as you know, Judith was always rather headstrong.‘ Thornwald nodded, watching Glanville as the latter drewp 715 TMY 1966
second canvas between his outstretched hands. ‘My dear sister, you've always refused to sit for me.‘ When Hope started to protestp 726 CHC 1967
portraits developing in the library were far more interesting. As always, they recapitulated in reverse, like some bizarre embryo, a completep 726 CHC 1967
to have type-cast you, Robert. Still, that's the role I've always seen you in.‘ ‘Better than the Flying Dutchman, Hope?‘ Shep 727 CHC 1967
long forehead and chiselled out the eyes and ears. As always, the people watching from their cars seemed to enjoy thisp 746 CSC 1967
malignant virus, Nolan seemed unable to accept his own handiwork, always destroying it with the same cold humour. Petit Manuel hadp 747 CSC 1967
-- marble, bronze, plasma or cloud. Why not? Portraiture has always been a neglected art.‘ ‘My God, not here.‘ She waitedp 750 CSC 1967
had followed her around the perimeter of the sculpture garden, always fifty yards behind. She turned on to the ramp leadingp 52 GAN 1967
my holiday. Three days earlier the large travelling fair which always came to the town in the summer, equipped with ap 735 R 1967
unravel. He turned to face the young woman, irritated as always by her strong, quizzical gaze, an overlay of her ownp 47 DM 1967
mere modulus. His real target is yourself --‘ Irritated as always by Nathan, she brushed past the police detective who triedp 48 DM 1967
reports of some newly discovered child genius. The pattern was always the same: the prodigy had mastered chess at the agep 769 CA 1968
said: ‘One thing I don't understand. Why have the fathers always disappeared?‘ ‘A good question. Putting it crudely, love, a uniquep 776 CA 1968
He never says anything in public, but the important men always talk to him.‘ I put down the photograph. ‘Charles, getp 777 CA 1968
of the Cosa Nostra. It was obvious now. I had always assumed that the twelve were working for some mysterious organizationp 779 CA 1968
the dead woman disappear over the dark Atlantic stream, as always moved by the tragic but serene spectacle of one ofp 761 DA 1968
negative -- thanks, first, to the international press, which has always encouraged his exhibitionist antics, and second, to the puritanical intelligentsiap 92 UGM 1969
its mood of introspection and alienation, a state of mind always assumed to be the hallmark of the twentieth-century consciousness. Farp 92 UGM 1969
into the bathroom, wincing at himself in the mirror, that always more tired older brother. The half-hearted inflection of irony inp 61 SCN 1969
you and I know, the act of intercourse is now always a model for something else. What will follow is thep 77 THF 1969
was stalking them like the nemesis of some over-lit dream, always in front of them as they tried to escape fromp 78 THF 1969
the two years that I had known him Georges had always referred to the dresses and gowns as if they werep 796 SGW 1970
huge volumes of breast tissue in two stages. It should always be borne in mind that after the age of 30p 16 C80 1970
is usually cleft and often empty. The straightening procedure must always be performed well ahead of any attempt to reconstruct thep 17 C80 1970
a meatotomy. The cosmetic result of this operation is not always perfect. There may well be an excess of tissue atp 17 C80 1970
their minor talents in the great-writer mantle. Science fiction has always been very much a corporate activity, its writers sharing ap 207 UGM 1971
of it learned the hard way. Exhausting, often terrifying and always exciting, the rally to Stuttgart left me with a numberp 263 UGM 1971
However, given our fascination with the machine, the car will always be with us. The veteran car rally to Stuttgart provedp 266 UGM 1971
my parents were ambivalent about this early meandering, they have always encouraged me to be independent, and to like myself enoughp 26 SEO 1972
unfree -- feelings of inferiority and sexual inhibition. I have always wanted to do everything well, in fact, to do everythingp 26 SEO 1972
illicit partner. Held back until the last moment, it would always produce the most exquisite orgasms for both of us. Therep 31 C 1973
and their families. I had often seen the man before, always bare-chested under his white coat, moving about on errands notp 42 C 1973
the seat, one hand holding the distorted steering wheel. ‘I've always wanted to drive a crashed car.‘ I took the remarkp 129 C 1973
handbag. ‘Can he drive?‘ ‘Of course -- a few drinks always make a car go better.‘ Vaughan twirled the wine bottlesp 140 C 1973
against their shoulders, pressing their knees against his own chest, always curious to see their reactions. The world was beginning top 145 C 1973
the Lincoln's hood. I thought of Catherine's past infidelities, liaisons always visualized in my mind but never observed. An attendant leftp 160 C 1973
at last to visualize those deaths and injuries I had always feared. I visualized my wife injured in a high-impact collisionp 179 C 1973
of at least two of the Kennedys with the automobile ...‘ Always he deliberately side-stepped into self-parody. However, during my last daysp 183 C 1973
medallion of the horn boss, an aluminized emblem which had always irritated me. I felt the indentation in his white skinp 200 C 1973
following traffic, free at last from the long tail-backs that always blocked the Westway interchange during the rush-hour, forced them onp 14 CI 1974
He thought of Helen Fairfax asleep in her flat, as always on the left side of the double bed that filledp 20 CI 1974
whole thing as some kind of over-extended joke. "Darling, you always have driven rather too fast, you know ..." I'd like top 35 CI 1974
in the next room. For some reason, which he had always resented, she had never come to pacify him, but hadp 51 CI 1974
-- he has rather unhappy memories of the police. They've always kicked him around. Do you know that a sergeant fromp 71 CI 1974
Proctor scurried ahead, his body bent horizontally at the waist, always below the level of the grass canopy. He deliberately soughtp 90 CI 1974
is wrong.‘ Discussing the rival merits of various Pacific islands always animated Melville, feeding this potent remythologizing of himself. ‘Guam isp 813 DFW 1974
village I remembered how poverty-stricken this area of Mexico had always been, almost unchanged since the early 19th century. Most ofp 822 AD 1975
mouth. His slim face topped by a centre parting -- always an indication to Laing of some odd character strain --p 11 HR 1975
one.‘ ‘You'll have a lot of material.‘ ‘Too much, as always. I wonder if Royal would take part -- you mightp 16 HR 1975
fascinated by his immaculate centre parting, almost an orifice. ‘They're always complaining about something,‘ Steele confided to Laing as they steppedp 24 HR 1975
could go Out Oil to the roof. The spectacular view always made Laing aware of his ambivalent feelings for this concretep 25 HR 1975
Anthony Royal was watching Laing with a thoughtful gaze. As always, his expression was an uneasy mixture of arrogance and defensivenessp 27 HR 1975
For a moment Wilder felt a pang of regret -- always a believer in direct action, he had enjoyed the skirmishesp 42 HR 1975
swimming-pool.‘ Helen shook her head. ‘There's too much hostility. It's always been there, but now it stands out. People pick onp 46 HR 1975
childhood she could arrange and thereby given Wilder what he always thought of as his unshakeable self-confidence. She had separated fromp 47 HR 1975
with damning results. The absence of humour, for example, had always struck Wilder as the single most significant feature -- allp 52 HR 1975
two men spoke briefly but in non-committal terms. Wilder had always found Laing good company, with his keen eye for anyp 55 HR 1975
As usual he wore his white safari-jacket, a costume which always irritated Wilder, the kind of garment that might be affectedp 66 HR 1975
of herself gave her some kind of security. Anne had always taken for granted a naturally deferential world, and the lastp 70 HR 1975
across the curtain-walling of the nearby high-rises. Inevitably, he had always taken Anne's criticisms as a comment on himself. As Royalp 71 HR 1975
of this huge building and its uneasy tenants. Even Anne's always imminent promiscuities were part of this same system of ironiesp 73 HR 1975
the pools of water on the concrete floor. He had always wanted his own zoo, with half a dozen large catsp 80 HR 1975
true home. Zoos, and the architecture of large structures, had always been Royal's particular interest. The drenched body of a Siamesep 80 HR 1975
manner the gynaecologist unsettled Royal slightly, as if he were always just about to ease an unwary patient into a compromisingp 83 HR 1975
case she lost her balance. In the past he had always felt physically distanced from Alice by her close resemblance top 98 HR 1975
he welcomed these signs of the violence to come. Alice, always fastidious, would probably be repelled by the derelict state ofp 107 HR 1975
and even the right way of crossing his own apartment, always keeping as close to the floor as possible. He almostp 109 HR 1975
father that hovered in the attics of Wilder's mind, glimpsed always in the high windows of his nursery. Had Royal setp 115 HR 1975
and Pangbourne had made was to assume that there would always be some kind of social organization below them which theyp 133 HR 1975
added matter-of-factly, ‘I should be wary of Dr Pangbourne.‘ ‘I always have been.‘ ‘When a man like Dr Pangbourne loses hisp 134 HR 1975
she had gone, taking the portion of meat which Royal always left for her, he sat back at the long tablep 136 HR 1975
and the needs of her sexuality in particular, she has always failed to understand the real significance of my obsession withp 858 60Z 1976
a stray hair from her brow-line with the ruthlessness she always applies to her own body. Even thirty feet away, hoveringp 859 60Z 1976
The sea-lion, my faithful Argus, expires at my feet. As always when I see this film and listen to its commentaryp 863 60Z 1976
archbishop stressed the dualism of good and evil that had always existed in the past, in man as in nature, andp 846 LDG 1976
live with me in my Chelsea house. Two subjects have always fascinated me -- woman and the bizarre -- and Serenap 864 S 1976
capillary, rooted the illusion in the firmest realism. I had always assumed that this masterpiece of imitation flesh extended no morep 867 S 1976
the young man was Serena's age, and that she would always have more in common with him than with me. Superficiallyp 870 S 1976
pain and trimmed the glider into a stable attitude. As always, his father's design had been without error. After the firstp 874 UC 1976
without complaint. Their pilots, a thirty-five-year-old architect whom Halloway was always beating at tennis, and an elderly hydrographer with a redp 875 UC 1976
age, with slicked-back hair and a pale skin that would always appear dirty, he had a lazy, youthful aura, as ifp 896 UC 1976
undressed hair and devoid of make-up, their sexual roles were always explicit, desire worn casually on their sleeves. By contrast, thisp 898 UC 1976
eyes watched him like blunted hypodermics. Hearing the helicopter again, always shielded from him by the walls of apartment buildings, hep 8 IY1 1976
Since the earliest days of our marriage Sunday mornings had always been especially enjoyable. There were the pleasures of breakfast inp 947 ICU 1977
patients undressed, and the location of any intimate ailments was always indicated by the patient by means of diagram slides. Evenp 948 ICU 1977
contemporary English fiction, a fault of which Graham Greene has always been completely free. Writers, of course, can make any numberp 137 UGM 1978
limited repertory of these charades. Fantasy and the imagination had always played little part in his life, and he felt onlyp 992 MA 1978
he must have thought we were coming ashore. He was always talking about Utah Beach.‘ THE OVERLOADED MAN Faulkner was slowlyp 981 OAU 1978
circle past, Croydon Five, Hammersmith and Tooting. Because it is always night in the observation deck, Judith soon loses her tanp 231 UGM 1979
of that wooden characterization for which science fiction writers have always been criticized. What really went on in their minds? Thep 273 UGM 1979
astronauts as models of the United States's pride and determination, always displaying ‘the proper emotion, the seemly sentiment, the fitting moralp 274 UGM 1979
from the last of half a dozen schools. I had always been aggressive and lazy, inclined to regard the adult worldp 11 UDC 1979
her. Her uniform was decorated with flying motifs, and I always enjoyed the way she put on this grotesque costume. Butp 14 UDC 1979
than 500 feet, but the idea of low-flying aircraft had always excited me. About five miles south of the airport thep 15 UDC 1979
already semaphoring my presence to the searching police. ‘Stark ... he's always had sharp eyes.‘ As if protecting me, Dr Miriam tookp 25 UDC 1979
massive forehead like an air-raid shelter, was her devoted guide-dog, always within hands-reach and careful to steer her between the parkedp 29 UDC 1979
In your womb I'll set a fly-trap!‘ ‘Blake ... Do you always get so excited by everything?‘ Still unaware of the motivep 98 UDC 1979
here to the cafe terrace of the Hotel de Paris, always choosing the same two tables near the magazine kiosk. Ifp 1000 HFF 1980
open face and sympathetic manner, and hands -- as I always immediately notice -- that were not averse to hard workp 1002 HFF 1980
real sexual relationship began. Fearful of that male erection, Cinderella always fled at midnight. But what had Christina Brossard fled fromp 1007 HFF 1980
for you! Don't change your mind now ...‘ But Steiner, as always, was taking his own time. He stood in the centrep 10 HA 1981
almost been assimilated into the local community, but McNair had always known that he would one day return to the Unitedp 25 HA 1981
gas and oil, might have run out here, but America always had something unexpected up its sleeve. McNair cared nothing forp 25 HA 1981
Manhattan, a confection of whiskey and vermouth. Native Europeans were always chiding their American-descended cousins for their forbears‘ vulgar tastes, butp 30 HA 1981
navigate, this descendant of Phoenix and Pasadena physicians who had always secretly regretted not being sired by plainsmen and astronauts. Nowp 32 HA 1981
springs they might come across. In an emergency they could always head for the sea, fuel the still with driftwood andp 54 HA 1981
expedition its real compass bearing. I can understand how religions always started in the desert -- it's like an extension ofp 92 HA 1981
there somewhere. He'll come back, Wayne, when he's ready. I always felt that he was carrying out some sort of experimentp 111 HA 1981
with himself as the elderly Sinatra ... ‘You know, Anne, I've always wanted to meet Sinatra.‘ ‘Wayne, you can't --‘ Ignoring herp 126 HA 1981
Nixon, well, yes ... a brave effort, those missing eighteen minutes always were difficult to explain. Ah, Wayne, you're awake!‘ He skippedp 172 HA 1981
hated the east coast establishment.‘ ‘A last crazy fling. I always knew he was mad. Yet we indulged him, Wayne --p 195 HA 1981
In a way. This house, Wayne. Las Vegas. The house always wins in the end.‘ Manson pushed himself from the tablep 216 HA 1981
plate. ‘Faster, Dr Franklin -- I've watched you drive. You're always speeding.‘ ‘So you've seen me? I'm not sure. If Ip 1011 NFS 1981
or some kind of sexual fetishism. ‘My hands, yes. They're always the first to let me down. You'll be glad top 1014 NFS 1981
Franklin's obsessions, a side-chapel of his head. But Slade had always been a keen observer, more interested in Franklin than inp 1016 NFS 1981
silver swallows that swooped across the runways. Dr Vaisey had always regretted her brief infatuation with Slade. Franklin remembered their lastp 1018 NFS 1981
from the tideways of space. The sight of these women always touched Franklin in a disturbing way, and he had top 1020 NFS 1981
otherwise.‘ ‘But you stood there, totally mesmerized. I know he's always fascinated you, but that was carrying it too far. Ifp 1022 NFS 1981
Franklin's case than in her own. ‘But I may not always be immune.‘ ‘Robert, if anyone's immune, you are. Think ofp 1022 NFS 1981
if anyone's immune, you are. Think of yourself, what you've always wanted -- alone in the world, just you and thesep 1022 NFS 1981
his forehead. Looking at him, Franklin realized why Slade had always appeared naked. ‘Come in, doctor. God knows it's taken youp 1028 NFS 1981
death thirty years later in an asylum fire. Fitzgerald was always puritanical about sex, and his views on marriage were surprisinglyp 110 UGM 1982
of uneasy alligators. Before their divorce, oddly enough, Elaine had always enjoyed their weekend expeditions from Toronto to Algonquin Park, proudlyp 1061 MNF 1982
Every day Martinsen waited for Sheppard to appear, but was always careful to keep a drained swimming pool between them. Atp 1061 MNF 1982
psychological equivalent of the sunglasses worn by the blind. But always there was the exaggerated response to sunlight, the erratic migrainesp 1064 MNF 1982
hallucinatory drugs all seemed to miss the point. It was always best to take the mad on their own terms. Whatp 1065 MNF 1982
he moved by bus, rented limousine and taxi. Elaine had always been an accurate observer, and he was convinced that oncep 1068 MNF 1982
time. It was curious that images of heaven or paradise always presented a static world, not the kinetic eternity one wouldp 1039 MSA 1982
was creeping up on him, about to enfold him. As always he felt no fear, his pulse was calmer ... There wasp 1040 MSA 1982
weeks and months. In part of his mind he had always been there. The minutes were beginning to stretch, urged onp 1044 MSA 1982
Flight and time, Mallory, they're bound together. The birds have always known that. To get out of time we first needp 1052 MSA 1982
other when they stepped forward into the light. NINE As always during his last afternoons at Cocoa Beach, Mallory rested byp 1059 MSA 1982
for departure. The key to the tiger cage he held always in his hand. There was little time left to himp 1059 MSA 1982
cage. The great cats, like the reptiles before them, had always stood partly out of time. The flames that marked itsp 1060 MSA 1982
conventions, a code within a code of a type that always intrigued Jim. With the help of an Ely Culberston guidep 16 ES 1984
liked to hear read out by the announcer though it always made him cringe with embarrassment. As he flung his cassockp 16 ES 1984
raise the matter with his mother and father, but as always they were too distracted by news of the war evenp 18 ES 1984
liked to roam Shanghai on his bicycle, at home Jim always remained close to his mother, a gentle and clever womanp 19 ES 1984
of himself as the co-pilot of the Packard. Aircraft had always interested Jim, and especially the Japanese bombers that had devastatedp 25 ES 1984
with his seriousness of mind, had never really done. Jim always enjoyed the drives with Mr Maxted, when he and Patrickp 27 ES 1984
see if he would fall in. If Mr Maxted was always accidentally falling into swimming-pools, as indeed he always was, whyp 28 ES 1984
Maxted was always accidentally falling into swimming-pools, as indeed he always was, why did he only fall into them when theyp 28 ES 1984
ignored him, their knives stabbing at the grass, but Jim always felt a faint shiver of horror when he strayed toop 29 ES 1984
on scripture, especially now that he was an atheist, and always enjoyed receiving the Reverend Matthews‘ traditional accolade (‘The first, andp 36 ES 1984
from these thoughts, Jim switched on the car radio. He always looked forward to the evening drives through the centre ofp 36 ES 1984
of the theatre from every back alley in Shanghai. As always, the spectacle outside the theatre far exceeded anything shown onp 37 ES 1984
was keen to start an hour's revision before breakfast. As always, however, he found it difficult to keep his eyes fromp 39 ES 1984
the company launch after visiting his father's cotton mill Jim always longed to climb aboard the freighters and explore their drownedp 40 ES 1984
had a deep respect for the Japanese, their ships were always being disparaged by the British in Shanghai. The cruiser Idzumop 40 ES 1984
planes and their pilots, but Jim's father and Mr Maxted always spoke of them with respect. Jim was wondering how hep 53 ES 1984
look after her orphans. The Youth with the Knife Wars always invigorated Shanghai, quickened the pulse of its congested streets. Evenp 56 ES 1984
rows of circular benches around the teak execution posts, and always attracted a thoughtful audience. The Chinese enjoyed the spectacle ofp 57 ES 1984
his parents learned to trust Yang, they insisted that Jim always drove to school with the governess. He guessed that thep 58 ES 1984
night-watchman, he had climbed the wall a score of times, always removing a few more of the sharp spears. He loweredp 61 ES 1984
model aircraft on the bed beside him, something Vera had always forbidden. Then the dreams of war came to him, andp 65 ES 1984
through the verandah door. Then he did something he had always longed to do, mounted his cycle and rode through thep 67 ES 1984
cleaning his nails as he smoked a cigarette. Jim had always liked Mr Guerevitch, although the elderly Russian remained unimpressed byp 71 ES 1984
of Wales, the unsinkable fortresses which the British war newsreels always claimed could each defeat the Japanese Navy single-handed. ‘Not ap 71 ES 1984
starting with his father's office. The senior Chinese staff had always made a great fuss of Jim, and would be eagerp 77 ES 1984
up to the Japanese. Like his school friends, he had always despised anyone who surrendered -- he accepted without question thep 78 ES 1984
own home -- although a rich man, Jim's father had always been spartan -- and were equipped with private cinemas andp 82 ES 1984
He watched silently as they ate their midday meal. Almost always they left a little rice and fish for him, andp 85 ES 1984
knew now that kindness, which his parents and teachers had always urged upon him, counted for nothing. The Stranded Freighter Coldp 86 ES 1984
decoration on the Christmas cakes whose overripe flavour he had always hated. All the same, Jim would have liked to eatp 87 ES 1984
now be alone in Shanghai, on this steamer he had always dreamed of visiting, Jim gazed from the bridge towards thep 91 ES 1984
at a porthole, his eyes on the saucepan. ‘Basie, I always eat after you.‘ ‘I need to think for us bothp 96 ES 1984
remembered a word his mother had used, which he had always tried to work into his conversations with adults. ‘It's ap 97 ES 1984
Eurasian women sitting a few benches behind him. But as always they shook their heads and brusquely waved him away. ‘Disgustingp 110 ES 1984
bony forehead. Jim avoided mirrors -- the Eurasian women were always watching him through their compacts. Deciding to think of somethingp 111 ES 1984
to Mrs Blackburn, Jim. Ingratiate yourself a little. A woman always needs help with her fire.‘ Somehow, during his visits top 116 ES 1984
other prisoners rinsed their tins at the latrine tap, Basie always sent Jim to fill their mess-tins with the tepid waterp 117 ES 1984
could intercept Mrs Blackburn on her way to the kiosk. ‘Always look light on your toes, Jim.‘ Basie lay back asp 118 ES 1984
Mrs Blackburn. And remember to bow to Sergeant Uchida.‘ ‘I always bow, Basie.‘ Jim hovered around the conversation, hoping to catchp 118 ES 1984
was hungry, and he hoped that Private Blake, who must always have been hungry, had also seen them. On their Wayp 120 ES 1984
the wayside telegraph poles had barely changed -- Jim had always been interested in shadows, ever since his father had shownp 130 ES 1984
front tyre forcing the planks into the water. He had always enjoyed the sight of water rising through grilles or climbingp 147 ES 1984
a message from the stars. According to Basie, who was always right, the American fighters with the ventral radiators that strafedp 168 ES 1984
time at the 19th hole.‘ ‘I promised, Mr Maxted. I'm always ready ...‘ Jim had to stop as he reached the entrancep 171 ES 1984
Vincent, a handsome if frayed blonde, although her nerves were always stretched and she had never made the slightest attempt top 172 ES 1984
at Jim, who side-stepped quickly from the room. Glad as always to be free of the Vincents, he skipped down thep 185 ES 1984
and metal plates from the salvage carts. But the Chinese always returned to their work, ignored by the anti-aircraft gun-crews inp 187 ES 1984
But Jim identified himself with these kamikaze pilots, and was always moved by the threadbare ceremonies that took place beside thep 189 ES 1984
Woosung. ‘The Americans probably will land at Woosung, Jim. I've always thought you should be at MacArthur's headquarters.‘ Dr Ransome stoppedp 196 ES 1984
evening. Many had nothing to give, but the younger wives always brought a modest cumshaw for whatever mysterious service Dr Ransomep 200 ES 1984
Dr Ransome was shouting from the dispensary window. He had always disliked Jim digging the graves. Hundreds of flies buzzed aroundp 206 ES 1984
he still alive for these two Christian widows? Jim had always been impressed by strong religious beliefs. His mother and fatherp 206 ES 1984
men unwilling to cope with the reality of the camp always puzzled Jim, but he recovered as soon as he reachedp 214 ES 1984
gave him a clear view of the entire camp. As always he was sitting on his bunk, keeping an eye onp 216 ES 1984
news bulletins of his own describing a parallel war. Jim always pretended to be impressed, though he could rarely separate rumourp 218 ES 1984
he was waiting for a few beans or tomatoes. Basie always demanded these tidbits, though he was generous in his ownp 219 ES 1984
each day, and the men queued at the kitchens. Jim always enjoyed the long wait for Basie's ration of cracked wheatp 224 ES 1984
describing what they could no longer perform. But there were always phrases to be catalogued away and savoured as he layp 224 ES 1984
as they had done in Nanking in 1937? The Japanese always killed their prisoners before they made their last stands. Butp 237 ES 1984
They should have been waiting by their cars, as they always did outside the country club. Then a small raincloud dimmedp 262 ES 1984
to help him when he was ill. Yet he had always been intrigued by the sight of her eating. He waitedp 266 ES 1984
blend of deference and contempt with which the Chinese had always regarded Europeans and Americans. They walked swiftly and soon vanishedp 290 ES 1984
were beginning to realize the simple truth that Jim had always known, that inside Lunghua they were free. The gates werep 309 ES 1984
escape from Lunghua, but Basie was sly and evasive. As always, whatever happened after the escape had long since eased top 321 ES 1984
of the glider and the harness packed with explosive. As always, he refused to answer any questions put to him, andp 1092 OOA 1984
Special Branch: Margaret Downs, systems analyst, Wang Computers: ‘He was always praying, forever on his confounded knees. He even made mep 1097 OOA 1984
battlefields from the Golan Heights to the western Sahara. As always, he urges the combatants to join forces against the realp 1098 OOA 1984
as if from a trapdoor in the pavement. He was always alone, walking straight-backed in his faded suit, but with thep 1108 MWM 1985
plain that as an immense concession (in fact he had always been intrigued by my wife) he would let me reviewp 1114 MWM 1985
being a medium of escapist entertainment, the science-fiction film has always been a sensitive barometer of the cultural and political climatep 17 UGM 1987
to the point, its virtual absence from the genre, has always been a puzzle -- explained, I would guess, by thep 19 UGM 1987
is forced yet again to accept that talent alone is always enough. Like many ostensible satires -- in this case, ofp 20 UGM 1987
me. Any food or cigarettes that I leave behind are always removed. I have even placed a small present for herp 8 DC 1987
underground water -- your career has suffered so much. You always have to find the extreme position.‘ ‘I shall be thinkingp 13 DC 1987
in Africa is starving. The people of Lake Kotto have always been well-nourished. The problem here is the shortage of waterp 33 DC 1987
the stern of his skiff, in relaxed good humour, as always when he saw me working on one of my variousp 55 DC 1987
of women, muffled as they made their beds in rooms always somewhere beyond my sight. Softened by the thick drapes thatp 76 DC 1987
creature. Why do your women hate her so much?‘ ‘She's always stealing food. Don't feel too sorry for her. She triedp 82 DC 1987
into his fatigue. ‘So, doctor, it remains your river.‘ ‘It always has been. If you remember, you registered it in myp 157 DC 1987
experienced housewife inspecting the stalls of a strange market. As always, I marvelled at how quickly she could orient herself. Unerringlyp 169 DC 1987
once held hopes higher than the nearest meat-hook. Had Noon always meant to betray me to Harare, or had she disownedp 222 DC 1987
interview would appear in every Japanese living-room ...‘ Doctor Mal As always each afternoon when I went out to examine the riverp 230 DC 1987
examine, the calm but threatening presence of this unrevenged woman always set off an immediate surge in my fever. Unslaked byp 245 DC 1987
Noon, but Sanger was trailing one hand in the current. Always suspicious that I would trick him again, he began top 272 DC 1987
camped on the river-bed beside the earth rampart. I am always careful to examine the prints, and on several occasions havep 284 DC 1987
pose a fundamental challenge to the ‘one-eyed‘ tradition that has always dominated photography since its birth. In his interviews with thep 63 UGM 1988
of the seventeen-year-old Jeremy. "You know, Sergeant, other people's homes always seem a bit strange, but these are rather odd housesp 30 RW 1988
asked him very nicely to apologize. Mrs. Stacey: Graham was always playing with his computer, adding up all these numbers. Finallyp 53 RW 1988
Dobermans with them, he feels an immense relief. He has always feared the dogs, which are only allowed onto the estatep 69 RW 1988
the door, with another of the box kites he is always building, but Turner is too busy to speak to himp 74 RW 1988
House staff took advantage of the hearing aid he had always worn to insert a small speaker, so that he wasp 1117 WW3 1988
Antibes-les-Pins, reminded me of how technologically obsessed the French have always been. The future, which in Britain has been dead forp 66 UGM 1989
that hidden and harder world glimpsed in the original Postman Always Rings Twice, and many of his paintings could be stillsp 66 UGM 1989
fascinating.‘ ‘It's wonderful to meet you, Victoria,‘ I riposted. ‘I've always wanted to know about ... financial journalism.‘ I stood awkwardly inp 1124 LCC 1989
the occasion. ‘Well, it's wonderful to see you, Lucille. I've always wanted to know about English literature.‘ ‘Forget it. How longp 1127 LCC 1989
leave. I'm working on a private project. It's what I've always wanted to do.‘ ‘I know.‘ Her eyes search the hallp 1135 TES 1989
brought about by the sparse furnishings, but the house has always been bigger than I realised. My eyes now see everythingp 1135 TES 1989
the Christian guard-post at the telephone exchange. Dr Edwards was always caring and sympathetic, and Ryan often exploited the physician's goodp 1146 WF 1989
Ryan asked quietly. ‘What for?‘ ‘What do you mean? You're always trying to shock us, Ryan. Don't you want them top 1150 WF 1989
pressed on, arguing his case with any soldiers he met. Always there was an unvoiced interest, but one obstacle was thep 1151 WF 1989
it for the rest of the world. That way we'll always be ready if there's an outbreak of the disease.‘ Ryanp 1157 WF 1989
no one was hurt. We supply all the weapons, and always have. We print up the propaganda material, we fake thep 1158 WF 1989
unhappy career lying face down in the swimming pool he always wanted, rather than admit his failure and go back top 3 UGM 1990
by their bitter-sweet dialogue and filled with theatrical characters who always seem aware of their audience, are untypical of anything inp 4 UGM 1990
out of his wages by the thieving managers. He had always reacted to events, never initiated anything on his own. Nowp 1164 DCG 1990
something in between.‘ She spoke in a matter-of-fact way that always surprised him. ‘Tell me, Johnson, what do you do whilep 1169 DCG 1990
the baby to try some.‘ Johnson hesitated, but as Christine always reminded him, none of the new species had revealed ap 1170 DCG 1990
remain completely hidden, until one flies into London Airport. It always surprises me to see that I live on the floorp 82 YMCa 1990
now scarcely aware of automobile styling, but the subject has always intrigued me, and seems a remarkably accurate barometer of nationalp 97 CRAa 1990
have dangerously subverted the whole Warhol ethos. Besides, Warhol was always at his best with vulnerable women. Were her breasts toop 114 MWRa 1990
persist, and even in the best hands results are not always reliable. It was explained to Princess Margaret where the scarsp 112 PMF 1990
she said: "He will never leave me, because he can always change me." Something of the same anatomizing fascination can bep 111 PMFa 1990
he had lost -- but drunk or sober, he was always interesting and sympathetic. "Alternate Deaths" occur again and again inp 57 GANa 1990
can't speak a word of French, Italian or Spanish, and always rent a TV set. In England I watch most TVp 59 SCNa 1990
own, an inheritance wholly free of any biological entail. As always with such inheritances, there will be any number of newp 61 SCNa 1990
a name taken consciously from B. Traven, a writer I've always admired for his extreme reclusiveness -- so completely at oddsp 19 UDa 1990
imitating art. Curiously, before the accident and since, I have always been a careful and even slow driver, frequently egged onp 26 UDa 1990
are faked to some extent, usually filmed on manoeuvres) has always intrigued me -- my version of Platoon, Full Metal Jacketp 69 THFa 1990
costume, along with gilded hat and silk umbrella. She was always present when the clients climbed the high staircase, and Ip 70 THFa 1990
powerful and lazy carnality rarely seen before them, though Brando always had the advantage of the bigger breasts. Both completely overwhelmedp 8 UGM 1991
of failure and combative pride that lovers of camp have always found irresistible, as in the case of Barrymore and Judyp 8 UGM 1991
unfavourable change in the casualty ratio that it is almost always decisive ... Every general staff in the world since 1914 hasp 13 UGM 1991
real woman within this devastating portrait. But the real was always a doubtful commodity in the case of the Reagans --p 33 UGM 1991
for Hollywood and an MGM screen test arranged by Tracy. Always rather old-fashioned, Nancy chose a traditional route to launch herp 34 UGM 1991
when I thought him an evil man.‘ But James was always unexpected, and if he was boring, at least he wasp 71 UGM 1991
glamour accessory -- with its chest-hugging harness, the shoulder-holster has always been the male brassiere, a heavy-duty 375 Magnum holster thep 73 UGM 1991
so rarefied as to be ionospheric. ‘Works of art have always seemed to me to have a supernatural power,‘ he writesp 79 UGM 1991
in the chamber. One feels that for Americans fame is always unexpected, whereas British writers have thought of nothing else fromp 117 UGM 1991
kept alive my precious memories of Shanghai. Teeming, cruel but always exhilarating, Shanghai in my mind had become a cross betweenp 173 UGM 1991
One could go home after all, and somewhere there was always one waiting door that was open and unlocked. Daily Telegraphp 177 UGM 1991
Faber Book of Madness edited by Roy Porter Madness has always held an immense appeal for painters, poets and novelists, fascinatedp 237 UGM 1991
a house of ghosts. For all its seriousness, madness has always been a limitless source of humour, and the anthology illustratesp 238 UGM 1991
technologically obsessed Borges. But mental patients, and especially paranoiacs, have always shown a remarkable flair for incorporating the latest scientific marvelsp 239 UGM 1991
clothes, ambling in a relaxed way around their bedroom, it always amazed me that they were so unconcerned by the comingp 9 KW 1991
one fear was that, like so many exciting events I always managed to miss, the war would be over before Ip 9 KW 1991
giving French and Russian lessons, she told me at last. Always worried by my homework, and aware that many of thep 12 KW 1991
hand, she waved me towards the car. Nurse Arnold had always been easy-going and friendly, so much more pleasant to mep 23 KW 1991
way, and told the few informers within the camp -- always the last to know what was going on -- top 31 KW 1991
smell the cold, reassuring scent of her body. She was always trying to wrestle with me, for reasons I was notp 33 KW 1991
for her. ‘Did he hit you?‘ ‘He nearly tried. He always looks at me in that smiley way. As if Ip 34 KW 1991
Private Kimura was saluting the sergeant with unnecessary zeal. ‘They always close the gates when Sergeant Nagata thinks there's going top 36 KW 1991
which they looked forward, unlike the Americans, whose world was always filled with possibilities. Every American was an advertisement for confidencep 41 KW 1991
together as David whipped the ground under their feet, as always carried away by his wild humour. Outside the children's hutp 53 KW 1991
hair cut neatly in a way that Mrs Dwight had always urged on me. Was he a Kuomintang agent, one ofp 59 KW 1991
volunteered to take part in medical experiments. Research workers had always assumed that casually recruited volunteers formed a typical cross-section ofp 90 KW 1991
what you get up to in the DR. My mother always warned me about unqualified doctors ...‘. I embraced her, pressing myp 92 KW 1991
his gift to me, part of another experiment. He was always glad to see me, asking about the war in ap 96 KW 1991
the first to know when the war comes.‘ ‘Absolutely. I've always taken that for granted. Jim, there's a chance of visitingp 96 KW 1991
of sandwiches and my own will. The Nato Boys As always, the sound of engines in the morning sent the slipstreamp 99 KW 1991
being thrown around thousands of feet of overlit air. As always, I went up into the sky to calm myself, top 102 KW 1991
of an unresolved past which we shared. He was nearly always drunk, but at the same time almost pedantically sober, unablep 103 KW 1991
driving around Cambridge in a Chrysler. It's really what you've always wanted to do. You could lay all the girls whop 104 KW 1991
smuggling boyfriends overnight into her room at Girton. She was always happy to see me, fiercely holding my shoulders as ifp 105 KW 1991
striking my face. For reasons clear only to David, we always had sex in the same room -- he needed top 113 KW 1991
recognised my hand. ‘You come from England?‘ Brigid asked. ‘I always wanted to visit there. Maybe I'd see the king andp 116 KW 1991
agents of an exuberant foreign power. The number of children always surprised me -- this small Thames-side town was a life-enginep 122 KW 1991
in my shoulder. ‘Is that a bad plane, Daddy?‘ As always, I was surprised by her shrewdness. She had seen mep 127 KW 1991
by their compliments far more than by mine. She had always been a flirt, but five years of marriage and childrenp 129 KW 1991
a start, Jim, we happened. That railway station you were always talking about in Moose Jaw. We ought to find itp 130 KW 1991
more wayward possibilities of human anatomy and physiology; she had always seen the mischief and humour in the surrealists. Shepperton boredp 131 KW 1991
locked and everything's broken.‘ ‘That sounds more like Shepperton. I always thought we were Shepperton's beatniks without realising it.‘ ‘We stillp 142 KW 1991
dilapidations.‘ ‘I'll talk to Senor Robles. He'll understand.‘ ‘So you always say. This time, put on your best show.‘ ‘I willp 142 KW 1991
me, why don't we get our own place here? You've always said you wanted to live in Spain.‘ ‘We will, onep 143 KW 1991
to dent her enthusiasms. From our earliest days she had always pushed me along, giving up holidays so that I couldp 144 KW 1991
hut had shown the same bijouising suburban strain. I had always smiled at my parents for taking an intact piece ofp 149 KW 1991
was about to be caught by the veering bull, but always accelerated away as the horns brushed the flanks of herp 152 KW 1991
Miriam, glad that Sally had charged her imagination. ‘Dear, you always wanted to live on a desert island with three strangep 155 KW 1991
of seniority, Peggy faintly resembled a stuffed toy herself. As always, I could see that my motherless children reminded her ofp 171 KW 1991
anything in that mouldy fridge ...‘ Sally had taken charge. As always, I watched her with unstinted admiration as she rolled herp 179 KW 1991
a glass of water upstairs to the bathroom. But I always looked forward to seeing her. She excited me in thep 181 KW 1991
he was one of the first of the airport thinkers, always available to give an executive-lounge interview. Sally took to himp 191 KW 1991
of ideas, many at my expense. The house in Shepperton always intrigued him. ‘You've been to Jim's place in Shepperton, Sallyp 191 KW 1991
subservient, and all the more threatening for that. Though there'll always be a place for out-and-out madness. In some way, peoplep 193 KW 1991
at her flat in Bayswater. For some reason the place always unsettled me, filled with the debris of Sally's past, likep 194 KW 1991
projected series in which I would take part. Confident as always that he held his audience's attention, he had prowled aroundp 200 KW 1991
he was playing another of his devious games. He had always been strongly competitive, and envied me both Miriam and myp 202 KW 1991
one ceased to be a stranger desire died. Miriam had always been careful to keep part of herself veiled from mep 209 KW 1991
Fair Oaks airfield. Her visits to Shepperton, though less frequent, always calmed Sally. She landed like an eccentric Victorian balloonist, tetheredp 214 KW 1991
being a passenger in Sally's spirited but erratic MG, and always found an excuse to prevent her driving the children. Onp 221 KW 1991
to get himself killed, he isn't interested in me. He's always trying to hit other cars. Every shunt reminds him ofp 222 KW 1991
spoke softly, as if to herself. ‘Everyone changes, and we're always moving away from each other. Just for once I wishp 222 KW 1991
right inside them ...‘ ‘Sally, you are. But --‘ ‘Jim, I'll always let you fuck me.‘ She brushed her ungroomed hair, awarep 222 KW 1991
She brushed her ungroomed hair, aware that I might not always want to. Her fingers fiddled with her scarred upper lipp 222 KW 1991
dream of violence and desire. ‘It's snug here. Car crashes always ... Jim, you'll have to. She took my hand and placedp 224 KW 1991
thing applies. In many ways, more so.‘ Dick smiled knowingly, always happy when he could provoke me. ‘Sooner or later, likep 235 KW 1991
that sound sinister?‘ ‘Very. Exciting, though. What's that idea you're always trotting out ...?‘ Dick liked me to repeat this weather-worn prophecyp 235 KW 1991
TV producers. I admired Dick, and regretted that I had always encouraged him to think of the media world as hisp 239 KW 1991
between us, which for reasons of his own he had always encouraged, had become more open in Rio. ‘It's interesting thatp 241 KW 1991
extravagant city, but I knew that the idea of sex always excited him more than the event. He needed me top 244 KW 1991
Miriam had been lovers at Cambridge, a suspicion she had always denied but Dick had subtly encouraged. Carmen was flicking atp 244 KW 1991
as if I had failed an important test. I had always been reluctant to appear on television, a shyness that amusedp 252 KW 1991
and newspapers, I set off towards the entrance lodge. As always, however hard I tried to repress the sensation, I feltp 259 KW 1991
Closing the board at the end of my visits, David always palmed one of the pieces, usually the black bishop, whichp 259 KW 1991
a rather special kind, dear sport.‘ ‘I know -- it always amazes me that they let the men and women wanderp 260 KW 1991
confident, at last engaged on the original research that had always eluded him, and unaware that he himself was the victimp 266 KW 1991
the back of a cornflakes packet, I was struck as always by Dick's shrewdness, intelligence and wit. Since its sales farp 267 KW 1991
his secretary. But had the rat in the Skinner box always controlled the experimenter? When I thought of David Hunter, ofp 267 KW 1991
him at Cambridge?‘ ‘I tried to avoid him. He was always so attentive and flattering.‘ ‘He was just waiting for televisionp 268 KW 1991
glamour.‘ ‘Like everything American. So?‘ ‘And that's exactly what you've always needed -- glamorised violence. That terrible afternoon on the railwayp 270 KW 1991
the shy chin that had lengthened as the war progressed, always set to one side as she pondered my latest schemep 271 KW 1991
lifestyles, or sat entombed in remote offices of the BBC, always ready to waste a lunch-hour with talk of programmes onp 282 KW 1991
He's Jackie's favourite doctor.‘ ‘He's the same matinee idol he always was. People who go on television never grow old --p 291 KW 1991
up TV and become a serious psychologist again.‘ ‘Hey, you always said that television was serious! Don't tell me Dick's startedp 291 KW 1991
how you coped with teenage girls I'll never know.‘ ‘I always did exactly what they told me. Actually, fathers can bep 291 KW 1991
He had lost all illusions about himself -- he had always enjoyed being recognised in public, but no-one now, neither thep 304 KW 1991
recognising me for the first time. ‘They say factory production always goes down after a film-crew visit. Here I'd expect thep 305 KW 1991
the university summer term, but in my mind they were always playing in the park. Alice's bright eyes, a swirl ofp 314 KW 1991
you going to watch?‘ ‘No.‘ I knew that she had always disapproved of the film, suspecting that Dick had invited mep 323 KW 1991
was surprised, knowing that she admired Spencer's visionary paintings. ‘You always liked Cookham.‘ ‘Too many angels dancing in the trees. Bep 324 KW 1991
a drink for us.‘ ‘We don't need a drink. You always behave as if Shepperton only exists thanks to an actp 324 KW 1991
Anyway, it's a big help for your career. You were always telling stories. Your poor mother didn't know what was comingp 341 KW 1991
difficult enough.‘ ‘Of course. I know your feelings. We were always close, James. You never told your mother about those thingsp 342 KW 1991
I took -- the silver and the jade horses ... I always wanted to thank you for that.‘ ‘Olga, I never knewp 342 KW 1991
I could almost believe that my memories of Shanghai had always been a film, endlessly played inside my head during myp 346 KW 1991
sex, as every blonde nestling into the leopard-skin upholstery has always known, is an incidental matter, and in its wisdom thep 157 UGM 1992
before I wrote my first novel. But bad company is always the best, and leaves a reserve of memories on whichp 181 UGM 1992
are totally different from the books I remember. I have always been a voracious reader of what I call invisible literaturesp 182 UGM 1992
trouser-snatching Whitehall farce, which in a way the Profumo affair always was. But on the whole, 1963 still has a vividp 242 UGM 1992
time. As the author points out, the Great Train Robbers always believed that their immense sentences were the establishment's revenge afterp 243 UGM 1992
of 1963, a living fossil of an often tawdry but always extraordinary year. Daily Telegraph Rituals of a Skinny-dipper Haunts ofp 243 UGM 1992
Black Masseur: the Swimmer as Hero Charles Sprawson I have always wanted to swim across the Styx -- an absurd ambitionp 244 UGM 1992
furniture has been the bed. Schizophrenia -- To the sane, always the most glamorous of mental diseases, since it seems top 278 UGM 1992
far more economically by unmanned vehicles. But NASA's directors had always known that the scientific exploration of space was a smallp 1175 MFM 1992
on Mars before the end of the decade. NASA, as always, rose bravely to the challenge of the tax-dollar. Armies ofp 1176 MFM 1992
numbers of Projections will look at the producer's creative contribution, always underestimated. The Hollywood of fifty years ago, its greatest erap 24 UGM 1993
post-war reassessment of Sade. I suspect that the jury will always be out, unable to weigh his deviant imagination against thep 124 UGM 1993
misspent life -- especially to any aspiring writer. Burroughs has always been regarded as a maverick, roaming the wild lands ofp 134 UGM 1993
and claimed that the abdominal aneurysm which killed him was always associated with the tertiary stage of the disease. There werep 151 UGM 1993
is not the biological child of the man we have always called our father. These differences, some trivial and some crucialp 154 UGM 1993
the lives of species, communities and individuals. Small populations are always at danger from inbreeding, when recessive characteristics emerge unchecked, asp 155 UGM 1993
biological Utopia as we are ever likely to get.‘ I always suspected that eternity would look like Milton Keynes. Daily Telegraphp 155 UGM 1993
mid-century, the greatest era of modern science fiction? It has always struck me as remarkable that one of the twentieth century'sp 192 UGM 1993
fermented, though the over-sweet and linctus-like flavour of mead has always made me wonder why it was the gods‘ favourite tipplep 246 UGM 1993
survivors may ask them to retake their thrones. Britain, as always magnificently out of step, is showing uneasiness with its monarchyp 248 UGM 1993
Mesmer, a Viennese physician born in 1734, whom I have always associated with ouija boards, stage hypnotists and other assorted quackeriesp 152 UGM 1994
couch and the spotlit stage of the music-hall hypnotist. Mesmer always believed his powers of healing were physically based, but Puysegurp 153 UGM 1994
regime of hunger and brutality. He remained mischievous, dreamy and always ready to be generous, confirming that children sustained by thep 252 UGM 1994
would. Believe me, we're going to stir things up ...‘ ‘You always stir everything up ...‘ Neil moved her heavy knee from thep 9 RP 1994
empty sail-locker, preparing for the confrontation that lay ahead. He always deferred to Dr Barbara, stoically enduring the ecological harangues withp 12 RP 1994
of a hostile reception party. Thriving on opposition, she was always disappointed to be ignored, and aware that she might havep 13 RP 1994
Do we leave if there are no albatross?‘ ‘There are always albatross.‘ Dr Barbara held his head against her shoulder, ap 14 RP 1994
from peremptory schoolmistress to doting mother in a way that always disarmed him. She was forever touching Neil, peering into hisp 14 RP 1994
blonde hair flying like a battle-standard on the wind. As always, Neil enjoyed filming her in close-up. Through the viewfinder hep 14 RP 1994
camera lens instantly restored Dr Barbara's confidence in herself. As always, Neil found himself drawn to this eccentric woman, and determinedp 18 RP 1994
in their limousines towards the Waikiki nightclubs. Ecological movements had always failed to stir him, though he sympathized with activists whop 31 RP 1994
nuclear test. I'll have to think about it.‘ ‘Good. I've always depended on you, Neil. When you're older we'll be veryp 44 RP 1994
of the chaplain at his boarding school in England -- always eager and understanding, always ready to make the first rugbyp 53 RP 1994
his boarding school in England -- always eager and understanding, always ready to make the first rugby tackle on the practicep 53 RP 1994
way. He and Janet were a pleasant but secretive couple, always cheerfully on the move around the ship and rather morep 64 RP 1994
worked silently in the heat and mosquitoes, never complaining though always glad to talk to Neil. They had sailed their smallp 79 RP 1994
busy. You must be hungry after climbing the mast.‘ ‘I'm always hungry.‘ Neil read the label on the can. ‘Dr Barbarap 83 RP 1994
Well, she needs you too. Dr Barbara's the sort who always needs people. You'd best look for her, Neil.‘ ‘She's byp 84 RP 1994
a tumbler of whisky in the chief anaesthetist's office. As always, she was doing all the talking, but Bouquet was contentp 87 RP 1994
beach again.‘ ‘Won't that be good, Kimo? It's what you always wanted.‘ ‘Right on -- I can't wait. Too many peoplep 97 RP 1994
calm water in a bravura display of racing foam. ‘I always wanted to manage a small airport,‘ he reflected as hep 103 RP 1994
Barbara. Yet he watched her with the respect he had always shown to this maverick physician, disagreeing with her but curiousp 118 RP 1994
tabs she offered in exchange. ‘Go on, they're good,‘ she always assured him. ‘You'll see a new island, filled with birdsp 127 RP 1994
Rafferty's beloved birds.‘ To Neil, whose broad shoulders she was always appraising, she said: ‘So you came to save the albatrossp 127 RP 1994
Barbara ordered me to get rid of everything.‘ ‘And you always do what she orders?‘ ‘No. Mostly when she tells mep 128 RP 1994
the first time. Games, for anyone rich from birth, were always the most serious business in life. ‘Neil, are you allp 135 RP 1994
liver, searching his bony ribs and shoulder blades, he was always uneasy inside the clinic. The narrow bed, with its openp 137 RP 1994
die.‘ ‘And I'm still looking after you. Things may not always go well here, and then you'll come to me againp 142 RP 1994
to face Neil with one of the intense smiles that always prefigured, he had noticed, a sudden swerve of policy. ‘Asp 147 RP 1994
suffocating ...‘ ‘I like them both. They're --‘ Dr Barbara had always been matter-of-fact about sex, noting in her diary how oftenp 148 RP 1994
a new idea. For you and Trudi.‘ ‘Of course. We always follow Dr Barbara's ideas.‘ ‘She explained it to me.‘ Neilp 150 RP 1994
about -- the sanctuary was turning into his creche. You always trusted me, Neil.‘ ‘I still trust you, Dr Barbara. Gubbyp 165 RP 1994
animal enclosures. ‘Wait here for me. Now, Neil, cock ...? It's always the best.‘ ‘What? Dr Barbara ...?‘ ‘Cock or hen? Which dop 167 RP 1994
to magic, and it's we women who control magic. We'll always need a few men, but very few, and I'm onlyp 171 RP 1994
I do. Won't a son be just as healthy? You've always said I'm strong.‘ ‘You are, Neil.‘ Dr Barbara turned top 187 RP 1994
creche, meticulously swept and disinfected every day by Dr Barbara, always unnerved Neil. He preferred to remember the happy evenings hep 194 RP 1994
as she drew the sheet down to his waist. ‘You've always done so much for the sanctuary. Now promise me thatp 215 RP 1994
I think --‘ ‘Of course you'll be well again. I'll always look after you, Neil.‘ She sat lightly on the bedp 215 RP 1994
buttock to the needle, dreading the fierce local reaction that always followed the injections. He closed his eyes as Dr Barbarap 216 RP 1994
There are an awful lot of men around.‘ ‘We can always find somewhere for them.‘ Dr Barbara was watching Neil inp 217 RP 1994
Men exhausted themselves building the world. Like tired children they're always fighting each other, and they can't see how they hurtp 217 RP 1994
toughness and self-confidence so lacking in her husband. Monique had always been wary of him, suspecting his motives for coming top 224 RP 1994
and brought to trial, but he hoped that she would always remember the weather-station, one of the secret places of thep 225 RP 1994
my profession. Those strips of no-man's land between the checkpoints always seem such zones of promise, rich with the possibilities ofp 9 CN 1996
served this last outpost of the British Empire. I had always avoided Gibraltar, with its vague air of a provincial Englandp 9 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar? I can't even imagine it ...‘ Amiably, Frank always replied: ‘Exactly, Charles. It doesn't really exist. That's why Ip 17 CN 1996
yet to get the joke. In Frank's eyes I had always been the source of a certain fond amusement. He wasp 23 CN 1996
I'll visit you there as soon as I can.‘ ‘It's always good to see you, Charles.‘ He managed to clasp myp 25 CN 1996
in Helsinki for some TV documentary. But I'll be back.‘ ‘Always roaming the world. All that endless travelling, all those departurep 25 CN 1996
were opium and brothels. Pure Graham Greene, but there was always something heroic there. Do you smoke a few pipes?‘ ‘Nowp 25 CN 1996
the night and you'd go with her. Where exactly? I always wondered.‘ ‘Nowhere. We just walked around the tennis court. Ratherp 26 CN 1996
fine. We split up three months ago.‘ ‘I'm sorry. I always liked her. Rather high-minded in an unusual way. She oncep 27 CN 1996
fact, he had more friends than I did. He was always good at games, very practical and down-to-earth. I was thep 30 CN 1996
he played tennis he was fast on his feet and always wanted to win.‘ Sensing that Cabrera was more thoughtful thanp 30 CN 1996
I suspected, a sophisticated kind of shiftiness. His eyes were always elsewhere when I tried to catch them. If the namesp 43 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar. It was the Queen's birthday. The Hollingers always threw a party for the club members. It was theirp 52 CN 1996
the Queen's toast. After that he started circulating, as he always does. I can't be sure I saw him again.‘ ‘Butp 54 CN 1996
real father.‘ ‘I'm his brother. The boring, older brother who always got him out of scrapes. This time I've lost myp 71 CN 1996
his strange games again, like those peculiar chess problems he's always making up. King to move and mate in one, thoughp 71 CN 1996
of the sun from which they would never awake. As always, when I drove along the coast to Marbella, I seemedp 75 CN 1996
but without any success. In my twenties a cigarette had always calmed the nerves or filled a conversational pause, but Ip 79 CN 1996
it did to me. I guessed that Paula Hamilton had always moved through life at an oblique angle, detached from herp 86 CN 1996
as if it's a real community.‘ ‘So they say. Frank always claimed that Estrella de Mar is what the future willp 90 CN 1996
she said: ‘In cases of strangulation the voice-box is almost always crushed. In fact, it's difficult to strangle someone to thep 95 CN 1996
to you be very stressful?‘ ‘Making love to me is always stressful. Quite a few men in Estrella de Mar wouldp 122 CN 1996
Scotch that needs to be finished.‘ ‘Well ... a few drinks always make the car go better. Have you found any ofp 148 CN 1996
rose from their cafe tables to banter and jest. As always I was struck by how generous he was, giving ofp 165 CN 1996
He led me in and out of the palm-lined roads, always keeping me in sight, and I wondered if he intendedp 166 CN 1996
me. I'd treated her for one addiction after another and always let her in. It was a chance to wean herp 177 CN 1996
something mesmerizing about all that promiscuous energy. Crawford charms people, always sailing so close to the rocks. He graces their livesp 179 CN 1996
and the world around you ... the arts and criminality have always flourished side by side.‘ I followed him to the doorp 181 CN 1996
watched the tennis players knocking up at the courts, as always devotedly supervised by Bobby Crawford. Frank's tennis rackets lay inp 185 CN 1996
that the burning Renault had seared into the asphalt. Crawford always parked here, either to remind me of the blaze orp 185 CN 1996
from the car and strode briskly to the entrance. As always, I was delighted to see her. In her white trouserp 186 CN 1996
I'm sure they will. If you're not certain you could always test them first on someone else.‘ ‘A sort of trialp 189 CN 1996
was three years ago, soon after I came here. I'd always been interested in cine-photography and someone invited me to joinp 196 CN 1996
Cocaine coming in, Charles thousands of lines. Out of Africa always something white and strange.‘ I leaned against the rail andp 207 CN 1996
impress the security guard -- the thought of being entertained always strikes terror into people. Betty buys and sells property everywherep 211 CN 1996
taking over the Thai place. They know what people need, always a big help. Now, have you thought about working forp 222 CN 1996
mind worked best at temperatures lower than the heart's. As always, though, her lips parted generously when she greeted me, holdingp 230 CN 1996
school?‘ I asked. ‘They look like quick learners.‘ ‘Yes ... they've always been film buffs.‘ Crawford waved to them as we pulledp 242 CN 1996
didn't know, not even my mother. I was hyperactive and always banging into things. But I noticed it made him feelp 246 CN 1996
stealing from their lockers and messing up their kit. We always won by six tries to nil. The last time Fatherp 246 CN 1996
them. Despite myself, I was glad to see him. As always I felt buoyed by his evangelical zeal and his selflessp 254 CN 1996
was watching the women in the rear mirror. Charmed, as always, by Crawford's handsome and easy style, they waved until hep 255 CN 1996
part of some folkloric heritage. ‘Too many tennis courts are always a mistake. They tire people out and prevent them gettingp 256 CN 1996
Residencia. There's some small problem over ... parking, I think. Bobby's always in such a rush, he forgets this isn't Spain inp 279 CN 1996
and perhaps all societies. Crime and creativity go together, and always have done. The greater the sense of crime, the greaterp 281 CN 1996
client as much as from the provider. Self-styled mother-and-daughter teams always made me uneasy, especially in Taipei or Seoul, where toop 285 CN 1996
as much. There's something deeply unsavoury about the thought. I always suspected that psychiatry was the ultimate form of seduction.‘ Ip 307 CN 1996
me now, Paula -- why were the Hollingers killed? You've always known.‘ Paula stood beside me, waiting until I calmed myselfp 316 CN 1996
bring them to life and then demand a sacrifice, and always there'll be people willing to carry it out. Listen top 324 CN 1996
Club Nautico and the moribund town around it. Crime would always be rife, but Crawford had put vice and prostitution andp 324 CN 1996
see his ice-white teeth, and the porcelain caps that he always claimed had been his most valuable investment before setting outp 328 CN 1996
her first husband had been a modernist architect, and she always claimed to dislike the past, the territory I had madep 8 DYF 1996
womanizing father, a provincial-circuit barrister, and my lonely, daydreaming mother, always getting over yet another doomed affair. At a hotel inp 4 SC 2000
me up, Paul. How much further?‘ ‘The last mile -- always the shortest one. You must be tired.‘ ‘It's been ap 6 SC 2000
patted the dark bang that hid her bold forehead and always sprang forward like a coxcomb at the first hint ofp 9 SC 2000
stuffy conventions of boarding school and teaching hospital but was always kind enough to rescue a flustered housekeeper or ward orderlyp 9 SC 2000
expression of a serious-minded adolescent on her face that she always wore when making love. She drew herself upright, a handp 11 SC 2000
the senior level. We're a melting pot, as the Riviera always has been. The solvent now is talent, not wealth orp 19 SC 2000
Professor Walter, our cardiovascular chief. Call it enlightened self-interest. It's always reassuring to know that a good heart man and ap 20 SC 2000
me raise my glass and toast the morning light. ‘It's always good weather at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘That's true. Except for one veryp 47 SC 2000
Dr Greenwood lent him books, about an unhappy English girl. Always talking back to the queen.‘ ‘An unhappy English girl? Princessp 49 SC 2000
the pieds-noirs in the South of France. Yet Halder was always treated with respect by his fellow guards. I had seenp 59 SC 2000
keyhole work -- and part eccentric rider of hobby-horses. As always, Jane was right. I had read too much into thep 70 SC 2000
executives left their cars on the lower floors, but I always enjoyed the clear view over La Napoule Bay, and thep 71 SC 2000
worked together. Paul, what are you driving at?‘ ‘Nothing. I've always been curious.‘ ‘You know I don't like that. David isn'tp 79 SC 2000
to jury-rig their becalmed marriage and aware that they were always happiest in a foreign country. I was staying with myp 90 SC 2000
know how to cope with the psychopathic. The squirearchy have always enjoyed freedoms denied to the tenant farmers and peasantry. Dep 96 SC 2000
him well?‘ ‘We were neighbours, of course, but he was always busy with the refuge at La Bocca. We never metp 103 SC 2000
You mean she'll put a camera up my bottom? I've always wanted to be on television. What about you?‘ ‘I'm onp 111 SC 2000
like quite an effort.‘ ‘They are. Games at Eden-Olympia are always the serious kind.‘ ‘The man who gave me a liftp 113 SC 2000
cares? Sex isn't about anatomy any more. It's where it always belonged -- inside the head.‘ I sat on the sidep 122 SC 2000
ladder. ‘Paul, towel ... did I make a splash?‘ ‘Dear, you always make a splash.‘ ‘Here. In the pool.‘ ‘A small onep 167 SC 2000
me of an experienced embassy official in a foreign capital, always exploring the terrain of possibilities open to him, the concealedp 174 SC 2000
fool. At the end he didn't have enough time. That's always the trouble with mass-killers. They run out of time.‘ ‘Hep 183 SC 2000
bright May sunlight as he emerged from the building. ‘I've always thought he was mad, but he must have been veryp 189 SC 2000
maze of cubicles and double doors.‘ ‘Vadim's secretary said he always used that suite to check out new videos. Stuff madep 190 SC 2000
the TV centre car park.‘ ‘Too many car parks -- always a sign of a troubled mind. But why the TVp 210 SC 2000
repressed.‘ ‘It might have been a woman.‘ ‘No. You can always tell when a man's driven your car. Brakes, accelerator, evenp 211 SC 2000
Anges. But he worked till nine every night. He was always flying to Oman and Dubai. One day I found thisp 219 SC 2000
be racist, or some mad animal rights thing. Fanatical Greens always veer off-course, and end up trying to save the smallpoxp 227 SC 2000
put you on ...‘ ‘The target list? Does it matter? Don't always look for motives -- they don't explain everything.‘ ‘Even sop 227 SC 2000
Delage got there first. Jane's found the head girl she always needed to look up to.‘ ‘But you still have sexp 228 SC 2000
Cardin robbery seemed to justify infidelity. The contingent world, as always, rewrote the rules and sanctioned everything. I heard Frances switchp 231 SC 2000
was twelve at the time. She was my girlfriend. I always did exactly what she told me.‘ ‘Sensible little chap,‘ Francesp 234 SC 2000
us. For the first time I knew that he had always seen me as a patient. ‘Mad, no. Though one orp 250 SC 2000
to the exercise at the Cardin Foundation. Frances Baring has always been a law unto herself‘ Penrose spoke soothingly, and thep 252 SC 2000
the brochures.‘ ‘Everything they say is true. However, it wasn't always so. When I came to Eden-Olympia four years ago itp 253 SC 2000
Then people worry about security inside their office buildings. That's always a key indicator of internal stress, the obsession with thep 257 SC 2000
you think. Violence is spectacular and exciting, but sex has always been the main hunting ground of psychopathy. A perverse sexualp 265 SC 2000
on the landing, dragging a suitcase from the bedroom. As always, she had recovered quickly from the dose of diamorphine. Shep 268 SC 2000
no more part of Eden-Olympia than those African salesmen they're always roughing up. Your wife's practically moved in with one ofp 283 SC 2000
already.‘ ‘I tried to help you. Was Halder useful?‘ ‘As always. He could run a guided tour for the tourists. He'sp 293 SC 2000
me affably, lifting his huge body from the chair. As always, I was struck by how pleased he was to seep 295 SC 2000
needed the stimulant, moving in an easy, amphetamine stride. As always, I was amazed by how quickly she could recover herp 319 SC 2000
She didn't say why.‘ ‘You're in touch with her?‘ ‘I always have been. There are still one or two people Ip 332 SC 2000
mind when he set off with his rifle. You were always talking about Lee Harvey Oswald, Hungerford and Columbine. So Zanderp 337 SC 2000
me to take the coast road to Juan-les-Pins. Drink-drivers are always ending up in the sea.‘ She raised her arm andp 343 SC 2000
you know they're just waiting for him to arrive.‘ ‘Dictators always step into an open jackboot. How many executives are involvedp 344 SC 2000
any underage girls and boys who catch VD. And it's always useful to have a doctor who'll sign death certificates whenp 346 SC 2000
corrupted your wife and you sat back and watched. I always wondered why.‘ ‘You say I'm a voyeur.‘ ‘That's not thep 351 SC 2000
a new hair spray. ‘That's just the point. Reality is always a threat. I'm not worried by any rival ideology --p 361 SC 2000
of time with her. She must talk about something. She's always had friends outside Eden-Olympia -- an attractive woman in thep 364 SC 2000
Peugeot. ‘Mr Sinclair ... I can get her for you. They've always wanted me to ...‘ ‘Thanks, but you'll be their target forp 382 SC 2000
you weren't sure.‘ ‘Well ... at the last moment there are always doubts. I've thought about it for many months.‘ He watchedp 388 SC 2000
hand, Sally swayed from the mantelpiece. I stepped back, as always humouring her little fantasy that she was handicapped. Only thep 14 MP 2003
as a special kind of erotic challenge. But Sally was always game, even if for much of the time her onlyp 15 MP 2003
right. It might have been Laura. That expression of hers, always impatient ...‘ ‘Call Henry Kendall at the Institute. He'll know.‘ ‘Henryp 19 MP 2003
sense, a kind of justice had been done. Sally had always seen her accident as a random event, a cruel deficitp 22 MP 2003
dress with the air of a senior concierge who could always supply tickets to the most sought-after shows, in this worldp 29 MP 2003
beard soon after the start of their affair, and I always suspected that this was an ill omen. He had agedp 29 MP 2003
blood sprang from her strong nose, about which she had always been sensitive. Strangely, it was the blood on the facep 30 MP 2003
passivity, that Laura found attractive. In his eyes we had always been rivals, and he was puzzled whenever I failed top 31 MP 2003
Heathrow bomb? Any news?‘ ‘Hard to make out. Intelligence people always know less than you think. He wanted to talk top 31 MP 2003
the rules, and you can get away with anything.‘ ‘That's always a shock to the middle classes.‘ She ran a fingerp 52 MP 2003
made an exception for you.‘ ‘Thanks for warning me.‘ ‘I always tell the truth.‘ She beamed winsomely. ‘It's a new wayp 61 MP 2003
herself, I had known that we would become lovers. As always, a perverse calculus refreshed and redefined the world. Appointment withp 73 MP 2003
me of an experienced lady's companion, knowing her place and always ready to agree. But I sensed that she had anp 85 MP 2003
her clipboard. ‘You're a liberal in sexual matters?‘ ‘Yes. I always have been, probably without realizing it. Now ...‘ Kay pushed awayp 92 MP 2003
the eyes of the rugby crowd. ‘Why do the women always come to the door? Where the hell are the menp 95 MP 2003
supermarket.‘ Kay pushed me out of the car. ‘Kids are always pinching them. Don't look at the security camera.‘ The videop 97 MP 2003
until it disappeared, and I realized that Kay Churchill had always intended to abandon me. A Neuroscientist Looks at God Chelseap 98 MP 2003
back to schoolmastering, but my duty is here. Social unrest always throws up a few really dangerous types. People who usep 107 MP 2003
all the time, freaky people pretending to be pop stars. Always avoid Chelsea.‘ ‘Fulham, actually. No hard drugs and the Protestantp 109 MP 2003
others at Chelsea Marina, they want to change the world. Always the easy option. Near-nonentities have pulled it off. That's whyp 137 MP 2003
terraced house in Swiss Cottage, a red-brick villa I had always disliked. The short drive from St John's Wood had testedp 143 MP 2003
the night. Often she reached home before I did. She always apologized, smiling hopelessly over a social gaffe, as if shep 144 MP 2003
shelter against its brutalist walls. ‘Undressed concrete, David. Alcatraz revival, always beware. Built by the sort of people who liked Annap 151 MP 2003
with her child. ‘You could do some real time. I always thought you might be a police spy. You took sop 161 MP 2003
surprisingly easy to impersonate a senior consultant.‘ ‘"Dr Livingstone"?‘ ‘It always works. You're a colleague of mine at Ashford Hospital. Nowp 172 MP 2003
to run back to her house. I admired her, as always, for her passion and wrongheadedness. She was often lonely, writingp 199 MP 2003
the constables trying to clear the street. Too reliant, as always, on argument and social stance, the Chelsea Marina rebels werep 202 MP 2003
introduced breakfast magazine programmes, family discussion panels and childcare investigations, always ready with sensible advice and good-humoured charm. I had neverp 209 MP 2003
the medical journals. ‘That's the trouble with Henry -- he's always the same as ever. What about you, David?‘ ‘Busy.‘ Ip 219 MP 2003
jacket, ginger moustache bristling at the scent of battle. As always, he seemed to be bored by the civil uprising thatp 227 MP 2003
the retreat. I raised my fists, urging her forward, as always driven by her confused and restless spell. The street wasp 228 MP 2003
why.‘ ‘You'll have to work that one out. It was always you, David ...‘ Gould greeted me confidently and helped me fromp 244 MP 2003
calm me. ‘I'm sorry, David. I hate tricking you. You've always been so straight -- with everyone except yourself. I thoughtp 247 MP 2003
coterie at Chelsea Marina. I knew now why Kay had always been uneasy over my growing involvement with Gould. Surprisingly, Ip 252 MP 2003
an earlier, unfavourable diagnosis had proved correct after all. ‘I've always felt that the bomb brought us together. In a sensep 253 MP 2003
conferences.‘ ‘What went wrong?‘ ‘Everything. Now I know why professionals always leave revolution to the amateurs. Customs were checking the suitcasesp 254 MP 2003
physician on the ward of the world, encouraging and explaining, always ready to sit beside an anxious patient and set outp 257 MP 2003
She's very nice. I'd say she wants you back.‘ ‘She always does. It's one of those middle-class games. Why were youp 263 MP 2003
any patient who had passed through the Adler, but as always I felt better for seeing him. Despite his admission thatp 263 MP 2003
the police who tried to halt them. Major Tulloch, as always, had seized his opportunity. ‘David, who are they? The peoplep 281 MP 2003
the pistol in his hand. I knew that he had always seen me as Richard Gould's chief collaborator. Aware that hep 286 MP 2003
tourists and social historians found that nothing had changed. Money, always harder-wearing than asphalt, helped to repave the streets. Amicable negotiationsp 289 MP 2003
and senseless demonstrations. Violence, as Richard Gould once said, should always be gratuitous, and no serious revolution should ever achieve itsp 293 MP 2003
thought of reversing back to the motorway, then gave up. Always let the road decide ... Like many central Londoners, I feltp 4 KC 2006
for the post whenever I met him -- he was always affectionate but distant, as if he had run into ap 16 KC 2006
stepmother, when he was too distressed to speak. I had always wanted him to like me, but I thought of thep 16 KC 2006
made me want to talk. ‘My mother never remarried. I always felt I had to stick up for her. If thep 22 KC 2006
Mr Pearson. Christie was well known in Brooklands. He was always campaigning against the Metro-Centre.‘ ‘Quite a target to pick.‘ Sergeantp 23 KC 2006
from London, Mr Pearson. It's a huge flea market and always has been. Cheap goods and cheaper dreams. Here in Brooklandsp 32 KC 2006
shocked by the thought. ‘Christie is very devious. He was always hanging around.‘ ‘All the same, no one actually saw himp 45 KC 2006
lifetime's memories of him.‘ ‘That's a little callous, Sergeant. There's always been a space in my life, and now I'm tryingp 50 KC 2006
-- signed and dedicated to my father: ‘For Stuart, who always kept flying speed ...‘ Amazingly, there was a copy of Saint-Exupery'sp 53 KC 2006
aside, locked away for future use, so that I was always outgrowing my gifts. Surprisingly, I turned out to be ratherp 54 KC 2006
me for being so obtuse. ‘I've often treated him. He's always being attacked and beaten up.‘ ‘What was he doing inp 69 KC 2006
It's a short cut.‘ ‘To the nearest police pound? Doctor, always wear your seat belt. Is this some sort of courtshipp 72 KC 2006
that we see in the consumer ideal. Right, Sheila?‘ As always, his guests nodded their firm agreement, sitting in their blackp 79 KC 2006
warehouse of cheap knitwear burned to the ground. And, as always, the police arrived ten minutes after the fire engines. Almostp 79 KC 2006
best, it tries to aestheticize violence, though sadly it doesn't always succeed ...‘ Sangster stood up, smiling to himself in an almostp 86 KC 2006
buy. David Cruise, supporting actor in television serials that he always joined as their ratings slumped, was a complete fiction, fromp 93 KC 2006
witnesses" came forward. He was their chief suspect.‘ ‘The police always jump to conclusions. It's part of their job, builds confidencep 100 KC 2006
walking out of some shopping mall or retail park. Messiahs always emerge from the desert. Everybody will be waiting for himp 106 KC 2006
front of us when we reached the central plaza, as always so huge that I failed to notice the police vehiclesp 113 KC 2006
and she'd claim they came from the other side. I always thought high-street banks were outposts of heaven. The curious thingp 134 KC 2006
they've had a good time. Not for me -- it's always safer to stick to what you know nothing about. Inp 143 KC 2006
abuse in their lives. Masochism is the new black, and always has been. It's the mood music of the future. Peoplep 147 KC 2006
as if to veil any telltale signs. But I was always glad to be with her. I loved her moods andp 159 KC 2006
let her down.‘ ‘A shame. I'm on her side. She always avoids me.‘ ‘I can't think why.‘ Julia found a cleanp 162 KC 2006
I'm with you there. But is it in danger?‘ ‘It's always in danger. We have to be ready, whatever happens.‘ Ip 173 KC 2006
I doubted it, though this rather frozen woman with her always immaculate make-up probably needed to feel subservient to a powerfulp 183 KC 2006
non-consumers and anyone not interested in sport. New enemies were always needed, and one in particular was soon found. The traditionalp 189 KC 2006
snobbish middle class and the snootier London boroughs who had always despised the motorway suburbs. But Cruise's worries were for showp 190 KC 2006
these displays of local pride. But violence and hate, as always, were organizing themselves. The Old Man’s Quest Thinking ofp 191 KC 2006
the perimeter road, and approached the section of embankment. As always, I could hear engines running in the distance, the deep-throatedp 200 KC 2006
while searching for a stray hair over her eyes. As always, I was glad to see her, and had the oddp 237 KC 2006
storeroom, where Cruise lay in his makeshift oxygen tent. As always, the sight of him stretched inertly in his maze ofp 239 KC 2006
since our first meeting, an anger at herself that had always come between us. ‘Julia? Who ...?‘ ‘Quiet!‘ She smoothed her hairp 240 KC 2006
police commandos had withdrawn, and that the real danger, as always, came from one's own side, from Carradine's untrained militia. Afterp 244 KC 2006
enough food to feed her four patients and herself. I always stayed until she had forced herself through the tins ofp 245 KC 2006
himself, still light-headed after the excitements of the night. ‘You always were a dreamer, Richard.‘ ‘Sangster, listen --‘ ‘Think of itp 250 KC 2006
calmly: ‘He shot my father. You know that, doctor. You've always known it.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Without thinking, Maxted turned in his chairp 256 KC 2006
his fingers were rusty. Never liked the man. He was always a bit too impetuous. The last person to be ap 263 KC 2006
that left my own little mind far behind. There was always something odd and incongruous to see: a vast firework displayp 6 ML 2008
science as mankind's saviour, enjoyed Shanghai far more. He was always telling the chauffeur to slow down when we passed significantp 9 ML 2008
never saw my parents naked or in bed together, and always used the bath and lavatory next to my own bedroomp 12 ML 2008
and stopped to buy American comics for her sons, she always included a comic for me, something I noticed that neitherp 23 ML 2008
later. I was rarely unhappy at home, but I was always happy at the Kendall-Wards, and I think that I wasp 23 ML 2008
I was careful to avoid provoking the Japanese soldiers. They always waved me through the checkpoints, as they did the Europeansp 28 ML 2008
and I was probably hyperactive, in today's jargon. I was always on the go, whether playing my intense private games withp 32 ML 2008
and down the Avenue Foch and the Bubbling Well Road, always on the lookout for something new and rarely disappointed. Inp 34 ML 2008
all day, and I remember the family dentist whose breath always reeked of something stronger than mouth-rinse. But this was commonp 40 ML 2008
days when I never set eyes on her. Breakfast was always a problem, with school deciding when I sat down top 41 ML 2008
table. But clearly I needed to be alone. I was always a keen storyteller, and enjoyed school essays when there wasp 41 ML 2008
of his first-class honours degree from London University. He was always optimistic and confident, was a great ballroom dancer and evenp 46 ML 2008
living in a large, three-storey house where the rooms were always dark, filled with heavy, uncomfortable furniture and interior doors withp 49 ML 2008
with England was by cable. I imagine that my father, always determined and optimistic, convinced my mother that England would takep 52 ML 2008
or so of Pearl Harbor. I cycled to school, but always came straight home afterwards, though sometimes I had to waitp 57 ML 2008
inventiveness and enormously laid-back style. Life in their company was always interesting, and they remained cheerful to the end, unlike manyp 72 ML 2008
to the end, unlike many of the British internees. They always seemed glad to see me, throwing back the curtains ofp 72 ML 2008
parents and the other adults forced this down, but I always had a strong appetite, and to this day I findp 75 ML 2008
nearly fifty years, and to the despair of everyone have always preferred make-do-and-mend to buying anew, even when I could easilyp 80 ML 2008
was a prison where I found freedom. My parents were always at hand to answer any query that crossed my mindp 80 ML 2008
unpredictable Japanese and Korean guards, they were often unwell, and always short of food and clothing. At one point, when myp 83 ML 2008
the ladies, distributing the most gallant flattery, and my mother always remembered him with affection. ‘Oh, Cyril ...‘ she would chortle whenp 86 ML 2008
American Air Raids 1944 My parents‘ memories of Lunghua were always much harsher than my own. I was often hungry, butp 89 ML 2008
thought I had lost sight of him, but I have always regretted not waving to him. Apart from a visit hep 117 ML 2008
food rationing went on into the 1950s. But there was always the indirect rationing of simple unavailability, and the far morep 124 ML 2008
English I was becoming, despite all my efforts. The camouflage always imitates the target. In the Upper VIth I passed thep 136 ML 2008
early twenties. Then, whenever I visited the Tate, I would always turn right into the modern rooms, and never left top 154 ML 2008
everywhere around us in a hundred bomb sites. I had always detested nostalgia, and the attempt by British politicians of allp 161 ML 2008
about flying and drinking -- one of my Canadian instructors always boarded our plane with a cigar and two bottles ofp 163 ML 2008
bring back customers from the Portobello pubs, for some reason always large and tired men who would climb the stairs pastp 175 ML 2008
squadron leader and his very posh wife, Peta, who was always boasting in a loud voice that she had ‘checked outp 177 ML 2008
the trade journals published by his parent company. There were always vacancies because the firm paid so little to its employeesp 181 ML 2008
by putting up with a rather modest life. She was always confident that one day I would be a success, whichp 183 ML 2008
hours with little fish nets, hunting for shrimps, which were always taken home in jam jars and watched as they refusedp 185 ML 2008
needed to write in order to make a living but always imposing his own vision. Daniel Defoe would have approved ofp 193 ML 2008
unchanged by the decades -- and in later years Kingsley always seemed proud of Martin's success. ‘Great stuff,‘ he would sayp 197 ML 2008
that she could return. Wise Women 1964 Family life has always been very important to me, far more important, I suspectp 199 ML 2008
much the same way about my four grandchildren. I have always been very proud of my children, and every moment Ip 200 ML 2008
for nearly two months, a wonderful holiday when we were always together. I remember a hold-up on a mountain road inp 203 ML 2008
I hope the children realised early on that they could always rely on me. My son Jim, who was the oldestp 203 ML 2008
people now realise, and most assume that English life has always been much as it is today, except for mobile phonesp 208 ML 2008
tripped off his tongue, whatever the subject, and he was always pushing at the edges of some notion that intrigued himp 218 ML 2008
two years, meeting Giacometti, Tristan Tzara and the surrealists. He always insisted that he was a European and not a Britishp 218 ML 2008
The women journalists who have interviewed me over the years always refer to the dust that their gimlet eyes detect inp 227 ML 2008
generous to my children and grandchildren. Life with Claire has always been interesting -- we have often driven together across halfp 230 ML 2008
newspapers and magazines, has completely mastered the internet and is always supplying me with news stories that she knows will appealp 230 ML 2008
Rome and Seville. Claire is a speed-reader of guidebooks, and always finds some interesting side chapel, or points out the specialp 232 ML 2008
rarely even to Claire and the children. But I had always wanted to write about the war years and internment, partlyp 248 ML 2008
into my fiction. At the same time, though, I have always been fascinated by deserts, and even wrote an entire bookp 251 ML 2008
on in the total darkness of my brain. ‘But you always see the tidal waves coming in,‘ I said in ap 254 ML 2008
American director of Half Moon Street and La Balance (‘I always sleep with my leading ladies.‘ This left me agog. ‘You'vep 262 ML 2008
explained the real nature of my breakfastless errand. Shanghai had always been a European city, created by British and French entrepreneursp 269 ML 2008
visits and the company of friends and family. Jonathan has always been completely frank, leaving me with no illusions about thep 278 ML 2008
to write this book. Jonathan is highly intelligent, thoughtful and always gentle, and has that rare ability to see the ongoingp 278 ML 2008