place on the shelves, an A-Z of once-modish names from Althusser and Barthes to Husserl and Perls. Whether to soften, orp 29 RW 1988
were still intact. Across the centre was the legend: LUNAR ALTIMETER Miles: 100 GOLIATH 7 General Electric Corporation, Schenectedy Picking upp 456 QR 1963
hat off to Ryker,‘ he continued as Connolly set the altimeter down on the pier and steadied it carefully. ‘Let's facep 456 QR 1963
subsided he pointed down to the glowing face of the altimeter at their feet. ‘Captain, something else arrived,‘ he said quietlyp 457 QR 1963
cargo actually landed.‘ As Pereira knelt down and inspected the altimeter, whistling sharply to himself, Connolly walked over to the edgep 457 QR 1963
Down below, safely stowed away among his baggage, was the altimeter, carefully sterilized and sealed. On the table in front ofp 457 QR 1963
wreathed its wings and fuselage. It flew on steadily, gaining altitude as it cleared the perimeter fence. Moving northwards towards thep 923 UC 1976
tested the swing, taking it up to a wild new altitude. Watching them, I felt the first smile cross my lipsp 166 KW 1991
laboratory, and Mrs Anderson steered the Major to the cooler altitudes of the cultivated terraces. Everyone, even Werner and Wolfgang, realizedp 162 RP 1994
Other enjoyable features are long interviews with the maverick Robert Altman, director of M*A*S*H and The Player, and Hollywood's enduring one-manp 24 UGM 1993
destination she would have strangled him on the spot. Ray Alto, doyen of the ultrasonic composers and the man more thanp 114 SS 1960
afternoon. Today, however, he wanted to make sure of finding Alto before he left for Video City, where he was ap 114 SS 1960
the door from one of the bedrooms opened and Ray Alto appeared, a tall, thoughtful man of about forty, with thinningp 115 SS 1960
Full programme?‘ Mangon nodded. ‘Don't let it get you down.‘ Alto picked a dictaphone off one of the end tables, carriedp 115 SS 1960
apart. The entire city will come down like Jericho.‘ ‘Babel,‘ Alto corrected. ‘Okay, now, let's shut up. We'll be gone soonp 115 SS 1960
brought Mangon a coke from the bar, then wandered off Alto flipped on the dictaphone, began to speak steadily into itp 115 SS 1960
pulled himself together and shook his head. ‘Working too hard?‘ Alto pressed. He scrutinized Mangon suspiciously. ‘Are you still sitting upp 115 SS 1960
Gioconda woman?‘ Embarrassed, Mangon lowered his eyes. His relationship with Alto was, obliquely, almost as close as that with Madame Giocondap 115 SS 1960
obliquely, almost as close as that with Madame Gioconda. Although Alto was brusque and often irritable with Mangon, he took ap 115 SS 1960
Mangon's phenomenal auditory sensitivity. ‘She'll exhaust you, Mangon, believe me.‘ Alto knew how much the personal contact meant to Mangon andp 115 SS 1960
frowned, wrote quickly on his wrist-pad: She WILL sing again! Alto read the note pensively. Then, in a harder voice, hep 116 SS 1960
whim might be.‘ She is a great artist. ‘She was,‘ Alto pointed out. ‘No more, though, sad as it is. I'mp 116 SS 1960
teeth and tore off another sheet. Entertainment, perhaps. Art, No! Alto accepted the rebuke silently; he reproved himself as much asp 116 SS 1960
answer came back scornfully: No! But you have. Please describe. Alto laughed shortly, tore up his sheets and walked across top 116 SS 1960
scribbling rapidly on his pad. Give Madame Gioconda a job. Alto read the note, then gave it back to Mangon, puzzledp 117 SS 1960
again. Could arrange make-believe programme in research studios. Closed circuit. Alto folded the note carefully, left the dictaphone on the staircasep 117 SS 1960
enough of an exhibition of herself to block his governorship.‘ Alto pursed his lips. He loathed LeGrande, not merely for havingp 117 SS 1960
once having exploited his weakness, LeGrande never hesitated to remind Alto of it, treating him and his music with contempt. Ifp 117 SS 1960
would happen when she found out?‘ She wants to SING. Alto reached out and patted Mangon on the shoulder. ‘Good forp 118 SS 1960
reached the staircase, picked up the dictaphone and returned to Alto with it. He grinned happily, his jaw working wildly asp 118 SS 1960
struggled to speak. Strangled sounds quavered in his throat. Touched, Alto turned away from him and sat down. ‘Okay, Mangon,‘ hep 118 SS 1960
joy at having won a promise of help from Ray Alto. He ran through the foyer, already fumbling at his wrist-padp 118 SS 1960
left, immediately assuming that she had discovered his plot with Alto. Then he realized that never before had he visited thep 118 SS 1960
a tempest, kicking a chair against a wall. It was Alto. He raced down the staircase into the lounge, jaw tensep 128 SS 1960
to drive the whole ship into the ground, why worry?‘ Alto punched the sofa viciously. ‘Because you and I are goingp 129 SS 1960
going to sing -- in the middle of Opus Zero?‘ Alto nodded grimly. Merrill threw up his hands and slumped backp 129 SS 1960
says she will?‘ ‘Who do you think? The great LeGrande.‘ Alto turned to Mangon. ‘She must have raked up some realp 129 SS 1960
sweet.‘ He shook his head sadly. ‘Hell, all that work.‘ Alto snapped: ‘Don't worry, it won't be wasted. Why should wep 129 SS 1960
recognize real genius when you see it. He looked at Alto with contempt, sorry for the man, with his absurd silentp 130 SS 1960
I understand.‘ Then: ‘What do you want me to do?‘ Alto patted him on the shoulder. ‘Good boy. Believe me, you'llp 130 SS 1960
days he had felt increasingly uneasy. He was convinced that Alto was in error, and yet logic was firmly on hisp 131 SS 1960
to the concert studio at Video City, had rehearsed with Alto his entry beneath the stage to the cue-box, a smallp 131 SS 1960
at airports -- and mounted its nozzle in the cue-hood. Alto stood on the platform erected for Madame Gioconda, shouted atp 131 SS 1960
vented a long-drawn-out ‘Fiivvveeee! ... Foouuurrr! ... Thrreeeee! ... Twooooo! ... Onnneeee ...!‘ ‘Good enough,‘ Alto decided. Chicago-style, they hid the sonovac in a triple-bass casep 132 SS 1960
Alto's office. ‘Do you want to hear her sing, Mangon?‘ Alto asked. ‘She should be rehearsing now.‘ Mangon hesitated, then declinedp 132 SS 1960
It's tragic that she's unable to realize the truth herself‘ Alto commented. ‘Her mind must be fixed fifteen or twenty yearsp 132 SS 1960
and black trousers move near the nozzle. ‘Mangon!‘ he heard Alto snap. He craned forward, saw Alto eyeing him. Mangon wavedp 133 SS 1960
nozzle. ‘Mangon!‘ he heard Alto snap. He craned forward, saw Alto eyeing him. Mangon waved to him and Alto nodded slowlyp 133 SS 1960
forward, saw Alto eyeing him. Mangon waved to him and Alto nodded slowly, at the same time smiling to someone inp 133 SS 1960
desks and watching Madame Gioconda in amazement. The programme director, Alto and one of the comperes stood in front of herp 135 SS 1960
which stressed the masculine responses -- and the minimum of alto lift. One morning I caught her on her knees byp 313 TDS 1962
exhibits and fumbled with the control panel, selecting the N alto lift which would resonate most flatteringly with her own bodyp 396 TSS 1962
had recently retired after selling his software company in Palo Alto to a Japanese conglomerate, and now devoted himself to wild-lifep 42 RP 1994
in her debt. Sightseeing with her mother in the Bairro Alto district of Lisbon, a maze of steeply climbing streets, Sallyp 23 MP 2003
on one of the long slab sofas -- Paul Merrill, Alto's arranger -- waved him back. ‘Mangon, hold on to yourp 114 SS 1960
be able to repeat a few carefully edited fragments from Alto's promise to arrange her guest appearance, but she seemed eagerp 125 SS 1960
ten years ago was cancelled to make way for Ray Alto's Total Symphony you can guess which one she picked.‘ Merrillp 129 SS 1960
find it again as I found mine. However, something about Alto's manner warned him to wait. He said: ‘I understand.‘ Thenp 130 SS 1960
hid the sonovac in a triple-bass case, stored it in Alto's office. ‘Do you want to hear her sing, Mangon?‘ Altop 132 SS 1960
the sonovac. He waited, feeling the steady subliminal music of Alto's symphony swell massively within him, its tempo accelerating. Presumably Madamep 134 SS 1960
his coffee. ‘How much money have you got?‘ ‘On me?‘ ‘Altogether.‘ ‘About thirty dollars.‘ ‘I've saved fifteen,‘ Franz said. ‘Forty-five dollarsp 32 CC 1957
few of the noisier spars. ‘Tomorrow I'll finish it off altogether.‘ I wasn't in the least surprised when Raymond called andp 46 VS 1957
have used in an emergency. ‘I saw them three times altogether. On my fourth visit they had vanished. I estimated thatp 76 WG 1959
copy of the Vulgate. ‘How many crates did they have altogether?‘ I asked Pickford. ‘Bibles? Fourteen, fifteen with this one. Theyp 81 WG 1959
him single-handed. Newman recalled that one day Marshall had disappeared altogether and had been curiously irritable for the rest of thep 167 CH 1960
tongue, her mouth looked like a very vent of hell. Altogether she was a formidable woman. As Mangon brought her teap 108 SS 1960
technique on him, didn't you?‘ ‘Yes,‘ Powers admitted. ‘It wasn't altogether a success, like so much of what I seem top 182 VT 1960
the lid of the stereogram. ‘Hallucination is the wrong term altogether,‘ he told Larsen, who was lying stretched out on Bayliss'sp 142 ZT 1960
tenuous that it needed little mental effort to obliterate them altogether. The effect was similar to that of mescaline and otherp 246 OM 1961
and put it down. ‘Extraordinary. What are they?‘ ‘I'm not altogether sure,‘ I admitted. ‘Echoes in a stone garden.‘ Tony readp 215 S5 1961
from a dark corner, its hooded eyes blind and menacing. Altogether the effect was powerful, a perfect image of Marshall's ownp 68 WFN 1961
they reached the top of the shaft it had stopped altogether. At each of the four levels the retreating occupants ofp 175 WFN 1961
opera is its wooden, one-dimensional dialogue. But if one can't altogether blame Commander Shepard for his ‘Boy, what a ride,‘ Majorp 196 UGM 1962
all, colonel. In fact, I refused to discuss her problems altogether.‘ He smiled flatly at the colonel. ‘I wouldn't make thep 292 IO 1962
the skull-plate. ‘Clifford, I'm not sure that I like this altogether. And Dr Burlington does seem rather strange. But I supposep 353 PE 1962
city, into the outlying jungle. Here and there they vanished altogether or expanded into the steaming sheets of open water thatp 20 DW 1962
expanses of unbroken water between the principal lines of buildings. Altogether the zone below them was empty and uncongested, and Keransp 54 DW 1962
skin of his face and hands was uncannily white, devoid altogether of any pigmentation. Kerans‘ heavy sunburn, like that of Beatricep 91 DW 1962
in her slate-blue eyes, an uneasy tension around the mouth. Altogether I had a vague impression of something unhealthy, of ap 397 TSS 1962
chair. ‘Careful, Charles. I don't know whether the Council would altogether approve.‘ ‘I'm sure they wouldn't.‘ After Hanson had left hep 377 WT 1962
cold room. Malek was nodding slowly, a thin and not altogether unsympathetic smile on his lips as if he understood everythingp 519 EG 1963
to more sporadic chatter. Occasionally the noise would fall away altogether, and the great concourse, like an immense crowd waiting forp 428 RE 1963
formed by the water's edge seventy-five yards from the terrace. Altogether some two hundred people were silently assembling along the shore-linep 432 RE 1963
one would expect, but only three or four of them altogether. Two are circling Venus, a third Uranus and possibly ap 495 VH 1963
of tragic compassion. The later artist had reversed its posture altogether, and the head was turned away from the cross andp 580 LL 1964
expression of deep compassion at the dying Christ -- an altogether meaningless interpretation -- but the remarkable likeness between the twop 582 LL 1964
grand turnout, James,‘ his sister told him approvingly. ‘Twenty cars altogether, not including the private ones.‘ Falkman thanked her, his eyesp 564 TP 1964
his own house his parents‘ home was bleak and uncomfortable, altogether alien to everything Falkman had previously known. Although kind andp 566 TP 1964
the great house where they had lived surrounded by servants altogether obliterated. During his first term at school he was inp 567 TP 1964
today. Didn't you enjoy my firework display last night?‘ ‘Not altogether, Richard. I'm leaving this afternoon.‘ ‘But, Charles --‘ With anp 73 D 1965
his reasons for serving at the leper hospital were not altogether humanitarian, and that he might be more attracted by thep 19 CW 1966
now that my motives for working at the leproserie weren't altogether humanitarian, but merely accepting that doesn't help me. Of coursep 136 CW 1966
her breasts. Velvet playtoys nestled like voles around her wrists. Altogether she seemed to be concealed in this living play-nest likep 799 SGW 1970
Amis in New Maps of Hell, they try to ignore altogether the technological trappings and relate s-f to the ‘mainstream‘ ofp 207 UGM 1971
something else, he would dismiss her work and medical qualifications altogether. Even after their affair Vaughan's moods would swing from affectionp 90 C 1973
At any moment they might simply lose interest in him altogether, leaving him to perish inside the hull of this burnt-outp 88 CI 1974
he jostled against Maitland, and nudged him in a not altogether friendly way. Disturbed by this display, an ironic revenge onp 106 CI 1974
At the time they had seriously discussed leaving the high-rise altogether, but Wilder had persuaded Helen to stay on, for reasonsp 47 HR 1975
the lights failed, first dipping warningly and then going out altogether, he backed against the wall to allow the group top 67 HR 1975
with friends on other floors or exited from their lives altogether. The leader of the pack, the elderly children's-story writer, gazedp 115 HR 1975
earlier he had finally banned the making of these noises altogether -- sitting in the penthouse and trying to think aboutp 140 HR 1975
many people had gone, or dropped out of the struggle altogether. Had they deserted the high-rise for the world outside? Laingp 149 HR 1975
some two thousand, most of Europe's urban areas were deserted altogether, including, surprisingly, some of its great cathedral cities -- Chartresp 833 LFA 1975
responded to my feelings. My social life I gave up altogether, discontinuing my dinner parties and seeing few friends. One orp 868 S 1976
in our lives have been flowing in the opposite direction altogether, carrying us ever deeper into the exploration not of outerp 225 UGM 1977
a short period after noon, and a potent but not altogether unpleasant stench had filled the cabin. In spite of itsp 935 DT 1977
front door. Around the entrance hung a faint and not altogether pleasant odour. After this first abortive meeting Margaret and Ip 951 ICU 1977
woman's voice, she was totally confused by something, still not altogether sure that I was alive. Behind her was the middle-agedp 20 UDC 1979
Something's happened here, you ought to get away from Shepperton altogether ...‘ My arms steadied her. ‘No, I have to stay. There'sp 92 UDC 1979
At the same time I felt that he did not altogether disapprove, and in some way had grasped the secret logicp 109 UDC 1979
was almost glad that he would soon escape from time altogether. Though not yet. Calming himself, he looked at the lastp 1018 NFS 1981
the Japanese and executed. From then on escape attempts ceased altogether. By June 1945, the landscape around Lunghua was so hostilep 175 ES 1984
from the paddy fields. However, the siren blast signalled an altogether different display. Four Japanese soldiers, among them Private Kimura, emergedp 227 ES 1984
channels. At times she seemed to lose interest in us altogether, for hours moving away into the mist in search ofp 279 DC 1987
more generously than at Pangbourne Village, whether earned or not. Altogether, the children existed in a state closely akin to sensoryp 63 RW 1988
were either too terrified to protest or fled the scene altogether. The cult of physical perfection had gripped everyone's imagination. Bodiesp 1141 LTP 1989
seem to be trying to escape from time and space altogether. The ultimate concept car will move so fast, even atp 97 CRAa 1990
a Spanish beach and wondering how to escape from England altogether. "Young virgin auto-sodomised by her own chastity." One of Dali'sp 46 DMa 1990
to say, the privileges of my own childhood escaped me altogether. Welcoming us to his profession, Harris took us through ap 78 KW 1991
watching young couples have sex, without making clear whether she altogether disapproved. Only when her last amphetamine tablet began to wearp 181 KW 1991
I could have chosen a more easterly route, avoiding Cambridge altogether, which I had not visited for twenty years. But thep 282 KW 1991
and good-humoured personality I had known for so many years. Altogether he had made a marked recovery from the months ofp 306 KW 1991
modest, but crucial.‘ ‘CIeo, I may have been edited out altogether.‘ ‘Of course you haven't! How could they?‘ she huffed, indignantp 337 KW 1991
own professional career was under way I almost stopped reading altogether. For the next twenty years I was still digesting thep 181 UGM 1992
its resolve. ‘Sometimes I think we ought to leave Saint-Esprit altogether.‘ ‘Leave the island? Dr Barbara?‘ ‘Yes, we need to tacklep 107 RP 1994
CONFIDENCE THAT unknown sins existed, still waiting to be discovered, altogether surprised me. I watched the limousine cross the plaza onp 233 CN 1996
rich and fulfilling, but in some families they were absent altogether. Laura stepped into a waiting vacuum; with her aggressive emotionsp 71 MP 2003