an abandoned dream waiting to be re-occupied. Shadow and sunlight alternated between the buildings, as if flashing some kind of crypticp 876 UC 1976
target bulls, but the outlines of the huge 100-yard-wide discs, alternately painted blue and red, were still visible. For half anp 183 VT 1960
and Bodkin sat in a semi-circle on the low couches, alternately chilled and roasted as the erratic air-conditioner above them variedp 89 DW 1962
the dog's pathetic barks. The nervous German Shepherd was being alternately comforted and abused by its handler, a small, shirt-sleeved manp 254 KW 1991
this feast of a book: the oyster, a true hermaphrodite, alternately male and female, can live in the wild for fiftyp 247 UGM 1993
the cave like a gawky animal. To Neil she seemed alternately drained and flushed, as if she had decided not top 164 RP 1994
the naked body of this obsessive man, the white skin alternating at the elbows and neck with areas of black sunburnp 1078 MNF 1982
his full daily ration of food from the galley -- alternating stew and corned-beef hash prepared by the Filipino chef, whop 63 RP 1994
earnest students in their artists‘ smocks. The open-air cinema was alternating Renoir's Le Regle du Jeu with Gene Kelly's Singing inp 116 CN 1996
three months to rescore the stock, but I had no alternative. The next day I received a large order for mixedp 7 PB 1956
assumed to be the camp site of the geologists and alternative routes to and from the observatory. The camp was justp 79 WG 1959
together. Long job, boring for you and everybody else. The alternative method is, frankly, experimental, but I think it might workp 144 ZT 1960
Such an escape would prove nothing. Besides, he had an alternative plan. ‘You'll be all right?‘ she asked, still watching himp 245 OM 1961
provided by her father supplied her with a more interesting alternative, an unending succession of parties, and Riviera weekends. Gradually hep 13 WFN 1961
was peering through the periscope. ‘Seems as if we've no alternative, Captain. As it's only a few miles away, a shortp 154 WFN 1961
faded for ever, but leaving him unable to accept the alternative of turning out endless plans for low-cost hospitals in Ecuadorp 360 CS 1962
the elevator out of order, his men had refused the alternative of a twenty-storey climb up the stairway -- already ap 78 DW 1962
trio rarely saw each other he evidently decided on an alternative approach, bribing Kerans and Bodkin with the promise of hisp 96 DW 1962
novels had been provided deliberately, each representing one of the alternative pastimes available to the temporary tenants of the villa. Menp 504 EG 1963
Hinton has vanished. Reluctantly, I am afraid there is no alternative but to inform the police.‘ ‘Nonsense.‘ Dr Mellinger took hisp 522 MO 1963
brand of everything -- though giant economy packs were an alternative. Moving off, he opened the dashboard locker. Inside, still sealedp 416 SM 1963
go. However fragmentary their relationship, it offered at least an alternative to Suzanne. ‘Louise, if we don't leave this morning we'llp 52 CW 1966
I do think we should be here. Commentator What's the alternative to fooling around? 3rd US soldier Well, they call itp 954 TW 1967
armed young women. Union Jacks flying. People working in factories. Alternative technology, windmills, small-scale smelting works, machine shops, hand-looms. Children everywherep 961 TW 1967
as if weighing their heavy curvatures against some more plausible alternative. The landscape of highways obsessed him, the rear mouldings ofp 24 UD 1968
reimburse the total purchase price of six thousand dollars. The alternative --‘ ‘Mile Fournier,‘ I insisted stiffly with what little pridep 800 SGW 1970
with what little pride I could muster, ‘there is no alternative.‘ Before I left, Georges brought out with elaborate care ap 800 SGW 1970
the number of automobiles would do well to consider the alternative channels into which these impulses might flow. None the lessp 264 UGM 1971
readily accessible anthology of depraved acts, the keys to an alternative sexuality. I stared at the photographs in the harsh lightp 100 C 1973
with a question mark, as if Vaughan were speculating about alternative death modes, accepting some as plausible and rejecting others asp 136 C 1973
from the beach. But the woman's aircraft offered a feasible alternative. Already he mapped out a route in his mind, calculatingp 815 DFW 1974
were no longer tolerable under the new dispensation, but no alternative machinery of distribution was available. The inevitable slackening of commercep 844 LDG 1976
ULTRAC programmers have constructed a total information model of this alternative universe, with implications that are both exalting and terrifying forp 983 Z2 1978
an immense occluded lens. For all Professor Rotblat's talk of alternative universes, the delegates would see nothing through that eyepiece. Theyp 983 Z2 1978
distorted by some computer permutating all the possibilities of an alternative anatomy. This likeable but strange young woman, with her anonymousp 984 Z2 1978
dozen countries had effectively suppressed in the 1980s. However, these alternative energy sources could only meet a tenth of the needsp 46 HA 1981
chin. She flicked at the controls, as if calculating an alternative itinerary. ‘Trust me, child ...‘ One hand on the helm, thep 181 DC 1987
famous gesture, endlessly repeated on TV and even mimicked by alternative comedians, the child raised her left hand from the safetyp 40 RW 1988
light on the Pangbourne murders, but describe a richly imagined alternative to life in the estate that at the same timep 53 RW 1988
pages, we see what seems to be a ghostly and alternative version of our own past, filled with shadowy figures asp 61 SCNa 1990
prepared for a few years to visualize some kind of alternative. From the start of his career, making wartime propaganda filmsp 26 UGM 1991
realm of the psychopathic has been elevated into the ultimate alternative life-style, particularly if combined with alcohol or suicide to makep 237 UGM 1991
fringe-life of provincial universities, edited books on the occult or alternative lifestyles, or sat entombed in remote offices of the BBCp 282 KW 1991
Cadillac with zebra upholstery. Try bad taste.‘ ‘And what's the alternative? What happens after the Maginot Line collapses?‘ ‘We'll have top 86 MP 2003
pinched my ear, trying to wake me. ‘Think what the alternative was -- racketing around with your mother, sleeping in strangep 110 MP 2003
lies were consistent enough they defined themselves as a credible alternative to the truth. Emotion ruled almost everything, and lies werep 204 KC 2006
would set ourselves a psychological test, tapping yes-or-no answers to alternative-choice questions, while a standby alarm offered an emergency package entitledp 155 SC 2000
I might be merely the tool of some greater force. Alternatively, was the diary no more than a mirror which revealedp 101 NZ 1959
de-identified object frees it from all its everyday cognitive associations. Alternatively, I may have stumbled on a means of repressing thep 247 OM 1961
Renthall the Council had cleverly side-stepped the danger before them. Alternatively, Renthall speculated whether he had underestimmated them. Perhaps they realizedp 387 WT 1962
snap back, and might give away something of his intentions. Alternatively, Constantin could try to freeze him out, treating him withp 510 EG 1963
will invite the driver to try Woking, Stockton-on-Tees or Scunthorpe. Alternatively, perhaps, a harsh and threatening voice will inform him thatp 266 UGM 1971
the pieces of her body in a yellow plastic shroud. Alternatively, Vaughan saw her hit by a reversing truck in ap 14 C 1973
total self-sufficiency of lives which, needing nothing, were never disappointed. Alternatively, their real needs might emerge later. The more arid andp 36 HR 1975
that he had flown from the hospital on Douglas's back. Alternatively, ‘discharged‘ may be a screen memory of the revolver shotp 849 NTM 1976
a figment of the over-wrought imagination of some deranged lexicographer. Alternatively, may be wholly genuine, and the only glimpse we havep 940 I 1977
about to take place, set off by the space flights. Alternatively, my mind is simply numbing itself through sheer fear ... Thisp 1025 NFS 1981
and Jim was being used to test the escape route. Alternatively, these bored sailors might be playing a game, betting amongstp 219 ES 1984
may be part of a mass kidnapping attempt that misfired. Alternatively, the massacre may have been a revenge killing by anp 21 RW 1988
company with them, using his imagination to describe the infinite alternatives to reality which nature itself has proved incapable of inventingp 209 UGM 1977
of any wounds or violence suggested one or two unsettling alternatives -- plague, perhaps, or some sudden epidemic. Steering the truckp 931 DT 1977
his shoulder as he read silently through an entire file. Although I controlled myself, my abomination of Rankin grew remorselessly. Ip 97 NZ 1959
I protested volubly to the chairman, but was assured that although everything I had done was deeply appreciated, the firm wasp 102 NZ 1959
and extend itself as the temperature rose the next day. Although the roof seemed hard as steel I stopped about 300p 84 WG 1959
rest of the time. So far I have seen nothing, although two or three hundred more names have been added top 94 WG 1959
search for a real clock mechanism. He soon discovered that although there were innumerable table clocks, gold pocket watches and timepiecesp 154 CH 1960
of various back roads, past a small factory still running although work was supposed to end at noon, finally picked upp 156 CH 1960
yellow, green. Most of them carried four or five hands. Although the master hands had stopped at a minute past twelvep 158 CH 1960
The nearest you can get is one that has stopped. Although you never know when, it is absolutely accurate twice ap 165 CH 1960
first glance it was indistinguishable from any other bachelor residence, although anyone entering the short drive would have noticed one unusualp 196 LW 1960
relation to her he had not yet decided. Oddly enough, although he was more or less indispensable now to the effectivep 107 SS 1960
was, obliquely, almost as close as that with Madame Gioconda. Although Alto was brusque and often irritable with Mangon, he tookp 115 SS 1960
out in the next aisle, followed by screams and shouting. Although she heard nothing, the pressure pulse made Madame Gioconda stopp 124 SS 1960
found that the plants were assimilating gold in extractable quantities, although the soil concentrations were unworkable. Oak Ridge was at lastp 174 VT 1960
the darkness on his left, he gradually became aware that, although no longer looking at the hills, he was still inp 192 VT 1960
phenomenon of the ghost because it's an interesting fact that although there have been tens of thousands of recorded cases ofp 144 ZT 1960
face on his jacket sleeve. So Bayliss had been right, although he had never anticipated that more than one image couldp 147 ZT 1960
the second floor, using the staircase as an informal lounge, although this was against the fire regulations, women talking to thep 270 B 1961
agriculture had managed to keep pace with the population growth, although intensive cultivation meant that 95 per cent of the populationp 271 B 1961
unconfined emptiness, grasping at the sensation of absolute spatial freedom. Although smaller than many of the sub-divided rooms in which theyp 275 B 1961
immersed in each other to notice Dr Jamieson watching them, although to anyone else his intense nervous excitement would have beenp 283 GA 1961
asked himself. Was the rejuvenation some sort of psychosomatic excess? Although he felt no conscious animosity towards the expected baby, wasp 259 MF 1961
which were a glass of warm milk and two biscuits. Although he was losing weight, Freeman had the eager appetite ofp 259 MF 1961
never quite been able to suggest that she use hers, although he did leave messages around for her, on the pretextp 245 OM 1961
the one encumbrance that still remained -- his own body. Although he had forgotten its identity it none the less feltp 253 OM 1961
my astonishment realized that the Cadillac and chauffeur had disappeared, although the garage door was still open. My head rang strangelyp 210 S5 1961
to another, like light-changes in a bad motion picture. However, although her mask-like face remained motionless, I none the less detectedp 213 S5 1961
looked down at the volumes scattered about on the floor. ‘Although I should be the last person to write verse, Ip 214 S5 1961
for the suicidal poet, a slim blond-maned youth whose face, although slightly familiar, I could not identify. However, behind the principalp 222 S5 1961
batch arrived, all, as luck would have it, in longhand, although remarkably faded for material fresh from his VT set thep 226 S5 1961
attendants said they had, on the road towards me, and although they both swore this, I suppose Aurora's magic must havep 231 S5 1961
gave her smooth, intelligent face a look of precocious maturity, although she was only twenty-five. Unlike most of the girls workingp 51 WFN 1961
continued in a slightly more factual tone: ‘Taking London first, although almost all activity in the commercial and industrial sense hasp 56 WFN 1961
Marshall, Deborah realized, was the necessary counterforce on the team. Although he might be overoptimistic, this was deliberate, the sort ofp 57 WFN 1961
sea had exposed the floor of the pen, and that although this would enable them to get into the pens itp 110 WFN 1961
was now about a quarter of a mile away and, although partly obscured, the pyramid was the first structure Maitland hadp 156 WFN 1961
had decided to come in after him -- the reading, although meaningless, indicated that a breach had opened in the hullp 337 13C 1962
abstract painting or serial music. The old-guard space opera fans, although they probably form the solid backbone of present s-f readershipp 196 UGM 1962
through Cetus and Eridanus, neither of them containing her husband. Although the siting was two hours away, she was already takingp 358 CS 1962
courage and sacrifice they had set him as a child (although most of them had been piloting their wrecked capsules forp 359 CS 1962
Earth and bring it into tighter orbit around the Sun. Although the distance involved would be little more than a fewp 365 CS 1962
would catch him. The mysterious leg cramp was obviously psychogenic. Although unable to accept consciously the logic of Webster's argument, hep 367 CS 1962
clarity, and almost appeared to have taken the former's place, although he was not due to fall from orbit for atp 370 CS 1962
itself to the millionaire, unintentionally parodying his soft-spoken politeness. But although the echoes of previous tenants can be intrusive, this naturallyp 308 TDS 1962
ghost seems to be spurning you. Is the spirit unwilling although the flesh is weak?‘ ‘God knows,‘ I growled testily. ‘Ip 315 TDS 1962
a madman in an Elizabethan horror tragedy, oblivious of everything. Although submerged by the personality of Miles Vanden Starr, I graduallyp 317 TDS 1962
furnished and engineered. The heat curtains were still perfectly sealed, although the first six storeys of the hotel were below waterp 10 DW 1962
and the 250-amp air-conditioning unit had worked without a halt. Although it had been unoccupied for ten years little dust hadp 10 DW 1962
still on the roof and piped in through the window. Although he was only forty, Kerans‘ beard had been turned whitep 11 DW 1962
armoury at the base were safely muffled by the jungle. Although he had known each of the twenty men in thep 13 DW 1962
his breath, but they were dry within a few seconds. Although it was well after o'clock, the sun filled the skyp 39 DW 1962
amphibians, the birds, and Man. It's a curious thing that although we've carefully catalogued the backward journeys of so many plantsp 41 DW 1962
sauntering about in a pastel-coloured ensemble with a Ritz hallmark. Although he accepted the possibility that he would remain behind, Keransp 46 DW 1962
the time jungles, mark their own points of no return. Although they might see one another occasionally, around the lagoons orp 80 DW 1962
the jade silk shirt she wore over her black swimsuit. Although the apartment was beginning to look ramshackle and untidy, Beatricep 87 DW 1962
For some reason, Kerans felt a slight stirring of alarm. Although fully aware of Strangman's malice and unpredictability, he felt confidentp 105 DW 1962
the air supply. Both Beatrice and Bodkin were present, and although Riggs and his men were a thousand miles away therep 105 DW 1962
that an even wider gulf now divided Riggs and himself. Although the Colonel was only a few feet away from himp 155 DW 1962
the swamp, changing tirelessly from one arm to the other, although she was unable to distinguish him among the islands. Farp 162 DW 1962
figure, covering the cracks with creeper torn from the walls. Although shielded from the rain, Hardman became slightly restless in thep 169 DW 1962
his eyes firmly on the ground, ignoring the few passers-by. Although dominated by the watch-towers -- four of them hung inp 373 WT 1962
intrigue involved in canvassing the necessary support bored him utterly. Although none of them individually would challenge the Council, most peoplep 378 WT 1962
all. The movements we see may be just optical illusions. Although the windows appear to open no one's ever actually seenp 379 WT 1962
had shown no reaction at the mention of ten years, although the period was ludicrously far ahead. In all probability theirp 506 EG 1963
story, designed solely to bring the investigation to a close. Although he knew the real nature of his crime, Constantin hadp 507 EG 1963
able to extract what appeared to be a drawn position. Although the game was adjourned without comment from either player, Malekp 512 EG 1963
with a greater hold upon himself than he upon Malek. Although the pieces stood where they had left them the previousp 512 EG 1963
knee, his thumbs occasionally circling as he pondered a move. Although no less reticent than he had ever been, his mannerp 516 EG 1963
still remained whether the latter had actually left the asylum. Although the failure to find Hinton might have been interpreted asp 522 MO 1963
the alluvial plain below, culminated in a small chalk outcropping. Although it was partly hidden by the intervening houses, Mason nowp 474 NWS 1963
at his feet, stirring the white grains with a branch. Although formless and passive, the dust shared something of the samep 474 NWS 1963
narrow again and the cooling jungle darkness enveloped the launch. Although for the first few hours Connolly had joined Captain Pereirap 435 QR 1963
of beach) and found himself unable to leave the terrace, although it was now 3 o'clock and neither he nor Mildredp 427 RE 1963
However, this sense of uneasiness was not confined to himself. Although Mildred seemed immune, most of the people on the beachp 427 RE 1963
to pursue the meagre conversational possibilities of his wife's reply. Although she was married to a lecturer in the School ofp 428 RE 1963
his work; after eleven years this attitude had barely changed, although the exigencies of living on his meagre salary had forcedp 428 RE 1963
Of course it would not be visible from the beach, although Sherrington's recent work on the perception of infra-red radiation suggestedp 430 RE 1963
blue, it was clear of both aircraft and birds -- although they had seen gulls twenty miles inland that morning, asp 432 RE 1963
Whichever way he moved, the lights seemed to draw nearer, although never coming directly toward him. He turned, deciding to returnp 538 SA 1963
seemed permanently veiled by the sand haze, and Lagoon West, although given a brief notoriety by the death of Mrs Vanp 545 SG 1963
Stratten, I was busy preparing my designs for the hoardings. Although Raymond's first estimate of a million square feet was exaggeratedp 548 SG 1963
you suppose we're here at all?‘ He lowered his voice, although Lagoon West was deserted. ‘Don't tell Kanin yet, but you'vep 552 SG 1963
a gleam of her blue gown among the shadows. However, although we played each afternoon throughout the summer, she never joinedp 558 SG 1963
bulk of the second sign recede in his rear-view mirror. Although there were no graphic symbols among the wire coils coveringp 416 SM 1963
three-dimensional image of an elderly man in a blue robe. Although the image was transparent, the brilliant electric blue of thep 463 TT 1963
spectators. The two men were completely dwarfed by the giant. Although his heels were partly submerged in the sand, the feetp 641 DG 1964
had given the face a sleeker and less youthful look. Although the vast proportions of the features made it impossible top 644 DG 1964
in the funeral corridors o the pharaonic tombs at Karnak. Although his strength had ebbed markedly, the infection on his footp 634 DS 1964
and a tall, high-gabled house within a wall, recurred persistently, although its unrelated details owed nothing to his memory. Maitland triedp 652 GTN 1964
you?‘ ‘No, leave them.‘ Maitland lowered his cane, realizing that although not visibly present in his inward vision, the gulls hadp 653 GTN 1964
Captain Shelley, the late chief of police at Maynard, and although he was a biased and untrustworthy witness I feel thatp 605 IM 1964
summarized in less than a dozen lines and without comment, although the implication is inescapable that yet another focal area hasp 606 IM 1964
object in the universe, the island galaxy of M 31. Although these sightings by now seem commonplace, and at least halfp 606 IM 1964
one arm, as if indicating the approach of a storm. Although of strong physique, there was something weak and self-centred aboutp 611 IM 1964
to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed above the trees. Although out of breath and very nearly exhausted I had ap 616 IM 1964
face of one of the bystanders had been completely repainted. Although, in the centre of the painting, the Christ hung fromp 580 LL 1964
the abandoned coast, I was glad to talk to someone. Although she showed no response to my smile, the woman's darkp 570 PCD 1964
water. She was at least six inches taller than myself, although I am by no means a short man. ‘You havep 570 PCD 1964
and return to save him? ‘Come! It's time to leave!‘ Although she was a dozen feet from me, her outstretched handsp 573 PCD 1964
through the dark sand, already forgetting where the shore lay, although the atoll was little more than half a mile inp 589 TB 1964
solitary figures appeared to have been watching him for hours. Although they never moved, Traven was sure they were beckoning top 594 TB 1964
when a persistent mood of dejection began to haunt him. Although without any apparent source, this deepened slowly, and he foundp 563 TP 1964
and uncomfortable, altogether alien to everything Falkman had previously known. Although kind and respectable people, his parents‘ lives were circumscribed byp 566 TP 1964
the jetty, deciding that the comparison was less than apt. Although Quilter spent as much time watching the river as Ransomp 7 D 1965
one hand on his mast, the other on his Malinowski. Although he gladly accepted this new persona, Ransom realized that itp 12 D 1965
up the frame and looked at the photograph of himself. Although he recognized the small, square-jawed face of the child onp 13 D 1965
find him standing on the bed of the empty river. Although he had not seen her for some weeks, Ransom, converselyp 15 D 1965
suitcase, crammed to the brim. Ransom stared down at it. Although its significance was obvious, he found himself, paradoxically, wondering whetherp 29 D 1965
all evaporation of surface water into the air space above. Although the structure of these polymers was quickly identified, no meansp 31 D 1965
his way in a wide circle back towards the river. Although still narrowing, the channel was too deep to ford. Asp 35 D 1965
Perhaps Lomax saw an opportunity to settle some old scores. Although responsible for a concert hall and part of the universityp 41 D 1965
entrance to the hall, scrutinizing Ransom with her small eyes. Although twenty years younger than Lomax -- but was she reallyp 44 D 1965
unspecified errand, Ransom always felt a sharp sense of unease, although superficially she was attractive enough. Perhaps this physical appeal, thep 44 D 1965
leaned on the sill, pointing a reproving finger at Ransom. Although obviously not a man given to argument, he seemed top 46 D 1965
hallucinatory clown, the master of ceremonies at a lunatic carnival. Although Ransom was a dozen steps from him he raised hisp 73 D 1965
paddling the main body of water across the damp dunes. Although still carried by its own momentum, the channel had widenedp 106 D 1965
watched from the bank by an overseer holding a stave. Although three hundred people lived together in the settlement, no onep 117 D 1965
settlement, for whom she practiced her mild necromancy and fortunetelling. Although frowned upon by the Reverend Johnstone and his captains, thesep 127 D 1965
to persuade her to take her seat on the cart. Although she had slept badly and was already becoming over-tired byp 141 D 1965
the hollowed cheeks, had changed little during the intervening years, although he seemed twice his former height and gazed about withp 154 D 1965
came back and handed Ransom a pail of tepid water. Although his stomach was still full of the water he hadp 180 D 1965
day there was silence, until the performance the following morning. Although the fire-crackers and grimacing had presumably been effective during thep 167 D 1965
later the crests were almost twenty feet above his head. Although it was not yet noon, the sun seemed to bep 176 D 1965
dreams even of the Dadaists, shut them up for good, although the influence of Dada can still be seen in ‘happeningsp 85 UGM 1966
Joyce, who comes up for special attention in The Childermass. Although his criticism is written with tremendous elan, a boiling irritabilityp 141 UGM 1966
now and then he would manage to talk to Kline, although he never remembered what they said to each other. Byp 32 AW 1966
Inside the hut he found a set of psychological tests. Although he had no means of checking them, his answers seemedp 33 AW 1966
desire to merge with the object in an undifferentiated mass. Although psychoanalysis cannot reach the primary archaic mechanism of "rapprochement" itp 34 AW 1966
loggia beside the swimming pool had toppled into the basin. Although only four hundred yards to the east of the hotelp 675 DF 1966
look at the desert as Halliday stepped onto his balcony. Although his solitary figure stood out clearly against the dawn skyp 676 DF 1966
suit beside her. At first Halliday failed to recognize him, although the man rose and waved to him. The outline ofp 678 DF 1966
beach and calmly plundered the plumage of the dead birds. Although many thousands of the creatures lay along the margins ofp 697 SBD 1966
steamer was at last approaching the line of jetties, but although it was ten o'clock the surface of the water wasp 11 CW 1966
waist even at the clinic, and affect a melancholy expression, although in fact for the first time in many years myp 18 CW 1966
moving panes, Sanders had a sudden glimpse of Suzanne Clair. Although the young woman was in her early twenties, at leastp 22 CW 1966
like tobacco mosaic?‘ ‘Yes, that's it ...‘ The captain nodded encouragingly, although he seemed to have little idea of what he wasp 28 CW 1966
booth by the window, she introduced herself as Louise Peret. Although prepared to accept Dr. Sanders as a fellow conspirator, shep 30 CW 1966
an advantage over him, even if only a verbal one. Although he was standing, he seemed to Sanders to have shrunkp 42 CW 1966
leave by boat, whether hired or stolen, for Mont Royal. Although he would soon be following Ventress there, Sanders was gladp 43 CW 1966
and he scratched in a bored way at his neck. Although of powerful build, there was something weak and self-centred aboutp 72 CW 1966
to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed above the trees. Although out of breath and very nearly exhausted, he had ap 79 CW 1966
summarized in less than a dozen lines and without comment, although the implication is inescapable that yet another focal area hasp 84 CW 1966
dignitary or the president of one of the mine companies. Although elaborately furnished -- straight from the catalogues of a Parisp 87 CW 1966
into the pale-green slope as the process of crystallization continued. Although the main wave of activity had moved off, the forestp 88 CW 1966
could not discover, nor the subject of their blood feud. Although Thorensen had twice attacked him, Ventress almost seemed to bep 96 CW 1966
a fine fur of frost, appeared into view before him. Although exasperated by Ventress's callousness and lack of sympathy for Radekp 100 CW 1966
wondered whether some residue of their old embarrassment still remained. Although Sanders felt that his past affair with Suzanne if anythingp 123 CW 1966
understand.‘ Carrying his glass, Sanders walked across the darkened room. Although his eyes had become accustomed to the dim light, Suzanne'sp 125 CW 1966
beginnings of the so-called leonine mask. Confused by this discovery, although he had half-anticipated it since Suzanne's first letter to himp 126 CW 1966
not to understand it. ‘What do you mean?‘ Sanders hesitated. Although she appeared to be smiling, Suzanne was in fact tryingp 126 CW 1966
light shining like a stained-glass canopy in the morning sun. Although still held back by the perimeter road near the Bourbonp 130 CW 1966
edge of the petrified surface and swim across the pool. Although the crystals might begin to dissolve in the water, hep 151 CW 1966
found that he was less frightened of its monstrous appearance. Although the crystalline tissues were as cold as ice, and nop 154 CW 1966
too tired to climb over the cataracts in its path. Although his three days with Father Balthus had rested him sufficientlyp 164 CW 1966
in a faint amber glow, the palest residue of life. Although Thorensen had died trying to save her, she lived onp 167 CW 1966
of the river the vegetation still retained its sombre appearance, although the motes of light that flickered within the foliage markedp 170 CW 1966
their time in Port Matarre Max rarely referred to Suzanne, although his wife by now would be frozen like an iconp 173 CW 1966
uncle had taken Conrad to all the acquaintances he knew. Although the purpose of these visits was to identify Conrad top 692 TIM 1966
it relative?‘ ‘Not entirely, Conrad. Not beyond a certain point.‘ Although he had faithfully guided Conrad about the town, his unclep 692 TIM 1966
the dying occupant of the bed was his comparative youth. Although in his middle sixties, Dr Matthews was twenty years youngerp 693 TIM 1966
the estuary, there was a faint cry from the sea. Although tired, Conrad found himself breaking into a run. Somewhere ap 696 TIM 1966
they had fallen from the sky. Millions had been produced, although their purpose was hard to see. Later it was foundp 87 YMC 1966
the sand-ray off my legs I stared at their faces. Although smooth-shaven and sunburnt, they resembled masks. This was my rescuep 724 CHC 1967
of whatever still life or landscape it was exposed to. Although a lengthy process, requiring an exposure of at least fourp 725 CHC 1967
a yachtsman's cap stared down at me with irritated eyes. Although he was smaller than I had imagined, I immediately recognizedp 732 CHC 1967
of dreams. So were formed the cloud-sculptors of Coral D. Although I considered myself one of them, I never flew thep 745 CSC 1967
terrace. At first I could see no signs of Leonora, although her face was everywhere, the portraits with their slashed profilesp 756 CSC 1967
the wagons closed together. They began to ascend the bridge. Although the gradient was slight, the horses seemed barely able top 735 R 1967
in her face, disclosing a high-bridged nose and firm mouth. Although by no means beautiful, she had that curious quality ofp 736 R 1967
had lived on in his suit for another five hours. Although calm at first, his last radio transmissions were an incoherentp 762 DA 1968
without saying, Dali is far too much his own man. Although the pampered darling of jet-set aristocracy, many of whom, likep 92 UGM 1969
as if each was a single frame from a movie. Although he is now famous for his paintings of the latep 94 UGM 1969
eye starting the harmonious disintegration of the Persistence of Memory‘ Although comic masterpieces at first sight, each of these titles, likep 95 UGM 1969
British Museum Library into the world's largest hot air balloon, although in other senses the book has a certain charm, likep 161 UGM 1969
Ecstasy Stephan Gregory Books like this one are never reviewed, although their sales -- through mail order and under-the-counter outlets --p 255 UGM 1969
the mattress vents. The book itself is far more conservative. Although its first publication is given as 1969, it is difficultp 255 UGM 1969
the bulk of it probably written in the late fifties, although in one section comments are made on the Masters --p 255 UGM 1969
normal sexual behaviour. The hypothetical reader is difficult to visualize, although the sales of this book have already been enormous. Whop 256 UGM 1969
fatalities as J. F. Kennedy, Jayne Mansfield and James Dean. Although many patients continued to express a strong sense of anatomicalp 99 CRA 1969
his sharp mouth, he went on splicing the frayed wire. Although Pearson was in command of the guerilla unit, its realp 781 KG 1969
couturier and designer of the first bio-fabric fashions, Gavin Kaiser. Although now in her late twenties, Raine Channing still preserved herp 798 SGW 1970
as not, the penis far more resembles a clitoris and, although large, it is completely hooded over and bound down. Thep 17 C80 1970
-- are involved in the sexual fantasies of the hero. Although there have been threats and complaints about various sections ofp 261 UGM 1971
me, steering Helen through the crowd of mechanics and hangers-on. Although Seagrave was able to walk, wiping his greasy hands onp 87 C 1973
For some reason, Vera Seagrave absolved Vaughan of any responsibility, although -- as I realized later and she must have knownp 93 C 1973
in the blood of a minor member of her congregation. Although I was twenty feet from the car, standing beside ap 109 C 1973
dance as she forced my fingers to manipulate her nipple. Although stirred by the idea of intercourse with Vaughan, it seemedp 117 C 1973
and joined the motorway at the apex of the island. Although no more than a hundred yards away, this freshly grassedp 10 CI 1974
spanner, and scratched with the wrench at the damp ground. Although slick with oil, the dark earth was as impenetrable asp 30 CI 1974
air-brakes on and off in a series of sharp detonations. Although the exertion of crossing the island had re-inflamed his injuredp 32 CI 1974
down at the springs that protruded through the charred leather. Although he was now far weaker physically, his mind felt clearp 42 CI 1974
months of his marriage to Catherine, and their formal meals. Although Catherine had furnished the apartment herself, virtually without consulting Maitlandp 72 CI 1974
slices of wet bread and a nub of beef gristle. Although forbidding himself to eat now, he licked his fingers appreciativelyp 91 CI 1974
bottle to his lips. Within ten minutes Proctor was drunk. Although he had swallowed little more than a third of thep 92 CI 1974
real shit.‘ Maitland let this pass. His new-found aggressive role, although completely calculated, had subdued the young woman. He pulled offp 97 CI 1974
was taking his revenge on Proctor and the young woman, although he was well aware that both of them, by somep 98 CI 1974
drowned out the six days since his confrontation with Proctor. Although his injured thigh had begun to heal, Maitland was nowp 103 CI 1974
sand away, steering it down the saddle between the dunes. Although nearly exhausted, he continued to clear the starboard wingtip nowp 814 DFW 1974
not to expose too much of it to the air. Although often exhausted in the damp winter air, he felt increasinglyp 819 DFW 1974
I remembered when these huge airliners had come into service. Although they represented no significant advance in aviation technology -- inp 820 AD 1975
and gazing across the parking-lots and concrete plazas below him. Although the apartment was no higher than the 25th floor, hep 9 HR 1975
and below had soon been reached. Steele watched them unsympathetically. Although he was in his late twenties, his manner was alreadyp 24 HR 1975
theatrical gestures such as the Alsatian and his white-hunter's jacket. Although he was over fifty, his shoulder-length fair hair made himp 27 HR 1975
took place outside the elevator doors in the 27th-floor lobby. Although it was after ten o'clock, the entire building was alivep 32 HR 1975
a halt, and gangs of impatient passengers packed the lobbies. Although their next destination, a party given by a lexicographer onp 32 HR 1975
way. Wrapped in his bath-robe, he massaged his bruised shoulders. Although he had failed to realize it at the time, therep 34 HR 1975
noise, he had slept for little more than an hour. Although the high-rise was silent, the last of the hundred orp 34 HR 1975
wives of the well-to-do tax specialists on the upper levels. Although at first sight these people appeared to provoke all thep 35 HR 1975
in the gutters. In the showers Wilder recognized Robert Laing. Although the doctor turned his back on him Wilder ignored thep 55 HR 1975
in his life were those taking place within the high-rise. Although it was after eleven o'clock, Helen and the children werep 59 HR 1975
looking forward with pleasure to wrapping it around Royal's neck. Although well aware that he had been trapped, Wilder found himselfp 66 HR 1975
half an hour Royal cleaned the wounds of the Alsatian. Although the dog began to sleep, the bloodstains on the whitep 84 HR 1975
which Laing could only understand when he was drunk himself. Although she kept overruling everything he said, tripping over the plasticp 96 HR 1975
needed, with her now unfashionable dedication to the domestic virtues. Although he disliked her shrewish manner, with its unhappy reminders ofp 99 HR 1975
on screen. But neither was particularly impressed by the offer. Although the lower-level tenants were keen to take part in thep 115 HR 1975
his plans for another foraging expedition to the floors above. Although they had eaten little for days, his neighbours were reluctantp 127 HR 1975
the vague familiarity of the child's toys and the furniture, although the chairs and sofa had been rearranged to conceal variousp 129 HR 1975
point. She fastened her torn clothes around her strong body. Although her mouth and throat were bruised, she seemed unconcerned, watchingp 130 HR 1975
if they were going to give the game away, but although he could not hear them, he was certain that hep 131 HR 1975
a scuffle in the 25th floor lobby several days earlier. Although he had forgotten the exact moment, the hands of thisp 145 HR 1975
secure thanks only to the morphine ampoules he had concealed. Although Steele frightened him with his unpredictable cruelties, Laing had attachedp 149 HR 1975
himself, and the strong element of unpredictability kept everyone alert. Although he might wheedle at their breast he could easily becomep 172 HR 1975
to keep the dwindling population going for a thousand years. Although the population of Geneva was some two thousand, most ofp 833 LFA 1975
attitude indicated a certain wariness, if not a distinct ambivalence. Although they could hardly deny the rumour, priests and clergymen everywherep 842 LDG 1976
large enough to embrace any interpretation one cared to invent. Although the deity's overall moral purpose could be assumed from thep 844 LDG 1976
existence. The United Faith Assembly was faced with equal problems. Although people still attended their places of worship in larger numbersp 845 LDG 1976
-- and then the security guard was accidentally shot. 12 Although there is no doubt that Judith Loughlin had been marriedp 853 NTM 1976
synopsis and its set of footnotes. It seems possible that although the synopsis conceals a maze of lies and distortions, itp 855 NTM 1976
like those of a domestic Aphrodite seated calmly astride Poseidon. Although she was barely beyond her teens, her hair had beenp 865 S 1976
with him a miniature pantechnicon of equipment, seemed harmless enough. Although with a swarthy and powerful physique, there was something effeminatep 869 S 1976
doomed husband, aware of the subtle changes to Serena's face. Although in every way more youthful, reminding me painfully of thep 870 S 1976
face has sagged, has become wider and even more askew. Although it has taken two years to achieve its full effectp 872 S 1976
rise to his baiting, let alone put up a fight. Although the championships were the climax of the year's flying, thep 875 UC 1976
station, a collection of rusting metal buildings around a lighthouse. Although little more than swimming distance away, Halloway had noticed thatp 876 UC 1976
the message that seemed to emerge from the man's hand. Although there were windows in the cabin the air outside wasp 889 UC 1976
the memorial, was a small, pugnacious man of advanced age. Although well into his eighties, he was dressed like a physicalp 895 UC 1976
come down from the sky and have yourself a time ...‘ Although twice Halloway's age, with slicked-back hair and a pale skinp 896 UC 1976
were elements in a stormy career spanning nearly seventy years. Although Buckmaster was clearly living a century too late there wasp 897 UC 1976
Buckmaster's daughter, but he felt gauche and clumsy beside her. Although she was his own age, there was something naive, andp 898 UC 1976
seemed to be estimating his degree of involvement with Halloway. Although surrounded by his tools and cables, ammeters and transformers, hisp 903 UC 1976
for good or ill, about the future of s-f cinema? Although slightly biased, I firmly believe that science fiction is thep 14 UGM 1977
another day's life in the camp. Yet everything was over! Although the youngest of the group -- I was then onlyp 925 DT 1977
these some twenty miles to the west of the city. Although their condition was probably as bad as my own Ip 926 DT 1977
these heavily armed men move towards me. For some reason, although I knew they would kill me, I had no sensep 937 DT 1977
the truck, while her grandfather rode comfortably with my companions. Although she complained of hunger to begin with, I patiently taughtp 938 DT 1977
me, like a king assuming his crown at his coronation. Although still a virgin, I exposed my loins to the Chinesep 939 DT 1977
Looking down I saw that her eyes had partly opened. Although unable to see me, she seemed aware of the movementp 939 DT 1977
20th century. Yet of his existence nothing is publicly known, although his life and work appear to have exerted a profoundp 940 I 1977
figure of a small, narrow-shouldered woman stepped into the hall. Although she was over twenty feet from me I could seep 951 ICU 1977
suitable space, in corridor alcoves, medicine cabinets and unoccupied beds. Although touched by the devotion with which these miniature altar-pieces hadp 74 IY2 1977
and were examining Ogden with a tired but steady gaze. Although the soldier's white hands still lay passively at his sidesp 976 OAU 1978
the intermittent comas into which he would sink without warning. Although still staring at the tide-line, right hand clasped around thep 978 OAU 1978
visiting the war cemeteries there, the German had visibly improved. Although barely aware of Ogden, he leaned more comfortably against thep 978 OAU 1978
crews peer through their binoculars at the empty houses. But although the townspeople have left, I can still feel their presencep 9 UDC 1979
afternoon sky and fallen into the water at their feet. Although I had never been to this town before -- Sheppertonp 17 UDC 1979
strong but over-weight body squeezed into a small canvas chair. Although his shirt was soaked with water splashed across him byp 18 UDC 1979
yards from the motorway, that I made an unsettling discovery. Although I was walking at a steady pace across the unevenp 38 UDC 1979
the bridge approaches were filled with traffic returning from London. Although Walton lay to the south of Shepperton, even further fromp 46 UDC 1979
longer asleep in the bedroom of the St Clouds‘ mansion. Although aware of my human mind, and exhilarated like no birdp 56 UDC 1979
shirt, the garb of a stockbroker self-consciously starting his vacation. Although his congregation smiled expectantly, waving their prayer-books, he ignored themp 72 UDC 1979
of the local butchers, amazingly.‘ ‘No more than that?‘ ‘Blake ...‘ Although I was naked she let me embrace her, pressing herp 91 UDC 1979
myself unable to touch the roast meat she had prepared. Although I had eaten nothing for forty-eight hours, I was hungryp 94 UDC 1979
display cases with their fossil remains lit by the moon. Although he had abandoned his church to me, Father Wingate hadp 119 UDC 1979
third vision that afternoon, of my lordship of the deer. Although I had not eaten for three days I felt gorgedp 121 UDC 1979
dark meadows of my heart. I had still not eaten, although this was the fourth day since my arrival, but Ip 163 UDC 1979
that she too might appear naked in these evening streets. Although I had taken her into my body, felt the knucklesp 171 UDC 1979
a hundred fragments each carrying a piece of my heart. Although I was still alive, I felt only a numbing despairp 185 UDC 1979
made the gift of my tongue. ‘Blake, you've been kind ...‘ Although David was at my right hand, his voice seemed top 204 UDC 1979
The rising tide swilled around the aircraft, submerging its wings. Although I was now alone in Shepperton, apart from the deadp 215 UDC 1979
flying suit lying on the wet sand at my feet. Although I was naked, my skin was still warmed by thep 219 UDC 1979
was discharging some penance repeatedly imposed by the Mother Superior. Although not wishing to interfere, I noticed that the girl's handsp 1003 HFF 1980
into him at all hours of the day and night. Although the autopsy results were never published, it was probably ap 39 UGM 1981
aloud at the golden shore, caught up by McNair's excitement. Although only twenty-five, a mere four years older than Wayne, McNairp 9 HA 1981
south of the Great Lakes -- Cincinnati and Cleveland. Curiously, although she had not confided this to Ricci, the isotopes involvedp 31 HA 1981
New York they were now entering the Great American Desert. Although they had come across no trace of the previous Flemingp 51 HA 1981
overtook the four nomad Executives, plodding along on their camels. Although McNair's warnings about the cloud of ionised gas meant nothingp 107 HA 1981
spotlight neither Sinatra nor Dean Martin was aware of him, although they were staring straight at Wayne. Their sun-tanned, immaculately made-upp 126 HA 1981
line of steel-blue electronic consoles set up against one wall. Although the windows looked out on the lights of the eveningp 134 HA 1981
felt flat and impotent. So a follow-up expedition had arrived. Although they were 3,000 miles away I was convinced thatp 156 HA 1981
of some forty or so marchers, drawn up three abreast. Although they carried rifles over their shoulders and had a vaguelyp 224 HA 1981
An old man sat on a terrace across the square. Although deeply asleep, he remained inwardly alert and gestured with hisp 1031 NFS 1981
board would never walk the Banana River on golden hooves. Although he rarely left the cabin during the day -- thep 1069 MNF 1982
as if they were already moving through the air together. Although Hinton's hand was around Anne's waist, they seemed unaware ofp 1059 MSA 1982
markings and is too small to appear on our charts. Although of elderly construction it is soundly designed and in goodp 1085 RUS 1982
pressing on with renewed confidence. However, we now know that although these curvatures exist, they extend in all directions. Each ofp 1087 RUS 1982
stood quietly by his mother, waiting to see what happened. Although he liked to roam Shanghai on his bicycle, at homep 19 ES 1984
Lockwood's parties, in fact, was the disused airfield at Hungjao. Although the Japanese controlled the open countryside around the city, theirp 25 ES 1984
cigarette, drawing the last of the smoke into his lungs. Although the sergeant ignored him, Jim knew that he had decidedp 33 ES 1984
away his eye-patch and the jacket of his pirate costume. Although out of breath after running from Dr Lockwood's house, hep 34 ES 1984
weary gun-platform about to sink on to its own anchors? Although Jim had a deep respect for the Japanese, their shipsp 40 ES 1984
the hospital. The skies above Shanghai were filled with aircraft. Although the soldier knew the names of only two types ofp 50 ES 1984
warned him not to run too suddenly across the lawn. Although undisturbed, the garden seemed to have darkened and grown wilderp 61 ES 1984
he smoked a cigarette. Jim had always liked Mr Guerevitch, although the elderly Russian remained unimpressed by him. Something of anp 71 ES 1984
seemed to be a shortage of Japanese corporals in Shanghai. Although he was tired, Jim took the long route home, alongp 73 ES 1984
war. Most of the apartments had been empty for months. Although the family of Chinese janitors still lived in their twop 74 ES 1984
up within sight of each other down the main avenues. Although the streets were filled with pedicabs and rickshaws, with trucksp 76 ES 1984
them were far more lavish than his own home -- although a rich man, Jim's father had always been spartan --p 82 ES 1984
western suburbs, draping their white walls with veils of scum. Although he was too tired to think of the future, Jimp 83 ES 1984
was to find one of their Swiss or Swedish friends. Although the European neutrals drove through the streets of Shanghai, Jimp 88 ES 1984
letters of the Park Hotel's neon sign blur and fade. Although he was hungry all the time, he was happy inp 110 ES 1984
that he and Jim drank only this grey, pithy liquid. Although, like everyone else, Basie was never keen for Jim top 117 ES 1984
worn the flag of Nationalist China on their leather jackets. Although his legs were exhausted, Jim was still standing behind thep 141 ES 1984
a bucket of water from the butt behind the guardhouse. Although Mrs Hug had been drinking from the bucket, Jim decidedp 145 ES 1984
favour. He had once given English lessons to Kimura, but although they were clearly losing the war the Japanese had notp 166 ES 1984
of six Britons who stoked the fires had lost interest. Although Dr Ransome remonstrated with them, they preferred to suffer fromp 168 ES 1984
moving only to pick the ticks from between their ribs. Although emaciated, the process of starvation had somehow stopped a skin'sp 169 ES 1984
him. There were times when Jim's humour made them uneasy. Although he tried to stop himself, Jim resented their clothes --p 170 ES 1984
held the shafts of a wooden cart with iron wheels. Although the cart carried no load, its handles had almost wrenchedp 171 ES 1984
moved into the residence halls of the former training college. Although unheated, the rooms with their cement walls remained above freezingp 172 ES 1984
he still liked Mrs Vincent, a handsome if frayed blonde, although her nerves were always stretched and she had never madep 172 ES 1984
moved forward to the serving hatch Jim watched the Chinese. Although it was summer the peasants still wore their quilted winterp 180 ES 1984
weevils,‘ Dr Ransome had told him, and he did so, although everyone else washed them away. But there was protein inp 183 ES 1984
this distant woman with her thinning blond hair intrigued him, although in many ways he distrusted her. Six months earlier, whenp 184 ES 1984
back and lowered the curtain. Alone now -- the Vincents, although only a few feet away from him, might as wellp 184 ES 1984
the dust from his beard with his straw coolie hat. Although unsettled by the air raid, he watched Jim in ap 195 ES 1984
But I could be,‘ Jim asserted. ‘I think you are.‘ Although offhand, Dr Ransome's comment had an unpleasant edge. Clearly hep 197 ES 1984
it's ready.‘ The women pulled Mr Radik from the cart. Although wearied by the effort, they handled him with the samep 206 ES 1984
doctor was curiously reluctant to discuss religious topics with Jim, although he himself went to the church services on Sunday morningp 207 ES 1984
the prisoners had used to replace the broken window panes. Although the hours of work had helped to keep out thep 207 ES 1984
you've done your prep ...‘ Dr Ransome opened the Latin primer. Although distracted by the prisoners who gathered outside the huts andp 209 ES 1984
before being shot by the Japanese sentry in the watch-tower. Although they liked Jim, they were quite capable of gambling withp 219 ES 1984
smoke that rose from the dockyard districts of northern Shanghai. Although they were more than ten miles away, Jim could hearp 222 ES 1984
Jim knew, would take ten minutes to kill the coolie. Although they had been confused by the bombing, and the prospectp 228 ES 1984
truck arrived. He had not eaten since the previous afternoon. Although the inmates were about to seize control of the guardhousep 236 ES 1984
in mind, and would nag him about his Latin prep. Although he had left Lunghua, Jim felt imprisoned by the campp 247 ES 1984
Shanghai, waiting for the Americans to arrive at Lunghua Airfield. Although he had eaten nothing for two days, his mind wasp 279 ES 1984
Japanese ground-crews lounged in the sun beside the burnt-out hangars. Although aware that Jim was following him, the pilot made nop 280 ES 1984
expertise gained in Mr Maxted's Studebaker, would be their guide. Although the gates of Lunghua Camp were little more than ap 291 ES 1984
hands who had shot Private Kimura strode from the guardhouse. Although emaciated, he had a strong, nervous physique, and a pallorp 292 ES 1984
noticed that the Chinese never looked up at the planes. Although they were nationals of one of the Allied powers atp 297 ES 1984
was busy again, fresh barbed wire strung along its fences. Although the war had been over for nearly three months, morep 348 ES 1984
a prawnburger in the mezzanine cafeteria. He thanked me and, although not carrying a bank-card, extracted £100 from a service tillp 1101 ATQ 1985
school in England, and then graduated from Trinity College, Dublin. Although a qualified physician, in the ten years that followed Ip 42 DC 1987
-- I began to forget my uneasy life in London, although it seemed ironic that I should find fulfilment in anp 42 DC 1987
was washed ashore on the beach below the tobacco warehouse, although it was a week later that I learned of herp 77 DC 1987
had left part of my blood in the river, and although we were enemies a special bond had formed between myselfp 79 DC 1987
doctor?‘ ‘The River Mallory -- it is my river.‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Although angered, Kagwa placed his large hand on my shoulder withp 94 DC 1987
up to the truck tyre hanging from the stern rail. Although the steel vessel weighed some thirty tons, the soldier wasp 103 DC 1987
bows. I stepped from the wheelhouse and waved her away, although I knew that Kagwa's men would shoot her on sightp 104 DC 1987
All in all, a journey of some two hundred miles. Although covered with warnings of flash floods, treacherous viaducts, scarcity ofp 111 DC 1987
behind me lay a bloody pelt of hair and scalp. Although Kagwa was aiming his revolver at my head for ap 127 DC 1987
we abandoned the ferry he would soon track us down. Although Kagwa was determined to kill me, I needed him inp 133 DC 1987
the racing jeep tapped out a brief burst of fire. Although these were Harare's men, I stupidly expected them to offerp 165 DC 1987
of the Mallory. The river, meanwhile, had changed its character. Although the volume of its waters remained the same, the mainp 168 DC 1987
way, my moral standards and sense of responsibility had declined, although I had become a more generous and a happier manp 174 DC 1987
I followed her large and purposeful buttocks up the companionway. Although a handsome woman, whom I had often admired from thep 197 DC 1987
a unit attacked from the air by Captain Kagwa's helicopter. Although I had identified him, in some confused way I believedp 209 DC 1987
For two days we had sailed up the draining channel. Although we were only ten miles from the barrage beside thep 269 DC 1987
that Noon was only a quarter of a mile ahead. Although we were handicapped by the raft and its overheating enginep 270 DC 1987
the sun, the landscape has become a fossil of itself. Although abandoned only two years ago, Port-la-Nouvelle seems as remote asp 284 DC 1987
given their customary impulsive behaviour and taste for random brutality. Although several of the victims were killed in ingenious ways, nonep 19 RW 1988
ugly grimace as her incisors gleamed against the camera lights. Although there was no sound track, every one of the millionsp 40 RW 1988
office in the basement where the classified evidence was stored. Although I was certain of our case, once away from Pangbournep 47 RW 1988
Josephine Nevison Hopper, frequently wrote to each other in French, although they were never to visit France together. At the Newp 67 UGM 1989
were clearly visible, but none of them seemed to move, although the resort was in fact a hive of holiday-makers andp 45 DMa 1990
for ten days, guilty of ‘corrupting the morals of youth‘, although I like to think that, far more valuably, it wasp 10 UGM 1991
traditional Sicilian practices into more expansive and profitable underworld activities. Although associated with these mobsters, who were deeply involved in drugsp 44 UGM 1991
Dali and Magritte at a time when they needed help. Although a lifelong homosexual, he became infatuated with Tilly Losch, whop 72 UGM 1991
I was glad that he decided on the real Shanghai, although a mock-Tudor mansion in Sunningdale, of all places, stood inp 218 UGM 1991
numbered me among the thousand and seven who were wounded. Although not the youngest of those injured, I liked to thinkp 26 KW 1991
From that afternoon I was celibate for nearly a year. Although the children and I often visited Dorothy and her husbandp 168 KW 1991
confided: ‘She's right for you, Jim. Just what you need.‘ Although Sally depended on me, in most respects I was herp 194 KW 1991
the clear gallery lights, surrounded by the barest white walls. Although none of the cars would have prompted the slightest concernp 227 KW 1991
overlit decade, and in due course destroyed his own presidency. Although the sixties first began to swing in 1963, lurching onp 242 UGM 1992
least likely people ever to worry about a carrot crop. Although preoccupied by the endless search for drugs, Burroughs writes top 135 UGM 1993
sat under his bunk, guarded by a conspicuous bronze padlock. Although he collected his full daily ration of food from thep 63 RP 1994
behind the bulldozer, pale eyes flushed by the excitement. Kimo, although a trained policeman, refused to lead the raids, but Carlinep 134 RP 1994
lights were the world's brightest, its pavements were the hardest. Although protected by chauffeurs and White Russian nannies, I was soonp 287 UGM 1995
or recreation, but formed a special kind of willed limbo. Although seemingly deserted, the pueblos contained more residents than I firstp 34 CN 1996
waited for the next ball with a dazed schoolboy grin. Although in his late twenties, he had the pale hair andp 40 CN 1996
her shock on hearing the news of Greenwood's violent death. Although she was off-duty for the day, she had taken ap 10 SC 2000
the truth stood an amiable bully with badly bitten fingernails. Although Wilder Penrose enjoyed my company, and generously allowed me top 279 SC 2000
strain of melancholy in the Japanese that I responded to, although I myself was never sad. I had a natural optimismp 32 ML 2008
for fifteen years and never learned a word of Chinese. Although my father had a large Chinese workforce, and at onep 33 ML 2008
Wilde's plays, and literally prised the volume from my hands, although I was already showing a keen interest in girls ofp 86 ML 2008
identities emerged between the fingers of the students dissecting them. Although they were identified only by number, each of the cadaversp 143 ML 2008
presented a number of successful series, including The Mighty Micro. Although running a research department of his own, Chris became anp 212 ML 2008
had no memories of going to nightclubs and dinner parties. Although I spent my time roaming around Lunghua Camp, I hadp 249 ML 2008
together, and some of the events described are imaginary, but although Empire of the Sun is a novel it is firmlyp 250 ML 2008