To compensate for this, alarms have been built in which alter the form of the organism and adapt it to livingp 181 VT 1960
returned to kill after thirty-five years. So his attempt to alter past events had been fruitless, by coming back he hadp 288 GA 1961
present. To attract a critical readership science fiction needs to alter completely its present content and approach. Magazine s-f was bornp 196 UGM 1962
in a different direction, and that gradually the multitude would alter course, swing away from the villa and recede from thep 302 GT 1962
morning -- the river showed no inclination to narrow or alter its volume. Sombre and unchanging, the forest followed its coursep 435 QR 1963
Gifford -- resting,‘ he said cryptically. In an attempt to alter the tempo and direction of their dialogue, he added: ‘Ip 629 DS 1964
one hand, as if trying to adjust Crosland's image, perhaps alter the colour values of his fleshy cheeks or turn downp 40 HR 1975
drinking a bottle of beer. He made no attempt to alter course as the junk's wash drenched the launch from thep 41 ES 1984
Mr Rosewater a woozy bonhomie was already breaking through. Vonnegut's alter ego, Kilgore Trout, addresses his fellow American s-f writers withp 117 UGM 1991
of the lost Harvard I might have persuaded them to alter their decision, but I had seen enough of the RAFp 119 KW 1991
a series of experiments that Adam Crabtree claims were to alter the course of psychiatry for ever. While laying on hisp 152 UGM 1994
poses, waiting for the click of a metal ball to alter the geometry of their game. Admiring their self-control, I leftp 133 SC 2000
together in the library, I noticed a slight but distinct alteration in the planes of Hope's face on the canvas, ap 730 CHC 1967
to turn to sociological satire was Amis himself, in The Alteration, and Russian Hide-and-Seek. Bearing in mind the rather modest talentp 189 UGM 1981
beings were exposed to long-term contact. All sorts of sinister alterations to the nervous system -- people might be happy top 1172 DCG 1990
abruptly from the shack. Judith was asleep exhausted by her altercation with Grady. Below him the deck shelved towards the salt-dunesp 126 D 1965
resting against the partition wall of the external corridor. An altercation was going on between the sister in charge and ap 42 C 1973
As he apologized a uniformed commissionaire jostled past me. An altercation had broken out on the opposite corner of the highwayp 109 C 1973
he waited to cash a cheque at the bank an altercation was going on outside the doors of the swimming poolp 18 HR 1975
small but persistent fossil of the Trias. He remembered an altercation in a hotel bathroom, the nervous confection of guilts. (2p 78 IY2 1977
Ricci had stayed behind, fuming in his cabin after an altercation with the Captain, who had caught him smuggling aboard ap 40 HA 1981
table of Lake Kotto. Angry voices crossed the airstrip, an altercation that moved like a skidding stylus from French to Germanp 50 DC 1987
flags and bunting, but these were forgotten in their heated altercation with the young Polish owner. A pale young man withp 161 KC 2006
his nagging wife and their sick child, and the endless altercations with the landlord and the supermarket credit manager, Hathaway stillp 414 SM 1963
of crawling vehicles on the pedestrian verge, and the first altercations soon broke out. Police stood at the major crossroads, andp 821 AD 1975
the elevators and staircases. A number of absurd but unpleasant altercations broke out in the darkness between those who wanted top 20 HR 1975
the floor. As they shrank towards each other their features altered: the rows of skylights below the ceiling blurred and fadedp 60 M69 1957
right. It is moving.‘ Carol nodded. The statue's shape had altered perceptibly. The grille had spread into an open gondola whosep 42 VS 1957
stretches of congested ribbon developments. Mile by mile, the architecture altered its character; buildings were larger, ten-or fifteen-storey blocks, clad inp 157 CH 1960
mass of parallel symptoms, anything you care to pick from altered migratory routes to longer hibernation periods, and the overall patternp 180 VT 1960
accepted the change of costume, the smooth-shaven face with its altered planes. The man hovered indecisively, flexing his fingers, and appearedp 146 ZT 1960
flowing in the opposite direction. By and large he never altered his routine. Brought up from the age of ten inp 270 B 1961
entire musculature, seemed transformed. The planes of his face had altered, the jaw was trimmer, the nose less prominent, cheeks smoothp 258 MF 1961
she made a minor criticism but refused to have anything altered or rewritten. ‘But we always rewrite, Aurora,‘ I told herp 226 S5 1961
been inundated, and the contours of the desert had completely altered, a few spires of obsidian marking its former perspectives likep 365 CS 1962
a psychotropic house when the occupants are asleep. Something had altered the normal perspectives of the room. Trying to focus onp 318 TDS 1962
critically, feeling the narrowing planes with his fingers, kneading the altered musculature which was slowly transforming its contours and revealing ap 11 DW 1962
a gradual adjustment of life took place to meet the altered climate. A slackening of the previous tempo was inevitable, andp 22 DW 1962
Driving the submerged silt before them, the new seas completely altered the shape and contours of the continents. The Mediterranean contractedp 22 DW 1962
a moment later the speed and inclination of the helicopter altered. They began to make a shallow dive, swinging down top 54 DW 1962
their vegetation crowding out into the water, their contours completely altered by the rising water in the short period that hadp 162 DW 1962
hat and squinted shrewdly through the dead light, assessing the altered contours of the dunes, then guided Shepley towards the oldp 461 TT 1963
the score or more on the crowded field had been altered. On the left, where the procession wound its way upp 580 LL 1964
the photograph on my right, however, all this had been altered completely. The whole character of this angelic figure had beenp 580 LL 1964
is correct, why on earth was such a small detail altered? The whole conception of the character is different.‘ ‘An interestingp 581 LL 1964
its shadow lay across his hands. Cupping them together, he altered the outline of his skull, varying its shape and lengthp 138 D 1965
lives, even our smallest gestures, were seen to have totally altered meanings. As for the reclining figure of a film starp 12 AE 1966
to swing round. As it turned and the cabin windows altered their angle, they could both see a tall blond-haired manp 154 CW 1966
disfigurement of the skin. The texture of her hair had altered, taking on a yellowish sheen. This transformation was even morep 730 CHC 1967
communications landscape, Talbot has in fact exploited them. This has altered the entire direction of the scenario, turning it from anp 22 UD 1968
scars cross the small of her back, Serena's posture has altered. In the past she leaned forward slightly, but three daysp 872 S 1976
he rolled his wings in a gesture of greeting and altered course for Shanghai. Their confidence restored, the others were suddenlyp 925 DT 1977
its bomb doors opening to reveal their canisters. The other altered course for the Pootung district to the east of Shanghaip 294 ES 1984
lottery tickets, almost deferred to me. Time and space had altered their perspectives, and the city was yielding to me. Asp 1112 MWM 1985
clear that the reversal of our fates in no way altered her judgement of me, even though a rifle stock wouldp 36 DC 1987
this nuisance that threatened the airstrip, distracted his men, and altered the strategic balance of the arid region under his rulep 58 DC 1987
gestured towards the impassive Johnson. ‘That probably explains our friend's altered time sense -- great blocks of memory were coalescing inp 1172 DCG 1990
affected him. Has his sense of space and time been altered? What role in his imagination is played by the desperatep 28 UDa 1990
sixteen, his first steps in the exploration of states of altered consciousness that was to become a secondary career. He graduatedp 132 UGM 1991
turkey-shoot. He noticed me trailing my small wake, and then altered course straight towards me. Was he drunk? I waited forp 139 KW 1991
lives they had lost control of their emotions. The Sagittaire altered course towards them, her captain clearly set on ramming thep 66 RP 1994
and walked around the settee, trying to work out the altered positions of the furniture. Everything was in the same placep 192 MP 2003
the waning sunlight. Strange shifts momentarily transformed the evening, subtly altering its dimensions of time and space. The darkened portico ofp 299 GT 1962
something else. Is it only the external landscape which is altering? How often recently most of us have had the feelingp 42 DW 1962
the car move off down the drive, its departure subtly altering the auditory profile of the house. Wasps buzzed among thep 652 GTN 1964
Isabelle hospital, any chance he may once have had of altering the outward aspect of himself, his image to the worldp 17 CW 1966
admiration, almost urging it on its way. The missile was altering course, faced with the impenetrable bulk of the Rockies. Butp 209 HA 1981
on this ship. We can cure the entire outbreak by altering course for Port-la-Nouvelle.‘ ‘No -- we'll go on.‘ ‘You're stillp 174 DC 1987
BBC service which put out a couple of hours on alternate evenings, two newspaper men were interviewing a scientific pundit whop 17 E 1956
inserted into the continuum of his life by the private alternate universe in the houseboat on the river. Walking about thep 29 D 1965
the sciences, psychoanalysis pre-eminent among them, produces a heightened or alternate reality beyond that familiar to our sight or senses. Whatp 84 UGM 1966
the atrocities of Vietnam and the Congo mimetized in the ‘alternate‘ death of Elizabeth Taylor; he tends the dying film starp 15 AE 1966
the President -- false in the sense of coexistent or alternate. The fact that an event has taken place is nop 34 AW 1966
too clearly there had been a serious piece of miscasting. ‘Alternate‘ Death. The helicopter was burning briskly. As the fuel tankp 57 GAN 1967
Novotny had died, Talbert's fears and obsessions mimetized in her alternate death. Dr Nathan decided not to speak to him. Hisp 57 GAN 1967
eyes generate a valid image of the simulated auto-disaster, the alternate deaths of Dealey Plaza and the Mekong Delta. The firstp AA1 1967
propped against the fractured windshields. Here he would find his alternate death, the mimetized disasters of Vietnam and the Congo recapitulatedp 22 UD 1968
geometry Talbot saw the dismembered body of Karen Novotny, the alternate death of Ralph Nader. Unusual Poses. ‘You'll see why we'rep 26 UD 1968
over his cigarette smoke. ‘In death, yes. That is, an alternate or "false" death. These images of angles and postures constitutep 27 UD 1968
Presidential contender's posture. Dolls consisting of plastic models of Reagan's alternate genitalia were found to have a disturbing effect on deprivedp 758 WIW 1968
watching as she re-created the accident in terms of its alternate parameters. How would she have preferred it: in terms ofp 70 THF 1969
housewives and filling station personnel were asked to construct six alternate sex-deaths. Each of these takes place within some kind ofp 78 THF 1969
to get rid of misconceptions and guilt. Inevitably, we explore alternate life-styles. I have taught courses on marriage and the familyp 26 SEO 1972
but drunk or sober, he was always interesting and sympathetic. "Alternate Deaths" occur again and again in The Atrocity Exhibition. Byp 57 GANa 1990
stone trees and stone birds). One could weekend in this alternate home, and probably soon find oneself stepping out of timep 41 YCMa 1990
a performance of The Importance of Being Earnest, which would alternate with Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Future productions included playsp 251 CN 1996
from villa to villa. A gardener, Monsieur Anvers, appeared on alternate days, watered the grass and shrubs, and cleaned the poolp 46 SC 2000
those old war films -- target for tonight. Hillingdon, Ashford, alternate target Brooklands. What do you think, Richard? See it asp 164 KC 2006