to win an event was the redoubtable Chippy Yerkes of Altair 5 The Clowns, who introduced the unplayable blank Round Dicep 347 PE 1962
the Flamen Zilla Quel-Queen (75-9-25) and the Orthodox Virgin of Altair (76-953-?) certainly will be -- they'll stand no chance againstp 349 PE 1962
Like dry sticks breaking, an ancient voice crackled Orion, Betelgeuse, Altair, What twice-born star shall be my heir, Doomed again top 463 TT 1963
With his mouth close to the seal, he rejoined. ‘Of Altair, Betelgeuse, Orion.‘ As the doors accepted this and swung backp 463 TT 1963
by the timeless tolling of the Angelus. Mounted into the altar they emanated an atmosphere resonant with litany and devotion, ap 113 SS 1960
of women and older men and children crouched around the altar while the priest and five or six younger men pulledp 36 WFN 1961
says de seats in de church, Captain Strang‘, but de altar gone.‘ Everyone was leaning over the rail, waiting for Jomop 99 DW 1962
stood. At the far end of the nave the battered altar looked out over an uninterrupted view of the valley, wherep 166 DW 1962
aisle, pausing listlessly as the rain renewed itself. Reaching the altar, he rested his arms on the chest-high marble table, andp 166 DW 1962
the moisture from his face, Kerans stepped cautiously around the altar, drew back with a start when he almost tripped overp 167 DW 1962
remains of a man sitting with his back to the altar, head propped against the stone. The sounds had obviously comep 167 DW 1962
a resurrected corpse, without food or equipment, propped against the altar like someone jerked from his grave and abandoned to awaitp 167 DW 1962
creasing slightly in puzzlement. While Hardman lay back against the altar, Kerans began to dig up some of the cracked flagstonesp 168 DW 1962
branch of the asylum -- and sacrificing him on the altar of his own indiscretion. His natural caution, and reluctance top 521 MO 1963
Inside he could see the votive light burning over the altar, the hexagonal nave with its inlaid gold floor and draperyp 462 TT 1963
symbols, at once eerie and obscure. Shepley leaned against the altar, watching the cone of light reach out towards him fromp 465 TT 1963
windows, a brilliant glow of light poured down upon the altar. Listening to the surging music, I leaned against the altarp 624 IM 1964
altar. Listening to the surging music, I leaned against the altar rail and extended my arm to the gold cross setp 624 IM 1964
we ate our small supper on a foot-stool beside the altar, sheltered from the cold all-embalming wind by the jewels inp 624 IM 1964
the porch, and carried it in his hands to the altar. He watched it with a wry smile when, its sightp 625 IM 1964
we stood side by side with our backs to the altar, as the aisle transformed itself into an occluding tunnel ofp 625 IM 1964
Then at last he rallied, seized the cross from the altar and pressed it into my arms, with a sudden angerp 625 IM 1964
years of their marriage. As they knelt together at the altar before the priest Marion seemed to Falkman like a demurep 565 TP 1964
below the smoke plumes like a sombre volcano. The Burning Altar The next morning, after a night of uproar and violencep 63 D 1965
books in the pews. Burning petrol covered the lectern and altar, and flared from a pool around the base of thep 67 D 1965
windows, a brilliant glow of light poured down upon the altar. Listening to the organ, Sanders leaned against the altar railp 159 CW 1966
the altar. Listening to the organ, Sanders leaned against the altar rail and extended his arm to the gold cross setp 159 CW 1966
they ate their small supper on a footstool beside the altar, sheltered from the embalming air by the jewels in thep 160 CW 1966
his arms. He carried it down the aisle to the altar, and lifted it up to the cross. He watched itp 161 CW 1966
the Eucharist. Lying on the pew pulled up to the altar rail, Sanders watched him without moving, but the priest stoppedp 161 CW 1966
they stood side by side with their backs to the altar, his conviction seemed to fail him. As the deep frostp 162 CW 1966
at last he rallied. He seized the cross from the altar and wrenched it from its stand. With a sudden angerp 163 CW 1966
the marriage of reason and nightmare is celebrated across an altar smeared with excrement, in an order of service read fromp 91 UGM 1969
room, only to find the table laid out like an altar with dozens of far-right magazines, pathological hate-sheets and heaven knewp 789 PTD 1969
to a wedding with himself already celebrated across the bloody altar of Seagrave's car. We walked back to the Lincoln. Vaughanp 187 C 1973
objects were arranged in a circle like ornaments on an altar. All had been taken from motor-car bodies -- a wingp 55 CI 1974
running amok in the Louvre, while in Cologne the high altar of the Cathedral was desecrated by vandals apparently protesting againstp 846 LDG 1976
pulled the candles from the silver sticks, and draped the altar and crucifix with a white sheet. ‘Blake, are you stillp 75 UDC 1979
He watched the wind stir the sheets draped over the altar and font, flick the pages of the discarded hymn booksp 77 UDC 1979
had wrestled the pews against the wall. Behind the cloth-draped altar a ladder rose to the east window, from which allp 120 UDC 1979
to the floor below. Mrs St Cloud stood by the altar in her dressing-gown, gesturing uncertainly to the flickering light. Miriamp 120 UDC 1979
stir in the morning light. Naked, I stood below the altar, aware of the faint scent that hung in the airp 125 UDC 1979
our bird-dress, our feet a few inches above the undraped altar. Below us the nave was filled with the worshipping townspeoplep 182 UDC 1979
I fell through the air. At the foot of the altar I lay dying among the feathers of my winged head-dressp 183 UDC 1979
blood. The Dying Aviator All night I sat against the altar of that derelict church. Trapped by the head-dress of flowersp 184 UDC 1979
into the chapel, a former private cinema furnished with pews, altar, pulpit, etc. For reasons of security, the doors were keptp 1095 OOA 1984
cunningly taken advantage of this, re-arranging the pews, pulpit and altar table to construct what in effect was an Ames Roomp 1095 OOA 1984
The cross and brass candelabra appeared to stand on the altar table, but actually hung in mid-air ten feet away, suspendedp 1095 OOA 1984
stepped ramp that climbed to the ventilation grille behind the altar table. The warders glancing through the camera slit in thep 1095 OOA 1984
were not in danger. On the shabby wall behind the altar Young had pinned a dozen illustrations of the American andp 1095 OOA 1984
he had set up in a niche behind the High Altar. The rare blood group, BRh, is not Col. Stamford's butp 1097 OOA 1984
Daventry chapel, as he knelt before the illusion of an altar, were a series of postural codes, a contortionist's attempt top 1097 OOA 1984
the 13th Disciple down the aisles of space from the altar of the Mare Imbrium. Already two former Apollo astronauts havep 1098 OOA 1984
a flight of their own. As I stood by the altar the dismembered astronaut flew above me like a chromium corpsep 1100 OOA 1984
way down the aisle.‘ ‘God, woman, I'm kneeling by the altar.‘ He placed his hands on Miriam's smock. ‘It must bep 129 KW 1991
of ornate gothic coffins that resembled pews facing a profane altar of black marble headstones. Thinking of Miriam, it seemed onlyp 163 KW 1991
its eerie geometry forming the outlines of an immense white altar among the trees. A camouflaged radio-cabin stood in the undergrowthp 19 RP 1994
an ivory swimsuit. Like a jewelled cobra half-asleep on an altar, she watched me walk across the lawn, and began top 128 CN 1996
the miniature garden, with its drained pool like a sunken altar. ‘After all she endured, she had to die with Bibip 178 CN 1996
drive ahead of me. The kidney-shaped pool resembled a sunken altar reached by the chromium ladder. Votive offerings of a deadp 264 CN 1996
of documents in her hand. Behind her, standing at the altar table that served as a dock, were the accused, ap 44 MP 2003
with the bad manners to drop dead beside the high altar in the middle of evensong. Death had no place inp 40 KC 2006
some threatening arenas. The modest workstation was almost a neo-fascist altar. I paused by the neatly pressed laundry on the ironingp 55 KC 2006
they recruited a nobody and stood him on the high altar. The great religions have been at it for millennia.‘ ‘Statesp 104 KC 2006
kitchenware store with a display pyramid outside its doors, an altar of expensive oven dishes, fruit strainers and paper flowers adorningp 252 KC 2006
its castellated mirrors and ornamental pediments it looked like an altar-piece stolen from a cathedral. At first glance it appeared top 443 QR 1963
the dead eyes of the actress surrounded like an electronic altar-piece by the quantified sections of her body on the smallerp 990 MA 1978
over our festivities like the madonna of a procession of altar-pieces. At midnight on Christmas Eve I placed her in thep 868 S 1976
beds. Although touched by the devotion with which these miniature altar-pieces had been constructed, relics of an as yet to bep 74 IY2 1977
him of the madonna in the gilt frame over the altarpiece in the wrecked church. The woman's hair had been blackp 49 WFN 1961
could just see the glimmering outline of a huge ornamented altarpiece at the far end of the hold, fitted with elaboratep 93 DW 1962
medallion, strips of chromium trim, laid out like an elaborate altarpiece on which would one day repose the bones of ap 115 CI 1974
half-light. The structure had been lovingly designed to resemble an altarpiece. Bouquets of artificial flowers lay at its base, and ap 247 KC 2006
gilt frames propped against them. Beyond these were several smaller altarpieces and triptychs, an intact pulpit in panelled gold, three largep 93 DW 1962
sills of the radio and ashtrays gleamed around me like altarpieces, their geometries reaching towards my body like the stylized embracesp 200 C 1973
to Italy, which is a procession of frescoes, predellas and altarpieces. We learn nothing of Italian food, women, landscape or evenp 80 UGM 1991
tritons and solar emblems. What were they -- submerged marine altars? All that is left of the time-machines which these peoplep 82 YMCa 1990
been one of its greatest pontiffs, presiding over its highest altars with a fastidiousness so rarefied as to be ionospheric. ‘Worksp 79 UGM 1991
inexplicably hauled up the mountainsides like aquatic sundials or the altars of a bizarre religion devised by a race of visionaryp 7 SC 2000
made clear that we were ready to serve these unconsecrated altars. Every shop and store in the Metro-Centre was a housep 235 KC 2006
join them. The Metro-Centre finally got to you ...‘ Shrines and Altars The first shrines had begun to appear, wayside altars forp 244 KC 2006
and Altars The first shrines had begun to appear, wayside altars for passing shoppers, places of pause and reflection for thosep 244 KC 2006
bowed his head in solemn show. ‘They're prayer sites, Richard. Altars to the household gods who rule our lives. The laresp 253 KC 2006
And Richard Burgheim shot Larry Still. And Larry Still shot Alten L. Clingen. And Alten L. Clingen shot Jerry Kirshenbaum. Andp 103 GOA 1990
Larry Still. And Larry Still shot Alten L. Clingen. And Alten L. Clingen shot Jerry Kirshenbaum. And Lee Harvey Oswald shotp 103 GOA 1990