human frailty. After the arrest of a noted wife-poisoner in Alsace a local priest pronounced that the man's guilt was inp 846 LDG 1976
waited, watching the parapet. A frown crossed his face. The Alsatian whined again. Quilter nodded to Phillip Jordan, and the craftp 63 D 1965
his testicles. Two policemen crossed the yard with a black Alsatian dog. They watched me hovering around my car as ifp 68 C 1973
fire of telephone directories, eating the roast hindquarter of the Alsatian before setting off to his lecture at the medical schoolp 7 HR 1975
end of the roof. Resting at his feet was Royal's Alsatian with its arctic coat, without doubt the premier dog inp 27 HR 1975
even at the price of theatrical gestures such as the Alsatian and his white-hunter's jacket. Although he was over fifty, hisp 27 HR 1975
neighbours‘ hostility towards him -- the chromium cane and white Alsatian were no longer theatrical props. In principle, the mutiny ofp 69 HR 1975
them. ‘We'll go down to the supermarket.‘ Thinking of the Alsatian -- presumably asleep on his bed in the penthouse --p 78 HR 1975
The french windows swung in the early evening air. The Alsatian had escaped, hunting by itself on the five-hundred-feet-long observation deckp 79 HR 1975
a box of cereal meal, by rights reserved for the Alsatian. Royal began to scatter the grains among the concrete tunnelsp 80 HR 1975
the evening mist. There were no signs of the white Alsatian. Royal had reached the centre of the roof. The gullsp 81 HR 1975
He was about to ask if she had seen the Alsatian, but he knew already that she would not reply. Herp 82 HR 1975
tempted to expose himself to her. ‘I'm looking for Anne's Alsatian,‘ he said lamely. When she made no reply he addedp 82 HR 1975
head to the door panel. The elevator car, with the Alsatian snarling and leaping inside it, was on the 15th-floor, itsp 82 HR 1975
of the cabin. Royal tried to reassure it, but the Alsatian snapped at his hand, frightened of the stick. Several ofp 82 HR 1975
None the less, he had a way with the injured Alsatian. Royal waited while he calmed the dog and examined itsp 83 HR 1975
next half an hour Royal cleaned the wounds of the Alsatian. Although the dog began to sleep, the bloodstains on thep 84 HR 1975
At seven o'clock Anthony Royal set out with the white Alsatian to find his wife. The dog had recovered sufficiently fromp 86 HR 1975
protectively outside his cubicle as he changed. She watched the Alsatian lapping at the water lying on the greasy tiles byp 86 HR 1975
out of his way as he strolled past. The wounded Alsatian and Royal's bloodstained jacket gave him free passage through thesep 87 HR 1975
chained. There was no sign of Anne. Royal led the Alsatian through the swing doors into the swimming-pool, now barely halfp 88 HR 1975
a corpse would go unnoticed here, Royal reflected. As the Alsatian snuffled its way along the vandalized changing cubicles, Royal wavedp 88 HR 1975
and women wrestling clumsily with each other. Royal pulled the Alsatian away, deciding to leave this jostling group to settle theirp 88 HR 1975
watched Wilder as he beckoned theatrically towards them. Holding the Alsatian on a short leash, Royal pushed back the glass doorsp 89 HR 1975
the new realm they would create together. By contrast, the Alsatian belonged to a more practical world. Already he knew thatp 90 HR 1975
to comfort the two young women. The assaults on the Alsatian, and on Royal's wife, made his apartment a natural focusp 90 HR 1975
messianic poses on the parapet of his penthouse, the white Alsatian at his heels. During the past days he had caughtp 115 HR 1975
above him, Anthony Royal was strutting about with his white Alsatian, unaware that he would soon be in for a surprisep 128 HR 1975
leads entangled around the play-sculptures. Even Royal's favourite, the white Alsatian, was restless and on edge. Royal tried to settle itp 140 HR 1975
the right moment to make his entrance, Royal heeled the Alsatian behind a tattered awning that leaned against the elevator headp 141 HR 1975
back. The grunting and hooting began again. Dragging the reluctant Alsatian after him, Royal stepped into view. Involved in their imminentp 142 HR 1975
darkness, whipping across Royal's silk-lapelled dinner-jacket, fixing on the white Alsatian trying to escape between his feet. ‘Flying School! Flying Schoolp 142 HR 1975
over. They alone understood what was happening. Holding to the Alsatian, Royal let the dog drag him away towards the safetyp 143 HR 1975
the stairways and corridors below -- and only the white Alsatian remained. It sat at Royal's feet by the open windowsp 162 HR 1975
across the face of the building far below. Urging the Alsatian ahead of him, Royal emerged from behind the rear wallp 163 HR 1975
head. After being alone with the birds and the white Alsatian for so long the sight of these human intruders unsettledp 163 HR 1975
blood. The tiled floor was slick with bright mucilage. The Alsatian snuffled greedily, wolfing down a shred of flesh lying byp 164 HR 1975
The flames illuminated the handsome shoulders and thorax of the Alsatian roasting on its spit. Laing fanned the flames, hoping thatp 169 HR 1975
had done. He methodically basted the dark skin of the Alsatian, which he had stuffed with garlic and herbs. ‘One rulep 169 HR 1975
For the moment, at least, everything was highly satisfactory. The Alsatian was almost cooked, and a large meal would do thep 169 HR 1975
shivering and whining, the problem had communicated itself to the Alsatian, as if it was aware that it was one ofp 169 HR 1975
Laing crouched over the fire, testing the hind-quarters of the Alsatian with a skewer. He shivered in the cold air flowingp 170 HR 1975
in turn conjured up a host of devices, from stuffed Alsatian dogs to inflatable rubber drivers (‘So life-like and terrifying thatp 233 UGM 1984
chair and set off towards the stairhead, calling out the Alsatian's name. Ten feet from the private terrace at the southernp 81 HR 1975
When he reached the central lobby the sounds of the Alsatian's frantic barking rose clearly up the nearest of the fivep 82 HR 1975
told him. ‘You're not at your practice?‘ Pangbourne stroked the Alsatian's swollen head, his white hands delicate with blood. ‘I attendp 84 HR 1975
bunch of keys from his pocket. He unleashed the two Alsatians fastened to the iron grille. Giving each of them ap 39 D 1965
turn the dogs on them!‘ When Quilter had gone, the Alsatians pawing frantically at the floor in the hall, Lomax inclinedp 40 D 1965
the wheels of the tanker for any signs of the Alsatians. ‘Is this your afternoon off? I didn't know you enjoyedp 50 D 1965
fifty yards, then stopped behind a car as the two Alsatians snarled and jumped at Saul's head, tearing at his swingingp 62 D 1965
Sheridan rested together in Anne's bed, Royal attended to the Alsatians He fed the dog in the kitchen with the lastp 90 HR 1975
about declaring Procyon a game reserve, and the Resident of Alschain is trying to have it admitted to the Pan-Galactic Conferencep 344 PE 1962
perfectly. And the clock on the mantelpiece in the lounge also said 9.05. Before I really started worrying I hadp 15 E 1956
be others trapped in their little 15-minute cages who were also wondering desperately how to get out. I could start byp 18 E 1956
eye on the clock. Gorrell, a jaunty, self-composed man, was also subdued. Between strokes he glanced cautiously round the gymnasium, notingp 53 M69 1957
knew a little. ‘Eliminate sleep,‘ Lang was saying, ‘and you also eliminate all the fear and defence mechanisms erected round itp 58 M69 1957
curious newspapermen, who were beginning to scent a story, and also because the directors believed that Jacobson had been morbidly influencedp 101 NZ 1959
barbarities of fate. Henceforth I would be brutal, merciless, bold. Also, I must not delay. The power might wane, leave mep 102 NZ 1959
charges were ever laid against me, but subsequently my employers also began to watch me in a curious manner. I thereforep 104 NZ 1959
at the same time. With luck his defence attorney might also appear at the right moment, though the case was suchp 150 CH 1960
and even the older people were beginning to forget. He also noticed that the less educated they were the more theyp 152 CH 1960
prayer and meditation. But at 50,000 dollars each they also represented a terrifying hazard to the clumsy sound-sweep. Only twop 113 SS 1960
responsible for the act of violence Mangon's mother had committed. Also, one artist to another, he respected Mangon's phenomenal auditory sensitivityp 115 SS 1960
into a way of life he could never renounce, but also because, once having exploited his weakness, LeGrande never hesitated top 117 SS 1960
at the front door of Larsen's chalet. Automatically, Larsen's eyes also moved to the doorway. The original blue-suited figure still stoodp 147 ZT 1960
her light chatter with occasional amused interjections. Dr Jamieson was also looking at the girl. At first he had stared fixedlyp 283 GA 1961
substitute himself for his own child in his wife's affections. Also, Freeman knew, there were other motives, obscure and intangible. Frightenedp 259 MF 1961
nursery, partly to give himself enough privacy to think, and also to save him the embarrassment of revealing his shrinking bodyp 259 MF 1961
facility to Ross Hendricks, who lived a few houses away, also a lecturer at the Business School and Faulkner's only closep 247 OM 1961
it only two days earlier. The next three I had also seen and rejected, then came a series that were newp 218 S5 1961
an intelligence section handling and sorting all incoming information, and also to serve as the executive agency of the Combined Chiefsp 52 WFN 1961
I've run into Hardoon before,‘ Maitland cut in. ‘Marshall was also working for him.‘ Quickly he recounted his discovery of thep 151 WFN 1961
they had been born and were living in what would also be their own tomb. Without the continuous conditioning sessions, andp 326 13C 1962
trips are made.‘ Captain Sanger, the engineering officer, added: ‘He's also trying to duck his conditioning sessions. He's wearing a couplep 332 13C 1962
isolation of the group would be strengthened, rather than diminished, also their realization that they themselves will never see planet-fall. Ifp 334 13C 1962
merely to guard their wives from any marauding suitors but also to keep them amused and contented. By definition, of coursep 341 PE 1962
the previous six months on Colonel Riggs‘ largesse, he had also needed an endless succession of minor spares and replacements, fromp 46 DW 1962
noticed that Strangman was not only watching Bodkin shrewdly, but also waiting for any reaction from himself and Beatrice. But Bodkinp 90 DW 1962
Perhaps in imitation of himself, several of the crew now also sported tuxedos and black ties. A pantechnicon full of eveningp 128 DW 1962
up on to the roof of the testing station, which also served as the helicopter landing stage. When Sergeant Daley startedp 158 DW 1962
was still running, and he used it as a compass, also keeping a careful record of the passage of the daysp 170 DW 1962
and monumental non-sonic sculpture must have seemed. Zero Orbit had also gone. I assumed that Lunora had taken it with herp 404 TSS 1962
in a trap, let them at least eat the cheese. Also, he calculated that it would take an affront of trulyp 387 WT 1962
his death and were now represented by Malek. Constantin had also, of course, become dominated by another obsession, the need top 505 EG 1963
the execution, partly to give him peace of mind, but also to allow him to adjust the context of his escapep 508 EG 1963
and had no doubt motivated the many others who had also sat with Malek on the veranda, listening to the latep 509 EG 1963
discreetly in the hallway as Constantin shaved in the bathroom (also without its door) following him downstairs to breakfast, his carefulp 513 EG 1963
Dimly Constantin perceived that by losing to Malek he had also surrendered to him psychologically, but the games had now becomep 513 EG 1963
What sustained Mason was his conviction that others would soon also become aware of the sea. When he went to bedp 475 NWS 1963
don't know the South Pacific, but I should guess it's also been oversentimentalized. Ryker didn't come here for a scenic tourp 438 QR 1963
was connected to Directory Inquiries, Elliott realized that he had also forgotten his sister-in-law's name and address. ‘Calcutta 30331.‘ Elliott repeatedp 535 SA 1963
necessary, increasing the safety and efficiency of the expressway. It also increased the revenues of the car and tyre manufacturers. Mostp 415 SM 1963
developing the same irritating interference pattern (curiously, the new sets also displayed the pattern, but as the salesman assured them, thisp 423 SM 1963
ringed planet glued to the table-top. The Site Tycho was also used as a small science fiction exchange library. A couplep 482 VH 1963
Kandinski. You say that this Venusian indicated that there was also life on one of the moons of Uranus. Can youp 492 VH 1963
authority and conviction of a literature won from experience. Burroughs also illustrates that the whole of science fiction's imaginary universe hasp 129 UGM 1964
rather more smartly attired individuals, circus proprietors and the like, also appeared on the scene, and strolled slowly around the giantp 645 DG 1964
in their numbers seemed important enough to mention. There was also the mildly malicious pleasure -- less amusing now than itp 630 DS 1964
three-dimensional object by a defective camera obscura. Lowry's politeness was also, of course, an attempt to shield himself and Louise fromp 631 DS 1964
Completed two years after da Vinci's Virgin and St Anne, also in the Louvre, it was not only one of thep 575 LL 1964
that afternoon of art dealers and gallery directors who had also suffered from thefts of major works of art, but top 575 LL 1964
of my assistants, and to my annoyance two of them also vaguely remembered such a person. After this I found myselfp 583 LL 1964
attempt to return it to its natural state. (There were also stronger unconscious motives, Traven recognized: if primitive man felt thep 590 TB 1964
from a canteen as Dr Osborne dressed his foot. ‘You've also been stealing our stores.‘ Traven shook his head. Fifty yardsp 598 TB 1964
of stockbrokers. Many of his acquaintances at the club were also finding jobs, forsaking the placid routines of smoking room andp 563 TP 1964
the stock exchange was dignified and impressive. Three junior men also joining the firm were introduced to the assembled staff byp 563 TP 1964
a mineral I despise, utterly unmalleable, fit only for fountains. Also, you'll be able to help me with a little projectp 43 D 1965
carried the pool under its own momentum. His erratic course also concealed his original point of departure. Half a mile aheadp 117 D 1965
die in the sea, haunted the bitter salt. But it also reflected the gradual attrition of life, the slow reduction ofp 120 D 1965
him she would be accepted at the settlement. Ironically, Philip also told Ransom that there had been no agreed decision top 138 D 1965
of a symmetry not only about the vertical axis but also the horizontal. One recalls Goethe's notion that the skull isp 14 AE 1966
Crispin, who felt that his conquest of the birds had also tamed the landscape around the picket ship and everything inp 699 SBD 1966
Quimby, deterred Crispin from doing anything that might antagonize her. Also, the woman's odd behaviour made Crispin suspect that she toop 699 SBD 1966
area by motives as uncertain as his own. Louise had also withdrawn into herself. As she smoked her cigarette after thep 55 CW 1966
is an apparent increase in tissue weight, crop yields can also be increased.‘ Radek laughed wearily. ‘I'd like to see somep 65 CW 1966
a hospital, an advanced surgical unit, in fact, but it's also something more than a hospital, as I intend to explainp 686 TIM 1966
a different shape, but otherwise it feels like me. There's also a certain altruistic pleasure that one is keeping alive partp 690 TIM 1966
sail locker. The rays, directed by some mysterious reflex, had also paused, settling on the crest of a nearby dune. Armingp 723 CHC 1967
Hypnagogic images were produced freely by patients. The film was also found to have a marked erotic content. mediated to himp 90 PAJ 1967
was certain I knew well. For some reason I was also convinced that this familiar smell was a clue to thep 739 R 1967
be even more certain than it was in Vietnam. I also assume that the television coverage would be uninterrupted and all-pervasivep 953 TW 1967
reconnaissance and pacification. Circles indicate supply caches within the area, also known parking areas, primarily wheeled vehicles and larger trucks. Therep 961 TW 1967
parking areas, primarily wheeled vehicles and larger trucks. There are also some small yellow dots, these indicate known positions where wep 961 TW 1967
the tactical side of the operation should be finalized. It's also better from the psychological aspect that we don't get involvedp 964 TW 1967
focus for a wide range of polymorphic sexual impulses, and also a means by which the United States has re-established ap 94 LNE 1968
of violence and aggression. Tests confirm that the war has also served a latent role of strongly polymorphic character. Endless-loop combatp 94 LNE 1968
in anatomy it was found that caecum and transverse colon also provided excellent sites for excitation. In an extreme 12 perp 758 WIW 1968
and grammar of ideas, rich in psychoanalytic allusions but freighted also with an immense weight of reference to geology, aesthetic theoryp 95 UGM 1969
of events necessary for our recognition of the past is also linked with the invention of language? In the Korsakov Syndromep 162 UGM 1969
possible when more than two people are present. It would also provide accounts of sexual intercourse with prostitutes, a specialized sub-categoryp 258 UGM 1969
popular erotic focus. Incidence of neurosis in new-car families is also markedly less. by the images of colliding motor cars. Behaviourp 97 CRA 1969
spectators at major automobile accidents (= minimum one death) has also been examined. In all cases there was a conspicuous improvementp 97 CRA 1969
-- telephone exchanges, engineering hardware, etc. The twentieth century has also given birth to a vast range of machines -- computersp 99 CRA 1969
that where a vagina is being sought, a laparotomy may also be necessary. With one assistant working from the abdominal cavityp 17 C80 1970
crippled seductress, Madame Dali with a club foot. One can also regard the drama as a propulsion device ..." Dr Manston steppedp 48 JAC 1970
not merely with factors such as safety and pollution but also with the overall social influences. Like most legislation, it willp 264 UGM 1971
period. Naturally, this caused me a lot of self-searching. It also got me thinking early about the nature of male andp 26 SEO 1972
-- not all of it on the stage. I have also been very active in organised groups. I liked making somethingp 26 SEO 1972
in women's groups, counselllng and participating in consciousness-raising. I have also invested a lot of myself in the field of humanp 26 SEO 1972
that saved me from being impaled on the steering wheel also saved the young engineer's wife. Apart from a bruised upperp 20 C 1973
over-rigid posture of her waist I guessed that she was also wearing a back-brace of some kind. She rolled the cigarettep 94 C 1973
frightened that when they finally vanished his own identity would also cease to matter. I saw this attempt at tagging himselfp 168 C 1973
they were bunched outwards by the tight fit. Jane had also noticed the garment. ‘What the hell are you wearing thatp 0063 CI 1974
or bird, he was convinced he had killed. Had he, also, committed the first murder in space? After his release hep 818 DFW 1974
Another younger man stood by the verge fifty yards ahead, also with a spade. The body of a small child, freshlyp 827 AD 1975
behaviour, Laing wandered around the small apartment. Charlotte Melville was also at home. She was dressed for the office in ap 28 HR 1975
confused way, partly by his plans for the documentary, but also by the growing atmosphere of collision and hostility. From thep 51 HR 1975
he would do when he finally got there. He was also well aware of the disparity between the simple business ofp 60 HR 1975
other external telephones, in the hall, drawing-room and kitchen, had also been disconnected. Royal realized why they had received no outsidep 78 HR 1975
a buffer against any attacks from the lower levels, and also to give us access to more of the elevators. We'rep 90 HR 1975
the problems of the top-floor tenants -- their cars had also been damaged, and they had the same struggles with thep 91 HR 1975
electricity supply, the failure of the garbage-disposal system. But it also reflected a falling interest in civilized conventions of any kindp 100 HR 1975
partly out of a displaced pride in the high-rise, but also out of a need to resolve the confrontation between themp 103 HR 1975
withdrawn from him, partly out of fear of Royal, but also because she realized that he no longer needed her. Atp 135 HR 1975
molested by so many men during the past months, but also because the sexual assault itself had ceased to have anyp 135 HR 1975
an almost intoxicating nostalgia. Laing moved to the next apartment, also abandoned and gutted. In a bedroom he noticed that thep 151 HR 1975
fertility, either in man or in the few animal species also affected. In fact, birth-rates had soared, but almost all thep 833 LFA 1975
I feel my anger begin to fade. Annoyingly, my erection also slackens. The transit of this camera across the last fortyp 861 60Z 1976
infidelities, promiscuity and divorce had almost vanished. Curiously, there was also a drop in the number of marriages, perhaps because ofp 844 LDG 1976
of the other infidelities that followed during the next weeks. Also, pathetically, I began to drink, and in the afternoons wouldp 870 S 1976
sustained flights, little more than a hundred years earlier, had also been launched by catapult. ‘Thanks, everybody -- now stand backp 873 UC 1976
banked across the face of the office building his opponent also turned. His long wings, built to the same plan asp 880 UC 1976
city the flowers and vines which Miranda had planted were also leaving. A flight of poppies soared past, a crimson carpetp 919 UC 1976
social activities would have to be curtailed. The Queen was also informed that she should not attempt to blow her nosep 20 QER 1976
with real charm, full of verve and visual ingenuity. It's also totally unoriginal, feebly plotted, instantly forgettable, and an acoustic nightmarep 14 UGM 1977
to join Hodson when I noticed that the Japanese were also gazing at the bodies. All I could see was theirp 933 DT 1977
security, particularly if a hostile Japanese patrol came across me. Also, for the first time I had begun to feel ap 936 DT 1977
not only possessed by the person who has it, it also possesses and constitutes him.‘ Is that an original insight, orp 168 UGM 1978
each day while sitting in the chair. The bathroom was also equipped with a special cabinet containing a variety of sexualp 992 MA 1978
Mme Saunier is scrupulous about this sort of thing. She also said something about one of the decanters. David, are youp 977 OAU 1978
our own world by cosmic forces of unlimited power. They also indicate that in opting for its original right-hand bias ourp 983 Z2 1978
known them all my life. They and their parents were also prisoners of this town. I wished that they could learnp 69 UDC 1979
my dream. Looking around me, I realized that I had also seen these houses before. The lower floors were unfamiliar, butp 69 UDC 1979
day with mourning parishioners in a psychosomatic swoon -- but also to show off to her my new confidence. Bottle top 81 UDC 1979
young women brushing against me in the crowded streets, but also for the children who followed me, even for the five-year-oldsp 108 UDC 1979
town with my nervous semen, I felt that I was also their slaughterer, and that these quiet gardens were the pensp 115 UDC 1979
water, the lantern-like plumage of the birds in the park also seemed gorged, as if we were all taking part inp 121 UDC 1979
real powers -- if they existed within me, they existed also within themselves. Each of them had the power to conjurep 136 UDC 1979
lives. If I could rise from the dead I could also raise this young woman. I felt the life run fromp 216 UDC 1979
the foot of the Washington Monument. As the dark-faced women, also wearing ties, squatted on the ground by a fire ofp 78 HA 1981
a strange psychopath among the Mickey Mouse paraphernalia. There had also been a gloomy blue-suited man with the face of ap 109 HA 1981
the man-powered glider, partly to clear his nagging headaches, but also because of the unique freedom this antique machine gave himp 164 HA 1981
as an infant might do before destroying his nursery, but also to let the names of these hated cities fester pleasurablyp 206 HA 1981
bristling with radio and television aerials. The two gunships had also spotted the isolated hotel, and homed in angrily, their radarsp 231 HA 1981
the aged townspeople asleep on their rotting porches. It was also their task to round up the itinerant derelicts and persuadep 1070 MNF 1982
on a journey as endless as our own! We have also noticed slight variations in the decor of the station, inp 1088 RUS 1982
its moorings beside the Japanese Consulate the cruiser Idzumo had also opened fire. Its guns flashed through the smoke that rosep 42 ES 1984
Perhaps the American and his companion in the wheelhouse had also been trying to surrender? The three of them together wouldp 93 ES 1984
that Private Blake, who must always have been hungry, had also seen them. On their Way to the Camps On thep 120 ES 1984
more than his fair share of the water. Jim had also noticed that Dr Ransome was less interested in the dyingp 138 ES 1984
at Jim to clear away. Mrs Hug and her father also lay on the floor, rarely speaking to each other, andp 148 ES 1984
taking off into his mind? However, the Japanese driver had also seen the tailplanes. He threw down his cigarette and shoutedp 156 ES 1984
laying their stones, he and Basie and Dr Ransome would also go to the pit. The last light had faded fromp 160 ES 1984
What worried Jim was that his mother and father might also have changed. Soon after arriving in Lunghua he heard thatp 179 ES 1984
outside Buckingham Palace, hoping that his parents, wherever they were, also had an extra potato. When the Vincents returned with theirp 183 ES 1984
an eye on the pheasant traps across the wire, but also bring himself up to date on any fresh activity atp 186 ES 1984
It was an important way of keeping them close together. Also, there was Basie's interest in Jim's expanding vocabulary. ‘You didp 218 ES 1984
a desperate imagination. This unequal exchange, jobs for magazines, was also part of Jim's conscious attempt to keep the camp goingp 225 ES 1984
the queue for their rations when they reached Nantao, but also to free himself from all the duties that the campp 243 ES 1984
outside the foyer. It occurred to Jim that they might also miss Lunghua. Perhaps one day they would all return top 301 ES 1984
Prolonged use would induce blurred vision and locomotor ataxia, but also suppress all cortical function, effectively lobotomising him. I thought ofp 1091 OOA 1984
the images of science fiction in the public mind and also, incidentally, exerted a huge influence on architecture, fashion and consumerp 17 UGM 1987
of the refreshing light in this waking forest, others were also drawn to the stream. By night Harare's guerillas haunted thep 60 DC 1987
his dangerous bandits. While there, to save expense, I will also make a geological survey, to define any matters of territorialityp 94 DC 1987
into this arbour. Her smooth limbs and pensive eyes had also sprung from the moistened earth. Seeing her, I was almostp 121 DC 1987
a strategic waterway. You are in a military operational zone. Also --‘ he pointed to the Mercedes ‘-- you are givingp 126 DC 1987
extensive marine life, amphibians and gravel feeders ... the nutrient-filled waters also provide a home for estuarine crocodiles --‘ ‘Crocodiles? We arep 173 DC 1987
or triumph. I had poisoned the Mallory, but I had also poisoned Noon and these destitute nomads. Solely by accident, Ip 259 DC 1987
I am certain that when she comes the Mallory will also return, and once again run the waters of its dreamp 287 DC 1987
tragic image of a napalmed child on a Vietnam highway, also reproduced. I hope Hockney returns to his swimming-pool near Mulhollandp 64 UGM 1988
of the ten houses, the following members of staff were also killed. Mrs. Margaret West, Mrs. Jane Mercier, Miss Iris Neamep 16 RW 1988
way. "The dogs and cameras keep people out, but they also keep them in, Doctor." "A pretty comfortable prison, all thep 26 RW 1988
Robin, his face dappled by the reflected foliage. His eyes also watched the house opposite. Between the two children was thep 50 RW 1988
and the fashionable sociologist who would front the documentary had also agreed to visit the estate, and had already spoken top 65 RW 1988
telephone and TV cables. 6:02 a.m. Mark Sanger also has a full two hours. In addition to cutting thep 66 RW 1988
parents and the perimeter security guard Burnett. Marion Miller is also up and dressed before her brother, and sits on thep 68 RW 1988
Wentworth, and the two au pairs, Krystal and Olga, have also risen. Several of the parents exercise in their bedrooms beforep 72 RW 1988
had hidden among his golf clubs. 8:29 a.m. Also puzzled by the muffled gunfire and the dead telephone linesp 77 RW 1988
distorted sense of time, colour changes and dizziness. Mr Reagan also reports an increased awareness of noxious odours. Other late newsp 1121 WW3 1988
the old Europe of frontiers and national self-interest they had also rejected the bourgeois values that hid behind them. A demandingp 1140 LTP 1989
which might sooner or later lead to a malignant change? Also, the type of marble bust which these prostheses give isp 133 JFA 1989
anatomizing fascination can be seen in the present pieces, which also show, I hope, the reductive drive of the scientific textp 111 PMFa 1990
down on Sunset Boulevard, where another writer, Joe Gillis, had also found himself entangled in the Hollywood Dream. On a quietp 35 AWa 1990
tried to identify what I see as the hidden agendas. Also, clearly, my younger self was hoping to understand his wife'sp 72 THFa 1990
social habits that have sprung up around them. They have also accepted the unique vocabulary and grammar of late 20th centuryp 77 THFa 1990
Andrew Lloyd Webber, and informs him that her husband has also written a requiem, to which Lloyd Webber, sensing that hep 118 UGM 1991
she wanted to revenge herself on her own body. Miriam also told me, in her most casual voice, that Sally sleptp 151 KW 1991
pennants advertising rival film attractions. Challenging them, giant fragments of ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra‘ drummed against the facades of the hotels andp 236 KW 1991
now been called. His attitude to the nursing staff had also changed. All irony and humour had gone, and he wasp 302 KW 1991
because I had first suggested the documentary to him, but also because he wanted to involve me directly in his deathp 307 KW 1991
You knew exactly what the Japanese were like, and you'd also seen a great deal of death. Looking back, how dop 310 KW 1991
regime of terror and repression. But the first Chinese communists also arrived. Ragged and ill-equipped, they looked poorer and scruffier thanp 37 UGM 1992
place beside Peter Pan and James Bond, juvenile heroes who also made the sensible decision never to grow up. The realp 119 UGM 1992
the Red Queen and Man Friday crowded a mental landscape also occupied by Superman, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. My favouritep 179 UGM 1992
and strongly influenced my decision to read medicine. There were also false starts, and doubtful acquaintances. Ulysses overwhelmed me when Ip 181 UGM 1992
the Presidential Palace. But this small and desperate nation is also an endless parade of jovial, charming and garrulous characters whop 240 UGM 1992
the legs, which Australian swimmers introduced in the 1950s, it also serves a practical purpose, knocking minutes off longer-distance times. Dawnp 244 UGM 1992
A controlled explosion strong enough to split the hull would also rupture the engines and disperse the craft's nuclear fuel supplyp 1180 MFM 1992
guesses that not only the lens may become redundant, but also the eye and the camera, with electrical images fed directlyp 24 UGM 1993
warped genes, these demented dreams of sodomy and the lash, also thread themselves through our lives? ‘Should we burn Sade?‘ askedp 124 UGM 1993
branded product in the world, Coca-Cola enjoys the distinction of also being the most infamous, at least in the demonology ofp 213 UGM 1993
of the most repellent liquids I have ever drunk, but also, I now learn, a true elixir of life. Far morep 247 UGM 1993
warming, and the slaughter of the minke whale. But Kimo also informed her that the French engineers on Saint-Esprit had extendedp 13 RP 1994
of darkness. The engineers and soldiers guarding the runway had also vanished, taking their basset hounds, weapons and galley equipment withp 81 RP 1994
beyond the horizon. By shutting everyone else out they had also shut themselves in. The black beaches of the atoll werep 125 RP 1994
In part they were a tribal display, but the raids also introduced a few welcome moments of tension into the boredomp 135 RP 1994
him to manhood. While they bore his children they had also brought the adult Neil into the world, turning him fromp 183 RP 1994
as she chattered in German to Trudi, but he was also denied the pleasures of the bed. Dr Barbara had assignedp 200 RP 1994
from Tahiti by the month's end. The elderly Canadians had also sailed after dusk, without saying goodbye to their grand-daughters, andp 202 RP 1994
him. Neil paused at the smaller grave beside Kimo's tumulus, also aware that he had begun to miss Professor Saito. Byp 204 RP 1994
Dr Barbara's contempt for men had infected their minds, but also because he knew the truth about Dr Barbara and allp 224 RP 1994
guards. Hanging around their bungalows, I realized that they were also imprisoned in Lunghua. The younger soldiers invited me into theirp 291 UGM 1995
at the net?‘ ‘Exactly. A clever stratagem. At first, I also had certain doubts, but I have to tell you thatp 31 CN 1996
was for Frank, aware that my brother's plea of guilty also involved me in some obscure way. He agreed, almost casuallyp 31 CN 1996
expecting to find a body against the skirting-board. ‘He was also on the bed.‘ ‘So they were lying together?‘ ‘In deathp 112 CN 1996
He's very concerned, Mr Prentice. The danger to you, and also the atmosphere in the club.‘ ‘Inspector, there's nothing wrong withp 156 CN 1996
living here who worked on British features for years. There's also a husband and wife documentary team -- they can teachp 261 CN 1996
likely. Crime prevention does have a social role.‘ ‘And crime, also. You spend much time with Mr Crawford -- what isp 275 CN 1996
peach, as if tempted to return it to the supermarket. ‘Also in the house.‘ ‘I thought everyone was killed at Eden-Olympiap 48 SC 2000
back for urging Jane to stay on at Eden-Olympia, but also for the sheer perversity of watching the fibreglass craze andp 90 SC 2000
Greenwood's Renault Espace. Sadly, this film was accidentally destroyed. Mystery also surrounds Greenwood's movements in the last minutes of his lifep 131 SC 2000
Philippe Bourget, the brother of the third murdered hostage, was also present. A slim young man with the pensive air ofp 141 SC 2000
a good turn by satisfying their unconscious expectations.‘ ‘So it's also therapy for them?‘ ‘Well put. I knew you'd understand. Ip 297 SC 2000
the magistrates. She was watching me with genuine concern, but also an element of calculation, one hand on the mobile phonep 46 MP 2003
like the idea, but it doesn't seem worth the effort. Also ...‘ ‘It's not intellectually respectable?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ She nodded approvingly. ‘We needp 79 MP 2003
the streets safe.‘ ‘I agree. As it happens, I was also undercover.‘ ‘Really? Who with?‘ ‘Hard to explain. It's connected top 157 MP 2003
above the entrance. A French tourist and a warder were also killed, and some twenty visitors injured. The police had cordonedp 162 MP 2003
hippies.‘ ‘They aren't squatters. Or hippies.‘ The Home Secretary had also noticed the newcomers. Officials and experts turned their backs onp 281 MP 2003
my eyes on the rear-view mirror. Thirty yards behind me, also parked on a double yellow line but free from thep 52 KC 2006
the washing machine and the microwave oven, but he was also the leader of a virtual political party whose influence wasp 156 KC 2006
looks like it.‘ ‘The North Gate entrance?‘ ‘I imagine that's also closed.‘ ‘And the side exits?‘ ‘Everything. The car parks andp 217 KC 2006
for an exit. ‘That's not something I can discuss ...‘ ‘He also shot David Cruise. Not those Bosnian brothers, whoever they arep 257 KC 2006
seen less of poverty than her forever-cycling son. There were also huge numbers of destitute European refugees -- White Russians, Germanp 34 ML 2008
was clear that war against Japan was imminent. There was also the firm belief, racist to a large extent, that whilep 39 ML 2008
from George Bernard Shaw to Auden and Isherwood. There was also a pleasantly tolerant climate of what now seems unbelievably heavyp 39 ML 2008
be swept aside into the debris of the past. I also felt that the ruined casino, like the city and thep 59 ML 2008
in the servants‘ quarters at 31 Amherst Avenue, which had also contained entire families. Keen to greet schoolfriends I had recognisedp 65 ML 2008
help the afternoon along. The adults in the camp were also coming to terms with the most significant change in theirp 74 ML 2008
around Lunghua on a tandem bicycle with his small son, also in glasses, sitting on the rear saddle. He would smilep 78 ML 2008
witness for Hyashi, who was later acquitted and released. I also made friendships of a kind with several of the youngp 78 ML 2008
stoker in the camp kitchens). The two dining halls were also closed, and food arrived on metal-wheeled carts pulled by twop 92 ML 2008
I knew that this was a naive hope, but I also understood why none of the British, all of whom hadp 96 ML 2008
the runway. The sense of American power was overwhelming. I also made regular visits to Lunghua Camp. At least half thep 114 ML 2008
of the troopships that were repatriating the British internees, and also that I would be going to school in England, butp 116 ML 2008
weapons and marched off smartly without a backward glance. That also impressed me. Some of them were only two or threep 118 ML 2008
Us, the first revisionist German film, powerful but hollow. I also liked American films, especially the B-movies that formed the lowerp 129 ML 2008
by an Old Leysian, the bestselling writer James Hilton (author also of the Shangri-La novel, Lost Horizon). Mr Chips was modelledp 130 ML 2008
to the truth about existence and the human personality, and also a key to myself. My head was filled with half-digestedp 133 ML 2008
watch other boys‘ plates in the dining hall. I was also prone to backing up an argument about existentialism with ap 135 ML 2008
to study medicine, and an American exchange student. There was also a boy called Frank who was an Auschwitz survivor andp 135 ML 2008
the bedside table drawer?) and I liked them all. I also, with everyone else, went to a great many films. Ip 148 ML 2008
away in any direction, figuratively as well as literally. I also liked the social mix of students. At Cambridge everyone wasp 152 ML 2008
partner Claire Walsh, then a hyper-bright 12-year-old Claire Churchill, would also visit the National Gallery, as part of her intellectual roamingp 154 ML 2008
truthfully: ‘No, I've nearly begun.‘ She saw the joke, but also the serious point lurking somewhere behind it. What rather raisedp 175 ML 2008
chatting to the mothers outside the school gates. But I also went to a great many parties, and smoked a littlep 208 ML 2008
ESP into the conversation, waiting for my response. He was also surprisingly interested in Scientology, while claiming to be a completep 213 ML 2008
been wounded in the battle for Monte Cassino. He was also a compulsive drinker, locked into an intensely competitive relationship withp 222 ML 2008
a theatre, a cinema and an art gallery, there were also a number of flues, intended to draw off any dangerousp 239 ML 2008
actors in their late thirties, Emily Richard and Rupert Frazer, also in fancy dress, who smiled and said: ‘And we're yourp 258 ML 2008
ghosts of east London and the Thames Gateway. He is also the Odysseus of the M25, and has walked the 120-milep 274 ML 2008