to join her husband in Paris had crashed in the Alpes Maritimes. Heart-broken, Gaston Brossard then devoted the remaining years ofp 1001 HFF 1980
buildings of Marina Baie des Anges loomed larger than the Alpes-Maritimes, their immense curved facades glowing like a cauldron in thep 24 SC 2000
if carried out by semaphore between distant peaks in the Alpes-Maritimes. Intimacy and neighbourliness were not features of everyday life atp 38 SC 2000
coast, and her eyes scanned the contour lines of the Alpes-Maritimes in the way she might have glanced through a suspectp 40 SC 2000
with the same cool eyes that had gazed at the Alpes-Maritimes, but I sensed that she welcomed my interest in Greenwoodp 54 SC 2000
his old house. He used to be vice-president of the Alpes-Maritimes Development Council, but fell foul of Jacques Medecin and hisp 345 SC 2000
to himself, he gazed over the greenfield site towards the Alpes-Maritimes. Buoyed by the prospect of the new business park thatp 356 SC 2000
down the column. There were a score more entries: PONT*AR*H*CV ALPH* L*PORIS A* *318 MYR*K LV* A**HA LEPORI* AD 13*6 KYR**p 85 WG 1959
A* *318 MYR*K LV* A**HA LEPORI* AD 13*6 KYR** XII ALPH* LEP*RIS AD 1*19 The list of names, all from Alphap 85 WG 1959
ALPH* LEP*RIS AD 1*19 The list of names, all from Alpha Leporis, continued down the column. I followed it to thep 85 WG 1959
columns later. M*MARYK XX*V A*PHA LEPORI* AD 1389 CYRARK IX ALPHA *EPORIS AD 1390 I went over to the megalith onp 85 WG 1959
GRUS AD 1959 VEN-7-GO GAMMA GRUS AD 1960 TETRARK XII ALPHA LEPORIS AD 2095 Dynasties recurred again and again, Cyrark's, Minys-p 86 WG 1959
from twenty entries from Delta Argus to over thirty-five from Alpha Leporis. The last of these, at the extreme right cornerp 86 WG 1959
the extreme right corner of the megalith, was: CYRARK CCCXXIV ALPHA LEPORIS AD 2218 The letters were freshly incised, perhaps nop 86 WG 1959
series of faded inky wriggles. It was labelled: ‘Einstein, A.; Alpha Waves, 1922.‘ He followed Kaidren around, sipping slowly at hisp 187 VT 1960
speck of light in the lower half of the screen. ‘Alpha Centauri, the star around which revolves the planet the Stationp 325 13C 1962
did send a dozen people on a multi-generation ship to Alpha Centauri you couldn't do better than duplicate everything that's takenp 329 13C 1962
flight path, the great parabola which would carry it to Alpha Centauri. ‘What about the currents built into the ship?‘ hep 330 13C 1962
spotted it when the EEG tape we record showed no alpha waves. At first we thought it was a break inp 332 13C 1962
wrong, General. The original project was to get them to Alpha Centauri. Nothing was said about bringing them back‘ When thep 333 13C 1962
off for the last time, Francis replied: ‘Not nowhere, Colonel: Alpha Centauri.‘ Sitting down thankfully in the narrow bunk in hisp 335 13C 1962
he nearly did believe that they were en route for Alpha Centauri. That would have been a joke for General Shortp 336 13C 1962
an afterthought, ‘ -- of Applied Drama at the University of Alpha Leporis, and the director of the play you and yourp 352 PE 1962
officers at the back. Captain Robinson The primary mission of Alpha Company is to conduct a reconnaissance and pacification. Circles indicatep 961 TW 1967
Commentator Half an hour from now the forty men of Alpha Company will set out from Cookham. As we move offp 962 TW 1967
will deal with any local opposition. The main function of Alpha Company, this so-called pacification probe, is to re-establish the government'sp 962 TW 1967
its 200-mile length. CAPTAIN ROBINSON CHECKING HIS MEN'S EQUIPMENT Commentator Alpha Company's commander, Captain Arjay Robinson, is already a veteran ofp 962 TW 1967
to be in the sights of his guns. Last month Alpha Company was involved in a major action in which overp 963 TW 1967
has closed in, and the helicopters have returned to base. Alpha Company gets ready to move on alone, every man herep 964 TW 1967
low sky through binoculars. Commentator Three o'clock the same afternoon. Alpha Company has arrived at its objective. No signs of thep 965 TW 1967
VILLAGERS SQUATTING IN FIELD GIs prepare demolition charges. 2nd Commentator Alpha Company prepares to pull out. The weather has closed inp 967 TW 1967
screens. In the Penzils‘ garden was a collection of huge alphabet blocks, each three high, which their two children played withp 246 OM 1961
-- labelled Ankara, Bangkok, Copenhagen and so on through the alphabet -- chattered away, churning out endless tapes. They almost filledp 51 WFN 1961
into the dim air like the symbols of a cryptic alphabet. The landscape of the island was covered by strange ciphersp 589 TB 1964
the warm air. Ransom began to speak, but this cryptic alphabet seemed to overrule anything he might say. He crossed thep 76 D 1965
his mastery as a writer, and invents a completely new alphabet, vocabulary and grammar of ideas, rich in psychoanalytic allusions butp 95 UGM 1969
can only make contact with each other through the new alphabet of sensation and violence, the death of a child orp 77 THF 1969
an eager apprentice. Already the wavering letters of his first alphabet had become strong and well-formed. Using both hands, he struckp 108 CI 1974
Maitland had chalked up the first few letters of the alphabet, the tramp had refused even to look at them, cringingp 108 CI 1974
now ...‘ Lights flickered in the Negro's palm. Again the strange alphabet sorted itself into a message. His pensive eyes presided overp 889 UC 1976
skin, so that he resembled an aging harlequin in an alphabet suit. He glanced at Wayne without recognising him, and turnedp 205 HA 1981
discovered vision, the sound-world palled. Speech bored her, and the alphabet and syntax of the film were all she needed. Thep 159 DC 1987
as their winged bodies, the cryptic letters of a stylized alphabet, whirled over our heads like fragments of a threatening messagep 168 DC 1987
I had spent trying to teach Noon the rudiments of alphabet and speech in an attempt to widen her world hadp 177 DC 1987
bands of granular material like the symbols of some stratified alphabet. On the cold shore-line there grew only a few fernsp 278 DC 1987
have decoded the 3,000 million letters in the DNA alphabet that shape a human being. Two-thirds of us die forp 154 UGM 1993
on the Costa Blanca. The principal clues have therefore been alphabetized. The correct key might well be a familiar phrase, ep 663 BM 1966
megalith. There were at least a dozen languages, all in alphabets I had never seen before, strings of meaningless ciphers amongp 84 WG 1959
ambition. I can't wait for it to return. Daily Telegraph Alphabets of Unreason Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler The psychopath never datesp 221 UGM 1969
-- the same maximizing of violence and sensation, the same alphabets of unreason and the fictionalizing of experience. Goebbels in hisp 221 UGM 1969
of accelerating light. Their radiator grilles formed mysterious emblems, racing alphabets that unravelled at high speed across the road surface. Exhaustedp 197 C 1973
he tapped out a message, which flashed up on the alphanumeric display. Forget it. There's not exactly a shortage here. Asp 889 UC 1976
s-f films -- Them!, Dr Cyclops, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Alphaville, Last Year in Marienbad (not a capricious choice, its themesp 14 UGM 1977
all the sinister glamour and unconscious logic of technological death. Alphaville (1965) This moody and powerful allegory is Jean-Luc Godard's mostp 19 UGM 1987
audience that he dubbed ‘the children of Marx and Coca-Cola‘. Alphaville blends utopian satire, pop art and comic-book imagery to createp 19 UGM 1987
imagery to create the alienated landscape of the distant planet Alphaville, whose cowed population is tyrannized by an evil computer. Howeverp 19 UGM 1987
whose cowed population is tyrannized by an evil computer. However, Alphaville is in every way indistinguishable from contemporary Paris. The ‘spaceshipp 19 UGM 1987
a disturbing world that resembles a chromium-plated 1984. Sadly, after Alphaville Godard abandoned the genre. Barbarella (1968) Sex, which many enthusiastsp 19 UGM 1987
have university degrees, have read Joyce and Nabokov and seen Alphaville, and can place science fiction within a larger literary contextp 195 ML 2008
about their holidays.‘ Durrant nodded absently, examining a display of alpine equipment in the sports-goods window. ‘Are they? Good.‘ ‘You goingp 201 LW 1960
the globe, from her walled villa in Tangiers to an Alpine mansion in the snows above Pontresina, and from there top 749 CSC 1967
winding gradient towards Durango. On either side were snow-capped ridges, alpine meadows like the elegantly landscaped greens of mossy golf-courses. Everyonep 115 HA 1981
business park and give it a passing resemblance to an Alpine resort. Tired after my meeting with Zander, I sat downp 88 SC 2000
helicopters reported continuous fighting from the Pyrenees to the Bavarian Alps, the Caucasus to Karachi. Thirty years after the original conflictp 783 KG 1969
were rescripted by the editorial departments. Hannibal's army crossing the Alps was found to contain a mere half-dozen elephants -- twop 809 GTS 1972
all there, standing helplessly in a row. Mrs. Allison had already identified them as the terrorists. Hargreaves looked carefully along thep 9 VN 1951
keep on doing that?‘ Helen said. ‘They've done it twice already.‘ ‘I don't think they have,‘ I said. ‘This is ap 22 E 1956
No thanks,‘ I said, laughing. ‘I've had enough of that already.‘ ‘Don't be silly, of course I could.‘ I shook myp 8 PB 1956
M. waited and then started to recite what he had already repeated twenty times. ‘I was suspended in the air abovep 24 CC 1957
and below. The ventilator and exhaust shafts were silent and already the air was stale and soupy. ‘Pyros,‘ Gregson murmured. ‘Wep 30 CC 1957
harms a dog, but it might trigger disaster in an already oversensitized psyche.) Neill was fully alert to this. At thep 57 M69 1957
and looked back. The chairs had been cleared away and already a small crowd had gathered around the statue, staring upp 39 VS 1957
having it dismantled this afternoon,‘ I said. ‘If it hasn't already been done for us. I wonder where Miss Drexel isp 39 VS 1957
a series of sharp little nipples. One or two were already beginning to hollow themselves. Unmistakably they were incipient sonic coresp 43 VS 1957
a tangled mesh, like the skeleton of a crushed building. Already the advance tendrils had reached the bedroom windows, while othersp 46 VS 1957
described the deaths, simply a recorder of events that had already taken place? These questions exercised my mind ceaselessly. On myp 101 NZ 1959
local time -- early morning -- but the temperature was already over 800. We drove with windows shuttered, sun curtain downp 74 WG 1959
about to ‘end‘. The implication is rather that it has already ended and regenerated itself an infinite number of times, andp 94 WG 1959
seventeen, on a sudden impulse, he built his first clock. Already his preoccupation with time was giving him a marked leadp 153 CH 1960
around the railway yard on their way home Conrad had already completed half his prep, allocating his time according to itsp 153 CH 1960
of help from Ray Alto. He ran through the foyer, already fumbling at his wrist-pad. For the first time in manyp 118 SS 1960
Gioconda returned. Then it dawned on him that she had already heard the original of the echoes -- in the backgroundp 119 SS 1960
was still wearing his yellow peaked cap. Unconsciously he must already have known he would not be spending the night therep 131 SS 1960
elapsed since the first narcoma syndrome had been recognized, but already the government hospitals in the east were being readied forp 173 VT 1960
8 o'clock, his bedtime for the next week or so. Already he missed the dusk, soon would wake to his lastp 173 VT 1960
Later the tendrils will knot themselves into a ganglion, but already they're sensitive to colour. Look.‘ He borrowed the violet handkerchiefp 176 VT 1960
slope reaches forever upwards, but in fact the peak has already been reached, and the pathway now leads downwards to thep 181 VT 1960
shattered glass fibre reinforcing panels bursting from the dented helmet. Already the chimp's face and forehead were bleeding from self-inflicted blowsp 191 VT 1960
hundred frames, and you'll superimpose a completely irrelevant strip of already exposed film, in your case a glimpse of yourself sittingp 143 ZT 1960
to take his place in the bathroom queue, the crowds already jammed it from sidewalk to sidewalk, the din punctuated everyp 267 B 1961
stadium started at 9 o'clock, and people were setting off already to make sure of getting in. ‘Can't we go somewherep 270 B 1961
a mass attack of claustrophobia. Minor outbreaks had taken place already, and the official line was that world population had reachedp 271 B 1961
get a licence.‘ Judith shook her head. ‘She's got it already. Her brother works in the Housing Department.‘ Ward laughed intop 272 B 1961
determine his entire future. In a sense the decision had already been made, as Bullen, the migration officer, realized on hisp 235 DE 1961
soon reach up to the roof. The ground floor had already disappeared. By the time the next floor went -- sixp 236 DE 1961
encircled the town. Each day they moved a little nearer, already it was difficult to get together a weekly squad top 238 DE 1961
the soft salt flowing over the road ahead. ‘Someone's there already.‘ Granger shrugged. ‘What of it? They've probably gone to lookp 242 DE 1961
scent of her body adding itself to his other recollections. Already a whirlwind of memories reeled in his mind, her neatp 284 GA 1961
it in front of the window. The Coronation procession was already passing, the advance files of marching soldiers and guardsmen, inp 286 GA 1961
the clothes Elizabeth had given him the previous day were already three sizes too large, the trousers supporting themselves precariously aroundp 260 MF 1961
on an extended trip. In her mind, obviously, she had already dismissed Freeman, forgetting that he had ever existed. He realizedp 264 MF 1961
next morning she rose for half an hour. The child already seemed less burdensome, and three days later she was ablep 266 MF 1961
relax, his eyes staring blankly at the houses. Gradually their already obscured outlines began to merge and fade, and the longp 246 OM 1961
could remember, most of the poems on the tapes had already been written. She glanced up and gave me a vividp 214 S5 1961
almost hurricane force that whipped across the runways and had already groundlooped two 707‘s on their take-off runs. The greatp 7 WFN 1961
a silhouette of hell. It was only 4 o'clock but already dusk was coming in, and most of the cars hadp 8 WFN 1961
As he turned the handle he realized that he had already begun to forget her, his mind withdrawing all contact withp 16 WFN 1961
that,‘ Maitland said. ‘Surely the government isn't taking emergency measures already?‘ Symington eyed Maitland thoughtfully for a few seconds before hep 23 WFN 1961
his daily report to the Combined Chiefs, but he had already mastered the entire intelligence picture, was completely relaxed. As thep 53 WFN 1961
beginning of a war. They had the Dunkirk mentality, had already been defeated and were getting ready to make a triumphp 57 WFN 1961
building probably will, even if it loses the roof, but already most of the domestic houses in the British Isles arep 76 WFN 1961
in from the tunnel, even less well equipped than those already there. Many of them were without bedding or food, holdingp 83 WFN 1961
straddled the sandbags, filled with a quick-setting cement which was already locking the breastwork to the floor and walls as thep 175 WFN 1961
its way past the pyramid the shelters should drain again. Already they're well above the floor of the ravine.‘ As theyp 181 WFN 1961
Maitland pointed at the sky around them. ‘The air's lighter already! The wind's dying down, you can hear it. It's finallyp 185 WFN 1961
his mind dim memories stirred, interlocking with what he had already guessed about the Station. He gazed steadily at Dr Francisp 324 13C 1962
father was merely a set of variations on a pattern already laid down; the permutations possible were endless, but the factp 331 13C 1962
had once glittered with cocktail bars and restaurants, it was already night. Haloes of moonlight beaded the lamp-standards with silver dewp 355 CS 1962
drifts accumulated, edging towards the former shoreline below the hotels. Already the first four floors had been inundated, and the sandp 355 CS 1962
husband. Although the siting was two hours away, she was already taking up her position, and would remain there until dawnp 358 CS 1962
was cantilevered into the air and staked to the ground. Already the eastern horizon was cut off by the encroaching fencep 368 CS 1962
a savage burst of speed. Free for only ten days, already he had got himself involved again, gone through all thep 293 IO 1962
allowed to. You must cure yourself or you are finished. Already you have chronic barbiturism. Dr Gregory here will agree withp 294 IO 1962
stairs up to the roof and find him there -- already there were half a dozen buildings around the city wherep 405 M99 1962
long it will hold you there I don't know, but already it's fading. Today it took you over seven hours top 408 M99 1962
me all sorts of crazy vacation schemes. I said you'd already gone on your vacation and I myself never took onep 350 PE 1962
station for the huge, high-ceilinged state-rooms of the deserted hotel. Already he accepted the lavish brocaded furniture and the bronze artp 9 DW 1962
Of course, Colonel. As a matter of fact, I have already.‘ Technically Riggs had overall authority for the testing station andp 11 DW 1962
this lagoon alone. Bodkin was telling me this morning that already some of the canopies -- of non-lignified plants, mark youp 16 DW 1962
evening's glasses still on the tray between the reclining chairs. Already the sunlight was beginning to fill the pool, illuminating thep 48 DW 1962
well-stocked pantheon of tutelary phobias and obsessions, homing onto his already over-burdened psyche like lost telepaths. Sooner or later the archetypesp 70 DW 1962
to make a final check of the laboratory, water was already spilling ankle-deep through the scuppers, sluicing among the sinks andp 76 DW 1962
the alternative of a twenty-storey climb up the stairway -- already a few iguanas had made their homes on the lowerp 78 DW 1962
they had made their decision the bonds between them had already begun to fade, and it was not simply for reasonsp 79 DW 1962
mesh cage, as it expanded and contracted in the heat. Already many of the buildings around the lagoon had disappeared beneathp 82 DW 1962
be a thousand miles away by now, if he hasn't already reached Byrd. Don't worry, Bea. They may look a piraticalp 87 DW 1962
to engrave the image of the constellations on his retina. Already their patterns seemed more familiar than those of the classicalp 107 DW 1962
with an effort pulled himself off the bed. It was already after 7-30, an hour later than he had woken ap 112 DW 1962
King Xerxes, a wily, beak-nosed elderly Doge or Venetian Grand-Admiral, already seemed completely tamed by his demure, raven-haired Ester, who hadp 116 DW 1962
desperate fish. Immediately half a dozen others appeared around it, already roughly delineating a narrow street. The upper line of windowsp 118 DW 1962
draped from the straggling wires that sagged across the roadways. Already the lagoon had vanished. As they sank slowly downwards, settlingp 119 DW 1962
pail-full of filthy slops were tossed down into the square. Already a substantial pool of abyssal fluid had gathered under thep 145 DW 1962
cruiser. To his surprise Kerans realised that callously he had already forgotten Bodkin and felt little more than a nominal pityp 154 DW 1962
and watched her closely through the helixes. Of course I already knew everything about Lunora Goalen. A thousand magazine exposes hadp 396 TSS 1962
advance on my cut?‘ Nevers examined me moodily. He was already in the Rue de Rivoli, over-bidding for Leonardos with ap 399 TSS 1962
Try it now,‘ I suggested. ‘Or is Mme Charcot mad already?‘ Lunora put a green-tipped finger to her lips. ‘Carefully, you'llp 400 TSS 1962
They'll soon put two and two together, if they haven't already.‘ Renthall took his eyes off the tower and looked downp 374 WT 1962
the idea appal you so much?‘ Mulvaney shook his head, already bored with Renthall. ‘You get a permit, Mr Renthall, andp 381 WT 1962
bright yellow awning was being unfurled, and two seats were already occupied. Renthall hesitated, lowering his voice. ‘But what about thep 388 WT 1962
of cancelling it now. The fair's as good as started already. Anyway, what would be the point?‘ ‘Our arrangement was thatp 390 WT 1962
the hypnosis, Doctor. In fact I'm afraid the operation has already taken place. I don't know whether you've noticed anything strangep 391 WT 1962
negative nor positive; but a relationship of acute dependence -- already Malek's notional personality was becoming overlaid by the associations ofp 505 EG 1963
the dimension of time still existed for him, he had already died a posteriori. But gradually the will to live, andp 505 EG 1963
he provoked Malek, uncertainties were introduced; of which there were already far too many. He noticed the supervisor enter the loungep 511 EG 1963
moves later, when they broke off for lunch, he had already forced Constantin to castle on the Queen's side and hadp 511 EG 1963
as difficult to maintain as might have been expected; Constantin already felt a surge of conviction in his eventual escape fromp 517 EG 1963
single radiator in the lounge warming the three rooms downstairs. Already Constantin dreaded the winter. His hands and feet were perpetuallyp 517 EG 1963
there's no hope of getting a reprieve!‘ ‘The trial has already taken place, Mr Constantin,‘ Malek pointed out patiently. ‘It wasp 518 EG 1963
Not wishing to appear any more eccentric than he was already considered -- the solitary, abstracted husband of the beautiful butp 474 NWS 1963
come to Mason only three weeks earlier, but he was already convinced of their absolute validity. He recognized that after itsp 474 NWS 1963
a hundred yards, irrigating huge areas of vegetation that were already drowning in moisture. Connolly had tried to convey his disenchantmentp 436 QR 1963
How are you going to organize the search parties?‘ ‘They've already taken place.‘ ‘What?‘ Connolly sat forward. ‘How did that happenp 440 QR 1963
plane come down?‘ he asked. Connolly guessed that he was already thinking of a profitable salvage operation. ‘Some time ago,‘ Pereirap 443 QR 1963
of the bands returned to the campong, irrespective of those already established. This maze extended for miles around them. ‘If youp 448 QR 1963
thought there were more than enough of them flying about already.‘ ‘Well ...‘ For a moment Pelham debated whether to pursue thep 428 RE 1963
deep. Everyone on the terrace was now standing. The crowds already on the beach were being driven forward by the pressurep 433 RE 1963
wife in the bath. The strange thing is she was already dying of a brain tumour.‘ Elliott grimaced. ‘Gruesome. Perhaps hep 539 SA 1963
the road to Vermilion Sands. The season had ended, and already the desert had begun to move in again for thep 541 SG 1963
afternoons under the awning at the Cafe Fresco, and was already showing symptoms of beach fatigue -- irreversible boredom and inertiap 544 SG 1963
grottoes, it seemed to shut off half the sky, and already I felt the atmosphere of shifting illusion and reality thatp 546 SG 1963
this film? It's important that I know --‘ ‘Quite sure.‘ Already I was beginning to find her exhausting. Talking to herp 550 SG 1963
in the fading sunlight. ‘She's coming out, Paul,‘ Charles said. ‘Already she's accepted the screens, soon she'll be able to leavep 553 SG 1963
to find that Raymond and Tony had gone and were already half way back to the terrace. There was the distantp 557 SG 1963
regular rendezvous with Hathaway and his strange messianic cries had already become the subject of amused comment. Franklin began to sayp 412 SM 1963
covered their surface. A line of red aircraft-warning beacons was already alight along the top strut, and Franklin assumed that thep 415 SM 1963
to be there before eight o'clock tonight. It's seven thirty already.‘ ‘Then that's out. I'm tired, angel, I need something top 416 SM 1963
stacked the coins in the dashboard locker. The supermarket was already busy with early morning shoppers and the line of thirtyp 417 SM 1963
supply that extra spending power? A big increase in production. Already they've started to raise the working day from twelve hoursp 420 SM 1963
Sunday shifts. But instead of resenting this incursion into his already meagre hours of leisure he had been glad. For onep 421 SM 1963
A TV set? Judith, do we need another one? We've already got three. Lounge, dining-room and the hand-set. What's the fourthp 421 SM 1963
isolated on the palisaded islands near the suburban shopping centres. Already there were over thirty on the ten-mile route from thep 422 SM 1963
the tomb being stripped of the last vestige of its already meagre claim to immortality. ‘This will be our last onep 464 TT 1963
because the chances of life existing anywhere are virtually nil.‘ Already he had come to believe that the enchantress might suddenlyp 466 TT 1963
kept his eyes fixed on the image within the tomb. Already it had begun to fragment, fading against the mounting sunlightp 470 TT 1963
smiled. ‘Wait until you know Charles a little better.‘ ‘I already know the man's messianic,‘ Ward said dryly. ‘Let me guessp 483 VH 1963
balanced on a huge conical boss, half of which had already sunk into the sand. A fluted rim ran around thep 499 VH 1963
area taking advantage, as all invasion plans must, of an already existing mucked up situation -- The human organism is literallyp 127 UGM 1964
the crow (or should I say, the gryphon) flies, and already there have been numerous other outbreaks at many times thisp 626 IM 1964
cities petrified beneath layers of prismatic crystal, as Miami has already been -- some reporters have described the abandoned resort asp 626 IM 1964
Georg and I recommended that in view, of the hazards already suffered by the painting no further attempts should be madep 588 LL 1964
the sea. The tide had begun to come in, and already the pool where I found the shell was covered byp 570 PCD 1964
three hundred yards away. Traven walked through the dark sand, already forgetting where the shore lay, although the atoll was littlep 589 TB 1964
previous six months, during his journey across the Pacific, had already reduced his always thin body to that of a migrantp 592 TB 1964
of Ransom's neighbours had joined the exodus to the coast. Already Hamilton was a desert town, built on an isthmus ofp 23 D 1965
covered the bodywork and seats, as if the car were already a distant memory of itself, the lapsed time condensing onp 28 D 1965
out now while you can.‘ Ransom smiled at this. ‘I already have pulled out. Anyway, keep a place for me onp 30 D 1965
aerial surveys discovered that much of the former rainforest was already dry and petrified. At Khartoum, in lower Egypt, the Whitep 31 D 1965
behind the windscreen wiper. ‘It seems to be a desert already. Perhaps I'm more at home here. I want to stayp 33 D 1965
a fold of hair. It was as if her face already carried the injuries of an appalling motor-car accident that wouldp 34 D 1965
of the lake. Inshore, the slopes of damp mud had already dried into a series of low dunes, their crests yellowingp 35 D 1965
clipped, creamy voice. ‘How kind of you, I feel better already.‘ He tapped the wicker rocking chair beside the bed. ‘Sitp 39 D 1965
dusty villas along the river. ‘They look like mud huts already. We're moving straight back into the past.‘ Lomax shook hisp 42 D 1965
Judith --‘ Ransom walked to the door. ‘Richard, I have already. A long time ago. It's you who's missing the pointp 43 D 1965
top of the slip she wore loosely around her breasts. Already she was beginning to look as derelict and faded asp 45 D 1965
own motives. These latent elements in Lomax and Miranda were already appearing. Curiously, Lomax was less frightening than Miranda. Her whitep 49 D 1965
Hamilton had seemed to offer a choice of direction, but already he sensed that Lomax had been right, if the futurep 49 D 1965
Silhouetted against the sunlight was the faun-like figure that had already crept up behind him once that day. Ransom stepped towardsp 52 D 1965
shafts. Quilter's appearance had abruptly let another dimension into the already uncertain future of the zoo. Hands in pockets, Catherine followedp 52 D 1965
The fire burned along the length of the nave, and already the smaller roofing timbers were falling on to the pewsp 66 D 1965
daughters, stepped up behind Ransom. ‘Father's becoming the old sea-dog already.‘ She took Ransom's arm, smiling at him with her greyp 69 D 1965
seeded itself the previous summer when the water level had already fallen several feet. Working his pole tirelessly, Philip turned thep 80 D 1965
the other. After the events of the previous days, he already felt that in the new landscape around them humanitarian considerationsp 82 D 1965
Philip as the latter leaned back to steady his foster-father. Already Ransom sensed that his own bonds with Philip, formed withinp 86 D 1965
on to a fallen steel girder that spanned the stream, already seeing them only in terms of the sand and dustp 87 D 1965
soon. You'll simply have to walk until we find one.‘ Already Ransom was losing interest in her. The poles of thep 88 D 1965
gestured around at the camp. ‘This won't last for ever. Already most of these people have only a day's water leftp 94 D 1965
the inner fence. Beyond this the recently erected huts were already filling. Several trucks stopped outside them, and some fifty orp 96 D 1965
by the soldiers. Some, unable to drink the water, were already climbing back on to the sand. Running after the othersp 101 D 1965
worked away at the water, propelling it through the breach. Already a large pool some fifty yards wide had formed amongp 107 D 1965
prompt refusal meant that he was acting on a decision already reached by the other captains. Yet a sense of innerp 122 D 1965
to the beach.‘ He picked up a second stone. ‘I've already let you off once today.‘ Ransom held his footing inp 130 D 1965
Since leaving them she had been subdued and guarded, but already he could feel her reviving again, drawn to the emptyp 137 D 1965
dust obscured his view of the hills above the beach. Already he had forgotten the long ten years on the saltp 138 D 1965
on the cart. Although she had slept badly and was already becoming over-tired by the journey, Mrs. Quilter insisted on walkingp 141 D 1965
the empty swimming pool, he felt little sense of unease. Already he had reached the point where he could accept almostp 157 D 1965
and Quilter does look a bit fed up with you already, but I understand.‘ She patted her huge stomach, looking downp 180 D 1965
in the bank. The edges of the damp basin were already drying in the sunlight. Quilter stopped by the bank andp 173 D 1965
was looking down at the drained basin of the reservoir, already whitening in the sun, and at the arms of darkerp 174 D 1965
roofs of the cars below. Most of the vehicles were already occupied, but at last they found an empty limousine andp 175 D 1965
There's a river here somewhere, doctor. Quilter says my father's already seen it. When I find him we'll go off andp 175 D 1965
enough in the last round of the attack on the already routed bourgeoisie. Painter, writer and propagandist, after the war hep 141 UGM 1966
own bile, illuminates a landscape beyond time, space and death. Already cut off by temperament from the mood of his agep 141 UGM 1966
of a student, occasionally showed a nervous reflex of hostility. Already Travis found it difficult not to think of her continuouslyp 11 AE 1966
a catatonic patient -- he treated them as if they already were chronograms and extracted the element of time.‘ Dr Nathanp 12 AE 1966
fired the gun two more times, but the race was already under way. Kennedy got off to a bad start. Therep 720 AE 1966
render time and events meaningless by replication?). ‘But isn't Kennedy already dead?‘ Captain Webster studied the documents laid out on Drp 34 AW 1966
and stood by the cracked plateglass window beyond the tables. Already half submerged by the sand, what remained of the townp 671 DF 1966
loss of time by forcing itself into this bizarre warp. Already decided that he would stay in the hotel, Halliday wentp 671 DF 1966
that the remark was meaningless, Halliday laughed, but Mallory was already smiling. ‘This evening? I think we can take that forp 672 DF 1966
line. For Mallory, Columbine Sept Heures and the desert had already become part of the inner landscapes that Halliday and Leonorap 673 DF 1966
darkness that hung like an immense wave over the town. Already the colours of the walls and streets had changed top 674 DF 1966
of the hotel, the empty shell of the house seemed already within the approaching night. Shortly before one of his attemptsp 675 DF 1966
reappear. The strange trancelike movements of this beautiful woman -- already her dark hair and the pale nimbus of her facep 675 DF 1966
of the dissolving boundaries between his inner and outer worlds. Already two of the clocks below the mantelpiece mirror had stoppedp 676 DF 1966
the town were deserted, his own footsteps in the sand already drowned by the wind. He went up to his suitep 679 DF 1966
his cigarette case from his pocket, but the priest had already palmed a fresh cigarette into his cupped hand with thep 14 CW 1966
polished crocodile skin, and his own scuffed workaday bags, were already packed and waiting beside the door. Sanders took off hisp 17 CW 1966
forty, Sanders tried to visualize himself ten years ahead, but already the latent elements that had emerged in his face duringp 17 CW 1966
their way of Port Matarre as Ventress's strange garb, but already he sensed from the slight movement of her hands acrossp 30 CW 1966
and shoulders touching his own, as if familiar intimacies were already beginning to repeat themselves. Louise avoided his eyes, but herp 37 CW 1966
he felt convinced of the complete reality of Port Matarre. Already his memories of the leproserie and Suzanne Clair had fadedp 40 CW 1966
in some way added an unnecessary random element to the already confused patterns of arcade and shadow, like a chess-game inp 43 CW 1966
over Port Matarre convinced Sanders that the white-suited figure had already left. To Louise he pointed out the jumble of wreckedp 49 CW 1966
just guesswork any more.‘ ‘Louise!‘ Dr. Sanders held her arm. Already he sensed that the physical bond between them was slippingp 51 CW 1966
eye at Sanders. Despite the latter's reserved manner, Aragon seemed already to have made his own judgment of the doctor's characterp 54 CW 1966
arrival of the priest made him realize how far he already identified himself with the forest. He pointed to the civiliansp 63 CW 1966
eyes were watching Sanders's. He nodded slowly, as if he already knew what Sanders would say. ‘Don't misunderstand me.‘ Sanders pointedp 71 CW 1966
his side in this private duel, perhaps because Sanders had already saved him from the attack in the native harbour atp 91 CW 1966
and frosted like the wings of a giant dragonfly, had already been overgrown by the trellises of crystals hanging downwards fromp 97 CW 1966
lost spirit of his imagination. Thorensen had found her there, already tubercular, on one of his hunting trips, when his power-cruiserp 110 CW 1966
dozen pellets had penetrated the man's skin, but the wounds already seemed half healed, inert punctures that showed no tendency top 111 CW 1966
frozen beach, looking at the vitrified forest on either side. Already the trees were duller, the crystal sheaths lying in patchesp 116 CW 1966
the arm held out as if to clasp Sanders's shoulder. Already, however, he seemed to have forgotten Sanders, his attention fixedp 118 CW 1966
the poor man has had more than his fair share already.‘ Max bent down behind the sofa against the bookshelf andp 123 CW 1966
she drew back fractionally in her chair, raising her shoulder. Already, after his years of experience at the leper hospital, hep 126 CW 1966
anger at this crime of nature against someone who had already spent much of her own life trying to cure othersp 126 CW 1966
focal area in Florida. Half the state has been evacuated, already the zone there extends from the Everglades swamps all thep 138 CW 1966
a few yards closer, its bows splintering into white spars. Already the cruiser had been enveloped by a fine frost, andp 156 CW 1966
the cruiser sat in front of them, the fine frost already transforming it into a bizarre wedding cake. Once or twicep 156 CW 1966
arms and faces were transformed by the crystal growth, and already their drab loincloths and robes were beginning to frost andp 165 CW 1966
others in a clear voice. Her pale arms and face already shone with the crystal light of the forest. She turnedp 165 CW 1966
broken baskets, begging bowls with their few grains of rice already half fused to the vitrified ground. Once Sanders came acrossp 166 CW 1966
jewels of the cross shone faintly in the failing light. Already the cross had lost much of its power, and mostp 166 CW 1966
cities petrified beneath layers of prismatic crystal, as Miami has already been -- no doubt you have seen reports of thep 168 CW 1966
his uncle's voice reminded him of Dr Knight's studied ambiguities. Already he sensed that people were taking sides around him. ‘Thisp 687 TIM 1966
Dr Knight's tone had become defensive, as if he were already, by some sort of extrapolation, asking the questions to whichp 688 TIM 1966
when the new limb was in place -- Conrad had already begun to doubt whether Dr Knight's plan would succeed. Farp 692 TIM 1966
man in the bed. The grey cheeks and hair had already merged into the unstarched sheets covered by the shadows fromp 693 TIM 1966
the sun. Watching him across the lake-bed, Glanville assumed that already the timewinds were moving towards him, carrying strange images ofp 717 TMY 1966
for hours at the tables of the closed cafes, but already his memories of the beach had faded. The adjacent apartmentp 39 YCM 1966
across it, carrying out a sequence of apparently random acts. Already she was confusing the perspectives of the room, transforming itp 42 YCM 1966
the waves to the submerged sandbank two hundred yards away. Already pieces of the dying man were drifting past Webster inp 87 YMC 1966
her portrait and listen to me reading from Maldoror, but already she was only interested in watching the deserted sand-sea. Oncep 726 CHC 1967
canvas. ‘Foyle and the girl! Rademaeker, they were there -- ‘ Already he was ahead of me up the path, only pausingp 732 CHC 1967
the fused sand. When I reached the terrace he was already standing in the darkness by the library windows, gazing inp 732 CHC 1967
avalanche. The first shot had punctured the portrait of herself. Already the paint was beginning to run through the bullet-hole. Likep 733 CHC 1967
through the darkness over our heads. The white schooner was already casting off, its sails lifting in the night air. Rademaekerp 733 CHC 1967
starts in three hours.‘ I took her arm. ‘The party's already over. When you're finished here, Bea, come and live withp 753 CSC 1967
the sculpture garden. Talbert's eyes followed her like a voyeur's. Already he had built up a substantial collection of erotica. Whatp 51 GAN 1967
formalization of each curve and cleavage. Indeed, the technicians had already christened it ‘Elizabeth‘. He steadied himself on the wooden railp 56 GAN 1967
bridge, wondering if they were late arrivals at the fair already in progress. But from the way they hesitated at thep 736 R 1967
as I suspected, the young woman and the dwarf were already moving the wagons into the unmistakable pattern of a circusp 737 R 1967
by the entire purpose of this pitiful menagerie, they had already finished, and stood waiting between the cages for their firstp 739 R 1967
when a second fair, almost infinitely larger and gayer, was already in full swing. At the thought of the animals Ip 739 R 1967
MEN'S EQUIPMENT Commentator Alpha Company's commander, Captain Arjay Robinson, is already a veteran of this war. Thirty-two years old, he comesp 962 TW 1967
years he has been here. A career soldier, he has already decided to stay here until the Americans leave. SERGEANT PALEYp 962 TW 1967
bizarre consequences upon the future of the Institute and the already uneasy relationships between the members of the research staff. Catherinep 43 DM 1967
he listened to the unending commentaries from Cape Kennedy -- already he realized that the transmissions were coming from sources otherp 44 DM 1967
walked towards the young man sitting in the back row. Already his identity had begun to fade, the choreography of hisp 48 DM 1967
setting up microphones and trailing their cables under the table. Already, fifteen minutes before Georges Duval appeared, I felt there wasp 770 CA 1968
He had shown a precocious interest in molecular biology, and already corresponded with biochemists at Harvard and Cambridge. While this familiarp 771 CA 1968
hide that high bony skull. There were two college degrees already passed, postgraduate fellowships offered by MIT, Princeton and CalTech. Andp 772 CA 1968
suppose he's taking another degree at a university somewhere.‘ ‘He's already got two degrees. By now he should have come upp 772 CA 1968
seemed prodigious. The degree he was collecting was his third; already he had done original research in radio-astronomy, helping to identifyp 772 CA 1968
geniuses. What have you got?‘ ‘A new programme.‘ ‘New? We've already got Georges Duval listed in Radio Times.‘ ‘For how longp 773 CA 1968
launching platforms at Cape Kennedy. At the time, NASA had already moved Judith and me -- I was a senior flight-programmerp 761 DA 1968
A few military units still guarded the derelict gantries, but already the former launching site was being used as a satellitep 762 DA 1968
burned-out hulks of the capsules exploding across the cracked concrete. Already, too, the relic hunters were at Cape Kennedy, scouring thep 762 DA 1968
current peace moves may require the manufacture of simulated newsreels. Already it has been shown that simulated films of the executionp 95 LNE 1968
hips, with their now empty contours of touch and feeling. Already she had the texture of a rubber mannequin fitted withp 19 UD 1968
the display photographs of terminal syphilitics in the cinema foyer. Already members of the public were leaving. Despite the scandal thatp 20 UD 1968
of literary critics to come to terms with science fiction. Already one can see that science fiction, far from being anp 92 UGM 1969
discovered psychoanalysis. By this time, the late 1920s, surrealism was already a mature art. Chirico, Duchamp and Max Ernst were itsp 93 UGM 1969
difficult to visualize, although the sales of this book have already been enormous. Who in fact would want to read itp 256 UGM 1969
fields on both sides were as open as billiard tables. Already the American helicopters had climbed from their bases around thep 781 KG 1969
north of Scotland -- gave Pearson some kind of encouragement. Already his age had begun to tell doubly against him. Overp 783 KG 1969
Pearson's interest. ‘Just over a month.‘ ‘And you're in combat already? I thought you had a three-month acclimatization period. You mustp 785 KG 1969
Mannock drove through the deserted town, the first arrivals had already appeared on the scene. Four scout-cars carrying a platoon ofp 788 PTD 1969
craft were being launched, In fact, as Mannock had noted already, no one was looking across the river at all, thoughp 790 PTD 1969
of suspicion was on Forbis's face, reinforcing the doubts he already felt about Mannock. ‘They may come sooner than you thinkp 791 PTD 1969
field pieces. Half a mile away the first soldiers were already moving along the railway line into the town. Mannock watchedp 793 PTD 1969
watched the young woman waiting with her back to him. Already, without touching her, he knew intimately the repertory of herp 60 SCN 1969
dispute with Nathan. In more than one sense he had already left the Institute; the presence of his colleagues, their smallestp 67 THF 1969
to the loading ramp. Our own L.C.T. was already loaded. With a group of American servicemen we climbed thep 73 THF 1969
the L.C.T. The deck was crowded with passengers already aboard, who shouted at us as we climbed the gangwayp 73 THF 1969
Drive at eleven o'clock that morning a small crowd was already peering through the window, fascinated by the Op Art patternsp 796 SGW 1970
I noticed that the first customer of the day had already arrived. Partly concealed by the racks of beachwear, I couldp 798 SGW 1970
know her?‘ He glanced at me with blank eyes. ‘What?‘ Already his suit had begun to smooth itself into a glass-likep 798 SGW 1970
set off a paroxysm of self-destruction. My own suit was already wilting under Mile Fournier's baleful eye. As we went upp 801 SGW 1970
around me, its fibres knotting themselves like a thousand zips. Already breathing in uncertain spasms, I tried to turn, unable top 804 SGW 1970
most articulate and determined champion of the ordinary consumer, Nader already reveals an ominous degree of self-denying fanaticism that links himp 259 UGM 1971
unseat. As I've found to my own cost, Nader is already being taken more seriously than many politicians, precisely because thep 260 UGM 1971
of gigantic freeway systems. In Britain the first motorways are already reaching across our cities. Many of them are motion-sculptures ofp 262 UGM 1971
the direct electronic control of individual vehicles. Experimental schemes have already been visualized in which each car is hooked by radiop 265 UGM 1971
engaged. Central Traffic Control will have decided that there are already too many cars en route to Brighton, Blackpool or thep 266 UGM 1971
angrily brushing the beads of frosted glass from his cheeks. Already his acts of violence had become so random that Ip 12 C 1973
car, their firm hands steering me on to the stretcher. Already I felt isolated from the reality of this accident. Ip 24 C 1973
as the bruised tissues gorged themselves on their own blood. Already I was aware that the interlocked radiator grilles of ourp 24 C 1973
feelings towards the dead man and his doctor wife were already overlaid by certain undefined hostilities, half-formed dreams of revenge. Catherinep 37 C 1973
it to my sternum. In her sophisticated eyes I was already becoming a kind of emotional cassette, taking my place withp 37 C 1973
to their patients. My brief stay at the hospital had already convinced me that the medical profession was an open doorp 43 C 1973
each ransacking the other's body like Crusoe stripping his ship. Already the skin picked in a palisade of notches from herp 44 C 1973
yet?‘ ‘No, I couldn't. I feel too close to her.‘ Already Catherine saw me in a new light. Did she respectp 45 C 1973
of overpasses and multi-storey car-parks. In a sense I had already enlisted Vaughan in my confused hunt. I sat in thep 65 C 1973
between us was inevitable, but in my mind this was already overlaid by other feelings -- pity, eroticism, even a strangep 70 C 1973
sensed that in her refined and matter-of-fact way she was already trying out the possibilities I had opened for her, examiningp 71 C 1973
yet -- though not soon enough for some people, I've already found.‘ She took off her sunglasses and gave me ap 72 C 1973
against the hot plastic formed a module of intense excitement. Already I guessed that she was well aware of this. Byp 72 C 1973
reached the Stanwell intersection. I followed the queue of cars, already thinking of how she would behave during sexual intercourse. Ip 73 C 1973
me? I guessed that in her matter-of-fact way she was already assessing the possibilities I had revealed to her. From thep 77 C 1973
rear-view mirror. Helen talked about the second life she was already planning for herself. ‘The Road Research Laboratory need a medicalp 78 C 1973
-- as I realized later and she must have known already -- Vaughan was clearly using her husband as an experimentalp 93 C 1973
life. But Vaughan's detachment from any emotion or concern had already had its effect. Perhaps some latent homo-erotic element had beenp 102 C 1973
way she seemed to be playing at being myself -- already I knew that I would be back in the apartmentp 105 C 1973
forearms were streaked with the blue shadows of simulated bruises. Already she was assuming the postures of a crash victim, herp 108 C 1973
formed the contours of two large breasts. Seagrave's face had already been made up to resemble the screen actress's, mascara andp 110 C 1973
with the third vehicle containing a mannequin of her lover. Already, as he watched Vaughan from behind his grotesque mask, Seagravep 110 C 1973
pointing downwards from an overhead gantry. A video-tape device was already playing back on to a small screen a picture ofp 122 C 1973
children -- coils attached to their heads, chests and legs. Already the anticipated injuries they would suffer had been marked onp 122 C 1973
of the car, grazing its polished cellulose like a surfboard. Already, as the vehicle moved back under the impact of thep 126 C 1973
be a joke, but Vaughan appeared to mean it seriously. Already he was calmer, as if this act of violence hadp 129 C 1973
slide which carried it across the path of a taxi already making its way around the island. Flooring the accelerator, Vaughanp 130 C 1973
terms Vaughan had defined for them. For Vaughan they were already dead. Six lanes wide, the traffic edged forward to thep 137 C 1973
one-second glance. The taller of the two, whom Vaughan had already assigned to me, was a passive blonde with unintelligent eyesp 139 C 1973
lit the first of the four cigarettes he had rolled. Already one elbow was between the dark-haired girl's thighs, raising herp 140 C 1973
of the offices, wondering why he had chosen me -- already I could see myself driving a target vehicle on ap 147 C 1973
held tightly to my arm, neither surprised nor upset me. Already I sensed that the three of us had yet top 156 C 1973
into her bruised vulva, Vaughan sank back against the seat. Already he had lost interest in the whimpering young woman pullingp 164 C 1973
like the welcoming centaurs of some Arcadian land. Vaughan was already waiting for me in the studio car-park, the Lincoln parkedp 166 C 1973
and backstraps. I slipped my hand around her right breast, already colliding with the strange geometry of the car's interior. Unexpectedp 176 C 1973
her own to be within the automobile. However, Vaughan had already worked out the imaginary sexual acts within the automobile ofp 183 C 1973
international athletes, astronauts and criminals -- just as he had already conceived their deaths. As we strolled together through the airportp 183 C 1973
crash that I most feared -- after Vaughan's own death, already a coming reality in my mind -- took place onp 184 C 1973
covered with shattered safety glass, as if his body were already crystallizing, at last escaping out of this uneasy set ofp 185 C 1973
be out of focus. He seized one of the handles already held by an attendant, and swept along with it top 186 C 1973
his mind, from that accident onwards, the film actress had already died. All that remained now for Vaughan was to constitutep 187 C 1973
the entrances of her flesh to a wedding with himself already celebrated across the bloody altar of Seagrave's car. We walkedp 187 C 1973
Vera.‘ ‘Who?‘ Vaughan's eyes cleared momentarily. ‘Vera -- she knows already.‘ He drew from his pocket a grimy square of silkp 187 C 1973
day, when he recovered slightly. Was Vaughan losing his resolve? Already I felt the dominant partner in our relationship. Without needingp 190 C 1973
and then his hands contracted, arms and legs flexing involuntarily. Already I could feel the first effects of the acid. Myp 195 C 1973
How many of the people there assumed that she had already died, taking her place in the pantheon of auto-disaster victimsp 221 C 1973
at the station, a sharp-eyed young man whom I had already seen when he had supervised the removal of Vaughan's carp 223 C 1973
pressing her fingers against the muscles of my stomach wall. Already I knew that I was designing the elements of myp 224 C 1973
from lasting for hundreds if not thousands of years, is already over. Why were the majority of people not only boredp 165 UGM 1974
to an end. Anything that happened five minutes ago is already the centre of a cult, embedded in lucite and putp 203 UGM 1974
I and the beginnings of the short-lived space age) has already become a victim of this nostalgia. Despite the protestations ofp 203 UGM 1974
built spur of the M4 motorway, when the Jaguar had already passed the 70 m.p.h. speed limit, a blow-outp 7 CI 1974
clear-minded character. Today, speeding along the motorway when he was already tired after a three-day conference, preoccupied by the slight duplicityp 8 CI 1974
leave for ever. Still shaken by the crash, he was already aware of the bruises across his thighs and chest. Thep 10 CI 1974
He looked back for the last time at the island. Already the waist-high grass, marked by the winding corridors that recordedp 12 CI 1974
he surged away. Maitland waved him on gallantly. He knew already that he was too exhausted to control himself. His onep 17 CI 1974
Maitland stopped and turned back, but the skidding car was already on him, the young driver wrestling with the wheel asp 18 CI 1974
and abdomen, were defined and localized, leaving his mind free. Already he knew that his right leg was severely damaged. Ap 19 CI 1974
embankment, hands deep in the cold soil. A faint dew already covered his torn suit, chilling his skin. He looked upp 20 CI 1974
in the broken soil, the cold earth against his cheek. Already he knew that he would never be able to climbp 20 CI 1974
end into a crude handle. ‘Right ...! Now we'll get somewhere ...‘ Already Maitland felt his confidence returning. He hoisted himself on top 25 CI 1974
The sharp tang of rusty water made his throat ache. Already he sensed his reflexes quickening. He leaned across the drivingp 26 CI 1974
o'clock, and the traffic had slackened after the morning rush-hour. Already the warm sunlight was drawing from the damp grass thep 28 CI 1974
the Jaguar. The sun was hidden by the darkening cloud. Already it was raining heavily over central London. As he steppedp 33 CI 1974
coughed into life. As he released the starter Maitland could already smell the fuel being drawn from the tank by thep 39 CI 1974
gasolene lifted around the Jaguar's engine through the open bonnet. Already the first cars were slowing down as they emerged fromp 40 CI 1974
like an animated scarecrow, he watched the cars move away. Already the flames were subsiding as the last of the fuelp 40 CI 1974
had hoped for, the fire burning in the engine compartment already resembled a large stove, an open brazier of the typep 40 CI 1974
nails through the light beard beginning to cover his face. Already he was thinking of the chicken sandwich he had eatenp 42 CI 1974
journey around the world, and against whose chain-driven wheels Maitland's already broken body would be applied in a grim judgement byp 44 CI 1974
rekindling his still unbroken determination to survive. As he was already well aware, it was this will to survive, to dominatep 47 CI 1974
leaped again into the air, attempting a backward somersault, Maitland already knew that he would fail. He lowered his head asp 68 CI 1974
have died here. No one will find out.‘ Jane shrugged, already losing interest in what Maitland was saying. ‘People will comep 72 CI 1974
had gained a small advantage over the girl and Proctor. Already he was playing these two outcasts against each other, feedingp 81 CI 1974
a short, blood-red skirt and sleeveless lurex blouse. He had already fallen asleep when she turned down the lamp and leftp 83 CI 1974
exhausted him. After the meagre breakfast of scraps he was already ravenous again. Each day that passed had fractionally cut awayp 88 CI 1974
squeal of brake linings. For Proctor, as Maitland had seen already, the deep grass was his vital medium. His scarred handsp 90 CI 1974
of truck tyres. The nearest edge of this sludge-pile was already oozing through the mesh. Pressing his fingers through the fencep 91 CI 1974
their polished interiors to Maitland, indicating how clean they were. Already he had reclaimed two slices of wet bread and ap 91 CI 1974
the wine with Maitland. ‘Mr Maitland, eat,‘ Proctor said firmly, already tucking into the scraps with a strong appetite. ‘It's goodp 91 CI 1974
The collar and a ragged bib of flowered shirt were already around his neck. Maitland's black tie jutted at a rakishp 94 CI 1974
She offered him the loosely wrapped cigarette, but Maitland was already pleasantly high. ‘That's nice ...‘ She inhaled deeply on the smokep 99 CI 1974
an hour the reluctant pupil had become an eager apprentice. Already the wavering letters of his first alphabet had become strongp 108 CI 1974
the embankment, listening to the murmur of the afternoon traffic. Already the sun was beginning to fall in the western skyp 112 CI 1974
her there. ‘Jane, if you go, I'll die here. Proctor's already planning to bury me.‘ The young woman's eyes were likep 116 CI 1974
attempt to frighten Proctor away. But the old acrobat had already leapt into the air. He caught the loose coil, swungp 122 CI 1974
life. Hanging from the swinging cradle, Proctor looked up uncertainly. Already the coils of rope attached to the winch were tighteningp 123 CI 1974
some ways the task he had set himself was meaningless. Already he felt no real need to leave the island, andp 126 CI 1974
the Wright Cyclone engines remained hazy in his mind, but already he visualized the shingle-reinforced earth-and-sand ramp which he would constructp 815 DFW 1974
the beach. But the woman's aircraft offered a feasible alternative. Already he mapped out a route in his mind, calculating thep 815 DFW 1974
if left here by the receding tide of his dreams. Already other memories were massing around him, fragments that he wasp 817 DFW 1974
there was almost no information about the crash. The commentators already on the site, cruising the choppy waters of the Pacificp 820 AD 1975
tavern, little more than a window in a stone wall. Already the coast road was far below, part of another worldp 822 AD 1975
was about to strand myself up here in the mountains. Already the early afternoon light was beginning to fade. Fortunately Ip 823 AD 1975
on my chest, on the wallet in my breast pocket. Already his hand was slightly outstretched. For all his small sizep 826 AD 1975
ultimate destination of this missile -- but as Laing had already discovered, people in high-rises tended not to care about tenantsp 8 HR 1975
areas around it, decaying nineteenth-century terraced houses and empty factories already zoned for reclamation. For all the proximity of the Cityp 8 HR 1975
tilled along the balcony gutter, sparkling its way into the already immaculate drains. Laing placed his bare foot on the coldp 11 HR 1975
when he arrived at Charlotte's apartment, a second guest was already present, a television producer named Richard Wilder. A thick-set, pugnaciousp 13 HR 1975
levels -- airline pilots and hostesses sharing apartments -- had already put him at the centre of various disputes. To somep 14 HR 1975
project together formed a massive palisade that by dusk had already plunged the suburban streets behind them into darkness. The high-risesp 19 HR 1975
and the parents of small children had in a sense already polarized the building. Between the upper and lower floors thep 23 HR 1975
middle section of the high-rise, as if the residents had already realized what was taking place within the building. Laing discoveredp 23 HR 1975
most petty impulses. That evening, however, as he reached the already crowded car-park, Laing was surprised by his fellow tenants‘ tolerantp 24 HR 1975
Although he was in his late twenties, his manner was already securely middle-aged. Laing found himself fascinated by his immaculate centrep 24 HR 1975
their children's food ...‘ Laing waited for the journey to end, already regretting his new-found solidarity with his neighbour. For some reasonp 24 HR 1975
and hostility. The incidents were trivial enough, but Laing knew already that they reflected deep-rooted antagonisms that were breaking through thep 28 HR 1975
was due to demonstrate in the physiology department that morning. Already his attention was fixed on the events taking place withinp 34 HR 1975
the bed. At her insistence, six months earlier, they had already moved from their first apartment on the ground floor. Atp 47 HR 1975
was heavy with stagnant air. Wilder noticed that he had already begun to accept the foetid atmosphere as normal. Helen toldp 50 HR 1975
soon filled with dust and powdered cement. The ashy film already covered the tops of cupboards and bookshelves. By the latep 50 HR 1975
Not wishing to upset his son, who was nervous enough already in this harsh atmosphere, he retreated to the elevator andp 51 HR 1975
hundred yards away -- in his mind's eye he could already see a long, sixty-second zoom, slowly moving from the wholep 52 HR 1975
themselves here as anywhere else. In effect, the high-rise had already divided itself into the three classical social groups, its lowerp 53 HR 1975
as Wilder soon discovered, the shape of his documentary was already being determined. Fired by his resolve to fight back, Wilderp 54 HR 1975
off the balconies above them. Helen Wilder moved along the already closed windows, her small hands pressed numbly against the latchesp 54 HR 1975
Wilder took to the stairs. Sections of the staircase had already been turned into a garbage-well by the residents above. Brokenp 54 HR 1975
changing stalls. The attendant had gone, abandoning his booth, and already the pool was beginning to look neglected, discarded towels lyingp 55 HR 1975
thought of Helen and the two boys -- he knew already that his decision to dissociate himself from his neighbours hadp 58 HR 1975
now about to abandon. The decision to leave their apartment, already postponed for too long, had been difficult to take. Forp 69 HR 1975
could freely enter and leave. However, the two waiters had already gone, and Royal guessed that the chef and his wifep 75 HR 1975
at knowing that they would receive none in the future. Already he guessed that, for all their expressed intentions, they wouldp 78 HR 1975
him with their unusually alert eyes. Thinking that they might already have dined off the dog, Royal kicked aside an overturnedp 81 HR 1975
ask if she had seen the Alsatian, but he knew already that she would not reply. Her face was immaculate madep 82 HR 1975
By contrast, the Alsatian belonged to a more practical world. Already he knew that the dog might well prove useful, bep 90 HR 1975
exposed.‘ ‘I'd like to -- Anne did mention it. I've already brought some things over.‘ Royal danced with her in thep 93 HR 1975
the first sounds of activity in the apartments around him. Already a few residents were leaving the building on their wayp 95 HR 1975
immediately that she had known he was coming. Two suitcases, already packed, stood in the living-room. Alice walked to the doorp 111 HR 1975
people living on the upper floors had appeared on television already, often more than once, as professional experts on various current-affairsp 115 HR 1975
plight, or with her neighbours and their narrow, defeated lives. Already it was clear that the lower floors were doomed. Evenp 118 HR 1975
remained before the doors opened he realized that he had already decided to abandon Helen and his sons for good. Onlyp 121 HR 1975
as anything produced by the wine bottle in his hand. Already he could see the line of huge birds perched onp 130 HR 1975
It's a remarkably effective course.‘ ‘Solo first time, in fact.‘ Already, led by the jeweller's widow, they were dragging the injuredp 142 HR 1975
face with a wholly professional curiosity, as if he had already decided that its expression of firm determination could be readjustedp 142 HR 1975
Laing often reminded himself, almost everything that could happen had already taken place. He left the kitchen and squeezed himself intop 146 HR 1975
believe that they were living in a future that had already taken place, and was now exhausted. Squatting beside his dried-upp 147 HR 1975
become dehydrated.‘ She nodded grudgingly. ‘What's been happening?‘ ‘Nothing ... It's already happened.‘ A ripe but not unpleasant smell rose from Alice'sp 148 HR 1975
to him, but when he returned to her she had already forgotten what she wanted. She held Out her hands top 149 HR 1975
richer pastures above, Laing declined his offer to join him. Already Laing had decided to separate himself and his two womenp 154 HR 1975
into the penthouse he had given to the dog, but already he felt himself beyond hunger. For three days he hadp 162 HR 1975
table. In some confused way he felt that he had already been here, many years before he came to this emptyp 165 HR 1975
and on the 7th floor all the lights were out. Already torch-beams were moving about in the darkness, as the residentsp 173 HR 1975
total lack of emotional tone, as if he were certain already of the pregnancy's ultimate outcome. None the less, Forrester foundp 829 LFA 1975
for normal births was less than one in a thousand. Already he could visualize a few elderly peasants coming down fromp 830 LFA 1975
waited for the young woman to step into the sun. Already, thanks to the alcohol and an over-scrupulous monogamy, he couldp 831 LFA 1975
a child, when the resort was still half-filled with tourists. Already, though, many of the hotels were closing, but his parentsp 832 LFA 1975
people enjoying themselves with a frantic fin de siecle gaiety. Already the first of the so-called ‘Venus hotels‘ were being builtp 832 LFA 1975
moved swiftly along the runway, the freshly broken concrete slabs already visible. Forrester looked over his shoulder, hoping that Gould wouldp 837 LFA 1975
out and made a left-hand circuit of the empty resort. Already Gould was pointing with a gloved hand at the patchesp 837 LFA 1975
the first hint of an erection. 2.19 P.M. Already I am closer to the Coral Playa, the equivalent ofp 856 60Z 1976
balconies of our suite and the cluster of adjacent rooms. Already the dark interiors are beginning to lighten, I can justp 857 60Z 1976
guests return from the dining room and prepare for siesta. Already I recognize dozens of my neighbours in their bedrooms, thep 857 60Z 1976
him an anthology of dubious sexual techniques which he had already displayed for Helen in the hotel bar after dinner. Hisp 859 60Z 1976
to recreate his unhurried domestic interiors in the Delft Hilton. Already I feel my anger begin to fade. Annoyingly, my erectionp 861 60Z 1976
In the Middle East and Asia, where it confirmed beliefs already held for centuries, the news raised barely a ripple ofp 841 LDG 1976
of government concern over the consequences. Industry and agriculture were already affected, though far less than commerce, politics and advertising. Everywherep 845 LDG 1976
his personal and professional life. It seems that he was already aware of the erratic nature of his behaviour and ofp 851 NTM 1976
in the hotel restaurant that Loughlin appeared at the airport, already in an extreme state of alcoholic distress. He began ap 854 NTM 1976
total transformation that had taken place within her husband's mind. Already he seems to have decided that she was leaving himp 854 NTM 1976
entered the shop, ought to have warned me off, but already I had been struck by the young woman's unusual appearancep 865 S 1976
all but concealed the subtle wit of the whole enterprise. Already I was thinking of the impact this life-size replica ofp 866 S 1976
arms, chin raised at the sound of my delighted laughter. Already I had taken out my chequebook and had scribbled myp 866 S 1976
felt the sudden strength of the huge wings and knew already that the aircraft would be the most successful of allp 873 UC 1976
plane and polish the struts and stringers, Halloway had known already that the competition was only an excuse. He was drivenp 875 UC 1976
picnic hampers, the officials waving their chequered flags at Halloway. Already they had guessed that he intended to circle the lighthousep 876 UC 1976
solar reflectors and rooftops, the warm canals and clay tennis-courts. Already he was looking down, not only at the naval islandp 876 UC 1976
starboard, but the sailplane pressed on across the deep water. Already Halloway could see the canyons opening among the office-blocks ofp 876 UC 1976
at the aluminium sails in a frenzy, the Halloways were already in deep shock and died the next day. As hep 878 UC 1976
hard and immobile concrete now surrounding him on all sides. Already, though, when he stepped from the car after an hour'sp 881 UC 1976
breaking through some glass and masonry obstruction in its path. Already the first dust was billowing from the end of thep 885 UC 1976
random on the buildings around it. ‘Halloway, time to go ...‘ Already he had decided to leave the city and make hisp 885 UC 1976
fell into the dead water like a sad, brilliant bird. Already he looked forward to his return to Garden City, withp 885 UC 1976
ground. Ignoring them, and their ambiguous flowers, Halloway pressed on. Already he could see the collapsed suspension bridge that marked thep 886 UC 1976
together. There was something seductive about this immaculate compartment, and already he was becoming impatient with himself for turning tail andp 886 UC 1976
the airport. As he left the main gates he was already moving at sixty m.p.h. Too late, he releasedp 888 UC 1976
When Halloway reached him he had slumped back and was already moving into a deep fugue, mouth agape, the blood inp 891 UC 1976
no longer thinking of his quest for his parents‘ apartment. Already the elements of a far grander scheme were forming inp 891 UC 1976
engine size? How many horse-power? ‘I can't remember,‘ Halloway admitted. Already he was having to pretend that he had flown ap 893 UC 1976
glider on the back of the truck, where Olds was already tearing away the torn fabric. ‘Is that a glider orp 896 UC 1976
exhaust pipes. Apparently unaware that this cascade of blossoms was already transforming his monument into a far more bizarre structure thanp 898 UC 1976
sky. Olds had rebuilt the wings and fuselage, and was already preparing a fifty horse-power engine and propeller to be mountedp 902 UC 1976
his approval, Halloway noticed that the museum of cars was already showing signs of neglect. Dust filmed the once immaculate coachworkp 902 UC 1976
threatened to strangle the city before he could release it. Already he was thinking of the defoliants he had noticed inp 904 UC 1976
put your name up there, high, wide and handsome!‘ But already the first message was flashing past. OLDS! OLDS! OLDS! OLDSp 908 UC 1976
these quiet, civilized and anaemic people? Amused by them, but already bored by the whole absurd business, he watched them adjustp 909 UC 1976
their kitchen and other wastes. By early afternoon they were already pitching their elaborate tents and laying out their complex campingp 909 UC 1976
There's a faulty green light holding up the traffic.‘ ‘He's already left, Mr Halloway.‘ ‘Good -- if we don't watch itp 911 UC 1976
ten hours, enticing them with generous though uneconomic overtime payments. Already, he happily realized, he was literally printing money. Within onlyp 913 UC 1976
pay-rates and productivity. I'm looking ahead, I know, but I already visualize a central radio transmitter beaming out a variable timep 917 UC 1976
child's scream. When they reached the street a crowd had already gathered, standing around a white limousine that had swerved acrossp 917 UC 1976
influx of new arrivals had begun to fall off, and already the first of the original settlers were packing their bagsp 918 UC 1976
as if a burnt-out rainbow had collapsed across the sidewalks. Already he could see that everyone had gathered in the squarep 922 UC 1976
but Halloway was certain that both Olds and Stillman had already died. High above him, a propeller whirled through the smokep 923 UC 1976
Confident of all this, Halloway set off across the square. Already he was planning the first of a series of hugep 924 UC 1976
represent an advanced technology in decline. I liked the super-technologies already beginning to rust around the edges, the pirate starship likep 15 UGM 1977
this harbinger of the space age with strong misgivings -- already I was certain, though without the slightest evidence, that thep 224 UGM 1977
lay not in outer space but in what I had already christened ‘inner space‘, in a world increasingly about to bep 224 UGM 1977
lives with the aid of video-systems and domestic computers is already at hand. Micro-computers are now being installed in thousands ofp 226 UGM 1977
mounds built on the earth causeways that separated the paddies. Already substantial supplies of rice beer had been brought back top 925 DT 1977
owner, there were two Australian seamen and a hotel barman. Already I was certain that they had no idea of thep 927 DT 1977
soldiers spoke or even beckoned me to climb aboard, and already I knew that we were not being given a liftp 928 DT 1977
way at the American aircraft which endlessly crossed the sky. Already supplies were being parachuted into our camp. From the windowp 928 DT 1977
make sure they take us back to the camp.‘ But already I could see into the stadium, and had realized thatp 928 DT 1977
war had ended in full view of our rescuers, but already I was convinced that we would not die. Yet againp 929 DT 1977
this time to prevent me changing my mind, though I already had no intention of doing so. ‘But who are theyp 930 DT 1977
are they all?‘ The interpreter seemed to have lost interest. Already the Japanese soldiers were lowering the tail-gates of the trucksp 930 DT 1977
I am struck by the extent to which we had already forgotten the passengers whose destination had made that freedom possiblep 930 DT 1977
was hardly concerned about the bodies. Too many people had already died in and around our camp. The business of loadingp 931 DT 1977
skills -- but by the age of thirty I had already established a thriving general practice. Freed from the need top 947 ICU 1977
appointment for the following week. Without realizing it, I had already begun my courtship of this unusual young woman. On thep 949 ICU 1977
I moved my hand to the latch of the portcullis. Already Margaret had stepped back into the doorway, as if nervousp 951 ICU 1977
them. He estimates that there are a million people here already, mostly English working class from the north and midlands. Somep 970 HWT 1978
pushed up into her cap, eccentric make-up applied to her already large mouth and eyes. On her lapel was an identificationp 990 MA 1978
of someone loitering outside, perhaps an accomplice of the intruder. Already he suspected that they might be members of a gangp 993 MA 1978
the roof, lungs pumping in the cold air, the sea already seemed far below, the villa bidden behind its high privetp 974 OAU 1978
greased and polished. Confused by this macabre discovery, Ogden had already forgotten his wife's infidelity. He was about to pick upp 976 OAU 1978
time he reached the villa ten minutes later Ogden had already decided on both the tactics and strategy of what hep 977 OAU 1978
that his entire scheme was about to fall to pieces. Already he had made his morning visit to the blockhouse, takingp 979 OAU 1978
be ... The Sign of the Polaroid The skies were sliding. Already the first of the television crews had arrived in thep 982 Z2 1978
were filled with suspiciously deferential officials. Where was Dr Vanessa? Already he missed her reassuring hands, her scent around the projectionp 983 Z2 1978
coil was the fourth house of that zodiac he had already entered, the twelve-chambered mansion through which he must move withp 984 Z2 1978
would sidle around him like caricatures from an erotic dream. Already he knew that Heller was trying to recruit him intop 985 Z2 1978
disaster and the car crash into events of loving gentleness. Already they planned an ever-more psychotic series of spectacular adventures --p 986 Z2 1978
III, and the psychological year would move to its climax. Already the subliminal films were ready to be transmitted through thep 987 Z2 1978
extended to the horizons of my blood like immense deserts. Already this dreaming infant was becoming little more than a dementedp 92 IY5 1978
a mother who resented him from earliest childhood, Gilmore had already tasted celebrity. During a prison riot in Illinois the localp 42 UGM 1979
with the same total blankness that he felt for himself. Already in the death cell he was planning both Nicole's suicidep 42 UGM 1979
place all our problems on the doorstep of the universe. Already an influential lobby in the United States, led by thep 228 UGM 1979
what life will be like in a space colony can already be seen around us -- in run-down motorway cafes, inp 229 UGM 1979
and Glenn put America back into the space race, and already a new group of astronauts was being groomed to carryp 275 UGM 1979
its deeps. ‘Mrs St Cloud ...! Father Wingate ...!‘ I miss them already, the widow who tried to finance my flying school, andp 8 UDC 1979
behind me, making a tentative circuit of the town centre. Already the pilot and navigator have seen my skin glowing throughp 9 UDC 1979
reminded me of all my own failures to get anywhere. Already, at the age of twenty-five, I knew that the pastp 11 UDC 1979
was obsessed with the idea of building a man-powered aircraft. Already I was planning the world's first circumnavigation, and saw myselfp 13 UDC 1979
joined us. His level stare made me sure that he already suspected I was not a qualified pilot. Dr Miriam squeezedp 24 UDC 1979
if she expected me to ignite spontaneously and destroy her already disfigured lawn. The last of the witnesses, the blond-haired manp 25 UDC 1979
the sky, it flicked from side to side, a flag already semaphoring my presence to the searching police. ‘Stark ... he's alwaysp 25 UDC 1979
had tried to revive me, some half-trained suburban first-aid enthusiast. Already I resolved that the sooner I left Shepperton the betterp 28 UDC 1979
agile hands, with their acute flexion at the wrists, were already tracing out the contours of a face. Like the twop 30 UDC 1979
that they and their offspring were about to be annihilated. Already I was attracting attention. A group of teenagers stopped asp 36 UDC 1979
the sky, the hangar-like sound stages of the film studios. Already, despite the crash, I was thinking of my new careerp 38 UDC 1979
them, I turned and ran away down the perimeter road. Already I had begun to realize that Shepperton had trapped mep 40 UDC 1979
Cessna hung from the dead elm, signalling intermittently as if already bored with its message. I crossed the road and approachedp 42 UDC 1979
physical respect. His manner was aggressive but ingratiating, his mind already hard at work trying to think up some means ofp 43 UDC 1979
a night store hung with sides of beef and pork. Already his wife had broken free. She strutted across the roofp 57 UDC 1979
I was angry with you for being alive, when I'd already accepted that you were dead.‘ ‘I'm not dead!‘ Angered, Ip 63 UDC 1979
of the birth we had mimicked of an adult child. Already, responding to the nervous irritation of this Sunday morning lightp 67 UDC 1979
only his son fallen from the sky but his successor. Already the elements of strange ceremonies and bizarre rituals were takingp 77 UDC 1979
in time and space, that gave the air its vibrancy. Already I was convinced that the light came as much fromp 81 UDC 1979
wife eager to get her husband into bed. Was she already aware of my determination to mate with everyone in Sheppertonp 91 UDC 1979
but that I no longer wished to escape from Shepperton. Already I felt committed to the people here, almost as ifp 93 UDC 1979
many changes to make, and that I had barely begun. Already I was thinking of my next vision, certain now thatp 106 UDC 1979
a parked car had been trapped by the rooting branches, already as thick as elephant trunks. The old soldier with thep 106 UDC 1979
Secretaries and typists, dark-suited executives carrying their briefcases, they were already hours late on their daily journey to London. ‘Blake, youp 107 UDC 1979
talents with which I had been entrusted since my crash. Already I knew that my powers might not extend beyond thep 107 UDC 1979
on the warm turf, these once disciplined commuters who should already have spent the morning at their advertising agencies and newspaperp 108 UDC 1979
and we would mate in sight of the drowned aircraft. Already the afternoon light had begun to fade, turning the parkp 116 UDC 1979
the fuselage and washed ashore. All too closely, the structure already resembled the original aircraft, reconstituting itself around me. Through thep 117 UDC 1979
these four realms of the real world, three I had already entered. I had stepped through three doors, through the birdsp 118 UDC 1979
and stigmata, the pieces of a vast jigsaw she had already begun to reassemble. ‘Blake, can you help me ...?‘ Mrs Stp 120 UDC 1979
face whatever powers I might hold over her. However, I already knew that when they left Shepperton, Miriam and her motherp 121 UDC 1979
those goals which had yet to reveal themselves to me. Already, like the local spirit of some modest waterfall or doorwayp 122 UDC 1979
the coming day. My skin prickled like over-sensitive camera film, already recording the hints of light that touched the pewter skyp 124 UDC 1979
trailed around the hoses, decorating themselves for the first customers. Already Shepperton was taking on a carnival air, a processional routep 127 UDC 1979
date palms and tamarinds transformed Shepperton into a jungle suburb. Already these changes would have been visible to anyone in thep 128 UDC 1979
way in which I had dressed the day for her. Already the first spectators had arrived to admire my handiwork. Twop 128 UDC 1979
granted. That confidence in me was what I most needed. Already I was thinking of extending my domain, even perhaps ofp 132 UDC 1979
reassure me. I liked her strong fingers on my skin. Already I had begun to forget that we had lain togetherp 133 UDC 1979
crippled children to fly, but as for Miriam St Cloud ... Already I visualized us flying together in the sky above Sheppertonp 134 UDC 1979
town and deny finally that death from which I had already once escaped, but to make my challenge against the invisiblep 136 UDC 1979
the invisible forces who had given these powers to me. Already I had wrested from them the governorship of this smallp 136 UDC 1979
kind of memorial to you. Don't you like that, Blake? Already I'm thinking of a dolphinarium, large enough for a whalep 139 UDC 1979
enjoy this public holiday. The entire population of Shepperton was already in the streets, celebrating a jubilee. A huge crowd dressedp 140 UDC 1979
her wedding gown, ready for her marriage with the air. Already the wind was moving across the roof of the car-parkp 148 UDC 1979
to see me again triumph over the death I had already defied. ‘Blake, fly ...!‘ I slipped my hand around her waistp 149 UDC 1979
a princess locked in the fierce castle of my soul. Already I missed her. Aware that there were others I couldp 153 UDC 1979
shrieked happily when they looked down at their kicking feet, already well above their parents‘ heads. ‘Sarah, be careful ...!‘ Chasing herp 156 UDC 1979
he waved his stick at me as if he had already learned a thing or two to tell me about flyingp 157 UDC 1979
comfort Rachel. I was sorry to leave them behind, but already I was looking into the sky and the waiting sunp 158 UDC 1979
pit the resources of my deviant imagination against theirs. And already I dreamed of extending my small authority to the worldp 165 UDC 1979
lay within the common lives of the townspeople of Shepperton. Already I had remade their lives, unsettled their notions of marriagep 165 UDC 1979
for their parts in an unusual and perhaps depraved orgy. Already I wanted to provoke the unseen forces who had elevatedp 170 UDC 1979
the high street he saluted me frankly and without guile. Already his zoo had become a substantial depot of looted equipmentp 171 UDC 1979
last stand against me. Did she remember that she had already flown with me, and had briefly passed through the gatewayp 172 UDC 1979
these people and the merging of their bodies with mine. Already I was convinced that there was no evil, and thatp 175 UDC 1979
draw the people of Shepperton into a far larger snare. Already I was thinking of my last supper. Once I hadp 177 UDC 1979
to admit these suburban people to the real world beyond. Already I suspected that I was not merely a god, butp 177 UDC 1979
the very moment of my marriage to Miriam St Cloud. Already I knew that I was guilty of many crimes, notp 185 UDC 1979
shouted to me, his strong head raised to the sun. Already the first people were rising into the air, the bankp 207 UDC 1979
could feel his youthful smile linger on my lips. But already I knew that I could not go with them. Ip 208 UDC 1979
way towards the sun would I be free to leave. Already they were a hundred feet above me, a party ofp 209 UDC 1979
affection. ‘Where is everyone? Mother and Father Wingate?‘ ‘They've left already, Miriam.‘ I led her through the graves to the gatesp 217 UDC 1979
sun. ‘Blake, I can see them -- they're all there!‘ Already I was steeling myself against her departure. I knew thatp 217 UDC 1979
upon itself, forcing the birds into an ever smaller space. Already the great condors were looking upwards ready to seize theirp 218 UDC 1979
the living who have happily returned themselves to its heart. Already I saw us rising into the air, fathers, mothers andp 220 UDC 1979
The Mother Superior walked pensively around her desk, as if already reconsidering the usefulness of my visit. ‘I was thinking ofp 1002 HFF 1980
to erase the last trace of dirt. The fireplace was already blanched by the soap, as if it had been scrubbedp 1003 HFF 1980
intensity, as if she had swiftly identified me and was already debating what role I might play for her. ‘Christina ...‘ Thep 1003 HFF 1980
perhaps you know of her reputation. In fact, treatment has already begun and you will be happy to hear that Christinap 1005 HFF 1980
However, I was confident that she would receive her comeuppance. Already there had been calls within the medical profession for ap 1005 HFF 1980
to ...‘ ‘Kill the President? Or the Rainiers? I doubt it.‘ Already an idea was forming in my mind. ‘However, to bep 1007 HFF 1980
laboured against the slack coastal water. Annoyed with himself -- already he was trembling with excitement like a child -- Waynep 8 HA 1981
if you're about to take over the ship.‘ Could he already see Wayne's aggressiveness in his broad shoulders, in the thickeningp 11 HA 1981
a smirk that the whole of the United States was already his territory. He now stood beside Professor Summers, calling outp 15 HA 1981
had decided to end his voyage with a yachtsman's flourish. Already they were passing the first of the sunken refugee shipsp 17 HA 1981
up in the cold waters of the next century. So already the expedition had made its first discovery! From that momentp 22 HA 1981
streets, a million empty windows lit by the afternoon sun. Already they could see the dunes that filled the floors ofp 23 HA 1981
the Appalachians and sprung this ransom from their hidden lodes. Already McNair was thinking hard, deciding how best they could gatherp 24 HA 1981
dimensions of the old United States and the Nimitz. But already McNair's pugnacity had returned, and he had every intention ofp 25 HA 1981
a stone's throw away had the same disconcerting effect, it already seemed to be trying to provoke her. There was anp 30 HA 1981
from a painful audition. Wayne pressed on towards Central Park. Already he could see the hundreds of giant cacti that stoodp 36 HA 1981
Avenue, picking his way among the cooler hollows and saddles. Already he felt slightly disappointed, as if someone had reached Newp 37 HA 1981
isolated buildings, their sunset facades like mesas in Monument Valley. Already they had arrived at an authentic replica of Utah orp 40 HA 1981
a flush of animation, as if she were a convalescent already showing a marked improvement on the first day of arrivalp 41 HA 1981
The price of gasoline at the American filling station had already climbed from 75c a gallon in 1978 to $5 inp 46 HA 1981
the confidence of the struggling farm communities, their subsistence cropping already overburdened by refugees from the cities. Already the first Americansp 47 HA 1981
their subsistence cropping already overburdened by refugees from the cities. Already the first Americans had reluctantly packed their bags and setp 47 HA 1981
the convoy ships bound for Europe, the departing Americans could already see the desert moving in to take over their townsp 49 HA 1981
long blonde hair that now shielded her from the sun. Already, in Wayne's eyes, this white mane made her resemble somep 52 HA 1981
his mariner's cap, but under the narrow peak his face already had the expressionless yet wary look of the solitary sheriffp 54 HA 1981
freely in his grey Brooks Brothers lounge suit, Orlowski had already cast himself as Sancho Panza to Steiner's Quixote. ‘"Trenton ... Wilmingtonp 54 HA 1981
his saddle. ‘This beast you picked for me, Steiner, is already lame.‘ Steiner circled him on his strong black mare, noddingp 55 HA 1981
He steered the mules past the rusting cars, his eyes already keen enough to spot the trembling scorpions, an uneasy rattlerp 57 HA 1981
for one huge puff to be blown into life again. Already Wayne felt a sense of challenge -- the five ofp 57 HA 1981
had taken charge of the expedition's water supply, and had already charmed a few extra pints out of him. For allp 60 HA 1981
know them.‘ Steiner stood up, raising his hands reassuringly. But already the nomads were on their feet. They scuttled about inp 68 HA 1981
Tidal Basin. Wayne was glad to stay behind. He had already made his own brief tour of the great museums andp 77 HA 1981
wholly serious, Orlowski stood up. His feet were steady, and already he looked completely sober. With a sharp gesture, he wipedp 82 HA 1981
lethal limit. I'm afraid McNair and your men, Captain, are already as good as dead.‘ Orlowski played with the paper tapep 86 HA 1981
that we abandon the water-wagon, and I've agreed. It was already slowing us down, and we have the portable distillation columnp 89 HA 1981
in a theme park frontier street, in a make-believe world already overtaken by a second arid West far wilder than anythingp 99 HA 1981
crossing the half-empty car park by the entrance. He had already seen Wayne, and climbed the hill towards him with hisp 101 HA 1981
of ionised gas meant nothing to them, their minds were already well stocked with lurid tales of death from the skyp 107 HA 1981
his knees to reach the precious jerrican the physicist was already dead in the dust. For reasons of his own Steinerp 111 HA 1981
Shouting at each other, they careened down the mountain road. Already through the wet mist they could see the vivid lime-greenp 115 HA 1981
and a kingfisher fled from the heart of the squall. Already the first heavy drops were hitting the hot metal hoodp 116 HA 1981
air. As Wayne and Anne caught the wingtips, McNair was already clambering from the cockpit. ‘Anne, I saw Las Vegas!‘ McNairp 119 HA 1981
Wayne, shocked to recognise the singer. ‘It's Sinatra!‘ Wayne had already identified the man with the microphone, the portly but powerfulp 124 HA 1981
Las Vegas was almost empty. ‘Still, you've made a start. Already you have an air force.‘ It was a clever guessp 133 HA 1981
someone to take over from me, I've served seven terms already. You could be Vice-President, Wayne, even President of the Unitedp 138 HA 1981
safari suit, an eccentric landowner out for a day's shooting. Already waiting for us in the sky above the centre ofp 146 HA 1981
Charles hadn't appeared on his camel ...‘ ‘He was living here already?‘ ‘Living?‘ Dr Fleming held up his small, neat hands. ‘Likep 173 HA 1981
an effort. ‘The President? Haven't you got enough Presidents here already?‘ ‘Sir, Mr Manson will need me now.‘ ‘He won't! Ip 180 HA 1981
out a last instruction. When a tight-mouthed Truman appeared, eyes already turning to the exit doors, Wayne took his chance. Hep 185 HA 1981
great hotels and casinos blazed in an almost molten fury. Already, however, the lights were going out. As the power pouredp 199 HA 1981
in the silent facades of the downtown hotels and casinos. Already all the exits from the city were closed, the highwaysp 200 HA 1981
a happy smile on his face. His left hand had already keyed an alert button. Somewhere electronic servos were clicking andp 208 HA 1981
extended now, the cruise levelled off at two thousand feet. Already the ground-scanning radars in its sensitive nose were reading thep 209 HA 1981
the soldiers thronged like tourists into the bars and casinos. Already the first timid members of Manson's young militia were comingp 213 HA 1981
said nothing as yet to his mercenaries, but Wayne had already recognised the wary, wind-weathered face under the peaked cap. Steinerp 214 HA 1981
clicking, relays snapped, a standby generator throbbed. Manson's fingers had already moved to his command console. There was a faint spumep 216 HA 1981
the festering lights, an atlas of tics driving him mad. Already the pallid flesh was marked with points of blood. Milwaukeep 219 HA 1981
the limping McNair into the shelter of the Mint's lobby. Already Manson's voice, was drowned by the engines of the twop 221 HA 1981
bronze ankles. Gunfire surrounded the hotel, and machine-gun bullets had already fractured the electrographic map of America above Manson's head. Therep 226 HA 1981
still glowered down at them from the bright sky. But already the projected image was wearing itself out. Scanning lines shimmeredp 231 HA 1981
lost in the whispered tinkling of millions of wing crystals. Already Wayne had recognised Dr Fleming, the old scientist surfing onp 232 HA 1981
Wayne embraced Ursula's shoulders, reassuring the suddenly panicky young woman. Already his confidence was returning. As he waited for the flashp 236 HA 1981
to the car park at the rear of the clinic. Already, however, as they moved into the needle-sharp sunlight, Franklin regrettedp 1010 NFS 1981
left behind in a tornado of dust. The Mercedes was already moving at more than twice the legal limit. At twentyp 1011 NFS 1981
the sex now. But soon he would have to stop, already the fast driving had become a dangerous game spurred onp 1011 NFS 1981
the starboard wing, almost tearing the doped fabric. ‘Doctor! You've already grounded me once too often ...‘ Slade inspected the dented fabricp 1013 NFS 1981
Franklin had last seen him at the clinic Slade was already suffering from fugues that lasted an hour or more. Yetp 1016 NFS 1981
to start your own space programme?‘ ‘In a sense we already have. But we really need you to help us.‘ Franklinp 1023 NFS 1981
for the future, a memory of the future I have already experienced but somehow forgotten. In our lives we try top 1026 NFS 1981
lives we try to repeat those significant events which have already taken place in the future. As we grow older wep 1026 NFS 1981
increasing nostalgia for our own deaths, through which we have already passed. Equally, we have a growing premonition of our birthsp 1026 NFS 1981
sallow, bearded figure in the mirror, a ghost of himself. Already sections of his mind were migrating towards the peaceful geometryp 1027 NFS 1981
excited echoes of that single sexual act, mimicking every caress. Already the moisture in his body was being leached away byp 1029 NFS 1981
to the mirrors. They helped me open my eyes. Dad's already were open.‘ ‘The solar mirrors -- I should have gonep 1032 NFS 1981
monk-like figure who stared at him from the shaving mirror. Already he felt exhausted by the effort of coping with thisp 1034 NFS 1981
long enough to reach the aircraft. But the fugue was already beginning, the light glazed everything around him. Slade was ap 1036 NFS 1981
social success. However, his academic record was a disaster, and already he was rationalizing this into a potent myth of romanticp 109 UGM 1982
the evening tide that advanced towards him across the beach. Already the first waves had reached the wheels of the Cessnap 1061 MNF 1982
fungi on the leaves and branches, was spreading outwards and already had reached the northern streets of Cocoa Beach and crossedp 1062 MNF 1982
Sheppard stared into the firefly darkness that enveloped Cape Kennedy. Already he suspected that this was a first glimpse of ap 1063 MNF 1982
that summer. The first hint of radiant good humour was already on her vivid lips, as if this saucy dentist hadp 1065 MNF 1982
her desperate hands. ‘For God's sake, see someone!‘ But Sheppard already had. In the event, three months later, it was Elainep 1066 MNF 1982
tasty snack in the darkness beside the drained swimming pool. Already he felt stronger, confident that he would soon have trackedp 1071 MNF 1982
company, the feathered train of her hair at his feet. Already he was sure that he would find Martinsen among thep 1072 MNF 1982
the rear wheel of an abandoned truck, but he had already lost Martinsen. On all sides were the bird-signs, chalked upp 1073 MNF 1982
but confused young woman. He wanted her to leave, but already he saw that she might be useful. Besides, he wasp 1076 MNF 1982
affectionately. Restarting the engine, Sheppard drove along the slip road, already an uneven jungle path. Here on Merrit Island, almost withinp 1079 MNF 1982
doors Sheppard peered into the glowing bower of the nightclub. Already he could see that this exotic pavilion had once beenp 1082 MNF 1982
the sunlight touched the porcelain caps of her teeth. ‘Elaine ...‘ Already he accepted that she was dead, that he had comep 1082 MNF 1982
towards Sheppard, trying to embrace her husband through the bars. Already her arms and shoulders were sheathed a light, that electricp 1083 MNF 1982
heavier, preparing itself for the unnourished sleep of the grave. Already sweating in the humid air, Mallory returned to the bedroomp 1038 MSA 1982
light fell through the leafy canopy and warmed his skin. Already the blood had dried on his chest and shoulders, ap 1043 MSA 1982
of a forgotten theme park arranged by a demolition squad. Already he felt that he belonged to an older world withinp 1044 MSA 1982
doctor? The birds are trying to get out of time.‘ Already she was distracted by the unswept sky and the massingp 1048 MSA 1982
he pummelled Mallory's arm it was clear that he had already forgotten the years since their last meeting. He pointed top 1050 MSA 1982
heard her voice shout warningly at Hinton. But Hinton had already gone. His feet rang against the metal staircase. As hep 1053 MSA 1982
search the streets below. Besides, as Mallory knew, Hinton had already found his quarry. Standing on the roof of the hotelp 1058 MSA 1982
burning aircraft wavered against their faces, as if they were already moving through the air together. Although Hinton's hand was aroundp 1059 MSA 1982
starting point. We all feel an immediate surge of hope. Already we may have stumbled on an equatorial line, and despitep 1087 RUS 1982
across it on a journey whose departure point we have already begun to forget, and whose destination is the station itselfp 1089 RUS 1982
moved through the checkpoint, carrying groups of Americans and Europeans already late for their Christmas parties. Yang edged the Packard top 24 ES 1984
wind, and caught it as it returned to his hand. Already he was bored with this model glider. Where he nowp 30 ES 1984
When they returned to Dr Lockwood's house the guests were already leaving. Rounding up the children and amahs, they climbed hurriedlyp 35 ES 1984
foot. Leaves and shreds of newspaper covered his head, and already he was becoming part of the formless rubbish from whichp 36 ES 1984
it difficult to keep his eyes from the Shanghai waterfront. Already the odour of fish heads and bean curd sizzling inp 39 ES 1984
and curled along the water like a black feather boa. Already the Petrel was hidden within a pall of steam, belowp 43 ES 1984
bales of raw cotton hung from yokes over their shoulders. Already a sizeable traffic jam blocked the Bund. Once again, thep 45 ES 1984
in the mud, as the quickening tide rippled around them. Already the first funeral flowers had found them and begun top 46 ES 1984
cap. He wanted to thank the sister, but she had already left to look after her orphans. The Youth with thep 55 ES 1984
the coolies and peasant women staring at the headless bodies. Already the press of tram passengers was pushing them aside, submergingp 57 ES 1984
on the sofa in her bedroom and talking about Christmas. Already he assumed that they would never discuss the war. Ap 60 ES 1984
of his departed friend until the war was over. But already Jim realized that it was time to find his motherp 70 ES 1984
should have followed the trucks. His mother and father might already have arrived at the prison to which they were beingp 72 ES 1984
remembered them from his previous jaunts around the city, and already he was tired. His hands felt colder than the handlebarsp 77 ES 1984
party. He reminded himself of his mother and father, but already their faces were beginning to fade in his memory. Hep 79 ES 1984
Japanese would turn their attention to these empty houses -- already the families of Japanese civilians were moving into the formerp 83 ES 1984
tried to think of something that would impress the American; already he realized that he should stay with this young sailorp 92 ES 1984
then gazed gloomily at Jim. ‘He's getting on my nerves already, Basie. I don't know whether he's hungrier or crazier ...‘ ‘Comep 94 ES 1984
helping, but played with the plate under Frank's burning gaze. Already Jim could see that Basie liked to control the youngp 97 ES 1984
women carried beside them on the seats of the trams. Already he felt unwell most of the time, but his potentialp 102 ES 1984
chauffeur, might have appeared on this very screen. He had already carried out a full reconnaissance of the detention centre, andp 108 ES 1984
When he protested the Korean soldier had cuffed his head. Already Jim was certain that the Eurasian women who guarded thep 111 ES 1984
the water in the congs began to boil Jim had already earmarked sweet potatoes for Basie and himself, selecting those withp 117 ES 1984
that he and many of the prisoners had caught. But already Jim was looking at the elderly missionaries with an expectantp 119 ES 1984
for you ...!‘ But the steward had lost interest in him. Already he had befriended Paul and David, inducting them into hisp 123 ES 1984
stayed at the detention centre he would die with them. Already the Annamese women had collected the mess-tins from the soldierp 123 ES 1984
formed on his lips, like pus forced from a wound. Already in a fury with the driver, he strode through thep 124 ES 1984
the truck pulled away from the detention centre, its wheels already locked in the tramlines, Jim clambered forward to the camouflagedp 125 ES 1984
that up any way you like and we're still lost.‘ Already his attention had moved from the boys to whatever advantagep 128 ES 1984
to the Chinese soldiers whom they killed at Siccawei Station. Already Jim felt himself apart from the others, who had behavedp 136 ES 1984
about to launch a man-carrying kite? The furthest soldier was already lost in the haze of white dust, and his blurredp 140 ES 1984
on the seats behind him. The two missionary husbands were already sitting on the floor, and Dr Ransome helped Mrs Hugp 140 ES 1984
the camp's construction. It was clear that the sergeant had already decided that this truck and its consignment of Allied prisonersp 142 ES 1984
given her potato to the English boys. But Basie was already scanning the timber store, making an inventory of its possibilitiesp 145 ES 1984
Creek in the weeks following the Pearl Harbor attack, but already the bridge was coming apart under the heavy traffic. Asp 147 ES 1984
left ...!‘ Jim shouted, but the soldier at the tail-gate was already bellowing in alarm. With a weary sigh, the Japanese driverp 147 ES 1984
Japanese in the weeks after Pearl Harbor. The seminary was already filled with military personnel. All afternoon they waited behind ap 149 ES 1984
of Jim's age, and some twenty British men and women. Already a crowd of prisoners had gathered at the wire. Handsp 152 ES 1984
where he knelt at the sergeant's feet, catching his breath. Already the crowd of internees had begun to disperse. Hands inp 154 ES 1984
lift Basie to his feet. The cabin steward's face was already covered by a layer of talc, the delicate woman's skinp 158 ES 1984
to care whether they worked on the runway, but Basie already held a cobblestone in his hands. Jim followed a nakedp 159 ES 1984
air. He inhaled the odour of oil and engine coolant. Already he had begun to shut out the voices around himp 160 ES 1984
else, she was unable to cope with their intimidating presence. Already Jim felt that the shoes gave him a special authorityp 173 ES 1984
celebrated VE Day in their own way, by cutting the already meagre rations in half. The first arrivals often received lessp 174 ES 1984
flew overhead. Several of the married couples held their mess-plates, already forming a queue, a reflex response to Jim's arrival. ‘Atp 177 ES 1984
for good, and the prisoners retreated to their bunks. The already modest food ration was cut to a single meal eachp 181 ES 1984
place at the head of the queue. Mr Maxted had already served the Reverend and Mrs Pearce, but Jim shouldered asidep 182 ES 1984
titanic aerial battle was taking place far above the clouds. Already gangs of Chinese scrap-dealers were at work among the derelictp 187 ES 1984
towards the anti-aircraft emplacements, whose guns were searching the sky. Already a flicker of light came from Lunghua Pagoda, as ifp 190 ES 1984
from the balcony of the assembly hall. He listened keenly, already suspecting a false alarm. The air raids came earlier eachp 191 ES 1984
vanished Mustangs. The two parachutes fell towards the burial mounds. Already a squad of Japanese soldiers in a truck with ap 193 ES 1984
resources, had built next to the cemetery. The roll-call had already begun, and the pathways were deserted. Japanese guards barged throughp 196 ES 1984
ward. Through the window was the pagoda at Lunghua Airfield. Already the flak tower appeared in a new light. For anotherp 201 ES 1984
a cloud of steam rose from the bombed engineering sheds. Already, though, the craters were being filled by the work gangp 205 ES 1984
the earth over Mr Radik's face. ‘Mr Radik's soul has already left. Doctor's calling again. I hope you've done your Latinp 207 ES 1984
shooting them down over the airfield,‘ Jim explained. ‘Then they've already dropped their bombs. If they want to stop them hittingp 210 ES 1984
the ration was to be cut, but the news had already spread through the camp. Significantly, there were fewer Chinese beggarsp 214 ES 1984
could set up a decoy, Basie.‘ Jim guessed that there already was a decoy -- himself. The whole enterprise of settingp 219 ES 1984
thought about his algebra prep, part of which he had already done inside his head. Ten minutes later, when the Japanesep 228 ES 1984
many of the prisoners were convinced that the war was already over. On 2 August, after the rumour that the Russiansp 234 ES 1984
each packed with armed soldiers. One of the trucks had already stopped, and a platoon of soldiers jumped down into thep 237 ES 1984
soul left the body of the dying. Jim's soul had already left his body and no longer needed his thin bonesp 238 ES 1984
Mrs Pearce entered the guardhouse, smoothing her hair and cheeks, already giving orders to a soldier in her rapid Japanese. Thep 239 ES 1984
the gates!‘ ‘They're holding our rations at Nantao!‘ ‘One suitcase!‘ Already the missionary couples were standing on the steps of Gp 239 ES 1984
Jim reached his room he found that Mrs Vincent was already packed. As her son slept in his bunk, she stoodp 239 ES 1984
again.‘ ‘Our rations are in a godown there.‘ Jim was already debating whether to carry Mrs Vincent's suitcase. New alliances neededp 240 ES 1984
themselves into a procession some three hundred yards in length. Already the effort of carrying the baggage had begun to tellp 241 ES 1984
box. He listened to the crying of the exhausted children. Already people were sitting down in the road, trying to shieldp 242 ES 1984
She lay weakly in the long grass, whose blades had already sprung through the rents in her cotton frock. Her husbandp 246 ES 1984
we get to Nantao. All our rations are there.‘ ‘You've already paid me back, Jim. Many times.‘ Mrs Philips resumed herp 247 ES 1984
had surrendered at Singapore without a fight. Perhaps they were already dead? Jim lay back and tried to count the motesp 249 ES 1984
imprints left by the man limping in front of him. Already Mr Maxted had fallen behind. The brief rest on thep 251 ES 1984
capes, and lit the bayonets and breeches of their rifles. Already the first prisoners were sitting down on the wet grassp 258 ES 1984
and look after Mr Maxted. However, the three vehicles were already leaving the stadium. Dr Ransome's sandy head ducked as thep 264 ES 1984
Maxted's mouth. The architect's lips trembled around his knuckles. But already the August sun was driving the moisture from the grassp 265 ES 1984
cabinets. Many of them, he was glad to see, had already obliged him, and Jim felt angry at those prisoners stillp 266 ES 1984
At the edges of the field the Japanese guards were already stripping the bodies of the dead, pulling off shoes andp 268 ES 1984
veered against the concrete walls from the deserted parking lot. Already one of the British prisoners hobbled through the tunnel onp 271 ES 1984
at the stone, scraping away the last of the pith. Already he was thinking of the next mango. If he couldp 282 ES 1984
B-29‘s engines. He stopped to search for the plane, already wondering how he could cope with all this treasure fallingp 284 ES 1984
dangerous miles to the western suburbs? Perhaps his parents had already returned to the house in Amherst Avenue? They might bep 289 ES 1984
or student. At a steady pace, as if they had already covered an immense distance, the six soldiers stepped between thep 290 ES 1984
of these communist soldiers, who would kill him on sight. Already he had decided not to walk alone to Shanghai. Thep 290 ES 1984
through the gates and set off across the nearby field. Already the sky was filled with parachutes, the blue and scarletp 294 ES 1984
then set out on a circuit of the deserted camp. Already he could feel Lunghua gathering itself around him again. Asp 302 ES 1984
of the anti-tank ditches, firing across the flooded paddy fields. Already it was clear that the former British internees were notp 306 ES 1984
a long-term reserve that he had sensibly begun to stockpile. Already it was clear to Jim that the American air-drops werep 308 ES 1984
the hostile city, they had decided to return to Lunghua. Already they had collected their first booty. A silver parachute canisterp 308 ES 1984
behind the guardhouse, and the rusting collection of metal carts. Already he was thinking of a sweet potato ... His shoes rangp 309 ES 1984
sentry stationed on the embankment would think that Jim was already wounded and turn his fire on the gunmen behind himp 326 ES 1984
wiped the blood from their stems and licked his fingers. Already he had served his purpose. Fifty yards away, Captain Soongp 326 ES 1984
a few hundred yards to the west of the town. Already the first shells from the gunboats were landing on thep 328 ES 1984
sun and the Nagasaki bomb whose explosion he had witnessed. Already Jim could see Mrs Philips and Mrs Gilmour rising politelyp 340 ES 1984
Jim's father and re-enrolled himself as its chauffeur. Yang was already performing in small roles in two productions of the renascentp 347 ES 1984
that these were the trailers for a war that had already started. One day there would be no more newsreels. Inp 349 ES 1984
the weird glimmer. However, the heads of the Chinese were already turning to another spectacle. A crowd had gathered below thep 350 ES 1984
hopes that they will avoid injuring themselves, or each other. Already the disguised fashion-accessory holster worn by Princess Diana has inspiredp 1096 OOA 1984
aisles of space from the altar of the Mare Imbrium. Already two former Apollo astronauts have joined this crusade, resigning theirp 1098 OOA 1984
of his garden and on those of his former neighbours. Already he had begun to forget them, and Shepperton soon becamep 5 SAJ 1984
£100 from a service till on the main concourse. 25) Already I was convinced that I was in the presence ofp 1101 ATQ 1985
of respect due to the surface of the moon. But already a second group of tourists had walked down from Copacabanap 1107 MWM 1985
Scranton's arrival, the waiter slapped the table-top with his towel, already cancelling the afternoon's performance. ‘Away, away ... it's impossible!‘ He seizedp 1109 MWM 1985
cover the few hundred yards to the Luxor Cinema. But already time was becoming an elastic dimension, and from then onp 1113 MWM 1985
Luxor. Before walking out, I told him that I was already too familiar with the film, and my one hope wasp 1114 MWM 1985
me to see, those empty vistas devoid of human beings. Already I was aware of a previous career, which my wifep 1114 MWM 1985
their interior world. But perhaps, as in everything else, we already have machines to dream for us, and the collective dreamp 236 UGM 1986
Third Kind (1977) Spielberg's mastery of the science-fiction medium was already evident in Duel, his 1971 classic of highway paranoia. Fromp 21 UGM 1987
at the forgotten centre of Africa, and that I had already decided on my own fate. The Third Nile The guerillap 14 DC 1987
to the south. None of this, for reasons I should already have suspected, discouraged me in any way. With few patientsp 16 DC 1987
brine. The line of dead bores stretched across the lake, already filling with milled fish bone. For a few weeks thep 17 DC 1987
the airstrip. ‘Why all this military action? I thought you'd already stolen everything in Port-la-Nouvelle?‘ ‘Doctor, I don't want anything fromp 28 DC 1987
been welcome as we reached the airstrip. The Dakota had already landed, and was taxiing through its own dust, engines settingp 29 DC 1987
every capped tooth in the man's confident and wolflike smile. Already the cargo doors had opened, and two crew men loweredp 29 DC 1987
was being summoned to meet the great man, who was already in conference with his production staff -- a small teamp 32 DC 1987
the vanished inhabitants of Port-la-Nouvelle. In practical terms, I had already made a small contribution to Sanger's effort. It was myp 35 DC 1987
and swept it into the cavity. But the water was already several inches deep, fed from some underground stream, part ofp 40 DC 1987
nudging at the cigarette packs and beer cans which were already floating on its surface, as if trying to stir thisp 40 DC 1987
local police chiefs would be broadcast to the arid sand. Already I could see the colossal spectre of Captain Kagwa beamedp 45 DC 1987
nearest of the drilling rigs. The footsteps behind me were already filling with a clear fluid. I reached the rig andp 46 DC 1987
dry, hours of nervous excitement and small-boy guilt. However, I already realized that this stream running through the forest would bep 49 DC 1987
of the stream moved through the scrub, its green back already attracting two kingfishers that leapt from branch to branch ofp 49 DC 1987
brake pedals. But I was thinking only of the stream. Already I was convinced that by finding its source between thep 53 DC 1987
the jetties of Port-la-Nouvelle a quarter of a mile away. Already the edges of the pool had touched the bows ofp 53 DC 1987
rippled ever more brightly across the ceiling of the cabin. Already the western end of Lake Kotto was covered to ap 57 DC 1987
car ferry stranded on the beach beyond the cigarette factory. Already the bows of the restaurant barge -- a floating bordellop 59 DC 1987
the dismantled sections of his satellite dish, an electronic dream already overgrown by the runway grass. He was now his ownp 60 DC 1987
hand the cash over to the Japanese photographer, who had already threatened to leave. She lived alone in her pup tentp 61 DC 1987
at me in a knowing way, as if I had already suggested to him the germ of a new wild-life programmep 61 DC 1987
later, everything turns into television. Consider, Dr Mallory, you may already be the subject of a new documentary about a manp 63 DC 1987
and now fixed me in the viewfinder of her camera, already accepting that I was her new project. Sanger was kneelingp 63 DC 1987
sunglasses and bathed his tired eyes, as if they had already seen enough of my real motives. ‘Sanger ...‘ I picked upp 63 DC 1987
Pal is a hard worker.‘ I knew that I was already starring in Sanger's next documentary. My creation of the riverp 71 DC 1987
the tractor billowed into my face, forcing me to choke. Already queasy from the effects of the whisky, I waved fumesp 73 DC 1987
at its southern end, and furnished with its own micro-climate. Already the first clouds had formed above the lake, and therep 78 DC 1987
unless the river abated, it would be swept away, and already Nora Warrender had conceded to Captain Kagwa that she wouldp 79 DC 1987
of the world, to be drawn down into their deeps. Already I guessed that it was not the Mallory that Ip 80 DC 1987
moving like the submerged carapace of an immense leisurely turtle. Already parts of the terrace were awash. ‘My river? As ap 83 DC 1987
Mallory this area is about to become a war zone. Already Harare calls it the Red Nile. Kagwa thinks he's goingp 84 DC 1987
that liquid, gravel-filled crypt in which I had almost died. Already, part of my mind believed that the river would neverp 87 DC 1987
Dutch gable at the eastern end of the house was already leaning forwards from its joists. The softening foundations had begunp 91 DC 1987
the Massif du Tondou.‘ ‘The Red Nile? I'm told Harare already calls it that.‘ ‘The Black Nile, doctor -- carried byp 93 DC 1987
barely kept pace with the ferry, and the coracle was already filling with water washed from the Salammbo's bows. I steppedp 104 DC 1987
as the water spilled from my shirt and trousers, she already stood on tip-toe beside the helm in the wheelhouse, gazingp 104 DC 1987
beside me, Noon picked the glass fragments from her lips. Already she was trying to take over the wheel. Convinced thatp 107 DC 1987
seat. The helicopter rose from the airstrip, but we had already left the buoyed waterway, free of the sand-bars and floatingp 108 DC 1987
last bullet was to be saved for an emergency, but already I was reluctant to shoot any of the creatures inp 111 DC 1987
felt the first hints of certain delusions of grandeur -- already I imagined the Mallory irrigating the Sahara and saw myselfp 112 DC 1987
look after the chafed skin of my arms and face, already suffering from the effects of exposure. Spectres swam beneath thep 122 DC 1987
to stand back from my obsession with the river, but already I was thinking of the irrigation of the entire Saharap 122 DC 1987
the rule of the electric circuit on the tranquil day. Already hundreds of birds were rising from the wooded banks ofp 124 DC 1987
the flicking propeller blade, and then walked towards the ferry. Already he was sweating in the sunlight as his buffed leatherp 125 DC 1987
the car. Fifteen feet from me, Kagwa's service revolver was already in his hand. As I stood naked beside the funnelp 127 DC 1987
to fire, its cylinders one by one shaking into motion. Already the steel gantry of the ore-conveyor was dipping in andp 128 DC 1987
tried to reach the nearer pontoon, but the aircraft was already drifting on the current. I steered the ferry into thep 128 DC 1987
brown back of the Mallory flowed towards us, its beaches already striped by the shadows of the trees in the latep 129 DC 1987
to my ear and scalp had dried, but I could already feel the effects of a mild concussion, and the firstp 129 DC 1987
of our sometime friendship. The downdraught from the propeller had already dried his uniform, and the creased and shrunken cotton madep 130 DC 1987
closed, and I knew that in his eyes I was already dead, and that my present survival was no more thanp 132 DC 1987
and drove the bolt forward, as if loading another round. Already the pilot had climbed into his cockpit. The rifle bulletp 134 DC 1987
hull of the pontoon, and I assumed that he would already feel the water rushing through the punctures. He replaced hisp 134 DC 1987
as if to fire another shot into the float, but already Kagwa was running to the aircraft. Five minutes later theyp 134 DC 1987
the Mercedes. But with a third drum the ferry was already free. With a faint sigh the water rushed beneath thep 135 DC 1987
wounded warrior. However, within minutes of casting off I was already too exhausted to hold the helm. The pressure of thep 138 DC 1987
to spend several days in that canvas chair. Noon had already recognized the combined effects upon me of exposure, fatigue andp 139 DC 1987
As my mind drifted into a shallow fever, I was already convinced that Noon's presence at the ferry's helm would inp 139 DC 1987
Saharan river that I had woken from its subterranean sleep. Already I resented others sharing the river with me, and wantedp 140 DC 1987
I picked up the rifle, slinging it over my shoulder. Already I had begun to resent the river, and realized thatp 143 DC 1987
a depressive slouch, staring at me like a disapproving bride. Already the gully had been blocked. The soft walls had collapsedp 145 DC 1987
so, my quest for the source of the Mallory had already run aground. At night, as I lay in the wheelhousep 150 DC 1987
the margins of the river the once green savanna was already turning to desert, a terrain of abandoned farms and villagesp 153 DC 1987
now had to be divided between the four of us. Already, for some reason, I discounted Sanger and Mr Pal, asp 153 DC 1987
life-giving channel. How many feet of film had Mr Pal already shot? Whenever we moored, the botanist would wade shakily top 158 DC 1987
diesel, the sing-song patter of a salesman selling the world. ‘ ... already we see the first ferns and bromeliads happily filling theirp 161 DC 1987
then ordered Mr Pal to warn me. However, I had already seen the soldiers. Dressed in the uniforms of Kagwa's expeditionaryp 161 DC 1987
yards upstream when I heard the sound of the outboard. Already I knew that they would catch us within a fewp 164 DC 1987
drive the inflatable into the bank, but the helmsman had already cut his speed. The rubber craft rolled in the ferry'sp 164 DC 1987
craft rolled in the ferry's wake, but the sergeant was already bracing himself for a second shot. I reversed the wheelp 164 DC 1987
driver's head, and trained the weapon on the rubber inflatable. Already Kagwa's sergeant had lost interest in us. He sat inp 165 DC 1987
immerse herself in that larger dream that sustained our journey. Already, as we moved upstream, my wish to destroy the riverp 169 DC 1987
bask in the afternoon sun ... at dusk the phoenix flies ...‘ Already the commentary was touched with fantasy, but as I kneltp 173 DC 1987
these were newsreels of an existing tribe of warrior queens. Already I was obsessed by Noon, by her slim fingers quickp 178 DC 1987
dusty limousine. I stood up, steadying myself against the door. Already I felt exhausted, but it was time to collect Noonp 195 DC 1987
evening, of Sanger's attempt to kill me. But these had already taken their place in the continuum of strangeness which hadp 196 DC 1987
Lake Kotto?‘ ‘Yes, we'll go back.‘ ‘And Mr Pal?‘ ‘He's already left. You'll join him soon, Sanger.‘ ‘Good ... I miss Mrp 199 DC 1987
was about to lie on it, but the bed was already occupied. Barrels pointing towards the window, an armoury of weaponsp 201 DC 1987
drew a long palm line that returned to the Salammbo. Already I could see that Mr Pal was dead, and thatp 203 DC 1987
dream.‘ ‘She's tricking you, doctor. She'll stay with us. You've already killed two people -- left to yourself, you'll kill severalp 204 DC 1987
of grass. Behind them they left eddies of rotting vegetation. Already the water in the lagoon was becoming stagnant. I pointedp 205 DC 1987
its antique hull no longer supported by its own buoyancy. Already the first sand-bars had broken through the surface, and Ip 212 DC 1987
into the warm yellow liquid, and pointed to the ripples already running from our bodies towards the Salammbo. ‘Come on, Noonp 214 DC 1987
Hand over hand, I climbed the ladders of entwined roots. Already their brittle leaves were streaked with serrated yellow fibre thatp 218 DC 1987
Then close it off! Build the barrage across both channels. Already the water-level is falling -- if you extend the damp 228 DC 1987
into the clear water of the stream beyond the harbour. Already I could imagine the Mallory ligatured, its last artery tiedp 229 DC 1987
the bonds around my wrists. She seemed business-like and confident, already refreshed after the rigours of our voyage. She met myp 229 DC 1987
me to set off again on our journey. It was already late when I woke in the wheelhouse of the Salammbop 230 DC 1987
generating the poisons that would at last kill the river. Already there were signs that the Mallory was faltering, as thep 238 DC 1987
looked me up and down. Barely more than fourteen, she already had the style of a seasoned beer-hall trouper. She sidledp 247 DC 1987
dam with their cargo of rusty refrigerators and beer coolers. Already I took for granted that Captain Kagwa would win thisp 252 DC 1987
the banks, their silver carcases giving out a speckled light. Already a few crows picked at the bodies, moving among themp 258 DC 1987
blackened ropes wrapped around the trunk of a small palm. Already the water flowed more freely. I slung the rifle acrossp 260 DC 1987
macaque.‘ Sanger's hand clutched my shoulders, feeling the hard flesh. Already I guessed that he saw me taking the macaque's placep 263 DC 1987
empty-headed, as if a large part of my mind had already left. In a confused way I imagined that I mightp 265 DC 1987
will be complete.‘ ‘Sanger, you'll never make this film ...‘ ‘It's already made -- all we are doing is performing it forp 268 DC 1987
some twenty miles in width. ‘Sanger ... we're home.‘ He was already awake, lying across the raft with his blistered face top 279 DC 1987
into my face. When I reached the inlet Noon had already crossed the adjacent lake. Exhausted, I sank into the warmp 281 DC 1987
I've asked you here." He stared at me without hope, already regretting the decision. As we both well knew, the factp 6 RW 1988
Police Video Like millions of other television viewers, I had already seen selected extracts from the film in numerous documentaries aboutp 7 RW 1988
on his sour cigarettes, nodding at my comments without listening. Already I knew that he would not confide in me directlyp 29 RW 1988
on duty (Frank Evans, eighteen years‘ service with British Rail, already a national hero) had heard what seemed to be ap 36 RW 1988
through the silent estate, past the handsome mansions which I already saw in a very different light. The familiar interior ofp 41 RW 1988
they ask a special favour, the answer to which they already know, a last chance for their father to save hisp 42 RW 1988
Sergeant. So at this point Miller and his wife were already dead. Robin and Marion were first off the mark, andp 50 RW 1988
The nurse put aside the jigsaw puzzle, but Marion had already noticed me. As she turned her head a sharp bluep 58 RW 1988
documentary had also agreed to visit the estate, and had already spoken to the older children. The last issue of Thep 65 RW 1988
the aluminium baffle of the ventilator shaft above the computer. Already she can see the slide and barrel of the twop 67 RW 1988
computer screens. Graham Lymington has slept fully dressed, and is already waiting by his terminal as the awake signal appears onp 68 RW 1988
trembling Hirohito expected to be arrested on the spot -- already there had been calls for his indictment as a warp 49 UGM 1989
was a party at the Statue of Liberty, but I'd already read publicity of me going to it so I feltp 60 UGM 1989
me going to it so I felt it was done already.‘ So the diaries unroll, recording the endless parties (nine, Ip 60 UGM 1989
on his first visit to France, he was consummating an already intense love affair. After the money-driven tumult of New Yorkp 67 UGM 1989
had wisely insisted that I stick to the script, and already, after only three months of national service, I was awarep 1124 LCC 1989
that bounced above her contorted buttocks, a furry metronome which already had me glancing at my wristwatch. ‘Mr Bradley, we canp 1125 LCC 1989
an agent provocateur targeted at those potential subversives like myself? Already I saw my work norm increased to seven evenings ap 1127 LCC 1989
to fight with you ...‘ ‘Don't worry.‘ I raised my hands, already thinking about the now free evening. ‘I'm on my wayp 1128 LCC 1989
by a suspicious supervisor with an over-sensitive computer. I had already realised that we would be exposed, and during these lastp 1129 LCC 1989
sand, but to competitive sports and fiercely contested track events. Already the first community leaders had emerged from the strongest andp 1142 LTP 1989
marketing, Dr Barnes; the personnel manager, Mr Austen (I have already been on sick-leave for three weeks); the dental receptionist (ap 1131 TES 1989
run them round the bottom of the empty bread bin. Already I find myself wishing that I had fully provisioned myselfp 1134 TES 1989
this vast pile and so reduced it in our minds. Already I can feel the walls of the kitchen distancing themselvesp 1137 TES 1989
have moved out of the kitchen into the pantry. But already the walls of this once tiny room constitute a universep 1138 TES 1989
well ... The lieutenant turned her imperious eyes in his direction, already resigned to the attentions of this shy young man. Butp 1154 WF 1989
Valentina had vanished into the strongpoint, where her men were already loading the machine-gun in the barbette. ‘Captain Gomez ... The bombp 1154 WF 1989
the Royalists, or the Nats?‘ ‘We don't know. It's tragic, already there have been some foul atrocities. But they won't harmp 1155 WF 1989
months he would unite the militias into a single force. Already Ryan was thinking of the world beyond Beirut, of thatp 1160 WF 1989
impassivity of the Japanese soldiers, for whom their prisoners had already ceased to exist, so that cruelty and violence meant nop 104 UGM 1990
and a remarkably beautiful mother, and by his mid-teens had already shown a well-developed will. After leaving school at fifteen, whenp 105 UGM 1990
collapsed army huts and water-tanks buried in the dunes. But already, for reasons that Johnson preferred not to consider, a whollyp 1162 DCG 1990
Prospero lay doomed in the water, Pereira appeared with his already packed suitcase, and the captain ordered the Mexicans to lowerp 1164 DCG 1990
leaking chemicals. She nodded while he spoke, as if she already knew something of the story. ‘It sounds to me likep 1166 DCG 1990
flowering vines and wild magnolia that inundated the metal shack. Already the foliage was crushing the galvanised iron roof. However hardp 1167 DCG 1990
you to eat some of the fruit. Don't worry, I've already analysed it, and I'll have some myself.‘ She was cuttingp 1170 DCG 1990
of violence and cruelty like attractive commercial products -- had already spread throughout the world. If anything, the process was evenp 93 LNEa 1990
mindless entertainment. At its worst, American TV merely trivialises the already trivial, while British TV consistently trivialises the serious. MAE WEST'Sp 93 LNEa 1990
a car crash? Faced with these charged events, prepackaged emotions already in place, we can only stitch together a set ofp 89 PAJa 1990
intimate details of their lives seem to lie beyond an already open bathroom door that our imaginations can easily push asidep 111 PMFa 1990
My dream is to move there permanently. But perhaps I already have. During beach holidays I devour foreign-language news magazines, thoughp 59 SCNa 1990
Imaginary Diseases." My own invention, but some deranged pathologist might already have anticipated me. Physicians are capable of far more eccentricityp 76 THFa 1990
Linda Dittmar and Gene Michaud Was there a Gulf War? Already the question seems less absurd than it would have donep 11 UGM 1991
Despite a long series of distinguished films, Kurosawa's career was already threatened by the sixties. With the triumph of television, Japanesep 26 UGM 1991
as an honorary attache at Rome. The surrealist impulse was already well developed. In a secret report he astounded the Foreignp 72 UGM 1991
up the bill, and by the late 1940s James was already developing certain Howard Hughes-like symptoms of separation from reality --p 72 UGM 1991
some $10 million, was unfinished at his death, and is already being undermined by a nearby stream. Guardian The Artist atp 72 UGM 1991
rear-view mirror as he crossed a bridge disintegrating behind him. Already one can visualize the combatants in a future war returningp 73 UGM 1991
of War, and suggests that the notion of heroism had already died in the west. But what separates these paintings andp 74 UGM 1991
a balloon. Tom Wolfe's journalism and fiction show the process already well developed. Like it or not, the contour lines ofp 78 UGM 1991
to Downside at the age of nine, his aesthetic sensibilities already well developed. Of his fellow boys and playground adventures hep 80 UGM 1991
humanitarianism and notoriety. Miller dreamed of becoming a writer, but already suffered from intense writer's block long before penning a wordp 112 UGM 1991
in his latest photographs he looks as if he is already up there, a huge man, craggy and serene, slightly erodedp 116 UGM 1991
in God Bless You, Mr Rosewater a woozy bonhomie was already breaking through. Vonnegut's alter ego, Kilgore Trout, addresses his fellowp 117 UGM 1991
Burroughs enjoyed a well-to-do childhood in St Louis -- though already, at his private school, the father of a schoolmate remarkedp 132 UGM 1991
territorial but financial -- tax havens and rent-free enterprise zones. Already I was bored with the Bund and its great bankingp 176 UGM 1991
Mammon and the good time, which the new China is already smartening up for business. It is a curious feature ofp 218 UGM 1991
at Shanghai Cathedral, before returning it silently to my wardrobe. Already I had noticed that the White Russian governesses possessed ap 12 KW 1991
do you know when the war will begin?‘ ‘Hasn't it already begun? That's what everyone says.‘ ‘Not the real war, Olgap 13 KW 1991
ever more vividly. At breakfast my mother and father were already dressed in their golfing clothes, though when they left inp 14 KW 1991
the lapels of her dressing gown to her neck. ‘I've already met the cannibals.‘ However exciting, Crusoe's shipwreck palled by comparisonp 14 KW 1991
added another layer of strangeness and surprise to a city already too strange. I wheeled my cycle from the garage, buttonedp 17 KW 1991
Sun department store, as if the magic of Shanghai had already begun to transform these destitute people. What would happen top 18 KW 1991
was a waking dream where everything I could imagine had already been taken to its extreme. The garish billboards and nightclubp 18 KW 1991
first time I guessed that war of a kind had already come to Shanghai. Buffeted by the Chinese office clerks, Ip 20 KW 1991
had told me, I would go to school in England. Already I feared that the England I visited after the warp 41 KW 1991
them to you.‘ ‘I will ... ‘ A cup of herbal tea already brewing in her mind, she drifted off into the darknessp 42 KW 1991
bears. My few doubts about stealing the food were forgotten. Already I thought of crawling into the store-room and sealing thep 43 KW 1991
like lanterns in the darkness. Two of the men had already climbed through the wire, and a third knelt with onep 44 KW 1991
the deep grass between the perimeter fence and the airfield. Already the would-be escapers had stopped and were waiting for thep 44 KW 1991
was so frightened that I, too, wanted to laugh, but already I was wondering what would happen when the sergeant discoveredp 46 KW 1991
the Japanese guards returned to Lunghua, I felt secretly relieved. Already there were signs that life in the camp was breakingp 51 KW 1991
the canal, its machine-gun pointing skywards from the armour-plated turret. Already sections of the wooden decking had been chopped into firewoodp 54 KW 1991
taking their afternoon sleep. One of the older soldiers was already dozing in the shade of the waiting room, head onp 56 KW 1991
of this derelict realm in which they waited, their minds already far beyond any future in store for them. I decidedp 58 KW 1991
of the Japanese moved. Did they think that I was already dead, and would continue my journey without their help? Anp 62 KW 1991
families were releasing on to the market. The war had already been absorbed into the extraordinary history of Shanghai, along withp 64 KW 1991
done for me, but we knew each other too well. Already I felt that she had begun to free herself fromp 66 KW 1991
I should have stayed. Peggy, they wouldn't have hurt me.‘ Already she could see that I was disappointed. At the endp 67 KW 1991
looked me up and down I knew that she had already dismissed my own experiences of the war. ‘So ... such ap 69 KW 1991
She wiped the lipstick from her teeth, appraising me anew. Already I felt aroused by Olga, as confused as ever byp 69 KW 1991
I wanted to tell Olga about the dead Chinese, but already the lost Japanese patrol was moving into the rear ofp 71 KW 1991
who in due course would take over their fathers‘ practices. Already I was depressed by the thought that in forty yearsp 74 KW 1991
to me, and set out my dissection manual and instruments. Already I noticed a few curious stares. Alone among the cadaversp 79 KW 1991
males had shrivelled into their groins -- but she was already an object of attention. Most of the students had spentp 79 KW 1991
volunteers we can get. Miriam, fill out his death certificate.‘ Already I had recognised the rising star of the Psychology Departmentp 85 KW 1991
He cast an affable eye over me, as if he already had a serviceable grasp of my motives. ‘You're a first-yearp 86 KW 1991
the unmade bed I could see in the inner office? Already I wondered if she and Dr Sutherland were lovers. Onlyp 87 KW 1991
He's right. So why are you doing medicine?‘ ‘I've forgotten already. I thought that I wanted to be a psychiatrist.‘ ‘Butp 88 KW 1991
food-store at Lunghua, which Miriam thought comical but oddly touching. Already I was infatuated with this quick-witted schoolgirl, with her boldp 90 KW 1991
the fanlights, deliberately smoking under the ‘no smoking‘ sign. Yet already he was appealing far beyond the empty seats, to ap 97 KW 1991
to do. You could lay all the girls who haven't already been laid by the boys in USAF uniforms. Jim, thinkp 104 KW 1991
most practical way, for the third world war which had already begun at Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and whose first instalments werep 106 KW 1991
start World War 3 on his own.‘ ‘Looks like he's already finished.‘ Brigid, the dark-haired girl in the black petticoat, satp 114 KW 1991
to consume the Harvard's ample reserves of fuel. They had already decided that I should cease training and be returned top 119 KW 1991
Flying had helped to free him from the past, and already he talked of leaving the RAF at the end ofp 119 KW 1991
I asked the children. ‘Magic World! Yes!‘ Four-year-old Henry was already at the gate, rattling the iron catch. He shouted top 121 KW 1991
Midwife Bell will hear you. She disapproves enough of me already.‘ ‘She adores you. Without you she'd be out of ap 122 KW 1991
When we reached the end of Charlton Road we had already collected a sandy-haired boy on a tricycle, two ten-year-old girlsp 122 KW 1991
She smiled briefly, but I could see that she had already withdrawn from me. Only the midwife and the child werep 133 KW 1991
the afternoon with local friends of Miriam, and they were already planning games and initiation ceremonies for‘ their new sister. Seenp 135 KW 1991
of her nightdress and exposed her breasts, their swollen nipples already quickened by the baby's lips. She pushed back the sheetp 136 KW 1991
me ...‘ Lying on my side, I gently entered her vagina. Already its walls had contracted, and it held me in ap 136 KW 1991
mole that marked the end of the Santa Margarita beach. Already I could see the undeveloped shoreline of Ampuriabrava, an areap 140 KW 1991
and inlets extended as far as the Figueras road, but already property developers‘ signs stood by their marker posts, announcing ap 141 KW 1991
rested my feet on the typewriter, all notions of work already forgotten. ‘I hate to mention it, but the apartment isp 142 KW 1991
watching her assemble this modest stairway that in her mind already led to a new life. Eight years of marriage andp 144 KW 1991
Like It, playing a spirited Rosalind like a feminist agitator. Already she talked of going back to her career in journalismp 144 KW 1991
her heart on Spain. I guessed that Senor Robles had already shown her one of his villas in the hills abovep 145 KW 1991
a way, I care ...‘ Miriam nodded briskly to herself, mind already set on an urgent recovery project, the retrieval of thosep 150 KW 1991
figure, let alone have sex with her. But Sally had already decided. Sweat soaking her armpits, she gripped the wooden railp 153 KW 1991
approving roars of the arena, which the older Spaniards were already leaving in disgust. When he retired from the ring, throughp 153 KW 1991
and beach equipment on the sand, where the waves were already soaking the towels. Miriam waved to the children climbing intop 158 KW 1991
with a small hand. When the ambulance arrived I was already dazed with panic. The driver and his attendant were tryingp 159 KW 1991
taking down their metal racks. But by then Miriam was already dead. The Kindness of Women The kindness of women camep 160 KW 1991
stunned to speak, but Alice and Lucy soon took charge. Already they were more concerned for me than they were forp 162 KW 1991
them or if it was time to hold a party. Already they were sizing up the mothers of their school-friends, urgingp 170 KW 1991
the boots of a Hell's Angel too stoned to notice. Already the counter-culture was a revelation beyond all their childhood dreamsp 184 KW 1991
to the other. The festival, which celebrated nothing except itself, already bored her. She wandered away from us, and an hourp 186 KW 1991
his cine-camera, aiming its ferocious little lens at my face. Already I resented the camera, staring at me like a deformedp 197 KW 1991
Dick had allowed me to slip away to the park. Already I regretted taking part in the experiment. Dick's carelessness, whetherp 205 KW 1991
looking inside my own head.‘ ‘But, Jamie dear -- we already know what's there. It's obvious to anyone who's read ap 208 KW 1991
saying that there was no need to -- we had already lived through the most important story inside my head. Hisp 217 KW 1991
but as they dragged them into the street they were already cleaning them protectively. While I drove along the flyover Ip 230 KW 1991
Around me cars were slowing, horns competing with each other. Already I could smell the fuel dripping from the engine onp 231 KW 1991
by the heady body scent of the two women, was already ordering drinks and practising his pidgin English. ‘You live inp 243 KW 1991
Senor Pereira's party in Ipanema.‘ ‘Fine by you, Dick?‘ He already had his arm around Fortunata while I searched for myp 245 KW 1991
-- there's going to be a lot more of it. Already we can see that new forms of social structure willp 265 KW 1991
sex itself.‘ ‘Your new series should be fascinating, Dick.‘ ‘You've already heard about it? Good.‘ I hadn't, but I saluted himp 265 KW 1991
of the loving home that Sally had created for her. Already I regretted the over-elaborate toy I had bought, a modelp 288 KW 1991
suit. One of the workmen pointed to the mud that already smeared his trousers, but David ignored him and sank top 296 KW 1991
holding the remains of a flying suit, jacket and helmet. Already I could see the notched teeth and nasal bones ofp 296 KW 1991
took place under the camera lens. A BBC producer had already shown an interest in the project, and a format hadp 299 KW 1991
home to Richmond, before going on to Shepperton, he was already complaining about his sore throat, almost needing to punish hisp 300 KW 1991
death's door.‘ Despite the prospect of exploratory surgery, Dick had already recovered his spirits. He flirted with the nurses and tamedp 301 KW 1991
reminding the inhabitants of a forgotten corner of their imaginations. Already the children playing by the river bank had left thep 314 KW 1991
the funeral of someone who, with the shrewdest foresight, had already interred himself within the film archives of the BBC. Ip 316 KW 1991
the white-faced child screaming in the rear seat, the water already up to her armpits. Trying to reach her, the motherp 327 KW 1991
seized her arms and pulled her on to the ramp. Already exhausted, he plunged into the water, face below the surfacep 327 KW 1991
their card-table. Before the convoy left the car-park he had already resumed his walk along the bank. We passed him anp 329 KW 1991
was, but I realised that, for all practical purposes, I already knew. Dream's Ransom Guests were arriving in fancy dress, forp 330 KW 1991
childhood home in Amherst Avenue. Much of the film had already been shot in Shanghai, where the banks and hotels alongp 331 KW 1991
volunteering to parachute from an airliner. A benign conspiracy was already in motion. Many of my neighbours had worked for yearsp 333 KW 1991
Library, where they will one day occupy a climate-controlled case. Already one may confidently guess it will become a shrine. Standingp 120 UGM 1992
hot mix together fuelled the short stories that I was already writing and strongly influenced my decision to read medicine. Therep 181 UGM 1992
a worldwide tour lasting a full six months. NASA had already appointed firms of literary agents and public relations experts top 1177 MFM 1992
released from a discharge vent revealed what some engineers had already suspected. Colonel Irwin had died at the age of 62p 1181 MFM 1992
well come in pill form,‘ he concludes, though many people already regard Joyce and Proust as the closest thing to ap 24 UGM 1993
will be a kind of brain-bypass, something which we have already experienced in the form of television. Other enjoyable features arep 24 UGM 1993
a novelist to sell his soul, and a vast literature already existed about the moral agonies of being paid $3,000p 121 UGM 1993
it was there that he wrote his first novel, Junky. Already he is aware that the traditional novel is not forp 135 UGM 1993
been published in Paris to huge acclaim, and Burroughs is already at the centre of the immense notoriety that has surroundedp 136 UGM 1993
nearly 200 years ago. It may be that we have already dreamed our dream of the future, and have woken withp 192 UGM 1993
curiously unconvincing in their hold on time, since we have already anticipated their decay into the Pyramids of the future, ap 193 UGM 1993
now forgotten drink, Vin Mariani, first devised in the 1860s, already sold throughout Europe and the United States, and was ap 213 UGM 1993
fountains of America -- carbonated water. By 1900 Coca-Cola was already a commercial phenomenon, now controlled by a brilliant entrepreneur namedp 214 UGM 1993
the magnetic trance were wholly psychological. Indeed, many physicians were already worried about the painful secrets revealed by the entranced patientsp 153 UGM 1994
account like the last guest at a party that had already begun to disperse. Perhaps this demotion of Freud reflects thep 153 UGM 1994
Barbara, I need to sleep.‘ ‘Not now! For heaven's sake ...‘ Already irritated by the island, which she had described so passionatelyp 9 RP 1994
from Tahiti. The two hundred native inhabitants of Saint-Esprit had already been relocated to Moorea, in the Windwards, and the islandp 12 RP 1994
told him, now directing the documentary of which she was already star and scriptwriter. ‘And get as many birds as youp 15 RP 1994
unsettled by the fate of the huge birds, but he already realized that he was filming a well–rehearsed scene in thep 22 RP 1994
of this British youth. ‘They're crammed with hormones and antibiotics. Already you can see that men in the west are becomingp 34 RP 1994
lines. He could smell her breath, keen and freshly scented. Already he had warmed to this older woman; perhaps she wouldp 35 RP 1994
still, she sprang to the window and gripped the sill, already on the bridge of her vessel. Neil listened as shep 41 RP 1994
Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour.‘ ‘This time they won't dare!‘ Already in full interview mode, Dr Barbara inflated her lungs, nearlyp 42 RP 1994
Dr Barbara seemed genuinely puzzled by Neil. ‘Their minds were already dead, they'd given up long before. Only their bodies werep 43 RP 1994
not to join the expedition. Television and press reporters were already visiting the shrimp-trawler in Honolulu harbour, describing in provocative detailp 44 RP 1994
Dugong was moored beyond the inter-island ferry station, high bows already pointing towards the open sea. On a steel platform belowp 46 RP 1994
Air France had lost patience and sacked her. Neil was already wary of her sharp tongue, but Monique seemed genuinely reassuredp 47 RP 1994
against the jeep's steering wheel that he bruised the skin. Already he knew that some way had to be found ofp 49 RP 1994
white wings which Kimo had painted along the trawler's hull. Already a novelty designer in Waikiki had turned the striking imagep 49 RP 1994
in Honolulu and from there to the world's watching networks. Already they were filming the reporters and animal rights activists whop 50 RP 1994
resigned after an affair with the sports master's wife, and already Neil saw Carline as his chief rival for the attentionp 53 RP 1994
brew of ether, palm oil and gasoline. Mrs Saito was already squatting among the glass cylinders, her hands fondling the tapersp 59 RP 1994
turn in the inflatables, fists clenched over their heads. But already eyes were turning towards the corvette, now only eight hundredp 66 RP 1994
Sagittaire. They stared at the shabby palms beside the lagoon, already noticing the stench of dead birds. As Dr Barbara steppedp 70 RP 1994
blockhouses and towers of the nuclear test-site. Bracewell's coffin had already attracted the attention of a small bush-rat, and the Frenchp 72 RP 1994
muted reception that would greet them in Honolulu, and could already see her trying to rally her failed crusade, abandoned byp 75 RP 1994
Perhaps not, Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil pointed to the approaching craft. Already a signal lamp flashed from the bridge of the corvettep 75 RP 1994
metal shroud. ‘Kimo, where's the boy? Neil, she's coming down ...!‘ Already the mast was straining against the sky, its lattice emittingp 77 RP 1994
medical supplies. Neil would have offered to help, but they already treated him as their messenger-boy, ordering him about on endlessp 83 RP 1994
Dear ...‘ The major calmed her. ‘Neil knows that -- he's already been shot by them.‘ ‘We don't want him shot againp 84 RP 1994
sloop's engine was still idling, as Rice trimmed the jib. Already Neil was swimming towards the yacht, pausing as the nextp 88 RP 1994
at the oil-stained beaches with their dead birds and fish, already visualizing the native huts clustered around the bar-restaurant, aerobics gymp 92 RP 1994
and news photographers stepped ashore, followed by the TV crews, already staking out the most promising panoramas of the modest islandp 92 RP 1994
Honolulu hospital and, lastly and most awkwardly, to Louise, who already seemed a memory of his early adolescence. Blushing with embarrassmentp 93 RP 1994
a sore foot and every trampled blade of grass is already on its way to Saint-Esprit.‘ Events moved faster than Neilp 94 RP 1994
fits together, nothing can escape. A blueprint within us is already mapping out the sanctuary. There's an ancient garden inside ourp 95 RP 1994
and animal rights groups in Europe, America and Japan had already responded to Dr Barbara's open-armed invitation, and the first threatenedp 96 RP 1994
species are going to be landing here soon.‘ ‘There's one already. Listen to him, Neil ...‘ When Carline strode away to testp 101 RP 1994
She smiled at them like a wistful parent, as if already accepting that one day they would leave the island. Massagingp 102 RP 1994
gulleys which the bulldozer's tracks had cut into the sand. Already the sea was breaking up the wooden cases, the undertowp 112 RP 1994
he surveyed the peak above the forest slopes as if already seeing the flag of his independent kingdom flying from thep 118 RP 1994
taro, manioc, coconuts, yams and sweet potatoes. Professor Saito was already compiling a biological inventory of the island, searching for ediblep 120 RP 1994
Do you want it to fail?‘ ‘Should I? Maybe it's already failed -- I don't think any of us can matchp 121 RP 1994
the bulldozer's exhaust float across the runway to the radio-cabin. Already Mrs Anderson had turned away, shaking her head in dismayp 124 RP 1994
him. ‘You'll see a new island, filled with birds.‘ ‘They've already come back, Trudi.‘ ‘But inside your dreams.‘ Despite Carline's hostilityp 127 RP 1994
a little devil ...‘ Trudi picked another can. ‘He's a devil already. Gubby, you'll frighten Dr Rafferty's beloved birds.‘ To Neil, whosep 127 RP 1994
below the plant terraces, he noticed that Dr Barbara was already at work, preparing the ground for her endangered bamboos andp 130 RP 1994
work, preparing the ground for her endangered bamboos and orchids. Already he suspected that she had removed the chicken, just asp 130 RP 1994
struck the knotted soil. It was only eight o'clock, but already she was bathed in sweat and dust, while the restp 130 RP 1994
searching for rare barks and fungi, from which he had already distilled a modest pharmacopoeia of hallucinogens. As Neil approached thep 139 RP 1994
Blades of grass, a withered flower and a chicken's foot already decorated his lapels, as if he intended to become ap 139 RP 1994
Dr Barbara was staring at the wreck of the Dugong, already bored by the hippies‘ plight. ‘Take your yacht and fishp 141 RP 1994
and Mrs Saito had sided with Dr Barbara. Both were already treating Neil as if he were an outcast. ‘He's ap 143 RP 1994
all the time.‘ ‘Let him go, Barbara,‘ Monique agreed. ‘He's already living on the beach. Better to take the women. Wep 143 RP 1994
to Monique, and turned to assess the two German women. Already she seemed to be thinking far ahead, to another islandp 143 RP 1994
gestures. ‘Well, Inger left her baby in Vancouver. And Trudi already has Gubby.‘ ‘Yes, but he's ... not very well.‘ She allowedp 147 RP 1994
new Hawaiian kingdom.‘ ‘Or David?‘ ‘Too old. And anyway he's already married.‘ Dr Barbara pressed the urine sample to Neil's foreheadp 148 RP 1994
stride, he hurled Werner into the surf. Wolfgang, meanwhile, had already given up and was walking back to the shanties, kickingp 151 RP 1994
down the beach into the water, but the yacht was already capsizing, its cabin glowing like an incandescent lantern. As theyp 156 RP 1994
fire, where Monique was preparing breakfast. Inger and Trudi had already spent an hour at the washing tub, and a linep 158 RP 1994
morning, but Kimo and Carline still lay in their tents, already tired by the prospect of a day spent pounding tarop 158 RP 1994
Papeete, doctor.‘ Neil tried to encourage her, but she had already retreated into herself, no longer the fierce lover and huntressp 175 RP 1994
sound. What is it?‘ ‘Engines ...‘ The satchel in Neil's hand already seemed lighter. A propeller turned and caught the sun, throwingp 176 RP 1994
crouched in the open hatchway, saluting Monique and Mrs Saito. Already Mrs Anderson had returned to the kitchen. Her disappointed husbandp 176 RP 1994
cockatoos had turned their backs to the seaplane and were already eyeing the formidable figure of their new mistress. Carline stoodp 176 RP 1994
aware that its flesh would provide a procession of meals. Already Neil could see them gorging themselves on the strange meatp 181 RP 1994
a narrow window of opportunity after Monique's ovulation --had already begun to fade. Once Neil had sired their children thep 183 RP 1994
something I want you to do. Trudi tells me she's already thought of a name.‘ ‘Gudrun? Brunnhilde?‘ Neil sipped slyly atp 187 RP 1994
Barbara helped herself to a second glass of communion wine. Already her face and neck were flushing, and she ignored thep 187 RP 1994
I want you to visit her.‘ ‘Who?‘ Neil stepped forward, already noticing the narrow bed behind the desk. ‘You, doctor?‘ ‘Nop 189 RP 1994
the mosquito door snap shut behind him. Mrs Saito was already dressed and had returned to the care of her plantsp 191 RP 1994
for the beach, eager to haul ashore the yellow ray. Already he could see the fish lying in the netting fiftyp 195 RP 1994
mother. A Moluccan some three years younger than Neil, he already had the physique of a professional boxer, his trim waistp 196 RP 1994
animals. But her gaze had settled on the pretty daughters, already slyly smiling to each other over Neil, and on thep 196 RP 1994
to each other over Neil, and on the handsome Moluccan. Already the youth had noticed his chief rival on Saint-Esprit andp 196 RP 1994
his role for Dr Barbara, and that his successor had already been appointed. Looking down at the camp, he could seep 200 RP 1994
the pier. Trudi and Inger, steering their heavy pregnancies, were already crossing the runway. The van Noort sisters and the Newp 206 RP 1994
to brush the blisters away, convinced that his skin had already been devoured by the fish that waited for their nextp 207 RP 1994
the yacht-crew had brought to Saint-Esprit, as if she had already made a crucial decision that nothing could influence. Her handsp 208 RP 1994
watched him without expression, and he sensed that she had already consigned him to the sanctuary's past along with Monsieur Didierp 211 RP 1994
prescribed for him a regime of swimming and spear-fishing, and already this had deepened his chest and hardened his thighs andp 211 RP 1994
this damp bower in which two of her patients had already died. Neil liked her to sit beside him, as shep 215 RP 1994
an oven tray where Inger had left them to cool. Already a small, crimson-hooded honeyeater which had escaped from the aviaryp 221 RP 1994
moved cumbersomely around the kitchen, hefting her abdomen as if already pushing a pram, and washed her arms in a canvasp 221 RP 1994
fastened around his waist with a length of electric cable. Already he took for granted that Wolfgang and Werner had neverp 225 RP 1994
steps of the weather-station and lay back in the sun, already thinking about his next meal. Once he was strong enoughp 228 RP 1994
of the lagoon, and set course for the main island. Already Monique and Inger had dropped their fuel cans and werep 229 RP 1994
her thickened forehead resembled her husband's, as if she had already assumed his identity, determined to dominate him even in deathp 232 RP 1994
and flies fought among the open needle-marks on their arms. Already they resembled the pair of shabby hippies who had livedp 232 RP 1994
be within the safety of the camp again. Others had already decided to leave Lunghua for good. Half a dozen Britishp 284 UGM 1995
Harbor. In Shanghai, across the International Date Line, it was already Monday, December 8. I was lying in bed, reading myp 289 UGM 1995
and no more exams, not for a very long time.‘ Already I was beginning to think that the war might bep 289 UGM 1995
after a shower and change of clothes the concierge had already called a taxi. ‘Mr Prentice, it will be simpler thanp 18 CN 1996
his concerned manner, but his real attention seemed elsewhere, and already I wondered why David Hennessy had hired him. ‘Mr Prenticep 19 CN 1996
it. Now, what will they charge Frank with?‘ ‘He has already been charged.‘ Senor Danvila was staring fixedly at me. ‘It'sp 19 CN 1996
Mr Prentice.‘ Senor Danvila stepped back from me, the verdict already clear in his mind. ‘Your brother has not denied thep 21 CN 1996
years ago. You'll find a lot to write about.‘ ‘I already have. Frank --‘ ‘It's interesting, Charles ...‘ Frank sat forward, talkingp 22 CN 1996
head, confident now that he could cope with my visit. Already we were assuming our familiar roles first set out inp 23 CN 1996
unseen horizon like figures in the paintings of Edward Hopper. Already thinking of a travel article, I noted the features ofp 34 CN 1996
to know how I would react to the vicious serves. Already I was thinking of the testing games that this high-strungp 41 CN 1996
shelves during the police searches, as if enough rummaging had already taken place at Estrella de Mar. ‘A friendly article?‘ Ip 44 CN 1996
is completely gutted.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Hennessy glanced at his watch, already keen to leave. ‘Of course, this is a very oldp 49 CN 1996
be rid of me, and I guessed that I was already becoming a mild embarrassment to the club and its membersp 55 CN 1996
dressed. Is he going to bury her?‘ ‘Some say he already has.‘ Gardner cleared his throat, looking for somewhere to spitp 64 CN 1996
keen for me to write about their private paradise, and already I was beginning to see the town through their eyesp 66 CN 1996
ever happen again, and the people of the pueblos were already the ghosts of themselves. This glacier-like slowness had affected myp 75 CN 1996
enough funds from my London bank to keep me going. Already I felt a curious complicity in the crime I wasp 79 CN 1996
would offer nothing in the way of surprise. I had already watched them from the balcony of Frank's apartment, lying onp 80 CN 1996
against the white plastic, the pose of a fashion model. Already I sensed that she was looking on me with morep 89 CN 1996
twice waved to me, clearly keen to hold my attention. Already I envied Frank for having touched the affections of thisp 92 CN 1996
any weight rather than the problems I posed for him. Already I represented one seminar too many to this thoughtful youngp 93 CN 1996
the very evening that I left the Los Monteros Hotel. Already I sensed that I was being kept under surveillance byp 99 CN 1996
and then leaned on the ash-strewn porcelain, her head lowered. Already I could see that the visit to the house wasp 109 CN 1996
asked me to take him around the house. He was already under arrest, charged with possessing an incendiary device. When hep 113 CN 1996
cabinet of mysteries to which she might hold the key. Already I suspected that she knew far more about the firep 121 CN 1996
sadly I've nothing very useful to add to what you've already learned.‘ She crooked a finger at Gardner. ‘Sonny, a trayp 129 CN 1996
had flown in from Hamburg two days earlier and had already been involved in a brawl at the Club Nautico discop 129 CN 1996
cigarette with his large fingers. I guessed that he was already aware of my relationship to Frank. ‘Frank? I worked onp 139 CN 1996
marina to the harbour road, where the evening crowds were already blocking the traffic. ‘Andersson, something nightmarish happened up there, somethingp 141 CN 1996
the inner windows lay a miniature garden like a powder-puff. Already I could sense the freedom that this intimate world wouldp 148 CN 1996
lounge. Ignored by the workmen, I strolled around the apartment, already recognizing the art deco motifs, the strip lighting and portholep 152 CN 1996
the make of car, but the flat chrome was unmarked. Already I suspected that the keys might belong to the arsonistp 169 CN 1996
around you -- the people of Estrella de Mar have already welcomed this.‘ ‘And Bobby Crawford is the new Messiah?‘ Ip 181 CN 1996
gently touched the bruises on my neck. ‘At fourteen I already knew that I had to be just like my auntp 191 CN 1996
there like a ghost -- there's one too many here already ...‘ ‘Crawford?‘ I stepped into the room, and squeezed past thep 203 CN 1996
who had almost strangled me, and yet my anger had already given way to more confused emotions: a need for revengep 206 CN 1996
the best getaway route. The silence of the Residencia Costasol already seemed to dull his reflexes, and he began to practisep 214 CN 1996
Shand made her imperial way into the club. ‘David Hennessy's already written out your first cheque. Believe me, Charles, we've thoughtp 223 CN 1996
very tired. He's resigned to everything. I think the trial's already over for him. He accepts that you don't want top 227 CN 1996
her next command. ‘Wolfgang and Helmut -- I think you've already met them, Charles. I want them to help you herep 231 CN 1996
around the plaza, and by noon the Residencia Costasol was already preparing for its afternoon retreat from the sun. Despite myselfp 233 CN 1996
and clearly happy to find me waiting for him, and already seeing my grumpy mood as one of the amusing foiblesp 234 CN 1996
irony, staring at the roof of the car as if already screening the first day's rushes. He seemed content with hisp 242 CN 1996
possible.‘ ‘Most people would say there's more than enough crime already.‘ ‘But not here!‘ Crawford gestured with the jade horse atp 245 CN 1996
the coast. The future has landed, Charles, the nightmare is already being dreamed. I believe in people, and know they deservep 245 CN 1996
The villagers in the New Territories were just as bad, already paying cumshaw to the Chinese border guards. They'd lost allp 247 CN 1996
the Costasol residents from a slumber even deeper than sleep. Already I suspected that the yacht was the Halcyon, and thatp 249 CN 1996
to three hundred, with another fifty application forms in. There's already a waiting list for the courts.‘ ‘Good, good ...‘ Crawford scannedp 253 CN 1996
and Anthea Rose, two widows in their thirties who had already set up a small agency direct-selling exotic underwear and perfumeryp 257 CN 1996
operation overseen by Kenneth Laumer, a retired Ladbroke's executive who already e-mailed a financial services newsletter to the Residencia's six hundredp 258 CN 1996
of the morning rounds. ‘Where sexual desire is concerned, nature already provides the infrastructure. All I'm doing is stimulating the trafficp 259 CN 1996
in the precincts of Ely Cathedral, innocent and visionary eyes already gazing beyond the flat fenland to the waiting world beyondp 259 CN 1996
realized that his character-reading was all too accurate -- I already felt at ease in the villa, free of the encumbrancesp 265 CN 1996
unconcerned by the death penalties they faced because they had already taken their seats in the tumbril. Yet as I staredp 268 CN 1996
I drove through the gates of the Residencia I was already thinking of the first film I would supervise, perhaps evenp 282 CN 1996
the plaza, as if refusing to acknowledge the festival cheer. Already I looked forward to dancing with her that evening. Asp 297 CN 1996
was a transfer ceremony, though in many ways I had already taken over the running of Crawford's activities at the Residenciap 297 CN 1996
Spanish authorities you'll destroy everything that's good here. Besides, we already have our own volunteer police force.‘ ‘The kind of policep 304 CN 1996
join the wind. He spoke tersely, as if he had already heard his words repeated a hundred times inside his echoingp 318 CN 1996
Do you want them?‘ ‘Try the door.‘ ‘Your BMW? I already have -- weeks ago, when we first met. I've triedp 319 CN 1996
and Laurie can leave for Marbella.‘ ‘Sanger won't leave. He's already been driven out of Estrella de Mar. Even if hep 324 CN 1996
Cabrera's Seat. The Inspector leaned from the window, as if already smelling the scent of blood on the air. Behind himp 329 CN 1996
I was ready to defend the dead man. Did he already know, as he walked towards me, that I would takep 329 CN 1996
ancient campanile has moved under their feet. Elaine, alone, has already seized the rail, and is staring at the grass waitingp 6 DYF 1996
falling cornice, and I like to think that she is already planning to sue the municipality of Pisa for neglecting thep 6 DYF 1996
an immovable concrete base, has reached the third storey and already reveals the modest inclination designed into it. This tower, supportedp 9 DYF 1996
steered the Jaguar towards the gatehouse, where the guards had already lost interest in their screens, intrigued by this confident youngp 12 SC 2000
life. ‘Culture shock ...?‘ she repeated. ‘Actually, I love it here already.‘ ‘Good.‘ Penrose beamed at the back of her head. ‘Whyp 15 SC 2000
the study, choosing a new screensaver. I limped towards her, already tired by the spaces of the large house. Jane raisedp 32 SC 2000
business park. It was 7.45, but my neighbours had already left for work. Long before the sun reached across thep 36 SC 2000
the sun seemed to pause, surprised to find someone not already bent over a boardroom table or laboratory bench. Along thep 36 SC 2000
information stored in the sky. A busy electronic traffic was already sluicing through the cabled floors, bringing the Dow and Nikkeip 36 SC 2000
the managers‘ dining room, new carpets for the senior consultants ...‘ Already I was staring at the high forehead she disguised behindp 42 SC 2000
grow hemp plants in a disused laboratory at the hospital. Already I guessed that the urge to work abroad was partp 44 SC 2000
bathroom window, as if puzzled by my life of ease. Already the concept of leisure was dying in the business parkp 46 SC 2000
her lucky escape, she said: ‘I start at nine o'clock. Already the police were at the house.‘ ‘That's right. It wasp 47 SC 2000
had been searching for since the day of the tragedy. Already I believed her account. If, as she hinted, Dr Serroup 49 SC 2000
to give Jane a lift to the clinic.‘ ‘It's nothing. Already we're very fond of her.‘ ‘I'm glad. She's talked aboutp 53 SC 2000
can lead?‘ She stepped from the car, a self-disciplined professional already merging into the corporate space that awaited her. She brieflyp 54 SC 2000
one of the small-time hoodlums and ex-police agents who were already falling foul of the local French gangsters. He raised hisp 56 SC 2000
hand before I could speak. ‘Paul -- take it easy.‘ Already she was playing the wise daughter, more concerned about myp 65 SC 2000
It's open to talent and hard work. There's no ground already staked out, no title deeds going back to bloody Magnap 79 SC 2000
Guy Bachelet, his murdered predecessor, were too small for him. Already bored by my visit, he stared at the distant rooftopsp 83 SC 2000
drops from his cup. ‘Of course, in her eyes you already have.‘ ‘Jane? She's more mature than she looks.‘ ‘I workp 92 SC 2000
his passive and ever-watchful wife. I assumed that he had already amortised the threat to himself. In an effort to distractp 103 SC 2000
the sadistic strain in this repressed accountant that I had already noticed. He moved into the corner of the leather seatingp 105 SC 2000
but would take her time in coming to the point. Already I had warmed to her, to the tart tongue andp 114 SC 2000
further six months‘ extension. So Jane, as I guessed, had already decided to stay on at Eden-Olympia. She had assumed thatp 125 SC 2000
wire fence and breathing the heady tang of aviation fuel. Already I was certain that they had not been David Greenwood'sp 149 SC 2000
hands.‘ ‘Frank ...‘ I wanted to thank him, but he had already withdrawn from me, annoyed with himself for having shown hisp 166 SC 2000
you?‘ ‘Can't sleep. Too tired ...‘ ‘I'll get something for you.‘ ‘Already did. Helps me relax. Your back ...?‘ She drifted away, sinkingp 168 SC 2000
to Jane as the car accelerated away, but she was already brandishing a position paper in Penrose's face. I assumed thatp 173 SC 2000
Vadim was shot?‘ ‘We arrived ten minutes later. Vadim was already dead, and Greenwood had gone.‘ ‘What time was this?‘ ‘Aboutp 188 SC 2000
my nose, and caught the acrid tang of animal remains. Already I assumed that I could smell David Greenwood's blood. Hep 207 SC 2000
to see if I could be trained to act impulsively? Already I sensed that I was being auditioned for a rolep 211 SC 2000
the seat belt like a crash-test dummy. ‘You look better already,‘ she told me. ‘There's nothing like a woman's driving top 211 SC 2000
game, playing with her marked cards and her rigged shoe. Already I suspected that I would do anything to lose top 213 SC 2000
coast road. Had she known of the ratissage in advance? Already I had enfolded her into a fantasy of my ownp 223 SC 2000
d'Azur will be like this.‘ ‘On the drawing board it already is. Everything five minutes old is waiting for the clearancep 224 SC 2000
agency whore. She smoothed the damp hair from my forehead, already working out the next move in the game she wasp 225 SC 2000
for me in the conservatory, brochures under her arm. I already guessed why she had made the detour to the Villap 239 SC 2000
it or not, Eden-Olympia is the face of the future. Already there are hundreds of business and science parks around thep 254 SC 2000
poking around. You haven't discovered anything about David they didn't already know. You're no more part of Eden-Olympia than those Africanp 283 SC 2000
your friend. The tragic English doctor ...‘ ‘Little you didn't know already.‘ ‘I tried to help you. Was Halder useful?‘ ‘As alwaysp 293 SC 2000
and empire furniture. In the dining room the tables were already laid with breakfast cutlery. A pantry door opened, and kitchenp 295 SC 2000
the case of women the system of imposed psychopathy is already in place. It's called men.‘ I paused by the mapp 298 SC 2000
of the approaching police car he resembled an accident bystander already bored by the tableau around him, the overturned Audi, ap 314 SC 2000
somehow reassure her that Zander's death had been an accident. Already I had largely convinced myself. A lethal evening had turnedp 317 SC 2000
in the car's passenger window, and I guessed that he already knew who would follow her from the cyber-cafe. I paidp 328 SC 2000
they're needed. Jane will do all that for them.‘ ‘She's already started. She signed the attestation for Zander's death.‘ ‘She sawp 346 SC 2000
maitre d‘ at Maxim's. Lay it, Olivier, don't taste it.‘ Already bored, Penrose loosened his tie. He took off the jacketp 355 SC 2000
leases that virtually financed the whole project. The site-contractors were already at work, clearing the holm oaks and umbrella pines thatp 356 SC 2000
intending to strafe them. Drivers watched over their shoulders, and already two of the huge vehicles had locked their scoops togetherp 357 SC 2000
car park, its green embers setting fire to the grass. Already the first guests were rising from their seats, suspecting thatp 357 SC 2000
create a major crime wave.‘ ‘Paul ... the crime wave is already there. It's called consumer capitalism. Dear chap, I haven't askedp 363 SC 2000
the new earth. He had accepted the offer, and was already working out his strategy for dealing with the huge possibilitiesp 366 SC 2000
And Jane?‘ ‘They don't see her as a problem. She's already one of them, though she doesn't know it.‘ ‘I needp 377 SC 2000
key and listened to the sound of the engine. ‘They already have, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Me?‘ I pressed my head against thep 378 SC 2000
he had mounted the stage to rescue the leading actress. Already Simone had opened the rear door and was brushing thep 384 SC 2000
from Terminal 3, but the usually reliable Mr Prashar was already twenty minutes late. Sally was still on the phone whenp 14 MP 2003
frustration into inner London. ‘Ten minutes.‘ I finished my Scotch, already thinking not of the next drink, but of the onep 15 MP 2003
at the barrier, the names flagged on their cardboard signs already at half-mast. A man carrying an executive briefcase stepped fromp 17 MP 2003
beach tourist who had strayed into a funeral. There was already a shadow on my cheeks, as if the shock ofp 20 MP 2003
there was no meaning or purpose in the terrorist bomb. Already I was hoping that Laura had made a sudden recoveryp 25 MP 2003
He had aged rapidly during his time with Laura, and already he looked younger, with the keen edge to his eyep 29 MP 2003
the police seemed bored, usually an omen of violent action. Already they were tired of this pointless protest, one group ofp 34 MP 2003
flats. Rolling up my trousers, I touched the huge blood-bruises already forming. ‘I'll walk again. I think ...‘ I pointed to thep 35 MP 2003
her to represent me. People in the public benches were already laughing at her sallies, and she played up to thep 45 MP 2003
brought me home out of genuine concern for me, but already I felt that I was becoming a prisoner. I layp 50 MP 2003
I was relying on myself. For me, those children were already dead. I should have remembered who I was trying top 63 MP 2003
would at last bring closure to my first marriage. But already I knew that my quest for Laura's murderer was reallyp 72 MP 2003
rows of timber-framed houses, the vanguard of a huge estate. Already the first roads were laid out, cement diagrams that ledp 133 MP 2003
is unique in not being afraid of himself. Unconsciously, he already believes in nothing.‘ ‘That's true.‘ Gould waved his hands overp 137 MP 2003
trustworthy, and you knew that you were prone to compromise. Already the future was receding, the bright dreams were slipping belowp 138 MP 2003
each other after the attack on the NFT. Kay had already forgotten that she had abandoned me in the hope, Ip 151 MP 2003
giving cover to people who want to do real damage.‘ Already she had lost interest in me. Her eyes picked upp 158 MP 2003
her uneasily aware that reality waited for us outside an already open door. She squeezed my shoulders, staring through the sitting-roomp 160 MP 2003
to the woman instructor, eyes on the sky as if already planning to stow himself away on the Space Shuttle. ‘Rightp 174 MP 2003
and talking to the forensic officers sheltering in the entrance. Already I had decided to make a forensic examination of myp 182 MP 2003
him to assume the duties of man of the house. Already he looked at me with the sudden panic of ap 192 MP 2003
sat in the kitchen, with the silent screen for company. Already I suspected that I knew who had killed the televisionp 213 MP 2003
engines doused the embers that remained of the Turner home. Already the first reports of a murder in Hammersmith were comingp 214 MP 2003
police had alerted three television crews, and the cameras were already transmitting pictures of the action to the breakfast audiences. Ap 225 MP 2003
lighter and dashing his Molotov cocktails against the exposed engine. Already a second car was burning. Flames played around its wheelsp 228 MP 2003
begun to transcend itself, its rent arrears and credit-card debts. Already I could see London burning, a bonfire of bank statementsp 228 MP 2003
Nelson remained. What else had changed was hard to elicit. Already the first families were leaving Chelsea Marina. Unconvinced by thep 231 MP 2003
the most violent civil clash since the Northern Ireland troubles. Already the uprising led by Kay Churchill seemed closer to ap 234 MP 2003
the new guerrilla chic inspired by Chelsea Marina that had already featured in an Evening Standard fashion spread. A Haydn symphonyp 234 MP 2003
cut cleanly through the brass pinion. The exposed metal was already dull, suggesting that the lock had been penetrated at leastp 236 MP 2003
leaned against the car, picking at his nails, a mentor already bored with a once promising pupil. I stared at thep 250 MP 2003
Kay's house.‘ ‘Risen from the grave. In a sense I'd already killed you, for the most idealistic reasons. I liked youp 254 MP 2003
in the trousers. For all his friendly welcome, he was already bored by me, his eyes turning to the optical diagramsp 273 MP 2003
Police now filled the basement, and a forensic team was already laying out its gear, the cameras, crime-scene tapes and whitep 288 MP 2003
the open road, then thundered towards a nearby industrial estate. Already I was lost. I had entered what the AA mapp 6 KC 2006
capacity; though this was an empty land, where everything had already been sent on ahead. Nothing now made sense except inp 6 KC 2006
Something had gone seriously wrong in the Thames Valley, and already I identified her with my father, another victim of ap 13 KC 2006
my father's camera lens. The display was oddly endearing, and already I liked the old pilot and decided I would getp 19 KC 2006
he?‘ ‘Duncan Christie. Aged twenty-five, white, a Brooklands resident. He's already been charged with the murder of your father and twop 23 KC 2006
filled the hallway below us, ready to receive the prisoner. Already spectators were running across the car park. A police carp 26 KC 2006
across the glass. There was a roar from the spectators already inside the gates, the visceral baying of a mob whop 26 KC 2006
be living inside that ghastly dome. Sometimes I think we already are, without realizing it.‘ ‘Even so.‘ I searched for somep 31 KC 2006
me, yes. We'll fight back. I can assure you we've already started ...‘ Fairfax lowered his voice, but as we passed thep 33 KC 2006
Metro-Centre, and I would then see Christie committed for trial. Already I was unsure about everything -- the sight of Mrsp 38 KC 2006
bereaved relative to visit the Metro-Centre, and that he had already decided how to make my visit a success. ‘We're delightedp 39 KC 2006
echo inside his head. He was barely an adult, but already a middle-aged fanatic in the making. I assumed he hadp 40 KC 2006
of compromises and half-truths that threatened to collapse onto her. Already I sensed that she was as much a pawn asp 51 KC 2006
than parking fines. As I started the engine I had already made my decision. Rather than return to London, I wouldp 52 KC 2006
the curtains and carpets. A presence I scarcely knew was already arraying itself around me. Should I sleep in my father'sp 53 KC 2006
life, had opened the door to a dozen possible futures. Already he was a different man from the wise and sympatheticp 56 KC 2006
like a suppressed vomit reflex, flowed across the colourized water. Already I wondered why Julia Goodwin had chosen this rendezvous inp 65 KC 2006
of the beach?‘ ‘Better than Acapulco. I'm getting a tan already.‘ ‘As good as the real thing?‘ ‘It's not meant top 66 KC 2006
think that's odd? Christie had only just been arrested, but already the key witnesses were lined up, synchronizing their watches. Thep 70 KC 2006
had somehow taken charge of a sink school and was already looking for a way out. He noticed my feet avoidingp 82 KC 2006
there's anything I can do.‘ ‘Well ... in a sense, you've already done it.‘ ‘Is that so? How?‘ ‘You helped to clearp 83 KC 2006
Sangster, but I had the distinct sense that he had already forgotten me before he waved and turned back to thep 86 KC 2006
stood by the tailgate, unloading a refrigerator onto the pavement. Already a small crowd had gathered around him, mothers holding backp 88 KC 2006
its flat sales. Close your eyes a little and it already looks like a Nuremberg rally. The ranks of sales countersp 105 KC 2006
it opts for elective madness. You can see it here already.‘ ‘In bosky Surrey? I don't think so.‘ ‘It's coming, Richardp 105 KC 2006
longer we'll be overwhelmed.‘ ‘Willed madness ...‘ I repeated the phrase, already a slogan in a teaser campaign. ‘You think my fatherp 107 KC 2006
hazy glare that caught every insect in the Thames Valley. Already thousands of spectators in St George's shirts would be takingp 108 KC 2006
of the Metro-Centre, picking through the debris of my car. Already I missed the classic Jensen, with its elegant body andp 118 KC 2006
into a series of drunken brawls and bored attacks on already looted premises. Turning my back on all this, I setp 127 KC 2006
the evening to ignite and set the motorway towns ablaze. Already I guessed that the bomb placed in my Jensen hadp 127 KC 2006
alive for a few last hours. I trailed after her, already roused by her scent, a perfume of her own distilledp 135 KC 2006
need to talk over. You can give me your advice. Already I feel we can work together ...‘ A New Politics ‘Brooklandsp 140 KC 2006
show, and I could see that everything I said had already crossed his mind. ‘You're right -- I can lead themp 146 KC 2006
afternoon, when she finished her shift at the hospital, and already I envied the patients she would be touching with herp 156 KC 2006
air, and the crowd pressed through the doors, Christie's slogan already forgotten. Winded and bruised, the blood from his nose poolingp 174 KC 2006
king bee, guiding the hive to a destination it had already chosen. His chat-show act, based on scripts I tailored aroundp 177 KC 2006
that things don't get really out of hand.‘ ‘They have already. These attacks on Asians and asylum seekers, the fiery crossesp 179 KC 2006
of the gab will seize control in a bloodless coup. Already there's talk of a new ‘republic‘ stretching from Heathrow top 196 KC 2006
and seeing the consumer product that sponsored the episode. But already I was forgetting David Cruise. Julia Goodwin would be atp 206 KC 2006
in the back.‘ ‘Forget it. If we need that, it's already too late. We'll take my car.‘ ‘You heard the newsp 207 KC 2006
the raucous horns. ‘That must have sobered you up.‘ ‘I already was sober. I checked my father's computer and read hisp 209 KC 2006
from the location vans of the main news channels. But already a modest fightback had begun. Spurred on by the camerap 213 KC 2006
the fire door. Others drifted away with their fractious children, already bored by the fourth ice cream of the day. Theyp 226 KC 2006
didn't hear a shot. Let's get you indoors.‘ ‘Indoors? We're already indoors. Aren't we?‘ I was mulling this over as hep 229 KC 2006
longer bothered to present her list in person. She had already despaired of me, and shook her head wearily whenever Ip 230 KC 2006
Sangster moved along them. Parents did everything to irritate their already fractious teenagers, wives urged their middle-aged husbands to mumble andp 232 KC 2006
around the atrium. They were immigrants to a new country; already naturalized, citizens of the shopping mall, the free electorate ofp 243 KC 2006
trailer, as if wanting me to stare at the bodies. Already they were turning blue in the morning light. The onlyp 251 KC 2006
fully human. We have to see how it ends.‘ ‘It's already ended.‘ ‘Not quite. People are capable of the most wonderfulp 252 KC 2006
He thought I meant the Christian Church.‘ Maxted added: ‘They'd already had one assassination too many, and weren't looking for ap 258 KC 2006
war. In Shanghai, across the International Date Line, it was already Monday, 8 December, and I was lying in bed readingp 53 ML 2008
in the hotels of downtown Shanghai. The French Concession was already under the control of the Vichy government, and the Japanesep 54 ML 2008
years to recover from Dunkirk, and the German armies were already deep inside Russia. Despite my admiration for the Japanese soldiersp 56 ML 2008
taste of the surrealism of everyday life, though Shanghai was already surrealist enough. Then my father appeared through the shadows andp 59 ML 2008
the war with his Russian girlfriend in the French Concession. Already, though, everything was becoming too uncertain even for a 12-year-oldp 60 ML 2008
through the static about captured German steam locomotives, I may already have realised that there were limits to how far Ip 61 ML 2008
doctor or a writer. My father was a friendly but already distant figure who played no part in my decision. Whenp 84 ML 2008
literally prised the volume from my hands, although I was already showing a keen interest in girls of my age. Ip 86 ML 2008
I think, the Japanese soldier assumed unconsciously that he had already died in battle, and the apparent life left to himp 95 ML 2008
I think that by this time, early 1945, I was already (aged 14!) starting to worry about the future of Lunghuap 96 ML 2008
the past. America, I knew, was a future that had already arrived. I spent every spare moment watching the sky. Thep 99 ML 2008
a little thinner but as welcoming as ever. I could already hear her chatting in Chinese to her tribe of amahsp 108 ML 2008
the prospect of becoming a psychiatrist, and knew that I already had my first patient -- myself. I was well awarep 136 ML 2008
and brooding atmosphere, their tales of alienation and emotional betrayal. Already I sensed that a new kind of popular culture wasp 148 ML 2008
briefly met E.M. Forster at a King's sherry party, already an old man or convincingly posing as one, and oftenp 148 ML 2008
were all intelligent, which wasn't true of Cambridge undergraduates, and already had original ideas about the world. When I mentioned thatp 152 ML 2008
present or very near future, extrapolating social and political trends already evident in the years after the war. The dangers top 166 ML 2008
poor. Yet respectability kept breaking through, and young professionals were already beginning to infiltrate the area. Mary Matthews was one ofp 171 ML 2008
travel arrived with the Boeing 707, and the consumer society, already well established in America, began to appear in Britain. Changep 192 ML 2008
about, especially the hidden agendas for change that people were already exposing. Invisible persuaders were manipulating politics and the consumer marketp 192 ML 2008
that The Atrocity Exhibition was published in 1970 I was already looking ahead to what would be my first ‘conventional‘ novelp 238 ML 2008
my life would abruptly come to an end. I had already had a foretaste of this. As every parent knows, infancyp 247 ML 2008
The credits screamed ‘Curse of the Dinosaurs!‘ Had the film already been made? I knew that outfits like Hammer worked fastp 253 ML 2008
with Roman decor. Hinds and Aida were excited and cheerful, already moving on to the next stage of production, casting thep 255 ML 2008
failed to realise it at the time, but I had already reached the high point of my usefulness to them. Ip 255 ML 2008
quickly and be plied with enthusiasm, friendship and fine wine. Already they were discussing the complex relationships between the principal charactersp 255 ML 2008
general direction of the Bubbling Well Road. The pavements were already crowded with food vendors, porters steering new photocopiers into officep 268 ML 2008