window at the rounded bulk of the floating base moored alongside. High up on the top deck Sergeant Daley, the helicopterp 72 DW 1962
showing through at the edge of the coloured the pathways. Alongside the swimming pool a large green tanker was pumping thep 39 D 1965
unable to move. An hour later a landing craft came alongside. Tulloch told me that were all to transfer to ap 73 THF 1969
walking to their wards. Watching him from my car, parked alongside his own, I could see that even now Vaughan wasp 88 C 1973
of an airline bus in the nearside lane. Vaughan drove alongside the bus, using his horn and spotlights to force thep 113 C 1973
trestle tables. Two cine-cameras were in position, the first mounted alongside the track, lens aimed at the point of impact, thep 122 C 1973
car. I looked out at the drivers of the cars alongside us, visualizing their lives in the terms Vaughan had definedp 137 C 1973
of cars behind us. Headlamps flashing, a police car pulled alongside us, the co-driver assuming from Vaughan's contorted position that wep 173 C 1973
fused light and movement. We walked to his car, double-parked alongside an airline coach. A few paces ahead of me, Vaughanp 194 C 1973
sound. Maitland stirred his cramped body. His swollen leg lay alongside him like the limb of some partly invisible companion. Byp 42 CI 1974
the caisson was covered with streaky letters. Maitland pulled himself alongside Proctor. ‘It doesn't take long, does it -- all thesep 108 CI 1974
the Hudson River and beached itself on a silt bank alongside the old Cunard pier. Lulled by the steady beat ofp 23 HA 1981
comes again. Anne lies exhausted on her bed, drawn up alongside mine, unwashed face covered with blisters and smudged mascara, staringp 95 HA 1981
He waited uneasily for something to happen. GM's Buick pulled alongside, an anxious Xerox tucked under her young husband's arm, thep 123 HA 1981
for baking printed circuits. Mechanical arms and legs lay everywhere, alongside exposed thoraxes and faceless heads like the guts of giantp 174 HA 1981
disparaged by the British in Shanghai. The cruiser Idzumo, moored alongside the Japanese Consulate at Hongkew half a mile downstream, lookedp 40 ES 1984
sle. He shook his head at the Japanese picket-boat coming alongside, and began polishing the brass rail as the marines clamberedp 42 ES 1984
water, weighted down by the sailor's broad back. He pulled alongside, and Jim saw a crowbar, spanners and hacksaw between hisp 92 ES 1984
a Japanese naval diver in full gear to break surface alongside the dinghy. ‘Now, why are you trying to bother usp 92 ES 1984
We'll wait till we see the US navy tie up alongside the Bund.‘ ‘Will Uncle Sam soon be here, Basie? Everyp 321 ES 1984
white soil. The two trucks filled with soldiers drew up alongside the control tower. One squad set off to patrol thep 29 DC 1987
hub caps. We tied up at the police wharf. Moored alongside were the car ferry Salammbo and the French landing craftp 95 DC 1987
I tried to hide behind the helm, and then strode alongside, beating the rifle butt against the ancient plates of thep 103 DC 1987
above the river, it came up behind us and cruised alongside, slightly aft of the Salammbo's funnel. Kagwa crouched in thep 130 DC 1987
asleep with their heads in the water. The helicopter drew alongside, its pontoons almost as long as the Salammbo. Above thep 131 DC 1987
stern of the lighter, signalling to the helmsman to moor alongside the landing-craft. He had exchanged his police uniform for armyp 155 DC 1987
the transparent flattery of the lens. As we tied up alongside the ferry I could see her among the cabinets andp 159 DC 1987
sergeant stepped on to the deck? The rubber speedboat was alongside, throwing up huge plumes of spray as its flat hullp 164 DC 1987
Shielding my eyes, I saw that another vessel had crept alongside us and had coasted to a halt twenty feet fromp 193 DC 1987
uncooperative beast in her charge. I remembered the Diana running alongside the car ferry. One of the African women had steppedp 196 DC 1987
who had rowed the inflatable from the Salammbo, now moored alongside, and began to lift the electrical units on to thep 198 DC 1987
of their allotments and reservoirs. I had brought the Salammbo alongside a wharf in the pool below the barrage, where thep 232 DC 1987
was identified as ‘17F‘. Without hesitating, I wrote my name alongside. Sure enough, I found myself sitting beside the bald headp 79 KW 1991
by which drivers arriving at an empty car-park place themselves alongside each other. Most of the patients, I noticed, were visitedp 259 KW 1991
of Dick in the cockpit of his weekend Cessna, posing alongside astronauts and space scientists at the 1960s Cape Kennedy. Therep 319 KW 1991
vomit over the side. Within moments the three craft jostled alongside, everyone shouting at once, their cheeks flushed with excitement, likep 66 RP 1994
signal lamp flashed in their faces as the warship ran alongside, its heavy hull shouldering the trawler out of its wayp 66 RP 1994
visitors from the Palangrin had entered the lagoon and docked alongside the pier. The journalists and news photographers stepped ashore, followedp 92 RP 1994
sea wall. Frances slowed when one of the limousines ran alongside the Audi, jostling it as the second Mercedes accelerated andp 311 SC 2000
roof rack. The woman driver pressed on, forced to stop alongside the Minister's limo. Behind the Volvo three more cars, equallyp 281 MP 2003
sounded, but not in my head. I followed the path alongside the access road that cut through the embankment. The carp 200 KC 2006
and electrical leads hanging from its head rail, and raced alongside it like tobogganists setting off on the Cresta run. Asp 253 KC 2006
leg, arm or head-and-neck we were dissecting, and start work alongside our Cunningham dissection manuals (never Gray's), whose pages would soonp 141 ML 2008
the unfamiliar gravity. The gesture seemed characteristic. Tallis's manner was aloof and sardonic; everything he said had the same deliberately ambiguousp 72 WG 1959
to be visible, but even as Axel watched, his expression aloof yet observant, it came perceptibly nearer, the vanguard of anp 298 GT 1962
private rituals and observances, had passed. If he kept himself aloof from Riggs and his men this was simply a matterp 11 DW 1962
loose semi-circle, watching expectantly, obviously pleased to see Kerans, the aloof medicine-man of a rival juju, get his just deserts. ‘Thatp 132 DW 1962
as the Council's authority is respected they're prepared to remain aloof.‘ ‘It sounds an ideally simple arrangement. How do you thinkp 385 WT 1962
his seat. ‘Perhaps, gentlemen, it is fortunate that I remain aloof from the day-to-day affairs of Green Hill. I take nop 529 MO 1963
found it impossible to come to terms with the tall, aloof man. By contrast Bridges, who was just a thug, hadp 459 TT 1963
jumper. The indulgent relationship between this pink-lipped juvenile and the aloof intellectual, whose mind is as barbed and impatient as hisp 142 UGM 1966
Antarctic ice taken from the sea. Scott himself remains an aloof and isolated figure, reticent about his plans and given top 253 UGM 1966
then beckons to him. Kline, Coma, Xero. He remembered the aloof, cerebral Kline and their long discussions on this terminal concretep 31 AW 1966
Mallory's motives were as ambiguous as his own. The tall aloof physician, eyes forever hidden behind the dark glasses that seemedp 670 DF 1966
punted the woman, standing alone in the bows like an aloof wraith, among the bodies of the birds floating in thep 699 SBD 1966
walked in the sculpture garden of the air terminal. His aloof, cerebral face warned Trabert that his rendezvous with Coma andp 45 DM 1967
from Anne that his neighbours found him a puzzling and aloof figure, an automobile-crash casualty in his wheelchair living on thep 73 HR 1975
expressed by it. During this period one body alone kept aloof from all this speculation -- the world's churches and religiousp 841 LDG 1976
decorated themselves with their neighbour's jewellery. Two people alone remained aloof from these festive games. After dusk, when it became toop 170 UDC 1979
around him, a reproving board of elders. There was an aloof Jefferson, a smiling but wan Dwight Eisenhower, a matter-of-fact Trumanp 226 HA 1981
was struck by the way in which Pangbourne Village remained aloof from this day of death. The owners of these elegantp 12 RW 1988
Los Angeles and all those widescreen hustlers. If they kept aloof it was because they saw Estrella de Mar becoming ap 130 CN 1996
steadied me when I slipped on the oily deck. His aloof eyes took in my lumbering gait, assessing whether I wasp 72 SC 2000
took part in shipwrecking, it would be wrong to remain aloof. I'd have to join in.‘ ‘You'd stand on the rocksp 104 MP 2003
had increased his need to remain with her. Despite her aloofness the previous night, Sanders knew that he was the onlyp 137 CW 1966
life. Tired of his cramped cubicle and Mrs Vincent's nail-tapping aloofness, he spent every evening listening to lectures on an endlessp 180 ES 1984
was looking everywhere but at the Hollinger house. His natural aloofness shaded into some unhappy emotion that I could only glimpsep 140 CN 1996
but slightly aggressive, a skin-thin charm overlaying a barely concealed aloofness. When he stepped behind me there was something evasive aboutp 125 MP 2003
of tape left. ‘Somebody was in a hurry,‘ I said aloud. I depressed the lid and polished the initials with myp 76 WG 1959
for geldspar. ‘Prime archezoic loam,‘ I said, repeating Talus's words aloud to the dead lake. I was about to spit onp 83 WG 1959
her. ‘I'm getting the baby's clothes together,‘ she said, adding aloud to herself, ‘which reminds me, you need a new dressingp 255 MF 1961
later Vansittart would yield to the temptation. ‘And ...‘ he said aloud. Looking for Vansittart, in the absurd hope that he mightp 410 M99 1962
his eyes. As if to conjure them away, he chanted aloud: ‘The nightingales are singing near The Convent of the Sacredp 650 GTN 1964
Heart, And sang within the bloody wood When Agamemnon cried aloud ...!‘ During the fortnight since his return from the hospital Judithp 650 GTN 1964
the hospital Judith had read most of the early Eliot aloud to him. The flock of unseen gulls seemed to comep 650 GTN 1964
Judith had spent all morning and afternoon reading the newspapers aloud to him, then a volume of poems and even, heroicallyp 651 GTN 1964
there spellbound.‘ ‘How do you mean? By me?‘ Sanders laughed aloud at this. Taking Louise's arm again, he held it tightlyp 134 CW 1966
of herself in the bath. ‘"Novotny, masturbating,"‘ she read out aloud. ‘Are you writing me into your scenario, Mr Koester?‘ shep 25 UD 1968
Maitland, you could use a drink now ...‘ he told himself aloud. He locked the trunk, reached into the back of thep 12 CI 1974
looked up at the steep slope, for a moment laughing aloud at himself. ‘How the hell am I supposed to climbp 20 CI 1974
Maitland, no one's going to believe this ...‘ The words, spoken aloud as a self-identification signal, merely made him aware of thep 23 CI 1974
wheel brace ...‘ Maitland searched methodically through the tool-kit. He spoke aloud to himself as if bullying along an incompetent recruit, exploitingp 28 CI 1974
clothes, bruised hands fumbling across the front seat, Maitland talked aloud to himself, half aware that he was bringing both Catherinep 34 CI 1974
asleep for a few seconds. ‘Catherine ... Catherine ...‘ Murmuring her name aloud, he deliberately provoked himself to keep awake, playing on anyp 38 CI 1974
bulkhead into the front passenger compartment. ‘Damned quiet ...‘ Maitland murmured aloud to himself. No cars or airline buses moved along thep 43 CI 1974
wrists and elbows, trying to identify himself. ‘Maitland ...!‘ he shouted aloud. ‘Robert Maitland ...!‘ He clung to the metal crutch and hobbledp 47 CI 1974
but through his own. His infantile anger as he shouted aloud for Catherine reminded him of how, as a child, hep 51 CI 1974
transfer of obligation from himself to the island. He spoke aloud, a priest officiating at the eucharist of his own bodyp 52 CI 1974
he shouted hoarsely. ‘Buy the island!‘ To himself, he prayed aloud, ‘Run him over ...‘ Barely able to control himself, he watchedp 114 CI 1974
-- he might easily have knocked in someone's windscreen. Laughing aloud at this aberrant gesture, he looked up at the 31stp 12 HR 1975
aware that he had been trapped, Wilder found himself laughing aloud at the sight of this lunatic troupe. When the lightsp 67 HR 1975
no idea what it's like for most people.‘ Laing laughed aloud, amused by Alice's notion that somehow he had been unaffectedp 98 HR 1975
still swishing in its tank. ‘Somewhere, Halloway,‘ he told himself aloud, ‘you'll find a car that runs. I've decided you're goingp 882 UC 1976
antique coachwork lovingly restored. ‘Pierce Arrow ... Bugatti ... Hispano-Suiza ... Chevrolet Impala ...‘ Aloud, he read out the names from the manufacturers‘ medallions. Manyp 887 UC 1976
when the traffic lights turned from green to red. Laughing aloud at himself for obeying this solitary signal in an emptyp 906 UC 1976
deep, blown all the way from the Appalachians!‘ Wayne laughed aloud at the golden shore, caught up by McNair's excitement. Althoughp 9 HA 1981
here!‘ Wayne struck the rail with both fists. He laughed aloud as the sailors ran past him. He realised now whatp 21 HA 1981
for Wayne. Then, at a signal, they were all talking aloud, voices raised in the familiar intonations, gesturing courteously to eachp 168 HA 1981
pregnant pauses, Noon first whispered and then tried to repeat aloud the catch-phrases. ‘ ... tourism and bourgeois hegemony ... the natural park asp 118 DC 1987
a fading battery. ‘A trick of the sun ...?‘ I asked aloud. ‘Yes, the whole expedition. The sun tricked us from thep 263 DC 1987
of increasing his happiness. His mother urged him to read aloud to his playmates, and Henry made the interesting discovery thatp 112 UGM 1991
to lay down their weapons. At the time I laughed aloud at this. No Japanese would ever surrender. As long asp 51 KW 1991
and followed Dr Barbara to the Dugong, counting her steps aloud to himself. Holding his arms above the heads of thep 51 RP 1994
apparently setting out her day's schedule and answering her queries aloud in an ironic English voice. I imagined her stepping fromp 89 SC 2000