and the dense matted undergrowth swarmed in a tangled mass along the verge of the narrow track. The heavy fetid stenchp 9 VN 1951
him?" "Oh, in the bush somewhere. Want you to come along and identify him?" "I don't know whether I can," Hargreavesp 9 VN 1951
we've got Mrs. Allison in the car and she's coming along to the station as well." "Is she well enough top 9 VN 1951
had already identified them as the terrorists. Hargreaves looked carefully along the line, hoping for some sign of recognition. The Chinesep 9 VN 1951
bone?‘ I felt round the cushions and ran my hand along the carpet below the sofa. ‘My cigarette,‘ I said. ‘Ip 14 E 1956
The pundit smiled. ‘I think we'll be able to get along without that. Time is extremely complicated, but I can assurep 17 E 1956
the balcony opposite. Happy now?‘ ‘Dreaming,‘ I told him, taking along slow focus on her. ‘I wonder what else she canp 2 PB 1956
it refused to feed, and I had to coax it along in a fluoraldehyde flush, and then it started going ultra-sonicp 3 PB 1956
the girls,‘ Harry said airily. ‘And Steve here can come along and hold your coat.‘ We played i-Go together. Jane saidp 7 PB 1956
Columbine hesitated and Jane went down again and drew them along with her. They went up a couple of octaves togetherp 8 PB 1956
always together. Sometimes in the late afternoons we'd drive out along the beach to the Scented Desert and sit alone byp 9 PB 1956
realize now that I must have achieved a certain notoriety along the beach, but I didn't mind giving the old womenp 9 PB 1956
stage at the Casino, I went out for a walk along the beach. As I left the elevator I heard musicp 10 PB 1956
the shop, throwing a golden fire on to the tanks along the counters. Across the ceiling liquid colours danced in reflectionp 10 PB 1956
afterwards the Recess ended, and the big government schemes came along and started up all the clocks and kept us toop 11 PB 1956
them?‘ M. hesitated. Outside somewhere a trolley shunted and clanged along the elevated. ‘I was afraid they wouldn't understand what Ip 23 CC 1957
emptiness. That's all I remember.‘ The surgeon ran his finger along the edge of the rule. ‘Go on.‘ ‘Well, the dreamp 24 CC 1957
ripped girders and concrete. A steel rail had been erected along the edge and Franz looked down over it into thep 27 CC 1957
the roof. As he watched, a chain of explosions ripped along the wall on his left and the whole face slippedp 28 CC 1957
supported at thirty-four intervals by huge concrete buttresses. Franz walked along the platform and stopped by the telescopic gangway that plungedp 33 CC 1957
crossing the street, its rails screaming. Three lights snapped on along the street and then one by one went off againp 37 CC 1957
had drifted for three weeks like lobotomized phantoms. Behind him, along one wall of the gymnasium, were the offices housing thep 53 M69 1957
he is, that makes two of us.‘ He followed them along the corridor, doing his best to stay awake, feeling asp 54 M69 1957
Though the Clinic was quiet, at Neill's orders all lights along the corridors and down the stairway had been left onp 54 M69 1957
carefully watching for any symptoms of withdrawal. Neill carried everyone along, from one programme phase to the next, through the testp 57 M69 1957
below the ceiling blurred and faded, the power cable running along the base of the wall merged into the skirting boardp 60 M69 1957
vast, shrinking box. The sides slid into each other, merging along an abstract hairline, like planes severing in a multi-dimensional fluxp 61 M69 1957
wide a tight, almost perfect cube. The walls plunged inwards, along colliding diagonals, only a few feet from their final focusp 62 M69 1957
filled the patio and shut out the few traffic noises along the highway. ‘Fantastic, isn't it?‘ Sheringham said. Twirling the siphonp 71 T12 1958
made them my handwriting overlapped that of a greater scribe's along the narrow pencilled line where our respective planes of timep 103 NZ 1959
the names ended three inches from the bottom, then moved along the surface, across rows of hieroglyphs, and picked up thep 85 WG 1959
thermal pressure fields massing overhead like storm clouds. I jogged along at a half run, in a hurry to contact Mayerp 87 WG 1959
filled with a great concourse of silent figures, ranged upward along the darkened slopes, shoulder to shoulder in endless ranks, likep 92 WG 1959
around the abandoned railway station, punting a home-made flat car along the overgrown tracks, or break into one of the unoccupiedp 151 CH 1960
it, levelled out and then picked up speed sharply, spinning along one of the clear centre lanes. Conrad craned forward. Inp 157 CH 1960
There were twenty or thirty clocks hanging from the buildings along the side street, indistinguishable from those he had seen allp 162 CH 1960
the Time Police! On his hands and knees Conrad scurried along the terrace, slid through the turnstiles and headed for ap 163 CH 1960
rolling from one street to the next. Often he drove along the pavements, swerved about below the buildings as if hep 163 CH 1960
the town hall. More figures emerged from the doorways, strolled along the pavements talking to each other, starting the day's businessp 199 LW 1960
could cover merely by inclining his head. The smaller shops along the streets were just as exposed. Rarely more than twop 200 LW 1960
day to reach his house. Head down, he walked slowly along the quiet side-streets, oblivious of the passers-by, pathetically trying top 205 LW 1960
hall, switched on the light and examined the floor carefully, along the skirting boards and behind the grilles. Over his shoulderp 207 LW 1960
apartment batteries which reared up above the trees and lakes along the north side. The Oratory was a difficult and laboriousp 113 SS 1960
if he failed to appear as usual that morning. Halfway along the north side of the park he swung off intop 114 SS 1960
the alley behind the derelict station. Overhead the traffic hammered along the flyover, dinning down on to the cobbled walls. Hep 118 SS 1960
higher note that appeared to strike a hidden ridge half-way along its path, wavered slightly, then recovered and sped on, likep 134 SS 1960
on the brilliant ceiling lights, hands gesturing majestically, she soared along the private causeways of sound that poured unrelentingly from herp 135 SS 1960
migrating to a preview of their racial graveyards. He walked along the corridor to the supervisor's office overlooking the recreation deckp 172 VT 1960
white floor of the lake bed stretching towards the hills along the horizon. Three miles away, on the far shore, hep 173 VT 1960
of sterile ether, like the nomads who trapped the sea along the shores of the Persian Gulf. Behind him the air-conditionerp 173 VT 1960
he had come across had nearly broken his neck. Speeding along the lake road a month or so earlier he hadp 174 VT 1960
The fourth chamber contained Powers‘ zoo, the vivaria jammed together along the benches and in the sinks, big coloured cardboard chartsp 175 VT 1960
Let me put you in the picture first.‘ They moved along the bench to a series of drum-shaped cages made ofp 176 VT 1960
the camera towers, leaned on the rail and looked out along the aisles towards the sight-screens. Ricocheting shells and rockets hadp 183 VT 1960
slots and stuffed them into his pockets. ‘I'll take these along to remind myself. Say goodbye to Coma for me, willp 190 VT 1960
feet threw off vivid bursts of colour, its hands racing along the benches conjured up a dazzling chiaroscuro, balls of bluep 191 VT 1960
out the clutch and accelerated the engine. As he drove along, the limestone hills half hidden in the darkness on hisp 192 VT 1960
Closing his eyes, Powers lay back and steered the car along the interval between the two time fronts, feeling the imagesp 192 VT 1960
of the world. He turned the car off the road along the track leading towards the target range. On either sidep 192 VT 1960
to the edge of the apron. Crouching forwards, he scurried along it, pausing at intervals to follow the scene. The twop 148 ZT 1960
table about a foot off the desert floor, and moved along its rim to where an old fifty-gallon drum gave himp 148 ZT 1960
made him look over his shoulder. Running straight towards him along the outcropping, head down, hands almost touching the ground, wasp 148 ZT 1960
direction of the desert. ‘By the garage, and over there along the wall. There's another hiding along that ridge.‘ Bayliss seizedp 148 ZT 1960
garage, and over there along the wall. There's another hiding along that ridge.‘ Bayliss seized him by the arm. ‘Come onp 148 ZT 1960
his mouth he saw the double who had followed him along the ridge leap up from behind the drum and stumblep 149 ZT 1960
shout, then hurled himself at the wall and pulled himself along it. Behind him Bayliss's feet came thudding across the concretep 149 ZT 1960
wandering down an enormous gallery or staircase. Traffic moved freely along the centre of streets, and in the quieter districts sectionsp 268 B 1961
their own. They stepped out into the pedestrian stream, carried along by it for ten or twenty yards, then quickened theirp 270 B 1961
built into the banks of cases half a dozen steps along the corridor, but the occupant, a man of seventy, wasp 273 B 1961
Divided by their partitions, the five beds were in line along the rear wall, facing the mahogany wardrobe. In between wasp 277 B 1961
and moved them closer together, six beds now in line along the wall. This gave each of them an interval twop 277 B 1961
Through the dusk Holiday saw the migration officer's helicopter whirling along towards the hotel, the only local landmark, then veer offp 236 DE 1961
a cluster of rotors pointing up into the sky. Walking along the bank, the main body of the lake on theirp 239 DE 1961
moved nearer the platform, tracing out its riveted CCCP markings along the rim. The giant vehicle had cut enormous grooves throughp 239 DE 1961
before Holiday reached them Tom Juranda ran a few yards along the bank and began to kick the mud-wall into thep 242 DE 1961
morning. The Cornonation Day crowds had waited in their places along the procession route for almost twenty-four hours, and Green Parkp 279 GA 1961
name to himself as he identified a once-familiar landmark. Edging along behind the crowds packed on to the pavement, the metalp 279 GA 1961
dim light, listening to the roistering from the parties farther along the corridor, the uninterrupted roar from the street outside. Hep 282 GA 1961
the deserted street might have been miles from the crowds along the Coronation route. Dr Jamieson felt his confidence return. Everyp 283 GA 1961
than he had remembered. Barely nineteen or twenty, she strolled along with her head thrown back, long straw-coloured hair drifting lightlyp 283 GA 1961
twenties. He would go shopping with Elizabeth, steering her smoothly along the pavement, carrying all her baby purchases, shoulders back, feelingp 257 MF 1961
there of what had happened without having to call Elizabeth along to identify him? Fortunately, his intelligence was still intact. Givenp 260 MF 1961
police station. Luckily, all he needed to do was walk along the nearest main thoroughfare -- a four-year-old child wandering aboutp 260 MF 1961
a vast white room. Blue light dappled the high walls, along which a line of giant animal figures danced and gambolledp 261 MF 1961
son of a friend of Charles's. We must be getting along, Mr Hanson.‘ ‘Do call me Robert. See you again soonp 264 MF 1961
telephone, saw that the receiver was off its cradle. All along she had known what was happening, had deliberately pretended notp 265 MF 1961
then noticed that the McPhersons‘ 15-year-old son Harvey was approaching along the other garden. ‘Why aren't you at school?‘ he askedp 248 OM 1961
a different role to each of us at the colony along the Stars. To me, at first, she was a beautifulp 208 S5 1961
apocalypse. To Tony Sapphire and the rest of her followers along the beach she was a reincarnation of Astarte herself, ap 208 S5 1961
up another, disentangling it from one of the buttresses. Printed along it in the same ornate neo-classical type was: SET KEELp 209 S5 1961
spectral crown. The exposed quartz veins in the sand reefs along the Stars rippled like necklaces in the sweeping headlights ofp 209 S5 1961
had a poetess for my neighbour. Almost all the studios along the Stars are occupied by painters and poets -- thep 209 S5 1961
cap and black collar. He said nothing. As we drove along the Stars he suddenly cut out into the oncoming lanep 212 S5 1961
and high-speed cams of a computer mechanism, and the lettering along them had not been printed but embossed by some processp 216 S5 1961
awnings, and the hunchbacked figure of the chauffeur was scurrying along the terrace. Standing on the roof, her white gown billowingp 219 S5 1961
exacting sweet revenge at the same time. Suppose we play along with Tristram and tell Aurora that these poems were hand-writtenp 226 S5 1961
while I stayed with Aurora and Tristram. As we moved along I noticed that Aurora's face had become less relaxed, herp 229 S5 1961
expression of watchful intent. Changing my mind, I moved quietly along the spiral, just below them, the falls of sand maskingp 229 S5 1961
were the distant lights of Vermilion Sands, the headlights sweeping along the Stars reflected in the glass roof-tiles of my villap 232 S5 1961
the tenth floor he stepped out, and carried his suitcases along the narrow corridor around the elevator shaft to a smallp 10 WFN 1961
on by sea. Luckily, these she never played. ‘Tremendous seas along the front,‘ Sylvester chimed in. ‘All the big hotels arep 13 WFN 1961
a standard lamp and throwing a brilliant whirl of light along the walls. The force drove Maitland across the carpet. Outsidep 15 WFN 1961
terrifying. It's not as bad up here in town, but along the coast -- the seas are coming right over thep 15 WFN 1961
outside pounded against the heavy grilles. It drove high swells along the 300-foot length of the pen which rode the Terrapinp 26 WFN 1961
engine and edged forward into the wind. The carrier ground along at a steady ten miles an hour, passed the sub-pensp 32 WFN 1961
ten miles an hour, passed the sub-pens and then turned along the boundary road. As it pivoted, the whole vehicle tiltedp 32 WFN 1961
than a mile. One or two vehicles passed them, crawling along under loads of sandbags. Most of them were Italian militaryp 34 WFN 1961
to the doorway. ‘There's a good chance nothing will come along here for hours,‘ Lanyon told him. ‘The road over thep 45 WFN 1961
left the carrier the wind caught Lanyon and gunned him along, tossing him helplessly across the lumpy soil. Over his shoulderp 45 WFN 1961
a hill. Regaining his balance, he reached the hedge, crawled along to a narrow gateway and slipped through it into thep 46 WFN 1961
bowed down with his back to the wind, being carried along the verge of the roadway. Charlesby, oilskin ripped off hisp 46 WFN 1961
the tapes under his armpits, followed ten yards behind. Zigzagging along the hedges in the general direction of the barracks, Lanyonp 46 WFN 1961
or twice he thought he saw one of them moving along an adjacent field, but he was unable to cross thep 46 WFN 1961
the ditch, a lumpy bundle of grey-and-black rags. Lanyon crawled along to it. When he was a few feet away hep 46 WFN 1961
face. As he backed away he saw someone approaching him along the ditch. ‘Commander Lanyon!‘ It was Patricia Olsen. She stillp 47 WFN 1961
trailed around her head in a tangled mat. He hurried along to her, took her arm and steadied her into ap 47 WFN 1961
of this size rakes away too much of the good along with the bad.‘ He grinned at her suddenly. She smiledp 49 WFN 1961
fortnight at the outside -- usually after she was asleep. Along with the wives and families of the other COE personnelp 52 WFN 1961
fallen among the four bronze lions. The square was deserted. Along the north side a tunnel of sandbags ran from thep 61 WFN 1961
venture out until the wind abated. The new office blocks along the Strand and the clubs along Pall Mall were heavilyp 62 WFN 1961
The new office blocks along the Strand and the clubs along Pall Mall were heavily sandbagged and looked as if theyp 62 WFN 1961
post dug into the mouth of Holborn Underground Station. Ahead, along Southampton Row, was a group of vehicles -- three Centurionp 62 WFN 1961
with steel props would spread out across the basement, crawling along the foot-high space that was probably all that was leftp 64 WFN 1961
in two. He watched them blow away, then dragged himself along the side of the car, hand over hand, by thep 65 WFN 1961
the car, hand over hand, by the camouflage-netting hasps riveted along the bottom of the chassis. A continuous shower of stonesp 66 WFN 1961
sounds as if things are getting pretty had. Colossal flooding along the south coast -- most of Brighton sounds as ifp 75 WFN 1961
up there. Got it?‘ Maitland hesitated, then began to crawl along the bottom of the ditch toward the aperture in thep 81 WFN 1961
platform, jumped down between the rails and began to walk along to the next station, South Kensington. Electric bulbs strung alongp 82 WFN 1961
along to the next station, South Kensington. Electric bulbs strung along the tunnel shone down onto the track. On the platformp 82 WFN 1961
Street, he ran with his head down, feeling his way along the irregular corridor of bursting sandbags. A few cracks ofp 83 WFN 1961
as he retraced his steps through the Pakistan Embassy and along the tunnel to the first-aid post. Somewhere the system ofp 87 WFN 1961
making it resemble an abandoned sewer. Head down, he hurried along to the station entrance. He ran down the steps, thenp 87 WFN 1961
switched the torch off to conserve the battery and groped along the walls, his only hope to get out of thep 87 WFN 1961
Bracing himself against the wall of the ravine, he slid along through the downdraught of air, trying to see where thep 94 WFN 1961
mouth on her lips. Entering the ravine, they moved cautiously along the east wall, sheltering under the overhanging shelves while showersp 96 WFN 1961
and polished, still damp in the sandy bed. They climbed along it, a narrow ribbon of daylight winding somewhere above themp 96 WFN 1961
of what had once been a castellated wall curving away along a road which crossed the end of the canyon. ‘Mayp 97 WFN 1961
enclosed what was left of the garden and vineyards. Halfway along, an arched doorway let into a yard between low outbuildingsp 97 WFN 1961
took Patricia's arm, and they bent down and moved slowly along the wall toward the entrance. They paused in one ofp 97 WFN 1961
the chamber. Ahead of him he could hear someone moving along the stonework. He was halfway across when lights flooded onp 100 WFN 1961
a jug full of water, and the little interpreter rooted along the shelf over the fireplace and produced a grimy glassp 102 WFN 1961
the passageway took advantage of the old city wall, running along beside it for half a mile as it curved downp 106 WFN 1961
in a small circle of light far below, then moved along a ledge across the massive blocks of the city wallp 106 WFN 1961
a narrow stream of fluid a few inches deep trickled along the bottom of the course, its surface rippled by thep 108 WFN 1961
impact of the buildings collapsing above. They began to move along the ledge. A hundred yards ahead they crossed a smallp 108 WFN 1961
of the pier. He took her arm and they edged along the wall, straddling the tangle of twisted girders that werep 110 WFN 1961
tight. Where the hell have they all gone?‘ They hurried along the dark communications corridor, crossing the control decks of thep 111 WFN 1961
portico and then was carried away across St. James's Park. Along the horizon were the low ragged outlines of the Nationalp 122 WFN 1961
into the wind and were trying to make their way along the protecting wall of the concrete breastwork. But no soonerp 124 WFN 1961
again in half an hour.‘ He made his way quickly along the darkened corridor to the small stairway at the endp 124 WFN 1961
But we'll need Kroll to help persuade him to come along.‘ He stood up and walked over to one of thep 125 WFN 1961
wire behind the sofa to the corner, he traced it along the skirting board behind his desk to the emergency doorp 126 WFN 1961
him as the question was repeated. ‘I'll be bringing them along. They're top communications people; they'll be useful to us. Whatp 127 WFN 1961
motionless, still stained by the acrid fumes of the cordite. Along the wall behind him the teletypes were at last quietp 135 WFN 1961
limply. Instantly the voices returned. ‘How did the grafts come along?‘ ‘Very well, all in all. We'll take his arms outp 138 WFN 1961
across his knees, supporting a large sign. Huge letters ran along it. They read: CLEARANCE SALE. For a moment Maitland staredp 139 WFN 1961
with luck a few useful Nato personnel may be invited along to do the rough work. From now on I'm goingp 143 WFN 1961
vehicle, almost completely obliterating the U.S. Navy insignia painted along the hull. A lean-faced big-shouldered man in a blue surfacep 146 WFN 1961
switched on in the compartment. They appeared to be moving along a tunnel carved through an iceberg, and Maitland remembered someonep 149 WFN 1961
Sweeping the periscope around, he saw that they were moving along the remains of the M5 Motorway down to Portsmouth. Littlep 150 WFN 1961
-- aircraft fuselage or motor car -- bouncing and cartwheeling along the ground. Maitland leaned against the periscope mounting. With thep 150 WFN 1961
on the navigator's screen. They followed the beam carefully, driving along a razor edge between a stream of dots -- leftwardp 153 WFN 1961
at Leatherhead, as much guided by signs of recent activity along the road as by the radio beam, the wind pushingp 155 WFN 1961
roadwork had recently been in progress. The tractor edged forward along the centre at 15 mph, tacking from left to rightp 155 WFN 1961
feet wide, a massive reinforced concrete buttress. As they moved along it, a second rampart appeared out of the gravel-like soilp 157 WFN 1961
ran to the bunker system 200 yards away. Maitland walked along the damp concrete uneasily, aware of the massive weight ofp 167 WFN 1961
weight of the structure overhead, counting the dim lights strung along the tunnel. He wondered whether there was any point inp 167 WFN 1961
food and water, his own generator.‘ The guard looked uneasily along the tunnel. As they stepped through the tunnel and waitedp 169 WFN 1961
occasionally stopping to shoulder Maitland ahead of him, they walked along a maze of corridors, stairways, and dimly lit ramps traversedp 169 WFN 1961
least 400 men were accommodated in the network of shelters, along with enough supplies to maintain them for six months. Thep 169 WFN 1961
that probably the quickest method is for them to play along with Hardoon, produce a highly coloured extravaganza about this lonep 171 WFN 1961
door, with Lanyon at his feet, Waring and Pat Olsen along the far wall below the ventilator. Outside in the corridorp 172 WFN 1961
panels, shouting at the tops of their voices. Overhead, somewhere along the stairway, they could hear confused shouting, the sounds ofp 173 WFN 1961
entered the communicating tunnel, now in total darkness, guiding themselves along the walls. These were tilting, as if the tunnel werep 175 WFN 1961
as if the tunnel were being twisted longitudinally. Water accumulated along the left-hand side, more than three inches deep. Tremendous faultsp 176 WFN 1961
heavily off balance, was pushing himself back to the window along the edge of the desk. Maitland had started to movep 180 WFN 1961
wall. Deep fissures had appeared in the cement. They ran along it, Maitland and Lanyon helping Patricia Olsen. Halfway down thep 181 WFN 1961
past at incredible speed. Then numbly the little group withdrew along the short stump of tunnel and made its way intop 183 WFN 1961
the estate, even trace the remains of a road winding along the periphery. The sky itself had lightened, was now anp 186 WFN 1961
of conditioning. Dr Francis had been furious. As he hurried along the D-Deck corridor he listened carefully for the doctor, whop 321 13C 1962
a lot of thought. When did you first start thinking along these lines?‘ ‘After the dream,‘ Abel said. Dr Francis hadp 322 13C 1962
snapped and the sail tilted slightly to reveal the catwalk along the centre of the roof. He pointed this out top 327 13C 1962
You'll have to string that back. Some fool was wandering along the catwalk and throwing his shadow straight on to thep 327 13C 1962
mounted in the control point set at ten yard intervals along the perimeter corridor, a narrow circular passageway around the mainp 337 13C 1962
Then the hand moved back to zero, and footsteps sounded along the radial corridor at right angles past the next bulkheadp 337 13C 1962
a lecture some years ago in London. The workman sent along to supervise the suit asked how deep Dali proposed top 198 UGM 1962
At sunset, when the vermilion glow reflected from the dunes along the horizon fitfully illuminated the white faces of the abandonedp 355 CS 1962
he had salvaged from the submerged chalets and motels further along the beach (the hysterical ‘This is Mamie Goldberg, 62955 Cocoap 356 CS 1962
monster side-shows at a carnival. Outside his room, steps sounded along the corridor, then slowly climbed the stairway, pausing for ap 358 CS 1962
of sand rained across the floor. At night dust-storms churned along the beach. Thermal pools isolated by the cooling desert wouldp 361 CS 1962
engine barely varying its deep bass growl, then move off along the line of hotels, almost indistinguishable in profile among thep 361 CS 1962
pink spume streaming from her long fingers as they moved along the balcony ledge. When the satellites finally disappeared among thep 362 CS 1962
balcony ledge. When the satellites finally disappeared among the stars along the horizon, she leaned forwards, her face raised to thep 362 CS 1962
line of wardens moving down a side-street, the sand-car edging along behind them. Before Bridgman could steady himself a spasm ofp 363 CS 1962
then pointed at a squat, bow-legged figure trudging towards them along the curving road into town. ‘Travis --‘ The tool-bag swungp 363 CS 1962
to catch us.‘ Travis shrugged. ‘Maybe. They're extending the fence along the beach. They probably intend to seal us in forp 364 CS 1962
of shadow whenever the distant sounds of the construction gangs along the perimeter were carried across to him by the windp 367 CS 1962
a snarl, Bridgman swung away from the balcony and moved along to the exposed section of rail behind the elevator headp 368 CS 1962
of the capsules, which were now disappearing among the stars along the eastern horizon, it was little more than a fewp 370 CS 1962
The Countess ran towards him as a further barrage rattled along the wall. Then a heavy tile whirled through the airp 302 GT 1962
enclosing the ruined estate, hauled their carts over it and along the dry ruts of what once had been an ornatep 303 GT 1962
house, it began to cross the wall at all points along its length. Jostled together, the people stumbled into the dryp 303 GT 1962
at Casablanca, gunned the Jaguar up to 120 and burned along through the cool night air, letting the brine-filled slipstream cutp 289 IO 1962
razor blade to her. After Libya, Tunis. He blazed steadily along the coast road, the sea like a molten mirror onp 293 IO 1962
whirling over the neon-lit cobbles. Beggars sat at their pitches along the sidewalk, whining for sous. ‘Philip, you don't know whatp 293 IO 1962
of the sound-sweeper. ‘They have their own studios and send along a team of analysts and writers to interview us andp 339 PE 1962
this, but her friends who frequented the chic playtime clinics along the beach at Mira Mira considered the so-called honeyMoon tripsp 340 PE 1962
his hands moved below the desk and a buzzer sounded along the wall. ‘However,‘ Tony added, ‘I'd be grateful if you'dp 345 PE 1962
all accounts, is starting now, and everybody will be coming along. I was politely but firmly informed that it was nop 349 PE 1962
Colonel Sapt is dug in behind the swimming pool. Enfilade along the garage roof --‘ Clifford gave up. He went backp 351 PE 1962
comparison and take the first tolerably conventional pile to come along. One, just off Stellavista and M, would have shaken evenp 305 TDS 1962
head by only a few feet, and then sailed away along the line of submerged office blocks, gliding in and outp 18 DW 1962
of little more than a foot, and as they moved along through the flat water, the sun slanting down behind themp 19 DW 1962
the wash from the cutter splashing through the open windows along the water-line. The sharp tang of wet lime contrasted freshlyp 23 DW 1962
flat sheets of silver water expanding towards the green blur along the southern horizon. Massive silt banks lifted their backs throughp 25 DW 1962
lifted their backs through the surface, a light yellow fur along their spines marking the emergence of the first giant bamboop 25 DW 1962
circle over the adjacent lagoon. Now and then it dived along the water's edge, the down-draught from its rotor blades beatingp 27 DW 1962
I know the Colonel's very keen.‘ Kerans left him squinting along the metal louvres and walked off along the deck. Asp 32 DW 1962
left him squinting along the metal louvres and walked off along the deck. As soon as he was out of sightp 32 DW 1962
letting the pointer dance and float. A sailor walked past along C-Deck, and Kerans quickly slipped the compass into his jacketp 33 DW 1962
Too tired to start the motor, Kerans slowly pulled them along the overhead hawser stretched between the base and the testingp 38 DW 1962
the helicopter. Giant groves of gymnosperms stretched in dense clumps along the rooftops of the submerged buildings, smothering the white rectangularp 51 DW 1962
near the base he would have been forced to travel along the water-ways, where he had the maximum possible protection fromp 53 DW 1962
the central lagoons, the towers almost obscured in the mists along the horizon. Five miles away, directly between them and thep 54 DW 1962
the cinema. A few branches and dumps of weed drifted along on the northward current, the bright sunlight masking the moltenp 55 DW 1962
even two days. He'll have headed north, be resting somewhere along these open channels out of the city.‘ Riggs nodded doubtfullyp 56 DW 1962
diverted by the giant silt banks. ‘Hardman will be somewhere along there. It probably took him all night to reach thep 56 DW 1962
had rotted or been ripped out, and they moved slowly along the tiled inlays, stepping warily from one concrete tie-beam top 60 DW 1962
had slipped from the walls and lay in grey heaps along the skirting boards. Wherever sunlight filtered through, the bare lathesp 60 DW 1962
seized the bed-frame in both hands, began to wrench it along in slow painful jerks, the denim jacket split down hisp 63 DW 1962
Wilson began to wade forward precariously through the soft silt along the water's edge, the carbine held across his chest. Asp 64 DW 1962
holstered the revolver in his belt, turned and ran off along the water's edge to the buildings that merged into thep 64 DW 1962
up a narrow incline towards the silt banks which stretched along the shore a hundred yards away. Acknowledging his escape, thep 67 DW 1962
drummed nearer, almost filling the sky itself, the dense vegetation along the limestone cliffs was flung back abruptly, to reveal thep 69 DW 1962
be reported.‘ Footsteps sounded up the companionway and moved briskly along the metal deck outside. Colonel Riggs pushed back the doublep 73 DW 1962
said evenly. The Drowned Ark The two men moved quickly along the deck, their padded soles soundless on the metal platesp 75 DW 1962
eyries in the submerged office blocks. Myriads of insects festered along the water-line, momentarily disturbed as the swells rolled in againstp 75 DW 1962
moved steadily through the lagoons, and would carry them back along the shore to their former mooring. Holding the station offp 76 DW 1962
the black water, soon disappearing among the dark blue shadows along the edge of the lagoon. As the down-draught from itsp 77 DW 1962
the southerly storms. Ten to one the shutters and air-seals along the bedroom walls will be breached. What about food, Alanp 79 DW 1962
trying to re-settle itself, the giant cryptograms and scale trees along the shore tossed and flurried by the still surging airp 82 DW 1962
disturbed from the branches by the surging wash. Twenty-five yards along the shore he berthed the catamaran among the horse-tails growingp 84 DW 1962
the noise of vegetation being torn and buffeted. Sure enough, along the course followed by the inlet, the huge fern treesp 84 DW 1962
into the next lagoon, the great mass of alligators surging along behind it. A few detached themselves and cruised off inp 86 DW 1962
its eyes steadying. Its rough scaly back and the crest along its tail flexed powerfully as it surged through the waterp 86 DW 1962
palm of his hand in Kerans‘ back and propelled him along the aisle out of the hold. Five minutes later, asp 94 DW 1962
the coup de grace to be administered, and Strangman swarmed along the rail in front of them, eager for a betterp 98 DW 1962
him slowly downwards into the green-lit deep, hand over hand along the rail, and paused at the two-fathom mark. Here thep 103 DW 1962
had collapsed. Passing the ticket booth, he propelled himself slowly along the mezzanine, and paused by the rail to read thep 105 DW 1962
coloured lights, and the two remaining SCOWS were working systematically along the banks, driving the alligators into the central lagoon. Keransp 115 DW 1962
wasn't too easy to arrange.‘ Bodkin nodded and moved away along the rail, his face still stunned. Kerans asked: ‘But howp 120 DW 1962
cut long pathways through them. Strangman at their head, racing along in his white suit, firing star-shells into the dark streetsp 123 DW 1962
streets, occasionally meeting one of the roistering crew, ambling drunkenly along the centre of the roadway with the remains of somep 124 DW 1962
his legs. Then he turned and began to edge back along the barrage. Kerans jumped to his feet and ran afterp 131 DW 1962
of excited orders from Strangman and the Admiral, who raced along beside the wheels, trying helplessly to restrain it, the cartp 138 DW 1962
rapidly gathered speed and veered away into a side-street, careened along the pavement before demolishing a rusty lamp-standard. Bludgeoning the curlyp 138 DW 1962
The men between the shafts, unaware of their direction, raced along the street, panting after Strangman and the Admiral, Big Caesarp 139 DW 1962
up on to the sidewalk For fifty yards it raced along helplessly, several of the men tripping over each other's legsp 139 DW 1962
swung from Big Caesar's hand. Searching the darkness, Kerans edged along the wall, almost cut his hands on a ragged anglep 141 DW 1962
the overhead guy-rope controlling the blade scraper, he crawled slowly along the foot-wide boom, then stood up and climbed over thep 145 DW 1962
group approached, a white-suited man at its centre. He strolled along, one thumb hooked casually into his belt, the other signallingp 150 DW 1962
below the broad fronds of the fern trees, he raced along to the barrage, fitted between the end of the buildingp 158 DW 1962
rapidly unslung his Thompson gun. Head down, Kerans raced back along the barrage, reached the terrace as Macready shouted again andp 159 DW 1962
Go back!‘ he shouted to the Sergeant, who was loping along the wooden planks. ‘It's going to blow!‘ Backing away amongp 159 DW 1962
quickly towards him and he looked around as Beatrice raced along the terrace. Reaching the corner as Riggs and Daley shoutedp 161 DW 1962
away, flying fifty feet above the water, the helicopter raced along, machine-gun fire flickering from its cabin at the islands belowp 163 DW 1962
hundred yards in height. In the spasmodic sunlight they glittered along the horizon like fields of gold, the tops of thep 164 DW 1962
an hour later I climbed the lake wall and walked along it to the spiral fire escape. The bougainvillaea wreathed throughp 401 TSS 1962
among the cold pools of shadow whenever a car moved along the beach road. All day I waited by the telephonep 402 TSS 1962
For a week I remained, at my villa, then drove along the beach road towards the summer-house one evening after Neversp 403 TSS 1962
its peak. People were standing at their windows and balconies along both sides of the street, whispering agitatedly to each otherp 373 WT 1962
could reply he turned on his heel and strode away along the pavement. It took him ten minutes to reach thep 373 WT 1962
empty coffee cup and watching the few people who passed along the street. No one else visited the cafe, and hep 377 WT 1962
from the air around him, when he saw Hanson hurrying along the street. ‘Do join me.‘ Renthall drew a chair backp 383 WT 1962
Charles?‘ Renthall went over to the window, his eyes roving along the lines of sun-bathers on the roofs. He waited ap 389 WT 1962
roof-tops? Sun-bathing!‘ ‘Good idea. Isn't that what you've wanted all along?‘ ‘Not so blatantly as this.‘ Renthall pointed to the nearestp 390 WT 1962
for being caught out by the doctor, he drove himself along the pavement towards Mrs Osmond, determined to find at leastp 392 WT 1962
sky seemed even wider and more open, the distant watch-towers along the horizon like a continuous palisade. He twisted his footp 393 WT 1962
collar who usually loitered outside the Public Library. He hobbled along, hands in pockets, an almost Chaplinesque figure, his weak eyesp 394 WT 1962
Mrs Mason -- Mason turned into the avenue which ran along the ridge. As he approached the distant outcropping he glancedp 474 NWS 1963
the luminous waves leapt and vaulted like acrobats. Mason ran along the pavement, losing sight of her as the road curvedp 476 NWS 1963
without any apparent motion of her limbs, she moved away along the parapet. ‘Wait!‘ His shout was lost on the airp 478 NWS 1963
aerial canopy shutting off the sunlight and cloaking the water along the banks with a black velvet sheen. Now and thenp 435 QR 1963
trajectory and come down somewhere on the South American land-mass along a line linking Lake Maracaibo with Brasilia. Footsteps sounded downp 439 QR 1963
trajectory, there's a chance he may have come down further along the landing zone. Here, very possibly.‘ Shaking his head, Rykerp 445 QR 1963
out into the sunlight a couple of Indians darted away along the jetty, watching Connolly with undiminished interest. Ryker remained inp 446 QR 1963
off for the tumulus only a few minutes beforehand. Walking along the pier he began to search the sky. Away inp 455 QR 1963
unsavoury bouquet of stale suntan lotion and sweat -- looking along the beach as it swept out to the distant capep 426 RE 1963
a swarm of flies -- would have sent him hurtling along the first inland highway at seventy miles an hour. Butp 426 RE 1963
he had calculated that he could see over 50 thousand along the five-mile stretch of beach) and found himself unable top 427 RE 1963
with the promenade, a continuous stream of people moved slowly along an informal right-of-way, shouldering past each other with fresh bottlesp 427 RE 1963
else's.‘ Almost imperceptibly, another wave of restless activity was sweeping along the beach. Perhaps in response to the final digital climaxp 429 RE 1963
the beach around him. ‘Something's in the water.‘ Mildred pointed along the shore. ‘Over there.‘ Pelham followed her raised arm. Twop 431 RE 1963
distant tableau might be heard, a wave of silence passed along the beach like an immense darkening cloud shutting off thep 431 RE 1963
the terrace. Altogether some two hundred people were silently assembling along the shore-line, gazing out across the sea in front ofp 432 RE 1963
standing by the water. These now formed a continuous palisade along the shore, shutting off the sea. More and more peoplep 433 RE 1963
the trees, he saw the line of police cars parked along the perimeter road two hundred yards away. Whichever way hep 538 SA 1963
indoors, three of us drove out in Raymond Mayo's Lincoln along the road to Vermilion Sands. The season had ended, andp 541 SG 1963
kiosks, surrounding the town with immense banks of luminous ash. Along the horizon the flat-topped mesas rose into the sky likep 541 SG 1963
next hour we played the screen game, pushing the screens along their intricate pathways, advancing and retreating across the smooth marblep 542 SG 1963
bleached hulk of Lagoon West leaning into the sunlight. Somewhere, along the shore of the sand-lake, music was playing faintly, echoingp 542 SG 1963
stack of dominoes. There was no access to the house along the beach. Quartz veins cut deep fissures into the surfacep 545 SG 1963
demur he took my arm and began to walk away along the terrace towards the hoardings in the distance. ‘Let's getp 546 SG 1963
his dove-grey suit, before translating himself like a chess piece along a diagonal square. ‘It's a fascinating subject, you know. Thep 546 SG 1963
clouds which stretched like velvet towards the few faint lights along the beach two miles away. The sculptures on the upperp 554 SG 1963
her white face. By some acoustic freak, the dead sculptures along the beach had revived themselves, and once again I heardp 558 SG 1963
electric signs and route indicators. All around him cars bulleted along, streaming towards the suburbs. Relaxed by the smooth motion ofp 415 SM 1963
surface. A line of red aircraft-warning beacons was already alight along the top strut, and Franklin assumed that the sign wasp 415 SM 1963
long scar where a cable had been sunk. Franklin strolled along. Fifty feet from the sign he stopped and turned, realizingp 418 SM 1963
and ‘Buy Cigarettes‘. The people who normally parked their cars along the perimeter of the apron were avoiding the area underp 418 SM 1963
away. Everyone entering the supermarket was buying cigarettes. Cruising quietly along the 40 m.p.h. lane, Franklin began to takep 419 SM 1963
and he turned his attention to the larger billboards erected along the open stretches of the expressway. Many of these werep 419 SM 1963
least a dozen of the great signs had been erected along the expressway. As Hathaway had said, more were going upp 421 SM 1963
cost of the grease-job. Ten minutes later, as he sped along the expressway, he suddenly realized that he had bought ap 423 SM 1963
kicked out. ‘It would be a pleasure to have you along.‘ When the Old Man shook his head Traxel turned top 460 TT 1963
walked, lay between them, the pavilions arranged in three lines along a low basaltic ridge. Occasionally a brief flare of lightp 460 TT 1963
Man towards the escarpment he could see several of glowing along the sky lines, emerging briefly from the dark earth likep 462 TT 1963
on foot, to prevent Traxel guessing that the cache lay along the route of the rail -- he heard the trackp 466 TT 1963
distance the gyro-car slowly approached, the Old Man punting it along, hatless and dishevelled. He reached the tomb as Bridges wasp 466 TT 1963
another observatory at Vernon?‘ Ward asked as they set off along the drive in Cameron's Buick. ‘What is it -- anp 480 VH 1963
school constructed of glass bricks and an abstract Baptist chapel. Along the main thoroughfare the shops and stores were painted inp 481 VH 1963
turned off the highway onto a rough track which ran along the bank of a dried-up canal. He passed a fewp 492 VH 1963
that swirled high into the air behind him. Two miles along the canal the track came to an end. Ward stoppedp 493 VH 1963
give you a lift back,‘ he said. As they drove along the canal he turned to Kandinski. ‘I enjoyed your lecturep 495 VH 1963
his free days from the Tycho, and as he pedalled along he ignored the shouts from his neighbours sitting out onp 498 VH 1963
marsh-hen clacked overhead and dived out of sight. Five miles along the road he reached the last farmhouse above the edgep 499 VH 1963
out of the valley behind him he saw someone stumbling along towards the ridge at a broken run. Suddenly a feelingp 501 VH 1963
cover story. So why not use psychic jiu-jitsu and go along with him? Suggest that his cover story is his identityp 128 UGM 1964
arms provided a double stairway. From the palms they walked along the forearms to the elbow and then crawled over thep 643 DG 1964
they climbed up on to the face, hand over hand along the lips and nose, or forayed down the abdomen top 643 DG 1964
hundred of them standing or sitting on the giant, crowded along his arms and legs or circulating in a ceaseless meleep 643 DG 1964
been removed, and the sand being driven into the bay along the coast has buried the pelvis and backbone. In thep 648 DG 1964
backwards in time, the baroque tracery of the serpent deities along the friezes dissolving and being replaced by the intertwined tendrilsp 634 DS 1964
and only a thin trickle of black fluid leaked slowly along the troughs. Here and there small islands fifty yards inp 635 DS 1964
card, Maitland went out into the garden, feeling his way along the string guide-rail. As he settled himself in the wheelchairp 653 GTN 1964
solution, accreting more and more material to themselves, so that along the bank there was a congested mass of rhomboidal spearsp 610 IM 1964
the gangway, the last pale shimmer from his suit disappearing along the crowded quay. Our party was divided into several smallerp 611 IM 1964
only route of escape from the town. As we walked along the main street, the glowing jungle visible two hundred yardsp 611 IM 1964
forest as the helicopter disappeared from sight. As we raced along the road we felt its impact with the ground, andp 613 IM 1964
of crystallization was here far more advanced. The white fences along the road were so heavily encrusted that they formed anp 613 IM 1964
at my shoes, forcing me to move hand over hand along the verge of the road, where a section of heavierp 614 IM 1964
whined, and the police car I had seen earlier plunged along the road, its heavy tyres cutting through the crystal surfacep 614 IM 1964
deep carmine light glowing from the jewelled grottos. I walked along a narrow road which wound towards a great white housep 615 IM 1964
to the verge. Then I realized that I was walking along a small tributary of the river. A thin stream ofp 616 IM 1964
the boat, feeling the huge topaz and amethyst stones encrusted along its sides, a grotesque four-legged creature half-embedded in the surfacep 616 IM 1964
inanimate, and their immunity to time.‘ He swept a hand along the sill and picked up a cluster of the vitreousp 617 IM 1964
of himself. Shot-gun cradled under his arm, he moved rapidly along the fossilized stream, his movements neat and deliberate, while Ip 618 IM 1964
It was these long spurs which enabled me to walk along the street, but soon they would fuse together and lockp 622 IM 1964
of the river, and hurled myself like a wild man along its petrified surface. For many hours, or days, I racedp 623 IM 1964
looseleaf files which he placed in a row facing him along the desk. These contained what appeared to be photographic reproductionsp 579 LL 1964
a posse of police cars for Cadaques. The fast ride along that fantastic coast line, with its monstrous rocks like giantp 586 LL 1964
token of the sea's regret. The storm was still rumbling along the cliffs in the distance, and I was wary ofp 569 PCD 1964
of leaving the cave. All morning I had been walking along this deserted stretch of the Dorset coast. I had enteredp 569 PCD 1964
from the water, and then turned to retrace my steps along the coast. To my surprise, I was being watched byp 569 PCD 1964
from other people, but after the storm and my walk along the abandoned coast, I was glad to talk to someonep 570 PCD 1964
white shale reached to the sky, and huge reptiles sidled along the coarse beaches, baying at the grotesque armoured fish whichp 572 PCD 1964
floor of the ruined bunker, Traven heard the waves breaking along the shore of the lagoon, like the sounds of giantp 589 TB 1964
window in the evenings for his parents to drive home along the corniche road from the airport. Overcome by this long-forgottenp 589 TB 1964
little more than half a mile in width. Above him, along the crests of the dunes, the tall palms leaned intop 589 TB 1964
from each other by narrow isthmuses, the lakes stretched away along the curve of the atoll. On either side, sometimes shadedp 591 TB 1964
cafeteria, its selection of records still in their rack. Further along, flung into a small target lake fifty yards from thep 592 TB 1964
continue his exploration of the island. Half a mile further along the atoll he found a group of four submarine pensp 596 TB 1964
expanding universe, until the nearest line formed an intermittent palisade along the horizon. Time had become quantal. For hours it wouldp 601 TB 1964
corpse to it in a sitting position, and set off along the perimeter of the blocks. Around him the island remainedp 604 TB 1964
on the balls of his feet. As Vandervell walked back along the road two of the villagers approached. ‘Guide,‘ he saidp 659 VD 1964
of the crater but the men ignored him and continued along the road. The surface of the house had once beenp 659 VD 1964
and trucks flashing like jewelled lances as they set off along the coast road for the south; but for most ofp 8 D 1965
had seemed becalmed. Ransom postponed his return until all movement along the bridge had ended. By then the lake, once ap 8 D 1965
and fishing boats, the lakeside town of Hamilton was deserted. Along the fishermen's quays the boat-houses were empty, and the whitep 8 D 1965
half this -- a shallow creek winding its slow way along the flat gutter of the banks. Next to the fuelp 9 D 1965
who was watching him with a drifting smile. Behind him, along the deserted wharfs, the bodies of the drying fish turnedp 10 D 1965
no doubt assuming that Ransom's solitary weekends among the marshes along the southern shore of the lake marked a reluctance top 11 D 1965
vigorous epithets at the captain. Ignoring her, Tulloch drove Quilter along the rail, lunging at him like a perspiring pikeman. Thep 14 D 1965
formed brittle ciphers on the slopes. Overhead a car moved along the deserted motor-bridge, heading towards the coast. Ransom stepped outp 15 D 1965
the house by the river. Often Ransom saw her walking along the bank in the evening, remote sister of the lionsp 15 D 1965
he reached the opposite shore and then retraced his steps along the bank towards Hamilton. Across the surface of the lakep 22 D 1965
lake the pools of evaporating water stirred in the sunlight. Along its southern margins, where the open water had given wayp 22 D 1965
by the municipal authorities rose above the dunes. At intervals along the shore the dark plumes of reed fires lifted intop 23 D 1965
at Hamilton. Johnstone opened the door and moved a shot-gun along the seat, peering at Ransom with a sharp eye. ‘Ip 23 D 1965
parishioners, but in fact to keep out the transients moving along the highway to the south. Recently a curious streak hadp 24 D 1965
but shrewd criticism of his own motives, Ransom walked home along the deserted avenue. In the drive outside the house hisp 27 D 1965
down the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, and along the sea-boards of Western Europe, but without any long-term effectsp 31 D 1965
to the crying land. The Face A police car approached along the avenue and stopped fifty yards away. After a discreetp 32 D 1965
took the new arrivals in his stride. His eyes roved along the lines of sullen faces. Raising his voice, he recapitulatedp 37 D 1965
I've grasped that much.‘ He pointed to the dusty villas along the river. ‘They look like mud huts already. We're movingp 42 D 1965
the white-haired witch. As he watched the abandoned houses stretching along the ash-covered streets, and heard the restive cries of thep 49 D 1965
As the lions tore at the meat Catherine moved back along the cages, rattling her pail against the bars. Recognizing Ransomp 51 D 1965
Whitman to pump it into the reserve tank.‘ Ransom moved along the cages, the smell and energy of the lions quickeningp 51 D 1965
pierced the air, ending in a flat squawk. Ransom walked along the wall of the pool, searching the empty passages betweenp 50 D 1965
shade below the roofs of the cages. The bear swayed along the bars after him, trying to embrace him in itsp 50 D 1965
out into the road. Quickening his pace, he set off along the avenue again, ignoring a door that opened behind himp 56 D 1965
path. Hidden behind the intervening walls and houses, they moved along with him, extending in two arcs on either side, likep 57 D 1965
scuttle through a gap in a ruined wall. He raced along the white dust covering the pavement, but the road wasp 57 D 1965
one of the old herring-trawlers in the breakers‘ yards somewhere along the river towards Mount Royal. Metal ladders reached up thep 58 D 1965
the bridge and stood by the fore-rail. His slow movements along the deck had a kind of deliberate authority, as ifp 60 D 1965
to himself with a tic-like jerk. As the men shuffled along the deck to the gangway he gave Jonas a bitterp 61 D 1965
the peacock hanging from his waist, waving at him farther along the road. Leaving the dogs, Ransom limped forward after thep 62 D 1965
was armed, and they carried staves torn from the fences along the pavement. Ransom waited until they had moved past, andp 66 D 1965
of the church illuminated against the night sky. Smoke raced along the eaves, and then the flames furled themselves round thep 66 D 1965
left the house and crossed the road. The fire burned along the length of the nave, and already the smaller roofingp 66 D 1965
his lungs seizing at the air. As his men returned along the street Ransom left him and slipped away into thep 67 D 1965
The lines of cars, some with their windows smashed, lay along both sides of the road, covered by the ash settlingp 68 D 1965
he had unconsciously intended from the beginning. He walked forward along the centre of the road, letting his feet fall intop 71 D 1965
highway wound off across the land, the wrecked vehicles scattered along its verges like the battle debris of a motorized armyp 74 D 1965
take the highway, he had decided to sail the houseboat along the river to the sea, and then around the coastp 74 D 1965
car. After he had exchanged the batteries he gestured her along the seat. ‘Let me try.‘ She made room for himp 76 D 1965
bleached bed of the river, and at the brittle trees along the banks, ciphers suspended in the warm air. Ransom beganp 76 D 1965
up bellows of pain. Steering over his shoulder, Ransom reversed along the street, hitting the parked vehicles as he swerved fromp 77 D 1965
feeble hand. ‘Come on!‘ Taking her hand, he set off along a gravel-covered lane that ran down to the embankment. Helpedp 77 D 1965
road. Ransom pointed up to the motor-bridge. Two men moved along the balustrade. ‘We'll have to wade across the river.‘ Asp 77 D 1965
white dunes covered with pieces of blanched timber and driftwood. Along the bank the dried marsh-grass formed a burnt palisade. Theyp 79 D 1965
Jordan pointed towards the distant city. Huge fires were burning along the skyline; the flames swept off the roof-tops as thep 83 D 1965
fires raging on the outskirts of the city. Hamilton burned along the northern bank of the river, the flames sweeping downp 83 D 1965
had burned behind them, and Ransom pushed the small party along as fast as he could, fearing that Jonas and thep 85 D 1965
rested, sitting in the back seats of the cars abandoned along the roadway. As the fires of the city flickered inp 85 D 1965
unabated the following morning. As Ransom and Philip Jordan limped along through the warm dawn light, the old negro borne betweenp 85 D 1965
minutes later, when Ransom at last persuaded her to move along the seat, they set off in the car. To Ransom'sp 85 D 1965
fuel tank half full. Looking out at the vehicles abandoned along the road, Ransom assumed that they had been left therep 85 D 1965
sat in the back, staring out at the empty vehicles along the road. Between them, insulated by his blindness from thep 86 D 1965
crossing. The numbers of abandoned cars increased. Ransom drove slowly along the one lane still open. The steel spans of thep 86 D 1965
The thin creek wound its way like a tired serpent along the bleached white bed. Rusting lighters lay along the banksp 86 D 1965
tired serpent along the bleached white bed. Rusting lighters lay along the banks, which jutted into the air like lost cliffsp 86 D 1965
yards away the solitary figure of a man was walking along the drained white channel. He was moving upstream away fromp 87 D 1965
Just a moment, Philip.‘ The significance of this figure, disappearing along the heat-glazed bed, still eluded Ransom as he sat withp 88 D 1965
of cars. The remains of an army post were scattered along the verge. Cooking utensils hung from tripods outside the desertedp 88 D 1965
poles of the litter pressed into his shoulders. He laboured along the road, thinking of the solitary man on the riverp 88 D 1965
the sunlight, more cars were parked around the bend, and along the road as it wound downwards to the shore. Peoplep 89 D 1965
the car and switched off the engine. Below them, stretching along the entire extent of the coastal shelf, were tens ofp 89 D 1965
dividing line between the sea and the shore. At intervals along the dunes stood a number of large metal huts, almostp 89 D 1965
of the pumping gear and the bright galvanized iron roofs along the dunes made the whole area resemble a gigantic beach-sidep 90 D 1965
of organized activity came from the beach area. Trucks sped along a road between the dunes, and the lines of carsp 90 D 1965
units. ‘Wait here.‘ Ransom stepped from the car and walked along to the two men sitting on the roof of thep 90 D 1965
The road divided, one section running parallel with the beach along the foot of the hills, the other heading diagonally towardsp 91 D 1965
and reversed back to the road junction. They set off along the coast road below the cliffs. The motor camps stretchedp 91 D 1965
licence plates. ‘Some of these people must have been driving along the coast for days.‘ He opened the door. ‘There's nop 92 D 1965
into the distance the silver flanks of the metal hangars along the shore glistened in the sunlight like an unattainable Elp 92 D 1965
explain. Perhaps you couldn't see from up there, but all along the beach there's a double wire fence. The army andp 93 D 1965
in agreement, sipping her tea. The Fairground They set off along the road again. The hills began to recede, the roadp 94 D 1965
followed by Catherine and Mrs. Quilter. The old woman fussed along, muttering at the people sitting in the hollows by theirp 95 D 1965
darkness. A sullen murmur, punctuated by shouts and gunfire farther along the beach, drifted across the sand-hills. Below him Catherine andp 98 D 1965
the trailer camp. Floodlights blazed down from a dozen posts along both fences. Crouching down, his arms motionless among the grassp 98 D 1965
into a narrow creek. Dozens of other people were moving along with them, some putting small children, others carrying rifles inp 99 D 1965
we came here first!‘ More people appeared, running head down along the dry bed of the creek. Grady stared at themp 100 D 1965
the water between the huts, ignored by the soldiers farther along the beach, who let them go by. The lieutenant pushedp 100 D 1965
on his bare feet. Ransom threw away the pistol. All along the beach small groups of people were lying in thep 101 D 1965
pale light. To the east and west the dunes stretched along the coast to the horizon, occasionally giving way to ap 103 D 1965
and then, as the tide began to slacken, swilled away along the banks. Overhead the gulls dived, picking at the hundredsp 105 D 1965
watched the tide recede, dissolving the banks as it moved along them. The men in the breach began to shout top 105 D 1965
gull's scream tore from his throat. As he raced off along the bank, leaving the exhausted men in the breach top 106 D 1965
again for the shore, the man in the cape racing along beside it. Now and then he stopped to scan thep 106 D 1965
salt, then turned and shouted to his men. They followed along the banks, their paddles driving the water on as itp 106 D 1965
the spinning currents. Every twenty yards, as the lake poured along, a dozen fish would be stranded behind, and two olderp 106 D 1965
its path. Half a mile from the shore it rilled along, still intact. ‘Captain!‘ There was a shout from the twop 106 D 1965
the leader raised his paddle and drove the oarsmen back along the shores of the lake. Two hundred yards away, ap 107 D 1965
through the hollows. Now and then, as the pool raced along under its own momentum, he stopped to peer over thep 108 D 1965
almost all the stolen water for himself, and drove it along untiringly through the winding channels. The other four members ofp 108 D 1965
of water had become the greatest crime for the communities along the coast. Ransom shivered in the cold light, and triedp 108 D 1965
themselves for ever of Ransom and his band. Ransom moved along beside the pool, steering it towards the distant tower ofp 109 D 1965
tried to gain enough momentum to sweep some of this along with him. Exhausted by the need to keep up ap 109 D 1965
the sea a few yards farther out.‘ ‘Then we'll move along the coast. If we want to we can go ap 115 D 1965
remained grey and lifeless, the shallow pools like clouded mirrors. Along the shore the rusting columns of the half-submerged stills rosep 116 D 1965
slope that shelved eastwards from the beach. As he moved along he kept a careful watch on the shore. No onep 116 D 1965
salt flats, but except for the pool of water scurrying along at Ransom's feet, nothing moved across the sky or landp 117 D 1965
over the open table of shallow silt-basins that extended eastwards along the coast. He moved in and out of the swellsp 117 D 1965
in a doorway, rocking an anaemic child. At various points along the perimeter of the settlement a few sub-communities had detachedp 118 D 1965
a little brightness into his manner. ‘How's the baby coming along?‘ Hendry gestured with his pen. ‘As well as can bep 121 D 1965
otherwise this side of the ship was silent. Ransom walked along the empty deck. A rusty companionway led to the boat-deckp 122 D 1965
seemed stooped and preoccupied as he picked his way slowly along the stony path. He passed behind one of the tipsp 125 D 1965
to his right was the mouth of the drained river, along which he had first reached the shore ten years earlierp 126 D 1965
young man was still watching the lion as it raced along the dry river-bed. His hand was shaking, less with fearp 131 D 1965
spring sunlight, the small party moved at a steady pace along the drained bed. In the three days since setting outp 135 D 1965
walking unhurriedly over the lanes of firmer sand that wound along the bed. In part their rate of progress was dictatedp 135 D 1965
the quickening pulse of the desert cats. They moved forward along the river, as Mrs. Quilter drowsed under the awning, herp 137 D 1965
lay in the dust by the tracks. Ransom walked forward along the line to the locomotive. He climbed into the cabinp 140 D 1965
on the sill of the driver's window, he looked out along the track as it crossed the bridge and wound awayp 140 D 1965
Quilter insisted on walking for the first hour. She moved along at a snail's pace, her tiny booted feet advancing overp 141 D 1965
off at a brisk pace, all three pushing the cart along. Over his shoulder, when they reached a bend in thep 143 D 1965
of an old lighter. After the meal Ransom strolled away along the bank. Cloaked by the sand, the remains of ap 143 D 1965
river. Pausing less frequently to rest, they pushed the cart along the baked white deck. Far behind them the embers ofp 144 D 1965
cars were parked among the dunes by the river and along the roads approaching it. Everywhere the shells of metal towersp 145 D 1965
them, Ransom remembered the solitary figure they had seen walking along the drained bed. He left the cart and went onp 145 D 1965
as they rested in a hollow cut into the dunes along the bank, they would hear the same unseen animal somewherep 145 D 1965
crossed the air from an isolated building a hundred yards along the bank. Philip crouched down behind a section of metalp 147 D 1965
ever been. He watched the distant plumes of smoke rising along the course of the river. ‘Perhaps he is, Mrs. Quilterp 149 D 1965
their feet. He pulled himself over the balustrade and limped along the pavement towards the centre of the span. The surfacep 150 D 1965
an exhausted mendicant. Below him Philip Jordan made his way along the river-bed, spear in hand and one of the twop 151 D 1965
water. Furling its wings, it landed on the surface, gliding along, a wake of breaking light. Ransom climbed to his feetp 151 D 1965
embankment. Pausing to rest every fifty yards, he ran on along the water-front streets, stepping on the roofs of cars buriedp 151 D 1965
her arm and helped her to her feet. They hobbled along together. Once she tripped over a partly buried cable andp 152 D 1965
rubble. The lake was a small reservoir, the banks built along a convenient perimeter of ruined walls. To Ransom, however, itp 152 D 1965
you had us followed here?‘ ‘We knew someone was struggling along. Not many people come up from the coast -- mostp 180 D 1965
he said: ‘The Jonas boy and the woman went off along the river. The lions will get them tonight.‘ Quilter staredp 160 D 1965
pack, now on leash, tugged at Whitman's hand. He crept along the low wails, peering over the rough terrain. Twenty yardsp 161 D 1965
as he disappeared from sight. Obliquely behind him, Whitman scurried along, holding back the straining bodies of the dogs. He hesitatedp 161 D 1965
dust. Ransom watched the thin figure of the preacher disappear along the lake shore. Whitman cursed his way over to thep 161 D 1965
among the dunes. The tall figure of Jonas would move along the lakeside road through the darkness, calling in his deepp 166 D 1965
furs lifting in the sunlight. Beside him Whitman was pushing along the broken figure of Jonas, the dogs tearing at thep 170 D 1965
The two men called the dogs together and set off along the river in pursuit of Jonas. A Drowning An hourp 170 D 1965
water, pouring off the concrete verge above. The water swilled along, soaking the piles of bedding, and then ran to thep 172 D 1965
walls, sucked down by the porous earth. Quilter flung himself along on his stilts. Whitman followed with the dogs, hunting bayonetp 172 D 1965
a few minutes earlier deep streams of water had raced along, the wet channels were drained and empty. The water hadp 173 D 1965
and the air seemed blank and without sparkle. Quilter strode along the bank, his eyes on Lomax. ‘Now, Quilter, don't getp 173 D 1965
backed away up the slope. On his left, Whitman moved along the far side of the bank to cut him offp 174 D 1965
as they watched with their all-knowing eyes. Ransom looked back along the river, hoping for some sign of Philip Jordan orp 174 D 1965
sign of Philip Jordan or Catherine, but they had vanished along the bank. The lines of ruin lay quietly in thep 174 D 1965
and went down to the river, then began to walk along the widening mouth towards the lake. Smoothed by the windp 176 D 1965
the magnetic city. To the accompaniment of innumerable lowing horns along the banks of the river, a chorus of mournful messagesp 142 UGM 1966
other in their harnesses as the exhausted men dragged them along, pursued by a single skua gull that fed on thep 254 UGM 1966
roads. Travis followed the bomber pilot and the young woman along the faded gravel. They walked across the foundation of ap 14 AE 1966
past week a series of enormous signs had been built along the roads surrounding the hospital, almost walling it in fromp 15 AE 1966
figures of the mannequins. The Enormous Face. Dr Nathan limped along the drain age culvert, peering at the huge figure ofp 16 AE 1966
the suburbs of Hell. Departure. The next morning, Travis wandered along the gunnery aisles. On the bunkers the painted figure ofp 17 AE 1966
action, the car accelerated rapidly, and continued at high speed along the remainder of the course. The visiting teams. As befittingp 720 AE 1966
his head and arms. Kline and Coma were moving away along the railway track. Einstein. ‘The notion that this great Swissp 36 AW 1966
sense.‘ The Water World. Margaret Traven moved through the darkness along the causeways between the reservoirs. Half a mile away thep 36 AW 1966
two parallel settling beds, she saw her husband walking rapidly along one of the white-painted catwalks. He disappeared down a stairwayp 37 AW 1966
lit up the cove. Where the hell was Lydia? Somewhere along the beach a woman with a bloody breast would frightenp 663 BM 1966
happen to her? Fata Morgana Lydia felt his hand move along the plastic zipper of her dress. She lay on thep 664 BM 1966
his Zeiss binoculars at the apartment block three hundred yards along the beach. Guardia Civil Quimby watched the olive-uniformed policemen amblingp 664 BM 1966
the beach. Guardia Civil Quimby watched the olive-uniformed policemen ambling along the shore, their quaint Napoleonic hats shielding their eyes asp 664 BM 1966
retrieved two of the cards from the tiled floor. Below, along the beach road, the Spanish speed cops were converging onp 668 BM 1966
Sahara, the sand seas fused into lakes of glass, but along the narrow band of the terminator a few people livedp 670 DF 1966
behind by a French refinery technician and set off south along the seven o'clock line, passing through the dusty towns andp 670 DF 1966
of a Citroen or Peugeot emerged from the dunes. Stepping along their roofs, Halliday entered the drive of the Fine Artsp 671 DF 1966
then Halliday would see Leonora alone. Together they would walk along the bed of the drained river, or dance to thep 674 DF 1966
some of the old clocks left. The others have stopped.‘ Along the river a plume of gilded dust lifted from thep 677 DF 1966
chauffeur made his foraging journeys to Columbine and the refineries along the river. Once Halliday came across him as he roundedp 677 DF 1966
he reached the house the white Mercedes was setting off along the road to the coast. In the back Gabrielle Szabop 678 DF 1966
dusk giving way to the clear outlines of the dunes along the horizon, the isolated watertowers standing like welcoming beacons. Losingp 678 DF 1966
was hidden behind the scarf over its face, and sprinted along the terrace past the auditorium, then raced away through thep 682 DF 1966
the empty house below the cliff walking by the river. Along the narrow beach the huge birds, larger than condors, layp 697 SBD 1966
the dead birds. Although many thousands of the creatures lay along the margins of the river and in the marshes aroundp 697 SBD 1966
last terrifying battles when they had come from their eyries along the North Sea and attacked the picket ship. Each ofp 697 SBD 1966
mounted on the rail of the bridge he followed her along the beach, and saw more clearly the white hair andp 699 SBD 1966
chance of a few stragglers appearing from the nesting grounds along the abandoned coast -- he went back to his telescopep 700 SBD 1966
and feathers, and sending them off to their sailing grounds along the coast. Three years later the birds had returned. Thep 700 SBD 1966
and powerful as a man's, flew out of the storms along the coast, killing the cattle in the fields and attackingp 701 SBD 1966
but by a sense of some unknown and irrevocable destiny. Along the opposite bank the silver forms of the birds layp 702 SBD 1966
see you again.‘ ‘What?‘ The dwarf scurried about, hands dancing along the rusty rail. He gave up with an elaborate shrugp 704 SBD 1966
be relatively safe, but in the open, during her walks along the beach, she would be an all too easy preyp 705 SBD 1966
afternoon the dark clouds had come in from the sea along the river basin, and by evening the cliff beyond thep 707 SBD 1966
sluggish, leaching away the sombre tinctures of the collapsing vegetation along the banks. At intervals, when the sky was overcast, thep 11 CW 1966
seemed to be no other vessels of any size berthed along the jetties. As he watched the shore, Dr. Sanders wasp 11 CW 1966
a jeep was at that moment being unloaded. People wandered along the wharves and through the arcades in the main streetp 12 CW 1966
Louise, he looked out through the window at the jetties along the river. The last of the cargo was being loadedp 31 CW 1966
to go out for a walk. As he set off along the arcade toward the river, now and then passing thep 40 CW 1966
the lights of the half-empty police prefecture, Sanders turned right along the river and walked toward the native market. The steamerp 41 CW 1966
piers swayed under the weight of running men, swinging themselves along the handrails as they swerved after each other like shuttlesp 43 CW 1966
collapsing web. Ventress shouted to the youth carrying his suitcase along the catwalk ten yards in front of him. A tallp 43 CW 1966
only on finding the suitcase. One by one he moved along the boats, kicking back the calico awnings, his pistol holdingp 44 CW 1966
its watching owner sank once again into the darkness. Halfway along the pier Sanders saw the crop-headed mulatto swing down fromp 45 CW 1966
Ventress to the doctor and back again. A hundred yards along the shore a signal flare rose into the air overp 46 CW 1966
and the tar-streaked wood had caught fire, the flames flaring along the dry timbers. Sanders lunged with one foot at thep 46 CW 1966
truck. He seized the knife, then ran straight past Sanders along the pier and dived down among the boats on thep 46 CW 1966
arm, but this time guiding him, he began to run along the pier. ‘Head down, Doctor! We can't wait here!‘ Hisp 46 CW 1966
steamed and spat in the dark air. The police moved along the other catwalks with their machetes, cutting them one byp 47 CW 1966
Royal with Louise as soon as possible. As they walked along he watched for any signs of the mulatto and hisp 48 CW 1966
half-castes who owned the small group of fishing boats moored along the bank. They shook their heads when he mentioned Montp 50 CW 1966
that the ferry over there?‘ Louise pointed a hundred yards along the bank, where half a dozen people stood at thep 50 CW 1966
an effort, he turned on one heel and walked off along the river toward the town. Dr. Sanders stood up asp 51 CW 1966
aware that their conversation was being overheard. They were walking along the quay, and to their right, twenty feet away, ap 52 CW 1966
few other craft about. One or two native outriggers moved along by the edge of the banks, half hidden by thep 53 CW 1966
followed by cafe royal. Nothing moved across the river or along the banks, and to Sanders it seemed that the entirep 55 CW 1966
its pointed cheekbones, had given him a sharp piratical look along the waterfront at Port Matarre, but here, surrounded on allp 55 CW 1966
leave her alone for the time being, Sanders walked away along the pier, picking his way across the broken boards untilp 56 CW 1966
into a more open stretch, where part of the undergrowth along the right-hand bank had been cut back to provide ap 60 CW 1966
channel from one bank to the next. On the right, along the wharves, were the warehouses bearing the names of thep 61 CW 1966
the battalion's headquarters. Dr. Sanders looked back at the river. Along the barrage across the channel two young soldiers walked top 62 CW 1966
solution, accreting more and more material to themselves, so that along the bank there was a congested mass of rhomboidal spearsp 69 CW 1966
arm. ‘We must follow the party now.‘ As they walked along the wharf, Radek said in his low voice: ‘Outside thisp 71 CW 1966
away. The vegetation was sparser, the grass growing in clumps along the sandy soil. In the open space a mobile laboratoryp 74 CW 1966
forest as the aircraft disappeared from view. As they raced along the road Dr. Sanders felt its impact with the groundp 75 CW 1966
beckoning back Sanders and the other civilians who were crowding along the fence. Radek shouted to the sergeant, who let Sandersp 75 CW 1966
overhead. The process of crystallization was more advanced. The fences along the road were so heavily encrusted that they formed ap 75 CW 1966
ahead of Dr. Sanders, but Radek had fallen behind, limping along and pausing to feel the soles of his boots. Byp 75 CW 1966
at Sanders's shoes, forcing him to move hand over hand along the verge. ‘Sanders! Come back, Doctor!‘ The brittle echoes ofp 76 CW 1966
in an underground grotto, reached Sanders, but he stumbled on along the road, following the intricate patterns that revolved and expandedp 76 CW 1966
roared, and the Chrysler he had seen with Thorensen plunged along the road, the heavy tires cutting through the crystal surfacep 76 CW 1966
it to the verge. He realized that he was walking along a small tributary of the river, and that a thinp 78 CW 1966
floor. As he paused by the boat, feeling the crystals along its sides, a huge four-legged creature half-embedded in the surfacep 78 CW 1966
palimpsest of colours. He peered down at the crystal vegetation along the stream. After a pause he said: ‘My dear Sandersp 88 CW 1966
inanimate, and their immunity to time!‘ He swept a hand along the sill and scooped up a cluster of the vitreousp 89 CW 1966
The shout, an angry challenge, came from the crystal shrubbery along the left-hand margins of the lawn. A second later ap 90 CW 1966
trees, shaking loose their vivid colours. ‘Keep down!‘ Ventress scuttled along the floor to the next window, then worked the barrelp 90 CW 1966
and over-excited eyes. ‘Ventress! You knew they were here all along -- you were bloody well using me as a decoyp 95 CW 1966
the forest. The summer house For an hour they moved along the fossilized stream. Ventress remained in the lead, the shotgunp 96 CW 1966
two or three men, their boots crushing the brittle foliage along the bank. As Sanders moved toward the door Kagwa touchedp 112 CW 1966
rescue the mine-owner and Serena Ventress. The two guides moved along at a rapid pace, barely pausing to choose their directionp 113 CW 1966
walls, the reflected stars glittered like fire-flies. He pressed on along the path. His clothes had begun to glow in thep 114 CW 1966
in huge crystal slippers. These spurs enabled him to walk along the sharp edges of the roadway, but soon the opposingp 116 CW 1966
at least ten feet below the original course. Sanders walked along the frozen beach, looking at the vitrified forest on eitherp 116 CW 1966
the sides of the trunk like half-melted ice. Fifty yards along the ice beach, which narrowed as the water swept pastp 117 CW 1966
After the endless glimmer of the vitrified forest the trees along the road, the ruined hotel and even the two menp 119 CW 1966
with a sense of failure and disappointment. A car approached along the road. The driver signalled with the searchlight on thep 120 CW 1966
Edward!‘ Max took his arm and tried to steer him along the path. ‘There's no --‘ Sanders pushed his hand awayp 122 CW 1966
patients and consequently most of the money.‘ They were walking along the perimeter fence on the eastern side of the hospitalp 130 CW 1966
spread several miles down-river, extending itself through the forested areas along the banks. Two hundred feet above the jungle the airp 130 CW 1966
climbed the fence into the compound. The porters had moved along the trees and were now driving back the last ofp 132 CW 1966
you go out.‘ Sanders waved to him, then walked away along the clearing. The porters had completed their job and werep 132 CW 1966
chatter, Sanders slipped his arm through hers and steered her along the clearing toward the group of chalets at the rearp 133 CW 1966
in the dispensary.‘ ‘Quite a number of the natives come along during the night,‘ Max explained. ‘During the daytime they're hangingp 138 CW 1966
had crossed the highway, and small patches of the scrub along the roadside had begun to vitrify. Their drab leaves gavep 139 CW 1966
her dark gown like an immense veil as she moved along the crystalline pathways away from the white hotel. Duel withp 143 CW 1966
among the fallen columns -- Dr. Sanders set off alone along the highway. To his left, the glitter of the forestp 146 CW 1966
Then he pressed his hands into his pockets and moved along the verges of the road, picking his way among thep 146 CW 1966
river wound away around the frosted trees. The few craft along the banks were now so heavily encrusted that they werep 147 CW 1966
from the harbour, and hurled himself like a wild man along its petrified surface. For hours he raced through the forestp 150 CW 1966
soon. It's been a long search.‘ Checking himself, he peered along his barrel, examining the sprays of frozen grass that skirtedp 152 CW 1966
They're not, my dear fellow.‘ Ventress was watching the undergrowth along the banks, as if taking no chances that Thorensen mightp 153 CW 1966
own, glowing like the hard compacted light they emitted. Only along the forearm, where he had torn away the strip ofp 154 CW 1966
cruiser was moving astern, the smoke of the exhaust drifting along its hull. It stopped and straightened out. Full ahead, thep 155 CW 1966
carmine light bled off into the surrounding ice. The trees along the bank were still shaking with the impact, shedding thep 155 CW 1966
sprays of grass, he saw a long silver-bodied creature shuffling along the bank. Ventress crouched beside him, peering through the dimp 157 CW 1966
crystal ship moored like a ghost behind him. Feet raced along the opposite bank. With a shout Ventress rose on hisp 158 CW 1966
the river. As he walked away from the summer house along the bank, leaving behind the three dead men, one stillp 158 CW 1966
Holding the shaft in his hands, he moved the crosspiece along the trellises that hung everywhere like webs of ice, lookingp 163 CW 1966
the mouth of a small stream and began to walk along it, too tired to climb over the cataracts in itsp 164 CW 1966
out of the forest, the absolute silence of the vegetation along the banks and the deep prismatic glow almost convinced himp 164 CW 1966
overhead canopy of trees gave way to the open sky, along the bed of the stream or in the small clearingsp 164 CW 1966
of the troupe had scattered again among the trees. Hobbling along, Sanders found the last remnants of their meagre baggage lyingp 165 CW 1966
its fault in front of the summer house. Sanders walked along the bank, past the crystal remains of the mulatto inp 166 CW 1966
some time Sanders had suspected that Max had known all along that Suzanne would run away into the forest after seeingp 173 CW 1966
of Suzanne Clair, Sanders reached the waterfront and walked down along the deserted jetties. Almost all the native boats had gonep 174 CW 1966
To Conrad Foster, watching beside his uncle from the balustrade along the beach road, there seemed little more than fifty yardsp 683 TIM 1966
His uncle gestured with the stick at a car moving along the road a quarter of a mile away. ‘It couldp 683 TIM 1966
down from their vantage point among the dunes and moved along the sand, driving the last of the birds away fromp 683 TIM 1966
pace with his stick. As he waited Conrad glanced back along the beach. For some reason the sight of the oldp 684 TIM 1966
and the elderly nurses walked in pairs to and fro along the shaded pathways. The next day, before his aunt's visitp 685 TIM 1966
do you explain the paradox?‘ he asked as they limped along together on their rounds, Conrad supporting his weight on twop 692 TIM 1966
a line of freshly primed coffins had been laid out along the pavement ready for inspection. His uncle merely shrugged whenp 693 TIM 1966
Outside they plodded together past the undertakers, Conrad heaving himself along on his sticks. As the old people in the gardensp 695 TIM 1966
submerged sandbank in the mouth of the estuary. The traffic along the beach road was busier than he remembered from hisp 695 TIM 1966
clouds across the fields. Conrad moved at a good pace along the road, testing his new leg to the full. Duringp 695 TIM 1966
his own had ever been. At times, when he walked along without thinking, it seemed to stride ahead with a willp 695 TIM 1966
pathways. Crouched at the foot of the reef, Glanville edged along the beach, his sand-smeared figure barely visible in the darknessp 717 TMY 1966
hand on the rail in front of him. Glanville moved along the beach, picking his way between the veins of frostedp 717 TMY 1966
warned you ...‘ He crouched down and began to back away along the veranda, the pistol levelled at Thornwald's chest. Then thep 718 TMY 1966
her breasts of carved pumice and thighs of ash, diffused along its crests into the wind. The Apartment: Real Space andp 42 YCM 1966
town, a tornado of dust subsiding through the shattered trees along the road. Quinton sat back at the wheel of thep 83 YMC 1966
dunes of the open desert. The strong thermals swept me along on a wake of gilded sand. Hunting for rays, Ip 722 CHC 1967
signatures of a separate subject. After Hope left to walk along the beach I went up to her studio and examinedp 728 CHC 1967
curtain over the painting. At midnight I heard something move along the terrace, and found the library windows swinging in thep 728 CHC 1967
powdery light a man's muffled figure moved with firm steps along the beach. The white rays revolved in the dim airp 728 CHC 1967
dreams.‘ Five minutes later, as we moved arm in arm along the corridor to her bedroom, we entered an empty roomp 729 CHC 1967
is this -- a black mass?‘ ‘Damn nearly.‘ I glanced along the deserted beach, illuminated by the light reflected off thep 732 CHC 1967
to the terrace. We ran down to the beach. Halfway along the path Rademaeker stopped, as if undecided whether to gop 733 CHC 1967
lethargy, beach fatigue and shifting perspectives. Sonic statues grew wild along the beach, their voices keening as I swept past alongp 749 CSC 1967
along the beach, their voices keening as I swept past along the shore road. The fused silica on the surface ofp 749 CSC 1967
D, I drove towards the villa. Then the haze cleared along the beach and I saw the clouds. A hundred feetp 750 CSC 1967
blue explosions. Shortly before dawn Beatrice Lafferty and I walked along the beach among the shells of burnt-out rockets and catherinep 753 CSC 1967
a white suit ran between the tables. As Nolan disappeared along the drive Leonora Chanel walked out into the centre ofp 753 CSC 1967
sand-yacht. ‘Raymond!‘ Beatrice pointed to the shore. Storm-clouds were massed along the entire length of the lake, and the first flashesp 755 CSC 1967
its glitter. Half a mile away a tornado was moving along the valley floor, its trunk swaying towards the lake. Thep 755 CSC 1967
architectures. Talbert pushed her against walls and parapets, draped her along balustrades. In the rear seat the textbooks of erotica formedp 52 GAN 1967
traffic in the near-side lane, Koester followed the white Pontiac along the highway. When they turned into the studio entrance hep 54 GAN 1967
of our so-called sexuality.‘ A Helicopter Flight. As they sped along the highway the young woman flinched against the door pillarp 54 GAN 1967
beyond the pines was the perimeter fence. She followed Koester along the verge, the pressure of his hands and loins stillp 56 GAN 1967
vector in Talbert's dreams. Central Casting. Dr Nathan edged unsteadily along the catwalk, waiting until Webster had reached the next sectionp 56 GAN 1967
pitch its camp on the waste ground beyond the warehouses along the river. At dusk, when I strolled through the townp 735 R 1967
people were riding the carousels and walking arm in arm along the cobbled roads that surrounded the common. Away from thisp 735 R 1967
of the proprietor of this threadbare circus. As she jogged along with one hand on the reins the lights from thep 736 R 1967
aware of this exclusion. After a pause they moved off along the narrow road that followed the bank, the wagons rollingp 736 R 1967
dismounting from the stallion. At this time I was strolling along the bank a short distance behind them. Something about thisp 736 R 1967
doorway. He came down with a metal bucket and moved along the cages. He poured a little water into each ofp 737 R 1967
The woman held his arm. She moved the ladder further along the cage, trying to balance the shafts against the barsp 738 R 1967
the dim light she watched the horses cropping the grass along the bank. I climbed the ladder, and then took thep 738 R 1967
of sailors, two or three girls among them, came swaying along the towpath. They greeted the sight of the menagerie withp 741 R 1967
which had led the procession across the bridge suddenly bolted along the bank. Running after it through the confusion, I heardp 742 R 1967
could hear the faint sounds of a water vole moving along the river and the distant splash of water around thep 742 R 1967
away the dew that had formed on my clothes. Further along the bank the circus wagons stood in the clearing darknessp 742 R 1967
government forces are setting up a chain of fortified villages along its 200-mile length. CAPTAIN ROBINSON CHECKING HIS MEN'S EQUIPMENT Commentatorp 962 TW 1967
and we see the American and British troops dug in along the edge of the field facing the village. It hasp 965 TW 1967
AND BRITISH ARE WATCHING QUIETLY A farmer appears and walks along a pathway on the far side of the field. Hep 965 TW 1967
APART VILLAGE BUILDINGS Close-up of bodies of rebel soldiers dragged along in mud behind the tank. The column pulls out throughp 967 TW 1967
Nader, were screened above Dr Nathan's head as he moved along the lines of crashed cars. Illuminated by the arc-lights, thep 43 DM 1967
Algebra of the Sky. At dawn Trabert found himself driving along an entry highway into the deserted city: terrain of shacksp 44 DM 1967
yards ahead, the young man in the astronaut's suit plodded along the asphalt verge. Pursued by helicopters and strange police, theyp 44 DM 1967
Trabert found the motorcade abandoned in the sunlight. They moved along the rows of smashed cars, seating themselves at random besidep 46 DM 1967
had turned out of a motel driveway. It set off along the deserted street, a white integer beneath the unravelling ciphersp 48 DM 1967
they had gone, the helicopters rose from their waiting grounds along the highway. Trabert looked up as the sky was filledp 49 DM 1967
spread the twelve photographs on the table top. Charles moved along the half-circle, comparing the over-large eyes and bony foreheads, thep 774 CA 1968
group of cabins had been dismantled from their original sites along the beach and re-erected in the basin. Isolated rooms tiltedp 763 DA 1968
before dawn, I was awakened by the sound of engines along the beach. In the darkness, the three relic hunters crouchedp 765 DA 1968
in Catherine Austin's bedroom, Talbot listened to the helicopters flying along the motorway from the airport. Symbols in a machine apocalypsep 19 UD 1968
the rain-washed concrete. For the first time, as he wandered along the embankment, one of the aircraft had landed. The slimp 21 UD 1968
rigid and unyielding structures of his own consciousness. Later, walking along the overpass, he realized that the rectilinear forms of hisp 22 UD 1968
like immense doves. Talbot climbed the slope, following this spectre along the embankment. He had witnessed the annunciation of a uniquep 23 UD 1968
The Sixty-Minute Zoom. As they moved from apartment to apartment along the motorway, Karen Novotny was conscious of the continuing dissociationp 25 UD 1968
through the untended concrete, wheel-less cars rusted in the undergrowth along the verge. Overhead the helicopter moved across the trees, itsp 26 UD 1968
spilled through the burst doors and panels. As they walked along the catapult rails Talbot was aware of the young womanp 26 UD 1968
cement, together forming a strange sexual modulus. A car moved along the perimeter of the test area. During the night thep 27 UD 1968
her left breast. He was watching the Novotny girl walking along the concrete aisle. She laughed, disengaging herself from Koester. Wherep 27 UD 1968
sex. Sadly, the conceptualization of sex which has taken place along with everything else leads us away from precisely those idealizedp 258 UGM 1969
of cases spontaneous orgasms were experienced during a simulated run along the crash route. Surprisingly, these results parallel the increased frequencyp 97 CRA 1969
the binoculars with his thin hands, Pearson studied the trees along the opposite bank. The river was little wider than ap 781 KG 1969
on to the parapet of the bridge, firing their machine-guns along the roadway. A scout helicopter shot down into the fieldsp 785 KG 1969
had greeted them from the Americans concealed among the trees along the opposite shore. Pearson saw Tulloch shot down into thep 787 KG 1969
roofs of the abandoned town. Fire-crackers burst over the trees along the shore, the mushy pink explosions lighting up the gun-barrelsp 788 PTD 1969
spent there. Rows of camouflaged trucks and amphibious vehicles waited along the shore, but there was still no sign of anyp 789 PTD 1969
revolved into the air above a line of tanks parked along the shore, its puffy pink smoke turning the encampment intop 789 PTD 1969
the army engineers had dynamited before they retreated. Walking southwards along the shore, he had nearly been shot by Forbis. Thep 790 PTD 1969
closing the doors of the abandoned cars and parking them along the kerb, shutting the windows of the houses and puttingp 790 PTD 1969
manhandled into the water by a labour-platoon. A tank backed along the shore behind it, test-rotating its turret. Exhaust belched fromp 790 PTD 1969
in the bridge. Like a party of sightseers they drifted along the shore, gazing up at the tank-crews squatting on theirp 791 PTD 1969
over the trees. The beating of drums sounded for miles along the water's edge. Counting quickly, Mannock estimated that at leastp 792 PTD 1969
Half a mile away the first soldiers were already moving along the railway line into the town. Mannock watched a columnp 793 PTD 1969
Locus Solus. Through the dust-covered windscreen, she watched him walk along the beach. Despite the heat he had been wandering aboutp 59 SCN 1969
the beach and a line of billboards. She ran clumsily along the road, eyes fixed on the illuminated screen of thep 64 SCN 1969
Scene. Steering with one hand, he followed the running figure along the bridge. In the darkness he could see her broadp 64 SCN 1969
the newsreels of Oswald and Sirhan. Once, as they walked along the half-built embankment of a new motorway, Travers had turnedp 69 THF 1969
followed her on to the balcony. The evening traffic turned along the outer circle of the park. The past few daysp 69 THF 1969
motion. Travers had become more and more withdrawn, driving her along the motorway to pointless destinations, setting up private experiments whosep 71 THF 1969
geometry of murder. Internal Emigre. All afternoon they had driven along the highway. Moving steadily through the traffic, Travers followed thep 71 THF 1969
bank. A line of Japanese soldiers in ragged uniforms moved along a bamboo pier to the loading ramp. Our own Lp 73 THF 1969
wounds to him. ‘What are you thinking about?‘ Travers walked along the embankment of the overpass. The concrete slope ran onp 78 THF 1969
roof. Travers let Karen walk past him. As she sauntered along the verge he became aware of a sudden erotic conjunctionp 78 THF 1969
from the balcony on to the warm sand and walked along the shore. In the darkness the beachcombers stood by thep 795 SGW 1970
drawn to this abandoned nightclub from one of the mansions along the shore. Beside me, near the derelict bar, stood onep 795 SGW 1970
Vermilion Sands the following morning I peered into the villas along the shore in the hope of seeing her again, butp 795 SGW 1970
It's a good place to come back to.‘ We walked along the displays of gowns. Now and then she would reachp 799 SGW 1970
live near by‘, she said, ‘in one of the houses along the lake. There was music playing and people dancing.‘ Asp 799 SGW 1970
dry metallic sounds muffled by the powdery air. I walked along the shore through the darkness. The beachcombers had gone, butp 800 SGW 1970
will be paid immediately.‘ When she had gone I moved along the racks and laid out the more damaged dresses. Thep 801 SGW 1970
elbow, she watched the sand-yacht beached three hundred yards away along the shore. The young man was walking along the tidelinep 803 SGW 1970
yards away along the shore. The young man was walking along the tideline, searching for something among the broken hypodermic vialsp 803 SGW 1970
in the dim light, Raine Channing walked towards the dunes. Along the beach the thermal rollers whipped the white sand intop 803 SGW 1970
the terrace. Around me the shadows of demented shapes seethed along the walls, the deformed inmates of some nightmare aviary. Inp 804 SGW 1970
knew what was coming.‘ He pointed to the headlamps speeding along the lake road five miles to the south. ‘Say goodbyep 805 SGW 1970
rolled across the deserted concrete. No Entrance As they drove along the highway Helen Clement glanced down at the man inp 40 JAC 1970
suede leather of the camera case. Aircrew Rescue They walked along the airfield perimeter, avoiding the coils of barbed wire overgrownp 40 JAC 1970
to appear in a new advertising series on the billboards along the highway. Foramenifera Around them the light flared through thep 42 JAC 1970
moved across her body. Unidentified Flying Object As they drove along the coast road Dr Manston pointed out the sand-bars top 43 JAC 1970
car on a water-logged jetty. They stepped out and walked along the wet sand toward the pieces of debris. Dr Manstonp 43 JAC 1970
and then watched the solitary figure moving through the rain along the beach. He beckoned Helen Clement through the door. Hep 44 JAC 1970
arm like lovers through a secluded park. Gabrielle Saltzman jerking along in a nightmare hobble. Vorster rested his folder on thep 48 JAC 1970
familiar everyday sight: a man in a motor car, driving along a concrete highway to some unknown destination. Almost every aspectp 262 UGM 1971
midwife. Yet the rough equivalent of speeding on unchecked tyres along a fast dual carriageway at the end of a tiringp 263 UGM 1971
their own hands and feet, they will set off clumsily along the well-padded roads. Every so often they will come acrossp 267 UGM 1971
uncertain how to cross this shifting mass of unstable water. Along the horizon the sabre-wheeled chariots of Pharaoh's army raced towardsp 809 GTS 1972
months that followed, Vaughan and I spent many hours driving along the express highways on the northern perimeter of the airportp 10 C 1973
jewels. As a police car approached, its emergency beacon pulsing along the overhead motorway, Vaughan ran back for his camera andp 11 C 1973
funeral of the woman cashier, as we drove at night along the western perimeter of the airport, Vaughan swerved on top 12 C 1973
the countless imaginary disasters he described as we cruised together along the airport expressways. He dreamed of ambassadorial limousines crashing intop 13 C 1973
now driving for ever at a hundred miles an hour along an empty motorway, past deserted filling stations on the edgesp 16 C 1973
of a surgical wound. I have watched copulating couples moving along darkened freeways at night, men and women on the vergep 17 C 1973
hotel suite. I drove back towards the airport. The lights along Western Avenue illuminated the speeding cars, moving together towards theirp 18 C 1973
and mounted the central reservation. A massive traffic jam formed along Western Avenue, sirens wailed as police headlamps flared against thep 21 C 1973
flared against the rear bumpers of stalled vehicles tailing back along the flyover. An elderly man in a transparent plastic raincoatp 21 C 1973
fractured against the instrument panel. Long spurs of pain reached along the inner surface of my thighs into my groin, asp 26 C 1973
with the tips of her fingers, first upon the shoulders along the pink grooves left by her underwear, then across herp 34 C 1973
heavy cables trailing across the floor. As I shuffled away along the corridor I could still feel the pressure of herp 42 C 1973
classical Hollywood ball-gown. Deciding to ignore me, she walked stiffly along the communication corridor, parading her anger and her wound. Duringp 44 C 1973
legs -- James, you can barely walk!‘ As we sped along the Western Avenue clearway at over seventy miles an hourp 47 C 1973
airport, across its vast runways to the new apartment systems along Western Avenue. Our own apartment house at Drayton Park stoodp 48 C 1973
radiator grilles, the motion of cars moving towards London Airport along the sunlit oncoming lanes, the street furniture and route indicatorsp 49 C 1973
had taken place on Western Avenue, causing a massive tail-back along the flyover which crossed the entrance tunnel to the airportp 49 C 1973
all my time on the veranda, watching the traffic move along the motorway, determined to spot the first signs of thisp 50 C 1973
knocked off my feet by some aggressive housewife, I strolled along the avenue, now and then resting against a polished fenderp 52 C 1973
landing or taking off from the airport runways. The traffic along the motorway was stationary in a southward queue. Along Westernp 53 C 1973
traffic along the motorway was stationary in a southward queue. Along Western Avenue the stalled cars and airline coaches sat inp 53 C 1973
mind as Catherine drove me to my office at Shepperton. Along Western Avenue the traffic sped and swerved from one jamp 54 C 1973
drivers sitting passively in their cars on the motorway embankments along the horizon, seemed to be a unique vision of thisp 54 C 1973
this off-hand guess surprised me. ‘I thought she might come along -- handling a car again may be more tiring thanp 54 C 1973
the flyover half an hour later. The afternoon traffic passed along Western Avenue and divided at the motorway interchange. I drovep 55 C 1973
half a mile to the north, circled and moved back along the path I had taken in the minutes before thep 55 C 1973
still involving me in your crash?‘ I moved my hand along her thigh. Her vulva was a wet flower. An airlinep 56 C 1973
is he -- a private detective?‘ As we set off along Western Avenue the man's tall, leather-jacketed figure walked down thep 57 C 1973
my own death. In each of these cars I drove along the accident route, visualizing the possibility of a different deathp 58 C 1973
swept me back in a huge tidal race of metal along the crowded lanes of Western Avenue. Invariably, at the hourp 59 C 1973
and the cameraman. As I moved in the evening traffic along Western Avenue, I thought of being killed within this hugep 60 C 1973
renting rooms on a daily basis in the apartment complexes along the motorway. We reached the multi-storey car-park behind the airfreightp 61 C 1973
the margins of my life, for ever monitoring my head. Along the high-speed lanes of Western Avenue I watched the rear-viewp 65 C 1973
windshield I saw a woman in a white raincoat walking along the line of wrecked cars. The appearance in this drabp 69 C 1973
yards. He wasn't in the least put out.‘ We drove along Western Avenue, the service buildings and perimeter fence of thep 78 C 1973
smooth chrome of the window pillar. Its surface was marked along its forward edge by a smear of blue paint leftp 79 C 1973
leaned back against the dashboard as a Land-Rover thudded past along the track, sending a cloud of dust against the windowsp 81 C 1973
powerfully across the amber. On the Northolt overpass he moved along at well above the speed limit, casually overtaking a cruisingp 87 C 1973
sweep of its arm rose with us while we sped along the swerving concrete. I was to know Vaughan from thisp 89 C 1973
Vaughan explained later, during a road-race with Seagrave. At times, along Western Avenue, we would sit holding up the traffic inp 89 C 1973
sit holding up the traffic in the fast lane, dragging along at ten miles an hour as we waited for thep 89 C 1973
passage through the open spaces of my mind. Above us, along the motorway embankment, the headlamps of the waiting traffic illuminatedp 92 C 1973
the sections of an overlit metropolis. I followed Vaughan's car along the deserted slip road. We were moving through a developmentp 92 C 1973
passed an empty supermarket standing in a sea of mud. Along the verge of the road white dunes of builder's shinglep 92 C 1973
all the pictures was the same -- the automobile, moving along the highways around the airport, in the traffic jams onp 101 C 1973
hung like the overhead traffic lights over my previous excursions along the motorways, had now faded. Vaughan's presence, somewhere around mep 106 C 1973
the airport. From the parking aprons of the filling stations along Western Avenue I watched the oncoming traffic. I hung aboutp 107 C 1973
star or politician. In the distance the traffic moved sluggishly along the exposed deck of the flyover. For some reason Ip 107 C 1973
each other as she pressed the foot-brake. As we drove along Western Avenue I wanted her body to embrace the compartmentp 112 C 1973
feet behind Catherine's sports car. Vaughan surged past me, crowding along the roadway as if waiting for her to make ap 113 C 1973
back, and again cut in behind Catherine. I moved ahead along the centre lane, shouting to Vaughan as I passed himp 113 C 1973
impulse only within the cabin of his car or driving along the highway. His attraction lay not so much in ap 117 C 1973
with moist grass. Looking across at Helen, as she accelerated along the open deck of the motorway, I suddenly wondered howp 121 C 1973
I could hurt her. I thought of taking her again along the route of her husband's death -- perhaps this wouldp 121 C 1973
shackling the motorcycle to the cradle winch would be propelled along its steel rails towards the saloon car seventy yards awayp 122 C 1973
came towards us, the sound of the metering coils skating along the grass beside the rail. There was a violent metallicp 124 C 1973
shattered car, almost about to embrace it. His hands roved along the torn bonnet and roof, the muscles of his facep 129 C 1973
quickened by the passing cars. He rolled the heavy car along the access road to the motorway, holding the battered bumpersp 130 C 1973
man's half out of his mind.‘ I watched him drive along the last stretches of the motorway, making no effort top 130 C 1973
ventilation duct of the instrument binnacle. As two women walked along the road verge, cinema usherettes about to go on dutyp 137 C 1973
and crossed the forecourt to the slip road. Above us, along Western Avenue, the traffic stream edged its way towards Londonp 140 C 1973
barely able to do more than point the large car along the centre lane. The blonde woman in the front seatp 142 C 1973
As I propelled the car at fifty miles an hour along the open deck of the overpass Vaughan arched his backp 143 C 1973
young woman on top of himself and extending her legs along his own. They lay diagonally across the rear seat, Vaughanp 144 C 1973
erect. We walked through the evening light towards the car-park. Along the northbound motorway embankment the sluggish traffic moved like bloodp 149 C 1973
desire. Around me, down the entire length of Western Avenue, along both ramps of the flyover, stretched an immense congestion ofp 156 C 1973
stared at the nape of her neck, running his eyes along the profiles of her cheek and shoulder. That Catherine shouldp 158 C 1973
airliners and maintenance vehicles, by the thousands of headlamps flowing along Western Avenue and the flyover. The jarring light across Catherine'sp 159 C 1973
wet concrete merged with the lights of the cars passing along the expressway. The water jetted from the metal gantry acrossp 160 C 1973
into Vaughan's mouth, guiding his penis into her small rectum, along the guidelines provided by the diagonal seat vents that pointedp 162 C 1973
white bubbles subsided into the wet concrete. No traffic moved along the expressway. For the first time since my release fromp 165 C 1973
free at last to enjoy the lanes of speeding vehicles. Along the elegant motion sculpture of the concrete highway the colouredp 166 C 1973
as possible with him. He sat facing me, one arm along the seat behind my head, his heavy penis pointing towardsp 166 C 1973
my office. On that first day we drove for hours along the motorways in search of Seagrave, listening to the policep 167 C 1973
by marking it upon some external event, as we drove along the expressways that evening. Listening to his radio, Vaughan layp 168 C 1973
were seeing again some paradise bird. Often, as we drove along the motorways, Vaughan gestured me across the lane marker linesp 170 C 1973
of the young whores whom he undressed as I drove along the darkened expressways. Their bare thighs modulated the panels ofp 171 C 1973
the contours of the automobile. Once Vaughan and I drove along the perimeter highway to the south of the airport; Ip 171 C 1973
drawn from her tunic in the motion of the car along the curved road surface. Vaughan's body, with its unsavoury skinp 171 C 1973
the elaborately signalled landscape of the motorway. The concrete buttresses along the base of the Western Avenue overpass angular shoulders spacedp 171 C 1973
vagina, anus and mouth almost in response to the road along which we moved, the traffic density, the style of myp 172 C 1973
I unshackled the left leg brace and ran my fingers along the deep buckle groove, the corrugated skin felt hot andp 177 C 1973
to be a detachable latex structure, fitted on each morning along with her spinal brace and leg supports, and I feltp 177 C 1973
the fading afternoon light the airliners moved across our heads along the east-west runways of the airport. The pleasant surgical odourp 178 C 1973
within the deep wound on her thigh, jolted my semen along this channel, irrigating its corrugated ditch. Holding the semen inp 179 C 1973
of the affectionate responses exchanged between us as we drove along the motorway together. By this time I was certain thatp 181 C 1973
zones, the freeways and autostradas of Europe and North America along which they moved in Vaughan's mind, their bodies funded byp 183 C 1973
when this hoped-for death failed to occur. Instead of driving along the motorway we sat in a deserted parking lot behindp 183 C 1973
the white facades of the plastics factories and tyre warehouses along the clearway. He listened to the details of the three-vehiclep 184 C 1973
of the handles already held by an attendant, and swept along with it to the ambulance. The woman was lifted intop 186 C 1973
palm of his hand and shouted to him to move along. Vaughan hovered around the closing doors, ignoring the constable, thenp 186 C 1973
of nerve function, the last curtains of her dying brain. Along the pavement a traffic policeman walked towards the car, clearlyp 188 C 1973
thousands of lights in the night air as we sped along the expressway, the harsh phosphorescent tubes of the lamp standardsp 191 C 1973
upward ramp of the interchange. For twenty minutes I drove along the Northolt expressway, holding the car in the centre lanep 195 C 1973
affection for me, as if he were deliberately guiding me along this expressway which he had created for me alone. Thep 196 C 1973
nervous perspectives of the motorway embankments and the vehicle lanes along Western Avenue, had anticipated this acid vision, as if myp 198 C 1973
behind us, eager arrivals at this aerial carnival. They sailed along the road surface above our heads to join the aircraftp 199 C 1973
the automobile's interior, by the hundreds of radiant gondolas soaring along the motorway above our heads. As I embraced him, Vaughan'sp 201 C 1973
collision points of an instrument panel. I ran my lips along his left collar-bone, and sucked at his scarred nipple, feelingp 201 C 1973
in and out of his rectum the lightborne vehicles soaring along the motorway drew the semen from my testicles. After myp 202 C 1973
formed a blue veil between myself and the traffic moving along the motorway. I turned on the windshield wipers, but thep 204 C 1973
hair that reached from his limp testicles to the scars along his diaphragm. The flies covered Vaughan's face, hovering around hisp 204 C 1973
to a hypogeum. The cars moving in a desultory way along the road above me had shed their cargoes of lightp 205 C 1973
aware of Vaughan's uncertain arm reaching for me. I walked along the palisade to the weed-grown entrance of the breaker's yardp 205 C 1973
Thinking of Vaughan's scar-tissue, fused together in the same way along these arbitrary seams, contours of sudden violence, I retched emptilyp 207 C 1973
airport. Through the brittle air I watched the traffic move along the motorway. The memories of the beautiful vehicles I hadp 208 C 1973
below for any sip of Vaughan. The traffic moved sluggishly along the crowded concrete lanes, the roofs of the vehicles formingp 208 C 1973
the cars on the motorway wearing their coronation armour, soaring along the causeways on wings of fire. The pedestrians in thep 209 C 1973
wings in a ceaseless fountain. Below her, the cars soaring along the motorway marked on the plain of the landscape allp 209 C 1973
sat in the drive below the bedroom window. The paintwork along the left-hand side had been marked in some minor collisionp 210 C 1973
a still-life arranged by a demolition squad. We drove southwards along the motorway. ‘The traffic -- where is everyone?‘ I realizedp 212 C 1973
been devoid of all sexuality. All that afternoon we drove along the expressways. The endless highway systems along which we movedp 212 C 1973
afternoon we drove along the expressways. The endless highway systems along which we moved contained the formulas for an infinity ofp 212 C 1973
carried the telephone to the window. Watching the cars edge along the motorway, I felt my penis stiffening. Somewhere below mep 214 C 1973
expressway like the dialogue of a long-married couple. I sped along behind them, flashing my headlamps at any cars in myp 215 C 1973
traffic closed towards us. Somewhere over our heads Catherine moved along the open deck of the flyover. Vaughan cut through thep 215 C 1973
hunched over his steering wheel as he travelled at speed along the motorway, unaware of his car's dents and impacts, likep 217 C 1973
acts. As Catherine slept, a battered car moved below us along the deserted avenue. The total stillness of the streets belowp 218 C 1973
descent ramp of the flyover the spectators stood three deep along the rising balustrade, staring down at the police cars andp 221 C 1973
from all directions, internally and externally. Vaughan had been travelling along the open deck of the flyover at the car's maximump 222 C 1973
own car-crash. Meanwhile, the traffic moves in an unceasing flow along the flyover. The aircraft rise from the runways of thep 224 C 1973
the palisade of pinewood trestles that formed a temporary barrier along the edge of the road. Leaving the hard shoulder, thep 7 CI 1974
avoid the rush-hour traffic, and had ample time to cruise along in safety. He remembered swerving into the central drum ofp 8 CI 1974
overpass. He could still hear the tyres as they beat along the concrete verge, boiling off a slipstream of dust andp 8 CI 1974
rest of his usually cautious and clear-minded character. Today, speeding along the motorway when he was already tired after a three-dayp 8 CI 1974
was heated by the afternoon sun. A few cars moved along the motorway, their roofs visible above the balustrade. A linep 9 CI 1974
the wild grass, abandoned cars and builder's equipment. Traffic moved along the westbound lanes of the feeder road, but the metalp 11 CI 1974
of the road. Maitland turned as an airline coach passed along the motorway. The passengers on the upper deck, bound forp 11 CI 1974
They emerged from the tunnel below the overpass and accelerated along the fast bend. The rush-hour had begun. Magnified by thep 14 CI 1974
on relentlessly. Trying to position himself more conspicuously, Maitland edged along the narrow road shoulder. No pedestrian or emergency verge hadp 15 CI 1974
road shoulder. No pedestrian or emergency verge had been provided along this fast bend, and the cars speeding past him atp 15 CI 1974
feet away. Still carrying the raincoat and briefcase, he moved along the line of trestles, steering each one out of hisp 15 CI 1974
he tried to walk through the tunnel. Maitland edged back along the hard shoulder and took up his position at thep 15 CI 1974
drunken man. An articulated fuel tanker bore down on him along the outer lane, its yellow bulk almost filling the tunnelp 16 CI 1974
against the roof of the overpass tunnel. A car hummed along the silent roadway. ‘Help ... Stop ...‘ Maitland waved one hand withoutp 20 CI 1974
blades marking the route he had taken that afternoon. Hobbling along, the injured thigh held in both hands, he pressed onp 21 CI 1974
embankment. The roofs of airline buses and high-topped trucks moved along the eastbound carriageways. The westbound lanes were almost empty. Ap 24 CI 1974
gutter of the car and looked at the traffic moving along the motorway. The drivers had lowered their sun-vizors, shielding theirp 24 CI 1974
Gasping for breath, he watched an airline coach move westwards along the motorway. None of the passengers looked down at thep 24 CI 1974
hoisted himself on to this makeshift crutch and swung himself along, his injured leg clearing the ground. He reached the footp 25 CI 1974
waved with one arm, shouting at the few cars moving along the westbound carriageway. None of the drivers could see himp 25 CI 1974
against the car, waving the crutch at the vehicles moving along the motorway. Small achievement though it was, the discovery ofp 26 CI 1974
when a passing driver in an open-topped car slowed down along the westbound carriageway. The driver, a uniformed American serviceman, lookedp 27 CI 1974
the tool-kit. He spoke aloud to himself as if bullying along an incompetent recruit, exploiting his irritation with himself. When hep 28 CI 1974
set off towards the overpass, ignoring the cars that moved along the motorway. It was shortly after nine o'clock, and thep 28 CI 1974
previous afternoon, blurring the perimeter walls. As he swung himself along, Maitland remembered that Catherine was collecting her new car thatp 28 CI 1974
in the cold air. Moving the wrench and box spanner along the ground, he edged towards the steel post ten feetp 29 CI 1974
the distant sounds of the morning city. Maitland swung himself along the foot of the embankment. The ground was littered withp 31 CI 1974
across the soft soil. As he guessed, a gutter ran along the foot of the caisson. The narrow gully, washed clearp 31 CI 1974
stirring the cigarette packs with the crutch. As he plodded along, head down, he broke into a flat and unemotional ragep 31 CI 1974
rear of the car. He could hear the traffic moving along the motorway, but he ignored the vehicles, knowing that hep 33 CI 1974
of rain-filled air levelled the swirling grass. The cars moving along the motorway were lashed by the rain, their headlamps flaringp 33 CI 1974
catching the rain in his open mouth as he lurched along. He stumbled over the bald tyres and fell to hisp 34 CI 1974
of taste. He knew that his physical strength was moving along a perceptible downhill gradient. Losing interest in the water whichp 35 CI 1974
they emerged from the overpass tunnel. Two drivers cruised together along the motorway, watching the vivid flames. Maitland lifted himself onp 40 CI 1974
turbofans drowned out the thin sounds of Maitland's voice. Leaping along like an animated scarecrow, he watched the cars move awayp 40 CI 1974
murmured aloud to himself. No cars or airline buses moved along the motorways. The aerial balconies of the apartment blocks werep 43 CI 1974
An elderly man approached the island, pushing a light motorcycle along the eastbound carriageway. He was partly hidden by the centralp 43 CI 1974
to his shoulders. As he watched this old man pushing along his silent machine, Maitland was overcome by a sudden sensep 43 CI 1974
of dead fire. The man's white head was still visible along the eastbound carriageway, eyes fixed on the empty road curvingp 44 CI 1974
down during the night from a car or truck moving along the feeder road. Cooking oil leaked through the crushed pagesp 46 CI 1974
cloud swept overhead. Alone in this concrete landscape, Maitland tottered along, hoping to reach the shelter of his car. He lookedp 46 CI 1974
spotlight switched on to a stage set. A truck laboured along the feeder road, the rectangular pantechnicon of a furniture vanp 49 CI 1974
patted it reassuringly with his free hand as he hobbled along, stroking the seething stems that caressed his waist. Almost carriedp 50 CI 1974
beard. On all sides of the island the traffic moved along the motorways. Steadying himself, Maitland fixed his eyes on thep 53 CI 1974
roof of the largest of the air-raid shelters. Maitland laboured along, listening to the grass seethe around him. A stony ridgep 54 CI 1974
light. He was standing in a sunken passage that ran along the western wall of the shelter. Here the vegetation hadp 54 CI 1974
it was about eleven thirty. The quiet Sunday-morning traffic moved along the motorway -- within half an hour or so somep 67 CI 1974
to take over his den. It was lucky I came along. He's very strong. When he was sixteen or seventeen hep 71 CI 1974
his dependence on her. Seventy yards away the traffic moved along the motorway, carrying people to their family lunches. Sitting overp 72 CI 1974
last night ...‘ Maitland avoided her fierce gaze, and pulled himself along the wall to the doorway. This deranged young woman neededp 73 CI 1974
of the woollen fabric in the paraffin from the stove. Along the motorway the flow of Sunday afternoon traffic was intermittentp 77 CI 1974
be staked and skinned. By contrast, Jane Sheppard strolled sedately along the uneven ground, as if she had no interest inp 77 CI 1974
The bribe The morning traffic, opening the new week, moved along the eastbound lanes of the motorway. Robert Maitland sat againstp 85 CI 1974
of the world outside. Maitland watched the traffic move past along the motorway. The embankments seemed further away than he rememberedp 86 CI 1974
to the food place.‘ The food source They set off along the central valley towards the over-pass. Maitland swung himself clumsilyp 90 CI 1974
car emerged from the tunnel of the overpass. It cruised along the west-bound carriageways, its bright bodywork gleaming in the sunlightp 93 CI 1974
crutch and beckoned her from the case. She edged back along the ground, pointing to the recumbent Proctor. ‘Wait till hep 95 CI 1974
to the south of the breaker's yard. Maitland could see along the entire length of the island, from the wire-mesh fencep 102 CI 1974
far failed to identify Jane Sheppard's escape route -- somewhere along the embankment of the feeder road was a well-worn pathwayp 102 CI 1974
MAITLAND HELP ‘P ... P ... Proctor ...‘ he repeated, moving his fingers along the letters. ‘That's your name. Now copy it in reallyp 109 CI 1974
figure of the old man with the light motorcycle, moving along the eastbound carriageway. His white hair had been bathed byp 118 CI 1974
Maitland moved down the central valley. As he swung himself along the uneven ground he searched the high embankments with thep 121 CI 1974
ragged trousers. As the last of the all-night trucks laboured along the motorway he rested outside the bolted door of Proctor'sp 121 CI 1974
wires, lamp standards and concrete walls. A solitary car moved along the westbound carriageway, and Maitland raised the crutch and wavedp 121 CI 1974
walking towards a second repair vehicle parked three hundred yards along the road. Shaking with excitement, Maitland picked up the crutchp 121 CI 1974
to the damp ground below. Escape The rush-hour traffic moved along the motorway. The hard roar of engines drummed across thep 124 CI 1974
-- she walked straight up the slope, picking her way along a succession of familiar foot-holds, the suitcase in a strongp 125 CI 1974
bed in his pavilion of doors, watching the traffic move along the motorway. He had buried Proctor in the floor ofp 125 CI 1974
had established his dominion over it. A police car moved along the motorway, the co-driver watching the deep grass. Secure inp 126 CI 1974
everything had changed. Instead of spending his time wandering aimlessly along the beach, or gazing from the balcony at the endlessp 811 DFW 1974
109 a few feet below the sand half a mile along the coast. The members of the party parked their sports-carsp 811 DFW 1974
sea was out, after a long late-summer day, the sand along the tide-line was smooth and hard ... Few people came top 815 DFW 1974
Melville was still working on the aircraft, Dr Laing walked along the beach from his solarium. He climbed the shadow-filled dunesp 815 DFW 1974
set his heart on. ‘Stay there? Of course ...‘ Melville prowled along the mantelpiece of the beach-house, slapping the line of photographsp 816 DFW 1974
he steered her up the shifting slopes, hand over hand along the rope-line. As they climbed through the crew hatch hep 817 DFW 1974
Helen Winthrop leaving him in the cockpit, and running away along the beach to find Dr Laing. Careful though he wasp 818 DFW 1974
onto the back of a friend's motorcycle and set off along the coast with everyone else. I looked up at thep 821 AD 1975
have second thoughts. Had the old villager been playing me along? Surely if he had seen the aircraft come down hep 823 AD 1975
in the car through the village, following the cart track along the hillside. Haifa mile from the village we had top 825 AD 1975
set in a mile-square area of abandoned dockland and warehousing along the north bank of the river. The five high-rises stoodp 8 HR 1975
proximity of the City two miles away to the west along the river, the office buildings of central London belonged top 8 HR 1975
-- lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, senior academics and advertising executives, along with a smaller group of airline pilots, film-industry technicians andp 10 HR 1975
erratically around the building. The last of the wine tilled along the balcony gutter, sparkling its way into the already immaculatep 11 HR 1975
the slack hours of the early afternoon, or strolled arm-in-arm along the 10th-floor concourse. Laing watched them saunter past him withp 13 HR 1975
the people around him. The entire cocktail party had moved along the roof, and the waiter now stood alone between thep 26 HR 1975
pistons in the chamber of a heart. The residents moving along the corridors were the cells in a network of arteriesp 40 HR 1975
to prevent the other from jumping over the ledge. Pushed along the railing, Laing saw his own empty balcony fifteen feetp 41 HR 1975
volume reverberated off the balconies above them. Helen Wilder moved along the already closed windows, her small hands pressed numbly againstp 54 HR 1975
followed a tug upstream, and a police patrol boat cruised along the north bank. As Royal approached he recognized the widowp 81 HR 1975
below. Despite the pain in his legs he walked swiftly along the corridor, striking at the walls with his cane. Whenp 82 HR 1975
The dog had recovered sufficiently from its beating to limp along in front of him. Its damp pelt was marked withp 86 HR 1975
in the lobbies, guarding their elevators and watching each other along the corridors. Many of the women had portable radios slungp 87 HR 1975
unnoticed here, Royal reflected. As the Alsatian snuffled its way along the vandalized changing cubicles, Royal waved his cane at thep 88 HR 1975
young women to dress. Far below him, a car drove along the access road to the nearby high-rise, its three occupantsp 92 HR 1975
the well-groomed revellers and the dilapidated state of the building. Along corridors strewn with uncollected garbage, past blocked disposal chutes andp 92 HR 1975
with knives. He turned away from his car, and walked along the parking lane that ran parallel to the apartment buildingp 103 HR 1975
on to the concrete floor. Following his shadow, he walked along the gently sloping lake-bed. Within a few minutes he wasp 103 HR 1975
there in the darkness, he listened to his neighbours moving along the corridor. When they had gone he would be ablep 110 HR 1975
away at last, Laing left without speaking. He moved carefully along the darkened corridor, as the lights flickered from the doorwaysp 111 HR 1975
free space, Wilder continued his patrol. Originally he had parked, along with his neighbours on the lower floors; in the ranksp 113 HR 1975
with his neighbours on the lower floors; in the ranks along the perimeter of the parking-lot, but during the previous weeksp 113 HR 1975
hand, emerged from the shadows and drifted like a ghost along the refuse-strewn corridor. For all the building's derelict state --p 120 HR 1975
out on to the shopping mall. The bank had closed, along with the hairdressing salon and the liquor store. The lastp 121 HR 1975
around him. He had found the few cans of food, along with two bottles of red wine, in their invariable hidingp 128 HR 1975
apartments in the northern wing of the building. Three doors along, he entered an abandoned apartment. The rooms were empty, thep 151 HR 1975
weather they had decided to move their meeting place further along the roof to the shelter of his penthouse. The vortexp 163 HR 1975
the building, no longer needed him, and dragged himself away along the line of changing cubicles. When Laing last saw himp 170 HR 1975
to the balcony rail. The aircraft was now moving rapidly along the runway, tail-wheel still touching the tarmac marker line. Littlep 828 LFA 1975
jumped from the roof of the car and set off along the beach road towards Ampuriabrava. The immaculate sand ran downp 832 LFA 1975
beach, where the line of hotels turned at right angles along the entrance channel of the marina. Looking back at thep 833 LFA 1975
third floor of one of the hotels. As he ran along the canal road, shouting out Judith's name, Gould was walkingp 836 LFA 1975
sightlessly from the door of the hangar as Gould moved along the painted corridor. When at last he heard Judith's cryp 836 LFA 1975
that they would crash. At full throttle they moved swiftly along the runway, the freshly broken concrete slabs already visible. Forresterp 837 LFA 1975
its legs together and set off at a brisk trot along this private roadway. For the next hour they flew upp 838 LFA 1975
to Senor Cervera and his wife, Forrester drove the car along the beach road. It was 11 a.m., but Gould'sp 840 LFA 1975
throwing away his jacket as he ran. While they drove along the line of hotels to the Figueras road Forrester heardp 840 LFA 1975
I can see the Hotel Coral Playa three hundred yards along the beach, covered by a desert light so glazed thatp 856 60Z 1976
-- in an hour the automatic zoom will carry me along the carretera, past the hundreds of parked cars and beachedp 856 60Z 1976
rightly outraged her, but recently she has begun to play along with my obsession. For hours I watch her, picking herp 859 60Z 1976
am certain that she has known about this film all along, as she must have known about the others I havep 862 60Z 1976
all winter he had been building this strange aircraft. Borne along by the fronts of warm air, Halloway and his gliderp 877 UC 1976
the water, Halloway counted the cars in the parking lots along the quays. Scores had been abandoned on the bridge approach-roadsp 878 UC 1976
a defensive gesture. A hundred feet apart, they soared together along the curtain-walling, the pilot's white face staring at Halloway inp 880 UC 1976
a whoop, Halloway leapt over the tailplane and set off along the street. Shouting to himself, he ran in and outp 881 UC 1976
as his arm. In this modest attire he swung happily along the avenue. Thousands of cars lined the streets, their flamboyantp 882 UC 1976
on the park fifty yards away, a large deer hobbled along the sidewalk, searching the dim light for Halloway. Within momentsp 882 UC 1976
the ornamental urns outside the entrances to the office blocks. Along a three-hundred-yard section of the avenue all the cars hadp 884 UC 1976
ears listening for any sound of the machine, he sprinted along in his coloured sneakers. Halfway across the bridge he slowedp 885 UC 1976
action at any cost,‘ he reproved himself as he strode along. ‘In future check that, Halloway ...‘ He left the bridge andp 885 UC 1976
the concrete incline, pressing the accelerator as the vehicle moved along at a steady two miles an hour. Within thirty minutesp 887 UC 1976
minutes he was driving around the airport at speed, roaring along the perimeter roads and down the one exposed section ofp 887 UC 1976
Halloway pressed the buttons at random, and then wandered off along the street. When he returned five minutes later Olds hadp 893 UC 1976
petals, Halloway nearly collided into a large industrial tractor moving along the roadway in front of him. Pulling to a haltp 894 UC 1976
tractor towards the sidewalk. Cars were parked nose to tail along the kerb, but Stillman drove straight into them, knocking themp 900 UC 1976
remote-controlled switching units of the tidal pumps twenty miles away along the Sound. However, in the tape-recorders, stereo-systems and telephone answeringp 902 UC 1976
search for him. Presumably they had been scouring the shore along the northern coast of the Sound, and had now decidedp 908 UC 1976
the reclamation scheme. The pedestrians in the street below strode along purposefully, pushing past each other with scant courtesy. There wasp 911 UC 1976
which the dozens of cars being re-equipped and re-engined moved along a section of railway line. They entered as little morep 912 UC 1976
the shores of artificial lagoons filled with chemical wastes, drove along canals silvered by metallic scum, across landscapes covered by thousandsp 915 UC 1976
immense sunlit armada that circled above Halloway's head and soared along the rays of the sun. As they moved away acrossp 919 UC 1976
like a maggot. After locking the police station, Halloway drove along the park to Stillman's headquarters, a cylindrical art museum withp 920 UC 1976
on to the light wind crossing the airport. It soared along, engine blaring, a few feet above the cars parked nose-to-tailp 923 UC 1976
abandoned cars. Discarded banknotes, printed with his own name, drifted along the roadway. In the space of only a few monthsp 924 UC 1976
blunt points. Where the saw cuts were to be made along the posterior margins of the Queen's nose, an elevator wasp 19 QER 1976
carried in a mucosal flap. The septum was then trimmed along its anterior aspect to complete the reduction of the bridgep 19 QER 1976
Japanese planned to slaughter their civilian prisoners. I looked back along the road to the camp, aware of its curious confusionp 927 DT 1977
minutes after I left them, however, as I walked back along the road to the camp, I heard the sounds ofp 927 DT 1977
Americans. Ten feet in front of me, Hodson's truck bumped along the roadway, the heads of his corpses nodding vigorously likep 931 DT 1977
the map across the bonnet of my truck, then pointed along the broad canal we had been following for the pastp 931 DT 1977
me, he drove on to the bridge and set off along the opposite bank of the canal. For the next halfp 935 DT 1977
the air could play over their faces as we sped along. When the engine of the truck had cooled I refilledp 935 DT 1977
apartment houses of the French concession were no longer visible along the horizon. My last attempt to free myself from thep 936 DT 1977
presence which provided my only compass bearing. I drove carefully along the broken roads that divided the paddy-fields, anxious not top 937 DT 1977
its own the Gatwick computer assigned us to first-class seats, along with a startled dentist from Bristol, her husband and threep 968 HWT 1978
a group of us heads for the boites and cabarets along the beach, ending up at one or more of thep 968 HWT 1978
need. Hey-ho ... A slight let-down, all the same. We walked along the beach this afternoon, together for the first time. Ip 969 HWT 1978
this resort complex actually is -- it stretches for miles along the coast and half of it's still being built. Everywherep 969 HWT 1978
was going to form a resistance group, then strode away along the beach. The trouble is that he's found nothing withp 971 HWT 1978
but you probably are, at one of the thousand hotels along the beach. The mails are so erratic, I sometimes thinkp 971 HWT 1978
that disgusted him were those of his own body. All along, the intruder in the solarium had been himself. In hisp 999 MA 1978
wall. Fifty yards from the villa the flat sand ran along the Normandy coast like an abandoned highway, its right shoulderp 972 OAU 1978
his communion with the empty sand and the blockhouses. Walking along the beach, he had been surprised by the size ofp 972 OAU 1978
ciphers with a powerful latent identity. ‘Omaha is further east along the coast,‘ he told Foster matter-of-factly. ‘Utah Beach was thep 973 OAU 1978
Foster told him after lunch. ‘Do you want to come along, David? We can try the calvados.‘ As usual, Ogden declinedp 974 OAU 1978
white Pallas parked behind the sea wall two hundred yards along the beach. The car was the same colour as thep 974 OAU 1978
man in a hunting jacket was steering a woman companion along the broken ground behind the wall. They approached a woodenp 975 OAU 1978
the stock of the machine-gun into his shoulder, he stared along its barrel at the beach below. Ogden was about top 976 OAU 1978
emergency meal of bread, milk and salami, and raced back along the beach to the blockhouse, the German had relapsed intop 978 OAU 1978
the blockhouse, the alarmed figure of Mme Saunier was hurrying along the beach towards them. Foster held Angela's arm. ‘Now. Arep 981 OAU 1978
will be too many deserted towns for them to count. Along the Thames valley, all over Europe and the Americas, spreadingp 9 UDC 1979
and were stunned by my apparent return from the dead. Along the river people were standing by both banks. Tennis playersp 21 UDC 1979
the local police would arrive, drawn by the crowd watching along the bank. Hundreds of people were staring at me acrossp 23 UDC 1979
stepped down from the rusting pier and was now walking along the beach towards us. He strolled through the shallow waterp 25 UDC 1979
seen the burning Cessna fly over and hit the trees along the river. We waited in the car-park for the threep 28 UDC 1979
to the airport -- I felt confident and light-footed, skipping along in my white sneakers. I paused by a concrete postp 37 UDC 1979
and baby's forehead. Carried away by this extravaganza, I ran along, shouting numbers at everything around me, at the drivers onp 37 UDC 1979
and a few worn tyres. I watched the cars speed along the motorway, the faces of their drivers clearly visible. Inp 38 UDC 1979
a small car. An unvarying light calmed the waiting nettles along the motorway palisade. A few drivers watched me from theirp 38 UDC 1979
crawling, running backwards, shutting my eyes and hand-holding my way along the air. As I left behind the derelict car andp 39 UDC 1979
of coloured headaches. Straightening my dusty suit, I set off along the perimeter road. Two women stood with their children byp 39 UDC 1979
Beyond the water-meadow there were yachts and power cruisers moored along the river banks. For ten minutes I had been followingp 41 UDC 1979
not one of his passive hang-gliders collaborating with the wind. Along the perimeter road the police car approached, headlamps inflaming thep 44 UDC 1979
A shoal of silver fish swarmed around the Cessna, swerving along the wings and fuselage. The reflected light from their speckledp 52 UDC 1979
the London road, above the butcher's shop, two falcons clambered along the sloping tiles. The male tested his wings, free spiritp 57 UDC 1979
of water lay in the sunlight among the gravel paths. Along the Shepperton shoreline the leaves of the plane trees andp 66 UDC 1979
middle-aged couples passed me with their adult children. I strolled along with them, to their irritation sniffing at them from thep 70 UDC 1979
a brief break he sat with arms and legs outstretched along one of the pews. A large man, I decided, inp 75 UDC 1979
serenely as she raced through the blood-tipped flowers. Jamie whooped along with his pivoting stride, face raised to the sun asp 82 UDC 1979
away from me as a shoal of silver minnows. All along the beach, people were stepping into the water. A fatherp 86 UDC 1979
Shepperton had joined me in this new realm. I cruised along the bank, past the discarded kite and tennis rackets, thep 87 UDC 1979
with Miriam St Cloud on the wing, sail with her along the cool corridors of the sky, swim with her downp 93 UDC 1979
town. All night the people of Shepperton continued to stroll along the river bank. They gazed at the vivid foliage inp 94 UDC 1979
at the fringes of a tropical city. Father Wingate walked along the beach by the illuminated water, fanning himself with hisp 94 UDC 1979
young men and the children, even to the dogs running along the crowded pavements, but this no longer shocked me. Ip 106 UDC 1979
I walked towards the station. But as I looked out along the steel tracks that ran through the gravel lakes top 107 UDC 1979
empty train pulled away from the station. The passengers wandered along the platform, still talking in a relaxed way to eachp 107 UDC 1979
work. People had left open their front doors and strolled along the centre of the roads, the men bare-chested in runningp 108 UDC 1979
the child through the crowd, repelled by myself but pulled along by the girl's firm hand, I saw Father Wingate crossingp 109 UDC 1979
outside the bank and appliance stores, and threaded flowering vines along the overhead telephone wires, a charming embroidery of the morning'sp 127 UDC 1979
by the huge bruises on my chest. ‘You two, move along -- if you stay there you'll be trapped.‘ I walkedp 129 UDC 1979
all, completing my transformation of this suburban town, I walked along the main roads leading to the perimeter of Shepperton. Top 129 UDC 1979
She pointed to the light that poured from the trees along the Shepperton river-bank, an electric shore. ‘It's marvellous -- you'vep 132 UDC 1979
over Shepperton a happy exchange of gifts was taking place. Along the once quiet suburban streets, now invaded by the tropicalp 143 UDC 1979
The bamboo groves at the foot of Walton Bridge and along the airport and London roads were thicker now, heavy palisadesp 145 UDC 1979
tree. ‘Down here, Blake,‘ someone called. ‘Your first student.‘ Walking along the centre of the flower-strewn high street came Miriam Stp 146 UDC 1979
into the air. Three feet from the ground, I moved along at the head of the procession. ‘Take us with youp 156 UDC 1979
the head of a huge kite drawing its heavy tail along the ground. Those left behind were kicking and jumping, doingp 157 UDC 1979
with the shooting stick rose stiffly into the air. Sailing along, he waved his stick at me as if he hadp 157 UDC 1979
in hand, he clambered on to the air and sailed along serenely at the rear of the procession like the guardp 157 UDC 1979
jumped and twisted on his iron shackle, as if all along it had been a secret catapult which would propel himp 157 UDC 1979
The cool air quietened everyone. Beside me the children sailed along with their faces raised to the sun, hair streaming behindp 158 UDC 1979
a loud-hailer reverberated through the dense foliage. The Sikorski clattered along the high street, fifty feet above my head, but thep 168 UDC 1979
of bizarre birds, the first naked people began to move along the streets of Shepperton. As they strolled arm-in-arm down thep 168 UDC 1979
that I was watching her from the car-park, she walked along the pavement behind a group of adolescent boys, her whitep 169 UDC 1979
canopy, like naked conspirators fleeing through the forest. Petals drifted along the high street under the watching eyes of the birdsp 176 UDC 1979
my congregation with me towards the church. As I sailed along, my arms outstretched in the huge bird-costume, Miriam St Cloudp 182 UDC 1979
helicopter had retreated to the water-meadow across the river. Swept along towards the church, I saw Miriam knocked from her feetp 182 UDC 1979
excited women. I woke again as Stark propelled the trolley along the street. We swerved in and out of the gloomyp 188 UDC 1979
neighbouring village, no doubt mystified by this costumed mob pushing along the wounded body of a winged man. We raced throughp 189 UDC 1979
outside world seemed to have forgotten Shepperton. The traffic moved along the motorway towards London, the drivers and their passengers apparentlyp 191 UDC 1979
not save her from these horrors. A few people wandered along the pallid streets, still dressed in their aviators‘ costumes. Throughp 194 UDC 1979
back into the meadow. Last of all, the marmoset rustled along the ground, climbed on to the fuselage and stared atp 196 UDC 1979
A few more, Blake.‘ David steadied me as I moved along the wheelchairs. To the infirm and arthritic, to the diabeticp 203 UDC 1979
rainbow worn by the sun. I Take Stark I walked along the deserted street, seeing my reflection in the windows ofp 210 UDC 1979
broken from its moorings and run aground on the mud-flats along the opposite bank. However, Stark had at last dragged thep 212 UDC 1979
the aircraft, I stepped on to the beach and strode along the sand. I climbed the ladder on to the rustingp 212 UDC 1979
sun. Miriam Breathes Alone at last, I made my way along the beach to the wreck of the Cessna. Standing onp 214 UDC 1979
rooftops of the deserted town. As the distant traffic moved along the motorway I released Miriam from me and dressed herp 219 UDC 1979
Wave, he refers to its links with the ‘Sixties scene, along with pop music, hippie clothes and hairdos, pornography, reefers.‘ Hep 190 UGM 1981
most commercial phase it has ever known. The New Wave, along with almost all the more intelligent magazines and anthologies, hasp 190 UGM 1981
and jewellery stores, dark grottoes like subterranean caves. Wayne plodded along Broadway, past the silent hotels and theatre facades. In thep 36 HA 1981
Rockefeller Plaza. Searching for something to drink, Wayne turned back along Fifth Avenue. He climbed a shallow dune and stepped throughp 37 HA 1981
been overtaken by events. Traffic had long ceased to flow along the great turnpikes and interstate highways of America. Waist-high weedsp 46 HA 1981
Steiner, it crossed the sand-filled Hudson River and moved out along the wide and empty deck of what had once beenp 51 HA 1981
in search of a young husband. The baggage horses plodded along, heads down in the heat, nervous of the cactus-dotted terrainp 53 HA 1981
rotting suitcases and jerricans. At least, they were moving south along a relatively empty road. The north-bound lanes, towards New Yorkp 53 HA 1981
now, as the column of riders and animals moved south along the New Jersey Turnpike, the time for self-indulgence was overp 56 HA 1981
American wilderness. As the weary animals and their riders plodded along the turnpike, Steiner signalled the column down the embankment towardsp 58 HA 1981
temporary water trough in the ornamental fountain, Wayne set off along the shore of the drained lake. Around him the elegantlyp 61 HA 1981
one of the hundreds of empty motels and country clubs along the route, resting around the drained swimming-pools that seemed top 70 HA 1981
was the Capitol, one of the three most potent images, along with the White House and the Manhattan skyline, that Waynep 71 HA 1981
White House,‘ Steiner told him, as they set off westwards along the line of great museums, dusty hulks half-buried by thep 72 HA 1981
Memorial, he was surprised to see Steiner approaching on foot along the centre of the Mall, a white burnouse flowing fromp 78 HA 1981
the radio tent. At last, as the aerial's shadow stretched along the Mall to the hundred or so watching nomads, theyp 84 HA 1981
the fierce barbed wire fences and sandbagged forts set up along the banks of the last little creek. People defended thisp 94 HA 1981
few days have been a nightmare, dragging this deranged commissar along, listening to him curse away, blaming me. It was hisp 97 HA 1981
from hunger and from the effort of steering Anne Summers along the dusty highway. As the swing doors rocked behind himp 98 HA 1981
mountains, the wooded slopes of the Rockies beckoning to him along the Cimarron trail, jungle-bedecked valleys moist with fast-running streams. Thenp 102 HA 1981
rest they had left Dodge City and were racing westwards along Route 50, GM, Heinz and Pepsodent at the controls ofp 105 HA 1981
more powerful than the cautious, battery-driven Dublin ambulances. They sped along at over thirty miles an hour, and by noon onp 105 HA 1981
awning beside the drained swimming-pool, McNair described his own escape, along with all but two of the Apollo's crew, from thep 107 HA 1981
miles from Washington they overtook the four nomad Executives, plodding along on their camels. Although McNair's warnings about the cloud ofp 107 HA 1981
bumping in the sand as Wayne dragged his wooden litter along the highway. Orlowski had ranted away, mile after mile: ‘It'sp 111 HA 1981
in which they all breathed more freely. They were moving along an empty highway that switchbacked through the Sangre de Cristop 113 HA 1981
was a jungle town. They sped down the empty streets, along a rain-washed pavement lined by a forest wall three storeysp 117 HA 1981
a steaming halt. They waited as the creature sauntered off along the store-fronts, nibbling at the delicious fruits that dangled fromp 117 HA 1981
Chrysler and ran towards the glider. The delicate craft soared along the road, its reversed propeller churning the hot air. Asp 119 HA 1981
neon signs formed a shimmering corona, miles of strip-lighting raced along the porticos of the casinos, zipped up the illuminated curtain-wallingp 121 HA 1981
hotels? Caesar's Palace and the Desert Inn. They're all there along the Strip, the Dunes, the Flamingo, the Sahara. Heinz, thosep 122 HA 1981
the Dodge. Then they were away into the night, speeding along the shores of an illuminated jungle lake. A mushy lightp 131 HA 1981
Stardust. Seen so much of Manson's whole operation, plus trips along the jungle highways into California. It's a complete miniature Unitedp 140 HA 1981
visions that drove the nomad tribes from their hunting grounds along the east coast, and the space-ship that GM, Heinz andp 145 HA 1981
to about 300 feet above the tree-tops, the gunships soaring along on either side. We soon reached the California/Nevada borderp 146 HA 1981
crossed the Hollywood Freeway we spotted a solitary car moving along the empty road, a pink Mark V Continental towing ap 149 HA 1981
get so worked up before. He ordered Paco to fly along the freeway only ten feet above the Continental, I thoughtp 149 HA 1981
McNair will be a big help on the engineering side, along with Professor Summers. But I need someone to stand inp 152 HA 1981
of the Golden Nugget. As it continued its elegant hobble along the deserted pavement, Wayne rested on the pedals of thep 158 HA 1981
armed entourage of youths and girls who had driven Manson along the Strip for this uneasy outing had conspicuously failed top 159 HA 1981
as McNair remarked ironically before towing him in his Rolls along the Strip: ‘In the hundred years since the end ofp 164 HA 1981
Desert Inn Country Club. He could see Anne Summers speeding along the lakeside road in her perky red Mustang, heading forp 165 HA 1981
and insects. Beyond the Desert Inn the hotels and casinos along the Strip lay gripped by the forest, only their upperp 165 HA 1981
their favourite homilies. The last echoes of their voices fled along the faraway roof, vanishing through the windows into the calmp 169 HA 1981
wings like a helicopter's blades they'll surf forwards or backwards along a rising wave front, heliodynamic as opposed to aerodynamic liftp 176 HA 1981
jungle fever. The streets were deserted, and burnt-out cars smoked along the sidewalks. Along Paradise Road he counted a dozen bombedp 187 HA 1981
streets were deserted, and burnt-out cars smoked along the sidewalks. Along Paradise Road he counted a dozen bombed motels and apartmentp 187 HA 1981
air-raid klaxons kept up, their melancholy wail, Wayne set off along the Desert Inn Road. The three spotter planes flew steadilyp 188 HA 1981
series of sand-bagged defence posts set up at the intersections along the Strip. Coils of barbed wire curled across the streetp 188 HA 1981
in and out of bars and hotel lobbies, Wayne plodded along the Strip. Whenever he approached a strongpoint he was brusquelyp 190 HA 1981
crouched under the roulette and blackjack tables in the casinos along Fremont Street. Trapped cherubs in an overlit paradise, they staredp 190 HA 1981
Golden Nugget. Ignoring the gunfire and helicopters, Wayne set off along the Strip. Somehow he had to reach the airport, almostp 190 HA 1981
hurried her back to his Lincoln. When they set off along Sahara Avenue she sat back limply, shaking her head asp 192 HA 1981
searched for some way of reassuring her. They were driving along Sahara Avenue, shielded from the narrow traverse of the skyp 192 HA 1981
the helipads on the Sands and Paradise Hotels. They clattered along the debris-littered streets, shooting up the rotting carcases of thep 199 HA 1981
playing with cruise missiles ...‘ Caesar's Palace! Where else? The roadblocks along the Strip were unmanned. Outside the Desert Inn he steppedp 201 HA 1981
night and hung fifty feet above him as he strode along the centre of the Strip, gatlings pointed at his backp 202 HA 1981
extended themselves, the transporter turned stiffly and aligned its ramp along a steeper gradient in the eastern sky. The fusing armsp 208 HA 1981
slow, and its light, fuel-efficient engine pushed the 100-kiloton war-head along at little more than 500 miles an hour. It wouldp 209 HA 1981
head, he saw the gunships approaching. They roared in low along the Strip, landing skids barely clearing the roofs of thep 221 HA 1981
this scratch force from their back-porches and balconies. They swayed along together, led by a man wearing a powdered wig andp 224 HA 1981
There was a distant roar of gunfire. A mile away, along the northern outskirts of Las Vegas, Love and Hate flewp 231 HA 1981
northern outskirts of Las Vegas, Love and Hate flew aimlessly along the empty boulevards. They circled and dived like neurotic toysp 231 HA 1981
militia-girl chuckled with delight at having startled Wayne. She soared along Fremont Street, starboard wing rippling a playful arpeggio across thep 234 HA 1981
towards the sky. The roofs of the hotels and casinos along Fremont Street fell away, and in a blaze of lightp 234 HA 1981
from each other by several hundred yards, the Fliers surfing along on their own warm waves. Together the convoy formed ap 235 HA 1981
little more than twenty feet above the ground. It scuttled along like a demented gnat, minute engine buzzing up a stormp 1013 NFS 1981
the moon. That was the trouble ...‘ Franklin reversed the Mercedes along the service road. As they set off along the highwayp 1015 NFS 1981
the Mercedes along the service road. As they set off along the highway he thought of Slade's puzzling reference to Marionp 1015 NFS 1981
drawer into the desk. ‘Trippett was staring at the desert along the road -- nothing but rock, dust and a fewp 1017 NFS 1981
of our joint space programme. You might care to come along ...‘ When Dr Vaisey had gone, Franklin returned to his deskp 1018 NFS 1981
The aircraft had vanished, disappearing across the desert. Franklin drove along the Strip, turning in and out of the hotel forecourtsp 1021 NFS 1981
had heard in the desert that morning. Slade's aircraft raced along the Strip, wheels bouncing on the road, its propeller litp 1021 NFS 1981
her thighs and shoulders were segments of a secret runway along which he would one day fly to safety. July 5p 1023 NFS 1981
Franklin turned his back to the road and set off along the causeway between the irrigation ditches. After only a hundredp 1030 NFS 1981
shadow had emerged from beneath his heels and slid silkily along the stony ground, unafraid of this tottering scarecrow who madep 1030 NFS 1981
Seen from the speeding car, the few frayed palm trees along the road had multiplied themselves across the screen of Trippett'sp 1033 NFS 1981
a private prison. Despite her age, the woman fled lightly along the ground and seemed almost to be trying to flyp 1062 MNF 1982
Cessna, flicking a cold foam at Sheppard's ankles. Headlamps approached along the beach, and a government jeep raced down to thep 1063 MNF 1982
the propeller of the Cessna, the empty bars and motels along the beach, and the silent gantries of the Space Centrep 1063 MNF 1982
even a few seconds in the open sunlight. He tagged along on Elaine's expeditions to Algonquin Park, and spent the entirep 1066 MNF 1982
its silver wire disappearing behind a boat-house half a mile along the beach. Confident of himself, Sheppard set off along thep 1072 MNF 1982
mile along the beach. Confident of himself, Sheppard set off along the beach road. During the night the Cessna had vanishedp 1072 MNF 1982
the beach like some treacherous animal's. Ignoring it, he ran along the road. The kite-flier had vanished, slipping away into thep 1072 MNF 1982
and flower were a window into a furnace. Facing him, along the line of shabby bars and stores, was a curiousp 1073 MNF 1982
his translucent hands, Sheppard left the pavilion and set off along the street through the intense sunlight. Beyond the tilting fencesp 1074 MNF 1982
he heard a familiar laboured pad. The old retriever plodded along the sidewalk, its coat shedding a tremulous golden fir. Sheppardp 1074 MNF 1982
get rid of this over-concerned young psychologist. His eyes ran along the sills of light between the plastic blinds. He nop 1076 MNF 1982
he had caressed so affectionately. Restarting the engine, Sheppard drove along the slip road, already an uneven jungle path. Here onp 1079 MNF 1982
beside a kitchen like the side-chapel of a chromium cathedral. Along the rear wall was a set of disused cages leftp 1082 MNF 1982
of movement from the river below. A young woman ran along the surface of the water, her silver hair flowing behindp 1083 MNF 1982
of a view of the universe that had been abandoned along with the state of Florida that had given them birthp 1042 MSA 1982
powered glider side-slipped out of the air, circled and soared along the bridge, its miniature undercarriage only ten feet above thep 1042 MSA 1982
approach -- had slipped away to its lair somewhere south along the coast. Too stunned to rest, Mallory stared at thep 1043 MSA 1982
true. According to Hinton, Dad may actually come down somewhere along this coast. Hinton says the orbits are starting to decayp 1047 MSA 1982
to Cape Kennedy. As Mallory set off on the Yamaha along the coast road, past the deserted motels and cocktail barsp 1049 MSA 1982
Some other escape? FIVE Fifteen minutes later, as Mallory sped along the NASA causeway towards Titusville, he was overtaken by anp 1050 MSA 1982
flight. We'll live forever in the air!‘ ‘Hinton ...‘ Mallory backed along the deck as Hinton seized the greasy rail, about top 1053 MSA 1982
the road beside the overturned truck. A few steps further along the sidewalk the laundry van lay in its liquor storep 1057 MSA 1982
spun in a last blazing carnival. Beside it, flames raced along the wings of the Wright Flyer; in a shower ofp 1059 MSA 1982
and armchairs. We can only assume that the passengers moving along these decks possessed some instinctive homing device, a mental modelp 1086 RUS 1982
and the bloody heads of communist soldiers mounted on pikes along the Bund. In a real war no one knew whichp 14 ES 1984
the fathers closed their houses and moved into the hotels along the Bund. At the beginning of December, when school endedp 15 ES 1984
sky. The long train of a Chinese funeral kite undulated along the street, head nodding as it bestowed its ferocious smilep 18 ES 1984
heavy car through the gates, barely pausing before he accelerated along Amherst Avenue, Jim saw that the front wheel had crushedp 21 ES 1984
under the snow. There were so many beggars in Shanghai. Along Amherst Avenue they sat outside the gates of the housesp 21 ES 1984
his thorax strapped into a huge leather shoe, swung himself along the road through the maze of wheels, a wooden dumb-bellp 22 ES 1984
their weapons, unlike the British Tommies in the sandbagged blockhouses along the Bund. As the Tommies lay in their hammocks, obliviousp 24 ES 1984
latest news in military aviation ...‘ Jim watched Mr Maxted sway along the tiled verge of the empty swimming-pool, curious to seep 27 ES 1984
Shanghai. Holding the balsa aircraft over his head, Jim ran along the floor of the paddy towards an iron building thatp 30 ES 1984
and soared across the perimeter of the airfield. It skidded along the roof of an old concrete blockhouse and fell intop 32 ES 1984
his blue velvet trousers and silk shirt. Jim's eyes moved along the trench. Two more Japanese soldiers sat on a woodenp 33 ES 1984
it, I suppose.‘ His father watched the Japanese sergeant walk along the parapet of the trenchworks. Jim could see that itp 34 ES 1984
suits trying to sell the last of their jewellery. Nearby, along the windows of the Sun Sun department store in thep 37 ES 1984
the Pootung shore. Thousands of sampans and ferry-boats were moored along the Bund, a city of floating hovels still hidden byp 39 ES 1984
the smoke that rose from its three funnels and curled along the water like a black feather boa. Already the Petrelp 43 ES 1984
were reflected in the water. Two Japanese fighter aircraft flew along the Bund, so low that Jim could see the pilotsp 43 ES 1984
revolving doors. All firing had ceased. Throngs of Chinese ran along the Bund between the stationary trams and parked cars, oldp 44 ES 1984
their places in the ship's cutter. A Japanese tank moved along the Bund, its tracks striking sparks from the tramlines. Itp 44 ES 1984
whipping the wheel ahead of him. Two fighter aircraft streaked along the waterfront, the wash from their propellers stripping the bamboop 45 ES 1984
hundreds of crouching Chinese. A battalion of Japanese marines advanced along the Bund, appearing like a stage army through the ornamentalp 45 ES 1984
the capsized hull of the Petrel. As they set off along the Bund the Japanese tank had reached the Palace Hotelp 45 ES 1984
deep by the sinking gunboat. A flicker of light ran along the quays like silent gunfire. Jim lay down beside hisp 49 ES 1984
and thousands of uneasy Chinese and European neutrals were ushered along the quay. They looked down at the wounded crew ofp 52 ES 1984
way through the pieces of broken glass, he set off along the fire-escape. A metal staircase ran to the opposite wingp 54 ES 1984
between the sandbags outside the locked door. Soldiers were moving along the gangway of the children's ward, and sand poured throughp 54 ES 1984
infantry sat like sightseers in the camouflaged trucks that moved along the streets. A party of officers stood outside the Radiump 56 ES 1984
approached, its bell forcing the execution party aside. It clanked along, connector rod hissing and throwing sparks from the overhead powerp 57 ES 1984
head, but he slipped between the parked rickshaws. He ran along the blood-smeared tramlines towards the entrance of the depot. Hep 58 ES 1984
too exhausted to move. He had walked over two miles along the crowded pavements. He knew that he was being followedp 58 ES 1984
Avenue, its crew standing among their radio aerials. They moved along the centre of the road, forcing a Mercedes limousine fromp 61 ES 1984
the NCO let loose a volley of shouts. Jim sped along the suburban pavements, in and out of the telephone polesp 67 ES 1984
Although he was tired, Jim took the long route home, along the Great Western and Columbia Roads, but no Japanese atp 73 ES 1984
took the lift down to the foyer. As Jim rode along the Avenue Foch he saw that Shanghai had changed. Thousandsp 76 ES 1984
Pedalling fiercely, Jim followed a heavily laden tram that clanked along the Avenue Edward VII. Morose Chinese clung to its sidesp 76 ES 1984
Mounting his cycle, Jim left the French Concession and pedalled along the Columbia Road. Quiet residential avenues ran between the treesp 80 ES 1984
last within his reach. For two days Jim had wandered along the Shanghai waterfront. After being discovered by the Japanese patrolp 88 ES 1984
sent to prison camps in Japan? Then, as he cycled along the Nanking Road, he was overtaken by a military truckp 88 ES 1984
Bund to look at the Idzumo. All afternoon he wandered along the waterfront, past the mud-flats where the injured sailors ofp 89 ES 1984
the mud-flats. The klaxons of the Japanese armoured cars wailed along the Bund, and the searchlights of the patrol boats flaredp 89 ES 1984
towards the shabby hulls of the three colliers. Jim scurried along, imitating the American's aggressive gait. At last he had metp 93 ES 1984
The American lifted Jim on to a bamboo platform laid along its keel. They climbed a companionway to the next deckp 93 ES 1984
mud-flats at night with their spanners, Frank rowing the dinghy along the black creeks. Basie in the bows with a lanternp 100 ES 1984
bizarre logic as they set out for Hongkew. They bumped along the dirt road behind the shipyards, through a desolate areap 103 ES 1984
crossed the Soochow Creek into the International Settlement. They drove along the main streets, losing themselves in the traffic on thep 104 ES 1984
at the camber, made a half circle and set off along the dirt track to the railway station. Dr Ransome steadiedp 131 ES 1984
distant skyscrapers of Shanghai. A convoy of Japanese trucks drove along the road, a brief blare of noise that merged withp 132 ES 1984
they set off towards the highway the soldiers were walking along the railway tracks, unwinding lengths of telephone wire. Were theyp 140 ES 1984
air rushed into his watering eyes as the truck sped along the open road. Confident of his bearings, the driver wasp 140 ES 1984
bridge. When they reached the opposite bank the soldiers walked along the water's edge to their work on the railway bridgep 151 ES 1984
with the wicker suitcase. Jim smiled at the woman walking along the wire. When she stretched a hand to him hep 153 ES 1984
the funeral piers at Nantao. Holding Jim's shoulder, he shuffled along the damp floor of the truck. They dismounted and stoodp 159 ES 1984
waited by the broken stones. He stared into the dusk along the white surface of the runway. He remembered the swirlingp 159 ES 1984
to enfold himself in their wings. Lunghua Camp Voices fretted along the murmuring wire, carried like stressed notes on the stringsp 163 ES 1984
perimeter. Leaving his shoes on the blockhouse steps, he waded along a shallow canal, and then crawled through the deep grassp 164 ES 1984
fence Jim felt the air steady around him. He ran along the cinder path, his tattered shirt flying from his bonyp 167 ES 1984
here, Mr Maxted!‘ Jim pushed Richard Pearce aside and ran along the cinder path to the dormitory block. Seeing the emptyp 171 ES 1984
push the cart. Propelled by his new shoes, Jim sped along the cinder path. The iron wheels struck sparks from thep 178 ES 1984
would take their place halfway down the queue. Late-corners clattered along the cinder paths, watched by hundreds of emaciated prisoners. Onep 179 ES 1984
work, ignored by the anti-aircraft gun-crews in the sandbag emplacements along the perimeter road. Jim sucked his fingers, drawing the lastp 187 ES 1984
left the concrete surface. He and Basie and Dr Ransome, along with those Chinese prisoners being worked to death, had helpedp 188 ES 1984
assembly hall. All over the camp the internees were running along the cinder paths. The men and women dozing like asylump 190 ES 1984
moment an immense shadow crossed the assembly hall and raced along the ground towards the perimeter fence. A tornado of noisep 191 ES 1984
father's Packard. The Mustang crossed the perimeter fence and hurtled along the concrete runway of the airfield, the height of ap 191 ES 1984
tornadoes of leaves and dead insects subsided and then whirled along the pathways again as they hunted for the slipstreams ofp 193 ES 1984
Japanese soldiers in a truck with a steaming radiator sped along the perimeter road, on their way to kill the pilotsp 194 ES 1984
keep the camp going. Yet, as he had known all along, the supply of food depended on the whim of thep 211 ES 1984
file through the gates of the camp. They lined up along the road, their backs to the fire-gutted fuselage of ap 230 ES 1984
in a ditch after being murdered by bandits. Headlamps flared along the Shanghai road. Wiping their chins, the women stepped backp 237 ES 1984
Mr and Mrs Wentworth. Ragged and undernourished, the prisoners shuffled along the road on their wooden clogs and formed themselves intop 241 ES 1984
made no attempt to abuse the prisoners or urge them along. Two of the trucks drove through the gates and madep 242 ES 1984
of flies that danced over their heads, the prisoners moved along the country road to Nantao. Across the burial mounds andp 244 ES 1984
Anti-aircraft fire flickered against the windows of the office buildings along the Bund, and lit up the dead neon signs --p 244 ES 1984
Headlamps flared through the dust. The gendarmerie staff car trundled along the road. Japanese soldiers strode down the bank, waving theirp 249 ES 1984
from D Block and her kneeling husband. Other soldiers moved along the bank, rifles slung while they stepped among the restingp 250 ES 1984
road turned at right angles from the canal and ran along a causeway between two paddy fields. The procession came top 251 ES 1984
by the Japanese, who made no attempt to hurry them along, the prisoners waited limply in the sun. Jim listened top 251 ES 1984
of the procession. Rifles slung over their shoulders, they strolled along at a thoughtful pace. They reminded Jim of his father'sp 253 ES 1984
when will the next one begin ...?‘ Japanese soldiers were walking along the railway line, followed by Dr Ransome and Mrs Pearcep 256 ES 1984
Pearce. The corporals shouted to each other, their voices drumming along the rails. A faint rain fell, and the guards waitingp 256 ES 1984
lines of bomb-damaged vehicles. Jim left Mr Maxted and walked along the running track, intending to follow them, but then cautiouslyp 271 ES 1984
feathered vanes of the radial engine and ran his hand along the warped flank of the propeller. Glycol had leaked fromp 278 ES 1984
the parachute was billowing gently in the air that moved along the canal. Holding the cold treasure to his chest, Jimp 284 ES 1984
Jim by the open paddy, a Japanese soldier was running along the embankment of the canal. Bare-footed in his ragged uniformp 284 ES 1984
but still wore his webbing and ammunition pouches. He sprinted along the canal embankment, and stopped to recover his breath besidep 285 ES 1984
Private Kimura. A group of European men were following him along the embankment, clubs of weighted bamboo in their hands. Onep 285 ES 1984
the nose cone in place and dragged the heavy cylinder along the embankment. Jim watched them make their way between thep 286 ES 1984
a treasury in the moments before their death. Jim walked along the silent road, watching an American I fighter cruise inp 291 ES 1984
waded in circles through the water-weed, while the others ran along the mud walls between the paddies. As Tulloch watched themp 294 ES 1984
camp bulletins and commandant's orders. In the dormitories he strolled along the lines of bunks. The home-made lockers had been lootedp 300 ES 1984
of the dead prisoners. In fact, he had known all along that those who fell behind during the march from Lunghuap 303 ES 1984
Allied prisoners from Hungjao, and the armed men were running along the embankments of the anti-tank ditches, firing across the floodedp 306 ES 1984
been unable to find second gear, and they had laboured along the Shanghai road at a noisy walking pace that threatenedp 311 ES 1984
air-drop at Hungjao brought back Price's driving skills. They hurtled along the farm tracks and canal embankments, following the parachutes towardsp 311 ES 1984
on the bale of parachute silk. He had known all along that the sight of the Olympic stadium would prove toop 312 ES 1984
Chinese with a pistol belt around his black trousers scuttled along at a crouch, leading a group of coolies with bamboop 314 ES 1984
Belsen, von Rundstedt, GI Joe ...‘ The Bandits The car sped along the shore of an oil-filled lagoon, past the rusting hullp 318 ES 1984
and from the wounds of injured men stained the seats. Along with the staves and weapons, the car was crammed withp 319 ES 1984
bottles into which the men continually urinated as they sped along the country roads to the south-west of Shanghai. They camep 319 ES 1984
fro across the quilted land. Yet eight hundred yards away, along a parallel road, a second truck sped through the desertedp 319 ES 1984
around the three vehicles as they reversed and set off along a disused canal. Within half a mile they stopped onp 320 ES 1984
to get it, would you, Jim?‘ Both of them went along with this pretence. Jim stared at the empty village, itsp 321 ES 1984
relatives who clambered down the bank. The motorized junk sailed along the canal, its engines drumming like fists against the woodenp 327 ES 1984
shoulders, they ignored the battle across the river and walked along the deck to the conning tower. Jim unlatched the driver'sp 333 ES 1984
magazine, but the flies had swarmed from the corpses further along the creek and soon discovered the body of the youngp 338 ES 1984
and American servicemen moving in and out of the hotels along the Bund. At the jetties beside the Arrawa, hidden belowp 345 ES 1984
three cinema screens which had been set up on scaffolding along the Bund. In collaboration with the US Navy, the Nationalistp 346 ES 1984
from their bases in Japan and Okinawa. As they drove along the perimeter road, Jim stared at Lunghua Airfield, now ap 348 ES 1984
the former prison was busy again, fresh barbed wire strung along its fences. Although the war had been over for nearlyp 348 ES 1984
street was filled by an unbroken silence. No traffic moved along the nearby motorway, and not a single aircraft flew overheadp 3 SAJ 1984
he had become a popular figure in the hotel lobbies along Copacabana Beach. Apparently he had flown on one of thep 1107 MWM 1985
as Morbius's lustful id, never seen directly, throbs and oozes along in full Oedipal splendour, melting down steel doors on itsp 18 UGM 1987
of Kubrick's epic in the scenes of giant starships sailing along the tideways of space. The premise -- that one dayp 20 UGM 1987
fillings ...?‘ Hidden behind her hand-held camera, Miss Matsuoka was swept along by the group of excited soldiers running down to thep 10 DC 1987
the savanna, and in the faded brilliance of the forest along the river channels, like the lustre of a dead emeraldp 18 DC 1987
factory, they lay back in the sweet-scented haze that flowed along the shore, turning up the volume of their cassette playersp 20 DC 1987
their radios. Santos and the injured Frenchman were being backed along the beach to the tobacco wharf, whose heavy teak pillarsp 24 DC 1987
next hour or so.‘ She pointed to the dirt road along the southern shore of Lake Kotto. A small convoy ofp 26 DC 1987
lover. I watched her moving with her small, determined steps along the verge, dismissing the young soldiers with a tired wavep 27 DC 1987
water. I'm talking about fame.‘ Fame? Had I been shot, along with Santos and Mrs Warrender, the news would scarcely havep 28 DC 1987
the hand-held camera, ducked under the starboard wing. She crept along the fuselage, her lens taking in every capped tooth inp 29 DC 1987
arm. In a gesture of surprising intimacy, he steered me along the wing, unconcerned that the blood from my hand wasp 34 DC 1987
stamped into the ground by the metal links. I walked along these rectilinear grids, a trace of the passing imprint ofp 38 DC 1987
water, little more than the width of my arm, flowed along the track, carried by the slight gradient that ran downp 40 DC 1987
the lake. It formed a small pool beneath the debris along the beach, nudging at the cigarette packs and beer cansp 40 DC 1987
flagging agriculture, a new fertility rite for the television age. Along the borders of Chad and the Sudan, the images ofp 45 DC 1987
wharf of the tobacco warehouse. Again I saw the mirage along the shore, the same illusory forest that hung among thep 46 DC 1987
hundred feet in length and some thirty wide, that lay along the beach. Even now this narrow crescent had attracted ap 46 DC 1987
unmanned camera fixed on its tripod in front of them, along a land-line to the twenty-foot-high local antenna secured to thep 50 DC 1987
serve as its presenter, the impresario of rubbish ... I walked along the bank, even more curious now to find the sourcep 51 DC 1987
among his cameras and antennae. Ignoring him, I set off along the forest road towards the lake. A hundred yards awayp 53 DC 1987
disapproval and drove away. No doubt he had assumed all along that I would stay at Port-la-Nouvelle and had thoroughly enjoyedp 54 DC 1987
own. The River Mallory Spade in hand, I set off along the bank. I was certain that Sanger was deliberately stealingp 64 DC 1987
Sanger and Mr Pal at my heels, I set off along the bank towards Port-la-Nouvelle. Through the trees I could seep 66 DC 1987
my head, pretending to bless this elderly craft, and walked along the jetty. I noticed that Kagwa had not withdrawn hisp 70 DC 1987
project. ‘All set, Mallory ...!‘ Followed by Mr Pal, Sanger strode along the wharf, waving three copies of the provisional agreement. ‘Thep 70 DC 1987
a willow branch washed on to the flagstones and ambled along in a jaunty way, as if to throw it intop 80 DC 1987
few seconds the pain held back the river. I strode along the shore, kicking the waves out of my way. Ap 87 DC 1987
of a teenage mother whose child is threatened. I walked along the beach to greet Captain Kagwa. I realized that itp 90 DC 1987
years of drought, to drown the race of men. Swept along by the current, we entered the faster water of thep 92 DC 1987
ended abruptly at the bank, and a steel fence ran along the perimeter of a tobacco field, the line of wirep 92 DC 1987
bulletins across the globe. Yet, for all the military activity along the banks, there was no sign of that second armyp 93 DC 1987
by the dusty fanlight in the ceiling. A mattress lay along the wall, beside a stained slops pail. An emaciated Europeanp 97 DC 1987
clinic and finish your packing.‘ I let him steer me along the corridor to his office. ‘The beard -- I couldn'tp 97 DC 1987
to get out of his way, he set off slowly along the shore, the down-draught from the helicopter's propeller sending upp 98 DC 1987
others‘ transistor radios. They clattered down the stairs and ran along the quay, following the remote-control camera mounted between the landingp 98 DC 1987
moving the skin to and fro in the darkness. Paddling along the shore, she continued to wave the skinned reptile. Nop 100 DC 1987
The noise masked the Salammbo's diesel, but a soldier stumbling along the gravel cliff had seen the foam thrown up byp 108 DC 1987
and sleeping quarters. A straw mattress lay on a shelf along the rear wall, and above it hung a collection ofp 110 DC 1987
and forgotten fences marked the boundaries of abandoned farms. But along the Mallory a young life teemed. We had entered ap 116 DC 1987
my own imagination was inventing the river as we moved along its course. Trumpet vines, winter-sweet and pretty nectaries decorated thep 117 DC 1987
cassette player. ‘ ... neo-colonialist folk-lore ...‘ The fragments of amplified dialogue boomed along the shore, then stopped abruptly. Noon returned to the railp 123 DC 1987
passenger door. Head ducking among the waves, he was carried along below the cloud of blossom that sailed high into thep 128 DC 1987
brown water. The Salammbo ran gently aground, the hull hissing along the sand, and then began to right itself, lifting thep 132 DC 1987
made no attempt to draw his revolver, and retreated awkwardly along the sand-bar. He raised his right hand in a signalp 133 DC 1987
the aircraft. Five minutes later they were gone, heading south along the river, the noise of the machine vanishing into thep 134 DC 1987
helicopter and the gunfire, began to return to their perches along the wooded banks. Noon squatted in the bows, warning mep 135 DC 1987
and desert lavender that had sprung from the dusty savanna along the margins of the channel. I watched the fish jumpp 137 DC 1987
exhaust fumes of Kagwa's helicopter. I watched the water coursing along the bank, overrunning the narrow beach and swilling round thep 140 DC 1987
more than a rim of polished silt below the palms. Along its slope was scattered an exhibition of washed stones andp 141 DC 1987
crossing it at right angles, and the shoulder of silt along its banks had filled in the gully through which thep 142 DC 1987
on my own ground. The water rushed past, sliding confidently along the bank. I picked up the rifle, slinging it overp 143 DC 1987
sharp snaps crossed the air. Parties of soldiers were moving along the bank. Blades flashed in the sunlight, as they cutp 154 DC 1987
slid from the mouth of the creek, following the foliage along the western bank, Sanger leaned forward and gripped my armp 156 DC 1987
to him by the soldier in the bows. We sped along together, the inflatable leaping from crest to crest, the Salammbo'sp 164 DC 1987
way back to the mountains. The untethered oil drum slid along the deck and collided with the cargo of film equipmentp 165 DC 1987
jeep reversed on to the beach, turned sharply and sped along the water's edge. Two armed men in the combat fatiguesp 165 DC 1987
guerillas seemed to lose interest. The driver began to reverse along the beach. ‘Noon ...?‘ I held her shoulders when she placedp 166 DC 1987
his way past the film equipment. As his hands moved along the metal deck Noon backed away from him, almost invitingp 187 DC 1987
of deeper haze that lay near a grove of tamarinds along the shore. The helicopter clattered across the river. Head downp 188 DC 1987
into the water and exposed a section of the levee. Along this narrow causeway a man came running, his head bowedp 209 DC 1987
raised my eyes I could see that nothing now moved along the causeway. The wildfowlers had secured their prey and wouldp 209 DC 1987
isn't very much. But if you wait something usually comes along.‘ ‘I can see you found another rifle.‘ ‘There was ap 210 DC 1987
least my own height, revealing the roots of the trees along the shore. Baked by the sun, the exposed river-bed hadp 215 DC 1987
I listened to the steady rumble of a truck moving along a desert road, and watched the smoke of driftwood firesp 216 DC 1987
sand that reached to the exposed roots of the fan-palms along the bank. Hand over hand, I climbed the ladders ofp 218 DC 1987
fishing craft, skiffs and rafts were moored to makeshift jetties along the beach. Diverted by the barrage, the stolen channel ofp 219 DC 1987
hidden inside the baggy camouflage. Had she tricked me all along, drawing me into a dream of the river which wouldp 221 DC 1987
beside the road. We were driving towards the former airbase along the western bank of the diverted channel, through a stripp 222 DC 1987
cards in the doorways of their shacks. As we moved along the road the stench gathered strength, and I realized thatp 224 DC 1987
climbed down from the truck, and followed the two soldiers along a pathway that led through the high grass. Leaving Noonp 225 DC 1987
snorting with laughter when I slipped in the greasy scum along the rubble bank. A dead snake lay in the shallowsp 231 DC 1987
span the cascade. Soon discouraged, they began to walk back along the beach, returning to the stagnant, malarial waters of theirp 232 DC 1987
me I heard Noon shout out in alarm. She ran along the beach after the mooring line, convinced that in myp 233 DC 1987
these creatures killed by the Mallory, but as I gazed along the shore line, through the blur of dung flies andp 238 DC 1987
his pursuit of Noon. He inclined his machine and accelerated along the line of cliffs. The spray fell like lost rainp 241 DC 1987
the main force in the landing-craft. The evening mist seeped along the slopes of the surrounding hills, hunting out the narrowp 242 DC 1987
from which leaked a stream of phosphorescent bile. I walked along the barrage towards the Diana. A wooden gangway led downp 244 DC 1987
Unslaked by the papyrus marshes, Nora Warrender had pursued me along the upper reaches of the Mallory, but had seemed top 245 DC 1987
the smoke for Noon or Mrs Warrender, and then ran along the path to the east wall where the Salammbo wasp 255 DC 1987
by their sergeant, they plunged into the water and ran along the beach towards the sand-bars, ready to flush out thep 255 DC 1987
of the field hospital. The clouds of dispersing steam seeped along the empty channel of the river between the exposed sand-barsp 257 DC 1987
There was a stir of movement in the shabby trees along the road. I picked my way along the blackened shorelinep 259 DC 1987
the shabby trees along the road. I picked my way along the blackened shoreline, stepping between the streams of waste. Ip 259 DC 1987
across the stranded raft with its outboard motor, and ran along the exposed river-bed between the bodies of the dead fishp 263 DC 1987
machine following the stream of dark water that ran southwards along the grave of the river. The engine at last fadedp 267 DC 1987
red ores, so that the Mallory seemed to be flowing along the gutter of a vast natural abattoir. The damp airp 269 DC 1987
shingle beach and a giant's causeway of boulders that ran along the centre of the gorge. After scanning the main channelp 271 DC 1987
raft into the arm of quieter water. I cruised quietly along the inner face of the causeway, peering into the smallp 271 DC 1987
at some time in the recent past a tectonic shift along a deep plate-line had fractured its floor and walls. Thep 279 DC 1987
instep like a diagonal arrow, moved in front of me along the edge of the stream. Marooned by the falling riverp 281 DC 1987
slip between the stumps of the dead trees that stand along the banks of the river. An immense white dream flowsp 284 DC 1987
or their men, though their abandoned military equipment is strewn along the 200-mile course of the river, and the rusting hulkp 286 DC 1987
for a strong-shouldered young woman, with a caustic eye, walking along the drained bed of the Mallory with a familiar jauntyp 287 DC 1987
and legs. The camera leaves the gatehouse and sets off along The Avenue, the tree-lined central drive of the estate. Thep 9 RW 1988
London or in the silicon valley of high-technology computer firms along the M4 corridor. Pangbourne Village is only the newest (completedp 13 RW 1988
constitute a chain of closed communities whose lifelines run directly along the M4 to the offices and consulting rooms, restaurants andp 13 RW 1988
watched in the Home Office theatre. As I stepped out along the well-bred gravel of The Avenue into the silent estatep 24 RW 1988
technology, showed every detail with unnerving clarity. The camera panned along the plate-glass windows of the lounge and dining room. Thep 49 RW 1988
which Burnett will patrol in twenty minutes. Jasper sets off along the path until he sees the gatehouse on its grassyp 70 RW 1988
gravel toward them. 8:26 a.m. Officer Burnett strides along the perimeter path toward the emergency telephone. The pivot ofp 75 RW 1988
even the Reagan presidency cope with a world so askew? Along with my fellow-physicians who had watched the President on televisionp 1117 WW3 1988
the world's real troublespots, but a curious pattern had appeared along the bottom of the screen, some kind of Christmas decorationp 1119 WW3 1988
mental functions. His brave, if tremulous, heartbeat drew its trace along the lower edge of the screen, while above it newscastersp 1119 WW3 1988
trees between the RN7 and the sea had unexpectedly vanished, along with the old post office and the tabac selling thep 65 UGM 1989
will transmit data banks and information services to each apartment, along with the most advanced fire, safety and security measures. Top 65 UGM 1989
Hopper exhibition at the Musee Cantini, police helicopters raced overhead along the high-speed auto-route, while Canadair flying boats water-bombed the blazingp 66 UGM 1989
her back to me by the crowded bookshelf, fingers drumming along the titles as if hunting for some manual that wouldp 1127 LCC 1989
a substantial minority had decided not to return at all. Along the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Cote d'Azurp 1140 LTP 1989
At any event, a movement confined to a few resorts along the Mediterranean coast had, by November 1995, involved tens ofp 1140 LTP 1989
heartlands. So, in the summer of 1997 they set off along the deserted autoroutes and motorways in the greatest invasion thatp 1144 LTP 1989
and rice, the tomatoes and courgettes, the rope of garlic. Along with the tinned anchovies and several sachets of smoked salmonp 1132 TES 1989
rival soldiers were to place their rifles at their feet, along with their identity tags and the photographs of their sistersp 1147 WF 1989
was ever to take hold it would be here, somewhere along the old Green Line that divided Beirut, in this no-man's-landp 1148 WF 1989
himself and his fellow-soldiers. On an impulse he set off along the beach towards the Fundamentalist sentry-post 500 yards away. ‘Ryanp 1151 WF 1989
to the harbour wall. Together they watched as Ryan strode along the shore, ignoring the sniper-infested office buildings. He was halfwayp 1151 WF 1989
fortified positions. ‘Today there hasn't been a single major incident along the Green Line. North of the airport there's even ap 1153 WF 1989
of the Parliament building. Shutters were opening on the stores along the Green Line, and there was even a modest streetp 1153 WF 1989
the derelict factories and shantytowns, stopping at the UN checkpoints along the route. From his seat in the back of thep 1155 WF 1989
their death's head warnings and eroded seams. Johnson set off along the shore, searching the sea beyond the inlet of thep 1162 DCG 1990
post-war America was expressed in the baroque vehicles that soared along its highways, as if an advanced interstellar race had touchedp 97 CRAa 1990
tell, but they loomed across the horizons of popular consciousness along with those of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Beyond ourp 114 MWRa 1990
supporting structures. Her naso-labial folds deepened, and the soft tissues along her jaw fell forward. Her jowls tended to increase. Inp 111 PMF 1990
with flashing lights), and then rolled over and continued upside-down along the oncoming lane. Fortunately I was wearing a seat beltp 26 UDa 1990
would dress her little daughter in a Marie Antoinette costume, along with gilded hat and silk umbrella. She was always presentp 70 THFa 1990
the unequalled richness of their source material propels their imaginations along unexpected paths. Doctors have remarkably high suicide rates, perhaps ap 76 THFa 1990
have embraced VCRs, fax machines, word processors without a thought, along with the new social habits that have sprung up aroundp 77 THFa 1990
But its great days seem to lie in the past, along with the great days of American and European film, ap 27 UGM 1991
in The Godfather II. A few years ago I drove along Miami Beach where Lansky had retired, past the luxury condosp 45 UGM 1991
of the big Las Vegas resort hotel, which offered glitz along with first-class service and is now the dominant style ofp 46 UGM 1991
of a naked girl, skin stripped from her back, stumbling along a road from a napalmed village, or the first filmp 73 UGM 1991
man is one of its minor and more intriguing mysteries. Along with Bernard Berenson, Kenneth Clark, Anthony Blunt and, arguably, Dianap 79 UGM 1991
up at approaching bombers or trudge with their small suitcases along the refugee road to the nearest frontier, unaware of thep 83 UGM 1991
Spencer and Hilda appear several times in this huge canvas, along with their many friends and relatives, reborn into the wonderp 103 UGM 1991
become his country's itinerant preacher and pin-pricker, dispensing folksy wisdom along with a strong dose of purgative. As in these lecturesp 117 UGM 1991
a number of unattractive reflexes of my own -- walking along the Nanking Road, I caught myself expecting the Chinese pedestriansp 175 UGM 1991
of coolies labouring under immense loads disgorged from the sampans along the Bund. The people looked confident and well fed, youngp 175 UGM 1991
now beginning to re-emerge. The great hotels and banking houses along the Bund, unchanged since the 1930s, rise through the fadingp 218 UGM 1991
the impassive facades of the great banks and trading houses along the Bund. Thousands of Chinese troops were dug into thep 10 KW 1991
she rarely touched me. She stared at the distant skyline along the Bund. Smoke rose from the coal-burning boilers of thep 13 KW 1991
Buffeted by the Chinese office clerks, I steered my cycle along the gutter, and squeezed past an armoured riot van ofp 20 KW 1991
the coffins and the clicking abacus, I pushed my cycle along the gutter, aware that David would see me once thep 21 KW 1991
was laying smoke around itself. Scrolls of oily vapour uncoiled along its bows. Through the sooty clouds I could see thep 23 KW 1991
over Shanghai, and the first bombing raids would soon follow. Along the Whangpoo river Japanese military activity had increased, and antiaircraftp 37 KW 1991
slipped. The apartment houses of the French Concession were visible along the horizon, reminding me of the old Shanghai before thep 39 KW 1991
and brewed unpleasant herbal teas from the weeds and wildflowers along the perimeter fence; and Mr Hopkins, the art master atp 40 KW 1991
the gates on to the open road. I set off along the dusty verge, trying to fix my eyes on thep 52 KW 1991
the cable on to the concrete floor and strolled stiffly along the platform. The private's fingers flicked at his lips, tappingp 59 KW 1991
western end of the platform, and the wire that looped along the embankment. The resting soldiers lay against their packs, watchingp 61 KW 1991
murder of the Chinese I never understood. I set off along the track, too exhausted to stride between the sleepers, waitingp 62 KW 1991
had already been absorbed into the extraordinary history of Shanghai, along with the Avenue Edward VII bomb, the Japanese attack onp 64 KW 1991
the living had begun to interbreed. As Yang drove south along the Lunghua road I searched the paddy fields for anyp 66 KW 1991
arm as we stood by the fire, running her eye along the surrealist reproductions. ‘Ernst, Dali, the Facteur Cheval ... they're yourp 90 KW 1991
would kiss the linings of her lungs, run my tongue along her bronchi, press my face to the moist membranes ofp 92 KW 1991
I had overtaken him on the Triumph as he flew along the Newmarket road. ‘By the way, you've been to Lakenheathp 96 KW 1991
that we don't feel left out when armageddon begins. Come along -- we might wangle a look at a nuclear bomberp 96 KW 1991
training base was on the apron. The ground crews moved along the line of aircraft with their battery carts. The signalp 99 KW 1991
and prosperity unknown in Europe. Fleets of baroque vehicles soared along its highways, as if a race of interplanetary visitors werep 107 KW 1991
with children playing on the grass and fishing for minnows along the reedy banks of the stream. I could almost believep 123 KW 1991
of the footbridge. Led by the retriever, we set off along the upper arm of the stream, collecting more children onp 124 KW 1991
happily chaotic sitcom whose script we extemporised as we went along. The children squatted on the edge of the gravel lakep 124 KW 1991
over the empty paddy fields of Lunghua as I walked along the railway line, but the light that filled the splash-meadowp 127 KW 1991
absurd but nagging inquiry. For a year he had drifted along the fringes of private aviation, and then bought a smallp 128 KW 1991
faced me across the water. Our apartment house had moved along the bay, and Miriam and the children were lost behindp 139 KW 1991
rising in a series of grass-covered hillocks. As we walked along the firmer ground we passed the remains of a rustingp 141 KW 1991
complex of hotels, marinas and apartment houses. As we strolled along, my arm around Miriam's waist, Henry rushed back to usp 141 KW 1991
enthusiasms. From our earliest days she had always pushed me along, giving up holidays so that I could finish a bookp 144 KW 1991
to rule our lives. A new Europe had sprung up along the beaches of the Mediterranean, in effect a linear cityp 145 KW 1991
a film set, with a series of mock-antique Catalonian villages along the speed-boat canals.‘ ‘Miriam wants us to settle here --p 149 KW 1991
stared at the sand-bar beyond the mole, a pale smudge along the shore of Ampuriabrava. The blazing driftwood fire we hadp 150 KW 1991
under the blanket and readied his oxygen cylinder. We sped along the Figueras road, siren wailing, and began to swerve inp 159 KW 1991
the mirrored cabinet in the bathroom and ran her fingers along the tooth glasses. ‘Nix kaputt?‘ ‘Kaputt nix.‘ She glanced atp 162 KW 1991
and dead bulls. I even saw her in Lunghua, strolling along the railway line to that little station. In some peculiarp 173 KW 1991
fading from her breasts. She took Lucy's hand and walked along the bar, scattering the paper cups with their brown stainsp 186 KW 1991
primitive psychological structure that we've inherited from the distant past, along with the appendix and the little toe. Yet we're totallyp 200 KW 1991
that she disapproved of the exhibition, and had gamely come along to give me support. ‘At least they never stopped lookingp 228 KW 1991
that the exhibition closed I was driving back to Shepperton along the Hammersmith flyover, when I saw Sally's MG speeding downp 229 KW 1991
street they were already cleaning them protectively. While I drove along the flyover I wiped the last of the white paintp 230 KW 1991
tail of the MG. Our fenders locked as we careened along the carriageway. Startled, Sally crouched away from the wild headlightsp 231 KW 1991
traffic sign, rolled on to its back and carried on along the on-coming lane. Hanging from my seat belt, I sawp 231 KW 1991
gazed contentedly at the procession of giant floats that moved along the Avenida Atlantica advertising the star film of the festivalp 235 KW 1991
had scarcely taken his eyes from the women who strolled along the sidewalks of this extravagant city, but I knew thatp 244 KW 1991
nice.‘ I undressed beside her, aware of her jollying me along. Time, not money, dominated the prostitute's life. To enjoy sexp 248 KW 1991
a look of mock resignation, Carmen glanced at the spectators along the wall. There were nods of sympathy, heads shaken overp 255 KW 1991
himself against the TV ratings of the ultimate media personality. Along Copacabana Beach the salesmen were flying their festival kites abovep 256 KW 1991
victim of a bogus experiment. But Sally had been hurt. Along with the other volunteers who worked at the institute, shep 266 KW 1991
and flattering.‘ ‘He was just waiting for television to come along.‘ ‘He was waiting for you.‘ Peggy paced over to thep 268 KW 1991
of her pelvis. Kissing her again, I ran my fingers along the shy chin that had lengthened as the war progressedp 271 KW 1991
woman in the nightdress was laying a row of daffodils along the strip of carpet that separated the recess of thep 275 KW 1991
lay dead in their eyes, and probably in my own, along with the hopes for a millennial world of peace andp 282 KW 1991
Shepperton was like a warehouse discarded by the film studios, along with the plywood candy bars and toilet roll of Magicp 282 KW 1991
we furnished it.‘ ‘Sally ... I can't believe it. So all along I was a complete suburbanite without realising it.‘ ‘Of coursep 285 KW 1991
one of the morose, chain-smoking ex-hippies sitting on the kerb along Telegraph Hill, but in fact she had been the managerp 286 KW 1991
be interested.‘ ‘I am -- my son should have come along.‘ Sally had mentioned that Edward was a member of ap 287 KW 1991
me, anyway.‘ Taking my hand, she left her seat, stepped along the trembling boat and sank beside me on to thep 289 KW 1991
up in bed to try on his new wig, shuffling along the landings with us as he craned through the windowsp 304 KW 1991
overlooked his high-walled garden. Had he begun to forget me, along with the beer mats and the American licence plates? Yetp 310 KW 1991
Impossible Palace A funfair was visiting Shepperton. As I walked along the river I could see the chromium-panelled caravans through thep 314 KW 1991
on this remarkable but ambiguous man had kept us apart, along with a certain wariness that Cleo felt towards me. Nowp 319 KW 1991
Fifty feet away, a tall man in hiking boots strode along the footpath, approaching us at a brisk pace. He carriedp 328 KW 1991
convoy left the car-park he had already resumed his walk along the bank. We passed him an hour later, striding towardsp 329 KW 1991
speed so that we kept pace with him. He strode along in his heavy boots, checking some detail on his mapp 330 KW 1991
already been shot in Shanghai, where the banks and hotels along the Bund stood unchanged since the Communist seizure of thep 331 KW 1991
past and invented the future. An hour later we rolled along the San Diego freeway in the studio car, looking atp 338 KW 1991
ramshackle and comforting. An intact fragment of the Sixties survived along its promenades. The wide sands stretched past roller-skaters and muscle-buildersp 345 KW 1991
erected. The sea seemed far away, a glimmer of waves along the horizon, as if the Pacific had decided to withdrawp 345 KW 1991
it within its protective wings. Looking at the great hotels along the Bund, unchanged after fifty years, I could almost believep 346 KW 1991
a classroom course in elementary astronautics. The crew tolerantly went along with these charades. Dr Valentina was seen replacing a fillingp 1177 MFM 1992
Congressman and Governor in the United States would be present, along with President Quayle, the heads of state of thirty countriesp 1177 MFM 1992
President Quayle, the dignitaries shuffled from their seats and hurried along the lines of red carpet to the refreshment tents. Thep 1178 MFM 1992
director and screenwriters made up the story as shooting went along. In fact, almost every key character and scene were presentp 6 UGM 1993
one, have never grasped the significance of those observers walking along the corridors of moving trains or firing light beams acrossp 149 UGM 1993
car parks rose like the megaliths of a future Stonehenge, along with a landscape of dual carriageways and overpasses that easedp 183 UGM 1994
boat five miles away. They mobbed the rubber craft, soaring along the wave troughs, beaks lunging at the open sores onp 13 RP 1994
Neil. ‘Arrete-toi! Ne bouge pas!‘ Cursing Dr Barbara, Neil sprinted along the airstrip through the trail of bloody feathers. Kimo wasp 23 RP 1994
meeting was an established part of the holiday street scene, along with the fire-breathers, pickpockets and nightclub touts. Dr Barbara wasp 27 RP 1994
all her old fervour. The salt water ulcers had healed, along with the eye infection that she refused to allow thep 27 RP 1994
bought to please his step-father was parked a hundred yards along the beach, but Neil decided to distance himself from thisp 30 RP 1994
the albatross? ‘When I swim to Molokai you could come along. It's best if there's a doctor in the pace-boat. Arep 35 RP 1994
threatened bird while manipulating the emotions of her audience. All along, Neil assumed, she had hoped that the French soldiers onp 38 RP 1994
genuinely reassured by his arrival. He was tired after walking along the crowded quay, and wanted to sit on the platformp 47 RP 1994
prompted by the immense white wings which Kimo had painted along the trawler's hull. Already a novelty designer in Waikiki hadp 49 RP 1994
running feet on the gangway. A taxi approached at speed along the quay, its beams dipping and flaring as the driverp 56 RP 1994
turned, drenching the two men. No-one noticed the speedboat heading along the outer edge of the reef, where Kimo had foundp 61 RP 1994
leaving the corvette to deal with the Dugong. Neil sprinted along the deck to the stern hoist, and waited with thep 65 RP 1994
bow-wave, and the outer edge of the helicopter platform scythed along the starboard deck of the Dugong and struck the docking-bridgep 68 RP 1994
the closing grave, the three relatives turned and set off along the runway towards the waiting Piper. The burial party dispersedp 73 RP 1994
section of the bridge, and the oil slick was drifting along the beach to the rocky cascade below the cliff. Neilp 85 RP 1994
mind, branching into the remotest limbs of the biological kingdom, along which he mentally scrambled to rescue a rare parasite orp 95 RP 1994
go from there.‘ After returning to the island, Neil paced along the waiting runway, now cleared of all obstacles. The reservesp 97 RP 1994
he gazed in awe at the coral-dusted figures approaching him along the runway, like an over-worked UN aid official greeting ap 98 RP 1994
of a hoe, spade or machete. Dr Barbara bullied them along. Even the protected animals in their enclosures were nervous ofp 120 RP 1994
the day's work they lay in their tents, or wandered along the beach in the hope of finding a few cansp 128 RP 1994
of marijuana plants among the nearby palms. Meanwhile Wolfgang wandered along the shore-line, searching for the last of the stores thatp 134 RP 1994
the gulley and plunged into the sand. Carline was racing along the water's edge towards the shacks; silver pistol in onep 134 RP 1994
the last food cans from the hippies‘ store, they ran along the beach towards the runway. Neil hurled his club intop 134 RP 1994
They won't try stealing from us again.‘ Carline set off along the runway, followed by Monique and the Saitos, each carryingp 135 RP 1994
fidgeted with himself. ‘It's a difficult one, but I go along with you.‘ ‘Good. Yukio, what about you?‘ ‘We can adjustp 141 RP 1994
beyond the gate. Seizing upon their support, Dr Barbara strutted along the fence and tested the rusty wire. She was snappingp 142 RP 1994
sample from Neil and returned it to the rack. ‘Something along those lines had occurred to me.‘ ‘What about the kitchenp 147 RP 1994
element that would first unsettle and then steel them. All along she had tested them, exposing them to the French gunsp 148 RP 1994
beneath his feet. He imagined her body borne in state along the pale coral to the cemetery beside the prayer-shack. Saint-Espritp 156 RP 1994
to the white-haired woman who had abandoned them. Neil walked along the cliff, scanning the wooded slopes above the plant terracesp 158 RP 1994
wary eyes on the changing wind. A single albatross soared along the beach, drawn to the stream where Dr Barbara hadp 162 RP 1994
hitched up her shorts, beckoned to Neil and set off along the path. Barely keeping pace with her nimble feet, Neilp 167 RP 1994
I'm a better doctor than an artist.‘ She set out along the forest path below the disused aqueduct, barely visible onlyp 167 RP 1994
arm in arm into the Pacific deep. He was running along the beach, impatient to tell Dr Barbara of his findp 196 RP 1994
of Neil's age. Dr Barbara strode in her measured way along the pier, boots ringing against the timbers. She ignored Neilp 196 RP 1994
on the face of David Carline as he paced restlessly along the pier, waving his straw hat with the gestures ofp 196 RP 1994
on the wind-swept sand. When the van Noort sisters approached along the beach, ready to start their tiresome teasing, he leftp 198 RP 1994
galley. A pennant of intestine floated on the current, hauled along by a determined blue-fish hoping to find a quiet cornerp 206 RP 1994
They're coming, they're coming!‘ Abandoning her visitors, Mrs Saito ran along the pier, knees striking each other in her breathless panicp 207 RP 1994
last of the banners slipped from their hands and raced along the runway, draping itself across the bulldozer. ‘Martha ...! Helena ...!‘ Mrsp 210 RP 1994
that she had already consigned him to the sanctuary's past along with Monsieur Didier, Kimo and Professor Saito. Crooning to herp 211 RP 1994
Secure in his sky-island, Neil watched the sickly albatross totter along the cliff, shaking the heavy vapour from their wings. Ap 228 RP 1994
among the graves, he guessed that they had known all along of Dr Barbara's plan to rid Saint-Esprit of its menp 231 RP 1994
blood. Wiping the booby's fat from his lips, Neil walked along the runway towards the camp. The charred banners hung fromp 231 RP 1994
for hours at the apartment buildings of the French Concession along the horizon. The Swiss and Swedish neutrals who had livedp 283 UGM 1995
the lives of others. Leaving the station, I walked away along the railway line. The choking sing-song of the dying Chinesep 285 UGM 1995
left the eastern outskirts of La Linea and set off along the coast road towards Sotogrande, impatient to see Frank andp 14 CN 1996
of these could have led to his arrest. I sped along the open road towards Sotogrande, as a sluggish sea lappedp 15 CN 1996
local shepherds but of Dusseldorf ad-men and Zurich television executives. Along most of the Mediterranean's resort coasts the mountains came downp 16 CN 1996
British private detectives to root out the truth. I drove along the coast road to Malaga, past the white-walled retirement complexesp 32 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar the residential complexes stood shoulder to shoulder along the beach. The future had come ashore here, lying downp 33 CN 1996
where elderly women in fluffy towelling suits drifted like clouds along the lines of ice-cold merchandise. I climbed a pathway ofp 34 CN 1996
I think it's almost too lively.‘ ‘Unlike the retirement complexes along the coast -- Calahonda and so on?‘ ‘Absolutely. The peoplep 43 CN 1996
brief snowfall for an absent opponent. A marble terrace ran along the seaward frontage of the house, scattered with roof-tiles andp 47 CN 1996
sell his interest in the club.‘ Hennessy reluctantly followed me along the terrace. A narrow balcony circled the house and ledp 51 CN 1996
A drunken young woman in a gold sheath dress tottered along the verge, snatched off her stiletto shoes and hurled themp 56 CN 1996
off towards Gibraltar, the silhouette of the gutted mansion crept along the palm-lined streets, darkening the pavements and the wails ofp 66 CN 1996
here. I've been away a few days, looking at property along the coast. Betty Shand's itching to open a new sportsp 70 CN 1996
help the men, then watched wistfully as the cart moved along the pavement, its wheel-rims grating. In his black suit andp 73 CN 1996
which they would never awake. As always, when I drove along the coast to Marbella, I seemed to be moving throughp 75 CN 1996
to welcome. I drove back to Los Monteros and walked along the beach, a forlorn shelf of ochre sand littered withp 78 CN 1996
in the Paseo Miramar. I closed my door and rolled along the kerb towards the women, who thrust out their thighsp 80 CN 1996
you and I‘ ‘I don't suppose he has.‘ She strolled along the balcony, past the giant ferns and succulent plants, top 87 CN 1996
centre of Estrella de Mar. Have you seen the pueblos along the coast? Zombieland. Fifty thousand Brits, one huge liver perfusedp 90 CN 1996
attractive. She affected to look down at the expat communities along the coast, but had a curiously low estimate of herselfp 102 CN 1996
furniture. The forensic team had laid a catwalk of planks along the exposed joists, and Cabrera stepped warily towards the firstp 107 CN 1996
warily towards the first of the bedrooms. I helped Paula along the rocking timber and steadied her against the doorway. Inp 107 CN 1996
Crossing the catwalk of planks, we entered a small room along the corridor. Here the fire had raged even more fiercelyp 109 CN 1996
tour, Inspector. Mrs Hollinger was found here?‘ ‘No.‘ Cabrera pointed along the corridor. ‘She had taken refuge at the rear ofp 112 CN 1996
the drawers of the bedside table, and made my way along the catwalk in search of Paula. Mrs Hollinger's bedroom wasp 113 CN 1996
was training a team of women butterfly swimmers. He raced along the verge, cheerfully bellowing instructions to the thirty-year-olds who wallowedp 116 CN 1996
financial. Wasn't Hollinger a major shareholder in the Club Nautico?‘ ‘Along with Elizabeth Shand. You stood next to her at thep 119 CN 1996
holding her breath. ‘You'll find drugs anywhere these days, especially along the coast. Something new and strange happens when the seap 131 CN 1996
fashionable. One has to remember how much crime there is along this coast. Retired East End gangsters who can't get ridp 133 CN 1996
dish in the video. The tapas bars and seafood restaurants along the harbour were packed with residents relaxing after their day'sp 137 CN 1996
place is real ...‘ He left the boatyard and led me along the walkway between the moored yachts and cabin-cruisers. The white-hulledp 140 CN 1996
the stern was its name: Halcyon. Police exclusion tapes looped along its rails, falling into the water where they drifted likep 140 CN 1996
eleven o'clock when I left the restaurant, and the nightclubs along the quay were opening, their music booming across the marinap 142 CN 1996
the speedboat to disappear into one of a hundred bays along the coast, before slipping under the cover of night intop 144 CN 1996
the eager eyes of the people emerging from the nightclubs along the quay, flushed by more than the copper sun ofp 147 CN 1996
too much into it. Boats are stolen all the time along the coast. Estrella de Mar is remarkably free from crimep 147 CN 1996
over-eager but naive pupil. Annoyed with myself, I set off along the narrow street, past the surveillance cameras that guarded thep 151 CN 1996
looked up at the Apartamentos Mirador, an exclusive complex built along the high corniche. Balconies freighted with ferns and flowering plantsp 152 CN 1996
in Fuengirola tells me that spontaneous fires are very common along the Costa del Sol.‘ ‘As I said.‘ Cabrera turned top 156 CN 1996
the next hour I trailed him around Estrella de Mar, along an itinerary that seemed to trace a secret map ofp 163 CN 1996
most expensive boutiques. As the taller of the two hobbled along the narrow sidewalk I recognized under the platinum wig anotherp 164 CN 1996
atomizer from a perfumery on the Calle Molina, then skip along the sidewalk, spraying scent at the feral cats. He supervisedp 165 CN 1996
answers you'll want to hear.‘ I stood up and paced along the empty bookshelves. ‘There's not much chance of that. I'vep 174 CN 1996
own rationalizations. ‘I own some property in the Costasol development along the coast, a few bungalows I let out in thep 175 CN 1996
the world. Fond of her, I ran a finger lightly along her lips and drew a sleepy smile on to herp 191 CN 1996
Mar. Here's an idea -- we'll go for a drive along the coast. There's something I want you to see. You'llp 205 CN 1996
seeing the world afresh at every Street corner. We drove along the lower corniche towards Marbella, past the beach bars, boutiquesp 206 CN 1996
sweetest hour ...‘ The Costasol Complex WHITE SILENCE. As we drove along the coast road, a mile to the west of Estrellap 210 CN 1996
but the Costasol complex was far larger than any others along the coast. Yet not a single resident was visible. Nop 210 CN 1996
into here. A few of the villas are still unsold, along with empty retail units in the shopping mall. If someonep 211 CN 1996
over the planet. There are developments like this gearing up along the coast from Calahonda to Marbella and beyond.‘ A carp 213 CN 1996
the sound turned down,‘ I told Crawford as we strolled along the terrace, past similar groups isolated in their capsules. ‘Whatp 215 CN 1996
of the Costasol complex, like those of the retirement pueblos along the coast, had retreated to their shaded lounges, their bunkersp 216 CN 1996
us, but we have to swallow it ...‘ We set off along the perimeter road, where the cheaper villas and apartment housesp 241 CN 1996
alley. ‘Not in the Residencia Costasol, or the retirement complexes along the coast. The future has landed, Charles, the nightmare isp 245 CN 1996
up for a song.‘ Crawford unlocked the gates and strolled along the drive ahead of me. The kidney-shaped pool resembled ap 264 CN 1996
her shoulders like fraying hemp. Shouting to herself, she ran along the verge and dived noisily into the water. ‘She's lovelyp 267 CN 1996
to the coast road I could see the pueblos stretching along the shore towards Marbella, immobile as chalk tombs in theirp 276 CN 1996
the selections from Gilbert and Sullivan relayed from the loudspeakers along the route. A cloud of petals and confetti hung inp 286 CN 1996
into the Residencia from Estrella de Mar and the resorts along the coast. For three days all thoughts of security hadp 286 CN 1996
the first firework displays, the visitors had parked their cars along the beach, and soon overwhelmed the guards at the gatehousep 286 CN 1996
Mar, as if an infectious but benevolent virus had floated along the coast, invading the sluggish nervous system of the Residenciap 288 CN 1996
moving.‘ ‘So you think.‘ Paula stared at the distant pueblos along the coast, their white walls lit by the sun. ‘Wherep 293 CN 1996
to crack the Hollinger case, and then Bobby Crawford came along. I felt a load off my shoulders ...‘ But Paula wasp 294 CN 1996
the costs of a small yacht. I imagined us sailing along the coast, secure in our private world, as the cutwaterp 298 CN 1996
to everyone he meets. He travels from place to place along the coast with his tennis racket and his message ofp 304 CN 1996
to save us.‘ ‘So you said nothing until I came along. It was you who fed me the porno-cassette I foundp 321 CN 1996
in the air-conditioning system -- that was Betty Shand's idea, along with Hennessy and Sonny Gardner. Everyone else saw it asp 323 CN 1996
drive became a mobile autobiography that unwound my earlier life along with the kilometres of dust, insects and sun. My parentsp 4 SC 2000
limousines. A palisade of Canary palms formed an honour guard along the verges, while beds of golden cannas flamed from thep 7 SC 2000
Sumitomo, plus all the French giants -- Elf-Aquitaine, Carrefour, Rhone-Poulenc. Along with a host of smaller firms: investment brokers, bioengineering outfitsp 15 SC 2000
they'll never have the energy to meet.‘ We were driving along the shore of a large ornamental lake, an ellipse ofp 17 SC 2000
last folkloric ritual that can help to build a community, along with traffic jams and airport queues. Eden-Olympia has its ownp 18 SC 2000
the moody young guard roaming like a baseline tennis player along the edge of the pool, hurling the ball at thep 23 SC 2000
X-rays of my knees now held in the clinic's files, along with an unforgiving description of my accident and a photographp 25 SC 2000
deep cushions, watching a light aircraft haul its advertising pennant along the Croisette. ‘It's blissful here. Absolutely perfect. So what wentp 26 SC 2000
Jane collapsed onto the ivory-white sofa. She ran her cheek along the silk cushions. ‘Paul, isn't this a little lavish forp 33 SC 2000
not already bent over a boardroom table or laboratory bench. Along the Croisette in Cannes the day would hardly have begunp 36 SC 2000
In the meantime I explored Eden-Olympia on foot, logging miles along the simulated nature trails that ended abruptly when they werep 37 SC 2000
milky billows that dissolved the faint residues of human fat along the water-line. I ran my hand over the nearest wax-paperp 61 SC 2000
the interior, a space for three cars with wooden shelves along the rear wall. For all Penrose's assurance that the garagep 63 SC 2000
the Cote d'Azur. Cans of antifreeze stood on the shelves, along with bottles of windscreen fluid and an Opel Diplomat owner'sp 63 SC 2000
the engine, I released the hand-brake and freewheeled the Jaguar along the ramp. I was tempted to run Halder down, butp 74 SC 2000
car approached the Yasudas‘ house, its engine labouring. It limped along in low gear, metal scraping a tyre as it turnedp 76 SC 2000
we are self-policing,‘ he explained. ‘Honesty is a designed-in feature, along with free parking and clean air. Our guards are forp 84 SC 2000
scent of office-freshener from a factory in Grasse. I walked along the water's edge, attracting the attention of two security menp 88 SC 2000
about right and wrong were engineered into the social fabric along with the fire drills and parking regulations, Zander's job becamep 89 SC 2000
dimension is missing. There's a lack of self-corroboration. They stroll along the Croisette, talk about their flights to Dusseldorf and Clevelandp 93 SC 2000
was waiting to be released. I could see him ranging along the baseline, playing his methodical returns as he watched forp 102 SC 2000
A Fast Drive to Nice Airport A publicity plane flew along the Croisette, its pennant fluttering like the trace of ap 107 SC 2000
from the sun by a copy of Vogue, she tottered along on high-heels, as if trying to sidestep her own shadowp 108 SC 2000
Frances Baring had picked up the trail as I wandered along the Croisette. But if she was a femme fatale shep 112 SC 2000
the Palm Beach casino. Rounding the point, I set off along the free beach where off-duty waiters lounged in their skimpyp 118 SC 2000
the air by the lawn sprinklers. The insane, tearaway drive along the coast in the stolen BMW, Jane's teasing strip forp 124 SC 2000
help it. People there keep to themselves.‘ ‘Are they popular along the coast?‘ ‘Some are. Some definitely aren't. A bunch ofp 130 SC 2000
and Memories ‘For ever‘ was a difficult concept to grasp along this ever-changing coastline. Port-la-Galere, where the chauffeurs‘ widows now livedp 139 SC 2000
five miles to the west of Cannes. I set out along the beach road from the Vieux Port towards La Napoulep 139 SC 2000
media academics. I passed a tracked excavator digging a trench along the kerb of the corniche road, laying the land linesp 140 SC 2000
in the car?‘ ‘No. He was passing in another vehicle. Along the coast road to Juan-les-Pins. Joyriders accelerate to dangerous speedsp 145 SC 2000
scorched by cigarette burns. A crucifix hung from the wall, along with a Raphaelesque reproduction of the Saviour's undernourished face andp 150 SC 2000
it the hang-gliders who sailed the evening airs. The hotels along the Croisette retreated into themselves, withdrawing behind their formal facadesp 154 SC 2000
swept past us, tyres thudding across the cobbles, headlamps flashing along the doorways and side alleys. The streetwalkers and matronly whoresp 161 SC 2000
pretty.‘ ‘She is. There's a kind of sweetness about her. Along with more or less total corruption.‘ ‘Sad ...‘ Penrose was atp 172 SC 2000
the chairman of the holding company, was the real target, along with Robert Fontaine. The others were window-dressing -- Professor Berthoudp 176 SC 2000
By now the general alert had gone out.‘ Halder cruised along the central avenue, holding the Range Rover to the pacep 195 SC 2000
war -- thinning out the fedayeen. Not much in use along the Cote d'Azur.‘ ‘I'm not so sure. I was inp 210 SC 2000
woman's driving to revive a man. What about a trip along the coast? I have to look at a house inp 211 SC 2000
for the way she was still pushing her amateur conspiracy along, the big sister with baby brother in the pram, searchingp 226 SC 2000
She stroked the lapels with the back of her hand. ‘Along with an old tuxedo, it's all he left me.‘ ‘I'mp 227 SC 2000
right?‘ ‘In a way, I think it does.‘ We sped along the RN7 towards Antibes, past the Casino hypermarket at Villeneuve-Loubetp 235 SC 2000
one day she'll step out ...?‘ ‘I hope so.‘ I moved along the mantelpiece, dominated by a silver portrait frame enclosing ap 242 SC 2000
and wrong. The moral order is engineered into their lives along with the speed limits and the security systems.‘ ‘You soundp 255 SC 2000
see some healthy, life-enhancing porn ...‘ We strolled arm in arm along the Croisette, stepping back when groups of limousine-chasers raced acrossp 284 SC 2000
a halt, held up by the crowd that surged aimlessly along the pavement like a tide swilling to and fro amongp 286 SC 2000
hard to believe.‘ We were climbing the heights of Super-Cannes, along a smoothly paved road that curved past palatial villas, litp 290 SC 2000
see me, Halder stared at my dinner jacket, eyes running along its worn seams and English cut. He searched my facep 291 SC 2000
Like a hashish dream, they faded and rejoined the dark. Along the Croisette the flicker of flashbulbs marked the end ofp 304 SC 2000
left the gates of the Villa Grimaldi and set off along the high corniche. Despite her edginess, Frances drove at ap 307 SC 2000
us. They were chasing the Audi. You were right all along -- it's a ratissage ...‘ Watched by the perplexed attendant, wep 310 SC 2000
teach him a lesson in racial respect.‘ Reluctantly, Frances drove along the darkened front. At the eastern edge of Golfe-Juan ap 310 SC 2000
keep going.‘ We followed the deranged motorcade as it moved along the beach road. Waves broke on the strip of sandp 311 SC 2000
The rotating beam of the lighthouse at La Garoupe swept along the shore, illuminating the closed bar-cabins and the low seap 311 SC 2000
feet, soaking the rope soles of the espadrilles. I ran along the dark sand, the night air cutting through the openp 312 SC 2000
and returned to their car. ‘Paul! Help him!‘ Frances ran along the sand, a high-heeled shoe in each hand, throat musclesp 313 SC 2000
the beach. A vehicle with a pulsing emergency light moved along the road from Golfe-Juan, slowing to a stop when itp 313 SC 2000
she stood beside me, and turned to see her running along the beach to her car. ‘Frances, wait! We'll call thep 314 SC 2000
the spotlight of the police car lit up the shacks along the beach. When Halder started the engine of the Mercedesp 315 SC 2000
death certificate. According to the official account, she was driving along the coast road and saw the paramedics beside the overturnedp 318 SC 2000
La Garoupe? Their husbands were shot dead in my garden, along with Jacques Bourget -- not one of them, I'm readyp 333 SC 2000
didn't like what they saw. That's why they joined David, along with Jacques Bourget. They'd all seen men run down forp 333 SC 2000
you changed. Now you don't take part but you go along for the ride. You're like all men -- violence isp 336 SC 2000
He knew I'd be useful. So I had to go along with them. I work in the property office, I knowp 339 SC 2000
Street.‘ ‘It almost worked.‘ ‘At first you were really coming along. You found those orthopaedic harnesses very perverse.‘ ‘What man doesn'tp 340 SC 2000
so popular. Wilder Penrose and Delage have to be stopped, along with their lunatic scheme. Not because it's crazy, but becausep 344 SC 2000
Merc. Still, she was there.‘ ‘That's why Alain brought her along. And she genuinely thinks it was an accident?‘ ‘I'm notp 346 SC 2000
the idea into his head, but it was there all along. The only thing it needed was a helping hand fromp 346 SC 2000
the senior executives depended on certain special therapies. She went along with it.‘ ‘And that made her a target. So Mayp 349 SC 2000
you're so easily impressed. You half-believe his scary ideas. Go along with him, play more of a part in the ratissagesp 350 SC 2000
have to. You and Jane are safe, you're with us.‘ ‘Along with those hundreds of senior executives arriving soon at Edenp 363 SC 2000
owe him my life.‘ ‘You were on the target list, along with Berthoud. If he'd seen you he would have killedp 366 SC 2000
are getting into Eden-Olympia.‘ Later, as I drove the Peugeot along the RN7 to Villeneuve-Loubet, I listened to the echoes ofp 370 SC 2000
do you know all this?‘ ‘Delage wanted me to go along. I like Dr Jane, but too much for what hep 377 SC 2000
So the graffiti, the Green slogans -- you're behind them?‘ ‘Along with a few friends. I'm climbing to the top, Mrp 378 SC 2000
Merc.‘ Halder lowered his head and let his eyes drift along the street. Away from Eden-Olympia he was a black manp 381 SC 2000
the night. Unable to sleep, I listened to the traffic along the autoroute, Paris-bound tourist buses and lorries from Italy loadedp 387 SC 2000
would become part of the folkloric calendar, to be celebrated along with the last night of the Proms and the Wimbledonp 10 MP 2003
the clearest views in Chelsea Marina, looking down Beaufort Avenue along the route that the Home Secretary would take on hisp 11 MP 2003
a glamorous woman could make her own. As we sped along, hazard lights flashing, I almost believed that Sally was eagerp 22 MP 2003
and half shanty town. We left the motorway and moved along the Great West Road, entering a zone of two-storey factoriesp 25 MP 2003
made me think of Laura. Leaving the mourners, I strolled along the display of flowers, each a burst of colour thatp 30 MP 2003
tried to point this out to Angela as we strolled along the lines of cages. ‘Angela, they look so happy ...‘ Ip 36 MP 2003
these groups were now part of the country's civic traditions, along with the Lord Mayor's parade, Ascot week and Henley Regattap 38 MP 2003
psychologist with a criminal record. Clearly my status had slipped, along with my claims on the director's chair. Luckily there wasp 70 MP 2003
of the suburbs ...‘ Pleased that she remembered me, I walked along the King's Road and turned left into a small riotp 74 MP 2003
his glass door. Sensibly, the demonstrators were dispersing. We walked along Beaufort Avenue to the centre of the estate. The herbp 76 MP 2003
sparrow, she led the way into the foyer. ‘Kay'll be along when she's changed. All that indignation tends to make youp 77 MP 2003
been out here?‘ ‘I've been coming for months.‘ Kay strode along the pavement, urging me to keep up with her. ‘Rememberp 89 MP 2003
Don't worry, I still shower every day ...‘ A hundred yards along the avenue we approached another large house, a Georgian villap 89 MP 2003
accept that.‘ Followed by Vera and the Polo, we moved along the quiet road, ready to provoke the revolution. But thep 90 MP 2003
Dexter's Harley. A police constable stood near the gatehouse, waving along the traffic in the King's Road and keeping careful watchp 99 MP 2003
erected around it. A primus stove stood on the carpet, along with a small selection of cans and cereal packets. Ap 101 MP 2003
is, David. Follow the trail. Guildford to Terminal 2. Somewhere along the way you'll meet yourself ...‘ The Depot of Dreams Thep 115 MP 2003
their radios, and I heard the first police siren wail along the embankment near Westminster Bridge. I crossed the upper terracep 123 MP 2003
the river, almost too weary to breathe. While we moved along the boarding platform an off-duty waiter swung himself through thep 123 MP 2003
of here before someone else remembers you ...‘ The flame-lit buildings along the Thames threw their light into his unsettled eyes. Ip 125 MP 2003
geometric model of her own handicaps. We lurched away, leapfrogging along the kerb, and rarely left second gear as we acceleratedp 128 MP 2003
looming museums, so many warehouses of time, and headed westwards along the Cromwell Road. Inner London fell behind us when wep 128 MP 2003
of the departed children. I watched a police helicopter flying along the motorway, and tried to work out how I couldp 129 MP 2003
with Disney characters. ‘I'd like to meet her. Bring her along to Chelsea Marina.‘ ‘Perhaps not.‘ I watched Gould sip thirstilyp 135 MP 2003
on duty, who seemed surprised that I was now striding along with such a skip in my stride. I was thinkingp 147 MP 2003
reigned, by order of the Police Commissioner. Double-decker buses moved along Langham Place, tourists gazing down at us, keen to observep 148 MP 2003
own incompetence and the swift end to the demonstration. Helped along by kicks and baton blows, we were bundled into thep 156 MP 2003
childhood scar on my lip. ‘That's been driving you all along. It's why you came to Chelsea Marina.‘ ‘You brought mep 164 MP 2003
David. I don't know why, but he has been all along. When I rang him from the courthouse he asked mep 165 MP 2003
brewery roundabout, passed Hogarth's house and drove into the west along the M4. Gould lay back, gazing at the single-storey factoriesp 168 MP 2003
aware of its impossible void, I thought of him running along the river through the nights to come, forever following itsp 184 MP 2003
sad.‘ Vera lowered her bony forehead as two policemen walked along the embankment. ‘At least you don't thank I was behindp 187 MP 2003
As it happens, people at the Home Office are thinking along similar lines. The revolt at Chelsea Marina is a sideshowp 194 MP 2003
suit pacing between the high beeches and sycamores that grew along the river. He paused after a few steps and raisedp 208 MP 2003
see his pale hands held against the light. I walked along the path, hiding myself behind the elderly couple. I recognizedp 208 MP 2003
sped past us towards Hammersmith. Gould slept as we drove along the Upper Richmond Road and returned to Chelsea Marina byp 213 MP 2003
vans, all under the watchful gaze of Major Tulloch, strolling along behind a group of uneasy press photographers. The second barricadep 229 MP 2003
heels that flicked in a familiar mincing step. She hurried along the pavement, pausing to hide from me behind the schoolp 235 MP 2003
meaning to his life. Ignoring the gantry cameras, I sped along the overpass, a great stone dream at last waking fromp 239 MP 2003
surprised for once by his passivity. A car was approaching along the perimeter road, a grey Citroen estate, moving slowly asp 247 MP 2003
drove it. We were collaborators.‘ ‘Not true. I'd never go along with murder.‘ ‘Not then. But you're edging towards it. Evenp 259 MP 2003
told him I'd leave the bomb on the Millennium Bridge, along with an easel and artist's bric-a-brac. It was part ofp 260 MP 2003
He needed more and more guilt. That's why he came along on the Tate job. Unconsciously, he hoped someone would diep 260 MP 2003
things got completely out of hand.‘ ‘I'm grateful. So, all along I've been a police spy? Without realizing it?‘ ‘In effectp 268 MP 2003
stopped by the roundabout, their radios crackling. Uniformed constables walked along the pavement, scanning the empty houses. ‘That blue canvas bagp 279 MP 2003
households that know when to take a hint.‘ ‘Racist incitement?‘ ‘Along those lines. There are people who think it's preparing usp 25 KC 2006
Christie, and their bairn. Did she have to bring her along?‘ Sergeant Falconer frowned at her watch. ‘I'm sorry, Mr Pearsonp 26 KC 2006
celebrating soccer as society's last hope of violence. They walked along the line of parked cars, then stepped into a largep 36 KC 2006
here?‘ ‘Crime, certainly. And violence.‘ ‘I've noticed that. These towns along the M25. There's something in the air. I take itp 58 KC 2006
as setting me up, and I was happy to play along. I was sure that she knew more about my father'sp 64 KC 2006
their cigarettes as they listened to the night. I walked along the deserted street, lost in the glare of the stadiump 75 KC 2006
in the front row. When I sat down he prowled along the blackboard, pausing to erase a numeral in a mathsp 82 KC 2006
we didn't want to see him framed ...‘ We set off along the corridor, Sangster's huge bulk almost filling the narrow spacep 84 KC 2006
the cardinal sin of suburbia in which everyone happily indulged, along with bouncing cheques and credit card overruns. Double-parking, like adulteryp 88 KC 2006
of goods he had unloaded from his pick-up. Lined up along the kerb was a selection of kitchen appliances -- ap 89 KC 2006
the edge, waiting for something big and strange to come along.‘ ‘That sounds as if they're going to be frightened.‘ ‘Theyp 101 KC 2006
involves entire communities. All these satellite towns around Heathrow and along the motorways. There's one thing left that can put somep 103 KC 2006
burnings, the hot poker shoved up the enemy's rear, gibbets along the skyline. Willed madness can infect a housing estate orp 104 KC 2006
Power has moved to the Metro-Centre and the retail parks along the M25. It's a new kind of consumerism -- sponsoredp 132 KC 2006
her?‘ ‘And with the advertising business. The economy is rolling along an endless plateau, and consumers are bored with the viewp 134 KC 2006
beckoned to me with an actorish gesture, but moved cautiously along the pitted concrete, as if a lifetime of treacherous floorsp 137 KC 2006
I was aware of entering a social laboratory that stretched along the M25, involving every sports arena and housing estate, everyp 152 KC 2006
a Polish-run camera shop. They carried leaflets and recruiting literature, along with a selection of flags and bunting, but these werep 161 KC 2006
Banners flying. There's a new pride in the air, all along the motorway towns. People are more confident, more positive. Thep 165 KC 2006
Something has to be done -- this thing is spreading along the M25, sooner or later the noose will tighten aroundp 169 KC 2006
are up, and that's not just the Metro-Centre. It's all along the M25. There's something new out there, and I'm givingp 178 KC 2006
thunder lay over Brooklands. I could hear the traffic moving along the M25, and pick out the engines of individual trucksp 202 KC 2006
here are ready to flip. Not just Brooklands, but all along the motorway towns. I don't like what's been going onp 208 KC 2006
who tried to turn us back. Behind us, headlamps flared along the perimeter road, the sweeping spotlights of police and militaryp 211 KC 2006
around us seemed to define who we were. I hobbled along the sand to a deckchair set up on the water'sp 223 KC 2006
against its defenders, and that the Metro-Centre re-open for business, along with its supporters clubs and sports teams. The hapless generalp 224 KC 2006
trying to look their worst as Carradine and Sangster moved along them. Parents did everything to irritate their already fractious teenagersp 232 KC 2006
and buckets to the floor and stepped forward. Carradine moved along the line, shaking them by the hand and handing overp 242 KC 2006
brothers, whoever they are. Cruise was his real target all along.‘ ‘That's a big jump, Richard.‘ ‘Not really.‘ I waited forp 257 KC 2006
hands. ‘Go back six months, Richard. Brooklands was in turmoil, along with all the other motorway towns. More than a millionp 258 KC 2006
a children's programme. He fired blindly, and hit your father, along with other visitors to the mall. I take responsibility Richardp 261 KC 2006
would be to frame you. Leighton and Sergeant Falconer went along with that -- it's why you were never charged andp 263 KC 2006
goods they most admired. I watched them as I moved along the second-floor deck, feeling sorry for them until I discoveredp 268 KC 2006
I was seeing a mirage. Other drops formed a trail along the arcade, splashes from a casually carried bucket. I dippedp 268 KC 2006
would ignite the vapour. I left the store and moved along the deck. The arcade of furniture stores was an arsonist'sp 268 KC 2006
last-ditch threat by Carradine and his Metro-Centre supporters? Six stores along the arcade, I found a second jerrycan in a beddingp 268 KC 2006
he is.‘ ‘I forgive him.‘ I listened to Christie racing along the gallery below us, running through endless arcades of autumnp 270 KC 2006
in the dome, looking back at the fires that raced along the high galleries from one store to the next. Inp 280 KC 2006
with the French Concession of nearly the same size lying along its southern border, extended from the Bund, the line ofp 4 ML 2008
6 I must have accepted all this without a thought, along with the backbreaking labour of the coolies unloading the shipsp 15 ML 2008
with the backbreaking labour of the coolies unloading the ships along the Bund, middle-aged men with bursting calf veins, swaying andp 15 ML 2008
Spanish Main, it occurred to me that I could get along much more quickly if I invented the story and textp 42 ML 2008
given charge of a large pram and told to walk along a cliff edge. Hitchcock would have revelled in the scenep 44 ML 2008
Social life in the British community came to an end, along with my mother's bridge and tennis parties. Except for thep 56 ML 2008
it had been closed as part of a military sweep, along with all other checkpoints into the International Settlement. Undeterred, myp 58 ML 2008
his bicycle through the crowd and set off with me along the Columbia Road to the house of English friends. Theirp 58 ML 2008
with others, but with himself. He allowed me to tag along with him, but regarded my endless curiosity and roaming aroundp 70 ML 2008
of the Packard and the Rolls-Royce could help the afternoon along. The adults in the camp were also coming to termsp 74 ML 2008
and bathed alone, and hung their clothes in private wardrobes, along with their emotions, hopes and dreams. Lunghua Camp may havep 80 ML 2008
held the internees together would have broken down. Moral principles, along with kindness and generosity, are worth less than they mightp 94 ML 2008
a daily tanker filled with drinking water to the camp, along with enough rations to keep us going. Clearly, though, thep 104 ML 2008
Shanghai. No trains were running, and I decided to walk along the embankment. Half a mile in front of me wasp 105 ML 2008
was becoming more and more English, if only to get along more comfortably with everyone I met. By 1948 I knewp 133 ML 2008
began to spend increasing amounts of time in the pubs along the Portobello Road, getting pleasantly tight together. For some reasonp 175 ML 2008
magazine that was sold on news-stands, and bought by passers-by along with a copy of Vogue and the New Statesman, allp 193 ML 2008
window of the Cafe Royal at a protest march going along Regent Street. Amis began to tremble and shake. ‘Jim, whatp 196 ML 2008
clearly jokes -- Ambit itself could fall into that category, along with the London Magazine, the New Review and countless poetryp 233 ML 2008
to my earlier books. Some were deeply disappointed, writing letters along the lines of ‘Mr Ballard, could you explain what youp 251 ML 2008
a treatment, some of which survived into the finished film, along with my ebbing wave. As Hammer films go, it wasp 255 ML 2008
streets were closed to traffic and we walked in procession along red carpets laid in the centre of the road top 259 ML 2008
a century earlier. I soon found him, hurrying with me along the Bubbling Well Road, smiling at the puzzled typists andp 268 ML 2008