through this charming glade, placing my bare feet between the aloes and armoured rosettes of century plants that sprang from thep 121 DC 1987
of Neil's mother, peacock moreas from Cape Town and spiral aloes from remote Lesotho. When an army friend of Colonel Stamfordp 185 RP 1994
refuse, rooftiles, leaves, and fragments of glass -- all borne aloft on a huge sweeping tide of dust. The driver tookp 31 WFN 1961
as if they're very much connected. All the other satellites aloft are showing the same increased albedo, seems more and morep 607 IM 1964
heavy doors. Within seconds the elevator was carrying them ponderously aloft. The young masseuse smiled at him encouragingly, alive now thatp 64 HR 1975
cliffs the other contestants in the gliding championship had been aloft for hours. From his cockpit Halloway could see a dozenp 873 UC 1976
tower with his Panama hat. ‘There were some strange ones aloft last night. According to my housekeeper the whole of Sheppertonp 74 UDC 1979
few inches from the floor, undulating around Stark's feet, kept aloft by the spirits of the children I had taken intop 186 UDC 1979
stared into the water beside the Apollo. The lamp held aloft for generations of immigrants from the Old World had vanishedp 21 HA 1981
airborne for more than a few minutes. Wayne could stay aloft for hours on end. But as McNair remarked ironically beforep 164 HA 1981
down the Strip, a fleet of glass aeroplanes each borne aloft by the smallest caress of the sun. There were dozensp 232 HA 1981
with a cheerful wave. GM, Xerox and the baby soared aloft in the six-seater triplane, a family of young trippers inp 234 HA 1981
loose-packed cigarette sending its scent into the evening. Holding it aloft in one hand, she tugged at the inflatable with thep 150 KW 1991
peace and harmony -- hopes, curiously, that had been propelled aloft by the cruel excitements of the post-Kennedy era and ap 282 KW 1991
confetti hung in the air over the revellers‘ heads, borne aloft by the lungs of the tourists drawn into the Residenciap 286 CN 1996
in an agit-prop musical. Behind me, a young woman held aloft a banner. ‘A CAT IN HELL'S CHANCE? STOP BREEDING NOWp 34 MP 2003
the roof, dark billows lit by cascades of sparks swept aloft in the updraughts. Still intact, the dome loomed in frontp 113 KC 2006
runway, lifted their wheels and were learning to fly, borne aloft on the bosomy thermals of the bright August sun. Asp 151 KC 2006
open their parcels. To a chorus of jeers, they held aloft the silkily expensive underwear, then trampled the garments underfoot. Thep 232 KC 2006
actually made. The film world is a gaudy balloon kept aloft by enthusiasm, preposterous overconfidence, and all the dreams that moneyp 252 ML 2008
out along the beach to the Scented Desert and sit alone by one of the pools, watching the sun fall awayp 9 PB 1956
something I want to find out,‘ he said. ‘Leave me alone with him for half an hour.‘ When the sergeant hadp 24 CC 1957
with a twisted chinless face and vast domed cranium. Sitting alone among the desks in the empty lecture room he lookedp 51 M69 1957
accepts a million-rouble bet that he can't shut himself up alone for ten years. He tries to, nothing goes wrong, butp 52 M69 1957
get away, not even for a couple of minutes, let alone eight hours. How much of yourself can you stand? Maybep 52 M69 1957
Morley.‘ He pulled himself together with a start. He was alone at the window. Gorrell and Avery were halfway down thep 56 M69 1957
pointed with a nervous hand. The three of us were alone on the platform, the rows of overturned chairs reaching acrossp 41 VS 1957
with a six-inch focus. I had four in that headrest alone.‘ He added, as a footnote: ‘The wind is your ownp 71 T12 1958
even refrain from ever thinking about the power lest this alone generate the aura. To be forced to lose the powerp 104 NZ 1959
the power will continue its task of annihilation. Its author alone will remain unmolested, for no court will hear evidence atp 105 NZ 1959
one could spend fifteen years, even with six-monthly leaves, virtually alone on a remote planetary clinker like Murak without developing ap 72 WG 1959
leave intervals. But don't worry about going crazy. You aren't alone on Murak. You'll just be bored. £2000 worth, to bep 74 WG 1959
retrieve the situation. Just then he noticed that they were alone at the showcases. The groups of people who usually milledp 202 LW 1960
the town hall -- revealed no further clues. One incident alone stood out, puzzling him even more. This was the uniquep 203 LW 1960
which would have lifted the roof off the Met, let alone a small radio station, the jeers and hoots of derisionp 107 SS 1960
By now she had unfortunately reached the point where success alone could save her from disaster. She was sitting up whenp 108 SS 1960
first casualty in this change-over was the human voice. This alone of all instruments could not be re-scored, because its soundsp 111 SS 1960
and liturgical chants which enhanced their devotional overtones. His skill alone would lengthen the life of the Assisi pediments by twentyp 113 SS 1960
sung a note. She's an old woman now. What time alone hasn't done to her, cocaine and self-pity have.‘ He pausedp 129 SS 1960
seen enough of me, and from now on I'm better alone. To sleep 8-00? (these countdowns terrify me.) He paused, thenp 174 VT 1960
of the trunks. Until his liaison with Coma, Kaidren lived alone in the old abstract summer house on the north shorep 186 VT 1960
his eyes closely, his throat working with emotion. ‘You're not alone, Powers, don't think you are. These are the voices ofp 189 VT 1960
never saw her. He was only too glad to be alone. Deliberately seeing no one, allowing the natural rhythms of hisp 140 ZT 1960
the same cream suit, the same shoes and shirt, let alone the exact physical similarity, even down to your moustache.‘ Recoveringp 142 ZT 1960
to be dismantled and nailed up again, the administrative job alone is so vast it's difficult to visualize. Millions of cubiclesp 269 B 1961
there soon won't be room enough to sit down, let alone lie down?‘ Exasperated, he punched the wall beside him, onp 274 B 1961
made their first foray into the room, Ward going in alone while Rossiter kept guard in the cubicle. For an hourp 274 B 1961
later, they moved in. For the first week Rossiter slept alone in the room, Ward in the cubicle outside, both therep 275 B 1961
share the New Eden with anyone else? Or just you alone, and a consultant biologist?‘ Holliday peered through the windshield. ‘Thosep 242 DE 1961
bedroom on the other side of the landing. Freeman slept alone now in what would eventually be the baby's nursery, partlyp 259 MF 1961
die of shock on the spot. Fortunately, Elizabeth left him alone. Once, just after lunch, two men arrived in a vanp 260 MF 1961
For days it had been clicking away at him. God alone knew what glimpses into his private, life Harvey had recordedp 252 OM 1961
give in! Take anything you want, anything, but leave me alone!‘ For a moment she ignored me and went on quietlyp 220 S5 1961
about myself, yet learned almost nothing about Aurora. One thing alone was clear -- her obsession with the art of poetryp 221 S5 1961
the huge Cadillac. In the evenings, as I sat out alone on the terrace, watching the lights of Studio 5 shinep 228 S5 1961
Middle East and Europe and dumped on the British Isles alone, equal to the top two feet of our country's entirep 22 WFN 1961
you'll appreciate that launching a balloon in this wind, let alone keeping track of it, is well nigh impossible. However, thep 54 WFN 1961
wind mass now has tremendous momentum, and the inertial forces alone will prevent a sudden abatement. ‘Theoretically there are no reasonsp 55 WFN 1961
if they had been abandoned by their occupants to sustain alone the terrors of some apocalyptic air raid. Most of thep 62 WFN 1961
They're going to have the most fantastic casualties soon. Let alone a couple of typhoid and cholera epidemics.‘ Maitland nodded. Hep 75 WFN 1961
Relax. There aren't any admirals‘ wives in the neighbourhood, let alone any admirals. You'll be on board even if I havep 95 WFN 1961
would never extend as far as the dock area, let alone below the boundary of the base. Patricia was watching himp 107 WFN 1961
the Circus, was down, and the hotel was standing out alone above the tempest. The colonnade between the wings was stillp 122 WFN 1961
of the earth's mantle. With one exception -- myself. I alone have built upward, have dared to challenge the wind, assertingp 165 WFN 1961
apart from an occasional routine check they were left virtually alone. The guards were curt and uncommunicative, and conveyed that somep 171 WFN 1961
longer overlaying the other noises in the bunker. One sound alone stood out -- the regular ping, ping, ping of ap 173 WFN 1961
accident-secure -- and wondered why Dr Francis chose to live alone up on A-Deck. ‘Tell me, Abel,‘ Dr Francis began, ‘hasp 323 13C 1962
perimeter corridor, a narrow circular passageway around the main corridor. Alone there, the servos clicking and snapping, he felt at peacep 337 13C 1962
of the outer atmosphere, and of the radiological veil which alone made the biosphere habitable. Over a twenty-year period a fleetp 365 CS 1962
his face, but Travis wrenched away from him. ‘Leave her alone, Bridgman! Go back with the wardens!‘ Bridgman retreated from thep 371 CS 1962
hands wrenching at the wheel spokes, a few trudged on alone, but all moved on at the same pace, bowed backsp 298 GT 1962
towards the open doors on the north side. One area alone withstood the endless wave. Just below the terrace, between thep 303 GT 1962
me, I'm frightened to go to America. In New York alone they're jumping from the roofs at the rate of tenp 293 IO 1962
A complete analysis can't be effected in two months, let alone two years. It's something you work at all your lifep 295 IO 1962
suite. He had spent a couple of hours over breakfast alone, and then completed a six-page entry in his diary, deliberatelyp 7 DW 1962
Byrd in Northern Greenland bothered to file his reports, let alone read them. In fact, old Dr. Bodkin, Kerans‘ assistant atp 8 DW 1962
of divisions to clear the jungle away from this lagoon alone. Bodkin was telling me this morning that already some ofp 16 DW 1962
be reached where a second Adam and Eve found themselves alone in a new Eden. Riggs noticed him smiling to himselfp 23 DW 1962
Into his own ‘zone of transit‘, and left the Lieutenant alone, asking Bodkin to call in periodically. Curiously, however, Bodkin hadp 35 DW 1962
hands but she steered it away from him. ‘Leave me alone, Robert,‘ she said in a tired voice. ‘I know I'mp 49 DW 1962
the six weeks since Riggs‘ departure he had lived almost alone in his penthouse suite at the hotel, immersing himself morep 82 DW 1962
soon dispersed. So the stranger driving the hydroplane was not alone. At the prospect of this imminent invasion Kerans pulled himselfp 83 DW 1962
we help them they'll soon push off and leave us alone.‘ Beatrice hesitated, but Kerans took her arm. The hydroplane, nowp 88 DW 1962
subtle distinctions between the mulattos and quadroons had vanished. Strangman alone retained his original paleness, the effect emphasised by the whitep 91 DW 1962
most of this is rubbish, picked for the gold content alone. Yet there's not much of that. What is the manp 93 DW 1962
was no longer visible he pressed on through the darkness alone, like a blind fish in an endless forgotten sea, drivenp 108 DW 1962
for them many of the other mysterious enigmas which now alone sustained them, delusions which, like all the ambiguous but necessaryp 111 DW 1962
down off the gangway, and then the trio were left alone in the silence of the huge stranded paddle-ship. Glancing upp 123 DW 1962
the darkness with the shouts of his men, leaving them alone in the silence with the white jewels and the decapitatedp 127 DW 1962
proceeded to even greater madness. Increasingly disorientated, Kerans would wander alone through the dark streets at night -- by day itp 127 DW 1962
with surly impatience for the dusk, and they left him alone. By an inversion of logic it was safer to stayp 127 DW 1962
by his lapels. ‘You white devil, can't you leave us alone?‘ Strangman twisted her away, breath seething through his clenched teethp 132 DW 1962
in the depot ship reminding Kerans that he was not alone. Somehow, by a manifest miracle, had survived the previous dayp 136 DW 1962
nautiloids. The sea was no longer visible, and he was alone with these few lifeless objects, like the debris of ap 165 DW 1962
he was glad to be able to pursue his thoughts alone, in this miniature urban vacuum, with nothing to intervene betweenp 377 WT 1962
sat forward across the board, his eyes searching Malek's. ‘You alone know the date, Malek, and as you have said, itp 506 EG 1963
else is satisfied with the court's verdict, and yet I alone know that I am innocent. I feel very like someonep 519 EG 1963
judgement whose culpability seemed to mount as the hours passed, alone prevented Dr Mellinger from finding an immediate scapegoat -- ap 521 MO 1963
disappearance.‘ For the next hour Dr Mellinger paced the carpet alone, now and then warming his hands at the low firep 524 MO 1963
Green Hill. I take no credit upon myself, that I alone was sufficiently detached to consider the full implications of Hinton'sp 529 MO 1963
for them as an intermediary with the Mission, but this alone would not explain the sources of his power. Beyond certainp 448 QR 1963
right, among the huts, someone moved. An old man sat alone among the refuse of pottery shards and raffia baskets, cross-leggedp 449 QR 1963
the bungalow he was relieved to see that he was alone. Connolly had decided that he would not return with thep 457 QR 1963
recognition lost. ‘You're always seeing Sherrington. That's the fourth time alone this afternoon. Do stop worrying.‘ ‘I'm not worrying. I can'tp 427 RE 1963
weekend to catch the last of the summer, leaving him alone in the house, and the three days had been ap 530 SA 1963
which he knew he would never manage to buy, let alone read. These wistful exercises, like the elaborately prepared martini beforep 530 SA 1963
away a nondescript little man with a dark complexion sat alone on a bench, staring through the trees. In some wayp 530 SA 1963
operator. At that very moment Judith might well be swimming alone while her sister prepared tea with the children, in sightp 534 SA 1963
spread before him like a huge dish antenna. This man alone could help him. His name was -- Elliott. As hep 538 SA 1963
colours of the terrain. Most of the time I was alone in the hot sun. After the initial frenzy of activityp 548 SG 1963
flash of patent leather heels, and Charles and I were alone among the screens. On the floor at our feet wasp 552 SG 1963
else had gone, and the three of us were now alone with Charles and the hidden occupant of the screens. Thep 556 SG 1963
standing when Emerelda pushed her. For years Charles kept her alone with her guilt here, probably afraid that he might bep 557 SG 1963
the group. Only on the night I visited Lagoon West alone did she come down, but I could hear the voicesp 558 SG 1963
cent the economy is stagnating. Ten years ago increased efficiency alone would raise output, but the advantages there are minimal nowp 420 SM 1963
guest here how much time is he going to spend alone in his room watching television? Judith, we've got to callp 421 SM 1963
over his bare feet like wavelets on an endless beach. Alone among the flickering tombs, with the empty husks of thep 459 TT 1963
the long brown legs of a girl sauntering past. Left alone for the moment, Ward looked around him and picked atp 482 VH 1963
makes you think I do?‘ ‘Well, if I'd seen, let alone spoken to a visitor from Venus I think I'd bep 488 VH 1963
witness an event of such staggering implications? Why have you alone seen a Venusian?‘ ‘A sheer accident.‘ ‘But why should ap 488 VH 1963
him off the car. Ward wrenched himself away. ‘Leave me alone!‘ he snapped fiercely. ‘I saw your space-ship, didn't I?‘ Kandinskip 503 VH 1963
form a fragmentary, hunted sect, only asking to be left alone and haunted by their visions of subway dawns, cheap hotelsp 128 UGM 1964
it seemed, this ceaseless metamorphosis, a visible life in death, alone permitted me to set foot on the corpse. Using thep 646 DG 1964
reluctant to discuss the snakes in his wife's presence, let alone Lowry's, but the marked increase in their numbers seemed importantp 629 DS 1964
swaddling Gifford's foot (little revenges of this kind, however childish, alone sustained Gifford's interest in the people around him), and carefullyp 630 DS 1964
You're pouring with perspiration!‘ That afternoon, when he was left alone again, Maitland approached the dark labyrinth more cautiously. At lowp 654 GTN 1964
the luminous beaches appeared again. ‘I think I'd better sleep alone tonight,‘ he told Judith. ‘I'll use mother's room.‘ ‘Of coursep 655 GTN 1964
highest screen on the best quality art papers -- let alone the coarse blocks used on newsprint -- have failed top 606 IM 1964
we saw that the process had not affected the vegetation alone. Extending outwards for two or three yards from the bankp 610 IM 1964
ran below the solid crust, and evidently this vestigial motion alone prevented it from erupting into the exotic spur-like forms ofp 616 IM 1964
I woke to the early morning light and found him, alone, celebrating the Eucharist. He stopped, half-embarrassed, and over breakfast confidedp 625 IM 1964
remove the painting without first dismantling the bronze frame. This alone weighs eight hundred pounds and is bolted into the wallp 577 LL 1964
in other roles, the Samaritan for example. He was left alone at 15,000 -- actually the reserve was only tenp 584 LL 1964
reserve, and as the last sales closed we were left alone on the podium, our bait untaken. ‘He must have smelledp 586 LL 1964
few random turns to left and right, he found himself alone, the vistas to the sea, lagoon and island closed. Herep 595 TB 1964
her. ‘I'll let you know if he dances again.‘ Left alone, Vandervell watched the fire displays. The glow shone through thep 659 VD 1964
south; but for most of the period he had been alone. Suspended like the houseboat above the dissolving glass of thep 8 D 1965
made Quilter a daunting figure. Most people wisely left him alone, possibly because his invariable method of dealing with them wasp 10 D 1965
of the zoo at Mount Royal, Catherine Austen had lived alone in the house by the river. Often Ransom saw herp 15 D 1965
the winters he was often close to starvation, going off alone to eat the food Ransom gave him. At these timesp 20 D 1965
an uninterrupted view of the southern horizon. From this quadrant alone were any clouds expected to appear, generated from moisture evaporatedp 23 D 1965
Judith and Hendry would survive the rigours of the beach alone remained to be seen. As Ransom reached the car Hendryp 32 D 1965
two or three weeks ahead, when the couple would be alone in the abandoned city. ‘Is no one helping them?‘ Whitmanp 48 D 1965
the gangway he gave Jonas a bitter backward glance. Left alone, Jonas gazed across the darkening streets. As the men wentp 61 D 1965
to leave, he watched Ransom with remote eyes. Quilter sat alone in the stern, a water-borne Buddha, the shadows of thep 63 D 1965
first intersection and laboured away past the ruined church. Left alone, Ransom listened to the fading sounds occasionally carried across top 71 D 1965
rows of vehicles, Ransom realized that he was now effectively alone in Hamilton, as he had unconsciously intended from the beginningp 71 D 1965
Dr. Ransom, may I speak with you?‘ When they were alone, he raised his sightless eyes towards Ransom. ‘It will bep 81 D 1965
taboos would allay his memories in a way that he alone could not. To Judith, as the fish browned in thep 115 D 1965
it over seriously, Captain ... it's been selfish of us living alone, but now we're prepared to join the settlement. You'll soonp 121 D 1965
live out the rest of his life there. Somewhere, God alone knew how, he would find a way out of hisp 122 D 1965
Mrs. Quilter was slowing the party's progress. The few minutes alone allowed him to collect the stray thoughts that had preoccupiedp 142 D 1965
leaned against a wall, or a group of buildings stood alone like a deserted fort. Half a mile away they couldp 147 D 1965
look that pierces walls‘. One could write a book, let alone a review, about these extraordinary creatures -- nymphs of anotherp 86 UGM 1966
Bailiff rouses his audience to a pitch of fury. Pullman alone, realizing that this sinister but powerful figure is his onep 143 UGM 1966
on some unspecified errand, and then Halliday would see Leonora alone. Together they would walk along the bed of the drainedp 674 DF 1966
given up hope, cursing the men who had left him alone on this rusty hulk to face the giant birds, andp 698 SBD 1966
again in a wooden skiff and punted the woman, standing alone in the bows like an aloof wraith, among the bodiesp 699 SBD 1966
was in some way usurping a privilege reserved for him alone. Sooner or later the river voles, rats and other predatorsp 699 SBD 1966
appearance was that of someone unaware that she had lived alone for a long time. For several hours Crispin watched herp 699 SBD 1966
of ironic humour to sullen disinterest, when he would sit alone in the cabin, gazing out through the porthole at thep 15 CW 1966
thing any of them had expected. Deciding to leave Ventress alone so that he could slip the weapon through the portholep 20 CW 1966
through the crowd toward Father Balthus. The priest now stood alone, surrounded by a circle of onlookers, holding in his upraisedp 34 CW 1966
be following Ventress there, Sanders was glad to be left alone in Port Matarre. Ventress's presence in some way added anp 43 CW 1966
as black behind us in Port Matarre -- why, God alone knows. Still, of one thing I'm sure, there's no actualp 49 CW 1966
all Suzanne Clair stood for in his mind, concerned him alone. Yet Sanders felt reluctant to let her go. However fragmentaryp 52 CW 1966
the meal she avoided Sanders's eyes. Deciding to leave her alone for the time being, Sanders walked away along the pierp 55 CW 1966
could see that the process had not affected the vegetation alone. Extending outwards for two or three yards from the bankp 69 CW 1966
have brought about the separation of time and space. We alone have given to each a separate value, a distinct measurep 84 CW 1966
his carbine. Five minutes later Sanders found that he was alone. The pathway ahead was deserted. He made his way backp 114 CW 1966
guessed that he had been deliberately allowed his few minutes alone with Suzanne, to make his own brief judgment, if anyp 129 CW 1966
there's Balthus, that priest, with his death-mask face, though God alone knows who his twin is.‘ ‘Perhaps you, Edward.‘ ‘You mayp 135 CW 1966
for Clair to leave and give him a few moments alone with Suzanne, but Max took a chess set from thep 138 CW 1966
cheroots among the fallen columns -- Dr. Sanders set off alone along the highway. To his left, the glitter of thep 146 CW 1966
Ventress murmured. ‘One by one they're leaving him. He'll be alone soon, Sanders.‘ There was another flash from the cannon onp 153 CW 1966
time for you to go, Doctor. Thorensen and I are alone now.‘ As Sanders climbed to his feet, hesitating to exposep 158 CW 1966
Sanders woke to the early morning light and found Balthus, alone, celebrating the Eucharist. Lying on the pew pulled up top 161 CW 1966
this time, however, he discovered that he was no longer alone in the forest. Whenever the overhead canopy of trees gavep 164 CW 1966
Nurse Sadie to go away so that he could be alone with the pain in his vanished leg. Above him thep 685 TIM 1966
it would have been better to have left her behind. Alone here, on this lost world, he would have had nop 712 TMY 1966
visible in the darkness. Four hundred yards away, Thornwald sat alone on the veranda of the pavilion, his silver figure illuminatedp 717 TMY 1966
melancholy gaze scanning the desert sea. The afternoons she spent alone in her studio, working on her paintings. She made nop 725 CHC 1967
me with his bloodied wrist. ‘Get to the ship. She's alone now ... for ever.‘ We crouched in the steering well ofp 733 CHC 1967
or divorcee, and Petit Manuel and I would go out alone. None the less, as the four of us drove outp 746 CSC 1967
to play von Richthofen? For God's sake, leave each other alone!‘ Van Eyck waved me away. ‘Talk to Nolan, major. I'mp 748 CSC 1967
river were almost deserted, and I was glad to walk alone through the shadows past the boarded shopfronts. Midsummer's Eve seemedp 735 R 1967
the time the warehouses came into sight I was almost alone on the cobbled pavements that wound between the terraced cottagesp 740 R 1967
returned to base. Alpha Company gets ready to move on alone, every man here hoping that the weather will clear. Sergeantp 964 TW 1967
Captain Robinson and his men will have to go in alone. How many Liberation Front soldiers are facing us? Perhaps fiftyp 965 TW 1967
abandoned zones of the mind. His first two films were Alone, a claustrophobic study of a masturbating woman and Chinese Checkersp BAT 1968
That other naive, Henri Rousseau, a minor customs official, died alone and in poverty in 1910. His friends who had laughedp 97 UGM 1969
the German people and its European vassals. For this reason alone it is one of the most important books of thep 221 UGM 1969
they can have little time for any real passion, let alone the aggression and cruelty that drive in the same harnessp 257 UGM 1969
home-made roadblock above the bank, and was waiting there all alone for his first sight of the enemy. Mannock tried top 790 PTD 1969
station, while Vaughan was in the urinal, he drove off alone. Actual Size. A helicopter clattered overhead, a cameraman crouched inp 69 THF 1969
and touch. The sudden movement of someone near by, let alone of the wearer, brings an immediate reply from the nerve-likep 797 SGW 1970
us would be unable to look at a car, let alone drive one. These questions about the car -- probably unanswerablep 263 UGM 1971
mend a faulty automatic washing machine or waste disposer, let alone a colour television set? Even if we can barely tellp 264 UGM 1971
and the thousand-bomber raids over Essen and Dusseldorf. One sequence alone from World War I quickened the viewers‘ jaded palates --p 807 GTS 1972
Vaughan had dreamed of dying for so many months, stood alone under the revolving ambulance lights. As I knelt over Vaughan'sp 7 C 1973
of crashing cars first calmed and then aroused me. Cruising alone on the motorway under the yellow glare of the sodiump 10 C 1973
the flashing headlamps of the oncoming traffic stream. Young men alone behind the wheels of their first cars, near-wrecks, picked upp 17 C 1973
how do people manage to look at a car, let alone drive one?‘ When I made no reply she said flatlyp 70 C 1973
the entire crowd, Helen and myself to our feet. Vaughan alone was unmoved. As the stunned drivers clambered from their carsp 86 C 1973
instant entourage. Behind him, forgotten now by Vaughan, Seagrave sat alone in the Citroen like a distraught witch. ‘Is he allp 110 C 1973
if the presence of the car mediated an element which alone made sense of the sexual act. In some way, Ip 120 C 1973
the slow-motion film than myself. Helen Remington watched us, sitting alone among the chairs. Vaughan stared down at the shattered carp 129 C 1973
only wounds his hypothetical victims suffered were severe genital injuries. Alone among Vaughan's subjects, Seagrave had selected a small target galleryp 135 C 1973
effort to move in and out of this office, let alone chase up a producer I barely know. Anyway, the chancep 147 C 1973
first time, fascinated by its unique geometry. Our car was alone in the washing bay. Around us the forecourt was desertedp 161 C 1973
me along this expressway which he had created for me alone. The other cars passing us were present through an enormousp 196 C 1973
seasons without warning. One morning, when Catherine had left me alone to take her last flying lesson, I saw her aircraftp 209 C 1973
After Catherine and I had gone he would be finally alone, marauding the empty city in his derelict car. Uncertain whetherp 218 C 1973
seven forty-five. His son would long since have reached home alone. Catherine would either have gone out or be making dinnerp 16 CI 1974
of the happier moments of his life had been spent alone -- student vacations touring Italy and Greece, a three-month drivep 22 CI 1974
westbound carriageway. None of the drivers could see him, let alone hear his dry-throated croak, and Maitland stopped, conserving his strengthp 25 CI 1974
even to get a secure grip on the head, let alone put any pressure to bear. He looked up at thep 30 CI 1974
the burnt-out car, an immense silent exodus had left him alone in the deserted city. Three hundred yards to the westp 43 CI 1974
a brisk north-east wind, armadas of dark cloud swept overhead. Alone in this concrete landscape, Maitland tottered along, hoping to reachp 46 CI 1974
have to keep an eye on him. Just leave him alone. Don't start fiddling around with him, or hitting him againp 0063 CI 1974
embankment. He tried to rouse himself, frightened of being left alone with this punch-drunk resident of the island. He assumed nowp 64 CI 1974
he had devoured almost the whole of Hollywood's output, sitting alone in the empty circles of huge suburban Odeons. He massagedp 66 CI 1974
fault, and the forward somersault had come off by chance alone. Even skipping was too much for him. Within seconds thep 68 CI 1974
Somehow he must get the girl to help him. She alone had any authority over Proctor. Maitland swung himself back top 75 CI 1974
him being your friend for life. If I left you alone with him you'd soon miss me.‘ Maitland watched her pacingp 80 CI 1974
wrapped the shawl tightly around his chest and set off alone towards the embankment. Proctor's refusal to help him, and thep 87 CI 1974
longer able to see the surrounding traffic streams and living alone in this forgotten world whose furthest shores were defined onlyp 90 CI 1974
would dispense with the present itself and retain the act alone, devise an artificial currency of gesture and attitude. Maitland staredp 105 CI 1974
labyrinth of ascent ramps and feeder lanes. Maitland felt himself alone on an alien planet abandoned by its inhabitants, a racep 106 CI 1974
vanished, to be followed almost immediately by the tramp. Left alone on the island, Maitland would survive no more than ap 122 CI 1974
the doorway of his pavilion, realizing that he was truly alone on the island. He would stay there until he couldp 126 CI 1974
felt no real need to leave the island, and this alone confirmed that he had established his dominion over it. Ap 126 CI 1974
of digging out, and then renovating, this antique bomber. Working alone, he estimated that it would take three months to exposep 814 DFW 1974
sand-dunes would never leave its perch on the ridge, let alone take off from the beach. But the woman's aircraft offeredp 815 DFW 1974
the island. However, she was careful never to leave him alone with the ignition keys. While she was away, working atp 816 DFW 1974
way through the village people stood in the doorways, some alone, those who had no one to disinter for me, othersp 827 AD 1975
of the building's services, the total privacy. ‘You could be alone here, in an empty building -- think of that, Robertp 10 HR 1975
Laing could merge invisibly. His sister's excited vision of Laing alone in an empty building was closer to the truth thanp 10 HR 1975
waited in a deserted classroom of the junior school. Sitting alone at one of the children's miniature desks, surrounded by thep 20 HR 1975
had moved along the roof, and the waiter now stood alone between the bar and the buffet tables. Laing leaned againstp 26 HR 1975
year since his accident he had found that constant exercise alone held back the pain, and he missed the games ofp 68 HR 1975
the hope of acting as its midwife. In fact, this alone had stopped him from notifying his former colleagues of thep 70 HR 1975
irritated her. She had enjoyed the apartment when they were alone in the high-rise, taking it for granted that no onep 73 HR 1975
were the grandly upholstered gondolas of a private funicular, swam alone in the undisturbed waters of the two swimming-pools, and strolledp 73 HR 1975
Few children were ever seen above the 10th floor, let alone in the sculpture-garden on the roof which Royal had designedp 75 HR 1975
generation of gynaecologists who never actually touched their patients, let alone delivered a child. His speciality was the computerized analysis ofp 83 HR 1975
priapic figures drawn by cave-dwellers. ‘At least they've left you alone,‘ Talbot said, crouching beside Laing. ‘I've obviously been picked outp 108 HR 1975
as he walked away towards the elevator lobby, leaving her alone on the huge concourse. As he knew full well, havingp 121 HR 1975
secret present for her. ‘You've got a surprise!‘ ‘Leave it alone.‘ Roughly, Wilder fended her away, almost knocking her off herp 124 HR 1975
high-rise that their confrontation would be resolved by physical means alone. He jammed the shotgun back into the barricade and pushedp 126 HR 1975
hair-ribbon tied in a floral bow. Now that he was alone Wilder felt confident of his progress. His hunger was overlaidp 128 HR 1975
the will to survive. Let the psychotics take over. They alone understood what was happening. Holding to the Alsatian, Royal letp 143 HR 1975
had become frightening. The deliberately mindless assaults on anyone found alone or unprotected, the infantile smearing of blood on the wallsp 149 HR 1975
the apartment. Hard experience told him that he was not alone -- somewhere a miniature bell was ringing. A faint scratchingp 152 HR 1975
the high-rise, suddenly unnerved him, almost as if, at last alone here, he had heard footsteps in the next room andp 153 HR 1975
his two women from everyone else. He needed to be alone with Alice and Eleanor, to be as aggressive and self-reliantp 154 HR 1975
at the time, he had designed the sculpture-garden for them alone. Royal shivered in the cold air. He wore his safari-jacketp 162 HR 1975
private landscape, and its reminder that he was not yet alone in the apartment building, Royal retreated behind the rear wallp 163 HR 1975
recently rented. Royal retreated behind an elevator head. After being alone with the birds and the white Alsatian for so longp 163 HR 1975
appreciate Laing's skill and courage in capturing the dog, let alone the exhausting task of skinning and disembowelling this huge animalp 169 HR 1975
the last animals in the high-rise and for that reason alone merited a major culinary effort. The thought of the weeksp 169 HR 1975
about the emptiness. He felt more at ease here, almost alone in this forgotten town. As they stood together by thep 830 LFA 1975
the bed. For the last hour he had been drinking alone in the sun on the balcony, partly out of boredomp 831 LFA 1975
feel his loins thickening. For all his need to be alone, the thought that there was another young woman within halfp 831 LFA 1975
knew, like the old linotype operator and his wife sitting alone in the lobby of their hotel, he calmly accepted thep 832 LFA 1975
had set off this process, which now left Forrester standing alone on this once-crowded Costa Brava beach, the results were dramaticp 832 LFA 1975
world with our successors. As for our need to be alone, this intense enjoyment of our own company, and the absencep 839 LFA 1975
interlude of nuptial bliss. 2.56 P.M. Helen is alone now. Her face is out of frame, and through thep 862 60Z 1976
the ideals expressed by it. During this period one body alone kept aloof from all this speculation -- the world's churchesp 841 LDG 1976
unconscious in the bath, fully clothed, when Judith Loughlin returned alone to her room after lunch. 14 All the evidence collectedp 854 NTM 1976
excitement that an illicit affair can produce. Christmas we celebrated alone. Given Serena's youth -- at times when I caught herp 868 S 1976
of these dinner parties it occurred to me that Serena alone of us was unable to change her costume. Unhappily thep 869 S 1976
him, and there was clearly no danger in leaving him alone with Serena. For all his self-assurance, he seemed surprised whenp 869 S 1976
came the weary denouement. I had spent the afternoon drinking alone in a deserted restaurant, watched by the patient staff. Inp 870 S 1976
but this I can never do. That smirk of hers alone prevents me. Besides, I am completely bound to Serena. Fortunatelyp 872 S 1976
of the other competitors would rise to his baiting, let alone put up a fight. Although the championships were the climaxp 875 UC 1976
his arms to seize the vivid air. He was not alone in the sky. On all sides flights of wild birdsp 877 UC 1976
but neutral expression he looked as if he had been alone too long, and was unsure how to respond to thep 889 UC 1976
car park. There are five million cars in this city alone. Almost every tank still has a little gas in itp 891 UC 1976
streets, Halloway reflected that he was not working for himself alone. In the three supermarkets within the reclamation zone he drainedp 906 UC 1976
and whether the tip was to be narrowed or left alone. Preoperative preparation. The Queen's nostril vibrissae were cut short andp 18 QER 1976
above the one national fantasy he had so far left alone -- Las Vegas. Unlike The Hughes Papers, a compilation ofp 47 UGM 1977
same impulse we see in a placid infant who wakes alone in his cot and sets about wrecking his entire nurseryp 208 UGM 1977
outside the camp gates -- none were ever admitted, let alone fed -- grew larger every day. Yet for some reasonp 927 DT 1977
toneless look, like those of men woken abruptly from sleep. Alone of them, an Australian seaman glanced up from his boundp 927 DT 1977
but to my amazement I found that I was not alone. Seated side by side in a rickshaw that had beenp 938 DT 1977
away for ever, but were waiting for my return. I alone could repopulate their land. Together the child and I walkedp 938 DT 1977
I was surrounded by companions. On television I was never alone. In my nursery I played hours of happy games withp 947 ICU 1977
entire life, I reflected, I had never once seen, let alone touched, another human being. Whom better to begin with thanp 950 ICU 1977
their subject matter and inspiration from France and her territories alone, in the geographical sense, and from the most intense focusp 137 UGM 1978
her screwdriver and turn down his over-active image control. ‘You're alone here, Mr Pangborn. Perhaps you saw a ghost ...‘ After shep 991 MA 1978
himself that there was no one hiding there. ‘You're all alone, Mr Pangborn. Just you and the TV screens.‘ As shep 994 MA 1978
bathroom. Unsettled by this tangible proof that he was not alone in the solarium, Pangborn stared at the footprint. The man'sp 995 MA 1978
intruder, but if he once divulged the man's presence, let alone the murder attempt, she would probably panic and then provokep 997 MA 1978
landings on Utah Beach and had no idea that he alone was keeping the war going. Ogden had no intention ofp 978 OAU 1978
of people who even recall their dreams on Earth, let alone up there ... I'm not even aware that I dreamt atp 229 UGM 1979
in and out of the terminal buildings I was completely alone. Surrounded by parked airliners, I walked down the empty aislesp 11 UDC 1979
no longer remember myself at the controls. ‘No ... I was alone.‘ ‘You don't sound very sure. Who are you, anyway? Youp 21 UDC 1979
one.‘ ‘Clearly there must be. Miriam, leave the poor fellow alone.‘ To me, he added: ‘It isn't every day that youngp 24 UDC 1979
I actually prayed for you. We weren't sure you were alone. Just before you escaped there seemed to be two peoplep 33 UDC 1979
go ashore. Now that I had confirmed that I was alone in the aircraft I could leave Shepperton for ever. Thep 53 UDC 1979
My hands slipped on the bloodied oars. I stood up, alone on this universe of water, and drove the dinghy forwardp 54 UDC 1979
hidden in the grave. When they had gone I walked alone through the late afternoon, my damp suit covered with ap 89 UDC 1979
me from behind the steering wheel. ‘Blake -- leave them alone!‘ She frowned angrily at the brilliant air, trying to shutp 103 UDC 1979
about to strike his son's mouth. I knew that he alone was aware of my resolving destiny, of the immanent futurep 111 UDC 1979
everything presided the immense organic fountain of the banyan tree, alone retaining its clear outlines. Around it the whole of Sheppertonp 113 UDC 1979
wind had dropped, and the birds had vanished. I was alone in an empty world, a universe created for myself andp 113 UDC 1979
now that it was Stark who had revived me. He alone was certain that I had died, and that through thep 137 UDC 1979
would never merit its transformation into a bird. Did they alone, these crippled children, know that I was naked? ‘Jamie, givep 145 UDC 1979
swollen forehead his eyes were unsettled. He knew that he alone had not been let into the secret of the day'sp 148 UDC 1979
Then I heard him shout out, aware that he was alone in Shepperton. He threw away his bicycle and ran afterp 157 UDC 1979
He embraced me happily, entering my body like a lover. Alone now in the sky, I moved in huge strides acrossp 160 UDC 1979
a dream snared half-willingly into some strange game. But I alone knew that they were naked. All evening a strong andp 170 UDC 1979
fancy, wives decorated themselves with their neighbour's jewellery. Two people alone remained aloof from these festive games. After dusk, when itp 170 UDC 1979
with me, and that he and his companions would be alone in this silent town when the television companies arrived? Hisp 178 UDC 1979
approaching devil with whom she would be forced to mate. Alone of the people of Shepperton, she knew that she wasp 182 UDC 1979
souls ran through the dark galleries deep within me and alone kept me alive. The women had brought garbage with themp 191 UDC 1979
to speak. Happily, I gave myself away. Time to Fly Alone now, blind and almost deaf, the tongue missing from myp 205 UDC 1979
illuminated sky. ‘Blake, goodbye ...‘ The last of their voices faded. Alone in this small sky, I sank downwards through the quietp 209 UDC 1979
was about to follow, uncertain whether I would leave them alone here. The condors gazed at me with their ancient eyesp 210 UDC 1979
a last happy cry she slipped away into my heart. Alone now, David waited in the long grass. Below his greatp 211 UDC 1979
film studios and released him towards the sun. Miriam Breathes Alone at last, I made my way along the beach top 214 UDC 1979
around the aircraft, submerging its wings. Although I was now alone in Shepperton, apart from the dead young woman in thep 215 UDC 1979
stags‘ heads gazed down over the empty shelves. One cabinet alone contained a short row of books. I opened the glassp 1004 HFF 1980
mansion. Be careful not to touch it, but one story alone has remained immune.‘ She pointed to a large and shabbyp 1004 HFF 1980
the long night of 17 August 1977 as he sat alone in his bathroom at Graceland, his stoned entourage asleep inp 39 UGM 1981
total lack of any flair and opportunity. Nor was McNair alone in this -- the Apollo carried an invisible cargo ofp 10 HA 1981
know where I came from, who my father was, let alone my grandparents. My mother died five years ago, after spendingp 13 HA 1981
so that they would all perish and he could plunder alone the treasures of this waiting land? ‘Wayne, lying down therep 20 HA 1981
could still take wing. As for Captain Steiner, he stood alone on his bridge, pressing his tired back against the spokesp 31 HA 1981
as if about to abandon them there and set off alone across the inland sea of the empty continent. The Greatp 39 HA 1981
booty, a full-length black evening gown from Macy's Fifth Avenue. Alone with her mirror in the laboratory, she paraded up andp 55 HA 1981
sense of challenge -- the five of them were effectively alone on this continent, free to behave in any way theyp 57 HA 1981
of Trenton, Wayne discovered that they were by no means alone in this apparently deserted land. The Indians An hour beforep 57 HA 1981
Paul.‘ Anne Summers held Wayne's arm. ‘Steiner needs to be alone. You stay here, Wayne.‘ She had become far more pleasantp 60 HA 1981
surge of confidence at the thought that he was not alone on this barren continent. Behind Wayne there was a quietp 62 HA 1981
what they saw. But none of them seemed surprised, let alone dismayed, by the scene in front of them, as ifp 72 HA 1981
secretly relieved that Washington was empty, and that they were alone here at the heart of their dream. They spent theirp 72 HA 1981
the dunes to the White House. He needed to be alone, to think over everything in the quiet sanctuary of thep 80 HA 1981
as just the ultimate backdrop to his fantasies of being alone. For the first time there's a certain anxiety about thep 90 HA 1981
make his own end here, but he would not be alone. Holding the Winchester as firmly as he could, he waitedp 100 HA 1981
others. Here, in this raucous madhouse, one could never be alone, the noise and activity cracked his head like a coconutp 119 HA 1981
silver hand-radio. ‘Paco, the President told us to leave them alone. He wants to see them tonight. Paco ...‘ Paco's eyes retreatedp 129 HA 1981
a lakeside restaurant terrace where Anne Summers and McNair sat alone like stranded tourists; a high-ceilinged room with glass wall-maps, crossedp 136 HA 1981
unpleasantness. It's now two weeks since I last saw Manson alone, and I've begun to feel that Paco is keeping mep 142 HA 1981
psychosomatic asthma -- I almost get the impression he's been alone so long that other people seem a total intrusion intop 148 HA 1981
highway. A rain-heavy, overcast sky. I finally stopped at Malibu, alone by the ocean on the edge of this huge cityp 156 HA 1981
of this building.‘ ‘A flying convention centre, powered by you alone? But that sounds encouraging, Wayne. Wait till you see whatp 172 HA 1981
rode up to the observation deck. He found Dr Fleming alone at the rail, his back to the lights of downtownp 180 HA 1981
of the fire. ‘War games, Wayne,‘ Dr Fleming murmured. ‘Heaven alone knows what Charles is playing at. Perhaps he's preparing forp 180 HA 1981
would travel too slowly to be noticed by Manson's gunships. Alone now, Pepsodent stoically guarded McNair, helping Anne to wash thep 194 HA 1981
huge illusory figures for the defence of his realm. Heaven alone knew what the pilots of the spotter planes made ofp 196 HA 1981
ward. The other patients had been transferred, and Trippett sat alone in the wheelchair at the foot of his bed. Byp 1010 NFS 1981
illicit high-speed runs at dusk when he seemed to be alone on a forgotten planet. In a locked hangar at thep 1011 NFS 1981
in the sky. The shrines were cleared away, but one alone had been carefully preserved. Franklin opened the centre drawer ofp 1016 NFS 1981
could go on ... He felt a sudden need to be alone in the empty clinic, to be rid of Dr Vaiseyp 1017 NFS 1981
you are. Think of yourself, what you've always wanted -- alone in the world, just you and these empty hotels. Butp 1022 NFS 1981
deranged favours granted to waitresses and bellboys. He came back alone from Miami, resting beside the swimming pools of the emptyp 1023 NFS 1981
any sign of Slade. No doubt she thinks that he alone can save her. Total time lost 12 hours 35 minp 1026 NFS 1981
the sun and the dust. The three of them lived alone in Soleri II, in this empty city of a futurep 1031 NFS 1981
really taken them two months to drive from Vancouver, weeks alone from Jacksonville to Cape Kennedy? He thought of the longp 1040 MSA 1982
at the Lockwoods‘ -- he would be free to roam alone through the empty house, his keenest pleasure. The nine Chinesep 16 ES 1984
was hard to imagine those miniature bullets killing anyone, let alone the tough communist labour organizers. By contrast, the Mausers wornp 22 ES 1984
their superior way they stayed together, whereas every Japanese was alone. All of them carried photographs of their identical families, littlep 23 ES 1984
by the young soldier's furtive smoking and his amateur plane-spotting. Alone in the ward, he thought about his mother and fatherp 50 ES 1984
ward, waving a warning finger at Jim. Glad to be alone, Jim immediately climbed out of bed. Through the window hep 53 ES 1984
fist. An hour later they had all gone, leaving Jim alone in the children's ward. As the klaxons sounded from thep 55 ES 1984
true home than the house itself. Here he had played alone with his imagination. He had been a crashed pilot onp 61 ES 1984
apartment in the French Concession. From then on he lived alone in the abandoned houses and apartments in the western suburbsp 74 ES 1984
this abandoned apartment house. Jim was glad to be left alone. After being knocked from his bicycle by the Japanese soldierp 75 ES 1984
his parents on board? Aware that he might now be alone in Shanghai, on this steamer he had always dreamed ofp 91 ES 1984
his deck-chair and continued to polish the portholes. They were alone together in the cabin. Jim could hear Basie on thep 99 ES 1984
certainly was gaiety.‘ Jim remembered the hours he had spent alone trying to retrieve the half-crown, gleaming at the bottom ofp 102 ES 1984
first fraction cancelled itself, and then noticed that he was alone in the open sunlight between the truck and the railwayp 134 ES 1984
the country club whose mock-Tudor timbers of painted cement had alone failed to catch fire. The hull of a pleasure launchp 142 ES 1984
day, even though they had never seen a bird, let alone caught one. It was important to keep in with Basiep 165 ES 1984
were prepared to let themselves be used as servants. Jim alone had refused, and had never fetched and carried for Mrp 172 ES 1984
of the Chinese was ever admitted to Lunghua Camp, let alone fed. Yet still they came, attracted to this one placep 180 ES 1984
morsel had gone he lay back and lowered the curtain. Alone now -- the Vincents, although only a few feet awayp 184 ES 1984
camp was deserted, leaving Jim to conduct the air raid alone from the balcony of the assembly hall. He listened keenlyp 191 ES 1984
was sure had been put there for reasons of style alone. Jim admired the Hayates and Zeros of the Japanese, butp 192 ES 1984
fields, and then plunged into the river. The pilot hung alone in the silent sky. His companions sped on towards Shanghaip 193 ES 1984
the pheasant traps, then returned to the camp and sat alone on the balcony of the assembly hall. At last rallyingp 235 ES 1984
waiting for him to go, so that she could be alone in the room for a few last minutes. ‘Right. I'vep 240 ES 1984
that the camp had imposed upon him. Because he was alone he had been forced to do too many jobs, inp 243 ES 1984
British couple were staring at the lines of derelict vehicles, alone in a silent world. Jim laughed at them, a harshp 273 ES 1984
that he was too weak to walk to Shanghai, let alone cope with all the dangers of the open road. Hiddenp 277 ES 1984
him on sight. Already he had decided not to walk alone to Shanghai. The Lunghua and Nantao districts were infested withp 290 ES 1984
knew that Lieutenant Price would have liked to get him alone and then beat him to death, not because he wasp 298 ES 1984
When Jim reached the culvert he found the truck standing alone among the anti-tank embankments. On the ground beside the passengerp 315 ES 1984
food heaped on the back of the trucks. They drank alone in the hot sun, rarely speaking to each other. Jimp 322 ES 1984
in his palate, he soon began to put on weight. Alone at the dining-room table, he ate large meals by dayp 347 ES 1984
released to the public or to the Presidential party. HMQ alone was informed, which may explain Her Majesty's impatience with thep 1091 OOA 1984
approached, however, its elements moved apart. A gloved hand hung alone, severed from the arm that seemed to support it. Thep 1099 OOA 1984
laboratory accident -- and that by some unfortunate mishap he alone had not been warned, B returned home and switched onp 3 SAJ 1984
limp. He told me that, as a condemned prisoner, I alone had been spared the sterilising injections, and that the restorationp 1104 ATQ 1985
tourists had gone, strolling past the leatherware and jewellery stores. Alone now after his brief fame, the American sat among thep 1107 MWM 1985
it had brought me nothing. Scranton at least was left alone for most of his time, something I craved more thanp 1108 MWM 1985
if from a trapdoor in the pavement. He was always alone, walking straight-backed in his faded suit, but with the uncertaintyp 1108 MWM 1985
of the Dream Salvador Dali: The Surrealist Jester Meryle Secrest Alone among the great surrealists, Salvador Dali has remained faithful top 99 UGM 1986
for millions, their pedestals secure in the critical pantheon. Dali alone remains beyond the pale, still greeted with a shudder byp 99 UGM 1986
Prospero figure, Dr Morbius, a brilliant but flawed scientist living alone with his daughter on an isolated planet. Robby the Robotp 18 UGM 1987
extravaganza, one is forced yet again to accept that talent alone is always enough. Like many ostensible satires -- in thisp 20 UGM 1987
beacon whose exact signals had still to reach me. Chance alone, I guessed, had not brought me to this war-locked nationp 17 DC 1987
swirling dust. Sanger stood by his makeshift television station, almost alone among his cameras and antennae. Ignoring him, I set offp 53 DC 1987
Japanese photographer, who had already threatened to leave. She lived alone in her pup tent, below the wing of her aircraftp 61 DC 1987
may well be infected. Nora, it's best to leave it alone.‘ Nora Warrender stared at me in a sympathetic way, shakingp 65 DC 1987
the tears from her nose and eyes. ‘Poupee, leave her alone! She only wants food!‘ When I reached the veranda thep 81 DC 1987
absurd.‘ Sanger leaned back, sighing to himself as if this alone justified all that he had suffered. Undernourished and showing thep 157 DC 1987
that we would act out our duel within the river alone. ‘Dr Mallory!‘ Mr Pal reached through the door to seizep 163 DC 1987
was some secret at the Mallory's source, and that Noon alone would guide me towards it. She touched the hazy airp 170 DC 1987
women's prisoner, and that if I was to escape, let alone commandeer the vessel, this would be my only chance. ‘Letp 202 DC 1987
the lid of a coffin In the darkness I was alone with my fever, engulfed by the scents of perfume, semenp 249 DC 1987
of the window. Roused from a cold sleep, I lay alone on the mildewed mattress, listening to the intermittent tapping ofp 251 DC 1987
of the Mallory. The Poisoned Valley At last I was alone with the dying river. I stood in the bows ofp 257 DC 1987
the Mallory's source in terms of Sanger's imaginary travelogue. That alone seems to give meaning to all that took place. Nonethelessp 286 DC 1987
discontinue my investigation and hold myself indefinitely in reserve. Left alone, I was able to think again about my visit top 38 RW 1988
necessity. The younger children had never seen a firearm, let alone handled one. The murders had to be carried out inp 45 RW 1988
know. All the same, Sergeant, I'm certain that they acted alone. I think they murdered their own parents at about eightp 45 RW 1988
in Arlington, a few miles west of Washington DC, should alone be aware of this unique historical event. After all, thep 1116 WW3 1988
actually announce that World War 3 has begun. That I alone happened to learn of the war I put down top 1117 WW3 1988
the world's economic superpowers, and the Japanese monarchy was almost alone in having retained its dignity intact -- by comparison ourp 49 UGM 1989
recording the endless parties (nine, I counted, in one evening alone) and not a single interesting conversation. He notes the impossiblep 60 UGM 1989
assigned a personal supervisor (usually a local clergyman, the priesthood alone having the moral qualifications for such a delicate task), whop 1126 LCC 1989
sit tongue-tied for hours, unable to approach each other, let alone hold hands. From then on they were carefully coached inp 1126 LCC 1989
the dollars, yen and roubles of the foreign tourists who alone sustained their economies. The prospect appeared that the Louvre andp 1142 LTP 1989
The outside world has at last decided to leave me alone. I no longer answer the door, and there has beenp 1137 TES 1989
Dr Edwards had been infected by it, and he wasn't alone. Ryan had seen the shining eyes of the UN observersp 1148 WF 1989
vowed, the world would bleed ... The photographers withdrew, leaving Ryan alone with Louisa and his aunt. Soon their images would bep 1160 WF 1989
is becoming a private medium. We watch on video either alone or with one or two intimates, and the imaginative demandsp 5 UGM 1990
second of the series, a still from Steve Dwoskin's film Alone, about a woman masturbating. Sadly, I ran out of cashp 46 DMa 1990
surfacing briefly, before disappearing again for nearly two decades. Heaven alone knows what will surface in the future. Hans Bellmer's workp 53 GANa 1990
film set, the ultimate autogeddon. The absence of combatants, let alone the dead and wounded, suppresses any reflexes of pity orp 11 UGM 1991
ordinary fighting man is an expendable victim, but that he alone loves his country and is prepared to die for itp 12 UGM 1991
miracle that a Japanese cinema ever emerged at all, let alone a maverick talent like Kurosawa's. Stephen Prince suggests that Kurosawap 25 UGM 1991
race of god-like figures who existed on the astral plane alone. Among these were the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spiderman andp 77 UGM 1991
hangs only a few hundred yards from his apartment, let alone the legion of annunciations, nativities and agonies in the gardenp 81 UGM 1991
Pople cites Spencer's description of himself listening to the maid alone in her attic bedroom, talking to an invisible person. Inp 102 UGM 1991
carousel as suitcases were wrenched away, only to find myself alone by the eerily rotating band. Was my tea-planter's suit, myp 173 UGM 1991
brushing away the dust that covered the windshield. David sat alone in the back, hands pressed to his mouth. He ignoredp 25 KW 1991
of the war, though in many ways Kimura was more alone than I was. In the panic after the Japanese seizurep 32 KW 1991
Lunghua by now. Is it because you want to be alone here?‘ ‘I haven't shot Mrs Dwight.‘ This busybodying missionary wasp 33 KW 1991
clergyman's heavy hands. I had noticed that Dr Sinclair left alone the children of the more well-to-do British parents. He neverp 34 KW 1991
I needed her out of the way. When I was alone on the ash-tip, screened from the camp buildings by thep 42 KW 1991
our evening meal I returned to the stern rail, almost alone on the deck as the Arrawa neared the entrance top 72 KW 1991
address by Professor Harris, the head of anatomy. I sat alone in the topmost row, marking my distance from the otherp 74 KW 1991
an auctioneer at a cattle market. He spotted me sitting alone under the roof, asked for my name and told mep 74 KW 1991
manual and instruments. Already I noticed a few curious stares. Alone among the cadavers, mine was that of a woman. Forp 79 KW 1991
cities, and had probably never seen a naked body, let alone that of a mature woman. Only Peggy Gardner was unimpressedp 79 KW 1991
outsider -- the other boys were friendly, but left me alone, as if they found me threatening in some undefined wayp 80 KW 1991
drawn to this solitary woman among the dead men. She alone was treated to none of the lewd dissecting room humourp 84 KW 1991
my mind. Assuming that Artvin was dead, and that I alone knew his resting place, as a fellow pilot I hadp 117 KW 1991
one would even dare to approach this terrifying figure, let alone have sex with her. But Sally had already decided. Sweatp 153 KW 1991
my own. Another woman's body was an unfathomed mystery, let alone another woman's emotions and needs. ‘Well, back to the monstersp 157 KW 1991
to the hallway, and took the stairs rather than be alone with me in the elevator. In her mind my wife'sp 162 KW 1991
among the coats in David Hunter's bedroom, I found myself alone with one of his flying-club groupies, the young widow ofp 169 KW 1991
of the murdered President, messages of violence and desire that alone could assuage the bereaved. I sped on past the oncomingp 196 KW 1991
tormented the Chinese to death in the hope that cruelty alone would release the mainspring of war. Three weeks later, onp 210 KW 1991
that I was responsible for her death, and that he alone was keeping her memory alive. A week before the Fairp 217 KW 1991
had the sense to know that we should leave them alone, and was far more interested in the lines of vintagep 218 KW 1991
Sutherland did she frown and turn away from me. Dick, alone, had made a triumphant exit from the Sixties. As Ip 264 KW 1991
I kissed her, for the first time since we sat alone together in the circle of the Grand Theatre in thep 271 KW 1991
her hands, a child of nature who would forever play alone in a twilit garden walled by shadows she could neverp 288 KW 1991
in mind. The series had been a desperate stratagem that alone might have saved him. He had literally put his faithp 312 KW 1991
mating parlours, seem to consume far more energy than propagation alone would justify. The female bower bird, after all, has nowherep 156 UGM 1992
naive hopes and optimism of the decade. The Kennedy assassination alone, it seems to me, makes 1963 the most important yearp 243 UGM 1992
frankness we would find embarrassing among our closest friends, let alone complete strangers. But how revealing are these dialogues, and whatp 271 UGM 1992
small part of the agency's claim to existence. Manned flights alone could touch the public imagination and guarantee the huge fundsp 1175 MFM 1992
death was sealed and encrypted behind them, leaving the computers alone and safe at last. If so, we arrived some momentsp 1186 ROP 1992
than daunting, especially to the novelist, a gloomy soul sitting alone in the darkened auditorium of his own head and neverp 23 UGM 1993
The younger, Eduard, later suffered from mental illness and died alone in a Swiss asylum. Mileva, too, withdrew into herself. Einsteinp 150 UGM 1993
had Joan Crawford, the president's widow and a fearsome figurehead. Alone among Americans, Coke executives consider that they lost the Gulfp 214 UGM 1993
prominent Chinese historian, Professor Wang, who confirms that Little Jiu alone could rightfully claim the throne, and P'u-Yi's widow, the formerp 249 UGM 1993
sinister Mururoa, which Dr Barbara had wisely decided to leave alone. Captain Serrou, the Papeete fisherman, was waiting for them inp 10 RP 1994
to her. They've just gone back to Atlanta.‘ ‘So you're alone here in Honolulu, planning to swim the Kaiwi Channel. Dop 35 RP 1994
if keeping a secret sea-time to himself. ‘People think you're alone on long-distance swims. But after five miles you're not alonep 35 RP 1994
alone on long-distance swims. But after five miles you're not alone any more. The sea runs right into your mind andp 35 RP 1994
dues. Neil at first resented him, naively believing that he alone had discovered Dr Barbara. The scowling Hawaiian was Kimo, ap 36 RP 1994
bed, gazing at him with undisguised pleasure. When she was alone with Neil she usually turned down the volume control ofp 41 RP 1994
the high bows of the Dugong. But Kimo was not alone in being puzzled by Dr Barbara's failure to control herp 51 RP 1994
she too had been lost overboard. But she was standing alone by the satellite dish below the bridge, her back top 68 RP 1994
eyes, for God's sake.‘ ‘What is it, David?‘ ‘You're not alone now. Look -- the world's come to save the albatrossp 76 RP 1994
to wake up and find everybody's gone. You'll be sitting alone on that beach again.‘ ‘Won't that be good, Kimo? It'sp 97 RP 1994
then Kimo and the Saitos. Sooner or later I'll be alone here. I wonder if you'll leave me, Neil ...?‘ For oncep 101 RP 1994
time that she would only be happy when she was alone on Saint-Esprit, when Kimo, Monique and the Saitos had gonep 102 RP 1994
The world, however, had no intention of leaving Dr Barbara alone. Three days after the psychedelic sails of the Parsifal broughtp 103 RP 1994
and that may cool their ardour. We must be left alone, so we can get on with the sanctuary. David, dop 118 RP 1994
company to send us. I'll stay on even if I'm alone here. If any of you decide to leave you canp 119 RP 1994
want nothing more. All we ask is to be left alone ...‘ There was an uneasy murmur, and a sharp quarrel overp 119 RP 1994
the sanctuary will run to seed. Remember that we're not alone on Saint-Esprit.‘ ‘Werner and Wolfgang won't harm us, doctor. They'rep 129 RP 1994
seemed discouraged, rolling slackly against the black sand. Werner sat alone on the beach, gazing at the flaking acid paintwork ofp 133 RP 1994
forward, warily searching the forest trail. Accepting that he was alone, she at last treated him to the barest smile. Herp 163 RP 1994
-- you can rest here when you want to be alone. You'll think of me, won't you?‘ ‘I'll come with youp 175 RP 1994
cupped his hands over his genitals, aware that his semen alone lay between himself and the sick-bed. ‘Well done, Neil. I'mp 186 RP 1994
her retreat, to which no-one was admitted, and she sat alone in the evenings beside her large spade, surveying the sanctuaryp 201 RP 1994
turtles had left for some more urgent rendezvous, leaving Neil alone in the frozen vault. Revived by the oxygen in hisp 205 RP 1994
of his overheated ramblings. Yet for all his sickness, he alone saw everything clearly on Saint-Esprit. A kind of collective amnesiap 211 RP 1994
other duties had been assigned to him, and he slept alone in Kimo's tent. For whatever reasons, there was a lullp 211 RP 1994
mind like a demon queen. But at least she slept alone. The thought of the canny Moluccan lying between her breastsp 212 RP 1994
Moluccan lying between her breasts so disturbed Neil that jealousy alone had kept him going through the early days when hep 212 RP 1994
rages. Of the original members of the expedition, Mrs Saito alone seemed to dread the prospect of a French return top 212 RP 1994
with Neil now meant nothing to the German women, let alone Monique and Mrs Saito. They had used him to sirep 231 RP 1994
the Andersons died at sea, she would soon have been alone on Saint-Esprit, free to make her escape on a passingp 238 RP 1994
they shrewdly decided to leave Dr Barbara and her party alone on Saint-Esprit, confident that this puritanical sect led by thep 238 RP 1994
Australia and New Mexico. I think of her up there, alone with all that silence.‘ ‘You'll meet someone else.‘ ‘Maybe ...‘ Thep 27 CN 1996
It was hard to imagine anyone finding the energy, let alone the necessary malice, to bring about their deaths. Steeped inp 33 CN 1996
tuned speedboat engines at the marina, seemed grief-stricken. He stood alone by the waiting grave, thin and stooped in his borrowedp 62 CN 1996
drew up outside the cemetery. In Estrella de Mar death alone had been franchised to the Spanish. The pallbearers of thep 67 CN 1996
the grave, head lowered as he mused to himself. Almost alone now in the cemetery, he had switched off his readyp 70 CN 1996
be thin and drained by the grey hours of sitting alone in his cell, forehead harrowed by the stress of maintainingp 76 CN 1996
and knocked the bedside lamp to the floor. ‘Leave me alone!‘ She struck my hands away, and I saw a strongp 83 CN 1996
to help her. ‘I think I hurt you.‘ ‘Leave me alone. Just keep away from me and stop that heavy breathingp 84 CN 1996
for a word, she was almost silent. By leaving me alone in the apartment she had made herself partly responsible forp 95 CN 1996
moistened his hands in the water. ‘Actually, he was not alone.‘ ‘Really? So Mrs Hollinger was with him?‘ I thought ofp 108 CN 1996
waists and pulled them on to the bed. The bride alone seemed startled, trying to hide her naked body behind thep 126 CN 1996
an emergency had kept her at the Clinic. I ate alone at my table, stretching the bouillabaisse as long as Ip 142 CN 1996
none of the residents would come to my aid, let alone admit me to the shelter of their gardens. Covered withp 170 CN 1996
funeral and then flushing with embarrassment when I caught him alone by the headstone. Vanity and self-reproach shared the same suedep 175 CN 1996
with Frank this afternoon.‘ ‘Why not? Charles?‘ ‘You go on alone. Believe me, it's not the right day. Too much hasp 189 CN 1996
faint trace of a long-healed surgical scar. ‘Charles, leave it alone. You can't unzip me.‘ ‘The scar's almost gone. How oldp 193 CN 1996
arrive with you?‘ ‘No! Charles, I wouldn't have left you alone with him. He's too unpredictable.‘ ‘But when we collided inp 198 CN 1996
I assumed that he had never visited the house, let alone the bedroom. Concerned for him, I said: ‘Why don't youp 204 CN 1996
worried,‘ I commented to Hennessy. ‘I thought they left us alone.‘ ‘Spot of bother on the outer perimeter road -- somep 229 CN 1996
that the ancient campanile has moved under their feet. Elaine, alone, has already seized the rail, and is staring at thep 6 DYF 1996
headline that referred to the unsolved mystery. As she sat alone on the Jaguar's bonnet, staring at the graphic photographs ofp 4 SC 2000
hand to me, her eyes still fixed on the screen. Alone in this white room, she seemed at her prettiest, ap 32 SC 2000
a Coward play. I leaned against her, glad to be alone with my sane young wife. ‘What was all that, Paulp 32 SC 2000
had seen enough of his colleagues to dislike them, let alone set about killing them. That evening, I drove Jane intop 39 SC 2000
By the time they get home they want to be alone, fix a martini, swim a few lengths. Their true socialp 93 SC 2000
the RN7 had taken off for the day, leaving me alone with the wind and the slipstream. Three hours later Ip 119 SC 2000
during the first unsettled term at my prep school. Left alone at home with a bored au pair, I searched myp 125 SC 2000
finding a motive, but has repeatedly stated that Greenwood acted alone and chose his victims at random. Riviera News has nowp 131 SC 2000
Yet no one had been concerned about the child-whore sitting alone in the ransacked van. For that matter, I was stillp 169 SC 2000
the roof and swerved around an electrician's van that sat alone in the sun. Shielding my eyes, I thought of thep 196 SC 2000
his hands. ‘If I have to, I'll see the Prefect alone.‘ ‘That wouldn't be wise.‘ He moved towards the door onp 248 SC 2000
pay lip service to community values but prefer to be alone.‘ ‘Isn't that odd, for a social animal?‘ ‘Only in somep 263 SC 2000
last of her hippie gestures, the belief that impulsive acts alone gave meaning to life. Sex and drugs had to bep 272 SC 2000
way I found almost likeable. Halder and I were not alone in keeping watch on the security chief. On a third-floorp 294 SC 2000
of its indentured professional castes. Frances Baring and Zander were alone on the lower terrace, dancing together by the swimming poolp 305 SC 2000
night. ‘Frances ... slow down.‘ ‘Not now, Paul. Our friend isn't alone.‘ A few yards behind the stationary Audi were two largep 309 SC 2000
a balcony, where some insomniac neighbour of Isabel Duval sat alone in her high-security apartment. I searched the balconies, distracted byp 311 SC 2000
at the wheel of the Audi and met his death alone on the night sand. Jane nodded her agreement, but Ip 318 SC 2000
the last illusion that each of us was anything but alone. I turned from Simone and considered my knee, as gnarledp 322 SC 2000
of a move he would leave the table and pace alone around the tennis court, then walk to his car withoutp 361 SC 2000
met at Port-la-Galere. He pointed to the Range Rover. ‘You're alone?‘ ‘Yes. No one will know I called you.‘ He tookp 388 SC 2000
pointed to the man in the sheepskin coat, now sitting alone in the car park, large hands resting on the steeringp 31 MP 2003
us can face.‘ I watched him drive off, leaving me alone with Tulloch. Wisps of smoke rose from the crematorium chimneyp 33 MP 2003
the fireplace, but it was clear that Kay Churchill lived alone. Dust lay on the coffee table and writing desk, ap 50 MP 2003
were leaving in their cars. Kay waited until we were alone in the slip road, unzipped the sports bag and pulledp 97 MP 2003
setting fire to the NFT -- completely absurd. But that alone made you feel free.‘ ‘Kay and the others have ap 139 MP 2003
find me. The terrorist bombs made her nervous of sleeping alone. But she had not rung for a taxi, and someonep 144 MP 2003
made no serious attempt to win me back, leaving me alone to talk to Henry. As she stood by the windowp 196 MP 2003
of Grosvenor Place. As it happened, Mrs Turner was not alone. The residents of Chelsea Marina had launched a small crimep 198 MP 2003
her thumbprint. She drove to Woodlawn Road, where she lived alone in a two-storey terraced house. Her neighbours were civil servantsp 209 MP 2003
than ground rents and maintenance charges. Unsure that we were alone, I stepped past Sally to the bedroom door. An emptyp 218 MP 2003
to run errands for Dr Gould.‘ ‘Right. Did you come alone?‘ ‘Henry drove me. He's parking the car, somewhere off thep 218 MP 2003
waded like a sleepwalker into the ever-deeper violence that could alone give a desperate meaning to his life. Ignoring the gantryp 239 MP 2003
one-man charity in a blighted corner of Africa, his presence alone giving hope to the natives. He watched the airliner landp 244 MP 2003
see her doing it.‘ ‘Never. Stephen and I drove here alone.‘ ‘You and Stephen arrived together? So you were the bomberp 252 MP 2003
controlled my breath, trying not to distract Gould. ‘She lived alone. No one would have found her for days.‘ ‘I didn'tp 259 MP 2003
imagine himself as the perpetrator of appalling crimes? I sat alone by the dining-room table, drinking my warm whisky and watchingp 271 MP 2003
my smart suit and tie. ‘Is anyone with you?‘ ‘I'm alone. I wanted to see the place before it's torn downp 272 MP 2003
You're sure no one's with you?‘ ‘Richard, I came here alone.‘ ‘No one called you? Kay Churchill? What about Sally?‘ ‘She'sp 272 MP 2003
sold them, by the brands and trademarks and logos that alone defined their lives. Yet somehow they resisted us, growing sleekp 4 KC 2006
through the crowd to her car, where the imam sat alone in the back seat. His small congregation had vanished intop 11 KC 2006
and oestrogen. I stared at the young black woman, standing alone with her anger and fierce intelligence. ‘She's got guts ofp 26 KC 2006
Sergeant Falconer's arm and pointed to me as I stood alone outside the courthouse. I walked back to my car, wavingp 52 KC 2006
to disorient everyone in its shadow. I might have been alone on the steps of the courthouse, but I had onep 52 KC 2006
out into the streets surrounding the stadium. David Cruise was alone again, talking to his double at the far end ofp 73 KC 2006
He can't concentrate long enough to mend a fuse, let alone carry through an assassination.‘ ‘Assassination?‘ I turned to stare atp 100 KC 2006
realized how much everything has changed out here. They're not alone in that. People in London can't grasp that this isp 101 KC 2006
an offhand way, I said: ‘I take it you're not alone? There are others who think like you?‘ ‘A few ofp 106 KC 2006
from the display screens at the football stadium. I was alone in the penthouse, and assumed that Maxted had hurried awayp 109 KC 2006
I wish I could see it lasting seven years, let alone seventy.‘ He gazed over the dark rooftops of the townp 138 KC 2006
consumerism. For the next week I remained at the flat, alone with my father, thrown back on my memories of thep 188 KC 2006
shoe-shop salesmen. They long for discipline and leadership. The Metro-Centre alone gives a focus to their lives. My father described drivingp 195 KC 2006
aware that I was a conspicuous target as I sat alone on my private beach. Was the intruder a police marksmanp 228 KC 2006
playing my role as David Cruise's adviser, I was left alone by Carradine and his marshals as they rallied their threep 245 KC 2006
reflected spotlight. Baring her teeth, she whispered: ‘Soon you'll be alone here, Mr Pearson. You're a little boy lost in ap 248 KC 2006
poverty and hunger as the Chinese. I knew that kindness alone would feed few mouths and save no lives. I rememberp 16 ML 2008
my Latin homework, but much of the day I was alone in a large house where the Chinese servants never lookedp 19 ML 2008
battle, machine-gun fire and rushing air, but because I was alone with this stricken but mysterious craft, an intact dream ofp 31 ML 2008
up on the table. But clearly I needed to be alone. I was always a keen storyteller, and enjoyed school essaysp 41 ML 2008
when my mother and I, and my sister, would be alone. Few middle-class children in times of peace see their parentsp 61 ML 2008
one of the children separated from their parents and interned alone. In G Block a boy named Bobby Henderson was sop 69 ML 2008
museum, with a few partly colonised rooms where people slept alone, read and bathed alone, and hung their clothes in privatep 80 ML 2008
partly colonised rooms where people slept alone, read and bathed alone, and hung their clothes in private wardrobes, along with theirp 80 ML 2008
Tokyo high command could barely feed its own soldiers, let alone the groups of civilian internees scattered throughout the Far Eastp 90 ML 2008
Gallery would often seem deserted, and a visitor could be alone in a room filled with Rembrandts, a powerful charge top 155 ML 2008
become an argumentative alcoholic. After his death I was left alone to produce the magazine, and adjusted my time so thatp 190 ML 2008
woman looked into our car and said: ‘You mean you're alone with these three?‘ and I replied: ‘With these three you'rep 203 ML 2008
these three?‘ and I replied: ‘With these three you're never alone.‘ Thankfully, I had long forgotten what it was like top 203 ML 2008
I had long forgotten what it was like to be alone. I hope the children realised early on that they couldp 203 ML 2008
blurring of truth and reality in the Mondo Cane films alone made them possible, and was taken up by the entirep 236 ML 2008
longer possible to stir or outrage spectators by aesthetic means alone, as did the Impressionists and cubists. A psychological challenge isp 240 ML 2008
as Claire and I set off on our first holiday alone, I found myself thinking of Shanghai again. I had almostp 248 ML 2008
to yield an inch. We were saved by one thing alone -- our desperate need for lunch. We were tired, angryp 263 ML 2008