day. These I would cast in the form of narrative, allowing myself a fair degree of licence, introducing imaginary situations andp 97 NZ 1959
only too glad to be alone. Deliberately seeing no one, allowing the natural rhythms of his mind to re-establish themselves, hep 140 ZT 1960
total cargo must be about 800 tons, and that's not allowing for any supplies after planet-fall. There should be at leastp 331 13C 1962
disturbed, almost as if he were accepting the dreams and allowing himself to be carried back without retaining any conscious controlp 44 DW 1962
on his course of action, Renthall felt his confidence return. Allowing an interval of a week to elapse, he finally calledp 381 WT 1962
felt annoyed with himself for becoming involved with Kandinski and allowing the potent charisma of his personality to confuse him. Obviouslyp 490 VH 1963
Statler's after-shave lotion. He looked down at the Princess. Even allowing for her size, the quantity of expressed blood was unbelievablep 668 BM 1966
wholly uncharacteristic emphasis on palm, ankle, and abdominal injuries. Even allowing for the excessive crushing movements in a severe impact itp 26 UD 1968
carried straight down from the nipple to the submammary sulcus, allowing the breast skin to be turned back as flaps. Thep 16 C80 1970
my incest with her might become more and more cerebral, allowing me at last to come to terms with her embracesp 180 C 1973
was abreast of Catherine and then sliding back behind her, allowing other cars to cut between them and then taking upp 215 C 1973
and Helen Fairfax into these monologues, sometimes mimicking their voices, allowing them to taunt him with his incompetence. To keep himselfp 34 CI 1974
water covering the floor. Her mother opened the driver's door, allowing her impatient husband to take the controls. But as shep 326 KW 1991
the subjects are not patients, and there is no treatment. Allowing for the entertainment format of a popular programme, to whatp 271 UGM 1992
their technological and scientific skills are of an advanced order, allowing them to construct the vast cities that dominate the planet'sp 1185 ROP 1992
the island. Mrs Saito would lead him from the door, allowing him to exercise himself and pointing to the familiar treesp 172 RP 1994
spree. He stowed the golf putters in the hold-all, deliberately allowing me to see that they were, in fact, a pairp 237 CN 1996
them free ...‘ He drove cautiously down the hillside towards Grasse, allowing other cars to overtake us, waving them on with ap 365 SC 2000
the Canadian and American students I met at Cambridge. Even allowing for a long and exhausting war, England seemed derelict, darkp 122 ML 2008
in the station, aware that every step we take thereby allows us to reach a small part of that destination. Byp 1089 RUS 1982
single hero, for whom combat is the ultimate catharsis that allows him to find his true self. This rarely happens inp 13 UGM 1991
nervous system's brave gamble that it exists, an artefact that allows it to make its way around the internal and externalp 200 KW 1991
film criticism, heraldry, politics -- melded together into a unique alloy. This new language, which few people seem willing to readp 95 UGM 1969
remained veiled behind the most misty filters, or were coyly alluded to by the exchange of cartoon drawings. Of course, ap 948 ICU 1977
art-nouveau gown, was calculated for concealment and effect, artifice and allure. Later, Halloway discovered that she changed her appearance every dayp 898 UC 1976
That ambiguity she showed, that moody combination of challenge and allure, was exactly what the city was about. ‘I saw yourp 899 UC 1976
the leopards and the giant oaks with an authority and allure modelled entirely on the poses in Sanger's tawdry films. Inp 160 DC 1987
Blackburn made love, but no lover would ever equal the allure and sensual potency of primed Semtex. I returned to Sumnerp 188 MP 2003
a convent girl's notion of a streetwalker's smile, alienating and alluring. ‘Paul? Still here?‘ I placed my feet on the tiledp 232 SC 2000
new alphabet, vocabulary and grammar of ideas, rich in psychoanalytic allusions but freighted also with an immense weight of reference top 95 UGM 1969
living room. The film proceeds by a series of powerfully allusive images, which climax with the arrival of the alien spaceshipp 21 UGM 1987
this is loess, the fine crystalline topsoil found on the alluvial plains of Tibet and Northern China. We haven't heard anyp 22 WFN 1961
of the rim of a large natural basin enclosing the alluvial plain below, culminated in a small chalk outcropping. Although itp 474 NWS 1963
the white moonlit clouds, which marked the margins of the alluvial bench half a mile from the camp. Before Gifford's accidentp 630 DS 1964
Looking down from one of the high terraces across the alluvial bench, the distant camp would seem like a few bleachedp 636 DS 1964
windows intact. A road ran towards the hills across the alluvial plain, its direction marked by a line of telegraph polesp 138 D 1965
had vanished. Here the remains of small towns gave the alluvial beach an uneven appearance, the wrecks of cars were parkedp 145 D 1965
The embankment The earth flowed around him like a warm, alluvial river. Halfway up the embankment Maitland found himself sinking top 13 CI 1974
mint juleps and green velvet pastures, only wilderness and bone-like alluvial fans. Too tired to go out and explore the cityp 91 HA 1981
with a quip. This insouciance had always been his strongest ally. His eyes searched the board, roving down the open filesp 508 EG 1963
and the hierarchy, and in an important sense a potential ally of Constantin's. As he reformed his defence against the indictmentp 515 EG 1963
and I know they will, we'll have, firstly, a good ally, and we'll have stopped communist aggression from taking over thep 957 TW 1967
they could do. Relieved that at last he had an ally in his struggle with the Eurasian women, he rested hisp 115 ES 1984
after his arrival in Lunghua, when he had needed every ally he could find. But he had outgrown them and madep 170 ES 1984
funds. The southward advance of the desert was Harare's greatest ally, and water in any form his sworn enemy. The changingp 16 DC 1987
desk in his camel-hair coat, he might become a useful ally. I remembered the Alice images I had found in thep 89 SC 2000
the steps of the courthouse, but I had one important ally: my father. By drawing closer to him I would beginp 52 KC 2006
the moment, at least, I had made my first valuable ally. David Cruise was the most important person I had metp 143 KC 2006
my fiction is all the better for that. My greatest ally was the pram in the hall. The 1960s were anp 226 ML 2008
flavour and folklore, rich in vitamin C and sulphur of allyl, and reputed, believe it or not, to be an aphrodisiacp 247 UGM 1993
name of the American mental hospital in Berlin, and the alma mater of your forty-fifth President ...‘ Manson? Charles Manson? Wayne hadp 183 HA 1981
freeways. In many respects, Hockney performs the role today which Alma-Tadema played for his Victorian audience. Both artists have satisfied thep 62 UGM 1988
houris and sybaritic dreams. Both specialized in swimming-pools, but where Alma-Tadema, depicting the seraglios of a wholly mythical east, surrounded hisp 62 UGM 1988
his mind. Trying to exhaust himself, Vaughan devised a terrifying almanac of imaginary automobile disasters and insane wounds -- the lungsp 13 C 1973
scanned the shelves, with their rows of popular novels, cricket almanacs and restaurant guides to airline destinations: Hong Kong, Geneva, Miamip 18 KC 2006
Guardian In the Asylum of Dreams Theatre of Sleep Guido Almansi and Claude Begum Fortunately for us all, the dream resistsp 235 UGM 1986
in his Berau office, and he too appears, as Kaspar Almayer, in Almayer's Folly and An Outcast of the Islands. Youngp 115 UGM 1991
of Conrad's greatest fiction -- in particular Lord Jim and Almayer's Folly -- is set on the other side of thep 114 UGM 1991
Berau office, and he too appears, as Kaspar Almayer, in Almayer's Folly and An Outcast of the Islands. Young follows bothp 115 UGM 1991
limply in the seat. "Christ," he muttered to himself. "Christ Almighty." Mrs. Allison was kneeling on the seat beside him, calmlyp 9 VN 1951
Beta Tn-" he read out. ‘There are others, then. God Almighty. What do you think they look like?‘ ‘What does itp 88 WG 1959
up another fifty at least.‘ Avery whistled. ‘Over 230! God Almighty.‘ He tapped the wooden wall partition which was springing backwardp 75 WFN 1961
imagine it, Doctor, a new car every two months? God Almighty, it's just --‘ Franklin waited impatiently as the five-second commercialp 422 SM 1963
allowed to grow up. Three Quilters! Sometimes I think the Almighty keeps this drought going just to make sure they diep 165 D 1965
from getting across at all. Clearly, the powers of the Almighty would be severely tested in his first important confrontation withp 809 GTS 1972
dignity. ‘To a party. Yes ... Proctor and Miss Jane!‘ ‘God Almighty ... Well, take it off.‘ Proctor gazed incredulously at her, hisp 0063 CI 1974
in firm, quiet tones. Her fingers stiffened like rods. ‘God Almighty, I came here to get away from all these moralp 81 CI 1974
sat down beside Maitland, beaming up at his handiwork. ‘God Almighty ...‘ Maitland leaned his head wearily against the crutch. The rusep 109 CI 1974
radio antennae, waiting patiently for a direct message from the Almighty. Gradually people drifted back to work -- or, more exactlyp 844 LDG 1976
than those of the formal services, communing directly with the Almighty rather than playing the part of a subordinate laity inp 845 LDG 1976
of the dangers of identifying themselves too closely with the Almighty. The capacity for sin was a prerequisite of redemption. Soonp 846 LDG 1976
at Jodrell Bank and Arecibo who had first identified the Almighty were asked to reconsider their original findings. The televised hearingsp 847 LDG 1976
do something -- the French killed that poor fellow. God almighty, I gave up everything to come here.‘ ‘And you'll havep 71 RP 1994
was called -- a kind of DIY take on the Almighty.‘ ‘It was facile. A Neuroscientist Looks at God? Television atp 136 MP 2003
a handgun and shot her through the chest.‘ ‘Why ...? God almighty ... Are they all right?‘ ‘We'll know when we get themp 184 KC 2006
and the Idea of God‘, a tactful dismissal of the Almighty from human affairs, which drew many of the English missionariesp 71 ML 2008
thought he regarded my survival as an example of the Almighty's intervention, and I made some token expression of gratitude. Atp 624 IM 1964
that Balthus regarded his survival as an example of the Almighty's intervention, and made some token expression of gratitude. At thisp 160 CW 1966
and hat, presumably some solicitor's wife working as a volunteer almoner for the local hospital. ‘Yes? Can I --?‘ With anp 1134 TES 1989
She sat on the cot, like a widow in an almoner's office, forced to accept the sympathy of others, but onlyp 85 DC 1987
ten minutes to put on her coat. The jump-back came almost immediately. It was 9.06. I was still on thep 20 E 1956
woman was strolling around the lounge, rearranging the furniture, wearing almost nothing except a large metallic hat. Even in shadow thep 2 PB 1956
to be equivocal,‘ Harry continued, gazing into his beer. ‘Shy, almost mystical. Nothing urgent or grabbing.‘ The woman stooped down top 2 PB 1956
alkaline pH, but the frequencies were too high. They were almost out of the audible range, a thin tremolo quaver whichp 2 PB 1956
he never looked at an Arachnid. That morning I could almost understand why. The orchid was in a vicious mood. Firstp 3 PB 1956
resonating. The whole place was in uproar, and I was almost resigned to shutting them down and waking them all byp 3 PB 1956
hands raised in front of her breasts so that she almost seemed to be praying, she moved towards the display counterp 4 PB 1956
in the darkness around her chair. I felt curiously sleepy, almost sick on the air she'd left behind, and at 11p 10 PB 1956
of my friends helped me construct it.‘ The surgeon nodded. Almost absently he picked up the charge sheet and crushed itp 25 CC 1957
house tipped over and collapsed. Franz and Gregson stood up, almost knocking over the table. The crowd surged forward through thep 31 CC 1957
Embedded in this was the battered figure of the man. Almost smothered by the dust he moved slowly, trying to freep 31 CC 1957
me, a time will come when each union, each sector, almost I might say, each street and avenue will have achievedp 35 CC 1957
Morley said mildly. Sometimes Neill's aggressiveness surprised him; it was almost as if he regarded sleep itself as secretly discreditable, ap 52 M69 1957
at the Clinic four months earlier, and the two were almost equally matched, with perhaps a slight edge to Morley. Butp 53 M69 1957
programme ended they started down for the gymnasium, the night almost over. They were still relaxed and cheerful; Gorrell led thep 54 M69 1957
was now a small room, seven fret wide a tight, almost perfect cube. The walls plunged inwards, along colliding diagonals, onlyp 62 M69 1957
of Aubrey Beardsley. Her immense eyes regarded us with an almost hypnotic calm, as if she had discovered that very momentp 40 VS 1957
from Lorraine Drexel to her dead lover, had vanished completely, almost as if the statue had been rescored. I had beenp 41 VS 1957
in a vodka advertisement. After a few days I could almost ignore it. A week or so later we were outp 42 VS 1957
Each vane, each helix has all the authentic Drexel mannerisms, almost as if she herself were shaping it. Admittedly, this penchantp 43 VS 1957
house and turned on the headlamps. The statue stood out almost luminously in the darkness, booming away to itself, more andp 44 VS 1957
Remarkable,‘ Blackett said. He bent the bar between his hands. ‘Almost plastic.‘ He looked back at the statue. ‘Definite circumnutation therep 45 VS 1957
the statue. ‘Definite circumnutation there. Probably phototropic as well. Hmm, almost like a plant.‘ ‘Is it alive?‘ Blackett laughed. ‘My dearp 45 VS 1957
eye. ‘Musically, it's rather curious -- an appalling conglomeration of almost every bad note ever composed. Somewhere the statue must havep 45 VS 1957
of the spars. ‘Still firm, but I'd say it was almost there. It will soon start getting pulpy like an over-ripep 45 VS 1957
from the main body of the statue, the fragments were almost inactive, as Dr Blackett had stated. By two o'clock thatp 46 VS 1957
the back seat of his car. The statue was growing almost as fast as we could cut it back, but byp 46 VS 1957
into the cab. ‘Take it to the museum?‘ ‘No!‘ I almost screamed. ‘Get rid of it. Bury it somewhere, or betterp 47 VS 1957
tall fleshy man with a coarse handsome face, lounged back almost horizontally in his chair, thinking about Susan Sheringham. She wasp 69 T12 1958
abruptly. The air in the patio had become suddenly cooler, almost as if a powerful refrigerating unit had been switched onp 70 T12 1958
one of the speaker boxes: He looked blithe and spruce, almost ten years younger. ‘These are 30-second repeats, 400 microsens, amplificationp 71 T12 1958
so for God's sake concentrate,‘ he shouted irritably, his voice almost lost among the thunder rolling from the sea. ‘Come onp 71 T12 1958
out of the patio, reverberating into the night. Maxted had almost gone now, his fading identity a small featureless island nearlyp 71 T12 1958
day in Pentonville Prison. The scandal created by Taylor's death almost brought about the resignations of both the Home Secretary andp 100 NZ 1959
looked for the last time through my diary. It was almost full now, and I reflected that it formed one ofp 104 NZ 1959
Wait until you've been here a little longer.‘ He had almost finished his last tour at the observatory and I assumedp 72 WG 1959
be staring out at the volcano jungle. This was an almost obsessive activity -- all evening and most of the afternoonp 75 WG 1959
was something he couldn't quite bring himself to tell me. Almost melodramatically he watched out over the desert, delaying his departurep 77 WG 1959
after a geldspar mine or two mysterious graves. I was almost sure that Tallis had not been responsible, either by negligencep 79 WG 1959
but a circular horizontal table. A curious feature was the almost perfect flatness of the table top, as if it hadp 83 WG 1959
over half the total. The surfaces of the megaliths were almost completely covered, and initially I assumed that the first entriesp 86 WG 1959
a poor weapon, though, against Mayer's physique. I had climbed almost up to the rim when I heard his feet thuddingp 89 WG 1959
that they are no longer visible. The universe is now almost filled by the great vibrating mantle of ideation, a vastp 92 WG 1959
bounds the mantle has reduced its time period to an almost infinitesimal 0.00000000 ... n of its previous interval. Time hasp 92 WG 1959
162 degrees. Yet I had survived! I felt relaxed, restored, almost rejuvenated. My hands and face were unburnt -- a temperaturep 93 WG 1959
the bedroom below. Later he realized that its noise was almost inaudible. The watch was of the same pattern as hisp 154 CH 1960
professional category and the consumer-shifts allowed. Hold on, though, we're almost there.‘ They left the expressway and swung off down ap 158 CH 1960
endless stream of cars, buses, trains, helicopters, linking every office, almost every desk, with a videophone, every apartment with television, radiop 159 CH 1960
were sure of being served quickly and efficiently.‘ They had almost reached the far end of the plaza. Facing them onp 161 CH 1960
Every revolution has its symbol of oppression ...‘ The clock was almost out of view. Conrad was about to bend down andp 162 CH 1960
attempt to frighten him. Conrad side-stepped out of its way, almost falling over the bonnet, hurled himself up a narrow stairwayp 163 CH 1960
of lyre marks curving into the street below. He had almost crossed to the opposite balcony when a shot roared outp 163 CH 1960
faceted eyes of gigantic insects. So Stacey had been armed, almost certainly was a member of the Time Police! On hisp 163 CH 1960
in the portico. It had moved on to 6.45, almost exactly the time given by his own watch. Conrad resetp 164 CH 1960
he could spare and bade him goodbye. Six months later, almost to the day, the sounds of the great clock chimedp 166 CH 1960
he listened to it booming and rolling in the distance, almost lost amid the noise and traffic of the department storep 196 LW 1960
stalls were stacked with pyramids of tins and coloured packets almost too small for the eye to distinguish. Beyond the buildingsp 199 LW 1960
skillfully, with such clever control of perspective, that it was almost impossible to tell where the models ended and the wallsp 199 LW 1960
him a multiplicity of perfect angles by which to observe almost every one of the diminutive figures. The high windows ofp 200 LW 1960
responses he expected were missing; the exchanges were brief, sometimes almost to the point of rudeness. This he put down top 203 LW 1960
uneasiness was the rash of notices that were handed in. Almost a third of the staff were due to leave, mostp 204 LW 1960
Goddard numbly repeated these words to himself. He found them almost impossible to believe. And yet Sellings was a responsible manp 205 LW 1960
for the laboured uneven sounds of Mr Goddard's breathing. Then, almost imperceptibly, something moved in the interval between the lid andp 206 LW 1960
exact prototype of the classical diva. She must have been almost fifty, yet her soft creamy complexion and small features werep 108 SS 1960
static -- in fact Madame Gioconda's present tantrum. Mangon could almost distinguish the individual words, but repetition muffled them. Madame Giocondap 108 SS 1960
countless repetitions of ‘dahling‘. Mangon ignored the echoes, which were almost inaudible, a dim insect hum. He grinned to himself asp 114 SS 1960
Mangon lowered his eyes. His relationship with Alto was, obliquely, almost as close as that with Madame Gioconda. Although Alto wasp 115 SS 1960
private calls in half his usual time, driven by his almost overwhelming joy at having won a promise of help fromp 118 SS 1960
feathers in her hat. ‘Mangon,‘ she called when he had almost finished. ‘Come here.‘ Mangon put down the sonovac and wentp 119 SS 1960
themselves, a cash register slammed interminably, there was a dim almost sub-threshold echo of 60-cycle hum from an SP record-player. Hep 125 SS 1960
Always a difficult job to keep clean, he struck paydirt almost at once. ‘ ... my God, there's Bartok all over the placep 125 SS 1960
irritable. Again she was going out, as she had done almost every night. With whom, she never explained; probably to thep 131 SS 1960
and making their way to their seats. The studio was almost full, a hubbub of well-heeled chatter. Lights flashed on andp 133 SS 1960
cue-box and slipped through the door unnoticed. The box was almost in darkness, a few rays of coloured light filtering throughp 133 SS 1960
thought-train. In fact, the lengthening intervals of dreamless sleep were almost restful. He found himself beginning to look forward to themp 169 VT 1960
obscured it, but the outlines were just distinguishable. It covered almost the entire floor of the pool and at first glancep 172 VT 1960
the Pacific after the H-tests. Many of them Powers knew almost by heart, read a hundred times in an effort top 173 VT 1960
animal food and test rigs. They crossed the third section, almost filled by a powerful X-ray projector, a giant 250 ampp 175 VT 1960
gradients, like the tympanic diaphragms in your ears. Now it's almost as if they can hear primary colours, suggests it's re-adaptingp 176 VT 1960
He looked more subdued than usual, there was an air almost of deference about him. ‘Good,‘ Kaldren said. ‘By the wayp 186 VT 1960
car disappeared around a bend. The outer circle was now almost complete. A narrow segment, an arc about ten feet longp 190 VT 1960
sensation was undefined but none the less certain, a strange almost visual impression that emanated most strongly from the deep cleftsp 192 VT 1960
in Andromeda, a gigantic carousel of vanished universes, their voices almost as old as the cosmos itself. To Powers the skyp 193 VT 1960
them. Moving slowly, the forward direction of its majestic current almost imperceptible, Powers knew that its source was the source ofp 193 VT 1960
haphazardly. In one of them an enormous squid-like plant had almost managed to climb from its vivarium. Its long translucent tendrilsp 194 VT 1960
his number -- 0, on the internal system -- was almost too inviting. Then he heard a door clatter outside, andp 138 ZT 1960
pensively in the sharp sunlight. Where's his case, Larsen thought, almost disappointed. Don't tell me he's putting on the barbiturate brakesp 138 ZT 1960
you so jumpy?‘ Exasperated, Larsen clenched his fists. He could almost hear the artery thudding in his temple. ‘I'm not jumpyp 138 ZT 1960
at the identity of the phantom, and this worried Larsen almost as much as the actual hallucination. What else was Baylissp 142 ZT 1960
out of his car and walked into the lounge he almost failed to recognize Larsen. He flinched back at the sightp 145 ZT 1960
the absolute accuracy of the image, but by a strange, almost luminous pastiness that gave the double's features the waxy sheenp 146 ZT 1960
Running straight towards him along the outcropping, head down, hands almost touching the ground, was an enormous ratlike creature. Every tenp 148 ZT 1960
across the concrete floor. He was dishevelled and exhausted, jacket almost off his shoulders, the tie knot under one ear. Thep 149 ZT 1960
air, the flash reflected in the bathroom window. He had almost reached the corner when he heard Bayliss shout. Leaning onep 149 ZT 1960
despite the higher rental. A cubicle on a staircase would almost certainly be on its own. However, this had its drawbacksp 267 B 1961
Ward shook his head. ‘A drastic revaluation like that is almost impossible to carry out. Every single partition would have top 269 B 1961
later. ‘The size of this room still staggers me. It almost gets larger every day.‘ Rossiter agreed readily, averting his eyesp 276 B 1961
the launching platform. This was one of the larger vehicles, almost three hundred yards in diameter, lying upside down in thep 239 DE 1961
his face contorting. For a moment he said nothing. Then, almost berserk, he shouted: ‘Have it stuffed? Are you crazy? Dop 243 DE 1961
had waited in their places along the procession route for almost twenty-four hours, and Green Park was deserted as Dr Jamiesonp 279 GA 1961
Fleetingly, Dr Jamieson smiled at him, a feeling of deep, almost paternal affection for the young man coming over him. Hisp 285 GA 1961
on, it's three-thirty!‘ the young man cried. ‘They must be almost here.‘ As they ran off the girl paused to straightenp 285 GA 1961
suit. Next to it was a set of vests, outsize, almost big enough to fit Freeman himself. He stripped off hisp 255 MF 1961
had first become aware of the transformation six weeks earlier, almost immediately after Elizabeth's pregnancy had been confirmed. Shaving the nextp 257 MF 1961
Freeman with her, unselfishly asked his opinions, what he preferred, almost as if he would be wearing the tiny matinee coatsp 258 MF 1961
up to eight or nine pounds each day -- and almost a foot in height, but without any accompanying loss ofp 259 MF 1961
Freeman into silence. Elizabeth's doctor was brusque and unsympathetic, and almost certainly would regard Freeman as a neurotic malingerer, perpetrating anp 259 MF 1961
had Elizabeth changed him while he slept?) but they were almost too large for his shrunken arms and legs. A miniaturep 261 MF 1961
rail. She was standing over the cooker, her broad back almost hiding the machine, warming some milk gruel. Freeman waited untilp 261 MF 1961
reached the shelter of the front garden. The gate was almost too stiff for him to open, and as he fumbledp 261 MF 1961
celluloid rabbit rattling a few inches from his nose and almost driving him insane, they passed many people he had knownp 264 MF 1961
knot within her, a small clenching fist. When she could almost no longer feel it Elizabeth went to her jewel boxp 266 MF 1961
some reason he always found the short wait each morning almost unbearable. As he drew the Venetian blinds and readied thep 244 OM 1961
get a damn big surprise when she discovered they had almost expended his last pay cheque, might even have to putp 244 OM 1961
flaccid and gleaming; trying to identify it had driven him almost out of his mind. ‘What on earth could it possiblyp 247 OM 1961
surprised to find I had a poetess for my neighbour. Almost all the studios along the Stars are occupied by paintersp 209 S5 1961
off. She was watching me in a remarkably alert way, almost as if she were going to swallow me. Changing thep 213 S5 1961
fragmented versions of the poems delivered earlier in the day, almost as if they represented her working drafts. Examining the tapesp 216 S5 1961
seemed to have told her everything about myself, yet learned almost nothing about Aurora. One thing alone was clear -- herp 221 S5 1961
woodwind, representing none other than the attendant Pan. I had almost detected another likeness among the figures in the friezes whenp 222 S5 1961
of illusion. She was asleep. Around her the room was almost in darkness. The pool lights had faded, the crystal columnsp 222 S5 1961
one thing, the problem of filling Wave IX now looked almost insoluble. When I telephoned Graphis Press I found, more orp 223 S5 1961
reef. It was accompanied by a confused leathery flapping, and almost immediately a cloud of flying rays, frantically trying to escapep 230 S5 1961
By now the hundreds of rays jostling within the arena almost obscured Tristram and Aurora. She reappeared from the narrow faultp 230 S5 1961
faces of the figures in the panels. The likenesses were almost photographic. Tristram was Corydon, Aurora Melander, the chauffeur the godp 231 S5 1961
next twenty-four hours, when the final deadline expired. I had almost decided to write something myself when the telephone rang. Atp 233 S5 1961
700 feet, coupled with unusual surface turbulence, savage crosswinds of almost hurricane force that whipped across the runways and had alreadyp 7 WFN 1961
noticed that a pile of fine brown dust had collected, almost a quarter of an inch thick at its deepest pointp 9 WFN 1961
leaned on it heavily, apparently coming from due east with almost gale force, bending the lower half of the frame clearp 15 WFN 1961
equator, and diminishing gradually with latitude. In other words, it's almost as if a complete shell of solid air, with itsp 20 WFN 1961
in the others progressively more, until the last tube held almost three inches. Reading the labels, Maitland saw that they werep 21 WFN 1961
the crystals from side to side. ‘What are they? Looks almost like sand, but where the hell's it come from?‘ Symingtonp 22 WFN 1961
behind the hydraulic rams and metal grabs, their drivers sat almost motionless at their controls, swaying in their seats as thep 24 WFN 1961
a 30-degree yaw and was hit by tremendous seas that almost stood it on its stern. They had stayed down untilp 27 WFN 1961
the Terrapin had told Lanyon confidentially that the general would almost certainly be dead by the time they reached Genoa, butp 27 WFN 1961
breathing; she looked highly adaptable and resourceful. ‘Commander!‘ Goldman shouted, almost standing up at the wheel, his eyes fixed on thep 44 WFN 1961
50 yards away. Lanyon held her arm, and she was almost flung out of his grasp, but together they lurched overp 47 WFN 1961
working.‘ She nodded, curling up into the corner. She looked almost dead and Lanyon wondered whether the Wilsons had survived. Thep 48 WFN 1961
didn't feel all that concerned. In a way I was almost glad. So much of life in the States -- andp 48 WFN 1961
the alphabet -- chattered away, churning out endless tapes. They almost filled the small newsroom, cramming the desks of the three-manp 51 WFN 1961
in a slightly more factual tone: ‘Taking London first, although almost all activity in the commercial and industrial sense has ceasedp 56 WFN 1961
past the line of vehicles to where a massive tractor, almost as big as a house, 60-foot-long steel booms jutting upp 63 WFN 1961
like a hapless tail, the Bethlehem plunged across the pavement, almost tipping over onto its side. The streets were full ofp 73 WFN 1961
floor below his bed. A fuzzy crackle sounded out eventually, almost drowned in the noise of people continually tramping up andp 74 WFN 1961
rubble began to shift again. By now the pyramid was almost complete. Its apex overtopped the steel windshields, and a subsidiaryp 90 WFN 1961
survey the valley below. Lanyon noticed that the dam had almost completely vanished by now, a thin ragged rim of concretep 92 WFN 1961
Genoa appeared to be sealed by a ring of wrecks. Almost certainly the Terrapin would still be at its berth inp 92 WFN 1961
moving, Lanyon estimated, at least a mile nearer the city, almost in sight of the farthest suburbs. The ravine opened intop 96 WFN 1961
suggested that it had been a multi-storeyed office block, but almost nothing of it was left. Beyond it Genoa stretched towardp 107 WFN 1961
feet in diameter that wound away from them. It had almost run dry, but a narrow stream of fluid a fewp 108 WFN 1961
course itself to surmount an obstruction. The sewer was widening almost the size of a subway tunnel. Trying to guess wherep 108 WFN 1961
as swells rode in from the sea, lifting the sub almost to the roof. Lanyon was checking the forward elevator trimp 113 WFN 1961
shaft that reached up to the Mall 60 feet above. Almost everyone had gone now. The last War Office and COEp 117 WFN 1961
hiding. The earth itself was being stripped to its seams, almost literally -- six feet of topsoil were now travelling throughp 117 WFN 1961
at the Tower are starting to get cocky.‘ Kroll nodded, almost imperceptibly, as if well used to a maximum conversational economyp 128 WFN 1961
anywhere else.‘ He opened the door, to find it lodged almost immediately against Kroll's black leather boot. Marshall looked down atp 129 WFN 1961
she saw Kroll she screamed and backed away from him, almost tripping over the recumbent figure of Andrew Symington, half consciousp 134 WFN 1961
his shattered ribs. Half an hour later, when he had almost gone, the set came alive between his fingers. Seizing thep 136 WFN 1961
lay back, watching it blindly. His grey handsome face was almost in repose, the skin hollowing around his eyes and templesp 136 WFN 1961
The voices drifted away. Donald Maitland stirred pleasantly, half asleep, almost enjoying the sensation of drowsy warmth coupled with a slightp 137 WFN 1961
dark labyrinthine tunnels and shafts crowded with countless thousands of almost motionless beings, huddled together on the unlit platforms with theirp 142 WFN 1961
dents where flying rocks and masonry had struck the vehicle, almost completely obliterating the U.S. Navy insignia painted along thep 146 WFN 1961
with curious lustreless eyes. Despite its hard edge, his voice almost droned. ‘Now, Doctor, to come to the point. The arrivalp 162 WFN 1961
using neither gesture nor emphasis. He realized that Hardoon was almost certainly sincere, and wondered to himself whether this made himp 165 WFN 1961
down in astonishment to see a wide pool of water almost reaching to his ankles. ‘Lanyon! Waring!‘ he shouted. He leapedp 173 WFN 1961
fifty feet below ground, it was now completely exposed for almost a third of its length. Behind it were the squarep 180 WFN 1961
at Hardoon. By now the angle of the floor was almost ten degrees, and the millionaire was staring upward into thep 181 WFN 1961
his way around, peering through the thin light. He had almost completed one circle when his foot plunged through the surfacep 184 WFN 1961
from which we set out 50 years ago. It's now almost too distant to be visible, but a deep inherited memoryp 325 13C 1962
the far end of the next laboratory he had been almost irritable with the doctor for wanting to discontinue the experimentp 336 13C 1962
two Peters rarely strayed from Control. The three wives were almost completely inert, satisfied to knit and murmur to each otherp 336 13C 1962
been in use for over 30 or 40 years. So almost certainly old Peters had regularly looked out through the windowp 338 13C 1962
as to make a self-sufficient fictional form based on it almost impossible. If anything, however, the success of the manned satellitesp 196 UGM 1962
sinewy muscles of his chest, the powerful bowed legs sinking almost to their calves in the soft Martian sand. He wasp 355 CS 1962
years old, his thinning hair close-cropped so that he seemed almost bald. In his right hand he carried a large canvasp 355 CS 1962
the drawings, inserting more and more details, so that they almost seemed to be photographs of an original. Most of thep 358 CS 1962
curious sense of unspoken communion between Travis and Louise Woodward, almost as if they were celebrating a private rite to whichp 359 CS 1962
bass growl, then move off along the line of hotels, almost indistinguishable in profile among the shifting dunes and hillocks. Ap 361 CS 1962
black marble sky. Bridgman looked at his watch; it was almost 12.25. He searched the stars in the south-west. Louisep 362 CS 1962
of Merril's capsule, Woodward's shone with far greater clarity, and almost appeared to have taken the former's place, although he wasp 370 CS 1962
the launching site across the bay, by a curious illusion almost identical with the Martian city he had designed years earlierp 372 CS 1962
backs illuminated in the fleeting sun. The advancing throng was almost too far away to be visible, but even as Axelp 298 GT 1962
the sun, and the great throng, which before had stretched almost a quarter of the way across the plain, had nowp 299 GT 1962
rose, the delicately formed petals so thin as to be almost transparent. As the sun died away behind the house ap 304 GT 1962
back against the headrest as the palms flicked by, he almost missed the girl in the white raincoat waving from thep 289 IO 1962
letting himself relax on the couch. The Psychology Department was almost silent, the last of the lights going out in thep 406 M99 1962
It's still as strong as ever -- stronger, in fact, almost as if it were being reinforced. Where have you beenp 407 M99 1962
of something. As I stepped forward it suddenly jerked away, almost in alarm, the entrance retracting and sending a low shudderp 306 TDS 1962
swinging the volume tabs. Stamers dived past her. We were almost dragged back into the lounge as the ceiling began itsp 307 TDS 1962
the manual control and wrenched the door back. Fay was almost out of sight, on one of the slab sofas inp 315 TDS 1962
my initial feelings of shock having given way to an almost hysterical sense of fun. Stamers found me equally difficult top 319 TDS 1962
the next lagoon, a wide circle of dark green water almost half a mile in diameter. A lane of red plasticp 19 DW 1962
of Sargasso weed, the streets and shops had been preserved almost intact, like a reflection in a lake that has somehowp 19 DW 1962
drum of the floating base was on its sun-ward side, almost obscured in the reflected light, the rotating blades of thep 20 DW 1962
on its turntable. Generated mechanically by the pick-up head, the almost imperceptible sounds of a deep slow drumming reached Kerans, lostp 36 DW 1962
a chance. For the previous three weeks his dreams were almost driving him out of his mind, but during the lastp 44 DW 1962
during the last few days he's been much less disturbed, almost as if he were accepting the dreams and allowing himselfp 44 DW 1962
that morning, but his bed was cold and he had almost certainly left the previous evening, probably soon after the finalp 53 DW 1962
about ten miles north-west of the central lagoons, the towers almost obscured in the mists along the horizon. Five miles awayp 54 DW 1962
stooped figure silhouetted like a gaunt crow against the water. Almost imperceptibly he nodded to Riggs, answering the unspoken question. Evenp 56 DW 1962
apart, that led across to the jutting roof of an almost submerged balcony. As they swept overhead he tried to seep 57 DW 1962
in tracing their winding progress to the balcony that he almost failed to notice the equally distinct pattern of imprints emergingp 58 DW 1962
without its hands; the other, by coincidence, had stopped at almost exactly the right time -- 11.35. Kerans wondered whetherp 61 DW 1962
and elicited in return an expression of curiously understanding sympathy, almost as if their roles were reversed. ‘Hardman!‘ Kerans whispered. Withp 63 DW 1962
surface of the lagoon. As the great sun drummed nearer, almost filling the sky itself, the dense vegetation along the limestonep 69 DW 1962
or Riggs‘ oblique remarks about the dreams and their danger, almost as if he had known that he would soon bep 70 DW 1962
he realised that there was something soothing about its sounds, almost reassuring and encouraging like his own heartbeats. But the giantp 72 DW 1962
below the water as he left the laboratory, a perfect, almost vaudevillian comment on the biophysical mechanisms they sought to describep 76 DW 1962
In the six weeks since Riggs‘ departure he had lived almost alone in his penthouse suite at the hotel, immersing himselfp 82 DW 1962
and thirty degrees -- and the enervating humidity made it almost impossible to leave the hotel after ten o'clock in thep 82 DW 1962
surrounding buildings with a critical eye, his strong face raised almost jauntily to one side. The alligators congregated like hounds aroundp 85 DW 1962
or Florentine lagoon, and invested his strange personality with an almost magical aura. ‘Your motives seem so complex, Doctor,‘ he remarkedp 89 DW 1962
the lagoon was a bowl of fire, the scattered light almost masking the tall apartment house on the opposite bank. Thep 89 DW 1962
expectantly as the crocodile thrashed and slammed against the grille, almost toppling the giant negro into the water. Strangman's sympathies werep 98 DW 1962
from the bottom the ladder ended, but Kerans was now almost at equilibrium with the water. He let himself sink downwardsp 103 DW 1962
windows. In the intervals between the buildings the slopes were almost twenty feet high, and the retaining grilles were locked intop 104 DW 1962
out unobstructed like an insulated throne of some germ-obsessed potentate. Almost exhausted by the pressure of the water, Kerans sat downp 106 DW 1962
by a curious urge to place himself at Strangman's mercy, almost as if he were staging his own murder. During thep 111 DW 1962
he had a further neuronic role, in which he seemed almost a positive influence, holding a warning mirror up to Keransp 114 DW 1962
the hoodlum streets returning to his lost playground. It was almost as if the presence of the water had anaesthetised himp 121 DW 1962
shopping for the memories of his childhood. The streets had almost been drained. The approaching scow ran aground on the sidewalkp 122 DW 1962
of years apart. The great sun beating in his mind almost drowned out the sounds of the looting and revelry, thep 127 DW 1962
with a strange deference, not unmarked by a polite hostility, almost as if she were a tribal totem, a deity whosep 129 DW 1962
swinging upward. ‘Strangman!‘ Beatrice threw herself at Strangman, stumbled and almost dragged him to the ground by his lapels. ‘You whitep 132 DW 1962
throne. As the rhythm of the drums beat around him, almost exorcising the deeper pulse booming faintly in the base ofp 134 DW 1962
from the tin crown Strangman had clamped to his brow. Almost dry, the kelp exuded its sweaty stench, and covered hisp 135 DW 1962
were moving systematically down every street in the drained lagoon, almost as if he were an abducted Neptune forced against hisp 138 DW 1962
head and clamped it down over Kerans‘ shoulders. Blinded and almost suffocated by the foetid stench of the crudely skinned hidep 139 DW 1962
Caesar pursuing them with a rain of blows and kicks. Almost out of control, the cart swerved and lurched, narrowly missedp 139 DW 1962
Caesar's hand. Searching the darkness, Kerans edged along the wall, almost cut his hands on a ragged angle of plate glassp 141 DW 1962
build the raft from two galvanised iron water tanks had almost drained his brain, and he waited carefully before pushing onp 143 DW 1962
elegant profile, at her sleek carmine mouth and lacquered nails, almost bemused by the heady scent of perfume and the brocadedp 148 DW 1962
his belt, the other signalling his men on, his fingers almost touching the tip of the machete brandished by the manp 150 DW 1962
sardonic lips wreathed in a soft smile, surveying him with almost kindly pity. ‘Sorry, Kerans, but you're being a bit ofp 151 DW 1962
submachine-gun in the crook of his arm. At first he almost failed to identify Macready, only with an effort managed top 152 DW 1962
was unable to accept wholly the idea of Riggs‘ reality, almost as if his image were being projected into the testingp 155 DW 1962
discontinued that afternoon. By then, at five o'clock, Kerans was almost completely exhausted. The noon temperature of a hundred and fiftyp 163 DW 1962
slag on a bowl of molten metal. ‘Aaa-ah!‘ A faint almost inhuman cry sounded thinly into the wet air, like thep 166 DW 1962
around the altar, drew back with a start when he almost tripped over the ragged remains of a man sitting withp 167 DW 1962
festering gleam reflected faintly the distant sun. Both eyes were almost completely occluded by corneal cancers, and Kerans guessed that theyp 167 DW 1962
art journals, followed by her secretary, a tall purse-mouthed Frenchwoman almost as famous from the news magazines as her mistress. Lunorap 395 TSS 1962
a line exactly down its centre -- the street was almost deserted. Half the houses were untenanted and falling into whatp 373 WT 1962
pulled them back. There was a watch-tower ninety feet away, almost directly ahead, hanging over the parallel terrace of empty housesp 374 WT 1962
Hanson went down to the Town Hall. The building was almost empty and the only official they were able to findp 375 WT 1962
process Renthall was unable to identify, neither welded nor riveted, almost as if the entire tower had been cast in situp 381 WT 1962
men regarded each other silently, and then Boardman gave an almost imperceptible nod. Renthall realized that his scheme was being takenp 382 WT 1962
a little sunshine.‘ Renthall raised his eyes to the watch-tower almost directly over their heads. A pebble tossed underhand would easilyp 388 WT 1962
an invitation now.‘ ‘They won't get one. You know, I almost feel they've outwitted me. When the fete doesn't take placep 389 WT 1962
the Public Library. He hobbled along, hands in pockets, an almost Chaplinesque figure, his weak eyes now and then feebly scanningp 394 WT 1962
the centre of the flood-table of the Yangtse, was an almost continuous mirror of drowned paddy fields and irrigation canals stirringp 199 UGM 1963
with their soft watches and minatory luminous beaches, are of almost magical potency, suffused by that curious ambivalence that one canp 200 UGM 1963
-- when?‘ Malek looked up from the board, his large almost bovine eyes gazing blandly at Constantin. ‘Yes, Mr Constantin, Ip 505 EG 1963
had completely misjudged his own personality, with its buoyancy and almost gallic verve and panache. He, of all people, would bep 507 EG 1963
these polished corridors. When? His own estimate was two months. Almost certainly, (and he had no fear here that he wasp 508 EG 1963
stolidly at the board, his heavy policeman's face, with its almost square frame from one jaw angle to the other, betrayingp 509 EG 1963
Constantin with his bare hands. That raised a second question, almost as fascinating as the first. ‘Malek, another point.‘ Constantin satp 509 EG 1963
of the central committee. The method might well be successful. Almost certainly Malek was telling the truth when he said hep 510 EG 1963
lounge to speak to the orderly Constantin would find himself almost paralysed by the tension, helplessly counting the seconds until Malekp 512 EG 1963
Malek started to ask him for the salt and Constantin almost choked to death. The ironic humour of this near-fatality remindedp 513 EG 1963
death. The ironic humour of this near-fatality reminded Constantin that almost half of his two-month sentence had elapsed. But his crudep 513 EG 1963
of sleep to find his consciousness still intact, a discovery almost painful in its relief and poignancy, he would be immediatelyp 513 EG 1963
seconds later he sat up with a start, his heart almost seizing inside his chest. Malek had gone upstairs! Constantin distinctlyp 514 EG 1963
eyes searching the open doorways in front and behind him. Almost certainly the orderly's announcement of lunch was a signal, andp 514 EG 1963
deceptively naive queries, trying to establish some minor tangential point, almost as if he were leading Constantin on to a fullerp 518 EG 1963
find myself in is really most extraordinary,‘ he told Malek almost exactly two months after his arrival at the villa. ‘Everyonep 519 EG 1963
Of course, Mr Constantin.‘ The supervisor's face was relaxed and almost genial. ‘I understand. When you know you are innocent, thenp 520 EG 1963
annoyance to acute exasperation, and eventually to a mood of almost euphoric disbelief. To add insult to injury, not only hadp 521 MO 1963
aspects of the case, Doctor. Why should you have chosen, almost an hour and a half later, to leave your comfortablep 523 MO 1963
motives puzzle me, Doctor.‘ ‘But, Director --!‘ Dr Booth was almost on his feet. ‘Surely you don't suspect me of colludingp 523 MO 1963
certain small matter I wanted to discuss, and you are almost the only person who can help me.‘ ‘Of course, Directorp 526 MO 1963
capsule of time, the condensation of another universe. He could almost believe that the midnight sea which haunted his sleep hadp 473 NWS 1963
sending up immense plumes of spray that fell back with almost hypnotic slowness upon the receding water. At night the promontoryp 474 NWS 1963
a further twenty yards down the street, the spray carried almost to the Masons‘ house. Mason waited for an interval betweenp 476 NWS 1963
tree-lined avenues, peering over the hedges at the kitchen windows. Almost certainly she would live in one of the nearby housesp 477 NWS 1963
headland, which was lashed by a continuous storm of spray, almost obscuring the figure standing on its crest. As Mason pressedp 478 NWS 1963
saline air. He reached the lower slopes of the headland almost exhausted, and fell to his knees. High above, he couldp 478 NWS 1963
about Ryker? Isn't he white?‘ ‘Black as a berry now. Almost indistinguishable from the Indians, apart from being 7 feet tallp 439 QR 1963
or three hundred yards wide, the water seemed to be almost motionless, seeping away through the trees which defined its marginsp 440 QR 1963
and a sleeve-less waistcoat of pleated raffia, his dark eyes almost hidden by a wide-brimmed straw hat. The heavy muscles ofp 442 QR 1963
with great care placed it beside the alarm clock, the almost inaudible motion of its pendulum lost in the metallic chatterp 445 QR 1963
Then he picked up the alarm clock and with an almost valedictory pat, like an officer dismissing a faithful if stupidp 445 QR 1963
spears and ceremonial feathers,‘ Pereira whispered. ‘For a moment I almost believed they were preparing an attack.‘ After waiting half anp 449 QR 1963
feet tail, but their plump agile bodies buffeted him about, almost knocking him off his feet. Eventually the tumult steadied itselfp 450 QR 1963
as it swept out to the distant cape, Pelham could almost see the festering corona, sustained in the air by thep 426 RE 1963
listen. And to Sherrington's theories less than to anyone else's.‘ Almost imperceptibly, another wave of restless activity was sweeping along thep 429 RE 1963
was a sharp edge to the air, an unpleasant and almost sinister implication of violence hidden below the orderly surface. Graduallyp 429 RE 1963
homo sapiens en masse presented a more unsavoury spectacle than almost any other species of animal. A corral of horses orp 429 RE 1963
through his mind, and he looked up at the sky, almost expecting an airliner to plunge from the distant haze andp 430 RE 1963
that it would take some fifteen minutes to reach them, almost exactly at half past three. Of course it would notp 430 RE 1963
serious face, and her mature but child-like figure stretched out almost as close to him, and as naked, as it wouldp 431 RE 1963
like an immense darkening cloud shutting off the sunlight. The almost complete absence of noise and movement, after the long hoursp 431 RE 1963
similar groups were now forming by the water's edge, at almost precise one hundred yard intervals. Pelham scanned the far endsp 432 RE 1963
shoulder, trying to hold her attention. Mildred returned what was almost a vacant stare, an expression of glazed incomprehension. ‘Mildred! We'vep 433 RE 1963
most of the war as a POW, Elliott had seen almost nothing of him until his adolescence. Yet the memory ofp 531 SA 1963
down to the kitchen. It was now half past two, almost too late for lunch, and he stared without interest atp 531 SA 1963
Elliott realized that the false memory of the Ganges was almost certainly a forgotten fragment of a film travelogue, probably onep 531 SA 1963
of the travelogues made in the nineteen-forties, and he could almost see the credit titles coming up with a roll ofp 531 SA 1963
a well-to-do quarter of the city, where Rolls-Royces and Bentleys almost outnumbered the other cars. Two hundred yards away double-decker busesp 533 SA 1963
acted like the hallucinogenic drugs, creating an inner image of almost photographic authenticity. Even the curry had been part of thep 534 SA 1963
and a peculiar dream-like violence. For a moment he was almost inside his wife's dying mind, at the bottom of anp 534 SA 1963
Quickly he searched his mind, and found he could remember almost nothing of his distant past, where he was born, hisp 536 SA 1963
narrow barred pane he could see that the rain had almost ended, and a light mist hung among the trees. Thep 537 SA 1963
Emerelda!‘ On a sudden impulse I shouted to her, but almost without moving she had vanished among the hibiscus and bougainvillaeap 542 SG 1963
irreversible boredom and inertia. The prospect of actual work seemed almost a novelty. ‘Aphrodite 80,‘ Raymond Mayo explained when he returnedp 544 SG 1963
like an incandescent crystal. Charles Van Stratten stepped past me. Almost pushing me aside, he glanced towards the shuttered balconies. Hep 547 SG 1963
evoked a strange, soft sequence of chords, interwoven by sharper, almost plaintive notes that drifted away across the still afternoon airp 548 SG 1963
presence. His elaborate preparations for the filming of Aphrodite 80 almost complete, he became more and more preoccupied. An outline scenariop 549 SG 1963
immobility about her face, investing the white skin with an almost sepulchral quality, the soft down which covered it like grave'sp 550 SG 1963
but naive determination. Wondering whether to warn him of his almost certain failure, I rubbed the raw bruises on my armp 553 SG 1963
two miles away. The sculptures on the upper balconies were almost silent, and I moved past them carefully, drawing only ap 554 SG 1963
screens, her white face an oval halo in the shadows, almost naked in a silk gown like a veil of moonlightp 554 SG 1963
reflected the turquoise light of her eyes, was one of almost terrifying calm, as if she were moving through some innerp 554 SG 1963
glass door-panes, so that any subliminal message would be reversed. Almost certainly he had received two distinct signals -- ‘Keep Awayp 418 SM 1963
not all that crazy.‘ He stepped backwards into the carton, almost spilling his drink. ‘Well, what is this thing? As I'llp 421 SM 1963
shadows of its rectangular superstructure fell across the garden, reaching almost to the steps of the french windows at his feetp 425 SM 1963
system, the intensity of the illusion was such that Shepley almost expected the man to speak to them. He was wellp 463 TT 1963
her strange deathless beauty. At times her luminous face seemed almost repellent, but he had nonetheless seized on the faint possibilityp 466 TT 1963
table, their figures motionless in the light. ‘The roofs are almost covered now. The next sandstorm should bury them for goodp 467 TT 1963
of the metal strip, plainly visible in the dawn light almost ten miles away. ‘The gyro-car cleaned the rail. It ledp 469 TT 1963
at the tomb spluttering faintly below the ridge, its light almost gone. ‘That's just the persona,‘ he said. ‘The empty skinp 471 TT 1963
moved away under the trees. ‘Well, it's a curious thing, almost without exception those who actually know Kandinski are convinced he'sp 484 VH 1963
long hairy arms, head down so that his beard was almost touching the metal tops, like an aboriginal halfman prowling inp 486 VH 1963
Ward went on. ‘From what Cameron said it sounded fascinating, almost Swiftian in concept. This space-craft which arrives from Venus andp 487 VH 1963
Hubble, and his wife completed the party. The table-talk consisted almost entirely of good-humoured gossip about their colleagues retailed by Cameronp 488 VH 1963
a senseless charade.‘ His massive hands squeezed Ward's shoulders, and almost lifted him off the seat. ‘Believe me. Together we canp 496 VH 1963
ridge was about a mile up the valley. It was almost night and the starlight reflected off the hills lit thep 501 VH 1963
bloom remained, revealing his high bony cheekbones. His face seemed almost fifteen years younger, thinner and more drawn, but at thep 502 VH 1963
hand away but Kandinski seized him by the shoulder and almost dragged him off the car. Ward wrenched himself away. ‘Leavep 503 VH 1963
my colleagues and I were carrying out our research was almost deserted when we set off for the coast shortly afterp 641 DG 1964
seemed greatly exaggerated. It was then at low tide, and almost all the giant's body was exposed, but he appeared top 641 DG 1964
the giant's character, but the distension of the tissues had almost obliterated them, carrying away all trace of the giant's identityp 643 DG 1964
the sea, and the bruised face was averted in an almost conscious gesture. I sat down on a large metal winchp 645 DG 1964
figure, cast like an abandoned ship upon the empty shore, almost out of sound of the waves, transformed his face intop 646 DG 1964
on to the winch. The giant's swollen cheeks had now almost closed his eyes, drawing the lips back in a monumentalp 647 DG 1964
When I visited the beach the following day I found, almost with relief, that the head had been removed. Some weeksp 647 DG 1964
the damp beaches, and the interlocked bodies shone with an almost phosphorescent brilliance. The nearest creeks were three hundred yards fromp 628 DS 1964
the stretcher-chair and find the snakes crawling across the beaches, almost as if they had materialized from his dreams. Involuntarily hep 628 DS 1964
but merely part of the cordial distaste he felt for almost the entire human race. And even this deeply ingrained misanthropyp 632 DS 1964
then, as he recovered, a curious feeling of light-headed and almost euphoric calm coming over him, began again; ‘Dr Richard Lowryp 633 DS 1964
to do little more than stare out across the mud-flats, almost unaware of the movement and arguments around him. His wifep 634 DS 1964
lay in the shade under the awning, his thin body almost invisible among the folds of the blankets and the monstrousp 635 DS 1964
his eyes moving off across the bleached plain to the almost drained channels of the delta. ‘Which search party? There isn'tp 635 DS 1964
the mosquito net looming in the shadows like a sepulchre. Almost exhausted, Gifford tottered unsteadily, trying to focus his eyes throughp 638 DS 1964
ever.‘ ‘They don't have to last for ever.‘ Gifford's eyes, almost closed, surveyed the distant horizon like a pair of defectivep 639 DS 1964
Maitland. By letting his mind drift into reverie he could almost summon them at will, watching passively as these elusive landscapesp 651 GTN 1964
of rabies victims in their grim terminal convulsions. It was almost as if the barriers between the deepest levels of thep 652 GTN 1964
light cleared. The water within the estuary glowed with an almost spectral vibrancy. The blue rocks of the surrounding cliffs, penetratedp 652 GTN 1964
on to the banks further down the estuary. This time, almost as if recognizing Maitland's need, the vision came to himp 654 GTN 1964
events I describe were witnessed by myself during the recent, almost tragic visit to the Florida Everglades arranged by the Unitedp 605 IM 1964
witness I feel that in this single case he was almost certainly accurate. How much longer remains before all of usp 605 IM 1964
his jacket over one arm, shook his head. ‘No, they're almost certainly identical. Lysenko as usual is wasting the Soviets‘ timep 609 IM 1964
a proliferation of the sub-atomic identity of all matter. It's almost as if a sequence of displaced but identical images werep 609 IM 1964
the local police, eyeing us without interest. The streets were almost deserted, and these were the last people to go --p 611 IM 1964
times I crossed the road, where the great spurs were almost waist high, forced to clamber over the brittle stems. Oncep 615 IM 1964
and the crystalline summer house with a pale marble sheen, almost sepulchral in its intensity. As if reinforcing this impression, thep 618 IM 1964
man made off like a hare across the river, bent almost double as he darted over the faults in the surfacep 619 IM 1964
the counterpane to the stones. Her child-like face had become almost vulpine with greed. Seizing a handful, she brought them upp 620 IM 1964
we stepped quietly into the kitchen. The small cubicle was almost empty, a disconnected refrigerator standing on the cold stove. Shelleyp 620 IM 1964
of crystalline spurs, three or four inches long, that reached almost to my shoulder. My hand was sheathed in a hugep 623 IM 1964
was sheathed in a huge frozen gauntlet of prismatic crystals, almost too heavy to lift, my fingers outlined by a rainbowp 623 IM 1964
of diamond and glass. Embedded at various points were the almost motionless forms of birds with outstretched wings, golden orioles andp 625 IM 1964
pillars, his conviction seemed to fail him. With an expression almost of panic he watched the keys of the organ manualsp 625 IM 1964
which gave the painting its terrifying, hallucinatory power. The enigmatic, almost ambivalent expression on the face of the dying Christ, thep 575 LL 1964
within a few moments seized on the minute disparity. In almost every particular the pictures were identical, but one figure outp 580 LL 1964
up by the face of this tall angelic figure. Turned almost in profile over the left shoulder, the face looked upp 580 LL 1964
neck muscles indicating that he had swung his head away almost in disgust from the spectacle before him. ‘What is thisp 581 LL 1964
the surface of the earth until the Second Coming. It's almost as if the retoucher were an apologist for him, superimposingp 581 LL 1964
interpretation -- but the remarkable likeness between the two faces, almost as if they had been painted from the same modelp 582 LL 1964
repaired by concentration camp inmates. As you yourself said, it's almost as if the thief was unwilling for the world top 582 LL 1964
I gestured him away. ‘I'm not sure, Georg, but ... I almost wonder.‘ Curiously it was the retouched portrait of Ahasuerus, ratherp 583 LL 1964
When did you first see him?‘ ‘Yesterday afternoon. We had almost completed the 19th century sales when a small Van Goghp 584 LL 1964
saw in his eyes that expression of irredeemable remorse, of almost hallucinatory despair, untouched by self-pity or any conceivable extenuation, thatp 587 LL 1964
like exhausted saurians, and the shell lay at my feet almost as a token of the sea's regret. The storm wasp 569 PCD 1964
the beaches were littered by huge slabs of pockmarked stone. Almost certainly there would be further falls after the storm. Ip 569 PCD 1964
Against the damp cliffs her blue robe glowed with an almost spectral vibrancy, matched only by the brilliant pearl of thep 570 PCD 1964
robe was woven from some bright thread of blue silver, almost like the hard brilliant scales of pelagic fish. Her eyesp 570 PCD 1964
light she appeared to have grown in height, her shoulders almost overtopping my head. ‘I ... can't hear anything,‘ I said uncertainlyp 572 PCD 1964
was a dozen feet from me, her outstretched hands seemed almost to touch mine. The water raced around her robe, swirlingp 573 PCD 1964
the steep waves I heard a flurry of heavy robes, almost like the beating of leathery wings. The woman had gonep 573 PCD 1964
his supplies, Traven remained within the perimeter of the blocks almost continuously, conserving what strength remained to him to walk slowlyp 597 TB 1964
a second time. Osborne became less conciliatory. ‘Our work is almost complete,‘ he said warningly. ‘You'll die here, Traven. What arep 599 TB 1964
him, their white faces watching him with a look of almost overwhelming expectancy. Never had Traven seen them so close top 600 TB 1964
tarry flakes, letting them dissolve in his mouth with an almost intoxicating sweetness. After a few moments he felt light-headed andp 603 TB 1964
the upper slopes of Mortmere Park. The high-walled avenue was almost deserted and few people saw the hearse enter the tree-linedp 560 TP 1964
contain herself, relieved to have given way to her feelings. Almost as if this were a signal, Falkman opened his eyesp 560 TP 1964
sister stalked out with the tray. Teasing her did him almost as much good as the meals she prepared, and hep 561 TP 1964
had recently begun to fail, and her thoughts had turned almost exclusively to the subjects of money and social prestige. Asp 564 TP 1964
handsome than she had ever remembered him, his sun-tanned face almost unlined. ‘It's been wonderful together, Marion,‘ he told her onp 565 TP 1964
had gone to live with her parents Marion had become almost too shy to take his hand. Then he lost herp 566 TP 1964
Marion's red hair. He fought his way through the stalls, almost knocking over a barrow of vegetables and shouted at Samp 566 TP 1964
At last, when the process of education had reduced him almost to the stage of an inarticulate infant, his parents intervenedp 567 TP 1964
the years between father and son, their two bodies were almost identical, with the same broad shoulders and broad heads, thep 567 TP 1964
nothing stupid about Quilter. The dreamy, ironic smile, at times almost affectionate in its lingering glance, as if understanding Ransom's mostp 10 D 1965
grow, and the rim of fair hair had been bleached almost white by the sunlight. This and his bare, sunburnt chestp 12 D 1965
visiting a patient in the yacht basin, and bought it almost without thinking, on one of those gratuitous impulses he oftenp 12 D 1965
or two.‘ Catherine gazed out at the exposed lake-bed. ‘It's almost dry. Don't you feel, doctor, that everything is being drainedp 16 D 1965
matter?‘ ‘Philip, I can't spare the water. The bird is almost dead.‘ ‘That's wrong, doctor!‘ Philip steadied himself in the skiffp 21 D 1965
of unpredictability, but during the previous months he had become almost the last pillar of the lakeside community. Ransom found hisp 24 D 1965
mind. Watching the dust accumulate against the walls, Ransom could almost see it several years ahead, reverting to a primitive tumulusp 28 D 1965
tough, oxygen-permeable membrane lay on the air-water interface and prevented almost all evaporation of surface water into the air space abovep 31 D 1965
to read the lesson from the lectern. The church was almost empty, and Johnstone's strong voice, as belligerent as ever, reverberatedp 36 D 1965
lose interest in her. Yet her skin was of an almost albino whiteness, unmarked by any freckle or blemish. Miranda gavep 45 D 1965
hoarse with bellowing, she heaped the meat through the bars almost into his jaws. As the lions tore at the meatp 51 D 1965
his cheeks and forehead. One of the lapels had been almost torn from his linen jacket, and he pulled this offp 58 D 1965
numerous, but the basin of the river gleamed with an almost spectral whiteness. ‘Come on, doctor! You can rest later.‘ Surprisedp 63 D 1965
for the sane. Soothed by the warm water, he was almost asleep when there was a muffled explosion in the distancep 64 D 1965
times it would retreat between the houses, then come back almost to his doorstep. Once there were shouts in the avenuep 67 D 1965
standing at the edge of the lawn between the houses, almost within the circle of flames. Pacing up and down besidep 68 D 1965
mushroomed over the roofs, followed by tips of eager flame, almost colourless in the hot sunlight. There was no sound, butp 69 D 1965
saw you out on the lake the other day.‘ ‘It's almost gone. I wish you could have come with me Vanessap 70 D 1965
flicked an eye at him, like a referee noticing an almost imperceptible infringement of the rules. ‘Doctor ...‘ With a smile, asp 72 D 1965
scum-lines of the receding water. The bed of the lake, almost drained, was now an inland beach of white dunes coveredp 79 D 1965
four hundred yards wide at this point, the river was almost drained. The thin creek wound its way like a tiredp 86 D 1965
quiet reflective stroll. He wore a suit of faded cotton, almost the colour of the bleached deck around him, but carriedp 88 D 1965
a few paces, as if following the man. He waited, almost expecting to see a dog appear and run around thep 88 D 1965
along the dunes stood a number of large metal huts, almost the size of aircraft hangars. Around them tall distillation columnsp 89 D 1965
conviction in Ransom's voice, and gave him a thin smile, almost of encouragement, as if Ransom had successfully passed this firstp 91 D 1965
hills began to recede, the road turning until it moved almost directly inland. They had reached the margins of the riverp 94 D 1965
Like the advance front of an invading army, its approach almost unnoticed. A cold wind blew overhead and dissolved in thep 104 D 1965
dawn mists, lifting a few uneager gulls across the banks. Almost a mile from the shore, the tide began to spillp 104 D 1965
salt flats, and the wet crystals formed a continuous bank almost half a mile in length. As the water poured intop 105 D 1965
a series of flint-like points, the sharp cheekbones and jaw almost piercing the hard skin. He gazed across the captured waterp 105 D 1965
seventeen years old, he had been strong enough to take almost all the stolen water for himself, and drove it alongp 108 D 1965
days out of six, Ransom was obliged to go out almost every morning to trap and steal the sea. He watchedp 110 D 1965
thread of independence that Ransom clung to, and he was almost glad of the injury for revealing it. ‘We had ap 112 D 1965
face, and he looked down at the drab hutments below, almost glad that he was not coming to live out thep 122 D 1965
last person who could influence his admission to the settlement. Almost every afternoon Jordan went out to the hills above thep 122 D 1965
dried kelp to keep out the cold. In the centre, almost below Ransom, the Reverend Johnstone sat in an armchair mountedp 123 D 1965
guessed that for two or three years he had been almost blind. The confined world of the settlement was limited byp 124 D 1965
beach he had tended hundreds of sick and wounded, but almost all of them had died, from exposure and malnutrition. Byp 128 D 1965
he took one of the pathways out of the dell, almost as if she wanted to come with him. Then shep 129 D 1965
passed the remains of a line of wharfs. Stranded lighters, almost buried under the sand, lay beside them, their grey hulksp 138 D 1965
lack of movement gave to even the slightest disturbance an almost hallucinatory intensity. By night, as they rested in a hollowp 145 D 1965
of the two remaining canteens, he asked her: ‘Catherine, we're almost there. What are you looking for?‘ She picked up ap 146 D 1965
had stocked it like the cargo of some psychic ark, almost convinced him that it had been prepared in the futurep 150 D 1965
sand. ‘Doctor!‘ As he clambered over a low wall, Ransom almost jumped on to the diminutive form of Mrs. Quilter, crouchingp 151 D 1965
watching the figure's scowling face. The expression was one of almost preposterous ferocity. The long russet hair fell to the shouldersp 153 D 1965
to his mother he cocked one eye at her thoughtfully, almost as if calculating the culinary possibilities of the small bundlep 154 D 1965
the dune to them. Quilter seemed barely to notice him, almost as if Ransom had emerged half-drowned from this pool everyp 154 D 1965
she brushed her hair off her forehead. She was wearing, almost modishly, a black nightdress that seemed designed expressly to showp 156 D 1965
Already he had reached the point where he could accept almost any act of violence that might occur. These sudden displacementsp 157 D 1965
smoke. Ransom looked up at the thick black pillar, rising almost from the very ground at his feet. It was identicalp 180 D 1965
of his time wandering around the edges of the pool, almost as if he were trying to form some sort ofp 167 D 1965
spray. Ransom leaned against a chimney stump. The reservoir was almost drained, the shallow pool in the centre gliding out inp 172 D 1965
lava vent in a dormant volcano. Then the movement subsided almost completely, now and then sending up a faint spume. Ransomp 174 D 1965
complete surrender to Quilter had left Him with a feeling almost of euphoria. The timeless world in which Quilter lived nowp 175 D 1965
dunes steadily increased, and an hour later the crests were almost twenty feet above his head. Although it was not yetp 176 D 1965
mind. Years later, World War III breaks out. Paris is almost obliterated by an immense holocaust. A few survivors live onp 28 UGM 1966
and physiology of the human being. Lautreamont's Song of Maldoror, almost the basic dream-text of surrealism, uses scientific images: ‘beautiful asp 85 UGM 1966
around us are multiplying to the point where it is almost impossible to distinguish between the ‘real‘ and the ‘false‘ --p 88 UGM 1966
signs had been built along the roads surrounding the hospital, almost walling it in from the rest of the world. Ap 15 AE 1966
this world of tanks, water and pumping gear with an almost claustrophobic silence. The varying levels of water in the tanksp 37 AW 1966
the soft rhythm of the fox-trot. There was something sensuous, almost sexual, about Manon's compulsive eating of eclairs. This magnificent Serbo-Croatp 664 BM 1966
receded like the waves of a midnight sea. Despite the almost static light, fixed at this unending dusk, the drained bedp 669 DF 1966
of the landscape, and of the time whose hands were almost frozen on the dozen clocks standing on the mantelpiece andp 669 DF 1966
and Saigon Midnight -- indicated their positions on the Earth's almost stationary perimeter, the time of the endless day where thep 669 DF 1966
black sun. What do you dream about, Mr Halliday?‘ Halliday almost blurted out the truth but with a shrug he saidp 677 DF 1966
paced around the paintings. The last of the clocks had almost run down. Carefully he wound each one, glad for thep 678 DF 1966
Crispin still maintained a proprietary attitude towards them. He himself, almost single-handedly, had been responsible for the slaughter of the birdsp 697 SBD 1966
to the telescope. In the narrow eyepiece her swaying figure, almost hidden by the spray of white feathers, resembled that ofp 700 SBD 1966
in the water looked more like those of drowned dolphins, almost manlike in their composed and individual expressions. As he madep 702 SBD 1966
birds lying about him. Despite the rain, the plumage was almost dry. Crispin worked steadily for half an hour, tearing outp 705 SBD 1966
the ship, reminding him of when it had first appeared, almost from within his own face, in the mirror-glass of thep 708 SBD 1966
form of the bird swayed and dipped, its fallen wings almost knocking Crispin from his perch. At intervals the rain beatp 709 SBD 1966
few stronger gusts moved across the crest of the ridge, almost lifting him into the wind, and he stepped closer top 709 SBD 1966
deck of the picket ship the cliff face had seemed almost vertical, but in fact the ground shelved downwards at ap 709 SBD 1966
At intervals, when the sky was overcast, the water was almost black, like putrescent dye. By contrast, the straggle of warehousesp 11 CW 1966
the jetties. As he watched the shore, Dr. Sanders was almost certain that the steamer was being deliberately held off, thoughp 11 CW 1966
from it a letter written in pale-blue ink that had almost penetrated the soft tissue. Both envelope and letter were frankedp 18 CW 1966
exposed to the sunlight were as dark as those below, almost as if the entire forest were draining all light fromp 23 CW 1966
of light that flickered within its aerial galleries. Preoccupied, Sanders almost failed to hear the knock on his door. He openedp 24 CW 1966
each other, contained an intense nervous energy that Sanders found almost uncomfortable. His eyes roved about, searching the shabby alcoves forp 24 CW 1966
door. Annoyed, Sanders caught his arm and pulled the man almost off his feet. Ventress's face shut like a trap. Withp 25 CW 1966
an early lunch in the hotel restaurant. The tables were almost deserted, and the only other guest was the dark-haired youngp 25 CW 1966
Suzanne's side. As he looked at the girl he could almost see Suzanne beside her, reflected within some half-screened mirror inp 26 CW 1966
someone. Dr. Sanders followed at a distance. The market was almost empty and he decided to keep the priest under observationp 32 CW 1966
had been reproduced and then embedded within the crystal base, almost as if a living specimen had been conjured into thep 33 CW 1966
of the largest pairs he had seen, their frames were almost three inches deep. ‘Where did you get them? They're hugep 36 CW 1966
bar they watched him with studied casualness. The bar was almost empty. At the far end a European plantation manager andp 41 CW 1966
him, both now motionless against the handrail, their dark bodies almost invisible. Holstering the pistol, Ventress lowered himself off the edgep 44 CW 1966
slope he turned to Sanders: ‘My thanks, Doctor. I was almost out of time myself there.‘ Before Sanders could reply, Ventressp 46 CW 1966
to take them up-river to Mont Royal. The harbour was almost empty, and most of the boats had moved across thep 48 CW 1966
The joints and tissues were malleable, the skin firm and almost warm. What most attracted his attention, however, like that ofp 50 CW 1966
over the helm. Shortly after one thirty, when they were almost halfway to Mont Royal, they stopped by a derelict jettyp 55 CW 1966
the water fifty yards in front of them, the wheels almost touching the surface. Then, abruptly, it zoomed away and carriedp 60 CW 1966
The two landing craft sat low in the water, loaded almost to capacity with huge crates and bales, a random selectionp 62 CW 1966
in a cloud of dust. He set off at speed, almost running down a passing soldier. ‘A rough diamond,‘ Sanders commentedp 73 CW 1966
times he crossed and re-crossed the road. The spurs were almost waist-high, and he was forced to clamber over the brittlep 78 CW 1966
I agree with you, it's an extraordinary experience. There's something almost rejuvenating about the forest. Do you ...?‘ ‘Of course, Doctor.‘ Ventressp 88 CW 1966
you mean ... deja vu?‘ Ventress looked round, his small features almost hidden behind the beard. Dr. Sanders hesitated. ‘I meant literallyp 88 CW 1966
The profile and features were obscured, but the skin was almost ebony in colour, reflecting the mottled blues and violets ofp 93 CW 1966
catwalk at Port Matarre. Crouching down, his bony pointed face almost between his knees, the Negro feinted with the knife. Sandersp 93 CW 1966
their blood feud. Although Thorensen had twice attacked him, Ventress almost seemed to be encouraging Thorensen, deliberately exposing himself as ifp 96 CW 1966
garden and the crystalline summer house with a marble sheen, almost sepulchral in its intensity. As if reinforcing this impression, thep 100 CW 1966
Ventress made off like a hare across the river, bent almost double as he darted over the faults in the surfacep 101 CW 1966
the counterpane to the stones. Her childlike face had become almost vulpine with greed. An expression of surprising craftiness came intop 107 CW 1966
on a bench, half-asleep over their weapons. The kitchen was almost empty. A disconnected refrigerator stood on the cold stove. Thorensenp 109 CW 1966
young African, Kagwa, was still watching him. His dark body, almost exactly bisected by the white bandages, reminded Sanders of Louisep 113 CW 1966
ravaged body. ‘Radek -- good God!‘ Appalled, Sanders stumbled back, almost tripping over a half-exposed root in the ice. ‘Radek ...?‘ Thep 117 CW 1966
A grunt-like noise came from his throat. He moved again, almost toppled by the swinging spar. ‘Take me --‘ he beganp 118 CW 1966
get out, but Aragon motioned him back. ‘Captain -- I'd almost forgotten. Is Louise with you? Mademoiselle Peret?‘ Aragon shook hisp 120 CW 1966
there,‘ he said. ‘She's pleased to see you, Edward, but ...‘ Almost vaguely, as if distracted by matters other than those whichp 123 CW 1966
more than it separated them, Max seemed distant and nervous, almost as if he resented Sanders's arrival. But Sanders could seep 123 CW 1966
robe of black silk that made her tall figure seem almost invisible against the shadows in the lounge, the pale lanternp 123 CW 1966
hovered about her mouth since his arrival was still there, almost beckoning to him. As he drew closer to her, hep 125 CW 1966
to face Suzanne. Despite their previous closeness, he found it almost impossible to express himself to her. After a pause, hep 126 CW 1966
Since their meeting the previous night he had relaxed completely, almost as if Suzanne's absence gave him his first chance top 129 CW 1966
nearest group was twenty yards from him, the dark bodies almost invisible in the refuse and undergrowth below the trees. ‘Somep 131 CW 1966
their shoulders. The lepers had retreated into the deep shadows, almost out of sight, but Sanders could feel their eyes staringp 132 CW 1966
Louise reached him. Smiling broadly, she took his arm. ‘I almost didn't recognize you, Edward. This suit, it's like a disguisep 132 CW 1966
their hidden audience. Feeling her hips against his own, Sanders almost believed for a moment that he was walking away withp 133 CW 1966
single window for Sanders's benefit -- made her dark robe almost invisible in the dim light, and from the far endp 137 CW 1966
too busy anyway evacuating themselves.‘ He turned to Sanders. ‘It's almost comical, Edward. As soon as they put the camp downp 138 CW 1966
the light from the forest below cast the hall into almost complete darkness. Immediately he felt Suzanne relax. Taking his handp 140 CW 1966
of a distant commotion from the compound of the hospital. Almost too tired to sleep, and yet sufficiently exhausted not top 144 CW 1966
of crystalline spurs, three or four inches long, that reached almost to his shoulder. Inside this frozen gauntlet, almost too heavyp 149 CW 1966
that reached almost to his shoulder. Inside this frozen gauntlet, almost too heavy to lift, his fingers were outlined in ap 149 CW 1966
else can help you!‘ Ventress's illuminated face flickered with anger, almost as if he were impatient of Sanders's refusal to acceptp 150 CW 1966
the last daylight on his dark skin made him seem almost as white as the small figure of Ventress. The secondp 158 CW 1966
of diamond and glass. Embedded at various points were the almost motionless forms of birds with outstretched wings, golden orioles andp 162 CW 1966
into an occluding tunnel of glass pillars. With an expression almost of panic Balthus watched the keys of the organ manualp 162 CW 1966
his upraised palms. The crystallization of the forest was now almost complete. Only the jewels in the cross allowed Sanders top 163 CW 1966
the vegetation along the banks and the deep prismatic glow almost convinced him that the entire earth had been transformed andp 164 CW 1966
say that he, at least, is still at his post (almost everyone else has left) -- the forest is now advancingp 168 CW 1966
by the door, listening to the few sounds in the almost empty hotel. Sitting down at the desk again, he readp 171 CW 1966
reached the waterfront and walked down along the deserted jetties. Almost all the native boats had gone, and the settlements onp 174 CW 1966
traffic island in a roar of dust. The hospital was almost empty. During the first days Conrad was glad to liep 684 TIM 1966
white mountain. Strangely, the news that Uncle Theodore had escaped almost unscathed from the accident left Conrad without any sense ofp 685 TIM 1966
physician, Dr Knight, was considerably younger, and by comparison seemed almost the same age as Conrad. His strong, square-jawed face lookedp 685 TIM 1966
be able to see him. I know the accident was almost certainly his fault --‘ ‘No!‘ Conrad shook his head. ‘Ip 686 TIM 1966
scream behind the windshield. Dr Knight turned towards the door. Almost sotto voce he added: ‘And you'll see, Conrad, he canp 687 TIM 1966
his own age, for the single reason that children were almost as rare as centenarians had been a hundred years earlierp 687 TIM 1966
their point of view, but remember that our bodies are almost completely composed of alien materials. We don't stop eating, dop 688 TIM 1966
had enough --‘ ‘Quiet, Theo.‘ Dr Matthews raised his head, almost managing to sit up. ‘Perhaps, Conrad, you would explain top 694 TIM 1966
died. Why he thought it so funny I can't understand.‘ Almost six months later to the day, Conrad Foster walked downp 695 TIM 1966
her. Sometimes her phlegmatic attitude annoyed him -- she seemed almost to enjoy deflating his mood of optimism, however forced thatp 712 TMY 1966
guilt -- Glanville's crime, the memory of which he had almost completely repressed, was no responsibility of hers, man and wifep 713 TMY 1966
by her patience. Once, a week before Thornwald arrived, he almost challenged her to say whether she really believed he wouldp 714 TMY 1966
the planetarium, and of the eroded breasts of Marilyn Monroe. Almost hidden by the dunes, the distant apartment blocks showed nop 40 YCM 1966
body, clad in white tights and sweater that made her almost invisible against the sloping sand, moved like a wraith upp 41 YCM 1966
a word. Was he wholly there? At times it was almost as if he were trying to put himself together outp 81 YMC 1966
faces changed to polite indifference the moment I was introduced. Almost before Hope could finish describing my rescue they wandered offp 724 CHC 1967
strong but melancholy face glared down at me with an almost spectral intensity. I ran on to the terrace. Through thep 728 CHC 1967
figures ran down among the rock spires towards the beach. Almost exhausted by the time I reached the beach, I walkedp 732 CHC 1967
the intense light from the arc lamps, the pigments had almost boiled off the surface of the canvas. The livid coloursp 733 CHC 1967
gripping the bloodied wound. Confused by the explosions, which had almost jarred the pistol from her grip, Hope held the weaponp 733 CHC 1967
from the cloud with a series of deft passes, wingtips almost touching each other as he dived in and out ofp 746 CSC 1967
leaned against the parapet. Talbert gazed at her with an almost benign curiosity, his eyes exploring the templates of her facep 52 GAN 1967
the square root of -1?‘ Dr Nathan hummed to himself. ‘Almost,‘ he replied coolly. ‘In fact, you're looking at a famousp 53 GAN 1967
hubbub of noise the streets down to the river were almost deserted, and I was glad to walk alone through thep 735 R 1967
above the bony cheeks. Later she would appear to be almost middle-aged, the grey hair and skin revealing the angular skullp 736 R 1967
the town. In the faint light her hair had become almost grey, and her bare arms seemed lined and work-worn. Asp 737 R 1967
had brought them to the town, when a second fair, almost infinitely larger and gayer, was already in full swing. Atp 739 R 1967
by the time the warehouses came into sight I was almost alone on the cobbled pavements that wound between the terracedp 740 R 1967
owned by his father. Like Captain Robinson, he has had almost no contact with the ordinary people of this country. Top 963 TW 1967
and automobiles, searching for one face among the mutilated victims. Almost without thinking she had picked him up in the basementp 45 DM 1967
Their period in the apartment together had been one of almost narcotic domesticity. In the planes of her body, in thep 45 DM 1967
love, a unique genetic coupling produced these twelve boys. It almost looks as if someone has torn the treasure map inp 776 CA 1968
the darkness. For a moment, he seemed disappointed by us, almost reluctant to move on. Then he set off at ap 763 DA 1968
twenty years ago. As she spoke about Robert Hamilton, she almost seemed worried that she would appear old to him. Atp 764 DA 1968
hair on her pillow. One half of her scalp was almost bald. She stared at her weak hands with their silveringp 768 DA 1968
concrete the white fabric of her dress shone with an almost luminescent intensity. How long had they sat there? The Plazap 22 UD 1968
leaned against the fender of a white Pontiac, their thighs almost touching. Koester took her arm with a nervous gesture. ‘Ahp 25 UD 1968
against his shoulder, her grey eyes surveying Talbot with an almost minatory calm. He turned on to a concrete track betweenp 26 UD 1968
underpins the whole basis of his political thought and explains almost every action he ever committed. Second, there are his viewsp 222 UGM 1969
economic, social or political arguments against the Jews, Hitler concentrated almost solely on this inflated biological rhetoric. By dispensing with anyp 223 UGM 1969
weapons technology had advanced to the point where it made almost no sense at all to the rebel commanders. Artillery firep 784 KG 1969
quite a job. The way things are going, it has almost unlimited prospects.‘ ‘I hate to have to agree with youp 785 KG 1969
bayonets. There was even one, ‘Stop US Atrocities in Vietnam‘, almost as old as the monument itself. Pearson remembered that thep 786 KG 1969
attention to the prisoners. The American stood up, his eyes almost closed. He joined the two prisoners lying behind the memorialp 786 KG 1969
turning a pale grey in the weak sunlight. It was almost white twenty minutes later when they began their advance acrossp 787 KG 1969
them there -- for God's sake, they'll never get over!‘ Almost disappointed, Forbis lowered his shotgun on to the sandbag emplacementp 789 PTD 1969
her lower lip. Exhausted by the sun, the resort was almost deserted -- beaches of white pumice, a few bars, apartmentp 59 SCN 1969
the car as he walked by, staring at her and almost touching her elbow. She ignored him without embarrassment. When hep 65 SCN 1969
these images? Their own sexual relationship was marked by an almost seraphic tenderness, transits of touch and feeling as serene asp 68 THF 1969
parks. Two teenage girls whom they picked up Vaughan had almost raped, grappling with them in a series of stylized holdsp 69 THF 1969
turned to find Vaughan watching him with an expression of almost insane lucidity. His presence sounded a tocsin of danger andp 69 THF 1969
her back, her wounded face stressed like fractured ice. With almost dream-like calm, the camera explored her bruised mouth, the thighsp 72 THF 1969
coming after them below the deck of the overpass, blades almost touching the pillars, like an express train through a tunnelp 78 THF 1969
of hours, take in a pleat or enlarge a gusset almost before the customer could sign her cheque. A particularly exoticp 797 SGW 1970
as I approached, then, stepped forward and walked past me, almost brushing my shoulder. The oil on his back reflected thep 800 SGW 1970
breast until at least six months have passed. by an almost seraphic tenderness, Augmentation mammoplasty has proved extremely satisfactory in relievingp 16 C80 1970
leases on derelict sites all over the city? It was almost as if he were preparing a complex of ‘landing zonesp 42 JAC 1970
small breasts. He was staring at her body with an almost clinical detachment, as if measuring her abdomen and buttocks forp 42 JAC 1970
makeup case, she would suddenly pivot and writhe, her body almost shedding its skin in a savage rictus. In particular, thesep 46 JAC 1970
of fiction, can't do better? At present science fiction is almost the only form of fiction which is thriving, and certainlyp 205 UGM 1971
there ever was one in fiction -- is literary criticism. Almost all the criticism of science fiction has been written byp 206 UGM 1971
clearly of the puritanical, non-smoking kind. Described as harsh and almost unfeeling in his dedication, Nader insists over and over againp 260 UGM 1971
car, driving along a concrete highway to some unknown destination. Almost every aspect of modern life is there, both for goodp 262 UGM 1971
and psychological pressures. I think that the twentieth century reaches almost its purest expression on the highway. Here we see, allp 262 UGM 1971
during the closing decades of the twentieth century, it is almost certain that working hours will decrease and leisure hours increasep 264 UGM 1971
to pay the toll charges. Clearly, the possibilities are endless. Almost anything one cares to say about the future will probablyp 266 UGM 1971
films. By contrast their own relationship was marked by an almost seraphic tenderness, transits of touch and feeling as serene asp AA5 1971
kind, had died out as the world's population devoted itself almost exclusively to watching television. At this point the discovery ofp 806 GTS 1972
spate of patent suits had been settled (one Japanese entrepreneur almost succeeded in copyrighting history, time was then declared ‘open‘ territoryp 806 GTS 1972
realized the advantages of preparing their ground. From then onwards almost all important historical events were rescripted by the editorial departmentsp 808 GTS 1972
to transmit it. No further attempts to regain contact succeeded. Almost all the world's Time Vision equipment had been destroyed, itsp 810 GTS 1972
his heavy groin quietened me with its profile of an almost erect penis. He knew that as long as he provokedp 8 C 1973
but he was watching her movements with an abstracted gaze, almost encouraging her to gesture with her hands and knees. Onp 12 C 1973
to keep still. A continuous tremor shook my chest, and almost stopped me from breathing. A policeman's strong hands held myp 23 C 1973
years I had been able to spot Catherine's affairs within almost a few hours of her first sex act simply byp 31 C 1973
indicator, selecting the drive lever. I realized that I was almost exactly modelling my responses to the car on the wayp 34 C 1973
mannequin-like face, trying to read its lines. The smooth skin almost belonged to someone in a science-fiction film, stepping out ofp 36 C 1973
quickening impulse, my loins soon at full cock, lifted me almost literally from the sick-bed. Within three days I hobbled top 39 C 1973
man. After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident. Likep 39 C 1973
had sprung up between me and this bereaved young woman, almost as if I unconsciously wished to re-conceive her dead husbandp 44 C 1973
damage to the car with the persistence of a voyeur, almost nagging me with her lurid picture of the crushed radiatorp 45 C 1973
and perhaps even envy me for having killed someone, in almost the only way in which one can now legally takep 45 C 1973
down at this immense motion sculpture, whose traffic deck seemed almost higher than the balcony rail against which I leaned. Ip 48 C 1973
in my eyes, the image of the car had changed, almost as if its true nature had been exposed by myp 49 C 1973
northern motorways. I felt an undefined sense of extreme danger, almost as if an accident was about to take place involvingp 50 C 1973
the noise-driven rooftops. ‘Another cargo of eager victims -- one almost expects to see Breughel and Hieronymus Bosch cruising the freewaysp 50 C 1973
radio played behind me. The janitor, a young man with almost waist-length hair, had returned to his office beside the basementp 52 C 1973
series three years earlier Vaughan had projected a potent image, almost that of the scientist as hoodlum, driving about from laboratoryp 63 C 1973
the airfreight offices. Karen stood behind Catherine, a cocked elbow almost touching her shoulder blade, like a young and ambitious madamep 66 C 1973
it impossible to say anything to her, aware of the almost obsessive way in which she brushed her hair across herp 71 C 1973
She steadied herself against the chromium pillar of the quarter-window, almost dropping her cigarette on to her lap. Trying to controlp 74 C 1973
to her marriage. Before my accident our sexual relationship was almost totally abstracted, maintained by a series of imaginary games andp 83 C 1973
Vaughan was the strange stance of his thighs and hips, almost as if he were trying to force his genitals throughp 89 C 1973
tits cut up on the dash.‘ Vaughan turned away abruptly, almost as if he were afraid of Seagrave stealing a marchp 95 C 1973
looked up at the fireman as he held his torch, almost as if waiting for some bizarre sexual assault. In thep 97 C 1973
planes seemed to mimic the deformed panels of the car, almost as if she consciously realized that these twisted instrument binnaclesp 100 C 1973
the car in the direction of the studios at Shepperton, almost as if the vehicle had been transformed during the nightp 105 C 1973
morning traffic lay in the fly-infested sunlight. Strangely, I felt almost no sense of anxiety. That profound feeling of foreboding, whichp 106 C 1973
both itself and the dashboard mounting to avoid her knee, almost as if the entire car had deformed itself around herp 109 C 1973
an immensely perverse act waited upon her like a coronation. Almost mesmerized by this reverie, I was abruptly aware of thep 113 C 1973
of compliment. Ask her.‘ He reversed in a wide circle, almost running down a passing pump attendant, and set off acrossp 114 C 1973
to leave the car; the sallow skin of his abdomen, almost exposing the triangle of his pubis as he lounged behindp 117 C 1973
the windshield pillars and the angle of the steering column, almost as if she were consciously mimicking the postures of thep 121 C 1973
and abdomens. Helen stared at them through the empty windshields, almost as if they were patients whom she hoped to treatp 121 C 1973
the fabric of his trousers. He squeezed the distal end, almost forcing the glans through the threadbare cloth, index finger rollingp 124 C 1973
was raised with its chin forwards in a pose of almost aristocratic disdain. The rear wheel of the motorcycle lifted intop 126 C 1973
among the chairs. Vaughan stared down at the shattered car, almost about to embrace it. His hands roved along the tornp 129 C 1973
his own way.‘ We approached a major trunk roundabout. For almost the first time since we had left the Road Researchp 130 C 1973
showed all the benefits of an exhaustive and lingering research. Almost every conceivable violent confrontation between the automobile and its occupantsp 133 C 1973
breasts were thrust forward, below an engaging come-on smile, and almost touched the canted door pillar of the wrap-around windshield. Onep 136 C 1973
girl lying against my shoulder. I realized that I could almost control the sexual act behind me by the way inp 144 C 1973
office blocks. At the end of the orgasm he was almost standing behind me in the car, legs outstretched, head againstp 144 C 1973
at the airport entrances, in the forecourts of filling stations, almost as if I were unconsciously steering myself into his pathp 146 C 1973
the actress's body, ringing her armpits and cleavage. He stared almost sightlessly at the photographs, cigarette forgotten on the edge ofp 148 C 1973
in the accident, a yellow Italian sports car, had been almost obliterated by a black limousine with an extended wheelbase whichp 152 C 1973
in a repertory of rapid grimaces and droll expressions. For almost the first time since I met him he was completelyp 153 C 1973
radio aerial. The accident below the flyover, in a position almost symmetrically opposite to my own, and the thudding of thep 160 C 1973
roof and doors, Vaughan began to drive his pelvis upwards, almost lifting his buttocks off the seat. With clumsy hands Catherinep 162 C 1973
sex act, inserting his penis in vagina, anus and mouth almost in response to the road along which we moved, thep 171 C 1973
waited for her to appear, fretting around the rear seat, almost as if his body was unconsciously miming in fast motionp 172 C 1973
crowd of spectators pressed around and over the two cars, almost toppling the ambulance men trying to lift the woman fromp 185 C 1973
his penis in the mouth of a middle-aged, silver-haired prostitute, almost choking her as she knelt across him. He held herp 191 C 1973
airport coaches and a truck overtook us, their revolving wheels almost motionless, as if these vehicles were pieces of stage sceneryp 196 C 1973
the fast lane, so that the oncoming vehicles were moving almost straight towards us, enormous carousels of accelerating light. Their radiatorp 197 C 1973
walls of the overpass formed a cube of intense light, almost as if the stony surface had become incandescent. I wasp 205 C 1973
of the LSD had left me in a state of almost disturbing calm. I felt detached from my own body, asp 208 C 1973
where is everyone?‘ I realized that the three lanes were almost deserted. ‘They've all gone away.‘ ‘I'd like to go backp 212 C 1973
on the windshield, but she switched on the windshield wipers, almost cutting the knuckle of my wrist. Explaining everything, she saidp 214 C 1973
in Catherine or myself, Vaughan lay against his door sill, almost asleep at the wheel as he surged forward when thep 215 C 1973
soon after a week spent with Helen Fairfax, he had almost wilfully devised the crash, perhaps as some bizarre kind ofp 9 CI 1974
since the crash. Walking about through the grass, he felt almost light-headed, like a man who has just witnessed some harrowingp 9 CI 1974
his uncertain movements around the car, was settling itself again, almost hiding the silver Jaguar. A thin yellow light lay acrossp 12 CI 1974
as a paddle. The effort of climbing the embankment had almost exhausted him, but he forced himself on. Tasting blood inp 13 CI 1974
afternoon air. Searching the warm haze over Marylebone, Maitland could almost identify his own building. Somewhere behind the glass curtain-walling onp 13 CI 1974
sensible woman doctor's warm and comfortable apartment, he had felt almost suffocated. Standing up, Maitland edged sideways across the slope. Tenp 14 CI 1974
hundreds of cars carrying their homeward drivers pressed closer together, almost bumper to bumper. Maitland lowered the briefcase, watching the trafficp 14 CI 1974
eager to give him a lift. Besides, it would be almost impossible to slow down here and stop. The pressure ofp 14 CI 1974
of traffic. Trying to follow it on foot, Maitland was almost hit by the fender of a passing taxi. A blackp 15 CI 1974
down on him along the outer lane, its yellow bulk almost filling the tunnel below the overpass. As it laboured aroundp 16 CI 1974
got my hat ...!‘ Horns blared around him. A taxi pulled almost to a halt, the fender brushing Maitland's legs. Glaring downp 16 CI 1974
shoulder he saw the low hull of a white sportscar, almost invisible behind its unlit headlamps. Maitland stopped and turned backp 18 CI 1974
but she would not particularly care. Yet, he himself had almost deliberately created this situation, as if preparing the ground forp 21 CI 1974
shabby wrecks. Half-veiled by the grass, their rusting hulls were almost invisible. Maitland reached the rear door. Exhausted by the effortp 21 CI 1974
trucks moved along the eastbound carriageways. The westbound lanes were almost empty. A delivery vehicle and two passenger coaches sped pastp 24 CI 1974
at the island. Gathering himself, Maitland made three more steps, almost reaching the blue hull of a saloon car lying onp 24 CI 1974
ripped away the leads from the plastic canister. It was almost full, holding nearly a pint of clear water. As hep 26 CI 1974
stimulant. Hobbling around the car, he tapped the roof with almost child-like humour. He eased himself on to the trunk andp 26 CI 1974
he might be stranded for ever on the island seemed almost paranoid. He was still laughing several minutes later when ap 27 CI 1974
position on the island, marooned among these concrete causeways with almost no practical skills or resources. Few psychological ones, for thatp 28 CI 1974
sitting, he turned to face the wire. High above him, almost contiguous with the clear April sky, was the concrete spanp 29 CI 1974
out his patent dress-shoes and dinner-jacket. The overnight case was almost literally a time capsule -- he could easily reconstitute ap 33 CI 1974
into the air. This luxuriant growth seemed to Maitland an almost conscious attempt to inundate him. He set the tyres intop 35 CI 1974
fuel in the float chambers of the carburettors, the engine almost coughed into life. As he released the starter Maitland couldp 39 CI 1974
the level ground as a large American saloon slowed down, almost stopping directly above him. The driver, a young man withp 40 CI 1974
vehicles which had woken him the previous morning. It was almost as if some idle-minded technician responsible for maintaining the wholep 42 CI 1974
hobbled along, stroking the seething stems that caressed his waist. Almost carried by the grass, Maitland climbed on to the roofp 50 CI 1974
faint glow of the late afternoon sunlight, and he could almost believe that he was lying at the bottom of ap 54 CI 1974
day. The headlamps of the distant traffic moved with an almost dream-like calm as the man's face gasped into his ownp 55 CI 1974
small room, little more than ten feet by ten and almost filled by the metal double bed and mattress on whichp 57 CI 1974
sharp-witted face and strong jaw. She was good-looking in an almost wilfully tatty way. Her manner towards Maitland as she fedp 0059 CI 1974
Jane -- Jane Sheppard. I haven't done very much.‘ ‘I've almost forgotten how to eat. There's another number I want youp 0059 CI 1974
Ridges of silver scar tissue marked his cheeks and eyebrows, almost joining across the depressed bridge of his nose, a blobp 62 CI 1974
to his adolescence. For several successive years he had devoured almost the whole of Hollywood's output, sitting alone in the emptyp 66 CI 1974
now been marooned on this triangle of waste ground for almost four days. He knew that he had begun to forgetp 66 CI 1974
The fire signal ‘Jane! Come here ... Jane!‘ His weak voice, almost a scold, faded into the seething grass. Maitland stood upp 75 CI 1974
from tenderness and good humour to a sudden vengeful anger, almost as if he represented two different people for her. Afterp 81 CI 1974
musty smell. Proctor hovered from one foot to the next, almost as if he were awaiting instructions. Despite his sudden moodsp 86 CI 1974
the direction of the motorway embankment. The westbound lane was almost deserted, but on the far side of the central reservationp 87 CI 1974
breaker's yard with its semi-circle of rusty vehicles he was almost too tired to identify the crashed Jaguar. The sky hadp 88 CI 1974
magnified roar of the traffic unsettled him, and he seemed almost bemused now that he had left the sanctuary of thep 90 CI 1974
had accelerated away. Maitland turned his back to the motorway. Almost certainly, Catherine had been visiting the office, presumably to discussp 93 CI 1974
pulled himself through the doorway of the darkened basement room, almost crushing Jane's shoulders. He sat on the dishevelled bed, hisp 97 CI 1974
trunk. Proctor gazed at him with his crafty, expectant eyes, almost as if he were patiently waiting for Maitland to makep 105 CI 1974
woman when she began to taunt him with her promiscuity, almost as if she believed that he was the father ofp 119 CI 1974
the loose end of the rope in a running hold. Almost speechless with fear, Maitland struck at the swinging rope withp 122 CI 1974
reached the embankment she would have vanished, to be followed almost immediately by the tramp. Left alone on the island, Maitlandp 122 CI 1974
yards from the shore, she would fly past him, wheels almost touching the streaming sand, throttling up her engine as ifp 814 DFW 1974
dug away several tons of sand and exposed to view almost the entire starboard wing, the tail and rear turret. Thep 814 DFW 1974
starboard wing, the tail and rear turret. The bomber was almost undamaged -- Melville assumed that the pilot had run outp 814 DFW 1974
bomber was completely exposed now. Knowing that his work was almost over, Melville opened the ventral crew hatch behind the chinp 817 DFW 1974
because of, their brief sexual involvement their relationship now was almost matter-of-factly neutral, but she tried to reassure him. ‘How muchp 818 DFW 1974
the street. Together we stared silently at the sunlit ocean, almost expecting to see an immense cascade of water rising fromp 820 AD 1975
eloping lovers, diplomats, even a would-be hijacker. It was this almost perfect cross-section of humanity, like the census sample of anp 820 AD 1975
fact, as I listened to the radio bulletins, there was almost no information about the crash. The commentators already on thep 820 AD 1975
site until the late afternoon, I looked away from the almost stationary traffic to the mountains a few miles inland. Thep 821 AD 1975
and put off by the young man's rough appearance and almost unintelligible local dialect. Paying him off, they turned their carp 821 AD 1975
remembered how poverty-stricken this area of Mexico had always been, almost unchanged since the early 19th century. Most of the modestp 822 AD 1975
boulders that blocked my path. This remote infertile region was almost deserted. At intervals an isolated hovel clung to a hillsidep 823 AD 1975
as cruelly ironic that the huge airliner, the culmination of almost a century of aviation technology, should have come to itsp 824 AD 1975
threatening. Rather, he seemed to be asking me for something, almost begging. There was a bundle of old clothing on thep 827 AD 1975
have chosen as an early skirmish-ground. This over-priced cell, slotted almost at random into the cliff face of the apartment buildingp 7 HR 1975
Laing, her insomnia -- a common complaint in the high-rise, almost an epidemic. All the residents he had met, on hearingp 13 HR 1975
admittedly doubtful security of being with students who were still almost his own age. Charlotte, he guessed, would understand this. Inp 16 HR 1975
far more involved with each other than they realized. An almost tangible network of rivalries and intrigues bound them together. Asp 16 HR 1975
her damp towel as she propelled the children forward. ‘It's almost as if these aren't the people who really live herep 18 HR 1975
the suburban streets behind them into darkness. The high-rises seemed almost to challenge the sun itself -- Anthony Royal and thep 19 HR 1975
that the water was contaminated by the dead Afghan. An almost palpable miasma hung over the slack water, as if thep 22 HR 1975
during the blackout. By contrast, the shopping mall was now almost empty, a single customer ordering his wines at the liquorp 22 HR 1975
in the high-rise had long been a source of irritation. Almost all of them were owned by residents on the topp 23 HR 1975
middle-aged. Laing found himself fascinated by his immaculate centre parting, almost an orifice. ‘They're always complaining about something,‘ Steele confided top 24 HR 1975
if this were less a party than a planning conference. Almost within arm's reach, the immaculate figure of a well-to-do artp 26 HR 1975
to get my hair done.‘ Charlotte took his arm happily, almost embracing Laing. ‘What exactly are we celebrating?‘ The question surprisedp 29 HR 1975
Seizing Charlotte good-humouredly around the waist, one of the pilots almost dragged her off to the small projection theatre beside thep 31 HR 1975
buoyancy, an atmosphere of true excitement. Within half an hour almost all the women were drunk, a yardstick Laing had longp 31 HR 1975
they sat down together on her bed Laing knew that, almost as an illustration of the paradoxical logic of the high-risep 38 HR 1975
going on. These informal meetings were soon to have an almost official status, forums at which the residents could air theirp 38 HR 1975
sound of a harsh metallic collision from the ground below, almost as if a car had crashed. A short but unbrokenp 41 HR 1975
the metal bar, shocked and excited at the same time. Almost every balcony on the huge face of the high-rise wasp 41 HR 1975
the mental as well as the physical sense, he was almost certainly the strongest man in the building, and Helen's lackp 47 HR 1975
focus of the lines of force running through the building, almost as if Anthony Royal had deliberately designed his body top 48 HR 1975
rate of erosion little of the high-rise would be left. Almost everything possible was going wrong with the services. He helpedp 50 HR 1975
high-rises. The material about these buildings, visual and sociological, was almost limitless. They would film the exteriors from a helicopter, andp 52 HR 1975
in the restaurant and the high charges that kept out almost everyone but themselves. Above all, it was their subtle patronagep 53 HR 1975
diving board. His body was unusually well muscled, Wilder noticed, almost as if he had been taking a good deal ofp 55 HR 1975
room from the nearby high-rise her slim face had an almost unreal calm, as if she no longer felt herself top 57 HR 1975
Wilder, this brief period away from the apartment building was almost dreamlike in its unreality. He left his car in thep 59 HR 1975
think of what he could do to help her, Wilder almost believed that it was she who was leaving him, ratherp 60 HR 1975
looked up at the face of the high-rise. He could almost pick Out the lights of the 37th floor. He feltp 67 HR 1975
hardening of positions had taken place, and there was now almost no contact between the upper, middle and lower groups. Duringp 75 HR 1975
white jacket. In the fading light his reflection had an almost spectral vibrancy, making him look like an illuminated corpse. ‘We'llp 78 HR 1975
the birds. The gulls followed him eagerly, their strong wings almost knocking the cereal box from his hands. Leaning on hisp 80 HR 1975
into the air. It plummeted towards the ground, in an almost unending downward plunge, until it burst like a white bombp 80 HR 1975
cane. The woman's hands were hidden from sight, and he almost believed that inside the coat her jewelled fingers held ap 82 HR 1975
of his wife, of the possible assaults on her, an almost sexual fever of hazard and revenge tightening his nerves. Inp 85 HR 1975
the time he reached the 10th floor the concourse was almost deserted. A few residents wandered around the shopping mall, staringp 88 HR 1975
He watched Royal with interest, patting one armpit in an almost animal way, as if glad to see Royal here onp 89 HR 1975
than by any indignity suffered by his wife. He had almost made Anne's ordeal certain by deliberately postponing his search forp 90 HR 1975
14th, were now in darkness. Pangbourne congratulated Royal on this, almost as if he believed that Royal was responsible. No onep 92 HR 1975
such as Crosland. On a practical level, being drunk was almost the only way of getting close to Eleanor Powell. Soberp 96 HR 1975
involved with a statistician on the 29th floor, and had almost vacated her apartment. Laing had watched her leave without resentmentp 99 HR 1975
nails. This decline, both of himself and his surroundings, was almost to be welcomed. In a way he was forcing himselfp 100 HR 1975
the elevator car like the entries in a lunatic ledger. Almost everything possible had been vandalized -- lobby mirrors fractured, pay-phonesp 102 HR 1975
sofa upholstery slashed. The degree of vandalism was deliberately excessive, almost as if it served a more important secondary role, disguisingp 102 HR 1975
rectilinear planet whose glassy face he could now see clearly. Almost all the new tenants had moved into their apartments, duplicatingp 103 HR 1975
the stale air he was refreshed by his own odour, almost recognizing parts of his body -- his feet and genitaliap 104 HR 1975
that had once filled him with polite dread, was now almost inviting. This decline in standards of hygiene Laing shared withp 107 HR 1975
always keeping as close to the floor as possible. He almost resented the daylight which the following morning would bring. Thep 109 HR 1975
centre. Few cars now left the parking-lot, and there were almost no free spaces, but Wilder drove up and down thep 113 HR 1975
height, conceivably from the 40th floor. Wilder slowed his car almost to a halt, offering himself as a target. He half-expectedp 115 HR 1975
her thin arms dragging at the furniture. At times he almost suspected that she was deliberately exhausting herself, and that thep 117 HR 1975
that her eyes were surprisingly hard within her small face, almost as if she was amused by her husband's dependence onp 119 HR 1975
indicators to prevent the cars moving up or down, and almost formed a staircase of their own. The walls were coveredp 119 HR 1975
the refuse-strewn corridor. For all the building's derelict state -- almost no water was flowing, the air-conditioning vents were blocked withp 120 HR 1975
barricade than her husband and his ominous disturbances of vision. Almost everything movable in the apartment, however small, she had addedp 124 HR 1975
a surprise!‘ ‘Leave it alone.‘ Roughly, Wilder fended her away, almost knocking her off her feet. In a way, he enjoyedp 124 HR 1975
of the high-rise from the world around it was now almost complete, and would probably coincide with his own arrival atp 131 HR 1975
in future.‘ Mrs Wilder glanced across the table at Royal, almost as if she had felt a flicker of concern forp 134 HR 1975
would put him off his stride. During the past months almost all traces of his accident had vanished, and Royal feltp 134 HR 1975
Standing outside the door, he listened to the distant sounds, almost an electronic parody of a child's crying. They moved throughp 138 HR 1975
everyone present, his neighbours of the past year, and could almost believe that he was attending one of the many cocktailp 141 HR 1975
taken up. Looking down at this unruly gang, Royal could almost believe that he was surrounded by a crowd of semi-literatep 142 HR 1975
expertly refastened. Wiping his hands, he strolled across the roof, almost mimicking Royal's casual saunter. But his eyes were examining Royal'sp 142 HR 1975
dull fog that stretched like a curtain across the sitting-room, almost an extension of his own mind. Not for the firstp 145 HR 1975
music had sharpened Laing's ears, a sensitivity that extended to almost any kind of sound within the building. By contrast hisp 145 HR 1975
took place within the high-rise. As Laing often reminded himself, almost everything that could happen had already taken place. He leftp 146 HR 1975
A faint odour of malt whisky clung to it, an almost intoxicating nostalgia. Laing moved to the next apartment, also abandonedp 151 HR 1975
for since his arrival at the high-rise, suddenly unnerved him, almost as if, at last alone here, he had heard footstepsp 153 HR 1975
been -- envying its shaggy coat. His own body was almost naked, and he rubbed at the lipstick smeared across hisp 155 HR 1975
served as a concealed door. Through this gap appeared an almost bald woman of about seventy. Her tough face peered intop 156 HR 1975
teeth pulled at the stringy meat, the still warm fat almost intoxicating him as he sucked at the skewer. The youngp 159 HR 1975
crowded together on the tiled floor. They followed Royal expectantly, almost as if they had been waiting for him to bringp 163 HR 1975
the pressure of his back against the wall, he could almost believe that he was the first and last occupant ofp 164 HR 1975
as a small child. He wandered around the refurnished rooms, almost expecting to find his childhood toys; a cot and playpenp 165 HR 1975
moment, at least, everything was highly satisfactory. The Alsatian was almost cooked, and a large meal would do the women goodp 169 HR 1975
from the disused barricade, Royal had fallen through the gap, almost knocking Laing to the floor. A small wound had openedp 170 HR 1975
and head off in search of food. But Royal, eyes almost closed, one hand gripping Laing's shoulder, pointed towards the swimming-poolp 170 HR 1975
of runway left, Gould sat back sharply in his seat, almost pulling the aircraft into the air. It rose steeply overp 828 LFA 1975
section of any one of a hundred abandoned roads. ‘It's almost too quiet now,‘ Judith said. ‘Have you seen the practicantep 829 LFA 1975
he had looked forward to this last pregnancy, seeing it almost as a challenge, a game played against enormous odds forp 829 LFA 1975
if of a questionable kind, at full flood in an almost depopulated world. ‘Richard -- come on. You look dead. Let'sp 829 LFA 1975
reassuring about the emptiness. He felt more at ease here, almost alone in this forgotten town. As they stood together byp 830 LFA 1975
was another young woman within half a mile of him almost derailed Forrester's mind. Five minutes later he saw the girlp 831 LFA 1975
animal species also affected. In fact, birth-rates had soared, but almost all the offspring were seriously deformed. Forrester remembered the firstp 833 LFA 1975
Looking back at the town, he realized that he was almost certainly its last visitor. The continued breakdown of the Europeanp 833 LFA 1975
dark interior. Obviously she knew what he was thinking, and almost seemed to be encouraging him with her flirtatious darlings top 834 LFA 1975
the last moment, when the cataract of concrete blocks was almost below the wheels, Gould pulled back on the stick. Thep 837 LFA 1975
to see something in his face. There was something grotesque, almost comic, about this mongoloid girl surveying the world with herp 837 LFA 1975
crossed the bridge the young woman emerged from the hangar, almost invisible in her dark shawl. Forrester walked towards her, listeningp 840 LFA 1975
or Polanski, that will be the climax of this film almost derails my mind. I listen to the faint susurrus ofp 856 60Z 1976
complex of ciphers that would send a semiologist into trance. Almost no sky surrounds the hotel, and half the lurid electrographicp 857 60Z 1976
her first appearance as the star of this film, I almost fail to notice that a man in a red bath-robep 857 60Z 1976
examining their teeth in the dressing-table mirrors. These commonplace but almost meaningless activities have an extraordinary fascination, for years I havep 858 60Z 1976
and walks straight through the suite to the front door. Almost before I stifle a shout she has disappeared into thep 859 60Z 1976
ten feet from the facade of the hotel, I can almost reach out and touch the balconies. Only three of thep 860 60Z 1976
forms of the settee, walls and ceiling. In this context almost anything is possible, their movements are a series of posturalp 861 60Z 1976
and the upper section of her chest and shoulders. An almost undifferentiated whiteness fills the lens, marred by the blue hollowp 862 60Z 1976
calm, she has turned on one elbow. The sharp movement almost jars the camera, and I realize that far from beingp 862 60Z 1976
the movements of this mysterious intruder, the articulated volumes of almost unrelated forms. Only a white field is now visible, detachedp 862 60Z 1976
the structure of these microwaves was analysed by computer. This almost intangible electromagnetic system unmistakably exhibited a complex and continuously changingp 842 LDG 1976
it regulate its conduct. Marital infidelities, promiscuity and divorce had almost vanished. Curiously, there was also a drop in the numberp 844 LDG 1976
continued, people turned to the United Faith Assembly. Mysteriously, however, almost all churches were closed, mosques and synagogues, shrines and templesp 847 LDG 1976
towards Loughlin's erratic mental behaviour and incipient alcoholism. It is almost certain that but for her death she would have divorcedp 853 NTM 1976
straightforward description of the events leading up to his trial, almost certainly indicates the author's real intent in compiling his ambiguousp 855 NTM 1976
describe with unusual clarity a sequence of events that might almost have taken place. The patient seems trapped between what hisp 855 NTM 1976
through the sulphur-stained windows at the few remnants on display. Almost everything had gone, except for a clutch of ragged Victorianp 865 S 1976
King's Road. Against a lustrous blue field, a cerulean of almost Pacific deepness, the gold and silver patterning rose from thep 865 S 1976
from the floor at her feet, so rich that I almost expected the gown to surge up and engulf her. Byp 865 S 1976
which the nostrils, ears and lips had been modelled -- almost by an act of sexual love -- together these representedp 866 S 1976
it as a time of perpetual good humour, in which almost every aspect of my life was enriched by Serena's presencep 866 S 1976
something rather melancholy about her rounded shoulders and inclined head, almost as if she had fallen from favour. As I turnedp 867 S 1976
within my reach, smiling at me with an expression that almost convinced me she responded to my feelings. My social lifep 868 S 1976
presents at her feet. For a moment her hands seemed almost to touch, as if applauding my efforts. Bending below thep 868 S 1976
Serena gazed straight into his face, her freshly painted lips almost moist with anticipation. Unmistakably, the young man was murmuring ap 870 S 1976
on her gilt chair in the still brilliant gown, I almost believed that she had set out to catch and overtakep 871 S 1976
eyelid has partly closed, and gives her ashen face an almost cadaverous look. Her hands have continued on their slow collisionp 872 S 1976
the glider rose steeply, carried upwards by a cold hand, almost falling on to its back in the rush of windp 873 UC 1976
subsided he began to move the glider across the sky, almost feeling his father's presence in its powerful span. The sailplanep 874 UC 1976
fuselage-members far in excess of any wing-loading they might need, almost as if they were designed to carry some secret cargop 875 UC 1976
an intoxicating smell at once dirty and exhilarating -- had almost knocked him off his feet. What he remembered above allp 878 UC 1976
pigeons had taken over the silent city, and Halloway could almost believe that he had entered a vast bird-sanctuary. Thousands ofp 879 UC 1976
down in the rear seat. In this warm, stale air, almost unchanged for thirty years, he rested quietly, massaging his bruisedp 880 UC 1976
interchanges and bridge approaches, sixty-storey hotels and office-blocks. Between them, almost out of sight on the ground level, was a decayingp 883 UC 1976
down, he plunged across the grass verge, the concrete kerb almost rolling the truck on to its side, It hurtled forwardp 888 UC 1976
there were windows in the cabin the air outside was almost opaque, as if they were contained by yet another buildingp 889 UC 1976
seemed about to speak, but checked himself. In one hand, almost hidden between his slim fingers, was a pocket calculator. Withp 889 UC 1976
park. There are five million cars in this city alone. Almost every tank still has a little gas in it. Hallowayp 891 UC 1976
Halloway turned and made a second run through the poppies, almost standing at the wheel as they hurtled through the whirlingp 894 UC 1976
for the jungle to return. In some way she seemed almost at odds with her father, trying to undo his workp 899 UC 1976
the road. Working the levers and throttle with hard and almost spasm-like thrusts of his arms and shoulders, Stillman drove thep 900 UC 1976
and dynamism he had expected. But the music was different. Almost every apartment seemed to be a broadcasting station of itsp 903 UC 1976
the apartment block, repairing the elevator and air-conditioning units. With almost magical ease he moved around the building, opening fuse-boxes, trailingp 903 UC 1976
He watched the arc-lights pulse briefly and then blaze out, almost over-heating the sunshine. For all the old industrialist's caution, Hallowayp 904 UC 1976
and laying out their complex camping equipment. Luckily, it was almost dusk when they finally reached the central square. On thep 909 UC 1976
in the portico of a deserted bank, their slim figures almost hidden by the high columns, were two boys in theirp 910 UC 1976
commodity of the city, and demand for it was insatiable. Almost every one of the new inhabitants now owned three orp 912 UC 1976
seeing him clearly for the first time. Annoyed by his almost disdainful attitude, Halloway was tempted to strike the mute. Butp 917 UC 1976
and stores, the bars and amusement arcades close themselves down. Almost everyone had left now, as the young people made theirp 924 UC 1976
Show, with shaggy monsters growling and rolling their eyeballs. I almost expected Kermit and Miss Piggy to swoop in and introducep 16 UGM 1977
has been the life and death of the space age. Almost twenty years ago to the day, October 1957, I switchedp 224 UGM 1977
a chamber-pot. Here he spent the next forty-eight hours with almost no sleep, food or exercise, stripped of his watch andp 268 UGM 1977
the camp with a group of fellow-internees, staring in an almost mesmerized way at the deserted road and at the untendedp 925 DT 1977
After a pause, he nodded at the Japanese officer. Then, almost as an afterthought, he said, ‘You can drive a truckp 929 DT 1977
three days in the gendarmerie barracks we had been given almost nothing to eat, and I now picked at the boiledp 930 DT 1977
from us in the sluggish current. Pulling them down had almost exhausted me, but the first sips of the said boltedp 932 DT 1977
the first sips of the said bolted through my bloodstream, almost as intoxicating as the boiled rice I had eaten. Thep 932 DT 1977
like a party of exhausted bathers, in a strange way almost refreshed by their journey down the canal. The blood hadp 933 DT 1977
her the washed robes of the young nun had an almost spectral blackness, which gave her white hands and face anp 933 DT 1977
them up the bank and lifting them into the truck almost exhausted me, and when I had finished I sat numblyp 935 DT 1977
refracted and amplified by the odours of my own body, almost as if my hunger and exhaustion were acting as thep 935 DT 1977
their eyes as they had watched me leave, and I almost regretted that I had not taken them with me. Farp 935 DT 1977
chance whatever of catching up with him, and he was almost certainly speeding through the suburbs of Shanghai for a firstp 935 DT 1977
yellowing faces between my feet, I realized that I recognized almost all of them -- the nuns and the Chinese couplep 935 DT 1977
a curious kind of comfort that we were all together, almost a sense of security at the presence of my ‘familyp 936 DT 1977
asleep beside a broad canal whose brown surface had turned almost carmine in the fading light. In front of me werep 936 DT 1977
place spanned a few hours or many weeks. I was almost sure that by now the war should have been overp 937 DT 1977
of my son across the carpet, I can see that almost everything I have assembled so lovingly during the past yearsp 946 ICU 1977
and slim mouth were set in a face that was almost ashen. I realized that, unlike myself and everyone else, shep 948 ICU 1977
two feet in diameter, which filled my television screen. An almost Victorian code of visual ethics governed the doctor/patient relationshipp 948 ICU 1977
feet from me I could see her clearly, but I almost failed to realize that this was the wife to whomp 951 ICU 1977
was a curiously searching look in her eye, an element almost of hostility that I had never seen before. Without thinkingp 951 ICU 1977
other as their chief targets, just as David has vented almost all his hostility on me. I had not expected thep 952 ICU 1977
way be connected with the odd young woman. He could almost believe that she was some new kind of urban terroristp 990 MA 1978
into this world without shadows, bathing the chamber in an almost submarine glow. He had been reviewing a programme of redubbedp 994 MA 1978
had noticed the previous week. For some reason he was almost sure that the man had no intention of attacking himp 994 MA 1978
the intruder's breathing, so rested that his mysterious visitor seemed almost to be part of everyday life in the solarium. Surep 995 MA 1978
solarium, Pangborn stared at the footprint. The man's foot was almost the size of his own, with the same overlarge andp 995 MA 1978
man had taken a book from his shelf -- the almost unobtainable text of the original dialogue of The Third Manp 995 MA 1978
painting, and in the architecture of large structures. Indeed, Pangborn almost visualized them openly sharing the solarium, embarking together on theirp 996 MA 1978
or preservative. But after a few more sips he had almost gagged. Carefully emptying the cup into the wash-basin, he discoveredp 996 MA 1978
ever-closer focus, Pangborn felt himself rising beyond anger into an almost sexual lust for the intruder's death, the first erotic impulsep 998 MA 1978
close watch on the beach. Six feet away from him, almost hidden by his grey uniform in the shadows behind thep 975 OAU 1978
was dead. His blond hair had been bleached to an almost arctic pallor. He appeared to be no more than nineteenp 975 OAU 1978
eyes were watching him. Of a blanched blue from which almost all pigment had been washed away, they had turned fromp 976 OAU 1978
Sie ...‘ The voice was flat, as if coming off an almost erased recording tape. ‘Wieviel Uhr ist es?‘ He looked upp 976 OAU 1978
he had taken to carrying the weapon everywhere with him, almost as if he detected a change of atmosphere in thep 977 OAU 1978
warm, and the air coming off the beach had an almost carnival sparkle. As usual, though, by the time he reachedp 977 OAU 1978
time he reached the blockhouse the temperature had dropped by almost ten degrees, as if this black concrete redoubt existed withinp 978 OAU 1978
blockhouse, taking coffee, soup and cigarettes. The young German had almost recovered, and had moved the machine-gun closer to the parapetp 979 OAU 1978
the window. A faint chance still remained. He remembered the almost provocative way in which Angela had watched him across thep 980 OAU 1978
his hands and face retained their albino-like whiteness, he seemed almost to have put on weight. He moved easily around thep 980 OAU 1978
and he was aware of Heller watching him with an almost obsessive intensity. For days he had been numbed by thep 985 Z2 1978
and her companions. They had watched the murder with an almost dreamlike calm, as if Heller's deranged cruelty revealed the secretp 986 Z2 1978
little more than the equivalent of £50, and was arrested almost immediately by the police. Sustained by his girl-friend, Nicole, ap 42 UGM 1979
we ever discover alien life in outer space? The answer, almost certainly, is: ‘Yes -- in the year 2022. It willp 228 UGM 1979
of reporters besieging the astronauts‘ wives, ever afraid? The answer, almost certainly is: no. Not, according to The Right Stuff thanksp 273 UGM 1979
Miriam ...!‘ The young doctor who revived me when I had almost drowned. All have left me now. Beckoning the birds top 8 UDC 1979
in the last micro-seconds before an immense disaster. I was almost convinced that a huge airliner had crashed on to thisp 18 UDC 1979
place my mouth against her breast. For a moment I almost believed that I was her suitor, and that I hadp 21 UDC 1979
Through the deep glare that illuminated the river, now an almost lunar domain without shadows, I could see the priest watchingp 22 UDC 1979
the shallow water in his bare feet, showing off his almost naked body to me. His casual paddling had a seriousp 25 UDC 1979
sitting with their rackets on the grass. Their faces seemed almost hostile. Seen through this strange light, the placid town intop 26 UDC 1979
years ago she's spent all her time by the window, almost as if he were out here somewhere. Next time youp 27 UDC 1979
cheeks and forehead, poked into my mouth and nostrils. I almost enjoyed the sharp pain as she touched my lips. Ip 30 UDC 1979
in her office she deliberately turned her back to me, almost inviting me to hold her waist. She was still confusedp 31 UDC 1979
her hands never left me. I watched her in an almost dream-like way while she pressed my shoulders against the X-rayp 31 UDC 1979
she was attracted to me but at the same time almost disgusted, as if fascinated by something in an open gravep 33 UDC 1979
eleven minutes. We all thought you'd died.‘ ‘Had I?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Almost shouting, she angrily struck my hand. ‘You died ...! And thenp 34 UDC 1979
were a few midnight couples. Behind the kiosk were the almost empty cages of a modest zoo. Two threadbare vultures satp 42 UDC 1979
crash had jerked loose from my psyche, but by an almost brotherly intimacy with his body, with his thighs and shouldersp 44 UDC 1979
some barely formed but powerful dream. He pointed to the almost stationary traffic, the lines of cars stalled in clouds ofp 46 UDC 1979
her body. Before she left she paused by the window. Almost absent-mindedly, she said: ‘There's a vulture on the lawn. Twop 65 UDC 1979
I waved to her she stared at me in an almost fixated way. Her father stepped into the road, warning mep 69 UDC 1979
of a favourite niece. He seemed so preoccupied that I almost believed he had forgotten he was the priest of thisp 72 UDC 1979
I thought you'd come.‘ He stared at my clerical suit, almost hoping not to recognize me. ‘You're Blake, the pilot whop 73 UDC 1979
I happily watched the blood spring from my knuckles. An almost homo-erotic excitement had seized me. I dragged the last ofp 76 UDC 1979
This will have to be confirmed, of course, but I'm almost sure that it's part of the fore-limb of a primitivep 78 UDC 1979
not, Blake! You freed yourself!‘ He held my shoulders tightly, almost trying to provoke me to stand up for myself. ‘Blakep 79 UDC 1979
But I do know that you survived. In fact I almost believe that it was not death you survived but lifep 79 UDC 1979
themselves and sailed off as immense sea-turtles with rolling carapaces. Almost all Shepperton had joined me in this new realm. Ip 87 UDC 1979
see the whale?‘ She shook her head, staring in an almost desperate way at the screaming fulmars. ‘Frightening creatures -- youp 91 UDC 1979
from Shepperton. Already I felt committed to the people here, almost as if I was their pastor. The unseen powers whop 93 UDC 1979
man. Her evident interest in him confused me, and I almost felt rejected by her. She was complimenting him on somethingp 95 UDC 1979
the window. A brilliant light filled the park with an almost electric glare, as if one of the location units fromp 99 UDC 1979
is about to soar, Blake -- do you realize that almost every patient this morning was obsessed with the idea ofp 99 UDC 1979
impulse that had propelled them here. I soon saw that almost all their ailments were mental in origin -- my fallp 102 UDC 1979
presided over my crash. At the same time I felt almost light-headed about everything, like a groom before his wedding, ap 103 UDC 1979
Cloud step from her sports car and stare in an almost mesmerized way at the plundered racks of wedding gowns. Asp 110 UDC 1979
chasing her friends among the washing machines and television sets. Almost swooning, I raised my fists against an excited mother whop 111 UDC 1979
time a nervous air shivered the leaves and flowers. An almost electric unease hung over the silent park, unsettling the warmp 114 UDC 1979
I had roused myself from a deep and undisturbed rest, almost surprised to find the quiet bedroom still around me. Thep 124 UDC 1979
god had appeared ... I felt the bruises on my chest, almost convinced now that it was Stark who had revived mep 137 UDC 1979
king-bird.‘ His dreamy eyes roved across my body in an almost erotic fever. ‘What do you say, Blake? A condor, forp 139 UDC 1979
The younger of the girls shrugged her shoulders in an almost hysterical way as the manageress emerged with a metal cash-boxp 141 UDC 1979
resplendent wedding gown. Her eyes were open, but she seemed almost to be asleep, staring at me like a happy childp 151 UDC 1979
a flying machine that would carry me away? I was almost sure now that my powers were limitless, that I wasp 154 UDC 1979
I had taken. Her strong body seized mine with an almost violent embrace. I felt her long thighs and hard hipsp 160 UDC 1979
towns of the Thames Valley, even to London itself. I almost welcomed the arrival of the television cameras and newspaper reportersp 165 UDC 1979
the bruises on my lips and chest, and I could almost believe that I had worn this grotesque bird-costume once beforep 180 UDC 1979
I stepped down from the taxi, tottering below the head-dress. Almost strangled by the mouth-strap of the helmet, I was unablep 181 UDC 1979
right, Blake. I know that.‘ He spoke quietly, in an almost patient tone. ‘Anyway, you're not dead -- I saw thosep 186 UDC 1979
the shadowy arbour, deformed cherubs in a mortuary garden. An almost tangible miasma had settled over Shepperton. The trees were coveredp 193 UDC 1979
the sun-terrace. ‘Blake, before you go ...‘ He spoke in an almost adult voice. ‘Would you say goodbye to them?‘ Following thisp 203 UDC 1979
gave myself away. Time to Fly Alone now, blind and almost deaf, the tongue missing from my throat, I shuffled throughp 205 UDC 1979
around me and the dark leaves of the rhododendrons were almost white. I walked towards the river, an archangel moving amongp 212 UDC 1979
The park was deserted, the houses empty. The Cessna was almost submerged, its wings tipping below the sweeping tide. As Ip 220 UDC 1979
I saw her in a very different light. Indeed, it's almost inconceivable that this should be the same young woman whomp 1000 HFF 1980
name suggested a sinister combination of faith-healing and religious charlatanry, almost expressly designed to take advantage of a mentally unbalanced heiressp 1001 HFF 1980
deliberately drained. Her eyes stared back at mine with an almost unnerving intensity, as if she had swiftly identified me andp 1003 HFF 1980
read as a child.‘ She led me into the library. Almost the entire stock of books had been removed, and ap 1004 HFF 1980
is still legal by qualified physicians, though disapproved of by almost the entire profession. This is more than a dangerous toyp 1006 HFF 1980
drifting eyes looked up at me with an expression of almost knowing calm, as if she recognized me and was waitingp 1008 HFF 1980
hard to believe that these strange events ever occurred. It's almost unnerving -- she's looking straight at me. But does shep 1009 HFF 1980
Presley alienates his biographer's sympathies at every turn. In fact, almost everything about Presley is present in this biography except hisp 39 UGM 1981
the ghetto, and ushered in a new audience which he almost singlehandedly recruited from intelligent readers of general fiction who untilp 189 UGM 1981
and interviews, Amis has vented an increasingly bilious contempt for almost everything science fiction has produced. As he writes in hisp 189 UGM 1981
writers began to explore the psychological realm of inner space. Almost the only writer to turn to sociological satire was Amisp 189 UGM 1981
science fiction seems bound up with his growing hatred of almost everything else that has happened in the world since thenp 190 UGM 1981
phase it has ever known. The New Wave, along with almost all the more intelligent magazines and anthologies, has long sincep 190 UGM 1981
at it just once, even if it blinds you!‘ He almost tipped Wayne from his hammock. Steadying himself against the metalp 7 HA 1981
light to the glittering field below. For a moment Wayne almost believed that these long-silent avenues and expressways had carpeted themselvesp 8 HA 1981
happened.‘ He gazed thoughtfully at Wayne, his shrewd, navigator's face almost serious, set in a curious expression Wayne was to rememberp 12 HA 1981
aboard the Apollo, Wayne felt a sudden sense of companionship, almost of commitment to his fellow passengers who had braved thep 14 HA 1981
and given her toneless face and high, pale forehead an almost schoolgirlish glow. Wayne was her greatest admirer. Once, to herp 15 HA 1981
them. Checking their speed, he glanced at Wayne in an almost conspiratorial way. The Apollo was now racing like a twelve-metrep 16 HA 1981
swayed lightly on his sturdy legs, eyes fixed in an almost mesmerised way on the wreck-strewn water in front of themp 18 HA 1981
silent windows in the downtown office blocks, and off the almost liquid back of the gold dust gleaming in the streetsp 18 HA 1981
shudder, leaning on its starboard side like an injured whale. Almost motionless in the water, it swung slowly in the windp 19 HA 1981
drowned bride, was the statue of an immense reclining woman. Almost as long as the Apollo she rested on a bedp 20 HA 1981
sand lay ten feet deep, undisturbed by any footstep for almost a century, smoothed by the onshore winds and covered withp 23 HA 1981
lay over the sunlit dunes. The sand was now an almost liquid bronze in the late afternoon. A desert sea hadp 24 HA 1981
the past century the small American colony in Scotland had almost been assimilated into the local community, but McNair had alwaysp 25 HA 1981
stowaway spent going through the old Time and Look magazines, almost drugged by the lavish advertisements. Then there had been thep 28 HA 1981
of the Fleming expedition, he lifted one of the receivers, almost expecting to hear the warning voice of his long-lost fatherp 38 HA 1981
right!‘ The engineer was covered with the bright sand. An almost metallic film had caked itself into the mud on hisp 38 HA 1981
sunbaked wilderness that stretched as far as the Catskills and almost certainly well beyond them. Here and there, in Jonkers andp 41 HA 1981
in the Middle East and the Soviet Union, were themselves almost exhausted. Every industrial nation in the world had now introducedp 46 HA 1981
the violence and looting of the dying metropolis. However, with almost no sources of energy available, existence soon became untenable exceptp 47 HA 1981
tame this wilderness, in some way make it bloom again. Almost three hundred yards away now, Sterner rode his black marep 52 HA 1981
glass windows looking out on to the cracked lake-bed were almost opaque with dirt. The dust of years hung in swathesp 58 HA 1981
not as a young stowaway, but as a man of almost her own age. Wayne was glad to be of usep 60 HA 1981
Wayne, I'm sorry to see her go -- but we're almost out of oats. Sooner or later we'll have to tradep 79 HA 1981
must have been a huge ground-surge through the rocky mantle, almost a tectonic shift. You could see Manhattan tremble. Looking outp 85 HA 1981
the commissar. The Captain was smiling to himself in an almost euphoric way, as if he had secretly bartered their equipmentp 87 HA 1981
Inn off Interstate 66. A long desert day, small towns almost invisible in the yellow haze, much more intense than itp 88 HA 1981
water around in rusty cisterns and roof tanks, brackish but almost drinkable. Steiner had just suggested that we abandon the water-wagonp 89 HA 1981
none of us was too disappointed, I think we were almost relieved to find that the Mississippi was dry. We movep 94 HA 1981
air. We have entered the area of deepest desert, an almost abstract landscape. We must be somewhere near the centre ofp 94 HA 1981
unhappy day. Things are starting to fall apart, we're spending almost all our time hunting for water. Everything is arid herep 95 HA 1981
headstone. He looked at the town below, at the rooftops almost hidden by the glaring sunlight of the surrounding dunes. Hep 100 HA 1981
second mirage of the Great American Desert. High above him, almost filling the cloudless, cobalt sky, was the enormous figure ofp 101 HA 1981
him Anne Summers clung to a machine-gun bracket, her skin almost green with vertigo. Wayne glanced over his shoulder at thep 106 HA 1981
real character of Steiner's betrayal. Curiously, he felt no resentment, almost as if Steiner's callous abandonment of the expedition had beenp 111 HA 1981
facades of the casinos in Fremont Street glowed with an almost hallucinatory intensity, but below the Golden Nugget, the Mint andp 122 HA 1981
but he seemed far younger than Wayne, his stern face almost hidden under the huge vizor of a helicopter pilot's yellowp 128 HA 1981
screaming squad-car and the blaze of lights, Las Vegas was almost empty. ‘Still, you've made a start. Already you have anp 133 HA 1981
door he heard Manson call out for the last time, almost plaintively from the edge of sleep. ‘You'll stay, Wayne. Stayp 139 HA 1981
with him, perhaps some kind of psychosomatic asthma -- I almost get the impression he's been alone so long that otherp 148 HA 1981
kilometres per day. Listening to this endless monologue, Wayne had almost despaired of the President. Manson seemed totally unable to graspp 163 HA 1981
had begun to display his unease by a compulsive gambling. Almost every evening now, after his return from the nuclear testingp 163 HA 1981
him. It tugged gently at its tethering lines, at times almost invisible. In the centre of the thirty-foot wingspan was anp 176 HA 1981
That leg is stronger, now, I can see. Wayne, you're almost ready to try out the first of the Fliers.‘ ‘Wellp 181 HA 1981
under strain, and a gunship scrambled overhead, its frantic blades almost vertical in the sky. Hard behind it came a smallp 184 HA 1981
along the Strip. Somehow he had to reach the airport, almost certainly the new operations centre, with luck he would findp 190 HA 1981
above Las Vegas shut out beyond a wall of static almost all the incoming transmissions from the Malibu and Phoenix expeditionsp 194 HA 1981
facades of the great hotels and casinos blazed in an almost molten fury. Already, however, the lights were going out. Asp 199 HA 1981
strode towards the darkened facade of the hotel, which was almost invisible behind a matted carapace of ferns and lianas. Somewherep 203 HA 1981
the War Table.‘ Manson gestured him forward, smiling in an almost lewd way. The names of cities raced across his lipsp 206 HA 1981
of a forest river. Wayne watched the cruise with admiration, almost urging it on its way. The missile was altering coursep 209 HA 1981
clearing, the huge rocket was moving into a vertical mode, almost as if targeting itself on ... ‘The house? Which one, sirp 216 HA 1981
colleagues past the Holiday Inn. There was a warm and almost child-like smile on Manson's face, as if he was awarep 224 HA 1981
its still spinning propeller, Franklin held off the starboard wing, almost tearing the doped fabric. ‘Doctor! You've already grounded me oncep 1013 NFS 1981
curiously dead gaze of a psychopath. His pallid skin was almost luminous, as if after ending his career as an astronautp 1013 NFS 1981
is.‘ Slade stared at Franklin with sudden concern and the almost boyish smile of a pupil before a favourite teacher. ‘Therep 1014 NFS 1981
lens of Marion in a hotel bathroom, her white body almost merging into the tiles of the shower stall; a fadedp 1016 NFS 1981
exact record of its duration. A crude device, he was almost glad that he would soon escape from time altogether. Thoughp 1018 NFS 1981
car. As he drove towards Las Vegas the desert seemed almost lunar in the evening light. No one came to Nevadap 1020 NFS 1981
among the hotels, a glistening flight path that he could almost touch with his hands. Steadying himself against the hard pavementp 1022 NFS 1981
begun as he tripped over the tyre, and had lasted almost an hour. For her own reasons Marion was pretending thatp 1022 NFS 1981
last three days, calmly watching time run through my fingers. Almost convinces me that the fugues are a good thing, ap 1025 NFS 1981
the 11 a.m. fugue there was a curious after-image, almost a pentecostal presence, a vaguely bio-morphic blur that hung inp 1026 NFS 1981
time. I'm not the only one affected. Las Vegas is almost deserted, everyone has retreated indoors. The old geologist and hisp 1026 NFS 1981
days go by in a blur of dawns and sunsets. Almost continuously eating, or I'll die of starvation. I only hopep 1027 NFS 1981
cold engine. The temperature dial became his clock. It was almost noon when he reached the air base. The clinic wasp 1027 NFS 1981
he were forcing himself to breathe. Watching him, Franklin could almost believe that Slade had held back the fugues by ap 1028 NFS 1981
from his face and beard. He had been unconscious for almost two hours, part-concussion and part-fugue, and the harsh, noon lightp 1030 NFS 1981
felt the blisters on his eyelids, lymph-filled sacs that had almost closed his orbits. Any more fugues and he would diep 1030 NFS 1981
of photons crowded around him. A third kite appeared, joined almost at once by half a dozen more. But Franklin wasp 1031 NFS 1981
Slade waited for you, doctor. He waited for months. He's almost out of time now -- I think he only hasp 1032 NFS 1981
the series of calamities that form his later life was almost consciously set up to provoke that poignant regret. During thep 110 UGM 1982
past, only fifty feet above its mirrored roof, he had almost expected to see Marie Antoinette herself, in a Golden Nuggetp 1061 MNF 1982
forest climbed the Florida peninsula and closed around them. Then, almost in the shadow of the Apollo 12 gantry, Sheppard hadp 1062 MNF 1982
age, the woman fled lightly along the ground and seemed almost to be trying to fly. Confused by the noise ofp 1062 MNF 1982
popular name and the first real clue to the disease. Almost without exception, the victims became convinced that they had oncep 1065 MNF 1982
Roger, this forest is filled with a deep marine light, almost as if the dark lagoons that once covered the Floridap 1067 MNF 1982
carried a battery charger from an untended appliance store, Sheppard almost bumped into a former mission controller who had frequently appearedp 1070 MNF 1982
paused, and gazed back at Sheppard, with the frank and almost impatient expression of an old friend who had long sincep 1071 MNF 1982
disease of the mouth or jaw, but his face seemed almost adolescent and at the same time aged by some strangep 1071 MNF 1982
ambiguous message he had sent up into the fierce air. Almost tripping over the woman's shadow, Sheppard paused to gaze aroundp 1072 MNF 1982
was far closer to him than he remembered. It seemed almost vertical, constructed of cubicular blocks a mile in width, thep 1072 MNF 1982
him intently, eyes shielded from the terrifying glare. He felt almost light-headed as he gestured proudly at the angular geometry ofp 1077 MNF 1982
road, already an uneven jungle path. Here on Merrit Island, almost within the sweeping shadows of the great gantries, the forestp 1079 MNF 1982
leaves, sending a glimmer of light reverberating among the trees. Almost at once there was a flurry of activity from ap 1080 MNF 1982
furnished with extravagant frescoes, a palace without walls. He had almost ceased to breathe. Here, at the centre of the spacep 1081 MNF 1982
fumbled with the door to the cage, confused by the almost funereal glimmer that had begun to emanate from Elaine's bodyp 1083 MNF 1982
by the pavilion, looking out at the silent world. An almost tangible amber sea lay over the sandbars of Cape Kennedyp 1083 MNF 1982
is as far from Florida as you can go. It's almost the exact antipodes. Edward, my sister lives in Perth. Ip 1038 MSA 1982
moving at an erratic pace, at moments backing up and almost coming to a halt. One day it would stop, freezep 1040 MSA 1982
so did memory. He looked at his few possessions, now almost meaningless -- the tape machine on which he recorded hisp 1040 MSA 1982
he had lost sight of the glider. Its delicate wings, almost as long as an airliner's, had drifted across the forestp 1042 MSA 1982
grass beside the alligator pit. Time was slowing now, coming almost to a halt. Mallory hung in mid-step, his bare feetp 1044 MSA 1982
of his strong nose and his scarred lips were blanched almost silver in the wind. He had gone beyond exhaustion andp 1050 MSA 1982
days of aviation. As they circled the launch platform Mallory almost expected to see a crowd of Edwardian aviators thronging thisp 1051 MSA 1982
there are long periods when she is clearly in an almost stationary world, a series of occasionally varying static tableaux. Thenp 1054 MSA 1982
the tiger in Gale's zoo, in fact have a mind almost equal to those of Freud and Leonardo? Perhaps all thatp 1055 MSA 1982
had seen in their journey across the continent. He could almost believe that he was driving through Florida again, through thep 1057 MSA 1982
grass beside his chair. The spray of water was now almost stationary, like the glider and the wind and the watchingp 1059 MSA 1982
of charged particles that soared across the forest. She had almost ceased to eat, and Mallory was glad that once herp 1059 MSA 1982
station, and this awareness fills us with feelings that are almost religious. Our instruments confirm what we have long suspected, thatp 1088 RUS 1982
the real evolution of the motor car has taken place almost entirely at skin level. Leaving the trivial matter of transportationp 232 UGM 1984
them, Jim's father noted wryly, owned by American oil companies. Almost all the American women and children had been evacuated fromp 15 ES 1984
mother. As he listened to the war news he became almost lightheaded. A fierce affection had sprung up between his parentsp 19 ES 1984
than the Webleys. The wooden holsters hung to their knees, almost like rifle-scabbards. Jim watched the Japanese sergeant at the checkpointp 23 ES 1984
used his fists to drive back the Chinese. He was almost overwhelmed by the peasants struggling with their carts and rickshawsp 23 ES 1984
the face of a Japanese corporal and chanting ‘Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta ...‘ For almost a minute the corporal had stared at Jim's father withoutp 25 ES 1984
like the slipstreams of invisible aircraft. Listening carefully, Jim could almost hear the sounds of their engines turning. He launched thep 30 ES 1984
When they reached the hangar his father tightly embraced Jim, almost trying to hurt him, as if Jim had been lostp 35 ES 1984
of the Idzumo all belonged to a make-believe realm. He almost expected Yang to saunter into the ward and tell himp 51 ES 1984
grasp of this small English boy. In fact Jim recognized almost all the Japanese aircraft. British newsreels of the Sino-Japanese Warp 53 ES 1984
Gable and Vivien Leigh rose on their scaffolding above an almost life-size replica of burning Atlanta. Chinese carpenters were cutting downp 59 ES 1984
leaves and dead insects, and the level had fallen by almost three feet, draping a scummy curtain on the sides. Cigarettep 62 ES 1984
itself around Jim when he walked through the deserted house. Almost forgotten scents, a faint taste of carpet, reminded him ofp 64 ES 1984
ambled about the empty house, and watched the water level almost imperceptibly falling in the swimming-pool. The food in the refrigeratorp 65 ES 1984
side of the Avenue Joffre was the Shell Company's compound, almost all of its houses occupied by British employees. Jim andp 70 ES 1984
as nervous of the Japanese as everyone else. Jim was almost knocked from his cycle in the Nanking Road by twop 79 ES 1984
trickle of water from the bathroom taps had made him almost drunk, the same sensation he had known before the warp 79 ES 1984
fires. He watched silently as they ate their midday meal. Almost always they left a little rice and fish for himp 85 ES 1984
a week Jim was dependent on this Japanese patrol for almost all his food. More of the houses in the Columbiap 85 ES 1984
the freighter. When he reached the ship the sampan had almost submerged. He seized the starboard rail below the bridge andp 90 ES 1984
the heap of metal parts. His large head and shoulders almost filled the cabin, and he slumped restlessly in the canvasp 94 ES 1984
He distrusted them all, and their strange children, who looked almost English but could speak only Chinese. Jim was determined top 111 ES 1984
emaciated ribs were like a birdcage in which Jim could almost see his heart fluttering. ‘Well done, lad ...‘ He gave Jimp 113 ES 1984
he had seen in the clouds above Shanghai. He could almost summon them into his vision, a silver fleet on thep 120 ES 1984
collar of his seaman's jacket, so self-effacing as to be almost invisible. He had erased himself from the small world ofp 122 ES 1984
disused canal. Wild grass and nettles grew through its wings, almost invading the cockpit, but the squadron insignia were still legiblep 130 ES 1984
been inflamed by the sun and the flies, and had almost closed his eye. Standing there stoically, he reminded Jim ofp 134 ES 1984
as Private Kimura, a large-boned farmer's son who had grown almost as much as Jim in his years at the campp 163 ES 1984
huts and water tower, at the guardhouse and dormitory blocks, almost afraid that he had been banished from them forever. Drp 164 ES 1984
rations of the past year -- the Japanese guards were almost as badly fed as their British and American prisoners --p 165 ES 1984
creature contained at least a pound of meat, and Basie, almost certainly, would know a special recipe for turtle. Jim couldp 167 ES 1984
arm. He disliked and slightly feared Richard Pearce, who was almost as big as himself. He envied Richard the extra Japanesep 170 ES 1984
he had forgotten their faces. The Cubicle ‘Young Jim ...!‘ An almost naked man wearing clogs and ragged shorts shouted to himp 171 ES 1984
wheels. Although the cart carried no load, its handles had almost wrenched the man's arms from their sockets. He spoke top 171 ES 1984
unknown English couple, perhaps dead in an air raid, had almost become his mother and father. Jim knew that they werep 175 ES 1984
Jim cupped his hands over the sweet potato. He was almost too hungry to enjoy the grey pith, but he gazedp 183 ES 1984
snatch the shell back from Dr Ransome. He was now almost as tall as the physician and in many ways strongerp 197 ES 1984
of the missionary widows, caught him as he swayed forward, almost swooning before the image of this archangelic figure fallen amongp 200 ES 1984
of the weather, the British prisoners in E Block spent almost all their time in their bunks. A few were toop 214 ES 1984
Ransome remark, that their value continued to rise even though almost all the prisoners in the camp were either impotent orp 220 ES 1984
food had come, but at the same time he felt almost disappointed. A crowd of several hundred prisoners followed the truckp 222 ES 1984
rally themselves for the last stages of the war. Jim almost welcomed the hunger, when he would see again the curiousp 222 ES 1984
at the Japanese. They seemed glum and wary, the men almost naked in their ragged shorts, the women in faded sunsuitsp 232 ES 1984
in Lunghua. During July the American air attacks had become almost continuous. Waves of Mustangs and Lightnings flew in from thep 232 ES 1984
military police supervising the convoys. By the end of July almost all Japanese resistance to the American bombers had ceased. Ap 233 ES 1984
their clogs clacking on the cinder path. Buffeted by the almost naked men, Jim held tight to the handles of thep 236 ES 1984
beside the staff car. Jim was considering this when an almost naked figure in ragged shorts and a pair of woodenp 243 ES 1984
Maxted as the architect swayed beside him. His pale hands, almost worn through by the months of pushing the food cartp 243 ES 1984
the captain of this puppet Chinese naval vessel, Jim could almost see the dead blood running out into the canal, slakingp 246 ES 1984
he had ever helped was still clinging to him. He almost expected to see Basie emerge from the turret of thep 247 ES 1984
by his own weakness. Death, with her mother-of-pearl skin, had almost seduced him with a sweet potato. The Olympic Stadium Allp 251 ES 1984
which from the distance had seemed intact, had been bombed almost to rubble. The rising tide rocked the rusting hulls ofp 254 ES 1984
the war to end? It must end soon.‘ ‘It has almost ended. Think about your mother and father, Jim. The warp 256 ES 1984
the Sincere Company department store. He stared at the stands, almost expecting his mother to appear in a silk dress andp 263 ES 1984
down his throat like iced mercury, an electric current that almost stopped his heart, Before the Japanese could order him awayp 265 ES 1984
tailplanes he could see the concrete runway, its white surface almost evaporating into the heat. The stadium fell behind him. Thep 277 ES 1984
When peace came, the Japanese might teach him to fly ... Almost drunk on the mango's milky sap, Jim slid to thep 282 ES 1984
the August sky, a threat of engines. Jim stood up, almost choking on the mango stone. Straight ahead, some eight hundredp 282 ES 1984
could cope with all this treasure falling from the sky. Almost at once, a rifle shot rang out. A hundred yardsp 284 ES 1984
the warm water to his lips. A rich, creamy foam almost choked him, and he vomited the white torrent into thep 286 ES 1984
Jim laughed happily to himself. He began his second, and almost more important meal, devouring the six copies of the Reader'sp 287 ES 1984
After a moment's thought he shook his head in an almost formal way, as if recognizing the fourteen-year-old but no longerp 317 ES 1984
the hot sun, rarely speaking to each other. Jim knew almost none of their names. At dusk, when they returned top 322 ES 1984
in the reeds a few feet from him, his knees almost touching the water's edge. As if trying to reassure Jimp 336 ES 1984
of level ground. Despite his plump face, the pilot weighed almost nothing. His starved body was as light as the childrenp 338 ES 1984
from me as I approached, but I felt that he almost invited physical attack as a means of provoking himself. Hep 1090 OOA 1984
shoulder, obliquely smiling his thanks. Sly and disingenuous, he was almost implying that I was his accomplice. I remembered how veryp 1092 OOA 1984
dusk fell he decided to return to Shepperton. He had almost run out of fuel and was forced to break intop 3 SAJ 1984
a particular interest in Kamera Klimax and Electric Blue. 34) Almost every day. 35) When he was drunk. He claimed thatp 1102 ATQ 1985
would arrest the process of ageing and extend human life almost indefinitely. 62) Perhaps 1 million years. 63) He announced thatp 1103 ATQ 1985
the apartment door together. They would stare at me accusingly, almost barring me from my own home. Around me were thep 1106 MWM 1985
strode past, so occupied with their own lives that they almost pushed me from the pavement. A million human interest storiesp 1106 MWM 1985
began my own career in space. The cafe terrace was almost deserted, as the office workers returned to their desks afterp 1106 MWM 1985
the tourists for the price of a drink. At first almost everyone believed him, and he had become a popular figurep 1107 MWM 1985
He was poorly nourished, and his perfunctory shave revealed an almost tubercular pallor. Yet there was a certain resolute quality aboutp 1109 MWM 1985
Sitting beside him, I was aware of an intense and almost wilful isolation, not just in this foreign city, but inp 1109 MWM 1985
refinement of an unemployed car mechanic, and yet he seemed almost tempted to befriend me. ‘Being on the moon?‘ His tiredp 1110 MWM 1985
mind, through which he could see the horizons of an almost planetary emptiness. For the first time I was in thep 1110 MWM 1985
eyes, I was aware that they had begun to seem almost transparent, shadow players created by a frolic of the sunp 1111 MWM 1985
shiny handbags, the salesmen with their sheets of lottery tickets, almost deferred to me. Time and space had altered their perspectivesp 1112 MWM 1985
Salvador Dali has remained faithful to their historic mission, now almost impossible to fulfil, of shocking the bourgeoisie. Sooner or laterp 99 UGM 1986
Meryle Secrest points out in her well-researched biography, this is almost wholly due to his exhibitionist antics and hunger for materialp 99 UGM 1986
was his wife Gala, his lifelong model and muse, whom almost everyone appears to have detested, this mysterious Russian with ‘thep 100 UGM 1986
the anarchic, mysterious and ultimately inexplicable nature of dreams. Drawing almost entirely from the western literature of the last 3000 yearsp 236 UGM 1986
line to the unconscious. In these often modest films, as almost nowhere else in the popular arts of our age, classicalp 17 UGM 1987
trying to do a deal with the Kremlin, and we almost welcome the nuclear Armageddon when it comes. By enlisting usp 19 UGM 1987
provide. Each morning, as I stepped from my trailer, I almost welcomed the sharper whiteness of the dust which the nightp 17 DC 1987
I knew, the approach of the desert had become an almost personal challenge. Using a variety of excuses, I manoeuvred thep 18 DC 1987
Several were suffering from malnutrition and skin infections, one was almost blind from untreated cataracts, and another showed the clear symptomsp 21 DC 1987
the bush half a mile from the airstrip and seemed almost derelict. The cage doors were open to the air, andp 22 DC 1987
with what I tried to believe was excitement, but was almost certainly pure terror. ‘Don't pull my arm, doctor.‘ Mrs Warrenderp 26 DC 1987
display of frankness and concern was so bogus that I almost believed it. Sanger had spent so long in the worldsp 35 DC 1987
guerilla!‘ Camera at the ready, Miss Matsuoka ran past me, almost twisting her ankle in the dusty ruts left by thep 36 DC 1987
climbed the beach and stood on the forest road. Then, almost without thinking, I began to kick the sand into thep 48 DC 1987
massage parlours. As the scummy debris drifted past, I could almost believe that I had invented Professor Sanger himself, somehow conjuredp 51 DC 1987
shallows. Whistling through a stem of dried grass, he seemed almost to be talking to the stream, guiding it towards himp 51 DC 1987
the swirling dust. Sanger stood by his makeshift television station, almost alone among his cameras and antennae. Ignoring him, I setp 53 DC 1987
water extended towards the line of drilling rigs, and had almost reached the nearest tower. The stream sluiced down the bankp 53 DC 1987
aerosol cans. Watching this tide of man-made rubbish, I could almost believe that this small stream was trying single-handedly to cleansep 59 DC 1987
of a new world. I breathed the fresh, Edenic air, almost believing that I had planted and watered a forgotten cornerp 59 DC 1987
great oak ... These plans were still half-formed, but I felt almost light-headed at the prospect of scotching the river. Unexpected feelingsp 69 DC 1987
wrestling team, and I remembered their strong hands and felt almost proud of this great channel. I had left part ofp 79 DC 1987
again remembered that liquid, gravel-filled crypt in which I had almost died. Already, part of my mind believed that the riverp 87 DC 1987
up, doctor. Then you can get dressed.‘ He stepped ashore, almost catapulting his constable into the stream. ‘Mrs Warrender, bring yourp 91 DC 1987
barely match the flow of the current, and it was almost dawn when we finally left Captain Kagwa's helicopter behind usp 108 DC 1987
the river widened to form a long, elliptical lake, I almost ran the Salammbo on to the sand-bar that divided thep 108 DC 1987
under the mattress were two ancient canvas deckchairs, and an almost empty hessian sack stamped with a familiar cipher: ‘Africa Greenp 111 DC 1987
ears tuned to the trees and the river with an almost amphetamine sharpness. Stealing the ferry had been a stupid andp 112 DC 1987
like a serious-minded child watching a clumsy adult. I could almost believe that some invisible power had assigned her the taskp 113 DC 1987
shrubs, desert lavender and magnolia. The river was wider here, almost two hundred yards from one bank to the other. Sometimesp 116 DC 1987
pastoral scene through the spokes of the helm, I could almost believe that my own imagination was inventing the river asp 117 DC 1987
left behind came on the seventh day -- I had almost lost count, measuring our voyage in terms of the changingp 118 DC 1987
sand-banks rose through the surface, and we moved across an almost abstract landscape of golden bars that emerged from the waterp 118 DC 1987
And given that I had created the Mallory, I could almost believe that I would not have drowned had I triedp 120 DC 1987
also sprung from the moistened earth. Seeing her, I was almost certain that I had thrown my spit on to thep 121 DC 1987
cable looped around the propeller shaft. I had cut away almost all the steel threads, but Kagwa seemed to decide thatp 125 DC 1987
us with the day-long idyll at ‘Port Noon‘. I could almost believe that an unconscious conspiracy existed between Kagwa and thep 129 DC 1987
heads in the water. The helicopter drew alongside, its pontoons almost as long as the Salammbo. Above the clatter of itsp 131 DC 1987
over his head. Kagwa stepped backwards into his water-filled footsteps, almost within the shelter of the ferry's bows. The pilot stoodp 133 DC 1987
water. The river was still rising, and the Salammbo was almost free of the sandbar. ‘Noon, we're on our way. Laterp 135 DC 1987
across the deck. Filled with oil, the huge cylinders were almost too heavy for me. The wound in my head beganp 135 DC 1987
helm. The pressure of the current against the ferry's rudder almost forced me on to my knees as I steered thep 138 DC 1987
out at the green channel that I had created, now almost three hundred yards in width. Once again I was struckp 140 DC 1987
others in my childhood and adult life, had been designed almost consciously to resist the over-warm embrace of the world. Evenp 143 DC 1987
and kept careful watch on the level of the river, almost expecting to see it sink like the contents of ap 144 DC 1987
about to be tipped into the water. The launch was almost awash, and on the port side only a few inchesp 148 DC 1987
bank of the Mallory, protected by a shingle bar that almost blocked its entrance, and by the overhanging fan-palms. At dawnp 151 DC 1987
the first time I suspected that this documentary film-maker was almost blind, and accepted his whole world through the reassuring clichesp 151 DC 1987
trunks, I set off down the beach. Sanger stood upright, almost sitting on Mr Pal's head, mentally filming my imminent capturep 152 DC 1987
forested river valleys of the south. We had now covered almost a hundred miles in our northward journey from Port-la-Nouvelle, andp 153 DC 1987
regarded me as some wild man of the woods. They almost welcomed my slide into eccentricity, aware that this would makep 157 DC 1987
the beach at Port-la-Nouvelle. As a child Noon had possessed almost no image of herself, and these cassettes had allowed herp 160 DC 1987
the ferry's wake. Still moving, it began to capsize and almost ran down the speeding inflatable. Across the river, in thep 165 DC 1987
zone controlled by Harare's forces. Our supplies of food were almost exhausted -- barely six cupfuls of rice remained in thep 172 DC 1987
moved along the metal deck Noon backed away from him, almost inviting him to seize her ankles, the machete swinging betweenp 187 DC 1987
films could deflect a bullet so small as to be almost cosmetic. Hearing me, Sanger lunged forward from the fuel drumsp 189 DC 1987
lipstick. I looked at my heavy beard, a ragged but almost messianic bush that sprang forward from the exposure sores onp 195 DC 1987
my blood, I was infatuated with a teenage girl, and almost everyone I had recruited to my bizarre cause was eitherp 195 DC 1987
in a nearby cabin. She had cut short her hair, almost to the shaven scalp of a concentration camp victim, exposingp 201 DC 1987
the cascade, the Salammbo ran aground on the gravel bed, almost midway between the eastern bank and the central island. Ignoringp 233 DC 1987
a constant wailing and groaning, and in my fever I almost believed that I was embarked on an even stranger voyagep 235 DC 1987
above the rocky cascade, the waters of the Mallory had almost ceased to flow, their dark surface covered with an opaquep 237 DC 1987
springing gangplank towards the dance floor, so giddy that I almost lost my footing. Nora Warrender treated me to a tolerantp 245 DC 1987
Dirty man ... see Noon ...‘ Avoiding her, I stepped back unsteadily, almost burning my feet in the last of the paraffin flamesp 247 DC 1987
warehouse of weaponry, the landing-craft edged through the disturbed surface, almost too large for the shrinking mirror that reflected its massivep 252 DC 1987
the women?‘ ‘They've gone -- their task is over. Or almost over. I wanted them to kill you, Mallory.‘ ‘They didn'tp 261 DC 1987
of pigment as to be a chalky white, I could almost believe that she had been rubbing herself with the cindersp 271 DC 1987
for the first time that I depended upon his presence, almost as if I at last accepted that I was appearingp 273 DC 1987
Come on, Mallory. You can paddle -- the river is almost still. Don't lose faith in your dream.‘ ‘Paddle?‘ I beganp 276 DC 1987
after my brawl with Sanger, on whom I soon became almost wholly dependent, we entered an area of chilling rain cloudp 278 DC 1987
cleared we woke to find that the mountains had receded almost to the horizon. We had entered a vast plateau, coveredp 279 DC 1987
lagoons, covered with the skeletons of millions of frogs. I almost believed that the Diana had reassembled its timbers and sailedp 285 DC 1987
an immensely subservient interviewer. ‘I wonder whether you are going almost beyond art itself,‘ he gushes. ‘Photography is no longer thep 63 UGM 1988
or even a simple threat to kill them ..." He sounded almost aggrieved, and I commented: "All the same, I think wep 5 RW 1988
this sort of thing, Doctor ..." Irritated by his tone, I almost declined. The senior people at both the Home Office andp 6 RW 1988
time. My failure to recognize the obvious, in common with almost everyone else concerned, is a measure of the true mysteryp 7 RW 1988
suits the subject matter, the shadowless summer sunlight and the almost blank facades of the expensive houses -- everything is strangelyp 7 RW 1988
been shot twice through the chest with a small-calibre handgun. Almost as surprising, he is wearing no trousers, and bloodstained footprintsp 9 RW 1988
is remarkable only for having advanced these general trends toward almost total self-sufficiency. The entire estate, covering some thirty-two acres, isp 13 RW 1988
parents, who shared liberal and humane values which they displayed almost to a fault. The children attended exclusive private day schoolsp 16 RW 1988
impressions that match the children's known shoe sizes indicate that almost all the children were present at the scenes of theirp 17 RW 1988
the garage door, indicates that the murders were carried out almost simultaneously, within a period of time lasting as little asp 18 RW 1988
entrance to Pangbourne Village I felt that the theory was almost plausible. The murders have attracted an army of sightseers, mostp 23 RW 1988
melee an overexcited young constable pounded on the roof and almost broke the windscreen with his fist. Despite my written authorizationp 24 RW 1988
conference in 1986. I remembered an elegant and professional couple, almost too self-controlled with their silk suits and hand-tooled personal pagersp 29 RW 1988
atmosphere, the sense of very ordered lives being lived here ... almost too ordered." I strolled around Jeremy's bedroom, noting the desktopp 30 RW 1988
Pangbourne Massacre: The Evidence The next three days I spent almost entirely in Sergeant Payne's company, assembling our detailed case againstp 46 RW 1988
closet, lay well within the bounds of ordinary adolescent behaviour. Almost all the children kept diaries, either written in longhand orp 53 RW 1988
the film into a work of eerie and threatening prophecy. Almost all copies of the videotape were destroyed at some timep 56 RW 1988
for the killings -- shootings, car crashes, electrocutions ..." Payne grimaced, almost gagging on his own cigarette smoke. "It's as if thep 56 RW 1988
the woman Special Branch officer seriously wounded. Detective Carter's intervention almost certainly saved my own life -- it seems probable thatp 60 RW 1988
thirty-two-amp charge surges through her body, galvanizing every muscle and almost throwing her from the machine, but she is held top 73 RW 1988
no more than 245 seconds. World War 3 was over almost before anyone realised that it had begun. The other extraordinaryp 1116 WW3 1988
the White House staff knew that the American public was almost mesmerised by the spectacle of the President's heartbeat. The tracep 1119 WW3 1988
A small helicopter was crossing the grey sky over Washington. Almost as an afterthought, I said to Susan: ‘By the wayp 1122 WW3 1988
while elsewhere invading armies withdrew behind their frontiers. I could almost believe that World War 3 had been contrived by thep 1122 WW3 1988
has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage‘. General MacArthur, an almost preposterously imperial figure, was one of the first to acceptp 49 UGM 1989
of the world's economic superpowers, and the Japanese monarchy was almost alone in having retained its dignity intact -- by comparisonp 49 UGM 1989
would not have unduly surprised him. By then he was almost as celebrated as the stars he so thrillingly admired, hisp 60 UGM 1989
the rest of his life, served as his model for almost all the solitary women whom Hopper poses in their tiredp 68 UGM 1989
itself on our doorsteps Hopper's voyeurism and undisguised loneliness seem almost like intimacy. Penned in their high-security apartments, constant medical tele-surveillancep 69 UGM 1989
kind of physical or sexual contact. From puberty onward, an almost visible cordon divided the sexes. In offices, factories, schools andp 1125 LCC 1989
with a plunging birth rate and with a nation composed almost entirely of solitary celibates, the government could resort only top 1126 LCC 1989
of the gene pool. Nonetheless, I was able to spend almost all my spare time with Lucille, acting as lover, nightp 1129 LCC 1989
to join the new beach communities. By August 1996, when almost the whole of Europe had set off for the coastsp 1142 LTP 1989
looked down on their tourist compatriots with a sense of almost racial superiority. It was clear that Europe, where so muchp 1143 LTP 1989
have moved into a different realm. I feel tremendously buoyant, almost lightheaded. Nothing matters any more. Think only of essentials: thep 1131 TES 1989
sleep well, and when I wake in the morning I almost feel myself on some Swiss mountain-top, with half the skyp 1133 TES 1989
the site of the old Croydon aerodrome, and it is almost as if the perspectives of the former grass runways havep 1134 TES 1989
the template of the one we occupied together. I can almost sit down in her absent William Morris chair, nearly seep 1135 TES 1989
I am concerned that she will lose herself in the almost planetary vastness of this house. Catching her as she swervesp 1138 TES 1989
felt dazed and numbed when it was over. He could almost believe that he too had died. The other members ofp 1145 WF 1989
their combat jackets over the balcony, gazing at them with almost maternal pride. ‘Are you talking about me, Ryan, or yourp 1149 WF 1989
idea, Ryan.‘ Clearly gripped by its possibilities, Dr Edwards seemed almost lightheaded. ‘I won't say it's going to work, but itp 1152 WF 1989
terrible fever. It doesn't exist any more.‘ ‘That's true -- almost. Fifty years ago the World Health Organisation launched a hugep 1157 WF 1989
war.‘ ‘Well, in a real sense we have, Ryan -- almost. In the case of smallpox, people can now travel freelyp 1157 WF 1989
still remains, especially when the director is once again taking almost all the credit for any success. What part is playedp 3 UGM 1990
one is struck by the off-kilter construction -- Janet Leigh's almost unmotivated crime, and the grotesque retribution carried out by thep 4 UGM 1990
James Joyce's Ulysses had an immense influence on me -- almost entirely for the bad. I read Joyce's masterpiece as anp 145 UGM 1990
the Mexican shipping agent had abandoned them to the seas. Almost certainly the agent had pocketed the monies allocated for reprocessingp 1163 DCG 1990
cauldron of electric dyes. So dense was the vegetation that almost the only free sand lay below Johnson's feet. Every morningp 1167 DCG 1990
woke with a start, not from sleep but from an almost too-clear examination of the colour patterns of a giant butterflyp 1170 DCG 1990
island.‘ He pointed from the bridge to the jungle wall. Almost all the overcrowded canopy had collapsed into the lagoon, leavingp 1171 DCG 1990
work. Readers will have noticed that, by contrast, there are almost no references to literary works. The realist novel still dominantp 83 YMCa 1990
a prying world. Watching the astronauts being interviewed together, one almost senses that they constitute a secret fraternity, and may bep 84 YMCa 1990
case of Princess Margaret the incision was designed to be almost completely obscured by her hair and ears. Surgical Procedure: anp 111 PMF 1990
against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which ended the war unexpectedly and almost certainly saved the lives of myself and my fellow interneesp 33 AWa 1990
of whom have part-time jobs at the studios. I can almost believe that I came to Shepperton 30 years ago knowingp 11 AEa 1990
written, a quality she shares (no thanks to myself) with almost all the public figures in this book -- Marilyn Monroep 16 AEa 1990
left their lives. The growing numbers of full-time residents seem almost decorticated. My dream is to move there permanently. But perhapsp 59 SCNa 1990
in their sexual freedoms and fantasies? In conversation they seemed almost neutered by the experiments. I suspect that the copulating volunteersp 19 UDa 1990
privacy is constructed from publicly circulating materials. It is now almost impossible to be ourselves except on the world's terms. Thep 19 UDa 1990
just psychopathology. After a dinner party in the 1970s I almost came to blows with a prominent New York poet (inp 21 UDa 1990
opening night party deteriorated into a drunken brawl she was almost raped in the back seat of the Pontiac, and laterp 24 UDa 1990
the entire war was a vast demolition derby in which almost no one was hurt and which might even have beenp 11 UGM 1991
country and is prepared to die for it. The essayists, almost all American academics, condemn virtually the entire output of Hollywoodp 12 UGM 1991
comments in the best essay in the collection: There is almost no human activity that is as intensely social as modernp 13 UGM 1991
and unfavourable change in the casualty ratio that it is almost always decisive ... Every general staff in the world since 1914p 13 UGM 1991
and the luxury condos, if not the cocaine boats, were almost certainly owned by Miami dentists and heart surgeons. As Robertp 45 UGM 1991
and Hamilton Darby Perry Our images of war today come almost entirely from the combat newsreel and photograph, their visual impactp 73 UGM 1991
from the nose-cone cameras of Desert Storm's smart bombs, which almost incite the television viewer to become a cruise missile. Meanwhilep 82 UGM 1991
later years of his fame, Spencer affected an eccentric and almost bumpkin manner, trundling his easel and paints around Cookham inp 101 UGM 1991
of all bourgeois values. More than in the case of almost any other writer, Burroughs's life merges seamlessly into his workp 131 UGM 1991
in for Shanghai in the film Empire of the Sun, almost chose the Militant republic of Liverpool -- the architecture wasp 218 UGM 1991
their own heads or in the world around them. For almost all of them, as for most neurotics fixated on somep 238 UGM 1991
he was angry. Her toneless eyes showed a rare and almost hungry alertness, the expression I felt on my face whenp 15 KW 1991
more truthfully than I realised. One thousand and twelve people, almost all Chinese refugees, were killed by the high-explosive bomb thatp 26 KW 1991
boots on the cold earth, even more bored than ever. Almost all the Japanese soldiers, like Private Kimura, were the sonsp 31 KW 1991
had begun to fade in my mind. But Kimura would almost certainly die here, among these empty rice fields, when thep 32 KW 1991
with ears bleeding from the clergyman's signet ring. It was almost as if the parents accepted this reminder of their lowlyp 35 KW 1991
kitchens, while others had looted the guard-house. The food-stocks were almost exhausted, and our daily ration was down to a bowlp 51 KW 1991
his webbing, from which the smell of sweat emerged in almost intact layers. While I ate the potato skin he pointedp 58 KW 1991
against the pole, his neck so flushed that it was almost blue. He raised his head and looked at me inp 59 KW 1991
the chauffeur, and most of the servants reappeared, and I almost expected Olga to arrive and tell me that it wasp 64 KW 1991
isolated railway station in the countryside south of Shanghai. I almost believed that the Japanese soldiers guarding the city were preparingp 65 KW 1991
an endless catalogue of atrocities against the Chinese civilian population. Almost in passing, we heard that the Japanese had planned top 66 KW 1991
After our evening meal I returned to the stern rail, almost alone on the deck as the Arrawa neared the entrancep 72 KW 1991
repatriated, but I wondered how this large body of men, almost a brigade in strength, would ever survive the three-day voyagep 73 KW 1991
Arrawa to move away. A siren thundered over my head, almost splitting the funnel. Its echoes hunted the vast brown swellsp 73 KW 1991
and learned only that she had once been a physician. Almost all the cadavers were those of doctors who had donatedp 84 KW 1991
inviting volunteers to take part in a new experimental project. Almost all the department's volunteers were medical students, who could bep 85 KW 1991
He was nearly always drunk, but at the same time almost pedantically sober, unable to make sense of his own lifep 103 KW 1991
shallow dive, so close that the torque from his propeller almost rolled the Harvard into a high-speed stall. I secured myp 108 KW 1991
the pain in my anus where an untrimmed finger-nail had almost stripped away the mucous membrane. I vaguely remembered having sexp 113 KW 1991
the plump curve of her abdomen. I held her breast, almost expecting to feel the milk gathering inside its heavy globep 115 KW 1991
time.‘ ‘That's something. Did you really get to meet them?‘ ‘Almost ...‘ As an undergraduate prank I had taken off my academicp 116 KW 1991
An hour later, when I found the Harvard, I had almost run out of fuel. The turtle lake had become ap 118 KW 1991
minnows along the reedy banks of the stream. I could almost believe that the bright summer frocks, fishing nets and children'sp 123 KW 1991
that our child would be born in Shepperton, but I almost believed that I too had been born there. The pastp 126 KW 1991
for its first appearance in this world. ‘Push now, we're almost there ...‘ The whole face had emerged, a high forehead, miniaturep 134 KW 1991
was like trying to cross the Styx -- a ferryman almost ran me down.‘ ‘What a nerve! We'll report him top 140 KW 1991
projects yet to come. In many ways there was something almost lunar about the white hotels, haunted by criminals running hashp 145 KW 1991
with its haze of sun-oil and deodorant that formed an almost visible microclimate. We berthed the inflatable on the sand belowp 151 KW 1991
wistfully, and flicked at the hair blowing into her eyes, almost trying to set the loose ends alight with her cigarettep 155 KW 1991
came to my rescue, at a time when I had almost given up hope. Within a few weeks of her deathp 161 KW 1991
a couple together in their car I really resent them. Almost as if they were to blame.‘ Peggy put her handp 173 KW 1991
own recovery took longer, delayed by the well-meaning refusal of almost everyone to refer to Miriam's death. A gentle conspiracy existedp 174 KW 1991
a stricken America after the assassination of President Kennedy, I almost envied his bereaved wife. Every moment of her grief wasp 175 KW 1991
of the young street-walkers shook to Trini Lopez, I could almost believe that a third World War might have saved Miriamp 176 KW 1991
presents and a cheery welcome for the children, who had almost forgotten them, and a bottle of Japanese whisky for mep 180 KW 1991
an ox-like liver and three children seemed a model of almost churchgoing rectitude. Once she had offered me her flat tinp 182 KW 1991
instructional film on how to build a pontoon bridge.‘ Sally almost swooned at this. ‘God, that's so weird -- it justp 193 KW 1991
Sally's dress to expose her breasts. With their awkward and almost abstract movements, he and Sally seemed to be rehearsing ap 195 KW 1991
she saw me watching her through my curtain. I could almost believe that Sally had deliberately exposed herself to me, urgingp 196 KW 1991
on, Miriam sleeping calmly within its deeps. The children had almost forgotten their mother, something I had tried to prevent, mistakenlyp 199 KW 1991
if the sun had begun to overheat. I leaned forward, almost falling from the chair, and peered at the vivid cyanidep 201 KW 1991
sofa with her heels in the small of my back, almost strangling me as she seized some slipping memory of herp 215 KW 1991
my head. His sense of humour had become more eccentric, almost mimicking the surrealists I admired so much. The increasing numbersp 217 KW 1991
the engine and hurled the Jaguar at the elderly Japanese, almost throwing him across the bonnet. To David this had beenp 218 KW 1991
our car, imprinted on the seat beside me like an almost visible photograph of affection and desire. I thought of herp 218 KW 1991
stood beside him, squinting at the English sunlight in an almost guilty way. I recognised the second car, and the whitep 219 KW 1991
in a rapt way at their own hands. They seemed almost to be rehearsing themselves for a performance to come, somep 220 KW 1991
troupes, and a complete league of football teams playing on almost full-sized sand-pitches. No one swam. The morose Atlantic breakers hurledp 236 KW 1991
policemen white-washing the windscreens of illegally parked cars, I could almost believe that they were protecting the drivers from a blindingp 237 KW 1991
into a taxi, and Dick momentarily brightened until realised that almost all of them were pickpockets, brothel touts and voodoo pitchmenp 238 KW 1991
when I asked him about his own research, he became almost testy. Later, wandering around the wide corridors where the out-of-competitionp 239 KW 1991
holding the tip of my penis between her breasts, I almost felt that we were extemporising a small variation on ap 250 KW 1991
and a house in the Norfolk countryside. In a cheerful, almost matronly tone she told me that she had been backp 281 KW 1991
with peat being lifted by crane from a mud-flat. An almost intact Hurricane had pride of place. Edward and his teamp 287 KW 1991
battery-powered lights and cooker far beyond Jackie's grasp. She seemed almost to understand this, as Edward set out the toy onp 288 KW 1991
the cars were parked. Since leaving Summerfield he had become almost puritanically strict towards himself and the world, with all thep 293 KW 1991
to Shepperton, he was already complaining about his sore throat, almost needing to punish his body. I knew he had beenp 300 KW 1991
consultants you find this deepening gloom, because they realise there's almost nothing they can do to help you. Serious cancers arep 301 KW 1991
when I've been able to face it. Now I feel almost guilty. A brain tumour with lots of secondaries in thep 302 KW 1991
his earlier self, he had selected an oversize golden wig, almost a caricature of his sandy hair. ‘You'll have time top 305 KW 1991
settled behind his desk I could see that he was almost exhausted by the effort of calming himself for the interviewp 307 KW 1991
fourth interviews he spoke to camera in a short-breathed and almost impatient tone, describing his pleasure in the everyday world aroundp 310 KW 1991
wing, a lordly, three-year-old Lindbergh. I strolled through the trees, almost expecting to see them waiting for me by the entrancep 314 KW 1991
As I gazed at this enchanted scene, the carousel seemed almost stationary, preserved forever in a single moment. For the firstp 317 KW 1991
act of will on your part.‘ Laughing, I embraced her, almost sending the cruiser into the bank. ‘Cleo, I dream thep 324 KW 1991
her daughter, now 25, would play a Lunghua prisoner. I almost believed that I was dreaming, and that my sleeping mindp 333 KW 1991
week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and I almost expected the white telephone to ring with a warning thatp 335 KW 1991
the Del Monte nightclub. Despite the years, her features were almost unchanged, the lips as cutting as ever, the hectic eyesp 340 KW 1991
held my arm in a genuine show of sympathy, evoked almost entirely by her feelings of pity for herself. Responding top 342 KW 1991
Pacific had decided to withdraw for the day. I could almost believe that we were walking on the bed of ap 345 KW 1991
hotels along the Bund, unchanged after fifty years, I could almost believe that my memories of Shanghai had always been ap 346 KW 1991
state. Despite the immense handicaps of being a woman and almost never leaving the Forbidden City for the next fifty yearsp 53 UGM 1992
as uneasy with the tail as he was with the almost God-inspired complexity of the human eye, attributed its size top 156 UGM 1992
their airless Pre-Raphaelite gloom, unearthly complexions and haunted infants with almost autistic stares. The overbearing moralistic tone was explicit in Charlesp 180 UGM 1992
understood, once my own professional career was under way I almost stopped reading altogether. For the next twenty years I wasp 181 UGM 1992
Melodrama John Lawton It seems scarcely credible that 1963 is almost three decades away. This was the year of the Greatp 242 UGM 1992
book is the Profumo scandal, which doomed Harold Macmillan, to almost everyone's evident pleasure. Curiously, the Minister of Defence's affair withp 243 UGM 1992
swum the Hellespont than in his poetry. Sprawson claims that almost all the great compulsive swimmers were, like Byron, strongly attachedp 245 UGM 1992
airwaves, a confessional babble only too open to eavesdroppers. At almost any minute of the hour, politicians and film actors, novelistsp 271 UGM 1992
millennium. It now appears certain that our own arrival coincided almost exactly with, though may fractionally have overrun, this auspicious momentp 1184 ROP 1992
of brutal entertainments in which violence, humiliation and murder are almost the sole ingredients. Not surprisingly, our latest research confirms thatp 1185 ROP 1992
made up the story as shooting went along. In fact, almost every key character and scene were present in the originalp 6 UGM 1993
Lynn Barber, who has interviewed hundreds of successful people in almost every profession, to name the happiest and most fulfilled ofp 23 UGM 1993
virtual absence of the youngsters‘ parents, shadowy figures who take almost no part in the action. I assume the film isp 30 UGM 1993
agricultural society that had moved through the millennia at an almost geological pace burst into the modern age with the overthrowp 54 UGM 1993
Marquis Marquis de Sade Maurice Lever The whip whistles through almost every page of this bracing biography, against a background ofp 124 UGM 1993
away, and may well have an important message for us. Almost forgotten during the nineteenth century, Sade was rediscovered in thep 124 UGM 1993
follow Burroughs his letters are the perfect guidebook to hell. Almost all were written to Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac betweenp 134 UGM 1993
Nathan, erected a protective screen around Einstein's reputation that stood almost to this day. As controllers of his literary estate, theyp 149 UGM 1993
that economic advance and medical progress mean that humans are almost at the end of their evolutionary road, that we arep 155 UGM 1993
000 years from now, but to us his achievement means almost nothing. There are no teapots shaped like an Apollo spacecraftp 193 UGM 1993
on pop videos, paperback covers and record sleeves. One can almost make the case that science fiction, far from being ap 193 UGM 1993
a destroyer with a bottle of Coke. The drink sold almost everywhere, and its relentless advertising was a part of everydayp 214 UGM 1993
and gastronomic factors that have shaped the foods we eat. Almost every page made my mouth water, something I can scarcelyp 246 UGM 1993
The history of psychiatry rewrites itself so often that it almost resembles the self-serving chronicles of a totalitarian and slightly paranoidp 152 UGM 1994
the planet ...!‘ A passing wave swerved across the prow, and almost struck the megaphone from her hand. She swore at thep 9 RP 1994
the pressure of Neil's hands on her muscular buttocks seemed almost to excite Dr Barbara, distracting her until she pushed himp 12 RP 1994
some sort of current through that brain of yours. We've almost reached the year 2000 -- let's make sure the planet'sp 17 RP 1994
her mouth was set in a curious grimace that was almost a smirk of satisfaction. ‘Neil, I want the world top 21 RP 1994
or the murder of a hundred albatross. The hospital was almost a mile from the rally, but through the open windowp 24 RP 1994
one of them struck her shoulder with his open hand, almost knocking her to the ground. Without complaint she turned andp 32 RP 1994
death. Neil stared at her photograph propped against his pillow, almost dazed by the revelations. The slim, over-intense face of thep 40 RP 1994
seen him in a rare television interview, a bespectacled and almost schoolboyish figure with a row of pens clipped to hisp 42 RP 1994
Saito was a small, brisk woman with strong hands that almost pulled Neil's wrists out of joint when she greeted himp 54 RP 1994
the reef. Powered by their violent outboards, the inflatables leapt almost vertically through the spray, albatross flashes baiting the weary captainp 57 RP 1994
The downdraught beat against Neil's face, pummelling his skin and almost stripping the albatross-emblazoned windcheater from his shoulders. Standing on thep 58 RP 1994
her shaking feet, but she stumbled on the greasy steps, almost losing the albatross bandeau around her forehead. ‘Dr Barbara, whyp 60 RP 1994
Escorting them out of the exclusion zone, the Sagittaire had almost rammed the trawler. The officer in charge of the boardingp 61 RP 1994
a private snack of pate and quails‘ breasts. Her eyebrows almost touched her hairline as she pondered this display of ap 63 RP 1994
with any midnight French boarder. Sedated by Dr Barbara, an almost sleepwalking Janet Bracewell accepted the invitation of the corvette's captainp 71 RP 1994
No-one was sure when the French military would return, but almost certainly they would put on a show of force intendedp 78 RP 1994
a sudden mood of resignation had swept the island at almost telepathic speed. Having given everything and endured so much top 90 RP 1994
and Mrs Saito. ‘Did you see that, Neil?‘ he asked almost dreamily, glad to be seduced by Dr Barbara's words. ‘Thep 94 RP 1994
the lagoon, and their crews, as Kimo warned him, had almost exhausted their supplies. Bouquet and his shipmates on the Croixp 99 RP 1994
had stopped herself from slapping his face, but he could almost feel the stinging blow when he remembered the anger shep 124 RP 1994
laughing at the waves. The treasures of the reef were almost exhausted, but the hippies were unconcerned. They were undernourished andp 128 RP 1994
policeman, refused to lead the raids, but Carline took an almost boyish pleasure in harassing the hippies. Like a scout-master supervisingp 134 RP 1994
pearls of needle-scarred tissue on their thighs and arms had almost vanished. The listless hippies with their waxy and toneless skinsp 149 RP 1994
She had washed herself in the stream, but he could almost taste her hands with their reek of blood and fatp 163 RP 1994
a dimwitted passenger. Once, in an unguarded moment, she spoke almost resentfully of her father, and how the great animal rightsp 183 RP 1994
civets from Java, Texan kangaroo rats and musk-shrews from Zimbabwe. Almost every corner of the globe was represented by some eccentricp 185 RP 1994
Colonel Stamford admired above all. In fact, there was something almost too idyllic about the sanctuary. Neil rested in the shadep 186 RP 1994
he lay naked on the mattress between the malignant-smelling fungi, almost expecting her to bring her battery charger and electric ejaculatorp 191 RP 1994
her hands, her smile of greeting so broad that it almost eclipsed the sun. ‘Welcome to Saint-Esprit! We need every volunteerp 196 RP 1994
despite the sun, the water in the lagoon had been almost too cold for him. He had swum out for twop 198 RP 1994
eyes never left his sleekly muscled body. She had become almost obsessed with him, and suggested to Neil that he teachp 201 RP 1994
says. But I know better.‘ Carline stared at Neil's hands, almost suspecting that they held a secret message from the Germansp 203 RP 1994
fathoms. Sea-creatures were converging from all sides of the lagoon, almost obscuring the white hull of the Petrus Christus lying onp 205 RP 1994
Inger and Trudi, and then turned to Neil. She seemed almost regally calm, untouched by the news that the yacht-crew hadp 208 RP 1994
kept him going through the early days when he had almost succumbed to the fever. Neil wiped his sweat onto thep 212 RP 1994
forehead like semaphores of alarm. Outwardly she seemed calm and almost serene, as if she had decided to reject the possibilityp 215 RP 1994
table and took the syringe from the kidney basin he almost expected that she would inject herself. ‘Turn over, Neil.‘ Shep 215 RP 1994
himself and shuffled to the nearest of the animal enclosures. Almost all the creatures had gone, but two lemurs cowered amongp 218 RP 1994
at him from the side-door of the kitchen. She was almost cross-eyed with anger, a streak of white flour like anp 222 RP 1994
Neil watched from his hide beside the runway, was an almost eucharistic rite, with the cowed Nihal served the first bloodyp 227 RP 1994
arms when they stepped from the helicopter onto the runway, almost ready to assault Neil in their anger and relief. Asp 237 RP 1994
their fire-damaged sloop sank in the first rain-squall. After losing almost all their equipment, including the major's jacket, they drifted inp 237 RP 1994
which the threatened and the weary could slip to safety. Almost to the end, Neil had believed her. Without ever admittingp 237 RP 1994
towards the ceiling, and then spoke in a quiet and almost flat voice. ‘You'd have to live for a while atp 24 CN 1996
nightclubs under the pine trees, a barrage of signals that almost drowned the shrill tocsin sounding from the magistrates‘ court inp 29 CN 1996
guilty also involved me in some obscure way. He agreed, almost casually, that Frank was innocent, as the police's delay inp 32 CN 1996
among the golf courses, and reminded myself that I knew almost nothing about Estrella de Mar, the resort where the deathsp 32 CN 1996
of a nearby apartment house with bands of gold light. Almost invisible at first glance, people sat on their terraces andp 34 CN 1996
architecture; the enforced leisure that fossilized the nervous system; the almost Africanized aspect, but a North Africa invented by someone whop 34 CN 1996
thinking of the testing games that this high-strung man would almost certainly have played with Frank, and of the luckless machinep 41 CN 1996
Mar is a real community. At times I think it's almost too lively.‘ ‘Unlike the retirement complexes along the coast --p 43 CN 1996
with white ash that bathed the derelict property in an almost sepulchral light. Footprints marked the ashy surface of the tennisp 47 CN 1996
yes. Decent fellow, he'd been with them for years -- almost a son.‘ ‘Where were they found?‘ ‘On the first floorp 50 CN 1996
amorous couple were testing the locked doors in the corridor. Almost all the staff had left for home, and the restaurantp 57 CN 1996
it. The would-be rapist leapt from the car, the tuxedo almost stripped from his back by the frantic victim. He swervedp 57 CN 1996
the merest slip of a thing. In fact, they could almost use a child's casket. I wish your brother were herep 61 CN 1996
on her charges, her lips murmured to themselves in an almost louche way, and I saw her as part martinet, partp 63 CN 1996
the hostile mourners stirring around him. His faint smile seemed almost wistful, and he now and then lowered his head, likep 63 CN 1996
the mourners through the viewfinder, it occurred to me that almost all of them would have attended the Hollingers‘ party onp 64 CN 1996
starving himself of air. He smiled in a tender but almost remote way, like the owner of a dead pet brieflyp 67 CN 1996
against an old marker stone. There was a high and almost strangled shout, which Mrs Shand involuntarily echoed. ‘Dr Sanger ...!‘ Anderssonp 68 CN 1996
when the would-be rapist made his escape. The cemetery was almost empty. Paula Hamilton slipped away with Hennessy, denying me anotherp 69 CN 1996
beside the grave, head lowered as he mused to himself. Almost alone now in the cemetery, he had switched off hisp 70 CN 1996
another turn. Nevertheless, five people had been killed, by someone almost certainly still walking the streets of Estrella de Mar, stillp 76 CN 1996
favour, for whatever reasons of her own, and revealing an almost flirtatious side of herself. ‘There's my work at the clinicp 89 CN 1996
pressure. They searched the muscles and vessels of my neck, almost playing a melody with my death. Barely breathing, I clungp 92 CN 1996
breakthrough I've been waiting for. It's clear I provoked someone, almost certainly the Hollingers‘ killer.‘ ‘You didn't see the man's facep 95 CN 1996
and never at a loss for a word, she was almost silent. By leaving me alone in the apartment she hadp 95 CN 1996
voice, she said: ‘In cases of strangulation the voice-box is almost always crushed. In fact, it's difficult to strangle someone top 95 CN 1996
ceramic walls were streaked with smoke, but the room was almost intact, a tiled execution chamber. I imagined the elderly Hollingerp 108 CN 1996
was on the bed.‘ ‘And Sansom?‘ I searched the floor, almost expecting to find a body against the skirting-board. ‘He wasp 112 CN 1996
make a last circuit of the other rooms. I knew almost nothing about Roger Sansom, a bachelor in his fifties whop 113 CN 1996
unclipped the collar, grimacing at the livid bruises. ‘Cabrera could almost lift a set of fingerprints -- who on earth wouldp 117 CN 1996
Crawford's a popular man,‘ I commented. ‘All that enthusiasm is almost endearing.‘ ‘That's why he's dangerous.‘ ‘Is he dangerous?‘ ‘Like allp 120 CN 1996
camera touched the lower half of his face, and I almost recognized the heavy neck and chubby chin. The women satp 125 CN 1996
Bobby Crawford.‘ ‘Bobby?‘ Mrs Shand smiled to herself in an almost girlish way. ‘Sweet boy, he's done so much for Estrellap 131 CN 1996
that scene at the funeral. Everyone there clearly disliked him, almost as if he was responsible.‘ ‘For Bibi's pregnancy, not thep 132 CN 1996
and the nearby villas shared this nervous stance. Razor-glass topped almost every wall, and security cameras maintained their endless vigil overp 135 CN 1996
the other craft in the yard was a fibre-glass powerboat almost forty feet long, three immense outboards at its stem likep 138 CN 1996
him, and admired the speedboat and its sculptured prow. ‘It's almost too powerful to be beautiful,‘ I commented. ‘Does anyone needp 138 CN 1996
between the moored yachts and cabin-cruisers. The white-hulled craft seemed almost spectral in the dusk, a fleet waiting to sail onp 140 CN 1996
jack pulled from the socket, but otherwise the room was almost antiseptically bare, as if sterilized after the completion of thep 153 CN 1996
the film. With my back to the mantel, I could almost see the bed with its blue satin spread and teddyp 153 CN 1996
the case unsettled me. I had begun to take an almost proprietary view of the gutted mansion. Despite its tragic outcomep 157 CN 1996
with the rest of the Costa del Sol, there is almost no crime here. No burglaries, no car thefts, no drugsp 158 CN 1996
crime like a cable TV network. It fed itself into almost every apartment and villa, every bar and nightclub, as anyonep 158 CN 1996
party began as an excited response to the inferno, I almost changed into my swimsuit and joined the revellers. Trying top 159 CN 1996
a secret map of this impulsive man's mind. He drove almost without thinking, and I guessed that he took the samep 163 CN 1996
or not by coincidence, Crawford had left the Saab at almost the exact spot where Frank's Jaguar had been found withp 167 CN 1996
the air above me, so close that his booted foot almost touched my head, his vizor masking his eyes. Too distractedp 168 CN 1996
stone. When I passed the burial plot he turned and almost flinched from me, as if I had caught him atp 170 CN 1996
moment of guilty thought. I recognized the mourner shunned by almost everyone at the funeral of Bibi Jansen. ‘Dr Sanger ...? Canp 170 CN 1996
led me into a lounge overlooking a small, walled garden almost entirely filled by a swimming pool. The long room wasp 173 CN 1996
see how I'd react. It was a kind of initiation. Almost an invitation to ...‘ ‘The underworld? The real Estrella de Marp 174 CN 1996
by the standards of Estrella de Mar. There was something almost feminine about Sanger, a constant attentiveness that might have reassuredp 174 CN 1996
Sanger had slipped the question in so casually that I almost warmed to him. ‘Our mother died when we were youngp 178 CN 1996
Curiously, at Estrella de Mar any residues of remorse had almost vanished, evaporating in the benevolent sunlight like the morning mistsp 185 CN 1996
to death you look remarkably well.‘ ‘I am. I feel almost lightheaded. It's the thought of seeing Frank.‘ ‘Of course itp 187 CN 1996
with their soft underdown. Feeling not only lust but an almost fraternal affection for her, my imagined memories of her embracingp 190 CN 1996
Charles, leave it alone. You can't unzip me.‘ ‘The scar's almost gone. How old were you?‘ ‘Sixteen. My right kidney wasn'tp 193 CN 1996
hardened skin had been reflected in the mirrored bedroom door, almost certainly in Bobby Crawford's apartment. Gently stroking Paula's back, Ip 194 CN 1996
Shand, it keeps you on your toes.‘ I touched the almost vanished bruise on Paula's lip. ‘Is that one of Crawford'sp 198 CN 1996
de Mar. For ten minutes I sat behind my newspaper, almost disappointed not to see smoke billowing from the eaves. Leavingp 202 CN 1996
Not today, and not here.‘ He spoke softly, and seemed almost dreamy and lightheaded, like a child discovering a secret atticp 203 CN 1996
of everything but its mattress. He lay down, broad shoulders almost wider than the headboard. ‘Not exactly comfortable, but at leastp 204 CN 1996
him through the dressing-table mirror, noticing that his features were almost perfectly symmetrical, as if his face's asymmetric twin was hidingp 204 CN 1996
If anything, there was an artless strain in him, an almost earnest need to please. ‘Time to go, Charles. Do youp 205 CN 1996
give me half an hour.‘ He took my arm and almost frog-marched me towards the Porsche. ‘You need cheering up, Charlesp 205 CN 1996
unique signature. I was sitting beside the man who had almost strangled me, and yet my anger had already given wayp 206 CN 1996
its performance. As we approached the harbour I noticed his almost childlike pleasure in everything around him. My modest driving skillsp 206 CN 1996
happen? In the Hollinger house?‘ ‘Good God, no!‘ Crawford seemed almost shocked. ‘Even I wouldn't go that far. She visited Paulap 209 CN 1996
medieval city. This is Goldfinger's defensible space raised to an almost planetary intensity -- security guards, tele-surveillance, no entrance except throughp 210 CN 1996
and culs-de-sac that emerged from their fastnesses to join the almost imperial boulevards radiating from the centre of the development. ‘Thep 211 CN 1996
no sounds of children playing or of anyone disturbing the almost immaculate calm. ‘So many pools,‘ I commented. ‘And no onep 212 CN 1996
queens. The wall-to-ceiling display of wines, spirits and liqueurs was almost cathedral in its vastness, and a primitive cortical life seemedp 215 CN 1996
Look around you -- there are no clocks anywhere and almost no one wears a wristwatch.‘ ‘Refugees? Yes ... in some waysp 216 CN 1996
flippant remark, but I could see that he felt an almost impatient concern for the people of the Residencia. He remindedp 218 CN 1996
aid. As he beamed at me proudly his face seemed almost adolescent, blond hair spilling over his forehead, lips parted acrossp 222 CN 1996
of Frank and our childhood years together, but found it almost impossible to face him across the hard table of ap 225 CN 1996
You're involved with Elizabeth Shand, Hennessy and Bobby Crawford. It's almost a conspiracy, based on this club.‘ ‘Paula ... this isn't Estrellap 228 CN 1996
happening here, far more than you realize. Open your eyes ...‘ Almost on cue, a Spanish police car circled the central plazap 228 CN 1996
the Moorish style with a speedboat parked in its drive. Almost certainly, the residents would be asleep in the bedrooms upstairsp 237 CN 1996
play tennis without observing the rules.‘ ‘But, Charles ...‘ Crawford seemed almost lightheaded as he searched for a retort. ‘When your opponentp 245 CN 1996
side windows of the Citroen, flushing his face with an almost fevered glow. He had been eager for me to hearp 246 CN 1996
coasts of the dead. I knew that his ministry would almost certainly fail and lead to a cell in Zarzuella jailp 246 CN 1996
needed to be roused, Charles. Look at you now, you're almost ready to play tennis with me ...‘ He held my shoulderp 248 CN 1996
back and gazed at the busy scene, smiling in an almost innocent way, delighted by these signs of civic renewal andp 254 CN 1996
to a latent strain of violence in his make-up, an almost childlike faith that he could provoke the world to risep 254 CN 1996
him to reply, but he had momentarily fallen asleep, head almost on my shoulder. As a child Frank had often sleptp 259 CN 1996
let everyone get on with it?‘ ‘I wish I could.‘ Almost despairingly, Crawford stared at the villas that surrounded us inp 260 CN 1996
empty swimming pool. Unoccupied since its construction, the house seemed almost ghostly in its faded newness, haunted by the human occupantsp 264 CN 1996
-- it seems strange going in through the front door, almost illicit. I want you to experience the Residencia Costasol atp 265 CN 1996
received her next dose. Her dark hair had been shaved almost to the scalp, exposing the bony scars that ran abovep 268 CN 1996
of a time when she had been alive. Then an almost louche smile quirked her lips, and she turned her headp 268 CN 1996
menu and scrolled through the membership list, his lips pursed almost in disapproval. ‘The club is very popular, Mr Prentice --p 272 CN 1996
gain.‘ ‘Completely true. He has accounts with many banks, and almost no money. But if not for his own gain, perhapsp 275 CN 1996
community's?‘ Cabrera stood at the door, watching me with an almost over-studied show of sympathy. ‘You defend him, Mr Prentice, butp 275 CN 1996
the video-cassette had come between us. I had seen her almost naked as she filmed the rape scene, and she hadp 278 CN 1996
start a film club.‘ A film club? I repeated Paula's almost too-clever question as I drove back to the Residencia. Butp 281 CN 1996
the tennis machine, I accelerated round the last bend and almost struck a slim, silver-haired man standing outside my gates. Brakingp 282 CN 1996
and bunting, cheered on by an exuberant crowd whose voices almost drowned the selections from Gilbert and Sullivan relayed from thep 286 CN 1996
he's arrived!‘ One of the tennis ladies began to shriek, almost knocking my vodka and tonic from the rail. ‘Come onp 287 CN 1996
the location van brushed against the float he leapt aboard, almost falling across the easels, picked himself up and embraced thep 287 CN 1996
silken cobra sated after digesting a succulent goat, I could almost see the accumulating cash totals flicker past her eyes. Thep 290 CN 1996
with your patients. Not so many now, I dare say.‘ ‘Almost none at all.‘ She placed her valise on my deskp 292 CN 1996
down. There's a problem in the Residencia -- there are almost no children. People miss them, so sexual fantasies get mixedp 292 CN 1996
that.‘ ‘I blame him for everything. And you -- you're almost as responsible as Crawford. He's totally corrupted you.‘ ‘That's absurdp 293 CN 1996
Costasol is awash with cut-price drugs that he force-feeds into almost every house and apartment.‘ ‘Dr Sanger ... to Crawford's generation cocainep 303 CN 1996
remarkably adept in the role of small-town criminals. One could almost assume that their professions were designed for just such ap 304 CN 1996
the plaza, and the cafes around the shopping mall were almost empty, the few patrons gazing out at a sea ofp 306 CN 1996
if ready to make a quick getaway, her slim face almost jaundiced in the yellow light. A man sat beside herp 313 CN 1996
say he planned everything?‘ ‘Not exactly. In fact, he knows almost nothing about the details.‘ ‘Then who does? Mahoud and Sonnyp 316 CN 1996
truth about the fire?‘ ‘No. Apart from you he was almost the only person at the funeral who didn't. He mustp 323 CN 1996
myself I'd helped to murder all those people, and I almost accepted it. Charles, that's why we have to stop thep 323 CN 1996
across the net, struck something on the baseline and ricocheted almost vertically into the air, soaring over the wire screen. Ip 327 CN 1996
that, true to her quirky and mocking character, she shows almost no alarm. Her eyes have noticed the falling cornice, andp 6 DYF 1996
the Italian renaissance revived in a way that I found almost mysterious. Once I had given my lectures she threw usp 8 DYF 1996
his rule. I saw Siena cathedral from the roof down, almost breathing my last in the confined bell-tower. And all thep 8 DYF 1996
few months of our marriage I had told my doctor-bride almost nothing about myself, and the drive became a mobile autobiographyp 4 SC 2000
well-upholstered bed. The colour was returning to her face, for almost the first time since our wedding. Her watchful eyes andp 6 SC 2000
villa, a suntanned man in his fifties with a slim, almost adolescent body, springing lightly on his diving board. ‘A healthyp 7 SC 2000
she and Greenwood had never been more than friends. I almost believed her. But some unstated loyalty to Greenwood's memory followedp 11 SC 2000
for a big man. His heavy fists took on an almost balletic grace as they shaped the dusty contours of thep 13 SC 2000
and pointed through the plane trees. ‘Slow down, Jane. You're almost home. From now on you're living in a suburb ofp 20 SC 2000
a phosphor in the white pigment gave its surface an almost luminescent finish, as if this elegant villa was an astronomicalp 21 SC 2000
studio visitor who had strayed into the wrong film set. Almost without thinking, Penrose stepped forward, took the glasses from Jane'sp 21 SC 2000
the driver's door, a slim, light-skinned black with refined and almost east African features, a narrow nose and steep forehead. Hep 22 SC 2000
The swimming pool had calmed. Halder's glob of spit had almost dissolved, the sun-driven currents drawing it into a spiral likep 25 SC 2000
Man or woman?‘ ‘Woman. It must have been.‘ Jane spoke almost too briskly. ‘He certainly wasn't homosexual. Did she have anythingp 27 SC 2000
all three.‘ ‘Here?‘ Jane seized my wrist, her sharp fingers almost separating the bones. ‘You're saying this was David's villa?‘ ‘Naturallyp 29 SC 2000
through.‘ ‘Good. You're being very sensible.‘ Penrose bowed in an almost obsequious way. Despite his concern, I was puzzled by hisp 30 SC 2000
me round her comfortable suite with its bathroom and kitchen, almost as much a home as the villa we shared. Fourp 39 SC 2000
Despite the name tag -- ‘Dr Jane Gomersall‘ -- I almost believed that she was one of those impostors who masqueradep 42 SC 2000
was the sound of mist rising from the dense foliage, almost a reverse rain returning to the clouds, time itself rushingp 51 SC 2000
I try to. So far, she's been very happy here. Almost too happy -- she's totally involved with her work.‘ ‘Workp 53 SC 2000
at Eden-Olympia.‘ For all her armoured glamour, Simone Delage became almost maternal when she spoke of Jane. Her eyes followed thep 53 SC 2000
was smiling to himself, a strain of deviousness that was almost likeable. Behind the brave and paranoid new world of surveillancep 59 SC 2000
eyes? The wrong kind of suntan?‘ Halder stared at me almost insolently. ‘Or is it because I read Scott Fitzgerald?‘ ‘Halderp 59 SC 2000
hint that the floor had been cleaned after an execution. Almost certainly the three men, the luckless chauffeurs and maintenance engineerp 63 SC 2000
I can cope with it. We sleep in his bed.‘ ‘Almost grounds for divorce. They should have moved you. Living inp 67 SC 2000
Sitting by the open doors of the limousines, they were almost Roman in their steely-eyed calm, as if watching the punishmentp 72 SC 2000
she stepped from the car onto the Croisette she seemed almost light-headed. In a tabac near the Majestic she picked ap 77 SC 2000
the Jaguar's heavy chrome bumper bite deep into soft fibreglass, almost buckling the passenger door of the sports saloon. It rockedp 82 SC 2000
La Bocca. Robbery, prostitution, drug-dealing -- to us they seem almost folkloric, subsidized by the municipality for the entertainment of touristsp 84 SC 2000
turned to escort me to the door. ‘"Odd things" ... I'd almost lost hope for our business park. Good news, Mr Sinclairp 87 SC 2000
bullets that lay on his desk. The Hit List An almost drugged air floated across the lake, a rogue cloud thatp 88 SC 2000
fiercely proscriptive about the television I was allowed to watch. Almost every programme that I liked seemed to remind her ofp 91 SC 2000
that heartened me for years. Damaging Penrose's car had been almost as satisfying. For a few seconds, despite myself, I feltp 91 SC 2000
the faint but potent scent. A hand gripped my shoulder, almost forcing me to my knees. ‘Paul, so this is wherep 91 SC 2000
I had damaged the car. Surprisingly, I felt no guilt, almost as if I had acted with his approval. ‘Now, what'sp 92 SC 2000
the knuckles. Behind the rimless glasses I could see an almost Calvinist repression at work. At the same time he seemedp 106 SC 2000
She brushed her cigarette ash from my sleeve, and seemed almost concerned for me. ‘Poor man, I've watched you.‘ ‘Frances ... couldp 114 SC 2000
means. I'll sort things out with Charles.‘ ‘Paul?‘ Jane sounded almost disappointed. ‘You're a very sweet man. Nothing's decided yet, therep 122 SC 2000
the maids arrived, during which my mind took on an almost amphetamine clarity. I lay on the jam-smeared sheet, my headp 124 SC 2000
way, head-first into the future. There's no looking back, and almost everyone knows it.‘ ‘Almost?‘ ‘A few old-fashioned folk still thinkp 128 SC 2000
future. There's no looking back, and almost everyone knows it.‘ ‘Almost?‘ ‘A few old-fashioned folk still think people come to thep 128 SC 2000
stench of the quayside. Theoule was so discreet that I almost failed to notice the resort, an enclave of luxury housesp 140 SC 2000
left Algeria in the 1960s. They were dressed in black, almost certainly for my visit. On the telephone Madame Cordier hadp 141 SC 2000
The husbands lived within ten minutes of Eden-Olympia, but left almost two hours before they needed to check in for workp 146 SC 2000
earning a rebuke from two elderly Frenchmen whose espadrilles I almost crushed. They slapped the Jaguar's roof, but I let thisp 148 SC 2000
engine. The store had closed for the afternoon, and an almost tangible melancholy hung over everything, gathering the same dust asp 149 SC 2000
ampoule in his open palm, he walked towards me with almost soundless steps. I noticed that he wore another pair ofp 161 SC 2000
you gave up this whole David business.‘ ‘Why? I've found almost nothing.‘ ‘That's what I mean. You're much too involved. Allp 170 SC 2000
of his own, but I guessed that, despite himself, he almost liked me. ‘Mr Sinclair -- are you sure? This couldp 175 SC 2000
the second floor.‘ I looked at the immaculate gravel, and almost heard the crunch of Greenwood's steps as he approached thep 179 SC 2000
him twice through the chest. The second photograph showed an almost naked woman sprawled on the tiled floor beside the bedp 180 SC 2000
being watched in the security building. Our battlefield tour had almost certainly been authorized by Pascal Zander. ‘Anyway, imagine Greenwood's statep 185 SC 2000
of the avenue. The administrative headquarters of Eden-Olympia displayed an almost imperial grandeur, with its classical pilasters rising to a stylizedp 191 SC 2000
was fifteen minutes ahead of us.‘ For once, Halder sounded almost defensive. ‘Remember, we still hadn't found Bachelet or Professor Berthoudp 192 SC 2000
Carlotti lay across her desk, arms hanging loosely, ringed fingers almost touching the floor. She had been shot while inspecting ap 195 SC 2000
his way to the villa?‘ ‘That's it. End of story.‘ ‘Almost.‘ I remembered the Riviera News transcript. ‘He had less thanp 197 SC 2000
yards away, he surrendered to the security people chasing him. Almost certainly, they took him back to the villa and executedp 203 SC 2000
dark paintwork moved from light to shade, at times becoming almost invisible, a conjuring trick with the eye that seemed partp 205 SC 2000
but forgot to clean the drain pipe.‘ ‘Why bother? It almost never rains here.‘ ‘This time it rained blood. A shortp 209 SC 2000
darkened in a few seconds, a shift of internal weather almost tropical in its sudden turns. She reminded me of thep 213 SC 2000
steps into the museum a man with a face I almost remembered was filming the assault with a camcorder. The squealingp 220 SC 2000
Range Rover swept down the hill, its lights off and almost invisible in the darkness. It swerved across the car parkp 221 SC 2000
speed and aggression of the robbers, their brutal efficiency, had almost winded me. I forced myself to breathe, gasping the nightp 222 SC 2000
looked down at her face, with its lips that were almost white in the darkness, reflecting the light from the oppositep 227 SC 2000
Jane is twenty-eight.‘ ‘With the body of a teenager. I almost fancy her myself.‘ ‘Simone Delage got there first. Jane's foundp 228 SC 2000
fabric clasped her hips and waist, and the plunge neckline almost bared her breasts. Her legs were sheathed in a tatteredp 231 SC 2000
in Jane's office. They were pleasantly high, but in an almost self-conscious way, as if they were members of a tontinep 236 SC 2000
after a testing bout. ‘So you boxed, Wilder? You look almost professional.‘ ‘That's my father again, back in the fifties.‘ Wilderp 243 SC 2000
scene.‘ Penrose leaned back in his chair, bare left foot almost touching my knee in a curiously intimate gesture. ‘They filmedp 246 SC 2000
nothing. I'm merely the doctor in charge.‘ Penrose's eyes had almost closed as he contemplated his responsibilities. ‘The patients decide whatp 251 SC 2000
is extremely high. Visit the clinic -- it's virtually empty. Almost no one ever falls ill, though they spend hundreds ofp 252 SC 2000
But below the surface there were some very serious problems. Almost all the senior people were constantly ill with respiratory complaintsp 253 SC 2000
incriminate himself. He smiled at the sun, talking in an almost rueful tone. ‘When I came here, Paul, I thought Eden-Olympiap 254 SC 2000
their CEOs. These people weren't anywhere near burnout.‘ Penrose sounded almost disappointed as his eyes strayed across the white walls, searchingp 257 SC 2000
redirect the therapy. On the whole, though, it's worked well. Almost every senior executive at Eden-Olympia is now involved in thep 261 SC 2000
if waiting for an audience's response. His exposition had been almost playful, testing me with his callous asides. But he wasp 262 SC 2000
This lonely commitment to his radical vision gave him an almost bearlike dignity. ‘The murders on May 28,‘ I said. ‘Werep 262 SC 2000
of his way and began to stroll around the room, almost dismissing me with a flourish. Scenting the sunlight, he openedp 265 SC 2000
other company to amuse her. The carpet was marked by almost lunar ridges, left by heel marks that belonged to neitherp 268 SC 2000
short cut through the Blue Bar and brushed my shoulder, almost knocking me from my feet. I sat down clumsily, wincingp 277 SC 2000
brothel fought to shield her infant daughter. After this I almost broke with Penrose, warning him that his therapy programme wasp 280 SC 2000
the knee.‘ The sleep had refreshed me, and I felt almost euphoric. As we stepped into the crowded restaurant I pointedp 281 SC 2000
round -- it reeked of semen.‘ She revived, the flames almost reflected in her eyes. ‘You should have joined in, Paulp 283 SC 2000
I had become Greenwood and assumed his role. Frances was almost deferential, aware that through me her former lover had returnedp 288 SC 2000
the crowd, affable and devious in a way I found almost likeable. Halder and I were not alone in keeping watchp 294 SC 2000
dishevelled beds. The sound was turned down, but I could almost hear the screams and truncheon thuds. Headlights veered across anp 296 SC 2000
failing to report him to the French authorities, I felt almost sorry for him. Mired in its mediocrity, the human racep 298 SC 2000
watched the eyelids swivel and close over the glassy stare, almost the first untroubled sleep I had seen in Eden-Olympia. Top 299 SC 2000
in stages a recognizable image of her husband. She seemed almost asleep, her voice slurred. ‘Glad you came, Paul. I wasn'tp 300 SC 2000
Halder, who sat on the diving board, his dark figure almost invisible against the night. Seeing me, Frances waved her pursep 305 SC 2000
matter. None of it matters.‘ ‘That's what Jane said. I almost believe it ...‘ We moved down the drive towards the gatesp 306 SC 2000
in the deep end, would have been a breakthrough of almost surrealist proportions, a genuine lunge for freedom. I was temptedp 306 SC 2000
and hurled the little BMW through the dark air, wheels almost losing their grip on the unlit macadam. At the lastp 309 SC 2000
circling a nearby roundabout, chased by one of the Mercedes. Almost rolling the limousine onto its side, the driver rammed thep 310 SC 2000
light reflected from the waves I could see her face, almost stiff with shock. She swerved around the two Mercedes limousinesp 314 SC 2000
Carlotti? Frances, you know why.‘ ‘Yes, I do.‘ She sounded almost offhand. ‘I'm the only one who does. No one elsep 334 SC 2000
to your MEP, take the story to Fleet Street.‘ ‘It almost worked.‘ ‘At first you were really coming along. You foundp 339 SC 2000
around the car.‘ Her voice fell away, and she turned almost searchingly towards me, as if I could reassemble her memoriesp 341 SC 2000
was too honest.‘ ‘Thirteen-year-olds? Are you saying that ...?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Frances almost shouted at the widows, as if wanting to shock themp 346 SC 2000
back into the past?‘ The future was a second Eden-Olympia, almost twice the size of the original, the same mix ofp 356 SC 2000
on a Hill.‘ ‘It is, Paul, it is.‘ He seemed almost light-headed. ‘A hundred cities on a hundred hills ...‘ A secondp 357 SC 2000
agitated snake. It cleared a pine-covered hill, its fixed undercarriage almost scraping the canopy. The pilot flew on, scattered a flockp 357 SC 2000
Stop worrying, Paul. The human body's capacity for painkillers is almost unlimited.‘ ‘How much pain are you in?‘ ‘None. Wonderful, isn'tp 368 SC 2000
day at Eden II, the notion of psychopathy would seem almost folkloric in its quaintness. The Bedroom Camera ‘Frances, here's thep 370 SC 2000
in the air, a medley of cheap aftershaves that were almost familiar. ‘Frances ...? I've booked Tetou.‘ Was she in bed withp 371 SC 2000
black lace. I held her wrist, feeling the loose tendons almost torn from the bones in her struggle, and searched forp 372 SC 2000
wore it while they killed her ...‘ I stepped back, and almost knocked over a metal tripod standing by the bedside tablep 373 SC 2000
I know.‘ Halder stared at me while the huge lift, almost as large as an aircraft carrier's, sank towards the basementp 375 SC 2000
Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Me?‘ I pressed my head against the window, almost hoping that I could break the glass. ‘That's why youp 378 SC 2000
revolution was taking place, so modest and well behaved that almost no one had noticed. Like a visitor to an abandonedp 3 MP 2003
parking bay. The rebels had tidied up after their revolution. Almost all the overturned cars had been righted, keys left inp 8 MP 2003
skis. Beside a school blazer with scorched piping was an almost new worsted suit, the daytime uniform of a middle-ranking executivep 8 MP 2003
damp tapestries. I stood between the Ozu and Bresson posters, almost expecting Kay to emerge from the kitchen with two glassesp 9 MP 2003
had drawn blood from her lower lip, but she seemed almost untouched by the explosion. She brushed the dust from herp 18 MP 2003
to you.‘ She stared at me, calmly nodding to herself, almost convinced that she had caught me in a minor butp 21 MP 2003
her own. As we sped along, hazard lights flashing, I almost believed that Sally was eager to meet her one-time rivalp 22 MP 2003
panelling and cast-iron frames had been installed by British engineers almost a century earlier. But charm and industrial archaeology both camep 23 MP 2003
few days later she swerved past me in the corridor, almost running me down. Pausing to apologize, she was amazed top 24 MP 2003
when one stepped up to them, and how they construed almost any behaviour as threatening. Pushed forward by the scrum ofp 35 MP 2003
only had Laura's death been meaningless, but the killer was almost certainly among the fleeing crowd we had watched on televisionp 37 MP 2003
television. Protest movements, sane and insane, sensible and absurd, touched almost every aspect of life in London, a vast web ofp 37 MP 2003
to live out a dream of violence. But in fact almost all the demonstrators were good-humoured members of the middle classp 38 MP 2003
aside her papers and strode to the bench in an almost threatening way. A policeman restrained her and led her backp 45 MP 2003
violent.‘ ‘Really? What were you doing to the poor mogs?‘ Almost carrying me, she searched the lines of parked cars. ‘Let'sp 46 MP 2003
the unwashed bodies of Down's children. Seeing that I was almost asleep, he finished with me and withdrew to the kitchenp 60 MP 2003
a professionally steady gaze and a strong head that was almost handsome in the right lighting. Hundreds of hours in anp 61 MP 2003
hinting that he had lost his faith, but this was almost an obligation in the contemporary priesthood. He placed his handp 62 MP 2003
shabby room, he had a certain bleak dignity, but I almost suspected that he was an imposter. I stood unsteadily byp 64 MP 2003
on Piaget and Melanie Klein, her knowledge of motherhood was almost entirely theoretical. Until the age of three, I was broughtp 71 MP 2003
say that?‘ ‘How many want to? They're on our side.‘ ‘Almost. What about Heathrow? It's the one real lead we've hadp 72 MP 2003
an estate agent? This place is a dump. Maintenance is almost nil but the charges keep going up. This flat costp 78 MP 2003
made me uneasy with her quiet anger, I found myself almost liking her. ‘And where is this work? The TUG? Labourp 80 MP 2003
C20 trash. The regurgitated vomit people call the consumer society.‘ Almost pedantically, she added: ‘They're not really bombs -- they're acousticp 81 MP 2003
when we crossed Richmond Bridge. ‘You're entering an area of almost total deprivation.‘ ‘Twickenham? The heart of darkness?‘ ‘You'll be shockedp 84 MP 2003
marina, a well of nothingness. His face was pale and almost bloodless, eyes fixed like a mourner at a funeral, tryingp 105 MP 2003
little too easily. ‘Is there any progress?‘ ‘Unofficially? No. It's almost a meaningless crime. No one's claimed responsibility, and there's nop 112 MP 2003
the gondola and leaned on the rail overlooking the river, almost too weary to breathe. While we moved along the boardingp 123 MP 2003
the Thames, and searched the streets around County Hall. I almost expected to see Kay and Joan Chang darting from onep 124 MP 2003
an oddly complicit way. He was so close that I almost expected him to whisper some proposition, and it occurred top 124 MP 2003
a slim, agile man with a strong forehead and bony, almost emaciated face, and a tubercular pallor that should have ruledp 125 MP 2003
of his eye, but there was a frankness that was almost likeable, and a nervous authority to which everyone at Chelseap 130 MP 2003
watched Gould sip thirstily at the scalding liquid, his lips almost inflamed. ‘It's not her sort of place. Besides, she hasp 135 MP 2003
memories of the children, that I doubted it. I could almost believe that he had created the entire protest movement atp 140 MP 2003
shook my hand, smiling at me in an eager and almost boyish way. I felt his hand, and the bones waitingp 140 MP 2003
the silk spread. The telephone sat squarely on my pillow, almost reducing my husbandly role to a series of digits andp 142 MP 2003
on. By the time I parked in Swiss Cottage I almost felt that I had become a cripple -- more sop 143 MP 2003
offenders like Mrs Templeton would be spared, but I was almost certain to be given a thirty-day sentence. Flung through thep 157 MP 2003
Sirens wailed down Upper Regent Street as the convoy departed. Almost the entire police presence had gone, a vacuum filled byp 158 MP 2003
Templeton. The police -- did they hurt you?‘ ‘Listen ...‘ Eyes almost crossed, she handed the radio to me. ‘A bomb's gonep 158 MP 2003
I tried to smile at Kay. ‘Laura provoked the world. Almost everything she did, the smallest things she said, somehow changedp 164 MP 2003
were fellow conspirators. The three sunny wards held thirty children, almost all bedridden, passive little parcels posted to death soon afterp 172 MP 2003
No computer could have done all that. One or two almost recognized you.‘ ‘I hope so. David, they know me. I'mp 173 MP 2003
the lawn with its silent slides and swings. He seemed almost boyish in his edgy way, younger but more intense thanp 173 MP 2003
There's something very special. You saw all those tourists. It's almost a place of worship.‘ ‘Hard to believe.‘ I followed thep 178 MP 2003
in his bizarre world, drawing me into his fragmentary personality, almost offering himself as a kit from which I could constructp 178 MP 2003
sat with her chin touching the steering wheel. Someone else, almost certainly Stephen Dexter, had driven Joan to the Tate. Uncomfortablep 183 MP 2003
for it to ring, I placed it against my ear, almost expecting Joan's piping voice. The phone was silent, and hadp 183 MP 2003
was racked back. Joan's feet wouldn't have reached the pedals. Almost certainly he drove her to the Tate.‘ ‘Go on. Youp 187 MP 2003
residents‘ committee organize the defence of Grosvenor Place. Fifty adults, almost every neighbour in the cul de sac, had gathered inp 197 MP 2003
left the house a few minutes later the protest was almost over. Kay's riot, which she hoped would engulf Chelsea Marinap 202 MP 2003
My parking meter had expired; feeding in more coins, I almost missed my ringing mobile. ‘David? What's happened?‘ Gould was pantingp 206 MP 2003
ribs through the shabby cotton. His expression was numbed but almost ecstatic, and his eyes followed the swirling branches in ap 208 MP 2003
servants and actors, middle-class professionals like those at Chelsea Marina, almost all at work during the day. No one observed herp 210 MP 2003
of the head as she opened the front door, dying almost instantly. The key to the front door was still inp 210 MP 2003
for trial, a vacuum of a human being who seemed almost brain-dead in his passivity. His star-struck camera, his obsessive collectingp 215 MP 2003
on my way to Vera Blackburn's apartment, I noticed that almost every avenue was now blocked by residents‘ cars, leaving ap 216 MP 2003
He looked at me in a very odd way. I almost had the feeling that he wanted to rape me. Bep 221 MP 2003
rebels. In Beaufort Avenue, the central concourse of the estate, almost every resident was out on the pavement and ready top 225 MP 2003
police advanced through the cloud of steam and a black, almost liquid smoke that lay over Chelsea Marina, drifting across thep 229 MP 2003
my hand, I knew that the Chelsea Marina uprising was almost over. The police had reached the top of Beaufort Avenuep 229 MP 2003
least until the police interest died down. Plainclothes officers were almost certainly keeping an eye on the entrance to the estatep 232 MP 2003
cars in the parking bays were overturned, but Beaufort Avenue almost resembled its usual self, a street of middle-class housing withp 233 MP 2003
they would never again sleep together in this modest bed. Almost in sympathy, I reached out and touched the coarse fabricp 238 MP 2003
the date of the Terminal 2 bomb. The time was almost exactly two hours before the baggage carousel explosion that hadp 238 MP 2003
but at Chelsea Marina they were seen as normal and almost obligatory qualifications. Whatever their source, the parking ticket and ignitionp 240 MP 2003
me, areas for airline crews, security personnel, business travellers, an almost planetary expanse of waiting vehicles. They sat patiently in thep 240 MP 2003
B section of the car park. Despite the rapacious charges, almost every space was filled, a vast congregation of cars pointingp 240 MP 2003
servo responding to a brief flow of current from an almost dead battery. On the passenger seat was a copy ofp 242 MP 2003
the glossy pages. I seemed youthful and knowing, practised patter almost visible on my lips. I smoothed the yellowing cover, andp 243 MP 2003
they realize there's nothing they can do about it. Or almost nothing.‘ ‘Not true.‘ Impatient with this familiar argument, I saidp 249 MP 2003
take that for granted.‘ ‘Good. It was a sudden insight, almost a revelation. I saw her in the King Street shoppingp 258 MP 2003
Unhinged. Temporarily insane. It shattered me.‘ Gould spoke in an almost offhand way, as if he and I were colleagues whop 259 MP 2003
we have to speak.‘ ‘We?‘ ‘You and I.‘ Gould was almost whispering, as if talking to one of his dying childrenp 261 MP 2003
approached. ‘That's why they've had to invent so many games. Almost every game you can think of was invented by thep 262 MP 2003
fortnight, touring Brittany with friends. Her voice seemed distant and almost halting, as if she were unsure of her own motivesp 270 MP 2003
of the aircraft at Heathrow still drummed inside my head, almost drowning Richard's voice as he set out his credo ofp 270 MP 2003
Hungerford. ‘David? What is it?‘ Feet moved across the roof, almost directly above my head, the sounds of a sunbather settlingp 279 MP 2003
open tailgate. As the echoes reverberated around Cadogan Circle I almost missed the sound of a rifle shot from the roofp 282 MP 2003
second shot, but the returning families had confused the sniper, almost certainly saving the Home Secretary. Shielding him with their bodiesp 282 MP 2003
fled past, swerved away and then returned to overtake me. Almost deafened by the vibrating concrete, I approached the Saab, whichp 284 MP 2003
bullet wound in his white shirt. The damp puncture mark, almost colourless in the glare of the landing helicopter, seemed likep 285 MP 2003
Kendall hovered beside her, nodding to a silent police sergeant, almost light-headed among the armed constables. He took Sally's arm, tryingp 288 MP 2003
had moved back to their homes, and within two months almost the entire population had re-established itself. Kensington and Chelsea Councilp 289 MP 2003
Richard set off the bomb that killed Laura at Heathrow. Almost certainly he shot dead the television celebrity whose name hep 291 MP 2003
retouched aerial photograph represents Chelsea Marina as a place of almost millennial charm, with crime-free streets and ever-rising property values. Happyp 293 MP 2003
They've built a sports club and enlarged the marina. There's almost everything you want here.‘ ‘I can see. What exactly werep 293 MP 2003
miles to the south of where I sat. I could almost believe that he was waiting behind his desk, ready top 8 KC 2006
the fifteen years he had spent in Dubai, I expected almost no one to attend the funeral service at the northp 14 KC 2006
leather armchair and reading lamp, pipe rack and humidor. I almost expected my father to appear on cue, walk to thep 17 KC 2006
For the first time I realized that its presence was almost reassuring. For the next hour I moved around the flatp 17 KC 2006
buy things to make us grow again.‘ ‘That's interesting. It's almost a slogan. You should be working for the Metro-Centre.‘ ‘Ip 21 KC 2006
mouth and smiled at me in a surprisingly full-lipped way, almost a come-on, then retreated behind her most formal manner. Shep 22 KC 2006
of mind coupled with a deep inner hunger that was almost messianic. I could see years of poor nutrition, self-neglect andp 27 KC 2006
the crowd disperse through his wing mirror. He drove pugnaciously, almost running down two elderly women who were slow to getp 30 KC 2006
Pearson. I assume Christie will be sent for trial and almost certainly convicted. Curiously enough, we used to represent him.‘ ‘Isn'tp 31 KC 2006
memories, a stone dream that would never awake. I could almost smell the exhaust drifting on the mist, and hear thep 35 KC 2006
taken up too literally by the lower orders. In an almost combative way, he launched into a tour guide's patter, describingp 40 KC 2006
of honey and treacle. Listening to myself, I said: ‘It's almost a shrine.‘ ‘Definitely.‘ ‘Let's move on.‘ I beckoned Carradine awayp 43 KC 2006
gaze on the giant bears. I stood on the platform, almost expecting to see my father's blood staining the metal floorp 44 KC 2006
concealed the receding hairline above his right temple. In an almost reassuring way, his soft and ingratiating presence offered the onlyp 47 KC 2006
reason you're leaving?‘ I took her hand, surprised by its almost feverish warmth. There was an operation scar on the knucklep 49 KC 2006
her as she waited for me to reply. She was almost trembling with impatience for me to leave. Somehow I hadp 51 KC 2006
as an adult, living in large apartments that I kept almost unfurnished. I worked all day devising ways of selling peoplep 54 KC 2006
laminated paper was soft from frequent handling, and I could almost feel my father sitting at this desk and turning thep 55 KC 2006
taken him into some threatening arenas. The modest workstation was almost a neo-fascist altar. I paused by the neatly pressed laundryp 55 KC 2006
in the Accident & Emergency department at Brooklands Hospital was almost empty when I sat down. A teenager with a bruisedp 60 KC 2006
traced a line, to the back of her neck, an almost erotic transit that exposed the silky whiteness of her scalpp 61 KC 2006
the triton from a Mercedes bonnet she smiled in an almost girlish way, happy to share their freedom and irresponsibility. ‘Mrp 63 KC 2006
filled with evening drinkers. Groups of middle-aged men and women, almost all wearing St George's shirts, stood, glasses in hand, smokingp 68 KC 2006
people in Brooklands know Duncan Christie. He's the local character, almost the village idiot.‘ ‘Right. He used to be represented byp 69 KC 2006
jolt the truth from this likeable young doctor with her almost desperate denials. ‘You were sitting with your back to mep 69 KC 2006
don't they go in?‘ I asked Julia. ‘The stands are almost empty.‘ ‘Maybe they're not that interested.‘ ‘Hard to believe. Whatp 73 KC 2006
eye. Staring at myself in the hall mirror, I could almost see Duncan Christie's bruised face emerging through my own. Allp 77 KC 2006
always, the police arrived ten minutes after the fire engines. Almost nothing appeared in the national press, where the incidents werep 79 KC 2006
wanted to meet her again, but everything about her was almost too elusive. At the Holiday Inn, beside the placid watersp 79 KC 2006
ironing board and touched one of the St George's shirts. Almost without thinking, I picked up the shirt, shook it loosep 80 KC 2006
to half-listen to me. ‘Three respectable witnesses?‘ ‘You are respectable. Almost too respectable. It's possible you saw someone like Christie. Youp 83 KC 2006
framed ...‘ We set off along the corridor, Sangster's huge bulk almost filling the narrow space. He had visibly relaxed, patting myp 84 KC 2006
always succeed ...‘ Sangster stood up, smiling to himself in an almost serene way. He gazed at his huge hands, glad top 86 KC 2006
Please ... the price is unimaginable.‘ ‘Go on.‘ ‘It's free!‘ An almost maniacal grin distorted Christie's face. ‘Free!‘ ‘You mean ...?‘ ‘Gratis. Notp 91 KC 2006
approached him. He was well into his fifties, with an almost jocular scowl, a boxer's rolling shoulders and the shaven scalpp 94 KC 2006
trying to guess at the mindset of this maverick psychiatrist, almost as odd as any of his patients. The afternoon hadp 99 KC 2006
and democracy is just another utility like gas and electricity: Almost no one has any civic feeling. Consumerism is the onep 102 KC 2006
of the whisky in the decanter and muffing over the almost deliberate way in which everyone I visited in Brooklands hadp 110 KC 2006
There was no hostility between the groups, but I could almost smell the anger, the coarse breath of a disturbed beastp 119 KC 2006
the flames. A blow struck the side of my head, almost knocking me from my feet. A huge explosion sounded fromp 123 KC 2006
into my bedroom. Julia ...?‘ ‘No.‘ She spoke flatly, in an almost coarse voice. ‘Here.‘ ‘Dear, try to --‘ ‘Here! It's gotp 135 KC 2006
was struck by how small he seemed, though he was almost six feet tall, with the kind of muscled physique foundp 138 KC 2006
responsible for killing my father. So far I had achieved almost nothing, playing the amateur detective who blundered into danger, perpetuallyp 142 KC 2006
that my father had visited the racetrack as a boy. Almost without thinking, Cruise reached out and gripped my hand, sealingp 143 KC 2006
Do I know anything about sports? Between you and me, almost nothing. I've never sliced a tee shot, never potted ap 144 KC 2006
point and carried the day for me. Another Metro-Centre poster, almost the size of a tennis court, filled the side ofp 154 KC 2006
grimacing, frowning, angry morose, hallucinating and obsessed. He would stare almost ecstatically at a battered dustbin, as if some revelation wasp 154 KC 2006
then touched his forehead, doffing an imaginary hat in an almost feudal salute. I remembered his large figure in the riotingp 162 KC 2006
pointing frantically at the microphone that swung from its cord, almost mesmerized by this threat to the Metro-Centre. He had lostp 174 KC 2006
the Hebrew Slaves. The music was distant and unobtrusive, but almost everyone was in step. Still shaken by the brutal attackp 175 KC 2006
angry. More than a hint of the mentally deranged. I almost believed you.‘ ‘It's all true. I wasn't acting.‘ He satp 177 KC 2006
sides since the Metro-Centre bomb. I remembered how she had almost fainted after hearing that Geoffrey Fairfax had been killed. Shep 183 KC 2006
Contact anyone?‘ ‘You mean send a signal? What happened here?‘ Almost casually, she said: ‘There was an attack on the Kumarsp 184 KC 2006
herself to powerful men, fully expecting to be humiliated, and almost welcoming any rebuffs that came her way. She had playedp 187 KC 2006
the smoke still rose from the roof, a white plume almost invisible in the late-afternoon light. A BBC journalist had enteredp 203 KC 2006
themselves as a credible alternative to the truth. Emotion ruled almost everything, and lies were driven by emotions that were familiarp 204 KC 2006
to create him. He was so pervasive a figure, dominating almost every moment of my life at Brooklands, that he hadp 206 KC 2006
left his engine running. He stared around him, bald head almost glowing in the dark, then recognized me. ‘Right ... I thoughtp 207 KC 2006
see our beds tonight ...‘ Pushing, aggressively through the crowd, and almost marching in step, was a group of marshals, Metro-Centre engineersp 215 KC 2006
Guarded by their marshals, they shuffled through the doors, several almost too weak to walk. I waved to them, trying top 221 KC 2006
found that they had locked themselves inside the mall with almost three thousand people for company -- an inner core ofp 223 KC 2006
fled into the entrance hall to escape the police truncheons. Almost all were keen to leave once the threat of violencep 223 KC 2006
Now that the lifts and escalators were out of action, almost no one made the long climb to the seventh floorp 228 KC 2006
looked confident and charismatic in his freshly pressed uniform, but almost too lucid for comfort, speaking with an amphetamine fluency, eyesp 231 KC 2006
when will it end?‘ ‘Let's wait and see.‘ Sangster seemed almost gleeful at the remote prospect. ‘That's what's so interesting. Thisp 234 KC 2006
of polish hung on the unmoving air, making me feel almost giddy. By sweeping out these temples to consumerism, by wipingp 235 KC 2006
on luxurious mattresses, unwashed pillows leaning against quilted boudoir headboards. Almost all were elderly hostages unable to keep up with Carradine'sp 237 KC 2006
nerveless, her neck flushed by a persistent rash, she was almost asleep on her feet, trying to break the seal onp 237 KC 2006
doing? Any idea?‘ ‘Not much.‘ I looked up at his almost kindly face. ‘I wasn't thinking.‘ ‘That's what I mean. Nowp 243 KC 2006
of candles surrounded a framed photograph of David Cruise. An almost religious aura glowed from the shrine, a votive offering top 247 KC 2006
at the controls, his huge frame in its black overcoat almost squeezing out Tom Carradine. The PR manager sat beside himp 249 KC 2006
bowls, turning the interior into an art-nouveau grotto. I was almost asleep when a shot sounded from the central atrium, echoingp 253 KC 2006
matter. Because Christie's in danger.‘ ‘Good.‘ Taking a gamble, and almost too tired to care, I said calmly: ‘He shot myp 256 KC 2006
think anyone would get killed, or even wounded ...‘ ‘You did almost nothing.‘ Maxted waited until she tossed the crumpled drawing amongp 260 KC 2006
crimes they haven't committed.‘ Maxted sighed to himself. ‘It was almost the perfect murder.‘ ‘Almost?‘ ‘The victim failed to turn upp 261 KC 2006
Maxted sighed to himself. ‘It was almost the perfect murder.‘ ‘Almost?‘ ‘The victim failed to turn up. We'd told Christie top 261 KC 2006
ovenware onto the landing. I pressed myself against the wall, almost expecting a furnace of petroleum vapour to explode from thep 269 KC 2006
would be well, neither believing it for an instant. ‘We're almost there, Mrs Mitchell,‘ I told her. ‘You'll be home soonp 272 KC 2006
shop and trying to mimic their calm and plastic detachment. Almost too weary to walk, she fell behind me, stumbling throughp 273 KC 2006
the Whangpoo river, for about five miles to the west. Almost all the city's department stores and restaurants, cinemas, radio stationsp 4 ML 2008
to my own bedroom. By contrast, my own children shared almost every intimacy with my wife and me, the same tapsp 12 ML 2008
more modest backgrounds. One or two were beaten and humiliated almost daily, and I'm still surprised that the parents never complainedp 18 ML 2008
being unsettled by this for years. For some reason I almost believed her. Now and then I would go with myp 19 ML 2008
the 1930s and 1940s, and our house reflected this, an almost cathedral-like space of polished parquet floors and blackwood furniture. Byp 22 ML 2008
them was just another name on the map. I explored almost every corner of the International Settlement, and schoolfriends and Ip 30 ML 2008
had brought me to Shanghai from Hong Kong, I could almost sense the presence of a small boy still sitting inp 31 ML 2008
my heroic cycle trips, my insulation from Chinese life was almost complete. I lived in Shanghai for fifteen years and neverp 33 ML 2008
came to England after the war, a world that was almost too real. As a writer I've treated England as ifp 35 ML 2008
end, but I still have strong memories of a pretty, almost Riviera-style beach resort. Tsingtao had been a German naval basep 43 ML 2008
interested in wines and European food. In Shanghai he was almost the only person I knew who was interested in Chinesep 47 ML 2008
USS Wake, was captured without a shot being fired -- almost all the crew were ashore, asleep with their girlfriends inp 54 ML 2008
agreeable characters. What I liked most was that everyone, of almost any age, could talk to anyone else. Striding around Ep 70 ML 2008
to terms with the most significant change in their lives, almost on a par with the war itself, and one whichp 74 ML 2008
the end of 1943 the eventual defeat of Germany seemed almost certain. The commandant, Hyashi, was a civilised man who didp 77 ML 2008
man who did his best to meet the internees‘ demands. Almost a caricature short-sighted Japanese with a toothbrush moustache, spectacles andp 77 ML 2008
and see my mother brushing her hair, a strange and almost mysterious event. I rarely saw my father without a jacketp 80 ML 2008
to inspect them. The air attacks on Shanghai took place almost daily, and once Lunghua airfield had been neutralised the firstp 98 ML 2008
camp, a view I had never seen before. It seemed almost uncanny to be no longer part of the camp butp 102 ML 2008
should have changed, like everything else in Shanghai. It was almost as if the war had never happened. War's End 1945p 109 ML 2008
all-important, endlessly counted and fussed over, even though there was almost nothing in the shops to buy. Tracking down a fewp 123 ML 2008
the late 1940s and 1950s saw the working class as almost another species, and fenced themselves off behind a complex systemp 125 ML 2008
a fearful price for the system of self-delusions that underpinned almost everything in their lives? The question seemed to leap fromp 127 ML 2008
to go in the afternoons, when the vast auditoriums were almost empty, and sit in the front row of the circlep 131 ML 2008
of entering the private lives of these dead physicians and almost of bringing them back to life. There was one femalep 144 ML 2008
and the willing engagement of the audience's own psychopathy is almost a definition of modernism as a whole. But this wasp 148 ML 2008
with people who were going to work, and I could almost imagine that I was doing a job. I was onep 151 ML 2008
the motives of this extraordinary painter than we do of almost any other 20th-century artist. At least Crivelli's Annunciation in thep 157 ML 2008
to space travel and tales of a hard-edged technological future. Almost all the stories were set in spaceships or on alienp 165 ML 2008
we actually lived in, but which was completely missing from almost all serious fiction. No one in a novel by Virginiap 166 ML 2008
floor. I think we were surprised, a little wary but almost relieved to see each other again. Mary lent me herp 178 ML 2008
for the first time, I had helped to create something, almost out of nothing, an intact and growing creature that wouldp 180 ML 2008
a warm domestic nest, and in which I actively participated, almost shouldering the midwives aside. In the untidy but blissful bedp 182 ML 2008
portable device for drilling holes but a symbolic object with almost magical properties. If the future was to be built ofp 189 ML 2008
shake. ‘Jim, what are they? What are they?‘ He was almost speechless as he surveyed the column of cheerful young peoplep 196 ML 2008
absence was a space in our lives that I could almost embrace. Long months of celibacy followed, during which I resentedp 204 ML 2008
to the reading of a scientific paper. This strange event, almost impossible to take in at the time, has stayed inp 210 ML 2008
Kafka, noir films at their most intense, and the strange, almost mentalised world of science labs and research institutes where Chrisp 215 ML 2008
Italian boy in wartime Edinburgh, but he fell out with almost all his close friends, a trait he shared with Kingsleyp 219 ML 2008
he murmured, his imagination stirred by the fusion of these almost emblematic elite troops with the down-to-earth realities of military engineeringp 221 ML 2008
Harper's Bazaar. I reasoned that most novels could dispense with almost all their text and reduce themselves to a single evocativep 232 ML 2008
the cars, windows were broken, and the topless girl was almost raped in the back seat of the Pontiac (or sop 240 ML 2008
alone, I found myself thinking of Shanghai again. I had almost forgotten the war, and never referred to Shanghai in conversationp 248 ML 2008
of curtained cubicles that must have been ideal trysting cells? Almost certainly, I assume, especially during the first year when thep 249 ML 2008
I resisted this, but I accept now that it is almost certainly true. The memories of Shanghai that I had triedp 251 ML 2008
Americans were unfailingly friendly and helpful, though I noticed an almost universal hostility to Steven Spielberg. One journalist asked me: ‘Whyp 259 ML 2008
too preoccupied with the past, too involved with our memories, almost as if we are nervous of the present and wantp 270 ML 2008
bathroom. But the house was a ghost, and had spent almost half a century eroding its memories of an English familyp 270 ML 2008
of the former Lunghua Camp, now the Shanghai High School. Almost nothing remained of the original camp. The Japanese guardhouse, thep 271 ML 2008
churches onto his bow. Will Self is another remarkable writer, almost seven feet in height and with a tall man's constantp 274 ML 2008