a third lower. You'll have to take things easier, make allowances. Most of these have been programmed in for you, butp 50 M69 1957
felt her body glowing beside me in the darkness I allowed myself few anxieties. Absurdly, the only disagreement I ever hadp 9 PB 1956
admitted. ‘But in a large open area it should be.‘ ‘Allowed. I suggest you immediately negotiate with the Arena Garden onp 25 CC 1957
but Conrad's ability to organize his leisure and homework periods allowed him to make the most of his talents. When thep 153 CH 1960
Time zones. Depending on your professional category and the consumer-shifts allowed. Hold on, though, we're almost there.‘ They left the expresswayp 158 CH 1960
cells in your body, which proliferate into mortal cancers if allowed to grow in freedom, every individual here had to subservep 159 CH 1960
cat, a regular visitor, scratched at the door and was allowed in. They sat at the table together, the cat onp 197 LW 1960
vibration of audible music. The re-scoring of the classical repertoire allowed the ultrasonic audience the best of both worlds. The majesticp 111 SS 1960
panic he had managed to accept an uneasy compromise that allowed him to view his predicament with the detached fatalism hep 169 VT 1960
on the sly would set off something if they were allowed to operate unopposed.‘ He went over to Larsen, took hisp 144 ZT 1960
in the on season, old chap, or nobody would be allowed in there.‘ He grinned at me. ‘Ever hear of thep 232 S5 1961
the stupidity of my traffic police. They should never have allowed you in. Unfortunately, Kroll --‘ he indicated the tall guardp 161 WFN 1961
disposition who rarely strayed from Control. Abel had never been allowed there, but the Captain's son, Matthew, often described the hushedp 323 13C 1962
list of names to choose from, but the slight leeway allowed, the extra two or three names supplied, were here inp 331 13C 1962
the beach area. On completion no further egress will be allowed, and anyone escaping will be immediately returned to the reservationp 365 CS 1962
so. Believe me, I wouldn't help you if I was allowed to. You must cure yourself or you are finished. Alreadyp 294 IO 1962
line-up for this one and any form of vehicle is allowed -- rockets, beams, racial migrations, ES thought patterns -- butp 348 PE 1962
Kerans‘ attendance was obligatory, and that he would not be allowed to refuse. Strangman followed him into the lounge, waiting forp 114 DW 1962
back, searching in his pockets for imaginary cigarettes (none were allowed him). ‘Forgive my curiosity, but I am an interested partyp 509 EG 1963
able to exercise more discretion, but because their higher incomes allowed them to contract into more expensive discount schemes operated byp 418 SM 1963
been brooding over his revenge for the way they had allowed a firm of commercial builders to complete the university projectp 41 D 1965
of the perimeter fence into the mouth of the river allowed Ransom to approach the wire without having to advance directlyp 95 D 1965
Quilter was slowing the party's progress. The few minutes alone allowed him to collect the stray thoughts that had preoccupied himp 142 D 1965
diseased, cretinous children! Think what they'll be like if they're allowed to grow up. Three Quilters! Sometimes I think the Almightyp 165 D 1965
bags to the floor he caught the phrase: ‘No journalists allowed ...‘ and then one of the customs men beckoned him overp 21 CW 1966
the same time, Sanders guessed that he had been deliberately allowed his few minutes alone with Suzanne, to make his ownp 129 CW 1966
was now almost complete. Only the jewels in the cross allowed Sanders to make his way through the vaults between thep 163 CW 1966
were an incoherent babble Judith and I had never been allowed to hear. A dozen astronauts had died in orbital accidentsp 762 DA 1968
of a well-to-do lawyer, he had a permissive childhood, which allowed him a number of quasi-incestuous involvements with governesses, art mastersp 93 UGM 1969
read, just as they refuse to look at his paintings, allowed him to enlarge verbally on his visual subject matter, andp 95 UGM 1969
of billboards, car marts and undisclosed destinations. Deliberately he had allowed Vaughan to take command, curious to see where they wouldp 69 THF 1969
side of the shaft. At least 6 months should be allowed for the patient to get over the worry about re-admissionp 17 C80 1970
missing the ‘independence‘ experience of leaving home for college, and allowed me to take a summer job abroad after my sophomorep 27 SEO 1972
This aid was clearly an affectation, a postural disguise that allowed her to press her face into her raised shoulder andp 43 C 1973
and stopped the car on the concrete verge. ‘Are we allowed to park here?‘ ‘No.‘ ‘All right -- the police willp 55 C 1973
encouraged me to drive faster than the airport access roads allowed. When I braked sharply at the intersections he deliberately letp 192 C 1973
had entered an entranced room within her mind. Passively, she allowed me to move her limbs into the positions of unexploredp 218 C 1973
was pummelled through a circuit of fists before she was allowed to disappear into the stairwell. His reflex of chivalry andp 33 HR 1975
hours they could move about, contestants in a ritualized ladder-battle allowed between bouts to mount the rungs of their pre-ordained ranksp 102 HR 1975
lull, one access route to the 10th-floor supermarket was still allowed the tenants in the lower section of the apartment buildingp 119 HR 1975
the first he had known since his childhood. The situation allowed him ample freedom to explore himself, and the strong elementp 172 HR 1975
this passive contemplation of an invisible God should not be allowed to blind them to the inevitable antagonisms within themselves, orp 846 LDG 1976
swifter pace than his usual surly languor had ever previously allowed. The amusement arcades were soon a blaze of garish lightsp 906 UC 1976
the cartilaginous septum now left this structure standing free and allowed the lateral cartilages to fall away on the sidewall ofp 19 QER 1976
point, when I had nearly destroyed everything I had been allowed by circumstances to achieve, I was saved by the arrivalp 936 DT 1977
all the dangers of personal involvement, and this liberating affectlessness allowed those who so wished to explore the fullest range ofp 948 ICU 1977
take him into Las Palmas. Balked, he insisted on being allowed to phone the Governor of the Islands, or the Swissp 970 HWT 1978
Mediterranean and Caribbean. Once there, the holiday-makers will never be allowed to return home, for fear of starting revolutions. I triedp 971 HWT 1978
In fact, the absence of any kind of personal identity allowed the young women to carry out their intimate chores. Yetp 989 MA 1978
the milk pouring into his mess tin, sat up and allowed Ogden to drape the blankets around his shoulders. Unable top 978 OAU 1978
the shoreline as if to make sure that I was allowed to rest. Once again I felt the presence of myp 94 UDC 1979
at the foot of the bed, unsure whether she was allowed to penetrate whatever aura surrounded me. She was both pleasedp 132 UDC 1979
mountains towards the Brossard mansion, where the young woman was allowed to spend a few hours each day. ‘She's extremely activep 1002 HFF 1980
own Steiner had interceded, this strange guardian angel who had allowed Wayne to make all the running since they first leftp 112 HA 1981
dress and crimson shoes, a pair of engaging pigtails. She allowed Sinatra to kiss her, glancing at her shoes as ifp 125 HA 1981
to Franklin's trembling fingers. ‘Those hands ... I hope you aren't allowed to operate on your patients.‘ Franklin looked down at thep 1013 NFS 1981
watching lens of the perimeter camera. Curiously, he had never allowed himself to be photographed by the machine, as if thep 1018 NFS 1981
a dog burying a large bone, the invention of time allowed him to postpone the recognition of an event-system too largep 1025 NFS 1981
knew now that Martinsen was here, and their brief meeting allowed Sheppard to slip away unobserved from Anne Godwin. Followed byp 1071 MNF 1982
ornithopter built from the yew trees that Hinton had been allowed to grow in the prison island's stony soil, boosted byp 1049 MSA 1982
instinctive homing device, a mental model of the station that allowed them to make their way within it. In order top 1086 RUS 1982
day, a heavily bandaged woman whom Jim had not been allowed to see, and an old man with malaria who wasp 110 ES 1984
treated her to his keenest smile. She disliked Jim, but allowed him to chop the basket of firewood. He pushed thep 116 ES 1984
end of his second week at the detention centre Basie allowed him to move his sleeping mat beside his own. Lyingp 118 ES 1984
unimpressed, but after a leisurely stroll around the truck he allowed the prisoners to dismount. Helped by the husbands, Basie andp 134 ES 1984
turned away. As they set off towards Soochow the driver allowed him to sit in the front cabin. In some wayp 150 ES 1984
leaving the gendarmerie station at the pig farm they all allowed themselves to become ill. During the night the Japanese hadp 151 ES 1984
to the bungalow he shared with three other guards and allowed him to wear his kendo armour. Jim could remember thep 163 ES 1984
paths between the rotting huts after a vaguely remembered London allowed too many of the British prisoners to shut out thep 167 ES 1984
It's a bomb.‘ He held out the turtle and generously allowed everyone to inspect it. Despite the gap in years, severalp 169 ES 1984
invisible film which Mrs Vincent watched from her bunk. Jim allowed the turtle to crawl across his straw mat. If hep 175 ES 1984
Unlike most of the prisoners in Lunghua, who had been allowed to pack a suitcase before being interned, Dr Ransome hadp 199 ES 1984
for three hours on the guardhouse steps. When Sergeant Nagata allowed them to be carried to their bunks they described thep 235 ES 1984
Sergeant Nagata's desk, a luxury he had never once been allowed, and began to read the discarded copies of Life andp 296 ES 1984
from this unfamiliar angle, a privilege he had never been allowed during the war. Tucked behind the door, his cubicle mustp 301 ES 1984
policeman's bandaged hands, deliberately raised from the wheel as he allowed the speeding truck to wobble and drift from the centrep 311 ES 1984
the shortest-term advantage. His one strength was that he never allowed himself to dream, because he had never been able top 322 ES 1984
he had made a small space in his death and allowed his soul to return. He spread his feet on thep 339 ES 1984
meeting with Scranton, my brief involvement with this marooned man, allowed me to see everything in a more detached way. Thep 1112 MWM 1985
of Russian revolutionaries once asked the great leader, ‘are we allowed to dream?‘ The editors maintain that his answer should havep 235 UGM 1986
composed his features into a tired but pensive gaze, and allowed a quirky smile, at once vulnerable but determined, to crossp 30 DC 1987
the neck of the flask on his sleeve and then allowed Mr Pal to help him into the skiff. With anp 63 DC 1987
cut down, my nails crudely pared to the quick. I allowed Noon to gather only dead wood and underbrush, and neverp 154 DC 1987
French pilot and the helicopter.‘ ‘Good ...‘ Sanger seemed relieved, and allowed himself to sink back into his fatigue. ‘So, doctor, itp 157 DC 1987
possessed almost no image of herself, and these cassettes had allowed her to describe herself for the first time. I imaginedp 160 DC 1987
need you here ...‘ Deliberately I cut back the engine, and allowed the ferry to drift across an island of reeds. Thep 169 DC 1987
resume my voyage. Watched by Fanny or Louise, I was allowed to see Noon for a few minutes each day, asp 208 DC 1987
Noon from me during the few hours when she was allowed on deck. She was penned behind the galley door, kneadingp 208 DC 1987
wall had given way, a silt embankment had dissolved and allowed the levels within the system to balance themselves. Nonetheless, thisp 213 DC 1987
cages. Unable to resist the promise of stardom, the soldiers allowed Mrs Warrender to moor the Diana against the barrage. Followedp 244 DC 1987
person I had known, a physician at Port-la-Nouvelle who had allowed a grand obsession to capture him. The day after myp 278 DC 1987
with his rowing. However, the endless archipelagos of waterlogged islands allowed us to keep up with Noon. She squatted with thep 279 DC 1987
By dislodging the stump of the ancient oak I had allowed a current to flow which in turn had encouraged thep 279 DC 1987
at the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The police had allowed the cameras into the ward for the first time, asp 90 RW 1988
relief. He has always feared the dogs, which are only allowed onto the estate at night (all pets are discouraged atp 69 RW 1988
personal choice were qualities the future Emperor had never been allowed to cultivate. At the age of ten weeks he wasp 50 UGM 1989
a generous concession to a former student of medicine, they allowed me to select my own surgeon. THE LIFE AND DEATHp 1129 LCC 1989
was careful never to completely abolish the disease. It deliberately allowed smallpox to flourish in a remote corner of a third-worldp 1157 WF 1989
sutures were then gently pulled and the fat graft was allowed to slide into position in such a way that thep 134 JFA 1989
the succeeding three days. Under no condition was Miss Fonda allowed to walk about without either a firm dressing of somep 134 JFA 1989
The novelistic constraints of motive and characterization would never have allowed Hitchcock to achieve those states of extremity where his imaginationp 5 UGM 1990
Miss West's bed was raised on blocks, and she was allowed to lie comfortably on her back until she recovered ap 116 MWR 1990
nipples were removed in 7 days. Miss West was not allowed to go home before the fitting of an adequate supportingp 116 MWR 1990
evacuated within 48 hours of the operation. It was not allowed to organize. In the early stages the skin around thep 112 PMF 1990
sutures removed at the tenth day. The patient was then allowed to have a shampoo to remove the blood from herp 112 PMF 1990
a way out of his problems, incidentally, that he never allowed his samurai heroes -- lies at the centre of Thep 25 UGM 1991
conferences and determined those ‘bad‘ days when Ronnie was not allowed to leave the White House at all. Kitty Kelley isp 33 UGM 1991
the only brave Britishers were the ones I was never allowed to meet, while the officers my mother and her friendsp 47 KW 1991
help? An hour later they let me go. Why they allowed a 15-year-old boy to witness their murder of the Chinesep 62 KW 1991
is unusual.‘ ‘Look at men on a beach, where they're allowed to play with their children. You'll see all the carep 172 KW 1991
thought of her near-drowning at Brighton beach, when she had allowed me to bring a second wife back from the wavesp 196 KW 1991
Distracted by a call from a TV producer, Dick had allowed me to slip away to the park. Already I regrettedp 205 KW 1991
bears and koalas sat in a circle like geriatric patients allowed to take the sun. The girls‘ brightest frocks, washed andp 210 KW 1991
which she stuffed into her bag. The next day she allowed me to take her to our family doctor, who referredp 264 KW 1991
his gauche student, making the coffee in his laboratory and allowed to flirt with his secretary. But had the rat inp 267 KW 1991
person who had helped to sustain her had never been allowed to share her bed, and was the person whom shep 271 KW 1991
devious courtship of me, and the blood in my mouth allowed me to play the sick child again. For a fewp 273 KW 1991
filled with water, which drained away at low tide and allowed the team a brief two hours to resume their patientp 292 KW 1991
scarf to cover his chin. A smaller and neater wig allowed him, in a certain light, to resemble his former selfp 306 KW 1991
it draws to an end? It may be that we've allowed life and death to become polarised, when they're really muchp 310 KW 1991
her, the innocent and unlined face she had never been allowed to know as an adolescent. The war had postponed myp 347 KW 1991
set eyes on her, and even her doctors were never allowed to see or touch her. Whenever she was ill, sop 52 UGM 1992
National Palace for life, hallowed be Thy name ...‘ Bravely, Thomson allowed himself to be initiated into a sinister animist cult, whichp 241 UGM 1992
she could have broken every record if she had been allowed to swim naked, and why not, I eagerly agree. Givenp 244 UGM 1992
the shutter for the last time. Needless to say, NASA allowed nothing of this to leak to the public at largep 1179 MFM 1992
nuclear islands.‘ ‘Save the atom bomb ...‘ ‘Save Neil Dempsey.‘ Neil allowed her to cuff him. Dr Barbara was able to switchp 14 RP 1994
of the infected muscle sheath which the Papeete paramedics had allowed to run out of control while the French authorities triedp 25 RP 1994
special treat.‘ Neil pulled the sheet from her hands but allowed her to pinch his ribs. ‘I'll save some for youp 26 RP 1994
She seemed to remember Neil and his artless manner, and allowed him to take the satchel. ‘Look at this place --p 33 RP 1994
swam the Thames from Tower Bridge to Teddington.‘ ‘Is that allowed?‘ ‘No. The river police had their spotlights on. I couldp 34 RP 1994
reasons, the French had been sticking to the script. They allowed the Dugong to approach the island, and waited patiently asp 59 RP 1994
a tourist turbo-prop with a party of American sightseers, but allowed in an executive jet carrying two field representatives of ap 106 RP 1994
the sexual auguries were in the right sphere, Dr Barbara allowed them to take Gubby from the clinic, as if thep 145 RP 1994
already has Gubby.‘ ‘Yes, but he's ... not very well.‘ She allowed Gubby to play with her fingers, though Neil was awarep 147 RP 1994
Japanese whaler delivered to the island, but this respite merely allowed Kimo and Carline to laze in their tents. As thep 148 RP 1994
the endangered inmates of the animal enclosures, though he had allowed several of the rare birds to escape. In the afternoonp 159 RP 1994
infant, but once it was sealed into its coffin she allowed him to bury it beside Gubby in the cemetery. Kimop 182 RP 1994
potatoes that would augment the modest rations which the women allowed him. Under the straw hat his face was sallow andp 202 RP 1994
she intended to destroy the germ-laden fabric, though she had allowed Neil to wear the garments until he had collapsed underp 219 RP 1994
coming week, the first of Dr Barbara's babies to be allowed to greet the sanctuary. Soon after, Monique was due top 222 RP 1994
They took my tie away from me -- I'm only allowed to wear it in court. A bit noose-like, when youp 23 CN 1996
his bed, pressing her head into the pillow as she allowed her memories to play across the ceiling. I lowered myp 82 CN 1996
came she stiffened fiercely, hand pressed against her furrow, then allowed herself to breathe. She kissed me on the mouth andp 191 CN 1996
complex will stand there. On this coast the past isn't allowed to exist ...‘ I locked the car and stood beside himp 207 CN 1996
seize me on the spot, I wondered why I had allowed Crawford to inveigle me into this criminal romp. As thep 238 CN 1996
leaf in sight. It's hard to believe anyone would be allowed to go mad here. Poor David ...‘ David Greenwood's death dominatedp 9 SC 2000
to me, but fiercely proscriptive about the television I was allowed to watch. Almost every programme that I liked seemed top 91 SC 2000
and sportswear, and for once my trousers and thong sandals allowed me to merge seamlessly into the crowd. The attendants checkingp 109 SC 2000
where the explosive forces set off on May 28 were allowed to leak away. If anything, Isabel Duval was still sufferingp 139 SC 2000
and a cook. Only the generous funds donated by Eden-Olympia allowed the impoverished teaching order to educate the girls and providep 150 SC 2000
sent to me by Charles, an act of charity that allowed me to maintain the illusion of my editorship. While Ip 174 SC 2000
We live in a company house. I don't think its allowed.‘ ‘That's why I moved here. Is she faithful?‘ ‘As farp 228 SC 2000
No. Too much work.‘ Penrose flexed his arms, and then allowed them to settle themselves. ‘Work dominates life in Eden-Olympia, andp 254 SC 2000
bitten fingernails. Although Wilder Penrose enjoyed my company, and generously allowed me to beat him at chess, I knew that hep 279 SC 2000
Anges. David's old dinner jacket is there. I think you're allowed to borrow it.‘ ‘David's old tux ...?‘ I took her armp 287 SC 2000
effectively switched off our emotions. Violence and aggression were only allowed within the therapeutic regime administered by Wilder Penrose, like rationedp 306 SC 2000
could never bear his weight. I wondered if he had allowed the Philippine military to use him in their aerial attacksp 64 MP 2003
friend. The suitcase would carry the few belongings I was allowed to take with me to the police station. I stoodp 111 MP 2003
Ashford Hospital. Now ... you'll like the children, David.‘ ‘Are we allowed in?‘ ‘Of course. These are my children. The world isp 172 MP 2003
satisfied that he had acted as humanely as his orders allowed. Faced by the waiting phalanx of riot police and bailiffsp 227 MP 2003
bedroom. Heavy velvet curtains covered the windows, blackout drapes that allowed the optician to use part of the room as ap 274 MP 2003
Christie fellow, some sort of mental patient. Why was he allowed onto the streets?‘ ‘He was on day release from Northfieldp 23 KC 2006
distrusted me, above all for having a father who had allowed himself to be killed, like the member of a congregationp 40 KC 2006
cover-up was taking place, parts of which I was being allowed to see. We crossed the central atrium, skirting the giantp 71 KC 2006
modest range was a large part of his appeal, and allowed every male viewer to think of himself in these hauntedp 156 KC 2006
with visitors, as close to Cruise as the tighter security allowed. I found a chair in the exhibition area and watchedp 176 KC 2006
cleaning and waste disposal during the next week would be allowed to leave the dome. As the hostages dispersed, queuing top 233 KC 2006
It's all got to stay as it was. We're not allowed to touch a thing.‘ ‘Even for emergencies? I don't getp 239 KC 2006
make friends with him, but never succeeded. He was not allowed into the main garden, and refused to follow me whenp 12 ML 2008
was a feast of military souvenirs, but I was never allowed to keep even a bayonet -- many European sightseers hadp 30 ML 2008
for cotton goods was so vast that he would be allowed to compete with the Japanese mills in Shanghai. At thep 61 ML 2008
him ruthless not only with others, but with himself. He allowed me to tag along with him, but regarded my endlessp 70 ML 2008
help push the cart back to the kitchens and be allowed to scrape the bottom of the potato bin. Lunghua wintersp 93 ML 2008
a dead perceptual zone (like vertical stripes to kittens only allowed to see horizontal stripes). I have known women married top 147 ML 2008
lucky that I had a job as a writer that allowed me to be with them all the time. I madep 203 ML 2008
reducing the ‘arts community‘ to a docile herd. They are allowed to bleat, but are too enfeebled to ever paw thep 234 ML 2008
could we do with all that hope and freedom? Instantaneity allowed too many things to happen at once. Sexual fantasies fusedp 236 ML 2008
of their lives, and I am still puzzled why I allowed so many decades to slip by. Perhaps, as I havep 248 ML 2008