sitting on her mother's lap, squeezing the barrel of Mrs. Allison's revolver in her tiny pink fist. Her mother pulled thep 9 VN 1951
the car and leant over the front seat, looking for Allison's Sten gun. The body was slumped heavily on to thep 9 VN 1951
bodies and the splintered car, and appeared to accept Mrs. Allison's broken teeth, swollen upper lip and blood speckled face asp 9 VN 1951
protested, but public interest began to wane. Congress refused to allocate funds for further Zeus missions, and NASA reluctantly committed itselfp 1181 MFM 1992
of order had been enforced. Women and children had been allocated the westbound platform, while the men and service units occupiedp 82 WFN 1961
above his head. Yet the room seemed strange, a cabin allocated to him aboard a mysterious liner, with this concerned youngp 1075 MNF 1982
mess-tins. The daily ration of rice or sweet potatoes was allocated to the mess-tin and not to the person attached top 112 ES 1984
fact that it contained no medicines -- the small supply allocated by the Japanese had been used in the first yearp 199 ES 1984
prime sites -- Ethiopia, Chad, the Sudan -- had been allocated to the most powerful television interests, the huge American networksp 35 DC 1987
the seas. Almost certainly the agent had pocketed the monies allocated for reprocessing and found it more profitable to let thep 1163 DCG 1990
lagoon, ready to attend a banquet. Dr Barbara had even allocated a jug of the coconut wine that Kimo brewed top 145 RP 1994
their way home Conrad had already completed half his prep, allocating his time according to its various demands. As soon asp 153 CH 1960
shifted her field of interest away from me, as if allocating myself and the accident to a past life whose realityp 119 C 1973
body blue with bruises. ‘I hear they may reduce the allocation to three and a half metres,‘ Rossiter remarked. Ward pausedp 269 B 1961
Are you sure you brought enough? I have a fifty-dollar allocation for gifts.‘ ‘Good,‘ Pereira said matter-of-factly. ‘We'll get some morep 439 QR 1963
it across to Granger, who was responsible for the stores allocations. ‘I need a new pump on the lounge refrigerator. 30-wattp 238 DE 1961
had skidded through the railings and overturned in the abandoned allotment garden below. I followed Vaughan and watched from the rupturedp 169 C 1973
be edible berries growing on the island, perhaps a forgotten allotment garden with a row of wild potatoes. The caisson ofp 45 CI 1974
off with pegs and string into a series of wedge-shaped allotments. Every few seconds Kandinski carefully decanted a small heap ofp 493 VH 1963
Despite the modest success of their strip farms and small allotments, they had turned their backs forever on the lower reachesp 220 DC 1987
the diverted channel, through a strip of primitive farms and allotments. The heroic attempt to reverse the advance of the Saharap 222 DC 1987
Mallory's poisoned waters. For all the crops growing in their allotments, the children were spindly and undernourished, their bony faces flickedp 224 DC 1987
between the palms, rising from the rank soil of the allotments, twitching the nostrils of the bored men playing cards inp 224 DC 1987
the beach, returning to the stagnant, malarial waters of their allotments and reservoirs. I had brought the Salammbo alongside a wharfp 232 DC 1987
and reservoir builders. Networks of irrigation channels ran between the allotments to the wells and standby tanks, but not a singlep 234 DC 1987
nomads had flocked to the desert strips, staking out their allotments and hacking their irrigation ditches through the dusty soil. Everyp 238 DC 1987
recruited from the widows and abandoned wives in the nearby allotments. Mrs Warrender stood on the bridge of the Diana, whosep 244 DC 1987
like members of a burial party. The small farms and allotments had lost their bloom. Blanched by the heat, the leavesp 258 DC 1987
villagers had left, and he could smell disease as the allotments faded, transforming themselves once again into desert. He gazed sightlesslyp 273 DC 1987
the forensic team at work, dividing the forecourt into narrow allotments, a laborious anatomy that might yield a few pieces ofp 183 MP 2003
don't know yet, but I imagine it's rapidly synthesizing an allotropic form of ferrous oxide. In other words, a purely physicalp 45 VS 1957
example, that a lower-grade executive leaving his office at the allotted time, 12 o'clock, wants to have lunch, change a libraryp 160 CH 1960
joined the protest in a show of solidarity, leaving their allotted circuits of the Cote d'Azur to rendezvous above Sophia-Antipolis. Theyp 358 SC 2000
three and a half metres,‘ Rossiter remarked. Ward paused to allow a party of tenants from the sixth floor to passp 269 B 1961
turned to Ward, who had moved down several steps to allow a man and woman to get past. ‘I can rentp 272 B 1961
more concerned with him than with the baby, refusing to allow him to prepare his own breakfast. As he brushed hisp 257 MF 1961
through the floors, knock out the central transverse supports and allow the wind to push the walls in like cardboard hoardingsp 87 WFN 1961
remained. Death in a Bunker Pausing in the doorway to allow the shower of plaster falling from the ceiling to spendp 117 WFN 1961
his slow leisurely voice. ‘It was foolish of Kroll to allow Marshall to broadcast our whereabouts to all and sundry. Howeverp 161 WFN 1961
Gorrell?‘ he asked suavely. ‘We are from Cerebro-Tonic Travel. Please allow me to give you a sedative. All this noise --p 352 PE 1962
evening,‘ he greeted them in a smooth creamy voice. ‘Please allow me to apologize for any discomfort you have suffered. Howeverp 352 PE 1962
giggled and then looked surprised. Dr Burlington smiled urbanely. ‘However, allow me to show you the script.‘ He excused himself andp 353 PE 1962
They even closed the cinema, so they're not likely to allow a public party. Before you know what you'd have peoplep 381 WT 1962
partly to give him peace of mind, but also to allow him to adjust the context of his escape. A physicalp 508 EG 1963
resulting from the opening would be to his advantage and allow him to get on with the more serious task ofp 509 EG 1963
the pantomime was repeated, but the youth was reluctant to allow Connolly more than the briefest inspection. Again Connolly saw ap 456 QR 1963
systems. Nearer the clover-leaf the lanes had been closed to allow a gang of construction workers to erect a massive metalp 415 SM 1963
become mere extensions of the geometries of situations. This will allow the exploration, without any taint of guilt, of every aspectp 77 THF 1969
might find quite a market. Ultimately, a video-tape playback will allow you to watch your own death live ..." Gabrielle Saltzman propelledp 46 JAC 1970
pointer in rut. Catherine often asked me how she could allow herself to be seduced by Karen. She soon came upp 33 C 1973
and slowed to a halt, signalling me to wait and allow the ambulance to pass. I stopped the car and switchedp 153 C 1973
then going out altogether, he backed against the wall to allow the group to pass. The wooden clubs clicked around himp 67 HR 1975
water. Only the nun and the elderly woman I would allow on board. But I knew that once I stopped Ip 935 DT 1977
But in fact the repetitions and the flat documentary style allow Mailer to build up a masterly portrait of the murdererp 41 UGM 1979
Naively I had taken for granted that the river would allow me to sail unmolested to its source and cut offp 130 DC 1987
The film camera was probably the one passport that would allow us through the guerillas‘ lines. ‘Doctor? Bring your mind top 174 DC 1987
of the dance floor. In the afternoon the women would allow me to feed the animals in their cages, but Ip 207 DC 1987
bending the bamboo arms that will pinion Officer Turner and allow him to strangle himself. 7:00 a.m. The children'sp 71 RW 1988
the middle of an amazing biological experiment. No one would allow it to happen anywhere in the world -- if theyp 1166 DCG 1990
finish a book, taking the children to London Zoo to allow me a few hours of peace. Her confidence in mep 144 KW 1991
cigarette into the night air. Reluctantly, she moved over to allow the faster car to pass her, then swerved back intop 230 KW 1991
everyone else think of as the pornographic mind may well allow us to transcend ourselves and, in a sense, the limitsp 265 KW 1991
to speak. The producer had persuaded the reluctant doctor to allow a last shot of Dick lying on his bed inp 313 KW 1991
hatred, and I suspect that Mao's real achievement was to allow the Chinese, a supremely stoic and unemotional people, to expressp 38 UGM 1992
that no contemporary Hollywood film can match. Producers today rarely allow the camera to leave the face of the $10-million leadingp 7 UGM 1993
healed, along with the eye infection that she refused to allow the French doctors to treat with their antibiotics (‘tested onp 27 RP 1994
tourist revenues, the French Defence Ministry ordered the captain to allow the expedition members to remain on Saint-Esprit until the Americanp 70 RP 1994
and any journalists aboard that all was well. Would she allow the Dakota to land, unload its consignment of stores andp 124 RP 1994
turn the screw. He knew that she had refused to allow Monique's aged father to leave Saint-Esprit, not because she hadp 130 RP 1994
Anderson. We came here to save life, and I won't allow us to be destroyed ...‘ Carline seemed shaky but determined, asp 155 RP 1994
behaviours were once potentially dangerous. Societies weren't strong enough to allow them to flourish.‘ ‘But Eden-Olympia is strong enough?‘ ‘Of coursep 97 SC 2000
are people who won't admit to any weakness and won't allow themselves to fail. When they arrive their health is atp 256 SC 2000
co-investor. Simone drew me into the doorway, stepping back to allow me the best view. Pressed against her, I noticed thatp 383 SC 2000
the camp school. Each day the gates were opened to allow the children to and fro, and we entered the ratherp 68 ML 2008
staff bungalows fifty yards from G Block, and they would allow me to sit in their hot tubs and then wearp 78 ML 2008
policeman. He pretended not to recognise me, and refused to allow me through the gates until I had gone through ap 114 ML 2008
to opportunity and success as any man, and should never allow themselves to be patronised or exploited. As it happened, Ip 226 ML 2008
to Steven Spielberg. One journalist asked me: ‘Why did you allow Spielberg to make a film of your novel?‘ When Ip 259 ML 2008
END-GAME After his trial they gave Constantin a villa, an allowance and an executioner. The villa was small and high-walled, andp 504 EG 1963
and had obviously been used for the purpose before. The allowance was adequate to Constantin's needs -- he was never permittedp 504 EG 1963
at the sky, knowing that he would have to make allowance for Philip in his plans for departure. Below his feetp 21 D 1965
returned him to the institution. However, they had made no allowance for a wholly unexpected contingency -- his recovery of hisp 988 Z2 1978
to point his life. His parents gave him a monthly allowance of $200, which arrived regularly for the next twenty-five yearsp 132 UGM 1991
Few research finds have been put to better use. The allowance gave him the chance to go down the hard wayp 132 UGM 1991
income. It's a kindly way of giving you a hefty allowance without making me lose my self-respect.‘ ‘You do useful workp 110 MP 2003
give up your father's consultancy. Don't worry, he'll double your allowance.‘ Sally touched her fingertips, working through more than the arithmeticp 191 MP 2003