the suspense to break him down and reveal any secret allies, sufficiently brief to fit his particular crime. Two months? Notp 508 EG 1963
danger of re-opening Constantin's case. He was not without his allies, or at least those who were prepared to use himp 511 EG 1963
None the less, can the government forces and their American allies win? Will the war ever end? INTERVIEW WITH BRITISH SUPREMEp 956 TW 1967
aggressively wielding the cine-camera as he urged on his new allies against his former neighbours. The raiding party was shouldered backp 89 HR 1975
the floors immediately below the 35th. ‘To survive, we need allies as a buffer against any attacks from the lower levelsp 90 HR 1975
uneasily, occasionally throwing up the snow-white belly of a dead alligator crushed by the hydroplane. As the advancing armada headed towardsp 86 DW 1962
be interrupted by the sounds of rifle fire as an alligator venturing too near the divers was dispatched. Sitting in thep 95 DW 1962
to Big Caesar: ‘What's on the menu tonight -- roast alligator?‘ The giant hunch-backed mulatto at the helm of the scowp 115 DW 1962
rusting shells of cars, they regained the open street, the alligator racing behind them. It paused by a lamp post onp 126 DW 1962
bow towards Beatrice, then saluted Kerans. Its spine shattered, the alligator thrashed impotently in the gutter, revealing its yellow underbelly, andp 126 DW 1962
in the silence with the white jewels and the decapitated alligator. During the next days events proceeded to even greater madnessp 127 DW 1962
wine, Never heard so many swamp birds, That old boss alligator. Rum Bones, he went skull fishing, Down off Angel Creekp 130 DW 1962
where Beatrice still sat on the heap of cushions, the alligator head on the ground in front of her. As hep 131 DW 1962
them to further acts of extravagance. Big Caesar donned the alligator head and tottered about the square on his knees, ap 138 DW 1962
the ground softened by the damp silt, freed of the alligator head but still trapped in his seat. Two or threep 139 DW 1962
face will make.‘ He tittered insanely. ‘Better than that old alligator you wore.‘ Phlegm choking his throat, Kerans swung around andp 151 DW 1962
quest. Even now I can vividly remember the enormous ancient alligator housed in a concrete pit half-filled with cigarette packets andp 199 UGM 1963
as the modern office buildings of central London and an alligator in a Chinese zoo, resembles the mechanisms by which dreamsp 200 UGM 1963
glittering sparkle of light that poured from its body, the alligator resembled some fabulous armourial beast. It lunged towards me againp 616 IM 1964
down at the lawn and the crystal stream where the alligator and the jewelled boat lay embalmed. As the broken panesp 617 IM 1964
jewelled power cruiser embedded in the crust, or a petrified alligator would rear upwards and grimace at us noiselessly, its crystallinep 618 IM 1964
gun going off, it gave me a headache.‘ ‘Just an alligator, Emerelda. There are some smart alligators around here, I havep 620 IM 1964
the lines of tanks towards the service door beyond the alligator pit, then paused as his eyes cleared in the darknessp 50 D 1965
helmsman sat Leonora Chanel in a trouser suit of yellow alligator skin, her white hair hidden inside a black raffia toquep 750 CSC 1967
bats, a medium tank crushed the carcase of a charred alligator. From the cautious but confident demeanour of the troops itp 207 HA 1981
a small glade beside a shallow stream, where a large alligator basked contentedly in a glow of self-generated light, smiling top 1080 MNF 1982
pool and the remains of the small zoo, with an alligator pit, mammal cages and an aviary. Happily, Mallory saw thatp 1044 MSA 1982
and an elderly caiman sunbathed on the grass beside the alligator pit. Time was slowing now, coming almost to a haltp 1044 MSA 1982
He looked up as Big Caesar approached, doffing the dried alligator's head which he wore like a hood over his ownp 130 DW 1962
to the throne like an immense ape, picked up the alligator's head and clamped it down over Kerans‘ shoulders. Blinded andp 139 DW 1962
trunks subsided among one another in the water like sluggish alligators. Rationalising, Kerans told himself that he had been wise top 8 DW 1962
true meeting ground would be in their dreams. Carnival of Alligators Split by an immense roar, the early morning silence overp 81 DW 1962
their massive tails lashing the foam. By far the largest alligators he had seen, many of them over twenty-five feet longp 85 DW 1962
his strong face raised almost jauntily to one side. The alligators congregated like hounds around their master, the wheeling cries ofp 85 DW 1962
curlew, piercing the morning air. More and more of the alligators joined the pack, cruising shoulder to shoulder in a clockwisep 85 DW 1962
communicating creek into the next lagoon, the great mass of alligators surging along behind it. A few detached themselves and cruisedp 86 DW 1962
few seconds it was engulfed, up-ended by the press of alligators fighting to get into the creek and cut to piecesp 86 DW 1962
her head against his damp shirt. ‘Have you seen the alligators? There are thousands of them!‘ ‘Seen them -- I wasp 87 DW 1962
lagoon and was circling it at speed, the shoal of alligators following in its wake, those at the tail breaking offp 87 DW 1962
bank. The jungle was motionless in the immense heat, the alligators hiding in whatever shade they could find. Nonetheless several ofp 89 DW 1962
here, Mr. Strangman. By the way, I don't like your alligators.‘ ‘They won't hurt you.‘ Strangman leaned back and surveyed thep 91 DW 1962
luncheon and midnight breakfast -- Strangman and his entourage of alligators and one-eyed mulattos still frightened her -- and the partiesp 96 DW 1962
assured them that the lake was free of iguanas and alligators and there was no need to remain in the cagep 97 DW 1962
remaining SCOWS were working systematically along the banks, driving the alligators into the central lagoon. Kerans pointed to a big caimanp 115 DW 1962
underwater swimming had been arranged for a troupe of trained alligators, he peered down at the surface. ‘Alan! Look, for heaven'sp 118 DW 1962
the two pumping scows and the intervening lagoon seethed with alligators -- and during the day either slept in Beatrice's apartmentp 127 DW 1962
the fifty-gallon drums floated together like a group of hump-backed alligators. Luckily the alligators Strangman had posted around the lagoon werep 143 DW 1962
floated together like a group of hump-backed alligators. Luckily the alligators Strangman had posted around the lagoon were still in theirp 143 DW 1962
piece of work -- with that white skin and his alligators -- but strictly speaking he deserves a medal for pumpingp 154 DW 1962
upon his neuronic odyssey, and of Strangman and his insane alligators, and, with a deep pang of regret and affection, holdingp 171 DW 1962
lagoons southward through the increasing rain and heat, attacked by alligators and giant bats, a second Adam searching for the forgottenp 171 DW 1962
characteristic fauna of the Triassic age were the crocodiles and alligators, amphibian creatures at home in both the aquatic and terrestrialp 199 UGM 1963
those of the exurban man-made wilderness: swamps and garbage heaps, alligators crawling around in broken bottles and tin cans, neon arabesquesp 126 UGM 1964
day fantastic birds flew through the petrified forest, and jewelled alligators glittered like heraldic salamanders on the banks of the crystallinep 605 IM 1964
a headache.‘ ‘Just an alligator, Emerelda. There are some smart alligators around here, I have to watch them. You get somep 620 IM 1964
a grotesque folly he had built among the sharks and alligators in the swamp. According to Shelley he never spoke top 621 IM 1964
day fantastic birds fly through the petrified forest and jewelled alligators glitter like heraldic salamanders on the banks of the crystallinep 627 IM 1964
circled over Bel Air and Beverly Hills I could see alligators sunning themselves beside the swimming-pools, while elegant birds stood onp 147 HA 1981
shooting up the rotting carcases of the slaughtered giraffes and alligators. Their bearings lost, and erratically directed by Manson from hisp 199 HA 1981
Nugget get-up, playing the milkmaid to an audience of uneasy alligators. Before their divorce, oddly enough, Elaine had always enjoyed theirp 1061 MNF 1982
laboured over the bumps and potholes towards Kuala Lumpur. Michael Allison peered out of the open window into the depths ofp 9 VN 1951
club football grounds. He sat back comfortably next to Mrs. Allison and gestured with the machine pistol. "Look at India, Burmap 9 VN 1951
wanted and they damn near got it. For God's sake, Allison, you're a planter, you ought to know. Rubber is upp 9 VN 1951
death on the plantations. Still, of the two, he preferred Allison. For all its faults his way was probably better thanp 9 VN 1951
fresh pretty face angry and scowling. "Susan, stop it," Mrs. Allison warned her, and plumped the child down firmly on herp 9 VN 1951
quietly and behave yourself, like a good little girl." Mrs. Allison was soft voiced and gentle, and the child relaxed andp 9 VN 1951
arms, cradled in the soothing fullness of her breast. Mrs. Allison smiled tenderly at her husband, and he leant over andp 9 VN 1951
to a stop with a shuddering jerk than flung Mrs. Allison forwards over the seat and knocked her front teeth outp 9 VN 1951
and saw the Chinese spread out against the undergrowth. Mrs. Allison was sobbing and whimpering and Hargreaves kicked her sharply onp 9 VN 1951
seat and the dashboard, and Hargreaves crouched back beside Mrs. Allison and grabbed her roughly. "Where's the gun, the revolver youp 9 VN 1951
her roughly. "Where's the gun, the revolver you had?" Mrs. Allison looked up blankly from the pulped face of her babyp 9 VN 1951
Hargreaves picked it up and moved towards the door. Mrs. Allison got up and followed him. "Where'sh you going?" she lispedp 9 VN 1951
fire the revolver but the safety catch was on. Mrs. Allison was hanging on to his jacket and he jerked herp 9 VN 1951
the seat. "Christ," he muttered to himself. "Christ Almighty." Mrs. Allison was kneeling on the seat beside him, calmly peering outp 9 VN 1951
Hargreaves steadily wiping the sweat off his face and Mrs. Allison watching out of the window, until a lorry passed byp 9 VN 1951
square miles of jungle. He turned to look at Mrs. Allison, and thought of the baby girl and Allison and thep 9 VN 1951
at Mrs. Allison, and thought of the baby girl and Allison and the driver. Shock had driven the horror of theirp 9 VN 1951
and he shuddered at the memory. He wondered how Mrs. Allison would take it all, and remembered how gay and prettyp 9 VN 1951
happy amongst the jaded sun-blistered womenfolk of the planters. And Allison. Poor man. Allison had always trusted the Malayans and Chinesep 9 VN 1951
jaded sun-blistered womenfolk of the planters. And Allison. Poor man. Allison had always trusted the Malayans and Chinese working on thep 9 VN 1951
the barren reaches in the labyrinth of the Asiatic mind. Allison had tried to comprehend something of their mentality, and wherep 9 VN 1951
widowed in this wilderness. "Do you feel all right, Mrs Allison?" he asked her softly. "Yesh." She seemed to have recoveredp 9 VN 1951
said guardedly. "Don't worry, you will. Anyway, we've got Mrs. Allison in the car and she's coming along to the stationp 9 VN 1951
me," Brodie answered. "Quite all right." Brodie was right. Mrs. Allison greeted Hargreaves cheerfully, and seemed alert and self-contained. The lipp 9 VN 1951
electric chair. "We'll get the others in no time, Mrs. Allison, in no time at all," Brodie was saying pleasantly. "Thisp 9 VN 1951
He ordered the suspect brought in and gallantly offered Mrs. Allison a chair. A couple of constables opened the door andp 9 VN 1951
of the bandits, Inspector. I'm absolutely sure of it." Mrs. Allison was clear and precise and the lisp had vanished. "Excusep 9 VN 1951
sudden insane desire to run out of the room. Mrs. Allison was sitting on the chair, composed and unmoved. Brodie walkedp 9 VN 1951
and unmoved. Brodie walked over to her. "All right, Mrs. Allison. Thanks for the help. We'll get the three others forp 9 VN 1951
you." "What if this man has an alibi, Inspector?" Mrs. Allison enquired as the constables dragged the bleeding Chinese away. "Ohp 9 VN 1951
any attention to them. You go home and rest, Mrs. Allison, and we'll get the others in a couple of daysp 9 VN 1951
the others in a couple of days." Hargreaves followed Mrs. Allison out in blank amazement. How could she be so surep 9 VN 1951
found them all there, standing helplessly in a row. Mrs. Allison had already identified them as the terrorists. Hargreaves looked carefullyp 9 VN 1951
the gunmen was wounded, Hargreaves remembered thankfully. He'd remind Mrs. Allison, and of course she'd see her mistake. He walked top 9 VN 1951
I hit one of the men who attacked us?" Mrs. Allison looked at him steadily. "These are the bandits," she saidp 9 VN 1951