interval between two ancient cobbled walls, and disappeared down the alley-way, Macready and Caldwell twenty yards behind him. ‘Keep after himp 65 DW 1962
chance I may be able to hold him.‘ From the alley-way they emerged into a small square, where a group ofp 65 DW 1962
Conrad craned up at the empty windows, into the narrow alleys and side-streets, but nowhere felt any sensation of fear orp 157 CH 1960
he needed. Nothing escaped Mr Goddard's scrutiny. In the back alleys he could see the stacked bicycles, the charwomen's mops inp 200 LW 1960
Met -- what are they now?‘ she demanded angrily. ‘Bowling alleys! Can you believe, Mangon, that in those immortal theatres wherep 110 SS 1960
the throne, listening to the distant voices recede into the alleys beyond the depot ship. Gradually the flares faded, and thep 140 DW 1962
his way between the houses. He slipped through the narrow alleys behind the garages, climbing in and out of open windowsp 66 D 1965
about in the shade, or had walled in the narrow alleys with squares of canvas. Farther in, a crowd of peoplep 92 D 1965
pursuing each other around the square, plunging out of narrow alleys and swerving across the sidewalks, driving the terrified members ofp 910 UC 1976
tirelessly wheeling the big car in and out of the alleys and side-streets, as if deranged by this dream-come-true of thep 910 UC 1976
after the brisk walk, we gazed down at the empty alleys and shuttered windows. Not a Chinese was in sight, thoughp 926 DT 1977
a broken flower-pot, hundreds of Chinese ran from the narrow alleys into the surrounding fields. Over their heads they carried bed-rollsp 327 ES 1984
or robbed of my clothes in one of the back alleys of the Bubbling Well Road. Perhaps the terrors of thep 16 KW 1991
of them soon died of hunger or typhus in the alleys of Chapei. Every morning on my way to school Ip 18 KW 1991
interrupted before he discarded his uniform and disappeared into the alleys of the Old City. I helped myself to the coldp 63 KW 1991
it was a place of bizarre contrasts, of foetid back alleys and graceful boulevards, of skyscrapers and Provencal villas, art decop 286 UGM 1995
narrow streets, and soon lost myself in the maze of alleys. I stopped in a small square, little more than ap 151 CN 1996
across the cobbles, headlamps flashing along the doorways and side alleys. The streetwalkers and matronly whores, the pimps and Volvo dealersp 162 SC 2000
scenes from the collective dream forever playing in the back alleys of their minds. As Cruise's media adviser, I had takenp 155 KC 2006
Hamilton, the lingerie buyer, late for work, hurrying down the alleyway to the staff entrance. Through a window he could seep 199 LW 1960
department store was a small cul-de-sac sealed off from the alleyway leading in from the street by high wooden doors. Itp 201 LW 1960
who usually milled around the windows were pressing into the alleyway beside the store; there was a lot of shouting inp 202 LW 1960
going on?‘ Durrant snapped. He joined the crowd in the alleyway and peered over the heads. Mr Goddard hurried back intop 202 LW 1960
pillar, then tiptoed quickly across the street towards a narrow alleyway that ran off into the labyrinthine nexus of the universityp 141 DW 1962
had visited the previous afternoon was still open. In the alleyway opposite the entrance two African youths in blue denims werep 41 CW 1966
trace here of good humour and pastoral docility. In an alleyway facing the station a diesel generator was pumping out densep 911 UC 1976
the driver's navigator. He could still remember every street and alleyway in Shanghai. As he crossed the athletics track he noticedp 273 ES 1984
the label, and shouted to two men standing in an alleyway next to the shuttered warehouse of a building merchant. Theyp 161 SC 2000
sex like sophisticated tourists in a strange souk, exploring any alleyway that might offer an intriguing cuisine. To these educated travellersp 322 SC 2000
the parked cars, and saw her turn into a pedestrian alleyway that led from the estate into the nearby side streetp 235 MP 2003
me and walked back to the marina. In the narrow alleyway there was a hint of Vera's perfume, a spoor Ip 236 MP 2003
of the rioters rose into open violence. I left the alleyway and returned to Dexter's house, standing on the pavement belowp 236 MP 2003
spirit of the Metro-Centre. A few minutes later, in an alleyway behind the Novotel, I came across another of the pyramidsp 247 KC 2006
props, they faced each other in a random labyrinth of alleyways, like a store lot of advertisement hoardings. Only the topp 122 SS 1960
succession of drab villages, windows boarded up against the storm, alleyways jammed with the wrecks of old cars and farm implementsp 32 WFN 1961
through the dunes, then worked their way among the narrow alleyways between the hotels to the northern gateway to the townp 363 CS 1962
and the testimony of countless paranoids rounded up in the alleyways) had concluded in a three-year sentence. Now at last hep 291 IO 1962
dark and sombre, eddying away around corners and into narrow alleyways. ‘Robert! Stop it! It's horrible!‘ Kerans felt Beatrice seize hisp 119 DW 1962
by day it became unbearably hot in the labyrinth of alleyways -- unable to tear himself away from his memories ofp 127 DW 1962
cars had been superimposed on the still identifiable streets and alleyways. In the centre of the island were the air-raid sheltersp 50 CI 1974
squad-car, listening to the generators beating in the basements and alleyways, the tireless hearts pumping out this haemorrhage of light. Hep 907 UC 1976
of the pocket calculators lay around the generators in the alleyways and basements, display panels glowing dimly. Olds must have ransackedp 921 UC 1976
the crowd and vanish into one of the hundreds of alleyways. An hour later he reached the Szechwan Road on footp 89 ES 1984
Drug-dealers haunted the bars and discos, prostitutes high-heeled the cobbled alleyways above the harbour, and the cameras of the porno-film makersp 159 CN 1996
exit from Chelsea Marina for motor vehicles, but several pedestrian alleyways led out of the estate into nearby side streets. Inp 232 MP 2003
into an apocalyptic landscape, the two men formed an uneasy alliance. Forbis looked on impatiently as Mannock moved through the emptyp 790 PTD 1969
not envious?‘ ‘Maybe I am a little.‘ Sidestepping any local alliance that might be formed between the two women, I saidp 54 C 1973
Who were these two tenants of the island? What uneasy alliance existed between the old circus hand and this sharp-witted youngp 69 CI 1974
for defending the upper floors against marauders, their plans for alliance and betrayal. Now the new order had emerged, in whichp 136 HR 1975
second attack on HMQ. Nor would it help the Atlantic Alliance if the US President were assassinated by a former inmatep 1091 OOA 1984
the destabilisation of the Soviet Union's Asiatic republics, the unnerving alliance in the USA between Islam and militant feminism -- allp 1117 WW3 1988
developed what Lever terms a negative Oedipus complex, forming an alliance with his adulterous father and dreaming of the cruellest revengesp 125 UGM 1993
urged his viewers to defend their ‘republic‘ against the corrupt alliance of the snobbish middle class and the snootier London boroughsp 190 KC 2006
in Canada as part of the country's contribution to the alliance, but a wilderness of ice and snow was not thep 163 ML 2008
twenty of these groups, each of which had formed local alliances with those on either side. There was a marked increasep 65 HR 1975
was already debating whether to carry Mrs Vincent's suitcase. New alliances needed to be forged, and Mrs Vincent's slim but strong-hippedp 240 ES 1984
milking him for advance news of any shift in military alliances which the UN peacekeeping force had detected. Sometimes Ryan worriedp 1146 WF 1989
is a remarkable account of the way in which desperate alliances can form in the most unexpected places, even within ap 251 UGM 1994
like pads of sponge rubber. The sensation was vaguely unsettling, allied to no feelings of mental fatigue. The numbness spread. Averyp 56 M69 1957
believed were marine-biology specimen hunts, Melville often found pieces of allied and enemy fighters shot down over the Channel. Rusting enginep 811 DFW 1974
a stockade in the centre of Shanghai reserved for male allied nationals. Eighteen months later, when the American bombing began, thep 926 DT 1977
attached to the military airfield, where some hundred or so allied aircrew shot down during the air attacks on Shanghai hadp 928 DT 1977
the Soochow road, hand the vehicle over to the first allied command post -- our new-found freedom had convinced me thatp 930 DT 1977
drowned forms of hundreds of cars rounded up from the allied nationals in Shanghai and dumped here by the Japanese. Theyp 938 DT 1977
scale of the conflict between the German armies and the allied armada, had pre-empted any further confrontation, assuaging his own uneasep 974 OAU 1978
the quay. They were witnessing the complete humiliation of the Allied powers by the empire of Japan, an object lesson top 52 ES 1984
the families of Japanese civilians were moving into the former Allied premises in Amherst Avenue. Jim scarcely recognized his long hairp 83 ES 1984
airedales released into the hungry streets of Shanghai by their allied owners. Several times they stopped for Basie to get outp 103 ES 1984
on the mother's mess-tin and tennis shoes. Most of the Allied prisoners had far better shoes than the Japanese soldiers, andp 121 ES 1984
had already decided that this truck and its consignment of Allied prisoners did not exist. He ignored the driver's protests andp 142 ES 1984
three years, and the suffocating prison of nearly two thousand Allied nationals. The shabby barrack huts, the cement dormitory blocks, thep 167 ES 1984
part of the booty looted by the Japanese from the Allied nationals. Jim searched the stands on the north and westp 262 ES 1984
away, searching the warehouses of Pootung for any groups of Allied prisoners. The peasants outside the gates of Lunghua ignored thep 297 ES 1984
the planes. Although they were nationals of one of the Allied powers at war with Japan, they would not share inp 297 ES 1984
the camp. They had joined forces with a group of Allied prisoners from Hungjao, and the armed men were running alongp 306 ES 1984
coastal cities. Whatever contribution their troops had made to the Allied victory had long been discounted, lost under the layers ofp 346 ES 1984
eerie golden emptiness of an Italian cornfield through which an allied tank moves like a sinister harvester, as if death hasp 75 UGM 1991
Japanese seized the International Settlement and began to intern the Allied nationals. For a few years after the liberation in 1945p 219 UGM 1991
voice, complaining to his wife about the failure of the allied authorities to notify us properly of the war's end. Butp 51 KW 1991
his Dutch father and Canadian mother. After the Japanese invasion Allied males were swiftly rounded up and interned. Hillen's strong butp 251 UGM 1994
the Chinese puppet forces. It would be days before the Allied advance guard arrived and took control. The B-29s had returnedp 284 UGM 1995
them from the Chinese peasants, forgetting that they too were Allied civilians. Unsettled by all this, I decided to walk top 285 UGM 1995
Cars were confiscated, and my father cycled to his office. Allied nationals wore numbered armbands. British companies still carried on theirp 290 UGM 1995
the past. The faction in the Brooklands police who had allied themselves to this odd clique had gone to ground, andp 183 KC 2006
several hundred British and American civilians, who were the first Allied nationals to be interned. By luck my father was notp 55 ML 2008
dockyards, the Japanese decided to intern the British and other Allied nationals. Lunghua Camp was sited in a notorious malaria zonep 62 ML 2008
way across the open countryside, among the last group of Allied nationals to be interned. For an hour we trundled throughp 63 ML 2008