Rick's Round Up the Usual Suspects: the Making of Casablanca Aljean Harmetz Nostalgia may not be all it used to bep 6 UGM 1993
ever imagined that it would achieve its legendary status. As Aljean Harmetz records, when shooting ended in August 1942, everyone wasp 6 UGM 1993
glasses. ‘How do you feel?‘ she asked, making up an alka-seltzer. I let it fizzle down and drank it. ‘What happenedp 21 E 1956
when we entered a shallow basin near a farm of alkali-settling beds, Judith and I were exhausted, dragging the suitcases overp 763 DA 1968
was one of the azalea trios in trouble with an alkaline pH, but the frequencies were too high. They were almostp 2 PB 1956
first ferns and bromeliads happily filling their ecological niches. The alkaline soils have encouraged a host of species to enjoy thep 161 DC 1987
an extract of the kola plant that contained a potent alkaloid, caffeine. But his fortified wine never caught on, and forp 214 UGM 1993
the yellow tubes and flared mouths of fragrant datura, their alkaloids promising drowsy potions on which the river might dream. Asp 121 DC 1987
round, but his body was muscular, supple and hardened in all the swimming pools of the East, on the golf coursesp 9 VN 1951
minor geographic location. You don't find the Dutch listening to all this talk about self-government and independence." "They've got kicked outp 9 VN 1951
give the Malayans a share in their own government. After all, they're entitled to it." "They're not entitled to anything ofp 9 VN 1951
illiterate, ignorant, diseased, no understanding or experience of government at all. You don't want them to run this country, do youp 9 VN 1951
the plantations. Still, of the two, he preferred Allison. For all its faults his way was probably better than the Communistsp 9 VN 1951
her up and held her out to Michael. "Are you all right, darling?", he asked. The little girl never answered. Thep 9 VN 1951
Yes, I know. You put up a great fight. We're all proud of you. But don't worry any more about itp 9 VN 1951
Hargreaves wondered how he hoped to find four Chinese in all those thousand square miles of jungle. He turned to lookp 9 VN 1951
the memory. He wondered how Mrs. Allison would take it all, and remembered how gay and pretty she had been, fairp 9 VN 1951
a news report, widowed in this wilderness. "Do you feel all right, Mrs Allison?" he asked her softly. "Yesh." She seemedp 9 VN 1951
as well." "Is she well enough to?" Hargreaves asked. "Looks all right to me," Brodie answered. "Quite all right." Brodie wasp 9 VN 1951
Hargreaves asked. "Looks all right to me," Brodie answered. "Quite all right." Brodie was right. Mrs. Allison greeted Hargreaves cheerfully, andp 9 VN 1951
she's as steady as a rock, and I'm jumping around all over the place as if I'd spent the night inp 9 VN 1951
others in no time, Mrs. Allison, in no time at all," Brodie was saying pleasantly. "This is an open and shutp 9 VN 1951
Chinese standing limply in the middle of the room. They all look the same to me, he thought, but I'm surep 9 VN 1951
the chair, composed and unmoved. Brodie walked over to her. "All right, Mrs. Allison. Thanks for the help. We'll get thep 9 VN 1951
the bleeding Chinese away. "Oh, don't worry about that. They all have alibis and a hundred witnesses to prove them. Wep 9 VN 1951
Hargreaves was taken down to the station he found them all there, standing helplessly in a row. Mrs. Allison had alreadyp 9 VN 1951
to say no, to invite the anger and resentment of all who had lived and died resisting the onslaught of Communismp 9 VN 1951
I said slowly. ‘Haven't they spotted it yet? They can't all be asleep.‘ ‘What's the matter?‘ Helen asked, looking up fromp 12 E 1956
feel it their duty to keep the studio exchanges blocked all night. And for any go-ahead comedian on a rival stationp 13 E 1956
every minute and every word in their private currencies. They'd all have a lot to say under tomorrow's headlines. ‘Sit downp 14 E 1956
pot. Then I started to realize what was going on. All three programmes were repeating themselves. ‘Helen,‘ I said over myp 14 E 1956
put something down on the end-table. ‘There you are. You all right?‘ When it switched I thought I was ready forp 14 E 1956
Helen. She was sitting quietly with her needle basket. The all too familiar play was repeating itself and by the clockp 16 E 1956
up. As I switched the set on I ran through all the other channels just to see if anything had changedp 17 E 1956
tied up together pretty closely. Are you sure we won't all need to add another hand to our clocks and watchesp 17 E 1956
as you can?‘ ‘Sure. I'll leave right away. Is Helen all right?‘ ‘Yes, she's fine. Thanks again.‘ I went into thep 17 E 1956
nothing to do except sit tight and wait for it all to wear off. At least I knew I wasn't loopingp 18 E 1956
of interest, do you yourself know it?‘ ‘No,‘ he said. ‘All the questions tonight are known only to our senior programmep 18 E 1956
Like to go for a walk? It'll wake you up.‘ ‘All right,‘ I said. ‘Go and get your coat.‘ ‘Will youp 20 E 1956
We're going to the pub, are we?‘ ‘Darling, are you all right?‘ She came over to me. ‘You look all strangledp 20 E 1956
you all right?‘ She came over to me. ‘You look all strangled. Is that shirt too tight?‘ ‘Helen,‘ I said, gettingp 20 E 1956
she started to say nervously. ‘What's the matter?‘ ‘I'm quite all right,‘ I assured her. ‘It's just that everything is happeningp 20 E 1956
up slowly and rubbed my neck. ‘God, I didn't dream all that! I couldn't have done.‘ ‘What was it about?‘ ‘Ap 21 E 1956
of the round-about, wondering whether I could have dreamt it all. Ten minutes later Helen said, ‘Well, I didn't think muchp 21 E 1956
slump of boredom, lethargy and high summer which carried us all so blissfully through ten unforgettable years, and I suppose thatp 1 PB 1956
forward and took my arm gingerly. ‘That was close. You all right?‘ ‘It's gone,‘ Tony said flatly. He looked carefully overp 2 PB 1956
as the senior bloom in the shop it naturally affected all the others. Invariably when I opened the shop in thep 3 PB 1956
down quietly in their control tanks, two-time, three-four, the multi-tones, all in perfect harmony. There were only about a dozen truep 3 PB 1956
dicot stems, and I was lucky to have mine at all. I'd bought the place five years earlier from an oldp 3 PB 1956
and then it started going ultra-sonic, which meant complaints from all the dog owners in the area. Finally it tried top 3 PB 1956
was almost resigned to shutting them down and waking them all by hand individually -- a backbreaking job with eighty tanksp 3 PB 1956
ten minutes if you took it out of its vivarium. All these cylinders and leads would look a little odd insidep 5 PB 1956
instructional booklet into the crate, keeping my eye on her all the time. ‘Don't look so alarmed,‘ she said with amusementp 5 PB 1956
out the tanks,‘ I told her. ‘By the way, we all want to congratulate you on last night. How does itp 6 PB 1956
to see what she'd say, but Harry and Tony were all around her, and soon got her up to my apartmentp 6 PB 1956
the trouble she was causing me. ‘What's wrong with them all?‘ she asked, surveying the chaos of gas cylinders and dripp 7 PB 1956
I'll fit you out with a large cool tank and all the chlorine you can breathe.‘ ‘Careful,‘ she told me. ‘Ip 8 PB 1956
it?‘ ‘That mystical left-handed approach, of course,‘ I told him. ‘All ancient seas and dark wells.‘ ‘What's she like?‘ Tony askedp 9 PB 1956
mind giving the old women -- and beside Jane they all seemed to be old women -- something to talk aboutp 9 PB 1956
and the big government schemes came along and started up all the clocks and kept us too busy working off thep 11 PB 1956
you weren't swimming?‘ ‘No,‘ M. said. ‘I'm certain I wasn't. All around me there was free space. That was the mostp 24 CC 1957
about it. There were no walls. Nothing but emptiness. That's all I remember.‘ The surgeon ran his finger along the edgep 24 CC 1957
Franz said. ‘In that event I should try to forget all about it. Remember, Matheson, the task of science is top 25 CC 1957
across to the suburban elevator station. ‘He's no use at all,‘ Franz said. ‘He didn't even begin to understand what Ip 26 CC 1957
manager at the Coliseum initialled the two passes. ‘Students, eh? All right.‘ He jerked a thumb at the long package Franzp 26 CC 1957
but the enormous gulf of emptiness still stunned his imagination. All around him, standing and sitting on the jutting terraces ofp 28 CC 1957
they always say. At a dollar a foot promises are all they can waste space on.‘ Below them a woman whop 28 CC 1957
coffee. This, like everything else on the menu, was cold. All cooking appliances were thermostated to a maximum 95 degrees Fp 30 CC 1957
to wreck everything, and pies and smashed crockery were strewn all over the pavement. The noise died away and everyone waitedp 31 CC 1957
on the dial of a portable detector. Its needle, like all the others, pointed to zero. A dozen hoses were playingp 31 CC 1957
need to leave the train or make too many inquiries. All he had to do was borrow a paper and watchp 34 CC 1957
May I see your ticket, sir?‘ ‘Listen,‘ Franz said weakly, all the accumulated frustration of the last twenty years mounting insidep 36 CC 1957
walls around them and the lights in the street outside. ‘All this was built by us. The question nobody can answerp 37 CC 1957
prefer the accepted view that the City stretches out in all directions without limits.‘ He went over to the door. ‘Waitp 37 CC 1957
an empty world. MANHOLE 69 For the first few days all went well. ‘Keep away from windows and don't think aboutp 50 M69 1957
waiting for an answer and shrugged. ‘Everything seems to be all right,‘ he said. ‘Surgical convalescence is over. Cardiac rhythms andp 50 M69 1957
the psychometric tests have shown absolutely nothing coming up at all. Not a single trauma.‘ He stared at the blackboard andp 51 M69 1957
was probably the last person to understand them. ‘I know all you've done is close off a few of the loopsp 51 M69 1957
insane.‘ ‘So?‘ ‘I don't know. I've been thinking about it all week.‘ Neill let out a light snort. ‘I suppose you'rep 52 M69 1957
three weeks. Though the Clinic was quiet, at Neill's orders all lights along the corridors and down the stairway had beenp 54 M69 1957
reflex association between darkness and sleep: ‘Let's admit it. In all but a few organisms the association is strong enough top 55 M69 1957
to the gym.‘ He looked closely at Morley. ‘Are you all right?‘ Morley rubbed his face. ‘God, I must have beenp 56 M69 1957
They had been at the window for over fifteen minutes. All he could remember was leaning on the sill. ‘And Ip 56 M69 1957
them in turn, smiling as he sized them up. ‘Feel all right?‘ ‘Not too bad, Doctor,‘ Gorrell told him. ‘A slightp 56 M69 1957
kidneys would have enlarged sufficiently to cope on their own. All morning and most of the afternoon they worked on ap 56 M69 1957
when he caught a bad head cold after sitting up all night and decided to spend the next day in bedp 57 M69 1957
carrying a private replica of it around as your bloodstream. All you did was encapsulate a necessary piece of the physicalp 58 M69 1957
little. ‘Eliminate sleep,‘ Lang was saying, ‘and you also eliminate all the fear and defence mechanisms erected round it. Then, atp 58 M69 1957
a quarter past three: in under three hours it would all be over. The gymnasium closed in. Now less than halfp 61 M69 1957
bumped into him sharply, knocking his shoulder against the wall. ‘All right?‘ he asked, taking Gorrell's arm. ‘This place is ap 62 M69 1957
a quiet, urgent traffic of nurses and interns moved past. All but a single bank of arc-lights had been switched offp 65 M69 1957
off round the room, slamming a fist into his palm. ‘All right, John. What is it?‘ Morley picked up one ofp 65 M69 1957
adrift.‘ ‘What do we do then?‘ ‘Nothing. Short of re-scoring all the way down to Lumbar 1. The central nervous systemp 65 M69 1957
it was a mistake to put them in there -- all those lights blazing down, the huge floor, high walls. Theyp 66 M69 1957
pulled the gym in on themselves.‘ Morley grinned bleakly. ‘So all we've got to do now is pump them full ofp 66 M69 1957
perfectly acceptable at Expo 75 or the Venice Biennale was all too obviously passe at Vermilion Sands. When we had decidedp 39 VS 1957
teeth of an enormous comb. Welded on apparently at random all over the statue were twenty or thirty filigree vanes. Thatp 40 VS 1957
the statue were twenty or thirty filigree vanes. That was all. The whole structure of scratched chromium had a blighted lookp 40 VS 1957
at the sky, and the three stem-pieces were wider apart. All the angles seemed different. ‘I thought you'd notice it eventuallyp 42 VS 1957
going insane.‘ I started cutting a series of small notches all over the statue, making sure they were exactly the widthp 43 VS 1957
of rust but underneath it had a bright sappy glint. ‘All right,‘ I said when I had finished. ‘Let's go andp 43 VS 1957
to check the notch intervals against the file. They were all at least double the original distance apart. ‘Mr Hamilton,‘ Carolp 43 VS 1957
sonic cores. Carefully I examined the rest of the statue. All over it new shoots of metal were coming through: archesp 43 VS 1957
half-familiar sounds, fragments of a dozen overtures and symphonies, murmured all over it. The statue was well over twelve feet highp 43 VS 1957
the original motifs being repeated. Each vane, each helix has all the authentic Drexel mannerisms, almost as if she herself werep 43 VS 1957
late Romantic composers is a little out of keeping with all that sitar twanging, but that's rather a good thing, ifp 43 VS 1957
-- the Pastoral Symphony, I would guess.‘ ‘Not to mention all five piano concertos -- played at once,‘ I said sourlyp 43 VS 1957
what Lorraine Drexel expected. She wanted it to start spreading all over the town, the music driving everyone crazy --‘ ‘Carefulp 44 VS 1957
at work within the statue, a bizarre revenge on us all for deriding her handiwork. As Raymond had said, the presentp 44 VS 1957
Deliberately breaking step, I said to Blackett: ‘So in fact all I have to do to silence the thing is chopp 45 VS 1957
had been at its peak the previous morning. It lay all over the garden in a tangled mesh, like the skeletonp 46 VS 1957
downwards through the roof, tearing away the galvanized metal sheets. All over the statue thousands of sonic cores gleamed in thep 46 VS 1957
stared gloomily across the heaps of scrap iron which were all that remained of the statue. Carol, looking a little stunnedp 47 VS 1957
shrapnel shell had exploded over it. Huge divots were strewn all over the place, and what grass had not been rippedp 47 VS 1957
I tried to trace what we could of the statue. All we found were three small struts, now completely inert, rustingp 47 VS 1957
looks as if we should have taken the pylon after, all,‘ I said to Carol as we left the courtroom. ‘Evenp 48 VS 1957
some air. ‘Never mind,‘ Carol said bravely. ‘At least it's all over with.‘ I looked out over the rooftops of Vermilionp 48 VS 1957
about to move in and there were trestles and laths all over the place. The walls were still bare brick, girdersp 49 VS 1957
to be taken up again. ‘An authentic Drexel,‘ I said. ‘All the mannerisms. Nothing much to look at yet, but waitp 49 VS 1957
of the shoots. ‘Mr Hamilton, you said they'd melted it all down.‘ ‘They did, angel. So it got back into circulationp 49 VS 1957
did, angel. So it got back into circulation, touching off all the other metal it came into contact with. Lorraine Drexel'sp 49 VS 1957
as Lorraine Drexel's wistful eyes. ‘Did you say it was all over? Carol, it's only just beginning. The whole world willp 49 VS 1957
of the amplifier rigs. ‘My ears feel like gongs.‘ ‘By all means,‘ Sheringham agreed promptly. He placed the record carefully onp 68 T12 1958
course. Remember the cell division series I played first of all? Amplified 100,000 times animal cell division sounds like ap 69 T12 1958
the other hand, plant cell division is an electronic poem, all soft chords and bubbling tones. Now there you have ap 69 T12 1958
gradual, that at first I failed to recognize it at all. But again you ask: why should I tell you thisp 96 NZ 1959
I have nothing to fear from broadcasting its secret to all who will listen. I am the power's servant, and inp 96 NZ 1959
so segregating me from the rest of the office. Above all, he sought to antagonize me by his personal mannerisms. Hep 97 NZ 1959
unable to grasp the tortuous logic that could so offend all laws of precedence and merit. I assumed that Rankin hadp 99 NZ 1959
the previous year Carter had been carefully familiarizing himself with all aspects of my job and was taking credit for workp 99 NZ 1959
on he ignored my attempts at a rapprochement and did all he could to antagonize me. The final insult came whenp 99 NZ 1959
I kept record of Rankin's persecutions and began to describe all that I was beginning to suffer at the hands ofp 99 NZ 1959
it was Carter. That night I destroyed my notebook and all records I had made about Rankin's behaviour. Was it coincidencep 100 NZ 1959
During the next few days violent charges were levelled in all directions by the newspapers, and it finally transpired that Taylorp 100 NZ 1959
give precisely detailed instructions, to rule out once and for all any possibility of coincidence. Conveniently, Jacobson offered himself as myp 100 NZ 1959
due, and my eyes were now set upon a directorship. All too literally, I would step into dead men's shoes. Brieflyp 101 NZ 1959
scruple, the calculation of niceties -- these merely made me all the more vulnerable to the inconstancies and barbarities of fatep 102 NZ 1959
went out and bought a radio, sat by it patiently all day, waiting for the inevitable interruption of the afternoon programmesp 103 NZ 1959
as it had appeared? Or were the authorities deliberately suppressing all mention of the cataclysm, fearful of national hysteria? I immediatelyp 103 NZ 1959
the behaviour of my employers at my new job -- all to no avail. As for the sources of the powerp 103 NZ 1959
I kept securely sealed within a large steel safe and all entries were made with the utmost care and secrecy, top 103 NZ 1959
brought me little or no personal gain. It was therefore all the more surprising when I discovered that the police hadp 104 NZ 1959
the power and publish a full and dispassionate account of all that had happened. Accordingly, after a considerable labour, the storyp 105 NZ 1959
denouement, or surprise ending, the twist in its tail. Like all respectable stories, this one too had its twist, indeed onep 105 NZ 1959
without developing a few curious mannerisms. In fact, as I all too soon realized, what was really remarkable about Talus wasp 72 WG 1959
are to be discontinued -- you must have heard it all on the radiocasts.‘ ‘I haven't got a radio here,‘ Tallisp 73 WG 1959
new routines to fit myself into Murak's 18-hour day. Above all, there was the prospect of two years of near-absolute isolationp 73 WG 1959
the telescope. A big digital does the heavy thinking, tapes all the data down in 2000-hour schedules. You fly the cansp 73 WG 1959
stayed fifteen. He'll show you the ropes. Pleasant fellow, by all accounts, a little whimsical, probably try to pull your legp 74 WG 1959
the volcano jungle. This was an almost obsessive activity -- all evening and most of the afternoon he would sit upp 75 WG 1959
a vehicle to Murak was prohibitive, so Talus had transported all the equipment to the camp site and set it upp 76 WG 1959
power packs, water and supplies. The first time everything seemed all right. They were both over sixty, but standing up wellp 76 WG 1959
attempt at playfulness, curious why he was leaving Murak at all. He took the question seriously. ‘I'm afraid I won't bep 77 WG 1959
Fifteen years!‘ I shouted. ‘Good God, why? In this of all places! And what do you mean, "busy"? You're just sittingp 77 WG 1959
hand carefully before he went aboard. ‘You've got my address all right? You're quite sure?‘ For some reason, which confused myp 78 WG 1959
looking at his wristwatch. ‘You've been trying to tell me all week,‘ I insisted. ‘Come on, man.‘ He shook his headp 78 WG 1959
for them. Should never have come here, trying to sell all those books.‘ ‘Books?‘ ‘Cases full. Bibles, if I recall.‘ ‘Textbooksp 78 WG 1959
that they seemed to stream with molten wax. I sealed all the shutters and changed into neutral, even then having top 80 WG 1959
him between the shelves, loaded with fans, radios and TV-scopes, all outdated models imported years earlier to satisfy the boom planetp 80 WG 1959
Pickford. ‘Bibles? Fourteen, fifteen with this one. They ordered them all after they got here. This was the last one.‘ Hep 81 WG 1959
shelves. When we counted them up there were ninety in all: thirty-five Holy Bibles (twenty-four Authorized Versions and eleven Vulgates), fifteenp 81 WG 1959
According to Pickford they ordered a total of fifteen crates. All Bibles.‘ ‘He's senile.‘ ‘No. His memory is good. There werep 81 WG 1959
Anyway, why didn't he ever mention that they had ordered all these Bibles?‘ ‘Perhaps he'd forgotten.‘ ‘Fifteen crates? Fifteen crates ofp 81 WG 1959
working the mine, using Talus as their supply source. But all these Bibles mean we must start thinking in completely differentp 82 WG 1959
of the megalith. There were at least a dozen languages, all in alphabets I had never seen before, strings of meaninglessp 84 WG 1959
KYR** XII ALPH* LEP*RIS AD 1*19 The list of names, all from Alpha Leporis, continued down the column. I followed itp 85 WG 1959
face the entries were more recent, the lettering sharper. In all there were five distinct languages, four of them, including Earth'sp 85 WG 1959
thirty-year intervals that appeared to be generations. Before AD 1200 all entries were illegible. This represented something over half the totalp 86 WG 1959
had been made during his fifteen years on Murak; watching all day from the observatory he must have seen every landingp 87 WG 1959
and kicked off again at full throttle. Mayer pressed me all the way back but I told him nothing, driving thep 87 WG 1959
temperature climbed, forty-five minutes to noon, 105 degrees. ‘What is all this, though?‘ Mayer asked. ‘Their burial ground?‘ ‘Unlikely. Why leavep 88 WG 1959
a thin grin. The heat was hitting Mayer, welling up all the irrational bitterness of a year's frustration. ‘It's an ideap 89 WG 1959
the blow seemed to have loosened my jaw and damaged all the bones on the left side of my face. Ip 89 WG 1959
round. It was five minutes to noon. Around me, on all sides, enormous sheets of fire were cascading slowly from thep 90 WG 1959
a thousand rivers of fire streaming across its surface in all directions. There was a terrifying roaring and barking noise, overlaidp 90 WG 1959
and barking noise, overlaid by a dull, massive pounding as all the volcanoes in the volcano jungle began to erupt againp 90 WG 1959
Time: 100,000,000 mega-years. They have spread now to all the neighbouring galaxies, swallowing thousands of nebulae. Their time schemesp 91 WG 1959
substituted its own dynamic, its own spatial and temporal dimensions. All primary time and energy fields have been engulfed. Seeking thep 92 WG 1959
the carpet of light blue dust was untouched. Mayer's prints, all marks of our scuffle, had vanished. I quickly scaled thep 93 WG 1959
it a thousand times. Somehow it seems the key to all the extraordinary events that have happened on Murak, with theirp 94 WG 1959
merits of co-operation. Newman was kept in cell privileges and all the cigarettes he needed. It was a shame that ap 151 CH 1960
murder, had revealed itself innocently enough. As a child, like all children, he had noticed the occasional ancient clock tower, bearingp 151 CH 1960
watching for any outbreak. ‘Nothing,‘ she told him sharply. ‘It's all finished.‘ To herself she added experimentally: Five and twelve. Fivep 151 CH 1960
Thoughtfully ‘Let's see, you're fourteen. Look, Conrad, I'll explain it all in a couple of years.‘ With the impetus provided byp 152 CH 1960
story, but strangely enough it was disappointingly dull. ‘Is that all?‘ he kept saying. ‘I don't get it. Why worry sop 152 CH 1960
leaving a shadow of fading rust. Distributed apparently at random all over the city, above stores, banks and public buildings, theirp 152 CH 1960
but this seemed barely adequate grounds for outlawing them. After all, a whole variety of timers were in general use: inp 152 CH 1960
poll. Under fifty no one appeared to know anything at all about the historical background, and even the older people werep 152 CH 1960
was going to happen. Soon he was wearing the watch all day. He stitched together a slim cotton sleeve, fitted withp 155 CH 1960
ramps banking down into huge underground car parks. And on all sides there were the clocks. Conrad noticed them immediately, atp 157 CH 1960
less than a fireman's ladder and still retained their hands. All registered the same time: 12.01. Conrad looked at hisp 158 CH 1960
a master clock,‘ Stacey told him. ‘When that stopped they all seized at the same moment. One minute after midnight, thirty-sevenp 158 CH 1960
to Conrad. ‘Enjoy the ride?‘ Conrad nodded fervently. ‘It's impressive, all right. The people who lived here must have been giantsp 159 CH 1960
with ancillary services, police, fire squads, medical units -- it all hinged on one factor.‘ Stacey threw a fist out atp 159 CH 1960
Conrad commented, his interest mounting. ‘But how did they enforce all this?‘ ‘By a system of coloured passes, coloured money, anp 160 CH 1960
like the TV or radio programmes. And, of course, by all the thousands of clocks you can see around you herep 160 CH 1960
library book, buy some aspirin, and telephone his wife. Like all executives, his identity zone is blue. He takes out hisp 160 CH 1960
if he ignored the lights?‘ Conrad asked. ‘Nothing immediately, but all blue clocks in the zoned area would have returned top 160 CH 1960
that day -- hence the prohibition on phone calls. It all meshed perfectly. Your time programme told you when you couldp 160 CH 1960
switch on your TV set and when to switch off. All electric appliances were fused, and if you strayed outside thep 160 CH 1960
tower. ‘This was the Big Clock, the master from which all others were regulated. Central Time Control, a sort of Ministryp 161 CH 1960
at Stacey. ‘Can you imagine what life was like for all but a few of the thirty million people here?‘ Conradp 161 CH 1960
here?‘ Conrad shrugged. Blue and yellow clocks, he noticed, outnumbered all others; obviously the major governmental agencies had operated from thep 161 CH 1960
the telephone for one hour a day than not at all. Scarcities are always rationed, aren't they?‘ ‘But this was ap 161 CH 1960
of the system, engineered as precisely as a watch.‘ ‘That's all it was,‘ Stacey commanded dourly. ‘The old metaphor of thep 162 CH 1960
supporting through credit pyramids an economic system that denied him all freedom of will or personality, chained him to a thousandp 162 CH 1960
few mechanically. Why?‘ ‘I just wondered ... how they kept them all going.‘ He dawdled at Stacey's heels, checking the time fromp 162 CH 1960
along the side street, indistinguishable from those he had seen all afternoon. Except for the fact that one of them wasp 162 CH 1960
right, the stairway up which he had escaped directly opposite. All afternoon Stacey drove up and down the adjacent streets, sometimesp 163 CH 1960
there on the left. I want to help wind them all up again.‘ The old man watched him shrewdly. He hadp 164 CH 1960
looked carefully around him, eyeing the high cliff walls on all sides, then led the way up a stationary escalator. Hisp 165 CH 1960
been a typing pool, was an enormous collection of clocks, all being simultaneously repaired. Tall cabinets surrounded them, loaded with thousandsp 165 CH 1960
clocks and searching for others he could dismantle and repair. ‘All these years in the rain hasn't done them any goodp 165 CH 1960
it to spin. ‘How can you make sure that they all tell the same time?‘ he asked Marshall, wondering why thep 165 CH 1960
the rooftops. ‘If only we could start that, and run all the others off it.‘ ‘Impossible. The entire mechanism was dynamitedp 165 CH 1960
dismantle recoverable ones and carry them back to the workshop. All day, and often through half the night, they worked togetherp 166 CH 1960
restarting the clocks and returning them to their original positions. All the while, however, Conrad's mind was fixed upon the greatp 166 CH 1960
the clock again. It seems strange after these years.‘ And all through the day they would pause as the quarter andp 166 CH 1960
rehabilitation? His pounding on the door brought a warder. ‘What's all the noise about? The clock? What's the matter with itp 168 CH 1960
life. He was still chuckling over the absurdity of it all two weeks later when for the first time he noticedp 168 CH 1960
For no apparent reason, the thunder particularly irritated Mr Goddard. All day, as he moved about his duties as ground floorp 196 LW 1960
the short drive would have noticed one unusual feature -- all the windows, both upstairs and down, were securely shuttered. Indeedp 196 LW 1960
gathered in the corners and stained the fraying Victorian wallpaper. All the fireplaces had been bricked up, and the bare stoneworkp 197 LW 1960
to himself, as if divining something that had puzzled him all day. Leaning on the safe, he watched the moth circlep 198 LW 1960
centre of the lid. The box was heavy. It required all Mr Goddard's efforts to steer it out without banging itp 198 LW 1960
well-ordered hive, the town came to life. High above it all, his gigantic face hidden in the shadows, Mr Goddard quietlyp 199 LW 1960
two rooms deep, their rear windows and fanlights provided him all the access he needed. Nothing escaped Mr Goddard's scrutiny. Inp 200 LW 1960
trivial insights he had been provided with the previous evening. All the while he kept a constant lookout for Mr Durrantp 201 LW 1960
in tragedy. No one in the stockrooms had seen Durrant all morning, but shortly after 12 o'clock Mr Goddard spotted himp 201 LW 1960
looked searchingly into Durrant's face. ‘If I can help at all, do let me know. I'd be glad to make youp 202 LW 1960
over the heads. Mr Goddard hurried back into the store. All the assistants were craning over their shoulders and whispering top 202 LW 1960
yard outside was a group of fifteen or twenty people, all looking up at the fifth-floor balcony. Tied to the railingsp 202 LW 1960
carefully, moving up and down the miniature streets, peering through all the windows in turn, fixing the identity and role ofp 203 LW 1960
shaking his head with a quick smile. ‘No mistake at all, Mr Goddard, I assure you. As a matter of factp 205 LW 1960
we agreed that you well deserve an uninterrupted rest after all these years.‘ Mr Goddard frowned. ‘But I don't wish top 205 LW 1960
and assistants, not to speak of the customers, they would all insist that I stay on. They would be very shockedp 205 LW 1960
inner expression, the same attitude of tacit approval. They were all glad he was going. Not one of them showed realp 205 LW 1960
and made his way out. It seemed to take him all day to reach his house. Head down, he walked slowlyp 205 LW 1960
of the passers-by, pathetically trying to absorb this blow to all he had assumed about himself for so many years. Hisp 205 LW 1960
THE SOUND-SWEEP By midnight Madame Gioconda's headache had become intense. All day the derelict walls and ceiling of the sound stagep 106 SS 1960
calls for the day, he would drive his sound truck all the way over from the West Side to the abandonedp 107 SS 1960
alas meaningless, Melba -- Callas -- Gioconda. To serve at all was the privilege. In time, perhaps, Madame Gioconda might accordp 107 SS 1960
realized that ultimately she would need him at the studio all day, holding back the enveloping tides of nightmare and insanityp 107 SS 1960
which divided the sound stage from the auditorium. These were all from her last operatic role -- The Medium -- andp 108 SS 1960
the tiers of seats and plywood music stands. They were all immaculately clean, well below the threshold at which embedded soundsp 108 SS 1960
Mangon would have been deeply shocked) were purely rhetorical, and all their conversations for that matter entirely one-sided. For Mangon wasp 109 SS 1960
had been stone dumb, his vocal cords irreparably damaged. In all their endless exchanges of midnight confidences, Mangon had contributed notp 109 SS 1960
them a shared sense of life's injustice, though Mangon, like all innocents, viewed his misfortune without rancour. Both, too, were socialp 109 SS 1960
was that until her decline she had represented (as to all mutes) the most painful possible reminder of his own voicelessp 109 SS 1960
poison him. He's surrounded by them, I think they steal all my telegrams to him. Of course Hector had a completep 110 SS 1960
vulgar extravagance. If he's short of cash he can sack all those lawyers. Or devalue the dollar, I don't mind.‘ Madamep 110 SS 1960
earlier he had used Madame Gioconda as a stepping-stone, reaping all the publicity he could from their affair, then abruptly kickingp 111 SS 1960
through no fault of her own, Madame Gioconda's decline was all the harder to bear. Since the introduction a few yearsp 111 SS 1960
fugal elaborations of Bach, the abstract images of Schoenberg -- all these were raised in frequency above the threshold of consciousp 111 SS 1960
in this change-over was the human voice. This alone of all instruments could not be re-scored, because its sounds were producedp 111 SS 1960
virtually uninhabitable. An immediate result was the swift collapse of all but a few symphony orchestras and opera companies. Concert hallsp 112 SS 1960
with deeper penetration, greater total impact. Ultrasonic SP records swept all others off the market. Sonic LP records became museum piecesp 112 SS 1960
to sweep selectively, draining from the walls of the Oratory all extraneous and discordant noises -- coughing, crying, the clatter ofp 113 SS 1960
disease-vector of civilization. The whole world's rotting with it, yet all they can afford is a few people like Mangon foolingp 115 SS 1960
pressed. He scrutinized Mangon suspiciously. ‘Are you still sitting up all night with that Gioconda woman?‘ Embarrassed, Mangon lowered his eyesp 115 SS 1960
tore up his sheets and walked across to the window. ‘All right, Mangon, you've made your point. You're carrying a torchp 116 SS 1960
LeGrande. Obvious guess. But there are no secrets there, it's all on open file. I suppose she's just threatening to makep 117 SS 1960
closed circuit programme is insane. Even if we went to all the trouble of staging it she wouldn't be satisfied. Shep 117 SS 1960
out and patted Mangon on the shoulder. ‘Good for you. All right, then, I'll think about it. God knows how we'dp 118 SS 1960
just detect the muffled rhythms and intonations of her voice. All too exactly, he could identify the man's voice. He hadp 119 SS 1960
bed, dismantling an enormous purple hat. ‘And do clean up all that glass, or I shall cut my feet.‘ She spokep 119 SS 1960
write on his pad but Madame Gioconda restrained him. ‘That's all right, dear. I thought not.‘ She looked around the stagep 120 SS 1960
to suffer so much. Madame Gioconda smiled at this. ‘We all have our crosses to bear. I have a feeling youp 120 SS 1960
to his. The stockades, bleak though they might be, were all he had to show her. For Mangon, Madame Gioconda hadp 121 SS 1960
swell of her shoulder made him feel confident and invigorated, all the more proud that he was able to help herp 122 SS 1960
that hangs like a vast umbrella over any metropolitan complex. All around, odd sounds shaken loose from the stockades were beginningp 122 SS 1960
the stockade with interest. ‘How fascinating. It's like a zoo. All that talk, talk, talk. And you can hear it allp 124 SS 1960
All that talk, talk, talk. And you can hear it all.‘ She snapped back her bracelets with swift decisive flicks ofp 124 SS 1960
he was saddened by Madame Gioconda's disinterest. Having brought her all the way out to the dumps he wondered how hep 124 SS 1960
to himself, another swore angrily, a baby bellowed. Behind it all was the steady background murmur of countless TV programmes, thep 124 SS 1960
monotones of race-track commentators, the shrieking audiences of quiz shows, all pitched an octave up the scale so that they soundedp 124 SS 1960
he struck paydirt almost at once. ‘ ... my God, there's Bartok all over the place, that damned Steiner woman, I'll swear she'sp 125 SS 1960
woman, I'll swear she's sleeping with her ...‘ Mangon took it all down, passing the sheets to Madame Gioconda as soon asp 125 SS 1960
notes lying in the dust. ‘You've got a wonderful voice, all right.‘ Sotto voce she added: ‘But your hearing is evenp 127 SS 1960
of the Gioconda will go out coast to coast on all three V.C. radio channels. Surprised, Mangon? It's no secretp 129 SS 1960
you can guess which one she picked.‘ Merrill nodded. ‘It all fits together. We're broadcasting from the concert studio. A singlep 129 SS 1960
days. Revenge is sweet.‘ He shook his head sadly. ‘Hell, all that work.‘ Alto snapped: ‘Don't worry, it won't be wastedp 129 SS 1960
her in the long run. What I propose will save all of us from looking foolish. We've got to stand upp 130 SS 1960
a heady wave of powder and perfume. In an instant all his doubts and worries evaporated, he looked forward to seeingp 131 SS 1960
called afterwards. Merrill shook his head. ‘Nothing, no vibration at all.‘ Down below Mangon flicked the release toggle, vented a long-drawn-outp 131 SS 1960
rid of him. Their trips to the stockade had ceased. All this he accepted as inevitable; after the performance, he assuredp 132 SS 1960
to them. One of the vans was full; he recognized all Madame Gioconda's possessions -- the rococo wardrobe and dressing tablep 132 SS 1960
In the bright daylight the peeling threadbare flats had lost all illusion of reality; with them Mangon's whole relationship with Madamep 132 SS 1960
the enormous triple-bass case as inconspicuous as possible. They were all busy checking the relays and circuits, and he reached thep 133 SS 1960
rested his instrument, tone generator and cathode tube. They were all present, and the light reflected from the ray screens threwp 133 SS 1960
towards the stage and apparently remonstrating with the studio officials. All but a few members of the orchestra had left theirp 135 SS 1960
the strange grooves the biologist had cut, apparently at random, all over the floor of the empty swimming pool. An inchp 169 VT 1960
elaborate ideogram like a Chinese character, they had taken him all summer to complete, and he had obviously thought about littlep 169 VT 1960
me of him -- there's so much of yourself in all the patients you worked on.‘ Powers smiled wanly at herp 171 VT 1960
block the road and make Powers sit in his dust all the way back to the lake. Kaidren was capable ofp 171 VT 1960
got a two-hundred-word vocabulary, but his voice box scrambles it all up.‘ He opened a small refrigerator by the desk, tookp 175 VT 1960
cage, pours out an endless stream of wisecracks. Pleasant fellow all round.‘ Coma was smiling broadly to herself. ‘Why the spacep 176 VT 1960
own protection. Sometimes he gets rather bad headaches. His predecessors all --‘ He broke off and turned away. ‘Let's have ap 176 VT 1960
two inactive genes which occur in a small percentage of all living organisms, and appear to have no intelligible role inp 177 VT 1960
you.‘ Coma nodded. ‘They've had their silent genes activated?‘ ‘Yes, all of them. These are only a few of the thousandsp 178 VT 1960
as Whitby's death indicates, the experiments in this laboratory have all come to a rather unhappy conclusion. Without exception the organismsp 179 VT 1960
of their real intentions. The specimens you've seen today are all in an early stage of their secondary growth cycles. Laterp 179 VT 1960
he sleeps anywhere near enough. I hear him pacing around all night.‘ She added: ‘Still, I suppose it's better than beingp 179 VT 1960
A few of them must possess the silent genes.‘ ‘They all do,‘ Powers told her. ‘The two phenomena are very closelyp 179 VT 1960
often talked this over. Towards the end I took it all down. He was a great biologist, so let's hear itp 180 VT 1960
Cereals and root crops, dairy yields, ruminant fertility -- are all down. Couple these with a mass of parallel symptoms, anythingp 180 VT 1960
of Michelangelo sleeping for only four or five hours, painting all day at the age of eighty and then working throughp 180 VT 1960
The ribonucleic acid templates which unravel the protein chains in all living organisms are wearing out, the dies inscribing the protoplasmicp 181 VT 1960
the dies inscribing the protoplasmic signature have become blunted. After all, they've been running now for over a thousand million yearsp 181 VT 1960
of perception are developed too. According to Whitby, though, it's all wasted effort in the long run -- but sometimes Ip 181 VT 1960
see very much of him either. He makes me sleep all the time. Kaidren has many strange talents, but he livesp 182 VT 1960
He really thinks of you continually. That's why we spend all our time following you around.‘ She eyed Powers shrewdly. ‘Ip 182 VT 1960
necessary for you to know. You said Kaldren paced around all night and didn't get enough sleep. Actually he doesn't getp 182 VT 1960
get enough sleep. Actually he doesn't get any sleep at all.‘ The girl nodded. ‘You ...‘ She made a snapping gesture withp 182 VT 1960
sleep cue, and the capillaries drain while he remains conscious. All he feels is a temporary lethargy, but this passes withinp 182 VT 1960
patient as K. A touch of pure Kafka that came all too true.‘ ‘I may leave here for good, Coma,‘ Powersp 182 VT 1960
same as remembering it, a cataloguing in reverse, sorting out all the books in the mental library and putting them backp 183 VT 1960
Don't feel it. Despair erodes everything -- courage, hope, self-discipline, all the better qualities. It's so damned difficult to sustain thatp 185 VT 1960
some lead screening. What does he think I'd do with all that cement? Just the sort of irritating thing you don'tp 185 VT 1960
give you time to clean up and change. What's that all over your shirt? Looks like lime.‘ Powers peered down, brushedp 186 VT 1960
angled screens, carefully labelled exhibits laid out on low tables, all dominated by twenty-foot-high black letters on the rear wall whichp 187 VT 1960
who they think we are but they're letting us know all the same, beaming it out on the hydrogen line forp 189 VT 1960
you are. These are the voices of time, and they're all saying goodbye to you. Think of yourself in a widerp 190 VT 1960
tension between himself and Kaldren had dissipated, he felt that all his obligations to him had at last been met. Nowp 190 VT 1960
boulders by the roadside at the foot of the cliff, all carried a distinct image of themselves across to him, ap 192 VT 1960
the drive outside Whitby's laboratory. The dome was in darkness, all its windows shuttered, but the generator still hummed in thep 194 VT 1960
of a huge three-dimensional maze of phosphorescing thread, twitching spasmodically. All the experimental plants and animals had died. The chimp layp 194 VT 1960
shouted up at Kaidren. He left his chair and closed all the shutters overlooking the front courtyard, and eventually he wasp 194 VT 1960
his inner space. ZONE OF TERROR Larsen had been waiting all day for Bayliss, the psychologist who lived in the nextp 137 ZT 1960
he -- Larsen -- had been responsible for just about all the diagnosis. Bayliss had done little more than thumb hisp 138 ZT 1960
Everything's beginning to stabilize, I'm not looking over my shoulder all the time. I've left the inside doors open, and beforep 138 ZT 1960
for me to get straight back to the plant. After all, there's no point in sitting around here indefinitely. I feelp 138 ZT 1960
make it sound like something out of a horror film. All I had was a simple hallucination. And I'm not evenp 139 ZT 1960
dark patches across the man's suit were not shadows at all, but the outline of the work bench directly behind himp 141 ZT 1960
the dust off his brown-and-white shoes. ‘Thanks for warning me. All you've got to do now is tell me who hep 142 ZT 1960
image of our neighbourhood streets we carry around with us all day near the surface of consciousness. But upset the projectorp 143 ZT 1960
let's think of the future. The most interesting aspect of all this is the light it throws on one of thep 144 ZT 1960
army of phantoms, witches, demons and so on. Are they all, in fact, nothing more than psychoretinal flashbacks, transposed images ofp 144 ZT 1960
the ghost of his murdered father is really Hamlet himself.‘ ‘All right, all right,‘ Larsen cut in irritably. ‘But how doesp 144 ZT 1960
of his murdered father is really Hamlet himself.‘ ‘All right, all right,‘ Larsen cut in irritably. ‘But how does this helpp 144 ZT 1960
he doesn't reply sit down in the chair yourself. That's all you have to do.‘ Larsen jumped up, gesticulating. ‘For heaven'sp 144 ZT 1960
Do you know what it's like to suddenly see yourself? All you want to do is run.‘ ‘I realize that, butp 144 ZT 1960
quite an effort, but you'll cure yourself once and for all.‘ Larsen shook his head stubbornly. ‘The idea's insane.‘ To himselfp 145 ZT 1960
the weapon gave him a stronger sense of security than all Bayliss's drugs and advice. The revolver was a simple symbolp 145 ZT 1960
razor cut where the moustache had been shaved away. Above all he recognized the man's state of shock, the nervous lipsp 147 ZT 1960
It's the only way.‘ Bayliss hesitated, looking down at Larsen. ‘All right. Try to hold on.‘ Larsen pointed to the farp 148 ZT 1960
the chalets. The double was still beside him, pointing in all directions. Bayliss raised the revolver and fired again. The soundp 149 ZT 1960
sand. He continued to examine the wheel. Nothing happened. BILLENNIUM All day long, and often into the early hours of thep 267 B 1961
by.‘ Rossiter grinned. ‘Of course, John, I'm just envious, that's all. My room is driving me crazy.‘ Like everyone, he usedp 268 B 1961
cut from five to four. It couldn't be done they all said, no one could stand living in only four squarep 269 B 1961
the door to get in.‘ Rossiter chuckled softly. ‘They were all wrong. It was merely decided that from then on allp 269 B 1961
all wrong. It was merely decided that from then on all doors would open outwards. Four square metres was here top 269 B 1961
two hundred yards upstream; they would be fighting the crowd all the way. ‘Maybe you're right.‘ Rossiter put his hand onp 270 B 1961
growth of cities had at last been checked; in fact, all over the world former suburban areas were being reclaimed forp 271 B 1961
the counter, ready to shout his order. ‘Too true. We all look forward to getting married just so that we canp 271 B 1961
at twice our rent.‘ They had a good laugh over all this. Then Ward said good night to the others andp 272 B 1961
it out twice.‘ He said this as if it ended all possibility of argument. ‘Ceiling or floor?‘ Ward asked. ‘Ceiling, whaddyap 272 B 1961
Ceiling, whaddya think? How can I measure the floor with all this junk?‘ He kicked at a crate of books protrudingp 272 B 1961
Its architecture was impossible to follow, rooms letting off at all angles, and luckily the corridor was a cul de sacp 273 B 1961
company. ‘There's always a rent freeze after a revaluation but all the landlords know about it so they're not re-letting. It'sp 275 B 1961
letters, leading a spacious, leisurely life among overstuffed furnishings. ‘I'm all for it,‘ he agreed, indicating the empty corners. ‘There's plentyp 275 B 1961
he assured her, speaking in the loud whisper they had all involuntarily cultivated. ‘No funny business, you can trust us. Thisp 276 B 1961
nodded. ‘It's not that,‘ Helen explained, ‘but it isn't up all the time. We thought that if an older person werep 276 B 1961
himself, he noticed that the right-hand spire of the wardrobe, all he had been able to see of it for thep 278 B 1961
paused to let this prospect sink in, then added quietly: ‘All the kids are leaving on the next trip -- thep 236 DE 1961
girl dies Katy will be off like a flash. After all, there's nothing to keep her here, is there?‘ ‘No,‘ Hollidayp 236 DE 1961
she would stay behind, and what worried him was that all his assumptions about himself might be based on equally falsep 236 DE 1961
sky -- and once they came down Earth was, to all intents, abandoned. From then on the only people likely top 237 DE 1961
you're just a Robinson Crusoe in reverse, tinkering about with all these bits of old junk, trying to fit them togetherp 238 DE 1961
mile wide, to the north of the Bermuda Islands, was all that remained of the former Atlantic Ocean, and was, inp 239 DE 1961
two-foot body twisting and flicking. Low mud banks were emerging all over the surface of the pool; in only a fewp 240 DE 1961
I, in turn, are staying behind now. In a sense all fish are images of ourselves seen in the sea's mirrorp 241 DE 1961
carrier, were the first dawn thermal fronts. ‘Will it be all right to leave it until this evening?‘ Granger climbed intop 241 DE 1961
to be done here. Earth isn't dead and exhausted after all. We can breed new forms of life, a completely newp 241 DE 1961
GENTLE ASSASSIN By noon, when Dr Jamieson arrived in London, all entrances into the city had been sealed since six o'clockp 279 GA 1961
sunlight, parties of children singing and waving their Union Jacks. All the way down Piccadilly the office blocks were crammed withp 279 GA 1961
and re-formed his men. Dr Jamieson listened with interest to all these sounds, savouring the sun-filled excitement. In his middle sixtiesp 279 GA 1961
signs that sprouted in profuse variety at the slightest opportunity, all seemed entirely new. The whole city was incredibly antiquated andp 280 GA 1961
The young man grinned, pretending to get up. ‘Really? They've all been misinformed. Just wait here, I'll get the procession divertedp 284 GA 1961
that.‘ ‘But of course you will. I'm absolutely sure. After all, you've more or less discovered time travel.‘ The young manp 284 GA 1961
in a cyclotron sometimes move in the opposite direction, that's all, arrive at the end of their infinitesimal trips before they'vep 285 GA 1961
before they've started. That doesn't mean that next week we'll all be able to go back and murder our own grandfathersp 285 GA 1961
hope of disproving it. We'll have to make sure that all our grandchildren are admirals or archbishops.‘ As he spoke Drp 285 GA 1961
crowd was fanning out across the road, people running in all directions, horses rearing under their helmetless riders. Below the windowp 287 GA 1961
up at her guilelessly, pretending to read a magazine. ‘Everything all right?‘ she asked, eyeing him shrewdly. She moved her matronlyp 255 MF 1961
this, his wife shook her head in agreement. ‘You'll be all right soon. Let nature take its proper course. I don'tp 255 MF 1961
boating, rowing her furiously up and down the river, rediscovering all the physical pleasures he had been too preoccupied to enjoyp 257 MF 1961
shopping with Elizabeth, steering her smoothly along the pavement, carrying all her baby purchases, shoulders back, feeling ten feet tall. Howeverp 257 MF 1961
decided to remain in his bed upstairs. Elizabeth agreed readily. All the while she watched her husband with her bland impassivep 258 MF 1961
Elizabeth had ordered from the newsagent that morning. They were all the same. His wife entered her bedroom on the otherp 259 MF 1961
out of too easily.‘ His wife nodded, watching him pensively. All afternoon she spent ironing and cleaning, moving the piles ofp 259 MF 1961
the hospital or, failing that, the local police station. Luckily, all he needed to do was walk along the nearest mainp 260 MF 1961
child, her eyes were fixed on their common focus, and all she could see was the image of her baby. Stillp 262 MF 1961
battering. Elizabeth came out of her bedroom. ‘Now, darling, what's all the noise for?‘ she asked, smiling at him. ‘How aboutp 263 MF 1961
after a few minutes. His power of speech had vanished. All he could produce were a few grotesque grunts, or anp 264 MF 1961
would call in and discover that Freeman had disappeared and all traces of him had been carefully removed. Propped against ap 264 MF 1961
down his books from the shelves beside the fireplace. To all intents she was now the widowed mother of a twelve-month-oldp 264 MF 1961
they passed many people he had known by sight, and all took it for granted that he was Elizabeth's son. Asp 264 MF 1961
his hat. ‘Mrs Freeman, I've been trying to ring you all week. How are you?‘ ‘Very well, Mr Hanson.‘ She jerkedp 264 MF 1961
the telephone, saw that the receiver was off its cradle. All along she had known what was happening, had deliberately pretendedp 265 MF 1961
For a moment Freeman wondered whether she was pregnant at all. The facial puffiness, the broadening figure, might well have beenp 265 MF 1961
her pregnancy. Immediately she began the last task, clearing away all that remained of the baby's clothing, dismantling the cot andp 266 MF 1961
replacing the spare bed in the centre of the floor. All that remained was the diminishing knot within her, a smallp 266 MF 1961
her features. She was wearing a bright silk dress and all visible traces of the pregnancy had vanished. ‘Where's Charles?‘ Hansonp 266 MF 1961
the personnel section at the Clinic, and no doubt spent all day in the same whirl of efficiency, stabbing buttons markedp 244 OM 1961
prove nothing. Besides, he had an alternative plan. ‘You'll be all right?‘ she asked, still watching him warily. ‘Absolutely,‘ Faulkner toldp 245 OM 1961
the graduate staff of the Clinic and their families. In all there were some sixty houses in the development, each designedp 245 OM 1961
vector of time from the de-identified object frees it from all its everyday cognitive associations. Alternatively, I may have stumbled onp 247 OM 1961
One by one he cleared the bookcase and desk of all associations, the standard lamps and picture frames. Like lumber inp 249 OM 1961
Faulkner craned his head from left to right, systematically obliterating all traces of meaning from the world around him, reducing everythingp 249 OM 1961
For a few minutes he sat kneading his wrist, re-identifying all the objects around him, the houses opposite, the gardens, hisp 249 OM 1961
smells of the auto-cooked pot roast had permeated the house all afternoon. Unable to eat more than a few mouthfuls, hep 250 OM 1961
twisting like frenzied birds, then her arms and shoulders, erasing all his memories of their energy and motion. Finally, as itp 253 OM 1961
in the sand like the threads of a dismembered web. All night they would flutter around the buttresses below the terracep 208 S5 1961
to find I had a poetess for my neighbour. Almost all the studios along the Stars are occupied by painters andp 209 S5 1961
falling on to the desert below. ‘These tapes are blowing all over my villa,‘ I told him. ‘Your mistress must havep 210 S5 1961
formal complaint, I first went around the terrace, picking up all the strands of tissue and stuffing them into the disposalp 210 S5 1961
Cursorily, I read a few of the tapes at random. All printed the same erratic fragments, intact phrases from Shakespeare, Wordsworthp 210 S5 1961
about what is wrong with modern poetry. Why is it all so bad?‘ I shrugged. ‘I suppose it's principally a matterp 213 S5 1961
The poems, however, were impossibly bad. There were six in all, two Petrarchan sonnets, an ode and three free-form longer piecesp 214 S5 1961
two Petrarchan sonnets, an ode and three free-form longer pieces. All were written in the same hectoring tone, at once minatoryp 214 S5 1961
thinks Wave IX is the VT Times. But what is all this -- "nor psalms, nor canticles, nor hollow register top 215 S5 1961
sand-rays cry in the darkness by Aurora's villa. ‘What are all these streamers lying around under here?‘ Tony asked. He pulledp 215 S5 1961
hang in front of him, and added: ‘By the way, all these streamers that keep blowing across here are getting top 217 S5 1961
otherwise I had seen nothing of my neighbour. Tony shrugged. ‘All you've got to do is accept one and she'll bep 217 S5 1961
I asked cynically. ‘This may be only the beginning. For all we know she may have a dozen epics in thep 218 S5 1961
of Dali's "Cosmogonic Venus". Made me realize how absolutely terrifying all women really are. If I were you I'd do whateverp 218 S5 1961
rejected, then came a series that were new to me, all signed ‘Aurora Day‘ and taking the place of the poemsp 218 S5 1961
into the lounge and opened a dozen copies. They were all the same. Ten minutes later I had carried the threep 219 S5 1961
occurred they could not explain. They searched out the copy, all on Aurora's typed notepaper, but with editorial markings in myp 219 S5 1961
key deftly in the oiled wards. There were other inscriptions all over the black leather panelling of the door, cut inp 219 S5 1961
the surface of the pool with a green-tipped finger. ‘It all depends on you and your companions. When will you comep 220 S5 1961
will,‘ she said. ‘I hope I can help them. They all have so much to learn.‘ I smiled at this. ‘I'mp 221 S5 1961
her?‘ ‘Good,‘ Aurora told me. ‘You're not completely illiterate, after all. Yes, the court poets found that they had lost theirp 221 S5 1961
I could not identify. However, behind the principal figures in all the scenes I certainly recognized another, her faun-faced chauffeur, herep 222 S5 1961
and key-images which I would play into the VT sets. All programmed for maximum repetition, within twenty-four hours I would havep 223 S5 1961
wrecked computers, the telephone rang with news of similar outrages all the way down the Stars. Tony Sapphire's 50-watt IBM hadp 223 S5 1961
Graphis Press I found, more or less as expected, that all Aurora's copy had been mysteriously mislaid. The problem remained --p 223 S5 1961
chuckled. ‘I suppose you're thinking that I might mysteriously reassemble all those smashed machines?‘ ‘It's an idea,‘ I agreed, waving atp 223 S5 1961
Write some yourself"?‘ ‘She must be insane,‘ Tony agreed. ‘It's all part of this tragic obsession of hers,‘ I explained, loweringp 224 S5 1961
No one writes verse any more. Let's face it. After all, do you or I?‘ Tony pointed to the notebook. ‘There'sp 225 S5 1961
--‘ ‘Never mind the old crafts,‘ I told him irritably. ‘All I'm interested in is getting some copy together for thep 225 S5 1961
them out. He's got his set there working away after all.‘ ‘What are you going to do?‘ Tony asked. ‘He'll justp 226 S5 1961
Why not? Haven't you realized that she sincerely expects us all to sit down and produce a series of model classicalp 226 S5 1961
got to find material somewhere.‘ So we launched our scheme. All afternoon I pestered Tristram, telling him that Aurora had adoredp 226 S5 1961
see more. Duly the next day a second batch arrived, all, as luck would have it, in longhand, although remarkably fadedp 226 S5 1961
boy. Shorten the line, why are you wasting tapes with all these alexandrines?‘ ‘Ransom, what the hell are you talking aboutp 227 S5 1961
you got?‘ ‘What else? Nothing. This is likely to take all week, perhaps all year.‘ I nearly swallowed the phone. ‘Tristramp 227 S5 1961
else? Nothing. This is likely to take all week, perhaps all year.‘ I nearly swallowed the phone. ‘Tristram, what's the matterp 227 S5 1961
after their first meeting, Aurora and Tristram suggested that we all go ray-fishing at Lagoon West, I accepted gladly, eager top 228 S5 1961
the arena was packed by a swarm of circling rays, all diving about uncertainly. Screaming in terror at the rays whippingp 230 S5 1961
the fault -- The escape route had been open after all! Astonished, I realized that Aurora had deliberately told Tristram thatp 231 S5 1961
the friezes in the lounge, then saw that I knew all the faces of the figures in the panels. The likenessesp 231 S5 1961
for amusement, he had decided to play out his role. All the while he had been describing the danger and viciousnessp 232 S5 1961
killed.‘ Tristram shrugged. ‘Don't look so shocked, old boy. After all, poetry is a serious business.‘ Raymond and Tony Sapphire knewp 232 S5 1961
you mean that those sonnets you've been sending in are all hand-written?‘ ‘Absolutely, old boy. Every single one a soul-grafted gemp 233 S5 1961
yourself. Remember the prophecy. Perhaps it will come true. After all, Aurora thinks I'm dead.‘ I cursed him roundly. ‘If it'sp 233 S5 1961
from Macmillan Freebody, Robin Saunders and the rest of them. All, mysteriously that evening, had suddenly felt the urge to writep 233 S5 1961
State Hospital at Vancouver) had come to a dismal anticlimax, all the more irritating as he had given in to thep 8 WFN 1961
and made his way down to his own landing. Like all fire escapes, this one was principally designed to prevent burglarsp 10 WFN 1961
a wide grin on his face, squeezing his collar for all he was worth. Grunting painfully, Maitland sat down on thep 11 WFN 1961
the beach and it's a bore listening to that din all the time.‘ She wandered around the lounge, looking at thep 13 WFN 1961
never played. ‘Tremendous seas along the front,‘ Sylvester chimed in. ‘All the big hotels are shut. Sandbags in the windows. Remindsp 13 WFN 1961
really mind?‘ Maitland asked. ‘No, I'm just curious. I suppose all this was planned with a great deal of care? Youp 14 WFN 1961
please. Don't go yet. I'm worried about it. And there's all this dust.‘ Maitland watched it settling toward the carpet, filteringp 16 WFN 1961
he had already begun to forget her, his mind withdrawing all contact with hers, erasing all memories. ‘See you some timep 16 WFN 1961
forget her, his mind withdrawing all contact with hers, erasing all memories. ‘See you some time,‘ he managed to say. Thenp 16 WFN 1961
London Airport, and after a long wait was told that all flights had been indefinitely suspended. Tickets were being refunded atp 16 WFN 1961
from a date to be announced later. Maitland had changed all but a few pound notes into Canadian dollars. Rather thanp 17 WFN 1961
everything seems so dirty.‘ ‘This dust, yes,‘ Maitland agreed. ‘It's all rather curious.‘ Symington nodded, watching the windows pensively. He wasp 19 WFN 1961
getting near her time,‘ he told Maitland. ‘It's a pity all this excitement has come up.‘ With Dora gone, Maitland realizedp 19 WFN 1961
Maitland realized how bare the room seemed, and noticed that all the Symingtons‘ glassware and ornaments, as well as an entirep 19 WFN 1961
won't go on increasing indefinitely at that rate or we'll all be blown off the face of the earth -- quitep 20 WFN 1961
out, the wind force is increasing at the same rate all over the world. It's at its highest -- about sixtyp 20 WFN 1961
an hour is a devastating speed. No relief work at all is possible; people are too busy trying to find ap 21 WFN 1961
to examine the tubes. There were half a dozen in all, neatly labelled and annotated. They each contained the same red-brownp 21 WFN 1961
not surprised. If the same concentrations of dust are falling all over the northern hemisphere, it means that something like fiftyp 22 WFN 1961
something like fifty million tons of soil has been carted all the way across the Middle East and Europe and dumpedp 22 WFN 1961
it was like topside Lanyon hated to imagine. Tunis, where all that was left of the Sixth Fleet was bottled upp 27 WFN 1961
end of the pens. There were a dozen pens in all, each with room for four submarines, but only three shipsp 29 WFN 1961
berths, fitting out for rescue missions similar to the Terrapin's. All the windows they passed were bricked in, but even throughp 29 WFN 1961
paper and refuse, rooftiles, leaves, and fragments of glass -- all borne aloft on a huge sweeping tide of dust. Thep 31 WFN 1961
the low hills reaching toward the mountain shield at Alassio. All the crops in the adjacent fields had long been flattenedp 32 WFN 1961
side of the square. There were several women among them, all wearing black shawls over their heads, backing into the recessedp 35 WFN 1961
The church tower was missing. A single spur of brickwork, all that was left of one corner, stood up 15 feetp 35 WFN 1961
kits. ‘Every thanks, Captain,‘ the sergeant told him. ‘We are all grateful to your men.‘ He shook his head sadly, glancingp 37 WFN 1961
them across the table to Lanyon. ‘No, it's Van Damm all right. It may seem a hell of a time top 39 WFN 1961
tapped the tape recorder next to her with one finger. ‘All I've managed to get on this thing is the soundp 42 WFN 1961
moment the periscope was darkened. Then it cleared and they all turned to watch through the rear-door grilles as the Buickp 43 WFN 1961
his trouser belt. Soon the wind would let up and all the field rats and scavengers sheltering in their burrows wouldp 47 WFN 1961
I saw Charlesby lying in that ditch I didn't feel all that concerned. In a way I was almost glad. Sop 48 WFN 1961
was to act as an intelligence section handling and sorting all incoming information, and also to serve as the executive agencyp 52 WFN 1961
he was able to verify personally the reports he spent all day preparing. TOKYO: 174 mph. 99% of the city downp 52 WFN 1961
by government for relief and dormitories. NEW YORK: 175 mph. All skyscrapers in Manhattan windowless and abandoned. TV aerial and towerp 52 WFN 1961
Grand Canal palazzos. St. Mark's Square under water, campanile down. All inhabitants on mainland. ARCHANGEL: 68 mph. No casualties. Intact. Airfieldp 52 WFN 1961
government as well informed as they could be. ‘Get home all right last night?‘ he asked Deborah. ‘Yes, thanks.‘ She glancedp 53 WFN 1961
Gort cut in smoothly. ‘Thank you, Doctor. But boiling it all down, what prospects are there of the wind system's actuallyp 55 WFN 1961
magnitude, a global cyclone accelerating at a uniform rate, exhibiting all the signs distinguishing highly stable aerodynamic systems. The wind massp 55 WFN 1961
our monitors have detected unusually high levels of cosmic radiation. All electromagnetic wave forms have mass -- perhaps a vast tangentialp 55 WFN 1961
a slightly more factual tone: ‘Taking London first, although almost all activity in the commercial and industrial sense has ceased forp 56 WFN 1961
North America, the picture is pretty much the same. They've all battened down the hatches and are ready to ride outp 56 WFN 1961
drumming it against his forehead. ‘Deborah, get this out to all casualty units straight away! About four hundred were down inp 58 WFN 1961
TV screens flickering with pictures broadcast from mobile transmitter Units all over London, and a trio of operators in direct touchp 59 WFN 1961
but its power was inadequate to move the heavy elevator. All the windows they passed were securely boarded. Outside, ten-foot-thick wallsp 59 WFN 1961
Marshall. He put an arm around her shoulders, smiled reassuringly. ‘All right, Deborah?‘ His hand cupped the round swell of herp 60 WFN 1961
few survivors could be expected. The heavy rescue rigs -- all originally designed and built for World War III and nowp 63 WFN 1961
the basement, crawling along the foot-high space that was probably all that was left of the floor. Next to it werep 64 WFN 1961
hatchway. ‘Musgrave!‘ Marshall bellowed into the intercom. ‘Musgrave! Are you all right, man?‘ He dropped the mike, bent down under thep 65 WFN 1961
the driver? Sorry about him ... Can you get him out? All right, then, seal him in and they can cut himp 67 WFN 1961
face. ‘Air bruises,‘ Maitland told him. ‘Minute haemorrhages. They'll be all over your back and chest. Take a few days top 67 WFN 1961
were carried up to Marshall's suite on the first floor. All the windows had been bricked in. From the street Marshall'sp 68 WFN 1961
man of indeterminate background, wearing the same black uniform as all Marshall's personnel. Maitland wondered how large his private army wasp 69 WFN 1961
from side to side as the cabin plunged and bucked. All around him, in the streets outside, he could hear thep 72 WFN 1961
navy, to whom Maitland was attached, shared the depot, but all the personnel in the pool wore the same drab uniformsp 73 WFN 1961
and mind numbing weariness from the buffeting he had received all day. He de-briefed himself quickly, then made his way towardp 73 WFN 1961
down. Roofs are flying off, walls caving in -- not all that many modern houses are fitted with basements. People arep 76 WFN 1961
and rescue unit, and they'll try to move people into all the deep shelters -- railway tunnels, factory basements and sop 77 WFN 1961
of the office blocks and apartment buildings in the darkness. All of them were shaking perceptibly, heavy tremors jolting the roadwayp 79 WFN 1961
top-floor windows. Many of the upper floors had fallen in. All the small shops and boutiques had been completely gutted, theirp 79 WFN 1961
to his own apartment. The building was still intact, but all its lights were out. As they moved on he wonderedp 79 WFN 1961
helped the others who came after him. When they were all inside they saw the Centurion roar into life and movep 81 WFN 1961
up in a couple of hours‘ time. People were sitting all the way down the stationary escalators, huddled against each other'sp 82 WFN 1961
his head. ‘Up in your flat, Doctor. The windows are all smashed and she's living in the lift now. It's stuckp 83 WFN 1961
block. Watch it though, Doctor. There's big stuff coming down all the time.‘ Maitland jumped onto the platform and retraced hisp 83 WFN 1961
dived through into the service doorway of the apartment house. All the apartments had been abandoned, and air whirled around thep 84 WFN 1961
ragged stonework. The outside balcony had been ripped off and all the furniture in the room had been sucked out byp 85 WFN 1961
The whole of London's starting to fall down. Soon it'll all be blown away, Peter and you and everybody.‘ She lookedp 85 WFN 1961
thin ragged rim of concrete four or five feet high all that remained of the original 100-foot wall. The reservoir behindp 92 WFN 1961
Crumbs, I don't know whether I'll come with you after all.‘ She paused, her face worried. ‘Steve, do you really thinkp 95 WFN 1961
they'll let me on? I know you're the captain and all that, but after the admirals‘ wives have made themselves comfortablep 95 WFN 1961
They moved around the yard, trying the windows and shutters. All the entrances had been carefully sealed, the doors into thep 97 WFN 1961
there were half a dozen other machines next to it, all of them taped with the manufacturer's protective wrappers. Pausing, hep 98 WFN 1961
used,‘ Patricia commented. Lanyon nodded. ‘I know. Something curious about all this. Look at those.‘ He swung the flashlight against thep 98 WFN 1961
selection of items, though.‘ Lanyon nodded. ‘How did they get all this stuff up here?‘ They had reached the far endp 99 WFN 1961
the cobbles. Lanyon knelt down to see if Patricia was all right, but out of the side of his eye wasp 100 WFN 1961
her, pressed her head into his shoulder. ‘Steve, are you all right?‘ she gasped. ‘Who are they? What are they goingp 102 WFN 1961
get them out.‘ Luigi nodded to the interpreter, gestured them all across the storeroom to the door. Slowly they made theirp 102 WFN 1961
now. Big hotels, houses --‘ he snapped his fingers ‘ -- all going bang!‘ Lanyon glanced at his watch. It was 2p 103 WFN 1961
come to a decision. He rapped something out and they all fell silent. Luigi smiled slowly at Lanyon, relaxing perceptibly, thenp 104 WFN 1961
interpreter smiled, then elaborated slowly. ‘And blindfold afterward, you understand? All blindfold.‘ Lanyon nodded. Luigi was watching narrowly, sizing him upp 104 WFN 1961
more.‘ Lanyon jerked a finger upward. ‘What about Genoa? People all right?‘ The interpreter laughed shortly. He spread his hands outp 105 WFN 1961
He spread his hands out sideways in a quick movement. ‘All phht,‘ he said. ‘Gone with the wind. Everything blown downp 105 WFN 1961
down. Luigi save things -- radios, jukeboxes, you know, TV's. All for tomorrow.‘ Lanyon smiled to himself at the man's naivetep 106 WFN 1961
it appeared to be undergoing a massive artillery bombardment. On all sides the remains of houses and shops were collapsing, explodingp 107 WFN 1961
the wall, straddling the tangle of twisted girders that were all that remained of the breakwater. Inside the submarine base theyp 110 WFN 1961
good place to sit tight. Where the hell have they all gone?‘ They hurried along the dark communications corridor, crossing thep 111 WFN 1961
after the shower and climbed into a clean uniform. ‘We're all set to move off, Steve. We've had a last checkp 112 WFN 1961
If it's any consolation, she's with NBC; she's probably taking all this down in cinemascope. Remember, it's not enough to makep 112 WFN 1961
unit here. Slight problem there. They could see we were all ready to blow, so I had to, er, use ap 113 WFN 1961
for the last week than you or I. Just about all they've done is lick their fingers and hold them overp 118 WFN 1961
disbanded even after it's outlived its purpose. He gave them all a wide encouraging grin. ‘You never know, Crighton; you mayp 119 WFN 1961
reports. When he had heard one he had heard them all. The same picture emerged; the entire population of one ofp 120 WFN 1961
sealed concrete towers that Marshall had had built at points all over London. The sets were labelled: Camden Hill, Westminster, Hampsteadp 121 WFN 1961
touching her lips lightly with his own. ‘Don't worry, darling. All set now.‘ The small room was stacked with gear. Ap 125 WFN 1961
clenched determinedly, then burst out in a growl of irritation: ‘All right then, I'll take a chance. It's a hell ofp 126 WFN 1961
his watch ‘ -- 0400 hours. Everything here is closing down, all government agencies pulled out yesterday. The Titan will carry Up 127 WFN 1961
H.,‘ he said reflectively to Kroll. ‘He's a tough nut, all right. Just because Communications are taking second place to Constructionp 128 WFN 1961
change in Kroll's manner. ‘Good idea,‘ he agreed. ‘Thanks for all the news. By the way, what department are you inp 128 WFN 1961
with him, see what you can do. I think he's all right. Kroll's going crazy. I've got to stop him beforep 131 WFN 1961
the phone. His hand relaxed and withdrew from his jacket. ‘All set,‘ he said slowly into the phone. ‘Just one ofp 135 WFN 1961
voices returned. ‘How did the grafts come along?‘ ‘Very well, all in all. We'll take his arms out of the cradlep 138 WFN 1961
How did the grafts come along?‘ ‘Very well, all in all. We'll take his arms out of the cradle tomorrow ...‘ Maitlandp 138 WFN 1961
the tunnel. The voices, the diagnoses, the warm bed, had all been products of fantasy, wish fulfilments summoned by his exhaustedp 139 WFN 1961
Maitland asked as the meeting broke up. ‘I feel we're all pulling the lids down over our respective holes and sealingp 144 WFN 1961
drained dry, their beds plainly visible. Drivers and surface personnel, all sealed into heavy plastic suits, thick foam padding puffing upp 145 WFN 1961
big tractors have a valuable role, but now-well ... Just about all the VIP's have got where they want to be; thep 147 WFN 1961
group of passengers waiting, two men and a young woman. All the hatches were being secured on the rear section ofp 147 WFN 1961
agreed. ‘Not that there's a damn thing to see.‘ They all moved forward, swaying from side to side like straphangers onp 150 WFN 1961
He paused, listening to the hail drive across the roof. ‘All those crates were labelled "Hardoon Tower." This secret base mustp 152 WFN 1961
for yourself,‘ Halliday said. ‘This road has been used regularly all through the last four or five weeks. There's even wirep 155 WFN 1961
added: ‘Looks as if Pat may get a story after all.‘ They followed the signal, steadily increasing in strength, toward thep 155 WFN 1961
the roadway the ground was black and dark, devoid of all vegetation, dotted with a few huge rolling objects, stumps ofp 156 WFN 1961
huge rolling objects, stumps of giant trees, blocks of masonry, all moving from left to right across their path. Ahead, highp 156 WFN 1961
surface. ‘Looks as if this isn't an approach road after all,‘ Halliday commented. ‘No entrance bays or locks. We'll have onep 157 WFN 1961
was helping the radio operator out of the turret. ‘What's all this?‘ the big man snapped. He wrenched Maitland around roughlyp 158 WFN 1961
Where's Kroll? He was supposed to bring Symington. Who are all you people?‘ ‘Isn't Symington here?‘ Maitland asked him. The bigp 158 WFN 1961
of Kroll to allow Marshall to broadcast our whereabouts to all and sundry. However, that is another matter.‘ Maitland sat forwardp 161 WFN 1961
slightly. ‘Doctor, you are entirely correct. The wind is, indeed, all I wish to see from here. And at the samep 164 WFN 1961
place here.‘ ‘Have you asked them?‘ ‘Of course, but like all journalists they are interested, not in the truth, but inp 166 WFN 1961
Doctor?‘ Lanyon asked when Maitland had rested. ‘He told you all about his moral stand against the hurricane?‘ Maitland nodded, hisp 170 WFN 1961
men, half a dozen big vehicles, a radio station, agents all over the country -- it's a really well-run military unitp 170 WFN 1961
could hear confused shouting, the sounds of feet running in all directions and of bulkheads being slammed. Black, oil-stained water wasp 173 WFN 1961
squatted on the floor. ‘I guess you've got your story, all right, Pat,‘ Lanyon said to the girl. She nodded, pullingp 183 WFN 1961
sort of study of life at the Station, how we all get on with each other. What else is there top 322 13C 1962
not. No reason why you shouldn't write about the Station. All four of the others did too. But you called yoursp 322 13C 1962
sense that we can't go outside,‘ Abel explained slowly. ‘That's all I meant.‘ ‘Outside,‘ Dr Francis repeated. ‘It's an interesting conceptp 322 13C 1962
with luminous dials and flickering lights, the strange humming music. All the male members of the Peters clan worked in Controlp 323 13C 1962
door of his cabin and gestured Abel into a seat. All the furniture in the Station was bolted to the floorp 323 13C 1962
Francis nodded encouragingly. ‘Brilliant, Abel. A first-class piece of deduction. All right, then, let's assume that. Somewhere away from us, ap 324 13C 1962
or less guessed before I told you. Unconsciously, you've known all about it for several years. A few minutes from nowp 324 13C 1962
one day land upon.‘ He turned to Abel. ‘You remember all these terms I'm using, don't you, Abel? None of themp 325 13C 1962
explained, ‘seen from a camera mounted in the nose boom. All visual checks have to be made indirectly, as the stellarp 325 13C 1962
We've done what we can to erase it, but unconsciously all of us see it too.‘ He switched off the setp 325 13C 1962
passengers seemed reasonably happy, but their faces lacked any lustre. All spent at least 2-3 hours each day bathing in thep 326 13C 1962
about that, Doctor. Some people here think they have it all ways. Quiet and warm in there, nothing to do exceptp 327 13C 1962
like Granger and Peters.‘ ‘You're right, they're fine men, like all the others. It's a pity they're wasted there.‘ ‘They're notp 327 13C 1962
them using their minds. The whole thing degrades human dignity, all the taboos, the increasing degree of introspection -- sometimes Petersp 329 13C 1962
he said: ‘The people who volunteered accepted the sacrifice, and all it involved. How's Short going to get them out? Justp 329 13C 1962
day's fire drill, Abel noticed the sudden absence of movement. All morning, as he walked around the ship -- he nop 330 13C 1962
compensated.‘ When Abel smiled sceptically he shrugged. ‘Anyway, Father knows all about it. There's no doubt we're right on course.‘ ‘Wep 330 13C 1962
chose his words carefully. ‘Obviously a matter of years, General. All the conditioning drills will have to be gradually rescored; asp 332 13C 1962
help the people in the dome. But Short seemed unruffled. ‘All right, then, it's obviously going to take some time.‘ Pointedlyp 333 13C 1962
be alive, and a further five years from then they'll all be dead. A life span in the dome is littlep 334 13C 1962
to C-Deck, so if you come in after me they'll all know. Believe me, I won't try to interfere with thep 335 13C 1962
cabin, Francis rested briefly before setting off for the commissary. All day he had been busy coding the computer punch tapesp 335 13C 1962
off the adhesive tape. ‘Trying to produce random sequences isn't all that easy -- my sense of reality is beginning top 336 13C 1962
me, Abel. Damnation, I've been sitting inside your test rig all afternoon.‘ ‘But you went back to your cabin, Doctor,‘ Abelp 337 13C 1962
of interest in Control, his casualness over the safety devices, all meant one thing -- Abel knew! THE 60 MINUTE ZOOMp 338 13C 1962
curious paradox they prevent him from using his imagination at all, giving him very little true freedom of movement within thep 197 UGM 1962
the sombre half-worlds one glimpses in the paintings of schizophrenics, all in all a complete speculative poetry and fantasy of sciencep 198 UGM 1962
half-worlds one glimpses in the paintings of schizophrenics, all in all a complete speculative poetry and fantasy of science. I firmlyp 198 UGM 1962
annoyance twisting his mouth. He hated the bi-monthly conjunctions, when all seven of the derelict satellite capsules still orbiting the Earthp 356 CS 1962
listened wanly to the feet recede slowly up the stairwell. All through the night the slim, pale-faced woman would sit outp 358 CS 1962
You know it won't be the same with a fence all the way around it.‘ ‘A corner of Earth that isp 365 CS 1962
with flame-throwers. The virus would be a sufficient excuse. After all, we three are probably the only reservoirs left on thep 365 CS 1962
should be swallowed by the Atlantic and Caspian waters, but all too soon it was found that the microbiological analysis ofp 365 CS 1962
in the Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan republics of the Soviet Union. All over Florida there were outbreaks of blight and mosaic diseasep 367 CS 1962
well as a variety of religious and runic emblems, but all these were being defeated by the advancing tendency of thep 368 CS 1962
A series of smaller explosions flared up like opalescent fountains. All over the desert fires flickered briefly where fragments of thep 370 CS 1962
Martian sand, in a sense Merril had reached Mars after all. ‘Damn it!‘ he cried exultantly to himself as the wardensp 372 CS 1962
finally dipping from sight. The plain surrounded the house on all sides, its drab emptiness emphasizing the seclusion and mellowed magnificencep 298 GT 1962
at the wheel spokes, a few trudged on alone, but all moved on at the same pace, bowed backs illuminated inp 298 GT 1962
the stems no longer bore flowers, and Axel examined them all carefully, a note of hope now and then crossing hisp 299 GT 1962
ground. Axel searched for any large vehicles or machines, but all was amorphous and uncoordinated as ever. There were no bannersp 300 GT 1962
tired and dusty, and neither had spoken to the other all day. When his wife moved towards the music-room, Axel calledp 302 GT 1962
firewood, but a few keys still lay among the dust. All the books had been toppled from the shelves in thep 303 GT 1962
reached the house, it began to cross the wall at all points along its length. Jostled together, the people stumbled intop 303 GT 1962
penal reformers, ‘Victims of society‘, the psychologist and his patient all came under fierce attack. Discharging their self-hate and anxiety ontop 291 IO 1962
the new rulers, and the great majority electing them, outlawed all forms of psychic control, from the innocent market survey top 291 IO 1962
he told the girl. ‘But the risks are too high. All your friend can do is try to come to termsp 291 IO 1962
Gregory shook his head. ‘I gave her no help at all, colonel. In fact, I refused to discuss her problems altogetherp 292 IO 1962
days, already he had got himself involved again, gone through all the agony of having to refuse help to someone desperatelyp 293 IO 1962
nuisance on the cafe terraces, knocking on hotel doors at all hours of the night. At Algiers he spent three daysp 293 IO 1962
through the tables. Kalundborg filled his glass. ‘They have it all wrong today. They think our job was to further addictionp 294 IO 1962
weakly. ‘Help me, doctor. I want to kill Bortman, it's all I think about. If I'm not careful I'll really tryp 295 IO 1962
months, let alone two years. It's something you work at all your life. If you have a relapse, come to mep 295 IO 1962
can come out now.‘ THE MAN ON THE 99TH FLOOR All day Forbis had been trying to reach the 100th floorp 405 M99 1962
house detectives if they saw him. And there were not all that many buildings with a hundred floors. That was partp 405 M99 1962
my brain will fuse. Didn't you get any clues at all?‘ Vansittart murmured noncommittally. In fact the events had followed exactlyp 406 M99 1962
compulsion, this apparently motiveless impulse to the 100th floor. Despite all Vansittart's probings and tranquilizers Forbis had twice set off forp 407 M99 1962
it that I can't understand anyone bothering to go to all this trouble. Obviously there's some deeper motive, something connected, perhapsp 408 M99 1962
head, but privately noted the reflex pause of unconscious recognition. ‘All right?‘ Vansittart asked as they reached the bottom of thep 408 M99 1962
New Day in Zenith and the clocks were striking heaven. All over the city the sounds of revelry echoed upwards intop 339 PE 1962
have just booked into the fire beaches at Saturn. They'll all have a wonderful time, while we're quietly taking the lastp 339 PE 1962
in the arm of his chair. They had been arguing all evening, and Margot's voice threw vivid sparks of irritation acrossp 339 PE 1962
Margot told him. ‘Don't start reading yet. She'll think up all sorts of weird ideas for the play.‘ Her voice trailedp 340 PE 1962
sometimes wonder if you have any sense of responsibility at all.‘ As Margot's eyes darkened he went on. ‘Do you reallyp 340 PE 1962
to? Those dream plays are packed with advertising commercials and all sorts of corrupt material.‘ He shook his head sadly. ‘Andp 340 PE 1962
bowl of rooflight in a dome of glistening hoops. Of all the cities of the galaxy, few offered such a wealthp 340 PE 1962
about their vacations. Clifford's associates and superiors at the Department, all of them ten or twenty years older than himself, tookp 340 PE 1962
take the double? Then we can really be together, forget all that ship-board nonsense about never having met before.‘ Puzzled, Cliffordp 342 PE 1962
present, really share your work and hobbies. I'm tired of all these play-boys.‘ She drooped languidly against Clifford, her voice silkyp 342 PE 1962
an anxious laugh. ‘You're being absurd.‘ ‘No, I'm not. After all, Harold Kharkov and his wife haven't got a play-boy andp 342 PE 1962
vacation that's different. Something new, exciting, original. So go round all the agencies and bring me their suggestions.‘ ‘All the agenciesp 343 PE 1962
go round all the agencies and bring me their suggestions.‘ ‘All the agencies?‘ Tony queried. ‘Don't you mean just the registeredp 343 PE 1962
agencies?‘ Tony queried. ‘Don't you mean just the registered ones?‘ ‘All of them,‘ Margot told him smugly, relishing every moment ofp 343 PE 1962
the field. I'm sorry, Tony, but I don't want this all over the Department and I know you'll be discreet.‘ Tonyp 343 PE 1962
the top floor of the Justice building in downtown Zenith, all but eight of them alien. The Department had initiated legalp 344 PE 1962
other enterprises. That left him with forty to visit, spread all over the Upper and Lower Cities and in the Colonialp 344 PE 1962
party of brigade strength? I understand. Quieter and less elaborate. All the fashion today.‘ He switched on the star-map and spreadp 344 PE 1962
I don't think you've anything suitable for my friends. Thanks all the same.‘ The colonel stiffened. One of his hands movedp 345 PE 1962
Earth. For those who want to get away from it all the Dream of Osiris, an astral-rigged, 1,000-foot leisure-liner isp 348 PE 1962
5) SLEEP TRADERS. Unregistered. A somewhat shadowy group who handle all dealings on the Blue Market, acting as a general clearingp 348 PE 1962
as a general clearing house and buying and selling dreams all through the Galaxy. Sample: Like to try a really newp 348 PE 1962
will take over your cerebral functions for a long weekend. All these transactions are done on an exchange basis and SLEEPp 348 PE 1962
the fourth draw of the gigantic PK pyramid lottery sweeping all through the continuum from Sol III out to the islandp 348 PE 1962
time to buy a ticket. There's only one number on all the tickets -- the winning one -- but don't thinkp 348 PE 1962
if you have to forfeit. (7) ARCTURIAN EXPRESS. Unregistered. Controls all important track events. The racing calendar this year is ap 348 PE 1962
element of chance apparently plays the time role, and it's all even more confused by the fact that you may bep 349 PE 1962
as a sideline. A vast undertaking for whom ultimately we all work. Their next venture, epoch-making by all accounts, is startingp 349 PE 1962
whom ultimately we all work. Their next venture, epoch-making by all accounts, is starting now, and everybody will be coming alongp 349 PE 1962
who had taken over Clifford's office. ‘Who the hell are all these people trailing in to see you night and dayp 350 PE 1962
thought I was you. They've been trying to sell me all sorts of crazy vacation schemes. I said you'd already gonep 350 PE 1962
Tony groaned, sinking down on a sofa. ‘Margot, please, after all the trouble I've gone to.‘ ‘Yes, definitely that one. Thep 351 PE 1962
Cerebro-Tonic Travel. Please allow me to give you a sedative. All this noise --‘ Clifford pushed past him and started top 352 PE 1962
Clifford's brain clouded and he sank back helplessly. ‘Everything is all right, Mr Gorrell,‘ Dr Burlington said. ‘Clifford,‘ Margot warned himp 353 PE 1962
into buying one of them, or failing that, temporarily lose all standards of comparison and take the first tolerably conventional pilep 305 TDS 1962
ran across to the entrance and switched the place on (all the houses in Vermilion Sands, it goes without saying, werep 305 TDS 1962
house try to adjust itself to strangers, particularly those at all guarded or suspicious. The responses vary, a blend of pastp 306 TDS 1962
ringed the wide sunken lounge. It was a beautiful room all right, with opaque plastex walls and white fluo-glass ceiling, butp 306 TDS 1962
on the ocean bed. ‘This is the sort of thing, all right. But what about switching it on?‘ Stamers stepped aroundp 309 TDS 1962
we going to say to Stamers?‘ Surprisingly, Stamers didn't seem all that disappointed. When I shook my head he put upp 310 TDS 1962
by the last week of the trial I had lost all interest in it. As I steered Hammett through his briefp 311 TDS 1962
master bedroom that first night was a positive honeymoon debut all over again -- but I was completely immersed in thep 312 TDS 1962
were in the middle of a blistering row. Fay threw all caution to the winds, deliberately, I think, in the hopep 313 TDS 1962
then that I recognized the presence of Miles Vanden Starr. All echoes of Gloria Tremayne's personality had vanished, and for thep 314 TDS 1962
adapting itself for comfort to the personality of the other. All too soon I began to assume the character of Vandenp 314 TDS 1962
had been seen cruising across one of the lagoons, in all respects indistinguishable from the Pelycosaur, an early Pennsylvanian reptile. Hadp 9 DW 1962
was bringing the huge vicious insects out of their lairs all over the moss-covered surface of the hotel. Kerans was reluctantp 10 DW 1962
freebooters who had stayed behind to dive for loot -- all these Riggs good-humouredly but firmly helped back to safety, Keransp 12 DW 1962
continuous heat and the massive daily doses of antibiotics drained all energy from them. As the sun rose over the lagoonp 12 DW 1962
reminded Kerans of the slackening metabolism and biological withdrawal of all animal forms about to undergo a major metamorphosis. Sometimes hep 13 DW 1962
voice. ‘Never,‘ Kerans said. ‘Is there any point? We know all the news for the next three million years.‘ ‘You don'tp 13 DW 1962
you should switch it on just now and then. Hear all sorts of interesting things.‘ He put his drink down andp 13 DW 1962
night from Byrd. Apparently the water level is still rising, all the work we've done has been a total waste --p 13 DW 1962
think I'll be able to help you this morning after all. Something rather urgent has come up.‘ He noticed Riggs noddingp 15 DW 1962
She's a complex person, lives on many levels. Until they all synchronise she can behave as if she's insane.‘ They leftp 16 DW 1962
signal from Byrd. We should have got out years ago. All this detailed mapping of harbours for use in some hypotheticalp 16 DW 1962
jaws. Then the reptile shrank back invisibly among the foliage. All the way down the creek, perched in the windows ofp 18 DW 1962
expanding outwards into the ionosphere where the cycle was completed. All over the world, mean temperatures rose by a few degreesp 21 DW 1962
of the equatorial region. Not only was the growth of all plant forms accelerated, but the higher levels of radioactivity increasedp 22 DW 1962
the Carboniferous period, and there was a drastic upsurge of all lower plant and animal forms. The arrival of these distantp 22 DW 1962
of her bikini under her arms. Her eyes glinted quietly. ‘All right, you two, get on with it. I'm not ap 25 DW 1962
on the green-tiled floor. ‘Bea, it looks as if we'll all have to leave here in a couple of days‘ timep 26 DW 1962
the Type X Anopheles, skin cancers and the iguanas shrieking all night down below, you'll get precious little sleep.‘ Closing hisp 26 DW 1962
men only come up here to booze.‘ Riggs stood up. ‘All right, Miss Dahl. I give in. I'll see you laterp 27 DW 1962
Pastoral to the Seventh, Toscanini giving way to Bruno Walter. All day, without a break, it played through the cycle ofp 27 DW 1962
of humour relaxing his beak-like face. ‘She's a strange one, all right.‘ Kerans shrugged. ‘These tough bachelor girls, you know, Sergeantp 30 DW 1962
green ammunition boxes stacked around the wall below the cabinets, all of them double-padlocked. He was passing the booth when thep 32 DW 1962
as long as you can, it shouldn't be too difficult, all you have to do is re-set both alarms after eachp 36 DW 1962
the dreams continuously, every minute of the day. Perhaps we all do.‘ His tone was relaxed and unhurried, despite the fatiguep 37 DW 1962
Three days from now when we leave I think we'll all show a marked improvement.‘ He assumed that Hardman had beenp 37 DW 1962
not of irresolution, but of a reluctance to act at all where complete self-awareness was impossible -- his affair with Beatricep 38 DW 1962
a few pencilled scrawls in giant longhand loops sealed off all but one or two of the ecological corridors. Many ofp 39 DW 1962
mesh screen, the overhang of the deck above shutting out all but a narrow band of the intense sunlight. Steeped inp 42 DW 1962
have had the feeling of deja vu, of having seen all this before, in fact of remembering these swamps and lagoonsp 42 DW 1962
this before, in fact of remembering these swamps and lagoons all too well. However selective the conscious mind may be, mostp 42 DW 1962
rarity -- hatred of snakes and reptiles? Simply because we all carry within us a submerged memory of the time whenp 42 DW 1962
curiously potent image summed up by the concept ‘South‘, with all its dormant magic and mesmeric power, diffusing outwards from thep 45 DW 1962
Hardman will be somewhere along there. It probably took him all night to reach the main channel, and I should guessp 56 DW 1962
solid jungle and open sea. The temperature is going up all the time -- he'll fry.‘ Riggs looked up at Keransp 56 DW 1962
him, more completely than anything he had previously experienced, with all the confused and minatory spectres that cast their shadows morep 60 DW 1962
as they climbed the floors. The building had been gutted. All the floorboards had rotted or been ripped out, and theyp 60 DW 1962
impatience mounted as they climbed the floors and had covered all but the top two without Success. ‘Well, where is hep 60 DW 1962
Wilson and Caldwell to come down. ‘Poor devil, he looks all in. Doctor, you stay close, you may be able top 64 DW 1962
Kerans left him and broke into a run. ‘He'll be all right, Colonel; I'll try to talk to Hardman, there's ap 65 DW 1962
full three months. It's basically the same recurrent dream in all cases.‘ Bodkin spoke in a slow unhurried voice, with ap 71 DW 1962
tribute to the strength of your preconscious filters. We were all beginning to wonder when you'd arrive.‘ He smiled at Keransp 71 DW 1962
I have to, so dump everything you can overboard. You all right, Robert?‘ ‘Perfectly,‘ Kerans replied flatly, sitting up. ‘Glad top 73 DW 1962
below water. It looks like an enormous shell, fucus growing all over it, straight out of The Water Babies. Curiously, lookingp 74 DW 1962
I'd more or less forgotten it -- at my age all you have are the memories of memories. After we leftp 74 DW 1962
a pot shot at you.‘ ‘But, darling, he was insufferable. All that stiff upper lip stuff and dressing for dinner inp 78 DW 1962
the jungle -- a total lack of adaptability.‘ ‘Riggs was all right,‘ Kerans remarked quietly. ‘He'll probably get by.‘ Now thatp 78 DW 1962
I'd prefer iguana.‘ ‘No doubt the iguana would prefer us. All right then, that seems pretty fair. Alan will be overp 79 DW 1962
usually too tired to do anything but return to bed. All day he sat by the shuttered windows of the suitep 82 DW 1962
haven't really considered the possibility,‘ Kerans said. ‘I think we all hope to stay on indefinitely. We have small stocks ofp 90 DW 1962
been here for thirty million years and your perspectives are all wrong. You miss so much of the transitory beauty ofp 91 DW 1962
hurt you.‘ Strangman leaned back and surveyed the trio. ‘It's all very strange.‘ Over his shoulder he rapped a short commandp 91 DW 1962
the fire hose like snake dancers. ‘Bones! Yes, man, dem's all bones! Dem bones dem bones dem ...!‘ Strangman watched them angrilyp 94 DW 1962
can tell you, Strangman. Just his lost memories. They're worth all the treasure in the world to him.‘ But Strangman hadp 97 DW 1962
toppling the giant negro into the water. Strangman's sympathies were all too obviously with the crocodile, but not for any reasonsp 98 DW 1962
telephone with the Admiral, who sang out his commentary for all to hear in a rich fruity baritone. ‘In de pay-boxp 99 DW 1962
face like a white vampire's, as if becoming exasperated beyond all measure. Kerans stood up. ‘Look, Strangman, I'll take her placep 101 DW 1962
measure. Kerans stood up. ‘Look, Strangman, I'll take her place. All right? I'd like to go down and have a lookp 101 DW 1962
Strangman here, Kerans. How's the grey sweet mother of us all?‘ ‘Feels like home. I've nearly reached the bottom now. Thep 104 DW 1962
found the answer. His reasons for making the dive at all remained obscure. There was no doubt that he had beenp 111 DW 1962
mysterious enigmas which now alone sustained them, delusions which, like all the ambiguous but necessary assumptions about their own personalities, theyp 111 DW 1962
to himself ironically. I'm damned if I know you at all, Strangman. Racing around the lagoons like the delinquent spirit ofp 114 DW 1962
like the delinquent spirit of the drowned city, apotheosis of all its aimless violence and cruelty, Strangman was half-buccaneer, half-devil. Yetp 114 DW 1962
Mistah Kerans. Ten years, maybe twenty.‘ ‘He's a strange one, all right,‘ Kerans continued. ‘His moods change so quickly -- youp 115 DW 1962
sounded somewhere in the distance, the air-pumps which had worked all day and whose noise had been masked by the pyrotechnicp 118 DW 1962
insane. What are we going to do -- he'll drain all the lagoons.‘ Kerans nodded, thinking about the transformation of Strangmanp 121 DW 1962
submerged streets and buildings his entire manner had changed abruptly. All traces of courtly refinement and laconic humour had vanished, hep 121 DW 1962
rooftops, darting from one dripping eave to another. ‘But it's all so hideous. I can't believe that anyone ever lived herep 121 DW 1962
made her look like some naiad of the deep. ‘And all the other jewels of this dead sea.‘ With a flourishp 126 DW 1962
himself a banana girl; three prophets sly, She played him all crazy, drowned him in the snake wine, Never heard sop 130 DW 1962
as a matter of fact. We could damn nearly have all been drowned.‘ Strangman paused a few feet from Kerans, eyeingp 132 DW 1962
Stop it, we won't hurt you! Look, you can have all these!‘ With a wrench she unclasped the mass of necklacesp 132 DW 1962
Kerans moved backwards into the shadows under the depot ship. ‘All right! God, what a ...!‘ Strangman muttered something thickly to himselfp 132 DW 1962
prompt. Determined to break Kerans‘ power for once and for all, Strangman ordered two additional casks of rum lowered from thep 138 DW 1962
the suite. In a sense its destruction, and with it all his memories of the lagoon, merely underlined something he hadp 144 DW 1962
tacitly ignoring for some time, and which Strangman's arrival, and all it implied, should have made him accept -- the needp 144 DW 1962
with burst cushions and bongo drums, bones and burnt-out embers, all kicked about in a careless melee. Kerans waited until thep 145 DW 1962
his throat, and with a cataclysmic wrench which summed up all his pain and frustration he tore at the bead curtainp 149 DW 1962
well screened by the men on either side of him. All carried machetes and pangas, their faces amiable and unhurried. ‘Finisp 151 DW 1962
the Admiral's chest and forced him back. Completely disconcerted by all this, Strangman gaped blankly at the soldiers swarming past himp 152 DW 1962
face dimly remembered across the span of a lifetime. ‘You all right, sir?‘ Macready asked softly. ‘Sorry to jerk you aboutp 152 DW 1962
crew. Many of the original members had been replaced -- all those, among them Wilson and Caldwell, who had begun top 155 DW 1962
natural exuberance on the part of his men. As for all the statues and so on, he's doing a valuable jobp 155 DW 1962
a battle royal going on.‘ He broke off. ‘You look all in, Robert. Are you still getting these dreams?‘ ‘Now andp 155 DW 1962
these lagoons, flooded or otherwise. We're leaving first thing tomorrow, all of us.‘ Puzzled, Kerans said: ‘But you can't leave, Colonelp 156 DW 1962
within the perimeter of the lagoon until Riggs had left. All day Strangman and his pack had roved the streets, andp 157 DW 1962
containing six sticks of dynamite lashed together. He had spent all afternoon searching through the nearby buildings for them, confident thatp 159 DW 1962
roof of the Ritz, fading into the haze. At last all he could see were the isolated letters of the giantp 162 DW 1962
set out himself. His medical supplies were now exhausted, and all he carried was a bag of berries and the Coltp 170 DW 1962
itself into a glass sheet its colours seemed to recapitulate all the changes he had witnessed in his dreams. That hep 171 DW 1962
the message: 27th day. Have rested and am moving south. All is well. Kerans. So he left the lagoon and enteredp 171 DW 1962
villa, planting it in the quartz bed below the balcony. All night it sang to me, telling me of Lunora andp 395 TSS 1962
news magazines as her mistress. Lunora Goalen, I thought, can all our dreams come true? She wore an ice-cool sliver ofp 395 TSS 1962
of making a sale to Lunora Goalen. Georg was bowing all over the gallery, oblivious of Mme Charcot's contemptuous sneer. Hep 396 TSS 1962
Mr Nevers,‘ she said in her slightly husky voice, ‘it's all very clever, but a bit of a headache. I livep 397 TSS 1962
apogee of its abstract phase; twelve-tone blips and zooms were all that most statues emitted. No purely representational sound, responding top 397 TSS 1962
her go. ‘What happened, for heaven's sake? Is Miss Goalen all right?‘ Mme Charcot took a cheque-book out of her bluep 398 TSS 1962
design for an experimental department store. Terraces jutted out at all angles, and here and there were huge metal sculptures, Brancusi'sp 399 TSS 1962
clanking, barking and twanging statues, and galleries and public squares all over the world echoed night and day with minatory boomsp 399 TSS 1962
of shadow whenever a car moved along the beach road. All day I waited by the telephone in my villa, hopingp 402 TSS 1962
over to her, I noticed how eerie the house sounded. All over it the statues were muttering to themselves, emitting snapsp 402 TSS 1962
have given that statue a remarkable voice. It tells her all she needs to know.‘ I broke away and ran throughp 403 TSS 1962
in love with the statue?‘ Mme Charcot's eyes summed up all my naivety. ‘Not with the statue,‘ she said. ‘With herselfp 403 TSS 1962
the house reared up into the sky like a tomb. All the sculptures had been switched off, and I realized howp 403 TSS 1962
once told her of her beauty to no mirror at all. As she sat on some penthouse veranda in Venice orp 404 TSS 1962
backed into the shadows beside him. ‘They're up to something all right.‘ He cupped his hands over his eyes and peeredp 373 WT 1962
him. ‘It's a change to see something going on at all.‘ Before the other could reply he turned on his heelp 373 WT 1962
us now they'll notice you coming here.‘ ‘I shouldn't believe all the rumours you hear,‘ Renthall told her calmly. ‘What dop 374 WT 1962
a closer watch on us. What does it matter if all they do is stare?‘ ‘Then you mustn't come here anyp 374 WT 1962
Mrs Osmond patiently. ‘My dear, this house isn't tapped. For all they know we may be darning our prayer rugs orp 374 WT 1962
said fractiously. ‘But I don't feel like it. Not today. All those records bore me. I've heard them so often.‘ ‘Theyp 375 WT 1962
I shall have to give a few lessons,‘ Hanson remarked. ‘All this leisure is becoming too much of a good thingp 376 WT 1962
felt strangely reluctant to visit Mrs Osmond and remained indoors all morning, shunning the streets as if avoiding some invisible shadowp 378 WT 1962
public assemblies in the street -- but the prospect of all the intrigue involved in canvassing the necessary support bored himp 378 WT 1962
little mother love. You're so isolated at that hotel, among all those old people. Why don't you rent one of thep 379 WT 1962
about anything. Sometimes I wonder whether there's anyone there at all. The movements we see may be just optical illusions. Althoughp 379 WT 1962
open no one's ever actually seen any of them. For all we know this place may well be nothing more thanp 379 WT 1962
of those towers hanging down over us frighten you at all?‘ Renthall turned his head slowly and stared up at thep 379 WT 1962
can hardly move around, it's terrible. I feel so listless, all I want to do is sit and stare at thep 380 WT 1962
During the next few days Renthall pursued his inquiries, in all approaching some half-dozen people. In general he met with thep 381 WT 1962
hear you're going into the entertainment business. Drunken gambols and all that. I'm surprised at you.‘ ‘A fete,‘ Renthall corrected. Thep 381 WT 1962
of your property.‘ ‘The cinema? I'm not going to take all those seats out, if that's what you're after.‘ ‘Not thep 382 WT 1962
profits. In fact, if it's any inducement, you can have all the profits.‘ Boardman put out his cigar. ‘Mr Renthall, you'rep 382 WT 1962
flaunted the Council's authority he would be able to resume all his other, more profitable activities. Of course, the fete wouldp 382 WT 1962
waitress. ‘Service is appallingly bad here. Tell me, Charles, what's all this talk about you and Victor Boardman. I could hardlyp 383 WT 1962
invitation only. They've no statutory right to be consulted at all. If a breach of the peace takes place the Chiefp 383 WT 1962
peace takes place the Chief Constable can take action. Why all the fuss, anyway? I'm merely trying to provide a littlep 383 WT 1962
committee's grave misgivings, and to request you accordingly to terminate all arrangements and cancel the fete immediately, pending an inquiry.‘ ‘I'mp 384 WT 1962
gazed out at the watch-towers. ‘Hanson and I went over all this, as you probably know. The Council have no morep 384 WT 1962
sense of proportion -- they've been letting you come here all this time.‘ She turned a monitory finger at Renthall, herp 385 WT 1962
important than you are. Look at you now, sitting there all hunched up with your face like an old shoe. Youp 385 WT 1962
contemptuously at the air. ‘So they've had second thoughts after all. Discretion is the better part of valour.‘ Smiling broadly, hep 386 WT 1962
flat roof, two floors above, a continuous light hammering sounded all day, but he shunned the streets and no longer wentp 388 WT 1962
acts of defiance took place. Perhaps he had accidentally tapped all the repressed resentment that had been accumulating for years? Top 388 WT 1962
remained silent, their long ranks receding to the horizon in all directions, motionless and enigmatic. The haze had thinned slightly, andp 389 WT 1962
the reins go so we'll over-reach ourselves. Have you seen all these people on the roof-tops? Sun-bathing!‘ ‘Good idea. Isn't thatp 390 WT 1962
the roof-tops? Sun-bathing!‘ ‘Good idea. Isn't that what you've wanted all along?‘ ‘Not so blatantly as this.‘ Renthall pointed to thep 390 WT 1962
having one of those, nobody's got the energy to climb all those steps.‘ He stuck his cigar in his mouth andp 391 WT 1962
testy frown, then relented when he saw Renthall's intent expression. ‘All right, what's the trouble?‘ While Clifton washed his hands Renthallp 391 WT 1962
simultaneous hypnosis of large groups of people could occur? We're all familiar with theatrical displays of the hypnotist's art, but I'mp 391 WT 1962
pad from his valise. ‘Renthall, caution is the essence of all strategy. It's important that we beware of over-hastiness. I suggestp 391 WT 1962
with his free hand. ‘You can't remember the towers at all, or the observation windows?‘ He pointed to the watch-tower hangingp 393 WT 1962
defined with unprecedented clarity. As far as he could see, all the observation windows were open. Silently, without moving, the watchersp 394 WT 1962
much as its emotional experiences, provide an inescapable background to all one's imaginative writing? Certainly my own earliest memories are ofp 199 UGM 1963
together apparently unconnected and dissimilar ideas. To a large extent all fantasy serves this purpose, but I believe that speculative fantasyp 200 UGM 1963
brought him into immediate personal involvement with Malek, and like all condemned men he had soon developed a powerful emotional transferencep 505 EG 1963
Malek's notional personality was becoming overlaid by the associations of all the anonymous but nonetheless potent figures of authority whom Constantinp 505 EG 1963
ten years, although the period was ludicrously far ahead. In all probability their real game would be a short one. Thep 506 EG 1963
play to advantage. By means of the present system, however, all these dangers and unpleasant side-effects were obviated, the accused wasp 507 EG 1963
his case permanently on file but never irrevocably closed. Above all, the fact of his guilt was never established and confirmedp 507 EG 1963
victim towards him with a beguiling smile, reassuring him that all was forgiven. Here he played upon, not those unconscious feelingsp 507 EG 1963
image of one's own death. It was this assurance that all was well, and the absence of any charges of guiltp 507 EG 1963
its buoyancy and almost gallic verve and panache. He, of all people, would be the last to take his own lifep 507 EG 1963
hierarchy, paving the way for a reconsideration of his case. All this would take time. His thoughts were interrupted by thep 508 EG 1963
board when Constantin rose from the table. The lesson of all this was not lost to Constantin the following day. Hep 512 EG 1963
there were no callers or visitors to the villa. To all intents it remained suspended in a perfect vacuum. It wasp 512 EG 1963
of foreboding had given way to one of mounting fear, all the more terrifying because, despite Malek's real role, it seemedp 512 EG 1963
the whole basis of the trial was a false one. All but one of the indictments were never formally presented, sop 516 EG 1963
personality, by his manner, bearing and general conduct, and above all by his confidence of his innocence in the face ofp 516 EG 1963
role of the accused. In my case I was, to all intents, not present at the trial, so my innocence isp 517 EG 1963
to be the first bad one he had made in all their games together, but he felt too tired to makep 519 EG 1963
most of his opportunity. His brief speech to Malek, confirming all he believed, now left nothing more to be said. Fromp 519 EG 1963
tantalized by the possibility that Hinton had never escaped at all and was still safely within the confines of the asylump 521 MO 1963
was still safely within the confines of the asylum. At all events, everyone agreed that if Hinton had escaped, he hadp 521 MO 1963
rather a case of us helping the police?‘ ‘Not at all, my dear Normand,‘ Dr Mellinger replied pleasantly. As he mentallyp 522 MO 1963
these walls. But no such evidence has been found. For all we know -- in fact, everything points inescapably to thisp 523 MO 1963
Doctor. To be precise, you did not know Hinton at all.‘ Dr Mellinger gazed at the distorted reflection of himself inp 523 MO 1963
flourish, and resumed his circuit of the carpet. ‘This is all very disturbing. Obviously the whole relationship between Green Hill andp 524 MO 1963
and dedicate them to a carefull re-appraisal. Let us scrutinize all those facile assumptions we make so readily.‘ Impelled by thisp 524 MO 1963
the role of private prisons. In such places are confined all those miscreant or unfortunate relatives whose presence would otherwise bep 525 MO 1963
paying the price for their romantic indiscretions -- in short, all those abandoned casualties of the army of privilege. As farp 525 MO 1963
were concerned, maximum security came first, treatment, if given at all, a bad second. Dr Mellinger's patients had disappeared conveniently fromp 525 MO 1963
this distant limbo those who paid the bills were satisfied. All this made Hinton's escape particularly dangerous. Stepping through the openp 525 MO 1963
heart of Green Hill and to whose solution we must all now be dedicated.‘ Dr Mellinger savoured these reflections before continuingp 526 MO 1963
not taking a closer interest in the patient.‘ ‘Not at all, Doctor. I realize how busy you are. I intend top 526 MO 1963
As I was saying, Doctor, you have so many patients, all wearing the same uniforms, housed in the same wards, andp 526 MO 1963
he added with a roguish smile. ‘I myself find that all the patients look alike. Why, if Dr Normand or yourselfp 526 MO 1963
spoke? What doctor ever really looks at his patients? In all probability you merely saw Hinton's name on a list andp 527 MO 1963
week as a period of unique self-discovery, a lesson for all of us to remember the true nature of our rolesp 528 MO 1963
of mind, accepting the validity of any proposition only if all our senses corroborate it. Consider the example of the "Hintonp 528 MO 1963
had risen from the steep swells of the open sea. All were in exactly the positions he remembered. The road shelvedp 474 NWS 1963
pumping chest and perspiring face. From then on she spent all day looking over her shoulder through the window for anyp 474 NWS 1963
shaft. The image of this elusive pantomime remained with him all day in the library, overlaying his memories of the darkp 475 NWS 1963
right way --‘ Miriam sat forward. ‘Richard, you're taking it all so calmly; you accept this vision as if it werep 475 NWS 1963
next morning he told Miriam: ‘It was a dream, after all. I think the sea has gone now. Anyway, I sawp 476 NWS 1963
well.‘ She held up her hand. ‘I insist. I feel all right after last night, and I want to drive thisp 476 NWS 1963
I want to drive this thing away, once and for all.‘ She frowned over the coffee cups. ‘It's strange, but oncep 476 NWS 1963
he forgot to close the front door when he returned. All through breakfast Miriam watched him with her old wariness, noticingp 477 NWS 1963
cliff's edge who seemed to beckon to him. But like all women Miriam believed that there was room for only onep 478 NWS 1963
I'm afraid not, sergeant. We've been working on the bed all week. No one's fallen down the shaft.‘ One of thep 478 NWS 1963
us! They're not interested at all!‘ A QUESTION OF RE-ENTRY All day they had moved steadily upstream, occasionally pausing to raisep 435 QR 1963
polite contempt for Connolly and everything his mission implied. Like all the officers of the Native Protection Missions whom Connolly hadp 436 QR 1963
was this neutrality which irked Connolly, implying that Pereira spent all his time ferrying UN investigators up and down the riversp 436 QR 1963
many tourists in search of some non-existent El Dorado. Above all there was the suggestion that Connolly and the hundreds ofp 436 QR 1963
investigators deployed around the continent were being too persistent. When all was said and done, Pereira implied, five years had elapsedp 436 QR 1963
opportunist attack. Once we get to the settlement we'll be all right -- there's a sort of precarious equilibrium there. Butp 437 QR 1963
pick the Amazon basin. The South Pacific yes, but from all I've heard -- and you've confirmed just now -- thep 438 QR 1963
represent a certain form of untamed, natural existence, which after all made us what we are. The hazards facing them arep 438 QR 1963
figuratively. Can't you understand, these people are nomadic, they spend all their lives continually on the move. They must have coveredp 440 QR 1963
to talk.‘ Connolly considered this, as Pereira unwrapped another parcel. ‘All right, but I may want to do a few patrolsp 440 QR 1963
signs of hostility, as if the crudity and violence of all the Amazonian jungles met here in a momentary balance whichp 441 QR 1963
shook his head, steadying himself against a stanchion. ‘Not at all. Don't worry about that, they'd have been extinct years agop 441 QR 1963
You and your confounded Mission, you want me to do all the work. Next time you may find I've gone ap 442 QR 1963
dwelling of woven rattan, its single room was surrounded on all sides by a veranda, the overhanging roof shading it fromp 443 QR 1963
However, he's no fool, and he's quite capable of faking all sorts of evidence just to get a retainer out ofp 447 QR 1963
it's strange. Perhaps a little investigation would be worthwhile after all.‘ After a cool jungle night in the air-conditioned cabin, thep 447 QR 1963
safe,‘ he told Connolly. Chopped-out pathways criss-crossed the bush at all angles, a new one added whenever one of the bandsp 448 QR 1963
at any rate, Ryker possessed the whip hand over them all. Obviously Ryker served certain useful roles for them as anp 448 QR 1963
shoulders, like drovers goading on a large pig. They were all jabbering furiously to each other, some hacking at the grassp 451 QR 1963
fertility ceremonial, for example, they will eat human flesh. Like all members of primitive communities which are small numerically, the Nambikwarap 452 QR 1963
Mr Ryker as very funny for a man to travel all the way to the Moon and back just to bep 452 QR 1963
tribes with cargo cults have degenerated completely. They lie around all day on the beaches, waiting for the WHO flying boatp 453 QR 1963
launched in 1959. Rough pencil lines had been drawn through all the entries up to the year 1968. At this pointp 454 QR 1963
down on the rail, and pointed to the manual. ‘After all, he had no choice. Without that his existence here wouldp 457 QR 1963
at his wife's plump arms and shoulders. ‘I suppose we all do,‘ he temporized. However, there was little chance of Mildred'sp 426 RE 1963
I may. You know, it's a curious thing, but of all the people here, not one is swimming.‘ Mildred nodded inp 427 RE 1963
an indefinable but distinct feeling of restlessness had preoccupied him all day. In some way associated with Sherrington's presence on thep 427 RE 1963
why he was so convinced that Sherrington was there at all. Perhaps these illusory glimpses -- all the more unlikely inp 427 RE 1963
Sherrington was there at all. Perhaps these illusory glimpses -- all the more unlikely in view of Sherrington's black beard andp 427 RE 1963
the diseased anatomical fantasy of a surrealist painter. Why had all these people congregated there? The weather reports that morning hadp 429 RE 1963
numbing anodynes, and what remained of his original personality, with all its possibilities, was embalmed like a specimen in a jarp 431 RE 1963
shore, rather than an arc. ‘They're not watching anything at all.‘ The off-shore haze was now only five hundred yards awayp 432 RE 1963
mild carpentry in the workshop. He spent Sunday morning reading all the reviews in the newspapers, carefully adding half a dozenp 530 SA 1963
East. He had been born in London, and lived there all his life apart from a two-year postgraduate visit to thep 531 SA 1963
yet the impression of having a medical practice, patients and all the other involvements of a busy doctor was remarkably strongp 531 SA 1963
these hallucinatory memories lay below the surface of his mind, all revolving around the identity of the missing Indian doctor. Unablep 534 SA 1963
a small boy, writing in a huge ledger in which all the penciled entries had been laboriously rubbed out, sitting atp 536 SA 1963
the market -- ‘Nonsense!‘ Flinging the memory from him, with all its tender associations, Elliott stood up restless, his heart racingp 536 SA 1963
to the sounds of the name, which had pursued him all day, hang fleetingly on the damp air. Most of hisp 539 SA 1963
driver said the police have been looking for him here all afternoon.‘ ‘Maybe they've got the wrong man. Unless there arep 540 SA 1963
I was thinking about an Indian girl I knew once. All I can remember is her name. Ramadya. I think shep 540 SA 1963
sponge. ‘You're soaked through! Where on earth have you been all day?‘ STORM-BIRD, STORM-DREAMER At dawn the bodies of the deadp 540 SA 1963
restraints, and the unswerving dedication to the highest aesthetic standards. All this, of course, was made possible by the largesse ofp 543 SG 1963
Charles's naive attempts to produce a masterpiece, but later we all realized that there was something touching about Charles's earnestness. Nonep 543 SG 1963
Van Stratten had recently celebrated his fortieth birthday, but to all intents he was still a quiet and serious undergraduate. Ap 543 SG 1963
from the imaginary script, anecdotes, salary promises and bad puns, all delivered in a rich fruity baritone. Sitting on the balustradep 546 SG 1963
million square feet of murals waiting to be painted. It all seems perfectly straightforward.‘ I looked back across the terrace top 547 SG 1963
the labyrinth of great hoardings that now surrounded the summer-house. All day he would wander among them, pacing out the perimetersp 548 SG 1963
the director of a Wagnerian psychodrama that would involve us all in its cathartic unfolding. Shortly after noon, when an intensep 548 SG 1963
I began to realize the extent to which we were all supporting players in a gigantic charade of Charles's devising. Itsp 549 SG 1963
help?‘ ‘Of course. Why do you suppose we're here at all?‘ He lowered his voice, although Lagoon West was deserted. ‘Don'tp 552 SG 1963
faint hopes. ‘Emerelda's withdrawn completely into her private world, spends all her time inlaying these insects with her jewels. With luckp 552 SG 1963
her out into the rest of this synthetic landscape. After all, if she knows that everything around her is unreal she'llp 552 SG 1963
for her. I can't understand why you've kept her here all these years.‘ ‘I haven't kept her, Paul,‘ he said earnestlyp 552 SG 1963
watched Emerelda Garland's first tentative approaches, I wondered how far all of us were becoming ensnared by Charles Van Stratten, byp 553 SG 1963
sculpture singing from the aerial terraces of the summer-house. Into all this Emerelda Garland had now emerged, like a beautiful butp 553 SG 1963
last cry before he was killed by the jewelled insects. All over the deserted summer-house the low refrain was taken upp 558 SG 1963
he waited for the young man to catch him up. ‘All right, Hathaway, what is it this time?‘ he snapped. ‘I'mp 412 SM 1963
time?‘ he snapped. ‘I'm sick of you hanging around here all day.‘ Hathaway lurched to a halt in front of himp 412 SM 1963
high, on the traffic islands outside town. They'll soon have all the approach roads covered. When they do we might asp 412 SM 1963
with enormous metal scaffolds. Tomorrow they'll start lifting them up all over the city, they'll block off half the sky! Whatp 413 SM 1963
had was marginal. Your idea of a huge conspiracy with all these thousands of giant signs everywhere is preposterous.‘ ‘All rightp 413 SM 1963
with all these thousands of giant signs everywhere is preposterous.‘ ‘All right, Doctor.‘ Hathaway leaned against the bonnet of one ofp 413 SM 1963
watched Franklin amiably. ‘What's the matter -- lost your car?‘ ‘All your damned shouting has confused me.‘ Franklin pulled out hisp 413 SM 1963
or so cars facing them. ‘Difficult, isn't it, when they're all identical, even the same colour? Thirty years ago there werep 413 SM 1963
drummed his palm on the roofs. ‘But these cars aren't all that cheap, Doctor. In fact, comparing them on an averagep 413 SM 1963
away among the forest of electric signs and route indicators. All around him cars bulleted along, streaming towards the suburbs. Relaxedp 415 SM 1963
the right area and have the right serial numbers. It's all terribly complicated.‘ ‘Sounds good, though. What have you got?‘ Judithp 416 SM 1963
a gimmick, you know. I've been glued to that set all day.‘ A note of irritation had crept into her voicep 417 SM 1963
you, darling. You know you can't live on ordinary foods all the time. They don't contain any proteins or vitamins. You'rep 417 SM 1963
against substantial overall price cuts, and forced to drive around all day from supermarket to supermarket, frantically trying to keep pacep 417 SM 1963
neighbourhood was given moral reinforcement by the system of listing all the names and their accumulating cash totals on a hugep 418 SM 1963
junkyards filled with cars and trucks, washing machines and refrigerators, all perfectly workable but jettisoned by the economic pressure of thep 419 SM 1963
up on the dashboard. ‘So you've seen something, Doctor, after all.‘ ‘Well, I'm not sure yet, but there's just a chancep 419 SM 1963
some that are going up. They're building them everywhere now. All over the city. What are you going to do, Doctorp 419 SM 1963
it over completely! We've got to act now, before we're all paralysed.‘ Wearily Franklin raised one hand to restrain him. ‘Justp 419 SM 1963
Apart from wasting the enormous amount of capital invested in all the other millions of signs and billboards, the amounts ofp 420 SM 1963
cent, but so have the average hours worked. Ultimately we'll all be working and spending twenty-four hours a day, seven daysp 420 SM 1963
always coming these days, I can't keep up with it all.‘ She peered through the glass door at the chicken --p 421 SM 1963
Hathaway? As a matter of fact I have. He's not all that crazy.‘ He stepped backwards into the carton, almost spillingp 421 SM 1963
to economize, but four TV sets is the bare minimum. All the magazines say so.‘ ‘And three radios?‘ Franklin stared irritablyp 421 SM 1963
Franklin waited impatiently as the five-second commercial break cut in (all telephone calls were free, the length of the commercial extendingp 422 SM 1963
find a tape. We cannot support you indefinitely. Remember, we're all as eager to leave Vergil as you are.‘ Shepley noddedp 459 TT 1963
head. ‘Traxel took me there when I first arrived. They've all been stripped a hundred times.‘ ‘Well, we'll have a lookp 461 TT 1963
of gutted time-tombs on the shore of the lake. In all there were about a dozen pavilions, their roofs holed, thep 461 TT 1963
restless sand were estimated to contain over twenty thousand tombs. All but a minute fraction had been stripped by the successivep 462 TT 1963
over five hundred feet here, Doctor. With the bonus, and all the others as well --‘ He took the Old Man'sp 464 TT 1963
slope, he added in a firmer voice ‘And stop moving all that sand around! These tombs have been hidden for tenp 464 TT 1963
tombs have been hidden for ten thousand years. Don't undo all the good work, or the wardens will find them thep 464 TT 1963
our last one tonight,‘ he told Shepley. ‘You'll never hide all these tapes from Bridges and Traxel.‘ The furnishings of thep 465 TT 1963
the enormous upward surge of her flight, the pressure of all the past centuries carried before her brought to a suddenp 465 TT 1963
it's only one chance in a million it may be all they bargained on. After all, we don't commit suicide becausep 467 TT 1963
a million it may be all they bargained on. After all, we don't commit suicide because the chances of life existingp 467 TT 1963
mine! Try any of the others; you can have them all!‘ Bridges jerked himself to his feet, staring down angrily atp 466 TT 1963
Shepley. ‘I take it we have you to thank for all this. Don't worry, Doctor, I shan't forget you.‘ ‘Many thanksp 469 TT 1963
there was dead when the matrices were recorded. She's beautiful all right -- as poor Shepley here discovered -- but it'sp 470 TT 1963
right -- as poor Shepley here discovered -- but it's all too literally skin deep. That's why there's only half ap 470 TT 1963
to the three drums. ‘Stripped?‘ The man carrying them nodded. ‘All three. And they were 10th Dynasty.‘ He shackled Shepley's wristsp 471 TT 1963
men. ‘Andrew's come to work for me, Charles. He photographed all those Cepheids for the Milan Conference last year.‘ Kandinski noddedp 482 VH 1963
but showed no signs of interest. ‘I've been telling him all about you, Charles,‘ Cameron went on, ‘and how we allp 482 VH 1963
all about you, Charles,‘ Cameron went on, ‘and how we all follow your work. No further news yet, I trust?‘ Kandinski'sp 482 VH 1963
yoghurt, weaves his own clothes, and stands on his head all night, reciting the Bhagavadgita backwards.‘ ‘He doesn't,‘ Cameron said, stillp 483 VH 1963
perfectly normal both immediately before and after the landing, and all of them saw the inscribed metallic tablet which the Venusianp 483 VH 1963
sort of ultimatum, if I remember, warning mankind to abandon all its space programmes. Apparently someone up there does not likep 483 VH 1963
not only puerile and crudely written but, most disappointing of all, completely devoid of imagination. Ward's work at the Institute wasp 485 VH 1963
change. ‘I must say I admire you for taking it all so calmly,‘ he told Kandinski as he paid him. ‘Whatp 487 VH 1963
still am completely amazed. You may think I take it all calmly, but ever since the landing I have lived inp 488 VH 1963
book,‘ he said, ‘but if you haven't you'll find it all there.‘ ‘Professor Cameron mentioned that you took some photographs ofp 488 VH 1963
Charles have his Venusian if he wants to. Damn it, all it's trying to do is ban Project Apollo. An excellentp 489 VH 1963
Well?‘ Kandinski asked. ‘It's difficult to say,‘ Ward answered. ‘They're all too heavily absorbed. They could be clever montages of lightp 489 VH 1963
the cosmic zero. Kandinski's real motives for introducing this were all too apparent -- the expected success of Project Apollo andp 491 VH 1963
had invited questions. These, with the exception of the chairman's, all concerned the landing of the alien space vehicle and ignoredp 491 VH 1963
ignored the real subject of the lecture. Kandinski answered them all carefully, taking in good part the inevitable facetious questions. Wardp 491 VH 1963
I can't believe them. Every piece of evidence I've seen, all the circumstantial details, the facts given in this book ... they'rep 494 VH 1963
the circumstantial details, the facts given in this book ... they're all patently false.‘ He turned to one of the middle chaptersp 494 VH 1963
Kandinski's explanation. ‘As you see from this,‘ Kandinski explained, ‘in all probability there are not millions of Venusians, as every onep 495 VH 1963
to an aboriginal sub-species, perhaps employed as work animals. After all, if he observed that despite this planet's immense resources thep 496 VH 1963
confusion and psychic chaos. He remarks that throughout history, at all times of uncertainty and discord, cosmic space vehicles have beenp 497 VH 1963
anti-Apollo leaflets that had been distributed the previous year. Above all had come the news on the radio that the targetp 498 VH 1963
to alert people to the folly of venturing into space. All that day he had felt sick with frustration and angerp 498 VH 1963
him and he forgot the irritations that had plagued him all day. A keen naturalist, he saw a long-necked sand-crane perchedp 499 VH 1963
Santa Vera. Maybe the Russian delegates have turned up after all.‘ Ward pushed his chair back, made his apologies and slippedp 500 VH 1963
He says he's seen another space vehicle.‘ ‘Oh, is that all.‘ Cameron shook his head. ‘Come on, we'd better get backp 500 VH 1963
up.‘ ‘What can we do, though?‘ Ward asked. ‘He seemed all right, but then he said that he thought they werep 501 VH 1963
he was barely distinguishable from the slope itself. ‘Are you all right?‘ Ward whispered. He pulled off his bow tie andp 502 VH 1963
collected his books from the Institute. Trying to forget it all, Ward noted thankfully that the train would leave within fivep 502 VH 1963
What is word?‘ -- Why do you talk to yourself all the time? Operation Rewrite, Burroughs's own function as a writerp 127 UGM 1964
a parasitic invasion of the sexual area taking advantage, as all invasion plans must, of an already existing mucked up situationp 127 UGM 1964
literally consisting of two halves from the beginning, word and all human sex is this unsanitary arrangement whereby two entities attemptp 127 UGM 1964
as well as underlining the role of recurrent images in all communication, fixed at the points of contact in the websp 127 UGM 1964
contact -- in prisons and psychiatric institutions. His police are all criminals and perverts, while his doctors, like the egregious Drp 128 UGM 1964
of the casual vocabulary of the space age, shared by all people born after the year 1920, just as Mata Hanp 129 UGM 1964
an image of some experience, drifting down like snow on all our memories and lost hopes. The sad poetry of thep 129 UGM 1964
of conventions, the same repertory of ideas, and, worst of all, by the assumption that it is still possible to writep 129 UGM 1964
to fantasy. Once it gets ‘off the ground‘ into space all science fiction is fantasy, and the more serious it triesp 129 UGM 1964
greatly exaggerated. It was then at low tide, and almost all the giant's body was exposed, but he appeared to bep 641 DG 1964
in and out of the orbits. People were now clambering all over the giant, whose reclining arms provided a double stairwayp 643 DG 1964
distension of the tissues had almost obliterated them, carrying away all trace of the giant's identity and his last tragic predicamentp 643 DG 1964
the beach. There was nothing necrophilic about this, for to all intents the giant was still alive for me, indeed morep 644 DG 1964
confirm the identity of my own miniature limbs, but above all the mere categorical fact of his existence. Whatever else inp 644 DG 1964
rounded bulk of the hip towered above me, cutting off all sight of the sea. The sweetly acrid odour I hadp 645 DG 1964
forms. Seen obliquely from below, the face was devoid of all grace and repose, the drawn mouth and raised chin proppedp 646 DG 1964
away, and with this close proximity to the rough pebbles all traces had vanished of the magic which once surrounded hisp 646 DG 1964
of the body of the dismembered giant began to reappear all over the city. Most of these were bones, which thep 648 DG 1964
shore after the storm, now remember the giant, if at all, as a large sea beast. The remainder of the skeletonp 648 DG 1964
large sea beast. The remainder of the skeleton, stripped of all flesh, still rests on the sea shore, the clutter ofp 648 DG 1964
nothing there, and the next thousands of them are swarming all over the mud.‘ ‘You not cold, sir?‘ the Indian askedp 628 DS 1964
formed by the surgical cradle over his foot, and snapped: ‘All right, all right!‘ ‘Doctor?‘ The head-boy, a thirty-year-old Indian namedp 628 DS 1964
the surgical cradle over his foot, and snapped: ‘All right, all right!‘ ‘Doctor?‘ The head-boy, a thirty-year-old Indian named Mechippe, continuedp 628 DS 1964
of luminosity, an exact number of photons, to which they all respond -- presumably an innate trigger.‘ Dr Richard Lowry, Gifford'sp 630 DS 1964
her forehead. ‘I wish you wouldn't think about the snakes all the time.‘ ‘Well, I'm beginning to understand them. I wasp 630 DS 1964
which covered the ridge. But Gifford had tired of staring all day at the crumbling galleries and colonnades where his wifep 630 DS 1964
uneasily. ‘Well, I didn't think ... I'm sure everything will be all right. How is the leg, sir?‘ ‘Just dandy.‘ Gifford hadp 632 DS 1964
grimace. ‘What are you talking about? For God's sake, Louise.‘ ‘All right then,‘ his wife replied patiently. ‘I don't think youp 633 DS 1964
a slightly ambiguous way respected my moody brilliance, but above all she was rich.‘ ‘How pleasant for you.‘ ‘People who marryp 633 DS 1964
acute, he would wake to find Louise sitting beside him. All the while he moved through ceaseless dreams, sinking from onep 634 DS 1964
complete timelessness, where at last he sensed the simultaneity of all time, the coexistence of all events in his past lifep 634 DS 1964
he sensed the simultaneity of all time, the coexistence of all events in his past life. The snakes now made theirp 634 DS 1964
only stimulated by the whisky he had been drinking slowly all day. ‘It's been a day at the zoo,‘ he saidp 636 DS 1964
We're going to see the snakes, Mechippe. You help me. All right?‘ Mechippe's eyes flashed in the moonlight. ‘The snakes, sirp 638 DS 1964
there. Then you can come back. Don't worry, I'll be all right.‘ Mechippe nodded slowly, his eyes looking out over thep 638 DS 1964
the Indian boys moving around him like willing children. ‘Why all the hurry? Can't you stay another week?‘ ‘We can't, Charlesp 639 DS 1964
cane and struck the air vigorously. ‘I can feel them all out there, watching me!‘ They had taken his mother's housep 650 GTN 1964
willows screening the river -- she still treated him to all the traditional circumlocutions, hedging him with the elaborate taboos erectedp 651 GTN 1964
to drive into town to collect the groceries. You'll be all right for half an hour?‘ ‘Of course. Just sound thep 651 GTN 1964
when Maitland had chafed under the bandages, Judith had spent all morning and afternoon reading the newspapers aloud to him, thenp 651 GTN 1964
long buried in his mind. It was these images, with all their tantalizing associations, that most intrigued Maitland. By letting hisp 651 GTN 1964
into the drive. ‘Judith here, darling,‘ his wife called. ‘Everything all right?‘ Cursing under his breath, Maitland fumbled for his canep 653 GTN 1964
the unfamiliar sounds and shapes in the garden. ‘Are you all right?‘ Judith's footsteps crossed the lawn. ‘What's the matter, you'rep 653 GTN 1964
right?‘ Judith's footsteps crossed the lawn. ‘What's the matter, you're all hunched up -- have those birds been annoying you?‘ ‘Nop 653 GTN 1964
Maitland pulled his hands away. ‘They're not worrying me at all.‘ Levelling his voice, he said: ‘Did you see anyone inp 653 GTN 1964
this world's end. As in so many of Leonardo's paintings, all its unique longings and terrors were to be found inp 654 GTN 1964
alert, a no-man's land between sleep and consciousness. I'd expect all sorts of strange things.‘ After he had gone Maitland saidp 655 GTN 1964
carried him back to his earliest childhood. He lay awake all night, listening to the sounds of the river reflected offp 656 GTN 1964
around the wheelchair. When he reached the willows she called: ‘All right, darling? Can you see me?‘ Without replying, Maitland lookedp 656 GTN 1964
the assurance that it is entirely based upon first-hand experience. All the events I describe were witnessed by myself during thep 605 IM 1964
he was almost certainly accurate. How much longer remains before all of us, wherever we are, become expert authorities upon thep 605 IM 1964
of scientific workers under the leadership of the metabiologist Lysenko (all, incidentally, chasing a complete red herring) was analysing every facetp 606 IM 1964
this campaign, the Department of Agriculture in Washington announced that all facilities for inspection would be gladly provided, and the invitationp 606 IM 1964
years into a brilliant luminary outshone only by the moon. All over Asia, from the refugee camps on the shores ofp 607 IM 1964
us. ‘But it looks as if they're very much connected. All the other satellites aloft are showing the same increased albedop 607 IM 1964
attempt to obtain any of the ‘contaminated material‘, and above all never to linger at any one spot but always top 608 IM 1964
in rapid motion. Needless to say, the pantomime humour of all this was lost on none of us and we werep 608 IM 1964
convoy of motor launches harnessed together behind a landing craft. All of them were crammed with cargo, their decks and cabinp 608 IM 1964
on the faces of Americans the expression of wan resignation all too familiar to the traveller elsewhere in the world, thatp 608 IM 1964
of the craft pushed slowly through the disturbed water we all turned and watched it silently, aware that in a sensep 608 IM 1964
as curable -- a proliferation of the sub-atomic identity of all matter. It's almost as if a sequence of displaced butp 609 IM 1964
The sky, however, remained a bland limpid blue, devoid of all cloud. Then we passed below a small bridge, where thep 609 IM 1964
mile in diameter. With a simultaneous gasp of surprise we all craned forward, staring at the line of jungle facing thep 609 IM 1964
have it under control,‘ George said. ‘You're cutting it back all right?‘ ‘Wouldn't like to say,‘ the corporal replied cryptically. Hep 612 IM 1964
centrifuge, but not quickly enough. Let's hope the pilots are all right.‘ Several soldiers ran ahead of us, waving us backp 613 IM 1964
itself and so fill the entire universe, from which simultaneously all time has expired, an ultimate macrocosmic zero beyond the wildestp 617 IM 1964
was the same fantastic corona of light, transfiguring and identifying all objects. The forest was an endless labyrinth of glass cavesp 618 IM 1964
over the faults in the surface. The rapidity with which all this had happened left me standing helplessly by the edgep 619 IM 1964
to the army post? I've been wandering around the forest all day.‘ A morose frown twisted his long face. ‘The Army'sp 619 IM 1964
face. ‘The Army's a long way off. The forest's changing all the time.‘ He pointed across the river. ‘What about Marquandp 619 IM 1964
He hesitated as my arms fell limply to my sides. ‘All right, you can come in for five minutes.‘ This concessionp 619 IM 1964
you light a fire?‘ ‘The wood won't burn, Emerelda. It's all turned into glass.‘ The captain stood at the foot ofp 620 IM 1964
a small section of the sidewalk that remained clear of all growth, below the broken window of a jewellery store. Handfulsp 622 IM 1964
the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well as of all baroque painting and architecture? Their intricate crests and cartouches, occupyingp 622 IM 1964
fifty yards away. ‘Run, run! Anywhere through the forest, it's all you can do!‘ He pushed me forwards with the buttp 623 IM 1964
raced through the forest I can no longer remember, for all sense of time deserted me. If I stopped for morep 624 IM 1964
last crystal spurs dissolved from the tissues of my arm. All day I knelt beside him, working the bellows of thep 624 IM 1964
try to guess. By now his church was surrounded on all sides by the crystal trellises, as if overtopped by thep 624 IM 1964
my superiors was that I should be cut off from all memory of my experience -- perhaps they sensed some smallp 627 IM 1964
that frozen forest. There in the Everglades the transfiguration of all living and inanimate forms occurs before our eyes, the giftp 627 IM 1964
received by the world with genuine consternation and outrage. From all over the globe thousands of telegrams poured in daily atp 574 LL 1964
place, and the atmosphere of bewilderment and indignation was palpable. All the way from Orly Airport the newspaper headlines on thep 574 LL 1964
STOLEN £5 Million Masterpiece Vanishes from Louvre Official Paris, by all accounts, was in uproar. The hapless director of the Louvrep 574 LL 1964
in the Madeleine, had the painting really been stolen at all? Its size, some 15 feet by 18 feet, and weightp 575 LL 1964
deal more than the identity of some crackpot cat burglar. All the darker fish would now be swimming frantically for coverp 576 LL 1964
the chair, flanked by other agents of the Deuxieme Bureau. All of them looked tired and dispirited; by now they werep 577 LL 1964
than fool-proof. ‘It was not stolen from the gallery at all.‘ The hubbub around us had re-started. Two hundred noses oncep 577 LL 1964
Honour or a Knighthood, then at least complete freedom from all income tax and foreign exchange investigations, hovered like a spectrep 577 LL 1964
and I were in regular contact by telephone. Initially, like all the others on its trail, we merely listened, ears top 578 LL 1964
loudly as ever in the outside world, within the trade all was quiet and watchful. In fact, too quiet. By rightsp 578 LL 1964
white ink. Several of the photographs were enlargements of details, all of a high-faced, goatee-bearded man in mediaeval costume. Georg invertedp 579 LL 1964
Museum at Leningrad, I had seen the originals of them all within the previous five years. The others were the missingp 579 LL 1964
Holbein, and that by Poussin, entitled The Place of Golgotha. All were in public museums -- the Louvre, San Stefano inp 579 LL 1964
in Venice, the Prado and the Ryksmuseum, Amsterdam -- and all were familiar, well-authenticated masterworks, centrepieces, apart from the Poussin, ofp 579 LL 1964
national collections. ‘It's reassuring to see them. I trust they're all in good hands. Or are they next on the mysteriousp 579 LL 1964
you notice anything else?‘ I compared the photographs again. ‘They're all crucifixions. Authentic, except perhaps in minor details. They were allp 579 LL 1964
all crucifixions. Authentic, except perhaps in minor details. They were all easel paintings.‘ I shrugged. ‘They all, at some time, havep 579 LL 1964
minor details. They were all easel paintings.‘ I shrugged. ‘They all, at some time, have been stolen.‘ Georg moved quickly fromp 579 LL 1964
a sort of spatio-temporal perspective -- a common device in all Renaissance painting for overcoming the static nature of the singlep 580 LL 1964
brooding ambivalence, who seem to preside in his paintings over all man's deepest fears and longings, like the grey-faced statues thatp 580 LL 1964
down from the midnight cornices of the necropolis at Pompeii. All this, so typical of Leonardo and his curious vision, seemedp 580 LL 1964
the thundering sky. In the photograph on my right, however, all this had been altered completely. The whole character of thisp 580 LL 1964
He was nodding slowly, eyes watching mine in unspoken agreement, all trace of humour absent. ‘Georg!‘ I exclaimed. ‘Are you seriousp 581 LL 1964
well-travelled physician witnessing an act of barbaric beauty and power, all these were exactly echoed from the Leonardo. I gestured helplesslyp 582 LL 1964
of Ahasuerus would be found. Veronese's original depiction.‘ ‘Exactly. After all, the present treatment makes no sense. If you're still scepticalp 582 LL 1964
with the palm of one hand. ‘In each case, Charles, all six paintings were stolen shortly after they had been cleanedp 582 LL 1964
show that their works are not entirely genuine. I know all this is still hypothesis, but what other explanation can youp 582 LL 1964
promenading somewhere on those pavements below us now, and that all through the centuries he's been stealing and retouching paintings thatp 583 LL 1964
a moment we stared at each other across the desk. ‘All right,‘ I temporized, not wishing to offend him. The intensityp 583 LL 1964
would have damned it out of hand -- bringing up all sorts of details about Vincent's third-rate pigments, the back ofp 585 LL 1964
wearisome, I began to wonder whether he would appear at all. His seat in the front row remained reserved for himp 586 LL 1964
now?‘ I asked. ‘Cadaques.‘ ‘Georg! Are you insane?‘ ‘Not at all. There's only a chance, but we must take it! Inspectorp 586 LL 1964
and the glazed light over the embalmed sea, reminiscent of all Dali's timeless beaches, was a fitting prelude to the finalp 586 LL 1964
partake in the discovery of the missing Leonardo. Impatient of all this, Georg and I borrowed a car and chauffeur andp 587 LL 1964
the distance, and I was wary of leaving the cave. All morning I had been walking along this deserted stretch ofp 569 PCD 1964
it would probably play back to us a picture of all the landscapes it's ever seen -- the great oceans ofp 570 PCD 1964
a smile. ‘Or does the idea seem strange?‘ ‘Not at all.‘ She watched me pensively. Her robe was woven from somep 570 PCD 1964
the shore below me but to an immense ocean lapping all the beaches of the world. I could hear the roarp 571 PCD 1964
she admonished me. ‘That shell has heard the seas of all time, every wave has left its echo there.‘ The firstp 572 PCD 1964
landscape of the island was synthetic, a man-made artefact with all the associations of a vast system of derelict concrete motorwaysp 590 TB 1964
The Pre-Third: the period was characterized in Traven's mind above all by its moral and psychological inversions, by its sense ofp 591 TB 1964
rest in the window slit of one of the bunkers, all these observation posts occupied positions on a series of concentricp 592 TB 1964
of arrival and departure. He evolved no routine for himself. All sense of time soon vanished, and his life became completelyp 593 TB 1964
in the wrecked Superfortresses. Without any implement, it took him all day to open the cans. His physical decline continued, butp 593 TB 1964
one of his last ventures into the maze, he spent all night and much of the following morning in a futilep 597 TB 1964
for nothing else?‘ ‘Not now, I think,‘ Traven replied. ‘After all, in effect we are men raised from the dead.‘ Oftenp 599 TB 1964
very tolerant, Doctor. I wouldn't dare -- YASUDA: Not at all, Traven. I make no apologies for you. Each of usp 603 TB 1964
a star glimpsed in the bottom of a dark well. All day, helped by two of her friends, sharp-faced women inp 560 TP 1964
obviously ill at ease in the great oak-panelled house, and all unmistakably revealed the same air of hushed expectancy. The followingp 560 TP 1964
your class, James.‘ Falkman smiled patiently at his sister. ‘We're all in the same class, or have you been here sop 561 TP 1964
have you been here so long you've forgotten, Betty.‘ ‘We all forget,‘ she told him soberly. ‘You will too, James. It'sp 561 TP 1964
him a pipe and tobacco pouch he had to muster all his energy to thank him and had none left top 562 TP 1964
acquaintances to the race tracks and regattas. He found it all the more surprising, therefore when a persistent mood of dejectionp 563 TP 1964
when she was carried upstairs, her presence filled the bedroom. All afternoon he sat beside her, waiting patiently for her top 564 TP 1964
with him. ‘But you'll lose everything you've worked for, Jamie. All those years.‘ Falkman shrugged, chewing on a stem of grassp 565 TP 1964
her lap. ‘It's so dull in that stuffy office, with all those pious old men. I'm not satisfied with it anyp 565 TP 1964
three or four? It's absolutely tragic.‘ ‘It comes to us all, though, Jamie,‘ she reminded him. ‘Some people say it's ap 566 TP 1964
it's a very beautiful and noble experience, having a child.‘ All evening he and Marion wandered round the town together, Falkman'sp 566 TP 1964
sophistication, breaking down, with its constant repetitions and brain-splitting exercises, all his knowledge of language and mathematics, substituting for them ap 567 TP 1964
the taboos that had exercised such a potent fascination for all the boys at school, the mystery of their ultimate destinationp 567 TP 1964
This thin air is bad for the complexion.‘ ‘I feel all right. I heard the ground move.‘ ‘It's been moving forp 658 VD 1964
What's the matter?‘ Vandervell opened the window. ‘The car is all right. We're staying for a few days. Gracias, Sergeant.‘ ‘Nop 661 VD 1964
in a long time I'm not worrying about anything at all.‘ He rubbed the pane with his sleeve. ‘Where's the oldp 662 VD 1964
water, time had seemed becalmed. Ransom postponed his return until all movement along the bridge had ended. By then the lakep 8 D 1965
had taken up their mooring outside. Here Mrs. Quilter sat all day on the hatchway, her faded red hair blown aroundp 9 D 1965
or three inches, leaving deep hollows below the eyes -- all these and a streak of unpredictable naivety made Quilter ap 10 D 1965
place of his marriage and his work at the hospital. All this had now been ended by the drought. Throughout thep 11 D 1965
associations fading as it narrowed into a shallow creek. Above all, Ransom was aware that the role of the river inp 11 D 1965
absence of this great moderator, which cast its bridges between all animate and inanimate objects alike, would prove of crucial importancep 12 D 1965
board he felt uneager to leave the craft and make all the social and mental readjustments necessary, minimal though these wouldp 12 D 1965
with him. The cabin had become, unintentionally, a repository of all the talismans of his life. One the bookshelf were thep 13 D 1965
by Yves Tanguy. With its smooth, pebble-like objects, drained of all associations, suspended on a washed tidal floor, this painting hadp 13 D 1965
who has recovered from a long malady and feels that all the time in the world lies before her. The crumblingp 15 D 1965
Don't you feel, doctor, that everything is being drained away, all the memories and stale sentiments?‘ For some reason this questionp 17 D 1965
a warning? Perhaps I could change my mooring?‘ ‘Not at all, doctor,‘ Catherine said blandly. ‘I need you here.‘ She handedp 17 D 1965
between them, more perhaps than he cared to think. However, all this would soon end. The tank in the roof containedp 18 D 1965
in his car. The public water supplies, a pathetic trickle all summer, had finally been discontinued three weeks earlier, and sincep 18 D 1965
coming to terms with the young woman warned him of all the unseen hazards of the changing landscape. ‘Forget the waterp 18 D 1965
water. Catherine, I'd hate you to think I'm smug, of all things. If I am well prepared it's just that ...‘ hep 18 D 1965
the bird and let it subside between his feet. ‘Look, all I need is one bucket and some soap.‘ Involuntarily, Ransomp 21 D 1965
Philip Jordan seized his aft line and jerked it loose. ‘All right, I'll find some water. The river still has plentyp 22 D 1965
maximum of benefit upon them. His long twisted jaw gave all his actions an air of unpredictability, but during the previousp 24 D 1965
against brother, in order to keep the battle joined. Notwithstanding all this, most of his flock had deserted him, but Johnstonep 24 D 1965
week?‘ he asked Ransom. ‘I thought you'd gone.‘ ‘Not at all, Howard,‘ Ransom assured hint. ‘I went off on a fishingp 24 D 1965
want to be baptized? Is that what you wanted, before all the water in the world was gone?‘ The stocky manp 26 D 1965
park by the river, then walk down to my house. All right?‘ ‘Well ...‘ The man eyed Ransom suspiciously, then relaxed. ‘Thanksp 26 D 1965
if unused to being inside a house. ‘Are your family all right?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Just about. Who's that crackpot down byp 29 D 1965
of extended droughts that had taken place with increasing frequency all over the globe during the previous decade. Ten years earlierp 30 D 1965
oxygen-permeable membrane lay on the air-water interface and prevented almost all evaporation of surface water into the air space above. Althoughp 31 D 1965
Ransom pointed to the camping equipment in the back seat. ‘All that looks impressive. A side of Judith's character I neverp 32 D 1965
left you most of the stuff. And you can have all the water.‘ Ransom watched her seal the carton, then searchp 33 D 1965
his absolution in time. But Judith, as he knew, hated all mention of the subject, and for good reason. Woman's rolep 34 D 1965
the exception of the Reverend Johnstone and his last parishioners, all Ransom's neighbours had gone. He strolled among the deserted streetsp 35 D 1965
of grudging respect, which became more and more ‘twisted until all humour had gone and only a bitter parody remained. Hep 38 D 1965
its infinite possibilities had no doubt inflamed his imagination beyond all limits. At the gates Quilter pulled a bunch of keysp 39 D 1965
his cane at Quilter, who stood grinning in the doorway. ‘All right, my boy, away with you! There's work to bep 39 D 1965
and rapacious. ‘What's the matter?‘ Ransom asked him. ‘You look all right.‘ ‘Well, I'm not, Charles.‘ Lomax raised his cane andp 40 D 1965
a brilliant sparkle of contained light. Ransom opened his valise. ‘All right, let's have a look. Perhaps I'll find a pearlp 41 D 1965
of nature! If it wasn't for people like myself we'd all be living in mud huts.‘ He peered darkly at thep 42 D 1965
together, Charles. I'm damned if I'm going to the sea. All that water, a mineral I despise, utterly unmalleable, fit onlyp 43 D 1965
some of the animals are still alive? I thought they'd all been destroyed.‘ ‘What?‘ The driver rounded on him. ‘Destroyed? Whyp 46 D 1965
he seemed to have been irritated by Ransom's remarks. ‘They're all right,‘ he said. ‘It doesn't have to last for everp 46 D 1965
of pity reminded him of the spectre that appeared at all times of extreme exhaustion the yellow-locked, leprous-skinned lamia who hadp 49 D 1965
the lions quickening his blood. Catherine Austen had cast away all trace of lethargy and moodiness. ‘I'm glad to see youp 51 D 1965
course not. I know we can't hope to keep them all alive, but we'll try with the mammals. The lions we'llp 51 D 1965
to leave, or one morning you'll come here and find all the cages open.‘ Catherine wrenched her arm away from himp 52 D 1965
lightly covering the footprints. Five minutes later he could hear all around him the running steps of the men following hisp 57 D 1965
the tarry skeins underfoot, cast at him like lassos from all directions. As he fell the fishermen closed around him, andp 57 D 1965
His face had the hardness of beaten leather, drained of all moisture by sun and wind. As he looked into thep 60 D 1965
other, held together only by the unstated elements which they all sensed in Jonas's isolated figure. ‘Saul!‘ The tall captain silencedp 60 D 1965
like an actor. Watching him, Ransom noticed the calculation in all his movements as he stepped about on the high stagep 60 D 1965
uneasy at this association between Quilter, the grotesque Caliban of all his nightmares, and the calm-eyed Ariel of the river. Hep 63 D 1965
carried away in the dark water like the ghosts of all the other illusions that had sustained Ransom during the previousp 64 D 1965
the approaching fishermen with their quest for a lost river. All this made him wonder what his own role might becomep 64 D 1965
accident.‘ ‘No, doctor. They heard the minister's sermon yesterday. That's all they left for us.‘ He indicated the second truck beingp 69 D 1965
expedition through some river-infested wilderness. Over his shoulder he bellowed: ‘All right, everybody! All aboard!‘ Julia, the eldest of the threep 69 D 1965
river-infested wilderness. Over his shoulder he bellowed: ‘All right, everybody! All aboard!‘ Julia, the eldest of the three daughters, stepped upp 69 D 1965
pain and memories alike had been washed away, as if all time had been drained from them, seemed to Ransom likep 70 D 1965
the truck. ‘Goodbye, Charles,‘ she said. ‘I hope everything is all right with you.‘ ‘Don't write me off yet. I'll bep 70 D 1965
Lomax.‘ ‘I will. I'm sorry about the church.‘ ‘Not at all.‘ Johnstone shook his head vigorously, his eyes strong again. ‘Itp 71 D 1965
vague disinterest in his surroundings implied that he now had all the time in the world. In a sense, Ransom realizedp 72 D 1965
must take part in this madness. Miranda and I have all sorts of things planned. And Quilter's having the time ofp 73 D 1965
the jetty and gazed down at the houseboat, stranded with all his hopes on the bleached shore. This miniature universe, ap 75 D 1965
little late in the day.‘ ‘I couldn't sleep. There was all that shooting.‘ She looked up at him. ‘Doctor, I mustp 76 D 1965
an ancient sailing barge, sitting squarely on the caked mud. All the craft they had passed had been stained and streakedp 80 D 1965
that I doubt whether the hidden ones are any better. All the same, I'll try to get you to the beachp 82 D 1965
morning they had covered some five miles to the south. All night the city had burned behind them, and Ransom pushedp 85 D 1965
am sorry to be this burden to you.‘ ‘Not at all. I was thinking of something else.‘ Ransom lowered the polesp 87 D 1965
anxieties of the drought and exodus, seemed a compass of all the unstated motives that Ransom had been forced to repressp 88 D 1965
wire and old tyres. Mrs. Quilter snorted in disgust. ‘Where's all the cars gone to, doctor? We'll be wanting one forp 88 D 1965
out and approached the nearest of the shanty camps. Immediately all sense of the sea was lost, the distant dunes hiddenp 91 D 1965
two cups on a tray. ‘Herbert,‘ his wife called. ‘It's all right, dear.‘ Ransom bent down beside him, nodding to thep 93 D 1965
the man said. ‘But I've no water to spare.‘ ‘That's all right. I've just arrived with some friends,‘ Ransom said. ‘Wep 93 D 1965
me explain. Perhaps you couldn't see from up there, but all along the beach there's a double wire fence. The armyp 93 D 1965
to the beach?‘ ‘If you climb through. The army are all right, but last night the militia units were shooting atp 93 D 1965
be thinned out enough for Ethel and me to have all we want.‘ His wife nodded in agreement, sipping her teap 94 D 1965
their axles in the soft sand, their roofs tilting in all directions. Ransom stopped by the edge of the road, thep 94 D 1965
empty basin. Everywhere men and women were rushing past in all directions. Several of the floodlights had gone out, and inp 99 D 1965
limping on his bare feet. Ransom threw away the pistol. All along the beach small groups of people were lying inp 101 D 1965
shaft of his double-bladed paddle. His dark face, from which all flesh had been drained away, seemed to consist of ap 105 D 1965
bearded face, shouted to them and they darted off in all directions, dividing the water into half a dozen pools whichp 107 D 1965
years old, he had been strong enough to take almost all the stolen water for himself, and drove it along untiringlyp 108 D 1965
and fish there? Why do you have to steal water all the time?‘ Ransom let this reproof pass. He pressed hisp 112 D 1965
reach the sea, can't you understand? There's nothing but salt all the way. Anyway, I haven't a net.‘ ‘Charles what's thep 112 D 1965
realized that this was part of the continuous decline of all the beach settlements. It was true that he now hadp 113 D 1965
that was the unseen gradient of the dune limbo. Like all purgatories, the beach was a waiting-ground, the endless stretches ofp 113 D 1965
the endless stretches of wet salt sucking away front them all but the hardest core of themselves, these tiny nodes ofp 113 D 1965
left behind in the houseboat. Its drained beaches, eroded of all associations, of all sense of time, in some ways seemedp 113 D 1965
the houseboat. Its drained beaches, eroded of all associations, of all sense of time, in some ways seemed a photographic portraitp 113 D 1965
previous failure, had been decided by wholly impersonal considerations, above all by the zone of time in which they found themselvesp 114 D 1965
staring from the shallow pools. The washed wounds, cleansed of all blood and hate, haunted them in their dreams. Working atp 115 D 1965
or unreliable to fit into the puritan communal life. However, all of them possessed some special skill with which they paidp 118 D 1965
dunes. This sense of diminishing possibility, of the erosion of all time and space beyond the flaccid sand and draining beachesp 120 D 1965
as a combined ledger and diary. In the intervening years all trace of Hendry's former quiet humour had gone, and onlyp 120 D 1965
anything above that meagre line, he summed up for Ransom all the dangers and confinements of their limbo. ‘Judith sends herp 121 D 1965
now we're prepared to join the settlement. You'll soon need all the help you can get to bring in the seap 121 D 1965
from the settlement to these two women. The proponents above all of the status quo, guardians and presiding angels of thep 123 D 1965
freighter, Ransom felt that the climb had carried him in all senses above the drab world of the settlement. ‘Charles!‘ Vanessap 124 D 1965
touching his cheek. ‘You can't come here. It's out of all question.‘ ‘Why?‘ Ransom took her wrists, surprised by her answerp 124 D 1965
come here, Charles, it will be the end for you. All day you'll be raking the salt from the boilers.‘ Halfp 125 D 1965
chance and time, without which they would soon have lost all sense of identity. As he entered the dell, Mrs. Quilterp 127 D 1965
he had tended hundreds of sick and wounded, but almost all of them had died, from exposure and malnutrition. By nowp 128 D 1965
him here. But for me he wouldn't be buried at all.‘ Philip Jordan stepped forward to the edge of the roadp 130 D 1965
knew that Philip Jordan was at last repaying him for all the help Ransom had given to the river-borne waif fifteenp 130 D 1965
the full one day in its reverse coin. But above all, perhaps, Philip saw in Ransom's face a likeness of hisp 130 D 1965
remember Quilter and the zoo? The lion must have come all the way from Mount Royal! It means ...‘ He broke offp 131 D 1965
most impressive memories of his childhood, had carried with him all these years a grotesque image of the ornate hearses hep 132 D 1965
himself, Ransom said:‘But they told me, everyone thought -- all this time you've been coming here, Philip? To this ... carp 132 D 1965
you understand that, don't you? The battery is flat, and all the electrical wiring will have corroded. You'll never start Ip 133 D 1965
his neck and cheeks were knotted like ropes, as if all the frustration of the past years were tearing his facep 133 D 1965
to go, doctor, If I have to push it myself all the way!‘ He threw Ransom aside then bent down andp 133 D 1965
up and turn back before reaching the city, but they all tacitly accepted that they would not be returning to thep 136 D 1965
sunlight, their rounded forms seemed to have been eroded of all but a faint residue of their original identities, like ghostsp 138 D 1965
o some lost time. The unvarying light and absence of all movement made Ransom feel that he was advancing across anp 138 D 1965
her mind far away. Suddenly Ransom found himself hoping against all logic that they would discover Quilter somewhere. ‘We'll find himp 138 D 1965
that the white deck of the river was carrying them all in the opposite direction, forward into zones of time futurep 142 D 1965
which he was now walking. None the less they would all be merged and resolved in the soft dirt of thep 142 D 1965
at the shaft. They moved off at a brisk pace, all three pushing the cart along. Over his shoulder, when theyp 143 D 1965
watched the empty streets and pavements, trying to remember if all the foot-prints in the sand were his own. The windp 144 D 1965
the city, it had become for Ransom inextricably confused with all the other spectres of the landscape they had crossed. Thep 145 D 1965
by its extent. The unvarying desert light, the absence of all colour and the brilliant whiteness of the stony landscape madep 145 D 1965
feel that he was advancing across an immense graveyard. Above all, the lack of movement gave to even the slightest disturbancep 145 D 1965
let the white crystals dissolve between her fingers. Surrounded on all sides by the encroaching desert, the city had drawn inp 146 D 1965
the floor; but at a glance Ransom could see that all the mementoes he had gathered together before leaving Hamilton werep 149 D 1965
they had set out ten years earlier, he felt that all his obligations to them had been discharged. As he climbedp 150 D 1965
miniature reservoir. The dunes and ruined walls surrounded it on all sides. As he waited for the mirage to fade, ap 151 D 1965
seemed to have dropped from the sky, a distillation of all the lost rain of a decade. Ten feet from thep 152 D 1965
blue water stretched to the opposite shore, the dunes hiding all sight of the wilderness. With a cry, the bird flewp 153 D 1965
Ransom's arrival had quickened some long-dormant memory. ‘Doctor, you've come all the way from the coast to see us. Quilty, yourp 156 D 1965
water with you?‘ ‘Water?‘ Ransom repeated. ‘I'm afraid we used all ours getting here.‘ Miranda sighed. She looked across at Quilterp 157 D 1965
the pond. ‘You seem to have the stuff lying around all over the place.‘ Miranda shook her head. Her rapid attentionp 157 D 1965
water might well turn out to be a mirage after all. Miranda eyed him thoughtfully. ‘That reservoir, as you call itp 157 D 1965
eyed him thoughtfully. ‘That reservoir, as you call it, is all we've got. Isn't it, Quilter?‘ Quilter nodded, taking in Ransomp 157 D 1965
the very ground at his feet. It was identical with all the other smoke columns that had followed them across thep 180 D 1965
a genius.‘ Miranda nodded sagely. ‘That's very right, doctor, they all are. What's still locked up inside poor old Quilter I'vep 159 D 1965
waiting, Richard. It must sound like a bad joke after all these years, but one of the reasons we came herep 163 D 1965
drove his little fists together. ‘What have you been doing all this time?‘ ‘We haven't been doing anything,‘ Ransom said quietlyp 163 D 1965
We haven't been doing anything,‘ Ransom said quietly. ‘It's been all we could manage just to distil enough water to keepp 164 D 1965
Richard, for heaven's sake ...‘ Ransom tried to pacify him. ‘You're all obsessed by the subject of water. There seems plenty aroundp 164 D 1965
his scalp. ‘That water, Charles, don't you understand -- that's all there is left! For ten years I've kept them goingp 164 D 1965
here.‘ ‘Oh no?‘ Lomax snapped his fingers. ‘Drowning -- after all I've done for him! If it hadn't been for mep 164 D 1965
within a week.‘ He subsided into the chair. Surrounded by all the chromium and tinsel, he looked like a stranded carnivalp 164 D 1965
with pearls and pieces of shell. ‘Where did you find all this water?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Here and there, Charles.‘ Lomax gesturedp 164 D 1965
but a hell of a lot of water in them all the same. I showed Quilter where they were, and hep 164 D 1965
to collect the pieces of rancid meat. He fondled them all with a strange pity, as if he knew that thisp 168 D 1965
the horror of this island infested by nightmares. Exasperated beyond all restraint, he raised his cane to strike the child. Itp 170 D 1965
journey from the coast carried with it the equation of all emotions and relationships. Simultaneously he would become the children's fatherp 172 D 1965
face, its expression of anxiety, regret and relief, and above all the obvious but unstated involvement of the young woman withp 28 UGM 1966
the soul, the juxtaposition of the strange and familiar, and all the techniques of violent impact have become part of thep 84 UGM 1966
as well as a substantial body of paintings and sculpture, all produced by a comparatively small group (far smaller, for examplep 85 UGM 1966
Carrington, painter of infinitely frail fantasies; and presiding above them all the madonna of Port Lligat, Gala Dali, ex-wife of thep 86 UGM 1966
creatures -- nymphs of another planet, in your orisons be all my dreams remembered. In so far as they have ap 86 UGM 1966
negative time. The smooth, egg-shaped heads of the mannequins lack all features and organs of sense, but instead are marked withp 86 UGM 1966
with cryptic signs. These mannequins are human beings from whom all time has been eroded, and reduced to the essence ofp 86 UGM 1966
painting has one dominant characteristic: a glassy isolation, as if all the objects in its landscapes had been drained of theirp 88 UGM 1966
were the faces of nonentities; this humanity was alarmingly sub-normal, all pig-eye or owlish vacuity. Was this a population of idiotsp 141 UGM 1966
spend their time vilifying each other and haranguing the mob. All that Pullman and Satters are sure of is that theyp 143 UGM 1966
expedition members flew kites and read Swinburne to each other, all in excellent humour, their dress and manner becoming more andp 253 UGM 1966
unfortunate necessity, because it spoils many otherwise excellent characters.‘ Above all, the diary is remarkable for its immense detail. Wilson recordedp 253 UGM 1966
a familiar land, zones of twilight. At dawn, after driving all night, they reached the suburbs of Hell. The pale flaresp 11 AE 1966
was their only defence against her husband's all-too-plain intentions? Above all, how could he invite her to pose for what shep 12 AE 1966
veiled by the laced curtains, resembled that of a skull. All day she would pace around the small bedroom. At thep 13 AE 1966
that is the last structure to preserve perfect symmetry in all planes. It occurred to Travis that our own bodies mayp 14 AE 1966
elegant and poetic film in which Cocteau had brought together all the myths of his own journey of return. On anp 14 AE 1966
herself away. ‘Mrs Travis! Why do you think we've taken all these photographs?‘ Webster held the torn lapel of his suitp 16 AE 1966
the bunkers the painted figure of the screen actress mediated all time and space to him through her body. As hep 17 AE 1966
President Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963, raised many questions, not all of which were answered by the Report of the Warrenp 720 AE 1966
believed that the first shot was not properly heard by all the drivers. In the following confusion Oswald fired the gunp 720 AE 1966
Johnson. The starting point was the Texas Book Depository, where all bets were placed on the Presidential race. Kennedy was anp 720 AE 1966
whom showed outright hostility. The deplorable incident familiar to us all is one example. The course ran downhill from the Bookp 720 AE 1966
a cigarette, ignoring the explicit insolence. This elegant bitch, like all women she intruded her sexuality at the most inopportune momentsp 31 AW 1966
of 120,000. What number was vast enough to contain all the possibilities of those three objects? Jackie Kennedy, your eyelidsp 32 AW 1966
of the embankment. The flat, endless terrain stretched away on all sides, a few oil derricks in the distance marking thep 33 AW 1966
sitting in it, trying out the front and back seats. All sorts of rubbish is lying in the sand: a typewriterp 33 AW 1966
recovery from the bout of fever. At first she spends all her time writing poems on the damaged typewriter. Later, whenp 33 AW 1966
weapons in bringing about the total fusion and non-differentiation of all matter. What the patient is reacting against is, simply, thep 34 AW 1966
There seemed to be nothing to kill except the sky. All week they had been chasing about, sitting for hours throughp 35 AW 1966
The runways of the former airfield radiated from her in all directions. Dr Nathan was kneeling in the path of thep 35 AW 1966
track. Confused by the Japanese cast of her features, with all their reminders of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, he stared at thep 35 AW 1966
his watching trinity, Coma, Kline and Xero, became ever closer. All three were more preoccupied than he remembered them. Only Comap 36 AW 1966
technical sense he was dead for about two minutes. Now, all this time later, it looks as if something is missingp 36 AW 1966
was that for once he might have no motive at all. Drinamyl Those bloody little capsules, Raissa thought. No wonder thep 664 BM 1966
was empty. As Kovarski hesitated the silence seemed to amplify all the uncertainties she had noticed since their arrival at Sanp 664 BM 1966
salver-shaped flowers in the lobby. Their nacreous petals, bled of all colour, reminded him of Manon's skin, and then of Quimby'sp 665 BM 1966
she listened to Quimby singing Arrivederci Roma in the bathroom. All that drinamyl and whisky would keep the pig drowsy forp 665 BM 1966
respect due their long acquaintance. The proto-Atlantic ocean had covered all North America and Europe except for Scotland, leaving intact ap 666 BM 1966
sat back as the helicopter battered away through the darkness. All in all, everything had worked out. The face of Cordobesp 668 BM 1966
as the helicopter battered away through the darkness. All in all, everything had worked out. The face of Cordobes still regardedp 668 BM 1966
Columbine Sept Heures. The suffix, attached to the names of all cities and towns -- there were London 6 669 DF 1966
their own isolation. This world of Nordic gloom had exposed all Halliday's latent difficulties with time and with his dreams. Thep 670 DF 1966
filled Halliday with a profound sense of nostalgia. One above all, Delvaux's ‘The Echo‘, which depicted a naked Junoesque woman walkingp 671 DF 1966
Perhaps. But I take it there's enough food for us all here.‘ Halliday gestured with his wristwatch. ‘Anyway, the time isp 672 DF 1966
suppose.‘ ‘And as many spaces as you want, Halliday. Not all of them around you. Why have you come here?‘ ‘Ip 672 DF 1966
a hand to silence him. ‘Why do you think we're all here, Halliday? Out of Africa, dreams walk. You must meetp 672 DF 1966
ways Halliday's presence in the town seemed a key to all their roles. The white-suited physician, moving about silently through thep 673 DF 1966
whatever his reasons for being in Columbine, had adjusted himself all too completely to the ambiguous world of the dusk linep 673 DF 1966
dusk convinced him that she was the dark lamia of all his dreams -- reminded Halliday of his own first strollsp 675 DF 1966
of the woman, turning some key in his mind, was all he required. Rewinding his clocks, he found that he sleptp 677 DF 1966
chalets, past the empty swimming pools that seemed to cover all Africa, he saw the Peugeot parked below one of thep 678 DF 1966
Halliday stepped forward, doubting if she could see him at all behind the sunglasses she still wore. At the sound ofp 680 DF 1966
to follow the course of the battle against the birds all over the world. The farm, only ten miles from thep 701 SBD 1966
as neglected as the house. Her handsome face, devoid of all make-up, seemed to have been deliberately exposed to the cuttingp 703 SBD 1966
for a moment wondering why he was visiting her at all. The few bales of feathers heaped on the pyre andp 703 SBD 1966
again at the prospect and fear of battle. ‘I shot all these ...‘ ‘What? I'm sorry, what did you say?‘ The womanp 704 SBD 1966
during her walks along the beach, she would be an all too easy prey. It was this undefined feeling of responsibilityp 705 SBD 1966
curse, he slapped the breech of the rifle. ‘Doves! They're all doves! I should have noticed!‘ He picked up the basketp 706 SBD 1966
the night of the storm, Crispin saw the bird again. All afternoon the dark clouds had come in from the seap 707 SBD 1966
peregrine was about. The effectiveness of the disguise had exceeded all his hopes. Kneeling on the ground, the wings furled atp 709 SBD 1966
to claim me. THE CRYSTAL WORLD The dark river Above all, the darkness of the river was what impressed Dr. Sandersp 11 CW 1966
suspected that Father Balthus might not be a priest at all. The self-immersed eyes and pale neurasthenic hands bore all thep 13 CW 1966
at all. The self-immersed eyes and pale neurasthenic hands bore all the signatures of the impostor, perhaps an expelled novice stillp 13 CW 1966
it in his cabin. The desire to travel incognito, with all its advantages, might well reveal itself in some unexpected wayp 14 CW 1966
watchful appearance. This man, Ventress -- his name was about all Sanders had managed to learn about him -- was thep 15 CW 1966
over the estuary, but Ventress's white suit seemed to focus all its intense hidden brilliancy, just as Father Balthus's clerical garbp 16 CW 1966
with its gray uncut hair and trace of beard -- all these were the involuntary signatures of the physician to thep 17 CW 1966
straight, earnest face, his patent moral commitment to the lepers, all too obviously on top of his work at the hospitalp 17 CW 1966
made it plain that she had become the focus of all his uncertainties at Fort Isabelle. For some time he hadp 19 CW 1966
perhaps something of a challenge too, M. Ventress? I hope all your victories come as easily.‘ ‘Touche, Doctor!‘ Ventress saluted himp 20 CW 1966
into the forest, Sanders felt that it had sucked away all but a bare residue of life. As he followed thep 21 CW 1966
charge you by the weekly tariff. But as you wish.‘ ‘All right.‘ Sanders signed the register. As a precaution he gavep 23 CW 1966
taking minerals from the ground, it makes everything look dark all the time.‘ This notion seemed to contain an element ofp 23 CW 1966
those below, almost as if the entire forest were draining all light from the sun in the same way that thep 23 CW 1966
a marked restlessness. His compact figure, held together as if all the muscles were opposing each other, contained an intense nervousp 24 CW 1966
it. Believe me, Doctor, I understand you, your whole --‘ ‘All right!‘ Sanders pulled back the door. ‘Now get out!‘ Ventressp 25 CW 1966
to himself seemed to symbolize, in sexual terms as well, all his hidden motives for coming to Port Matarre in questp 25 CW 1966
have exposed his awareness of these still concealed motives was all the more irritating. He ate an early lunch in thep 25 CW 1966
for you.‘ ‘But why is the censorship in force at all?‘ Sanders pressed. ‘Is there some sort of political disturbance? Hasp 27 CW 1966
Royal -- in fact, there is hardly anyone there at all. Most of the workers have left.‘ ‘Why? I've noticed thatp 27 CW 1966
you see? It frightens them, it's so black and heavy all the time.‘ He went back to his desk and fiddledp 27 CW 1966
out your friends‘ address. You come back in another day. All right?‘ ‘Will I be able to go to Mont Royalp 28 CW 1966
small areas, you see. It's not dangerous, your friends are all right. We don't want people rushing there, trying to makep 28 CW 1966
it's quieter -- I've been making a nuisance of myself all week with the police.‘ As they settled themselves in ap 30 CW 1966
disease. Have you been trying to get to Mont Royal all week?‘ ‘Not exactly. I came here with another man fromp 31 CW 1966
the line was bad, I could hardly hear a thing. All he said was something about the forest being full ofp 31 CW 1966
and this American came here in the first place. By all accounts Mont Royal is even more dead than Port Matarrep 31 CW 1966
friends?‘ ‘If I can. There must be some way. After all, it's only fifty miles, at a pinch one could walkp 32 CW 1966
of impure jade and amber, and the sculptors had abandoned all pretence to Christian imagery and produced squatting idols with pendulousp 33 CW 1966
one of the stalls. The stall holders ran about in all directions, and a woman's voice cried out. In the centrep 34 CW 1966
the sun. A hard, intense light, you can see it all over Port Matarre.‘ ‘I know.‘ Louise's hand strayed to thep 36 CW 1966
said. Sanders looked down at her, aware that for once all the inertia of sexual conventions, and his own reluctance top 38 CW 1966
years into a brilliant luminary outshone only by the moon. All over Africa, from the Liberian coast to the shores ofp 39 CW 1966
answer it I would need -- literally, I fear -- all the time in the world ...‘ Before Sanders could question himp 42 CW 1966
He paused on his way out and whispered at Sanders: ‘All the time in the world ... remember that, Doctor!‘ Wondering whatp 43 CW 1966
My dear Louise, you have a Bluebeard complex -- like all women. As a matter of fact, Ventress isn't in thep 49 CW 1966
Well, not quite. But the way he talks in riddles all the time -- it's as if he's frightened of revealingp 49 CW 1966
which Louise still carried in her hand. ‘Doesn't it with all of us, Louise? There are white shadows as well asp 49 CW 1966
wanting to sail up-river, his quest for an end to all Suzanne Clair stood for in his mind, concerned him alonep 52 CW 1966
the water for at least four days, probably carried downstream all the way from Mont Royal, yet he died only halfp 52 CW 1966
say that?‘ Aragon looked up at the dark forest draining all light from the air. ‘You'll see, Doctor. We'll soon bep 54 CW 1966
along the waterfront at Port Matarre, but here, surrounded on all sides by the oppressive jungle, he seemed less sure ofp 55 CW 1966
in the physical contact with Louise. ‘For God's sake, Louise. All this will be over once we reach Mont Royal --p 57 CW 1966
Louise, it's best if you wait here. I'll find out all I can.‘ Aragon waved to Sanders. ‘We'll see you laterp 63 CW 1966
down, Doctor, it's a pleasure to see you. First of all, to put your mind at rest, may I say thatp 63 CW 1966
the usual preliminaries of friendship. ‘I'm afraid we are keeping all journalists out of the area for the time being. It'sp 64 CW 1966
the Paris Bourse climbed to fantastic heights. That's how it all started. A man was sent to investigate and ended upp 65 CW 1966
understood?‘ Dr. Sanders asked. Radek shook his head. ‘Not at all. The Soviet team is under the leadership of Lysenko. Asp 65 CW 1966
curable -- an actual proliferation of the sub-atomic identity of all matter. It's as if a sequence of displaced but identicalp 66 CW 1966
had made a half-hearted attempt to stop him going at all. ‘Edward, wait till I can come with you -- it'sp 67 CW 1966
in good hands -- the Captain will see everything is all right.‘ ‘There's no danger, Mlle. Peret,‘ Radek assured her. ‘Ip 67 CW 1966
convoy of motor launches harnessed together behind a landing craft. All of them were crammed with cargo, their decks and cabinp 67 CW 1966
The sky, however, remained a bland limpid blue, devoid of all clouds. They passed below a small bridge, where the riverp 68 CW 1966
a mile in diameter. With a gasp of surprise they all craned forward, staring at the line of jungle facing thep 68 CW 1966
aware of the forest's impact. ‘Are you unwell?‘ ‘Not at all. I ... thought I recognized someone.‘ He watched Ventress sidestep pastp 70 CW 1966
his long fleshy face. ‘Radek!‘ he shouted. ‘I haven't got all day! Is this Sanders?‘ He jerked his head at thep 72 CW 1966
glanced out of the bowl and vanished into the air. All over the inspection area, as far as the perimeter fencep 74 CW 1966
could see the crystals deliquescing. Let's hope the pilots are all right!‘ A sergeant blocked their way, beckoning back Sanders andp 75 CW 1966
was really remarkable was the extent to which I accepted all these wonders as part of the natural order of thingsp 83 CW 1966
image, forming a gray penumbral zone like some half-abandoned purgatory. All this, my dear Paul, the very absence of surprise, confirmsp 83 CW 1966
experience within the forest near Mont Royal I know that all motion leads inevitably to death, and that time is itsp 83 CW 1966
meet later in the forest slopes near Mont Royal. However, all these belated efforts have now been brought to an endp 84 CW 1966
itself and so fill the entire universe, from which simultaneously all time has expired, an ultimate macrocosmic zero beyond the wildestp 85 CW 1966
may be misleading you, Paul, by minimizing the dangers we all experienced within the crystalline forest. It's certainly true that theyp 85 CW 1966
the floor of some perfumed pool in the Arabian Nights. All the furniture was covered by the same glace sheath, thep 86 CW 1966
or London department store -- the room was devoid of all personal possessions. For some reason, the large double bed --p 87 CW 1966
hesitated. ‘I meant literally,‘ he said. Ventress ignored this. ‘We've all been here before, Doctor, as everyone will soon find outp 88 CW 1966
like a fading requiem. ‘However, I feel that's something we're all running out of, Doctor -- do you agree?‘ Dr. Sandersp 88 CW 1966
here, provide a clue? Surely leprosy, like cancer, is above all a disease of time, a result of over-extending oneself throughp 89 CW 1966
standing with his back to the wall beside the window. ‘All right. He's gone.‘ Sanders hesitated before moving. He glanced aroundp 91 CW 1966
of his suit and face. A legion of El Dorados, all bearing his own features, receded in the mirrors, more imagesp 93 CW 1966
stepped over the hall stand into the room. ‘Right, Doctor, all clear?‘ Ventress was breathing rapidly, his small shoulders moving aboutp 94 CW 1966
face and over-excited eyes. ‘Ventress! You knew they were here all along -- you were bloody well using me as ap 95 CW 1966
or you'll soon be like them. The forest is changing all the time.‘ ‘Wait!‘ Sanders climbed over the fossilized undergrowth, kickingp 97 CW 1966
inspection site. He realized that Radek had gone back after all, probably searching for Sanders when he failed to emerge fromp 98 CW 1966
that pierced his palms and fingers. ‘There's a chance, that's all, but worth taking,‘ he said. Ventress was standing a fewp 99 CW 1966
Thorensen! Call him back!‘ Sanders shouted. The rapidity with which all this had happened left Sanders standing by the edge ofp 102 CW 1966
The army's a long way off. The freeze is spreading all through the forest.‘ He pointed across the river with hisp 104 CW 1966
first time. ‘A doctor? Yes, Radek said -- I remember. All right, Doctor ...?‘ ‘Sanders. I've nothing with me, no drugs orp 105 CW 1966
you light a fire?‘ ‘The wood won't burn, Serena. It's all turned into glass.‘ Thorensen stood at the foot of thep 107 CW 1966
here?‘ ‘He's a doctor, Serena. Captain Radek sent him, he's all right.‘ ‘But you said I didn't need any doctors.‘ ‘Youp 108 CW 1966
remove her from the frozen forest, the mine-owner demurred. ‘She's all right here,‘ he told Sanders doggedly. ‘Don't worry.‘ ‘Thorensen, howp 110 CW 1966
The whole forest is crystallizing, don't you realize --?‘ ‘She's all right!‘ Thorensen insisted. He stood up and looked down atp 111 CW 1966
when he had finished. ‘I'm surprised you can walk at all.‘ He added: ‘I saw you this afternoon -- in thep 111 CW 1966
real task was not to guide him to safety at all. In turning him out into the forest Thorensen was nop 114 CW 1966
at the native driver. ‘Dr. Sanders ...?‘ he asked. ‘Are you all right?‘ ‘Aragon!‘ Sanders opened his door and started to getp 120 CW 1966
Radek is dead. The affected area is spreading out in all directions. It's many times the previous size.‘ The driver inp 120 CW 1966
so that it concealed her cheeks. ‘Tell me about it all, Edward, I --‘ ‘My dear.‘ Max held up his handp 124 CW 1966
and then to get to bed. We can discuss it all over breakfast.‘ To Sanders he explained: ‘Suzanne spends a lotp 124 CW 1966
area is spreading. God only knows what the source of all this is, but there doesn't seem much prospect of stoppingp 125 CW 1966
Max finished his drink. ‘Suzanne, you're moralizing like some missionary. All Edward wants at this moment is a change of clothesp 125 CW 1966
tired. I'm sorry to have kept you up.‘ ‘Not at all. I sleep during the day now -- Max, and Ip 125 CW 1966
The forest isn't like that -- I've accepted it, and all the fears that go with them.‘ In a quieter voicep 125 CW 1966
forest -- I mean in the widest sense -- to all our ideas of time and mortality. How can I putp 125 CW 1966
upward inclination of the mouth was not a smile at all, but a facial rictus caused by the nodular thickening ofp 125 CW 1966
powder. Despite this camouflage, he could see the nodular lumps all over her face and in the lobe of her leftp 126 CW 1966
earlier this morning. If you want to change --?‘ ‘That's all right. This one is warmer, anyway.‘ Sanders felt the bluep 129 CW 1966
is vitrifying. By the way, do you know Thorensen at all?‘ ‘Our telephone line goes through his mine office. I've metp 129 CW 1966
take it their affair is common gossip here?‘ ‘Not at all -- Ventress, you say her name is? Probably some cocottep 129 CW 1966
real significance. Max, however, seemed to have little interest in all this. Obviously he regarded the crystallizing forest as a freakp 130 CW 1966
sticks, gazing out at the distant forest with dead eyes. All of them appeared to be crippled or diseased, with deformedp 130 CW 1966
the porters. ‘Don't worry about them, they move around here all the time. Believe me, they don't really want help.‘ ‘Butp 131 CW 1966
drifted off into the bush. It was badly run, anyway, all he did for them was say a few prayers, andp 132 CW 1966
work. Believe me, I've got to think of Suzanne. We all have our difficulties, you know.‘ ‘Of course.‘ Sanders collected himselfp 132 CW 1966
she went on, glancing critically at Sanders. ‘But you seem all in one piece. I've been talking to Dr. Tatlin, thep 133 CW 1966
I've been talking to Dr. Tatlin, the physicist, he's explained all his theories about the forest -- very complicated, believe mep 133 CW 1966
his theories about the forest -- very complicated, believe me, all about the stars and time, you'll be amazed when Ip 133 CW 1966
not realize it, but you're giving me a catalogue of all the exchange officers at the camp!‘ ‘I'm not! What dop 133 CW 1966
Max's houseboy will bring some over for us.‘ Louise hesitated. ‘All right. But what about --?‘ ‘Suzanne?‘ Sanders shrugged. ‘She's asleepp 133 CW 1966
My God, there are hundreds of them! They were here all the time we were talking.‘ ‘I don't suppose they botheredp 134 CW 1966
dear? A woman likes to know her proper role at all times, this one most of all.‘ When Sanders said nothingp 134 CW 1966
her proper role at all times, this one most of all.‘ When Sanders said nothing she pointed to the blind. ‘Ip 134 CW 1966
dark and light twins of each other. Looking back, they all seem to pair off -- Ventress with his white suitp 135 CW 1966
dark that we inherit from the earliest living creatures. After all, the response to light is a response to all thep 135 CW 1966
After all, the response to light is a response to all the possibilities of life itself. For all we know, thisp 135 CW 1966
a response to all the possibilities of life itself. For all we know, this division is the strongest one there isp 135 CW 1966
there's a dark side of the psyche, and I suppose all one can do is find the other face and tryp 136 CW 1966
of compulsive nervousness as if forcing down food that lacked all flavour. She had finished each of the courses when Sandersp 137 CW 1966
added: ‘I'm surprised you need to spend any time at all in the dispensary.‘ ‘Quite a number of the natives comep 137 CW 1966
evacuated, already the zone there extends from the Everglades swamps all the way to Miami.‘ Suzanne raised her glass at thisp 138 CW 1966
at this. ‘Can you imagine that, Edward? An entire city! All those hundreds of white hotels transformed into stained glass --p 138 CW 1966
here. In a week --‘ ‘In a week we may all have to go. Believe me, Suzanne, I've been trapped inp 142 CW 1966
heard more footsteps running in and out of the chalets. All the servants seemed to be up, wandering in and outp 144 CW 1966
glanced at him. ‘You know, sir?‘ ‘No, but I'm certain all the same. Each of us has something we can't bearp 145 CW 1966
of the truck had come to life, its din throbbing all over the hospital. As Sanders climbed over the tailboard itp 146 CW 1966
but from their careful watch over the forest they obviously all assumed that she had entered it. However, from the confusedp 146 CW 1966
passed a small patch of pavement that remained clear of all growth, below the broken window of one of the minep 147 CW 1966
the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well as of all baroque painting and architecture. Their intricate crests and cartouches, occupyingp 148 CW 1966
fifty yards away. ‘Run, run! Anywhere, through the forest! It's all you can do!‘ He pushed Sanders forward with the buttp 149 CW 1966
its petrified surface. For hours he raced through the forest, all sense of time lost to him. If he stopped forp 150 CW 1966
wooden beams, sending a dead echo through the platform. ‘She's ... all right,‘ Sanders said. ‘Most of the time she's asleep. Howp 153 CW 1966
last crystal spurs dissolved from the tissues of his arm. All day he knelt beside the organ, working the foot-bellows withp 160 CW 1966
Sanders could only guess. By now it was surrounded on all sides by the crystal trellises, as if overtopped by thep 161 CW 1966
to count the scores of dark-skinned men and women of all ages, some of them with small children, who were takingp 165 CW 1966
be found in that frozen forest. There the transfiguration of all living and inanimate forms occurs before our eyes, the giftp 169 CW 1966
jacket. ‘How is it?‘ Louise asked. ‘Your arm. It seems all right now.‘ Sanders patted the elbow. ‘I think it's healedp 171 CW 1966
busy at present.‘ ‘But you're not. You're just sitting here all day. Look, it's routine largely, nothing to take your mindp 173 CW 1966
For some time Sanders had suspected that Max had known all along that Suzanne would run away into the forest afterp 173 CW 1966
the waterfront and walked down along the deserted jetties. Almost all the native boats had gone, and the settlements on thep 174 CW 1966
of the birds away from the turtles. The men were all elderly, well into their sixties and seventies, and wore singletsp 683 TIM 1966
figure and the purple rinse in her hair. In fact, all the nurses and orderlies who tended him in the emptyp 684 TIM 1966
more extreme version of his own position, and that of all young people, outside the walls of the hospital. As ap 687 TIM 1966
feared Conrad might subsequently object. ‘No,‘ Conrad replied. ‘Nothing at all‘ ‘Obviously, why should there be? Though it's worth bearing inp 688 TIM 1966
gave their healthy organs to others who needed them. Sadly, all these efforts failed after a few weeks as a resultp 688 TIM 1966
your life, and prevent you from running and swimming, from all the normal movements of a young man -- or elsep 689 TIM 1966
bone.‘ Conrad hesitated. Everything Dr Knight had said tallied with all he had heard over the years about restorative surgery --p 690 TIM 1966
complex piece of work. We've got to identify and tag all the nerve endings and tendons, then prepare an elaborate bonep 690 TIM 1966
if you like -- to get in.‘ ‘Where have they all gone?‘ ‘An interesting question -- the answer in part explainsp 691 TIM 1966
see, Conrad, about ten or twelve years ago hospital boards all over the country noticed that admission rates were starting top 691 TIM 1966
at Dr Knight's request his uncle had taken Conrad to all the acquaintances he knew. Although the purpose of these visitsp 692 TIM 1966
and greetings of the grey-haired men and women watching on all sides from their balconies and gardens, it seemed to Conradp 692 TIM 1966
always had a great sense of humour. Or none at all. Which is it, Theo?‘ ‘I see nothing funny, James. Arep 694 TIM 1966
have brought him here?‘ Dr Matthews lay back. ‘Not at all -- I was there at his beginning, let him bep 694 TIM 1966
yourself. You can't borrow them from anyone else, least of all from the dead.‘ Conrad looked round as the door openedp 695 TIM 1966
own. Yet despite its good service, and the fulfilment of all that Dr Knight had promised him for it, Conrad hadp 695 TIM 1966
as Dr Matthews, were prepared to argue the matter at all. The others simply smiled and waved from their quiet gardensp 695 TIM 1966
anyway, with that up there. It won't be long at all before Captain Thornwald catches up with us.‘ Glanville stared intop 712 TMY 1966
to the universe at large. ‘He'll catch up with us, all right. That's the luck of the thing. Instead of havingp 712 TMY 1966
this evening ... it's a pity you missed Ahab. They were all there, exactly as Melville described them in Moby Dick.‘ Hisp 713 TMY 1966
believe that Thornwald would have pursued them this far, sacrificing all hopes of seniority and promotion, over a minor emigration infringementp 713 TMY 1966
of the alien worlds. Judith, of course, not only lacked all imagination but felt no sense of guilt -- Glanville's crimep 713 TMY 1966
that made possible his plan to deal once and for all with Captain Thornwald. Three weeks later, when Thornwald arrived, Glanvillep 713 TMY 1966
made a superb landing, beautiful marksmanship -- getting here at all, for that matter. You saw the beacon, I suppose, butp 714 TMY 1966
it, we actually crashed! Can you imagine it, after coming all this way -- very nearly broke our necks. Luckily, Judithp 714 TMY 1966
way -- very nearly broke our necks. Luckily, Judith was all right, not a scratch on her. She'll be glad top 714 TMY 1966
A tall, stooped man with a tough, pessimistic face and all the wariness of a long-serving policeman, he seemed somehow unsettledp 714 TMY 1966
what difference will a few hours or even days make? All those whipper-snappers you left behind you in the department willp 715 TMY 1966
if searching for an invisible marksman hidden among the reefs. ‘All right?‘ Glanville asked. Changing the pitch and tempo of hisp 715 TMY 1966
if hesitating to enter the pavilion. ‘I hope you feel all this is necessary, Captain. Revenge is a poor motive forp 715 TMY 1966
Thornwald following him to the door of the pavilion. ‘It's all right, Captain.‘ Thornwald leaned stolidly on the door. He lookedp 715 TMY 1966
when you get back?‘ Glanville shrugged. ‘Of course. But after all, the offence was comparatively trivial, wasn't it?‘ He reached forp 716 TMY 1966
the memory of the previous night. ‘Yes, she's around here, all right.‘ As if testing some unconscious element of Glanville's memoryp 718 TMY 1966
you any idea why I'm here, why I've hunted you all this way?‘ ‘God only knows -- something to do withp 718 TMY 1966
white volumes of the rooms extending themselves around him. Above all, the whiteness of the walls obsessed him. The ‘Soft‘ Deathp 39 YCM 1966
planetarium among the dunes, he seized on Karen Novotny's presence. All day he had been wandering among the sand hills, tryingp 39 YCM 1966
distance above the dissolving crests. The opposing slopes, inclined at all angles to the sun like an immense Hindu yantra, werep 39 YCM 1966
yantra, the cheekbones of Marilyn Monroe. The annealed walls froze all the rigid grief of the actress. He had come top 42 YCM 1966
saw his hands stiffen against the mirror on his lap. All week he had been bringing the giant mirrors to thep 82 YMC 1966
the empty house near the reservoirs. Export Credit Guarantees. ‘After all, Madame Nhu is asking a thousand dollars an interview, inp 82 YMC 1966
sleep. Warning him, she seemed to summon to her side all the legions of the bereaved. At dawn he knelt inp 83 YMC 1966
and third metacarpal bones. To Dr Nathan he said, ‘And all these make up one picture?‘ Lieutenant 70. An isolated incidentp 83 YMC 1966
a significant role, curious verbal crossovers. What language could embrace all these, or at least provide a key: computer codes, origamip 84 YMC 1966
waiting within its amnion? Yet why had something gone wrong? All too obviously there had been a complete cock-up. Quasars. Malcolmp 84 YMC 1966
the sails of the sand-yachts with hieroglyphic shadows, signatures of all the strange ciphers of the desert sea. During the dayp 722 CHC 1967
Like the atmosphere within the villa itself, her personality lacked all focus and her real attention was elsewhere. Whom had Foylep 725 CHC 1967
image of me would emerge from its blank pigments. Like all paintings produced at Vermilion Sands at that time, it wouldp 725 CHC 1967
last demented landscapes of Van Gogh. These unfortunate effects were all too easily reinforced by any nervous or anticipatory movements ofp 726 CHC 1967
witch's mirror.‘ ‘Of course not, Hope.‘ Foyle smiled at her. ‘All it can tell is the truth. Don't you agree, Barbarap 726 CHC 1967
refusing to be outfaced by his broken-lipped sneer, she said: ‘All right, Foyle. I'll sit for you. My first portrait --p 726 CHC 1967
spiral bolster emerged as an ornamental prow. Most striking of all, the white lace cushions I lay against appeared as thep 727 CHC 1967
went down to the quay. I said nothing to Hope. All day we sailed within sight of the island, not returningp 731 CHC 1967
the paint smeared over my arms. Her face was empty. All expression had slipped from it as if in an avalanchep 733 CHC 1967
and shoulders. ‘We made it!‘ THE CLOUD-SCULPTORS OF CORAL D All summer the cloud-sculptors would come from Vermilion Sands and sailp 744 CSC 1967
they sailed across the desert floor towards the sun. Of all the cloud-sculptures we were to carve, the strangest were thep 744 CSC 1967
studio in the desert was Nolan's, and that we were all serving some private whim of this dark-haired solitary. At thep 745 CSC 1967
clouds waiting for us above the spire of Coral D, all my depression and fatigue vanished. Ten minutes later, the threep 746 CSC 1967
the fading afternoon light they resembled a threadbare circus troupe. ‘All right,‘ I agreed. ‘I take your point. But what aboutp 748 CSC 1967
what he had done. The portrait, with cruel irony, was all too lifelike. The downward turn of Leonora's mouth, the chinp 752 CSC 1967
neck, the fall of flesh below her right cheek -- all these were carried on the face of the cloud asp 752 CSC 1967
performance was the last by the cloud-sculptors of Coral D. All afternoon, before the guests arrived, a dim light lay overp 753 CSC 1967
storm-nimbus were massing behind the mesa, and any performance at all seemed unlikely. Van Eyck was with Leonora. As I arrivedp 753 CSC 1967
paretic patients sitting between their nurses in the front row. All week they had watched the montaged sequences of commercial pornographicp 51 GAN 1967
the pay kiosk she recognized the man behind the wheel. All week this hunched figure with his high forehead and insanep 52 GAN 1967
absolute terms the logic of the sexual union. For him all junctions, whether of our own soft biologies or the hardp 56 GAN 1967
sections of her body intercut with pieces of modern architecture. All these buildings. What did Talbert want to do -- sodomizep 56 GAN 1967
young woman could break the code of this immense body. All too clearly there had been a serious piece of miscastingp 57 GAN 1967
in these fantasies was taken as the most significant yardstick. All considerations of motive and responsibility were eliminated from the questionnairep 89 PAJ 1967
industry. However, in the study under consideration involving 152 subjects, all known to have experienced more than three involuntary orgasms withp 90 PAJ 1967
as to choice of subject matter, cast and technique. In all cases explicitly pornographic films were made. Two films in particularp 90 PAJ 1967
requires no further analysis. ‘But I won't cry till it all over.‘ PRIMA BELLADONNA I first met Jane Ciracylides during thep 91 PAJ 1967
and barely formed, like that of an unkempt child. ‘You're all ready,‘ I said half jocularly. With something of an effortp 738 R 1967
the wheel rose high into the evening air, so that all the music and light of the fair seemed to havep 739 R 1967
and pathetic menagerie -- that there were no animals at all, at least in most of the cages, and that whatp 742 R 1967
nothing, merely the cages themselves, the essence of imprisonment with all its ambiguities? Was this a zoo in the abstract, somep 742 R 1967
entrenched class system and a weak monarchy detaching itself from all but its ceremonial roles, is it possible to visualize thep 953 TW 1967
me it does. Commentator Tell me, do you think it's all worth it? 2nd US soldier It's hard to say. Ip 954 TW 1967
just, as I see it, we're fooling around. That's about all. I do think we should be here. Commentator What's thep 954 TW 1967
you're fighting a war, fight it like a war, with all the mass of power we have. Power in reserve, airp 955 TW 1967
guests of the Saudi royal house, the monarchy has lost all credibility, unwilling to commit its waning prestige to either sidep 956 TW 1967
which he flies himself to inspect the attacks breaking out all over the city (though the viewer is unsure whether hep 956 TW 1967
the NLF. (Lifts other map. Black areas encircle major cities, all the countryside.) It's this one they consult if they wantp 957 TW 1967
for a CIA murder squad, died within a few seconds. All that's known about the killer is that he was ‘youngp 958 TW 1967
it to me ... CANADIAN JOURNALIST IN HOTEL BAR Canadian Journalist All the NLF have to do to win this war isp 958 TW 1967
older Members of Parliament and extreme rightwingers, a blow-hole for all kinds of unpleasant fascist gas. As a legislature it's non-existentp 958 TW 1967
is surrounded by armed guards, but looks shifty and dispirited. All too clearly he is at the Americans‘ mercy, and hasp 99 TW 1967
Prime Minister Well, this contains the same problem shared by all those countries that have had large American forces on theirp 99 TW 1967
they will. They'll be economic problems mainly. I think we're all going to have to find ourselves, so to speak, ap 99 TW 1967
In short, do they want the war to end at all? World in Action visited a village in the front linep 960 TW 1967
through binoculars. None of these villagers will talk to us. All are assumed to be Liberation Front sympathizers, but in factp 960 TW 1967
shops, and wait for the Americans to leave. Strangest of all here, there is no one between the ages of fourp 960 TW 1967
and equipment go out to the front line. By now all the agricultural areas of England are under control of thep 961 TW 1967
the British troops who will go with them -- like all the Americans here, Sergeant Paley holds them in little morep 963 TW 1967
a hard time here. Commentator How do you feel it's all going? Sergeant Paley Well, it's going well for the Cavsp 964 TW 1967
Commentator What is the war like? Sergeant Paley Well, it's all right, I guess. For a year I'd say it's ap 965 TW 1967
he's dying, it's a bad way to go. Acknowledgment: For all the dialogue above, to General Westmoreland, President Thieu of Southp 967 TW 1967
Trabert had taken the torn flying jacket from his wardrobe. All day he had been listening to the news bulletins onp 43 DM 1967
eyes. Her leg stance, significant indicator of sexual arousal, confirmed all Dr Nathan had anticipated of Trabert's involvement with the eventsp 44 DM 1967
contours of her breasts and thighs, he seemed to mimetize all his dreams and obsessions. Pentax Zoom. In these equations, thep 45 DM 1967
light a cigarette. He had been following the young man all morning, intrigued by the dialogue of motion and perspective playedp 46 DM 1967
the life-sized plaster replicas of his wife and Karen Novotny. All week, to please Coma, he had studied the Zapruder framesp 46 DM 1967
in the parking lot she could see the white Pontiac. All week the young woman in the white car had beenp 48 DM 1967
protested across his desk that morning. ‘These child prodigies are all the same. Either they simply have some freak talent orp 769 CA 1968
advanced communications systems -- if they have any justification at all, it's that they bring rare talents like this one top 769 CA 1968
child is a genius except Minou Drouet."‘ ‘James, relax ... Like all scientists, you can't bear anything that challenges your own prejudicesp 769 CA 1968
Perhaps we were.‘ ‘You think the General may be behind all this?‘ ‘It's possible. Let's face it, if the boy isp 771 CA 1968
IBM.‘ ‘But is he? He was intelligent, of course, but all the same, I'll bet you that three years from nowp 771 CA 1968
where is he?‘ I asked Judy when we had exhausted all lines of inquiry. ‘For heaven's sake, it's twenty years; hep 772 CA 1968
the Nobel Foundation. In fact, clear your desk and get all the international directories we can up here. We're going top 772 CA 1968
nothing.‘ ‘Isn't that strange? There's enough talent there to win all the Nobel Prizes three times over.‘ ‘Have you tried top 773 CA 1968
degrees while still at school, but after that they severed all connections with the academic world.‘ Charles sat forward over thep 773 CA 1968
as if you're going to win your bet. Somehow they all petered out in late adolescence. A sudden flaring of intelligencep 774 CA 1968
a genius.‘ ‘As a matter of fact, I think they all were.‘ Before he could stop me I went on. ‘Forgetp 774 CA 1968
the photographs. ‘The strange thing is that I vaguely recognize all these faces. Those bony skulls, and those eyes ... somewhere. Lookp 774 CA 1968
neither Martin nor his parents there, but it took us all of two days to find anyone who even remembered themp 775 CA 1968
two days to find anyone who even remembered them at all. The present tenants of the house, a frayed-looking couple, hadp 775 CA 1968
matron remembered Martin -- ‘a brilliantly clever boy, we were all very proud of him. To tell the truth, though, Ip 775 CA 1968
learned to speak. Our trip to Germany was equally futile. All traces of Wolfgang Herter had vanished from the map. Ap 776 CA 1968
Foreign Office and the US Embassy. It makes sense -- all eleven of them are probably there, in the Soviet Unionp 777 CA 1968
the cultural revolution, an immense concourse of teenagers passing below, all holding copies of Mao's Thoughts and chanting out slogans. Standingp 778 CA 1968
Well, one has to admit it,‘ I commented, ‘they've certainly all made good.‘ ‘Not all.‘ Charles showed me the last picturep 778 CA 1968
admit it,‘ I commented, ‘they've certainly all made good.‘ ‘Not all.‘ Charles showed me the last picture, of the Sicilian geniusp 778 CA 1968
inner circle of the Cosa Nostra, a coming talent from all one hears.‘ I sat down at Charles's desk. ‘Right, butp 778 CA 1968
For heaven's sake, Robert died twenty years ago. I know all he meant to us, but ...‘ Judith was staring at thep 760 DA 1968
faint beacon setting behind the cirrus over the sea. ‘It's all right, Judith.‘ I showed her the trajectory timetables pencilled intop 761 DA 1968
back after so many years from the tideways of space. All I knew of this dead Russian was her code namep 761 DA 1968
Judith, on the other hand, felt nothing of this. During all the years she had sat in the garden in thep 761 DA 1968
one of the trainee astronauts, Robert Hamilton. After two decades, all I could remember of this over-polite but sharp-eyed young manp 761 DA 1968
instrument panels and flying suits and -- most valuable of all -- the mummified corpses of the dead astronauts. These blackenedp 762 DA 1968
I could drive here in ten days‘ time when it's all over --‘ She turned from me, her hands rubbing thep 764 DA 1968
shoe-box. I held the box in my hands. ‘Is this all you could get?‘ ‘It's all there was. Look at themp 766 DA 1968
in my hands. ‘Is this all you could get?‘ ‘It's all there was. Look at them, if you want.‘ ‘That's allp 766 DA 1968
all there was. Look at them, if you want.‘ ‘That's all right. We'll be leaving in half an hour.‘ He shookp 766 DA 1968
half an hour.‘ He shook his head. ‘Not now. They're all around. If you move, they'll find us.‘ He waited forp 766 DA 1968
She said nothing to me, as if she had lost all interest in me and the salvage-filled hollow at Cape Kennedyp 766 DA 1968
frayed ash hair. ‘Philip, for God's sake -- I'm losing all my hair!‘ Neither of us was able to eat. Afterp 767 DA 1968
him was the only thing that kept us going. And all the time, he was waiting up there to pay usp 768 DA 1968
male combatants, (b) women auxiliaries, (c) children, (d) wounded. In all cases a marked increase in the intensity of sexual activityp 93 LNE 1968
to the film was found to have notable effects on all psychomotor activity. The film was subsequently shown to both disturbedp 93 LNE 1968
prisoners, were selected to create the optimum sexual object. In all cases a marked preference was shown for a Vietnamese partnerp 94 LNE 1968
to her side The latent sexual character of the war. All political and military explanations fail to provide a rationale forp 94 LNE 1968
toilet training and psychosexual development of the present infant generation. all the legions of the bereaved. The effectiveness of a numberp 94 LNE 1968
of diseased spinal levels he had taken from the laboratory. All night he watched the sky, listening to the time-music ofp 19 UD 1968
on space medicine, then taken him back to her apartment. All week he had been watching the telescopes with the samep 20 UD 1968
the crushed wings of an aerial armada. No U-Turn. ‘Above all, the notion of conceptual auto-disaster has preoccupied Talbot during thep 22 UD 1968
young man in the fascist overcoat who had followed her all week was sitting on the bench beside the Paolozzi. Hisp 24 UD 1968
landscape of highways obsessed him, the rear mouldings of automobiles. All day he had been building his bizarre antenna on thep 24 UD 1968
the walls of Talbot's office. ‘We can regard them in all cases as "poses". They show (1) the left orbit andp 27 UD 1968
such as uncrossing one's legs will have more significance than all the pages in War and Peace. In twentieth-century terms thep 27 UD 1968
this, Jocasta of the bathroom, visiting upon some small boy all the traumas of his childhood? 10.30 p.m. Stillp BAT 1968
their blurred bodies. Bits of themselves seem to be lying all over the floor. 5 p.m. De-briefing, cigarettes and chatterp BAT 1968
demise of feeling and emotion has paved the way for all our most real and tender pleasures -- in the excitementsp 91 UGM 1969
the perfect arena, like a culture-bed of sterile pus, for all the veronicas of our own perversions; in our moral freedomp 91 UGM 1969
causeways of our spinal columns, Dali has chosen to face all the chimeras of his mind in the full glare ofp 91 UGM 1969
in ‘The Lugubrious Game‘, reminds them far too much of all the psychic capitulations of their childhoods. Admittedly Dali's chosen personap 92 UGM 1969
to upset those bowler-hatted library customs clerks), part genius with all its even greater embarrassments -- is not one that canp 92 UGM 1969
to have looked at them. If they remember them at all, it is in some kind of vague and uncomfortable wayp 94 UGM 1969
verbally on his visual subject matter, and was formalized above all in his so-called paranoic-critical method, i.e., the systematic andp 95 UGM 1969
work, Dali still invites little more than hostility and derision. All too clearly one can see that polyperverse and polymorphic elementsp 97 UGM 1969
At the same time, other factors explain this hostility, above all the notion of the naive. Too often, when we thinkp 97 UGM 1969
taking imagination and reality at their face value, never at all sure, or for that matter concerned, which is which. Inp 97 UGM 1969
the verbal level, if they ever had any existence at all on any other. Enough glosses on Heraclitus, Parmenides, Newton, Shakespeare'sp 161 UGM 1969
by side, the tongues of its garrulous authors would pave all the roads to Babel. Nevertheless, they raise a number ofp 161 UGM 1969
tolerant of fools The great majority of Shakespeare's heroes show all the signs of immaturity rather than psychopathology, but it seemsp 161 UGM 1969
infantile delusions of omnipotence), or deny that they lived at all before the onset of their psychosis. Compulsion neurotics stick top 162 UGM 1969
providing just that element of manifest insanity to which we all respond in the H-bomb or Vietnam -- perhaps one reasonp 221 UGM 1969
have bothered now, with the fiction waiting to be manipulated all around them. Hitler's ‘novel‘, Mein Kampf was written in 1924p 221 UGM 1969
unanswerable logic of psychopathology, the Jews became the scapegoats for all the terrors of toilet-training and weaning. The constant repetition ofp 223 UGM 1969
from popular magazines, whom does he most closely resemble? Above all, Leopold Bloom, his ostensible arch-enemy, wandering around Joyce's Dublin atp 223 UGM 1969
order and under-the-counter outlets -- are among the largest of all time, part of a huge invisible literature ignored by thep 255 UGM 1969
conjuring up a vision of a Panavision penis driving towards all the bedposts of eternity, while the Blue Danube plays fromp 255 UGM 1969
aesthetic as well as practical reasons‘. Given the appropriate situation, all is well, and the extended description of the sex actp 256 UGM 1969
re-open. Alas, the original tenants are no longer interested. In all probability what will put an end to the population explosionp 258 UGM 1969
control but buggery. Sex does not exist, only eroticism. For all its good intentions, and its broadminded concern for our sexualp 258 UGM 1969
to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy has a strangely period quality. Above all it is a monument to marriage and the monogamous sexualp 258 UGM 1969
accidents (= minimum one death) has also been examined. In all cases there was a conspicuous improvement in both marital andp 97 CRA 1969
e.g. arms outstretched in a notional crucifixion mode. recapitulated all his memories of childhood, The optimum wound profile. As partp 98 CRA 1969
anatomical loss (an extreme 2 percent of cases maintained against all evidence that they had lost their genitalia) this was notp 99 CRA 1969
farmer or Japanese industrial worker. However, as the American knew all too well, if the order came through to attack, thep 784 KG 1969
to the point where it made almost no sense at all to the rebel commanders. Artillery fire, battle dispositions and helicopterp 784 KG 1969
an architect, with US Army Graves Commission. Looking after memorials all over the world.‘ ‘That's quite a job. The way thingsp 785 KG 1969
explosions lighting up the gun-barrels of tanks and armoured cars. All morning the ill-matched couple making this last stand together --p 788 PTD 1969
empty grain silo. By now, though, in the early afternoon, all sections of this huge field army had reached the riverp 788 PTD 1969
The past few days in the empty town had confirmed all his prejudices. The previous afternoon, after an hour spent drivingp 789 PTD 1969
wild gene or strange streak of patriotism -- perhaps not all that far removed from his own brand of cantankerousness. Mannockp 789 PTD 1969
to the western horizon. As the light faded he knew all too well that there was no chance of this happeningp 789 PTD 1969
a home-made roadblock above the bank, and was waiting there all alone for his first sight of the enemy. Mannock triedp 790 PTD 1969
noted already, no one was looking across the river at all, though any good marksman could have hit them both withoutp 790 PTD 1969
shouted. ‘They're not interested in us! They're not interested at all!‘ A QUESTION OF RE-ENTRY All day they had moved steadilyp 794 PTD 1969
perversions that we can make contact with each other at all. Sexual perversions are morally neutral, cut off from any suggestionp 61 SCN 1969
Yet their position in relation to the river was uncertain. All afternoon they had been following this absurd sexual whim ofp 63 SCN 1969
cars. Celebrations of his wife's death, the slow-motion newsreels recapitulated all his memories of childhood, the realization of dreams which evenp 67 THF 1969
stiff forefinger she explored the knuckle of his wrist. ‘We're all in the movies.‘ The Death of Affect. He parked thep 70 THF 1969
the '50s school of highway engineering or, most soigne of all, the Embarcadero Freeway? The Six-Second Epic. Travers waited on thep 70 THF 1969
diagram of bones formed a geometry of murder. Internal Emigre. All afternoon they had driven along the highway. Moving steadily throughp 71 THF 1969
transplants, autism and senile dementia, auto-disasters and plane crashes. Above all, the montage landscapes of war and death: newsreels from thep 72 THF 1969
a landing craft came alongside. Tulloch told me that were all to transfer to a supply ship leaving on the nextp 73 THF 1969
the perfect arena, like a culture-bed of sterile pus, for all the veronicas of our own perversions, in voyeurism and self-disgustp 75 THF 1969
these are games that anyone can play. Their violence, and all violence for that matter, reflects the neutral exploration of sensationp 77 THF 1969
they provide a readily accessible anthology of exploratory techniques. Where all this leads one can only speculate -- why not, forp 77 THF 1969
-- why not, for example, use our own children for all kinds of obscene games? Given that we can only makep 77 THF 1969
by Vaughan, the inclined concrete decks and Karen's body. Above all, the multi-storey car park was a model for her rapep 79 THF 1969
which had brought him to the multi-storey car park. Above all, these images from Koester's film reminded him of his affectionp 79 THF 1969
Dior of the netherworld, had soon put an end to all forms of bio-fabric coffin-wear and firmly established the principle: ‘Nakedp 797 SGW 1970
the Neptune Hotel. I turned to ask Georges to use all his tact to get her to leave. For once, howeverp 798 SGW 1970
wanted everyone in the world to go naked, so that all the clothes would die.‘ She laughed at this. ‘Now I'vep 799 SGW 1970
Gowns were strewn across the facing sofas. Several had lost all colour and lay blanched and inert. Others had felted, theirp 801 SGW 1970
a barbed finger raised to my lips. ‘Mr Samson! We all have our difficulties. Just do what you can. Your feep 801 SGW 1970
glimmer to the light. What surprised me was their condition. All of them had been deformed into strange shapes, their coloursp 801 SGW 1970
nightclub. ‘I left so many pieces of myself behind in all those clinics and hospitals. I thought perhaps I could findp 802 SGW 1970
without mirrors, she would tell me her strange dreams, which all reflected her fears of growing young. In the evenings, asp 803 SGW 1970
face, resemblances one can make use of. That record was all I needed, the old theme tune of the nightclub. Ip 805 SGW 1970
take‘. With a good ‘take‘ the graft contracture is even all around the mould and there is less tendency to extrusionp 17 C80 1970
was he buying up these arbitrary leases on derelict sites all over the city? It was almost as if he werep 42 JAC 1970
measuring her abdomen and buttocks for yet another new perversion. All week, as they lay on the bed in this rentedp 42 JAC 1970
Dr Manston stooped to pick up a crushed mollusc. "After all, when one thinks about it, we know very little aboutp 43 JAC 1970
skin, lying over the bright pavement like excrement. Road Runner All day he had been driving around the city, following thep 46 JAC 1970
vision of H.G. Wells and his successors, and above all their grasp of the real identity of the twentieth centuryp 205 UGM 1971
a better key to the present than the past. Above all, science fiction is likely to be the only form ofp 205 UGM 1971
scientist or engineer. If he is to produce fiction at all, he must out-imagine everyone else, scream louder, whisper more quietlyp 206 UGM 1971
of the new. Within fiction, unhappily, the main tradition for all too long has been the tradition of the old. Likep 206 UGM 1971
ever was one in fiction -- is literary criticism. Almost all the criticism of science fiction has been written by benevolentp 206 UGM 1971
the unique postures of passengers on an airport escalator -- all in all, close to the world of the Pop paintersp 207 UGM 1971
postures of passengers on an airport escalator -- all in all, close to the world of the Pop painters and sculptorsp 207 UGM 1971
own innocent rapport with my automobile and feed into them all his obsessions and unease is clearly going to be inp 259 UGM 1971
almost its purest expression on the highway. Here we see, all too clearly, the speed and violence of our age, itsp 262 UGM 1971
created by and for the car, a development which people all over the world are now beginning to rebel against. Theyp 262 UGM 1971
but they totally overpower the urban areas around and -- all too often -- below them. It may well be thatp 263 UGM 1971
the same way as the slave-armies who constructed what, after all, were monuments to the dead? Sadly, despite the enormous benefitsp 263 UGM 1971
modern car I knew a great deal about the old, all of it learned the hard way. Exhausting, often terrifying andp 263 UGM 1971
the last machine whose basic technology and function we can all understand. At the same time, an enormous backlash of hostilityp 264 UGM 1971
the sense in which we know it, any future at all? Will legislation more and more take away the freedom thatp 264 UGM 1971
is obvious that ever more restrictive legislation will be enacted all over the world aimed at the control of the carp 264 UGM 1971
by London Transport for its buses will be mounted on all roads, signalling the opening and closing of toll-gates hundreds ofp 265 UGM 1971
its speed to a computer-controlled traffic flow. Ultimately, I feel, all legislation aimed at the car is really aimed at thep 265 UGM 1971
What will take the place of the steering wheel? In all likelihood, a wheel of a different kind -- a telephonep 265 UGM 1971
a telephone directory. The directory will contain a list of all possible destinations, each with a number that may be dialledp 266 UGM 1971
be caught by a mock-policeman riding the strangest machine of all, something like a small metal horse, once called a motorcyclep 267 UGM 1971
and entertainment. Vietnam, the first TV War, had given viewers all the excitement of live transmissions from the battlefield, but warsp 806 GTS 1972
past an inexhaustible supply of first-class news and entertainment -- all of it, moreover, free. Immediately they set to work, investingp 806 GTS 1972
the highlights of World War II and the subsequent decades, all transmitted as they actually occurred. Night after night, somewhere aroundp 807 GTS 1972
the advantages of preparing their ground. From then onwards almost all important historical events were rescripted by the editorial departments. Hannibal'sp 808 GTS 1972
cameras might well prevent the Israelites from getting across at all. Clearly, the powers of the Almighty would be severely testedp 809 GTS 1972
studios in Europe and America were besieged. Nothing came through. All contacts with the camera crews on location had been brokenp 810 GTS 1972
transmit it. No further attempts to regain contact succeeded. Almost all the world's Time Vision equipment had been destroyed, its leadingp 810 GTS 1972
have had anything but a protected life. I have travelled all over the world since I have been 15, and whilep 26 SEO 1972
I spent a great deal of time acting -- not all of it on the stage. I have also been veryp 26 SEO 1972
of their thighs impacted against their handbrake mountings, and above all by the wounds to their genitalia, her uterus pierced byp 8 C 1973
and fought for his cameras with the ambulance attendants. Above all, Vaughan waited for head-on collisions with the concrete pillars ofp 11 C 1973
assumed a series of stylized positions. Vaughan unfolded for me all his obsessions with the mysterious eroticism of wounds: the perversep 12 C 1973
of the crashes of automobile stylists, the most abstract of all possible deaths, wounded in their cars with promiscuous laboratory techniciansp 14 C 1973
postures reveal the secret formulas of their minds and lives. All of us who knew Vaughan accept the perverse eroticism ofp 17 C 1973
she was unharmed. During my first hours in Ashford Hospital all I could see in my mind was the image ofp 20 C 1973
bruised face, a clear confusion of concern and hostility. However, all I could see was the unusual junction of her thighsp 22 C 1973
casualty nurses in his photographic albums. Their dark skins mediated all the sly sexuality which Vaughan aroused in them. Their patientsp 24 C 1973
One of these was temporarily occupied by car-crash injuries. Not all the blood which covered me had belonged to the manp 26 C 1973
fourth day, for no evident reason, the anaesthetics were withdrawn. All morning I vomited into the enamel pail, which a nursep 28 C 1973
of her boyfriends had started a small air-tourist charter firm. All these activities she pursued with a single mind, deliberately markingp 30 C 1973
that would later soar in value. I had reacted to all this like most husbands, quickly developing an extensive repertory ofp 30 C 1973
From which new lover had she borrowed this ugly machine, all too clearly a man's? Tooled from an aircraft cannon shellp 31 C 1973
like an anonymous opponent killed in a pointless duel -- all these women around me seemed to attend only to myp 32 C 1973
mouth with their hard hands -- these starched women in all their roles reminded me of those who attended my childhoodp 33 C 1973
sex act itself. Nonetheless, these pursuits had begun to make all our relationships, both between ourselves and with other people, morep 34 C 1973
becoming a kind of emotional cassette, taking my place with all those scenes of pain and violence that illuminated the marginsp 37 C 1973
After the commonplaces of everyday life, with their muffled dramas, all my organic expertise for dealing with physical injury had longp 39 C 1973
way in which she operated her own bizarre equipment. Like all laboratory technicians, there was something clinically sexual about her plumpp 40 C 1973
X-ray department beckoned as invitingly as the warmest organic orifice. ‘All right, you've finished.‘ She put a strong arm under myp 41 C 1973
Her right leg had been amputated, and she now spent all her time folding a silk scarf around the small stumpp 42 C 1973
darkened cinemas, made an immediate connection between my accident and all the nightmare fatalities of the world perceived as part ofp 46 C 1973
domestic wrangles of our well-to-do neighbours in our apartment house, all the hopes and fancies of this placid suburban enclave, drenchedp 49 C 1973
sunlit oncoming lanes, the street furniture and route indicators -- all these seemed threatening and super-real, as exciting as the acceleratingp 49 C 1973
as if an accident was about to take place involving all these cars. The passengers in the airliners lifting away fromp 50 C 1973
with me. During my first days at home I spent all my time on the veranda, watching the traffic move alongp 50 C 1973
with wedding guests. ‘They are rather like rehearsals. When we've all rehearsed our separate parts the real thing will begin.‘ Anp 50 C 1973
had a natural and healthy curiosity for the perverse in all its forms. ‘James, I've got to leave for the officep 50 C 1973
leave for the office -- are you going to be all right?‘ She knew full well that I was capable ofp 50 C 1973
which we hoped to use the film actress Elizabeth Taylor. All this time, however, my real attention was fixed on thep 54 C 1973
Renata when she joined me in the car. ‘Are you all right? Where are we going?‘ I stared at the steeringp 55 C 1973
the concrete verge. ‘Are we allowed to park here?‘ ‘No.‘ ‘All right -- the police will make an exception in yourp 55 C 1973
feet on to the control pedals I was aware of all these drivers, of the volumes their bodies had occupied, theirp 58 C 1973
companies was using it -- camera clamps on the roof, all over the doors and bonnet.‘ The notion that the carp 59 C 1973
sexual unit, able in one way or another to satisfy all comers. I stopped by the traffic island. The older womanp 61 C 1973
the roof of this multi-storey car-park. ‘You can finish. That's all right.‘ The woman was now searching my groin again forp 63 C 1973
matter, the application of computerized techniques to the control of all international traffic systems. In the first programmes of his seriesp 63 C 1973
series he had been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. All too clearly his face and personality still carried the memoryp 64 C 1973
excited, I had an absurd row with Waring's secretary. But all this seemed trivial and unreal. Far more important was thep 65 C 1973
of salesroom vinyl. ‘I'm not thinking about the crash at all.‘ ‘You're getting involved with this man, Vaughan -- you're talkingp 66 C 1973
involved with this man, Vaughan -- you're talking about him all the time.‘ Catherine stared through the immaculate windshield, her thighsp 66 C 1973
electrical wiring and torn canvas webbing on the floor expressed all the isolation of war. The blurring perspex of the cockpitp 68 C 1973
modified for an extreme cripple, was the perfect module for all the quickening futures of my life. Someone passed in frontp 69 C 1973
at Ashford -- it's rather stupid of me.‘ ‘Look at all this traffic -- I need every sedative I can layp 73 C 1973
day I left Ashford I had the extraordinary feeling that all these cars were gathering for some special reason I didn'tp 73 C 1973
away from me as if she were ostentatiously blotting out all traces of my existence. At the same time I hadp 77 C 1973
take you?‘ ‘Can we drive a little?‘ she asked. ‘There's all this traffic -- I like to look at it.‘ Wasp 77 C 1973
eyes as I moved my lips across their lids contained all the melancholy of this derelict vehicle, its leaking engine oilp 79 C 1973
executives?); the news programme played while she percolated the coffee ... All this had now passed, replaced by a small but growingp 83 C 1973
roar of defective silencer units. ‘It's strange -- I thought all this would be far more popular.‘ ‘The real thing isp 84 C 1973
cameras to frame him. The frustrated actor was evident in all his impulsive movements, and in an irritating way pre-empted myp 88 C 1973
The way Vaughan handled the car set the tone for all his behaviour -- by turns aggressive, distracted, sensitive, clumsy, absorbedp 89 C 1973
mocking his whole role as a driver. His behaviour with all the women he knew was governed by the same obsessivep 90 C 1973
deflection, like the rake of the Lincoln's windshield pillars, expressed all Vaughan's oblique and obsessive passage through the open spaces ofp 91 C 1973
in a simulated Afro wig. A small child watched us all from between her legs, its blunt fingers straying to thep 93 C 1973
The television producer called out, ‘Seagrave is doubling now for all the actresses. It's that beautiful blond hair. What do youp 94 C 1973
reflectively at his grimy hands. ‘I'd like to get them all in those cars we have to drive. What do youp 95 C 1973
scene I had the sense that Vaughan was controlling us all, giving each of us what we most wanted and mostp 96 C 1973
sexuality, releasing within its twisted bulkheads and leaking engine coolant all the deviant possibilities of her sex. Her crippled thighs andp 99 C 1973
bandages than I realized at the time, the background to all the pictures was the same -- the automobile, moving alongp 101 C 1973
their own stunt-cars -- I decided not to answer. Seeing all this cross my face, Vaughan turned to the door. ‘I'llp 103 C 1973
the knee-high grass. It suddenly occurred to me that during all the time I had spent with Helen Remington I hadp 104 C 1973
I looked through the colour photographs in the magazines; in all of them the motor-car in one style or another figuredp 104 C 1973
and the album of photographs documenting my accident, had quickened all my memories of that trauma of dreams. Going down top 105 C 1973
would cut irrelevantly across whatever Vaughan was planning for us all. Catherine had been untiringly generous and affectionate to me. Shep 107 C 1973
pilots with whom she fraternized probably carried more diseases than all the terrified immigrants herded through Helen Remington's bureaux. Searching forp 107 C 1973
alone in the Citroen like a distraught witch. ‘Is he all right? You should have photographed Seagrave.‘ ‘I did -- ofp 110 C 1973
There's an Open Day in a week's time -- we'll all go together.‘ ‘That's the sort of frolic I can wellp 111 C 1973
Seagrave disguised as the screen actress, remained in my mind all afternoon, even overlaying my response to Catherine when she camep 111 C 1973
I blocked his way with my own car. Excited by all this, Catherine sat among the scarlet fuel pumps, her eyesp 113 C 1973
centre of his personality is.‘ ‘You don't resent him taking all those photographs? It sounds as if he's using you.‘ Ip 116 C 1973
obsessions.‘ ‘His flashy car, the way he drives, his loneliness. All the women he's fucked there. It must smell of semenp 116 C 1973
of rapidly consumed affairs, as if taking the genitalia of all these men into her hands and her vagina would inp 119 C 1973
some way bring her husband back to life, and that all this semen mixed within her womb would quicken the fadingp 119 C 1973
voice, was the presence in each one of the automobile. All had taken place within a motor-car, either in the multi-storeyp 120 C 1973
panicky universe, and yet at the same time open to all kinds of experiences from the outer world. Vaughan pushed hisp 123 C 1973
me, tapping the bundle of handouts in his grip. ‘Get all the paper you can, Ballard. Some of the stuff theyp 123 C 1973
through the threadbare cloth, index finger rolling back the foreskin. All the while his eyes moved up and down the collisionp 124 C 1973
grace of the slow-motion camera. Like the most brilliant of all stunt men, he stood on his pedals, legs and armsp 126 C 1973
penetration of Vaughan's body; both were conceptualized acts abstracted from all feeling, carrying any ideas or emotions with which we caredp 129 C 1973
pre-empted whatever violent behaviour he had suppressed for so long. ‘All right,‘ Vaughan announced, dusting the fibreglass from his hands. ‘We'llp 129 C 1973
the tiled floor. Once away from the Laboratory he recovered all his aggressiveness, as if his appetite was quickened by thep 130 C 1973
die in a unique vehicle collision, one that would transform all our dreams and fantasies. The man who dies in thatp 130 C 1973
each subject I saw, as I expected, that they had all at some time been involved in a minor or majorp 132 C 1973
By contrast, the choice of wounds and death-modes available showed all the benefits of an exhaustive and lingering research. Almost everyp 132 C 1973
a new currency of pain and desire. The same conjunctions, all the more terrifying when they seemed to evoke the underlyingp 134 C 1973
head-on collisions. Gabrielle had emphasized facial injuries. Most disturbing of all the replies were Seagrave's -- in the crashes he devisedp 135 C 1973
of the other vehicles from the parking lot soon focused all my attention on this isolated car at the centre. Inp 146 C 1973
Without any effort now, he was able to follow me all day, for ever waiting for me at the airport entrancesp 146 C 1973
he was smoking. ‘Ballard, she's central to the fantasies of all the subjects I've tested. There's a limited amount of timep 148 C 1973
of a rear-fender assembly, a marriage of my penis with all the possibilities of a benevolent technology. ‘Vaughan ...‘ He was lookingp 148 C 1973
my car. Where is yours?‘ ‘At home. I couldn't face all this traffic.‘ ‘I'd better come with you.‘ Catherine peered intop 150 C 1973
shared understanding of the most subtle points, as if they all realized the full significance of the displacement of the limousine'sp 155 C 1973
the survivors of the crash behind us, contact points for all the sexual possibilities of their futures. The last of thep 156 C 1973
head away from me. ‘Are you going to drive? You're all right, aren't you?‘ I stood with my feet apart, handsp 157 C 1973
towards his anus as if performing an act divorced from all feeling. She touched his chest and shoulders with her rightp 161 C 1973
child's against the sweat-soaked seat. His face seemed drained of all aggressiveness, as if the semen he had voided into Catherine'sp 165 C 1973
been seized at random from a suburban department-store window. Above all, the apartment was dominated by Vaughan's evident narcissism -- thep 167 C 1973
make-up lady, gesturing at the producer for the photographer's benefit. All these photographs dated back to the time before Vaughan's accidentp 168 C 1973
installation of auxiliary controls, brake treadles and hand-operated clutch levers. All the while I stared at those parts of Gabrielle's bodyp 175 C 1973
neither vagina nor rectum, an orifice we could dress with all our deepest affections. I visualized the injuries of film actressesp 180 C 1973
my car, fingers playing amiably across my left shoulder -- all these acts and emotions were ciphers searching for their meaningp 180 C 1973
these white hemispheres, these plenums of the flesh that contained all the programmes of dreams and genocides. I began to thinkp 181 C 1973
screen actress never died in a car-crash, Vaughan had created all the possibilities of her death. From these hundreds of milesp 182 C 1973
sex-death he had devised for her seemed to make him all the more frustrated when this hoped-for death failed to occurp 183 C 1973
from that accident onwards, the film actress had already died. All that remained now for Vaughan was to constitute the formalitiesp 187 C 1973
as the stains on the gusset of a shroud, contained all the special magic and healing powers of a modern martyrp 188 C 1973
around the rear seat, steering her with his strong thighs. All his violence and anger had returned. After his orgasm thep 191 C 1973
following, assembling the elements of imaginary accidents in his mind. All the experiences of our weeks together had left me inp 194 C 1973
fumble with the ignition, a faint smile mocking me for all the eagerness I had shown in pursuing him, and yetp 195 C 1973
from the sky. Looking around, I had the impression that all the cars on the highway were stationary, the spinning earthp 196 C 1973
An airline coach sped towards us, its silver hull irradiating all six lanes of the motorway, bearing down on us likep 198 C 1973
these endless runways that covered the landscape. I realized that all these roads and expressways had been built by us unknowinglyp 199 C 1973
which I had clung to my wife. Yet Vaughan, for all his harshness, was a wholly benevolent partner, the eye ofp 200 C 1973
on the shoulders of two archangelic figures, on to which all the traffic in the world might flow. In these strangep 208 C 1973
along the motorway marked on the plain of the landscape all the possible trajectories of her flight, laying down the blueprintsp 209 C 1973
collision. ‘Your car --?‘ I held her shoulders. ‘Are you all right?‘ She leaned against me, as if memorializing the imagep 210 C 1973
took her arm. ‘I need to drive again before it all goes.‘ She held her bare arms across her breasts, andp 211 C 1973
a marked transformation, as if they had been purged of all accretions of the familiar and sentimental. The surrounding street furniturep 211 C 1973
I realized that the three lanes were almost deserted. ‘They've all gone away.‘ ‘I'd like to go back -- James!‘ ‘Notp 212 C 1973
paradox, this sex act between us had been devoid of all sexuality. All that afternoon we drove along the expressways. Thep 212 C 1973
sex act between us had been devoid of all sexuality. All that afternoon we drove along the expressways. The endless highwayp 212 C 1973
Her death would be a model of my care for all the victims of air-crashes and natural disasters. As I layp 218 C 1973
a bright leather band. For a moment I felt that all the aircraft he had watched rising from the airport hadp 218 C 1973
the cars caught in the hold-up, as if we were all waiting to embark on a voyage into the night. Overheadp 221 C 1973
frequencies of their car radios. I seemed to recognize them all, guests at the latest of an unending series of roadp 221 C 1973
rest of the car was unrecognizable, as if impacted from all directions, internally and externally. Vaughan had been travelling along thep 222 C 1973
Sphere ... If I were a Martian, I'd start running now. All this is done with vigour and panache, an impressive handlingp 165 UGM 1974
the least, and the author is certainly a change from all the professional doomsayers and airport thinkers hawking the latest eco-crisisp 165 UGM 1974
description of Cape Kennedy as Disneyland East. But most of all because, for the foreseeable future at any rate, space travelp 166 UGM 1974
Aldiss Brian Aldiss's exuberant title gives a fair summary of all the excitements to be found in this book -- Ip 202 UGM 1974
an over-abundant species in this branch of fiction), and above all affectionate towards the strange company of knaves and naives, hacksp 202 UGM 1974
reason, Billion Year Spree is guaranteed a steady sale to all those people who for some reason need to read thep 202 UGM 1974
department being erected around my mind, and around those of all the other writers exercising their talents for fantasy and inventionp 203 UGM 1974
be better, and America had a monopoly of the stuff. All this has now gone into reverse. The future has nowp 204 UGM 1974
of the values of modern America are under severe scrutiny. All this leaves the older generation of American science fiction writersp 204 UGM 1974
musculature. His heavy jaw and hard cheeks were drained of all blood. The eyes staring back at him from the mirrorp 8 CI 1974
in the night air, he realized how much he loathed all these drivers and their vehicles. ‘Stop ...!‘ He shook his blood-smearedp 17 CI 1974
crash barriers. Maitland leaned against a trestle, trying to rally all his powers of self-control. He was aware of half hisp 17 CI 1974
be able to focus on his wrist-watch and gave up all sense of time. Stirred by the night air, the grassp 21 CI 1974
grass to steady himself. ‘Maitland, this is going to take all day ...‘ He made a second step. Gasping for breath, hep 24 CI 1974
from the remains of a garden path. These ruins were all that remained of a stucco Victorian house pulled down yearsp 30 CI 1974
foot of the caisson. The narrow gully, washed clear of all refuse by the rain, led around the concrete wall top 31 CI 1974
early afternoon, he took stock of himself. He realized, above all, that the assumption he had made repeatedly since his arrivalp 32 CI 1974
was no certainty that he would ever be noticed at all. Given, too, the circumstances of his private and professional lifep 32 CI 1974
which he sat. Like a tocsin warning him reprovingly of all this, Maitland's leg began to throb. ‘Right -- let's seep 33 CI 1974
got ...‘ Maitland roused himself, mastering the mounting urge to sleep all the time. He swung himself round to the rear ofp 33 CI 1974
minutes later, Maitland had collected a full canister of water. All this while, as he crouched forward in his soaked clothesp 34 CI 1974
on that motorway and they'd be locked bumper to bumper all the way back to Westway. What the hell am Ip 35 CI 1974
he hobbled between the breaker's yard and the embankment, carrying all the tyres and fenders he could find. The area aroundp 35 CI 1974
used by scrap-metal workers. From the foot of the embankment all that was visible was a bright glow that illuminated thep 40 CI 1974
by no means clear that a car was burning at all. It was now ten o'clock, and the first lights werep 40 CI 1974
overcome by a sudden sense of fear that drove away all awareness of his hunger and exhaustion. By some nightmare logicp 44 CI 1974
small encampment by the southern entrance to the Westway interchange. All the fish had gone -- however, as Maitland had guessedp 46 CI 1974
on the white flank of the caisson, he found that all the letters had been obliterated. Fever The last of thep 48 CI 1974
forgetting first his injured hip, then both his legs, erasing all awareness of his bruised chest and diaphragm. Sustained by thep 51 CI 1974
his body, burning the raw skin beneath his beard. On all sides of the island the traffic moved along the motorwaysp 53 CI 1974
grass and the foliage of a stunted elder sealed off all but a faint glow of the late afternoon sunlight, andp 54 CI 1974
were arranged in a circle like ornaments on an altar. All had been taken from motor-car bodies -- a wing mirrorp 55 CI 1974
neighbourhood somewhere near the motorway, he assumed -- took on all the style and comfort of a riverside suite at thep 58 CI 1974
chocolate melting in Maitland's stomach made him feel light-headed. ‘It's all right. They'll deal with it at the hospital.‘ He beganp 0059 CI 1974
help, yes. A friend of mine has gone. You'll be all right.‘ ‘Where are we exactly -- are we near thep 60 CI 1974
a briefcase near the car. Anyway, you talk to yourself all the time.‘ She paused, eyeing him critically. ‘You're tremendously angryp 61 CI 1974
did. You confuse me when you talk about the island all the time.‘ Half-resentfully, as if reminding Maitland of his debtp 61 CI 1974
senior partner in a firm of architects. You'll be paid all you want, without any questions. Now, have you sent forp 62 CI 1974
had been born with had never developed beyond his adolescence. All the stresses of a hard life had combined to producep 62 CI 1974
he temporized. ‘At night no one will see Proctor's jacket.‘ ‘All right -- at night only. Don't let it go top 0063 CI 1974
had scaled the muddy slope and replaced the trestles, hiding all traces of his accident. As he muttered to the youngp 64 CI 1974
rocking his head and murmuring to him reassuringly. ‘You'll be all right, love. Try to sleep, you'll feel better when youp 64 CI 1974
the tramp in his dinner-jacket watching him from the doorway. All night Proctor hovered over him, his heavy fingers roving aroundp 64 CI 1974
the urgencies of food, shelter, his injured leg and, above all, the need to dominate the patch of ground immediately aroundp 67 CI 1974
this next acrobatic turn represented his real test. Proctor concentrated all his energies. He marked out the ground, kicking away thep 68 CI 1974
You're the sort of man who has to test himself all the time. Do you think you crashed on to thisp 70 CI 1974
not joking -- believe me, self-destruction is something I know all about. My mother pumped herself so full of barbiturates beforep 70 CI 1974
than the white owners do. But that's something you know all about.‘ ‘What's that?‘ ‘Exploitation. You're a rich businessman, aren't youp 70 CI 1974
trip,‘ Jane retorted quickly. ‘They probably aren't missing you at all.‘ Maitland let this pass. ‘You told me you'd called thep 70 CI 1974
not that he's ever done anything, but this place is all he's got. When they built the motorway they sealed himp 71 CI 1974
She tossed it on to the bed beside Maitland. ‘It's all there -- count it. Go on! Count it!‘ Maitland openedp 73 CI 1974
like that cool scene.‘ Maitland waited for her to finish. ‘All right, maybe I do. Then help me get away fromp 73 CI 1974
path to the door, eyes furious. ‘You're making these assumptions all the time! No one owes you anything, so stop allp 73 CI 1974
all the time! No one owes you anything, so stop all this want, want, want You crashed your car because youp 73 CI 1974
growing more densely on the surface. Soon it would hide all traces of his accident, the deep ruts left by thep 74 CI 1974
and swung the blanket through the spilt liquid. Moving on all fours, Proctor circled Maitland cautiously. The young woman reached thep 77 CI 1974
to the car -- you keep an eye on me all the time.‘ As Jane waited impatiently for Proctor to strikep 79 CI 1974
spend it.‘ Maitland shook his head. ‘It wasn't smart at all. Poor old man, I don't think he knew how top 80 CI 1974
rods. ‘God Almighty, I came here to get away from all these moral attitudes.‘ She blundered around the room, as ifp 81 CI 1974
universe of creases hovered above Maitland like an anxious beast's. All night he moved restlessly around his burrow, keeping up ap 85 CI 1974
if the lair had been designed to blunt and muffle all evidence of the world outside. Maitland watched the traffic movep 86 CI 1974
away than he remembered them, slowly receding from him on all sides. By contrast the island appeared far larger, covered byp 86 CI 1974
him. ‘I don't want to send you to prison. After all, you've helped me, Proctor.‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Proctor nodded vigorously. ‘Proctor helpedp 87 CI 1974
grass in front of him, identifying its luxuriant growth with all the pain he had felt. Even this short journey acrossp 88 CI 1974
away his strength. The deep grass jostled around him on all sides like a hostile crowd. Swaying unsteadily, Maitland pressed onp 88 CI 1974
the cork to his nose, sniffing at the metal foil. ‘All right -- Proctor take you to the food place.‘ Thep 89 CI 1974
He pointed to the scattered contents of the overnight case. ‘All right, Jane? Now, gather everything up.‘ Without hesitating, she kneltp 96 CI 1974
help -- when I'm ready. You keep thinking of yourself all the time. Can't you understand that I may have problemsp 98 CI 1974
Maitland had deliberately egged himself on. Determined to survive above all else, he would exploit this strain of cruelty in himselfp 98 CI 1974
way that he had earlier exploited his self-pity and contempt. All that mattered was that he dominate the senile tramp andp 98 CI 1974
better. It may sound strange, but for once I'm not all that keen to get away from here ... Jane, where dop 99 CI 1974
Five pounds -- I want five pounds.‘ ‘Jane, take it all. You can have it all.‘ ‘Five!‘ She gripped his shouldersp 100 CI 1974
five pounds.‘ ‘Jane, take it all. You can have it all.‘ ‘Five!‘ She gripped his shoulders in her bands, nails tearingp 100 CI 1974
relationships with Catherine and his mother, even with Helen Fairfax, all the thousand and one emotionally loaded transactions of his childhoodp 100 CI 1974
his past, from his childhood, his wife and friends, with all their affections and demands, and to rove for ever withinp 101 CI 1974
the embankment of the feeder road was a well-worn pathway. ‘All right, Proctor -- carry on. Take the short cut backp 102 CI 1974
Maitland found it difficult to move around the island at all. The grass and nettles, the elders and scruffy undergrowth hadp 103 CI 1974
hidden by the grass that had grown around it, covering all traces of the blackened ground. Maitland avoided Proctor's eyes, composingp 104 CI 1974
if Jane and Proctor believed him to be a cripple. ‘All right -- let's see what we've got for you.‘ Maitlandp 105 CI 1974
at the neighbourhood supermarket -- kept Proctor in check. Above all, several bottles of cheap red wine had maintained Maitland's authorityp 105 CI 1974
Jane to buy the cheap Spanish claret for the tramp. ‘All right, Proctor. You can have one of these. But don'tp 106 CI 1974
Wine with your meals, you dress for dinner -- you're all too eager to be exploited ...‘ As he rode back top 106 CI 1974
through a brief but careful ritual, which he performed with all the meat cans and biscuit packs that Maitland gave himp 107 CI 1974
play chess. ‘It's a great invention -- why don't we all write with both hands at once?‘ Proctor gazed delightedly atp 108 CI 1974
himself alongside Proctor. ‘It doesn't take long, does it -- all these years you've wasted ... Now, let me show you howp 108 CI 1974
on, as if this pointless travel around the island was all that he could think of in his efforts to revivep 111 CI 1974
injured thigh and hip, his mouth and right temple, had all now healed, as if this magical therapy had somehow workedp 112 CI 1974
of the Jaguar, where he had inundated himself with self-pity ... All these he would bequeath to the island. Reviving at thisp 112 CI 1974
his corpse. The pavilion of doors ‘Wake up! Are you all right?‘ The grass seethed around him, the harsh stems whippingp 116 CI 1974
-- I want to stay here. For the time being.‘ ‘All right ...‘ The girl rubbed a bruised nerve. ‘Stay here. Ip 116 CI 1974
morning.‘ She stood up, shaking her head. ‘I don't know. All right, I'll stay. I brought the wine. I'll give itp 117 CI 1974
to find him again, but gave up as vehicles clogged all lanes of the motorway. He remembered his previous state ofp 118 CI 1974
you're not. You imagine you can just lie here, thinking all day. No one gives a damn what you think. Youp 118 CI 1974
Maitland took her hands. ‘Don't call her. Do you understand?‘ ‘All right.‘ She nodded reluctantly. ‘Listen, rest in here tonight. I'llp 120 CI 1974
and Maitland raised the crutch and waved to it. Despite all his disappointments during his long struggle to escape from thep 121 CI 1974
about food? I could bring some back for you.‘ ‘That's all right. There is food here.‘ ‘Where?‘ She followed his eyesp 124 CI 1974
wallet and handed her the bundle of greasy notes. ‘Take all these, I won't need them. But promise me you willp 125 CI 1974
of flying to Wake Island -- a hopeless ambition, given all his handicaps -- came alive again when he found thep 811 DFW 1974
stretched towards the sea at low tide, Melville now devoted all his time to digging the aircraft out of the dunesp 811 DFW 1974
of the crashed aircraft gave him a chance to engage all his energies and, with luck, hold these migraine attacks atp 811 DFW 1974
task of settling in at the abandoned resort, and above all with doing nothing. Despite the endless hours he had spentp 812 DFW 1974
seized his mind in a powerful but ambiguous way. For all its arid, oceanic isolation, the Wake Island in Melville's mindp 813 DFW 1974
on your own. I'll strip off the tanks and cut all these braces away.‘ ‘You intend to stay on Wake Islandp 816 DFW 1974
to preparing the Cessna for its long westward flight. For all his excitability, the state of controlled euphoria which his soon-to-be-realizedp 816 DFW 1974
been cued in by the aircraft emerging around him on all sides -- Helen Winthrop's Cessna, the Fortress he was exposingp 817 DFW 1974
of old R/T gear, lifejackets and ammunition boxes. After all his efforts, the interior of the fuselage seemed to Melvillep 817 DFW 1974
this abandoned resort and take off into the western sky. ‘All the radio aids are ready,‘ he told her on thep 818 DFW 1974
her on the weekend before they were due to leave. ‘All you need to do now is file your flight planp 818 DFW 1974
to the annihilation of a substantial town. I had lost all interest in the film festival, and was glad when thep 820 AD 1975
about the figure 1000 that touched the imagination, setting off all kinds of forebodings that no amount of advertising could dispelp 820 AD 1975
the aircraft had come down -- but where, exactly? For all the lack of information, the traffic continued to press southwardsp 821 AD 1975
down in the mountains? Self-interest, clearly, the hope of scooping all my colleagues and at last impressing my editor. Ahead ofp 822 AD 1975
on this private expedition. The mountains rose around me on all sides, the valleys dividing like the entrances to an immensep 822 AD 1975
equipment on the seat beside me, and even my clothes, all of which must have seemed unbelievably exotic. To explain myp 823 AD 1975
feet above us. As I drove up the mountain road, all my doubts had gone. This time, once and for allp 824 AD 1975
all my doubts had gone. This time, once and for all, I would prove my worth to a sceptical editor. Twop 824 AD 1975
steadily upwards, ever higher into these bleak mountains. By now all sight of the coastal plain and the sea had gonep 824 AD 1975
Immediately they were nodding away. They muttered to each other, all pointing to a narrow ravine that formed a brief extensionp 825 AD 1975
saw where he had guided me, and what the villagers all the way down to the coastal plain had described. Lyingp 826 AD 1975
my breast pocket. Already his hand was slightly outstretched. For all his small size, he looked as dangerous as a wildp 826 AD 1975
his hand was a crude spade. A small man, like all the others, his posture was in no way threatening. Ratherp 827 AD 1975
sat against the lid of its open coffin. ‘Cadaver --‘ All the way through the village people stood in the doorwaysp 827 AD 1975
apartments, its supermarket and swimming-pools, bank and junior school -- all in effect abandoned in the sky -- the high-rise offeredp 7 HR 1975
specifically for its peace, quiet and anonymity. Curiously enough, despite all Laing's efforts to detach himself from his two thousand neighboursp 7 HR 1975
terraced houses and empty factories already zoned for reclamation. For all the proximity of the City two miles away to thep 8 HR 1975
administered themselves through a resident manager and his staff. For all its size, the high-rise contained an impressive range of servicesp 9 HR 1975
for war, on the unconscious level if no other. After all the tensions of his divorce, the last thing he wantedp 10 HR 1975
earlier would have needed an army of tireless servants. Besides all this, once Laing had been appointed senior lecturer in physiologyp 10 HR 1975
over his head. Only too keen to relax after demonstrating all afternoon in the physiology laboratories, and with an eye onp 11 HR 1975
of personal rivalry. At times he felt that they were all waiting for someone to make a serious mistake. After breakfastp 12 HR 1975
started too early, or one that had been going on all night and was now getting its second wind? The internalp 12 HR 1975
saunter past him with a fascinated but cautious eye. For all his feigned cynicism, he knew that he was in ap 13 HR 1975
He had come to the high-rise to get away from all relationships. Even his sister's presence, and the reminders of theirp 13 HR 1975
seemed too close for comfort. However, Charlotte had briskly put all these fears to rest. She was still preoccupied by herp 13 HR 1975
-- a common complaint in the high-rise, almost an epidemic. All the residents he had met, on hearing that Laing wasp 13 HR 1975
on which they lived. ‘By the way, what are we all celebrating?‘ he asked as they returned to the living-room. ‘Don'tp 15 HR 1975
even within this still imaginary encounter, sensing that they were all far more involved with each other than they realized. Anp 16 HR 1975
The terms of our leases guarantee us equal access to all facilities,‘ Charlotte explained. ‘We've decided to set up a parentsp 17 HR 1975
of the project, sluice-gates opening to admit the day. For all his reservations. Laing was the first to concede that thesep 19 HR 1975
settled itself, but to Dr Laing this comparative calm was all the more ominous. The swimming-pool on the 10th floor remainedp 22 HR 1975
the spirit of the drowned beast was gathering to itself all the forces of revenge and retribution present within the buildingp 22 HR 1975
the high-rise had long been a source of irritation. Almost all of them were owned by residents on the top tenp 23 HR 1975
feelings for this concrete landscape. Part of its appeal lay all too clearly in the fact that this was an environmentp 25 HR 1975
the closest guests were no more than ten feet away. All were residents from the top three floors. Even more unusualp 26 HR 1975
whether he had imagined the imminent attack on him. After all, what could they have actually done -- hardly tossed himp 27 HR 1975
uneasy mixture of arrogance and defensiveness, as if he were all too aware of the built-in flaws of this huge buildingp 27 HR 1975
expressed regret at Laing's illness he brushed this aside. ‘It's all right, I'm not ill. Something important has come up.‘ Whatp 27 HR 1975
for the first time that day. He noticed immediately that all the guests were drawn from the apartments nearby. Their facesp 31 HR 1975
an atmosphere of true excitement. Within half an hour almost all the women were drunk, a yardstick Laing had long usedp 31 HR 1975
psychiatrist was noncommittal. ‘There's a quickening pulse in the air, all right, but has it anything to do with good humourp 31 HR 1975
than I should be -- but that's true of us all.‘ These agreeably expressed remarks cautioned Laing. Listening to the animatedp 32 HR 1975
the lower-floor tenants, or the arrogance of the upper-floor, had all the intensity of racial prejudice. But as Talbot had pointedp 32 HR 1975
as Talbot had pointed out, Laing found himself unworried by all this. He even took a certain crude pleasure in joiningp 32 HR 1975
levels. Although at first sight these people appeared to provoke all the tension and hostility, those really responsible were the quietp 35 HR 1975
the task of maintaining the social structure that supported them all. For the first time it removed the need to repressp 36 HR 1975
find. In many ways, the high-rise was a model of all that technology had done to make possible the expression ofp 36 HR 1975
trying to wake him up. ‘Robert! You ought to take all this seriously!‘ ‘I do ...‘ ‘You're in a trance!‘ Laing lookedp 37 HR 1975
can lying on the corridor floor. ‘Still, no doubt we're all equally guilty -- I hear that on the lower floorsp 39 HR 1975
part of the fun?‘ ‘You think that we're secretly enjoying all this?‘ ‘Don't you? I'd guess so, doctor. Togetherness is beatingp 40 HR 1975
the balcony.‘ Holding his arm, she picked up her bag. ‘All right. Lift me up. You're a shy lecher, doctor ...‘ Theyp 41 HR 1975
of panic he wondered if he himself was the victim. All around, people were leaning on their railings, glasses in handp 41 HR 1975
block as the dead man -- the programme would have all the impact of a personal biography. When the police investigationp 43 HR 1975
leave his car at the edge of the parking-lot. However, all but one of the blinds were still drawn. Quickening hisp 43 HR 1975
of the cars showed any inclination to respond to him. All of them were permanently suspended between the 20th and 30thp 44 HR 1975
heavy tread, her eyes watched him without expression. ‘Richard ... it's all right.‘ She spoke calmly. ‘I've been awake -- since youp 44 HR 1975
heavy hands together. ‘Helen, you can't lie here like this all day. What about the roof garden? Or the swimming-pool?‘ ‘Ip 45 HR 1975
at first pleased Wilder, but now disturbed him most of all, was that she no longer noticed his affairs with thep 45 HR 1975
stay on, for reasons he had never fully understood. Above all, he would not admit his failure to deal on equalp 47 HR 1975
as he realized now, no one ever changed, and for all his abundant self-confidence he needed to be looked after justp 48 HR 1975
erratically in the air-conditioning flues behind the shower stall, pumped all the way down from the roof of the building thirty-ninep 48 HR 1975
last reached the foot of the mountain he has prepared all his life to scale. The Vertical City Whatever plans hep 49 HR 1975
of free passage around the building, and his access to all its services, particularly the swimming-pool on the 35th floor andp 50 HR 1975
outside entrance to which Wilder did not have a key. All the more determined now to reach the roof, Wilder waitedp 51 HR 1975
With his powerful physique, he was strong enough to climb all the way to the roof. Two floors above, however, thep 51 HR 1975
their health, the frequency of insomnia and other psychosomatic disorders. All the evidence accumulated over several decades cast a critical lightp 52 HR 1975
always struck Wilder as the single most significant feature -- all research by investigators confirmed that the tenants of high-rises madep 52 HR 1975
represented a stand against decerebration. What angered Wilder most of all about life in the apartment building was the way inp 52 HR 1975
medical institutes and large corporations. Puritan and self-disciplined, they had all the cohesion of those eager to settle for second bestp 53 HR 1975
high charges that kept out almost everyone but themselves. Above all, it was their subtle patronage that kept the middle ranksp 53 HR 1975
terms, moreover, which they could understand. The documentary would drama-the all their resentments, and expose the way in which the servicesp 54 HR 1975
smiled patiently, as if this remark in doubtful taste was all he expected of Wilder. His sharp eyes were deliberately vaguep 55 HR 1975
with sudden interest. He shook his head firmly. ‘I'd forget all about it -- if I were you, Wilder.‘ He steppedp 55 HR 1975
at work -- a need to shut away, most of all from oneself, any realization of what was actually happening inp 56 HR 1975
own logic and get even more out of hand? For all his own professed enthusiasm about the documentary, Wilder knew thatp 56 HR 1975
told him that the manager had fallen ill, and that all complaints would be played through and noted for future attentionp 57 HR 1975
future attention. ‘My God, he's actually going to listen to all these tapes -- there must be miles of them ...‘ ‘Arep 57 HR 1975
at the spurting dust, Wilder went out into the corridor. All the elevators were stationary in the upper section of thep 57 HR 1975
now in darkness. Danger in the Streets of the Sky All day Richard Wilder had been preparing for his ascent. Afterp 59 HR 1975
breakdown of its services, and the growing confrontation between themselves. All this brought them together, and ended the frigid isolation ofp 60 HR 1975
had found it difficult to be himself in her apartment. All the time he was conscious of the distance to thep 61 HR 1975
out at him, a well-groomed hand curtly waved him away. All the way down to the 10th floor the communicating doorsp 64 HR 1975
of an interior world who formed a second invisible population. ‘All right -- what about the 35th floor?‘ ‘The people onp 64 HR 1975
side. There was a marked increase in vigilante activity of all kinds. Barriers were being set up, fire-doors locked, garbage thrownp 65 HR 1975
10th-floor gymnasium. Realizing that his arrival had been anticipated by all these people, Wilder turned to leave, but the corridor behindp 66 HR 1975
40th floor, the first two residents were preparing to leave. All day Anthony Royal and his wife had been packing. Afterp 68 HR 1975
postponed for too long, had been difficult to take. For all his professional identification with the high-rise as one of itsp 69 HR 1975
had helped to design was a testing of himself. Above all, he became aware that a new social order was beginningp 70 HR 1975
pattern of social organization that would become the paradigm of all future high-rise blocks. But these dreams of helping the twop 70 HR 1975
much for her, playing on her huge sense of insecurity, all her long-ingrained upper-class uncertainties about maintaining her superior place inp 72 HR 1975
one could risk everything and lose nothing. The effect of all this on his neighbours interested Royal, and particularly on thosep 73 HR 1975
mountain was larger than himself, or Dr Laing, staring out all day from his balcony under the fond impression that hep 73 HR 1975
elevator shafts. She pointed to Royal's three suitcases. ‘Is that all you're taking?‘ ‘For the time being. I'll come back forp 74 HR 1975
chest, as if searching for an old wound. ‘It's really all over, you know. I hate to say it, but thisp 74 HR 1975
prove himself, this conviction that the building might succeed after all. In addition, their neighbours had accepted him a little toop 74 HR 1975
was made, though. He had come up in the world, all right, in too many senses of the term. In anp 74 HR 1975
been an attempt to break out of the trap. But all this belonged to the past now. As Royal knew, theyp 74 HR 1975
moment a battalion of police would arrive and cart them all off to the nearest jail. Or would they? What playedp 76 HR 1975
personnel who manned the supermarket, bank and hairdressing salon, were all residents of the apartment building; the few outsiders had leftp 76 HR 1975
and trousers from the suitcases back to the shelves. For all the activity it was uncertain whether they were packing onp 77 HR 1975
her. ‘We're marooned here, as far as I can see. All the elevators have been commandeered by other floors.‘ ‘What? Didp 77 HR 1975
elevator lobbies was directly responsible for these acts of piracy. ‘All right, we'll leave first thing tomorrow. What about food? Thep 77 HR 1975
large part of her mind had been switched off. For all her complaints, she had never telephoned the building manager herselfp 78 HR 1975
receive none in the future. Already he guessed that, for all their expressed intentions, they would not be leaving either thep 78 HR 1975
birds had cornered it -- the small beast had climbed all the way up a ventilation shaft from the warm comfortp 80 HR 1975
seen him, but Royal would not have cared anyway. For all his keen interest in his neighbours‘ behaviour, he found itp 80 HR 1975
their over-developed sense of responsibility, and lack of flamboyance. Above all, he looked down on than for their good taste. Thep 81 HR 1975
aesthetic sensibility which these well-educated professional people had inherited from all the schools of industrial design, all the award-winning schemes ofp 81 HR 1975
people had inherited from all the schools of industrial design, all the award-winning schemes of interior decoration institutionalized by the lastp 81 HR 1975
the 2nd floor, a slim, silent brunette who probably spent all her time tormenting small mammals. He had broken this offp 83 HR 1975
brief visit he had felt crushed by the pressure of all the people above him, by the thousands of individual livesp 88 HR 1975
into the lobby were flung back. A group of residents, all from the 14th and 15th floors, leapt out and hurledp 88 HR 1975
who were now happily breaking up the children's desks. ‘It's all right, Wilder,‘ he called out in a firm but casualp 89 HR 1975
of here -- don't worry about Wilder.‘ ‘I'm not ...‘ For all her ordeal, Anne was remarkably unruffled. She gazed at Wilderp 89 HR 1975
sound-man they had taken refuge in the deserted classroom. ‘They're all making their own films down there,‘ Anne told him, clearlyp 90 HR 1975
thought of his own confrontation with Wilder, which summed up all the forces in collision within the high-rise. Wilder had obviouslyp 92 HR 1975
shoulder, surrounded by tables loaded with dirty glasses and ashtrays, all the debris of a party abandoned by its guests. Thep 93 HR 1975
everything is going to be chaotic. You'll be safer here.‘ ‘All right -- but your apartment is so dirty.‘ ‘I'll cleanp 99 HR 1975
was happening? Without intending to, they were arranging an assignation. All over the high-rise people were packing their bags, readying themselvesp 99 HR 1975
and declining hygiene, his fading interest in food and drink, all helped to expose a more real vision of himself. Laingp 100 HR 1975
to the floor, realizing that he had achieved nothing -- all he was doing was rearranging the dirt. Far more importantp 100 HR 1975
the apartment, transforming its open interior into a home-made blockhouse. All pieces of heavy furniture, the dining-table and a hand-carved oakp 101 HR 1975
in which the residents of the high-rise, by ripping out all the phone lines, were cutting themselves off from the outsidep 102 HR 1975
anything within the building, extended around the apartment block on all sides, reaching across the concrete plazas and causeways of thep 102 HR 1975
were now just as united in assuring any outsiders that all was well -- partly out of a displaced pride inp 103 HR 1975
planet whose glassy face he could now see clearly. Almost all the new tenants had moved into their apartments, duplicating top 103 HR 1975
the world outside, exposing himself to its hidden dangers. For all its present conflict, the high-rise represented safety and security. Feelingp 103 HR 1975
like the surface of an enormous mould, curved away on all sides, smooth and bland, but in some way as menacingp 104 HR 1975
any kind of rigid rectilinear structure summed up for Laing all the hazards of the world beyond the high-rise. Unable top 104 HR 1975
their way to the entrance lobbies. Laing was relieved that all conversation ended when they neared the building. This civilized behaviourp 105 HR 1975
had been vandalized. Such an act of provocation guaranteed them all a hot night. This was followed by a spate ofp 106 HR 1975
a cudgel myself. It's a mistake to imagine that we're all moving towards a state of happy primitivism. The model herep 109 HR 1975
the noble savage than our un-innocent post-Freudian selves, outraged by all that over-indulgent toilet-training, dedicated breast-feeding and parental affection -- obviouslyp 109 HR 1975
do.‘ ‘But you won't be away from the boys at all. Well, anything's better than nothing.‘ Would she ever abandon thep 117 HR 1975
she ever abandon the children? Wilder asked himself. It was all she thought about. As he played with his sons hep 117 HR 1975
inside her pallid skin. ‘For heaven's sake, you're like ...‘ ‘It's all right ... I'll have something later.‘ She pulled herself away fromp 118 HR 1975
and drifted like a ghost along the refuse-strewn corridor. For all the building's derelict state -- almost no water was flowingp 120 HR 1975
the darkness could one become sufficiently obsessive, deliberately play on all one's repressed instincts. He Welcomed this forced conscription of thep 120 HR 1975
in a way enjoyed. When Wilder was away she spent all her time worrying about him, like an over-anxious mother frettingp 124 HR 1975
was looking up passively at them, his face drained of all colour. With his visual disturbances, Wilder reflected, the empty apartmentp 125 HR 1975
visualized primarily in terms of making ‘them‘ -- that is, all the residents in the high-rise below the 17th floor --p 125 HR 1975
outside her front door. ‘I'll punish them,‘ Wilder reassured her. ‘All right?‘ They were leaning against the barricade, Mrs Hillman's sharp-chinnedp 125 HR 1975
regrouping around more radical and aggressive leaders was taking place all over the high-rise. In the hours after midnight torches flaredp 127 HR 1975
pool changing cubicle. The untruth of the accusation, which they all well knew, only served to reinforce it. However, before theyp 127 HR 1975
evidently unsettled by the task of convincing the police that all was well. Without looking up, they scurried back to thep 131 HR 1975
looked down across the concrete plazas of the development project. All the tenants who had earlier left for their offices hadp 132 HR 1975
now moving into a realm of no social organization at all. The clans had broken down into small groups of killersp 133 HR 1975
put him off his stride. During the past months almost all traces of his accident had vanished, and Royal felt strongerp 134 HR 1975
vertical zoo, its hundreds of cages stacked above each other. All the events of the past few months made sense ifp 134 HR 1975
Wilder served him. Since his own kitchen lacked any equipment, all his meals were prepared in the apartment next door. Mrsp 134 HR 1975
stepping over the garbage-sacks that lined the hallway -- for all their descent into barbarism, the residents of the high-rise remainedp 134 HR 1975
realized that he no longer needed her. At last, after all the months of trying to maintain her superior status, Annep 135 HR 1975
not only forgotten the identity of her husband, but of all men, including himself. To test this, he placed his handp 135 HR 1975
in the candlelight, these neurosurgeons, senior academics and stockbrokers displayed all the talents for intrigue and survival exercised by years ofp 136 HR 1975
years of service in industry, commerce and university life. For all the formal vocabulary of agendas and minutes, proposed and secondedp 136 HR 1975
and betrayal. Now the new order had emerged, in which all life within the high-rise revolved around three obsessions -- securityp 136 HR 1975
up a silver candlestick and carried it to the window. All the lights in the high-rise were out. Two floors, thep 136 HR 1975
bottles that once held the wine that made them drunk, all faintly visible through the semi-opaque plastic. His apartment was emptyp 137 HR 1975
pulling against their leads. These retrievers, poodles and dachshunds were all that remained of the hundred or so animals who hadp 139 HR 1975
with her cassette player, Jane Sheridan waving a cocktail shaker, all were lurching about as if to some deranged music onlyp 141 HR 1975
free lesson,‘ Pangbourne corrected. Everyone sniggered at this. ‘But that's all you'll need. Isn't it, Anne?‘ ‘It's a remarkably effective coursep 142 HR 1975
zone with its uncertain light, there was no sound at all. Laing returned to the kitchen-and listened to the water-pipes, partp 146 HR 1975
thousands of stops, this dying musical instrument they had once all played together. But everything was quiet. The residents of thep 146 HR 1975
Squatting beside his dried-up water-hole like a desert nomad with all the time in the world, Laing waited patiently for thep 147 HR 1975
and which Laing chose not to investigate too closely. For all its inconveniences, Laing was satisfied with life in the high-risep 147 HR 1975
of him, as he tried to satisfy her pointless whims. All this was a game, but he relished the role ofp 148 HR 1975
tubing and undressed leather, useless for anything but sitting on. All cooking was now done over fires which the residents litp 149 HR 1975
smearing of blood on the walls of empty apartments -- all these Laing watched uneasily. Since his wife's disappearance Steele hadp 149 HR 1975
a system he made no attempt to change. For weeks all he had been able to think about were the nextp 150 HR 1975
a favourite pastime of the dentist's. His imagination, repressed by all the years of reconstructing his patients‘ mouths, came alive particularlyp 150 HR 1975
lobby, a miasma secreted by the high-rise itself, distillation of all its dead concrete. The walls were spattered with blood, overlayingp 150 HR 1975
a shrewd eye. She tapped Laing aggressively on the arm. ‘All right. First thing, though, find some batteries.‘ ‘Of course.‘ Herp 153 HR 1975
that he was far happier now than ever before, despite all the hazards of his life, the likelihood that he wouldp 154 HR 1975
who might want to use them for similar purposes. Above all, he was pleased with his good sense in giving reinp 154 HR 1975
of a massive barricade blocking the staircase. After crouching here all night, Wilder was frozen. The higher up the building hep 155 HR 1975
Wilder waited patiently, moving the dog ‘up one step. For all the savage-like ferocity of his appearance, Wilder's behaviour was ap 156 HR 1975
the camera that he did with the dog. However, for all his affection and loyalty towards the animal, the dog wouldp 156 HR 1975
had excited him, and he was tempted to press on all the way to the roof. However, he had not eatenp 159 HR 1975
had been converted into small, single-tenant cabins, but they were all now abandoned. Two bodies, he noted, floated in the poolp 159 HR 1975
seemed to emanate from the young woman's breasts, had drained all will and energy from him. Her calm face gazed downp 160 HR 1975
lobby furniture re-installed. Someone had scrubbed the walls, clearing away all traces of the graffiti, duty rosters and elevator embarkation timesp 165 HR 1975
were pretending to be dead. His scarred face, drained of all blood, was turned away from Wilder. He was still alivep 166 HR 1975
and he felt a surge of triumph at having climbed all the way to the roof to find them. The strangep 167 HR 1975
him stop. By now he was aware that he knew all the women around him. Dimly he recognized Charlotte Melville, ap 168 HR 1975
Eleanor Powell, lying together in his sister's bed, would appreciate all he had done. He methodically basted the dark skin ofp 169 HR 1975
murmured to himself. ‘If you can smell garlic, everything is all right.‘ For the moment, at least, everything was highly satisfactoryp 169 HR 1975
through the over-stretched skin. Somehow he had managed to descend all the way from the 40th floor. Rambling continually, he stumbledp 170 HR 1975
hands on his apron, he hurried into the bedroom. ‘It's all right -- dinner is nearly ready.‘ He spoke in thep 171 HR 1975
beside Eleanor. He felt stumped for an answer -- despite all his efforts, the last of the batteries had been usedp 171 HR 1975
whether the pantomime had become serious, Laing laughed delightedly, excited all the more when Eleanor refused to let her customary slowp 171 HR 1975
they had left. On the other hand, perhaps they understood all too well what was really taking place. Whatever the answerp 172 HR 1975
on the balcony with his back to the railing. Above all, now, it no longer mattered how he behaved, what waywardp 172 HR 1975
gratitude for having helped to design the high-rise and make all this possible. It was strange that Royal had felt anyp 173 HR 1975
meat, and looked up at the face of the high-rise. All the floors were in darkness, and he felt happy atp 173 HR 1975
of something with which to win their favour again. However, all this, like the morphine he would give them in increasingp 173 HR 1975
temporary power failure had occurred, and on the 7th floor all the lights were out. Already torch-beams were moving about inp 173 HR 1975
Gould was certain to crash. Curiously, he could have avoided all this by clearing a section of any one of ap 829 LFA 1975
absolutely certain of it too. I've never had any doubts, all these months.‘ Forrester listened to the drone of the lightp 829 LFA 1975
Fittingly, the few tyre-tracks that led to the hotel entrance all belonged to the practicante's Honda. The clacking engine of thisp 829 LFA 1975
lie around for the rest of the summer, making love all the time and playing with the baby -- a rarep 830 LFA 1975
of newsreels from Hell.‘ ‘A sharp guess at the future, all right,‘ Gould agreed. ‘The ultimate dystopia is the inside ofp 830 LFA 1975
an over-scrupulous monogamy, he could feel his loins thickening. For all his need to be alone, the thought that there wasp 831 LFA 1975
is we'll certainly celebrate tonight. Judith wants to open up all the nightclubs.‘ Forrester walked into the sunlight, climbing over thep 832 LFA 1975
species also affected. In fact, birth-rates had soared, but almost all the offspring were seriously deformed. Forrester remembered the first ofp 833 LFA 1975
sexual organs -- these grim parodies of human genitalia tapped all kinds of nervousness and loathing. Forrester stopped at the endp 833 LFA 1975
had Gould chosen to live in this hotel, out of all those standing empty in Rosas? Here in what amounted top 834 LFA 1975
the town, it was one of a group known euphemistically all over the world as the ‘Venus hotels‘, but which Judithp 834 LFA 1975
with aids and appliances, ceaseless sex-films shown on closed-circuit television, all these reflected an unhappy awareness by everyone that their sexp 834 LFA 1975
Judith had come across the most sinister pornographic image of all -- the photograph of a healthy baby obscenely retouched. Judithp 834 LFA 1975
of every kind. Chastity and romantic love, pre-marital celibacy and all the restraints of monogamy came back in force. As thep 834 LFA 1975
sat dutifully together like characters from a Vermeer interior. And all the while the sexual drive continued unabated. Feeling the alcoholp 834 LFA 1975
high forehead fronted by a carapace of black glass. For all this concealment, Forrester was certain that she had been expectingp 835 LFA 1975
said, ‘He brought the result to Mrs Forrester ...‘ ‘Is she all right? What's going on?‘ Forrester started towards the elevator butp 836 LFA 1975
went out -- I tried to stop her. She was all dressed up.‘ ‘Dressed? How?‘ ‘In ... in a very extravagant wayp 836 LFA 1975
to the silver stains on Forrester's face. ‘These days we're all wearing our war-paint. You were over at the hangar, justp 836 LFA 1975
found her here. What happens when you leave?‘ ‘She'll be all right, by then.‘ Gould stopped and gazed through the fadingp 837 LFA 1975
-- the Cerveras can look after your wife, she'll sleep all day. You'll find it an interesting flight.‘ They took offp 837 LFA 1975
where even now there were small areas of cultivation. But all the cattle had gone, slaughtered years beforehand. As they followedp 838 LFA 1975
being able to see a thing. When I started getting all this paint over me I think I was the firstp 839 LFA 1975
been filching for years from the shops. She's got them all working together but to different times, it's some sort ofp 839 LFA 1975
is not deformed?‘ Gould nodded encouragingly. ‘It's not deformed at all -- any more than Carmen. It's like the so-called populationp 839 LFA 1975
than Carmen. It's like the so-called population decline that we've all accepted as an obvious truth. In fact, there hasn't beenp 839 LFA 1975
the absence of any sense of despair, I suppose they're all nature's way of saying goodbye.‘ ‘And the runway?‘ Forrester askedp 839 LFA 1975
of shutter had been lowered across her mind, hiding away all memories of the past months. She looked composed and relaxedp 840 LFA 1975
is hard to believe that the Coral Playa exists at all except as a figment of this view-finder. But the rectilinearp 857 60Z 1976
audience watching her from the balconies above and below. For all this attention, she is dressed discreetly in my white towellingp 858 60Z 1976
2.42 P.M. Reverie of pain, lust and, above all, child-like hate, in which the slights and antagonisms of ap 860 60Z 1976
and refusal to face the basilisk stare of Helen's sexuality ... all these modulated by the logic of the zoom, by thep 860 60Z 1976
fact achieved a gradual abstraction of emotion, an assuagement of all anger and regret. In a way, I feel a kindp 861 60Z 1976
I am certain that she has known about this film all along, as she must have known about the others Ip 862 60Z 1976
as they led to this present most elaborate exercise of all. But even now, I dream of the ultimate voyeurist filmp 862 60Z 1976
totally abstracted from themselves, areas of undifferentiated light that assuage all anger. 3.05 P.M. Within a few seconds thep 862 60Z 1976
forms. Only a white field is now visible, detached from all needs and concessions, a primed canvas waiting for its firstp 863 60Z 1976
South America and the Far East, and among people in all walks of life, from Australian sheep-farmers to Tokyo nightclub hostessesp 841 LDG 1976
the steel foundries of the Ruhr, entire working populations lost all interest in their jobs and sauntered through the factory gatesp 841 LDG 1976
it. During this period one body alone kept aloof from all this speculation -- the world's churches and religious faiths. Thisp 841 LDG 1976
interdenominational in character, which would contain the essential elements of all creeds in a single unified faith. The news of thisp 842 LDG 1976
of a hundred television channels carried descriptions of the scene all over the world, a great concourse of scientists, statesmen andp 842 LDG 1976
indivisible atom, so these two giant telescopes had revealed that all electromagnetic radiations in fact contained a system of infinitely smallerp 842 LDG 1976
smaller vibrations. These ‘ultra-microwaves‘, as they had been called, permeated all matter and space. However, the speaker continued, a second andp 842 LDG 1976
unmistakably exhibited a complex and continuously changing mathematical structure with all the attributes of intelligence. To give only one example, itp 842 LDG 1976
his unspoken thoughts. Exhaustive studies of the phenomenon confirmed beyond all doubt that this sentient being, as it must be calledp 842 LDG 1976
from there to the world beyond. In cities and towns all over the earth the streets were deserted, traffic abandoned asp 843 LDG 1976
the following weeks the events of ordinary life were forgotten. All over the world services of thanksgiving were held, religious processionsp 843 LDG 1976
the discovery of the deity's existence worked its instant therapy. All over the world police forces were disbanded. Members of thep 843 LDG 1976
The elements of guile and exaggeration at the basis of all merchandizing, whether on the level of nationwide advertising campaigns orp 844 LDG 1976
had changed, and with it attitudes towards sex, morality and all human relationships. Newspapers and television had been transformed -- thep 844 LDG 1976
of industrial workers in Europe and North America had lost all interest in their jobs, and sat about on their doorstepsp 844 LDG 1976
which they themselves had made available. The long-standing fear of all churches, that the revelation of God might come from knowledgep 845 LDG 1976
in the Tower. A host of minor larcenies followed. Not all these crimes were committed for reasons of gain. In Parisp 846 LDG 1976
plurality of the universe, to its infinite phenomenology. To embrace all possibilities the deity would have to contain the possibility ofp 846 LDG 1976
people turned to the United Faith Assembly. Mysteriously, however, almost all churches were closed, mosques and synagogues, shrines and temples remainedp 847 LDG 1976
only if they agreed to accept the church's guidance on all spiritual matters, its absolute authority in all religious affairs. Ap 847 LDG 1976
church's guidance on all spiritual matters, its absolute authority in all religious affairs. A rumour began that an announcement of worldwidep 847 LDG 1976
were held before open congregations in a hundred cathedrals. In all this festivity few people heeded the publication of what wasp 848 LDG 1976
exoneration(18). 1 The use of the indefinite article encapsulates all the ambiguities that surround the undiscovered document, Notes Towards ap 849 NTM 1976
of a member of staff. He has informal access to all the facilities of the Unit, and with his medical trainingp 850 NTM 1976
desk and personal cutlery. Recently, when his attempts to streamline all the furniture in the day-room unsettled the other patients, Drp 850 NTM 1976
swimming pools and multi-storey car parks exerted a particular fascination. All these he seems to have approached as the constituents ofp 852 NTM 1976
mentalised by Loughlin is hard to decide. To some extent all the factors surrounding Judith Loughlin's death -- even the identityp 852 NTM 1976
March 1975, Loughlin wrote with deceptive calm: ‘Ernst said it all in his comment on these paintings, the model for everythingp 852 NTM 1976
where you paralysed the airport for an hour by buzzing all the BEA jets parked on the ground. LOUGHLIN: I knewp 853 NTM 1976
Judith Loughlin returned alone to her room after lunch. 14 All the evidence collected indicates that Judith Loughlin's decision to murderp 854 NTM 1976
in the bedroom decor. 16 Not surprisingly, the trial exposed all the contradictions inherent in this puzzling case. Questions as top 854 NTM 1976
stock will have been provided with a unique gloss. As all these books are out-of-date, like the 1972 BP Codex, littlep 855 NTM 1976
and forever reassuring in its strange way, was surrounded by all kinds of complex and charming ironies. No one who metp 864 S 1976
Serena's passive beauty, her immaculate but old-fashioned make-up, and above all her unbroken silence that spelled out a deep and pleasingp 864 S 1976
a deep and pleasing deference to our wounded masculinity. In all senses, Serena was the kind of woman that men inventp 864 S 1976
These dozen or so dusty monoliths had a special poignancy, all that remained of some solitary herd slaughtered for its ivoryp 865 S 1976
these represented a tour de force so breathtaking that it all but concealed the subtle wit of the whole enterprise. Alreadyp 866 S 1976
friends failed to be taken in by the illusion, and all complimented me on bringing off such a coup. Their wivesp 866 S 1976
her presence in my house was taken for granted by all of us. Indeed, by the autumn she was so muchp 866 S 1976
my life that I often failed to notice her at all. Soon after her arrival I had discarded the heavy teakp 866 S 1976
November I learned rather more about Serena Cockayne. After working all afternoon in the study I looked up from my deskp 867 S 1976
the study, the down-like nimbus that covered Serena's skin confirmed all my admiration of her maker's genius. Here and there ap 867 S 1976
of these models. But the rows of opposing stitch-marks were all too obvious. I stood up, and for a few momentsp 867 S 1976
Cockayne. During the next month my infatuation with Serena had all the intensity of which a middle-aged man is capable. Ip 868 S 1976
office, leaving the staff to cope for themselves, and spent all my time with Serena, tending her like the most dutifulp 868 S 1976
bed, then seat her by me at the breakfast table. All day she stayed within my reach, smiling at me withp 868 S 1976
conversations I would watch Serena across the sitting room with all the excitement that an illicit affair can produce. Christmas wep 868 S 1976
that same distance from hers that separated her hands. To all this care and devotion Serena responded like a bride. Herp 868 S 1976
elaborate coiffure had become unsettled, and the stray blonde hairs all too obviously caught the light. In the same way thep 869 S 1976
clearly no danger in leaving him alone with Serena. For all his self-assurance, he seemed surprised when I first introduced himp 869 S 1976
devotion to the temperature and humidity controls, Serena's complexion regained all its perfection. Even my guests commented on the remarkable bloomp 869 S 1976
the night in my bedroom, and I noticed that for all her calm smile I no longer caught her eye asp 870 S 1976
the taper of the young man's flattery, made my anger all the greater. Unable to speak, I would pace around herp 870 S 1976
home I began to play the dictatorial husband, leaving her all evening in her room upstairs and moodily refusing to talkp 870 S 1976
moodily refusing to talk to her at the dining table. All the while, through paralysed eyes I watched the young hairdresserp 870 S 1976
her and forgive us both. Then I noticed that for all her immaculate make-up and extravagant hair her brocade gown hungp 871 S 1976
an over-hasty catharsis. Serena and I still live together, but all is over between us. She sits on her gilt chairp 871 S 1976
of themselves that will soon become an obscene gesture. Above all, it is her smile that terrifies me. The sight ofp 872 S 1976
various journalists, US and ARVN military personnel. THE ULTIMATE CITY All winter, while he worked on the sailplane, Halloway had neverp 873 UC 1976
bags. At any moment a sudden gust would sweep them all Into the air together. In front of Halloway were thirtyp 873 UC 1976
already that the aircraft would be the most successful of all those his father had designed before his death. At thep 873 UC 1976
fire, towered fifty feet above the calcinated roof tiles, an all too melancholy memorial. One evening, while discussing the annual glidingp 874 UC 1976
curious interest in old internal-combustion engines, was for these gliders. All that first winter Halloway had examined the blueprints, feeling thep 874 UC 1976
blue eyes turned aside any suspicion. Eager for action at all costs, yet shy and very much the dreamer, Halloway hadp 875 UC 1976
and gently nodding reduction gear of the tidal-power machines -- all these cried out for a Pearl Harbor. Surprised by thisp 875 UC 1976
and enjoyed being shocked by his desperado stunts. They were all watching him now, hands shielding their eyes from the sunp 876 UC 1976
Halloway knew that he had made his decision, and why all winter he had been building this strange aircraft. Borne alongp 876 UC 1976
vivid air. He was not alone in the sky. On all sides flights of wild birds were crossing the Sound --p 877 UC 1976
almost knocked him off his feet. What he remembered above all, before his father switched off the engine and crated itp 879 UC 1976
to the hard and immobile concrete now surrounding him on all sides. Already, though, when he stepped from the car afterp 881 UC 1976
the elemental technology of power Cables and ventilation shafts, had all the anarchic strength of a proto-industrial society, closer to thep 881 UC 1976
on the shore, on the cranes and rusting freighters. For all their apparent menace, the cluster of skyscrapers offered more securityp 881 UC 1976
the deep pile of the bedspread. What amused him, above all, was the feel of this vanished world, a surprise morep 882 UC 1976
saddleback pigs, the lambs, chicken and farmyard geese together memorialized all the vanished species of domestic animals. At Garden City everyonep 883 UC 1976
his chest, Halloway moved forward more cautiously. Above him, on all sides, were the massive structures and heavy technology of thep 883 UC 1976
the roads. A maze of narrow side-streets ran off in all directions, but by following only the main avenues he Soonp 883 UC 1976
first of the strange monuments he was later to find all over the city. As he stepped down from the pedestrianp 883 UC 1976
filing cabinets to the upper terrace of the pyramid. On all sides, in the nearby streets and on the raised pedestrianp 884 UC 1976
the office blocks. Along a three-hundred-yard section of the avenue all the cars had been cleared aside, and a field ofp 884 UC 1976
single-storey factories and cheap housing, chemical tank-farms and electrical sub-stations. All around him, as well, were the monuments. He was crossingp 885 UC 1976
way around it into the airport. Service roads led in all directions to the terminal buildings and air-freight offices. Fuel tankersp 886 UC 1976
The sixty or so cars on this canted deck were all exhibition pieces, sitting squarely on inflated tyres, antique coachwork lovinglyp 887 UC 1976
Halloway climbed the deck to the eighth floor. More cars, all lovingly waxed and polished, faced each other through the gloomp 887 UC 1976
that his visitor posed no threat. Now -- are you all right? ‘I'm a lot better. I guess it was yourp 889 UC 1976
to be moving on. ‘Olds, I ought to be going.‘ All right. But first have some food. They left the cabinp 890 UC 1976
leg. This clever, shy but self-confident man seemed to be all there as far as Halloway could tell. When they hadp 891 UC 1976
take him on a tour of the museum. ‘You repaired all these yourself? It's hard to believe -- in the firstp 891 UC 1976
the sea of vehicles that stretched to the horizon on all sides of the car park. There are five million carsp 891 UC 1976
airliners parked by the terminal buildings. ‘And you're sure they all run?‘ Halloway asked. He pointed to a resplendent limousine. ‘Whatp 891 UC 1976
cleaners roared, a dozen other gadgets clattered and whistled. Watching all this, Halloway was impressed by the casual way Olds turnedp 893 UC 1976
the truck. The power and noise of the engine erased all doubts. Barely controlling his excitement, he tried to hold downp 894 UC 1976
and he himself had never aged beyond his twenties. For all his sarcastic manner, he seemed watchful and ready to ingratiatep 896 UC 1976
type Halloway had never known at Garden City, but which all his reading confirmed was a classic specimen of metropolitan manp 896 UC 1976
workforce.‘ ‘This monument -- and the others? He built them all?‘ ‘I built them. Buckmaster merely dreamed up the whole madp 896 UC 1976
his ancient hands eloquently to the empty streets -- ‘they all just gave up and faded away. Goodbye, C20 Man, hellop 897 UC 1976
up on my own.‘ ‘Good for you -- but it's all over. There's nothing to do now but close it downp 897 UC 1976
up a monument here and there to Twentieth-Century technology, to all those things we took for granted -- tyres, engines, TVsp 897 UC 1976
a well-developed talent for seizing the headlines. Grandiose projects started all over the world and then abandoned to rivals and pupilsp 897 UC 1976
was to return energy to the sun by firing off all the old missiles with nuclear warheads, repaying the sun forp 897 UC 1976
a great deal of thinking about the subject and for all her shyness was well prepared to deal with him onp 898 UC 1976
around,‘ she told him matter-of-factly and without any rancour. ‘Killing all those flowers -- in a way it must have beenp 898 UC 1976
able to keep his seat on the engine cowling. For all his fear of Stillman, he knew that he was half-hopingp 900 UC 1976
to build his monuments to a vanished age of technology. All the while he could barely contain his anger at findingp 901 UC 1976
buildings around them. ‘Stillman -- it isn't too late. It's all waiting for us here. We can start it up againp 901 UC 1976
this obsessive planting of vines and flowers, an unconscious but all the more sinister attempt to bring back a lurid andp 904 UC 1976
There's a sense of style about you that I Like, all too rare these days, you belong to a vanished breedp 904 UC 1976
runs out? You're going to have a second energy crisis all your own.‘ Halloway shook his head confidently. ‘Sir, there arep 904 UC 1976
briefly and then blaze out, almost over-heating the sunshine. For all the old industrialist's caution, Halloway could sense Buckmaster's excitement. Hallowayp 904 UC 1976
bring everything alive again, and give back to the city all that lost time.‘ During the next weeks Halloway embarked onp 905 UC 1976
some twenty vehicles that Olds decided he could renovate. Supervising all this activity, Halloway drove around in a black-and-white police carp 905 UC 1976
fall asleep in his apartment two floors below Stillman's. Despite all their efforts, however, the chaos seemed to grow rather thanp 906 UC 1976
party come ashore. There were ten people in the group, all members of the Garden City gliding club -- Halloway recognizedp 909 UC 1976
which they gazed down the empty streets, had given him all the ideas he needed on how to deal with themp 909 UC 1976
edged forward tentatively, gripping their bicycle handlebars for moral support. All around them the streets were dark and silent. Then, asp 909 UC 1976
them the streets were dark and silent. Then, as they all bent down to take off their trouser clips, Halloway leanedp 909 UC 1976
aircraft taking off, trains slamming through junctions, car horns blaring, all the noises of the city in its heyday which Hallowayp 909 UC 1976
before he destroyed everything they had done. Tired out by all the noise and action, Halloway reached forward to switch offp 910 UC 1976
was part of the city, a measure of its health. All the so-called ills that had beset this huge metropolis inp 911 UC 1976
congestion, inadequate municipal services, inflation and deficit public financing had all promptly reappeared. Halloway had even been pleased when the firstp 911 UC 1976
crime helped to keep the economy running. ‘Relax, Halloway, it's all part of the problem of urban renewal. Do I complainp 911 UC 1976
garish clothing, records and cigarettes they seemed to need above all else. Most of the two hundred inhabitants were now heavilyp 913 UC 1976
was a real sign of his success, a confirmation of all he had dreamed about. There was a flicker of interferencep 913 UC 1976
park, Halloway seriously wondered if his father would have understood all that he had achieved, so far beyond the antique enginep 914 UC 1976
below the surface of the water, free at last of all plants and fish, the soft chemical billows interacting as theyp 915 UC 1976
an over-large proportion of the total number of inhabitants, but all Halloway's scrutiny of the commissioner's records confirmed that a largep 915 UC 1976
large motorcycle with extended forks and a lavishly chromed engine. All wore black leather jackets strung with sinister ornaments -- ironp 916 UC 1976
dialogue. As life for him had become increasingly complex, with all the problems of running this automobile plant, he had addedp 916 UC 1976
He looked tired and listless, numbed by his work on all the projects which Halloway pushed forward ruthlessly. ‘Olds, it's onlyp 916 UC 1976
There are not enough men for the line. ‘They should all be here.‘ When Olds sat back, shuffling the calculators withp 916 UC 1976
in fact, this whole operation makes no direct contribution at all to the municipal budget. Originally I exempted you because ofp 916 UC 1976
hours of work, rates of pay and so on, they're all hitched to the clock. It occurred to me that ifp 916 UC 1976
for the same rates of pay. Suppose I ordered in all the clocks and wristwatches, for a free check-up, say, couldp 917 UC 1976
the length of the hour, by slowing or speeding up all the clocks, we would have a powerful economic regulator, we'dp 917 UC 1976
at him with an expression Halloway had never seen before. All the mute's intelligence and judgment were in his eyes, staringp 917 UC 1976
hearse, which he found in a breaker's yard and spent all night refurbishing. Surrounded by an arbour of flowers, the deadp 917 UC 1976
head of the procession, followed through the empty streets by all the people of the neighbourhood, everyone at the wheel ofp 917 UC 1976
substantial private army. Many of them wore black para-military uniforms. All day the sound of gunfire echoed through the streets asp 918 UC 1976
an increase in traffic delays and parking offences, and above all a growing conviction that the city was unmanageable. Faced withp 918 UC 1976
they moved away across the sky Halloway could see that all over the city the flowers and vines which Miranda hadp 919 UC 1976
back to their garden settlements. Halloway waited until they had all gone. The last of the generators had run out ofp 924 UC 1976
a hundred and fifty years to do. However, it had all been worthwhile. He knew now that he would never returnp 924 UC 1976
would wear her wedding dress again for him. Confident of all this, Halloway set off across the square. Already he wasp 924 UC 1976
room numbers, passive ciphers each provided with its own key, all too obvious snares. After a desultory shrug towards an immensep 6 IY1 1976
he lost himself in the maze of service roads. On all sides the rectilinear patterns of eroded canals formed motionless corridorsp 10 IY1 1976
that every footfall sounds like Krakatoa. In that case, why all the fuss? And what does the amazing success of Starp 14 UGM 1977
offshoot of its literary precursor, which to date has provided all the ideas, themes and inventiveness. S-f cinema has been notoriouslyp 14 UGM 1977
-- space fiction -- has been the least successful of all cinematically, until 2001 and Star Wars, for the obvious reasonp 14 UGM 1977
Surprisingly, s-f is one of the most literary forms of all fiction, and the best s-f films -- Them!, Dr Cyclopsp 14 UGM 1977
Seconds and The Man who Fell to Earth -- have all made use of comparatively modest special effects and relied onp 15 UGM 1977
any fear of, or sensitivity towards, the deaths of others. All the same, as a technological pantomime Star Wars makes ap 16 UGM 1977
swoop in and introduce Bruce Forsyth. What is missing in all this is any hard imaginative core. Star Wars is thep 16 UGM 1977
Lucas goes back into his toy cupboard and plays with all his boyhood fantasies, fitting together a collection of stuffed toysp 16 UGM 1977
many potent national myths should slam the door on it all at the age of fifty and opt for exile, silencep 47 UGM 1977
except for his increasingly eccentric behaviour. I admire Hughes, above all for the casual way in which he closed the doorp 48 UGM 1977
constitute one of the most powerful and most mysterious of all the categories of science fiction, and in their classic formp 208 UGM 1977
religions, in the use of drugs and biofeedback devices -- all of which attempt to project the interior realm of thep 225 UGM 1977
sophisticated devices have begun to appear on the scene, above all, video systems and micro-computers adapted for domestic use. Together thesep 225 UGM 1977
will achieve what I take to be the apotheosis of all the fantasies of late twentieth-century man -- the transformation ofp 225 UGM 1977
tides of emotion as she arranges lunch with her lover, all these will surround her with a continuous light show. Everyp 225 UGM 1977
walls of her bathroom into a seraglio worthy of Ingres. All this, of course, will be mere electronic wallpaper, the backgroundp 226 UGM 1977
or Stoppard, six million scenes from a marriage. However fanciful all this may seem, this transformation of our private lives withp 226 UGM 1977
of affections, a radical change of wardrobe, lifestyle, sex itself, all costed down to the last penny and timed to thep 227 UGM 1977
can visualize a future where people will never meet at all, except on the television screen. Childhood, marriage, parenthood, even thep 227 UGM 1977
the few jobs that still need to be done, will all be conducted within the home. Conceived by artificial insemination, broughtp 227 UGM 1977
of which was apparently one called ‘Mamas and Dadas‘: they all lay on their backs, waved their arms and legs inp 268 UGM 1977
whimpered pathetically. Sex played a continuing if ambiguous role, at all levels from forced infantilism to the women dressing up asp 268 UGM 1977
fill out the rest of his book. The notion that all the delights of psychotherapy previously reserved for the mentally illp 269 UGM 1977
is now little more than a thinly intellectualized massage parlour. All the participants in Mr St John's encounter group were middle-classp 269 UGM 1977
aspect of these explorations of inner space is that they all took place in public, in a highly dramatized atmosphere withp 269 UGM 1977
them down round the chamber pot in the first place. All in all, my own sympathies lie with an unnamed characterp 270 UGM 1977
round the chamber pot in the first place. All in all, my own sympathies lie with an unnamed character who, duringp 270 UGM 1977
and at the untended canals and paddy-fields that stretched on all sides to the horizon. The guard-house had been abandoned. Thep 925 DT 1977
rice beer had been brought back to the camp. For all our caution, we were not the first of the interneesp 925 DT 1977
to the camp in a badly beaten state. So far all the others who had reached Shanghai -- whether, like myselfp 926 DT 1977
table-ware. I walked across a carpet of porcelain soup spoons, all too aware of the fact that the only noise inp 927 DT 1977
feet. For the villagers to have left so suddenly, after all their struggles through the war, could only mean that theyp 927 DT 1977
grew larger every day. Yet for some reason they had all gone. As I walked back from the factory perimeter myp 927 DT 1977
camp which had been an intimate part of my life all these years. I listened to my companions‘ increasingly random discussionp 927 DT 1977
had been on the day of our abortive escape. On all sides was the debris of war -- rusting trucks, ap 928 DT 1977
neat rows as if arranged with great care and devotion. All were fully dressed and lay with their feet towards usp 929 DT 1977
to each other who might have been husband and wife, all were European and American, and from the worn state ofp 929 DT 1977
of the fifty people lying on the stadium grass. ‘You're all right?‘ he asked me. After a pause, he nodded atp 929 DT 1977
We can both drive, I'm an experienced mechanic. Who are all those people? What happened to them?‘ ‘We need two driversp 929 DT 1977
go free. You take these people to the Protestant cemetery.‘ ‘All right.‘ The garage owner had again held my shoulder, thisp 930 DT 1977
had no intention of doing so. ‘But who are they all?‘ The interpreter seemed to have lost interest. Already the Japanesep 930 DT 1977
mastered the truck's heavy steering and gear-box. Luckily we had all been so exhausted by the effort of loading the bodiesp 930 DT 1977
parents‘ camp on foot. The prospect of seeing them, after all these years, within literally a few hours made me feelp 930 DT 1977
opening the interval slightly between Hodson and myself. But for all this I was hardly concerned about the bodies. Too manyp 931 DT 1977
placed a certain mental distance between them and myself. Handling all those bodies, pulling on the stiffening arms and legs, pushingp 931 DT 1977
strangers, a kind of forced intimacy that absolved me from all future contact or obligation. An hour after leaving the stadiump 931 DT 1977
brown water. Untended canals and drowned paddies stretched away on all sides, and the road had become little more than ap 931 DT 1977
Chinese couple and the elderly woman with the jaw-wound. However, all this meant nothing. What mattered was to reach my parentsp 932 DT 1977
I was beginning to feel hungry again, and regretted eating all my rice, particularly as Hodson had thrown his into thep 932 DT 1977
noticed that the Japanese were also gazing at the bodies. All I could see was their intense hunger, as if theyp 933 DT 1977
But I knew that once I stopped I would lose all hope of catching up with Hodson. Ahead of me, abovep 935 DT 1977
faces between my feet, I realized that I recognized almost all of them -- the nuns and the Chinese couple, thep 935 DT 1977
grey monkey's, whose sharp eyes had seemed to follow me all day as I lifted him on and off the trucksp 935 DT 1977
death I had sensed so many times, surrounding me on all sides, in the canal beside the road, in the fieldsp 935 DT 1977
I felt a curious kind of comfort that we were all together, almost a sense of security at the presence ofp 936 DT 1977
dwellings concealed by the dark fronds of the wild sugar-cane. All afternoon I had been lost in a golden world, followingp 936 DT 1977
for a few minutes and then returned to the village. All night, as they roamed from house to house, kicking downp 937 DT 1977
rifles, and a pagoda housing a still intact anti-aircraft gun. All the villagers had fled, but to my amazement I foundp 938 DT 1977
recognized me, and understood that I was the harbinger of all that lay before him. For the first time I realizedp 938 DT 1977
Yangtse we had entered an area of old battlegrounds. On all sides the Chinese had emerged from their hiding places andp 938 DT 1977
fragment. A substantial mystery still remains. Is it conceivable that all traces of his activities could be erased from our recordsp 940 I 1977
Now that I am surrounded for the first time by all the members of my family it seems only fitting thatp 946 ICU 1977
will think my choice of subject a curious one. In all senses, this film will be the ultimate home-movie, and Ip 946 ICU 1977
time are left to him, but he presses on with all the determination his seven-year-old body can muster. My wife Margaretp 946 ICU 1977
the promise of a visit to the park or circus. All these activities, of course, like our family life itself, werep 947 ICU 1977
medical practice, my courtship of Margaret and our happy marriage, all occurred within the generous rectangle of the television screen. Margaret'sp 947 ICU 1977
screen. Margaret's insemination was of course by AID, and like all children David's and Karen's only contact with their mother wasp 947 ICU 1977
been brought up in the hospital creche, and thus spared all the psychological dangers of a physically intimate family life (notp 947 ICU 1977
visual ethics governed the doctor/patient relationship, as it did all social intercourse. No physician ever saw his patients undressed, andp 948 ICU 1977
themselves at the moment of climax. These admirable conventions eliminated all the dangers of personal involvement, and this liberating affectlessness allowedp 948 ICU 1977
guilt-free sexual perversity and, even, psychopathology might be enjoyed by all. Staring at the vast breast and nipple, with their uncompromisingp 948 ICU 1977
and concert halls, watched the same meals prepared in restaurants, all within the comfort of our respective homes. In fact, atp 949 ICU 1977
close-up ... From the start we made a handsome couple, sharing all our interests, spending more time on the screen together thanp 950 ICU 1977
elaborate as the years passed, it made her grow younger all the time. I relished the elegantly stylized way in whichp 950 ICU 1977
I had built my career -- was that we should all meet together in person. Throughout my entire life, I reflectedp 950 ICU 1977
unsettled. I was struck by her advanced age and, above all, by her small size. For years I had known Margaretp 951 ICU 1977
the children to our next meeting, and that we would all wear make-up, modelling our behaviour as closely as possible onp 952 ICU 1977
and exhausted in the ruins of my sitting room. For all the wounds on her body, the bruises that disfigure herp 952 ICU 1977
as their chief targets, just as David has vented almost all his hostility on me. I had not expected the scissorsp 952 ICU 1977
we present a grotesque aspect. The heavy television make-up we all decided to wear has dissolved into a set of bizarrep 952 ICU 1977
wear has dissolved into a set of bizarre halloween masks. All the same, we are at last together, and my affectionp 952 ICU 1977
charge of his case called him to her office. ‘By all means turn this hospital into a model of whatever futurep 75 IY2 1977
nervous system, obsolete as his memories of the dead coast. All that had gone before him he had shared anyway withp 77 IY2 1977
of their own country seems invariably to lead them into all the worst defects of provincialism -- an obsession with obscurep 137 UGM 1978
one-way ticket from the nearest airport. Now that Britain shows all too many signs of becoming an afterthought of Europe, itp 137 UGM 1978
who railed against the restrictions of English life (rich men all of them now, they sit in their grand houses, literallyp 138 UGM 1978
serious or ‘entertainments‘ as Greene likes to call them, had all the tonic effect of stepping from an aircraft on top 138 UGM 1978
stamp an indelible image on the reader's mind. And for all his most serious concern for the psychological and spiritual dilemmasp 138 UGM 1978
knick-knacks, the inlaid executive bar and the 26-inch TV screen. All this sounds like envy, and probably is -- I'm onlyp 167 UGM 1978
opening sentence, typical of the book as a whole: ‘Of all the objects in the world, the human body has ap 168 UGM 1978
massage parlour in Bradford. It may be that we have all had a surfeit in recent years of revelations about thep 168 UGM 1978
Las Palmas, a brand-new resort complex with every entertainment conceivable, all arranged by bedside push-button. I'm just about to dial anp 968 HWT 1978
Counsellor, a highly intelligent ex-public relations man who threw it all in two years ago and has been here ever sincep 968 HWT 1978
not a hint of Butlins, though it's British-run and we're all, curiously, from the West Country. Do you realize that Richardp 968 HWT 1978
has just sent orchids to the room!) I'll tell you all about him tomorrow. Diana. 18 July. Hotel Imperial Surprise! Thatp 968 HWT 1978
advance us any cash we need. Hey-ho ... A slight let-down, all the same. We walked along the beach this afternoon, togetherp 969 HWT 1978
Camparis. Seeing them from the outside, as it were, it's all rather strange. Diana. 25 July. Hotel Imperial Still here. Thep 969 HWT 1978
-- I wanted to phone you, but for days now all the lines have been blocked. Diana. 15 August. Hotel Imperialp 969 HWT 1978
it. The hotel people are charm itself, they've pulled out all the stops, organizing extra entertainments of every kind. There's ap 969 HWT 1978
putting on The Importance of Being Ernest. Richard takes it all with surprising calm. I wanted to post this from Lasp 969 HWT 1978
firms, thank heavens, have been absolutely marvellous and cabled us all to get back when we can. Richard comments cynically thatp 970 HWT 1978
one else quite mature enough to play the part, they're all in their twenties and thirties, but Tony Johnson, the directorp 970 HWT 1978
beach. The mails are so erratic, I sometimes think that all my cards to you have never been delivered, but liep 971 HWT 1978
of the shabby post office behind the hotel. Love to all of you. Diana. THE INDEX Editor's note. From abundant internalp 971 HWT 1978
carried vacuum-cleaner, and Vera Tilley made her first appearance. For all his intimacy with the electronic image of the naked filmp 990 MA 1978
had unsettled him in a way he had not expected. All his experience, his years spent in front of the televisionp 991 MA 1978
endless source of interest, like the most abstract possible of all music, and within a few minutes he was able top 992 MA 1978
spent his entire life, asleep and awake, by now supplied all his needs, both physical and psychological. The chamber was atp 992 MA 1978
for himself that there was no one hiding there. ‘You're all alone, Mr Pangborn. Just you and the TV screens.‘ Asp 994 MA 1978
was suddenly convinced that the notion of an intruder had all been a delusion fostered by the unsettled presence of thisp 994 MA 1978
devising a method of dealing with the intruder. First of all he needed to establish the man's identity. He switched onp 995 MA 1978
life in the solarium. Sure enough, as Pangborn had expected, all the modest traps had been sprung. The man had washedp 995 MA 1978
reinforced the night with small measures of Pangborn's brandy. Above all, their intellectual tastes coincided -- their interests in film, inp 996 MA 1978
exploration of their absolute selves, their unique time and space. All the more bitter, therefore, were Pangborn's reactions when he discoveredp 996 MA 1978
knees. He searched for the knife handle. ‘Mr Pangborn -- all those pills in the bathroom. What are they doing?‘ Pangbornp 997 MA 1978
sounds that disgusted him were those of his own body. All along, the intruder in the solarium had been himself. Inp 999 MA 1978
sand, had pulled an unsuspected trigger in his mind. Like all examples of cryptic architecture, in which form no longer revealedp 973 OAU 1978
Staring back at him, Ogden reflected in turn that for all the hours Foster had logged as a salesman of executivep 973 OAU 1978
Weren't you a helicopter pilot?‘ Ogden asked. ‘Actually, I'm not all that interested in military history ...‘ Strictly speaking, this wasn't truep 973 OAU 1978
angular shoulders inside the chiffon blouse, that she was not all that young any more. Soon she would be older thanp 974 OAU 1978
and that from the beginning he had deluded himself that all was well. Without thinking, he turned quickly from the parapetp 975 OAU 1978
were watching him. Of a blanched blue from which almost all pigment had been washed away, they had turned from thep 976 OAU 1978
there,‘ he said. ‘We can replace them.‘ ‘They were here all right. Mme Saunier is scrupulous about this sort of thingp 977 OAU 1978
survived in this cold -- the thought of living through all those winters made Ogden shudder -- and at least thep 978 OAU 1978
she said, ‘A day won't matter, David. You've done nothing all week but play about on the beach by yourself.‘ Forp 979 OAU 1978
nothing by comparison with the German's machine-gun, but it was all he could offer. In some obscure way he felt obligatedp 980 OAU 1978
The German had come to life, moving with professional command, all trace of his injuries forgotten. He adjusted his rear sightp 980 OAU 1978
otherwise ... But where the hell did he find it? And all this other equipment?‘ ‘Let's leave and call the police.‘ Angelap 981 OAU 1978
War II webbing, machine-gun ammunition, primus stove, German phrase-book and all these cans of soup ...‘ ‘He was camping here. I toldp 981 OAU 1978
beach towards them. Foster held Angela's arm. ‘Now. Are you all right?‘ ‘Of course.‘ With a grimace, Angela picked her wayp 981 OAU 1978
but by helicopters, cruise missiles and intra-uterine coils, and by all the spectres of the psychiatric ward. A few correspondences arep 982 Z2 1978
twins and the archer. But there remains the problem of all those farmyard animals so important to the Chaldeans. Perhaps ourp 982 Z2 1978
and shape our lives in so many ways -- above all, the taurean computer, seeding its limitless possibilities. As for thep 982 Z2 1978
through their binoculars. He lowered the plastic blind, exhausted by all this attention, the sense of a world both narrowing andp 982 Z2 1978
then you must pack -- the helicopter's coming for us.‘ All night she had sat with him on her bed, projectingp 982 Z2 1978
chemistry of the subject was brought to my attention, above all the laevo-rotatory spiral of the DNA helix. The most exhaustivep 983 Z2 1978
bias our biological kingdom made the weaker of two choices. All the ULTRAC predictions suggest that the combinative possibilities of laevorotatoryp 983 Z2 1978
with implications that are both exalting and terrifying for us all ...‘ The Sign of the Clones He steadied himself against thep 983 Z2 1978
its white concrete back like an immense occluded lens. For all Professor Rotblat's talk of alternative universes, the delegates would seep 983 Z2 1978
So far his life had been without any possibilities at all -- volleyball with the paraplegics, his shins bruised by theirp 983 Z2 1978
thighs and breasts, as if distorted by some computer permutating all the possibilities of an alternative anatomy. This likeable but strangep 984 Z2 1978
had been waiting for him in the hotel's car park, all too ready to hide him in the jump seat ofp 984 Z2 1978
seemed to contain in its double swastika an anagram of all the zodiacal emblems in the horoscopy manual. Was it ap 984 Z2 1978
killers, hoodlum physicists trained at some deviant university. And above all, the strip clubs -- he and Heller had visited dozensp 985 Z2 1978
Theoretical physics reminds us of the inherent right-hand bias of all matter. The spin of the electron, the rotation of bothp 985 Z2 1978
sub-atomic particles, the great tides that turn the cosmos itself, all embody this fundamental constant, reflected not only in the deep-rootedp 985 Z2 1978
hands, with their tremor of guilt and affection, summed up all the uncertainties of this dangerous experiment conducted in the convertedp 986 Z2 1978
He knew now that he had been tricked by them all, that there had been no nuclear crisis, and that thep 987 Z2 1978
subliminal messages had been intended only for himself. Had it all been no more than a fantasy, and was the searchp 987 Z2 1978
postures in the tender bowl of my pelvis. But for all his timid sleep and our shared dreams, I soon becamep 88 IY5 1978
Ruby cases, film and TV executives who swarmed in from all over the world. Gilmore's own lawyer, who doubled as hisp 42 UGM 1979
and economic pressures to set off into space and place all our problems on the doorstep of the universe. Already anp 228 UGM 1979
up there ... I'm not even aware that I dreamt at all, but that's true here on Earth too.‘ Certainly NASA hasp 230 UGM 1979
upon the Apollo and Skylab astronauts, but the latter can't all have been as stolid as Schweickart. The subsequent, often strangep 230 UGM 1979
the colony is sensitive to the slightest variations in temperature, all meals are cold and pre-packed, and the arts of cookingp 230 UGM 1979
with a dense, dripping fog, and for some time now all television sets have been perpetually on. For all this, Judithp 230 UGM 1979
time now all television sets have been perpetually on. For all this, Judith is happy to be here and tolerant ofp 230 UGM 1979
steering the Apollo moon-craft down to its safe landing with all the swagger of a corporation president negotiating a loan fromp 273 UGM 1979
pride, and laconic humour under pressure -- are sensitive above all else to the approval of their professional peers, and nop 273 UGM 1979
that tested the runways of space before the Apollo moon-programme. All but one of the group, Scott Carpenter, were senior testp 274 UGM 1979
hardly recognized each other. Life had retouched the faces of all of them practically down to the bone. Every suggestion ofp 274 UGM 1979
astronauts‘ lawns with their bare hands and, supreme bliss of all, water-skiing with Jackie. In due course, by the end ofp 275 UGM 1979
last giving way to the simplest and most mysterious of all actions -- flight! Above the film studios helicopters are circlingp 7 UDC 1979
carrion gold shining in the claws of restless money-changers. Like all the birds, they give the impression that they might attackp 8 UDC 1979
that has happened to me, and the consequences for us all that extend far beyond the boundaries of this small townp 8 UDC 1979
young doctor who revived me when I had almost drowned. All have left me now. Beckoning the birds to follow mep 8 UDC 1979
above Shepperton, and of that man-powered flying machine I dreamed all my life of building and which they helped me top 9 UDC 1979
have seen my skin glowing through the trees. But for all their concern, they might as well abandon their machine inp 9 UDC 1979
deserted towns for them to count. Along the Thames valley, all over Europe and the Americas, spreading outwards across Asia andp 9 UDC 1979
that these quiet, tree-lined roads are runways, waiting for us all to take off for those skies I sought seven daysp 10 UDC 1979
contraceptives, memories of arrivals and departures that reminded me of all my own failures to get anywhere. Already, at the agep 11 UDC 1979
else should have been assigned. Only my compulsive role-playing, above all dressing up as a pilot in the white flying suitp 11 UDC 1979
of pornography (I spent many excited weekends dialling deserted offices all over London and dictating extraordinary sexual fantasies into their answeringp 13 UDC 1979
for amazed executives by the unsuspecting secretaries) -- yet for all these failures I had a tenacious faith in myself, ap 13 UDC 1979
Airport was a section reserved for light aircraft. I spent all my free time in the parking hangars, sitting at thep 14 UDC 1979
of these wind-weary but elegant machines, complex symbols that turned all sorts of keys in my mind. One day, accepting thep 14 UDC 1979
hangars. Several of them were qualified pilots and told me all I needed to know about the flight controls and enginep 14 UDC 1979
in a knowing way, as if they had been waiting all day for me to land my plane in the waterp 17 UDC 1979
heart back to life. ‘Good God ... you seem to be all right.‘ For all the authority in this young woman's voicep 20 UDC 1979
life. ‘Good God ... you seem to be all right.‘ For all the authority in this young woman's voice, she was totallyp 20 UDC 1979
of this, she smiled and pressed my hand. ‘Are you all right? I don't mind saying that you gave me ap 21 UDC 1979
who appeared to be housekeepers -- I knew they had all assumed that I had drowned and were stunned by myp 21 UDC 1979
seams in one of his bone-beds. ‘Before you go. You're all right, are you? You must have a powerful will --p 24 UDC 1979
-- you literally came to life in our hands.‘ For all his pious tone, I knew that he was not aboutp 24 UDC 1979
had tried to revive me on the beach, and after all these years of wearing the cloth was embarrassed to findp 24 UDC 1979
I had fallen had a distinctly sinister atmosphere, as if all these apparently unhurried suburbanites were in fact actors recruited fromp 26 UDC 1979
so dramatically. Since father's death two years ago she's spent all her time by the window, almost as if he werep 27 UDC 1979
any lack of hygiene but from her complete absorption in all the commonplaces of nature. I knew that she cured herp 29 UDC 1979
excitement as if rediscovering each second the sheer joy of all that went on around him. As he gazed at thep 29 UDC 1979
was still confused by the excitement of my crash-landing. For all her modesty, as she listened to my heart and lungsp 31 UDC 1979
some kind of erratic emotion -- I wanted to examine all these at my leisure, savour the scent of her armpitsp 31 UDC 1979
fingers, stroking the faint traces of my skin. But was all this some kind of unconscious ruse? I knew that Ip 32 UDC 1979
attraction to her self-serving, the grave's-love of an infatuated patient? All the same, I wanted to warn her of the dangerp 32 UDC 1979
and space and were able to catch a glimpse of all events that had ever occurred in both past and futurep 32 UDC 1979
you were under water for more than eleven minutes. We all thought you'd died.‘ ‘Had I?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Almost shouting, she angrilyp 34 UDC 1979
St Cloud -- this likeable but confused woman doctor showed all the signs of turning into a witch. I decided top 35 UDC 1979
the crash, by Miriam St Cloud and the blind child. All my senses seemed to be magnified -- scents collided inp 36 UDC 1979
gave up and walked back to Shepperton. I had exhausted all the stratagems I could devise -- crawling, running backwards, shuttingp 39 UDC 1979
had crash-landed my burning aircraft into this riverside town. On all sides Shepperton was surrounded by water -- gravel lakes andp 41 UDC 1979
that his rusting hulk might collapse under us. ‘Are you all right? This is where you came down.‘ He looked atp 42 UDC 1979
the test pilots.‘ He gestured deprecatingly at the Ferris wheel. ‘All this is a long-term investment, or was meant to bep 43 UDC 1979
film actor shake his head I was convinced that despite all the uncertainties of the afternoon neither Stark nor Father Wingatep 45 UDC 1979
By rights, Blake, you should be a thousand feet above all this. I took some flying lessons once, but I wasn'tp 46 UDC 1979
anything like that -- safari parks, dolphinaria, stunt flying, it's all the same to them, they're for ever dressing up asp 47 UDC 1979
my seat, aware of the vehicles pressing towards me on all sides, moving out immobile, their lights draining my eyes. Ip 47 UDC 1979
trapped on this mile-long metal causeway. ‘Blake, we're moving! It's all right!‘ I knew better. As I opened the door Ip 47 UDC 1979
to spend the afternoon playing tennis with these women. For all my exhaustion, I was gripped by the same powerful butp 48 UDC 1979
powerful but indiscriminate sexual urge that I had felt for all the people I had met in Shepperton since my crashp 48 UDC 1979
them and set off across the park. The sun, which all day had hung directly over the river like a forgottenp 49 UDC 1979
to abuse me, and I was surprised by her tenderness. All her earlier hostility had gone, and she embraced me withp 55 UDC 1979
as if comforting her small son. Had they watched me all evening, paddling desperately by myself only a few feet fromp 55 UDC 1979
not yet ready to mate with her on the wind. All over Shepperton birds were appearing on the rooftops, raised byp 57 UDC 1979
hoping to rouse her from her dream. I wanted us all to mate with her on the wind. Around me thep 58 UDC 1979
Cessna's crash, one arm raised to the brocade curtains, but all her nervousness had gone and she seemed more like thep 60 UDC 1979
weather. There was an extraordinary storm last night -- we've all been dreaming of birds.‘ ‘I woke once ...‘ Remembering my night-dreamp 60 UDC 1979
a fair amount of damage. But I imagine, Blake, that all the strange weather you need is inside your head.‘ Ip 60 UDC 1979
of the birds. I remembered my sexual authority over them all, and wished that Miriam St Cloud had seen me asp 62 UDC 1979
the plane trees and silver birch had been washed of all dust. By contrast, the water-meadow on the opposite bank seemedp 66 UDC 1979
muddy ground swerved around me, and then fled away on all sides, while a distant cluster of nettles on a concretep 68 UDC 1979
Without a second thought I there and then gave up all attempts to escape from Shepperton. My mind was still notp 68 UDC 1979
strange tenderness for them, as if I had known them all my life. They and their parents were also prisoners ofp 69 UDC 1979
clambered over the ornamental fountain by the post office. On all sides a confused avian life had materialized on this quietp 70 UDC 1979
with the gaze of the retired soldier still suspicious of all civilians. ‘Aren't you the pilot? You came down in thep 71 UDC 1979
them down on to the floor of the nave. For all his energy, did he understand what he was doing? Hadp 76 UDC 1979
their glass panels lay shards and knobs of worn bone, all that was left of some ancient fossil beach. ‘Before Ip 77 UDC 1979
if you'd not come I would have had to give all my time to it. By the way, I shouldn't havep 78 UDC 1979
know.‘ ‘I saw you -- but you stopped yourself. For all we know, vices in this world may well be metaphorsp 79 UDC 1979
for virtues in the next. Perhaps you can take us all through that doorway, Blake. I've felt the same demented impulsesp 79 UDC 1979
felt the surge of sexual energy that had pursued me all day. I thought of Dr Miriam and her mother, andp 83 UDC 1979
ran through the grass towards the river. Birds rose on all sides, hundreds of starlings and finches, the fleeing residents ofp 84 UDC 1979
of its entire population standing on the bank. They were all hoping that I would return, the tennis players and Shakespearianp 86 UDC 1979
darted away from me as a shoal of silver minnows. All along the beach, people were stepping into the water. Ap 86 UDC 1979
and sailed off as immense sea-turtles with rolling carapaces. Almost all Shepperton had joined me in this new realm. I cruisedp 87 UDC 1979
in my dream had tried to drown me. But for all the reality of the meadow, I knew that this warmp 88 UDC 1979
never seen before. As they passed me I noticed that all their clothes were damp, as if they had been caughtp 89 UDC 1979
body. ‘Is there any point in your staying here?‘ For all her aggressive stance, she was as angry and concerned forp 90 UDC 1979
me embrace her, pressing her hands against my shoulders. ‘We've all been so exhausted -- first your crash, and the wholep 91 UDC 1979
escape. Then the storm last night, the strange birds and all these fish ... portents of God only knows what. Half thep 91 UDC 1979
to find out.‘ ‘Then see Father Wingate. I know that's all nonsense, but I can't think of anything else that mightp 92 UDC 1979
park, the grass in the water-meadow, my blood itself irrigating all the secret possibilities of our lives. I wanted to matep 92 UDC 1979
between us for the domination of this river and town. All night the people of Shepperton continued to stroll along thep 94 UDC 1979
I set off across the park I reflected that for all her deference to me, and my own messianic delusions, thep 95 UDC 1979
white coat. ‘You're like some kind of pagan god.‘ For all her good-humoured banter she looked at me with a certainp 97 UDC 1979
of the ambiguous nature of my special talents and not all that eager to face up to them. ‘A marmoset?‘ Recognizingp 97 UDC 1979
I had seen the same flowers outside Father Wingate's church. All around me the bright flutes poked their blood-tipped spears amongp 98 UDC 1979
clinic. Again I sensed the power that I had felt all day, a power that had poured into me during myp 98 UDC 1979
majesty of the right whales, the age and wisdom of all cetaceans. That morning I moved grandly around the clinic withp 99 UDC 1979
strong hips on which she rocked from side to side, all these obsessed me. I wanted the franchise on every breathp 100 UDC 1979
angrily: ‘He's been climbing the banyan tree outside the supermarket. All the children in Shepperton seem to be there. Shouldn't thep 101 UDC 1979
air hostess with menstrual pains, an incontinent cinema commissionaire. For all of them I put on a show of examining themp 102 UDC 1979
that had propelled them here. I soon saw that almost all their ailments were mental in origin -- my fall fromp 102 UDC 1979
the emblem of an aircraft on its white fabric. Accepting all these compliments to myself, and relieved that Miriam St Cloudp 105 UDC 1979
grand, well aware that in some way I had made all this possible. My earlier fears had gone, and nothing thatp 105 UDC 1979
my knowledge that sooner or later I would mate with all these women in their bright summer dresses strolling and talkingp 105 UDC 1979
certain now that it would not be a dream at all, but a re-ordering of reality in the service of ap 106 UDC 1979
sat among the macaws and parakeets. The tree had blocked all traffic through the centre of the town, and a parkedp 106 UDC 1979
signalling a bad landing. I could see that he knew all too well what was going through my mind. At thep 109 UDC 1979
me with unwavering eyes, one hand encouraging me forward. Like all the others in the now silent shopping mall, he resembledp 113 UDC 1979
foliage around me, the tropical flowers and their benign fruits, all flowed from my infinitely fertile body. Thinking of the onep 115 UDC 1979
fragments of fabric torn from the fuselage and washed ashore. All too closely, the structure already resembled the original aircraft, reconstitutingp 117 UDC 1979
altar a ladder rose to the east window, from which all the stained glass had been pulled down and thrown top 120 UDC 1979
her pupils. ‘Father Wingate's gone berserk. Miriam's trying to put all this glass together. She's been sitting here for hours.‘ Shep 120 UDC 1979
herself for whatever violent promise I held out for them all. Yet as she gazed admiringly at my grimy suit Ip 120 UDC 1979
I don't know. For some reason I'm sure that we're all going to leave soon, perhaps within a few days. Dop 121 UDC 1979
in the park also seemed gorged, as if we were all taking part in an invisible reproductive orgy. I felt thatp 121 UDC 1979
roof-tops, and my conviction that I would one day slaughter all these people. I was certain that I had no wishp 122 UDC 1979
longer needing to sleep, I sat by the window. Was all sleep no more than an attempt by the infant inp 122 UDC 1979
the ceiling, to a strange vase on the mantelpiece, to all the exciting possibilities of the coming day. My skin prickledp 124 UDC 1979
Excited by my own sex, I felt light-headed and generous. All sense of hunger had left me. I decided to startlep 126 UDC 1979
itself, transform Shepperton into an instant paradise more exotic than all the television travelogues that presided over their lives. I leftp 126 UDC 1979
corner groves of bamboo speared through the cracked paving stones. All over Shepperton, from the roofs of the film studios, supermarketp 128 UDC 1979
approached he blundered into me. ‘You're up early -- did all these flowers wake you?‘ Too surprised to notice my nakedp 129 UDC 1979
transformed into flowery bouquets to the drowsy housewives. Last of all, completing my transformation of this suburban town, I walked alongp 129 UDC 1979
was by these preparations for the day, I knew that all this was only a beginning. I had brought back thep 130 UDC 1979
prey. It cast a weary eye at me, bored by all this festivity, and waiting for the real time to beginp 131 UDC 1979
a dozen unexpected directions. I wanted to show off, conjure all sorts of extraordinary treasures out of the air for herp 132 UDC 1979
to see for themselves the transformation of Shepperton. ‘I've done all this for her. And you.‘ ‘Of course, Blake.‘ Mrs Stp 133 UDC 1979
wing cast into the shallows during the night. They were all working away as if time would soon run out. Itp 133 UDC 1979
waving the heavy blade at the watching fulmars. Unsettled by all this activity, I took Mrs St Cloud's arm. She heldp 133 UDC 1979
they too failed to notice my naked body. Teach them all to fly? No one could teach these crippled children top 134 UDC 1979
Miriam before she despaired of everything I had done. On all sides of me parties of people were moving through thep 134 UDC 1979
semen stains that marked my thighs. Had I mounted them all in my vision? Looking at their plump cheeks and pinkp 135 UDC 1979
at their plump cheeks and pink mouths, I knew that all the tests would prove positive. ‘Mr Blake! Please ...!‘ The receptionistp 135 UDC 1979
the blood from my knuckles. ‘Leave me!‘ Exhausted by them all, and thinking only of Miriam St Cloud, I grasped thep 136 UDC 1979
my next step in the transformation of this town. For all my authority, I still felt the need to prove myselfp 136 UDC 1979
I wanted to lead them to their true world, across all the tariff lines of restraint and convention. At the samep 136 UDC 1979
small town, my limitless fertility, provoked him to challenge me all the more. I was certain he suspected that these bedraggledp 138 UDC 1979
a dolphinarium, large enough for a whale. But I'll have all the birds here. And in a big cage by thep 139 UDC 1979
cage by the Cessna, there'll be the largest of them all, the king-bird.‘ His dreamy eyes roved across my body inp 139 UDC 1979
around the fuel pumps in the filling-station. Looking at them all, I again felt the need to fly. Beside me ap 140 UDC 1979
memorial and moved through the crowd, happy to see them all in such good humour. Outside the railway station the lastp 140 UDC 1979
off for London. But as I approached they gave up all thought of work. Ties loosened, jackets over their shoulders, theyp 141 UDC 1979
No one moved, unable to accept this most mysterious of all gifts. Stark stepped forward, swinging his net like a gladiatorp 141 UDC 1979
a wild, conspiratorial eye, obviously assuming that I had contrived all this by some extrordinary sleight of hand. Quickly he loadedp 141 UDC 1979
out his wallet and emptied the contents across the table. All around me people were suddenly giving each other money, tossingp 142 UDC 1979
inch from his nose. ‘Blake ... here's a million lire.‘ ‘Take all this, Blake -- there's more than a thousand dollars. Enoughp 142 UDC 1979
hand, a woman clasped her pearl necklace below his chin. All over Shepperton a happy exchange of gifts was taking placep 143 UDC 1979
through the windows of passing cars and buses. Amazed by all this generosity, the last of the visitors to Shepperton drovep 143 UDC 1979
of them was aware that I was naked. They were all, I knew, waiting for the next turn in my performancep 144 UDC 1979
gardens. I felt proud that they were prepared to entrust all the burgeoning possibilities of their lives to me. Having givenp 144 UDC 1979
eye, a signal that I should begin the dream time. All the forces of a benevolent nature seemed to be concentratedp 145 UDC 1979
in the most sensible way not to be impressed by all this luxuriance, by this hanging garden of orchids and bougainviliap 147 UDC 1979
unsure what was about to take place but certain that all would be well. I could smell the warm scent ofp 148 UDC 1979
we were trapped. I wanted to pass on to her all my powers so that she could escape even if Ip 148 UDC 1979
the air. In the street below people were running in all directions, mothers tripping over their children. Miriam and I hungp 150 UDC 1979
and shoulders. Miriam's eyes still stared at me, drained of all expression as she concentrated on my hands. I waited forp 150 UDC 1979
had mislaid her daughter. However, I felt stronger for them all now, confident that I was more than merely alive. Miriam'sp 153 UDC 1979
the air again. ‘David! Jamie!‘ I decided to distract them. ‘All of you -- watch me!‘ As the sparrows skittered throughp 154 UDC 1979
doorway of the supermarket he murmured to Rachel, unsure where all this might lead. But for the next hour I strolledp 155 UDC 1979
fearful of being abandoned in this jungle town. ‘Come on! All of you! Fly!‘ Two young men in motorcycle jackets jumpedp 156 UDC 1979
procession like the guard of an aerial train. Last of all came the three crippled children, hurrying down the deserted highp 157 UDC 1979
Jamie jumped and twisted on his iron shackle, as if all along it had been a secret catapult which would propelp 157 UDC 1979
still unable to believe her eyes, but delighted for me all the same. Stark stepped from his hearse, unfurling the canopyp 159 UDC 1979
the church I halted the procession and waited for us all to take up our station. Shepperton flew behind me withp 159 UDC 1979
embraced the rest of the children who had followed me all day, taking their narrow hips into mine. When their parentsp 160 UDC 1979
plunged into the empty shopping mall, ready to dash us all against the ornamental tiles, scatter the corpses of myself andp 161 UDC 1979
until they at last recognized it. From that skin came all my powers. The more I showed it to the airp 165 UDC 1979
home here in this labyrinth of canted floors. However, for all my will to succeed, I knew that my time mightp 165 UDC 1979
out. I remembered the warning vision of the holocaust. For all my anger, I still wanted to save these people whop 165 UDC 1979
to save these people who had first saved me, above all Miriam St Cloud. I was sorry that she was notp 165 UDC 1979
my Pied Piper obsession with some nearby children's paradise, had all been premonitions of these powers, which I could share inp 166 UDC 1979
body as they had done so happily in flight. Above all, I wanted them to praise me, so that I couldp 166 UDC 1979
the bruises on my mouth and chest. I wanted them all in turn to lay their hands on me so thatp 166 UDC 1979
luminescence, as if the sun had become a lens and all the light falling through the universe had been focused uponp 167 UDC 1979
upon Shepperton. I smiled into the crowded air, thinking of all the failures in my past life -- the police harassmentp 167 UDC 1979
off at half-cock. Now an urgent nature was rising on all sides in response to me. Clouds of electric dragonflies andp 167 UDC 1979
office. I had graced their modest lives with impossible dreams. All over Shepperton, as night fell across the jungle streets, peoplep 169 UDC 1979
still marked by the bruises of our sex together. For all her heavy breasts and fallen buttocks she had a splendidp 169 UDC 1979
strange game. But I alone knew that they were naked. All evening a strong and open sexuality stole through the happyp 170 UDC 1979
in the same way that I wished to merge with all the living creatures of this town. ‘Blake, will you teachp 171 UDC 1979
their flower-bedecked bodies glaring in the coloured lights. Yet for all their giggles and coyness, even they were unaware of theirp 171 UDC 1979
strong chin I knew that she had decided to overcome all her confusions and make a last stand against me. Didp 172 UDC 1979
by the brambles crowding the staircase and concrete decks. For all his effort, he looked at me sceptically, as if notp 172 UDC 1979
sank through the sutures of my head. His grimace with all its terror and ecstasy moved through me like a clawp 173 UDC 1979
had the sun not stopped in the sky for me? All that evening, and through the night that followed, I presidedp 174 UDC 1979
tropical paradises of the suburban gardens. Hundreds of couples of all ages caressed each other as they tried to teach themselvesp 174 UDC 1979
population of the town, and once I had taken them all into me I would at last be strong enough top 175 UDC 1979
opening the gates into the real world, where we would all fly together, transform ourselves at will into the fish andp 175 UDC 1979
was now fifty feet high, a fence of golden spears. All morning the helicopters had patrolled the perimeter of the townp 177 UDC 1979
as they surveyed the town. No doubt Stark feared that all this would soon end, that the outside world, the policep 177 UDC 1979
god, but the first god, the primal deity of whom all others were crude anticipations, clumsy metaphors of myself ... ‘Blake --p 177 UDC 1979
had a savage glow. Now I saw why they had all slipped away to their houses that morning, and what hadp 179 UDC 1979
houses that morning, and what had kept them so busy all day. A party of actors and technicians led a processionp 179 UDC 1979
in the street formed a sweet sea on which we all hung as if in a dream. ‘They're our tribute top 179 UDC 1979
the local car-hire firm, this was the most spectacular of all, an extravagant wicker-work structure with multiple wings, like an eccentricp 180 UDC 1979
wings, like an eccentric windmill designed to fly simultaneously in all the dimensions of space-time. I liked it immediately, knowing thatp 180 UDC 1979
unique way? And that within a few hours they would all have begun a new life in the small suburbs ofp 180 UDC 1979
as it veered away and scrambled back towards the river. All over the park, birds were falling slowly from the skyp 181 UDC 1979
there I would fly on across the planet, merging with all creatures until I had taken into myself every living beingp 182 UDC 1979
bird, every parent and child, a single chimeric god uniting all life within me. Beside me hung Miriam St Cloud, herp 183 UDC 1979
lengthening streamers of my still flying blood. The Dying Aviator All night I sat against the altar of that derelict churchp 184 UDC 1979
upwards on the stone floor. Her blanched skin, from which all colour had been drained by Stark's bullet, had taken onp 184 UDC 1979
of her blood faded into the staleness of common death. All around us were fragments of stained glass, pieces of apostlesp 184 UDC 1979
piled kindling around the roots and set fire to them. All over Shepperton people tore the vines and creepers from thep 184 UDC 1979
I knew that my powers had vanished, and with them all my exaltation of myself, my pride in being the presidingp 185 UDC 1979
ready to speed another bullet through my heart. ‘You're alive all right, Blake. I know that.‘ He spoke quietly, in anp 186 UDC 1979
from me and stared down at Miriam St Cloud. For all the yellow gape of her mouth and the flies festeringp 186 UDC 1979
pregnant with some sinister winged creature who would destroy them all. Spitting on her feet, Stark beckoned the others forward. ‘Rightp 187 UDC 1979
street. We swerved in and out of the gloomy side-roads. All over Shepperton the remains of winged head-dresses lay against thep 188 UDC 1979
here now, Blake,‘ he muttered to me. ‘But before it's all over you'll fly again for the television companies ...‘ For thep 189 UDC 1979
that stretched to the horizon, as if the contents of all the suburban homes on the planet had been laid outp 190 UDC 1979
war memorial. Rescue I was alive and I was dead. All that day I lay in the tatters of the wingedp 191 UDC 1979
the wet rubbish and hurled dead birds at me. For all their hate, I was glad that I had taught themp 192 UDC 1979
a metal barrel and cut steaks from the porpoise's flesh. All afternoon the slaughter on the river banks continued. The dampp 195 UDC 1979
in the aircraft in a cockpit of dead birds. On all sides I was surrounded by a garden of cancers. Deathp 196 UDC 1979
jolt the real world back into the meadow. Last of all, the marmoset rustled along the ground, climbed on to thep 196 UDC 1979
vision of my own death under a bonfire sky. Despite all my efforts to prove myself, I was now a corpsep 197 UDC 1979
silence. I could feel the life flowing into me from all sides, willed to me by the smallest creatures and thep 199 UDC 1979
diffusing through the air and lay within the bodies of all these creatures who had given part of themselves to mep 199 UDC 1979
my breast I felt the organs given to me by all these creatures. I carried a thousand lungs and hearts, ap 200 UDC 1979
and ran off across the park, leaping over the flower-beds. All the while, Rachel listened intently, turning her eyes to thep 201 UDC 1979
under my fingertips, as if she were rapidly dreaming through all the lost sights of her childhood ... I felt the quickeningp 201 UDC 1979
in the ebbing shadows, remaking its broken looms. Last of all I gave him understanding, the good sense of the oldp 202 UDC 1979
them to anyone who clutched at my hands. Last of all, to a man with cancer of the mouth, I madep 204 UDC 1979
of the people around me were strangers. I knew them all, their weaknesses and strengths, the smell of their sweat, thep 205 UDC 1979
against my lips. I was about to be smothered by all this affection, a deformed baby deliberately suffocated by loving relativesp 206 UDC 1979
abandoned cars, then embraced me affectionately. ‘Blake, you came through ...!‘ All the self-disgust had left him, and his face was unlinedp 206 UDC 1979
loosely around her shoulders. ‘Blake, it's time to fly. We're all ready for you now.‘ Through my still half-opaque eyes Ip 206 UDC 1979
that hundreds of people had gathered around me. They were all there, figures in a white dream glimpsed through that powderyp 206 UDC 1979
figures in a white dream glimpsed through that powdery light. All of them seemed younger now, children returning to their earlierp 206 UDC 1979
and children's toys lay abandoned by the garden gates. On all sides the birds crowded the rooftops and telephone wires, jostledp 210 UDC 1979
to me and gravely embraced my waist. ‘Time for us all to leave, Rachel ...‘ I took her strong hands, felt herp 211 UDC 1979
them,‘ he said matter-of-factly. ‘It's worth keeping a record of all this.‘ ‘Do you want to catch another?‘ I asked himp 211 UDC 1979
into the water I knew that he had given up all hope of challenging me. He listened to the helicopters, acceptingp 212 UDC 1979
myself. I felt a profound pity for this dead creature, all that remained of my physical being from which my spiritp 214 UDC 1979
the birds crowding the rooftops. They had gathered here from all over Shepperton, like an eager audience waiting for the lastp 215 UDC 1979
around the sun. ‘Blake, I can see them -- they're all there!‘ Already I was steeling myself against her departure. Ip 217 UDC 1979
me with the beak and talons of the condors. On all sides an immense panoply of living creatures was rising intop 219 UDC 1979
time, feeling ourselves dissolve into this aerial fleet. Taking them all into me, I chimerized myself, a multiple of all thesep 219 UDC 1979
them all into me, I chimerized myself, a multiple of all these creatures passing through the gateway of my body top 219 UDC 1979
chambered heart of the great bird of which we were all part. At last, near the end, the dead rose top 219 UDC 1979
out. She moved away from me, a diadem-gate through which all these creatures passed towards the sun, the smallest and thep 219 UDC 1979
me. Then we would set off, with the inhabitants of all the other towns in the valley of the Thames, andp 220 UDC 1979
brains by programmers, fused to their deckchairs. He had spent all summer sitting by the empty pool, staring at the rearp 59 IY6 1979
of his life to the care of his infant daughter. All had gone well, but twelve years later, for no apparentp 1001 HFF 1980
will. As I well knew, dermatitis, anorexia and anaemia were all too often convenient descriptions for a lack of hygiene, malnutritionp 1002 HFF 1980
to their friends and relatives. The Mother Superior herself, like all her colleagues, was an educated and intelligent woman with ap 1002 HFF 1980
work. ‘It's good of you to come, Dr Charcot. We've all been worried about Christina for some time. Without any disrespectp 1002 HFF 1980
days as a medical student I had been hostile to all the claims made by psychotherapy, the happy hunting ground ofp 1002 HFF 1980
behind a gaunt neck, a toneless facial musculature from which all expression had been deliberately drained. Her eyes stared back atp 1003 HFF 1980
but not under-nourished, and her pallor was probably caused by all this compulsive activity within the gloomy mansion. As for herp 1003 HFF 1980
is a case for me. Tell me -- she spends all her time cleaning out these grates?‘ ‘Every day, for thep 1004 HFF 1980
Mother Superior. This sensible woman was right in believing that all the dermatologists in the world would be unable to freep 1005 HFF 1980
be fled from at the stroke of midnight, and above all the glass slipper? As it happened, I was given nop 1005 HFF 1980
channels, spreading her unique brand of psychoanalytic mysticism, and extolling all the virtues of being ‘reborn‘. In fact, it was whilep 1006 HFF 1980
someone had tried to wrench them from the face. For all my resistance to that pseudo-science, it occurred to me thatp 1007 HFF 1980
of the mutilated hands of the clock above the staircase. All that remained was to restore the glass slipper to itsp 1008 HFF 1980
the young Presley remained, an electric charge that still pulls all the current out of the mains. According to Albert Goldmanp 39 UGM 1981
that a coterie of compliant doctors injected into him at all hours of the day and night. Although the autopsy resultsp 39 UGM 1981
Hilton. For some reason, though, I find myself admiring Presley all the more. That knowing smile, those savvy eyes and thatp 40 UGM 1981
those hairdos, that music, those oriental religions ... The perpetrators of all this are whipped unmercifully. Moorcock's fiction ‘gives rise to littlep 190 UGM 1981
paragraphs [not true] ... has never been in the genre at all.‘ The readers are equally despised and patronized: ‘My remarks onp 190 UGM 1981
it has ever known. The New Wave, along with almost all the more intelligent magazines and anthologies, has long since beenp 190 UGM 1981
than your shovels! It must be six inches deep, blown all the way from the Appalachians!‘ Wayne laughed aloud at thep 9 HA 1981
Henry Ford would have been proud of him. And for all his strange humour, McNair had been the first to befriendp 9 HA 1981
his miniature pocket megaphone he bellowed: ‘Full ahead, Captain! We're all waiting for you! Don't change your mind now ...‘ But Steinerp 10 HA 1981
the stowaway had brought his supper from the galley. ‘It's all right, Wayne ...‘ Steiner smiled with some amusement at this seabornep 11 HA 1981
thatch of blond hair, legs like stilts, eyes lit by all kinds of strange dreams. Wayne was trembling with excitement asp 11 HA 1981
out their yachts in a huge marina at San Diego, all the enormous vitality of this once extraordinary nation preserved inp 11 HA 1981
to the door. ‘Well, you're going back to the beginning, all right. Perhaps you'll start everything up again, Wayne. You couldp 12 HA 1981
a barely competent secretary at the American University in Dublin. All she left me were years of rambling fantasy and ap 13 HA 1981
hair which she kept tightly rolled in a bun. For all her efforts, Wayne reflected, the long voyage had freshened herp 15 HA 1981
few hundred yards from their goal, so that they would all perish and he could plunder alone the treasures of thisp 20 HA 1981
image of his dead mother asleep below the waves. In all good time he would present his record to Dr Flemingp 22 HA 1981
sudden, greedy stampede. There was more than enough for them all, gold beyond the dreams of Columbus, Cortez and the conquistadoresp 23 HA 1981
noise marked the real moment of their arrival, releasing them all from the voyage across the Atlantic, closing the past behindp 24 HA 1981
a land long since stripped by a greedy nation of all its coal and oil. In fact, the Fleming expedition twentyp 26 HA 1981
the young stowaway, Wayne, had acted as the catalyst -- all these private escapees had soon come out into the openp 27 HA 1981
desolate as the Moon's. He would have to watch everything, all kinds of psychological mischief could be hatched up here. Yesp 28 HA 1981
making another stab at it. Still, the place has possibilities, all sorts of dormant things might be lying here, waiting top 29 HA 1981
them), she'll behave a little differently ... But it's hot here, all right, I can see the heat shimmering off the dunesp 30 HA 1981
Collective; the extra meat ration once a month. But despite all these, she needed to breathe, to extend herself, even top 31 HA 1981
throw themselves on to American soil. One moment they were all staring at the grey skyscrapers and deserted streets, and thep 33 HA 1981
illusion had served its purpose, left a striking memory in all their minds of their first sighting of America. At thep 35 HA 1981
the golden glare around him was a sharp reminder of all his own misapprehensions. Wayne had expected to find the streetsp 35 HA 1981
into its face and set off at a run. On all sides was a secret but rich desert life. Scorpions twitchedp 36 HA 1981
distanced from them by the span of millennia. But for all its rusting neon signs, the New York around him seemedp 37 HA 1981
Wayne leapt through the window and ran forward. ‘McNair, it's all right!‘ The engineer was covered with the bright sand. Anp 38 HA 1981
the sunglasses. Looking up at him, Wayne reflected that for all his nautical gear Sterner seemed more at home on hisp 39 HA 1981
American self. Secure on his horse, Steiner moved behind them all, waiting until they were safely aboard, as if about top 39 HA 1981
held it against his plump chest. ‘Nothing but desert, probably all the way to the Pacific.‘ Anne Summers shielded her eyesp 41 HA 1981
his forehead. ‘I don't agree, Commissar,‘ he replied calmly. ‘It's all that much more of a challenge. Do you understand, Waynep 41 HA 1981
more of a challenge. Do you understand, Wayne?‘ Wayne understood all too well. The next morning, as Orlowski and Anne Summersp 41 HA 1981
for surviving in this arid world were now emerging. Yet all of them were strongly affected by the sight of thisp 42 HA 1981
pear grew through the wings of parked Concordes and 747s. All around them, as well, was ample evidence of the desperatep 42 HA 1981
were being consumed at an ever-increasing rate that would exhaust all known reserves well within the lifetime of their own grandchildrenp 44 HA 1981
the huge volume of road traffic anticipated would never materialise. All over the world industrial production began to falter. Stock marketsp 45 HA 1981
Wall Street, the Bourse and the City of London showed all the signs of an even greater recession than the 1929p 45 HA 1981
in the nationalised engineering factories and food-processing plants, and above all in the vast bureaucracies that stretched around half the globep 48 HA 1981
was declared to be in abeyance, Congress dissolved itself and all future elections to federal office were postponed indefinitely. The governmentp 48 HA 1981
the meadows of the drowned desert, a violent mirror reflecting all the failure and humiliation of America. Thirstland Ten days afterp 50 HA 1981
firmly in his hands, these first miles immediately brought back all the excitement he had felt when the Apollo sailed intop 51 HA 1981
the soft sand. Movement was what America was about, expressed all its energy, its belief in itself. He looked out overp 51 HA 1981
As Wayne had discovered, the animals needed to be watched all the time, and the expedition was undermanned. Orlowski had assignedp 53 HA 1981
was going to leave him here, he realised, they were all dependent on the supply wagon, both for the thousand gallonsp 53 HA 1981
sit it out on the beach until the Apollo arrived. All the same, they needed Wayne. If he chose to steerp 54 HA 1981
dusk, a dream of gangsters in his dark eyes. Of all the members of the crew and, expedition, only Orlowski andp 56 HA 1981
the Apollo was concerned, the Captain had abandoned ship in all senses. His lack of concern for the rusting vessel withp 56 HA 1981
for the Captain's response. ‘Wayne, there's water here, and probably all the way across America, in thousands of abandoned motels. Ap 59 HA 1981
There's everything here.‘ ‘Only for me, Steiner.‘ At dusk they all rested in their canvas chairs on the terrace of thep 60 HA 1981
already charmed a few extra pints out of him. For all this, Wayne felt that she had begun to see himp 60 HA 1981
an eye open for more of these rare cosmetics. ‘It's all right, Anne, I want to look at the mules.‘ Embarrassedp 61 HA 1981
desert, the wilderness where only they were at home. For all their Bedouin appearance, their weapons and alien eyes, Wayne feltp 62 HA 1981
the sunset, Steiner's face seemed as weathered as the Arabs‘, all the secret routes of a continent in its deep seamsp 62 HA 1981
tell me, Heinz, about this vision in the sky. You all saw it, hanging over the centre of Boston?‘ ‘Weren't ap 63 HA 1981
fingers. ‘You ask GM and Xerox. Weren't a vision at all, Captain.‘ ‘Dad's right -- giant space-ship, no doubt about thatp 63 HA 1981
the whole city just blew up in a big flash. All gone in a puff of dust.‘ ‘A strange kind ofp 64 HA 1981
camels mingled with the odour of roasting rattlesnake, had muddled all his assumptions about the United States. These strange tales ofp 65 HA 1981
young visitor as a true American in any sense at all. Wayne stared back at them, annoyed that they had crossedp 65 HA 1981
the products manufactured by the great corporations in Manhattan -- all carried in their pockets a strange clutter of dry fountainp 66 HA 1981
GM proudly patted his wife's pregnant waist and replied sensibly: ‘All women called Xerox -- they make good copies.‘) Then thep 66 HA 1981
scattered by the earthquakes and the portents in the sky. All of them had been illiterate for generations, and the onlyp 66 HA 1981
driven into the hunting grounds of less friendly tribes. Not all of them, Heinz explained, could be trusted. ‘There's the Bureaucratsp 67 HA 1981
Bureaucrats around Washington -- had big ideas once for pulling all the tribes together, until we found they just wanted top 67 HA 1981
of friendly admiration. ‘Got some kind of space-age religion, and all the hardware with it.‘ ‘Hardware is right,‘ GM guffawed. ‘Everp 67 HA 1981
each other as they blundered around in the dark. ‘It's all right -- we know them.‘ Steiner stood up, raising hisp 68 HA 1981
that traveller of old standing between the ankles of Ozymandias, all he could see were the same dunes and cactus rollingp 71 HA 1981
water-wagon, he fanned himself with his Stetson. ‘Well, Wayne, it all looks in remarkably good condition. Nothing seems to have changedp 72 HA 1981
flies on the mule's flanks. He knew that they were all secretly relieved that Washington was empty, and that they werep 72 HA 1981
some strange power, the force of its own authority. ‘It's all here, Wayne,‘ Orlowski remarked quietly. ‘Absolutely as it was ...‘ Movedp 73 HA 1981
emotion, Wayne held his shoulder. ‘It's been waiting for you all these years, Gregor.‘ ‘Wayne, that's generous of you ...‘ They werep 73 HA 1981
tent under a gathering layer of dust. Instead, they spent all day exploring the museums and Congress buildings, NASA headquarters, thep 74 HA 1981
delicacy for these people. God knows what's worrying them, though. All they want to do is eat.‘ As the mare wasp 79 HA 1981
Talk to Steiner, Wayne, before he goes completely native. For all you know, a substantial part of the American population mayp 81 HA 1981
term you can be President. But Moscow might not approve, all that permafrost, you know, the great Siberian wheat basin wouldp 82 HA 1981
his tempter in this no longer so gauche young stowaway. ‘All very true, and good reason for us to rejoin thep 82 HA 1981
with the Apollo. I think McNair and the crew are all dead!‘ ‘Professor Summers, calm yourself ...‘ With a hard glance atp 83 HA 1981
crouched beside the receiver, tirelessly repeating the expedition's call sign. All afternoon, while she took turns with Ricci and Orlowski, anp 84 HA 1981
riveted down the last of the copper plates, we were all set to start the winches and pull her off thep 84 HA 1981
There's no point! By the time we get there they'll all be ...‘ ‘We must move on, then, to the south.‘ Orlowskip 87 HA 1981
Orlowski gazed round encouragingly. ‘Miami, yes. Professor Summers, think of all those swimming-pools ...‘ He stopped as Steiner turned to face himp 87 HA 1981
juice. ‘No, Gregor, we're not going south -- not for all the swimming-pools in Miami. We're not going south because thatp 87 HA 1981
must be unsettled by the way we ride, and by all the last-minute bargaining when Ricci got overexcited and tried top 88 HA 1981
in a sulk. Luckily, the harsh landscape soon sobered us all. The same endless cactus and creosote bush, eroded buttes andp 88 HA 1981
ancestral memory of the power of the Presidency and Congress, all that's left of a million times that number of originalp 88 HA 1981
from the ground, strange wingless machines speeding through the air, all mixed up with bizarre images in the sky, everything fromp 88 HA 1981
man with staring eyes who lives in the sky ... For all that, the great old USA is still here under thep 89 HA 1981
old USA is still here under the desert sun -- all it needs is rain, a hundred-year downpour, say. Surprisingly, there'sp 89 HA 1981
he makes me uneasy. Ricci is like a neurotic gangster, all aggression and small vanities. Anne is very calm, sits inp 89 HA 1981
slowly painting her face as I write this, watching me all the while in an odd way ... June 9. Lexington, Virginiap 89 HA 1981
was a crisis yesterday when we found we'd left behind all the batteries for the radio transmitters. This means we're totallyp 89 HA 1981
went berserk, he didn't know whom to accuse, we were all equally suspect. He sat on his camel with his facep 90 HA 1981
Steiner, who once again went off ahead, out of sight all day, and then came back with his hunting trophies, threep 90 HA 1981
The Captain would clearly like to rid himself of us all, looks at us as if we were rather tiresome guestsp 90 HA 1981
I'm too ambitious, I want to irrigate this desert in all senses, while he prefers to think of America as justp 90 HA 1981
calmly shot the poor beast, but the smell made us all change our rooms. No one is bothering to cook tonightp 91 HA 1981
tonight. Like the others, I'm starting to think about water all the time. July 10. Mount Vernon, Illinois. Interstate 64 1p 91 HA 1981
batteries somewhere, but Anne and Ricci voted him down. We all agreed that there isn't anything we'd want to say, anywayp 92 HA 1981
with the rest of the world. A good thing. For all the tiredness, there's a quiet determination to keep moving westp 92 HA 1981
-- people's fantasies are astonishingly easy to stimulate. Steiner watched all this very disapprovingly, that pistol under his robe bothers mep 93 HA 1981
the face-cream against the sun, and I've suggested that we all follow suit. The lipstick makes a surprisingly good skin-guard. Wep 93 HA 1981
among endless suburbs and factories, shopping malls and theme parks, all silent and forgotten under a mantle of glazed light. Whenp 94 HA 1981
a dune. Hard to tell what anyone is thinking, we all sit on our camels shrouded in white robes, sun-blistered facesp 95 HA 1981
of giant car plants, stockyards and skyscrapers, but I'm sure all Steiner could see was the old frontier town. He's waitingp 95 HA 1981
in the OK Corral, to settle for once and for all his grievance against the human race. August 28. Topeka, Kansasp 95 HA 1981
day. Things are starting to fall apart, we're spending almost all our time hunting for water. Everything is arid here, anp 95 HA 1981
as if hoping to clutch some winning play. Were they all part of a theme park tableau, the last reel ofp 97 HA 1981
his dying expedition. Fever had returned to his once-handsome face all its former sharp profiles. He gazed up at the woodenp 98 HA 1981
his head. ‘McNair, it's the Gossamer Albatross. You've brought it all the way from Washington for me ...‘ ‘Wayne, you're still ap 103 HA 1981
the drained swimming-pool, McNair described his own escape, along with all but two of the Apollo's crew, from the cloud ofp 107 HA 1981
Well, the Geiger counters were screaming blue Fermis. We dropped all work on the Apollo, stoked up the steam-cars with coalp 107 HA 1981
Washington they joined the anxious concourse of the Indian nations, all driven from their hunting grounds by the portents in thep 108 HA 1981
sustained in the quakes that had destroyed Cincinnati and Cleveland. All these events had baffled McNair, as they did Wayne andp 108 HA 1981
stations in the United States,‘ McNair pointed out. ‘Were they all timed to detonate a century ahead, like some kind ofp 108 HA 1981
destroy the reactor core of a nearby nuclear plant.‘ For all these conundrums, it began to seem probable that the entirep 108 HA 1981
the tribal deity of the Executives, the unrequited spirit of all those commuting Manhattanites ... However, for the time being Wayne wasp 109 HA 1981
of the Apollo behind in Washington. None of the sailors, all deep-water salt and spray men, had relished the prospect ofp 109 HA 1981
Though God knows where you were heading -- you were all painted up like a troupe of drag queens ...‘ Standing byp 110 HA 1981
Holiday Inn, McNair glanced sharply at Wayne and Anne. For all their slight unease with each other, something had bonded themp 110 HA 1981
part of the same private mythology that had sent them all on their journey to the New World. The United Statesp 111 HA 1981
this strange guardian angel who had allowed Wayne to make all the running since they first left Plymouth Sound. But Waynep 112 HA 1981
Higher ground now, and cooler dust-free air in which they all breathed more freely. They were moving along an empty highwayp 113 HA 1981
she chased Wayne and McNair. They were still laughing over all this ten minutes later as they left the pass andp 115 HA 1981
this monsoon downpour, they descended through the mountains, surrounded on all sides by the dense tropical forest. The wayside filling stationsp 117 HA 1981
his head, driving drops of sweat from his beard. ‘It's all lit up! The neon signs are full on! Anne, therep 120 HA 1981
see the hotels? Caesar's Palace and the Desert Inn. They're all there along the Strip, the Dunes, the Flamingo, the Saharap 122 HA 1981
them on their way to the city centre. But for all its brilliant lights, Las Vegas seemed strangely silent. The streetp 122 HA 1981
moved slowly towards the Strip. ‘We can't stay here, it's all mad. Perhaps everyone's asleep?‘ Wayne was counting the silent hotelp 123 HA 1981
crooning in a relaxed but showy baritone half-familiar to them all. Five minutes later they stepped down from the cars andp 123 HA 1981
time, to 1976, say, a happy notion, the fulfilment of all his dreams that somewhere on this continent a piece ofp 126 HA 1981
vizor, into the intense and private world of his helmet. ‘All right, Ursula, if that's what the President Wants.‘ McNair pushedp 129 HA 1981
United States, and Paco's moody appraisals unsettled him. ‘Are you all from the same tribe -- the Gamblers?‘ ‘No!‘ As Ursulap 132 HA 1981
have a bigger job waiting for him, the biggest of all. NASA and Von Braun could have used McNair, if thep 136 HA 1981
from the middle and late twentieth century. Wayne recognised them all, the Apollo space vehicle, the Titan and Minuteman missiles inp 137 HA 1981
in the laboratory haven't identified it yet, but it's there all right, and there's only one antidote. Once we stop itp 138 HA 1981
switching the television screens into a flickering blur. Yet for all his quirks, his obsessions with germs and disease, Manson hadp 138 HA 1981
as impressed as I was. The fast breeder reactor supplies all the current that powers Las Vegas, every neon tube, telexp 140 HA 1981
over the age of twenty. It means that he did all this himself. He's surrounded by this entourage of enthusiastic teenagersp 141 HA 1981
of Manson's force is away at any time, either oil-prospecting (all the gasoline comes from secret tanks left behind by governmentp 141 HA 1981
comics the atmosphere is quite puritanical. These kids are dedicated, all right. As Enrico showed the three of us around theyp 141 HA 1981
youngsters too much for fear of frightening them away. They're all very likeable, but extremely provincial, and I don't think theyp 143 HA 1981
an immense three-dimensional figure as high as a skyscraper. We all stared at this creature, a spritely animal from an oldp 144 HA 1981
stories high, the Starship Enterprise like an airborne petroleum refinery, all silver pipes and cylinders, a dollar bill the size ofp 144 HA 1981
football field and the colour of purest Astroturf. Last of all came a succession of Presidents, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Eisenhower andp 144 HA 1981
from marmosets and mandrills to snow leopards and scarlet ibis, all escapees from the southern California zoos), there was an enormousp 145 HA 1981
the only things that rise above the forest. Everything else, all those dingbats and ticky-tack apartment houses I was so lookingp 149 HA 1981
ICBMs and cruise missiles -- war-heads and guidance systems. Seeing all this potential destructive power made Manson very nervous. When wep 150 HA 1981
override that gave Manson manual control of the two gunships. All hell broke loose, suddenly the gunships were veering and bankingp 150 HA 1981
Wayne, so many years, I don't want to see it all go.‘ A black, heavy rain was hitting the jungle, dancingp 152 HA 1981
face. Trying to rally his spirits, I complimented him on all he'd done, establishing this advanced industrial and communications base inp 152 HA 1981
odd look came into Manson's eyes, a dead dream of all the empty highways and drained swimming-pools of America. ‘He takesp 153 HA 1981
need to activate the Minuteman missiles, they're sitting in silos all over Nevada. Your friends could do it, they have thep 154 HA 1981
flank? By rights blockhouses and strongpoints should have been blooming all the way from Malibu to Newport Beach, he should havep 154 HA 1981
his obsessions? Curiously, it's not a bad idea -- after all, it's that dam, the manipulation of a whole continent's climatep 155 HA 1981
the California coast. I was very impressed by. Manson. For all his weirdness, he has the old Yankee virtues. He wantsp 155 HA 1981
picked up by car the next day. Obviously they were all on some hush-hush mission, I heard the youngsters yelling ‘Edwardsp 156 HA 1981
started the car, and drove down an empty Sunset Boulevard all the way to the Pacific coast highway. A rain-heavy, overcastp 156 HA 1981
they do the military and papal regimes in South America. All I need is ten years to make this country greatp 157 HA 1981
his decision on that empty beach at Malibu. Yet for all Wayne's closeness to the President he had never really penetratedp 159 HA 1981
of fast-food outlets that he hoped to see spring up all around the town. They would be needed when the floodp 159 HA 1981
syrup. Drug-stores and discos were what the youngsters needed above all else. At present they spent their spare time lying aroundp 160 HA 1981
remake the nation. They knew, too, that Wayne thought them all a little limited and provincial, and that they would losep 160 HA 1981
thousand ambitious ideas of his own, and Wayne encouraged him all the way. He was glad to hear the engineer sayp 162 HA 1981
suggest that we set up a complete civil administration with all the arms of central government -- issue a currency, passportsp 162 HA 1981
with the croupier's under-the-table trip. The President seemed to realise all this, smiling his silky smile at Wayne as everyone cheeredp 163 HA 1981
unsure. ‘We need the pretence of overkill,‘ he temporised. ‘It's all display, really, more bark than bite ...‘ Disturbing, nevertheless, and morep 164 HA 1981
wings, and twice as flammable. Sensibly checking himself -- after all, he was now only a heart-beat away from the Presidencyp 164 HA 1981
at the fabric of the plane, tickling its wings with all the indiscretions of the day. Below Wayne was the broadp 165 HA 1981
handlebars and snapped the wings above his head. Torn in all directions, the crippled craft fell into the boiling wake ofp 166 HA 1981
specialists was about to enter and observe him. And on all sides the Presidents of the United States gazed down atp 167 HA 1981
was encased in plaster, he could see that they were all there, the forty-four Presidents, grouped around his cot in thisp 167 HA 1981
a mantra for Wayne. Then, at a signal, they were all talking aloud, voices raised in the familiar intonations, gesturing courteouslyp 168 HA 1981
would be the cowardly thing to do ...‘ Now they were all shouting together, jostling around Wayne as if trying to winp 168 HA 1981
to fear is ...‘ Wayne screamed. Everything was silent. The Presidents, all forty-four of them, had frozen in their postures, hands raisedp 169 HA 1981
around him, trying to avoid FDR's pointing linger. ‘Are you all right, son?‘ A small, bright-eyed old man in a whitep 169 HA 1981
settled back in his wheelchair and assumed his cat-like smile. ‘All right now, Wayne?‘ The old man nodded sympathetically at thep 169 HA 1981
of legs between the three of us. Manson saved us, all right. I think we would have died if Charles hadn'tp 173 HA 1981
him start everything up again?‘ ‘Helped, Wayne? We did it all! In fact, for most of the time I was onp 173 HA 1981
passing overhead to the airport. ‘I thought Mr Manson put all this together.‘ ‘Nonsense. Charles is a brilliant man, in hisp 174 HA 1981
filled the empty spaces of her heart. And last of all there were the Presidents, a jumble of arms, legs andp 175 HA 1981
What's so extraordinary about this material is its utter simplicity. All you need is a diamond cutter and a reel ofp 177 HA 1981
the Sunlight Flier he discovered that the glass doors, like all the exits from the Convention Center were protected by theirp 178 HA 1981
test the Fliers. It's our only way of escape. We're all going to fly to the sun!‘ That evening the firstp 180 HA 1981
was strong enough to outrun the heavy-footed Presidential guard. For all his anger at being imprisoned in the Convention Center, hep 181 HA 1981
about it?‘ ‘Of course. It's the most threatening disease of all. It's called "other people". They'll be coming soon, in evenp 182 HA 1981
why I decided to come here. But we can leave all this behind --‘ There was the rapid sound of explosionsp 184 HA 1981
exploded in a flicker of colliding glass that covered them all with icing sugar. Dr Fleming stood in the centre ofp 184 HA 1981
signs of the casinos and hotels seemed garishly overlit. On all sides a festering light stung the retina, as if thisp 187 HA 1981
intermittent fire at a blue and empty sky. And through all this the neon facades of the casinos glowed like sop 190 HA 1981
But Anne waved him off, ignoring the caked blood. ‘It's all right. I'm not hurt. It's poor McNair ...!‘ They ran pastp 191 HA 1981
Manson only a year ago. Six cruises and two Titans, all with nuclear war-heads.‘ ‘I know that,‘ Wayne listened to thep 193 HA 1981
Las Vegas shut out beyond a wall of static almost all the incoming transmissions from the Malibu and Phoenix expeditions. Butp 194 HA 1981
and the Titan,‘ Wayne said. ‘But why Des Moines, of all places? Why not Washington, or New York -- he hatedp 195 HA 1981
He never talked about it.‘ Not even Dr Fleming, for all his hatred of Manson, had mentioned the secret headquarters. Fortunatelyp 195 HA 1981
ambitious but tasteless commercial. ‘That image is the saddest of all, Anne,‘ Wayne confided. ‘Though it has a certain tragic dignityp 197 HA 1981
everything. It was here they dreamed the purest dreams of all ...‘ The purest and the most innocent dreams. Yet Wayne knewp 197 HA 1981
genies under its stormy canopy. When, an hour after dusk, all the lights in Las Vegas went out as if ap 199 HA 1981
the silent facades of the downtown hotels and casinos. Already all the exits from the city were closed, the highways blockedp 200 HA 1981
Harvey Oswald grimacing in the moments before death. Last of all, Manson's most threatening ju-ju, came the image of a youngp 200 HA 1981
this diffuse and magnified image, as insubstantial as the air, all their resentment and violence emerged clearly. Within the over-large pupilsp 200 HA 1981
was guarding the hotel -- clearly the young Mexicans had all abandoned Manson, at last seeing the reality behind the gunshipsp 203 HA 1981
Hotels. Reflected from the glass target wall, the names of all the cities of America rippled across Manson's skin, so thatp 205 HA 1981
and join us -- Paco and I have been waiting all week for you. We're about to play the War Gamep 205 HA 1981
glutted by this excess of televised violence. Wayne humoured him, all the while watching the monitor screens. A camera mounted onp 212 HA 1981
dream of a pan-Mexican empire. ‘Wait, Paco ... my boy, it's all right.‘ Manson murmured soothingly, undisturbed by all this activity. Ap 214 HA 1981
my boy, it's all right.‘ Manson murmured soothingly, undisturbed by all this activity. A light aircraft was landing on Las Vegasp 214 HA 1981
empty launch ramps framed within their monitor screens, ‘We've played all the cruises.‘ Smirking to himself, Manson pointed over his shoulderp 215 HA 1981
dismember himself. ‘There's one left, Wayne, the biggest one of all. The Titan, and everything to play for.‘ Wayne shook hisp 215 HA 1981
back, he seemed completely at peace for the first time, all tension gone from his puffy face, a tired resort tycoonp 216 HA 1981
relax here. We can talk about our great adventure together, all the things we tried to do ...‘ ‘Mr Manson!‘ Wayne triedp 217 HA 1981
boy, look at what we've achieved here ...‘ ‘Mr Manson, it's all been a fantasy! These dreams were dead a hundred yearsp 218 HA 1981
a fantasy! These dreams were dead a hundred years ago! All we've done here is build the biggest Mickey Mouse watchp 218 HA 1981
rotating bowl of the roulette wheel. ‘Yes, I'm a Berliner, all right, of a special kind. And I ought to havep 219 HA 1981
elaborate video game with his gunships, eager to use up all the free plays in the world before the ICBM signalledp 222 HA 1981
provided for his party of visitors to this greatest of all theme parks. Wayne could hear his flat voice boom againstp 222 HA 1981
Wheel in the War Room ... this is one game you all have to play, so don't try to leave town, anyp 223 HA 1981
through the soft jungle within a five-mile radius. They were all trapped here under the laser image of the psychopath inp 223 HA 1981
would probably make it to Interstate 15, and follow it all the way to the Hollywood Hills. The gunships hovered behindp 224 HA 1981
as if he was aware that these stiff-jointed dolls were all that would survive of his own Presidential dreams. But thep 224 HA 1981
Soldiers in camouflage helmets were darting across the roads on all sides. As Manson screamed with rage, lunging for the controlsp 225 HA 1981
Wayne's face with a not unfriendly smile. ‘Calm down, you're all right. In fact, you've just become President of the Unitedp 228 HA 1981
President of the United States. Can you walk? Somehow we've all got to get out of Las Vegas -- there's lessp 228 HA 1981
Where's Dr Fleming? He was supposed to be rounding up all those pathetic children. You've no idea where the Titan launchp 230 HA 1981
a medley of designs, two-, three-and six-seaters. The pilots were all children, bright faces lit by the morning air, the sometimep 232 HA 1981
and carried it away into the street below. Last of all, Wayne waited his turn. He ducked as the convoy ofp 234 HA 1981
and like everyone at the hippy commune seemed to have all the time in the world to stare at him. Butp 1010 NFS 1981
to begin. Now, sadly, the old astronaut was unaware of all this. He sat beside Franklin in the front seat, hisp 1011 NFS 1981
the obligatory front-seat passenger. In fact, few people drove at all. The desert on either side of the road was litteredp 1011 NFS 1981
exposure before they could wake from their fugues. Yet, for all the danger, Franklin loved to drive, illicit high-speed runs atp 1011 NFS 1981
own hands were shaking, an understandable reflex of alarm. For all Slade's ironic drawl, his naked body was as taut asp 1013 NFS 1981
any longer. I found a way of ... dealing with them.‘ ‘All this flying around? You frightened the old boy.‘ ‘I doubtp 1014 NFS 1981
or just starts a fight. He's a bit crazy, trying all the time not to fugue.‘ Franklin nodded, watching the planep 1014 NFS 1981
for you he would have gone to the moon.‘ ‘We all went to the moon. That was the trouble ...‘ Franklin reversedp 1014 NFS 1981
lengthening for months, yet somehow he kept them at bay. All that violent energy contained in his skull would one dayp 1015 NFS 1981
than Nevada. Peaceful, too. Plenty of cool trees and pasturage, all these fields and sweet lakes. I'd like to stop andp 1015 NFS 1981
own brain. Together the items formed an accurate anti-portrait of all Franklin's obsessions, a side-chapel of his head. But Slade hadp 1016 NFS 1981
be the only one to succumb seemed doubly cruel, confirming all their longstanding suspicions about this wayward physician. Franklin had beenp 1016 NFS 1981
in the fugues. It's been bad for you, Robert. For all of us.‘ ‘All the more reason to stay and facep 1017 NFS 1981
It's been bad for you, Robert. For all of us.‘ ‘All the more reason to stay and face it. Rachel, listenp 1017 NFS 1981
the glass cell. Distorted reflections of himself had pursued him all day, as if he were being presented with brief clipsp 1017 NFS 1981
air force personnel. But the old astronaut intimidated him, touched all his feelings of guilt over his complicity in the spacep 1017 NFS 1981
the camera lens. ‘Robert -- are you going to be all right? Your wife will look after you, you say. Ip 1017 NFS 1981
minutes they began to falter. Within an hour they were all dead. ‘Don't worry, I'll be fine. Marion knows exactly whatp 1018 NFS 1981
features and distorted anatomies resembled the nightmarish jumble seen by all patients if they were deliberately roused from their fugues byp 1019 NFS 1981
moment there was dusk outside and a deserted parking lot. All victims told the same story -- there were forgotten appointmentsp 1019 NFS 1981
and the last to hold out against the fugues -- all the early astronauts had long since retreated into a timelessp 1019 NFS 1981
of gravity. Certainly the unhappy lives of the astronauts bore all the signs of a deepening sense of guilt. The relapsep 1020 NFS 1981
women stood in the centre of the huge cargo runway. All of them came from the nearby town. At twilight thesep 1020 NFS 1981
one realm where Franklin was free of her, safe from all her frustration at having come back to him. Franklin wentp 1021 NFS 1981
of the rotating blade that had devoured the darkness. Delayed all afternoon, his fugue had begun as he tripped over thep 1022 NFS 1981
powdered shoulder with some concern. ‘Are you going to be all right? I'm finding it difficult enough to cope with myselfp 1022 NFS 1981
down the dead Florida coast. The space programme had expressed all its failure in that terminal moraine of deserted hotels andp 1023 NFS 1981
scars and blemishes that had appeared around her mouth. Like all women, Marion never really feared the fugues, accepting the popularp 1023 NFS 1981
palms, for a moment shoring up their slipping curvatures. For all his fondness for Marion, he would have to use herp 1023 NFS 1981
weird world, spatial change perceived independently of time. Fired by all this, I set off for the clinic, eager to tryp 1024 NFS 1981
timeless people, the only mementoes of homo sapiens when we've all gone, waiting here with their idiotic smiles for the firstp 1024 NFS 1981
A curious by-product of the fugues is that I'm losing all sense of urgency. Sat here for the last three daysp 1025 NFS 1981
It's possible to imagine that everything is happening at once, all the events ‘past‘ and ‘future‘ which constitute the universe arep 1025 NFS 1981
to force myself to remember to eat and shower. It's all rather pleasant, no fear even though I'm left with onlyp 1025 NFS 1981
pool and over the gravel in the car park. Presumably all part of Slade's serious games with time and space. He'sp 1026 NFS 1981
has retreated indoors. The old geologist and his wife sit all day in their bedroom, each in a straight-backed chair onp 1026 NFS 1981
of Time Man in an anthropological museum of the future. All the same, it's difficult to be too optimistic. I wishp 1027 NFS 1981
blanket draped across two pairs of knees on a balcony. All the clocks had stopped, and without his watch he couldp 1027 NFS 1981
part-concussion and part-fugue, and the harsh, noon light had driven all shadows from the sandy soil. The northern suburbs of Lasp 1030 NFS 1981
scuttling under his heels. Franklin waved away the circling kite. All too easily he could imagine the bird perching on hisp 1030 NFS 1981
air. The hills undulated around him, the copulating bodies of all the women he had known, together conceiving this mineral worldp 1030 NFS 1981
vivid, the young earth seen for the first time, where all Franklin's ills would be soothed and assuaged in its sweetp 1031 NFS 1981
creosote bushes. Franklin was glad to see the old astronaut. All day Trippett sat in his chair, conducting the desert throughp 1031 NFS 1981
her life. Yet her broad face and handsome body expressed all the myths of the maternal child. She had seen Franklinp 1031 NFS 1981
see the trees, Ursula, the same ones your father saw?‘ ‘All of them, and millions of flowers, too. Nevada's a wonderfulp 1032 NFS 1981
more flight.‘ Ursula dusted the sand from the sheet. For all the Amazon blaze during their fugues, clouds of dust blewp 1032 NFS 1981
bathing themselves in a city of waterfalls, a seraglio beyond all the fantasies of Franklin's childhood. At noon, during a fewp 1033 NFS 1981
time had been running out at an ever faster rate. All that was left was a single brief period of ap 1034 NFS 1981
whales. From the start, their sex together had taken away all Franklin's fears. Ursula's ample figure at last proved itself inp 1034 NFS 1981
in the heat of that angry and lonely sun. Like all things, the sun needed its companions, needed time leached awayp 1035 NFS 1981
to be free of time, he embraced the great fugue. All the light in the universe had come here to greetp 1036 NFS 1981
one that happens to be closer to our own taste. All the same, Fitzgerald's extraordinary charm, and that touching determination top 109 UGM 1982
Zelda Sayre, his future wife and a destructive force beyond all his dreams. The last of the southern belles, Zelda wasp 110 UGM 1982
in 1940 from Scribners reported sales of forty copies for all his books, including seven copies of The Great Gatsby, forp 110 UGM 1982
calmly at the controls, thinking of his dead wife and all the drained swimming pools of Cocoa Beach, and of thep 1061 MNF 1982
silver birch as this latter-day fragment of a neon Versailles. All the same, the sight of the bizarre nightclub hidden deepp 1061 MNF 1982
of the great bird whose wings embraced them. Yet, for all the confusions of the flight, at least he had beenp 1064 MNF 1982
to Mars and Venus, walked beside Armstrong on the Moon. All of them, in their last seconds of consciousness, became calmp 1065 MNF 1982
treatments and sensory deprivation, the partial lobotomies and hallucinatory drugs all seemed to miss the point. It was always best top 1065 MNF 1982
central nervous system, space was not a linear structure at all, but a model for an advanced condition of time, ap 1066 MNF 1982
symptoms of the malaise to affect him, that he was all too eager to be inducted into the great voyage towardsp 1066 MNF 1982
endless playing with bizarre clocks and architectural follies, and above all his interest in pornography. This sinister hobby had sprung outp 1066 MNF 1982
that clung to the balconies of the condominium, he gazed all day at the video-recordings of Elaine at her dressing tablep 1066 MNF 1982
my bed to the window, and I sit propped here all day, courting the birds, species I've never seen before thatp 1067 MNF 1982
themselves. Everything moves very slowly now, it seems to take all day for a bird to cross the sky, it beginsp 1067 MNF 1982
him saying we should seize the light, not fear it. All the same, I think he's got more than he bargainedp 1067 MNF 1982
city which came alive only at dusk drove Sheppard into all kinds of restless activity. He would go out into thep 1068 MNF 1982
creating a new kind of time and space. Thinking of all that Elaine had said in her last letter, and determinedp 1068 MNF 1982
Marey's Chronograms. The driver nodded pensively. ‘Samples? Exactly what is all that -- a survival kit?‘ ‘Of a special kind.‘ Unawarep 1068 MNF 1982
codes of a primitive time-machine, repeated a hundred times in all the drained swimming pools of Cape Kennedy. Surrounding the motelp 1069 MNF 1982
absurd idea, but the memory had come from somewhere. For all its fearfulness, the Space Centre was a magnetic zone. Butp 1069 MNF 1982
would ever be charged and no memories ever be repaid. All of them avoided the government aid centre by the busp 1070 MNF 1982
I'm Anne Godwin, hello. Avocado puree, rice pudding, anchovies, you're all set for a midnight feast. But what about a filletp 1070 MNF 1982
eyed him shrewdly. ‘Just another summer visitor -- though you all have PhDs, the remittance men of the Space Age. Wherep 1070 MNF 1982
leafy slime on the drained floor of the Starlight pool, all of them presumably cryptic messages from Martinsen. So the neurosurgeonp 1071 MNF 1982
an abandoned truck, but he had already lost Martinsen. On all sides were the bird-signs, chalked up on the fences andp 1073 MNF 1982
the elderly couple and the other derelicts as they were all about to rise into the air, a flight of angelsp 1075 MNF 1982
this was present time. Without realizing it, he had spent all his life in this grey, teased-out zone. However, he stillp 1075 MNF 1982
stress lines in this over-stretched web of events. ‘Are you all right? Poor man, can't you breathe?‘ Sheppard became aware ofp 1076 MNF 1982
are coming to search for that aircraft. Now, what is all this?‘ ‘I'm sorry.‘ Sheppard caught himself. Modestly, he pointed top 1077 MNF 1982
worry, you'll be outside for only ten minutes -- we've all been too frightened of the sun.‘ She held his elbowp 1077 MNF 1982
young woman after him. ‘This is the key to it all,‘ he explained, as she watched him intently, eyes shielded fromp 1077 MNF 1982
this pool. I'm trying to find it, a side-door for all of us to escape through. This space sickness -- it'sp 1078 MNF 1982
space sickness -- it's really about time, not space, like all the Apollo flights. We think of it as a kindp 1078 MNF 1982
the universe as a simultaneous structure. Everything that's ever happened, all the events that will ever happen, are taking place togetherp 1078 MNF 1982
marvellous birds and animals -- you've seen them too. We've all got to embrace the sun, I want your children top 1078 MNF 1982
Godwin did her best to help Sheppard construct his ‘machine‘. All day she submitted to the Polaroid camera, to the filmsp 1078 MNF 1982
beach, their talons gripping the fragments of the Cessna. And all the while the light continued to grow brighter, radiating outwardsp 1079 MNF 1982
by one of the trip-balanced hutches, Sheppard noticed that they all pointed towards the Apollo gantries. So Martinsen was now frightenedp 1080 MNF 1982
A jewelled snake hung from a bough, gathering to it all the embroidered skins it had once shed. An inlet ofp 1081 MNF 1982
sitting on the steps, now a confident iguana armoured within all its selves. Like everything in the forest, both had becomep 1081 MNF 1982
Her right hand, a clutch of knobbly sticks from which all feeling had long expired, moved and took his own. Herp 1082 MNF 1982
hand, Sheppard felt an enormous sense of relief, knowing that all the pain and uncertainty of the past months, his searchp 1082 MNF 1982
affection for his wife, a need to give way to all the stored emotions he had been unable to express sincep 1082 MNF 1982
his plans for the future, his uneven health and, above all, his long quest for her across the drained swimming poolsp 1083 MNF 1982
to let this young woman escape into the sunlight. Could all this have been waiting for them, around the unseen cornersp 1083 MNF 1982
time-locked ferns and palmettos by the water's edge. Last of all, he released Martinsen. He embraced the helpless doctor, searching forp 1084 MNF 1982
help her.‘ Minus two. MEMORIES OF THE SPACE AGE ONE All day this strange pilot had flown his antique aeroplane overp 1037 MSA 1982
selected a new set of timepieces. She touched Mallory reassuringly. ‘All men look the same, Edward. That's streetwalker's wisdom for youp 1038 MSA 1982
shot but worth a try. I've learned one thing in all these years -- if there's a way out, we'll findp 1038 MSA 1982
won't! Everything's poisoned here. We should go to Australia, like all the other NASA people.‘ Anne rooted in her handbag onp 1038 MSA 1982
a crime was committed here, everyone knows that's how it all began.‘ As they listened to the distant drone of thep 1039 MSA 1982
can he help? He was the one who started it all.‘ ‘No, not Hinton.‘ Mallory listened to his voice in thep 1039 MSA 1982
out the frequencies. ‘In point of fact, I started it all.‘ Anne had turned from him and lay on her sidep 1039 MSA 1982
it had done first for the astronauts and then for all the other NASA personnel based in Florida. Within the lastp 1039 MSA 1982
everything began to slow down, and he would apparently spend all day shaving or signing a cheque. Time, like a filmp 1040 MSA 1982
Atlanta and Savannah, and from military craft overflying the Bahamas. All gave Florida a wide berth. To the north of thep 1041 MSA 1982
teeth. If he reached out he could embrace it, comfort all the memories of Africa, soothe the violence from its oldp 1045 MSA 1982
see. Take your wife and leave -- any moment now all the clocks are going to stop.‘ ‘That's why we're herep 1046 MSA 1982
borrow.‘ But before taking off she confided to Mallory: ‘It's all wishful thinking, doctor, for Hinton, too. When Dad comes itp 1048 MSA 1982
Shepley -- the first man to be murdered in space. All too well Mallory remembered the young pilot of the Shuttlep 1048 MSA 1982
trigger for a metaphysical experiment of a special sort. At all events, Shepley's death had been the first murder in spacep 1049 MSA 1982
the prison island. But was the ornithopter a decoy, like all the antique aircraft that Hinton flew above the space centrep 1050 MSA 1982
open amazement, as if surprised that Mallory had aged at all in the past twenty years, but delighted that he hadp 1050 MSA 1982
distant gantries. Thousands of swallows and martins overtook them on all sides, ignoring Hinton as if well used to this erraticp 1050 MSA 1982
prison and the rushing air above Cape Kennedy had leached all trace of iron salts from his pallid skin. His rawp 1050 MSA 1982
I couldn't believe it was you! And Anne? Is she all right?‘ ‘She's here, at the hotel in Titusville.‘ ‘I knowp 1051 MSA 1982
out of time -- that's what the space programme was all about ...‘ He beckoned Mallory towards a steel staircase that ledp 1052 MSA 1982
the Shuttle as it emerged above the assembly deck. After all the years of thinking about Cape Kennedy he was stillp 1052 MSA 1982
I'm here. I'm teaching myself to fly, going back through all these old planes to the beginning. I want to flyp 1052 MSA 1982
attack, but it would come again. ‘Doctor --? You'll be all right.‘ Hinton was plainly disappointed as he watched Mallory steadyp 1052 MSA 1982
--‘ ‘Of course, we'll join the birds! Mallory, we can all fly, every one of us. Think of it, doctor, truep 1052 MSA 1982
go back to the beginning, long before aviation sent us all off on the wrong track. When time stops, Mallory, we'llp 1053 MSA 1982
flux. The intensity of light is growing, photons backing up all the way to the sun. As I left the drugstorep 1054 MSA 1982
the space centre and those bright, eerie transits that are all too visible at night. I hope I don't go outp 1054 MSA 1982
the hotel -- the palms were shaking dust and insects all over the balcony. Clearly Hinton is trying to keep usp 1054 MSA 1982
World War I machines. He's deliberately flying badly designed aircraft, all part of his attempt to escape from winged aviation intop 1055 MSA 1982
green deck of Florida. Hinton may have killed himself. Perhaps all this flying is some kind of expiatory ritual, when hep 1055 MSA 1982
There's a sense in which not only the shaman's but all mystical and religious beliefs are an attempt to devise ap 1055 MSA 1982
mind almost equal to those of Freud and Leonardo? Perhaps all that surplus neural capacity was there to release him fromp 1055 MSA 1982
Anne is awake ... (Anne): Who's learned to fly? (EM): It's all right -- the birds. (Anne): Did you teach them? Whatp 1056 MSA 1982
Mallory tried to lift the heavy Yamaha. ‘Hinton -- it's all that's left now. For Anne, too. Somehow I have top 1058 MSA 1982
this uninhabited space station. There have been no casualties. We all count ourselves fortunate to have found safe haven at ap 1085 RUS 1982
resting in the armchairs beneath the unvarying light we have all noticed how our sense of direction soon vanishes. Each ofp 1086 RUS 1982
steady passage we sense that we are not moving at all, and may well be trapped within a small waiting roomp 1087 RUS 1982
that will return us to our original starting point. We all feel an immediate surge of hope. Already we may havep 1087 RUS 1982
now know that although these curvatures exist, they extend in all directions. Each of the wails curves away from its neighboursp 1087 RUS 1982
across one of the limitless passenger decks, a prey to all fears and speculations, when we noticed the signs of recentp 1088 RUS 1982
hope that they were driven forward by the greatest of all instincts, the need to establish the station's size. Estimated diameterp 1088 RUS 1982
systems that constitute our galaxy, and the island universes themselves all lie within the boundaries of the station. The station isp 1089 RUS 1982
a witty and generous tribute to this most durable of all adult toys. Carl Benz's three-wheeler first appeared on the streetsp 232 UGM 1984
designed for a wealthy American, a built-in flush toilet. From all this emerged a mammoth car-accessory industry, providing everything from tyrep 233 UGM 1984
raced up the Yangtze and returned to this gaudy city all the coffins cast adrift from the funeral piers of thep 11 ES 1984
of Scotch consumed in aid of the war effort (like all children, Jim was intrigued by alcohol but vaguely disapproved ofp 12 ES 1984
out his palm to Jim, shouting the street cry of all Shanghai: ‘No mama! No papa! No whisky soda!‘ Yang lashedp 13 ES 1984
tried to tell his mother about his dreams, but like all the adults in Shanghai that winter she was too preoccupiedp 14 ES 1984
Jim's father noted wryly, owned by American oil companies. Almost all the American women and children had been evacuated from Shanghaip 15 ES 1984
was about to embark on the most difficult chapter of all, on psychic bidding -- all this and he had yetp 16 ES 1984
the most difficult chapter of all, on psychic bidding -- all this and he had yet to play a single handp 16 ES 1984
amah and changed into his party costume be found that all this was threatened. Her head muddled by the rumours ofp 16 ES 1984
shirt. ‘And I will telephone my parents and tell them all about you.‘ ‘But, Vera -- they want to see youp 16 ES 1984
first time he was totally uninterested in school-work. He pressed all kinds of odd information on Jim -- about the chemistryp 19 ES 1984
and how, if he wished, he could become a doctor. All these were elements of an adolescence which his father seemedp 19 ES 1984
with the cars of Europeans leaving for their Christmas parties. All over the western suburbs people were wearing fancy dress, asp 20 ES 1984
wanted to urinate, and by the polished holsters that held all their manliness. Jim wanted to wear a holster himself onep 22 ES 1984
superior way they stayed together, whereas every Japanese was alone. All of them carried photographs of their identical families, little formalp 23 ES 1984
his tired breath and that threatening scent given off by all Japanese soldiers. Everyone then sat still, as the slightest movep 24 ES 1984
he stared down his cigar at the weeding women. ‘If all the people in China sat in a line they wouldp 26 ES 1984
the hedge, but otherwise the landscape was empty, as if all the Chinese in the Yangtze basin had left the countrysidep 30 ES 1984
the cove below the German forts at Tsingtao. But for all its rust this Japanese fighter still belonged to the skyp 31 ES 1984
the engine cowling. His arms and shoulders were trembling with all the confused emotions that this ruined aircraft invariably set offp 31 ES 1984
lying in the grass resembled the skins of venomous snakes. All around them were the bodies of dead Chinese soldiers. Theyp 32 ES 1984
what to do next with this small boy. ‘Jamie ...! We're all waiting ... there's a surprise for you!‘ Jim's father was callingp 34 ES 1984
Petrel, Captain Polkinhorn, at the Shanghai Country Club, and knew all the naval ships on the river. Even in the pearlyp 39 ES 1984
on the next, returning to the waterfront of Shanghai with all the other debris abandoned by the city. Meadows of paperp 41 ES 1984
officers were on board, as everyone in Shanghai well knew. All would be sleeping soundly in their rooms at the Parkp 41 ES 1984
but Jim's father strode past them to the revolving doors. All firing had ceased. Throngs of Chinese ran along the Bundp 44 ES 1984
had crushed the Packard, the huge guns of the Idzumo all belonged to a make-believe realm. He almost expected Yang top 51 ES 1984
powers by the empire of Japan, an object lesson to all those reluctant to enter the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Fortunately, some hoursp 52 ES 1984
of this small English boy. In fact Jim recognized almost all the Japanese aircraft. British newsreels of the Sino-Japanese War openlyp 53 ES 1984
Jim's, donated by a local French charity -- they spent all day staring at him. A metal fire-escape linked the twop 54 ES 1984
Japanese soldiers with his fist. An hour later they had all gone, leaving Jim alone in the children's ward. As thep 55 ES 1984
though his father made a point of running the filter all winter. Looking up at the windows of his bedroom, hep 60 ES 1984
his parents, Vera, the nine servants, chauffeur and gardener could all have gone out together. There was a muffled explosion fromp 61 ES 1984
forbidden. Then the dreams of war came to him, and all the battleships of the Japanese Navy sailed up the Yangtzep 65 ES 1984
he had forgotten to turn off a kitchen tap and all the water had flowed from the storage tank. The pantryp 65 ES 1984
caisson walls. Perhaps murder was about to be committed in all the swimming-pools of Shanghai, and their walls were tiled sop 66 ES 1984
Raymond twins in the nearby Columbia Road. He felt that all the streets in Shanghai were rooms in a huge housep 67 ES 1984
Opels and Mercedes -- curious, gloomy cars which gave Jim all too much of an idea of what Europe was likep 67 ES 1984
stones at him until stopped by their mother. But today all three stood silently. Jim cycled past, trying not to showp 68 ES 1984
of the Avenue Joffre was the Shell Company's compound, almost all of its houses occupied by British employees. Jim and Patrickp 70 ES 1984
the Great Western and Columbia Roads, but no Japanese at all were there. However, when he reached the entrance to hisp 73 ES 1984
American nationals, or by Dutch, Belgian and Free French residents, all of whom had been interned by the Japanese in thep 74 ES 1984
his parents, but now he felt nervous and slightly cold all the time, even in the mild December weather. He droppedp 76 ES 1984
before, and found it difficult to concentrate on anything. Despite all this, Jim managed to repair his cycle. He unscrewed thep 76 ES 1984
in a pool of blood that dripped from his lapels. All the gambling parlours and opium houses in the side-streets behindp 77 ES 1984
Their absence unsettled Jim. Without its beggars the city seemed all the poorer. The sullen rhythms of the new Shanghai werep 77 ES 1984
Trying to keep up his spirits, he decided to visit all those places in Shanghai where his parents were known, startingp 77 ES 1984
She had seemed worried for him, but when he cycled all the way down to the Columbia Road he found thatp 79 ES 1984
him to leave the apartment house, though they had known all week that he was there. He was glad to gop 79 ES 1984
to fade in his memory. He was thinking of food all the time, and he knew that there were a greatp 79 ES 1984
the scarlet streaks ran down the oak panels, as if all the Americans and Europeans had been murdered against their frontp 80 ES 1984
the high walls and deepening grass. The Japanese had confiscated all the radios and cameras, but otherwise the houses were intactp 82 ES 1984
stare at the ragged figure who appeared before him in all the mirrors of the Columbia Road, an urchin half hisp 83 ES 1984
was ill, and often he would have to lie down all day. The mains supply to Columbia Road had been turnedp 83 ES 1984
into his hands, grinning at the Japanese. Soon they were all laughing together, sitting back in the deep grass beside thep 84 ES 1984
week Jim was dependent on this Japanese patrol for almost all his food. More of the houses in the Columbia Roadp 85 ES 1984
the Christmas cakes whose overripe flavour he had always hated. All the same, Jim would have liked to eat the shipp 87 ES 1984
Its rusting bridge, like a crumbling brown loaf, still held all its mystery for him. War, which had changed everything inp 88 ES 1984
not seen a single British or American face. Had they all been sent to prison camps in Japan? Then, as hep 88 ES 1984
went down to the Bund to look at the Idzumo. All afternoon he wandered along the waterfront, past the mud-flats wherep 89 ES 1984
on the surface of the river, which had rushed from all the creeks and paddies and canals of China in orderp 91 ES 1984
to the waves by the port rail he could walk all the way to the Idzumo ... Towers of smoke shuddered fromp 91 ES 1984
up the coast? Who else is with you?‘ ‘Nobody.‘ For all the hope of safety that this young American offered, Jimp 92 ES 1984
white hand. He had a bland, unmarked face from which all the copious experiences of his life had been cleverly erasedp 94 ES 1984
bed and counted the pieces of salvaged brass. ‘Is that all, Frank? That's not a lot to take to market. Thosep 94 ES 1984
try going out there -- with that kid watching you all the time.‘ ‘Frank, we've got my lungs, you agreed thatp 95 ES 1984
before the war started?‘ ‘Jamie ...‘ Frank threw down his rag. ‘All this scrap isn't going to buy us a sampan top 95 ES 1984
one of them since. It annoyed him to think of all the food in his life that he had turned awayp 97 ES 1984
your mother? Are they here in Shanghai?‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Jim hesitated. All his experience of the previous weeks told him not top 98 ES 1984
me. I imagine Jim's folks had themselves picked up with all the other Britishers, and now Jim's looking for them. Jimp 98 ES 1984
Well, things have been looking up, Jim, since you arrived. All these new words, and now this fancy candy, we're gettingp 98 ES 1984
from a mouse. ‘So you've been living at home, Jim, all by yourself. Down there in the French Concession?‘ ‘Amherst Avenuep 98 ES 1984
an arm around Jim's shoulders. ‘You've been thinking too much, all those new words.‘ ‘I've used up all my new wordsp 102 ES 1984
thinking too much, all those new words.‘ ‘I've used up all my new words, Basie. Is the war going to endp 102 ES 1984
who felt faint and hungry, and who thought about food all the time. He no longer felt sorry for this otherp 103 ES 1984
You're skin and bone. Soon you're going to be sick all the time.‘ ‘If they did buy me, what would theyp 104 ES 1984
held the door to the frame without engaging the lock. ‘All right, Frank, we'll look at Jim's house.‘ They moved forwardp 106 ES 1984
them was much fun to be with -- they were all either very old or sick with malaria and dysentery, andp 110 ES 1984
Hotel's neon sign blur and fade. Although he was hungry all the time, he was happy in the detention centre. Afterp 110 ES 1984
giving him less than his fair share. He distrusted them all, and their strange children, who looked almost English but couldp 111 ES 1984
drone of its engines was comforting, and reminded him of all his dreams of flying. When he was hungry or missedp 111 ES 1984
two armed soldiers, the Japanese sergeant stood in the doorway. All three men wore cotton masks over their faces -- therep 112 ES 1984
the safety of the prison camps. ‘Basie!‘ he cried. ‘Everything's all right!‘ American Aircraft ‘The war's going to be over soonp 114 ES 1984
a special kind of reconnaissance flight.‘ ‘To see how we all are? Where did they come from, Basie? Wake Island?‘ ‘Ap 118 ES 1984
of Japan across the Pacific. The only good news in all this were the flights of American planes that Jim hadp 119 ES 1984
worked hard for Mrs Blackburn and bowed to Sergeant Uchida all would be well. Nonetheless, some of Basie's ruses unsettled Jimp 119 ES 1984
was an elastic term for the cabin steward, open to all manner of interpretation. Jim collected Private Blake's rations for twop 119 ES 1984
Basie had admitted their part in this supplementary ration scheme all guilt had gone. Jim noticed how different Basie was fromp 119 ES 1984
his life Jim felt free to do what he wanted. All sorts of wayward ideas moved through his mind, fuelled byp 120 ES 1984
the cinema, and its prisoners stood unsteadily in the road. All designs on the dead woman's tennis shoes vanished from Jim'sp 121 ES 1984
water, or one of them would die and they would all have to return to Shanghai. Jim watched the Japanese onp 134 ES 1984
Japanese soldier who stationed himself next to Jim. ‘Well, we all feel better for the water. That was brave of youp 137 ES 1984
with the Japanese guards, and causing everyone trouble. Yet for all his display of public spirit, Dr Ransome had drunk morep 138 ES 1984
muscles of his face. She would have no idea of all his adventures during the past four months. Even if hep 138 ES 1984
those secret afternoons before the war when he had cycled all over Shanghai and come back with hair-raising stories he couldp 138 ES 1984
raised his upper lip and glanced at his teeth. ‘It's all right, Jim. I was trying to guess what you've beenp 139 ES 1984
I was trying to guess what you've been eating. We'll all have to take up gardening at Woosung. Perhaps the Japanesep 139 ES 1984
with razor-sharp lines coated in powdered glass. But best of all were the man-flying kites which his father had seen inp 140 ES 1984
take off and attack the Chinese armies to the west. All this activity excited Jim. When they stopped at the militaryp 141 ES 1984
for their unwanted prisoners, the Japanese would leave them there all night. In the morning they would be too ill top 143 ES 1984
war, the sky was in a state of change. For all their movement, the Japanese aircraft were its only fixed pointsp 146 ES 1984
Pearl Harbor. The seminary was already filled with military personnel. All afternoon they waited behind a queue of commandeered Shanghai Transitp 149 ES 1984
after leaving the gendarmerie station at the pig farm they all allowed themselves to become ill. During the night the Japanesep 150 ES 1984
emerging from a white haze like the milled bones of all the dead of China. The dust cloaked the cabin andp 152 ES 1984
search had ended he felt saddened by the memory of all he had been through, and of how much he hadp 153 ES 1984
on the camp, on the British prisoners and their children. All his hopes rested in the landscape around him, in itsp 155 ES 1984
canal. Its white piles, from which the rain had leached all trace of resin, were as soft as pumice. The driverp 156 ES 1984
a concrete runway. Even in the dusk light, and despite all the privations of the past months, Jim could see thep 158 ES 1984
so few books or magazines that an unfamiliar brand-name had all the mystery of a message from the stars. According top 168 ES 1984
The arithmetic that Dr Ransome had taught him made it all too clear that the food supplied to the camp wasp 169 ES 1984
this, he resented that they had mothers and fathers at all. During the past year Jim had gradually realized that hep 170 ES 1984
the camp. To the women he remarked: ‘Our Jim's spending all his time at the 19th hole.‘ ‘I promised, Mr Maxtedp 171 ES 1984
Vincents promptly retaliated by superimposing their own system of marks. All this Jim took in his stride. For some reason hep 172 ES 1984
the Nationalist Chinese capital nine hundred miles to the west. All had been betrayed by Chinese villagers terrified of reprisals, handedp 175 ES 1984
that he tolerated this for reasons he barely understood. Like all the men and older boys in G Block, Jim wasp 176 ES 1984
would go back to the huts ... The University of Life All over the camp there sounded the scraping of iron wheelsp 177 ES 1984
the architect would have stood on the sewage-stained path. Perhaps all day, watched until he dropped by the same group ofp 177 ES 1984
When Mr Maxted stumbled Jim held his arm. ‘Are you all right, Mr Maxted?‘ Jim waved to the men sitting onp 178 ES 1984
Let's go, Jim. Some work and some watch, and that's all there is to it.‘ For the past year there hadp 178 ES 1984
from his restless energy. But by the winter of 1944 all this had ended. After the American fighter attacks on Lunghuap 181 ES 1984
and her son, followed by the missionary couples who spent all day hunting for food. Hundreds of flies hovered in thep 182 ES 1984
with his finger, and remembered a favourite phrase of Basie's. ‘All the same, Mr Vincent, the best teacher is the universityp 184 ES 1984
we need the protein.‘ ‘Dr Ransome is right. We should all eat the weevils.‘ Hoping to brighten the conversation, Jim askedp 184 ES 1984
and Private Kimura, and then the afternoon air raid -- all in all, a full programme until the evening curfew, whenp 184 ES 1984
Kimura, and then the afternoon air raid -- all in all, a full programme until the evening curfew, when he wouldp 184 ES 1984
Block corridors with his chess set, ready to take on all corners. The Kennedy Primer in hand, Jim stepped from hisp 185 ES 1984
reconnaissance planes and converted bombers sat on the concrete apron, all that was left of the once invincible air wing thatp 187 ES 1984
the runway would be appeased. But if they were defeated, all his fears would have been worth nothing. Jim remembered thosep 188 ES 1984
out the external checks before climbing into the cockpits. Above all, Jim admired the kamikaze pilots. In the past month morep 189 ES 1984
as a cunning reprisal against the parents, who were trapped all day with their offspring, but Dr Ransome still set Jimp 190 ES 1984
the sky through the open roof of the assembly hall. All over the camp the internees were running along the cinderp 190 ES 1984
of burnt oil and engine coolant filled the disturbed air. All over the camp, miniature tornadoes of leaves and dead insectsp 193 ES 1984
Jim liked Dr Ransome, and wanted to reassure him that all was well. ‘I've done my Latin prep, doctor.‘ Surprisingly, Drp 196 ES 1984
over with everything else to Basie. The Japanese had confiscated all watches and clocks -- as Dr Ransome said, they wantedp 198 ES 1984
the hospital rarely cured anyone. The Japanese, correctly assuming that all those who entered the hospital would soon be dead, immediatelyp 199 ES 1984
textbooks that had provided Jim with his education. These, like all the clothes that Jim had worn in the camp andp 199 ES 1984
but the gleaming toecaps of Jim's shoes distracted him. Like all Japanese soldiers, the sergeant wore rotting boots through which hisp 200 ES 1984
runway. A single kamikaze plane was about to take off, all that the Japanese could muster as a reprisal for thep 204 ES 1984
mind, Jim continued to spade the soil. ‘Jim, doctor's calling ...‘ ‘All right -- it's ready.‘ The women pulled Mr Radik fromp 206 ES 1984
you've done your Latin prep.‘ ‘Of course.‘ Jim reflected on all this as he walked to the hospital. He often watchedp 207 ES 1984
winter as if trying to convince himself that they would all be there when it arrived. Taking off his shoes, Jimp 208 ES 1984
to look so smart, but try not to polish them all the time.‘ Dr Ransome stared heavily at the wax squarep 208 ES 1984
The prospect excited Jim -- applied to the Japanese bases all over the Pacific area this new tactic might turn thep 210 ES 1984
to keep the camp going. Yet, as he had known all along, the supply of food depended on the whim ofp 211 ES 1984
cemetery gave him, the guilty excitement of being alive at all. He knew why Dr Ransome disliked him digging the gravesp 211 ES 1984
the weather, the British prisoners in E Block spent almost all their time in their bunks. A few were too illp 214 ES 1984
by malaria, but they made little fuss about being ill. All in all, Jim felt, the Americans were the best companyp 216 ES 1984
but they made little fuss about being ill. All in all, Jim felt, the Americans were the best company, not asp 216 ES 1984
Come in, kid. Stop breathing so much, you're making Basie all hot.‘ Demarest, a former bar steward, spoke without moving hisp 217 ES 1984
maintained, he had passed long terms in prison. ‘The boy's all right ...‘ Basie beckoned Jim to sit down, as Demarest returnedp 217 ES 1984
the same thing. ‘You're right, Basie. The Mustangs took it all with them. Did you see the air raid?‘ ‘I heardp 217 ES 1984
the false tips given by prisoners eager to collaborate. Despite all his efforts, Jim had been unable to track down thep 217 ES 1984
expanding vocabulary. ‘You did your schoolwork today, Jim? You learned all your words?‘ ‘I did, Basie. A lot of Latin wordsp 218 ES 1984
at the contents of the cubicle, as if burdened by all his possessions. At first sight the cubicle seemed to bep 218 ES 1984
of old copies of the Reader's Digest and Popular Mechanics. All these had been obtained by barter, though Jim had neverp 218 ES 1984
nothing to cook in the saucepans. The cabin steward, for all his guile, was the same limited man whom Jim hadp 219 ES 1984
remark, that their value continued to rise even though almost all the prisoners in the camp were either impotent or infertilep 220 ES 1984
Don't worry, Jim, there'll be plenty to eat soon. Forget all this talk about the Japs cutting our rations.‘ ‘They mightp 221 ES 1984
to them.‘ ‘An embarrassment? Dr Ransome is worrying you with all these words. Believe me, Jim, it's going to take morep 221 ES 1984
Jim. Superfortress bombers, what we call a hemisphere defence weapon. All the way from Guam.‘ ‘From Guam, Basie ...‘ Jim was impressedp 222 ES 1984
The B-29s awed Jim. The huge, streamlined bombers summed up all the power and grace of America. Usually the B-29s flewp 223 ES 1984
long way from Lunghua. You're going to mess yourself.‘ ‘I'm all right, Basie. The war's nearly over, isn't it?‘ ‘That's itp 223 ES 1984
the war, then?‘ ‘Yes, you'll be out of the war, all right ...‘ Basie hid the sweet potato among the saucepans underp 225 ES 1984
Players rehearsing their concert party. His white lips, from which all iron had long been leached, repeated an inaudible phrase. Jimp 226 ES 1984
about Winston Churchill. He would have liked to leave, but all around him the prisoners were motionless as they watched thep 228 ES 1984
fists. An Escape ‘Is the war over again, Mr Maxted?‘ All around Jim, as he waited by the kitchen doors, thep 230 ES 1984
of sneakers hung by their laces, and a portable gramophone, all obtained from the prisoners in return for cigarettes, food andp 230 ES 1984
in the hospital cemetery when the American aircraft flew overhead, all part of his attempt to cover the insecurities of thep 232 ES 1984
police supervising the convoys. By the end of July almost all Japanese resistance to the American bombers had ceased. A singlep 233 ES 1984
again until Jim could see daylight through its superstructure. Throughout all this, the concrete runway at Lunghua Airfield remained intact. Byp 233 ES 1984
their small ration. Irritated by the sight of Jim waiting all day by the kitchen doors, a group of Britons fromp 234 ES 1984
Jim that Basie should leave Lunghua and expose himself to all the hazards of the countryside. The cabin steward was toop 236 ES 1984
and sad that he should have been so demoralized that all he could do to reassure Jim was to remind himp 239 ES 1984
ground. Jim could see that she had begun to shed all memories of the camp. ‘We're leaving, Mrs Vincent. We're goingp 239 ES 1984
people in Lunghua Camp who appreciated the humour of it all. Trying to match her, he said: ‘A reward? Mrs Vincentp 240 ES 1984
when they reached Nantao, but also to free himself from all the duties that the camp had imposed upon him. Becausep 243 ES 1984
trying to listen to the men and women behind him. All he could hear was the sound of their breathing, asp 245 ES 1984
She lay in the bright grass with her wicker suitcase, all that survived of the decades she had spent in thep 247 ES 1984
would cheer Mrs Philips. ‘It's air I'm short of after all that walking, not food.‘ ‘Yes, Jim ...‘ Mrs Philips opened herp 247 ES 1984
small potato. ‘There you are. Remember to pray for us all.‘ ‘Oh, I will!‘ Jim bit into the potato before shep 247 ES 1984
mind. ‘I'll pay you back when we get to Nantao. All our rations are there.‘ ‘You've already paid me back, Jimp 247 ES 1984
up to the patients. Jim shook his head, puzzled by all this effort. Obviously they were being taken up-country so thatp 249 ES 1984
dead land. It would be for the best if they all died; it would bring their lives to an end thatp 249 ES 1984
noticed a Japanese soldier standing in the grass beside him. All but a hundred of the prisoners had climbed the slopep 250 ES 1984
almost seduced him with a sweet potato. The Olympic Stadium All afternoon they moved northwards across the plain of the Whangpoop 252 ES 1984
district, the devastation caused by the American bombing lay on all sides. Craters like circular swimming-pools covered the paddy fields, inp 252 ES 1984
the surface of the Whangpoo, as if trying to smother all life from the river. He drank carefully, then watched thep 255 ES 1984
lap around his case. He had carried the wooden box all the way from Lunghua, holding tight to the few possessionsp 255 ES 1984
of water and then cleaned the sand from his shoes. ‘All right, Jim?‘ ‘The war must end, Mr Maxted.‘ ‘It willp 255 ES 1984
have taken them up-country, to the killing-grounds beyond Soochow. For all his relief, Jim felt disappointed. ‘What about our rations, Mrp 256 ES 1984
last effort to sit upright, trying to convince Jim that all was well, that the good luck and the skill ofp 256 ES 1984
As if he had forgotten where he had been for all the years of the war, he wandered across the stonyp 257 ES 1984
stands it reminded Jim of the detention centre in Shanghai, all its dangers magnified a hundredfold by the war. The Japanesep 258 ES 1984
dressed the sleeping prisoners in their shrouds. Perhaps they would all take part in the construction of a gigantic runway? Inp 260 ES 1984
At the detention centre, and in Lunghua, he had done all he could to stay alive, but now a part ofp 266 ES 1984
the hundreds of prisoners on the grass. He wanted them all to die, surrounded by their rotting carpets and cocktail cabinetsp 266 ES 1984
booty in the stands and began to examine Jim. For all his easy manner he was unsure of himself, as ifp 275 ES 1984
glanced warily at the sky. ‘Atomic bombs ... too bad for all those Japs, but lucky for you, kid. And for yourp 275 ES 1984
Is the war really over?‘ ‘Yeah, it's over, finished, we're all friends. The Emperor just announced the surrender.‘ ‘Where are thep 275 ES 1984
too weak to walk to Shanghai, let alone cope with all the dangers of the open road. Hidden behind the blockhousep 277 ES 1984
as if the fury of the American bombardment had driven all sound from the region for years to come. Jim stoppedp 278 ES 1984
from the fuselage spars, but the rusting shell still retained all the magic of those machines which he had watched fromp 278 ES 1984
an older schoolboy forced to acknowledge an admiring junior. For all his youth, he seemed to be willing himself to thep 280 ES 1984
for the plane, already wondering how he could cope with all this treasure falling from the sky. Almost at once, ap 284 ES 1984
approached the parachute canopy. He listened to their nervous quarrelling. All were former British prisoners, barefoot and in ragged shorts, thoughp 285 ES 1984
He was tempted to run over and join them, but all the caution learned in the past years warned him notp 286 ES 1984
nutrition from every morsel, Jim finished the meat. Thirsty after all the salts, he opened the can of Klim, only top 286 ES 1984
cruised across the August sky. Surrounded by this vision of all the abundance of America falling from the air, Jim laughedp 287 ES 1984
the Yangtze, that vast river barely large enough to draw all the dead of China through its mouth. Feasting on thep 287 ES 1984
on, a problem that Jim had never really solved. Despite all the new names that it had spawned, was the warp 287 ES 1984
he could no longer remember her face but he could all too well imagine her response to the Spam. As anp 289 ES 1984
back. He assumed that these men were Chinese communists. By all accounts, they hated the Americans. Seeing the cigarettes, they mightp 290 ES 1984
out for the bars and nightclubs of Shanghai. Jim, with all his expertise gained in Mr Maxted's Studebaker, would be theirp 290 ES 1984
of old trenchworks. Losing their bearings, the Britons ran in all directions. Price climbed the parapet of an earth redoubt andp 294 ES 1984
--‘ ‘Lad! Nobody's mother and father are going to Shanghai. All those FRB dollars chasing a hundred bags of rice? Herep 295 ES 1984
anonymity of the flooded paddy field, but this reversal of all the rules governing their life in the camp at lastp 296 ES 1984
the task of finding a way to Shanghai, and by all the confusions of the arbitrary peace imposed on the settledp 296 ES 1984
Britons returning from their foray across the paddy fields. Despite all their efforts, they had seized only two of the parachutep 297 ES 1984
work up his irritation again and put to good use all the violence he had found within himself on beating thep 297 ES 1984
Jim's arm, reluctantly pulling him towards the cell-yard. ‘He's walked all the way from Nantao Stadium.‘ ‘Nantao ...? The big stadium?‘ Pricep 298 ES 1984
Price turned to Jim with interest, gazing at him with all the guilelessness of the fanatic. ‘How long were you therep 298 ES 1984
Lieutenant.‘ ‘I bet he had a good look. Roaming around all the time. Boy, what did you see in the stadiump 298 ES 1984
because only the sight of Jim's pain would clear away all the agony that he himself had endured. ‘There might havep 298 ES 1984
hung in the room, one he had never noticed during all the years of the war, at once enticing and ambiguousp 301 ES 1984
and Mrs Pearce, and the group of men who sat all day on the steps outside the foyer. It occurred top 301 ES 1984
they might also miss Lunghua. Perhaps one day they would all return to the camp. He left the room and walkedp 301 ES 1984
sight of the dead prisoners. In fact, he had known all along that those who fell behind during the march fromp 303 ES 1984
wondered if he himself had been in the war at all. But he continued to collect the magazines from the floorp 307 ES 1984
of the French Concession appeared between the bomb-torn trees. For all the dangers of Lieutenant Price's driving, Jim was glad thatp 311 ES 1984
back on the bale of parachute silk. He had known all along that the sight of the Olympic stadium would provep 312 ES 1984
and remembered that he might have sold his shoes. For all the looted cocktail bars it contained, the Olympic stadium seemedp 314 ES 1984
entire experience of the war had barely touched the American. All the deaths and starvation were part of a confused roadsidep 322 ES 1984
how I looked after you through the war, taught you all your words.‘ ‘You did look after me, Basie.‘ ‘Right ...‘ Basiep 323 ES 1984
blocks and hotels of the Shanghai Bund. The Fallen Airmen All morning the sound of artillery fire had crossed the riverp 330 ES 1984
control of the airfields, dockyards and railway lines, and above all for the stocks of weapons and munitions left behind byp 331 ES 1984
knives and hoes, whom Jim most feared. Avoiding them at all costs, Basie and his bandit group stayed close to anyp 331 ES 1984
stacked on the mole, as if seeing them loaded with all the treasure of the east about to be freighted backp 332 ES 1984
a wine-waiter at the Cathay Hotel, serving with a flourish all the American officers who stepped ashore from the cruiser mooredp 332 ES 1984
youth was sliding down the bank into the water. With all the caution learned during the long years of the warp 336 ES 1984
of Churchill and Eisenhower. For so long he had invested all his hopes in this young pilot, in that futile dreamp 337 ES 1984
millions of Chinese had known from birth, that they were all as good as dead anyway, and that it was self-deludingp 337 ES 1984
up the rotting steps. ‘You came back, Dr Ransome! It's all right, everyone's coming back! I'm going to get Mrs Vincentp 341 ES 1984
the wooden ramp. Below them was the Shanghai Bund, and all the clamour of the gaudy night. Thousands of Chinese filledp 345 ES 1984
dealers and opium traders, the evening citizenry of Shanghai in all its black silk, fox fur and flash. The young Americanp 345 ES 1984
dying, and Jim's movements in the grass had woken him. All the same, certain events had taken place, and with morep 349 ES 1984
into their own? Jim had told his parents nothing of all this. Nor had he confided in Dr Ransome, who clearlyp 349 ES 1984
mother and father had been through their own war. For all their affection for him, they seemed older and far awayp 350 ES 1984
suspect that her patients are suffering for me. But, above all, there was my visit to The Boy. Confusing, ugly andp 1090 OOA 1984
The months of disruptive behaviour have exhausted everyone, but above all they are terrified of an escape, and a second attackp 1091 OOA 1984
would induce blurred vision and locomotor ataxia, but also suppress all cortical function, effectively lobotomising him. I thought of my wranglesp 1091 OOA 1984
former girlfriends of the would-be assassin and his probation officer all witnessed his construction of the glider during the spring ofp 1092 OOA 1984
before an epileptic attack. With a clear shout to us all, he stiffened in his chair and slipped to the floorp 1093 OOA 1984
apocalyptic fantasy and pseudo-mathematical proofs of the nonexistence of space-time ... All in all, a classic delinquent, with that history of messianicp 1093 OOA 1984
and pseudo-mathematical proofs of the nonexistence of space-time ... All in all, a classic delinquent, with that history of messianic delusions andp 1093 OOA 1984
the Apollo and Skylab astronauts will awake with their splashdowns. All the peoples of the planet will walk, fly, entrain forp 1094 OOA 1984
and Russian space programmes, taken from newspapers and popular magazines. All the photographs of the astronauts had been defaced, the Skylabp 1095 OOA 1984
into anaerobics. Some kind of dynamic meditation, he called it, all acrobatic contortions. I tried to get him to see ap 1097 OOA 1984
gait common to various forms of religious dance and to all myths involving the Achilles tendon. He told me that itp 1097 OOA 1984
strains reminded me of The Boy, the self-sworn enemy of all astronauts. On the day after the Colonel's arrival in Londonp 1099 OOA 1984
and switched on his transistor radio. The apparatus worked, but all the stations were silent, the continental transmitters as well asp 3 SAJ 1984
his journey, B systematically explored the neighbouring towns, circling them all as he approached central London. He was no longer surprisedp 3 SAJ 1984
the winter. The river was nearby, clear and free of all pollution, and petrol was easy to obtain, in unlimited quantitiesp 5 SAJ 1984
tubercular filling station attendant. I believe in the beauty of all women, in the treachery of their imaginations, so close top 37 WIB 1984
the Facteur Cheval, the Watts Towers, Bocklin, Francis Bacon, and all the invisible artists within the psychiatric institutions of the planetp 37 WIB 1984
believe in pain. I believe in despair. I believe in all children. I believe in maps, diagrams, codes, chess-games, puzzles, airlinep 39 WIB 1984
codes, chess-games, puzzles, airline time-tables, airport indicator signs. I believe all excuses. I believe all reasons. I believe all hallucinations. Ip 39 WIB 1984
time-tables, airport indicator signs. I believe all excuses. I believe all reasons. I believe all hallucinations. I believe all anger. Ip 39 WIB 1984
I believe all excuses. I believe all reasons. I believe all hallucinations. I believe all anger. I believe all mythologies, memoriesp 39 WIB 1984
I believe all reasons. I believe all hallucinations. I believe all anger. I believe all mythologies, memories, lies, fantasies, evasions. Ip 39 WIB 1984
I believe all hallucinations. I believe all anger. I believe all mythologies, memories, lies, fantasies, evasions. I believe in the mysteryp 39 WIB 1984
Exchange and Fellows of the Royal Society. 37) Females of all ages. 38) Group sex. 39) Marie Drummond, twenty-two, sales assistantp 1102 ATQ 1985
star Betelgeuse 2000 years ago. 50) Interference to TV reception all over London and the South-East. 51) No. 1 in thep 1102 ATQ 1985
never declared. I was in and out of newspaper offices all day, hoping for that one assignment that would match myp 1105 MWM 1985
for that one assignment that would match my talents. Sadly, all this effort failed to get me to the top, andp 1105 MWM 1985
thinning blond hair and a strong-jawed American face from which all confidence had long been drained. He stared in a resignedp 1107 MWM 1985
husband grinning broadly beside the gaunt American. The source of all this good humour eluded me, as it did Scranton, whosep 1107 MWM 1985
ordered a small brandy from the waiter. He had ignored all this, pocketing his tips with a straight face. ‘This fellowp 1107 MWM 1985
bowed beneath the awning. He seemed resigned to this abuse. ‘All right ... I can take my trade down the street.‘ Top 1109 MWM 1985
can speak? I'd like to buy you a drink.‘ ‘By all means.‘ Scranton beckoned me to a chair. Ready for businessp 1109 MWM 1985
voice. ‘The studios must have been grateful to you. After all, you could describe the actual moon-walks.‘ Scranton nodded sagely. ‘Ip 1110 MWM 1985
I acted as consultant to one of the Hollywood majors. All in all, you can take it from me that thosep 1110 MWM 1985
as consultant to one of the Hollywood majors. All in all, you can take it from me that those pictures arep 1110 MWM 1985
some shared strain in our characters? This care-worn American had all the refinement of an unemployed car mechanic, and yet hep 1110 MWM 1985
seemed as inflamed as the mind of the American. Despite all that I had suspected, I felt an intense disappointment. Ip 1112 MWM 1985
clothes, the traffic that aggravated the slightest tendency to migraines, all seemed to have receded, as if a small distance hadp 1112 MWM 1985
imposed the silences of a lunar landscape. However, it was all too clear that Scranton had been ill. His face wasp 1113 MWM 1985
in space. He had known the loneliness of separation from all other human beings, he had gazed at the empty perspectivesp 1114 MWM 1985
callous and engaging, and his domination of international surrealism. For all his pranks, Dali became utterly serious in front of hisp 100 UGM 1986
of Sleep Guido Almansi and Claude Begum Fortunately for us all, the dream resists interpretation. Freud's royal road to the unconsciousp 235 UGM 1986
us on the side of our darkest fears, Kubrick exposes all the sinister glamour and unconscious logic of technological death. Alphavillep 19 UGM 1987
space. The premise -- that one day in the future all the vegetation on Earth has died, and that the lastp 20 UGM 1987
theme is so well handled that the film taps into all our unease about the abuse of this planet and itsp 20 UGM 1987
communications landscape, with its unlimited tolerance of deviant behaviour. Above all, the Bowie figure is seduced by the fragmentation and sheerp 21 UGM 1987
of Sigourney Weaver, the s-f film's first feminist heroine. While all this is going on one has barely a pause top 22 UGM 1987
slowing down so that a brief conversation seems to last all day; the stylish interior of the Nostromo, a cross betweenp 22 UGM 1987
only to the brutal realities of speed and violence. Above all, Mad Max 2 is an example of how sheer virtuosityp 22 UGM 1987
the promises and threats of this invisible channel. As on all my weekend visits to the abandoned town, I was seizedp 7 DC 1987
a record of my life, an inventory that summed up all the adventures that had begun in this shabby town inp 9 DC 1987
obsession with Noon, my duel with Captain Kagwa's helicopter, and all the other events which began a year ago when Generalp 9 DC 1987
frightening hours, I was still trying not to answer this all too loaded question. Thrown at me like a query atp 10 DC 1987
her antique Lee-Enfield rifle, this child auxiliary had driven me all the way from my cell in the police barracks likep 11 DC 1987
feet shifting suspiciously through the shards of plate glass. For all his ambitious dreams of a secessionist northern province, Harare wasp 15 DC 1987
order on its vandalized garages and ransacked radio stores. Above all, Harare detested the drilling project, and anyone like myself involvedp 16 DC 1987
into my bones. Then, a month before Harare's latest incursion, all my frustration had lifted when a party of military engineersp 18 DC 1987
Soon after, the engineers left, without returning the bulldozer, and all that emerged from the wound in the forest was Generalp 19 DC 1987
and glared at me with a baleful eye. ‘Poor child ... all right. I wanted to fasten your dressing.‘ I had hopedp 21 DC 1987
among the beer bottles on the beach, face emptied of all emotion, I assumed that she had seen Harare's men approachp 23 DC 1987
Warrender eased me away with a weary smile. ‘Are you all right? Perhaps someone can help you back to the clinicp 26 DC 1987
I pointed to the trucks heading towards the airstrip. ‘Why all this military action? I thought you'd already stolen everything inp 27 DC 1987
grimace, a tic I had seen before somewhere, cleverly erased all traces of his quick intelligence from his face. Only hisp 30 DC 1987
bees, the salmon's immense journey to its spawning grounds, were all attributed to the presence of extra-sensory powers distributed throughout thep 31 DC 1987
Sanger's feet he would have been unaware of any irony. All the more annoying was the fact that the statement wasp 32 DC 1987
remark betrays Dr Mallory's profession. In the context --‘ ‘It's all right, Mr Pal. The doctor is naturally bitter. He wasp 33 DC 1987
Oxfam, UNICEF, the other big agencies are there. This was all I could find. I know -- even my disaster areap 34 DC 1987
to help me -- they're my ears and my eyes. All I need is a few pictures for the evening televisionp 35 DC 1987
of water before you leave, doctor. Enough to wash away all memories of Port-la-Nouvelle.‘ The Oak and the Spring As smokep 37 DC 1987
last sap of the dead oak irrigating its own grave. All too aware of the irony that I had at lastp 40 DC 1987
Impresario of Rubbish Behind my back, a mirror was forming. All morning, as I worked among the packing cases in thep 41 DC 1987
as the rival forces shifted the furniture of the night. All in all, it was time to go. My short careerp 42 DC 1987
rival forces shifted the furniture of the night. All in all, it was time to go. My short career as hydrologistp 42 DC 1987
Port-la-Nouvelle and the Lake Kotto area, doctor.. Professor Sanger has all the latest equipment -- he isn't drilling for water inp 44 DC 1987
of you. I think it's time for you to go.‘ ‘All right. I'll take that mercy flight after all.‘ ‘Be atp 44 DC 1987
to go.‘ ‘All right. I'll take that mercy flight after all.‘ ‘Be at the airstrip by twelve noon. It's a shamep 44 DC 1987
me that the world is hungry for a new Schweitzer ... All those keyboard exercises will have gone to waste.‘ Kagwa gazedp 44 DC 1987
in disapproval and drove away. No doubt he had assumed all along that I would stay at Port-la-Nouvelle and had thoroughlyp 54 DC 1987
an artless way, as if this was a prospect beyond all his dreams. ‘You don't want to be interviewed, doctor. Forp 56 DC 1987
a few yards from the site of the original spring. All trace of the access ramp had been swept away byp 57 DC 1987
six hundred yards from the quays beyond the tobacco factory. All my drilling wells had been flooded. The line of towersp 57 DC 1987
when she had no other subject in view. I was all too aware that this intense young Japanese saw me asp 61 DC 1987
saw that I was waiting for him to go. ‘Like all your profession, you dismiss everything that doesn't fit into somep 61 DC 1987
a big plane for the rice. People don't realize what all this charity weighs.‘ ‘Then leave the rice here. Go top 62 DC 1987
and unable for a moment to think of an answer. ‘All this water -- it's part of the Lake Kotto irrigationp 65 DC 1987
most matter-of-fact way that I did not exist. Irritated by all this, I seized the ladle. Her arm pressed against minep 66 DC 1987
now responsible for this river which I had conceived. For all the humiliation of being thrown into the water, I knewp 67 DC 1987
know of. But don't worry, I will assign to you all mineral rights.‘ ‘Perpetually?‘ ‘Of course. And fishing rights, navigation rightsp 67 DC 1987
doctor?‘ ‘I want to divert it, or conceivably drain it. All this water has ruined my irrigation project. Besides, Captain, it'sp 67 DC 1987
movements, obviously suspicious of my meeting with Captain Kagwa. For all her scowls, little was she aware of the powers Ip 69 DC 1987
year's lease of the river. As agreed, I had ceded all mineral, fishing and navigation rights, but in return I hadp 69 DC 1987
four men whom Kagwa had promised to assign to me (all seconded to WHO for wages which I would pay andp 69 DC 1987
pleasant scenic reminder of my work on the drilling project. ‘All set, Mallory ...!‘ Followed by Mr Pal, Sanger strode along thep 70 DC 1987
local police chief, and my obsession with destroying it had all touched his fancy. ‘By the way, doctor,‘ Sanger added. ‘Ip 71 DC 1987
pride. Yet knowing that it bore my name made me all the more determined to destroy it. The Cascade Unaware ofp 71 DC 1987
had undermined. Their foliage still thriving, the trees lay at all angles in the warm stream, a roosting place for hundredsp 72 DC 1987
trying to undo the soldiers‘ work, freeing the river of all obstacles so that it might flow with its greatest strengthp 74 DC 1987
into a maze of bedrooms in which the women murmured all day like the contented inmates of a seraglio, falling silentp 76 DC 1987
smell of the river set me on the mend. Above all, it was the river, which had once tried to takep 77 DC 1987
soldiers were constructing a small jetty. As if aware of all this military activity, the river had smoothed its surface andp 79 DC 1987
dreaming too much, doctor. See what you've been doing with all this water ...‘ Poupee, the youngest of the African women, whop 80 DC 1987
the craft, working herself into a fury at the girl. All this anger unsettled me, and I tried to climb fromp 80 DC 1987
clearly undismayed by the prospect of the breeding station, and all trace of her marriage, being washed away by its wavesp 82 DC 1987
Port Said.‘ ‘Maybe ... I'm sorry about the Japanese girl. It all got a little out of hand, like most things Ip 83 DC 1987
a little out of hand, like most things I touch. All the same, it's the only real achievement I've managed top 83 DC 1987
channel and save the drilling project.‘ ‘With that dam and all those drums of gasoline? I call that deliberate murder.‘ Ip 84 DC 1987
the ground, why there rather than a hundred feet away? All that water gushing about, it was too much. And thenp 84 DC 1987
mammals at a fashionable zoo. ‘So you will try again? All this water to waste. I can think of better usesp 84 DC 1987
the river run free. Then it might sweep them away. All of them, Harare and Kagwa and the mercenaries, and youp 85 DC 1987
-- but first you have to leave. Where will you all go?‘ ‘Captain Kagwa says we can move into the Dianap 85 DC 1987
the river, doctor. Think hard, I want you to draw all the water from the mountains, make it wider and deeperp 86 DC 1987
not bolted into the forest. ‘Yes, me -- N'doc ... It's all right. You're as nervous as a bird.‘ When I kneltp 88 DC 1987
eye on the bulb, intrigued by this simple ruse. For all her primitive background, there was a stylishness about her neatp 89 DC 1987
from me, and crouched in the door of her hutch. ‘All right. I'll put some food out for you tomorrow.‘ Ip 89 DC 1987
the helmsman, a black waterproof over his police tunic. ‘It's all right, Noon. The Captain won't harm you.‘ But she hadp 90 DC 1987
house, he remarked with a touch of his old humour: ‘All your obsessions, doctor. They cause a lot of trouble ...‘ Tenp 91 DC 1987
lens. As we approached the airstrip, however, I noticed that all trace of Sanger's film equipment had vanished from its sitep 93 DC 1987
Sanger's face on television bulletins across the globe. Yet, for all the military activity along the banks, there was no signp 93 DC 1987
succeeded!‘ Kagwa shouted, alarming the young helmsman. ‘You succeeded beyond all your dreams. Beyond my dreams, too. Your project is ap 94 DC 1987
to his court. During my convalescence at the breeding station all my medical supplies and surgical equipment had been moved fromp 96 DC 1987
surveying me with the same grave eyes, as if understanding all my motives. Careful not to unsettle her, I watched thep 100 DC 1987
of the open Sahara below the foothills of the Massif. All in all, a journey of some two hundred miles. Althoughp 111 DC 1987
open Sahara below the foothills of the Massif. All in all, a journey of some two hundred miles. Although covered withp 111 DC 1987
dry rice grains -- there were some five pounds in all, enough to feed us for a week, and longer ifp 111 DC 1987
against the steel hull of the Salammbo, reassuring me that all was well. I swayed against the rail, still lightheaded afterp 111 DC 1987
river's source in the Massif du Tondou. Reminding myself of all I had risked, I stared at the sleek, swollen surfacep 112 DC 1987
and backed away from me like a nervous animal. ‘It's all right -- I won't hit you. Noon, you're safe withp 113 DC 1987
in the meanders of the Kotto River, they had swum all the miles from Port-la-Nouvelle, as excited as I was byp 114 DC 1987
the river, caravels freighted with a treasure that would ransom all the debts and memories of the unhappy years. Trying top 122 DC 1987
the groves of myrtle and bamboo beside the beach, erasing all memory of our riverside idyll. Captain Kagwa sat in thep 124 DC 1987
looped around the propeller shaft. I had cut away almost all the steel threads, but Kagwa seemed to decide that thep 125 DC 1987
shadows of the trees in the late afternoon sun. For all their welcome, these pleasant groves of feather-palms and spring bamboop 129 DC 1987
police carbine across his knees. His face was without expression, all trace erased of our sometime friendship. The downdraught from thep 130 DC 1987
and the creased and shrunken cotton made his thickset figure all the more menacing, as if in his rage he werep 130 DC 1987
hand to my head, tempted to let the Salammbo drift all the way back to Port-la-Nouvelle. It coasted for a quarterp 135 DC 1987
and the distant cries of the birds. I had lost all sense of how many days had passed, or of howp 137 DC 1987
the next day, my fever had passed and with it all my fears of the Mallory. As Noon slept in thep 140 DC 1987
days the body of the Mallory would expire ... Irritated by all this, Noon gnawed the nail of her thumb, tapping herp 144 DC 1987
out the earlier chapters in this serial of futile efforts. All t had to show for the hours of useless workp 145 DC 1987
dead foliage and clumps of leaves and sudd. Confused by all this, I slapped Noon when she tried to return top 146 DC 1987
had pushed myself on with a feverish vision of refilling all the wadis in Africa, of seeing the ancient fossil channelsp 146 DC 1987
that we have saved you once again ...‘ The Documentary Film All morning the warm sunlight had pressed upon the river, drawingp 150 DC 1987
of the present. In her eyes the Mallory would provide all, its cool waters assuaging our hunger and soothing the overheatedp 153 DC 1987
but that I felt a strong sense of guilt for all that I had done, for the death of the Japanesep 155 DC 1987
only concerned with the irrigation project at Lake Kotto -- all this water is simply surplus to requirements.‘ ‘Nobly absurd.‘ Sangerp 157 DC 1987
leaned back, sighing to himself as if this alone justified all that he had suffered. Undernourished and showing the first yellowp 157 DC 1987
by their bogus documentary. Like Captain Kagwa, Sanger had kept all news of the river's existence to himself. His original schemep 158 DC 1987
her, and the alphabet and syntax of the film were all she needed. The stove was cold, and a pan ofp 159 DC 1987
lakes between the causeways of papyrus and bamboo. Fed by all this moisture, a heavy mist lay between us and thep 168 DC 1987
any direction, and seemed to emanate from a glowing haze all around us. The Salammbo's crew comprised an oracular child andp 170 DC 1987
store mess-tins were caked with burned rice and fish scales. All day they huddled side by side in their deckchairs, shabby-genteelp 173 DC 1987
you most wish to believe,‘ he liked to opine. ‘After all, your creation of the river has sprung from a familiarp 176 DC 1987
in her den, ensconced in front of her television monitor. All the hours I had spent trying to teach Noon thep 177 DC 1987
from the guy ropes. ‘Let me see him. Stop acting all the time ...‘ ‘Doctor, Mr Pal is dead!‘ ‘Dead? You canp 179 DC 1987
and Mr Pal would follow; sooner or later we would all be killed in the coming clash between Harare and Captainp 180 DC 1987
and Captain Kagwa. Noon would perish before any of us. ‘All right, Sanger.‘ I beckoned Noon towards me. ‘Put Mr Palp 180 DC 1987
made plentiful by a benevolent rainfall ... clear streams will cool all fevers ...‘ I ignored him, steering the ferry into the mainp 181 DC 1987
their half-forgotten messages, their whispered secrets which they had carried all the miles from the spring waters of the Mallory. ‘Doctorp 182 DC 1987
windows of the wheelhouse. ‘Are we on the right course? All these channels, I can hear the grass breathing. You've constructedp 184 DC 1987
constructed a maze.‘ ‘We'll find our way back. I recognize all the landmarks.‘ ‘Good ... there's a map inside your head. You'rep 184 DC 1987
I know that you would go so far? Now it's all lost ...‘ ‘You'll make your film, Sanger.‘ ‘No -- there's nop 184 DC 1987
of the current. ‘Your engine, doctor! Start your engine!‘ ‘It's all right, Sanger. We're safe.‘ ‘Your engine!‘ As the propeller beganp 186 DC 1987
back!‘ Sanger beat his palms against the deck, drumming out all his hatred of these rusting plates. He clutched the woodenp 187 DC 1987
her hands. ‘They misjudged you, Noon ...‘ ‘Mal?‘ ‘You've got us all under your thumb. God knows where you're leading me ...‘ Ip 191 DC 1987
lagoon, losing itself in the reeds and papyrus grass. For all the intense light, the water seemed inert, as if thep 195 DC 1987
tempera from my arms. Above a cracked bidet, stained with all the forgotten pleasures of the Lake Kotto oil-workers, was ap 195 DC 1987
formed a marquetry of bones, as if the skeletons of all the oil-riggers who had lain in the cubicles below thep 197 DC 1987
its hundreds of decorative scrolls reamed out like dirt from all the ears in a boys‘ reformatory. The Diana gleamed likep 197 DC 1987
my shoulder, a kindly gift from Nora Warrender. ‘It was all nonsense. Madness on that mad ship. We'll go back top 199 DC 1987
American carbines, several Kalashnikov automatic rifles, and Noon's ancient Lee-Enfield. All had been carefully cleaned, their bolts and firing pins wrappedp 201 DC 1987
tomorrow. I advise you to leave, Nora. Harare's men are all over the place.‘ ‘We've seen one or two of themp 204 DC 1987
them. They haven't given us any trouble.‘ ‘That surprises me. All the rifles and webbing -- where did you find themp 204 DC 1987
The dead snakes and the mud and the rotting fish?‘ ‘All those -- and its dream of life.‘ ‘And when youp 205 DC 1987
will hear you,‘ I warned Mrs Warrender. ‘There are stragglers all over these lagoons. I'll captain the Diana for you.‘ ‘Captainp 206 DC 1987
take turns here, doctor. The sort of cooperation that rouses all your suspicions ...‘ ‘You'll rouse Harare's suspicions. What are you doingp 206 DC 1987
lagoon, away from the main channel of the river. For all the apparent amity of their new order, their greatest pleasurep 207 DC 1987
they were mourners who had arrived early at a funeral. All the anger of these women irradiated this ancient vessel, infectingp 212 DC 1987
wash across the deck. The grass towered above us on all sides, exposing the darker roots in the glistening mud ofp 212 DC 1987
The fishing rafts and trading canoes which we passed had all been abandoned, lying against the exposed stilts of disused landingp 216 DC 1987
flanks were now only five miles to the north-east. For all my determination to reach the source of the river, Ip 216 DC 1987
working together, the eccentric team that had propelled the ferry all the way from Lake Kotto. As we swam the lastp 217 DC 1987
body hidden inside the baggy camouflage. Had she tricked me all along, drawing me into a dream of the river whichp 221 DC 1987
lifeless as an abandoned canal. The flat water had lost all trace of the zest and authority of the great riverp 223 DC 1987
diverted channel had left no imprint on the terrain, for all the green life it nourished. Watching it dissipate itself throughp 223 DC 1987
with stones and broken glass, aware that this reservoir, like all the others, would soon vanish if the watertable fell. Theyp 223 DC 1987
had drunk too much of the Mallory's poisoned waters. For all the crops growing in their allotments, the children were spindlyp 224 DC 1987
life running out into the dusty scrub, taking with it all memory of my duel with the river. ‘Mal ...‘ Noon nudgedp 225 DC 1987
to straighten his left leg. ‘Useless -- from now on all I can do with this leg is kneel. And withp 227 DC 1987
My own obsession, which had carried me so far, was all that I had. Noon stood beside me, and began top 229 DC 1987
increment of black mud into the stream, reminding me of all the wastes that the people of this green Saharan gardenp 229 DC 1987
sounds of mortar fire from the hills to the east. All night the flashes of gunfire had crossed the darkness, reflectedp 230 DC 1987
the transfer and barter of blocks of stagnant water and all their energies went into disputes of ownership of this disease-infestedp 234 DC 1987
Noon, dulled by the fever that had returned to us all, moved more slowly, paddling her silver shell with offhand strokesp 237 DC 1987
silent reaches of the river. Here the Mallory had erased all sound in its passage. As if dismantling itself sense byp 239 DC 1987
cancelling itself as its dream died in my head. For all the silence, this was a zone of some danger. Banditsp 239 DC 1987
I had injected Harare with the last dose of sulphonamide. All of us were now infected by the same fever, carriedp 242 DC 1987
women, by the endless supplies of cheap beer and, above all, by the primitive closed-circuit television system. Lounging around the dancep 243 DC 1987
a tolerant smile, and then withdrew into the bridgehouse. For all my derelict condition, my power over the river still workedp 245 DC 1987
panel, trying to turn up the brightness, to bathe us all in that white dispassionate glow. Beyond the swaying image ofp 248 DC 1987
of foetid water played on the Diana's hull, as if all its clients were urinating on to this floating brothel inp 249 DC 1987
passed, but my body felt calm and curiously passive. For all my fear of Kagwa, I was detached from my likelyp 251 DC 1987
searched the river-bed for any sight of the rival armies. All trace of these warring men had vanished, swept aside byp 257 DC 1987
water as the Mallory discharged its last task. Yet for all the weapons that littered the banks, the rifles, mortars andp 257 DC 1987
to destroy the river, afraid that I could not keep all of it to myself. I looked down at the skinp 260 DC 1987
soon perish when the land turned to desert again. Above all, I wanted to fill the draining channel with clear waterp 260 DC 1987
wound made him consult the dial every other second. For all his exhaustion, he listened keenly to the sounds around himp 261 DC 1987
I can try to clear.‘ ‘You'll save the river? After all your efforts?‘ Sanger retched over his camera. ‘That's an improbablep 262 DC 1987
children ... you poisoned her, Mallory, with your sick river, like all these desert people. They're sick with your dream ...‘ ‘I'll bringp 263 DC 1987
herself. The recurrent fever of the past weeks had leached all pigment from her pale skin, which seemed as ashen asp 264 DC 1987
using her last fever to draw me to her. For all her distress, she was still trying to enlist me inp 264 DC 1987
pulled away from me, stiffening in alarm. ‘Noon -- it's all right ...‘ She was pointing at the barrage. Beyond the tiltingp 264 DC 1987
at my breastbone, her teeth clicking some primitive curse. For all her fear, her eyes were fixed on Kagwa with thep 266 DC 1987
Sanger, you'll never make this film ...‘ ‘It's already made -- all we are doing is performing it for anyone who caresp 268 DC 1987
doing is performing it for anyone who cares to watch.‘ ‘All right. We'll go when I'm ready. I want to carep 268 DC 1987
damned thing's been a snare.‘ ‘No -- the film, it's all that's left ...‘ I was about to throw the broken blackp 275 DC 1987
a poor state. I must have caught your head ...‘ ‘It's all right ...‘ I sat up and climbed to my knees. ‘I'llp 276 DC 1987
I was at last able to start the engine. On all sides there were traces of recent volcanic activity. Igneous rocksp 278 DC 1987
reach our climax, returning to that primitive fount from which all the rivers of the earth have sprung, the moment whenp 280 DC 1987
itself from the bank. Only three feet wide, this was all that remained of the river. Noon, however, was undismayed. Followingp 281 DC 1987
police barracks, the tobacco factory and the Toyota agency are all covered with the same dust. Out on the lake thep 284 DC 1987
Sanger's imaginary travelogue. That alone seems to give meaning to all that took place. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that thep 286 DC 1987
resembles the real Casablanca. Needless to say, Hockney's vision is all the better for that, and I for one wish thatp 62 UGM 1988
and infuse a greater degree of realism. Hockney speaks with all his customary wit and intelligence, though he is frequently pushedp 63 UGM 1988
resonances are missing from the photo-collages, which work, if at all, only as still lives or landscapes. Hockney himself gives thep 64 UGM 1988
to kill them ..." He sounded almost aggrieved, and I commented: "All the same, I think we should assume that they're stillp 5 RW 1988
within a few hours of the crime. "The police video? All right, but it's pretty grim stuff. Though after Hungerford, Ip 6 RW 1988
the expensive houses -- everything is strangely blanched, drained of all emotion, and one seems to be visiting a set ofp 7 RW 1988
has cut the cable running from the surveillance cameras mounted all over the estate, but clearly Officer Turner had no timep 8 RW 1988
the shower stall, her yellow toothbrush still in her hand. All trace of the Garfields‘ sixteen-year-old son, Alexander, had vanished. Hisp 10 RW 1988
access that might well have benefited the assassins and kidnappers. All the residents of Pangbourne Village worked either in central Londonp 13 RW 1988
the newest (completed 1985) and most expensive (the ten houses, all with swimming pools, projection theatres and optional stables, each soldp 13 RW 1988
the avenues and drives were swept by remote-controlled TV cameras. All police officers concerned in the investigation agree that the penetrationp 14 RW 1988
Saturday, and their day off for most of the staff). All testify that the murder victims were enlightened and loving parentsp 16 RW 1988
complete absence of stress in their home lives. The parents (all of whom, untypically for their professional class, seem to havep 16 RW 1988
Wentworth, David Lodge, tutors. George Burnett, David Turner, security guards. All investigation into the Pangbourne Massacre confirms that not a singlep 16 RW 1988
smiling out of their school speech-day portraits and holiday snapshots. All attempts to trace their whereabouts have failed, despite computerized searchesp 17 RW 1988
that match the children's known shoe sizes indicate that almost all the children were present at the scenes of their parentsp 17 RW 1988
where they remain at his mercy to this day. Comment: all the evidence collected, from a shattered video in the Lymingtonsp 18 RW 1988
provoked into a chain reaction of violence and murder. Comment: all the investigating teams (CID, Special Branch, Army Intelligence and secretp 19 RW 1988
remote property owned by one of the families? Curiously, for all their participation in group activities at the recreation club, thep 21 RW 1988
seem to have known one another only as casual acquaintances. All the domestic staff agree that in the three years ofp 21 RW 1988
housekeepers, cooks and tutors -- have turned against their employers? All the servants on leave (one, an elderly gardener, died ofp 22 RW 1988
massacre) were repeatedly interrogated, and far from showing resentment they all seem to have sincerely admired their employers, and were clearlyp 22 RW 1988
of nearby residents, who committed the murders. They then destroyed all traces of the children before suffering retroactive amnesia that erasedp 22 RW 1988
own children. Looking through this list, it struck me that all were as fanciful as each other. Some uniquely strange eventp 23 RW 1988
dressing gown. The police try to disperse the public -- all this must be a field day for burglars out onp 24 RW 1988
its backseat. Fortunately, the forensic teams have long since removed all evidence, and virtually erased every grim trace of the murdersp 25 RW 1988
they also keep them in, Doctor." "A pretty comfortable prison, all the same," I rejoined. His tone irritated me, like thep 26 RW 1988
compulsory." Payne smiled through a set of tobacco-stained teeth. "With all this gear, anything else would have been a crime." "Perhapsp 27 RW 1988
toys here. Tennis racquets, skis, home computer projects -- it's all very sensible." "Oh, it's sensible." Payne steered me down thep 27 RW 1988
That's one thing you can say about Pangbourne Village. It's all very sensible ... and very, very civilized." At the time Ip 27 RW 1988
their wealth but for the humane way they displayed it. All the same, I was glad of the company of thisp 28 RW 1988
wetter, if I remember -- perhaps the parents didn't appreciate all the effort?" "Oh, they appreciated it ... never stopped, in factp 30 RW 1988
glimmered on the screen, a brief show of electronic affection, all that remained of parents and child in this deserted housep 30 RW 1988
I saw a similar pattern of fretwork. "You'll find them all over the place, a kind of dry ... rot." He emphasizedp 32 RW 1988
lives. In fact, it's remarkable that the killers found them all in." "Perhaps they made an appointment." "By staging some pretextp 33 RW 1988
properties, in the South of France ..." " ... Cortina, Corsica and Tuscany." "All those places you hate, Sergeant. Yet everyone was here, everyp 34 RW 1988
ground-floor study as we spoke, still leading me on in all senses. "Or did he volunteer, Doctor?" "Volunteer? Maybe. But forp 34 RW 1988
next few days the discovery of this orphaned child swept all other news from the media, which became a vast pressurep 37 RW 1988
of the children to be set free by the kidnappers? All the 1980s love of "hostages" soon transformed the twelve remainingp 37 RW 1988
land and beguiled the children into his evil dream. However, all these speculations soon faded into the air. There was nop 38 RW 1988
I saw a brief film of the child. This rekindled all my interest in the case and settled in my mindp 90 RW 1988
case and settled in my mind, for once and for all, the mystery of who had killed the thirty-two victims ofp 90 RW 1988
I would turn. "The parents‘ bathroom," I told him. "That's all we need to see." "Very good, Doctor ..." Payne spoke encouraginglyp 41 RW 1988
shaking his head, clearly disappointed in me. "That's pure speculation." "All right, I'm guessing there. But of this bit I'm surep 42 RW 1988
brother and sister together?" "Yes, they planned it, just as all the murders at Pangbourne Village were planned. You know thatp 43 RW 1988
myself. There's no proof and we may not find any. All the same, I'm certain that the Pangbourne parents, one byp 43 RW 1988
They certainly put a lot of ingenuity into it -- all these electrical booby-traps, these strange nooses and harnesses. At firstp 45 RW 1988
his head, pondering upon this grim spectacle. "Just think of all that jogging. Those Pangbourne mothers were a collection of fitp 45 RW 1988
the children could have brought it off themselves." "I know. All the same, Sergeant, I'm certain that they acted alone. Ip 45 RW 1988
They'll be mothering a goat, planting carrots, and lying awake all night as they wait for the dawn chorus. And we'llp 46 RW 1988
she dropped the live hair dryer into her father's bath. All the same, the inference that she set out to killp 47 RW 1988
at 8:23 a.m. -- the main cable and all the telephone lines were severed with a set of cuttersp 48 RW 1988
off the whole Pangbourne Massacre?" "That's what everyone upstairs assumes, all the senior CID people and the Yard. According to themp 48 RW 1988
The residents had eliminated both past and future, and for all their activity they existed in a civilized and eventless worldp 49 RW 1988
message to whoever cut the TV and telephone cables." "Then all the screens went blank, and the killing machine rolled intop 50 RW 1988
overalls and wet suits, I could not help thinking that all these activities involved the element of escape, as if thep 50 RW 1988
their hang gliding and scuba diving, and were spending nearly all their time in their own rooms. So gradual was thisp 50 RW 1988
Stacey: Graham was always playing with his computer, adding up all these numbers. Finally I had to ask Mrs. Lymington top 53 RW 1988
spooky, but they seemed to have gone away. They used all these codes talking to each other. This retreat within thep 53 RW 1988
lay well within the bounds of ordinary adolescent behaviour. Almost all the children kept diaries, either written in longhand or typedp 53 RW 1988
breathing, interspersed with long patches of silence. The key to all these was the curious home video, filmed by Amanda Lymingtonp 55 RW 1988
film into a work of eerie and threatening prophecy. Almost all copies of the videotape were destroyed at some time beforep 56 RW 1988
they'd have to play their parts for the cameras, doing all the interviews, acting out their ‘happiness‘ under the eyes ofp 56 RW 1988
under the eyes of their doting parents. The prospect of all that phoniness could have driven them over the edge ..." Ip 56 RW 1988
she had reverted. I assumed that she had blotted out all memories of the days leading up to the Pangbourne Massacrep 57 RW 1988
have faced any adult kidnappers. Interestingly, they left their fingerprints all over the furniture and utensils in their wards, and thisp 61 RW 1988
the event of a nuclear war. The Home Office dismisses all these, and points instead to the Jonestown Massacre. It believesp 62 RW 1988
would argue that for such killings to take place at all, the deaths of their victims must be without any meaningp 63 RW 1988
brainwashed, by the unlimited tolerance and understanding that had erased all freedom and all trace of emotion -- for emotion wasp 63 RW 1988
unlimited tolerance and understanding that had erased all freedom and all trace of emotion -- for emotion was never needed atp 63 RW 1988
the others -- an element of choice existed for them all -- but the Pangbourne children had no such choice. Unablep 64 RW 1988
the idyllic world of these unrepressed islanders, from whose lives all jealousy, repression and discord had been erased. The prospect thatp 65 RW 1988
youth counsellors, protected by even more elaborate security systems. At all events, the children must have known that they had onlyp 65 RW 1988
the documentary. Intensely proud of Pangbourne Village, the parents were all present on June 25, presumably to meet the TV teamp 65 RW 1988
Andrew and Emma Zest, and Roger Sterling). Most difficult of all, he must assemble the lethal bamboo man-trap, still masquerading asp 66 RW 1988
bed, unsteady but refreshed, and glad that Jasper insisted they all have a night's sleep. Through the wall she can hearp 67 RW 1988
to kill their parents. 6:15 a.m. By now all the children have risen, alerted by their own alarms andp 67 RW 1988
dogs, which are only allowed onto the estate at night (all pets are discouraged at Pangbourne Village; they foul the lawnsp 69 RW 1988
a dense mass of rhododendrons, their dark leaves shutting out all signs of the houses. Graham crouches within the foliage andp 70 RW 1988
4‘s morning magazine program. 7:45-8:00 a.m. All the parents are now awake and up, with the exceptionp 72 RW 1988
dead. 8:23 a.m. Within the next seven minutes all the remaining adults in Pangbourne Village meet their deaths. Puzzledp 74 RW 1988
telephone beside the rhododendrons. The miniature screen is blank, and all the electrical systems have broken down. He opens the cabinetp 75 RW 1988
doorway of the cloakroom. 8:30 a.m. By now all the remaining adults in Pangbourne Village are dead. Only Richardp 77 RW 1988
attempt was carried out against a former British prime minister. All details of the affair have been hushed up, but itp 79 RW 1988
signals. Will the children strike again? I take it that all authority and parental figures are now their special target. Sop 80 RW 1988
this long-dreaded nuclear confrontation, which was widely expected to erase all life from our planet, in fact lasted barely four minutesp 1116 WW3 1988
should alone be aware of this unique historical event. After all, the news of every downward step in the deepening politicalp 1116 WW3 1988
alliance in the USA between Islam and militant feminism -- all prompted an intense nostalgia for the Reagan years. There wasp 1117 WW3 1988
of 1994, Ronald Reagan was a man of eighty-three, showing all the signs of advancing senility. Like many old men, hep 1117 WW3 1988
ask if the President was brain-dead, or even alive at all. To reassure the nervous American public, unsettled by a fallingp 1118 WW3 1988
there was a daunting sequence of personality and IQ tests, all designed to reassure the American public that the man atp 1119 WW3 1988
tasks that faced him across the Oval Office desk. For all practical purposes, as I tried to explain to Susan, thep 1119 WW3 1988
spectacle of the President's heartbeat. The trace now ran below all other programmes, accompanying sit-coms, basketball matches and old World Warp 1119 WW3 1988
trivial cold caught by Reagan from a visiting grandchild drove all other news from the television screens. An army of reportersp 1120 WW3 1988
we can report that Mr Reagan's inter-cranial pressure is satisfactory. All motor and cognitive functions are normal for a man ofp 1120 WW3 1988
own bowel motion, her second for the day, so it's all happening in the First Family.‘ She glanced at a slipp 1120 WW3 1988
some thirty minutes ago. SAC headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, report all B-52 attack squadrons airborne. Now, I've just been handed ap 1121 WW3 1988
that he had recently launched the Third World War. After all, no one had been killed, and in the public's mindp 1122 WW3 1988
pulse had levelled out into an unbroken horizontal line, and all respiratory function had ceased. It was only ten minutes laterp 1123 WW3 1988
the most successful public relations exercises of our century. Above all, he sets out to expose Hirohito's true role in thep 50 UGM 1989
and a determination to be the first monogamous Emperor. By all accounts he made a happy marriage, though his bride receivedp 50 UGM 1989
a peace treaty guaranteeing Japan's future dominance over East Asia. All too soon the American counter-attacks in the Pacific and ap 51 UGM 1989
child Warhol was a keen reader of movie magazines, and all his life remained star-struck by the rich and famous. Togetherp 60 UGM 1989
rich and famous, and you couldn't understand how they were all in town because it was August, and then you knowp 61 UGM 1989
most advanced fire, safety and security measures. To cap it all, in case the physical and mental strain of actually livingp 65 UGM 1989
toneless, depression-era sky, of entropic hotel rooms and offices where all clocks have stopped, where isolated men and women stare outp 66 UGM 1989
thriller. Yet Hopper's imagination was formed across the Atlantic, above all by the three visits to France which he made beforep 66 UGM 1989
Museum of American Art, points out that Hopper's passion for all things French extended far beyond painting to take in poetryp 67 UGM 1989
hotel-room door. This voyeur's eye bereft of emotion, in which all action is suspended, all drama subordinated to the endless momentp 67 UGM 1989
eye bereft of emotion, in which all action is suspended, all drama subordinated to the endless moment of the stare, seemsp 67 UGM 1989
rest of his life, served as his model for almost all the solitary women whom Hopper poses in their tired hotelp 68 UGM 1989
must in every respect have resembled paradise. However, yesterday's heaven all too easily becomes today's hell. The greatest voluptuary dream ofp 1124 LCC 1989
with the momentous announcement that thenceforth sex would be compulsory. All fertile, healthy and HIV-negative young men and women were requiredp 1126 LCC 1989
fierce on-the-spot fines for any slackening-off or lack of zeal. All this at last had its effect on the birth ratep 1126 LCC 1989
a solution to the problem posed by my arrival. For all the bravado, her shoulders were shaking. ‘Is this where Ip 1127 LCC 1989
you're in a hurry.‘ ‘I'm not in a hurry at all.‘ She walked stiffly into the bedroom and sat like ap 1127 LCC 1989
porno videos in the church hall, had prepared me for all this -- the non-regulation costume, the tousled sheets, the absencep 1127 LCC 1989
child about to be assaulted, and I realised that for all her fierceness she was a novice recruit, probably on herp 1127 LCC 1989
were trembling like the eye feathers of a trapped peafowl. ‘All right, you can come in. Do you want something top 1128 LCC 1989
are shaking so much. How do you put up with all this?‘ ‘I don't think about it any more.‘ ‘I don'tp 1128 LCC 1989
now free evening. ‘I'm on my way. The rules forbid all use of force, no fumbling hands or wrestling.‘ ‘How sensiblep 1128 LCC 1989
being harangued by relays of nuns brandishing their videos. After all the talk there was chemotherapy, when she would be sop 1128 LCC 1989
a wealth of emotion and affection that made me envy all earlier generations. At the start, my only aim was top 1128 LCC 1989
the gene pool. Nonetheless, I was able to spend almost all my spare time with Lucille, acting as lover, night watchmanp 1129 LCC 1989
her eyes whenever a man passed her in the street. All this tension was to explode when the supervisor arrived atp 1129 LCC 1989
but a substantial minority had decided not to return at all. Along the beaches of the Costa del Sol and Cotep 1140 LTP 1989
shoulders and returned to their sail-boats and pedalos. It became all too clear that in rejecting the old Europe of frontiersp 1140 LTP 1989
mortgaged to the gods of social and professional status, had all been abandoned. At any event, a movement confined to ap 1140 LTP 1989
summer tourist trade. The lawyers and accountants among the exiles, all far more educated and intelligent than their provincial rivals, werep 1141 LTP 1989
announced that the beaches of the Mediterranean were closed, that all forms of exercise outside the workplace or the bedroom werep 1142 LTP 1989
sand, while the Italians proclaimed their ‘mare nostrum‘. But above all the tone of these beach-fuhrers was uniformly authoritarian. The sometimep 1143 LTP 1989
the powers of physical strength. Athletic prowess was admired above all, a cult of bodily perfection mediated through group gymnastic displaysp 1143 LTP 1989
by the front door, ready to drive to the office. All in all, I'm certain that I had no other choicep 1130 TES 1989
front door, ready to drive to the office. All in all, I'm certain that I had no other choice. Yet, givenp 1130 TES 1989
to those it most offends. Even now, three hours later, all is calm. The leafy avenue is as unruffled as everp 1130 TES 1989
vapour rises from the exhaust. The engine is still idling, all these hours after I began to demist the windscreen beforep 1130 TES 1989
myself. Whatever happens, I must hold to my decision and all the consequences that flow from it. Fortunately, an Air Indiap 1130 TES 1989
a single action. To shut out the world, and solve all my difficulties at a stroke, I had the simplest ofp 1131 TES 1989
friends and colleagues, my accountant, doctor and solicitor, and above all my ex-wife. I was breaking off all practical connections withp 1131 TES 1989
solicitor, and above all my ex-wife. I was breaking off all practical connections with the outside world. I would never againp 1131 TES 1989
To the flames I add the contents of my briefcase, all the bank-notes in my wallet, credit cards, driving licence andp 1132 TES 1989
light, time and space. The first week has ended peacefully. All is well, and I have stabilised my regime most pleasantlyp 1132 TES 1989
from no longer depending on anyone else, however well-intentioned. Above all, I am no longer dependent on myself. I feel nop 1133 TES 1989
of a break-in, sir. Your upstairs windows have been open all night -- for two or three nights, your neighbours sayp 1133 TES 1989
here. In fact, I'm not planning to go out at all. I'm cleaning the chimneys, officer, getting rid of all thatp 1133 TES 1989
at all. I'm cleaning the chimneys, officer, getting rid of all that old soot and dust.‘ ‘Fair enough ...‘ He hesitates beforep 1133 TES 1989
suburban lawns and the minds of those who tend them. All this excitement has led me to neglect my rationing systemp 1134 TES 1989
to the despair of a womanless world. I am hungry all the time, kept going by not much more than cupsp 1134 TES 1989
Who on earth did you think I was? Are you all right, Geoffrey?‘ ‘Yes, I'm fine. I've been very busy. Whatp 1135 TES 1989
of old affection. I have changed, my senses tuned to all the wave-lengths of the invisible. Margaret has remained in ap 1135 TES 1989
we blundered through that white world, like arctic explorers losing all sense of distance within a few steps of their tentp 1137 TES 1989
walls of the kitchen distancing themselves from me. I spend all day here, sitting on the floor against the freezer cabinetp 1137 TES 1989
morning I gave in briefly to the sudden fear that all this has been taking place within my own head. Byp 1138 TES 1989
that had slipped uninvited into a corner of his head. All day the battle had moved from floor to floor ofp 1145 WF 1989
atrium, Ryan stood up and gave them covering fire, praying all the while for his sister Louisa, who was fighting inp 1145 WF 1989
gazed at the fading halo, thinking that one day, perhaps, all the dust of Beirut would descend like the dove, andp 1145 WF 1989
fighters, Ryan killed with a will. Even so, as after all the battles in Beirut that summer, Ryan felt dazed andp 1145 WF 1989
a close friendship with Dr Edwards, and brought to him all his worries about his sister and aunt, and even hisp 1146 WF 1989
the living were to lay down their weapons? Suppose that all over Beirut the rival soldiers were to place their riflesp 1147 WF 1989
and university to fight with the beleaguered Christian militia. From all over the world volunteers had been drawn to Beirut, mercenariesp 1147 WF 1989
rifle stock, Ryan was surprised by his own emotions. For all his hopes of a ceasefire, he felt a reflex ofp 1148 WF 1989
put an end to the hate that was corrupting them all? Good God, he himself had begun to resent Angel Porruap 1148 WF 1989
and most children were war-orphans, though it puzzled Ryan where all these youngsters came from -- somehow a secret family lifep 1149 WF 1989
medical orderly moved down the line, issuing morphine ampoules. For all the lives they saved, Ryan sometimes resented the blue helmetsp 1149 WF 1989
was a pale lantern in the dusk. ‘Maybe we should all join the UN. Yes, Louisa, everyone should wear the bluep 1150 WF 1989
they'll wear the blue helmet?‘ ‘A few will, but that's all we need. Little by little, more people will join upp 1152 WF 1989
wasn't anyone, doctor. It just came to me, out of all the death ...‘ Dr Edwards left Beirut for a week, consultingp 1152 WF 1989
pulled Ryan into the jeep, cuffing him over the head. ‘All this talk of peace. The oldest trap in the worldp 1154 WF 1989
at once, voices drowned by the gunfire that came from all directions. Powerful bombs had been cunningly planted to cause maximump 1154 WF 1989
Ryan's old anger, that vague hatred that had kept them all going for so many years. He needed to go outp 1155 WF 1989
and television dishes rose from the roof of the sanatorium, all facing north-west towards Beirut. The van stopped at the largestp 1156 WF 1989
chair beside the desk. ‘Don't worry, Ryan, I'll explain it all to you. Tell me first, though -- have you everp 1157 WF 1989
In the case of smallpox, people can now travel freely all over the world. The virus does survive in ancient gravesp 1157 WF 1989
years -- there are no armies or air forces, and all disputes are settled by negotiation and compromise, as they shouldp 1157 WF 1989
Hitler or Pol Pot might appear.‘ ‘And you can do all that here?‘ Ryan scoffed. ‘In Beirut?‘ ‘We think so. Wep 1158 WF 1989
we were careful that no one was hurt. We supply all the weapons, and always have. We print up the propagandap 1158 WF 1989
of musical chairs, and in a way it is.‘ ‘But all these years, doctor ...‘ Ryan was thinking of his old comrades-in-armsp 1158 WF 1989
the UN rebuilt Beirut thirty years ago.‘ ‘They planned it all -- the Hilton, the TV station, the McDonald's ...?‘ ‘Everything, evenp 1158 WF 1989
sports stadium, shopping malls. They brought in orphaned teenagers from all over the world, from every race and nationality. To beginp 1158 WF 1989
to prime the pump -- the NCOs and officers were all UN observers fighting in disguise. But once the engine beganp 1158 WF 1989
real aunt. They don't know, of course. They think you're all from the same family. Louisa was the daughter of twop 1158 WF 1989
I know you're concerned for them, you've lived with them all your life. But they're not --‘ Ryan pushed him awayp 1159 WF 1989
wall. Louisa and Aunt Vera rested between two UN observers, all executed by the Royalists before their retreat. The stepped concretep 1160 WF 1989
be pushed.‘ Dr Edwards gestured helplessly at the bodies. ‘Sadly, all the way.‘ Ryan took off his blue helmet and placedp 1160 WF 1989
docile specimens unprepared for the most virulent virus of them all. ‘Not all the way, doctor.‘ He levelled the rifle atp 1160 WF 1989
unprepared for the most virulent virus of them all. ‘Not all the way, doctor.‘ He levelled the rifle at the physician'sp 1160 WF 1989
way, doctor.‘ He levelled the rifle at the physician's head. ‘All the way is the whole human race.‘ THE WAITING GROUNDSp 1160 WF 1989
remains, especially when the director is once again taking almost all the credit for any success. What part is played byp 3 UGM 1990
Hills were covered, not with leaves, but thousand dollar bills. All of them, to varying degrees, made the mistake of assumingp 3 UGM 1990
concerned, the importance of the writer is still paramount, though all of us have learned to keep a close eye onp 4 UGM 1990
last moments, when she adroitly turns into her son. Despite all this, Psycho is one of the most powerful films everp 5 UGM 1990
intimates, and the imaginative demands for greater sexual freedom are all the more urgent -- needless to say, I think therep 5 UGM 1990
beatings, starvation and malaria, and the deaths of his friends, all the while sketching on pages torn from books, and barteringp 105 UGM 1990
the engrained chemical stench that banned him from sailors‘ bars all over the Caribbean. Now, when she failed to appear onp 1161 DCG 1990
she failed to appear on the fourth morning, he regretted all the more that he had never worked up the couragep 1161 DCG 1990
then that Johnson made his decision to remain on board. All his life he had failed to impose himself on anythingp 1164 DCG 1990
and slept his first dreamless sleep. ‘Hey, you! Are you all right?‘ A woman's hand pounded on the roof of thep 1165 DCG 1990
childhood, as if she were genuinely concerned for Johnson. ‘You're all right,‘ she informed him. ‘But I wouldn't go for toop 1165 DCG 1990
and oatmeal biscuits he cooked on the galley stove. For all the equipment, she was in no hurry to unload thep 1166 DCG 1990
lot of people will want to learn the recipe, for all kinds of reasons ...‘ Sitting in the colonel's chair on thep 1167 DCG 1990
research samples to record and catalogue. ‘Dr Christine ...! I waited all day!‘ He stepped into the shallow water, a carmine surfp 1168 DCG 1990
look, Johnson?‘ ‘Too beautiful for me, and the island. We've all gone quiet.‘ ‘That is gallant -- you've become a poetp 1168 DCG 1990
Did you set the traps for me, Johnson?‘ ‘I set all of them and put in the bait.‘ ‘Good.‘ Christine heapedp 1169 DCG 1990
arms and shoulders. The staid reality that had trapped them all was beginning to dissolve. Time had stopped and Christine wasp 1171 DCG 1990
teach Christine and the child to fly. ‘Christine, we can all learn.‘ ‘What, Johnson?‘ ‘We can learn to fly. There's nop 1171 DCG 1990
He pointed from the bridge to the jungle wall. Almost all the overcrowded canopy had collapsed into the lagoon, leaving behindp 1171 DCG 1990
few hours.‘ ‘Good. Of course, the medical people will do all the tests.‘ ‘And the island?‘ ‘We've been ordered to torchp 1172 DCG 1990
of Johnson staring at the trees. ‘Luckily, you've trapped them all.‘ The scientist offered her the binoculars. ‘Those organic wastes arep 1172 DCG 1990
might happen if human beings were exposed to long-term contact. All sorts of sinister alterations to the nervous system -- peoplep 1172 DCG 1990
-- people might be happy to stare at a stone all day.‘ Johnson listened to them talking, glad to feel Christine'sp 1172 DCG 1990
River Thames some 15 miles to the west of London. All around are the high embankments of huge water reservoirs. Theirp 82 YMCa 1990
and solar emblems. What were they -- submerged marine altars? All that is left of the time-machines which these people usedp 82 YMCa 1990
confidence. When I visited the U.S.A. in 1955 all the optimism of Eisenhower's post-war America was expressed in thep 97 CRAa 1990
hidden logic at work within the mass media -- above all, the inadvertent packaging of violence and cruelty like attractive commercialp 93 LNEa 1990
of the skin on the breast side of the clamp. All the stages described above were performed on the other sidep 115 MWR 1990
hours the drains were removed. Careful attention was paid at all times to the possible collection of blood or fluid underp 116 MWR 1990
NASA spokesmen have even denied that the astronauts dream at all during their space flights. But it is clear from thep 43 DMa 1990
last of the surrealists, asked this as yet unanswerable question. All disasters -- earthquakes, plane or car crashes -- seem top 45 DMa 1990
being ravished by her own beauty is familiar to us all, but here Dali convinces us purely in terms of thep 47 DMa 1990
schizophrenia deepened she embarked on a series of impulsive journeys all over Europe, analogues perhaps of some mysterious movement within herp 89 PAJa 1990
have a shampoo to remove the blood from her hair. All scarlines are expected to fade, and by the end ofp 112 PMF 1990
to range, and we find ourselves experimenting like impresarios with all the possibilities that these magnified figures seem to offer usp 111 PMFa 1990
their silent airstrips among the palm trees, Wake Island above all, have a potent magic for me. The runways that crossp 33 AWa 1990
Shepperton. The car had a powerful iconic presence, emerging from all those American movies into the tranquil TV suburbs. Soon afterp 9 AEa 1990
Arts Laboratory in London. Weapons ranges have a special magic, all that destructive technology concentrated on the production of nothing, thep 10 AEa 1990
well be filmed in these studios. Deep assignments run through all our lives; there are no coincidences. The so-called Casualties Unionp 11 AEa 1990
balconies remind Travis of the actress's lost gill-slits (which we all develop embryonically as we briefly recapitulate our biological past). "Wherep 13 AEa 1990
a quality she shares (no thanks to myself) with almost all the public figures in this book -- Marilyn Monroe, Reaganp 16 AEa 1990
own self-constructed persona. One can mechanically spin sexual fantasies around all three, but the imagination soon flags. Unlike Taylor, they radiatep 16 AEa 1990
an unsettling comment on our notions of fame and celebrity. All over the world major museums have bowed to the influencep 51 GANa 1990
of a more primitive age. In a sense we now all take part in sex whether we want to or notp 54 GANa 1990
other tongues, and sex is the most negotiable language of all. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had appeared in stage versionsp 54 GANa 1990
to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions, all too clearly defined ideas and every intention of producing ap 119 WW3a 1990
becomes stylised, relationships more oblique. The office workers and secretaries all behave like petty criminals vaguely on the run, so manyp 59 SCNa 1990
image upon the external world -- a trait common to all psychotics. The white light has bleached out the identities ofp 59 SCNa 1990
copulating volunteers were really training the good doctors to lose all interest in sex, just as computerised diagnostic machines, where patientsp 19 UDa 1990
After the Rain." Their clinker-like rocks resemble skeletons from which all organic matter has been leached, all sense of time. Lookingp 21 UDa 1990
resemble skeletons from which all organic matter has been leached, all sense of time. Looking at these landscapes, it's impossible top 21 UDa 1990
inorganic. Dali's masterpiece, and one of the most powerful of all surrealist images. Dealey Plaza in Dallas, re-imagined in Talbot's eyep 22 UDa 1990
U.S. consumer, challenging the authority of that greatest of all American icons, the automobile. Every car crash seemed a prayerp 23 UDa 1990
carried out. The results would be interesting, since we were all in a sense in the driver's seat on that dayp 28 UDa 1990
me -- my version of Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or All Quiet on the Western Front would be a newsreel compilationp 69 THFa 1990
with the child. But a woman neighbor assured me that all was well -- during sex with the mother they werep 70 THFa 1990
space programme -- each seeming to catalyse the others, and all raising huge questions which have never been answered. Together theyp 72 THFa 1990
23. The last must be among the most reductive of all films, featuring a bed, a woman, and an incitement top 74 THFa 1990
and surgeons (the latter the most worldly and ambitious of all) the lowest. The bizarre Bulletin of Suicidology in an earlyp 76 THFa 1990
level hook up biopsychic screen time nf further out program all crash drills xero "I am 7000 years old". Xero Runp COL 1990
and his scarily simplistic far-right message on the other. Above all, it struck me that Reagan was the first politician top 105 WIWa 1990
TV audience would not be listening too closely, if at all, to what he was saying, and indeed might well assumep 105 WIWa 1990
that the envelope containing the seized copy was sealed. Sadly, all this led to a coolness between Bill and myself, whichp 105 WIWa 1990
a fossilised version of herself, fashioned from archaic red coral. All my respect and admiration of women is prompted by thisp 39 YCMa 1990
charm, loved by sporting idols, intellectuals and, to cap it all, the US President. But she killed herself, slamming the doorp 39 YCMa 1990
again in what I feel is his greatest role of all, Last Tango in Paris, in no sense a pornographic filmp 9 UGM 1991
the string of one-liners that survive to this day, above all the immortal ‘Is that a gun in your pocket, orp 10 UGM 1991
but no one ever delivered them like Mae West. Above all, she brought humour into sex, then as now, sadly, ap 10 UGM 1991
II was the very opposite of a technological superhero -- all he had going for him were his hate-driven will, hisp 11 UGM 1991
II does contain an ambiguous and many-layered message -- that all governments and military bureaucracies are corrupt, that the ordinary fightingp 12 UGM 1991
and is prepared to die for it. The essayists, almost all American academics, condemn virtually the entire output of Hollywood Vietnamp 12 UGM 1991
Plain and The Burmese Harp, and the greatest of them all, Klimov's Come and See, about partisans fighting the Germans inp 13 UGM 1991
plainly a miracle that a Japanese cinema ever emerged at all, let alone a maverick talent like Kurosawa's. Stephen Prince suggestsp 25 UGM 1991
Japanese would find their salvation by thinking about themselves above all as individuals. In 1950 he produced Rashomon, a masterpiece ofp 26 UGM 1991
any other people, enjoy being depressed. His samurai epics, above all The Seven Samurai, show Kurosawa again subverting traditional views ofp 26 UGM 1991
during the ruthless climb to success and, most damning of all, the astrologers who decided the dates of international conferences andp 33 UGM 1991
Ronnie was not allowed to leave the White House at all. Kitty Kelley is an exponent of the chain-saw school ofp 33 UGM 1991
In later life Nancy never contacted her natural father, transferring all her affection to Dr Loyal Davis, a taciturn Chicago neurosurgeonp 33 UGM 1991
that, the leading roles in the ultimate movie of them all, the presidency of the United States, in which he wouldp 34 UGM 1991
to amass a vast wardrobe of couture gowns and furs, all on indefinite ‘loan‘ until the Internal Revenue Service panicked herp 34 UGM 1991
future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions and all too clearly defined ideas, and every intention of producing ap 35 UGM 1991
a financially more savvy group of New York criminals, above all Lucky Luciano, who broke away from traditional Sicilian practices intop 44 UGM 1991
in catalogues and reference books. Who was this mysterious collector, all the more strangely an Englishman, for years the patron ofp 70 UGM 1991
was forced to climb on the prison treadmill and, above all, the money he made, details which fascinate us but mayp 71 UGM 1991
been the recipe for a long and happy union, but all his life James was driven by an intense restlessness. Inp 72 UGM 1991
never exhibited. The Russian paintings are the most impressive of all, and for once the conventions of state-sanctioned social realism --p 74 UGM 1991
the last corporate headquarters has been torn down and we all earn our livings at the domestic terminal, anthologies of twentieth-centuryp 76 UGM 1991
were the Incredible Hulk, the Amazing Spiderman and, strangest of all, the Silver Surfer, an emissary from the stars sent top 77 UGM 1991
to achieve has been translated into the commodity beloved of all religions in their decline. If the Mona Lisa, entombed inp 79 UGM 1991
of those over-charged tourists which have paid Sir John's salary all these years. But for Sir John, Sir Kenneth, (Sir) Anthonyp 81 UGM 1991
see today in a suburban playground or shopping mall. Above all, they seem aware that they exist outside time, and havep 82 UGM 1991
Europe during the 1940s, seem to show no understanding at all of the world around them. They gaze in an undemonstrativep 83 UGM 1991
birth, had first appeared during the Great War in, of all places, Zurich. Delvaux and Magritte rarely strayed from Brussels, andp 89 UGM 1991
and canopies seem to be evolving into vegetal forms. Above all, as Melly points out, Paris is filled with a profusionp 90 UGM 1991
Protestantism, our intolerance of ideas and, perhaps most important of all, the absence of cafe life. Certainly, surrealism failed to takep 90 UGM 1991
astronomer. The family were inveterate talkers, a trait Spencer displayed all his life, exhausting his wives, friends and patrons with monologuesp 101 UGM 1991
has come.‘ For Spencer, Cookham was a paradise in which all the world's ills could be cured. By placing his greatp 102 UGM 1991
Cookham, Spencer was expelled for ever from the marital home. All this he accepted without complaint. Hilda remained the love ofp 103 UGM 1991
for ever in our imaginations by Conrad's novels. But above all Young makes us realize that the world Conrad described nearlyp 114 UGM 1991
likeability somewhere between tax inspectors and immigration officials, with whom all too many of us share an unworthy interest in moneyp 116 UGM 1991
exception is Kurt Vonnegut, whose sheer amiability could light up all the cathedrals in America -- where, in fact, many ofp 116 UGM 1991
these essays and speech-day addresses, one senses that Vonnegut, against all the odds, has forgiven us everything. Only plague, famine andp 116 UGM 1991
of the sweetest sugar around our failings and foibles. Yet all this sentimentality is surprisingly bracing -- it's a challenge inp 116 UGM 1991
fiction like a secret agent charged with the demolition of all bourgeois values. More than in the case of almost anyp 131 UGM 1991
communication systems that shape our view of the world. For all his heroic rebellion against the convention-bound middle class, Burroughs wasp 132 UGM 1991
me. I greeted him with the line I had rehearsed all the way from London, suggested by Conrad's novel about ap 173 UGM 1991
stretched from the northern industrial zones of Chapei and Yangtsepoo all the way to Lunghua in the south. Dozens of hugep 174 UGM 1991
packed the Hong Kong flight. One could go home after all, and somewhere there was always one waiting door that wasp 177 UGM 1991
feature of communist regimes, so devoted to revolutionary change in all things, that the architecture in their charge remains largely unalteredp 218 UGM 1991
the real Shanghai, although a mock-Tudor mansion in Sunningdale, of all places, stood in for my childhood home in the westernp 218 UGM 1991
author interviewed a large number of old Shanghai hands of all nationalities, and is particularly good on the British, who facedp 220 UGM 1991
the complete absence of the social security safety net -- all in all a city of dreadful night that can onlyp 220 UGM 1991
absence of the social security safety net -- all in all a city of dreadful night that can only inspire ap 220 UGM 1991
alcohol or suicide to make the headiest cocktail of them all. However, even Sylvia Plath, Hemingway and Anne Sexton never achievep 237 UGM 1991
own heads or in the world around them. For almost all of them, as for most neurotics fixated on some pastp 238 UGM 1991
and Janet Frame's Faces in the Water, confirm that not all that much has changed. The cruel and fiendish devices appliedp 238 UGM 1991
visit like a soiree at a house of ghosts. For all its seriousness, madness has always been a limitless source ofp 238 UGM 1991
weird and unconscious comedy of the seriously insane -- above all James Tilly Matthews's ‘Air Loom Machine‘, a persecuting engine whichp 239 UGM 1991
The resilience of the wounded mind gives hope to us all. Independent on Sunday Minstrels and the Tommy-gun ‘Bonjour Blanc‘: ap 239 UGM 1991
his first ball. I remember pacing up and down with all the Napoleonic impatience of a 7-year-old, my toy soldiers drawnp 9 KW 1991
pass on my muddled brain-wave to the Generalissimo. Baffled by all these problems, which were even more difficult than my Frenchp 11 KW 1991
every day, James. You and General Chiang think about it all the time. I'm sure he would like to meet youp 12 KW 1991
father and eat him. ‘Do I have to? Olga listens all the time to French dance music.‘ ‘Well, you listen withp 16 KW 1991
to give her the slip. ‘David said that Olga --‘ ‘All right!‘ Irritated by the ringing telephone, which the servants werep 16 KW 1991
work, and the same rancid sweat and hungry breath of all impoverished peasants. But the night's rain still soaked their blackp 17 KW 1991
city in the world, and I knew that one day all the cities on the planet would be filled with radio-stationsp 19 KW 1991
see the latest Hollywood musical, Gold-Diggers of 1937. But of all the places of wonder, the Great World Amusement Park onp 19 KW 1991
me with his vain, dreamy eyes. Was he adding up all those who were going to die in Shanghai, trying top 21 KW 1991
boy in a Cathedral School blazer had chosen this of all moments to roll about in a filthy gutter. The klaxonp 21 KW 1991
sure that it was still there. The explosion had sucked all the air from the street and it was difficult top 24 KW 1991
dragon masks, part of the head of a stuffed whale, all blanched by the dust. A bolt of silk had unravelledp 25 KW 1991
truthfully than I realised. One thousand and twelve people, almost all Chinese refugees, were killed by the high-explosive bomb that fellp 26 KW 1991
to catch the sound that would wake them. Escape Attempts All day rumours had swept Lunghua that there would soon bep 31 KW 1991
on the cold earth, even more bored than ever. Almost all the Japanese soldiers, like Private Kimura, were the sons ofp 31 KW 1991
supervised the eight boys and girls in the children's hut, all war-orphans separated from parents interned in the other camps nearp 33 KW 1991
their lowly position in Shanghai's British community. Bored with it all, and deciding to show off in front of Peggy, Ip 35 KW 1991
dead weevils and rusty nails. Peggy and I were hungry all the time. ‘Jamie, suppose ...‘ Intrigued by her own logic, Peggyp 37 KW 1991
that any threat to the camp unsettled me more than all the petty snubs. What I feared most was not merelyp 37 KW 1991
between David and myself. I envied him his parents, and all my attempts to attach myself to a sympathetic adult hadp 38 KW 1991
Amusement Park with its jugglers and acrobats and sing-song girls. All of them seemed as remote as the films I hadp 39 KW 1991
happy with boys of my own age. They play games all the time.‘ ‘That may be. You're going to live withp 39 KW 1991
criticising me for dreaming too much, but my imagination was all that I had. As I knew, criticising everyone else wasp 41 KW 1991
war would be a larger version of Lunghua camp, with all its snobberies and social divisions, its ‘best‘ families with theirp 41 KW 1991
crude knife I had fashioned from a broken Chinese bayonet. All but two inches of the blade were missing when Ip 42 KW 1991
would be larger than the Sincere Company's department store, and all the internees would be dead. I pulled the bricks fromp 43 KW 1991
recognising me, and found it scarcely conceivable that I, of all the internees in Lunghua, should want to escape. Later wep 45 KW 1991
Japanese. As they strengthened the anti-aircraft defences of Lunghua airfield all concern for the escape attempt was forgotten. After a nightp 47 KW 1991
come back tonight. Wait for me at the hut.‘ For all the excitement, no-one was in any hurry to evacuate thep 49 KW 1991
by their teachers and unsure whether to leave the classroom. All day we watched the Shanghai road, expecting a convoy ofp 50 KW 1991
out beside himself as he waited to die. Envying him all these possessions, I climbed the earth embankment, a spur ofp 55 KW 1991
to ignore him, I faced the soldier coiling the wire. All my experience of the Japanese had taught me never top 56 KW 1991
carefully reaming out the mess-tins. Their faces were empty of all feeling, as if they were aware that the war hadp 56 KW 1991
patrol might be approaching. From the moment I left Lunghua all the clocks had stopped. Time had suspended itself, and onlyp 60 KW 1991
I told him. ‘The war's over, you know. We can all go home now.‘ By the telephone pole the Chinese hadp 61 KW 1991
that this remote country platform was the depot from which all the dead of the war had been despatched to thep 61 KW 1991
eagerly as they stepped on to the Bund. But from all this activity I felt set apart, as if I hadp 65 KW 1991
of my mind somewhere between Lunghua and Shanghai. Strangest of all, Japanese soldiers were still patrolling the streets of Shanghai. Asp 65 KW 1991
army in their fight against the communist Viet Minh. For all this, whenever I saw the armed Japanese I thought ofp 65 KW 1991
its platform crowded with new arrivals. I tried to explain all this to Peggy, while she waited for her parents top 66 KW 1991
and lipstick a vivid woman's face appeared, more beautiful than all the prostitutes at the Park Hotel. I wanted to embracep 66 KW 1991
which he wore in the faintly shifty way shared by all the former Lunghua boys, as if we had been releasedp 67 KW 1991
to see her, though time seemed to be running in all directions. If I was three years older, Olga was bothp 68 KW 1991
there, Olga.‘ ‘No, thanks. I heard enough about those camps. All those dances and concerts. Here it's been real hell, Ip 69 KW 1991
her waning interest in me. ‘He's been in Soochow camp all through the war.‘ ‘He can still be rich. Take itp 69 KW 1991
and I felt that I was surrounded by moving trains all beyond my reach. I wanted to have sex with Olgap 70 KW 1991
packed together in rows, knees pressed against each other's backs. All were in a bad way, and many lay down, crushedp 72 KW 1991
work there,‘ she said reprovingly. ‘You'll have to cut away all the fat before you reach the fascia.‘ ‘It was thep 80 KW 1991
they found me threatening in some undefined way. I thought all the time of going back to Shanghai, but that escapep 80 KW 1991
any demons at bay, any hunger. ‘Why do you read all this stuff? You aren't going to the Sorbonne. Nobody's heardp 81 KW 1991
your knee?‘ ‘I waited, but no luck. The real King's, all right. If you listen carefully you can hear the choir-boysp 81 KW 1991
hear the choir-boys sobbing. That's why they play the organ all day long.‘ ‘You're too old for him, that's all. Thosep 81 KW 1991
organ all day long.‘ ‘You're too old for him, that's all. Those Addenbrookes nurses are more your line. They'll completely corruptp 81 KW 1991
Addenbrookes nurses are more your line. They'll completely corrupt you all this brave talk about psychoanalysis.‘ ‘Psychoanalysis? If I talk aboutp 81 KW 1991
in Europe. God, it made me think of Shanghai and all those Americans.‘ ‘Why? Stop thinking about Shanghai and Lunghua. It'sp 82 KW 1991
those Americans.‘ ‘Why? Stop thinking about Shanghai and Lunghua. It's all over.‘ ‘I don't think about it, actually. But it isn'tp 82 KW 1991
to?‘ ‘That wasn't it. Lunghua reminded them of home. Remember all those signs? "Waterloo Station", "Piccadilly Circus", "The Serpentine"? That wasp 82 KW 1991
my hands on her waist, trying to thank her for all she had done in Lunghua, she slipped away from mep 82 KW 1991
undress in a last act of self-revelation, unpacking herself of all the mortal elements in her life. Sitting beside her, Ip 83 KW 1991
learned only that she had once been a physician. Almost all the cadavers were those of doctors who had donated theirp 84 KW 1991
volunteers to take part in a new experimental project. Almost all the department's volunteers were medical students, who could be countedp 85 KW 1991
Looking up at me, he asked: ‘Another victim? We need all the volunteers we can get. Miriam, fill out his deathp 85 KW 1991
first-year med? How did I guess? The formalin -- you all smell like Glasgow undertakers. Let me show you what we'rep 86 KW 1991
Japs. Do you know Peggy Gardner?‘ ‘Of course -- we're all in awe of her.‘ ‘She was in the same campp 87 KW 1991
He spent twenty years quietly trying to kill himself. It's all he wanted to do.‘ ‘And?‘ ‘I forget. Anyway, you aren'tp 91 KW 1991
woman doctor on her glass table had identified herself with all the victims of the war in China, and with thep 94 KW 1991
than Ulysses.‘ ‘It's making you worse, not better. Cutting up all those bodies -- it reminds you of the war.‘ ‘Miriamp 95 KW 1991
magazine with its graphic photographs of the Korean War. Despite all this, I liked him for his energy and openmindedness, forp 96 KW 1991
four days the Saskatchewan fogs had put an end to all flying, and now every serviceable Harvard at the Nato trainingp 99 KW 1991
Hunter for stripping the second gear from his Oldsmobile. But all this was forgotten when the engine came to life andp 100 KW 1991
deliberately made their intercom messages as garbled as possible, venting all their irritation with the Nato training programme. The French, Norwegianp 101 KW 1991
the wing of his beloved Flying Flea. In my mind all the romance and ascensionist myths of flight were linked top 103 KW 1991
me frankly, waving aside an entire career. ‘You'd have spent all your time analysing yourself.‘ ‘Why? I didn't know there wasp 103 KW 1991
but it does have a kind of claim on us. All those poor bloody Chinese. What was Cambridge like?‘ ‘I didn'tp 104 KW 1991
really what you've always wanted to do. You could lay all the girls who haven't already been laid by the boysp 104 KW 1991
glancing around the tables as if he wanted to straighten all the knives and forks in the restaurant. He was smilingp 105 KW 1991
a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, seemed to fulfil all those dreams, a make-or-break challenge that would force me top 105 KW 1991
Artvin, who had disappeared two months after our arrival. Of all the Nato trainees, the Turks were the most unhappy. Olderp 109 KW 1991
showed the slightest surprise. Curiously, Artvin had taken with him all his possessions, his spare uniforms, his newly purchased electric razorp 110 KW 1991
Sorry, Group Captain, just happened to be over Deer Lake, all these damned Canadian lakes look the same, you know ..."‘ ‘Whatp 110 KW 1991
male genitalia after intercourse, I expected the Turks to seize all the weapons in the armoury and slaughter the English-speaking worldp 111 KW 1991
on Artvin. He didn't make it to Mother Russia after all.‘ ‘I don't think he was trying. He didn't defect top 111 KW 1991
ignored him and continued their efforts over his flagging erection, all the while keeping up a brisk conversation about a localp 113 KW 1991
come they ever let him into the air force?‘ ‘It's all part of the communist conspiracy,‘ David explained. He began top 114 KW 1991
then faded into the vast indifference that separated her from all men. Her small, bony face had the seriousness of ap 115 KW 1991
that again?‘ ‘Artvin -- the Turkish pilot who disappeared.‘ ‘They all disappear, believe me. I went with some of the Turksp 116 KW 1991
think so, somehow. More like Mrs Do-as-you-would-like-to-do-with ...‘ But we were all water babies. Alice was shrieking at the green slime thatp 123 KW 1991
of Shepperton, and its leafy avenues stood in for locations all over England. In Henry's intense four-year-old mind, Shepperton had begunp 124 KW 1991
to convince me that it was this hole that went all the way to Shanghai. Once when I dived into thep 125 KW 1991
serious business. To a mother of two children, sex was all or nothing. I knew that sometimes she longed to getp 129 KW 1991
off to Hong Kong at the end of the month. All expenses paid. We're filming a housing project in Kowloon forp 129 KW 1991
in Hong Kong.‘ ‘No, thanks. Those old Shanghai hands, and all that talk of tiffin and mah-jong and how many servantsp 130 KW 1991
to get away from this -- it's potty botty doo-doo all the day ...‘ ‘David, it's the only time I've been happyp 130 KW 1991
my shoulders reassuringly. ‘Dear, forget about it -- you've put all that behind you.‘