fluoglass. Immediately it began to fizz and bubble. It flared alight and split apart, the two burning lips unzipping in ap 318 TDS 1962
their surface. A line of red aircraft-warning beacons was already alight along the top strut, and Franklin assumed that the signp 415 SM 1963
the greedy estuarine birds would fly up the river and alight on the exposed mud fifty yards from where Maitland satp 650 GTN 1964
the wheeling gulls crying to each other seemed reluctant to alight on their crumbling cornices. Below me, the seashell lay inp 569 PCD 1964
Carefully, to avoid injuring the fly, he encourages it to alight on his wrist.) DR YASUDA: Thank you, Traven. In myp 603 TB 1964
useless cache-sexe He listened to the helicopters. They seemed to alight on an invisible landing zone in the margins of hisp 19 UD 1968
An embarrassed woman laughed nervously at a gull trying to alight on her hat, a stiff-backed old man in brown tweedp 70 UDC 1979
walls of incandescent pink and purple that seemed to set alight the surrounding jungle, turning the Strip and the downtown casinop 196 HA 1981
exploding gasoline dump at the Greyhound Bus Terminal had set alight dozens of bars and small hotels. Forest fires sped throughp 200 HA 1981
with a hot poker in an attempt to set it alight. ‘Lock those gates!‘ He pointed a bloody hand at Jimp 293 ES 1984
put on their last performance. The entire ship was now alight and leaning against the barrage, its bows burned down top 255 DC 1987
snapped. The restraining nets of the west wall were now alight, and revealed the huge, rounded breasts of the dam inp 256 DC 1987
into her eyes, almost trying to set the loose ends alight with her cigarette. Endlessly patient with Henry, Alice and Lucyp 155 KW 1991
face shone like a lantern against the darkening shore, eyes alight as she helped the seasick Monique to vomit over thep 66 RP 1994
at opposite ends of the runway, bonfires to be set alight once the first television crews arrived to witness the Frenchp 212 RP 1994
the flames leapt ever higher from the bonfires and set alight the trees beside the runway. He was still numbed byp 231 RP 1994
the floor, laid it on the grate and set it alight. He didn't know that Mahoud had drained the reservoir ofp 320 CN 1996
the Iles de Lerins, where it was beached and set alight. From the terrace of the Villa Grimaldi we watched thep 279 SC 2000
I assume you picked out the Arab yacht they set alight?‘ ‘So vulgar. A floating brothel. I had a look roundp 283 SC 2000
the house, making sure that Kay would never set it alight. Water still dripped from the eaves, and a faint mistp 9 MP 2003
For God's sake, I know when a man's balls are alight. Yours were on fire. You were thinking of that bombp 161 MP 2003
surprised, he began to test them, and his face came alight when one of the dolls began to talk back top 171 MP 2003
the burning skips that Kay had ordered to be set alight. The bulldozer clanked forward, shook the blackened shell of thep 229 MP 2003
over. In a defiant gesture some dozen houses were set alight by their owners, but the fire engines waiting in thep 264 MP 2003
neighbours saw them spray petrol over him and set him alight.‘ ‘Good God ... poor man. Is he ...?‘ ‘Somehow he got outp 184 KC 2006
neared the testing station the helicopter roared in overhead and alighted, its impact tilting the base and dipping the hawser intop 39 DW 1962
a flock of gulls wheeled down from the sky and alighted on the beach, picking at the stained sand with ferociousp 648 DG 1964
train. A fly circled the air above his head, then alighted on his neck. Absent-mindedly, Quilter raised one hand and slappedp 50 D 1965
and shoulders, shone like mirrors, as if they had just alighted from the sun. Curiously, only their eyes, protected by theirp 838 LFA 1975
birds. Exhausted, I reached the spire of the church and alighted on the roof. As I furled my wings, I wasp 58 UDC 1979
below the chimeric union of Miriam and myself. As I alighted on the concrete roof David and Jamie ran forward. Theyp 152 UDC 1979
feed off the bodies of slaughtered birds. A small griffon alighted on the propeller in front of me, talons pinioning thisp 193 UDC 1979
carefully, only his eyes moving as he watched the ravens alighting on the window ledge. Gradually, as his conversations with hisp 561 TP 1964
lanes of the motorway, bearing down on us like an alighting archangel. I held Vaughan's wrist in my hand. The darkp 198 C 1973
200 yards away. Riding high on it, deckwork trim, periscopes aligned, was the Terrapin! Paul Matheson waited while Lanyon towelled himselfp 112 WFN 1961
back, in the entrance to the pool, it stopped and aligned its bows. As it drove forward again, lifting on thep 155 CW 1966
advanced sense of geometry. The thousand or so sets were aligned shoulder to shoulder, their screens facing outwards, the combinations ofp 884 UC 1976
same time with a powerful inner conviction. Above Wayne's head, aligned with the white paint on the floor, was the metalp 135 HA 1981
and tail fins extended themselves, the transporter turned stiffly and aligned its ramp along a steeper gradient in the eastern skyp 208 HA 1981
floating jungle of condoms and cigarette packets. The Dakota had aligned itself on the runway and edged forward through the swirlingp 53 DC 1987
ourselves and climbed through the babel of the Canadian skies. Aligned at the foot of the runway, I waited for thep 101 KW 1991
Sud were pitched at the northern end of the runway, aligned by Carline's exacting eye. He had drawn up plans forp 83 RP 1994
on the roof of a building somewhere near the marina. Aligned together, they virtually pinpointed the apartment's location on the heightsp 136 CN 1996
from where the weather-vane and satellite dish would be exactly aligned. While the woman's laughter continued, I peered around the stairwellp 153 CN 1996
urban ant-man trying to over-topple the totem towers of Megalopolis?) Aligning itself on the glideway, an airliner began its final approachp 406 M99 1962
compass, swinging the bearing gently in its air-bath and then aligning the pointer and scale. He tried to decide why hep 45 DW 1962
Wingate held my shoulders. He stared at my bruised mouth, aligning me against some set of specifications in his mind. ‘Blakep 74 UDC 1979
overhead. The pilot had identified the landing strip and was aligning himself on to the grass runway. Mrs Warrender stared atp 26 DC 1987
of friendly chatter and bonhomie to sales assistants and customers alike, making full use of the countless trivial insights he hadp 201 LW 1960
I suffered numbed the senses insidiously, blunting despair and hope alike. When, three days after their first meeting, Aurora and Tristramp 228 S5 1961
roguish smile. ‘I myself find that all the patients look alike. Why, if Dr Normand or yourself informed me that ap 526 MO 1963
of any clues mystified the police and the art world alike. Consequently, it was with an immense feeling of relief, asp 584 LL 1964
which cast its bridges between all animate and inanimate objects alike, would prove of crucial importance. Each of them would soonp 12 D 1965
blanched features of her face, from which pain and memories alike had been washed away, as if all time had beenp 70 D 1965
a conceptual act, an intellectualization divorced from affect and physiology alike, one has to bear in mind the positive merits ofp 54 GAN 1967
reductive machine we call reality that provokes infant and madman alike, and in the cataclysm story the science fiction writer joinsp 209 UGM 1977
cot, the bird in its nest, by old and young alike, to reach that further shore where I had run withp 122 UDC 1979
influence he brought to bear on publishers and literary editors alike, were his generosity and enthusiasm. Sadly, though, this was soonp 189 UGM 1981
A sudden excitement had overtaken the crew and expedition members alike, a long-pent need to throw themselves on to American soilp 33 HA 1981
In what way, Doctor?" "I mean that they're so very alike. Not the furniture and fittings, though even they aren't thatp 30 RW 1988
At first sight, no two Hollywood stars could seem less alike, but reading these biographies one begins to sense how muchp 8 UGM 1991
death. Her calm presence presided over the cadavers and students alike. Exposing herself to young men with knives in their handsp 83 KW 1991
saved -- people with degenerative diseases of the liver, kidneys, alimentary tract, even portions of the heart and nervous system, werep 689 TIM 1966
143 Acton, Harold, 142-7, 213 Alcazar, Siege of, 22 1-5 Alimony, HRH pays, 172, 247, 367, 453 Anaxagoras, 35, 67, 69-78p 940 I 1977
Burke shot James C. Thompson. And James C. Thompson shot Alison Knowles. And Alison Knowles shot Walter Hinchup. And Walter Hinchupp 102 GOA 1990
C. Thompson. And James C. Thompson shot Alison Knowles. And Alison Knowles shot Walter Hinchup. And Walter Hinchup shot Pedlar Forrestp 102 GOA 1990
together the sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi, and the architects Peter and Alison Smithson, who constructed a basic unit of human habitation inp 187 ML 2008
one of the theatres -- eddied through and kept it alive. Now the air was flat and motionless. Lang listened carefullyp 59 M69 1957
phototropic as well. Hmm, almost like a plant.‘ ‘Is it alive?‘ Blackett laughed. ‘My dear Hamilton, of course not. How canp 45 VS 1957
in the entrance hall below. The words seemed to be alive, they had strangely vibrant overtones. Not only were they ap 99 NZ 1959
him. What was he waiting for? Were the geologists still alive? Was he expecting them to return, or make some signalp 77 WG 1959
hundred-fold, so accelerating stellar and galactic time. Space has become alive with transient swarms of comets and meteors, the constellations havep 91 WG 1959
energy substratum of the universe, complex networks of multiple dimensions, alive with the constant tremor of the sentient messages they carryp 91 WG 1959
escape from the box. Soon the circle of light was alive with swarms of the tiny figures, flickering like minnows inp 206 LW 1960
be coming back. Someone's got to stay behind and keep alive a sense of what life here has meant. This isn'tp 238 DE 1961
been a fish jumping.‘ ‘Fish? There isn't a single fish alive on the entire planet. The whole zoological class died outp 240 DE 1961
the dog-fish veered and lunged. ‘I want to keep it alive,‘ Holiday said matter-of-factly. ‘Don't you see, Granger, the fishes stayedp 241 DE 1961
across her softly tanned shoulders. Her mouth was full and alive, her wild eyes watching the young man mischievously. As theyp 284 GA 1961
have been tired out, but my brain felt keen and alive, a thousand ideas running through it. A phrase formed itselfp 233 S5 1961
with more freedom to manoeuvre. So Van Damm was still alive. The captain who had laid on the Terrapin had toldp 27 WFN 1961
Airport, but at least he was lucky enough to be alive. The five-man crew of the Constellation and two of thep 28 WFN 1961
fractured concrete that weighed half a ton. ‘If there's anyone alive in there they'll find them,‘ Marshall said to Deborah. Justp 64 WFN 1961
hour later, when he had almost gone, the set came alive between his fingers. Seizing the microphone with both hands, hep 136 WFN 1961
body wasn't found in the bunker he must still be alive. Hardoon's men wouldn't waste time carrying a corpse around.‘ Hep 151 WFN 1961
is here?‘ Abel shrugged. ‘Well, it's designed to keep us alive, it's our home.‘ ‘Yes, that's true, but obviously it hasp 324 13C 1962
25 years only the present younger generation will still be alive, and a further five years from then they'll all bep 334 13C 1962
present s-f readership, won't be able to keep the medium alive on their own. Like most purists, they prefer their dietp 196 UGM 1962
Woodward was watching her husband's satellite in order to keep alive his memory, but Bridgman guessed that the memories she unconsciouslyp 359 CS 1962
that now they were virtually forgotten he must singlehandedly keep alive the fading flame of their memory. Bridgman was convinced ofp 359 CS 1962
her long vigil. Perhaps she thought of Woodward as still alive, and in some way was patiently waiting for him top 362 CS 1962
helmet increased and the internal circuit of the microphone came alive. The water was hotter than he expected. Instead of ap 103 DW 1962
a strange access of pity suddenly murmured: ‘Kerans, you're still alive, how do you do it?‘ It was this remark whichp 137 DW 1962
to find him, swaying in an exhausted delirium but still alive. A flicker of nervousness creased his mouth, and he glancedp 137 DW 1962
feel very like someone who is about to be buried alive.‘ Malek managed a thin smile across the chess pieces. ‘Ofp 519 EG 1963
tree-level swamp, unweeded and overgrown, if anything more dead than alive, an example of bad husbandry on a continental scale. Thep 435 QR 1963
was not the faintest chance of the pilot still being alive, so he should be decently forgotten, given a statue outsidep 436 QR 1963
about fifteen of the men and their families are still alive. A great tragedy.‘ They moved forward to the bridge andp 437 QR 1963
indicated that the Department still believed Colonel Spender to be alive, or at least to have survived the landing. His finalp 439 QR 1963
calmly. ‘Anyway, there's little chance that Colonel Spender is still alive. What we're interested in finding is the capsule.‘ Ryker wasp 446 QR 1963
vision of his wife's death before his eyes. Judith was alive, of course, staying with her married sister at the beach-housep 534 SA 1963
on the walls of a Toltec funeral corridor. ‘They're wonderfully alive, sometimes I think they're even more real than Dr Gruberp 550 SG 1963
grappling with the added incentives inserted to keep the schemes alive. Many of the women had teamed up, and as Franklinp 417 SM 1963
that the explosions might be Hathaway's counter-attack kept his suspicions alive. He began his inventory after hearing the newscast, and discoveredp 423 SM 1963
about this, for to all intents the giant was still alive for me, indeed more alive than many of the peoplep 644 DG 1964
intents the giant was still alive for me, indeed more alive than many of the people watching him. What I foundp 644 DG 1964
lives might be open to doubt, the giant, dead or alive, existed in an absolute sense, providing a glimpse into ap 644 DG 1964
gazed up at the overhanging trees. Unmistakably each was still alive, its leaves and boughs filled with sap, and yet atp 610 IM 1964
ourselves with it. If the church can keep the memory alive for us, so much the better. As you'll find outp 561 TP 1964
Do you mean that some of the animals are still alive? I thought they'd all been destroyed.‘ ‘What?‘ The driver roundedp 46 D 1965
not. I know we can't hope to keep them all alive, but we'll try with the mammals. The lions we'll savep 51 D 1965
Austen and the zoo. As long as the animals were alive Whitman would guard her, but the one-eyed man would bep 55 D 1965
their awareness that only with each other could they keep alive some faint shadow of their former personalities, whatever their defectsp 113 D 1965
forms of tens of thousands of stranded fish, every pool alive with crabs and shrimps. The ensuing blood-feast, as the gullsp 114 D 1965
obviously looking for her son, convinced that he was still alive somewhere in the ruins of the city. Philip Jordan's motivesp 136 D 1965
we could manage just to distil enough water to keep alive.‘ Lomax nodded, controlling himself. ‘I dare say. Frankly, Charles, youp 164 D 1965
explained. ‘Four members of the crew were killed. He was alive when they got him out, but at one point inp 36 AW 1966
immense brown nipples. Had she borne a child then, keeping alive the fading memories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire? The burning wreckp 666 BM 1966
in rainbows of primary colours. Unmistakably each tree was still alive, its leaves and boughs filled with sap. Sanders was thinkingp 69 CW 1966
nodded as Ventress spoke, watching the man's skull-like face come alive as he discussed this element that he appeared, on thep 89 CW 1966
trying to detect any signs of warmth within. ‘He's still alive inside this, help me to get him out of herep 98 CW 1966
world outside. Perhaps he had seen insects and birds pinioned alive inside their prisms, and misguidedly decided that this offered thep 113 CW 1966
provides a reserve of tissues that will keep twenty others alive for as many years. However, in the case of thep 689 TIM 1966
There's also a certain altruistic pleasure that one is keeping alive part of another human being.‘ ‘Dr Knight -- the driverp 690 TIM 1966
C rations is a lot more comfortable than being boiled alive in napalm. THE COLUMN MOVES ON Slow penetration of forestp 965 TW 1967
army had reached the river. Any hopes Mannock had kept alive that they might turn and disappear towards the horizon finallyp 788 PTD 1969
series of imaginary sexual perversions just to keep our feelings alive ...‘ The girl's attention strayed to her magazine and then top 63 SCN 1969
wondered if for Georges the gowns and suits were more alive than their purchasers. I suspected that he regarded the eventualp 796 SGW 1970
to die on their hangers. A few were still barely alive. They hung inertly on their racks, responding with a feeblep 801 SGW 1970
during its re-entry orbit. It's just possible that he escaped alive, though God only knows what happened to his mind inp 43 JAC 1970
the middle of the twenty-first century (when many children now alive will still be driving), I see its final elimination. Soonerp 265 UGM 1971
me to identify it. He didn't believe you'd got out alive.‘ She crushed her cigarette. ‘I'm sorry for the other manp 36 C 1973
wife and family. I had thought of his last moments alive, frantic milliseconds of pain and violence in which he hadp 36 C 1973
my relationship with a young mezzanine bartender had been brought alive by the contoured lighting systems above his balding head, byp 41 C 1973
the mouth as if she barely expected to see me alive again. She talked on and on as it she thoughtp 46 C 1973
offered, I saw that most of the figures were still alive; a few were dead, some of these in autocrashes. Thep 132 C 1973
the body of a corpse. Vaughan's eyes were open and alive, watching me as his head lay against the seat withp 204 C 1973
with the insects. The steering wheel and instrument panel were alive with this retinal horde. Ignoring Vaughan's raised hand, I openedp 204 C 1973
battery, the distributor with its contact breaker ... The car was alive with electrical points, even though the headlamp and brake-light circuitp 38 CI 1974
sharp eyes. ‘Yes, we know. You're lucky that you're still alive.‘ She placed her strong hand on his forehead, feeling hisp 58 CI 1974
you up that slope? I just wanted to keep you alive.‘ Maitland broke the boiled egg. The hot shell stung thep 71 CI 1974
-- a hopeless ambition, given all his handicaps -- came alive again when he found the crashed aircraft buried in thep 811 DFW 1974
Although it was after ten o'clock, the entire building was alive with noise. Residents were barging in and out of eachp 32 HR 1975
them ponderously aloft. The young masseuse smiled at him encouragingly, alive now that they were moving. ‘If you want to gop 64 HR 1975
he renewed his ascent of the high-rise, she would come alive a little, perhaps even speak to him about his workp 116 HR 1975
of cat-meat. Together they would keep Helen and the boys alive until he could break into an apartment and raid ap 121 HR 1975
provide a node of violence and cruelty that would keep alive in others the will to survive. Let the psychotics takep 143 HR 1975
food was a secondary matter, and Alice was very much alive in other ways. Laing enjoyed her wheedling criticisms of himp 148 HR 1975
by all the years of reconstructing his patients‘ mouths, came alive particularly when he was playing with the dead. The previousp 150 HR 1975
urging it back on to her wound. ‘I'm keeping her alive,‘ she told Laing reprovingly. The cat's attentions brought a serenep 153 HR 1975
an uncanny extent. Would he soon be the last person alive in the high-rise? He thought of himself in this enormousp 153 HR 1975
all blood, was turned away from Wilder. He was still alive, staring through the open windows at the last of thep 166 HR 1975
two women was real, like his pride in keeping them alive, but this in no way interfered with his new-found freedomp 173 HR 1975
of blank bitterness, his mother and father would still be alive. Despite their severe burns, they might still have been savedp 878 UC 1976
watched him demonstrate how to drive. Suddenly the engine was alive, thundering out between the concrete decks as if trying top 887 UC 1976
racing and headlamps full on. First a dozen cars came alive, then more than thirty, and finally the entire eighth andp 891 UC 1976
the mains. Even this small step immediately brought the building alive. Halloway moved from one apartment to the next, flicking lightsp 902 UC 1976
did,‘ he explained to Buckmaster. ‘I want to bring everything alive again, and give back to the city all that lostp 905 UC 1976
in this flood of cheap neon that it was really alive. Halloway parked outside a bank he had begun to reclaimp 907 UC 1976
raises his head, I can see that he is still alive. His eyes are watching me, calculating the distance between usp 946 ICU 1977
one's fingernails. With Lawrence Durrell and Anthony Burgess, Greene keeps alive the largest and most admirable traditions of the English novelp 139 UGM 1978
he had been concerned only to keep the young soldier alive. Inside the suitcase were adhesive tape, sterile lint and antisepticp 977 OAU 1978
afternoon I suddenly became convinced that the cadaver was still alive. I terrorized a weak fellow student into helping me top 12 UDC 1979
aircraft down into the river -- rather than be burned alive I would drown. Half a mile ahead, beyond tennis courtsp 15 UDC 1979
confused by something, still not altogether sure that I was alive. Behind her was the middle-aged woman I had seen inp 20 UDC 1979
attraction to her, part of my nervous relief at being alive. There was a slight swelling under her upper lip, asp 23 UDC 1979
she angrily struck my hand. ‘You died ...! And then came alive again!‘ Trapped by the Motorway ‘The girl's mad!‘ I slammedp 34 UDC 1979
someone who was supposed to have died I felt more alive than ever before. ‘Don't take your children to Dr Miriamp 39 UDC 1979
he sucked the last breath from me to keep himself alive for a few final seconds ... The women had stopped playingp 49 UDC 1979
in the stolen aircraft, I would now for ever be alive. The River Barrier ‘Am I dead?‘ I spoke quietly intop 50 UDC 1979
Cloud -- and that I had invented myself. I was alive now, but at some point had I died? If Ip 51 UDC 1979
attacked you -- I was angry with you for being alive, when I'd already accepted that you were dead.‘ ‘I'm notp 63 UDC 1979
since yesterday I've felt that it's not you who are alive but we here who are dead. Seize every chance youp 79 UDC 1979
The water was lovely, I suppose. You're lucky to be alive -- there was a swordfish there.‘ ‘Did you see thep 91 UDC 1979
was not dead, but as well, I was not merely alive. I was twice alive! Barely able to restrain myself, Ip 97 UDC 1979
as well, I was not merely alive. I was twice alive! Barely able to restrain myself, I caught Miriam's arm, eagerp 97 UDC 1979
them all now, confident that I was more than merely alive. Miriam's spirit and body had recharged my own. I wasp 153 UDC 1979
side in our head-dresses, I hoped that she was still alive. Stark's bullets had passed through our hearts, but I knewp 184 UDC 1979
carrying a piece of my heart. Although I was still alive, I felt only a numbing despair. I knew that myp 185 UDC 1979
dawn a party of deranged aviators arrived. ‘Blake! He's still alive!‘ ‘Don't touch him!‘ ‘Call Stark!‘ Led by the old soldierp 185 UDC 1979
me, ready to speed another bullet through my heart. ‘You're alive all right, Blake. I know that.‘ He spoke quietly, inp 186 UDC 1979
shouting out the names of their lost children. ‘He's still alive! Look at his eyes!‘ Stark waved them back with hisp 188 UDC 1979
into the railings of the war memorial. Rescue I was alive and I was dead. All that day I lay inp 191 UDC 1979
the dark galleries deep within me and alone kept me alive. The women had brought garbage with them in plastic bagsp 191 UDC 1979
them I in turn was dying. Yet I was still alive. In the centre of the park the vultures were feedingp 194 UDC 1979
blood vessels. The air began to clear. My loins came alive in the hands of the young man who held myp 206 UDC 1979
lay back against the gravestone, certain that he was kept alive by his vision of these immense mythological figures. They steppedp 102 HA 1981
After the prospect of total disaster, the expedition had come alive again. Their rescue by McNair marked another turning point, anotherp 106 HA 1981
swimming-pool Anne had suddenly taken his hand. ‘You kept me alive, Wayne ... but I won't forgive you.‘ Sitting back in thep 112 HA 1981
premonition of the past. I can see the past coming alive in the dust on the balcony, in the dried leavesp 1025 NFS 1981
of the bathroom walls. But at least Marion was still alive. Had she tried to intercede as Slade attacked him? Therep 1027 NFS 1981
behaviour of its tenants, convinced Sheppard that Elaine was still alive, and very probably held prisoner by Philip Martinsen. The chromiump 1061 MNF 1982
blinds the sight of this empty, sunlit city which came alive only at dusk drove Sheppard into all kinds of restlessp 1068 MNF 1982
even more advanced. The rotting palms lay beside him, but alive again, the rich scrolls of their bark bright with thep 1079 MNF 1982
the hours after her death. He had seen her come alive from the dead, as the images of her past andp 1083 MNF 1982
set off to join them. Soon the forest would be alive again, and they could return to Cocoa Beach, to thatp 1084 MNF 1982
and quirky teeth. In many ways these skeletons were more alive than the peasant-farmers who had briefly tenanted their bones. Jimp 29 ES 1984
a way of reminding themselves of how precariously they were alive. They liked to be cruel for the same reason, top 57 ES 1984
prisoners, their daily rations were not enough to keep them alive. Many of the prisoners had died, and anyone who sacrificedp 119 ES 1984
only way to leave the detention centre was to stay alive. As long as he ran errands for Basie, worked hardp 119 ES 1984
had collaborated at the detention centre in order to stay alive, but Basie, rightly, had dispensed with Jim as soon asp 127 ES 1984
the two missionary women on the floor were now barely alive, with blanched lips and eyes like those of poisoned micep 137 ES 1984
he pretended. ‘They're at Woosung Camp,‘ he said. ‘They are alive, you know.‘ ‘I'm very glad. Woosung Camp? So you mightp 138 ES 1984
missionary women lay on the soiled floor. They were still alive, but the driver waved his stave at Dr Ransome andp 144 ES 1984
that they were complete strangers, but he kept the pretence alive, so that in turn he could keep alive the lostp 175 ES 1984
the pretence alive, so that in turn he could keep alive the lost memory of his parents. The world before thep 175 ES 1984
about his ragged clothes and his determined efforts to stay alive. He wiped his plate clean with his finger, and rememberedp 184 ES 1984
up the ghost. However, for those still keen to stay alive, a death was good news. For Jim it meant anp 198 ES 1984
potatoes for Dr Ransome, whom Jim was determined to keep alive. He rocked on his heels and listened to an oldp 201 ES 1984
was no point in wasting anything that could keep them alive for even a few days longer. The glowing tomatoes andp 204 ES 1984
with the same care they had shown when he was alive. Was he still alive for these two Christian widows? Jimp 206 ES 1984
they had shown when he was alive. Was he still alive for these two Christian widows? Jim had always been impressedp 206 ES 1984
surrogate parents. Jim knew that it was important to keep alive the memory of his mother and father, in order top 210 ES 1984
the hospital cemetery gave him, the guilty excitement of being alive at all. He knew why Dr Ransome disliked him diggingp 211 ES 1984
such effort. He had been trying to keep the war alive, and with it the security he had known in thep 255 ES 1984
the last moments of the dusk the dead water came alive with roses of iridescent colour. As the box floated awayp 255 ES 1984
again, to run the endless errands that had kept him alive in Lunghua. As he scooped the cold water from thep 265 ES 1984
in Lunghua, he had done all he could to stay alive, but now a part of him wanted to die. Itp 266 ES 1984
stared at his pallid hands. He knew that he was alive, but at the same time he felt as dead asp 273 ES 1984
forget the dead. In its way the camp was coming alive again. The days of powdered milk and chocolate bars hadp 309 ES 1984
the fragment into the water. The greasy flesh was still alive, as if carved from the body of a breathing animalp 338 ES 1984
and called to him, as if surprised to find themselves alive again with this modest implement in their hands. Jim climbedp 341 ES 1984
cantankerous manner exactly suits the character of this last conservationist alive, who refuses orders to dump the vegetation, kills the crewp 20 UGM 1987
to kill me, I needed him in order to stay alive. In his attacks upon us he had been careful notp 133 DC 1987
a happier man. And, for the moment, I needed him alive. Recalling Harare's vanity, it occurred to me that Sanger andp 174 DC 1987
the bows of the ferry. Noon, however, seemed to come alive in the heat. I heard her hooting and grunting top 177 DC 1987
to kill you, Mallory.‘ ‘They didn't try to keep me alive. What about Noon? Is she with them?‘ ‘Perhaps ... not. I'vep 262 DC 1987
the night, constantly waking to see that I was still alive, and trying to revive me with his commentary on thep 280 DC 1987
the same, I think we should assume that they're still alive." "Should we? To be honest, Doctor, I'd rather you didn'tp 5 RW 1988
the files, trying to believe that the children were still alive. Given the task faced by the assassins, and the oftenp 17 RW 1988
and we can only guess whether Marion Miller is still alive. The suggestion that two of the Pangbourne children were responsiblep 61 RW 1988
responsibility have any meaning for them. Is Marion Miller still alive? The assumption at the Home Office and Scotland Yard isp 61 RW 1988
execution. Needless to say, I am confident that Marion is alive, and that the nightmare logic of the Pangbourne Massacre demandsp 61 RW 1988
began to ask if the President was brain-dead, or even alive at all. To reassure the nervous American public, unsettled byp 1118 WW3 1988
most of the principal figures in this one are still alive, including both wives, and many of his fellow artists andp 104 UGM 1990
the base at San Juan. We tried to keep it alive but it was crushed by the weight of its ownp 1171 DCG 1990
common? Answer: many people believe both of them are still alive. Schickel, the astute and generous film critic of Time, writesp 8 UGM 1991
Jakarta, Makassar and Surabaya, outposts of the exotic that come alive under the author's affectionate gaze, like so many tropical Samarkandsp 115 UGM 1991
pregnant mystery of a strange estuary or shoreline, or bring alive the scents and colours of a nondescript port that suddenlyp 115 UGM 1991
the grey, austere days after the war, I had kept alive my precious memories of Shanghai. Teeming, cruel but always exhilaratingp 173 UGM 1991
relieved to see the old Shanghai of the 1930s was alive and well, if a little crumbling in the sunlight. Therep 174 UGM 1991
it seemed to me that I was keeping the war alive singlehandedly. Ignoring my mother's laughter as she flirted with myp 9 KW 1991
empty of expression when they had sex, at last came alive, and I saw two blue-collar housewives who had ditched theirp 114 KW 1991
baby. She had changed yet again, more puckered and more alive, her lips moving while she slept, as if she werep 136 KW 1991
bored with that one damned lever. Look how you come alive at those third-rate bull-fights in Figueras.‘ ‘That's tourist Spain. Whatp 143 KW 1991
Dorothy with her firm hips and comforting breasts was wholly alive. I pressed my hands to her shoulder blades, searching forp 167 KW 1991
shared memories. Greeting us, Dorothy would hold me briefly, keeping alive the link between her lost sister and the women Ip 169 KW 1991
need the notion. The agnostic world keeps its religious festivals alive to meet the vacation demands of its work-force. By thep 193 KW 1991
her death, and that he alone was keeping her memory alive. A week before the Fair Oaks air show he camep 217 KW 1991
rest my case. In a desperate sense Miriam would be alive again, Kennedy would drive triumphantly through Dealey Plaza, the casualtiesp 229 KW 1991
the logic of Dick's life. He had only felt fully alive on television, and in a macabre way would only bep 299 KW 1991
taken care to grieve for Dick while he was still alive, aware that repeats of his old programmes would soon bep 316 KW 1991
me to him forever. ‘We'll remember Dick when he was alive.‘ ‘Good. I feel a lot better. Let's take a boatp 323 KW 1991
go to the cinema. The Hollywood films that kept hope alive -- Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, The Big Sleep and Whitep 181 UGM 1992
into one of the zombies he interviews -- victims buried alive after being paralysed by the puffer-fish nerve poison, tetrodotoxin, thenp 241 UGM 1992
idea of the normal. Just as the agnostic world keeps alive its religious festivals in order to satisfy the vacation needsp 278 UGM 1992
that road seemed permanently closed. Struggling to keep the agency alive, the NASA chiefs found themselves reduced to the satellite mappingp 1175 MFM 1992
last well beyond the deaths of the three astronauts still alive. In 2035 NASA was dissolved, and its functions assigned top 1181 MFM 1992
records of his life, though conceivably she might still be alive. After their marriage Mileva bore him two sons, who couldp 150 UGM 1993
mysterious Little Jiu, never again mentioned, and was he still alive? The Empty Throne is a racy and entertaining account ofp 249 UGM 1993
dead, they'd given up long before. Only their bodies were alive, covered with sores and ulcers. All I did was putp 43 RP 1994
she staged at least twice a day, as if keeping alive some archaic form of Japanese theatre with its repertoire ofp 212 RP 1994
escaping from Mrs Saito and her attempt to burn him alive, Neil had lived among the secret rock-pools below the cliffp 230 RP 1994
supplies had broken down weeks ago, and we were kept alive only by the emergency rations of the Swiss Red Crossp 283 UGM 1995
mother's death. We had tried too hard to keep her alive, steadying her on the staircase and sweeping up the glassp 185 CN 1996
going everything else will follow. The Residencia Costasol will come alive again.‘ ‘After a few games of tennis? You could stagep 220 CN 1996
image, a memory of a time when she had been alive. Then an almost louche smile quirked her lips, and shep 268 CN 1996
it's vital that we stay together, and keep the memory alive of everything we've done. Sometimes it's necessary to go toop 311 CN 1996
the deaths held everyone together and kept Estrella de Mar alive. Now they plan to do the same thing for thep 318 CN 1996
Greenwood. The conversation with Senora Morales had brought his presence alive for the first time. During the weeks since our arrivalp 51 SC 2000
De Sade's behaviour was typical of his class. Aristocracies keep alive those endangered pleasures that repel the bourgeoisie. They may seemp 96 SC 2000
him.‘ ‘Good for them. You're an orphan?‘ ‘My mother's still alive. She had a small stroke when my father died andp 219 SC 2000
lap, emitting the softest breath of rustling fur. ‘Is it alive?‘ I touched the chrysanthemum-patterned paper. ‘Wilder ...?‘ ‘It's a present forp 249 SC 2000
helped them to rediscover themselves. An atrophied moral sensibility is alive again. Some of my patients even feel guilty, a revelationp 262 SC 2000
for the party. Those elderly bankers have to be kept alive -- as long as there's a pulse, the money flowsp 307 SC 2000
I like Dr Jane. Besides, you're more useful to me alive. You're the one person they never predicted, the kind theyp 378 SC 2000
You can't.‘ ‘Sally ... does it matter? It's a fluke we're alive at all. The chances of our parents meeting were millionsp 24 MP 2003
seats to hold my shoulder, checking that I was still alive. After introducing herself, she kept a close eye on thep 49 MP 2003
to her skin, and I could see the muscles coming alive in her thighs, diagrams of an ambivalent will to walkp 72 MP 2003
that the truth had come out. ‘Is Stephen Dexter still alive?‘ ‘David ...?‘ Gould turned to me in surprise. ‘He's gone top 248 MP 2003
leave. The dust hanging in the sunlight seemed to come alive, and flowed around me like an affectionate wraith. Upstairs inp 270 MP 2003
needed the fantasy of absolute violence, and only seemed fully alive when he could imagine himself as the perpetrator of appallingp 271 MP 2003
Don't tell me he hanged himself in his cell?‘ ‘He's alive.‘ Carradine stepped back, trying to leave as much space asp 47 KC 2006
time he no longer looked like a teenager. ‘Very much alive. There was a special court hearing this morning. It justp 47 KC 2006
to be with my father. It helps to keep him alive.‘ ‘Good ... I'm glad.‘ She placed her worn hands on thep 61 KC 2006
But I remember how it feels. After three rounds you're alive again.‘ Maxted pulled the stopper from the decanter. ‘That's thep 99 KC 2006
memories of the old man she had tried to keep alive for a few last hours. I trailed after her, alreadyp 135 KC 2006
Cruise's commentary on their car radios. The suburbs were coming alive again. A malignant fringe had done its damage, terrifying ap 171 KC 2006
horses galloping through the Metro-Centre car parks, their singed manes alive with sparks. Even the police station and magistrates‘ court werep 205 KC 2006
Maxted's swollen face, knuckle marks bruising his cheek. ‘Is he alive?‘ ‘Just about.‘ Maxted reversed and ran over a rose displayp 208 KC 2006
but David Cruise is one person we need to keep alive.‘ ‘And if he dies?‘ ‘People here are ready to flipp 208 KC 2006
from the refuge. Julia knows we have to keep Cruise alive.‘ ‘And what can I do?‘ ‘Take over from David Cruisep 210 KC 2006
You Free"?‘ ‘Who said that? It's very true. It keeps alive the sporting instinct, and gives them something to live forp 233 KC 2006
the water swilling around my ankles. The lake had come alive, its surface rolling towards the shoreline. Someone had switched onp 235 KC 2006
over myself, feeling the vivid, carbonated stream bring my skin alive. As usual, I avoided the washbasin mirror, where I wouldp 244 KC 2006
floated overhead were emissaries from another world. The camp came alive again, as the internees found a new purpose in theirp 105 ML 2008
of nothing other than the brute fact that I was alive and this unknown Chinese was dead. In most respects, sadlyp 107 ML 2008
hundred possibilities waited for me. At least Shanghai was coming alive again, as thousands of American servicemen filled the bars andp 115 ML 2008
us had seen a naked woman of our mothers‘ age, alive or dead, and there was a certain authority in herp 144 ML 2008
the dissecting room were an unconscious way of keeping Shanghai alive by other means. At all events, by the time Ip 145 ML 2008
only witnesses at our last interview. Yet Bacon kept hope alive at a dark time, and looking at his paintings gavep 157 ML 2008
of the pubs on the riverbank, and she would come alive when I bought a sandwich and threw bread to thep 190 ML 2008
in which I was trying to will myself to come alive. I remember embracing my first lover -- the estranged wifep 204 ML 2008
shoulder. When I woke I tried to keep these moments alive in my mind, but I knew that in her wayp 205 ML 2008