popular line. They had been drinking the same wine at Alice's party the previous evening, in its way as confused anp 11 HR 1975
had a second life of its own. The talk at Alice's party moved on two levels -- never far below thep 12 HR 1975
Queasily aware of his strained liver, Laing remembered that at Alice's party the previous evening he had accepted an invitation top 12 HR 1975
it's like for most people.‘ Laing laughed aloud, amused by Alice's notion that somehow he had been unaffected by events inp 98 HR 1975
as the pumps started to work. Spurring himself on with Alice's criticisms, Laing wandered around the apartment, doing what he couldp 100 HR 1975
overturned fire-door, debating whether to risk making a run for Alice's apartment, Laing saw Richard Wilder standing among the scattered steelp 108 HR 1975
on to the wall facing the bed. When he reached Alice's apartment Laing hesitated, uncertain how to explain his presence. Butp 111 HR 1975
already happened.‘ A ripe but not unpleasant smell rose from Alice's body. ‘Everything is starting to get back to normal.‘ ‘Whatp 148 HR 1975
him.‘ ‘I'm afraid he's gone.‘ Laing disliked these references to Alice's husband. The introduced a discordant note. ‘I found your apartmentp 148 HR 1975
probably given in to necessity. ‘Robert ...! What are you doing ...?‘ Alice's querulous voice roused Laing from his reverie. Wiping his handsp 171 HR 1975
Laing being abused, and assuming him to be Eleanor's and Alice's prisoner, they had left. On the other hand, perhaps theyp 172 HR 1975
bring you a present.‘ Henry sat against my knee, pushing Alice's hand from my chin. ‘Daddy, has it got a bombp 128 KW 1991
British Honduras. Yet the next day Sally would be washing Alice's hair and helping Lucy to stitch a miniature wardrobe forp 194 KW 1991
make a hash of their teenage daughters -- some of Alice's and Lucy's friends went through hell.‘ ‘Well, think about itp 291 KW 1991
in my mind they were always playing in the park. Alice's bright eyes, a swirl of Lucy's white frock, Henry's excitedp 314 KW 1991
was filled with paintings and objects d'art, not to mention Alice's jewellery. In previous years there'd been pilfering and cigarette burnsp 53 CN 1996
first real trace of Greenwood's tenancy. Some thirty copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass sat on thep 77 SC 2000
I realized, and saw affinities between the business park and Alice's hyper-logical mind. The copies were well thumbed, loaned to thep 78 SC 2000
but the pain in my knee had eased. For once, Alice's example had not been the best to follow ... I sawp 325 SC 2000
Mr Pal were still sitting together against the engine-locker, two Alice-like figures stranded in this backwater of the wrong dream. Asp 156 DC 1987
any pedophile being excited by his strange dolls and dainty, Alice-like little girls with their reversed orifices and paradoxical anatomy. Butp 53 GANa 1990
and smiled at Sally through the mirror, warming to her Alice-like reflection in my old husbandly way. ‘Wait for me, Sallyp 192 MP 2003
dormitories, the jarring clash of unwashed underwear discarded by the Alice-reading girls. ‘Paul ...‘ Frances stopped me when I searched behind herp 232 SC 2000
was a poster of The Third Man, a still showing Alida Valli, a haunted European beauty who expressed all the melancholyp 57 MP 2003
up at them. There were the symbols of the four alien languages, and then, proudly against the stars: CHARLES FOSTER NELSONp 94 WG 1959
not outer, that needs to be explored. The only truly alien planet is Earth. In the past the scientific bias ofp 197 UGM 1962
Justice building in downtown Zenith, all but eight of them alien. The Department had initiated legal proceedings against five, three hadp 344 PE 1962
one on his list was the A-Z JOLLY JUBILEE COMPANY, alien and unregistered, head office somewhere out of Betelgeuse. According top 345 PE 1962
when he tried to shout. Eventually a small neatly featured alien in a pink silk suit opened the door and paddedp 352 PE 1962
began to clear. Beside him Margot stirred and woke. The alien beamed down pleasantly. ‘Good evening,‘ he greeted them in ap 352 PE 1962
bureau in the Bazaar.‘ She jumped round happily. ‘Clifford!‘ The alien bowed. ‘Of course, Mrs Gorrell. I am Dr Terence Sotal-2p 352 PE 1962
it did the external world around him would have become alien and unbearable. Sometimes he restlessly made a few entries inp 83 DW 1962
Kandinski are convinced he's sincere and that he saw an alien space craft, while at the same time realizing the absolutep 484 VH 1963
exception of the chairman's, all concerned the landing of the alien space vehicle and ignored the real subject of the lecturep 491 VH 1963
resources the bulk of its population lived like animals, an alien visitor could only decide that they were considered as suchp 496 VH 1963
Of course not. Obviously there are no lunar bases or alien space-craft. I don't for a moment believe a word Kandinskip 497 VH 1963
own house his parents‘ home was bleak and uncomfortable, altogether alien to everything Falkman had previously known. Although kind and respectablep 566 TP 1964
but remember that our bodies are almost completely composed of alien materials. We don't stop eating, do we, just to preservep 688 TIM 1966
still fought against the graft as it would against any alien organism.‘ Conrad shook his head. ‘I thought they'd solved thisp 688 TIM 1966
out of the dead lakes and fossil seas of the alien worlds. Judith, of course, not only lacked all imagination butp 713 TMY 1966
or the porous rocks of a mineral forest on an alien planet. Hunger contracted his stomach in a sudden spasm, forcingp 51 CI 1974
ramps and feeder lanes. Maitland felt himself alone on an alien planet abandoned by its inhabitants, a race of motorway buildersp 106 CI 1974
cooler light and air, like the harsh atmosphere of an alien planet. A sense of strangeness, far more palpable than anythingp 102 HR 1975
shoulders. His face seemed to embody the geometry of totally alien obsessions. ‘The role of psychiatry today is no longer top 985 Z2 1978
The Diary of a Mad Space-wife Will we ever discover alien life in outer space? The answer, almost certainly, is: ‘Yesp 228 UGM 1979
at home. For all their Bedouin appearance, their weapons and alien eyes, Wayne felt a surge of confidence at the thoughtp 62 HA 1981
hazards, of illustrating a conventional genre theme -- the visiting alien destroyed by an uncaring Earth -- with images taken largelyp 21 UGM 1987
with images taken largely from outside that genre. Here the alien is played by rock star David Bowie, whose strange, hypersensitivep 21 UGM 1987
mix of elegant photography and fashionable dislocations. But with his alien dismantled and demoralized, Roeg has nowhere to go, since hep 21 UGM 1987
powerfully allusive images, which climax with the arrival of the alien spaceship, a visionary landing that resonates for years in thep 21 UGM 1987
visionary landing that resonates for years in the spectator's mind. Alien (1979) Alien is a tour de force of pure horrorp 22 UGM 1987
that resonates for years in the spectator's mind. Alien (1979) Alien is a tour de force of pure horror, a barragep 22 UGM 1987
to a remote planet and there unknowingly picks up the alien organism, which then proceeds to metamorphose its way through thep 22 UGM 1987
computer terminal and a nightclub; the final appearance of the alien, an insane mesh of ravenous teeth straight from the paintingsp 22 UGM 1987
her hand, as if I were the ambassador of some alien tribe capable of the most bizarre and unpredictable behaviour. Seeingp 22 DC 1987
a few feet of the water's edge. It seemed an alien element, with its clear geometry conforming so agreeably to thep 47 DC 1987
leaders talking of national living space, of the hordes of alien tourists with their soulless dollars and yen, of the tiredp 1144 LTP 1989
finished movie from these empty lines. Yet the film was Alien, one of the most original horror-movies ever made, and thep 4 UGM 1990
he stared at us as if we belonged to an alien species and his true companions were his fellow-patients in thep 302 KW 1991
fatal contagious disease? Had their brains been invaded by an alien parasite? Were they too emotionally exhausted by their voyage top 1179 MFM 1992
Almost all the stories were set in spaceships or on alien planets in the very far future. These planet yarns, inp 165 ML 2008
of the real identity of the twentieth century, dwarf the alienated and introverted fantasies of James Joyce, Eliot and the writersp 205 UGM 1971
the bright display windows of deserted supermarkets. He dreamed of alienated brothers and sisters, by chance meeting each other on collisionp 13 C 1973
utopian satire, pop art and comic-book imagery to create the alienated landscape of the distant planet Alphaville, whose cowed population isp 19 UGM 1987
swimmers were, like Byron, strongly attached to their mothers and alienated from their fathers. But Sprawson's own motives for swimming thep 245 UGM 1992
which will portray the destruction of the city by this alienated horde. Throughout the novel, West brilliantly counterpoints scenes from Hackett'sp 122 UGM 1993
and stridency that to some observers verged on the self-righteous. Alienated by her chilling manner, even her closest colleagues turned awayp 40 RP 1994
and bed-wetter, prude and glutton, voyeur and obsessive gun-fancier, Presley alienates his biographer's sympathies at every turn. In fact, almost everythingp 39 UGM 1981
his last hiding place, appropriately in the centre of this alienating city, would be taken from him. At the same timep 92 CI 1974
surprised the walls don't curve ...‘ At first Laing found something alienating about the concrete landscape of the project -- an architecturep 10 HR 1975
La Bocca, a convent girl's notion of a streetwalker's smile, alienating and alluring. ‘Paul? Still here?‘ I placed my feet onp 232 SC 2000
with its fused sand is a symbol of utter psychic alienation. Clock time here is no longer valid, the watches havep 87 UGM 1966
its sense of individual isolation, its mood of introspection and alienation, a state of mind always assumed to be the hallmarkp 92 UGM 1969
the 1930s Hopper brings his eye to bear on the alienation of the twentieth-century city. His women expose themselves to ap 68 UGM 1989
his literary vocation, his self-disgust coinciding with his sense of alienation from American society. Driven by his addiction, he landed inp 133 UGM 1991
Los Angeles, with all the ambiguous but heady charms of alienation and anonymity. A forest of TV aerials blotted out thep 183 UGM 1994
head. ‘Why, exactly?‘ ‘Because there isn't any culture. All this alienation ... I could easily get used to it.‘ ‘Even better. Agreep 15 SC 2000
had a very good time?‘ ‘I loved it. All that alienation. Those huge men shaving after lunch in their private bathroomsp 219 SC 2000
suburb of an airport.‘ ‘They like that. They like the alienation.‘ Gould took my arm, a teacher relieved to find anp 133 MP 2003
David, but you're the apostle of a new kind of alienation. You should move into one of those starter homes. Ip 136 MP 2003
conscience, the solitary ache. Modernism was driven by neurosis and alienation. Look at its art and architecture. There's something deeply coldp 85 KC 2006
a new set of fairy tales, cosy little fantasies of alienation and guilt. We're worthless, Richard -- to your credit, youp 263 KC 2006
and parenthood. I was focusing on the strong mood of alienation that dominated these writers, and on little else. In manyp 132 ML 2008
black and white photography and brooding atmosphere, their tales of alienation and emotional betrayal. Already I sensed that a new kindp 148 ML 2008