drowsy spectators at a rowing regatta, they stared at the algae-filled water. The current drifted past the burnt-out hulk of anp 246 ES 1984
perhaps for a single minute during the day, a green, algae-stained liquid flowed from the tap. These small columns of waterp 145 HR 1975
last effort. He took off and moved down to the Algarve.‘ I started to read the transcript, no more than threep 130 SC 2000
the two-car garage, the extra bathroom, the timeshare in the Algarve. But they want more. I can reach them, Richard. Onep 146 KC 2006
golf courses near Marbella and Sotogrande, light airfields in the Algarve. The last folder was labelled ‘Sports Diary‘. Expecting to findp 192 KC 2006
don't like the phrase, but once you take away the algebra that's what it boils down to, doesn't it?‘ The youngp 284 GA 1961
for his rescue attempt: the resurrection of the dead spacemen. Algebra of the Sky. At dawn Trabert found himself driving alongp 44 DM 1967
of shacks and filling stations, overhead wires like some forgotten algebra of the sky. When the helicopters appeared he left thep 44 DM 1967
the evening air like the rusting ciphers of some forgotten algebra of the sky. ‘The perimeter fence is half a milep 760 DA 1968
appraisal by Louise, evasive gestures by Roger. A rapidly evolving algebra of rival musculatures, an exciting consciousness of hands and buttocksp BAT 1968
found himself exposing Karen to him whenever possible. A New Algebra. ‘Travers asked you to collect these for him?‘ Dr Nathanp 71 THF 1969
the crushed contraceptive wallet in the desk drawer, the intimate algebra of pillow arrangements. He worked away endlessly on his obscenep 76 THF 1969
of Karen's thighs and pelvis, her uncertain smile. What new algebra would make sense of these elements? As the haze clearedp 78 THF 1969
the depths of a rear seat. Thinking of this new algebra of leg-stance and wound area which Vaughan was calculating, Ip 136 C 1973
Sheppard, the wild fracture lines in his face forming the algebra of an unrealizable future. ‘Another time ... seventeen seconds ...‘ He totteredp 1070 MNF 1982
her to help me.‘ Jim enjoyed trigonometry. Unlike Latin or algebra, this branch of geometry was directly involved in a subjectp 209 ES 1984
Perhaps we'll leave the trig, and I'll mark up some algebra. We want the war to end, Jim.‘ ‘Of course, Drp 210 ES 1984
digging the graves. Dr Ransome marked the exercises in the algebra textbook, and gave him two strips of rice-paper bandage onp 211 ES 1984
to go near the parade ground. Jim thought about his algebra prep, part of which he had already done inside hisp 228 ES 1984
a schoolboy faced with the abstract symbols in his first algebra class. I was now moving into a realm of unthoughtp 156 DC 1987
cheerful den as they brewed tea and set him his algebra and trigonometry exercises. They never mentioned Trudi or Inger, andp 194 RP 1994
pleasant couple, and sometimes helped the younger son with the algebra problems his mother set him. For a month they hadp 197 MP 2003
had pinned above the bed like the icon of some algebraic magus. ‘Kline, Coma, Xero -- there was a fourth pilotp 43 DM 1967
of words around Dr Ransome. The Latin vocabulary and the algebraic terms were useless too, but they helped to make upp 221 ES 1984
nf zero stasis program: tighten your drive-tapes xero: withdrawl the algebraic countdown yes: the terminal beach WHAT I BELIEVE I believep COL 1990
birth of Christ. However, the frequency of the entries increased algebraically: in the 15th century there were one or two ap 86 WG 1959
documentaries which she helped to edit, the civil wars in Algeria, Viet Nam and the Congo became a never-ending group catharsisp 182 KW 1991
the daughters, I guessed, of pied-noir parents who had left Algeria in the 1960s. They were dressed in black, almost certainlyp 141 SC 2000
ratissages"?‘ ‘Cullings? It's an old French Army term from the Algerian war -- thinning out the fedayeen. Not much in usep 210 SC 2000
ran across the top of the continent through Tunis and Algiers to the transatlantic tunnel at Casablanca, gunned the Jaguar upp 289 IO 1962
on hotel doors at all hours of the night. At Algiers he spent three days at the Hilton, having a newp 293 IO 1962
given Christian the car. ‘Marie will wait for me in Algiers until I finish my business.‘ ‘What's that?‘ Christian pressed thep 296 IO 1962
passed. Did Stat realize this? Vivaldi Lydia tuned in Radio Algiers with a wet forefinger. The French had left some damnedp 667 BM 1966
the French give up anything without a fight. Verdun, Indo-China, Algiers -- history penned in their own blood.‘ ‘That's what Ip 84 RP 1994
very up-market favela in Rio, or a luxury bidonville outside Algiers.‘ ‘It's the fourth world, Charles. The one waiting to takep 216 CN 1996
up her fluorescent violet dress until she glowed like an Algolian rayfish. ‘Clifford, I've got a wonderful idea! Yesterday I wasp 339 PE 1962
Elaine had always enjoyed their weekend expeditions from Toronto to Algonquin Park, proudly roughing the wilderness in the high-chrome luxury ofp 1061 MNF 1982
the open sunlight. He tagged along on Elaine's expeditions to Algonquin Park, and spent the entire weekends sealed inside the chromiump 1066 MNF 1982
self-important literary set -- the serious novelists, Broadway playwrights and Algonquin wits, who were patronizing about the crudities of popular filmp 3 UGM 1990
in hand, throat exposed to reveal his voice synthesiser. Muhammad Ali posed in boxer shorts, the stumps of his wrists trailingp 175 HA 1981
grappling with the broken wing mount. We passed the old Ali Khan house beyond the railway tracks, a crumbling deco ghostp 309 SC 2000
exaggerate. Danilewicz, Daniels, Danieli, Da Nella, de Nile and Nielson. Alias Ahasuerus. You know, Charles, I'm a little frightened, but Ip 585 LL 1964
name as if he half hoped it might be an alias. ‘From Libreville University ...?‘ He lowered his voice. ‘The Physics Departmentp 21 CW 1966
stations (I liked to phone in record requests under the alias ‘Ace‘) or play chess with the nanny; my father taughtp 19 ML 2008
three others for you." "What if this man has an alibi, Inspector?" Mrs. Allison enquired as the constables dragged the bleedingp 9 VN 1951
Everyone accepts that, like the brainstorm explanation.‘ ‘It's the perfect alibi.‘ She lowered her voice as two elderly American surgeons inp 115 SC 2000
Chinese away. "Oh, don't worry about that. They all have alibis and a hundred witnesses to prove them. We don't payp 9 VN 1951
who lived in the next apartment was setting off for Alicante in her pink Fiat. Quimby sipped his whisky. Five minutesp 664 BM 1966
through the revolving doors of the hotel into the bright Alicante sunlight, realizing with a pang that he would never seep 665 BM 1966
in yesterday. No doubt Stat was at the Canton in Alicante. Quimby set out the cards for the last game. Thep 666 BM 1966
below the bedroom window Sir Giles was setting off for Alicante in his battered Citroen. That twitching old goat, did thep 667 BM 1966
full moon was coming up over the Sierra. In the Alicante supermarket the hips of the counter girls shook to Trinip 668 BM 1966
in fact is a generalised vision of San Juan, near Alicante in Spain, where I once pushed my tank-like Armstrong-Siddeley top 59 SCNa 1990
we drove to a rented flat at San Juan, near Alicante. For a month all went well, and we enjoyed ourselvesp 200 ML 2008
practicante) who was with her constantly, and a consultant from Alicante, she died three days later. Towards the end, when shep 200 ML 2008
time. We buried her in the small Protestant cemetery in Alicante, a walled stone yard with a few graves of Britishp 201 ML 2008
sat up irritably as Mme Charcot approached. ‘Is he here? Alice, whose car was that? Hasn't he come?‘ ‘He is preparingp 402 TSS 1962
her soothingly. ‘Miss Lunora, let me dress your hair --‘ ‘Alice, don't fuss! God, what's keeping him?‘ She sprang up andp 403 TSS 1962
to minimize space and eliminate internal corridors. To his sister Alice Frobisher, who lived with her publisher husband in a largerp 9 HR 1975
on each morning was a row of concrete bunkers. However, Alice soon convinced him of the intangible appeal of life inp 10 HR 1975
lives, particularly on the floors above her own, clearly unsettled Alice, as if they in some way interfered with the naturalp 14 HR 1975
impatient residents stood outside the liquor store. Seeing his sister Alice near the counter, Laing tried to enlist her help. Withoutp 30 HR 1975
that she had been forced to attend like a reluctant Alice. The journey down to the 35th-floor restaurant had become ap 71 HR 1975
were now in darkness, including the 22nd, where his sister Alice lived. Hardly anyone had slept. Amazingly, few people showed anyp 95 HR 1975
demand for advanced surgery of the mouth. As Laing greeted Alice he realized that she too would be excluded if thep 98 HR 1975
me to have a look at Charles on my way?‘ Alice ignored this offer. She grasped the handrail and began top 98 HR 1975
In the past he had always felt physically distanced from Alice by her close resemblance to their mother, but for reasonsp 98 HR 1975
regret that he himself had found no one. But perhaps Alice would give him the practical support he needed, with herp 99 HR 1975
again try to leave the high-rise. He was thinking about Alice, and how he could bring her to his apartment. Inp 104 HR 1975
sister, he welcomed these signs of the violence to come. Alice, always fastidious, would probably be repelled by the derelict statep 107 HR 1975
they had gone he would be able to look for Alice. Behind him the electric lights came on. Startled, Laing flinchedp 110 HR 1975
was coming. Two suitcases, already packed, stood in the living-room. Alice walked to the door of her bedroom for the lastp 111 HR 1975
on the bed, a half-empty case of whisky beside him. Alice took Laing's arm. ‘You're late,‘ she said reprovingly. ‘I've beenp 111 HR 1975
no attempt to look back at her husband. Laing remembered Alice and himself at home years earlier, and how once theyp 111 HR 1975
He had been wandering about the bedroom where his sister Alice lay asleep, but whether he had woken five minutes agop 145 HR 1975
not yet decided. His real concern was with his sister. Alice had fallen ill with a non-specific malaise, and spent herp 147 HR 1975
the sink, sending a hollow drone through the empty pipe, Alice called out from the bedroom in her thin voice. Laingp 147 HR 1975
chopped-up furniture. He enjoyed cutting up the chairs and tables. Alice pointed to him with a stick-like hand. ‘The noise --p 147 HR 1975
signalling again to someone. Who is it now?‘ ‘No one, Alice. Who do you think we know?‘ ‘Those people on thep 148 HR 1975
came to light. However, food was a secondary matter, and Alice was very much alive in other ways. Laing enjoyed herp 148 HR 1975
his faults. In many ways, in fact, his relationship with Alice recapitulated that which his wife had unthinkingly tried to createp 148 HR 1975
would have succeeded triumphantly. ‘I'm trying to find some water, Alice. You'd like a little tea?‘ ‘The kettle smells.‘ ‘I'll washp 148 HR 1975
discordant note. ‘I found your apartment but it's empty now.‘ Alice turned her head away, indicating that she had seen enoughp 148 HR 1975
for water. As he picked up the kettle he heard Alice call out to him, but when he returned to herp 149 HR 1975
loyalty to the dentist he made no effort to help Alice. This petty show of callousness, his declining personal hygiene, andp 150 HR 1975
point physical violence would cease at last. Laing waited for Alice to subside into half-consciousness. Looking after his sister was takingp 150 HR 1975
women from everyone else. He needed to be alone with Alice and Eleanor, to be as aggressive and self-reliant, as passivep 154 HR 1975
roasting on its spit. Laing fanned the flames, hoping that Alice and Eleanor Powell, lying together in his sister's bed, wouldp 169 HR 1975
the telephone directories. The paper must be made of plastic.‘ Alice shook her head wearily. ‘What about Eleanor's batteries? You promisedp 171 HR 1975
481 Apollinaire, 98 Arden, Elizabeth, 189, 194, 376-84 Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, The (Stein), 112 Avignon, birthplace of HRH, 9-13p 940 I 1977
12; first nervous breakdown, 16; transfer to Tsingtao, 43 Hamilton, Alice Rosalind (later Lady Underwood), private education, 2; natural gaiety, 3p 942 I 1977
rather sadly on the bed was Miss Guggenheim herself, sometime Alice at the surrealist tea-party, a former wife of Max Ernstp 39 YCMa 1990
say that no one else so deserved to sit beside Alice and the March Hare at that magical table. During thep 70 UGM 1991
neighbours‘ dozing retriever: ‘Polly, we're going to Magic World!‘ Three-year-old Alice skipped down the path, admiring her shiny shoes. ‘Magic Worldp 121 KW 1991
remember this moment forever. When we returned from the walk Alice and Henry would have changed in a hundred small andp 121 KW 1991
I latched the gate and set off with Henry and Alice down the sun-filled street. Polly the retriever had decided top 122 KW 1991
the retriever had decided to join us. He trotted beside Alice, now and then detouring to quiz and spray a lamp-postp 122 KW 1991
barely matched the small mortgage -- but Miriam, Henry and Alice turned it into an endless funfair of noise and cheerp 122 KW 1991
dream conjured from this placid stream asleep beneath the willows. Alice and Henry ran towards the bank, where two mothers keptp 123 KW 1991
More like Mrs Do-as-you-would-like-to-do-with ...‘ But we were all water babies. Alice was shrieking at the green slime that Henry flicked withp 123 KW 1991
the stranded antique car we could see ourselves, Henry and Alice out of shot as we leaned on the polished railp 124 KW 1991
stepping from her car on a family visit. Henry and Alice would rush out to greet her, taking for granted thatp 124 KW 1991
the open windows. These drowned cars never failed to intrigue Alice and Henry. ‘Henry, where's the car going?‘ Alice asked. ‘Goingp 124 KW 1991
to intrigue Alice and Henry. ‘Henry, where's the car going?‘ Alice asked. ‘Going a long way,‘ he told her. ‘Going top 124 KW 1991
the shampoo sachets and toothpaste tubes, but this never dismayed Alice and Henry. They ran squealing through the grass, fascinated asp 125 KW 1991
dim interior. ‘Let's have a party!‘ someone shouted. ‘Party, party ...‘ Alice was skipping inside the giant roll, eyes on her shinyp 126 KW 1991
own bed. So we conceived and slept beside the growing Alice as she came to term, and made love an hourp 126 KW 1991
utter lack of hygiene she had swiftly given birth to Alice as I stood weeping behind the capable shoulders of Midwifep 126 KW 1991
shoulders of Midwife Bell. That night we slept together with Alice in her cot beside us, as Polly the retriever nosedp 126 KW 1991
in this secret meadow. The children broke off their quarrel. Alice ran to me as I knelt in the grass andp 127 KW 1991
I ever been asked to boil. Disturbed by the noise, Alice had begun to cry in her sleep. Henry woke andp 132 KW 1991
off to settle the children, played a small word-game with Alice that she enjoyed and then handed Henry his comforter, anp 133 KW 1991
tour guide searching none too confidently for the sacred spring. Alice and Henry crept into the bedroom and inspected the babyp 135 KW 1991
baby, curious but faintly disapproving. ‘Will she stay with us?‘ Alice asked. Miriam laughed at this. ‘Don't you want her top 135 KW 1991
vastness of the project. ‘Daddy, that's at least ... seventeen lengths!‘ Alice cried, thinking of the public swimming pool near Shepperton. ‘Morep 138 KW 1991
resting my chafed chin against her sea-cool shoulder. ‘What about Alice and Lucy?‘ ‘They're with the Nordlunds -- they spotted youp 141 KW 1991
car -- let's say hello.‘ ‘Why is happiness overtaking it?‘ Alice peered through her fringe and took Miriam's hand. ‘Are theyp 147 KW 1991
and eiderdown, under which she tucked a delighted Lucy and Alice. I dozed while Miriam helped Lykiard and the Jouberts top 149 KW 1991
and her uncertain grip on the world. Leaving Lucy and Alice in our apartment with the Jouberts, the rest of usp 151 KW 1991
Henry made passes with a beach towel. While Miriam fed Alice and Lucy, I took a handful of black olives andp 155 KW 1991
loose ends alight with her cigarette. Endlessly patient with Henry, Alice and Lucy, she was short-tempered with her own body, asp 155 KW 1991
to the Channel. Henry was too stunned to speak, but Alice and Lucy soon took charge. Already they were more concernedp 162 KW 1991
were chasing their old toys while Brian mowed the lawn. Alice was rearranging the furniture in the tree-house, casting out thep 165 KW 1991
ought to make a fresh start somewhere.‘ ‘No ...‘ I watched Alice and Lucy vigorously cleaning the tree-house. A flurry of leavesp 166 KW 1991
I should not be looking after the children. But Henry, Alice and Lucy were all I had to believe in, andp 169 KW 1991
Every day was an Aladdin's Cave of schemes and enthusiasms. Alice and Lucy, seven and four, soon took charge of everythingp 170 KW 1991
the nursery the children were arguing over the Monopoly board, Alice delivering a magisterial lecture on the significance of passing Gop 173 KW 1991
the children have looked after you wonderfully. I've talked to Alice and Lucy and they're going to make sure you gop 174 KW 1991
in my bedroom. They had found Miriam's wedding dress, which Alice now wore, tottering on Miriam's high-heeled shoes as Lucy playedp 174 KW 1991
bed, bowing and curtseying through a mock marriage ceremony. Then Alice stretched out on the bed and closed her eyes, whilep 174 KW 1991
and held the excited six-year-old against her shoulder, while gathering Alice and Henry to the folds of her floor-length dress. ‘Sallyp 179 KW 1991
formal as an undertaker in his natty suit. I watched Alice and Lucy daintily pick their way through the moist grassp 184 KW 1991
Sipping at the water, I noticed the collapsed wigwam which Alice and Henry had built from an old tartan blanket andp 197 KW 1991
light. The giant Russian sunflowers that I had grown for Alice and Lucy wore crowns of gold that drew them towardsp 202 KW 1991
the trees. She would walk in this garden again, while Alice and Lucy played with their younger selves and I metp 204 KW 1991
My eyes were exhausted by the whiteness of the world. Alice and Lucy ran towards me, figures in an over-exposed filmp 205 KW 1991
in the meadow facing the park. I called soundlessly to Alice and Lucy, who stared at me in a puzzled wayp 205 KW 1991
as if watching me from the other side of death. Alice held the retriever's collar, smiling as she waited hopefully forp 211 KW 1991
taking part in a formation flight of vintage Tiger Moths. Alice and Lucy were too frightened by the exploding exhausts top 213 KW 1991
Road talk. She was happy to camp for hours with Alice and Lucy in their garden tent, bake and ice ap 215 KW 1991
take back part of the affection she had given them. Alice and Lucy were too fond of Sally to care. Whenp 215 KW 1991
Henry's built an aircraft for you -- the Wright Flyer. Alice and Lucy wanted to come with me.‘ ‘Not a goodp 260 KW 1991
magic fortress that only children could storm. I remembered how Alice and Lucy would ride their unicorns side by side, sixpennyp 314 KW 1991
a deliberate way towards me. Was he a friend of Alice and Lucy? There was an edge to his jaw thatp 315 KW 1991
experiment with LSD, and in that unending summer when Henry, Alice and Lucy had been born. At the entrance to thep 317 KW 1991
-- I'd hate having to explain that to Lucy and Alice.‘ The fan on the mantelpiece was turning, and the reflectedp 318 KW 1991
Cleo, I dream the place ...‘ ‘And a wonderful dream, too. Alice and Henry and Lucy. Now and then, though, wake upp 324 KW 1991
who had gone to the same school as Lucy and Alice. ‘Jim, I've just heard. We're in the camp together! Timp 333 KW 1991
my own childhood, to be rediscovered years later with Henry, Alice and Lucy. The time of desperate stratagems was over, thep 347 KW 1991
American zone of influence. I remember reading children's editions of Alice in Wonderland, Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver's Travels at the samep 179 UGM 1992
Travels at the same time as American comics and magazines. Alice, the Red Queen and Man Friday crowded a mental landscapep 179 UGM 1992
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge; The Annotated Alice, ed. Martin Gardner; The World Through Blunted Sight, Patrick Trevor-Roperp 182 UGM 1992
and fuse. Miniaturization -- Dreams of becoming very small predate Alice, but now the probability grows that all the machines inp 277 UGM 1992
colours. Estrella de Mar had begun to change. He and Alice were more put off by the art galleries and thep 51 CN 1996
first-floor veranda. Hollinger proposed the Queen's toast from there, and Alice would wave and acknowledge the cheers.‘ We had reached thep 53 CN 1996
I won't say I cared for him myself. He and Alice were two of the reasons why Britain doesn't have ap 71 CN 1996
and untidy hair she resembled a guilty child, a startled Alice who had suddenly grown to adulthood and found herself trappedp 97 CN 1996
She was a glorified starlet with a posh voice. The Alice Hollinger who lived in Estrella de Mar was rather motherlyp 118 CN 1996
a pretty chin and strong mouth that reminded me of Alice Hollinger in her J. Arthur Rank days. The bridesmaid worep 124 CN 1996
this weekend retreat, presumably the love-nest where Sansom had entertained Alice Hollinger. But I was still thinking of the speedboat thiefp 147 CN 1996
the freedom that this intimate world would have given to Alice Hollinger after the vastness of the mansion on the hillp 148 CN 1996
make the car go better. Have you found any of Alice Hollinger's things?‘ ‘No. Why on earth should I? Have ap 148 CN 1996
doll's-house of a cottage, furnished as a second boudoir for Alice Hollinger. Her husband's discovery of the affair might have releasedp 149 CN 1996
tray and glasses I commented: ‘You say there's nothing of Alice Hollinger's here. Isn't that rather strange?‘ Hennessy poured the palep 149 CN 1996
clearly in here. I feel like a character in the Alice books.‘ He stepped into the kitchen and sat at thep 150 CN 1996
their way.‘ ‘So ...‘ Hennessy nodded sagely. ‘Exactly. Roger Sansom and Alice were never lovers. Whatever was going on in that tragicp 150 CN 1996
the waves to witness what he was saying. ‘Sanger and Alice Hollinger turned her into a lady's maid.‘ ‘The police foundp 208 CN 1996
scattered beads lay blinking among the pools of blood. The Alice Library As stoical as the wife of a kamikaze pilotp 75 SC 2000
was a fitted cupboard, decorated with Tenniel's illustrations for the Alice books. I opened the doors, and found myself gazing atp 77 SC 2000
Wilder Penrose had told me of David's enthusiasm for the Alice books, and the Lewis Carroll society he had formed atp 78 SC 2000
and massaged her calves. ‘It's a touching thought, all those Alice books in the refuge, pored over by Veronique and Fatimap 79 SC 2000
to the wardrobe door. Jane was growing up, like the Alice of Through the Looking-Glass, and I sensed something of Carroll'sp 81 SC 2000
coat, he might become a useful ally. I remembered the Alice images I had found in the children's room. Not forp 89 SC 2000
Carroll society. He didn't realize that the French see the Alice books as a realistic picture of English life. Eden-Olympia failedp 98 SC 2000
very busy.‘ ‘The children's refuge, the methadone clinic. And the Alice library.‘ ‘Alice, yes. "Never seen by waking eyes ..."‘ She staredp 112 SC 2000
The children's refuge, the methadone clinic. And the Alice library.‘ ‘Alice, yes. "Never seen by waking eyes ..."‘ She stared at thep 112 SC 2000
All the same, it does give a new slant to Alice Liddell. Sitting primly in her Victorian lace, arguing with thep 124 SC 2000
check their health, prescribe vitamin supplements and hand out his Alice books, but at nightfall the girls would dress up inp 151 SC 2000
I remembered the zebra-striped dress and fishnet tights, and the Alice library that David Greenwood had so touchingly collected. Here inp 158 SC 2000
impulses I scarcely understood. I wondered how the Reverend Dodgson's Alice would have coped with Eden-Olympia. She would have grown upp 174 SC 2000
I realized that this was the first copy in Greenwood's Alice library that anyone had read. I lay beside Frances, admiringp 229 SC 2000
an antique shop in Oxford. It's just possible the young Alice Liddell stared into it.‘ ‘Perhaps one day she'll step outp 242 SC 2000
I don't want you to worry.‘ He stood by the Alice mirror, smiling with genuine warmth, as if he had justp 248 SC 2000
done nothing?‘ I gestured at the antique mirror. ‘It's another Alice world -- corporate profits are higher than anywhere else inp 250 SC 2000
me and held my shoulders. He steered me towards the Alice mirror, as if we were about to step together intop 266 SC 2000
my arithmetic was at fault. Jane breathed quietly, an ageing Alice in an expurgated chapter of her own book. Careful notp 268 SC 2000
past palatial villas, lit like spectres by firework displays. ‘This Alice obsession, lending these incomprehensible books to the teenage girls. Hep 290 SC 2000
recognized stuffed-toy versions of the dormouse, the Hatter and little Alice herself. I laid the Alice back in the bin, andp 299 SC 2000
dormouse, the Hatter and little Alice herself. I laid the Alice back in the bin, and watched the eyelids swivel andp 299 SC 2000
I asked. ‘Doctor Sinclair?‘ ‘Monsieur? They sleep now.‘ ‘Good. Like Alice ...‘ I pressed a few coins into his hand, stepped pastp 300 SC 2000
as Big Ben. I sat on my bed in the Alice room, the hypodermic wallet on my lap, and listened top 321 SC 2000
As I checked the meniscus my eyes strayed to the Alice characters on the wardrobe door. Carroll had furnished his youngp 322 SC 2000
kind of addiction. Then I thought again of the ever-sensible Alice, swallowing her ‘drink me‘ potion. I put down the hypodermicp 323 SC 2000
David? He was happy here, running the refuge, lending his Alice library to the teenagers.‘ ‘Alice? That's ironic.‘ Frances pushed upp 334 SC 2000
running the refuge, lending his Alice library to the teenagers.‘ ‘Alice? That's ironic.‘ Frances pushed up the brim of her hatp 334 SC 2000
a strange newspaper report. ‘David organized everything. He distributed the Alice books and the lending library became the booking system. Ifp 347 SC 2000
Beats anything laid on for the Caliph of Baghdad.‘ ‘The Alice books were the reservation system? That explains the Russian whop 347 SC 2000
secret life of the business park. I moved from my Alice bed to a maid's room overlooking the tennis court. Ip 362 SC 2000
now. His name is Golyadkin, Dmitri Golyadkin.‘ ‘He said Alexei.‘ ‘Alice, Mr Sinclair. He thought you'd taken over the library ...‘ Ip 379 SC 2000
teenage physician I had first met at Guy's, an exhausted Alice who had lost her way in the mirror world. Lastp 386 SC 2000
front of the shattered mirror, one more door to the Alice world now closed for ever. Destivelle and Kalman would followp 391 SC 2000