mind into a deserted newsreel theatre. During the winter of 1941 everyone in Shanghai was showing war films. Fragments of hisp 11 ES 1984
warning that the glory days of Shanghai were over. In 1941, on the day of their attack on Pearl Harbor, thep 219 UGM 1991
beside me were copies of Time and Life dated December 1941, a week before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, andp 335 KW 1991
the party-going Europeans and Americans whom my parents knew. By 1941 everyone was aware of the larger conflict that would soonp 288 UGM 1995
arrogant assumptions were put to the test on December 7 1941, when the Japanese carrier planes attacked Pearl Harbor. In Shanghaip 289 UGM 1995
after the Japanese seizure of the International Settlement in December 1941 my father employed the full complement of servants, though businessp 14 ML 2008
other side of the world. The Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 The Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, the American navalp 53 ML 2008
Honolulu, took place on the morning of Sunday, 7 December 1941, and brought Japan and America into what was now ap 53 ML 2008
world -- the sudden scene-shifting I witnessed in 1937 and 1941. If anything, the years in Lunghua offered the first stabilityp 81 ML 2008
in Shanghai expected to break out in the summer of 1942, belonged to a realm of rumour. The supply ship attachedp 14 ES 1984
reveal nothing. In a late-night bar, in the ‘Nighthawks‘ of 1942, a couple sit like characters on a theatre stage, butp 68 UGM 1989
status. As Aljean Harmetz records, when shooting ended in August 1942, everyone was glad that the production was over. There wasp 6 UGM 1993
century and stand quivering behind him. Hillen was seven in 1942, living on a tea plantation in Java with his Dutchp 251 UGM 1994
a brilliant one, but that bluff had been called. Throughout 1942 life in Shanghai gradually wound itself down. Cars were confiscatedp 289 UGM 1995
far more sceptical eye. Yet I remember, some time in 1942, my father pinning a large map of Russia to thep 56 ML 2008
under stress replaced the Latin unseens. By the end of 1942 the war in the Pacific began to turn against thep 61 ML 2008
four months ago as we know, and the Holbein in 1943, looted for the Herman Goering collection.‘ ‘Interesting,‘ I commented. ‘Butp 579 LL 1964
the last notion, in fact, to cross their minds. In 1943 a few Britishers had escaped, hoping to be sheltered byp 175 ES 1984
the integrity of the camp on which they depended. During 1943, when the war was still moving in Japan's favour, thep 180 ES 1984
again be the happy place that he had known in 1943. When Jim and Mr Maxted returned with the rations top 181 ES 1984
knew from the secret camp radio that by now, November 1943, the war had begun to turn against the Japanese. Afterp 36 KW 1991
of Tzu Hsi. Shortly before his death in Peking in 1943, during the Japanese occupation, he compiled the last of hisp 53 UGM 1992
British, Dutch and Belgian civilians. In the early months of 1943 came the Ballard family's turn. Our staging post was thep 290 UGM 1995
among them, and we remained in our house until March 1943. Those imprisoned soon after the Pearl Harbor attack were brutallyp 55 ML 2008
another day of Latin unseens. Stranger days arrived in early 1943 when full-scale internment began, and British, Belgian and Dutch civiliansp 59 ML 2008
but the construction of Lunghua Camp went ahead. In March 1943 my parents, sister and I entered Lunghua, where we remainedp 62 ML 2008
we remained until the end of August 1945. Lunghua Camp 1943 Our assembly point for the journey to Lunghua was thep 63 ML 2008
that was two years away, and in the spring of 1943 I was happy to make the most of my newp 67 ML 2008
represented by the weevils. Chess, Boredom and a Certain Estrangement 1943 I thrived in Lunghua, and made the most of myp 77 ML 2008
war would soon be over, and by the end of 1943 the eventual defeat of Germany seemed almost certain. The commandantp 77 ML 2008
his blockhouse on Utah Beach as he had done in 1944. After a moment, to Ogden's relief, the machine-gun barrel turnedp 976 OAU 1978
groups of Americans had set out in the summer of 1944 for Chungking, the Nationalist Chinese capital nine hundred miles top 175 ES 1984
Pirates of Penzance and Trial by Jury. For most of 1944 there was a camp school run by the missionaries, whichp 181 ES 1984
break from his restless energy. But by the winter of 1944 all this had ended. After the American fighter attacks onp 181 ES 1984
paintings. Nearly forty years later, in ‘Morning in a City‘ (1944), we see the same woman by her open window, standingp 67 UGM 1989
the deliberate brutalization of an entire people. At last, in 1944, American B-29s appeared in the sky, followed by a Russianp 37 UGM 1992
tilled soil. Tomatoes and melons supplemented our diet, but by 1944 I had long forgotten the taste of meat, milk, butterp 292 UGM 1995
interest. According to Braidwood's records, the daily calorie count in 1944 was approximately 1500, and fell sharply to 1300 during 1945p 76 ML 2008
to him but he cut me dead. American Air Raids 1944 My parents‘ memories of Lunghua were always much harsher thanp 89 ML 2008
war. Many years later, my mother told me that in 1944 there were strong rumours relayed from the Swiss neutrals inp 89 ML 2008
some 100,000 Philippine civilians died. By the summer of 1944 the conditions in Lunghua Camp had changed markedly for thep 90 ML 2008
may have prompted the first escape from the camp in 1944. A group of five or six men stepped through thep 91 ML 2008
into the deep pond beyond the perimeter fence. In late 1944 conditions in Lunghua continued to worsen, not through deliberate neglectp 95 ML 2008
air raids over Shanghai had begun in the summer of 1944, and steadily intensified over the following months. High-flying reconnaissance planesp 97 ML 2008
prototypal PreThird Man -- dating the Pre-Third from August 6, 1945 -- carrying a full load of cosmic guilt. Shortly afterp 599 TB 1964
E. J. Marey; (5) Photograph taken at noon, August 7th, 1945, of the sand-sea, Qattara Depression, Egypt; (6) Reproduction of Maxp 9 AE 1966
a pre-Cambrian trilobite; (5) photograph taken at noon, August 7th, 1945, of the sand-sea Qattara Depression; (6) Max Ernst's ‘Garden Airplanep 34 AW 1966
executed. From then on escape attempts ceased altogether. By June 1945, the landscape around Lunghua was so hostile, roamed by banditsp 175 ES 1984
cold, and if the war lasted beyond the winter of 1945 many more people would die in those freezing barracks. Howeverp 176 ES 1984
Stamford, USAF (ret.). Born 1931, Brigham City, Utah. Eagle scout, 1945. B.S. (Physics), Caltech, 1953. Graduated US Air Force Academyp 1095 OOA 1984
by this reckoning, was his surrender speech on 14 August 1945, a few days after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, calling on hisp 49 UGM 1989
now traditional view of Hirohito. At their meeting in September 1945 the trembling Hirohito expected to be arrested on the spotp 49 UGM 1989
in its face when it returned with the GIs in 1945. As George Melly remarks in his introduction to this enchantingp 89 UGM 1991
Allied nationals. For a few years after the liberation in 1945 Shanghai was its old self again, the brightest lightbulb inp 219 UGM 1991
Sunday Sticking to his Guns The Letters of William Burroughs, 1945 to 1959 edited by Oliver Harris Now living quietly inp 134 UGM 1993
war ended? For days, in that second week of August 1945, rumours had swept Lunghua camp. Shanghai lay eight miles top 283 UGM 1995
They had heard from Hyashi that in the autumn of 1945 the Japanese military intended to close Lunghua and march usp 292 UGM 1995
entered Lunghua, where we remained until the end of August 1945. Lunghua Camp 1943 Our assembly point for the journey top 62 ML 2008
1944 was approximately 1500, and fell sharply to 1300 during 1945. I can only guess what fraction of that figure wasp 76 ML 2008
sister and I sailed for England at the end of 1945 my father remained in Shanghai, returning for a brief visitp 84 ML 2008
steered me away. I think that by this time, early 1945, I was already (aged 14!) starting to worry about thep 96 ML 2008
spent every spare moment watching the sky. The Railway Station 1945 One day in early August we woke to find thatp 101 ML 2008
forces arrived in strength to take control of Shanghai. August 1945 formed a strange interregnum when we were never wholly certainp 103 ML 2008
almost as if the war had never happened. War's End 1945 Shanghai soon opened all its doors and turned on allp 111 ML 2008
bars and brothels of downtown Shanghai. At the end of 1945 my mother, my sister Margaret and I boarded the SSp 116 ML 2008
in particular of the immediate future -- the two decades, 1945-65 -- suspended from the quivering volcano's lip of World Warp 591 TB 1964
For me, a reluctant immigrant from the Far East in 1946, Greene's novels were an indefinite visa to reality. In hisp 138 UGM 1978
Mr Maxted?‘ ‘Jim ... is it going to end? Another year, 1946. You tell me, you listen to Basie's radio.‘ ‘I haven'tp 178 ES 1984
collectors and fuglemen. Recalling his first visit to Paris in 1946 -- he had hoped to meet the surrealists, but nearlyp 89 UGM 1991
for the first time since our arrival at Southampton in 1946. Despite the seven years he had scarcely changed, eyes underp 103 KW 1991
of the Pacific Ocean that I had last seen in 1946. I had never visited Los Angeles, but it seemed rightp 338 KW 1991
and in due course received a large shock when, in 1946, I discovered the invisible class who constituted three-quarters of thep 180 UGM 1992
and even now has scarcely returned. Arriving in England in 1946, I was faced with the incomprehensible strangeness of English lifep 181 UGM 1992
was a barrister or stockbroker. When I actually arrived in 1946 I found a London that looked like Bucharest with ap 185 UGM 1993
a nostalgic folk memory (when we arrived in England in 1946, some of us were assumed to be American, and notp 39 ML 2008
came and went. When I first met them, in early 1946, after landing in Southampton, they were both in their latep 48 ML 2008
which was certainly true once I came to England in 1946), and nor did anyone else, as far as I canp 81 ML 2008
fought him to a standstill. Take it on the Chin 1946 Winter numbed, England froze. The Arrawa docked at Southampton, underp 121 ML 2008
cement bags lay old tyres and beer bottles. Guam in 1947. He wandered away, straddling roadworks and irrigation ditches, towards ap 33 AW 1966
religions. As Edward Glover comments in War, Sadism and Pacifism (1947), ‘Nagasaki destroyed by the magic of science is the nearestp 208 UGM 1977
returned. I wait patiently for them to reappear. Guam in 1947. The B-29s which bombed the airfield beside Lunghua Camp, nearp 33 AWa 1990
No-one knew when the war would end -- perhaps in 1947 or even 1948 -- and the internees coped with thep 35 KW 1991
to deification our century offers, giant effigies at Disneyland. In 1947 Christopher Mime's original toys made a triumphant tour of Americap 120 UGM 1992
them, after my mother and sister returned to Shanghai in 1947, two practice pianos were going all day as a seriesp 48 ML 2008
in Shanghai, returning for a brief visit to England in 1947, when we toured Europe in his large American car. Ip 84 ML 2008
him. Apart from a visit he made to England in 1947, when we drove all over Europe, I did not seep 117 ML 2008
Shanghai friends. I joined her during the holidays, but in 1947 she and my sister returned to Shanghai with my fatherp 121 ML 2008