on the roofs of their houses a hundred yards away, alerted by the music carried across to them. ‘You'll soon havep 44 VS 1957
tail over the town. He got the Fire Police out, alerted the Radar Command chain and even had the National Guardp 484 VH 1963
reporting personally to the President, the Deuxieme Bureau had been alerted, and at least three ministers without portfolio had been appointedp 574 LL 1964
the Slays and Negroes, whose physique, posture, morphology and pigmentation alerted some screaming switchboard of insecurity within his own mind. Whatp 222 UGM 1969
together only by the few wound points which had been alerted when I flexed my legs and arms during the acidp 208 C 1973
single day, were especially vulnerable. Some unconscious system of communication alerted any would-be raiders that an apartment a dozen floors abovep 86 HR 1975
15 a.m. By now all the children have risen, alerted by their own alarms and the paging signals on theirp 67 RW 1988
maritime police and customs officers, public health officials and journalists alerted to the possibility of a major ecological disaster. At Kingstonp 1163 DCG 1990
when the clients climbed the high staircase, and I nearly alerted the police, assuming these gloomy, middle-aged men had sex withp 70 THFa 1990
the public at large, and claimed that the crew had alerted their ground controllers to the possible dangers of a virulentp 1179 MFM 1992
human race. In 2025 the NASA headquarters in Houston were alerted to a small but sudden fall in the overall weightp 1181 MFM 1992
research confirms that the imminent threat to which their computers alerted us was in fact represented by the existence of thesep 1185 ROP 1992
question them. The few visitors to Saint-Esprit -- curious journalists alerted by the closure of the runway, passing Australian and Americanp 138 RP 1994
taken revenge on the old couple, suspecting that they had alerted the French gendarmes with a secret radio hidden aboard theirp 194 RP 1994
brigade didn't even begin to get it under control. Who alerted them, by the way?‘ Hennessy seemed hardly to have heardp 52 CN 1996
might well have been the reflex of an exhausted doctor alerted by his mobile phone to yet another medical emergency. Atp 140 SC 2000
to feel. Berthoud might have guessed something was wrong and alerted security.‘ ‘And Wilder Penrose?‘ I asked. ‘Greenwood wounded him.‘ ‘Hep 185 SC 2000
seizure they had announced. Confident of success, the police had alerted three television crews, and the cameras were already transmitting picturesp 225 MP 2003
except in terms of a transient airport culture. Warning displays alerted each other, and the entire landscape was coded for dangerp 6 KC 2006
nearby town, it had materialized out of the empty air, alerted by the wayward imagination of an impatient driver in ap 7 KC 2006
So you're frightened that the increased temperature and radiation are alerting similar IRM's in our own minds?‘ ‘Not in our mindsp 42 DW 1962
roles in the world today, the role of a prophet alerting people of this coming crisis. The real significance of hisp 497 VH 1963
Unable to stay more than an hour for fear of alerting his wife, Ogden had spent the evening in a statep 978 OAU 1978
game? A widespread taste for pornography means that nature is alerting us to some threat of extinction. I keep thinking aboutp 1024 NFS 1981
the yacht and dispose of their bodies for fear of alerting the French authorities. Thinking of their meeting beside the prayer-shackp 226 RP 1994
sipping slowly at his drink, enjoying the brief feeling of alertness the amphetamine provided. Within two hours it would fade, leavep 187 VT 1960
that a successful handstand or forward roll would restore Maitland's alertness. Maitland waited patiently as Proctor stumbled about, nervously wiping hisp 111 CI 1974
the nation that he enjoyed the robust physique and mental alertness of a man fifteen years his junior. Precise details ofp 1118 WW3 1988
angry. Her toneless eyes showed a rare and almost hungry alertness, the expression I felt on my face when I wasp 15 KW 1991
bringing up apparently happy children (to which they never refer) alerts a reflex of rather old-fashioned alarm. If women aren't neededp 228 ML 2008
of nowhere.‘ The girl shrugged. ‘Just following the road. Cairo, Alex, you know --‘ She added: ‘I went to see thep 290 IO 1962
these topics to another thirteen-parter, and at this very moment Alex Comfort is interviewing himself outside a massage parlour in Bradfordp 168 UGM 1978
HRH, 388; funeral eulogy read by HRH, 401 Fleming, Sir Alexander, credits HRH, 211 Ford, Henry, 198 Fortune (magazine), 349 Freudp 942 I 1977
secret visits to Chatsworth, 3, 4-6; rumoured liaison with Mrs Alexander Hamilton, 7; suppresses court circular, 9; denies existence of collateralp 942 I 1977
IV, Pope, 28, 57, 84, 119, 345-76, 411, 598 Hamilton, Alexander, British Consul, Marseilles, 1, 3, 7; interest in topiary, 2p 942 I 1977
V at billiards, 5, 7, 9, 23; second marriage to Alexander Hamilton, 3; dislike of Marseilles, 7; premature birth of HRHp 942 I 1977
in her hand. All trace of the Garfields‘ sixteen-year-old son, Alexander, had vanished. His bedroom, study and bathroom were undisturbed. Onlyp 10 RW 1988
Helen Garfield, 47, proprietor, Pedigree Kennels, Windsor. Shot. 1 son: Alexander, 16. 4. The Avenue. David Miller, 49, stockbroker. Elizabeth Millerp 14 RW 1988
to his wife talking in the bathroom, when his son, Alexander, opens the bedroom door. In his right hand is ap 75 RW 1988
door. In his right hand is a small-calibre automatic pistol. Alexander raises the weapon, as if showing his father something hep 75 RW 1988
bedroom onto the landing, blood running down his trouserless legs. Alexander is a few steps behind him, but Mr. Garfield isp 76 RW 1988
Mercedes. Before the chauffeur can go to the car telephone Alexander follows his father into the open sunlight. The chauffeur stepsp 76 RW 1988
open sunlight. The chauffeur steps into the flower bed, but Alexander shoots him down among the flame-tipped cannas. Still ignoring everythingp 76 RW 1988
taking the vocal in the music of the spheres to Alexander's Ragtime Band. As for myself, perhaps I'd listened to toop 6 PB 1956
the bathroom tiles could be seen the smeared prints of Alexander's rubber-cleated shoes, left behind as he was seized and sweptp 10 RW 1988
like a spectral crown. THE INSANE ONES Ten miles outside Alexandria he picked up the coast road that ran across thep 289 IO 1962
the line, why are you wasting tapes with all these alexandrines?‘ ‘Ransom, what the hell are you talking about? I'm notp 227 S5 1961
wife.‘ ‘Natasha?‘ ‘Dr Jane Sinclair. She works at the clinic.‘ ‘Alexei ... very good.‘ He was staring over my shoulder, but heldp 56 SC 2000
nothing ...‘ He stared cannily at me. ‘Dr Greenwood live here? Alexei ...‘ ‘Alexei? Listen, who are you? Get out of here ...‘ ‘Nop 56 SC 2000
He stared cannily at me. ‘Dr Greenwood live here? Alexei ...‘ ‘Alexei? Listen, who are you? Get out of here ...‘ ‘No ...‘ Hep 56 SC 2000
I had been since arriving at Eden-Olympia. ‘He called himself Alexei. He shouldn't be too difficult to find. A man strollingp 57 SC 2000
to deter criminals, not catch them. Have you seen this Alexei before?‘ ‘Never. He's like a pickpocket, hard to spot butp 58 SC 2000
a job pretending to be busy. Apart from this man Alexei, there doesn't seem to be any crime at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Nop 60 SC 2000
grass.‘ ‘He spoke English?‘ ‘Badly. He said his name was Alexei.‘ ‘That's something.‘ Jane stood up and walked around the deskp 66 SC 2000
aware that my eyes were on his feet. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ ‘Alexei -- we've met before. At Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘I know. You havep 161 SC 2000
stiletto heels, sequinned purses, pieces of underwear and cigarette lighters. Alexei had held on to his expensive brogues, but the whitep 163 SC 2000
in which his darker skin had placed him. ‘This Russian, Alexei, and the young Pole -- they'll go back for thep 165 SC 2000
a sharp-faced man in a camel-hair jacket and patent-leather shoes. ‘Alexei ... what's he doing here?‘ ‘Who?‘ Halder squinted into the rear-viewp 379 SC 2000
into the rear-view mirror. ‘The man with the cycle cops?‘ ‘Alexei -- a small-time Russian crook. He came to the housep 379 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia now. His name is Golyadkin, Dmitri Golyadkin.‘ ‘He said Alexei.‘ ‘Alice, Mr Sinclair. He thought you'd taken over the libraryp 379 SC 2000
grim day may provide a more satisfactory explanation. In particular, Alfred Jarry's The Crucifixion Considered as an Uphill Bicycle Race givesp 720 AE 1966
history of the automobile was the decision in 1925 by Alfred P. Sloan of General Motors to introduce the annual modelp 233 UGM 1984
of their audience, are untypical of anything in today's cinema. Alfred Hitchcock (whom, puzzlingly, Hamilton scarcely mentions) is a far betterp 4 UGM 1990
doorway open to Kurosawa. Truffaut, in his published conversations with Alfred Hitchcock, compliments him on his good sense in going top 25 UGM 1991
I'd come across the Arachnid, thriving on a diet of algae and perished rubber tubing. Why Sayers had wanted to throwp 3 PB 1956
small anemones and starfish, stunted bodies twisted by cancers. Web-like algae draped themselves over his rubber boots, their nuclei beading likep 239 DE 1961
old boy, he's got me up there now with the algae and nautiloids; next he'll be playing his records at mep 40 DW 1962
carrying him steadily through the sluggish swells. Huge clumps of algae stirred below the craft, and stick-beetle and water spider racedp 84 DW 1962
roofs broke surface, a blunted rectangle smothered with weeds and algae, across which slithered a few desperate fish. Immediately half ap 118 DW 1962
by the sharp acrid smells of the exposed water-weeds and algae, the damp barnacled forms of rusting litter. Veils of scump 119 DW 1962
from his pocket a huge rhinestone necklace, still encrusted with algae, and held it out to Beatrice. ‘For you, my dearp 126 DW 1962
pressed on, sometimes sinking to his shoulders, shoals of luminous algae swarmed in the water around him. His eyes smarted inp 478 NWS 1963
emerging from a drowned sea, strewn with blanched weeds and algae. Astonished by this spectre materializing in the background of thep 728 CHC 1967
be bombarded by immense numbers of rockets filled with oxygen-producing algae. After this will come wholesale ‘terra-forming‘ -- planet-sculpting, that isp 165 UGM 1974
as different from ourselves as we are from the weird algae, described by the author, which thrive on a diet ofp 165 UGM 1974
amoeboid forms, the debris of insects and small plants, minute algae and ciliated creatures. Clouds of waterborne dust swerved through myp 53 UDC 1979
lawn. The once white skin was covered with rust and algae, stained by oil leaking from the engine. Stark waited forp 212 UDC 1979
of fish had picked the flesh from his face, and algae hung in grey veils over his empty eyes, but Ip 214 UDC 1979
filled his mess-tin with the surface water, hoping that the algae might sustain him. He drank the tepid fluid, watching thep 246 ES 1984
host of small frogs filled the water, feeding on the algae that turned the surface of the lagoon into a translucentp 170 DC 1987
wandered into the hollows between them, but the scum of algae and water-weed was unmarked. A few paces from the gravep 282 DC 1987
of a cluster of small lakes separated by yellowing meanders. Algae covered the fuselage, but I could see the blurred numeralsp 118 KW 1991
lake, sealed away from the world in his cocoon of algae, still embarked on his solitary flight. Twenty miles from Moosep 118 KW 1991